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BP is running a nationwide appreciation program called “Thank You Days”.  Starting Dec. 1st through Mar. 31st, collect 5 codes and get a $10 BP gift card.

If you recently got stocked up on the Publix BP gift card deal or use Bi-Lo Fuel perks at BP stations this makes for an awesome deal!

To get your codes:
After you fill up (8 gallons +), take your receipt in to the cashier who will give you a Loyalty Card with a code you enter here.  Once all 5 codes are entered, BP will send your $10 Reward Code.

There is a limit of (3) Reward Cards per person.

(thanks Martha!)

(I know many of you don’t like BP, this is just a deal guys… take it or leave it.  Do realize that local stations are not BP Corporate but owned by local people living down the street from you.)

    • so i have to go IN at the station to do this? i'm thinking i'll pass. i pay at the pump for a reason LOL

    • Dana

      Code at 8+ gallons, Fuelperks can be redeemed once for up to 20 gallons and then resets….wondering the best way to go about this…hmmmm…

      • Dana

        Ok, doing the math, if you just get 8 gallons with Fuelperks, then you are missing out on savings on 12 gallons. For 5 visits to get the code, you will miss out on savings on 60 gallons. That is $3 for every .05 in Fuelperks. So you're not losing any money as long as Fuelperks stay under .15 per 8 gallons. Then you're kinda breaking even or losing savings. The program lasts for approximately 18 weeks, and maxes out at 15 visits, for a total of $30 in gift cards. So that's a minimum of 120 gallons at every 8 gallons or 300 gallons for every 20 gallons. Hmmmm…still not sure of what's best LOL! Should be a code for EVERY 8 gallons you pump, then problem solved. Sort of…lol…at least it would be a better deal. :)

        • Couponjunkie

          I just filled up (14 gallons) and the clerk gave me two codes. Stupid me – I forgot to use the gas card I got at Publix on Monday!! No matter we fill up there every week anyway.

    • Tina

      DISLIKE!!! I dont care if I can save money, I will never show “loyalty” to BP.

      • Deborah

        Of the around 11,000 BP stations across the country, only about 100 or so are actually owned by BP corporate. Plus, only a few regions in the country are serviced by BP refineries. So, if you want to boycott BP and you live in Seattle, Chicago, LA or Toledo, you're in luck. You can just stop buying gas altogether since most gas stations (of all brands) in those areas are supplied by BP. If you live in other areas, you'll have a hard time boycotting BP since they probably have no real corporate presence in your area. Just some food for thought. A little research goes a long way to get to the truth.

        • Tina

          Well I live on the Gulf and if I want to stop filling up at BP I certainly will. I have done my research. We have published a list of which stations are BP supplied stations and which arent. Trust me we have done our research. We live with this mess everyday.

    • Mujer143

      Bp has still yet to fix the problem they caused(huge oil spill), dont get caught up in the distraction of gift cards they are not a good company.

    • andrea

      no thanks

    • Megan_A

      It sounded like a great deal until I read the part about having to go in to get the code. I'm not sure it's worth getting three kids in and out of their car seats five times in the cold weather, so I'll probably just stick with gassing up at Sam's. I wish they'd just print the codes on the receipts or let us send in receipts like a normal rebate.

    • Sunshine

      Although I know BP sells it's gas to other companies that I probably fill up with, I am still not thrilled with the fact that the whole oil spill that was HUGE and is still causing damage to so much!! How did it get pushed to the backburner??

      • moneysavr1

        It's called liberal media……

    • Elizabeth

      Unlike the media-hype-fed whiners (the oil spill was not Armageddon), I will GLADLY look into this deal. I get a good deal on gas and I support local businesses that are getting hammered because people don't realize that boycotting BP is stupid. Sounds like a win-win to me! :D

      Thanks Jenny!

    • Dtorin

      I got my 8 gallons today, went in to ask for my card and the cashiers had no clue about the program. Anyone know whom to contact?

      • Divasavingmoney

        I had the same issue. They had no clue what I was talking about.

        • MK

          The cashier at my store said not all of them are doing it yet. Look for the sign on the acutal pump. If the sign is up then they are offering it.

    • Juliandjackson

      Thanks!! My hubby fills up at BP about 2 or 3 times a week!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ireneY

      Very smart of BP to point out that the stations are locally-owned. Guess who supplies their fuel?! A very unsavory company to deal with all around. Even still, their gas is always more expensive than the other stations. In the end, you may not see much savings for your “loyalty.”

    • tori729

      I save the gift cards for trips since BP is more expensive to use around here so this would work well since I can just send hubby inside while I stay with the kids!

    • Asote

      Or by Pakistanis who send money home to fund terrorist groups.

    • Luvtohomeschool3

      Lets keep our opinions about BP to ourselves please! Thanks Jenny for letting us know about this offer.

      • MARY

        I agree, no one else would like it if the company they or their spouse worked for was being bashed. Even if the people doing the bashing was correct. Not the independent owners fault. In full disclosure, back in the late '90s & early party of this decade my husband and I both worked at a BP owned company, carpet manufactorying. I could have happened then, would it have been my fault?

        • Chiefsangeleyes

          I have to agree. At the end of the day do I agree they handled things perfectly? No. Am I cheap? Yes. Do i need gas? yes. End of story.
          THANK YOU JENNY!

        • Melissa

          TOTALLY AGREE. BP employs I'm sure hundreds of thousands of people around the world (including someone in my immediate family). Almost ALL of them had nothing to do with the horribly tragic oil spill. They are just people trying to support themselves and their families in today's day when it's not like jobs are plentiful. The oil spill has already affected employees so much (and many, many have been laid off…my family member had to move). So please, people, I understand hating what happened, but who are you really hurting by hating BP? People who hate what happened just as much as you.

          BP learned a tremendous amount from the horrific tragedy and the good thing is, so did other oil companies. It could have easily have been any of them. Anyway…just asking people to think a little more broadly.

    • Jmanley521

      Do also realize that all gas (regardless of BP and Shell and Exxon, etc) is pumped into the same pipeline. What you buy at BP may actually be Exxon's gas. Also want to point out that the oil platforms (such as the one that exploded) are rented by the gas companies. It was BP's good fortune to be the one that happened to rent that particular platform. Had Shell been there, we'd all be boycotting Shell.

      So, like Jenny says, let's support our neighborhood and our neighbors. The only people you're hurting are the employees of that particular store. They're people too.

    • SMT

      I agree. A good friend of mine's family owns a station and they personally have nothing to do with the situation and they almost lost everything with people boycotting their station. Its hard to see this disaster with BP take out even more innocent people.

    • MK

      Is it 3 $10 reward gift cards total per person or 3 reward code cards per person per fill up? Not sure which applies. The cashier today gave me 3 scratch off code cards to enter online. She said if you fill up she will give out 3 or just 1 for 8 gallons. I guess this will probably differ from store to store.

    • Sunshine

      Media fed whiners, now that's a funny statement. I guess only people directly affected by it or people who understand how corrupt everything is know what they are talking about. Catch up on current events people! No one said you had to avoid BP. You don't know exactly where your gas came from no matter where you fill up unless you work there. I just think it's funny how people act like all that oil just vanished! You need gas, so get it!

    • Veganpadua

      Bp and bp stations all profited from the oil and accepted the risks. They now must accept the consequences. I do although appreciate the unbiased deal reporting that we get here. So w/all due respect I will pass on this deal.

      • Agreed on the passing. I grew up on the gulf coast of Florida. For the first 25 years of my life, I lived about a couple miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. I treasure the beautiful beaches of Florida and the gulf.

        My conscience does not allow me to purchase anything from a company that caused great harm to such a beautiful environment.

        I know it's not easy, but I really try to reduce my dependency to oil and greatly support renewable energy sources.
        Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is so MUCH greed. People need to stop listening to the political spin out there (global warming does not exist, supporting renewable resources eliminates jobs, Obama is a communist and a Muslim, using alternative energy sources consumes more energy, blah, blah, blah) and commit to do EVERYTHING we can for the environment.

        When people stop thinking about themselves and only living in the present and start thinking about others and the future, GREAT things can be accomplished!

    • oilfieldwife

      I love BP. I love to drive my SUV. I like to eat meat. I love the freedoms we have in this counrty. (Thank you to all the military members and oil field workers who risk their lives daily for OUR comfort!) Oh, and I like to recycle too. Bust most of all, I love the Lord, my family, and couponing. Thanks Jenny!

      • Tammy

        Well said!

      • ShuChin

        I couldn't say it better! I love this country. I came from Taiwan and I have been living here for thirty-seven years. God blessed me with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. My husband , daughter and son-in-law all has served in the military. I pray that God will continue to blesses America!
        May God bless you, Jenny for all that you are doing for us!

    • WynetteC

      Awesome deal! I hate that I missed out on getting a gas card at Publix when they were on sale. I was a day late. But all in all this is still a great promotion. Thanks for the heads up Jenny!

    • Ms Kitty

      great deal…love BP fuel and have NEVER once thought about boycotting them

    • Lgeorge614

      Shoot. I just filled up at BP on my way to Georgia today. And I purposely chose a higher priced BP in my quest to send a message that I appreciate that BP is making things right. I deplore how President Obama spoke about them and how he did not say that we should all help out and all work together. I am shamed and scandalized that the United States did not take the high ground in their treatment of BP. I don't care what happened or how it happened, once it DID happen on the scale it did, then we all just need to do what we can to work it out. Thanks BP.

    • carolinagirl

      Filled up on 11/30 b/c the cashier told me at the end of each month you automatically lose .15 Bilo Fuel Perks if they roll over into the next month. I knew I didn't have much so I decided to go ahead and use mine. While pumping my gas I noticed the ad for the BP Loyalty Card. I just entered my 1st card. 1 down and 4 to go!!!

    • Shopgirlmgr

      make sure before you fill up you go in and ask them if they have the cards the bps around here dont have the loatiy cards yet .

    • Michele

      Does anyone know if two people from the same household can do this? This statement isn't really clear to me, but it is still early :-)

      ” Limit one (1) registration per person and/or email address per household”

    • Carol

      I believe you only can earn this with a premium fuel fill up…

      • Ben

        “any grade of BP fuel”

    • Tina

      where do you live? I am guessing it isnt on the Gulf of Mexico. My town is right on the beach on the MS Gulf Coast. WE do care what happened and how it happened. We also care how BP lied to all of us and has completely diminished the impact the oil spill has had and will continue to have on our beaches. There are still people down there cleaning up oil. So excuse me for thinking BP is a company I want to avoid. It has impacted my family and my community.

    • I think it’s a cool offer. Thanks, Shawn

    • Stinkybunny

      It really doesn't make much sense to “not like” BP gas stations. They are independently owned by local merchants. And if BP goes out of business how do Gulf Coast businesses get reimbursed. Think about it.

    • TKlittleton

      Bp is the greatest gas station just because they made a mistake they can fix it eveybody makes them!!!!If u cant find forgiveness for them then shame on u with god all things are posible and I believe that it was just an accident.Go to BP for gas they have the best sevice.