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Best Buy Black Friday Ad 2011

on 11.13.2011 at 1:49pm

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here.

Best Buy’s Black Friday ad actually looks quite impressive.  I’ve listed a few of the items that really caught my eye, but you can check out the full ad here.

TV’s, movies, phones, laptops, and cameras have some great prices that you should check out.  The sale begins at 12 am on 11/25, however, many stores are supposed to hold some sort of event beginning at 9 pm.


Sharp 42″ LCD 1080p HDTV, $199.99

Dynex 24″ LCD 1080p HDTV, $79.99

Movies and Games

Select DVDs, 99¢

Select Blu-Ray, $4.99

Xbox 360 Elite Console, 250 GB, $199.99
(Includes wireless controller, wired headset, Fable III, Halo: Reach, and 3-month Xbox Live Gold Membership token)

Gears of War 3, $29.99

Batman: Arkham City, $29.99

Fifa 2012, $34.99


Samsung Transform Ultra, $114.99

HTC Wildfire, $99.99


Toshiba Smart Blu-ray Disc Player, $39.99

Gateway Netbook with 10.1″ Screen, 250 GB Hard Drive, $149.99

    • Jonseymellie

      Yeah I want that Sharp 42 inch for $199 but they also said there is a maximum of only 10 per store! What would I have to do to be one of those 10 to get it?!? Be out there at 8pm???

      • judebluiz359

        Around here , it is more like they start lining up at 8 p.m. 24 hours before the sale!!!

        • Jonseymellie

          Oh my gosh I don’t think any tv is worth that to me! Plus I would have to take my 16 month old with me. I have never done black friday at Best Buy but I won’t if it means I have to stand there for 12 hours!

          • Exsquid22

            12 hours may not cut it either.  :( 

          • S_CarolinaGirl

            A word of advice…I go BF shopping every year since my daughter was born (12 years) and I wouldn’t dare get near Best Buy on Black Friday, much less with a 16 month old.  The lines in my town are wrapped around the building, and like others have mentioned if you’re not one of the first few in line you may as well forget about getting the doorbuster items.  Depending on what you’re looking for I’d try Wal-mart (for TVs or other electronics) or one of the office supply stores (if you’re looking for a laptop, tablet, etc.).  Wal-mart is usually well stocked, like two years ago I went for a TV and was like 20th in line thinking I wasn’t going to get one.  The guy came by asking how many we wanted and said they had like 100 available. 

          • Lisaclaire22

            I would not take a child/baby out on Black Friday at all, to any store…generally people are nice but there are HUGE crowds and it can be unsafe for adults.

        • Bravefreak1995

          They certainly do!  I’ve been outside the Best Buy on Woodruff Rd for the past two years and I always get there between 7 and 8 pm on Thanksgiving to get in line.  If you don’t get there before 10pm to get in line that night you’ll miss out on the door busters as they hand out the tickets to the people that got there first.  Last two years cops had to escort “line cutters” out in handcuffs on multiple occassions.  If you decide to do this, dress warm and comfortably, bring a camp chair, snacks, caffienated beverages, and something to do.  If you want to wait until 5am when the wonderful people from the local restaurants bring by coffee and doughnuts at twice the price, pack some cash too.  As for bathroom breaks, make good friends with the people in line so they’ll let you back in or bring a partner with you to hold your place.  Hope all that helps.

          • Jonseymellie

            So are u saying I should be out there at 8pm the same night if they open at 12am? That’s only 4 hours early. Alot of people on here are saying 12-24 hours in advance! So do u mean 8pm the day before? I’m confused…..if I go, I want to make sure I do this right!

      • Stephen

        Actually, the ad says *minimum* of 10 per store.

        • Jonseymellie

          Oh I missed that. But that’s still risky to me. They may only have 10. How do they determine who gets them? People would be fighting! It said something about passing out tickets before they open? What are the tickets for? How do they choose who gets one? I’m new to this! LOL

          • Michelle

            No fighting the last time I went to Best Buy…they come out prior to opening the doors (maybe half hour) and give the people in line a ticket to get the item they’re there for.  So if you’re the first 10 in line, you pretty much have your pick.  And you have to have the ticket to get those super sale items.  No reason to run over anyone or fight!  BUT I’ve heard of people camping out from just after lunch of Thanksgiving day!

            • Jonseymellie

              Thanks for the heads up. But I just wonder what time I would need to get there to guarantee a spot in the top 10!

            • Jonseymellie

              Thanks for the heads up. But I just wonder what time I would need to get there to guarantee a spot in the top 10!

            • Denise

              last year when they came out and handed out the tickets for the deals, the first people in line got tickets for all the good stuff then sold them. This was not allowed but they still did it….

      • Anonymous

        I went 2 years ago to get my laptop (they had a max of 5) and got there around 9pm. I was 3rd in line. Really just depends on the Best Buy.

      • Sarawhite

        I’ve seen people out there camping the night before Thanksgiving… so 2 nights before BF.

      • Jen

        It’s a minimum, not a maximum, and from what my store is saying, each store is over loaded in TVs this year – looking more like 20-50 instead of 10…I’d ask your store and see if they’ll tell you!

    • JoshuaGriffing

      Wholly Crap, a 42″ HDTV for $200…it’s about time…

    • Couponeagle11

      I saw a lenovo laptop for 179 ne one if it’s computer and deal

      • Anonymous

        We would need to know the specs on it. Lenovo is good, but $179.00 computer may b just as cheap in capabilities as the price indicates.

    • Kristin Southerland

      Hey Jenny,
      I’ve never done black friday shopping before. I heard that they do black friday on-line sales too? I also heard that there are special dates that they do on-line sales not on black friday, is that correct?  Thanks!!

      • Rinnace

        I believe it’s cyber monday, the following monday?

        • Amber

          They usually do sales online starting Thanksgiving Day, actually, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I usually don’t venture outside on BF, but I might for the $80 HDTV. However, not sure I’m willing to get there early enough.

          • Tab

            Best Buy is pretty good about staying stocked up on BF or at least not putting everything out at once. Last year we got there way late in the day, thought what we wanted would be gone and there was still 15 of them left!!!

      • C~~

        Another idea would be to visit and sign up for these two websites if you are looking for something specific on Black Friday or Cyber Monday — I signed up for daily emails last year and there were some pretty good deals to be had.
        1 – gotta deal (dot) com and 2 – brads deals (dot) com. Take out the spaces.

        Oh and I almost forgot, if you want to shop online, you might try signing up for the Amazon daily emails.  I don’t think I want to stand in line anywhere myself for 12 hours or so.  :)  Hope this helps.

    • Rinnace

      you rock!  thank you for making black friday shopping so easy this year!!

    • I need to know more about this 9pm event! I haven’t done BF in forever since I used to work in retail and know how much of a nightmare it is. Haven’t bought a new tv in over 7 years, I think it might be time to suffer through the nightmare.

      • Jessica Dunn

        According to the full ad, which you cn click the link for in the post, certain Best Buys will be showing Harry Potter 7 Part 2 outside starting at 9. I guess this is to give the people lining up early something to keep them occupied.

    • mrs b

      What I liked was the info about the iPad2 being on sale on their website…wonder how much of a deal that might be?

      • Gstacey03

        Do you know when it is going to be on sale?

        • mrs b

          I’m guessing starting Friday (but I will probably check the site Thursday instead). It will have to be a better price than buying it from the Apple store with the ebates rebate to turn my head, though (that’s currently 1% back, which comes to $50 and up, depending on which model you go with).

          • pharmSCgirl

            If you happen to have bank of america, they have a program called add it up, which gives you cash back for purchases through many online stores.  They are giving 2% back on apple store products but it isn’t much of a discount. $5 and up… is ebates giving 10% or is the $50 a typo? 

            • mrs b

              Typo–sorry, it was late when I did my math. Oops.

      • Lisaclaire22

        Apple sets their prices across the board as far as i know the prices won’t change from the apple store to any retail locations.

    • Blueeyedgirl1

      These deals may sound good.  But, beware of Best Buy’s return policy.  Even if it is broken, they will not give you your money  back. 

    • Emily Amberson

      Can you use coupons on BF deals, specifically doorbusters? I’ve got either a 10% or 20% off coupon for Best Buy that I got through the USPS because we recently moved. Didn’t know if you can use it for these deals or not. My guess would be not.

      • Proudlyamom

        It should tell you on the coupon if you can use on sale items or if it has to be regular priced.

    • Stacy

      Im In Fayettville NC is this good for our store too! 

    • Jessica Dunn

      There is a petition out and about online for Target and Best Buy to start their Black Friday sales Friday morning like they’ve done in the past so that employees can spend the whole of Thanksgiving with their friends and families so keep an eye out in case the start of sale time changes.

      • Koriordan

        People should be happy to have a job in this economy and stop bitching about having to work holidays. There are another 364 days in the year to spend with family. If your more concerned with spending the busiest shopping day of the year with your family then out earning money to feed them you masy want to consider joining all those pathetic socialist occupy protesting losers.If you took a job in retail then deal with the days and hours of the job. it’s like a doctor complaining about having to work any hour day or night, a bus driver complaining about having to work during rush hour, a priest working on sundays. You choose your career now stop bitching about having to work when it’s busy.

        • Rtdedmon@Att.net

          Are you kidding me get over yourself.

        • smith

          wOw, keep up the holiday spirit…I would be curious to know what your career choice is?! My husband is a firefighter and as you might imagine he on many occasions has to work holidays, the day after holidays, Sundays, and during many other times and miss out on activities with our family. Unfortunately people don’t stop catching stuff on fire when holidays roll around, however if there is a way around people having to work on the very few holidays our government actually recognizes a year then that is great. Sounds like you need to take a reality check and possibly find a “priest” of some sort working on a Sunday to explain the phrase “love thy neighbor”

        • Couponqueen25

          well are you not the real bitch here!People have the right to want to be with there families during the holidays!I hope they dont open until Friday !If people were not sooo greedy then they would be closed! You don’t see the President or owners in the stores working these crazy hours do you!No just the people that has no choice because they DO take care of their families!You should be ashamed of such comments!

    • Pinevalleyranch

      I can find a Sharp 42″ anywhere with Best Buy.  Anyone have any luck??

    • Tab

      Ok, definitely need a smooth delivery Tuesday so I can get that blue ray player for hubs! Hahaha. 

    • Debbierood

      has anyone bought anything from nonamerack?

      • mrs b

        Nomorerack? I have, and bought enough to use my credit, but honestly not as impressed as I am with a lot of the other deal sites (I like vouchers to shop at my leisure better).
        I heard a rumor that they were hacked, so a little more cautious now…and they keep sending me emails telling me my purchase has been shipped–but I received it weeks ago (it was an order from late October).

    • Meggo

      I would also like to know this. Looks like Target has the best deal so far.

    • mrs b

      Hey—Best Buy started their sale online today…iPad 2 is discounted ($45 off orig price), shop through ebates and get an extra 1% back. And, free shipping. No waiting on line in the cold!