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This is a pretty incredible deal.  Amazon is offering the first six Harry Potter movies on Blu Ray for $39 (about $6.50 each) and on DVD for $23 ($3.83 each!). This is a daily deal and will last as long as supplies last.

This also qualifies for a $5 credit towards Amazon Video on Demand!!

If this is any indication, it looks like Amazon is going all our for the holidays.

(Please know this is not an endorsement for these movies, I haven’t read any of the books and only watched one of the movies… but I know that many folks do love them.)

    • QponNerd

      Also, Amazon has all Lord of the Rings movies Blu Ray for $7.99 for each movie. I just bought all 3 for $23.97 when just one normally costs $24.96!


    • Carlene

      This is an awesome deal !!! Wish I had the money to buy a Blue Ray player :(

      • maconchip

        There are some crazy deals on Blu Ray players for Black Friday. I saw them as cheap as $80 I think!

        • Jess77802

          i saw some at wal mart in Florence for like $70..

        • Carlene

          Thank you… I will look into them tonight and maybe take a trip out on Friday :)

    • flower_mom

      Just a little FYI…There is one review on this DVD set that says these movies are not 'complete' (edited down)…I don't know what the reviewer is comparing them to (whether the director's cut or that theatrical version) or if they even know what they are talking about, but just thought those interested might want to know.
      Many people are saying there are NO bonus features if that is a problem with you.

      • Aieeeeee

        Wow thanks for posting that! I considered getting this for my husband, but he is ALL about some bonus features. :P Heehee. So thanks for letting us know!

    • flower_mom

      My daughter loves harry potter, but I think I'm going to wait on all of them to be released in a few years, so we have a nice, complete set.

      Thanks fro the post, Jenny! It IS a great price!!

    • Cpns4sparky

      Wish it was for a set of better movies…we don't watch wizards and witches and all their spells, etc. But thank you for all the heads up on all the Christmas gift ideas!! I saved over $200 at Target for a ton of toys that would have cost me $440!!! That's something to be thankful for…HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!

      • Tracycook79

        so i guess you have never seen beauty and the beast, cinderella, fantasia, snow white, pinochio, the chronicals of narnia or several other excellent “classics”……

    • sharon

      I just bought this Bluray set for my son for Christmas and payed (what I thought was a good deal) $50.

    • HG

      Just ordered it — free shipping, too!

    • AshATL

      I'm planning to read the Harry Potter books when I get the chance, and I've never seen any of the movies. I bought this set to watch when I'm done – it's cheaper than renting, and if I decide not to keep the movies I can turn around and sell them used on Amazon when I'm done!

    • SusanStauffer

      Woo Hoo…I have a daughter who loves HP…combined it with a ZuZu pet for free shipping, and used my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards to help pay for it… I am a happy camper. :)

    • michelle

      If you are a Christian, you should not be reading or watching Harry Potter. That is witchcraft and God hates it.

      • Ipreferpublix

        Oh for the love of… this is so ridiculous. Have you read the books? How can you judge it if you haven't read it.

        I am so over the holier-than-thou Christian attitude displayed by people in regards to this series.

        JK Rowling and Harry Potter almost single-handedly got an entire generation of children out from in front of the television and back into READING!!!

        That is AWESOME!

        Books are well-written and very, very good. Love the deal Jenny! Sorry you felt the need to disclaimer them when you've never done that with any other post!!!

        • Tracycook79

          just remember this is an attitude of a group of people NOT AN ATTITUDE OF ALL CHRISTIANS. please don't judge us by the opinions of some. it is everyone's right to like/dislike something, but it is never anyone's right to impose a veiw on others, or judge them. just as they say, don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a relationship with Christ by the loudmouths…….

      • Iris

        Are you serious? Please keep your prejudicial views to yourself – isn't that one thing you are supposed to be good at as a Christian not judging others…. No one forces you to buy this or make your children watch it, but last time I checked this was a free country! Religion at its best….

      • Lorelei207

        Wow!! How dare you say that! I hate when people just assume without actually either reading or even looking into something before they judge it or OTHERS! I am a Christian and have read all the books, seen all the movies and they are amazing! Have you ever watched Disney or do you also think God hates that too?? Cuz Disney and any other children's movies/shows have “magic” in them also. Harry Potter is one of the best series I have ever read…It is all about good defeating evil, and has incredible messages about sacrifice and LOVE! You would know this if you would actually look into it before making a judgement.

      • Annie

        Oh, Michelle, it's Christians like you who make me LAUGH. Do you really believe that God is so narrowminded? I totally agree with the other comments about the HP series. God created us as intelligent, reasoning beings with incredible capacities to imagine and explore. My minister recently devoted an entire sermon to HP as an allegory of good/evil – you should have heard the young people in the congregation respond to this sermon. It was wonderful. For people to say that God hates Harry Potter, well, that's just ridiculous, small-minded, and downright pathetic. Honestly, God doesn't hate HP any more than Batman, Clifford (a giant, red, talking dog) or Strawberry Shortcake – they are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Incidentally, I've read the series and will be seeing the new movie this weekend. God save my soul – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • SPA78

        According to that logic you should not be on the internet either….science/tehnoclogy killed God, right.

        Harry Potter is harmless, it is called creativity! Being creative and being inspired by creativity keeps our specicies moving forward.

      • Ashleyw81

        If you are a Christian, Michelle, then you should not be judging other people for what they decide to read/write/watch.

        I for one love Harry Potter, yes there is magic and spells but you can see that in things like the Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings. I don't understand why those books get a free pass and the Harry Potter books are so scrutinized by some Christians. All three of these series are some examples of great literature with wonderful messages of friendship, perseverance, and LOVE…three qualities that all Christians should strive to achieve.

        By the way, I am a Christian myself. If you don't like Harry Potter, that is your choice as God has granted us with free will. Jenny was simply posting a deal on something that many people enjoy. I don't eat pork (personal decision, not religious) but you don't see me hollering about it if she posts a deal on ham or bacon! Thank you for all you do Jenny!

      • Misstristyn

        Oh, for the love… it's a STORY! And it's not even traditional “witchcraft” as there is no mention of Satan, at all. No one's dancing with the devil in the woods or writing their names in “his book.” I'm a devout Christian and eschew inappropriate entertainment, but I certainly wouldn't consider the presentation of a fantasy world containing magical elements as inappropriate for Christians. Anyhow, how you choose to believe or worship is your own affair. Don't presume to tell others how to be Christian.

        • 3monkeysmom

          I agree, it's just a STORY!! I'm a Christian AND a Harry Potter fan. Just as Aslan was the Christ figure in The Chronicles of Narnia ( authored BY a Christian!!), so too is Harry Potter essentially the sacrificial lamb in this story…in the end laying down his life for the people he loves, to save them.

          I have to wonder, if J.K. Rowling were a Christian, would there be this much uproar???

          • Leah

            Not that it matters to me personally, but Rowling not only considers herself to be a Christian, but she also considers the imagery in the books (particularly the last) to be based on the bible.


            • 3monkeysmom

              Really? I watched an interview with her and the interviewer asked if she believed in God. She did answer yes, but with alot of hesitation, which left me unsure of what her beliefs actually were.

            • Leah

              Yep! I believe she is a member of the church of Scotland and in some interview even notes that one of her fellow church members gave her advice about the series before it came out.

              I was a little late to the Potter brigade, but I took a British children's lit class in 2007 and ended up reading all the books and after that about Rowling. I was really interested because my mom wouldn't let me read HP in high school, so it colored me shocked when I found out she was a Christian and considered the books based on the bible!

            • 3monkeysmom

              Thanks for the info :) Yes, you're right. I googled. She IS a member of the Church of Scotland. I also read that she didn't want to speak openly about her faith because she wanted the readers to be able to figure out the parallels for themselves, basically. She also says that she does struggle with her faith ( I think alot of us do, at some point or another), which could be the reason she seemed so hesitant to answer “yes” in the interview that I saw.

              Thanks again!

      • Mandi

        Man, Michelle really got some people riled with her comment! It’s a shame that everyone’s defense only consisted of comparing HP with another movie that seems more acceptable. What does God’s Word say about what you should be watching and feeding yourselves?
        Ephesians 5:11-12
        11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.

        Oh, and about that whole “don’t judge” thing, Paul makes it pretty clear in the following passage who we are supposed to judge (and even call our brothers and sisters out to a holier life, I might add).
        1 Corinthians 5:9-12
        9 I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— 10 not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. 11 But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people. 12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”

        • Ashleyw81

          Yeah, and Matthew said “Judge not lest ye be judged”. But, you know, I'm no biblical scholar, and I'm willing to bet you aren't either.

    • pete

      michelle go ?uck yourself and stop imposing your narrow minded views and beliefs on other people, you are the main reason for people being turned off of chritianity, the constant threatening that oh you will go to hell if you dont accept jesus/god oh and have you been saved. how pathetic, you worry about your life and let others worry about theirs and stop medling where your not wanted or appreciated.

    • Myinerchld

      I have seen that on Black Friday, Amazon is going to have this same set, blu ray or dvd for $23.99….so ya may want to wait……

    • Aymie

      Can we please get back to the sole purpose of this site? Which is COUPONING. Thanks.

      • Whim

        Isn't the point of this website saving money?! We're not only here for coupons. We are here to save money on the things we buy and I don't know what made you too good to save on gifts, but that's a heck of a deal. So if you only care about “COUPONING” why don't you take your negative attitude somewhere else.

        • Aymie520

          I was responding to those negative comments towards Harry Potter. In no way is this website used for badgering others or demeaning them. Couponing is a big word, as in saving money and helping others. In no regards is it degrading others and acting like they're better than others. Yourself included.

    • Magnolia

      Fools…at least Michelle and Mandi won't be holding up the popcorn line when the normal people head out to see the new HP flick.

    • Therayclan

      I think teaching our children they should only have name brand clothing is evil, but I won't waste a ton of couponer's space or my own time to throw a hissy should someone else want to partake :P If more people swept around there own back doors instead of worrying with their neighbors', this world would be a much nicer place for us all. Even if I don't always want to participate, I appreciate EACH AND EVERY bit of information shared that can potentially save my family money! We all seem to justify what WE like…jmho.