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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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It’s official, or as official as you can get, that starting 4/28 through 5/4 Harris Teeter will have Triples!  This means that any coupon 99 cents or less will be tripled in value.

You are allowed 20 tripled coupons per day.  I will have a massive Triples list up for you by Saturday night but to get started most the deals on last months list are still good.

    • heather

      Yippee!!!!! It's pretty sad that HT triples makes me sooo excited:)

      • Kristin

        I'm with you…I can't explain to my husband why it makes me so happy :) Weird, huh?

    • april

      did anyone else have issues with not tripling if the coupon stated DND…just wondering if it was just my location (Byers Creek Mooresville, nc) or if all HT's were doing this.

      • Paige

        I posted that last time too. They checked over every single one and would not double any that said DND. I was at Byers Creek too. I bet the other in Mooresville wouldn't do it either.

        • $SavinMom

          When I first started couponing in the Fall of last year I never had any problems with Harris Teeter and they were my favorite grocery store. Over the last couple months though, they have been cracking down on their coupon policy and are manually stopping coupons from doubling if it says DND. Obviously they don't get the money from the manufacturer so I can't get mad, but it is frustrating to look at all the fabulous deals and then realize half the coupons say DND and you can't get the deals. I am finding that they are really cracking down during SD and triples, but even on regular ad weeks I have had them stop some from doubling. Then on the flip side, you get the cashier, once in a blue moon, that doesn't look at your coupons and they ALL double. That is what I find frustrating, the inconsistency. I have stopped using coupons that say DND though because I am not getting the deals anymore. It might be a North Carolina thing, I am in Greenville. I guess we will just have to select the coupons we use carefully :)

          • bridget

            From what I have read elsewhere, the HTs around Greenville are notoriously bad about overriding the DND5 coupons. I am in the Triangle part of NC and my HTs are super nice about coupons. You must have a tough district manager in your region! What a pain.

            • Jamie

              I live in Havelock and shop at both the New Bern and Morehead City stores. I have never had a problem with any of my q's doubling or tripling in NB, however there are a few people in MHC that will manually change the coupon so that it won't double or triple. It is very frustrating because it's like you take a gamble when you go in as to whether or not they are going to go through depending on what cashier you have.

              Eastern NC really needs to have a coupon workshop! Does anyone have a location that one could be held at??

            • Hattie

              Wow when I lived there the only places to get groceries was Food Lion and Winn Dixie.

            • Jamie

              Well in Havelock the Winn Dixie is now closed, we now have a Walmart….but I wouldn't dare step foot in there. Food Lion is still here, so that is why I shop in NB and MHC.

          • Abbie

            I'm not really familiar with HT, since my closest store is an hour away, but do they say in their ad or in-store signs that they double “ALL” manufacturer's coupons? I've heard of people using this to get their DND doubles in some Kroger stores. I've never had a problem, so I've never tried it. But, if they advertise that they double ALL Manufacturer's coupons, they should double ALL manufacturer's coupons.

          • brendak27

            I agree. I never had a problem tell last month. if it scaned they took it. know they are checking every coupon. they match it up word for word on every item.

          • Shelly

            I live in Raleigh and I've never had a problem. The DND issue sounds like the stores don't know how coupons work! When HT doubles (or triples) coupons, it shows up on the receipt as an “SC” or store coupon. It's my understanding that the STORE is doubling or tripling, not the manufacturer. By the same logic, I suppose that gives the store the right to double the coupon or not, but still, the manufacturers' DND label doesn't impact the store's reimbursement.

      • RebeccaFer

        I'm in Charlotte and it was a ymmv thing because I did run into some problems but generally (thankfully) no.

      • Jess

        Brentwood TN HT will manually enter any q's that say DND so you only get the face value off. If you shop there, don't expect them to double anything with DND or you'll be disappointed.

      • Jan

        Hmmmm, I've never had any problem at Byers Creek. The one in Lincolnton scrutinzes every coupon tho. I usually hit up Morrison Plantation or Davidson. Davidson is my fave…the cashiers are very coupon friendly!

      • Melanie

        Monroe, NC store told me if the coupon beeps and they notice the Do Not Double when the manager puts it in it will not double. Just depends on who you get

      • Annette

        Denver NC HT is coupon friendly and just this week I used two coupons that said 'DND' on them, but, I checked the receipt and it did double. Not sure it would always work, but in this instance, it did. I don't have issues at the Denver HT. They are awesome!!

    • RebeccaFer

      I love HT for doing Triples again so soon but how bad am I that I was really hoping it was SD? I have so many high dollar qs (off /2 or /3) that it would have been nice to use those more. I'm still grateful for Triples though and will just have to change my mindset of what I'm going to get. :D

    • jenn

      OMG. i am sooo excited! they just did it, what, last month? my boyfriend really has no idea why i get so excited…although he does love that i'm saving money & enjoying it!

    • Tracy

      Do your stores normally take B1G1 coupons. I know the policy states no Free items, but my HT (Arlington, VA) normally took them. On Tuesday I went in only to get the diapers, the free cookies with purchase of milk and cookies (Nabisco) and 4 Tropicana's with the B1G1 coupons.

      I was told by a different manager than I usually see that they do not accept any coupons for Free items and that “corporate” is really cracking down on their coupon policy. All the while, he over-rode a 3rd IP coupon for the Huggies deal!

      I called corporate to ask about the B1G1's and was told that they do not allow them but their “no Free Items” policy is being reviewed. I asked to have my comments noted that I am a legitimate user of coupons and that many of the man's are putting these types of coupons on their facebook pages and it's a shame that they won't accept them.

      I did state that I would probably need to shop elsewhere because I can't run to multiple stores each week.

      CALL corporate and make your voice heard!!

      • MamaGreg

        I had the same thing happen to me with the cookies coupon, so I took my business to Publix! I have never had Publix question a single coupon and the staff really knows how to ring them up. So much nicer! But I will still do triples:)

      • liza

        i was able to get my cookie coupon from nabisco to go through at HT. however, a few weeks later i was denied the use of my b2g1 chobani coupon. it must have to do with who ever the MOD is that day

    • Cresta

      I shop in Matthews, NC and Monroe, NC. I am new using coupons. Last week was my first week. Any tips or ideas for these area HT? Any of them double and triple where others don't or is there any other HT that would be better to go to?

      • nancycrom

        I shop the HT in Wesley Chapel, they're awesome. They double all my q, they take internet q, they take Walgreen RR, they take CVS $ off $$ q.

        • cresta

          is this the new one (not so new) across from the new Lowes Foods?

          • nancycrom

            its been there for years, but yes its across st from lowes foods(that's kinda new), and target, at corner of weddington rd & waxhaw-indian trail rd. the manufacturer q you get at walgreens are called rr-register rewards. and $ off $$ is a coupon like $5 off a $25 purchase. you might find it helpful to read this site's “getting started guide” tab up top. we all were new to this at one time, you'll eventually get the hang of it.

        • Cresta

          I am very new and not sure of all the lingo. What do you mean by Walgreen RR and CVS $ off $$q? I am trying to quickly learn as I seem to have wasted lots of money in the past not using coupons!

      • Melanie

        Monroe store is known for not being coupon friendly. I like the new store on Potters road

        • cresta

          which section of potters rd? where exactly is it?

      • momma2mmc

        The store at Stevens Mill is very coupon friendly too! Monroe, not so much but I go there too!

    • Amanda

      Does anyone know if the store in Amelia Island, FL – near Jacksonville, FL…..will they triple coupons or is this more of a northern thing??

      • Michelle

        I know they double coupons on a regular basis…but I have never been there for triples. I want to know too!!

      • carolyn090

        they did tripples last time .i always double check the ad that week, just to be sure. they will not tripple or double if the coupon prohibits it.

    • Michelle

      I am simply amazed!! I LOVE HT triples!!! I even have my husband LOVING HT triples!! Can't wait to get started!! :) Thanks for all of your hard work!

    • stacyholley

      I have a B1G1 coupon Head & Shoulers at CVS. Also have coupons for $1 off. Can I use $1 off for both H & S items? Didn't you say to scan items first, then CVS card?

    • carolyn090

      wow! i have one more reason to luv ht. in got a letter from them yesterday ,it seems that i left my keys there sunday. so they tracked me down w/ my with my e-vic account.i never take calls from numbers that i dont know.so they sent me a letter, it only took them 3 days .i didnt even know that the keys were missing . i was so happy i must have went on and on kinda like i am now.but they have know idea how much time and stress they saved me from.i would have spent days looking for them ,even going thru my trash yuck! my girls have been known to toss them out. thank you, so much harris teeters fernandina beach!!!!!

      • Jenny

        Gosh, you wouldn't believe how great that is. Most places just throw it in a drawer, even if they can still look at it and track you down by calling the last couple people called. (Think about it; if you just called a friend, they'll recognize your phone number and can probably have an alternative way to reach you!) HT really went above and beyond for you!


      Yes! I am holding off heading to Harris Teeter until the 28th…Thanks for the heads up! I have already notified my friends and family both in GA and NC.

    • shannonrdh

      Does anyone shop at the Brentwood, TN HT? I won't be able to make it until Wed night– does this store usually run out of the good stuff before Wednesday night? I'm a faithful Publix and Kroger shopper but I'm all about this triple couponing so I'm gonna try it out.

      • cgoodman

        I shop at the all in Nashville region~if is going to be free it will be hard to find. HTH

        • Michelle

          Really? I live in Murfreesboro but my husband works at Vandy so I was hoping to send him to the HT on Hillsboro. You think all the area HT's run out of the good deals quick?

          • Jenn

            I've shopped at both in the past and I've always had better luck at the Vandy location. Mostly students and doctors who don't coupon shop there. The only problem is that their stock doesn't have as many options like flavors, sizes, etc. I guess it's a smaller store.

      • wrw1852

        Like someone said, if it's free it will be gone. Your best bet will probably be to hold off and go on Sun or Mon…Brentwood H/T is SLOW to re-stock during triples

    • Heather

      No HT anywhere near me…. :( I was willing to travel up to an hour each way to go!! lol

      • Lisa

        Closest one to me is a little over an hour and guess what? I am going! woo hoo

    • jeri sullivan

      this is so retarded patrick sullivan cuponing is gay

      • jeri

        I want to apologize for my son Patrick Sullivan's inappropriate comment below.

        • nancyjoy

          how funny My daughter dose not like it either. But we went to Red Robin for her B-Day and saved 20 Sunday. and I took her to a craft store with a 40%off Q so she could pick out her supplies.

    • bridget91

      How come you guys do not post coupons about Lowes Foods. They have good deals with the fresh rewards?

      • couponmom123

        I would love to see Lowes Foods, too! There are great deals there as they double and do Super doubles.

    • Clemson Tigette

      Jenny~All I can think of in regards to all of your efforts is…”We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!!” Thanks for all you do.

    • Sheri

      Thanks for all you do, I'm new at this and still learning but your website is so helpful! Any chance your going to add Lowe's Food anytime soon?? In NC where I live we have HT, Food Lion (who doesn't double) and Lowe's Food. Hope you can do it soon:) Thanks

    • Shirley

      This is going to be a super couple weeks for me. I live up in N.Va, one of my stores (called Shopper's) is doing a double coupon for up to $1 this weekend! Now, HT is doing a triple for 99cents! I think my coupon stock is going to get rather seriously depleted!

    • Tamara

      do you know if they will triple online coupons or just coupons out of the newspaper?

      • guest

        If an internet printed coupon starts with a '5' in the barcode and does not have wording prohibitting being doubled or tripled, then it will triple at the register. If it starts with a '5' but has wording saying 'do not double or triple', SOME stores will just scan it and allow it to triple anyway, but SOME stores will be picky and enter it manually and not allow it to triple. It depends on the store. If it starts with a '9' in the barcode, it will not triple when scanned.

    • juliann95

      This is my first time doing HT triples…just moved to NC from IL and didn't have triples in IL. Can someone fill me in on the must knows for my shopping trip next week. I've only been doing this coupon thing for 3 weeks so still learning the ropes.

    • juliann95

      I remember reading something somewhere about coupons that had a 9 in them not being doubled or tripled? I just printed a cat food coupon and it starts with 0109 does this mean it wont be tripled? If not i'll use it this weekend, but if it will i have enough cat food to last me 5 days unti i can use it.

      • guest

        You want to look at the *first* number in the barcode (the one that is usually all by itself on the far left). If the very first number is a 5, the coupon will triple. If the very first number is a 9, the coupon will not triple automatically. That is the function of that first little number. Every other number in the barcode has a different function that doesn't have anything to do with doubling or tripling. HTH

    • brendak27

      I am so thankful for all you do. I would love to see lowes. I have found the lowes in charlotte nc will triple there coupons around the same time ht does. eather the week before or after. I have also found out that the will mark there stuff 50% off if it is close to date. Just bring it to a manager. You cant beat a gallon of milk for a little over a dollar and if you have kids it will be gone before it exp.

    • ppjemartello

      Does anyone know if they are going to double $1.00 coupons?

    • Mandy

      Can someone tell me how to actually put together a week's menu and use coupons to help? So far I've only used them for deals to save money but not really as much as a dinner. (I bought U by Kotex today at Wags for 87 cents, but I don't know how to save on a meal.) I went to a class, so I understand terminology but not really the practicality of it.

    • sjonli

      I would love to see Lowes Foods too! They are much better than the Food Lion since they will double coupons (and sometimes triple) where Food Lion doesn't. Plus it doesn't hurt there's one right up the street from my house! :)

    • sherry

      do you have to have a store card for harris teeter?

    • Anita

      Do you have to have an e-vic card to participate in the coupon tripling?

    • kate1305

      Is anyone familiar with the HT on Jake Alexander in Salisbury, NC? I'm kinda new to the area and although I am familiar with tripling, I'm not familiar with this store. It is my closest location and I'm just wondering if they are strict, so they restock, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • kate1305

      Is anyone familiar with the HT on Jake Alexander in Salisbury, NC? I'm kinda new to the area and although I am familiar with tripling, I'm not familiar with this store. It is my closest location and I'm just wondering if they are strict, so they restock, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!