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Friday Finals – Beef!

on 8.27.2010 at 8:19pm

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I didn’t make it to the store this week.  I sat in front of a computer all day everyday working on something incredibly fun…  you’ll see it all in just a few hours.

We did get our twice a year order of beef this week though.  So it took all of our grocery budget and then some.  We go together with 4-5 other families and order a cow.  You pay by the pound and it averages out to some pretty awesome prices.  We paid $3 lb and got 50 lbs  of hamburger, steaks, roasts, ribs etc.  While $3 lb is more than I would pay for hamburger it is an amazing price for a well cut steak or roast.

What did you save this week?
Leave a comment below or link to your savings post.

    • Poohbair23

      How do you get the cow? I know that sounds silly, but the only person that I know who does this sends there cow to the butcher.

    • miatd

      so jenny…do tell..how do you get to order a cow….i have never heard of this but am very intrigued.

    • Lawpirate

      I'm curious too. I think I know where I could get a cow but what I want to know is what parts you get. Seriously, there are some parts I'm just not gonna eat and I don't want to pay for them. do you get to choose the cuts you want?

    • I spent .47 cents and saved $101.27 at Publix today.

      • Guest

        how about you post more info on what you purchased?

        • 16 Powerade 32 oz (Rain check), 5 BOGO Right Guard, fresh fruit, Digirnio deep pizza, Ritz crackers, Kool Aid Fizz, Oscar Meyer shaved meats, bread, floss, Kraft homestyle mac cheese, & 6 Starbucks ice cream

    • G8rgal84

      Go on craigslist in your area and you can find grass fed beef or grain fed beef with no hormones or steroids. You get to tell the butcher how you would like yours cut. I think there is also a web page for grass fed beef.

    • Jen

      I am also interested in doing this. I have been trying to do research but am confused. Could you post more info on it? Thanks!

    • kelli

      wow, that sounds like fun. I didn't do much shopping this week. I might hit kroger, cvs, and rite aid again to pick up a few more things but here are my totals so far for the week.

      rite aid
      total before coupons/sales: $119.68
      total oop: $37.16 – $45.98 scr = $8.82 mm
      total saved: $82.52 or 69%, more than 100% after scr

      total before coupons/sales: $62.35
      total oop: $0 (somehow I didn't even pay tax)
      total saved: $62.35 or 100%

      total before coupons/sales: $9.42
      total oop: $.58
      total saved: $8.84 or 94%

      • Creativespiritcreations

        WOW.. you did amazing

    • Creativespiritcreations

      Just placed a half a cow in my freezer not too long ago. Going to have another half one or so in another couple months… If you are near rural areas, you can ask around to find small time farmers who raise up a couple cows and sell.. If you are in more suburban areas or urban, I woud suggest placing craigslist ads saying you are interested in purchasing a part of a cow.. Two good advantages usually.. 1) taste is usually better and 2) you can get custom cuts included in the price so you can get a bunch of roasts, cubed steak, stew meat or steaks depending on your wants/needs

    • Joy

      I'm really interested in purchasing a cow as well. As I'm reading more about what is in our food sources, it's disconcerting to say the least. I live in Atlanta though, so I'm at a loss as to how to locate a source. Please post info about this topic when you get a chance. Thank you!

      • Anonymous

        I just started using a company called blue ribbon foods to buy my meats frozen and delivered to my freezer for 6 months at a time, all natural meats, no chemicals, steroids or hormones or anything…butchered in house and all. you can find them on line, they come to your home and menu plan with you and bring you samples too…www.blueribbonfoods.com and if you do use them, tell them I referred you cause I get a bonus I think?? my name is tera mesta in oxford, ga

      • Lynsie

        You could probably check around more north of Atlanta, like up in Ellijay. That is only an hour drive from ATL and I have friends up there who purchase 1/2 or whole cows after butcher. Just getting a little out of the city in a more rural area like Jasper or Ellijay would be my suggestion.

        • Creativespiritcreations

          Down south of Atlanta towards Eatonton/Putnam County has a lot of cattle and dairy farms. Can find a lot of people that are raising cattle there

      • shannon

        UGA sells beef! We've ordered a qtr, a half and this year we've ordered a full cow! It comes out to about 1.99 per lb any cut! They also sell various meats (lamb, pork, beef) every Friday. We have never had any problems from them. It has always been great tasting and you cant get cheaper then 1.99 for steaks! Now is the time to call though for cows. We pick our meat up Friday! Good Luck!

        • Shannon

          I forgot to add, yes these are technically research cows. ITs non chemical research though. One year they changed the diet, one year they were raised to teach ultrasounds to the vet students.

        • Guest

          Auburn University also does this and they will help you find an animal and will cut to order. call 334-844-1566. Price are really close to UGA too (can't remember the exact number). Also if you aren't close to UGA or AU you can call your local extension office. Many youth show these animals which are then harvested at the end of the year. A great way to find a local animal and help the youth programs!

    • Angrcooking

      CAN'T wait to see WHAT you are working on….I have been back and forth to the computer all day….I think I am addictited to Southern SAVERS!!

    • Rebecca

      It's really funny to read this blog today. I LOVE Southern Savers, and we'll call this a “learn something new every day” thing/moment. It's called a “side of beef” to farmers out there, FYI. L(ing)OL WITH you all.

    • Amy

      Like others, purchasing part of a cow is VERY interesting! Would you mind writing a small blurb describing it? What part(s) do you get? Did a friend know the farmer, or did you go through a local business?

      • Creativespiritcreations

        I dont know exact amounts, but I got several packs of Tbone steaks (smaller than commercial tbones, but thats because of the type of cow I had), several packs of sirloin steaks, several sirloin roasts, a couple other roasts, a bunch of cubed steak (family favorite – extra by choice), flank steak, stew meat, and a decent amount of hamburger. Its all wrapped in butcher paper and labeled by my processer/butcher. Just pull out what you need and cook as desired.

    • Rebecca

      You might try asking a butcher local to you (I know there's one in Austell somewhere for those of you in the Atlanta area, and their shop has been highly recommended to me). Your local butcher (and I'm not talking about the meat manager at Kroger or Publix, I mean a butcher shop) may be able to put you in contact with someone. Word of warning, though. You may not be pleased with the butcher's work, and/or you may not be pleased with the beef that you get. Better idea: find a few friends to split it quite a few ways the first time, so that you're not left w/ 50-100lbs of meat that you're not impressed with.

    • Julie B

      I just love this website. I didn't think you could make it better but you did!

    • Njalabama

      Please share where you order your beef!

    • Anna

      I love the new website!!! :)

    • Tasha

      We raise our own and have them butchered. So much less fat than the meat at the store. Plus we know what has been put into them.

    • Meges01

      Went to publix and this is how I did with my grocery budget.
      Origianl total price of all items before sale prices and coupons $68.04.
      Price after sale prices $37.03.
      After coupons $12.75….but I just realized that I forgot to use my RiteAid $5 off coupon. So there was potential for it to acutally be $7 and some change. I'll be sure to remember next time. But I'm so proud of myself. I kept to my list and only got the things that were on it!

    • Kärsten

      Go to localharvest.com to find a grass fed/organic/nongrain fed cow!! You want it all pastured!!! No grain…grain is what starts the e-coli process in cows ruminants! My husband has been a butcher for years…you would be horrified to find out what’s in that bargain priced .99/lb ground beef or in that .69/lb chicken!! I’m not even talking about what they’ve been fed while alive or the chemicals they’ve been given to try to keep them alive..I’m talking about what the butchers have to cut out of the animalsto make it sale-able. Local food benefits you..your health… and the local economy. Far better than any bargain price and the taste doesn’t even come close! True pasture fed beef will be tender and buttery..even tougher cuts. THe taste is so much more palatable you can use less in recipes. If you’re relaly interested…look into Fresh (movie) and then watch Food, Inc. You’ll think twice about what you’re putting into your grocery cart.

    • RJC

      We also split a cow this year. Ours came from a friend of a friend who raises cattle. The butcher gave us a list of basic cuts we were able to choose from. We could have gotten special cuts but it would have raised the cost for the entire group. As said previously know the cow, know the butcher. The meat that we have tastes good but was butchered VERY poorly some cuts are barely identifiable. We are still undecided if we will do it again next year.

    • Debra

      I bought mostly the bogo's at Publix this week. My total was $66.49 before coupons and I ended up paying only $22.99 which I thought was pretty good.

    • Niddi

      WOW, what an awakening, Check every morning and thought I was on the wron site. This is going to take a little getting used to. I like it so far but I'm a creature of habit and set in my ways so it may take awhile. I don't understand what the M and S stands for in the little colored box before the listing of the product that I noticed on your homepage when I scrolled down. Can someone please clue me in. I must be overlooking something obvious.
      Thanks for all your hard work and helping us save so much money Jenny.

      • Rebecca

        M – manufacturer S- store

    • Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC

      I love the new look of your blog!!

    • angie scott

      I am looking for the best way to buy beef and chicken does anyone recommend any of the people that comes to your home and sells in bulk. Buying what I need on a weekly basis is killing my budget and that is the only thing that i am not able to find coupons for. So please tell me how you buy yours meats?

      thanks in advance

    • Tmpete0623


      where do you order your cow. I think I can get my own group of people together. please let me know who to contact. thanks

    • Ehelms81

      I also buy 1/2 a cow instead of grocery store beef. Not only is the beef incredible, but it is a money saver and nice to hav ea freezer full of beef. I bought grocery store ground beef and couldn't stand the smell of it cooking after I cooked the “cow” beef.

      • Ehelms81

        We buy ours from Robert Arnold in Fairmount, GA. He is the cheapest we have found, and like I said, great beef. He sells his at $2lb hanging weight and then .34/lb for processing the beef. His # is 706 337 2337.

        • Tmpete0623

          Thank you!

    • Ahogan

      I'm interested in doing this too, how long does the meat last you if you buy a cow and split it with 3-4 other people?