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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Morning everyone!  My inbox was flooded last night and this morning with alerts that a printable coupon offered through the coupons.com bricks system was fraudulent.  Yes the $2/2 Listerine, Aveeno, Carefree… printable coupon was placed on the CIC Fraudulent coupon list.  Please be aware that it is NOT the actual printable coupon that is fraudulent but that one copy of it.

Someone made hundreds of copies of this coupon and has been using and selling them online.

The coupon is actually still available to print from the coupons.com bricks system and should be redeemed without any issues.  If you did buy them online though check to make sure you don’t have a fraudulent version.  You can verify any coupon buy entering it into Veri-fi.com.  I just printed one this morning and checked it’s code to find that it was legitimate.

Should you do anything??
You have two options:

1.  Use the coupon as planned if it was printed correctly and not a copy.
2.  Go ahead and tear up the coupon and find a different one to use (there are tons of coupons available for all of these products).

Know that many stores will start to refuse this completely thanks to this posted alert.

This is a great moment to remind you though that coupons should NEVER be copied.  There are lots of security features in a printable coupon. If you make a copy they know that it is a copy instantly when it gets to the clearing house to be redeemed, but they also know who copied it!  Yes, printable coupons have a user ID on them and that links you to your copies.

    • Nconway567

      I think the lesson here is to always go to coupons.com, smartsource.com, redplum,com, or the actual manufacturer’s websites for your internet printables. Unfortunately, at one of the stores I shop at, they are so wary of internet coupons, that if for some reason the register denies the coupon, the cashiers have been instructed not to override the register. I complained to the manager one day, and she rescanned my entire order at another register and sure enough the coupon scanned properly. She apologized and said that the problem may have been the register itself.

      People who do this stuff are making it harder for us honest people who need to save money! Grrrrrr!!!

    • Donna-Lynne

      Does anyone know of sites where you can verify SmartSource and RedPlum coupons? The Veri-fi.com link only does coupons.com coupons. I found the link very interesting. My stores know I know that fraud coupons can be traced back to me so I rarely have a problem with any of my internet printed coupons, even the black & white ones I use all the time unless I use B&W ones with color ones (I just won a new Kodak printer!). Why would anyone risk it when so many valid coupons are available is beyond me.

    • guest

      why do people do this to us! makes me so mad!

      • Smiklos

        I'm sure whomever did it watched an episode of extreme couponing on tlc and thought they found a way to cheat the system.

        • Rickysgirl27

          Exactly! And with the TLC show allowing people to CLEARLY use coupons for the wrong items and commit coupon fraud on national tv, they are only allowing other people who do not understand how it works to do the wrong thing also.

          • Lonestar9

            I've got to disagree. The show does not clearly show any fraud that I've seen. I've read up on some of the fraud on the show, but watching the show itself I've not seen any fraud being used.

            • girlfromfl

              well, let's keep the faith that this will pass and we will be up and going again. I love my printable and I don't want to be penalized for the behavior of others. We will always have those that will try and cheat the system. As a reminder, ethical behavior is the way to go and youu win each and everytime. At least I do

            • Sb

              Actually there is an article on a website that singles out Jaime Kirlew and what people think she did. Apparently, she has put up videos on youtube in the past showing her using coupons on the wrong product at Target. http://www.jillcataldo(dot com)/node/16258

              Pretty interesting…. apparently, she hasn't responded to the accusations.

            • Dana70

              She did today on her websitre -weak

            • Val

              Weak is right! She should show the coupons she used with the ad that week that she shopped. That would prove that she didn't do anything wrong and teach us something. She was featured on the Learning Channel after all!

              On another note, I legitimately printed this coupon, but I think I'm going to trash it. It's not worth the trouble.

            • trying to be careful….

              I think that it would be a good idea to just be more careful ourselves. Half of the coupons I used this weekend beeped, and I had JUST cut them out of the SS circular. I find that very frustrating, but it isn't Jaime Kirlew's fault. I'm aware of many people who have used wrong cpns way before the TLC show, so please just stop blasting her on Southernsavers. It isn't productive.

          • sarah

            what wrong items? I didn't notice that

            • Not necessarily fraud, but do you REALLY think a store will let you buy that much stuff with all of those coupons. Those people spent HOURS in line checking out. It's all an exaggeration. It's funny how Hoarders comes on after the show. All those people are are organized hoarders.

            • Sb

              One woman Used .50 Yoplait 4 pack coupons on individual yogurts, a lunchmeat coupon for 16 oz size for lunchmeat that was only 2 oz , a $5/2 Nivea bodylotion on bodywash. Look below for the link . Apparently, this information was put together by a variety of websites.

    • Cindy

      Used this one yesterday at Rite Aid and it DID beep. Cashier did over ride it and let me use it.

    • Mandy

      I used this one twice at CVS a few weeks ago before this alert. Both times it beeped and actually added $2 to my total rather than subtracting it. I printed them myself, so I know they weren't copied. On both occasions, the cashier had to void the whole transaction, start again, and enter it manually. Neither cashier nor the GM had ever seen a coupon that added to the total. I'm going to steer clear of this one in the future.

      • Karla

        Same for me…added $2 to my total and transaction had to be voided. I always kind of thought his was a weird coupon with the amount of products listed.

      • Used it at CVS and it beeped and they manually entered the coupon. However, it didn't add to the total.

    • You know I was wondering about this coupon. I printed it myself from my computers. My dh tried to use it a few weeks ago at Kroger and it wouldn't scan. This never happened and I thought it was odd. I thought it may just be a Kroger thing. I was planning on using it today, but had a backup lower value coupon just in case.

    • Savings4allens

      I have used this coupon several times but I printed it straight from the site. So, if I printed the first one and then hit the back button to print a second one and I used a couple of computers to do it again are they then valid? I do know they all came straight from printer and not a copy or from another person.

      • sarahcas

        They will all have a different veri-fi code. You can check both of them on the veri-fi website Jenny posted. Bricks allows you to print most coupons twice so it is okay to hit the back button. The coupons will have different codes.

    • Bauercandace

      One of the cashiers at our local Publix had been “removing” some of the coupons as she took them from customers- that is, she did scan them for the customer, but I guess took them with her when she left at night instead of keeping them in her drawer. Eventually she did get caught since the totals weren't adding up, but now I wonder if maybe she was copying them? At first I figured maybe she was just stealing them to use herself, but what if instead she made dozens of copies of them? If that were the case, then when they are traced back to whomever printed them, will it come down on that person? If so, what are the repurcusions? Makes me leary of printable coupons, which is a huge part of my weekly savings.

      • Friedsnowman

        She got caught because she was using them for herself. Not copying and selling.

        • Bauercandace

          Yes, you're probably right- I just get nervous! What's sad, though, is that five minutes of searching would have led her to copies of her own, plus many more!

    • Betsymuniz

      All this is free for everyone,and why people has to be so selfish.Then we all have to pay for it.

    • William

      I've used this coupon on two different occasions, and it beeped both times for no good reason. The first time, the cashier overrode it – the second time, they were completely confused at all the products and exceptions listed, and denied it. It wasn't worth the hassle to argue it, and I don't think it's worth the hassle to even try to use this coupon again.

    • Which is why I just print my own coupons. But is it still possible for fraudulent coupons to be printed myself? Honestly, I think there is so much abuse going on with coupons and questions being raised about ethics that it's giving couponing a bad name, when mothers like me depend on the savings. I don't want everything for free, I just want to save as much as I can.

      • Bee

        Aimee That's how I feel. Some couponers are getting to the point they are indignant if they have to pay a fair price for something. It's good to remember that a coupon is a gift from the manufacturer, not wages for a job. I love using coupons, but I don't get upset if my savings are “only” 50 percent. If I am so desperate that everything has to be free, I guess I should be looking into government benefits. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with getting help from government, but maybe some people who use coupons need to admit they need more real income or look into some of the programs.

        • Agreed! I was just telling a friend today when I was showing her how to coupon, that my goal is to save 50% and if I do better, like 60% or maybe 70% on the best day ever, then I give myself a high five at the register. I realize that people are SO good at couponing that they may save better than 70% all of the time but, I have to consider how much time and effort I put into it as well. I'm just so blessed to have food in my pantry right now because of coupons and sales. I can't imagine doing harm to such a wonderful blessing by being deceitful.

    • Anoushka

      I printed mine from the site as well, and when I took it to cvs it beep and I was told they can no longer over right Internet coupon so I was not able to use it

    • Bzbuzz07

      This is so sad as it causes retailers become more and more reluctant to accept printables.
      Unfortunately, as a control I now only leave my extra unused printables on the shelf for another customer if it is just about to expire. Since I have neither pets of babies, at one time I was printing and gifting all high value baby and pet coupons…..now I'm wary. If someone picked them up and made copies, it would look as if I were the counterfietier. :-(

      • Kimmy3771

        So you were the reason I could never print those. They limit how many of a coupon can print off the net, and I often miss out on them because people “help” by printing extras to give away. Leaves many of us unable to print them at all.

      • nutsy

        don`t feel bad. you`re not at fault. you did`nt know someone would pick those coupons up & do that. it`s just like karen said, the bad guys make life hard for the good guys.and buzz07 is right, too. if this keeps happening,will eventually retailers will stop taking printable(internent) coupons. and i hope whomever made those counter-feit coupons reads this. and karen you are right, you reap what you sow.

    • Karen

      bad guys make life hard for good guys…this is just another example of this… now, it just makes it harder for the “good” guys that are trying to do the right thing and save money trying to feed our families…but remember….what you sow, you shall also reap….

    • HSMom

      WOW – I just used this coupon a few nights ago at Rite-Aid. It beeped when they tried to scan it. The sweet cashier read all of the information and said she couldn't understand why it beeped. She manually inputted the transaction. I feel really bad. I had no idea it was a fake coupon. I would NEVER have tried to use it.

      • Sara S

        this happened to me 2 times, and both times the manager pushed it through, i had no idea! I feel aweful!

      • Rlynn103

        Mine beeped as well at RiteAid, but I personally printed it from bricks(dot)com. It def. was NOT a copy!

      • Britt

        Listen people, Not ALL of these coupons are fakes! So if you printed it out from Bricks yourself, it was legit. You did NOT commit coupon fraud! It's not necessary to return your items, go to extreme measures, etc. If you bought the coupons online then they have a good chance of being fakes–NOT if you printed them yourself!

        • Heather

          I printed the coupon myself straight from the site and it still had problems…didn't have the normal manufacturer coupon code on it and was ringing up like an item I was purchasing, NOT as a coupon. So, I don't think it was only the copied ones.

    • I used the coupon a few weeks ago at CVS. I was worried that I had been duped, but it looks like I was safe. Whew!

    • gardengirl

      Thanks for clarifying the CIC alert.

    • steph.

      This is ALL because of people like those crazy extreme couponers. I am so furious. I hope and pray that companies begin to tighten down on their coupon policies. Maybe that way these idiots will learn.

      • MissyEby

        This Crazy EXTREME COUPONER ….is 110% Ethical. please don't group us all together. I teach classes and in EVERY class I say ….If you are not going to copy a $5.00 bill to give your girlfriend money for lunch DO NOT COPY a coupon to help her save a couple of BUCKS! it is FRAUD and STEALING! PS….My episdoe will air on Wednesday April 20! :)

        • steph.

          Missy, I am a couponer too, so trust me I understand how you wouldn’t want to be pigeon holed into a category. Bottom line is this… we are all being labeled now. All of America see’s us as narcissistic, greedy, gluttonous hoarders thanks to TLC and their show. It is not me saying this.. everyone is. I used to coupon in peace (usually only coupon at CVS, Target, and Walgreens), but in the last few weeks the stares and the comments people make have made couponing a nightmare. Its very wrong what TLC has done to our community and it needs to be stopped. The Executive Director for the CIC said it himself, “The problem with this show it’s very exploitative. It makes everybody look bad, frankly. It frankly creates expectations that are unreasonable. Most people don’t want to spend five hours preparing for a shopping trip. This whole thing is kind of sad.” http://www.chicagoshopping.com/deals/frugalista/chicago-shopping-coupon-fraud-interview-with-coupon-information-corp,0,3526617,full.story

        • Amanda

          You could at least leave some mustard for the rest of us. I mean who needs 60 bottles.

          • Queenjennifer87

            Lol, too funny yall.

            Can't say I watch the show (cause I refuse to pay for cable … can you say RIP OFF? just my opinion though). But people are going to do dishonest thing with or without the show. That goes for coupons, money, checks … anything to get things by unethical and illegal means. The crooks are getting smarter too by not using “free” coupons as much any more.

          • Roxy

            I agree with you Amanda. At least leave some and then of all the ones you buy give a few away to those who are poor and needy. I think it is a sickness to be so greedy and hoarding years of food in your house!! When I get extras I give them to a ministry at our Church “Meals by Grace.” Every Sunday a group of volunteers cook & deliver meals to over 70 people who would not have a hot healthy meal that day! I want people to know we use coupons to be able to help others!

      • Jim

        Extreme behavior of any kind is immature and selfish and just because you don't violate any coupon rules, it doesn't make it ethical. As long as you live in a society, your actions affect other people around you. If you clear a shelf of product that you do not need, you have hurt the next one in line that does need it, regardless of whether or not they have any coupons. How is that ethical?

      • Ellae

        You really can't lump “Extreme Couponers” together like MissyEby says below; it is really isn't a fair move. Besides that, the people they are featuring on this new show represent only about 5% of couponers out there. Decent people don't clear shelves and leave nothing for other couponers… decent people will take a few and maybe leave a few of their extra coupons behind for others to enjoy. You have to realize that this information is just entertainment to get ratings and viewers and (most of all) MONEY. That's it. So they will go find the most outlandish stories. Like the guy who has 1000 tubes of toothpaste in his stockpile (but in his defense, he actually makes a point to donate often).

    • kori

      this is the same one i used at rite aid last week. mine beeped too, but i printed it straight from the link on here. the manager sent it on through but even it seemed to have a problem.

    • Justanothercouponmom

      That would explain why when I tried to use it last night at Target it kept coming up error. They did take it and I used it on the Listerine Tinting Mouthwash. It was on clearance for $1.98 bought 2 for that. I was so glad the manager went ahead and accepted the coupon!

      • mrsmadayar

        I also had trouble with the Target system declining mine a few days ago, but the cashier looked at the coupon and my products and pushed it through for me. Now I now why. At least I know mine was valid, but I probably won't try to use my other one. It's not worth the hassle.

      • Ellae

        In all honesty, if you have recently used this coupon knowing that it is counterfeit it's just as bad as making the counterfeit coupon yourself in my book. I had them and was about to use the two copies I had, but never did. You can always check on the CIC website with the Veri Fi number on the coupon. Honestly, I think anyone that used them within the last 24 hours or so should take back whatever they bought – it's the honest thing to do.

    • Susan

      I read what everyone is going through and choosing:
      2. Go ahead and tear up the coupon and find a different one to use (there are tons of coupons available for all of these products).
      Know that many stores will start to refuse this completely thanks to this posted alert

      the reason why is Meijer has them on sale and is doubling the 50 cents up to two coupons and that's enough band-aids for me! lol Even if that one on the CIC is the only one fradulent I know the cashiers are told by mgmt to only accept coupons that aren't on a wanted list. Less stress for them.. and me :) Way more to life and all that

    • mrsmadayar

      Who buys printable coupons?

    • Yeah, I tried to use this morning at Rite Aid and it wouldn't go through…The lady kept asking me if I copied it and I knew I hadn't (printed it straight from bricks link) so I ended up paying for the Carefree out of pocket. Kinda aggravated about it, but I felt like she was accusing me of coupon fraud. I only had 2…exactly what I could print.

    • Sandiprater prater

      our smart source had not coupons for listerine floss toothbrush even though it is advertised throught cvs, etc. how can we get a printable version when website says none available

    • Jenn

      My coupon didn't work at CVS even though, I had printed it straight from SS. I am thinking they have cancelled all of them.

    • Shannon

      I hate this coupon anyway! Even though there were no exclusions on the BandAid portion of it, both of my Targets refused to let me buy the trial size Hello Kitty 10 ct. bandaids with it. The first time I let it go but the 2nd time I pulled the store manager out to point out how wrong they were. It made me mad that none of them could comprehend what was excluded and what was not!

    • test

    • Callie

      I hadn't opened my products that I bought with this coupon so I took them back to my to my Publix and explained the fradulent coupon situation. Since these fradulent coupons won't be redeemed, that costs the store money. If that happens enough, they'll just stop taking coupons, and that would be so sad! They were very kind and appreciated the return. I'd suggest doing that if your products are unopened.

      • JoR

        Good for you – very honest!

    • Heather

      I tried to use this coupon a few weeks ago at Target and had printed it straight from the coupon site. I've never bought them online from anyone before. However, even that one that printed straight from the bricks coupon system was fraudulant. It said Manufacturer CPN on it but didn't have the usual 5 at the beginning of the code and when they tried to scan it, it prompted the computer to type in a sale amount, treating the coupon as if it were an item I was purchasing from the store. Needless to say, it was very confusing and frustrating so I just put the items back and went without them! :)

      • Sean

        I had the same thing happen to me at CVS today while trying to purchase Listerine. I couldn't figure out how my charge was coming to $8+. But the cashier had scanned 2 of the coupon and charged me $2 for each instead of taking off $2!

        The coupon may not be fraudulent, but it's definitely coded wrong.

    • Guest

      I printed the coupon from http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/index.aspx?pid=13903&nid=10&zid=xh20&cid=0&bid=1018300001 and the coupon I printed is a valid coupon. So if I use it will I be in trouble? I used the veri-fi.com link and it told me it was a VALID coupon. :) So will I be safe to use it? Since it’s on the Counterfeit list?

    • Katherine

      I have been trying to get the Aquafresh tooth brush coupons for days now on Red Plum. What zip code are you using because they don't appear in my zip code.


    • couponer

      I bought some this morning before seeing this posting. I immediately called the store and spoke with the manager and he stated he appreciated me calling and giving his store the heads up and he would investigate further but told me to keep the products.

    • Tabland2003

      I printed the above coupon(did not purchase) and tried to use it @ Rite Aid today and it will not scan.

    • Steven

      I'm glad this is real. Now can somebody please complain to the CIC that they need to explain stuff more? I hate how all stores will now question even the legitimate coupons!

    • Chris

      BTW – even though they have removed this coupon from http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/index.aspx?pid=13903&nid=10&zid=xh20&cid=0&bid=1018300001 and SS websites (as of 6P EDT 4/19) you can go to Listerine’s website (www.listerine.com) and if you sign-up with them get a $1 off coupon. It will allow you to print at least two (that’s all I printed – who needs that much mouthwash?).

    • Chris

      BTW – even though they have removed this coupon from http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/index.aspx?pid=13903&nid=10&zid=xh20&cid=0&bid=1018300001 and SS websites (as of 6P EDT 4/19) you can go to Listerine’s website (www.listerine.com) and if you sign-up with them get a $1 off coupon. It will allow you to print at least two (that’s all I printed – who needs that much mouthwash?).

    • Angie

      This coupon isn't listed on the CIC page anymore. Is it real or fake?



      • Miss T.

        I was wondering the same thing. I can't find there website either.  Maybe they decided there aren't ANY FAKE COUPONS!