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Time to Pick June’s Food Bank!

Monday, 6/28

We have a running fundraiser on Southern Savers for food banks across the south east.   For every order of All You Magazine that we sell, $8 goes to charity.  So far in 3 months you guys have helped raise $27,962!!

For June’s check one food bank will get almost $6000 (or a little more depending on orders in the next two days).  So here’s your chance to get this money for your area!

I couldn’t decide how to do this so here’s my plan:

Fill in your city state and food bank below.   The organization with the most nominations will be our choice!  You can even enter more than once!!

Update: The second spreadsheet crashed at 5:30 so we are closing voting now. There are over 33,000 votes so give me a few minutes… and I’ll announce the food bank for June.

(I reserve the right to verify the group so please only nominate true food banks.)

  • Jreadep

    RCS Food Bank 700 Druid Road East Clearwater, FL 33756 727-443-4031

  • Ann in Atlanta

    For the Atlanta area, I would love to see Buckhead Christian Ministries get the money!

    • Laura

      Second vote for Buckhead Christian Ministry. They are great at helping the working poor make ends meet.

  • CarolS

    God's Pantry in Simpsonville, SC. This is a great ministry that could really use the help.

  • Guest

    The Community Helping Place, Dahlonega Georgia

  • Scooterandjack

    The Helping Hands in Rockmart, Georgia would love to have this contribution!!
    Thank you Southern Savers for this offer to such a needy cause!!

  • In 2009, Dahlonega’s Community Helping Place distributed 169,117 pounds of food to 10,373 family members in 310 unduplicated households. In addition, we distributed 13,884 pounds of food to 224 children participating in our Summer Food Program.

    Visit us at

  • rosewood4

    Jenny I have a ? I recently found out that Publix does not mark down or donate perishable food. The butcher told me they through away a lot of meat, milk, and fruit and veggies every week. Do you have any ideas how we as a group “The southern savers nation” could change this to at least get them to donate close to date things to a food bank instead of throwing it in the trash?

    • Unfortunately there is a very good reason that grocery stores and restaurants more and more are forced to do this- there have been lawsuits over this with the stores and restaurants getting sued because “someone got sick” from eating something that couldn't possibly have hurt them.

      This is what happens when a country becomes overly litigious.

      • colagirl

        Usually places will donate bread, canned goods, etc that have not gone bad. However, the main reason they don't donate meat, eggs, etc. is not because of lawsuits but because often DHEC or other health dept regs won't allow it.

      • Kim

        I work at Michael's and they throw away paint bottles and other craft supplies that could easily be used by camps/daycares/etc. But, someone sued for something they misused after they got it for free…and now no one can have the freebies. It's a shame.

    • Quinnipoo13

      Publix donates to our church you have to go put your name on the list at the publix near you and they verify everything and will give you some food….this is west ga…

    • When I worked for Publix in the bakery(years ago) we had a group of special needs teenagers who used to come by with their “teachers” to pick up a buggy load of baked goods that were out of date. Can't remember the name of the charity but I know it was in Lexington, SC. They would get birthday cakes and freeze them so the kids could have a cake on their birthday. No meat or other perishables were donated to my knowledge for the reason others have already mentioned.

    • SFLS

      Panera's Bread will donate food items – check with your local store for requirements.

      Not only does food get thrown out, sometimes bleach or other cleaning agents are poured on the items to make them inedible and discourage dumpster divers.

  • Quinnipoo13

    Temple GA would love it and really need it West Star Community Church

  • Prplfan84

    Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina –

  • scmomma

    God's storehouse in columbia, sc located in northeast area off two notch. Would be my nomination.

  • stacey

    The Nashville area 2nd Harvest Food Bank would be a great place to donate to. Middle TN was hit hard with major flooding in May, and many lost homes. The food bank has set up several pick up locations around the area for those suffering. What a great way to give back!

  • Mary Ann

    Community Helping Place – Come on Dahlonega…VOTE!



  • Anna

    Hi Jenny!

    If the Helping Center of First Baptist Spartanburg wins, you can contact me at for info on how to get in touch with the center. Thanks so much for doing this! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll win!

    Anna Steadman

  • Doodlebugtwo

    In the Lancaster(SC) area- Hope of Lancaster Co.

  • Momfia

    The Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans, Louisiana is helping the coastal residents affected by the oil spill.

  • back2thetable

    Please vote Knoxville, TN KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministry)

  • Racheloburns

    Please vote Lowcountry Food Bank in Charleston SC

  • Chrystalm

    The lowcountry food bank in charleston sc

  • The FOOD BOUTIQUE in Columbia, SC- folks can come as much as they want, BUT at 2+ times, they have to learn “Extreme Couponing!” ……”Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.”

    • Sclark2020

      I have never heard of The Food Boutique, where is it located? Sounds like a great idea.

  • Anna Steadman

    Please vote for the Helping Center at First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC. We are a non-profit organization that gives out all types of assistance, including food, clothing, household items, financial assistance with bills, etc. We also have devotions in the mornings so that as people are waiting to receive assistance can hear the Gospel! It's a wonderful organization and $6,000 could do huge things for the people in need in our community! Thank you!

  • Peg938

    2nd Harvest foodbank in Nashville!!!

  • Savingsibes

    Catholic Charities in Panama City Florida has the largest food pantry in Northwest Florida. I am certain that with the oil disaster in our region, the 6 counties served by Catholic Charities will certainly use these funds wisely. Please Vote for Catholic Charities in Panama City, Florida.

  • Sharmn25

    I just nominated Crusaders for Christ a sharing and caring ministry. This place is located in the heart of Biloxi, MS where many shrimpers and their families live. These families are really struggling due to the oil spill.

  • Adela

    Manna Ministries is a non-profit organization serving rural Central Florida. In addition to food, this organization provides clothing, household items, is a one stop center for help with Liheap-Electric/Gas Assistance, and online State of Florida food stamp application assistance center. Almost, 100%, of the donations received goes back to the needy in our small rural towns. Manna is located in a church owned building, so it is rent free, and is only responsible for the cost of electricity. All staff are volunteers and work for FREE, including the Manager. Manna's Manager also serves (for free) on the Board of Directors for our county's major food distribution center. This county distribution center supplies all the food to all the local food banks in our county. Manna purchases food from this main distribution center for pennies a pound, it also receives donations from the US Agricultural Department, individuals, local grocery stores, resturants, and churches. I know Manna Ministries is very worthy to receive this funding, but since, I also believe, every one of these other non-profit organizations is doing what our government should be doing, and unfortunately is not, I suggest the money be shared among all these worthy charities, for all are doing God's work. Food for Thought!

  • Kim

    I ordered the All You magazine a while ago, but have not gotten any issues, yet. Do you know how long it takes to process the order?

    • ivegotcutekids

      It took a long time for my first issue to come. I want to say at least 2 months, maybe a little more.

  • SweetDenia

    I nominate the food pantry at Ashley Ridge Church in Summerville, SC. This is a fairly new church, currently meeting at the new Ashley Ridge High School. A wonderful thing about this pantry is that they provide food and supplies to a large group of needy students during the school year. A donation like this would go a long way toward providing for these children!

  • ashleigh

    God's Pantry in Simpsonville, SC

  • Jen

    Lowcountry Food Bank, Charleston SC

  • Karm in Knoxville and 2nd Harvest Food Bank in Knoxville

  • Lee

    Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry in Lawrenceville, GA.

  • CarolS

    God's Pantry in Simpsonville, SC

  • Chrisite

    Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans.

    Please choose this Food Bank to help the people of NO who have lost their fishing industry to the oil spill. There is so much hunger there.

  • Kay

    The Daily Food Bank in Miami, Fl serves a variety of needy:local nursing homes, day care centers, summer camp, migrant centers, residentsd, and the thousands of homeless families and individuals who show up here looking for work. They are a great resource, and I found them after I received 4 cases of formula from the hospital after the birth of my first child. I breastfeed, and they took it all with much happpiness.

  • Mistymccracken

    The Davenport Church of God food bank is located in the heart of Florida. The food bank serves families in the area by providing them with food, clothing, and other household items. The food bank is currently beginning an expansion program to meet the growing needs of families in Davenport and the surrounding area. They are supported entirely by donations, mostly from the congregation and they are staffed entirely by volunteers from the church.

    • Jennifer Crawford

      I agree with this nomination. This is a smaller church really do ministry work and servicing a rural area of central Florida. This food ministry could be enhanced so much with this donation.

  • Flashback

    vote for Miracle Hill Relief Ministries

  • Jenny

    Grace Klein Community, Inc.
    1678 Montgomery Hwy, Suite D-304
    Hoover, AL 35216

  • Flashback

    come on MHS ppl vote

  • Pcheek1948

    Fortified Hills Baptist Church serves an economically depressed community in metro Atlanta. Our church fellowship has suffered from job losses along with the rest of the community so we are struggling to meet the needs of those who look to us for help with both feeding and clothing their families. Thank you so much for making this program possible!

  • Dale

    The Fortified Hills Baptist Church Bread of Life Ministries is not only a GREAT food bank in our area, but we also give away clothing to help many in need. Thanks for helping to feed those in need. Yours is a GREAT program!!!

  • Tracycook79

    Compasion in Action in Orangeburg, sc rocks. it helps with food, clothes, and all of the other “normal” assistance places. BUT IT ALSO requires people who recieve help to volunteer, provides FREE classes (the topics range from anger management, food/nutrition, parenting, all the way to bible studies). i love these two touches. not only does it allow people who are being helped a chance to give back to the community (soooo many times others think they are just “those people” out there mooching, and not contributing), but through the classes it allows people to push themselves to become better………..

  • Rd203jc

    Our church in Dallas,Ga food bank insnt just a food bank it is a ministry for the people to hear Gods word and this is why we call it Bread of Life. We feed them more than just food but what the soul feeds off of too Jesus.
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church

  • Thankful4hope

    I know it's a long shot since so many of you are from other areas, but I nominate Grace Now food pantry in Richmond, KY. They have an amazing ministry and just a beautiful loving spirit toward all of their clients along with providing food needs. Sounds like there are some wonderful food pantries and glad that one of them will get this awesome donation from you and all of your readers.

    • theresa terry

      i also nominate grace now in richmond ky ,cannot tell you how many families and homes they have helped in all these years ,not only with food and clothes ,house hold goods ,but with words of incouragment ,prayer ,sharing life stories ,just stopping and giving you a smile a laugh .letting you know in there special way you matter to some one .you are important in this world ,yes i know there are alot of good pantries out there .but do they also give of there heart as well ?grace now workers do.

      • Grace Now Volunteer

        Yes, I just recently started volunteering there and this is what really sold me on the place. There are tons of food pantries that will give you a pre-boxed lot of food. At Grace Now they value every single person who comes in the door and will offer (but not force) to talk to them, pray with them, etc. And they even give people a list and each box of food is specially chosen for that family. It really amazed me how much the director really cares about the people as people.

  • Lorrie

    I would like to nominate Weststar Community Church in Temple, GA. They truly display a love of all people to all who enter the door and actively work to involve their ministry in the community. This community has a need for children to be fed and shown that someone cares and that is what Weststar does.

  • Elizabeth

    I nominate Miracle Hill food relief ministries , located in Greenville, SC

  • Jenny

    God uses the volunteers to hand deliver food to over 300 families every month.

  • Casmos

    My vote is for Grace Klein Community in Birmingham AL!!

  • Lisa

    for those asking when they will receive your all you magazine I just ordered mine and here is what my confirmation stated..


    Print for your records Thank you for your order.
    Your order number is 53554492
    Your order has been submitted. Please allow 8-10 weeks for magazine subscriptions to begin.

  • Gemblakejr

    Thanks for the Birmingham recommendation – they got my vote, too!

  • Lee

    Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministries in Lawrenceville, GA is an incredible Christian ministry with the primary focus of assisting with food and helping their clients achieve self-sufficiency. Thank you for considering the Lawrenceville Co-op!

  • Quilterwoman1974

    My vote is for THE Lord's Pantry in Eden NC

  • Micheller080584

    I voted for Volunteer Way in New Port Richey Fl

  • Caped Crusader

    I voted for Fortified Hills Baptist Church Bread of Life Ministry
    in Dallas Georgia. We have been hit really hard here in our community due to the slow down of building. I ask you to spread the word for this food ministry!

    Caped Crusader

  • lilwen

    My vote is for Savannah Christian Church's (Savannah, GA) Lighthouse Ministry.

  • Equackenbush

    Harvest Hope Food Bank serves a 20 county area in South Carolina where the unemployment puts us at number 7 in the country. One in four children are hungry in our state. Please vote for Harvest hope Food Bank

  • Lisa White

    I would appreciate everyone to vote for Helping Hands of Woodruff SC. We are a small town with fewer resources then some bigger cities. Helping Hands helps many in need with food, clothing, utility bills, ect. Many say they don't know what they would do without Helping Hands.

  • Linh Hoang

    Crosspointe Community Food Pantry is doing God's work in Duluth GA and the surrounding cities…and gets my vote. This is a tremendous blessing and greatly needed for whatever organization it goes to!

    Thank you Southern Savers!

  • Gabriele

    I vote for the Lawrenceville Food COOP in Lawrenceville, GA. They do a great job, consistently!

  • Willie Nunez

    I voted for the Comunity Helping Place in Dahlonega, GA. because it does so much for the community, and with the large amount of families that it helps on a daily basis the food pantry is constantly running dry, they could realy use the help.



  • I voted for Lighthouse Food Pantry in Dallas Georgia. They help so many families every week. They are faithful and have had yard sales to keep supporting this need.

  • Alison Stokes

    I vote for Grace Klein Community.

  • Charles Rogers

    I voted for Lawrenceville coop because they help so many people every month through out the year. They are a wonderful organization and need help from everyone.

    • ysmith

      Such a blessing to so many….helped me many years ago, before I started couponing.

  • Allisonbyrd

    Grace Klein in Birmingham AL (through Angel Food Ministries) distributes over 300 boxes of much needed food each month. Those of us who have the privilege of delivering the food are having our lives changed through interacting with these families.

  • Charlie

    The Lighthouse Food Panty In Dallas Ga helped 587 people and gave out over 17,000 lbs of food, personal hygene and cleaning products in June. The money would go along way, we do fund raisers to buy our food and pay for our overhead. We not only feed the with the bread of life but we give them the Word of God also and have won hundreds to Christ.

    God's work will carry on and I pray God's blessings on every pantry and volunteer that is involved because it is hard work and one has to be called to do it right.

    God Bless ,
    Charlie Dobbs

    • FAYE

      I agree with Charlie. I know for a fact they help these people. They have had yard sales sold peanuts and etc. to raise money to help the unforuate ones and the Lord keeps providing.

  • Afhoke

    I vote for Fort Mill Care Center in Fort Mill SC.
    They do great work and help alot of people. Vist their website at

  • Angiek

    Crossroads Church of Walton County, Monroe Georgia!!

  • Lisa Abercrombie

    Helping Hands Ministries in Woodruff SC helps hundreds of families each month with table food. We are a small town with no other assistance agencies for miles. The unemployment rate is high and there are no opportunities for new jobs. We need all the help we can get.

  • Jo F

    Please vote for Greer Relief Agency.

  • Kathy Ensley

    Would you define 'true food bank'? Thanks!

  • Racheloburns

    Lowcountry Food Bank in Charleston SC if you havent voted yet would be blessed by your vote. Thanks!!

  • Audreymoulton

    When I was just a kid, I remember St Vincent De Paul bringing us food all the time. Our family lived in one of their homes during a troubled time. They are good people!

  • Wahatchie

    Please please add this new food pantry to your list. This ministry will involve church members actually taking the food to families who cannot drive/do not have a car.

  • Racheloburns

    This would provide 60000 meals for the Lowcountry Food Bank!! Please vote for us!

  • justoleme

    God's Pantry, Simpsonville SC

  • Stacey

    Vote Grace Klein Community!!! Feed the Hungry with us!

  • ashleigh

    Greer Relief Agency !

  • Karey

    I nominated The St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry @ our church St. Mark the Evangelist in Tampa, FL. We have fed SOOOO many hungry families in these tough economic times. This past Thanksgiving we were able to provide turkey dinners to 2,000 needy families. Vote for us!!

  • Lisa

    Anyone else getting an error message when you try to vote?

  • Votelisa

    yep we must have crashed it

  • Bbreid

    The Shepherd's Table, Conway, SC

  • Votelisa

    is anyone still able to vote. i am completely down.

  • Lisa

    Still not able to vote here either.

  • Danielwhite25

    is anyone getting to vote?

  • Tera

    Vote wouldn't go through!

  • Harrisonleigh

    Can't seem to add votes for Crossroads Church of Walton in Monroe, Ga which has just started our food pantry a year and half ago and are overwhelmed by the request and # of people we are getting to give food and hope to.

  • Anne

    I can't vote either, but I second Karey's nomination:
    The St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry @ St. Mark the Evangelist in Tampa, FL.
    They do wonderful work and help so many people!

  • Lisa Abercrombie

    still not able to get votes in

  • Sugarplum1499

    Lowcountry Food Bank!

  • Rick

    People who receive food as are so helping distribute food through Grace Klein Community. Vote Grace Klein Community!

  • Luckie1369

    Lawrenceville, Ga Lawrenceville Co Op

  • Jason

    Feed the hungry and educate families how to shop creatively and budget so they can afford food to feed their families…just one thing God is doing through Grace Klein Community.

  • faye

    I am voting for the Lighthouse Food Pantry in Dallas Georgia. The above thing I filled out to submit says there is a problem so I thought I would try this way.

  • Jenni

    Helping Hands Food Bank in little Woodruff, SC!

  • Danielwhite25

    still can't vote

  • CarolinaGirl80

    Tried to vote…not working. Charleston, SC-Lowcountry Food Bank!

  • Wharkins

    I'd like to vote for the Lighthouse Food Pantry, in Dallas, Ga. The above form says there is something wrong. Hope this vote counts!

  • Grandmainga

    I tried to vote. Says something is wrong with system. Maybe myvote will count this way, Hope so.

  • sheral

    Community Helping Place

    Dahlonega, Georgia

  • Mamawakamole

    Thanks to Southern Savers for the generosity! I woul like to vote for Lowcountry Food Bank in Charleston SC, serving the entire SC coast.

  • Crystalaroseclinton

    I can't vote, either, so here's my nomination: Towns County Food Pantry, Young Harris, GA

  • Teresa

    I tried to vote for Helping Hands in Woodruff, but a window popped up that said, “Something bad happened”.

  • Dale

    Helping Hands in Woodruff, SC gets my vote and every vote I can muster. To see what those volunteers do for the people in the community is tremendous. It is a small community in an area that has no industry. They so need some help.

  • Zonia

    Trying to vote, I vote for Grace Klein Community! Have not been able to vote for over an hour!!!!

  • Chadandkimmie

    I couldn't vote either. i am nominating temple baptist church in henrietta, nc.

  • Paintnmikki

    I vote for the Lawrenceville Food Co-op

  • Jennifer

    Birmingham, AL Grace Klein Community!!!!

  • JenniferD

    Lighthouse food pantry in Dallas , Georgia!!!

  • Angel

    Grace Klein Community in Birmingham, Alabama!!!

  • Cindy_craft

    Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry in Lawrenceville, Georgia

  • Cindy_craft

    Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry in Lawrenceville, GA

  • erinbdorman

    Good Neighbor Food Pantry in Manchester, GA

  • erinbdorman

    Good Neighbor Food Pantry in Manchester, GA woo hoo!

  • Steveandva

    Lawrenceville, GA Lawrenceville Co-op

  • Lee

    Lawrenceville Co-op in Lawrenceville, GA

  • Charlie

    Lighthouse Food Pantry Dallas Ga

  • Jenny

    VOTE Grace Klein Community – Birmingham, AL
    We deliver food to families with the help of hundreds of volunteers.
    Friendships are developing between distributors and recipients.
    God is changing lives!

  • Dobbs2923

    I can not vote. Is it just me?

  • Rdarnett

    creekside umc cumming ga feed the five thousand

  • Petmekober

    Voting is not working still. I vote for Lawrenceville CoOp in Lawrenceville, GA.

  • craftmom

    My vote didn't work. I vote for Lawrenceville Co-op

  • Dobbs2923

    My vote is for Lighthouse Food Pantry Dallas Ga.

  • Dewey271

    voting not working … My vote is for Fortified Hills Baptis Church Bread of Life Ministry, Dallas, GA

  • Lee

    Lawrenceville Co-op in Lawrenceville, GA

  • holly

    I've been trying to vote since last night but always get an error message. My vote is for Grace Klein Community!

  • Jes

    Trying to vote for Grace Klein Community in Bham AL

    • Lmfoshee


  • Kimberly

    Voting for Lowcountry Foodbank in Charlreston. Doing so much good!

  • Jean

    My vote didn't work for Fortified Hills Baptist Church at 9:00 A.M Wed. From Jean

  • lyn

    I tried to vote for CAP in Conway SC Churches Assting People it defaulted and I can not vote SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED???????

  • Jean Leverette

    My vote didn't work for Fortified Hills Baptist Church at 9: .a. m. Wed. Jean

  • Renee

    Form is still down…trying to vote for Grace Klein

    • Lmfoshee

      Form is working now – TRY AGAIN!

  • Mark

    Grace Klein Community in Bham AL

    • Lmfoshee

      Form is working again. Vote again.

  • erinbdorman

    Good Neighbor Food Pantry in Manchester, Georgia

  • sara

    Vote not working…I vote for Lowcountry Food Bank in Charleston SC.

    • sb1414

      thanks sara

  • suzanne

    it isn't working ! :( i vote Lowcountry foodbank too in Charleston SC too !!

  • Brian

    Vote not working. I vote for Southeast Gwinnett Co-op in Grayson GA

  • Molly

    i tried to vote for grace klein community in birmingham, alabama….dont think it took my vote.

    • Lmfoshee


  • Carole

    Lowcountry Food Bank in Charleston, SC please.

  • Lmfoshee

    The number of families requesting food in Jefferson and Shelby Counties has grown from 50 families in October to over 350 families last month. Grace Klein Community is dedicated to meeting the urgent food needs of families who truly need help.

    • Jjones148

      Yes! I have voted several times. It's not showing up. GO GRACE KLEIN COMMUNITY! GO GOD!

  • John Hansen

    Lawrenceville, GA Lawrenceville Co-op. Thanks

  • charlie

    Towns County Food Pantry, Young Harris Ga

  • Jlsumption1959

    Compassion In Action, Orangeburg, SC

  • Natoshabrown76

    i voted for grace klein, but i don't think it accepted my vote.

  • Corvettecass

    I work in our Food Pantry on Wednesdays of each month and it is so rewarding we are so Blessed to be able to serve.

  • Stephen Nelson

    Monroe, Ga, Crossroads Church of Walton

  • renee

    Form seems to be working now! I'm concerned that the system crashed due to 100 computers being set to constantly refresh!! How could anyone else have a chance :-(

  • Cat1615

    I have submitted a co-op on the “form” above, but am not sure if the vote went through. i voted for the Lawrencville Co-op in Lawrenceville Ga.

  • CHPAssist

    Thank you for resetting. I've had many e-mails this morning from people trying to vote. This is such a wonderful opportunity – I'm sorry some group(s?) took advantage of your generosity.

  • Cat1615

    I have been working as a volunteer with the Lawrenceville Co-op for over a year. It is a very worthy organization.

  • Lynn

    My vote is for Community Helping Place in Dahlonega, GA. In 2009, they provided food to 3,717 families! They also supplied emergency food assistance to 1,925. The Summer Food Program, which provides breakfast and lunch to children on the school assisted breakfast and lunch program, provided food for the summer to 224 kids. The needs are even greater for 2010, so this money will go a LONG way! Please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, Lumpkin Countians!

  • Bill

    The Community Helping Place Food Pantry has been the net to catch many good families falling between the economic cracks. Hope CHP receives this great boost!

  • Novice

    This is such a great project to support our local food banks. It was a privilege to participate.
    Cecile Doughty

  • Guest

    I voted yesterday for the Towns County Food Bank, only I put “Hiawassee” Georgia and it should have been “Young Harris” Georgia. (It's actually between the two and serves both of them.) Please count my vote!

  • Dobbs2923

    We have been voting for hours now. Lighthouse Food Pantry Dallas Ga. Whoever gets it, it will help alot of people. So thanks for doing this.

  • nicole


  • Lblaban

    I just love this project. I've been volunteering at Harvest Hope in Columbia, SC for almost three years. The number of needy families has grown tremendously so thank you for doing this. Great job, keep it up.

  • DRay

    Hands down: Community Helping Place in Dahlonega, Georgia. IT ROCKS!

  • Megs

    Jenny not sure of any shady practices…yesterday I did notice that the submit butoon would stick….possible multiple rapid clicks sending more than one response at a time….just a thought.

  • THarvey

    I can't believe someone would try to sabatoge something as great as this. I live in Dahlonega and see the need of so many people here. The Community Helping Place is a great source for those that can't otherwise obtain essentials such as clothing and food! Shame on those people who try to undermine those in need!!

  • Chandlersmom25

    lowcountry food bank, Charleston sc

  • PSLisa

    The vote box is no longer there.
    Is voting closed? I thought it was until 6pm

  • Chesney

    Birmingham, Alabama Grace Klein Community

  • Germaine Jenkins

    The Lowcountry Food Bank is the primary resource for about 300 different feeding programs along South Carolina's coast. With 3 distribution centers in Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Yemassee, eligible faith based and nonprofit organizations in Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, Williamsburg, Horry, Georgetown, Colleton, Hampton, Jasper and Beaufort counties have access to quality food items for needy people in these communities.

    Along with emergency feeding services, the Food Bank also operates an extensive weekend feeding program for children called Backpack Buddies and a afterschool feeding program called Kids Cafe that reaches over 3,000 kids (BUT 50,000 CHILDREN ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE HELP).

    They're finishing an on-site production kitchen to increase the number of healthy prepared meals that go out to kids in the community. But with all that the progress that's been made, their phones ring off the hook with all the new 'clients,' especially middle class folks who make too much to qualify for federal food assistance but not enough to make ends meet.

  • LL

    My submission is for Community Helping Place in Dahlonega, GA — the submission would not go through…so, please take this vote into account for us! We're a great – caring community and could really use the $6000!

  • Jo F

    I vote for Greer Relief in Greer SC

  • Rd203jc

    HUMMM some of mine are missing gee there is more time not to give up
    June Vote for
    The Bread of Life
    Foritified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas Ga

  • Rd203jc

    Nominate The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    The Bread of Life
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • CHPAssist

    Thanks to all the friends of Dahlonega who voted for Community Helping Place.

    I think the huge response to this shows how great the need is in many communities.

    What a blessing to find some people are willing and able to give even in hard economic times. We are blessed.

  • Rd203jc

    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    The Bread of Life
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The panrty vote should be The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    The Bread of Life
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    Forified Hills Bapitist Church
    The Bread of Life
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    the Bread of Life
    Fortified HIlls Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Drbond

    Community helping Place
    Dahlonega Georgia 30533

  • Rd203jc

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church
    Dallas GA

  • Johnny Ariemma

    We have the Highest unemployment rate in the State of Georgia. We really need the Community helping place to get this money. Vote Dahlonega, Georgia ..Many Blessings

  • Ali Titus

    Charleston, SC- Lowcountry Food Bank!

  • Regina Harper Odom

    My vote goes to the Community Helping Place in Dahlonega Ga.We are a special community with lots of heart and lots of need. Regina Harper Odom

  • Kthomas

    The Bread of Life
    Fortified Hills Baptist Church

  • Sue Jones

    Community Helping Place, Dahlonega, GA 30533

  • K Killer

    Community Helping Place, Dahlonega GA 30533

  • Patti

    Towns County Food Bank, Young Harris, GA

  • guest

    Who won?

  • Renee

    33,000 votes..absolutely amazing. I know the money will be put to good use regardless of the winner. Thank you so much for sharing with those in need!!!! This is a great program, and it's great to see everyone so passionate about their food bank programs!

    • I agree. No matter who wins, it was a fun contest and so very worthwhile. Nobody will really “lose”.

    • Jean

      When will you notify who won? I am beginning to have doubts about this whole thing.

  • Dndhann

    Lawrenceville Co-op – Lawrenceville, GA

  • Mtnhomeinn

    Community Helping Place Dahlonega GA

  • marilyn

    Lowcountry Food Bank, Charleston SC

  • Bettyflorence

    community helping place dahlonega ga

  • Mamurrow

    Community Helping Place, Dahlonega, Ga

  • Teresa B Boulware

    Community Helping Place, Dahlonega, GA

  • AlexKx

    Columbia, South Caronlina
    Harvest Hope Food Bank

  • Renee

    Hi…does anyone know who won?

    • MomofKLA

      I was wondering the same thing. I've been checking all day. I just keep wondering if I am overlooking it!

    • Beckyhill216

      I'm wondering, too!

  • Dapcap

    Dahlonega Community Helping Place

  • Auntsteff

    Lawrenceville, GA Lawrenceville Coop

  • Lindashopswell

    Hey Jenny, when will you post the winner for the foodbank? Thanks Linda

  • Jtbutler_2000

    Birmingham, AL, Grace Klein Community

  • Digger13

    Dahlonaga Georgia; Community Helping Place

  • CAdams

    Dahlonega, GA
    Community Helping Place

  • Mbeliveau

    Dahlonega, GA
    Community Helping Place

  • lphillips

    Dahlonega, GA
    Community Helping Place

  • Gbrock

    Community Helpin g Place
    Dahlonega, Ga

  • We support the Community Helping Place here in Dahlonega, GA

  • Solutions for Growth

    We also support the Community Helping Place in Dahlonega, Georgia.

    Collin Vander Pol, LCSW

  • Brendatwittybland

    Community Helping Place food pantry in Dahlonega, Georgia does a fantastic job!

  • Tony

    Community Helping Place in Dahlonega GA serves does a great job!

    T Owens

  • Mbeliveau

    Community Helping Place
    Dahlonega, GA

  • GreerBoy

    Greer Relief Agency

    Greer, SC

  • Bfitts_f093

    dahlonega, ga community helping place

  • Sgarrick

    Columbia, SC
    Harvest Hope Food Bank

  • Sgarrick

    Columbia, SC
    Harvest Hope Food Bank

  • Barbara Cavender

    Community Helping Place in Dahlonega gets my vote. They help many families have food for their children.