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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Harris Teeter shoppers it’s time to get ready.  Harris Teeter stores will run Super Doubles starting 9/15 and running though 9/21.  This means any coupon $1.98 or less will double!  There is a limit of 20 coupons doubled per day.

I’ll have a full list of deals for you Saturday night, but for now just head to the database, and type in $1.50 off and you get a huge list of coupons you can use!  Your best bet is to plan to use coupons ranging from $1-$1.75.

Remember on normal weeks all of your .75/1 coupons would already double, so hold tight to those for another week.

If you are dieting there is one coupon out that is $1.75.  That means you save $3.50 off one pack:

-$1.75 off Slim-Fast Multipack or Shake Mix, RP 8/29

(A big thanks to the little birds who already saw next weeks ad!!)

    • shannon

      Yipppeee :)D Love super doubles & love Jenny for letting us know!!! Thanks for all your hard work~~

    • Jeri

      Awesome, can't wait! I have always loved to shop but since I am trying to pay bills, I get my spending high at the grocery store!

    • theeg


    • Bev

      I'm glad it's next week…but I have to admit I'm a bit sad that it's not triples. They've been really heavy on the super doubles this year! Any guesses as to why? It's seems like they lose more money that way??

      • Laura

        I tend to get more free items during triples. There are not as many coupons to stock up on the essentials that are over $1. I feel a lot of what I need always has .75 coupons.

        • Bev

          I agree–that's why I'm kinda bummed it's not triples. But hey, I'm not complaining (too much)! :-)

      • guest

        Actually if they triple a $.75 coupon they are losing $1.50. If they double a $1 coupon, they are losing $1. So I think probably it averages out to lose more money with the triples. I do miss them though.

    • Phyllis

      Thanks Jenny – now I have the whole weekend to get ready….

    • Rebeccafrankenberger

      Thanks for the heads up! I just converted from a coupon box to a coupon binder & I can't wait to take new coupon system out for a spin during this promotion. I just hope that they are running this at all Harris Teeter's – I'm in Baltimore and I think they had this same promo about a month and a 1/2 ago. I'm super excited! :D

    • Stereomom

      Thanks Jenny! You saved me from using some high value coupons this week. I will be saving them for next week! :-)

    • Wow…no Harris Teeter's in Metro Atlanta…. :-(

    • harbinfamily

      My sister lives in the Grand Rapids, MI area. She is starting to coupon, but can't find a website like this to help her find the best deals. Does anyone know of one? Also, do you know of any stores that double coupons in that area? I tell her she just needs to move down here so she can use Jenny's awesome site!

      • Guest

        www dot hotcouponworld dot com , and , www dot afullcup dot com , both have forums that are separated and organized according to individual stores. Your sister can browse those sites and check out the forums for the individual stores that are available in her area. (for example, they have a forum for Harris Teeter, separate forum for Walmart, separate forums for individual drugstores, etc). They cover lots of stores nationwide. She may find it very helpful. Good luck to her.

    • Bholmes75

      I”m kinda bummed its not triples but super doubles just as good i'm hoping that the green giant boxed veggies will be on sale next week. Cross your fingers might be a good catalina.

    • WTF

      I dont shop at Harris Teeter anymore. The prices of many of the products that I buy from them have skyrocketed, and for what reason? When we had $5/gal gasoline, they said the milk prices where near $3 to $4/gal for that reason. The price of gas has been down and at one point below $2/gal but milk has not backed down that much. $2.79/gal in my area. Too bad. I get it at Walmart now.

      Same goes for their Rainbow Sherbet. In 2006 it was $1.49 for the tub and today its $2.99. What gives??? How can they double the price in 4 years? And that goes for many other products too. Ruffles = $3.99 per bag! I have receipts from 2007 showing that same bag of potato chips being $2.49. Their cold cuts – forget it. Wont buy them at $11/lb for many of the varieties. In 2006 I see sliced chicken breast was $6.99/lb. Just before they went to Boars Head their Dietz and Watson was sliced chicken breast was $10.49/lb. WHY?

      Why have they jacked up prices? Is it to pay for the 4 dozen video cameras that all of the new stores are getting? What gives? Dont tell me inflation because my salary hasnt “inflated” like that – to keep up. No one's has. How come similar foods from other grocers are cheaper? Well, not Lowe's Foods – another overpriced jumble of food and stuff. Another – pasta sauce. What used to be a $1.99 can of Classico sauce is now just shy of $3 a can!

      We stopped going to HT and LF and only buy grocerys, when on sale, at Walmart or Food Lion. The savings is triple digit per month! We used to purchase our beef at HT because the quality was unmatched. Then they stopped selling several of our favorite items – like the Tri Tip steak. We used to love that but they decided to stop selling it. We now purchase all of our beef at BJs. The quality is just as good and with the money savings shopping at Food Lion and Walmart we purchased a freezer to put in our garage for the beef and seafood from BJs.

      Can someone explain why they've jacked up the prices of this food? Want to save money? Start shopping at places where the prices are lower – forget Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods.

      • Guest

        Can someone explain why you're so interested in the Harris Teeter topic if you're not shopping there any more? You just wasted quite a lot of time talking about a store that you don't even shop at any more….. Anyone that's trying to save money knows better than to spend $3.99 on a bag of chips – they'll wait until they can combine a coupon and a sale to get a great deal on it. They people that DO pay the high prices for these things are the ones giving HT the profit margin that makes it possible for them to run the coupon events and promotions that we couponers enjoy. Don't worry about why prices at HT are so high, worry about why you can't seem to find how to get the good deals there that literally get laid out right in front of you.

        • Tara

          I agree with you “Guest.” That post was a complete waste of my time. Why on earth did someone feel the need to rant and rain on the “Super Doubles” parade? Who cares if the prices at HT are high? When you figure out how to coupon, you avoid those high prices, and that's what makes super doubles so terrific. And by the way, seriously, do you think this poster's name is seriously “WTF?” I doubt it. It was most likely a way to sneak unnecessary profanity on to this board, which I do not appreciate.

          • WTF

            First – yes, Tara, my initials are WTF. You seem to think that my inability to deal with high prices at HT is odd? Well, likewise, how is it so hard to comprehend that my parents gave me a name that utilizes those initials?

            Second, “Who cares if the prices at HT are high?” I care. Many others also care. People who 'dont care' are whats wrong with society. You're all going on about saving tons of money with your method but yet I already explain, in my “rant and rain”, that I save hundreds per month NOT shopping there and NOT using coupons at walmart or elsewhere. Just the regular puchase price, alone, elsewhere is a savings. I hope I dont have to clarify that any further or else I am the one who is going to complain about a “complete waste of my time”…

            • Karen

              Congrats on your savings elsewhere, so more items are on the shelf at harris teeter for me, I got 51 FREEEEE items the last time they did super doubles.

      • Ms Lallie

        I kinda feel the same way regarding HT higher prices. I DO shop at HT but tend to have better savings at Farm Fresh on their Wed. Double $1.00 Q-pons days. I shopped HT and Farm Fresh one Wed. and spent about $14 or $15 at both stores but came out with WAY more items free at FF than HT. I felt like it just me with feeling like HT seems pricey on Super Doubles.

      • surfer dad

        HELLO????????? Do you know what site you are? Of course teeter is more expensive. That's how they get way with triples and super doubles. My wife and I are addicted to teeter because of this. We spend under $5 and have a ton of food. This site SHOWS you how to save tons! Instead of spending your time complaining spend some time browsing this site and it may just click.

        • heather

          Exactly!! And my HT is the ONLY store/drugstore in my area (MD) that ever puts milk on sale….I love them for doing that! FL NEVER goes below 3.99 a gallon…uurrgghhhh!! AAhhhhh I love me some HT :)

        • WTF

          So jack up the prices and then put them on sale? How does that save when you waste time trying to figure out what to buy and when? Just walk into many other stores, purchasing at regular prices, and you save automatically. That was my point. I was merely trying to see if others noticed what I did. Sorry, didnt know that many of y'all have a vested, defensive, interest in HT, in particular, as if you're all founders or something… I mean, its just a store and if someome says they're prices are high – and they are – then so what? Geez.

    • Leeanneowens

      I'm excited about super doubles. I saved a ton last time they did it. : )

    • Susan

      SWEET. I totally wasn't expecting this, and now you've made my Friday night! And I LOVE the coupon database.

    • Caitlin

      you just made my night !!! i save all my 1 +off coupons for super doubles !!!! it makes me so happy !!!!

    • Shannon

      gotta question

      The store policy says harris teeter excepts competitors coupons, “Accepts them only for an amount off your whole purchase – no product coupons.” does this mean if I have a catalina that printed out at Food Lion for: 3.00 off the next purchase of any baby product 15.00 dollars or more. I can use that?

      • Nita Royal

        Wow – I hadn't noticed that! Makes me wonder if my Walgreen's RR's would be accepted!

        • Emhcoupon

          register rewards work

        • Alicia

          According to their policy, Wal-Greens is not one of their competitors. They only accept “food store” competitiors coupons. Wal-Greens is not a “food” competitor so they don't accept them. The stores they will accept from are Food Lion, Bi-Lo and any other “food” competitor that is within a few miles of the HT store. That is the store policy in Florence, SC. Hope this helps.

    • Couponing 30

      I have saved 600.00 since May 2010 using this website. I shop at Harris Teeter even when it's not super doubles week. I am an E-Vic member as well. Thanks Jenny.

    • AKA

      I am still new to super doubles.This will be my second one. I did great the first time but it took me forever. Since I do not shop HT all the time I am not familiar with regular prices. How can I know if it is a good deal before I go in the store? If I have a $1.50 off tide – how can I know if it is worth it before hand? I did use Jenny's list last time but some things I had a coupon for were not on the list. Does that mean it is not a deal?

      • Shannon

        I go to the Harris Teeter website and look up products under Express Lane…just type in the product and it will tell you how much it cost and if it happens to be on sale or not. I do this with all my extra 1.00 to 1.75 off coupons I have to see if there are any other good deals out there. this is so I am not wandering around the store looking for prices the morning of. hope this helps

        • AKA

          Thanks – I knew there had to be an easier way.

    • 3greatkids

      I am new to all this “couponing thing”, but I am addicted after I saved 50% off at HT last week. Yahooooo! ***Questions is*****: If I only started pulling coupons 2 weeks ago where do I find all the other past coupons that are referenced by Jenny? Are they archieved anywhere that I can find them? Frustrated to know the coupon is out there but I dont know where to find it. HELP please.

      • Bholmes75

        you can order coupons from past newspapers from couponclippers

    • Sjarman928

      I'm super super new at this, but i've heard great things about it. I haven't had a chance to save/clip any coupons bc they don't have them labor day weekend when i decided to start. I don't normally shop at the Teeter often but can anyone give me some pointers? should i wait til i can clip coupons? What stuff applies? IN NEED OF MAJOR HELP.

      Thanks :)

      • Susan

        There are a lot of things that are printable. You can start this time. Anything that gets posted that has the word “printable” in blue behind it, if you click on the word you can find a link to print the coupon. You’ll probably have to download a printing program from coupons.com, but it will cue you through it after you click on the printable.

    • Check out www. OurCouponHome. com for the best Deals list!!

    • Bst Pierre

      Thanks Jenny for all you do! Will a full list of HT deals be posted tonight, EST? I'm on the east coast of NC. Anxiously awaiting…

    • Karen

      Have my list and coupons organized, ready to save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ tomorrow, good luck everyone.