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After shopping so much the last few weeks, we hit a point this week where we were stocked and the sales really weren’t for things that we needed or wanted.  I honestly love these weeks, the ones where you choose to not shop rather than you weren’t able to.

I did run out for Milk & Bread.

I need to clean out my freezer so that I can get stocked on both of them for a longer time period (at least to have enough for one week!!).  Yes, in case you were wondering you can freeze milk!  It freezes great.

Want to do it?
When you go to freeze the milk look at the date on it and figure out how many days are left until it expires.  Write that number on the outside of the jug.

Example: The milk expires 3/14, 10 days from today.  Write a 10 on jug.  You are basically stopping time and now the milk will expire 10 days from when you start to thaw it.

You do not need to remove any milk from the jug!  Now, when you are getting close to needing milk, pull it out at night and leave it in the sink overnight.  Look at the number you wrote on the jug and use your calendar now to figure out the new expiration date.  In the morning it will still have a solid ice core but go ahead and stick it in the fridge.  By lunch time it’s ready to drink.  Note, milk should only be frozen for 2-3 months.

Tip: If you freeze whole milk you may need to shake it up a bit after it completely thaws.  Whole milk may also turn slightly yellow, it is still fine to drink.  If your kids notice the color change… then it’s time to turn that into chocolate milk and they’ll never know!!

Do you have anything else strange that you love to freeze?

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    • Cole_lp

      I freeze milk all the time, but does anyone know how to freeze uncooked eggs?

      • Llfarm

        I raise chickens:)….Crack them at put them in an ice cube tray

        • guest

          Wow, does that really work?

        • Paige

          Really??? Thanks! I never thought of that!

        • Shop Now

          How do you get your chickens in an ice cube tray?

          • Jen in FL


      • Mama23girls

        really? why would you want to freezean egg?

      • angelyn_1986

        Ice cube trays work well for freezing them individually, or if you're feeling lazy, just crack some into a container, scramble them, and write the number of eggs on the container. Thaw them in the fridge when you need them. When you're cooking with them measure a little over 3 tbsp for one egg.

        • BROOKE99

          How long do keep in freezer

          • angelyn_1986

            I've read that they last a year frozen, but I've never tried it that long. Also, after you thaw them, you should use them in the next few days – they spoil quickly.

    • Planetmalou

      I've only been couponing for a month now and this week has been the best so far. I got $70 worth of folgers coffee but only paid $22. And oh my, going to CVS this week was like christmas not to mention all the free stuff I got from Publix and Kroger.

      • Ajblackmon

        where did you get the coffee from please? thanks!!

    • Bholmes75

      interesting did not know

    • Au_prospector

      Okay wait ~ really?, how does the jug not burst upon freezing? ? ? I can only think of an awful mess in my freezer!!!

      • Paige

        No never. I have done it many times.

      • Chazree

        I've froze milk tons of times. And yes… it will occationally bust the container enough for it to leak slowly out of as it thaws out. I learned the hard way! So, now I take enough out to allow for it to expand. It does expand when frozen just like water!

      • Thestarkeys

        I did it one time – in a regualr gallon plastic jug – didn't take any out and mine busted too. Haven't done it since b/c of the mess (mainly leaked out – nothing terrible – but enough not to do it again). I thought that if I ever tried it I would pour some out and then try it – but wondered about ice crystals and if that would mess up the flavor.

    • Gmomofive

      We freeze packaged unopened cheese and sealed sliced deli meat!

    • Paige Harshbarger

      I like to freeze everything! I freeze shredded cheese when I can get it on sale, so that I never have to pay full price. I also freeze luncheon meat, chunk cheese, bread, milk, bagels and anything that is freezable!

    • wayhall

      I do this for my college kids with mini fridges or those sharing a larger fridge with many roomies. Brown ground beef, let it cool, then freeze in ziploc sandwich or snack bags. Gives them the option to eat a more normal meal that the cafeteria. Also do the same thing with chicken breasts and shred the meat after it cools.

    • Bunbun321

      Does anyone feel and irony towards saving a few cents on cereal and then spending $4 on a box of girl scout cookies???

      • Bunbun321

        *any irony

      • Thestarkeys

        I have to say I went to Publix yesterday – spent 35 cents and got 6 packs of pasta and a bunch of bananas….went to Great Clips with a my 7.99 coupon today and then bought a $3.50 box of cookies – and I have to say – iIt felt BAD paying full price for them….am I spoiled?? Ha Ha…and it will feel bad the next few times I break down and run out for thin mints…mmmmmm.

      • jennifer

        I coupon all the time and my daughter is in girl scouts so I can see where this comes up. Just think of it as a donation. The scouts use the money for fun and educational activities that they otherwise would not be able to do. It helps make scouting affordable for those who wouldn't be able to let their kids go otherwise.

        • Quest

          When I found out the girl herself only gets like a quarter from each box they tirelessly went out to sell.. I stopped liking the cookies and even didn't sell any my last year I was in GS. Then to further find out that most of the quarter went to the troop as a whole instead of me (I could of gotten the big prizes) furthered lessen my ambition to go out and sell and let the others who don't try get freebies.

          • Laura

            All the money goes to the troop except for what is need to pay the baker who supplied the cookies. It is much more then just a quarter per box. PLEASE everyone buy GS cookies, it really does help the girls out a lot. They don't get as much government funding as boy scouts, so they really depend on their cookie sales to be able to go camping and do other fun activities throughout the year.

            • Quest

              Q: What portion of the cookie revenue is shared with the group selling cookies?

              A: This decision is made by each local Girl Scout council, so the portion varies from one council to another. Nationwide, girls receive an estimated 10 – 20% of the purchase price of each box of cookies sold. Cookie proceeds are held in a group or council account and allocated for activities based on the way a girl has joined Girl Scouts, e.g. as a member of a troop, as a special interest group, as a camper, or in a travel group. In many councils girls earn “cookie credit” after a certain number of boxes are sold, which may be used towards council programs, travel or Girl Scout related purchases in the council shop.

              That comes to 35-70 cents a box at most and its not all returned to the girl… hence I stopped selling it.

        • Bunbun321

          I bought 3 boxes. :)

      • Kathy

        Yeah, that is kinda funny….but that's why we try to save on everything else…so we can have those “splurge” moments! And GS cookies are my “every year splurge”!!! Besides, it's such a great organization to support.

    • Beth

      Would this work when freezing soy milk in cartons?

      • Ajawee83

        The cartons say “do not freeze”. I have had some soy milk get frozen from being too close to the back of my old fridge, and the texture is weird after freezing. Kind of gloopy.

    • Gcpickett

      Walgreen….Milk/ 298 gal/ S/L Bread 39 cents with purchase of milk!!

    • Shayelyn

      No photos but I had two great experiences at Publix this week. I made two trips to two different stores because of needing to split up store coupons but I think this was my best week yet! On both trips combined, I spent $37.02 and saved $124.30. I was able to use $5 of $50 from Publix on one trip, $10 off $40 from Sweetbay on both trips and both stores accepted $10 Register Rewards from Walgreens in addition to other manufacturer and Publix store coupons.

    • Susan

      Went to CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens, great Drug Store deals!
      CVS bought $35.21, spent $2.84
      Rite Aid bought $25.55, spent $2.55
      Walgreens bought $65.68, spent $5.93
      These totals include sales tax. I also increased my rewards $7.58 (ECB's, RR's & UP+).
      Fun, Fun, Fun!

    • Jessica

      It depends how full the milk jug is… _most_ of the time there is about an inch or half inch of air at the top, which is sufficient to allow room for the milk to expand. But every once in a while the milk is nearly up to the top and could cause a leak at the seam as it expands. That happened once to me, so I always pour a little off the top (into my current jug) just in case.

    • Superjen

      It's not strange but it sure makes my life easier to freeze a big container of yogurt in ice cube trays and bag up yogurt cubes, chunks of banana and I also keep a bag of frozen whole strawberries. I have one of those Magic Bullet blenders and we have smoothies a LOT when there isn't time for breakfast or lunch. I use 2 regular ice cubes, two yogurt cubes, 2 berries and a half a banana. Put it in the cup and add enough milk to keep the blade running without getting stuck.

      • Katkoupon

        I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!

      • couponmonster

        yogurt cubes!! love that idea!!

    • Elizabeth

      I wanted to say really quickly that this sounds like a wonderful idea that I am going to try, but in terms of food safety, never never ever thaw anything over night out of refridgeration. There are only 3 acceptable thawing techniques by a health department's standards. 1- thaw in fridge completely. 2- thaw in microwave (ew for milk!) and 3- thaw under running, cold water. It may not seem like a big deal at home to follow the rules, but I guess since I run a restaurant its just programed into my daily routine to follow the basic rules of sanitation and food safety. Please please please don't leave things out to thaw.

      • anon


      • Bee

        I agree. That part bothered me. There has to be some part of the milk that defrosts first and is sitting at room temp for several hours…maybe overkill for some people but I have never been in the situation where I couldn't get some competitively priced milk that is less than 2 min from my house.

        • LH

          The milk does stay very cold even though it is defrosting in the sink because the core is still frozen. Think of it like a giant glass of soda etc. with ice cubes in it. ………………..so sorry but I disagree with you Bee

          • Bee

            I guess it would be a better idea to thaw the milk in smaller containers–like quart or half gallon. Would be less bulky and wouldn't take hours in the sink or days in the fridge to thaw.

            It's always better to pack meat in flatter,more uniform portions to aid in even defrosting, so why not milk?

      • Michelle

        lets just say what works for you is best. i've been drinking milk that has been thawed over night for 20 years and not one time have i ever gotten sick. It all depends on you own body and immune system.

    • Mama23girls

      thawed out milk tastes NASTY. Its like drinking water with a splash of milk but if saving a few cents to stock up on milk is your thing….

    • anon

      Milk is only good for 10 days after you defrost it regardless of the date before freezing (of course do not wait until the day it expires to freeze it). Also you should never defrost anything in the sink as you allow bacteria to grow. Also, you will decrease the 10 expiration date. Pull the milk out two days before you plan to use it and defrost in the refrigerator.

    • Kris

      I keep my bread in the freezer until I use it for sandwiches. I pull out just the slices I need to make lunch. Spread the mayo on them frozen, make the sandwich and complete the lunch. By lunch time the bread is thawed, the meat kept cool and fresh and the bread is soft and fresh! No more stale or molding bread!

      • couponmonster

        I always store my opened bread in the fridge…it literally lasts for weeks and well over a month…I don't eat a lot of bread if you couldn't tell! I never have moldy bread anymore!!

        • Annie

          I freeze all my extra loaves of bread bought when it is a bogo deal, and it actually……in my opinion taste fresher after it has been frozen and then defrosted.

    • Create4Good

      We freeze GRAPES! My son loves red/purple grapes, and sometimes they are really expensive, and sometimes I can get them for 99 cents/pound. I actually got them for 49 cents/pound at Kroger one time! I bought three bags — we ate two bags over the course of a week, and I took the other bag, washed them, and spread them on a cookie sheet, and froze them. Once they were frozen, I dumped them in a ziplock bag. We're still enjoying them! You might even like them better that way! :)

      • Kpdeavers

        Do you let the grapes thaw in the refrigerator when you get ready to use them, or keep them frozen and eat them frozen?Just wondering if the texture changes when they are thawed?

        • Michelle

          they get mushy if you let them thaw

        • Create4good

          Just eat them right out of the freezer. They are a sweet cool snack — especially when the weather gets hot! You might not enjoy them if your teeth are sensitive to cold, though.

    • Daisy

      I'm fairly new to the couponing thing but I gave it my first big try today. I paid $12.24 when I should have paid $33.51 (separating the B1G1 deals). I bought: B1G1 Ritz for $3.59 minus $1/2, B1G1 Bagel chips for $2.69 minus 2 $.75/1, B1G1 Resolve spray stain remover for $2.99 minus 2 $.75/1, Listerine for 5.79 minus $1 Publix coupon and $2 off coupon, Clean & Clear for $3.99 minus $2/1, and Maybelline mascara for 5.19 minus $2/1 Publix coupon and $1/1 coupon. I'm happy but I wish I could figure out how ya'll do those super discounts!

      • Annie

        Daisy………congrats on your first coupon shopping trip. You did great. The more you use coupons, watch sales etc. the easier it gets.

    • Katkoupon

      Thanks for the tips Jenny!

    • JennCaroLynn

      For Commissary shoppers…new coupons were out today. If you don't do this already (and your comm has one) take the time to go through the “share” basket. I scored $30 in coupons for the Garnier skincare I use! I had a printable Nasoya $1.50 off of 2 products coupon, don't know from when, but the comm has the wonton wrappers (which I use a ton of) for $1.59 so it's like BOGO almost. In the freezer aisle, there were new Green Giant box veggie coupons out…$1.00 off of 3 (better than the 40 cents off 3 in the paper.)

    • couponmonster

      I freeze my tubs of butter as well

    • Kpdeavers

      I have frozen bananas- with the peel taken off. You can use them for banana bread or muffins. I hate getting ripe bananas and before we eat them all, they're brown and then no one eats them. When you thaw them, they will be mushy and sometimes brownish, but they are just fine for bread or muffins.

    • Rebecca D

      I freeze all the fixin's for pizza. We make Boboli pizzas often so I freeze the crust, sauce, pizza cheese, Hormel turkey pepperoni & the bags of chopped frozen mixed peppers. Nothing comes out funny or changes consistency. Just pull everything but the cheese out an hour earlier than you want to bake it. I pull out just the amount of peppers I will use & keep the rest frozen. Otherwise the other peppers thaw a little & stick together in the bag, which is annoying the next time you want to use it. It's a great way to not have to buy all the toppings every time you want pizza.

    • I freeze ripe bananas, fresh veggies, homemade baby food, and breast milk. I wish I had a large enough freezer to stock up on milk and bread. I would bake a lot more bread if I had the space to freeze it.

      Also, don't have a savings link to share, but spend $90.62 and saved $92.92 at Publix this week. Yay!

      • momof3

        Have you tried “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day”? I have fresh bread almost every day! The kids love it, and it's fast!

    • Dfhcpn

      I froze green tomatoes from this past summer. Sliced them and laid them out flat in my sealer bag, sucked out the air. I have had fried green tomatoes all winter long! Do not thaw before frying.

    • Sarah

      I also peel and freeze bananas, occasionally I bake with them but I typically use them in smoothies. I stock up on just about any fruit I can get cheap enough for smoothies and freeze them as well. I prefer using frozen fruit to ice in my smoothies, I like them thick and icy. YUM!

    • Angie

      Does anyone know if you can freeze Soy Milk? I've never done it, but my mom has when she's had my “dairy allergy” boys. She's noticed little “curdles” or “chunks” when it thaws. It's different than the “bad curdles” you see in old cow milk, but none of us drink soy milk (other than my kids), so it's difficult for us to tell if it's good or bad. Any info would be appreciated!

      • Andrea

        I called Silk to ask that question. They do not recommend freezing soy milk as it does change the consistency and flavor. They said it was not harmful,but most people did not like the product onece it was frozen. Hope that helps.

      • DoggieMama

        NO! I made the mistake of purchasing about 6-7 containers of Silk soymilk when it was on sale and froze them. When it came time to thaw them out, they melted into a disguisting, coagulated chunky mess. It was gross, and I had to throw them all out.

    • momof3

      I find that milk prices don't vary, so I just pick it up as we need it. I don't want to waste precious freezer space on something that I can't buy on sale and prep early!

    • Strawberryroses

      I haven't tried it yet, but my husband and I are going to start freezing thyme. We have an herb garden and I use a LOT of fresh herbs, but in the winter time of course, everything dies. It gets really expensive to keep buying herbs for 1.99. My husband said that someone told him to put the little herb pieces (not the whole stem) in ice cube trays, fill it up with water, and freeze them. Then, when you're ready to use them, you just take one out of the ice cube tray, and throw it in whatever you're cooking. I wonder if it works on rosemary and basil too.. I'll have to experiment!

      • Tiff715

        I saw that on Rachel Ray one day

      • Helenmcompton

        Please let us know when you've figured out how well this will work, I have been wondering about what to do with all those precious tasty, herbs : )

      • Jen in FL

        I also saw that on Rachael Ray too. I used to freeze thyme, rosemary, and basil up to about a month. The ice cubes sound like a great idea- I'm going to try that, thanks!

      • Mom_4_Him

        I do this, and it turns out great!!! All the water absorbs with cooking, and the herbs are almost as good as fresh!!

      • andy

        I also grow alot of herbs in the summer. I make pesto and freeze in small 4oz jelly jars. I have been doing this for 2 summers now. I've been making all types of pesto, not just traditional with basil. Get creative! I have used up cilantro, mint, oregano and made it into a pesto, I've added spinach. I put the nuts, cheese, oil, etc and freeze it all. It may lose a bit of flavor compared to when it's fresh, but it's terrific to have during the winter. I've made over 4 dozen jars this way, everyone loves it and no one has ever gotten sick.

    • Edie Teal

      As a kid we always froze milk and bread. I am the youngest of 6 and my momma shopped at the commissary which was 25 miles away. If you ran out before the two weeks were up it was just “too bad for you”. When you think about freezing food think about anything you buy in the store as convenience items. If they freeze it so can you. Boiled eggs turn rubbery and smoked turkey gets tough but other than that I freeze it.
      I rarely freeze milk because with 4 kids it never has a chance to go bad.

    • katiejane

      I freeze coffee creamer! Publix runs a 4 for $6 sale on Coffeemate fairly often, so I'll buy four bottles at a time and freeze them. When the current bottle runs low, I take another bottle out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. It usually takes about 2 days to thaw it out that way, and always tastes great! I really like the seasonal flavors (peppermint mocha, for instance), so freezing it helps me enjoy my favorite flavors all year long. :) I usually run out just in time for another sale, or I have a coupon (or both!).

      • Bee

        That sounds like a great idea! By the way, coffeemate now produces peppermint mocha all year, just letting you know.

    • Soil_senorita

      I have had a gallon of milk explode in my freezer. Not a fun thing to clean up, so I would recommend removing at least a cup of milk from the container before freezing.

    • Mvtdeal

      I freeze tshredded cheese- get it when it it on sale and freeze. Freezes great and the thin shreds thaw pretty quickly. I also freeze the ripe bananas no one will eat. Peel, slice in two pieces and put on a popsicle stick (a straw will work too) If you really want a treat dip the banana in melted chocolate and then freeze-yummy quick treat, much better than throwing those ripe bananas away.

      • rm

        also can use to make banana bread or muffins

    • Melissa

      sounds great, but milk never seems to go on sale so why should we stock up?

      • Kcreviews

        Milk often goes on sale at HT for $2.77 and sometimes less as an e-VIC special. Other stores may do this, too. It's better than paying almost $4 for it!

      • Bri

        Bi-Lo had their store brand milk 2/$5.00 last week.

      • rm

        so you won't have to stop every few days just to pick up milk

    • Pergol

      Great tips on freezing milk. I never knew that. Also on creamer and shredded cheese. Jenny maybe you can pull together a list of items that are fresh that can be frozen and how to do. This would save me a lot of money since I am VERY conscious about the exp. dates. Thanks for all of your help!

    • great ideas

      Yes, awesome tip! This has been on my mind for months, but have been nervous to try it. Thank you!

    • Donna

      I have placed my flour, corn meal and sugar in the freezer.

    • RDinTN

      Please do not thaw milk out at room temperature! Even though most of it will be still frozen after several hours, small portions will have melted and are then at a temperature that grows bacteria. Anything that needs to be thawed must be done in the refrigerator. Keep food safety in mind–I just don't want any of you to get food poisoning!

    • thrifto

      Milk is mostly water and will expand upon freezing, likely bursting the container. Loosen the cap so air can escape and ice rise; After it freezes (notice the fluid level will be higher) and the cap can be re-tightened.

      When preparing for a hurricane or something similar (blizzard?), the same works for water. Years ago the containers were thicker, could take the pressure and wouldn't burst, but newer ones, moving towards the cheaper one molecule thick limit, will.

    • Carol

      I freeze sweet potatoes. First, wash, rub with crisco/oil and bake until done. Let cool and freeze in bags. They are DELICIOUS when you take them out of the freezer and thaw/warm in the microwave.

    • Jblaydes

      Has anyone tried freezing rice milk? I was thinking of putting it in 1 cup containers. I contacted to company but haven't heard back.

    • Cindy Henderson

      You can freeze panty hose! If you freeze something the stoms all line up in the same direction, and it cause it to be stronger. If you freeze your panty hose they will not run as easily. Crazy but true.

    • Angela

      I keep a gallon freezer bag handy and throw in all of my veggie scraps. Once the bag is full I toss it in a big stock pot, cover with water, and let it simmer for a few hours (just check the water levels and top off occasionally). After the veggies look grayish and completely unappealing, let it cool, strain it (cheesecloth helps), and freeze it in quart bags or containers. Free broth! Plus it doesn't have all of the sodium and preservatives you'll find in the commercial stuff, and it tastes SO much better.

      I usually find that by the time I use up all of the broth, I've got another bag full of scraps ready to go. If you need an idea of what kind of scraps to use, I've done carrot ends, celery tops, leftover bits of onion, stems from peppers, tops from zucchini, mushroom stems, the woody part of asparagus, broccoli stems, etc.

    • Great article! I never knew you can freeze as much food in your fridge. Its just like stuffing all these stuff into a carton box and then sealing it with a packing tape for future use.