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Hot Electrasol Deal!

on 5.7.2009 at 3:42pm

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For all my Publix shoppers…


Electrasol/ Finish Tabs are B1G1 this week at $7.29.  Well…

The 20ct box is on advantage buy (sale – no coupon needed) through tomorrow 5/08 at $3.99 and is also ringing up half price.

One Box at $1.98
-$2.50 off Electrasol Coupon SS 4/19

If you are out of $2.50 coupons there is a $1 off printable.  Makes them $1 ea. (thanks Betsy!)

You make .52 cents!!

Gotta love washing your dishes for free.

(thanks to my great emailers and commenters)

    • Jennifer

      I already used all of my coupons last week buying the boxes at the advantage buy prices!

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-(

      Ok I’ll get over it. I love Publix and save so much that I’ll just let this one go. I still got a good deal.

    • meghan

      Where is this coupon? Was it a printable?

    • Michelle

      I love Southern Savers SO much!! I have 7 Electrasol coupons, so I’m going to Publix tonight!!

      Thank you, Jenny!

    • Elizabeth

      Yes–where is the coupon?? Which advantage buy flyer? Green or Yellow–I guess green b/c yellow is food, right??

    • Publixjunkaroo

      Did you personally find this out on your own or was this posted on another site. Atleast give credit where credit is due!!!!

      • Jenny

        I had numerous people email and leave comments. I don’t have time to go site hopping so it was found here. But I did add a line thanking everyone that let me know.

        You should also notice that I try to always give credit where credit is due.

    • Michelle

      I’m sorry. It’s in the 4/19 SS.

    • Julieann

      Wish I had a Publix in Va….they always have good deals.

    • Elena

      YES!!!!!!!! I am hopping around! I was waiting for a sale like this for the coupons!!! In Florida are they ringing up half price also or at b1g1 3.99?? Thank you sooooooo much!!!

    • lynn

      jenny iam sorry that you seem t be taking such a beating from people today i wish people would be more graciouse and realize most do not offer up thigs to you for the glory …… but do so to help others if we all work together we can realy get far with our savings …….lets not let pettiness get in the way our wonderful savings thank you too all who make southern savings what it is

    • Mary

      Thank you Jenny…. I did go up to publix a few minutes ago and I can confirm this. I did not get overage as I did do one of the larger BOGO deals combined and it took care of the overage. Still got all for close to free. Thanks for your hard work!!

    • Kabba

      Again Lynn, I agree with you! I dont understand why people are ‘picking’ on you today?! I feel like they are back in highschool! For all that you do people should be greatful! I am sure that this take a lot of your time, especially away from your family so I am very thankful that you choose to bless others this way. I hope that one or two petty people dont get your spirits down…girl you are the bomb!

      *Which advantage buy paper is this coupon in? thanks again,

    • Erin

      Where do you get the advantage buy flyer?

    • Julie

      Thank you Jenny for all you do; your site is one of my favorites. Could you also add a shopping category on produce specials for the week? I love your drugstore dealmakers! Thanks again.

    • Brooke from FL

      Thank you so much for your tips! I’m new to the site, and LOVE your tips. I’m going to search through my old ads right now! I just finished getting 9 packs of FREE Chinet Plates, which are also only on Advantage Buy for $2.00 until tomorrow. In last Sunday’s SS, there were two coupons. $2/1 Lunch Plate and $1/1 Any Chinet product! Free plates and napkins for ALL!!!

    • Amanda

      Wow – just WOW to some of the nitpicking comments I’ve noticed aimed at Jenny. How ’bout a good ol’ fashion “thank you” instead of raking the gal over the coals??? I know personally I’ve been checking Jenny’s site for months now to help with my match-ups and she is WONDERFUL. Perhaps some folks just don’t have a clue the time it takes to maintain a blog like this and keep the information current and up to date. She provides a TREMENDOUS service. Show some appreciation for goodness sake. Don’t like the site? Go somewhere else. Thanks Jenny, please know that there are MANY people who appreciate all you do!! :)

    • Lisa

      Thanks jenny!!! I really appreciate all your work!!!

    • Brooke from FL

      Darn! I couldn’t find the Electrasol coupon in my SS ads from 4/19. Must have been regional. Does anyone know what the cover of the insert looked like? I just want to double check…


    • Marie

      Wow! It amazes me the audacity some people have!! Ignore them, Jenny. You are so wonderful. I don’t know how you do all that you do. MOST everyone realizes how much time, effort, and money you save them. Personally, my Discover Card has dropped by $1,000 a month! Yes, that’s right, $1,000 a month. Since I started couponing in January, you have saved me so much. I am extremely grateful. God bless you!!

    • fballmomof3

      Okay — so I’m just a tad bit in shock right now. Let me get this straight. you all log onto Southern Savers — which, by the way, YOU DO NOT CONTRIBUTE A DARN THING TO — and have the audacity to complain about ANYTHING??? You apparently think you are all the masters at this whole thing —

      So how about this…. … START YOUR OWN DARN WEBSITE AND DO ALL THE WORK YOURSELF and then let us all see exactly how many things WE can all find that you do wrong???

      What exactly gives you all the impression that you have the right to complain and moan (would be using a different word, but I can’t on this public website) about anything posted on here????

      If you don’t like it — STOP USING THE WEBSITE. STOP LOGGING ON AND STOP using up valuable space on this blog that the rest of us love so much.

      If anyone with HALF a brain would stop and think for half a second — it MIGHT dawn on you (or perhaps not) that all sales and coupons are different ACCORDING TO YOUR REGION????? Gee, I seem to recall that is posted in SEVERAL places on SEVERAL websites, INCLUDING THIS ONE …. so back off and get a darn life.

      ***okay, stepping off my soap box now … ****

      Thank you Jenny for all that you do — and to all the readers that post their comments too!

    • lynn

      in florida they dont ring up half price but they do ring up bogo yippy and it is not marked or avertised in the store

    • Amanda

      Florida girl here. Just got back from publix. They are BOGO use two coupons and make $1. Just bought 8 boxes electrasol, 4 boxes bandaids(used Manufaturer and store Q), 2 reach brushes (manufacturer and Store Q), and then juice boxes,chicken fingers, lunchable and goldfish for the kids. Grand total with tax $7.32. I saved $54.27

      That is amazing thank you so much for opening my eyes to the world of coupons!

    • JMR

      I just ran in on the way home and it worked for me as well. I got the Electrosol and a box of Fruit Loops for $.70 (used the cereal coupon from the other post also). Woohoo! Thanks!!!

    • Thanks Jenny! I just got 12 boxes!!! Yay!!!

    • Jenny

      Thank you jenny for all the work that you do. I notice that you always give credit where it is due so I do not understand someone saying that you don’t. Without your site I would not be able to get all the free items that I donate to the church. And you help me save money for my items too!!!! I thank you and my church thanks you. Keep up the great work and don’t let negative people get you down.

    • Terrica

      I also want to echo a big thanks to you Jenny for all you do! What a great deal with the electrosol. I do have a question. Tonight, I ran to Publix to do my deal with my (5) $2.50 coupons. My cashier would not give me the $2.50 off each item because they were only ringing up $1.99. I had other items that I was purchasing to help ensure I wouldn’t have any overage issues. She said she would get introuble if she gave me the overage and that each night they send their “cash flow” numbers to corporate and she would come up short. So she took the coupon and marked through the $2.50 and put $2.00. She was super nice about it and I felt like since I was already was getting them for free I would just move along. But I am confused? Any insight?

    • Victoria

      Thank you for posting all of these tips – when do you have the time to do all this?? My husband is out getting all the Electraols he can get his hands on for me. Free is awesome!!

    • Maegan

      Rang up normal price in northern GA, but thanks for ALL that you do!!

    • Teresa

      Thank you!

    • Maegan

      OMYGOSH I’m so pregnant!! I bought the wrong ones..Sorry!

    • .Jennifer

      I would have pitched a hissy fit about that cashier crossing out the $2.50 and writing in $2.00. Does she think that someone actually stands there and adds those things up by hand? Um… no. It will be scanned and it will read $2.50. I’m sorry that she cheated you this way.

      Well I thought that I was going to miss out but lo and behold I got home from work today and my coupons from DeDe were here! I have no idea how they got here in ONE day from TEXAS to SOUTH CAROLINA but I am so happy! I got two packs of them. I also got NINE packages of the Dentastix. I know that I can get them for free this week at Kroger, but I can only get one for free and I got the others for $.50 each. They are my girls’ favorite so it was totally worth it.

      Thanks to you Jenny tonight I spent $29.73 and I saved $88.69.

      I can’t believe it. Thank you so much!

    • Tammy

      Here in SC they rang up at $1.99 and my cashier happily gave me the overage since my order was large…WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Got my 5 boxes tonight, thanks for the tip!

    • Rebecca

      Mine rang up at $3.90 and $3.89, but hey I still got a GREAT deal with my 2 $2.50 off coupons. :-) Ditto Jenny on what everyone else is saying here about all your hard work you put into this website!!! My family is actually getting to have treats that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to have from the grocery if I had never found out about how to save with coupons this way!!!

    • Beth

      When I saw 33 comments over free Electrasol I had to know what was going on! Hooooooo-BOY! Jenny, you know that most of us (okay ME) could no longer step foot into a grocery/drug store without consulting your site first. Ignore the crazies out there and rest assured that you are well loved and adored. Since I’m visiting a town this week with no Publix, I’m heading to Charleston tomorrow to get my fix!

    • april k

      i can’t believe all the junk i am reading on here.
      if you don’t like something about the site, move along!
      but i do think i smell a hidden agenda in some of these nasty comments….

    • Cecil

      It is hit or miss in Marietta if you can use the overage. Some managers only would allow $2.00 and $1.99 on multiple buys. But in one store I got 11 boxes and a gallon of milk for $1.52. Thanks Jenny, I now have about boxes to last about 30 months.

    • I have been away for a week on vacation so imagine how upset I was when I read that people are nitpicking on Jenny…what a shame people have nothing better to do !

      I come here to find coupon links, scenarios and the best deals and I am NEVER disappointed…Kudos to Jenny and all the positive input from the readers…you all are awesome !!!


    • Beth C

      Jenny – I frequent your site almost every day. You have saved me so much money, time and work with grocery list and coupon location that I actually owe you a bonus!!! May you be richly blessed today because you’ve provided countless blessings to us! Luv ‘ya!

    • paige

      I feel sorry for the rude girl, how full of hate she must be to write such ugly stuff on jennys blog. I dont know how jenny does it, but I do know I vist a lot of blogs daily and jenny is the hardest working bloger Ive ever seen. I check her site 4x a day if not more I would not even consider going shopping with out seeing what jenny has up for that store. I think of all the money she has saved my family I feel like I owe her more than I could even begin to count.

      So Thanks Jenny!!!

    • I used my Electrasol coupons last week at BiLo….boo hoo!

      I love this site. I check it daily to make sure I’m getting the best deals for my dollar. This is the first site that I personally found that has what I need. I know there are more blogs like this out there, but this is the one I like. So I DON’T look at the other ones. That’s the beauty of it, I can CHOOSE to look at it or not. If you don’t like what Jenny’s doing here, then DON’T LOOK! This isn’t a competition, you’re not losing out because she has the same info you do! Get over it and grow the hell up! Also, why post a comment directed at Jenny with no link back to your own site? Why not email her personally? It’s not like you’re “winning” readers and sending them to your blog. You’re just being rude.

      We all just want to save a buck in these hard times. I’m thankful for all the help I’ve gotten here to do that.

    • Shannon in ATL

      Went to Publix last night to take advantage with my 2 coupons, completely wiped out….I guess those with dozens of coupons got there first.

      Jenny, thanks for all you do…I am baffled at folks that need so much attention that they need credit for coupons.

    • I went to my Publix here in Marietta, GA. The Electrasol wasn’t free, but I did get them for the deal advertised. However, they were out of the Chinet Casual plates. But, it qualifies for a rain check. They were so willing to give me one. I LOVE my Publix. They are so nice and always willing to help this grateful couponer!

    • Ron

      With the $2.50 coupon it is free. You need to buy the 20 count box. In multiples of 2 they will ring up at 2.00 and 1.99.
      If they are out, ask for the raincheck. They will give you a RC for 6.

    • Thanks for all that you do!!

    • Sharlie

      I am new to this. If you buy 4 boxes, do you need four SS $2.50 off coupon? or do you ask them to scan the same one four times?

      • Jenny


        you would need one coupon for each item you were buying.

    • Elizabeth

      So the 20 count rings up 1/2 price even if the BOGO says for 32 count? I glanced at my store but the smaller boxes weren’t marked as BOGO. Thanks so much!

    • Betsy

      I don’t know if you’ve already gotten this, but the following link should send you to Electrasol’s website. You can print $1.00 off coupons, which will make the 20 count only $1.00 with the BOGO deal. Maybe that will hush the naysayers that already used their $2.50 coupon. Thanks for everything!!!!

    • JMR

      Elizabeth, that is correct. The 20 count won’t be marked as BOGO, but they ring up that way. The one’s at my store were marked as Advantage Buy, but not BOGO. Mine rang up at $2.00.

    • Marlena

      Thank you Jenny. Again, another great week of shopping thanks to your site!!!!!!!

    • Betsy

      My Publix flyer says that Electrasol finish tabs are BOGO and it says below 20 ct or 32 ct.

    • ChristinaD

      ” A gracious woman retains honor” (proverbs 11:16)
      You certainly responded graciously and for that, I want to honor you. Thank you so much for all that you do!

      Went to Publix today to buy Chinet plates, napkins, and electrasol. Thanks to you, I spend 6.76 and saved 96.02!!! I’m too lazy to figure up the percentages, but it sounds pretty good to me! I know how much work you put into just GOING to the grocery store (I have 5 kids ages 7 and under), and it is impossible for some people to understand how much work you must do at the store AND at home. I’m your biggest fan and have been spreading the word about your site. Thanks again!

    • betsy

      Went to my Central FL Publix and my 8 boxes were free!! And thanks to a previous comment I was also able to get free Chinet napkins and plates. I spent $8.62, but saved $68.00.

      Jenny, thanks so much for all of your hard work. I share your site with everyone I know…even the cashier at CVS today!!!

    • Victoria

      Ok – we have used up all of our Electrasol coupons. I also bought 5 pkgs of Chinet plates. But, I did not know about the Chinet napkins -what is that deal? Where are the coupons?

      Jenny, I wanted you to know that we have saved tons of money and are creating a great stockpile. We have spent the money we saved on buying more fresh produce and some good quality meats, cheeses and fish. Thank you.

    • Tara

      It worked at my Publix in Nashville. Thanks for the tip!!

    • susie

      Hi all, JENNY this website is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME and in case I forgot to mention … it is AWESOME! Thanks so much for your work, sometimes the deals aren’t the same here in Newberry Fl, but if not now they will be next week. So I don’t sweat it, I just have enough sense to ask before I buy if the sign is different. Today I checked and my Publix’s small boxes of electrosol and they are not on the advantage so I ask them to check the price and there were $3.99. So guess what? I didn’t get them and used the $2.50 on the bogo’s at $7.79 and I am still happy I got them for $1.40 a box. No complaining here, just praise and thanks.

    • Kristina from Kennesaw

      I was hesitant to buy the smaller box because I had a cashier yesterday who went a little nuts about “not allowing overage” on anotheer item. But I decided to bite the bullet, and I’m happy I did. It rang up for $2 and the cashier I had today didn’t mention a word about it. I made sure to go through a different line today since I saw the same cashier I had yesterday at working another line today! I learned my lesson yesterday and I will avoid her line every chance I get! LOL

      However, I am kicking myself because I totally forgot that there was a $.75 Publix coupon in the yellow Advantage flyer for the Post Trailmix cereal that’s BOGO. I spent $1 a box yesterday, and today I got one for free with the $2 printable coupon I got from here last night and then decided to go ahead and get another by stacking my $1 manufactuer q with my $.75 store q and got it for $.25! So if any of you are headed to Publix tonight and don’t have the $2q, take your yellow flyer and get some for $.25 before the deal ends tonight! :)

    • Sue

      Kroger in TN has these on sale for $2.99; use the $2.50 off coupon and they’re $.49 each.

    • Patti

      I too am amazed about the negative comments! This is the United States of America, where we have choices. If you dn’t like it, go somewhere else. I greatly appreciate all that Jenny does, and all the other ladies who send in deals they find. When I finally find a deal, I intend to share it as well, and I could care less if I get credit or not, I just want to help those who have helped me!
      I went to Publix today with 5Q, walked out with 5 boxes and $1.82 in my pocket for overage.

      Thanks Jenny!

    • Julie

      Thank you, Jenny, for all you do. You have helped me to save my family so much money and time. God bless you and yours!

    • Momof2

      Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the tip. I got the last 3 boxes today. Thank you……Thank you….Thank you

    • DMay

      Thanks so much for the tip. I am in SOuthwest Georgia and was able to get two boxes. I was so excited. I love to use electrasol but it is so expensive. Thanks again you do a great job!

    • I began using your site about 3 months ago, but I’ve never left a comment. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all you do and I have never seen anything posted by you that I thought was unethical or deceitful. Thanks so much for your time. May the Lord bless all you do:)

    • lynn

      ok for those who dont know with the 2.00 off coupon for the chinat plates there is also a 1.00 coupon for 1.00 of any chine item the napkins are on sale for 99 cent and some ofthe plates have peelies for fee napkins

    • Catie48

      Thank you for your hard work! The fact that this site is FREE and that there is so much to be learned from it, helping us to save an awesome amount of money while stockpiling stuff we use all the time.

      My daughter in law and I go to CVS every Sat night, and you gave us something to do last night while we Publix hopped! Best was when one of the cashiers looked actually happy for us as she paid $3.83 and I paid $3.81 for lots of Finish, Chinet and something for overage!

      Thank you!!! As far as the other person who complained, cannot understand it – but would offer some chocolate (got is on sale at CVS) as a PMS’ cure??????

    • Kim

      Last week Publix had the Glade scented oils BOGO. Just opened up one…there was a coupon for a FREE Lasting Impressions!!! So I started opening up the rest. Found a couple $2 off the scented oils, a $3 off a Lasting Impressions, and a bunch of FREE ones!! WaHoo!!!

    • Debbie

      I wanted to echo the sentiments above, you have a wonderful site, and you do encourage all of us, to use coupons in the proper fashion. You will never, ever know how much you help all of us, who use your advice. I can honestly tell you, in the couple of months that I have been using your site, that I have saved our family a tremendous amount of money. I don’t go shopping without consulting your site first. Thanks, thanks, thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this site. Those who don’t like it, should just go somewhere else. You don’t have to do this, but you choose to. Please, please, please don’t let these naysayers get you down. We all need you.

    • Victoria

      Publix also has Chinet beverage size napkins for 99 cents – that is the regular price. There was a $1 off ANY Chinet product next to the Chinet lunch plates $2 coupon – so I was able to buy those beverage sized napkins for free!!!

    • Deanna

      Thank you, Jenny! My sister and I have learned so much from you. She told me tonight she loves getting paid to do her dishes.I agree! :O)

    • Elena

      I’m not sure if this is answered or not but in Florida are the small count ringing up as b1g1 free? I know that everywhere else it rings half price each so i am a bit confused on whether it is coming up as b1g1. Thanks for all the help!!!

      • Jenny


        The small packs were ringing up B1G1 however they are no longer on sale for $3.99 so it might not be as good of a deal now. Sorry the sale they were on ended 5/08

    • Elena

      But Jenny isn’t the B1G1 sale still going on? Would that mean that the small would still ring up like that even if it is back at regular price?

      • Jenny

        It should still ring up at the B1G1 price I just don’t know if it will be free still. I don’t know what it’s regular price is. Probably still cheaper to buy the smaller box than the larger box.

    • Elena

      Oh ok if I am correct it is normally 4.99 so it would still be free that is why I asked. Thank you soooooooo much for your help.

    • Shannon

      My sister and I have been doing a ton of the sales that you’ve been posting, and have been so grateful for your site! This was a a great deal! I’ve got 6 boxes now sitting happily in my cleaning supplies cabinet, and I think my sister has 12. (she had more coupons than me!) Anyway, thanks again for all of your work, and for the willingness to share!
      BTW, I know that the Publix stores around us restocked over the weekend, and the sale is still going on, so you might check back.

    • Autumn

      As of today, Tuesday, in Alpharetta, Georgia the small boxes were still ringing up at the Advantage Buy price of $3.99 and B1G1!!!