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$10 off Diaper Genie Coupon

on 10.10.2011 at 5:21pm

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If you are in the market for a new diaper pail, an awesome coupon just popped up for the Diaper Genie Elite.

***To see a complete list of baby deals go here.***

Share the coupon with three friends and you will get a printable coupon for $10 off any Diaper Genie Elite pail.  These retail for $34 in Walmart or Target, so after coupons you have a name brand diaper system for $24!

On a personal note, if money is tight you need to consider the costs of refills.  I found that plastic grocery bags did just fine and that we couldn’t handle the cost of special refills, I know some of you are passionate Diaper Genie lovers though.

I would love to see your thoughts.  Would you recommend the Genie or another system?

    • Jessica

      I think plastic grocery bags work just fine too…double bag if it is really bad :)

      • Proudlyamom

        How do you attach them to the diaper genie?

    • Kylie_mcneilly

      I got a diaper genie for a gift and I hated it. The refills were expensive. I bought some type of little blue baggies in the baby section that smelled like baby powder for just a few dollars a pack. I just threw the dirty diaper in that and then threw it in the regular trash.

    • Lensley7

      I use the scented diaper disposal bags from Dollar Tree. You get 50-75 for a dollar and then I just throw them in the regular trash or straight outside. Diaper Genie or other disposal systems always end up stinking. Who wants a stinky nursery?

    • I had a Diaper pail, it wasnt a Genie though, it was one where you dropped the diaper in the hole and moved the handle around to the other side and the diaper dropped down into the bag. (I am horrible with names, sorry!) You could use regular trash bags with it and it stayed smell-free unless the diaper was specifically nasty :). My Hubby and I looked at Genie’s and we werent impressed. We got it at a yard sale for like $5, sanitized it (just in case) then sold it when we were done with diapers.

      • Amygrano

        Diaper champ! This is what I have and LOVE it.

    • Honieb06

      This is awesome! I am 18w with our first, I was just trying to decide on these!

    • Lisabluedevil

      I have a diaper genie and like it.  I use Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby coupons for 20% off one baby item to buy my refills which helps a little bit.  After discount they are usually around 6.50.  One refill lasts 2-3 weeks for me and I have twins (although they are with a sitter during the week which decreases the number of diapers at home).  Once in a blue moon the refills are marked down at target as well.

    • I have a diaper genie, and it is okay.  The plastic absorbs smells after awhile, and you have to clean it.  I clean it everytime I need a new refill, with Clorox spray, and there is no smell in my nursery!

    • Lmtjs113

      I love it, but we only use it for poo diapers, we put pee diapers in grocery bags to save money. I also use coupon at BabiesRUs for refills to cut down on the cost.

    • Amyjkraft

      With our first we had the Genie, and it worked fine. But the cost of refills was absolutely ridiculous. So for our 2nd we went with the kind that used regular tall kitchen bags. I was much happier with that decision :-) 

    • Jen

      I have 5 kids from age 6-17. I tried the Genie but don’t care for it. We bought generic quart ziploc bags and threw them out with the garbage. Worked wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      Just felt the need to mention that my Walmart has a generic brand refill for the diaper Genie. I’ve bought them once. It’s a little cheaper and you get more bags. Way different then the Genie refills. No meet to cut and tie after a bag gets full. But with these you do have to put a new bag in every time and it comes with a circular plastic thing that holds the bag in which if you don’t put in right the lid doesn’t shut (i had this issue) and its hard to tell what way to put ot in. Hope this helps someone.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think the genie works very well.  My husband spent spent about $30 for a stainless steel foot pedal trash can at walmart.  It works good, but have to still use air fresheners.  All in all, easier because it uses regular trash bags and I don’t have to empty it every day.  I don’t know if they will ever come up with a complete smell proof disposal system for diapers.  It just makes you want to potty train them that much quicker : )

    • Singsanctus

      We just used one of those little trash cans you push a lever with your foot to open, and it held a grocery bag. Took it out to the garage/dumpster (apt then house) everyday. Never had an issue with smells.

      We also never used formula/did not start solids until 8mo, so that probably came into play, too.

    • Stacie

      I have a diaper genie and like it. It usually does not smell except when you open the lid to put in a new diaper. The refills are expensive though but I find they last me 2-3 weeks maybe even longer and I have one child in diapers who is home all day. Sometimes playtex will put out a coupon for $1/ any baby product and I will use that for refills. That makes them $5 at wal-mart. I did try the wal-mart brand refills once but never again. They last longer but did not keep in the smell at all. The diaper genie bags are much thicker. They are only .50 cheaper (.50 more expensive after coupon on playtex) but not worth it to me.

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE our diaper genie! Our son is 4 months old and we are only on the 3rd refill. We make sure when we cut the bag we squish them and tie the knot close to get as much use as possible. Never smell his diapers and would definitely recommend this product to new mommies! Had a sale at BJ’s a while back and got a 3 pack refill for 14.00. Have heard that off brand refills are not as good.

    • Sarah

      I think DJ’s are one of the biggest wastes of money.  There is no way I would ever buy one.  We were given one for the first baby and we used it for a month.  Yes, you couldn’t smell anything in the nursery – but emptying it out?  OMG.  Nasty.  

      Two more babies later, we keep a regular trash can in the nursery for pee diapers.  All poops go straight to the kitchen trash in the garage, which usually gets emptied every other day at the least.  No problems with smells.  

    • Guest

      You can get a diaper genie at a consignment sale or store for 3-5 bucks. Seriously, you can save the money on a new one!! What can someone do to a simple plastic can that can’t be cleaned with bleach or a clorox wipe?!? I used a genie for both of my kids for a few months, but went with the plastic grocery bags after we started solids…just couldn’t stomach the idea of REAL poop sitting in the baby’s room. :o)

    • Jenni P.

      After seeing the cost of refills to work with the Genie system, we got a knock-off type of system from Target, and used scented 20 gallon bags with it. It was okay. But by the time we had our third child, (and owned a home), we started just using grocery bags. Put one in, tie it off, and if it’s just peed, then I fill the bag till a really stinky one is produced, and then take the whole bag out to the trash. I would only recommend a “system” to an apartment dweller that has a far-away dumpster.

    • melk425

      I love our Diaper Genie Elite! We only use it for dirty diapers & keep it in the laundry room, not in the nursery.  

    • Karla

      Love the Diaper Genie! Used it for more than two years with our toddler, and now with our twins. The best deal I’ve found for the refills on a consistent basis is on Amazon. Use Subscribe & Save along with Amazon Mom for 30% off the 3-pack, and it breaks down to something like $5.40 each.

    • Sandra Edouard

      Grocery bags work perfect for us. I don’t ever buy trash bags. We use grocery bags for all our trash. We live in an apartment so we don’t leave trash around…it gets thrown out daily. Using grocery bags not only save us money but it’s a great way to recycle through reusing.

    • HomeschoolingCouponingMom

      I used a Diaper Genie for a while with our second child. After a while, I got so tired of dealing with the aggravation of emptying the thing out. It was just as simple to walk a dirty diaper out to the trash can in our garage.

    • kd

      We use the diaper genie for stinky diapers only and the refill last a lot longer this way.  It really does keep the smell to a minimum.  If your smelling it when you open the diaper genie just rotate/twist the inner lid and it will stop the odor. Would recommend especially for the stinky diapers.

    • Samij89

      I am so excited to try this! With my first child, I was talked out of purchasing a diaper genie (or something like it) because of the price, price of the bags, etc. so we use a little trash can I just use grocery bags and replace 2x a day. Honestly,  we may have saved money, but we do notice a smell and it gets old taking the trash out that many times so I am open to using it with my 2nd and will recommend to friends! I actually got the coupon for my sister because she is being induced tomorrow so I need to purchase quickly!!!

    • Mwalker252003

      We LOVE, LOVE our diaper genie. In fact we love it so much we now have 2 of them! LOL! We got one for a gift with our first child and he is 2, so we have a diaper genie in the room where he is changed, and then I found a second one at a yard sale for $5 and put it in our newborn’s nursery so that when we change her, the diaper genie is there. If you have upstairs and downstairs I would recommend 2 as well. Like I said we love our genie and can’t imagine not having it. It is one of our favorite baby products.

    • Anonymous

      Use cloth. :) Buy a 13 gallon trashcan and a cheap laundry bag for a liner and you can reuse the dipes!

    • Anonymous

      I have 3, 2 still in diapers, and never used a diaper system. I also have not kept a trash can in the nursery for diapers; I always throw them out  in the kitchen garbage, which gets taken out every 2-3 days. It does get stinky some times, and then I know the whole can needs to be taken out, or I can use an air freshener (OdoBan is our favorite) and kill 2  odors with one spray.   I just really dislike anything I have to buy maintenance products to use.  

      But, I second all the comments about yard sales/consignments:  There is almost no reason to buy new baby stuff!   Also,  if you get the newspaper delivered, those plastic bags they come in are perfect for wrapping up diapers. You can toss stinky diapers in those, twist, and invert back into the bag for a double layer, then have it ready for the next one. FREE!

    • Lindseywarner

      I have 2 both still in daipers (18 months and 4 months) I have a daiper genie and a diaper camp. I see pros and cons to both. Love how the diaper genie contains the smell! Even when your changing the bags out the smell is contained. However the refils are pricey compaired to other options. I bought the daiper champ when we had number two becuase it uses regular trash bags vs refils. It works great and does contain the smell, except when changing the bag out . you get a nose full of nastyness when changing the bags out. You also have to change the bag more often then the diaper genie (about once a week vs 2 a week). THe good thing is that you can Coupon for cheap trash bags and save a ton of money! I second the comments on yard sales. Besides clothes and things that go in the mouth We always buy used! They outgrown and tare things up so fast!

    • Misstristyn

      If you must have a Diaper Genie, or you want to try it for cheap, $5 will usually get you one on Craigslist.  I ended up with one in a Craigslist baby lot I picked up, but I use plastic grocery bags and feel no need to have a diaper genie.  So, I’ve had mine sitting on the Atlanta craigslist for weeks @ $5.  Not one call…must not be that popular, maybe hence the coupon. 

    • Kim N.

      I’ve found that the Munchkin/Arm & Hammer one works far better, and the refills last longer. Each box has 10 sealable bags in it and one box lasts me at least 6 weeks, and they usually end up being $.50 per bag or less when you buy them on sale. (BabiesRUs had them 3 for $12 last week or so.) I had considered a Diaper Genie, but I also had to be involved in the emptying of one when I was working retail and we had one in the nursing/changing room. It wasn’t very old, but it wouldn’t cut the bags, so you had to use scissors. Not very fun. The Munchkin system runs around $25 the last time I priced them, and it dispenses a little baking soda between diapers to help control odor,

    • Trish

      I have found that using plastic grocery bags is much more cost effective than having a diaper pail, however, the smell is not contained.  Get a few of those puppies in the garage awaiting trash day and it can knock you down.  I switched to the scented diaper bags (found at wal-mart) and they work great.  They come in a package of 50 and cost about $2-$2.50.  They are made of the same scented material that the diaper genie refills are made of.  Hope that helps anyone on the fence about making a purchase.

    • Guest

      We love our Diaper Genie Elite II.  We only put poopy diapers in it – wet diapers just go in the trash.  It works well and we don’t mind paying for the refills since they last longer this way.

    • Amber

      We have loves our diaper genie elite. Super easy to disguard old diapers without too much smell. I buy refills from amazon mom at a discount to save money and even when you think your genie is full, I can normally still push 10 extra diapers down in it saving the amt of times I need to empty.


      Four kids in seven years, and I NEVER had a diaper genie – with that many kids, maybe we just made so much trash it never had time to smell.  :-)  Grocery bags, or ziplock bags, are much cheaper if you need one, but why make another job for yourself? 

    • Tricia

      We use a Diaper Champ. You can use regular trash bags with it instead of brand refills.

    • Heidiliz85

      We love our diaper genie. Just don’t put wet diapers in it and it saves a lot of money on refills. Plus plenty of places have great sales on them so we have never paid full price.

    • jtaylor

      I have the diaper genie and have used it for 18 months.  After trying it out at several friends’ houses, I am switching to Diaper Champ for baby #2.  You can use regular trash bags (instead of the expensive $6.50+ refills for the diaper genie), your hand never has to actually go into the bag with the diapers, and it contains any smell much better.

    • sara


      Thank you so much for listing this coupon. We have our first on the way and I had planned to purchase one at full price. Now that we get $10 off we are getting the diaper genie II today! I was hesitant on this brand but after reading other reviews on amazon it looks like every diaper pail has the good and bad to go along with it. Im taking the risk and trying this one out! 

    • mommyof4

      Sorry but even if they were giving the Diaper Genie away, it is still not worth it. I have 4 children and find this to be one of the absolute worst baby products. We also have a Diaper Dekor and the Munchkin arm & hammer pail. Both are much better choices! Don’t waste your money on this one.