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Quicken 2017 – Personal Finance Software *Best Price Ever*

Friday, 1/6

Looking to start the year off on a good foot?  A budget is one of the best things you can do!  Right now you can get the best price on Quicken that I’ve ever seen.

Get Quicken Personal Finance on Amazon for $34.56!  This is normally around $50 and right now buying directly through Quicken you’ll even pay more.

If you own your own business they also have Quicken Home & Business on sale for $59.56 (currently $71 through Quicken).

We started with the free version of Mint and decided after a bit that we wanted more reports and tracking so we upgraded to Quicken.  Years later this all we use for tracking our personal finances and our monthly/yearly budgets.  If you use Turbo Tax you’ll also love that with one click you can import everything straight into your taxes!

Prices on Amazon change all the time, so don’t wait if you want it.


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  • ThouHasSpoken

    Costco currently has Quicken on sale for $29.99.

  • Shane Pierce

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