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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Last week when I shared our savings I’d skipped all the early drugstore sales, so this week is my chance to share what we finally did grab.

Total Before Sales and Coupons:  $106.18
Total Spent: $21.64
Total Saved: $84.54

We drove home from Florida last Saturday and decided to stop in a Walgreens in the tiny town of Cochran, GA.  I don’t really even know where it was so don’t make me show it to you on a map.  We only stopped because I decided that odds are people in the middle of nowhere don’t coupon and I’d have a better chance at the deals this late in the game.

If you live in a small town and coupon you have it made.  That store was loaded with every freebie in the ad!  It was however packed with people who had no clue about coupons and deals so I decided 5 transactions was a really bad idea.  I broke everything into two transactions:

1.  Everything made by Procter & Gamble.
2.  Everything not made by P&G.

This went so well I decided when we got back to South Carolina later that night that I would see what my store had left with a few hours left to the deals.  Turns out they still had everything too!!!  So I did the same two transactions again.

Total Spent: $2.99
Total Saved: nothing…
ECB remaining: $2.99

I had no ECB but went in to test the unadvertised EOS Lip Balm.  Saved nothing but it was a fun trip,  I tried very hard to help a fellow couponer get to use a legit coupon… they would hear nothing of it but at least she wasn’t fighting alone!

It’s good to be reminded that couponing is not illegal, wrong, or even bad.  Sometimes I wish that we could get cashiers to understand that.  In the end if they just won’t take it it’s also okay to say “then I don’t want it”.   Oh how I would love to be invited to teach cashiers about coupons!!!

How did you do this week? Leave a comment or a link to your savings post.

    • Tigress1321

      cashiers should be educated in couponing! some of them are totally clueless…and they do think you are doing something wrong…I think it is just jealousy cause they don't know how you just did that. Thank you Jenny sooooooooo very much for all you do. You have helped me and my family more than you could ever know.

      • Ginger

        I was a cashier once, and I agree with the person who said they do have to be careful. Possibly if they take an invalid coupon, it could short their register, which could be a write-up or a termination, depending on how big it is and how often they are short.

        But sometimes, I DO think they are just jealous. If they're just super-careful and there's a dispute, sometimes I whip out my copy of the store coupon policy, and that settles it. :)

        Then there's always the tried and true “teenage boy” method. Find one of those kids to check out with, because they don't give two hoots about your coupons- if it scans, it scans. :)

    • Bizicouponmom


      I shopped at publix in ne columbia today and they would not let me use the extra coupon with the bogo green giant, and stay free. cashier said since i had publix coupon for bogo, i could not use a manufacturer coupon,too for those items. she said it has always been this way. is that right? i havent had that problem before… thanks for all your help! i'm loving saving $$$.

    • GUEST

      In defense of cashiers, though, they do have to be cautious because of couponers who scan or copy coupons, give way out of date coupons, and fake coupons as well. There are plenty of problems from where I am from, so they get a little crash course about coupons.

    • Lillybugsmom

      Wow the link up has gone wonky. I agree that cashiers should have to learn some coupon policies. They have to learn and follow the other rules of the store. But I have noticed in my area the cashiers are getting better.

    • regina

      what I am having a great time w/. I have been told at 2 different times by 2 different cashiers at Winn Dixie is no, we do not take internet coupons any longer and no we do not take the R and R's from wal greens. So I always just go to the self check machine and they both scan beautifully. I always leave Winn Dixie w/ a smile on my face.

    • Mollie Rosenblum Hughes

      I am new to couponing. I've only been at it 3 weeks. I made the choice to “coupon” because my 13 year old son seems to be eating and growing faster than I can keep up…but I digress.

      Publix has 16 oz. liquid coffeemate creamer on sale for $1.25…with no limit. I had a coupon for 1.50 off on one. I bought six..got them for free. :)

      Publix also has liquid softsoap on sale for .99 cents. I had .50 coupon that they doubled. With tax and all it came to a total of .4 cents!

    • Amknighton

      I tried using the Hallmark coupon just last night and the cashier said, “Our owner will only let us take this coupon for Hallmark products only.” I promptly left. I have also had coupon problems at Winn Dixie. I, too, find that the self-checkout is usually the way to go and avoid the issues at WD. I understand the need for caution about coupons with counterfeits floating around, but coupons are good for the store,..they get reimbursed. Publix coupon policy has made me a customer as I only venture to WD now when the deals are too good to pass up.

    • WynetteC

      LOL at stopping at a Walgreens in the middle of your drive home. Sounds like something I pulled the last time we were out of town. :) My husband is not as enthused as I am when I try to draw him into a parking lot for that reason.

      And I agree with you on the whole issues with a cashier and to just put it back, that's it's okay to do that. In the beginning of couponing my pride would not let me put it back. I was too embarrassed of what they would think of me. Now I am more bold to just accept that the hassle alone is not worth it and I succumb to the words, “I just don't want it/need it”. That is in itself, is the hardest thing to do sometimes. I don't know why. Glad you found the lip balm. It was an treasure hunt for me to even locate it. :)

    • Krisanne

      I went to Publix on wednesday. My total was $40.64 and I only paid 97 cents! This was a first for me, groceries under $1. I bragged all day long!

    • Krisanne

      My Publix in Goose Creek SC is awesome. The cashier actually comments on how good I do when I go in. And she takes my wags jingle bucks without a problem. It's nice to have a cashier that commends you on your hardwork instead of giving you trouble and asking questions about every coupon you have.

    • albert_the_gator

      I went to Publix using a SouthernSavers printed shopping list and on-line printed coupons. It was awesome!

      The Idahoan mashed potatoes, Ronzoni Pasta, and the CoffeeMate (-$1.50 coupon) all made for a really cheap trip!

    • Ke32201

      I had the worst experience at Publix yesterday!! First of all some rude lady who was talking on her cell phone and taking up half the aisle while me and two other women were patiently waiting for her to move finally walked past me and said oh look at you and proceeded to laugh and tell the person on the other end of her phone conversation that ha ha! you should see this lady and her cart full of stuff!! I was walking at this point with my cart “full of stuff” to feed my family of 7 with my baby in my arms. Even though that has nothing to do with couponing I just want to say some people are very rude!!!! Then when I checked out I had the worst cashier ever!!!! She criticized my every coupon and on the things I was getting for free such as the vitamins and crackers, she actually crossed out 2.00 on the coupon and wrote .59 or whatever the case was!!! She told me that makes it free and I am not allowed to get money back! She also would not take my two dollar store coupons and my cvs coupon she would only take one of those and as for my other coupons she looked them over very carefully as my overtired baby cried and other customers stood behind me growing impatient. She refused to take about 25.00 worth of other coupons for no good reason. She said I already used the same coupon but they were manufactures coupons or publix or walgreens and not against the law. She treated me like I was stupid and a criminal. It is still making me angry everytime I think about it…

      So thank you for the reminder that couponing is not illegal wrong or bad! And thank you for everything you do to tell us all how to save and get the best deals!

      • Ginger

        Dude, that just sucks. I hate getting cashiers like that! Especially with a cranky baby, that's just soooooooo mean. :(

        I hope you refused (politely) to buy every item that she refused to take the coupon for. Because when they have the long line of irritated people, you can kind of use that against them, in the sense that they know the impatient people are going to be nasty to them when they get to the front of the line. So if they give you attitude about taking a legitimate coupon, you can say, “Oh, I guess I don't want it then. Can you take that one off, please?” and then they have to dig through the bag and take it out and “unscan” it, and that slows them down even more. I figure if they have to do that enough times, they might ease off a little. :)

        • Bee

          Exactly…NEVER buy an item they won't accept a legit coupon for. It's always for sale somewhere else.

    • I totally agree about the lack of couponers in small towns. We just moved back to my hometown and I can't believe how many good deals are still fully stocked by the end of the week! I love it!

      At the same time it's hard to watch people spend so much money when they check out. I watched a woman last week select a gallon of milk for $2.99 when the half gallons of the same kind were $1.25. Ah! The agony!

    • Chiefsangeleyes

      My best advice to most of you having problems is to meet and build a relationship with your store manager! My local mgr at Publix Brian is amazing and whenever I have a question or comment, he's super helpful.. One day his assistant mgr was very rude when i simply asked the cashier if they'll take the % off coupons from CVS, or just the $ off. She overheard and lit into me. When I tried to explain that I teach coupon classes and had been asked this several times she replied “well, please teach those morons that we only take $ off! Not percent! And…” she went on. I finally interupted her with “Does your manager Brian know you speak to customers this way?” she stopped dead in her tracks. And the following day I went in to speak to him about it. He explained, nicely, that they do not take those % off coupons…but that she was mortally wrong in how she handled it and he made her come to front and aplolgize to me in front of the cashiers and everything. (I didn't ask for that, but that goes to show me how he runs his store and that he values his customers!)
      I love my mgrs and would encourage everyone to get to know them. Talk. Ask questions. And find out how/why they do things. :)

    • Kellimd82

      I spent a lot this week (at least for me) but I also got a lot too.

      Kroger – I bought 98 packages of bumble bee tuna, 160 containers of cesar dog food, 2 bottle sof wesson oil, and 3 loaves of bread

      before sales/coupons: $323.60
      oop: $44.32
      saved: $279.28 or 86%

      CVS – I bought contact solution and 2 candy bars

      before sales/coupons: $13.24
      oop: $.47
      saved: $12.77 or 97%

      Rite Aid – I bought dayquil, lysol wipes, dr pepper, activeon (for the MIR), RA pepto, proglide, gillette deodorant, cepacol, hershey's kisses, can of butane

      before sales/coupons: $147.81
      oop: $19.52
      saved: $128.29 or 87%

      I've got 2 rebates to send in for the active on ($7.99 each). I also gained $11 in +ups!!

      I also spent $2 on papers.

      Weekly totals:
      before sales/coupons: $486.65
      oop: $66.31
      saved: $420.34 or 86%

      My goal for most weeks is $25, so I spent more than double but most of that was on dog food. The cesar food is $.25 each at Kroger and I've NEVER seen it that cheap.

    • Keliland19

      Good Morning Jenny….

      I had laugh when I read your message… I live in the town of Cochran and you have many avid followers!!! I share your website daily with my friends and family. They laugh because I often brag about my savings. Several of the cashiers at Walgreens are actully really helpful when we shop there.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thankyou for all you do!

      • Keliland19

        P.S. you should have stopped at our CVS also! They are wonderful and I do multiple transactions at both all the time.

    • Theherbie17

      At Walgreens I spent $2.25… ans saved close to… $126!!!

      I got 9 bottles of Natrol Melatonin completely free and used the rewards to buy 3 pamper ans 3 things of Charmin…

      I had to wait until Wednesday to go so I colfd use the 15% off and get the Natrol!

      It was awesome!

      I still have $5 RR

    • p2pmidga

      I also live in the “tiny town of Cochran in the middle of nowhere…and we love it here!” Glad you got to enjoy your stop….the store must have restocked just like your hometown store. We have to get rainchecks often because people take advantage of deals and coupons. Thanks for the work you do to make us aware of the deals.

    • Shannon

      We recently had to get some prescriptions refilled. I suggested to my husband to go to Rite aid so that he could get a $25 gift card for transferring his prescription. They let him do it for both so he walked about with $50 for me to use at Rite Aid. A few days later, he needed another prescription. This time I sent him to CVS and we received another $25 gift card. So, with my gift cards in hand, I headed to Rite Aid and CVS yesterday. At Rite Aid I just used my gift cards and still have $11.96 left on one of them. At CVS I used all of my gift card and 11 cents of my own money. When I got home and totaled up all that I had bought, I was amazed! I had $319 worth of merchandise and I had only used 11cents!!! I even have $18 ECB to use next trip and $10 +UP rewards for my next visit!

    • ahha ! I used to go to college in Cochran GA !!!!

      It is a VERY small town and people know nothing about coupons !

    • Cksessions

      Haha! I just moved from Cochran to South Carolina! So cool to see that you visited that sweet small town. I long to be able to go to Walgreens/CVS at the end of the week and be able to get all the weekly deals!

    • Steph

      As a manager at the Cochran Walgreen's, I wished I would have had the chance to meet you. But thank you for stopping in the store and hoped you enjoyed it and the area. And there are a few avid couponers that shop there. I have a few that will look for me to check them out. If you stop in, say hi!

    • Alex Mccarrell

      Le Croix was on sale this week at my SC BiLo for 1.99…bought six used six 1.25 coupons plus there were two boxes that has 1.00 off coupons! So got 6 15pks for 2.44 total!!! So excited as these are usually at least $4.

    • Pamela F

      I have been doing the world market coffee club for a year now and this week was a great week for coffee. I had coupons for 5 free coffee, I went on wed they had bogo used my 5 free coffee and bought 12 and had $10 off $30 oop $27.46 for $118.83 of coffee and this morning I had coupons for 3 more free coffees. so in the end I will get 20 bags of coffee for about $1.37 each. was a great buy!

    • Abrown

      I used my ECB at CVS to buy Pantene shampoo and conditioner this week (to qualify for the $20 back rebate for Proctor and Gamble) and only paid $1.50 out of pocket. I was told by the cashier “so basically we just paid you $5 to rob us”. I told her I didn't rob anyone, that couponing and extra care bucks are perfectly legal. Why would a company offer extra care bucks if they didn't want you to use them? This lady's mentality is downright wrong.