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10 ways to save a thousand

Any finance guru will tell you that you need to have a least $1,000 in an emergency fund. This emergency fund means that when the tire blows out, washing machine stops working, or someone breaks an arm, you are good. No credit card is needed to cover those expenses.

When money is really tight though, it can be hard to save any amount. Whether you want to put your $1,000 in an emergency fund or save for other things, here 10 ways you can save $1,000 this year. Some are obvious and that’s okay. Sometimes the most obvious things can make the biggest impact. Every little bit counts.

Before we dive into this, we have to remember the difference between needs and wants. If you can put it on a list and wait 30 days to ponder if you really want to buy it, it’s officially a want. Please don’t put bath tissue on that list. That list is for things that can wait.

Here are 10 ways to save $1,000 this year:

1. ) Cable has got to go

No matter how much you or your husband loves the Florida Seminoles, life will go on if you don’t watch the game. Ditching cable doesn’t mean you don’t ever get to watch TV though, there are a ton of free things online. You can also try Amazon Prime which is $99 for a year, Netflix which is $9 per month, or Hulu Plus which is $9 a month.

Even better, head to your local library. You can get TV show series and movies for FREE (as long as you return them on time).

2.) Downgrade to a not as smart phone

If you are no longer under contract, that smart phone has to go. You can use a basic phone for calling and texting for half the price.

Still under contract? As long as you stay with the same provider, you should be able to downgrade your service. You’ll have to talk to your service provider to discuss the details of this.

You can read more on saving on cell phone plans here.

3.) Increase Insurance Deductibles

A deductible is basically the amount of monetary risk you agree to retain. If you increase the deductible on your policy, then less monetary risk is transferred to your insurance company, which means that you will pay lower premiums to your company for insurance. Increasing your deductible is a good way to save money on premium payments while still making sure that you are covered in the event of a loss.

Even if you aren’t brave enough to increase your deductible, call around yearly to make sure you are getting the best deal.

4.) Make your home more energy efficient

If you have drafty windows, grab a window sealing kit. They are around $12 and make a huge difference. You measure your window, attach double sided tape, cut the plastic, and attach the plastic to the window. Pull your curtains shut and you will never know it is there until you see your lower power bill.

You can see additional ways to save on energy costs here.

5.) No more McDonalds

As a mama of 4, I know how convenient the drive-thru can be. Those little stops quickly add up though. By meal planning and packing lunches, you will save a significant amount of money.

You can easily serve everyone peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with carrot sticks for the price of one kid’s meal.  Make a goal of eating out a lot less this year!

6.) Sweat the small stuff

I know every spot in my Target that typically has a stash of clearance items. It may be 90% off, but if you don’t need it or it doesn’t fit in the budget, you still spent too much. It is wise to purchase gifts and items you will need when they are great prices, but if you don’t have cash or a specific purpose for something in mind, don’t buy it.

Pull out your bank statements from the last 3 months and add up all of the frivolous purchases. You’ll most likely be amazed at how much your $5 purchases add up.

7.) Buy Secondhand

$20 for a Gap shirt at the mall may be a good deal. Head to the thrift store though, and you can spend $4 for a Gap shirt. Think beyond just clothing. You will also find amazing deals on kitchen supplies, decorations, furniture and more buying secondhand.

8.) Take a Staycation

Lodging and travel expenses are typically the most expensive part of a vacation, so enjoy a staycation instead this year. Plan fun things for your family to do in your city. You can go here for some fun tips on planning a staycation.

9.) Skip the expensive salon

It may be time to let the blonde go. If your are spending over $100 every 8 weeks to keep your roots light, it’s time to learn to do it yourself or have a friend help you. We see hair dye go on sale for less than $5 regularly.

You can also grab a pair of clippers for less than $20 and easily cut the hair of the males in your house yourself. If you’re nervous, you can watch some tutorials on YouTube first. Plus, if you mess up, no one will be able to tell after 2 weeks anyway.  I’ve been cutting my husbands hair for 12 years, I can’t imagine how much money that’s saved through the years (he cuts mine too, so be brave).

10. ) Sell stuff

I bet you have at least 10 things worth selling at your house right now. This could be baby items, furniture, decorations, kitchen items, and more. It may only be worth $5, but the money will add up. It also works great to sell things like baby clothes in a bundle.

You can post them in local Facebook groups or Craigslist and have interested buyers e-mail you. You can then do front porch pick-up and have them put the money in a designated spot or meet somewhere like a grocery store.  Be sure to use wisdom during this process. If you ever feel unsafe or anything seems off, stop working with that individual.

Remember, when the money comes it is going into your savings account. Not the clearance aisle at Target.

How are you planning to save $1,000 this year?

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    • Jenn

      We found a fun way to save! Save $1 for the first week, Week 2 save $2, Week 3 save $3. All the way through the 52 weeks of the year. At the end of the year you have $1300!!

    • Rachael Hutchens Nichols

      If your husband is a huge sports fan like mine and losing live sports is NOT an option really exciting news is that Dish TV is planning on launching a streaming live TV option that includes ESPN and ESPN 2 among a few other good channels (like Disney) for only $20 a month. We plan on coupling that with Netflix (which we already have) and ditching our insanely high cable bill as soon as it becomes available. YAY!


    • Mamaberry

      The trick is that even though you are ‘saving’ money from your monthly expenses, it’s not actually ‘savings’ unless you put that money aside! It’s just being frugal. Do this for example:

      If you cut cable (this family with 4 kids did that YEARS ago), then write a check to yourself every month and viola! Or, set up a second checking account (free of charges of course – maybe one that gives you $300 for opening a new account – hey that’s 30% of your saving goal) and transfer the cable bill payment to that account automatically every month.

      Another idea – Wells Fargo offers a “Way to Save” account. For every transaction that goes through on your checking account, they automatically transfer one dollar to the ‘way to save’ account too! Even only one transaction a day (includes bill pay transactions) your savings =$365/yr!

      So, with opening a new account bonus and that transfer service you are already at $665 for the year! Add $100/mo cable bill and you have $1865 saved in one year without doing a thing! YAHOO!

      • hajat

        Where did you find a bank that gives you $300 for opening a checking account?

        • Mamaberry

          Chase sends out mailing ALL THE TIME to our area. There is another bank, but can’t remember who… will lyk if I figure it out…. But, you can open the account online so it’s not area specific. The stipulations are that you set up direct deposit and keep the account for a set period of time. Then they automatically deposit the cash into your account.

          If you have direct deposit at work, you can actually specify how much you want going to what bank/accounts through your employer. So, set up to direct deposit $100 – or whatever, even $20 – to the Chase account every pay period. Either consider this your savings account (hey, that’s more $$ set aside if you can manage that in your budget) But, if you don’t have the ‘extra’ $20 to set aside from your paycheck each pay week, use that $20 in that account to pay a bill on their auto bill pay service. No money lost from budget and $300 earned for paying bills you would have paid anyway ;)

        • Mamaberry

          Just pulled up the Chase website and it appears that the current offer is $150 on the checking and an additional $50 for a savings account. I haven’t ever seen the offer that low, but either way it’s ‘free’ money. It appears this deal ends on the 15th so maybe it will go up?

        • angel

          Capital one 360

    • Leah

      Pay yourself first! As soon as payday comes, take your set amount for savings out and put it in your savings account. You can always take money back from your savings if you get in a bind, but you will be surprised how quickly you adjust! Also make sure you are budgeting for ALL your yearly expenses. Look through last year and see what you spent on regular expenses and see where you can really cut back. I also like the 52 week plan mentioned in another comment. All these are ways I am trying to help our family save this year.

    • A

      Maybe you could open a saving account. And every week put how much money you saved in coupons. Like if you saved $10 that week, put $10 into the saving account. It should add up quickly.

      • Mamaberry

        Always loved this idea, but that’s the whole reason I use the coupons… don’t have that $$ in the budget to begin with! Nice tip for those who can though :)

    • kjshirley1

      My biggest savings this year will be from changing my cell phone service. Not by giving up my smart phone, but by giving up my contract plan and choosing a “pay as you go” plan. In our area, both Straight Talk and Boost Mobile offer great coverage with unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB of data for $40 per month – less than 1/2 of my Verizon contract price! I did have to purchase a phone, but there were several Android smart phones available for less than $75. My contract service also had multiple monthly fees & charges totaling over $17. My fees now are less than $4 – only sales tax.

      • Janet

        You might check and see if Republic Wireless is available in your area. They use Sprint’s network, with Verizon as a talk and text only backup, but their plans run between 5-25 a month, and you can adjust your plan to your needs twice a month, prorated. Our whole family will be switching this year, and we have Straight Talk and tracfone. You have to buy their phones, but the savings is huge.

    • Brittany Smedley Mareno

      We have a Robocut (same as a Flowbee.) 2 boys and 1 man = $312/year in haircuts! And I donate mine, so I only get it cut once every year and a half. (Don’t buy in to the salon myth that healthy hair growth requires regular haircuts.) Big savings!

    • Allison

      This is a HUGE savings, but should be do-able for most who can create a budget. If you get paychecks every two weeks, budget each month for income from two paychecks (because that’s what you get 10 months out of the year). There will be two months you get three paychecks, so take that extra check and deposit directly into savings, since you haven’t budgeted for that money anyway. Once in the savings account, I use that money for any big expenses that only come up a few times a year – like vet bill, large car maintenance, car taxes, etc.