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Staples Coupons: Free Printer & Photo Paper After Rebate

Monday, 8/26

This is a great week at Staples!  Not only get you get free school supplies in the weekly advertised deals, now with new Staples coupons you can also get FREE paper!

Head over to the Staples Coupon page and get coupons for three different free paper deals:

HammerMill Copy paper 8.5 x 11, 5oo sheets

Staples 8.5 x 11 Pastel Colored paper, 500 sheets

Staples Photo Plus paper,  60 sheets

You will pay full price in the store and then get a print out rebate at checkout.  Come home and submit your receipt online to get the full value back in a rebate gift card.

See all the great deals this week at Staples.

  • Shalena

    How much will you pay OOP for this deal? Pleas email Thanks for always posting great deals!

    • Mjune512

      You pay the amount of the rebate OOP. Using the printer paper as an example: It costs $6.99, the coupon takes $3 off in store, then you get a rebate for $3.99 making it free. It’s been taking me 4-5 weeks to get my rebates back via paypal. They’ve had free paper deals every week and we are up to our eyeballs in paper :)

      • Shalena

        So I went to staples today to grab the paper. I had to pay $44.91 OOP for a 5 ream case of Staples copy paper ($24.99 OOP w/ a $20 rebate), Hammermill copy paper ($6.99 w/ $3.99 rebate), Pastel copy paper ($8.99 w/ $5.99 rebate) and a pack of Sharpies for $1. Total rebate I will get a Visa gift card for $20 and rebate checks for $3.99 & $5.99. Although I printed off the coupons, I didn’t need them because the rebate receipt printed and I came home and requested the rebate online.

        • Mjune512

          If you dont use the coupon you dont get the paper free, you only get the rebate. From your example you paid $3 for the paper after the $3.99 rebate. The coupons you had give you $3 off at time of purchase. If its convenient you may want to return them and rebuy them. Also, they’ve had free paper every week this summer I believe so if you do this every week you’ll have enough paper you wont have to pay for the ream.

          • Shalena

            Thanks for the info! I am going back to the store this morning with my coupon and see if I can get my money back. Plus I am going to speak with someone about getting their employees educated on the coupons.

  • sdf

    Where’s the free printer deal?

    • Mjune512

      “Free Printer & Photo paper” two types of paper not a free printer