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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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This Sunday there will be NO coupon inserts in the Sunday paper.

While this may leave some of us bummed out, take advantage of the holiday weekend to rest, relax, and enjoy your family!

And don’t worry, I promise the coupons will be back soon :).

(You can always print coupons if you are feeling down).

    • Hwll_stcy37

      So does this mean in Alabama we wont have any coupons to clip?

      • It sounds like there will not be any coupons in any papers in the nation.   But I bet the following week will be a good one as it is the start of a new month :)

        • Hwll_stcy37

          I am new at this , so I may sound a little stupid. I have made to trips with the coupons that I have collected and I did pretty good. Not like they show on T.V

          • Cheapmofo

            The people who do that hit a perfect storm of deals and then buy a boatload of the items on sale.  Like 112 packages of Excedrin on one I watched.  If you buy stuff you actually want along with what is super-duper cheap with sales, double or triple coupons, many, many store and manufacturer coupons, your percentage will be much lower.  Saving 90%+ is impossible if you buy meat or produce.  Also, those people get, like, 200 inserts a week from dumpsters, e.g.  They also spend 30-40 hours a week findings inserts and clipping coupons.  Just focus on the actual money you save and don't worry.  Or just go to CVS.  CVS is ridiculous all the time with the ECB, etc.

            • Jsmith6495

              I totally agree with you. Some of these people go overboard unless they give away what they do not need or use. There are many people in this country that need help right now but on the other hand some of these extreme couponers don't let others have a chance to save money because they take all of the specials.

          • CelloRaisen

            Also keep in mind that those “extreme” couponers often have lots of “money maker” items – items that are on sale for 50 cents and they have $1 off 1 item coupons; most stores will credit you the overage so if you buy 10 of those items and have 10 coupons you will make $5 on the purchase.  Now multiply that by 100 and that's how they swing it.  Most of us just buy what we want/need with stacked store and manufacturer coupons and save 60 to 70 percent.

    • Sarah Anderson

      Oh NO! I just subscribed to the paper so I could start getting coupons… THIS WEEK!!!

      • flower_mom

        You can call and put it on vacation hold…Make sure you EXTEND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!  This week will be added onto the end of your subscription…Make sense?

        • Mommy2Boys

          Can you do this every holiday or can you only do it once?

          • Amber

            You should be able to do it as often as you need to.

    • This is a blessing for me as I really need to get my coupons organized right now.  They are all over my house- LOL!

      • Aveeno fan

        mine too!!!

      • CouponClippin'Fanatic

        I totally 100% agree.. mine are almost organized but not quite!

    • Ah, man!

    • Sorry, I keep trying to reply to Sarah's comment but it is showing up on the top for some reason. I am really not crazy!

    • Dtcox1

      jenny have a good hoilday you need a break

    • KayBee

      There WILL be newspapers printed and delivered, so why do we have periods of no coupons in those papers??? (I've wondered this since I started couponing in Jan.)

      • There arent ever coupons on holiday weekends.

      • Nancy Mullinax

        Companies do need like to pay for inserts (coupons) during the holiday weekends because they figure people are spending time with their families and not looking at the paper.  With the recent craze of extreme couponing though – they may rethink that.

    • Mary

      I'm almost glad…..I'm still exhausted from Harris Teeter triples last week!  Whew!!!!  Enjoy the holiday, couponing community!

    • flower_mom

      I welcome the break!  :)

    • Momiedawg1965

      From what I've observed, typically there aren't any coupons if a holiday fall on a weekend.  There are a few exception to this.

    • Well, I was wondering why I didn't get any in my mail  this week. I was wondering if someone stole them, lol! I usually the upcoming weeks in with my sales ads, not sure why, but hey, I'm not complaining! Oh well, it is nice to take a break and get things back organized and get rid of all the newly expireds!

      • cahugh4

        I thought the same thing. I was hoping to get some coupons to supplement the upcoming Memorial Day sales. Oh well, guess I just be trolling on the internet trying to find some.

    • Rebecca D

      doesn't it just figure that the weekend we have time to do things (no work on Monday!) there aren't any coupons to deal with?  that's the way it goes!

    • Mesanderlin

      awwwww this always makes me so sad : ( guess i will have to use some of those coupons i have pilled up!

    • Appleshell

      Darn. If I'd known that, I would have waited to subscribe to the Sunday paper NEXT week! Oh well, can't wait to see all the sales, either way.

      • guest

        you can have them not deliver a paper for that day and it will just add an extra sunday delivery at the end of your cycle

        • Nancy Mullinax

          not true actually.  if you have them hold your paper then they will deliver THAT paper when you take the hold off.  :(

          • Most papers give you the option.  I always cancel my “The State” paper on holiday weekends.  It is worth looking into.  :)

      • Carolinagreen224

        I did the EXACT same thing.  Bummer!

        • Wolfygersh

          Make that 3!

      • Shaymomx5

        You can usually have them hold the paper if you call in advance.  That way it doesn't count against your subscription and you can collect an extra week WITH coupons. :)

    • gagirl1

      hey y'all… at the bottom of the page under “additional links” click on “2011 coupon schedule”… pretty cool, and you can plan ahead :)

      • gagirl1

        I'm concerned and surprised about the PG on christmas day… b/c I usually buy my papers and don't have a subscription, not sure how I'll get it (probably order online) but I have a while to worry about it. I REFUSE to go to any store on christmas that may be open

        • go the day after while out and about exchanging things. :)

          • gagirl1

            that's true! and i guess if there's none left i can order them

    • Just an FYI… I don't know if this is true for all Harris Teeters or not, but found a bunch of Hillshire Farms and other deli meat coupons in the Deli section today. $1.00 – $1.50 off select items. Only one coupon per shopper though but still… Hillshire Farms is 2/$7… add that coupon in for extra savings.

    • Mjofeldt8489

      is that all newspapers inserts like redplum and smart source?? i live in fl i get the st pete times delivered so i was just wondering?

      • Skymeg1207

        I also live in st petersburg fl. I would like someone to show me more information on couponing. I have only been doing it for a month. Here is my email address if you want to trade tips. skymeg1207@yahoo.com

        • gardengirl

          Jenny has tutorials on this website to help you w/ couponing.  Click on the 'learn to coupon' button at the top.  Good luck and enjoy saving money!!

    • Threnners

      Well, that explains why I didn't get anything in my papers today.   (I normally get the next Sunday's Smart Source on Wednesdays.)

    • Allison

      I don't know about anyone else, but that picture bums me out more than the “no coupons” announcement!  What a sad picture…oddly enough, that's always what the newspaper machines look like when I get to them, lol!  :)

    • Sharonlstanfield


    • Sundaydrive00

      Maybe this will throw off some of the bandwagon couponers who are trying to be all “extreme”.  I haven't been able to find a paper the past 3 weeks!!!

      • Betty

        That is crazy!

    • Susan

      I have plenty of coupons! (especially ending on 5/31) .. the last holiday (Easter?) I still got the store flyers.

      No break.. plenty of shopping to do for me! :)

    • RebeccaFer

      Honestly, I'm always kinda happy not to have inserts once in a while. It's nice to enjoy church without thinking I have to run to RA after to get my papers! Lol. :D

    • Zoeisabella06

      Hopefully all the add on of recent coupon “fanatics” will soon die down.  That Extreme Couponers show, I just don't think those participating knew how it would change (make more difficult) couponing for the rest of us!

      • Self3530

        I think you are right about Extreme Couponers show, I wish I knew how they did this.  I live in Georgia and if the stores double coupons its only up to 50 cents and if they triple its the same.  The only store that I know of that triples is Ingles and that only maybe every 3 months! 
        These couponers have to spend alot of money on papers to get this many papers, if you know let me know?

        • do you have a bloom grocery store.  They double up to .90 cents all the time in SC.  The only one I have is not the closest to me so I have to see when they have a b1g1 free and then I go.  They sometimes triple coupons.  I know that Krogers in Ga double and they triple sometimes.

        • Punkrock_chris

          Watch the show, they use coupon clipping services, they use the Register Rewards they collected from the rest of the year.  So sure that one mega load was a great deal but paying for coupons like they do?  i might MIGHT buy two news papers.. im not greedy..

      • Ispendtoomuch$

        that show is awful & so fake. I've been wanting it removed since it came on.

    • Noelle704

      I'm actually glad there will be no coupons this week, I'm still exhausted from Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Week and its poor cashiers too. I've never seen so many people couponing at HT like that ever, and all the cashiers coupon envelopes were full and overflowing.

    • For “The State” paper in the Midlands, SC:

      Internet: https://subscriberservices.mcclatchy.com/columbia/Login.asp

      1.  Call (800) 888-5353
      2.  Press “5” for circulation
      3.  You will be transferred to a person.  Tell them you want a “vacation hold” on your newspaper.  You just need your phone number and the date that you want to start and stop your paper and they can take care of it right away.

      Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend!

    • Caycemangin

      I was bummed seeing this too, but I know that means that the start of June is going to be full of inserts and fun!!!!!!!!!

    • Self3530

      I have been using coupons for a long time.  When there is a holiday there will be no coupons in the paper, but sometimes proctor and gamble will put an insert in.

    • Nancy Mullinax

      I'm sure you know this already but just in case, I work for the newspaper and there are never any coupons on a holiday weekend.  I just recently found that out myself.

    • Leah

      I will be using the long weekend to get my coupons re-organized

      • Amanda

        I totally agree with you. I need to take the time to get caught up on all my clipping and organizing this weekend. I will miss the coupons, but happy for the break. I stopped my paper too, so I am glad I won't be paying for the paper without the coupons this week.

    • What do you guys consider the best way to organize coupons? I have been looking for some sort of clear pockets to go in a binder, but I don't know if anyone actually makes coupon pockets…lol. Do you think baseball card pages will work? Any suggestions?

      • Canegal75

        i use baseball card pages in mine. They work great but they are sometimes hard to find when you need to buy them.

        • Beth_fisher4

          you can find the baseball card pages on amazon, i have found 100 for 12.99!!!

          • Ispendtoomuch$

            I have found that a lockable 4×6 or larger index card box with the coupons alphabetized inside works spectacular for me. Just pull the ones you need as you shop & place them in the front & @ checkout just pull them out & u r ready to go. I also use a spreadsheet with everything on it.

      • Kristi

        Yes, baseball pages work great! I found them at Hobby Lobby last year.

      • Tandy

        I use baseball pages. they work great. found mine at walmart in the checkout line.

      • Tina

        I use a binder with baseball card holders too, works well for me.

      • jobo

        I use an accordion style folder.  That way I don't spend hours clipping coupons I'm never going to use.  It's a 13 pocket file and I sort them by date, then if someone tells me I need a q from the 5/15 SS I know right where it is and clip my qs only when I need them.

      • Kidsbeach2

        I use the 4 sleeve page protectors. They are larger than the baseball card ones and much easier to use. i order them online from ebay. I put carboard in them and that way I have 2 pockets in one – a front and back side. I'm new to couponing also, and I found this works best for me. Good luck!

      • HaleiAlexis

        I have both baseball card pages and coupon page inserts. You can get them from Amazon.com. You get like 25 up to 50 for  7.00.

      • Wendy

        I found baseball card inserts to be too small for my hands (arthritis), so I instead use 4 x 6 photo insert pages which I then labeled individually as sections like yogurt, granola bars, cereal, etc.

      • Prsol

        I use baseball card pages for regular printed coupons and also added some photo pages (4×6) for rain checks and pharmacy rewards (like CVS ECB)

        I only use the binder to organize printed coupons (off the internet) or regular coupons that I didn't use, or maybe I found at the store (it's crazy trying to keep ALL the Sunday inserts cut and organized in a binder if you do it that way)

        But, for the most part, I don't cut the Sunday insert, but rather, I file them by date and then, I simply come to the data base or the store coupon list to match the deals of the week with the coupons that I have.

        So, it's a combo of binder and filing system.

    • Melissa

      I was Glad there wasn't going to be any coupons this week, because I have been stressing how I was going to get my newspaper, since I will be out of town and not near a the paper I usually get.  They dont deliver the Charlotte Observer where I live :(

    • Tina

      A much needed break from coupon studying!!!

    • Srgordon

      Another B1G1 potatoe coupon good on any 24 oz bag

    • anita

      Hey was wondering if ayone knows where I  can find coupons for homestyle mac& cheese?

      • kate

        there was some that expired on the 15th. I haven't seen any since those

      • Amanda

        Their was a Kraft booklet out, Grilling with the Neeley's (I think was the name) in the beginning of the year that Martins had in the Richmond, VA area. The coupons are for $1/2 off any Kraft Mac & Cheese (including Homestyle). The expiration date is 12/31/11. The booklet was filled with great coupons, so I am saving all of mine to match with good sales throughout the year. I am sure other stores had them too, so there are coupons out there that work for that Mac & Cheese.

    • Tammy

      Where's the list of no coupon inserts???

    • Angeline4483

      Are the blinkies you get in the store only good at the store you got it at or can you use blinkies at any store? thanks.

      • Amanda

        They are manufacturer coupons and you can use them anywhere. Some stores have their own coupon kiosks, which may have store and/or manufacturer coupons. I know Food Lions and Martins have their own kiosks besides blinkie machines.

    • Vandahms

      My local newspaper told me they will have coupon inserts this Sunday. They said only Easter they don't. Is it different per region? I'm in VA.

      • renee


    • Kckb

      I went to Kroger the other night & tried to stack coupons on several items. The manager told me they would only accept one store coupon & one manufacturer's coupon. Any suggestions on how to stack coupons, or are stores changing their policies to prevent it? Thanks.

      • Wendy

        That's the way it's always been done here.  You are stacking if you are able to use one manf. and one store coupon on the same item:)  Our Kroger limits us to 3 like items per transaction.

        • they call me Pumpernickle

          i do not like kroger, they seem to never stay true to there coupon policy, they change it when they want.  I do not have a harris teeter near by but i do have a lowes food store and they double up to .99 cent coupons all day everyday!

      • Heavenlycoupons

        I don't know what state you are in, but I am here in Virginia. There coupons policy ( which is being revised) clearly states 2 ALIKE internet coupons per transaction, and 5 ALIKE manufacturer's coupons. I shop at Kroger often and I have had trouble with the store employees and even some managers NOT KNOWING their OWN store policy. I contacted the corporate headquarters and requested their store policy in WRITING! I know carry this with me everytime I shop. If possible, ask that the letter be written on “COMPANY LETTERHEAD', as it makes things more official =) Hope this helps.

        P.S. It is to my understanding that ever since “Extrememe Couponers” came out on TLC, Kroger has decided to revise their policy leaving more of the actual 'couponing' past to the store's managers and things will be at their discretion due to people coming in a clearing the shelves. NO ONE wants to lose profit like that especially if they are in a rural area and the only store in town.

        Blessings =)

    • Matthew Calder

      Oh now you tell us… after my wife and I just picked up like 8 YES! papers :) Think we should have looked on here first before we went looking for abandoned houses with YES! papers. LOL

    • Gamecock4life

      Oh now you tell us… after my wife and I just picked up like 8 YES! papers :) Think we should have looked on here first before we went looking for abandoned houses with YES! papers. LOLType your comment here.

      • Like SS on Facebook, It's been on there for several days

        • Gamecock4life

          I was joking Christie… my wife and I went and got some from people we know and houses in which no one lives there, only to realized we should have checked here first.

      • dunner

        Seriously……do you really need EIGHT papers?  That just sounds ridiculous?  Becoming an extreme couponer are we……..give me a break people!

        • Seriously, could you BE any more judgemental? You know nothing about these people.. nothing. You don't know how many people are in their family, you don't know if they have parents or grandparents they are helping out.  If they are buying and stockpiling for 4 people, 2 papers per person is NOT unreasonable.

          How dare you come here calling people ridiculous while at the same exact time judging someone you don't know and whose situation you do not know. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Brianmanning33

      i went and got four  of each for my wife this morning goriga times and sav paper and got home and looked at the paper and nuthing i just lurn somthing new no counpons on  weeks like this week man what am i going to do with 8 papers i dont read them  i yoused 15.00 this morning and nuthing dang

      • People have said so many times, check every week, regardless because sometimes people steal them.

        Check your papers every.single.week.

    • Prsol

      I rarely go shopping on Sunday morning, but today I had some time in my hands and off to the store I went. Came back with 2 newspapers, totally bummed about the fact that there are no coupons this weekend… At least it's only 2 and not 8, like some other savers are reporting here!

      The newspaper fiasco completely shadowed my savings at CVS this morning… Booooooooooooooh … LOL

    • mutantpoo

      that suxs……

    • Gbnfl1265

      So appreciated this update, there is nothing more frustrating then making a special trip to the store to get the paper only to find no coupons (our newspaper delivery person was awful so we cancelled at home). No wait I thought of something more frustrating, buying the paper only to find no coupons. Which I have learned my lesson to look before I buy the hard way. Thank you again for this page and the updates!

    • Lovly4frankee2003

      I'm a new couponer and did not know this….I will be checking with SouthernSavers more often….I love this site, it takes alot of the guesswork out of couponing :D

    • Robinleddingtoncollinsworth

      We were on vacation in Ky and I wish I had checked  Southern Savers before going to the store before we left to get the papers.  Oh well. Life is still good, spending time with family and friends is always more important than anything.  Happy Memorial Day everyone.

    • Tracie

      Forgot to check here, and ended up paying for two papers :(

      • lisasmith1019

        I like how the Dallas Morning News does the ads and inserts.  They are sealed within a plastic bag inside of the newspaper.  Since they started that, I have had less issues of missing inserts.

      • K_gunter2

        Me too – oh well. Live and learn.

    • Even though there are no coupons this week, you guys should be checking for inserts before you buy every single week, anyway. People steal inserts out of the paper, and sometimes they run out before the store papers get inserts.

      Check before you buy, every week!

    • Couponsaregreat

      This morning as I was checking out at WAGS, I saw a woman load up about 25 papers.  She was bragging to another lady that she just started couponing since seeing the “extreme couponing” show, but already was getting enough stuff to sell at a yard sale.  Was it wrong for me NOT to tell her those 25 papers would NOT have any coupons!   hehehe – don't be so greedy!

      • I don't think that I would have told her, either.

      • Janine

        I don't mind if they are paying for the paper, it might even keep the paper in business, but I have seen people in Walmart take papers, go down an aisle, pull out the coupon inserts and throw the papers back on a shelf in a mess.

    • Jenshen2004

      LOL I went and got two papers, got home all excited to start clipping, and there was NO coupons. I was pissed. LOL I was just about to call the store I got them from to let them know that someone's been steeling the coupons out of the newspapers again ( yes again….) But first I checked on here only to find out that there is none this week. Oh well, Less of a mess for me to have to clean today! Have Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

      • Coupon crazy

        The State paper in South Carolina puts in their top left hand corner of the paper if they have coupons and how much they amount to.You can see it through the paper box window.

    • Janine

      I printed out the 2011 coupon schedule at the beginning of the year, I have learned that there isn't any coupons on holiday weekends but when I was just looking over my schedule it said that the P&G insert would be in today's paper, boy was I stressed out thinking I missed it!….I see the schedule has been updated to show they come out in next week's paper!

      • Chantela

        where can i print that list???

        • Janine

          Sorry, didn't see your post until now – but scroll down to the bottom of this page to “Additional Links” you will see 2011 Coupon Schedule in blue lettering…click on it and you can print it, however, as I found, there may be some errors so check the list or this area to make sure that you have the most updated info…

    • Couponing_princess

      this kinda ruined my day a little, i was looking forward to see what coupons i would get today

    • SteelersFreakkk86

      I went freaking bizurk ! I'm addicted to couponing.

    • Run2me

      Is there any way to buy the coupon inserts without getting the paper?  I never read the paper.

    • Veronica

      In Wilmington NC I grabbed a free paper called Encore at a deli and the new PG&E coupons were in there.

    • Holly

      No money wasted.  I only dumpster dive, it's pretty fun too.

    • Cvezzo

      Oh, thank God. I'm new to couponing, got a Sunday paper today, and only found about 3 coupons. I was so disappointed :(

    • Kenzbug

      I heard the P&G came out in this Sundays paper in the Macon Telegraph.  Anybody from Macon get them?

    • Seturpening

      I wondered where the heck they were….and it was my first time chasing coupons!! I thought I miss understood everyone about the rush to get the Sunday paper!! o.O

    • shar

      thanks for this bc i was freaking out a little!! this was gonna be my 1st clipping experience so i am a little bummed… theres a lways next week!!

    • leslie

      I am glad there weren't any coupons.  I forgot to get the paper.  I am fairly new to couponing.  

    • Jessicar

      Is it normal for holiday (sunday ) papers to not have coupons? I bought papers on easter and memorial day and neither had coupons.