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Friday Finals 5/01

on 5.1.2009 at 4:31pm

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We went shopping this week!  It was out of pure necessity and we still have a lot more to do.  But at least we made it there.  I got to Publix and Kroger, and hope to make it CVS tomorrow in Atlanta.


Total Before Sales and Coupons: $87.69
Total Spent: $35.97
Total Saved: $51.72 or 59%

Total before coupons and sales: $15.78
Total Spent: $7.36
Total Saved: $8.42 or 54%
(all we bought was Pork Tenderloin on sale)

Weeks Total:
Total before Sales and Coupons: $103.47
Total Spent out of pocket: $43.33
Total Saved: $60.14 or 58.1%

Year to date:
Total Value of Purchases: $2692.81
Total Spent: $825.95 ($45.88 weekly average)
Total Saved: $1866.86 or 69.3%

Recently I had someone say that it was wrong to encourage people by telling them they could save over 50% on their groceries every week.  While I admit some weeks you have big events or things that come up I hope that these weekly posts help you to see that by stockpiling and only buying sale items you really can save every week over half of your grocery bill.  I hope too that you are learning that it is pretty easy!!

**Look for Walgreens and Rite Aid deals tonight as soon as we check into the hotel**

How did you do this week? Leave a comment or link to your savings post. (Please link directly to your savings post and not to random deals you found this is for encouragement…)

    • JMR

      I don’t understand the “wrong” part. Were they saying you shouldn’t get people’s hopes up?

    • Jenny

      Yeah and that it was also false advertising.

    • JMR

      I don’t think it is. I understand you as saying you CAN, not you WILL. BTW–went to Publix last night and spent $14.16 before tax and saved $24.14 on 5 boxes of cereal, freezer bags, 3 cokes, cookies, sour cream and milk. The sour cream and milk were free!

    • Jenny (also)

      Just curious…how long did it take you stockpiling before you got your totals down that low? I just started this in March, and so far, I am still running around $60/week on groceries and toiletries. (I do have 2 in diapers). But, I still have to buy stuff that we NEED each week, whether its on sale or not, because it hasn’t been on sale, or I haven’t stockpiled enough of it yet. My goal is definitely $45 to $50 per week, but not sure how long it will take to get there?

    • Margery

      Now that I’ve been couponing a while, I almost always save 50% – 75% on my groceries! My husband still can’t believe it! I spent $40 on $143 worth of groceries this week at the big P. Whoo hoo!

    • JMR

      Oh no, that wasn’t the only trip–just the most recent. I don’t have the receipt anymore, but it was around $100 paid and saved $75–but I didn’t go to the store at all the week before because we were out of town. I’ve only started a month or two ago.

    • Stefanie

      The twice I went to BiLo this week (I combined both trips):

      Total before sales and coupons: 249.14
      Total spent OOP: 68.50
      Total saved: 180.64 or 72.51%

      WOO HOO! Oh and I don’t think it is wrong for you to say that you can save up to 50% on your grocery bill. MOST of the stuff I bought was sale items and some stuff wasn’t (I didn’t have a coupon for everything) and yet I still saved almost 75%.

    • Beth

      Jenny–I don’t have any of these supermarket by me (i’m in the N.E.) is there still hope for me? I’ve tried the coupon thing in the past but never saved any money worth bragging about. By the way, i love your site, keep up the good work!

    • Jenny–I think you’re right on target. Lots of us are saving 50% or more on an ongoing basis. While it is hard to quantify savings at stores like Aldi, I generally run 75-85% savings at stores where I coupon.

      Thank you, thank you for all you do!

    • Stefanie

      I used to shop solely at Aldi except for a deal here or there at BiLo. Now, I rarely ever go into Aldi just because I can get it cheaper at BiLo if I just hold my horses and wait for a sale. I am going to start hitting up the local farmer’s market for fresh produce instead of in stores. Ends up being cheaper, better for you and really help the local economy! :)

    • Katie

      When I first found your website (around December or January), my goal was to save 40% on my average Publix bill. I was already using coupons and shopping sales, but not using internet coupoons, stacking coupons, etc. This week at Publix I spent $32 and saved $87, which is a perfect illustration of just how far I’ve come. I don’t think “50% savings” is misleading, overly optimistic, or dishonest in the least!!!! Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • Susan

      I don’t think that saving 50% is misleading at all. I almost always save 50% or more. The only time I don’t is on a week when I stock up on meat. Thanks for all the work you do on the site. It is a huge time saver for me!

    • Becky

      Since I started back on coupons, plus all the wonderful tips on how to do it (better),for the month of April I spent at Walgreens: $52.91 and saved $134.19 (about a 72% savings). At Publix: $192.86 and saved $244.48 (about a 60% savings). Not to mention the free meals at KFC and Dominoes (that was AWESOME!!!)

      I am looking forward to the free samples and coupons (and magazines…good grief, could it get any better?!) Got the free photos, so the other things should start coming soon.

      Thanks a ton!

    • Becky

      Ooops, just realized I am getting rebates back for some of those purchases, so in reality I saved even more! Jenny, how do you tally everything up to calculate your savings?

    • Wow someone contacted you and said you were false advertising because you save 50% on your grocery bills weekly? was it posted to this site?????

      Did you have coupons for the pork tenderloin or was the price you put before savings because you used your loyalty card? We are not pork eaters but my MIL is and I would love to tell her how you got such a good deal on it so she could do the same. They eat it all the time.

      It would it would be great to also see what coupons your using for the prodcuts. Might help a bit more people to get some great savings with they knew the breakdowns. Just a thought :-)

      • Jenny

        I had a $2 off $10 in pork and then the rest was the savings from it being on sale. I can try to list out coupons…

    • Today I brought home $277.67 worth of groceries and goods, and I only paid $113.70. That’s a 60% percent savings, folks. Some of my best buys were:

      14 boxes of Kelloggs cereal (.99 each at Food Lion and Publix)

      5 bottles of Loreal Vive shampoo and conditioner ($1.17 each, still kind of high for me but it’s usually $4.35)

      4 boxes Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (.57 each)

      5 lb Mahatma rice (.29 each lb.)

      4 packs Pedigree Denta Stix (.50 each)

      I, too, am new to this, and just beginning to stockpile. I’m still buying our normal weekly stuff on top of these stockpile items, and I’m still spending LESS than ever before. How can you go wrong with this? I will never go back to the “old way” of grocery shopping again. I’ve also got some friends and family started on this method. One shopping trip and you’re hooked! You can save 50%. I’ve saved more than that every week since I started this a month ago.

    • Your website has helped me determine what I should possibly try to buy with items on sell! I am and my family members are too so impressed with the savings. Not all of my transactions are over 50%, but I am saving more and more each week! THANK YOU!!

    • tonya

      been a loyal fan for about 2 months. i caught on pretty quick and am spending on average $50 to $60/week, stockpiling for a family of 5 with 3 dogs, two rabbits and one goldfish. i have never couponed before in my life. honestly, i didn’t think it ever added up to that much savings. i’m embarrased to say my weekly publix bill was $400 to $500 a week! NO KIDDING! my husband has a great income so i never worried about it. i would just make my weekly menu/list and off i went to buy everything i needed for the week and all the name brands i enjoyed. we’re excited about all the income we are not spending now. life is so much better and less stressful now and my kitchen pantries, laundry cabinets and bathroom shelves are stocked full. we never run out of anything now. i love this site.

    • Kristi

      Jenny, you are not wrong– you are fabulous and right on!! I shop based on your website and save AT LEAST 50% a week. I think people are sometimes afraid to believe it, b/c no one wants to admit that they are wasting their money!!

    • Misti

      some people just like to spew their negativity! dont let them get to you…those of us who are willing to invest a little time in learning the methods are easily saving MORE than 50% and getting MORE than we were before (I have enough deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, hairproducts etc to last a YEAR and most were FREE) by using your website. I am so grateful for what you do, you are a blessing in many people’s lives and thats what you should focus on!

    • Gail

      I too am just getting started this month. Though I’ve been couponing for a while, I have just discovered the internet, multiple coupons, stockpiling etc. At the first of this week the HT triples got me revving and all the info I’m finding now has me nearly overwhelmed but I’m so excited to find a way to save money for my family and I think it’s great fun too!

    • I completely agree with stockpiling. I got the idea from you, and it is working like a charm for me! Now, I only buy items that are either FREE or under $1 every week. The amount of money you have helped me save is enormous and I for one am eternally grateful for all the fantastic information you give. Don’t worry about the negative people! You can choose to do this OR not do this. You have to invest time and research to get the deals and if you aren’t willing to, then as far as I’m concerned, Leave all those good deals for me! hahaha

      Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Rebecca in Snellville, GA

      Jenny, when you (and others)calculate the Total Value of Purchases and tally the number, are you calcuating it at the sale price when you buy it or the regular price it normally is? And when you are calculating the savings number are you only counting the coupons you use or the in store savings on that product? I’m just really curious how everyone comes up with their numbers.

    • Heather

      I calculate the on sale price minus the coupon used and that is how I get my overall savings. I do not calculate the before sale price it inflates your total savings. Normally I am saving 50% or more a week but after 4 years my stockpile is rather large! I do however also still purchase large amounts of items we use on a regular basis and this too can cause my numbers to be a bit higher than normal people just starting out. We only bought mostly meat this week due to being so stocked on other items.

    • Daisy25

      Let’s see….

      I think I hit ALL the stores this week and I came away with $243.71 worth of groceries, medicine, and household items and paid only $98.27. That’s a savings of over 50%!!


    • Lynn

      I feel really stupid right now asking this, but how are you coming up with your percents? How do you calucalte it? Do you have a formula you can show me please? I never was good at math in school LOL.

    • JT

      I hit Bi-Lo for the BOGO special. They also sent me $10 off $100 coupons…I spent $197 and paid $75!!! Wowsers!!!

      I went the next day to take advantage of the specials again and bought $100 for $35! Unbelieveable deals at Bilo.

    • I see 50% savings or more quite often. Great totals for your week.

    • Sylvie

      This was my first full month following your advice Jenny. Thank you SO much!!! My savings averaged around 60%. It got better as the month went by (because I had more coupons!) I’m finally getting the hang of things and am developing systems, so I think May is going to be a big time woo-hoo of a month! Thank you SO much for all your hard work!!!

    • Shon

      My post is kinda long, but I hope no one minds. I’m just so excited about all of the things I was able to get last week. Here’s what I got:
      7 Ecotrin 5 Bayer Crystals
      17 Glucose Meters 16 Aluminum Foils
      4 Campbell’s Soups 2 Tubes Cookie Icing (On Clearance)
      3 Nivea 2 Children’s Motrin (On Clearance)
      3 Angel Soft (4 pk) 3 Luminere Candles
      1 Brita Pitcher 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner
      2 WAGS Water Bottles 3 Reusable Shopping Bags
      1 Degree Deodorant 5 Command Hooks
      19 Fill items 1 Re-inventing Beauty Mag (finally found it)
      1 Battery Recharger (was able to get at 5/3 price on Saturday)

      Total OOP= $16.68, Total Savings= $1601.97; Total Saved= 98.97%.

      The best part of it all is that I still have $5 ECB plus $43.50 RR.

      Thanks a million Jenny.

    • CindyLouWho

      My savings have been right on par with 50%…I think the other chick is jealous because your site is better. Why be so jealous? I wonder if this is the person that also thinks stealing “peelies” (apologizing here) is okay? Go poor lemon juice on someone else’s paper cut lady! :-)

    • Michelle B.

      K-Mart is doing super double coupons up to $0.75 value in the Cincinnati area. Can you point us to a spreadsheet with the best savings, like you did a couple weeks ago? I know this is not as good, but there still have to be some good deals. Thanks.

    • Nancy

      Isn’t that a little out of your way? Yay for you! I tried the Mr. Clean, Listerine, and COlgate sensitive deals. Thanks for posting that! Really saved a lot of money! My dentist reccomended the toothpaste, but it was SO EXPENSIVE!!!