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Printable Coupons

PetSmart Printable Coupons: $10/$60 or $5/$25 Purchases and Free Iams Cat and Dog Food

Thursday, 7/19

petsmart coupons

Visit and “Like” PetSmart’s Facebook page to gain access to some great coupons.  Print the first coupon, then click back on the “Deals” tab for the rest to show back up.

You can get:

$10/$60 purchase at PetSmart
$5/$25 purchase at PetSmart
FREE Iams canned wet cat food
FREE Iams canned wet dog food

Each coupon will print twice!

For more coupons, check out the Coupon Database!

  • AP

    Thank you!!

  • gin

    I liked  and  clicked on the coupon links but nothing happens . Does  anyone know how I get the  coupons?   Thanks 

    • Ctrinkle

      I had to turn off my pop up blocker and then it worked.

  • lay_may

    It says you can print twice, does that mean I can use them twice?

    • ireneY

      I tried using two together when the coupon said you could print twice. The manager said they can only take one because it stated somewhere else “one per customer.” The second print is in case the first one didn’t print. I questioned her reasoning, but she wouldn’t budge. YMMV.

      • Ronebeach

         Taken second one in another day!!

  • golden

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I’ve never used coupons at Petsmart before. Can I use 2 Petsmart coupons in one transaction? I received an email for $5 off Wellness dog/cat food. Can I use that coupon w/ a $5 off $25? Thanks!

    • Shopperrebecca

      I’m not sure about 2 Petsmart coupons, but you can stack PetsMart coupons with Manu coupons, which makes for some great deals, especially if you you hit a sale too!

  • My Petsmart also takes Target coupons ‘cus they’re in the same shopping plaza.

  • My Petsmart also takes Target coupons ‘cus they’re in the same shopping plaza.

  • Eden

    $68 purchase at PetSmart 4 hours before I read this. SMH, SMH.

  • Rebecca

    Does this work online too? Petsmart is pretty far from us.

  • Shawneekim6

    This did not work for me.  The only offer it gave me was a free can of dog or cat food.

  • pet owner

    Did not work, 
    didn’t even get the can of dog food.

  • One_love5400

    no coupons showed!

  • Ronebeach