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Friday Finals

Friday Finals: A Saving Vacation

Friday, 8/21


As everyone went back to school this year, we packed up and went on a short vacation.  I love heading out the first week of “off-season” and having touristy things to ourselves since everyone is in school.  Consider this a big homeschool savings tip, since you can vacation at your own times, then go when everyone else can’t vacation!

I only went to the store for milk and fresh produce this week and packed in everything else we needed.  Menu plans, early shopping before you leave and cooking your own meals is a massive way to make this a cheap getaway.

Our grocery totals for the week – $27.10.

It’s a bit high but that includes a lot of peaches that I put up once we got home.

How was your week?  Leave a comment or a link to your savings post.

  • Birgit Gilbert

    Your kids are so stinking cute!