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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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2009 Coupon Usage Numbers

on 2.24.2010 at 3:29pm

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arrow-upThe numbers are out for the entire year of 2009 and coupon use.  It’s staggering in many ways, but at the same way not surprising.

Coupon Trends

Coupon use rose 27% with $3.5 billion in redeemed coupons!  This was the first annual increase in redemption since 1992.  Companies saw this increased redemption and they stepped up to the plate with more coupons!  Brands issued 367 billion coupons with an average value of $1.44 ($528.5 billion total).  This was the highest number of issued coupons ever recorded.

Manufacturer Coupon Changes

Manufacturers did alter the offers they released to help compensate for the increase of coupons.  The face value of coupons decreased by 1 penny on average and expiration dates were shortened by 10% over previous years .

Future of Couponing

The economic downtown in the last 18 months has drastically changed the way that people look at shopping.  Many wonder if we all start using coupons, will they stop releasing them.  I think this past year is proof that the companies are not looking at ending this system but instead are putting more of their resources into it!

For me it is great to see so many using coupons, but at the same time look at all the coupons that were not used.  We redeemed $3.5 billion but they issued $528.5 billion, that’s only 0.7%.   It’s my goal that we can at least break 1% for 2010!!

(source Coupon Info Now)

    • brianne

      As I get more into couponing, I've had so many questions… this answers many of them!~

    • darkenmind1326

      Jenny, are they including the ones that we send overseas?

      Oh…if anyone would like their expireds to go overseas I send a batch every month. You don't even have to clip them…that is the part I enjoy doing. Please contact me by posting a reply.

      • chloemama

        I have a little collection of expireds and would like to get them to you for overseas folks. Where do I need to send them? By the way Thank You so much for this website, it has been so helpful for our family.

      • These numbers take into account any coupon that went through a clearing house during 09. Those coupons are sent through the clearing houses too so it should be included.

        The only difference are coupons that you sent over from late 09 will end up being in the redemption numbers for '10 since they have so much longer to use them.

      • SjR

        I have seen request for over sea coupons a few times. Can you explain why please? If they are expired how can anyone still use them?

        • Anonymous

          The military bases overseas can use expired coupons six months past the expiration date. I’m not sure where/if Jenny posts addresses on this site. I’ve sent them to addresses I’ve found on a link on CouponMom.com ‘s home page. I send them out every month or so.

        • RebeccaFer

          The overseas military commissaries take manufacturer coupons that are up to six months expired. They do not accept store specific coupons such as Target, Bi-Lo, etc for obvious reasons. :D

        • DD

          Their direct website says no later than 2 months expired (it used to be 6 months), and you have to remember that it takes some time for them to get it if you send it as regular mail, it's friendlier on ur wallet and for them to have them precliped, they have to look through them and its with volunteer's so they don't have a whole lot of time to do this. Also seperate from food and non-food. I usually send my expired coupons at the end of the month, it's easier that way.

          They are able to use them because they don't get USA newspapers overseas, otherwise i think that once it's expired rule would to apply to them. And you won't feel guilty that maybe somebody else could have used that coupon :D

      • Michelle

        i will send my expired coupons to you…i was sending them to someone else, but she said they have to be clipped and sorted by food versus non-food, and i just don’t have time for all that, but i would be happy to send them to you.


      • gayla_p

        I would like to send my expired Q's to you to send overseas. There will be several after 2/28 that I will have.

    • That's alot of unused coupons! Do they take the ones that military use expired into account, does anyone know?

    • lalapinski

      You know, I had someone actually tell me one time that he did not want to tell other people to coupon because if everybody started using coupons, the companies/stores would go broke and go out of business! Hogwash! I educate and encourage everyone I know to use coupons. I feel it is a blessing straight from God that I am able to save so much money and blessings are meant to be shared, not hidden away.
      I cannot wait to take your workshop this Saturday in Fayetteville, Ga.!! I have lots of friends who have never used coupons coming with me.

    • griffins00

      I never used to use coupons until last month and now I hardly buy anything without one! I could have never done it without southern savers! I feel so good about the money I can save for my family…I saved 94% at Publix last week and am thrilled with my success so far!! I try to encourage and teach everyone that asks me about it to use coupons every chance they can! It's been wonderful for us!

    • Lisa

      So interesting – thanks for posting this. I like when you do your occasional “behind the scenes” of couponing posts.

    • selinaj

      what happens with coupons that get sent overseas…

    • Q Pon

      I love the site and have been using it since July to save tons on my groceries. I am a single guy and it seems like companies are requiring you to buy more and more items on the coupons $1 off 3 or 4, when one item is all I need.

      • carissa528

        Yes, I've noticed that too. It's their way of reducing the value of the coupon without “reducing” the value, so to speak. But, remember one of the goals of couponing is to stockpile. So, you may just need 1 can of tomatoes, but if you get 3 or 4 by using the coupon, you can put those away in the pantry, and not have to buy it full price later!

        • RebeccaFer

          Exactly my thoughts! If you are buying the product because you already know it's good and it's a non-perishable PLUS it's a good deal, you might as well take advantage and buy multiples anyway. In some ways, this is to your benefit too because during Super Double or Triples events, you can use one coupon to save on 2 or 3 items. If the store has a limit to the amount of coupons you can use per day per card, this increases your total cart items without increasing your total coupons! There's always a silver lining to any situation. :D

    • Sharon

      I'm trying to do my part!

    • Joy

      I'm a statistics junkie, doing analytics for a living. Can you give the source of your data? I'd love to read all the results.

      Thanks for all you do!

      • RebeccaFer

        Hey Joy,

        I did a search for Coupon Info Now, the reference Jenny gives and found the site. It requires signing up for more detailed info but it sounds like it would be up your alley. :D

    • Elizabeth

      I started couponning in September of 2009 and so far our family has saved a little over $800! (Saved $150 at Thanksgiving alone!) Jenny, you've changed our lives! My husband works for the State of Florida (great benifits, little pay) and I'm a full-time student/ part-time cashier for Publix (even little-er pay lol). I really don't know how we made ends meet before this site came into our lives. It's wonderful to see that so many other people are being blessed in this same way! Thanks Jenny!

    • Kim

      I will never go back to shopping any other way than how Southern Savers has taught me. The companies that give us great coupons and deals – are now the ones I seek out. I used to have to buy generic a lot and so those companies didn't get any of my business! We may all get lots for free by using coupons and great deals, but we also are able to make our money go further to spend on other items.

      As long as we are honest about how/when/where we use coupons then this is amazing!

    • sundrop474

      Jenny, I certainly believe it. In the year or so I've been couponing I have seen more shoppers using coupons and interested in how I'm using coupons. I can hardly thank you enough for your site. Southern Savers has allowed me to be organized in much less time than I would've been otherwise. I truly believe that the Lord has allowed this as a blessing to our family, giving me a way to be a better steward of the resources He has given us. Also to be a blessing to others w/those resources.

    • kbbabz

      so glad you posted this info. i am not a native so am not aware of the longstanding history of coupons and couponning. Now I just have to stop my store from making the wrongful assumption that couponners will put them out of business!!!

      • RebeccaFer


    • Jenn

      My husband went shopping with me last night, and HE noticed how much more everything costs now. This is a man who NEVER has looked at a price tag and just bought whatever, whenever. That is a huge reason why this increase has occurred. Even the little things like TP, which was $5.99 last year, has jumped to $8. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

    • Becky

      I'm definitely doing my part! I love coupons!

    • great post, Jenny! It's nice to know that our numbers are growing. :)

    • RebeccaFer

      You totally got a big smile across my face when you ended your post with such a ambitious (yet achievable) and giving goal! I love how you want to educate others and help them into this world of savings.

      I love that the manufacturers are coming out with more coupons then ever and honestly a little surprised. I wish, hope and mostly pray that the businesses that are seeing a sharp increase in coupon sales take note as well and start to gear their companies to a friendlier approach with informed employees and clear, concise coupon policies. I would love to shop more at Target and Walgreens but they are driving this couponer into the arms of RA and CVS everytime! Hopefully they will wake up and smell the coffee bought by my coupons!!! :D

    • I have often been curious as to why the companies are shortening the expiration date on their coupons. They still are paying to have the coupon designed and printed. If it expires so quickly that I don't have a chance to use it, I will just use another company's product who has a coupon. I don't get it. What can we do to have them see the light?

    • MiMama

      My cousin told me about Southern Savers last year and I said “No way you can save that much at Publix”. I was scared but several months later I tried it. I won't go back to Walmart. It takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it it works. It is still a learning experience everytime I shop. My goal is to not buy anything without a coupon. I am not big on stockpiling yet but I am getting there. Hard to turn down four cans of tomatoes which are BOGO and you have 80 cents off.

      My husband tried to talk me into Aldi. I went but although they may have a few things that are cheaper, I can get the name brand stuff cheaper and more of it shopping at Publix. I don't think he realize the extremes of my couponing because he had no idea I could print coupons online.

    • tammy

      I Just found out recently that we can send our recently expired coupons to our military overseas since they can use expired coupons for a few months AFTER the expiration date! anyone else know about this? definitely something we should all do

      • darkenmind1326

        yes…i do it. i ask others to give me their inserts so they don't even have to clip them;)! if you are interested in doing this please email at darkenmind1326@yahoo.com

    • besthomeschoolbuys

      I'm one of those that made the percentage rise this past year. I went from using none to following Jenny's system. I buy one newspaper and get two from my mother-in-law. I subscribe to All You. Real couponing is like a part time job. By saving money you would have spent, you are sort of making money.

    • Tina

      Thanks Jenny for all you do! I'm so glad I found your site a few months ago.
      I started to use coupons May 2009 & last year I saved almost $5,000 and that's only half of the year! I do consider couponing my part time job that I can do as a stay home mom. I have not kept track of my exact savings so far this year best guess would be $500. I just started doing deals at wags – they were intimidating. But I'm learning more everyday Thanks to this site!

    • Cece

      I have started a couon club in Henderson. Everytime i grocery shop, using coupons and paying 20% of my bill, i have many people that want to see how to do this also… I will wait for your response to where to sent my expired coupons. So Come to out club is u live near Henderson, Every Mon. Night 6-7:30 pm at Chick-Fill-A…. See u there…Cece

      • darkenmind1326

        Cece I got your email. I don't know if my reply got sent to you spam box b/c of my unique address lol. Please get back to me if you are the Cece that has Coupon Clippers in NC. i will resend my email again just in case…Thanks!

    • DD

      I haven't been using coupons for a year yet, so for all of us newbies this will definitely be the year to make a difference!
      ps- i love the new comment post you have now!

    • darkenmind1326

      Cece I got your email. I don't know if my reply got sent to you spam box b/c of my unique address lol. Please get back to me if you are the Cece that has Coupon Clippers in NC. i will resend my email again just in case…Thanks!