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Okay…  I was planning on not posting this one but in an attempt to help my email…

There is a $10 off $20 purchase coupon for Kmart that surfaced yesterday.  This pretty much makes anything a good deal.

Grab $20 of anything use the store coupon and then manufacturer coupons.

Why my hesitation:
First, it is hosted on Kmart.com so it is technically a legitimate coupon.   But Kmart/Sears have a VERY bad habit of putting out PDF coupons intended for a small group, then when the country gets wind of it they put signs up everywhere and no longer honor them.    If you want to use the coupons I expect you need to go today or by the end of the weekend at the latest.  Some are recommending holding it till super doubles (starting 4/4)… I wouldn’t plan on them still honoring this that long.

    • Snellmom

      There is also a post on Fatwallet and Slick Deals about combining this with a $5 rebate for $20 worth of products of Brawny Paper Towels, Northern Toilet Paper and others. The link for the rebate is http://www.gp.com/everydayessentials/Rebate.pdf

    • Sara

      Can this coupon be used at Publix as a competitor coupon?

    • Crystal

      I talked with customer service yesterday via online chat and they said it was fine to use. I gave them all the information. I went last night and got 4 packs of diapers and 2 dial hand soaps for less than $11. I gave the Kmart coupon first and then the rest of my coupons. They scanned through without a beep. My husband and I each used one coupon. I’m in Florida.

      Below is my conversation:

      You: I was reading online about a new coupon. It is a coupon for $10 off of $20. It is a pdf coupon that is off the Chicago Kmart website. Is this a legitimate coupon. The bar code is: 440522104334 valid through 3/5/2010- 5/22/2010.

      Shane C: I’m glad you contacted me for assistance, I’ll be happy to provide coupon information.

      You: The link to the coupon is: http://www.kmart.com/ue/home/KM_Coupon_Renaissance_Chicago.pdf

      Shane C: Yes we are currently offering this coupon for in store retail use.

      You: Anyone can print and use it!

      Shane C: It is a one offer available to customers who opt to receive promotional emails.

      You: The link is available to everyone as a pdf on the Kmart web site.

      You: I sign up for the email and got a coupon for $5 off $50.

      Shane C: I’m sorry I did not realize the coupon was being offered to everyone.

      You: Is it okay to use?

      Shane C: Certainly.

      You: Thank you!

    • Good to know…thanks.

    • Amy B.

      Jenny, I think its already dead… I figured you weren't posting it because its shady :).

      • Brandy

        What makes you say this? Just wondering before I make a trip.

        • Amy B.

          I read a lot of coupon blogs and forums and most people have been unsuccessful redeeming it after 8:30 am this morning.

          • Brandy


    • tara delong

      I just mine last night and ir worked.

    • Barb


      So I understand if it is PDF then it can be printed multiple times and people could use it over and over. However, who at Kmart would not have figured this out before they issued the coupon? I haven't shopped at Kmart in years and years. Well, I've been in there but walked out with nothing.

      So, was this coupon initially in someone's mailer and got scanned and we are all just copying it? If so, then yes I feel it is fraud. Kmart has every right to limit whether they take one.

      We really need clarification on where these things are coming from before we waltz in a basically commit fraud.

      • Amy B.

        You are not committing fraud. The coupon is a legitimate coupon released by Kmart. It is an email link that was sent out by Kmart to certain regions but is also available to print < a href=”http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/dap_10151_10101_DAP_Renaissance+Chicago?storeId=10151&vName=Renaissance+Chicago&catalogInd=DAP&rioptype=KC&catalogId=10101&ruid=1000628&lid=get_coupon&sid=IOx20100318KMSoloPR1Chi&eml=94802216″>here
        It clearly states redeemable at all Kmart stores.

        • Barb

          Ok, I see now.

          I just had a hard time believing they were so stupid as to think a PDF would not get copied.

          Like I said, I never go to Kmart. They just strike me as not catching up to the rest of the World.

          • Amy B.

            Trust me… they're stupid :)

            • YummyBoyMummy

              Yup! :) Love it! lol

            • crystalbrothers

              I think it's really sad that some couponers are so desperate as to sit around and “love” the fact that someone messed up and had a misstatement on a coupon so that they can benefit from it. I just find this whole thing appalling. Are we really that desperate to save a few bucks that we want to cheat someone else?

        • joannecash

          i just clicked your print here link and the coupon was not there anymore. K-Mart should be smart enough to keep their own house in order. Offering a coupon is offering a coupon. They need to control their own advertising. That's kind of a no brainer.
          I don't think we shoudl basically call each other frauds, either. Most of the couponers I read about are trying to honestly use the legitimate offers of and coupons out there. Thats why Jenny has her seminars, to help folks make ends meet.
          Thanks for all your hard work Jenny!

          • Amy B.

            I couldn't agree more. Jenny is awesome and she predicted that this would happen with the coupon.

            I hope you read back through what I wrote because I definitely was not calling anyone names (well except the part where I called Kmart stupid… but I will stand behind that one :) !). I was trying to get the info out there about where this coupon came from and trying to save people the hassle of going to the store when it had already been removed from Kmarts system.

            • joannecash

              Thanks Amy, I apparently reacted to Barb's commit fraud comment. So I was agreeing with you. we couponers are not out to save $$$ at any tactic. I was embarrassed the other day when i didn't notice one of my q's expired the day before, but the publix girl said they'd take it anyway. We should, however, be able to use the offers stores publish. clearly, kmart is not using commonsense in their advertising/q offers or public relations. :)

    • YummyBoyMummy

      Rumor mill says it's primarily dead. The coupon is not shady. The company pulling it from their own website is shady. ;)

      • Esmelda

        I got e-mailed a coupon by Sears last year and they would not honor it either. Not a good way to keep customers coming back …

      • Amy B.

        Anytime a company releases a pdf coupon that can be printed and redeemed a unlimited number of times it is shady because they can pull it at any moment and cry fraud when more people use it than they expect.

        I like sure deals and companies that know what they are doing when they release a high value coupon!

        • Barb

          Me too. And to me it seems they would lose more than $10 per customer by making so many people angry.

          If a store exhibits tactics such as these, I generally don't patronize.

    • lrs29684

      Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same

      Does this mean we can only use the kmart coupon only and not use items coupons with it?

      • bunchofpants

        I used it yesterday with another coupon for one of the items I was buying.

    • thecouponhigh

      The $10/$20 has to be used after the manufacturer coupons according to the wording on the coupon. Still a good coupon to use on Clearance and sale items though.

    • Tory

      Yeah Kmart on Rivers Ave in North Charleston won't take them. says they are bogus coupons. The store was real rude about the whole situation.

      • calebsmomma

        I used one last night there and got diapers. The cashier asked the manager and it scanned just fine. I am sorry to hear that you could not use yours. =-(

      • Brooke82

        That Kmart is a mess!

        • Holly

          Agreed! I can't believe they are still in business!

      • chrystal m

        I used it at the Kmart on Rivers last night.I got an awesome deal!

      • xseannax

        I went over to the Mt. Pleasant Kmart and was initially told that they were not taking them. They had turned people away saying they knew nothing about the coupon being released. I informed them it was from their own company website, and that I wasn't buying the coffee maker without it. The manager was great and sent someone to go locate it on their website. They did and they gave me the $10 off. It may have changed now though.

    • frugal mom of 4

      I scored HUGE SAVINGS with this coupon. I went to Kmart and their Huggies diapers are $9.99 a pack. I was able to use the $10 off coupon and also the 2-$3 off Huggies coupons. I also bought 1 small filler item. The coupon was giving the girl at the register issues but she manually punched it in and it worked!!!! Totally happy with the results!

      • camib

        I am glad that you got in on such a great deal! I saw the same suggested deal last night on facebook and figured I would wait until today to do it, I sure won't make that mistake again, lol!

      • courtneydodd

        I did the exact same thing! The diapers ended up costing about $2 per pack which is crazy for diapers! I usually use pampers, but I couldn't pass that up. All the coupons worked fine for me today. I had no problems at all.

    • lovesavingmoney

      I just love how companies put out coupons then retract them in a day! They should have realized that in this economy a coupon like that was going to spread like wildfire!lol I just wish I didn't print out two. Well atleast my kids will be able to use them! =)

    • Leah

      Huntsville, AL Kmart not accepting the coupon…glad I didn't make the trip!

    • kelly1369

      If Publix will take this, go to file, right click save as and you can then save the pdf to your computer to have it even it if gets taken offline :)

    • Jamie

      I called the Morehead City, NC store and asked if they were accepting this coupon and she said “if it is a K-Mart coupon, then we take it”. I am still kind of skeptical about it, but I'm going to try.

      • Barb

        LOL I used to work there.

    • angeline saby

      i just used mine in orlando this morning she had to push it thru woud not go thru but i got 6 garnier products for 4.00 and i will get 3.00 rewards on my card so just 1.00 for 6 it sound like a deal to me.


      I tried to use it this morning around 9 am at the store in Pineville, NC and it did not work. The register said “Reward Not Found.” I called the corporate office and they said it is a fraudulent coupon. They are going to send me a $10/$50 coupon for the inconvenience. I still purchased the last Tiana doll and Princess and the Frog DVD getting $10 instantly and $5 coupon on the DVD. My daughter second birthday is tomorrow and this is her birthday present and party theme. I paid $17.98 for the doll and DVD. Not a bad deal at all, but was a little bummed and embarassed about the $10 off coupon not being accepted.

    • Yliana

      The link doesn't appear to be working. Shame, I could get some Easter items with this coupon.

    • sheila

      I can't believe they wouldn't honor it…poor customer service!

    • Anonymous

      I found it at http://www.kmart.com/ue/home/KM_Coupon_Renaissance_NYC.pdf?aff=Y&sid=KAx20061023x272xTier3
      I just called my Publix and they said that they would take it, so I’ll use it there. I’m thinking about combining it with the Huggies coupons for cheap diapers!

    • kayborkowski

      I found it on Chicago”s site. I wouldn't use if not legit but it did come off their site. I will try the Maudlin Kmart but am not a regular Kmart shopper so if it doesn't work…..won't waste my time or money anymore with them

    • Mom2Ryley

      I just used mine at the K-mart here in Easley, SC. It scanned but said “Not Found”, so she called her supervisor and they manually keyed it in. So I think it's going to be a hit or miss situation.

    • aussie509

      what do I click on to get this?

    • aussie509

      what do I click on to get this?

    • LYNN


    • melissa74

      I live in Charleston, SC and tried to use my coupon this morning. The cashier called her manager and then told me that she was informed NOT to take the coupon; that it was only valid in New York. Oh well, I tried.

    • havcoupon

      Well, I tried to print it and it wouldn't work. Then tried again a few moments later- now it prints but it clearly states that it is valid at the Chicagoland Stores listed on the coupon. Is that how all of them where or have they changed the coupon?? I'm afraid to try it know that it clearly states what stores it is intended for.

      • wiggicb

        when we printed them yesterday, there were no stipulations on which store…i actually said “valid at all k-mart locations”
        i tried to get the dvd/doll deal this morning and the manager came up and said he had just gotten an email from corporate directing him not to honor any more coupons because they were intended for the new york area. is that our problem? i think k-mart should have to eat it!
        it's bad business all around…k-mart should have gone out of business years ago…they have the worst customer service, only to be outdone by my walgreens :-)

        • bunchofpants

          Funny if Kmart only intended this to be in certain markets, because I got my coupon via an email directly from Kmart, and I live in NC. I printed mine yesterday and then went out and used it right away … it worked. Also, it had no stipulations as to which stores it was good at.

          Really, I thought Kmart was getting better over the last year or so (it used to be so sad and depressing to shop there … but I went because you could find incredible clearance deals). But if they really have no clue about how EVERYONE will hop on a hot coupon these days then they are still pathetic, IMO.

          • crystalbrothers

            Yeah, it's sad that they are trusting couponers to use coupons the way they were intended, rather than spreading them around the internet to those who weren't supposed to be included.

            • bunchofpants

              There was a link on their web site directly to the coupon–the link was out there for EVERYONE to see and click. So how was telling other people to go to the Kmart web site, click a PUBLICLY VIEWABLE link and print the resulting coupon not using it “the way it was intended”? The page that had the link didn't say anything about only people in Chicago or NY being allowed to click, and the email I got only said that the $10 off $20 would only be available to the first 40,000 people (no geographic restriction), after which it would become a $5 off $50 coupon. The initial coupon said “valid in all stores,” so we took that to mean, well, valid in all stores … Kmart is the dishonorable party here. Also not very smart–making the coupon available as a PDF file is sort of a rookie retailer mistake–only stores who want the coupon passed around do that these days and couponers are right to assume that if a store (who should know better) puts a coupon out as a PDF, it's fair game to be forwarded.

              The smart thing to do would have been for Kmart to require their rewards card to be used with the coupon and then tracking the 1-per-customer by rewards card number, the way CVS tracks its ECBs. Kmart would know all this if they bothered to do a little research the way a proper retailer would. Instead they prefer to bumble around and royally tick off the few customers they have left after years of shoddy stores and even shoddier customer service.

            • anonymous

              Actually, the link specifically DID state chicago or NYC at the end of it (even though the coupon did not). But, if you didn't know what that meant, then okay. I think that most people did though.

            • Crystal

              My point is that I think most people knew in their gut that this coupon wasn't intended for the masses, but just hoped to capitalize on their mistake. Maybe not though, maybe people honestly thought that it was INTENDED by kmart to be distributed by the masses.

              I went to their website to look for it myself and when I couldn't find it from their main site, I just assumed it wasn't meant for the masses and was only intended for the people who received it, KWIM? But, you are right to an extent that they should put policies in place to enforce it rather than leaving it up to the consience of the couponers.

            • bunchofpants

              Well, the email Kmart sent to me, a North Carolina Resident, said “REINTRODUCING YOUR LOCAL KMART. There's so much more in store for you! Great values, friendly service and top brands around every corner. Celebrate with a $10 off coupon for purchases of $20 or more. And hurry, only the first 40,000 visitors to our local web page will get this special offer. After that, get a $5 off coupon for purchases of $50 or more.”

              It said MY local Kmart! So I clicked on the email and went to the page, where I saw a “click here to download your coupon” link. It didn't say “Click here if you live in Chicago or NY.” Since I received the email, and I live in NC and the email said “YOUR LOCAL KMART,” why would I nat assume that they wanted me to use the coupon at my local Kmart? And since the site was public and didn't require me to log in, what on earth would make me think I shouldn't tell a friend to go to that site, too?

              No, I did absolutely nothing wrong, and the people I told about the web site did nothing wrong. Kmart goofed and then tried to blame customers for its own error. Not a smart move for a store that's got a reputation as a depressing place to shop with crummy customer service.

            • crystalbrothers

              Actually, typically speaking, email coupons are only meant for the person to whom it was sent (if you got one, then yes I completely agree it is wrong for them to say you couldn't use it). But, the people that you sent it to aren't meant to use it. Other stores do a better job of making sure of that, rather than relying on the customer to read the fine print. Such as CVS, whose email coupons are generally tied to the Extra Care card for an individual.

            • bunchofpants

              The COUPON was not sent to me. I was sent a link to the (publicly viewable) Kmart web page, where there was another link to the actual coupon itself. I only sent the link to Kmart's web page to my friends. I did not sent the coupon. What I did was completely above-board–I did NOT send anyone the PDF coupon itself.

              Again, it is Kmart who is the dishonorable party here.

            • bunchofpants

              This is funny: Kmart posts Amazing Coupon on Internet, then Forgets Internet Exists.” http://consumerist.com/2010/03/kmart-posts-amaz

              Sounds like an Onion headline!

      • SCmom

        I printed it this morning with “Valid in all kmart store locations” I have not used it yet but I will try to use it tonight at a SC store. I hope it works!

      • susan

        doesnt work for me

    • tracyt

      The coupon states it is only good at specific Chicago land stores.

      • Binkle

        I just looked at my coupon and it doesn't say anything about specific stores. They must have changed the q at some point.

    • stephanie

      I just went to kmart in northern ky and they wouldnt take the coupon for $10.00 off $20.00 they said it a fraudulent coupon.

    • Binkle

      I just called the Kmart in Greensboro, NC & Winston-Salem, NC, and in Madison, NC. None of them are honoring the coupon. 2 of the stores said it was not a real coupon and they have been instructed not to take them. 1 store said it was meant for a different market but was indeed a real coupon just not for my area. The store in Martinsville, VA said as of right now they are honoring them. Go figure.

    • Cori

      The coupon on the pdf lists the stores that will honor it and they are all in Illinois.

    • vilara

      When I click on Jenny's link I get a coupon that specifically says Valid at the following Chicagoland stores and then lists just the stores in Chicago. Is this what it said before or is this their “fix”?

      • binkle

        Must be a fix. Mine says Valid at all Kmart Store Locations. No mention of an specific area.

      • binkle

        OH WOW!! That is a major change. My coupon looks NOTHING like this one!!!!

      • wiggicb

        no…they've changed it.

    • Jen


      Are you going to try and use this coupon?? I live in Leesville and I called the Lexington K-Mart. The lady I spoke to said that they should take the coupon if it came off the K-Mart website.

      • Helen

        I went to the Lexington Kmart today and the manager said they got a memo this morning that they were not to take the coupon because it was only good for New York. She said the KMart website was going to post a note in reference to this, but I haven't checked this out yet.

    • Elisabeth

      Wow, they just changed the coupon. Now it lists limited stores! Mine says “Valid at all Kmart store locations.”
      Glad I printed when I did. Hope it works!

    • Hippiemama2

      I printed five and just used three of them in Norfolk, VA. Then combined them with my manufacturers coupons saved $45!!

    • sandra

      I remeber last year when the Sears fiasco happened and I haven't been to that store since. I have not been to KMart in 2 years and certainly won't be going for another two after this debacle. Executives should think through the entire process before a promotion is created….this is why they are paid megabucks.It takes time,energy,ink and paper to prepare for a shopping trip to use a coupon correctly and to get the most bang for the buck. Shame on you KMart. Thanks to all the people who posted deals and scenarios.

    • kathyfenn

      I just tried this and it didn't work. K-Mart said there are different bar codes, once one is used it becomes invalid for anyone else. I am located in Florida.

    • cgray10

      Can it be used as a competitor's coupon at Publix then????

      • Lindsey

        No. KMart is not a comp for Publix

        • karamcd

          My Publix will take K-mart coupons (it is right next door, MAJOR competitor) so it is worth asking the manager if they will take it. I plan on asking mine today when I do my shopping trip.

        • Mel

          I used it at Publix this morning with no problem at all. Main Road Charleston SC

      • Megan_A

        I called my favorite Publix (accepts Target, CVS, Walgreens) and they said that they consider Kmart a competitor and would accept it. Just call and ask.

    • Tanya

      Something I have learned quickly. When these kinda coupons come out, if they are legit, use them ASAP!!!!

    • Lindsey

      You're so good at what you do, Jenny!! You were absolutely right about this one! Intended for NY, NOT taking it in TN!

      • Daphne

        which store in TN did you try using it?

    • Melissa

      When in doubt, throw it out. ;)

      • dealapprentice

        I used it once yesterday evening and did the Northern Quilted & Brawny Paper towel deal to get additional $10 catalina reward from Kmart and will send the $5 MIR from Georgia Pacific.
        Today morning I used it 6 times in two rounds of 3 transactions each and got bunch of Huggies diapers and used $2 coupons. Huggies Diapers big box was $20.99. After my 4th transaction today they said we cant take MQ so I said thats fine :-). Anyways I saved atleast 50% or more.

        • crystalbrothers

          Congrats, you cheated kmart, using a coupon that by this time you KNEW was not intended for you, but at least you saved a buck, right.

    • pegglegg

      Just used mine in charlotte, nc and it worked!!

      The manager didn't look to happy about taking it

    • Linda

      So, This K-Mart $10.00 off on $20.00 is NOT in Florida Correct?
      I live in Jacksonville, Fl
      Thanks Anyway

      • jaimeinjax

        Linda, I tried in Jacksonville within 2 days of the coupon being posted on this site, and the Beach Blvd. location would not accept it. I let the cashier know that it was printed directly from K-Mart's website, and she retorted that someone must have hacked their site to create it. The management knew about the situation, and so did corporate at this point, but there was no signage indicating that the coupon would not be accepted.

        I spent way too long in the store trying to wrack up $20 worth of clearance merchandise, and ending up putting some items back upon finding out the coupon wouldn't work. I was upset and disappointed, and wasn't appreciative of their crap customer service either. This continues to add to their bad business practices.

    • Pam

      Ok, am I missing something? The coupon I printed says “Valid at Chicagoland Stores Listed Below”. I take that to mean that you can only use it at the stores listed. Am I wrong?

    • angie

      Kmart says these coupons are no good! That someone hacked into the system and made these coupons.

      • eryn

        They told me the same thing. I felt like a criminal. I am going to go next door and try at Publix. Mine says valid at all stores.

    • aussie509

      where do I get this coupon at?

    • carlockstinger

      I just went to KMart and bought 2 packs of Huggies and a pack of gum. They accepted the $10 off $20 coupon, but had to override the computer. Then they took my $3.00 off each pack of Huggies. I got 2 packs of Huggies and a pack of gum for $6.00! I did this twice with no problem at the KMart in Fort Oglethorpe, GA (Chattanooga area).

    • krks

      First, I called ahead to make sure my $10 off $20 coupon would be taken. The customer service manager didn’t know anything about this coupon at noon today (Friday). I asked to speak with the store manager and he told me they were given instructions from corporate not to accept them outside the NYC area. He said the coupon indicates that. I very respectfully asked him to wait while I read the coupon, and the last line says “valid at all KMart locations.” He said, really? I told him I understood he will not accept it, but would he like to see it. He did, so I took it right down there. There were signs ALL OVER the front of ALL of the doors stating they would not be accepting these coupons. They had two versions photocopied, one with NYC locations and addresses at the bottom, and one just like mine for all locations. There was bold handwriting across the top of each sign that said KMart only accepts coupons from kmart.com! I told the store manager that I had printed it from Kmart.com, but he didn’t believe me. Won’t be nice next time and bring them my coupon. I found it really upsetting.

      While there, I did my Hershey gift card deal ($10). Bought 12 bags of Hershey easter whoppers for 2/$3. $18-$8 in printable Hershey coupons from coupons.com. Done. NO, not so fast. The cashier checked the wording on EVERY single coupon and argued that they were not the exact as on the pictures on the coupon. Went away. Came back. Went away. Came back. Finally (and I mean finally) took them because they were exactly correct, but he did not want to. I gave him the KMART Hershey gift card, and he balked at that until I showed him it was a KMART card! Oh, the insanity of trying to shop at Kmart. I really want to get behind them, but they make it SO HARD! UGH!

      • Crystal

        I can't believe they were so rude to you after you were kind enough to show them the coupon! That's craziness. Maybe they have been burned by coupons or something? It's weird that they make it such an ordeal even to use the hershey's one.

    • daizie_1

      I printed off 1 last night and my husband printed off 1. I went in today to do the “diaper deal” buy 2 packages of Huggies, use 2/$3off coupons and this deal and get diapers for $6! It worked beautifully! Well, I asked the guy if I could do another transaction (I was planning to do the Princess and the Frog DVD($19.99) use $10off coupon then $5off coupon from Disney.) The guy said “sure, I don't see why not”. Then another cashier walks by and says “you can't use that coupon,it is a fraud” and goes and gets manager. Manager tells me even though it was on the website I can't use it. I say “ok no problem” cause I already have my cheap huggies so I can wait on DVD. THEN the 4 ladies behind me all start commenting etc. with their coupon in hand. Long story short, we all were able to use our coupons :) but we were the last ones allowed. I told the manager kindly they may want to find out what is going on or it would be a long couple of weeks!

    • Michelle

      My husband and I went to Kmart in Athens, AL, both armed with a coupon. He went to the Gardening Department and bought six bags of sand for our daughter's new sandbox and I bought diaper genie refills and a toddler sized beach chair. When I checked out, the cashier said people had been brining them in all day and using them in conjunction with the new $3 Huggies coupon that is out. The coupon did not scan “said it wasn't found,” but she gave me the $10 off anyway. When my husband checked out in gardening, they had to call customer service but they pushed it through as well. Guess they haven't gotten word yet. Too bad I only printed those two coupons!

      • brodybugsmomma

        I went to that location as well and got 3 HUGE packs of Bounty Paper Towels and a candy bar and spent $11.99 OOP. I didn't intend to get the paper towels when I went so I didn't bring any other coupons, but I thought 24 rolls of great quality paper towels for $0.49 a roll including tax is not bad at all. They also had to manually push the coupon thru.

        • Michelle

          that sounds like a great deal! I had plans of going back to stock up on diapers but when I got home, found out they changed the coupon :-(…..I'm happy I got two purchases though and feel lucky we were able to do two transactions!

    • angela

      I went this morning and they honored it but under protest.

    • shannon

      I went today to the North Charleston K-mart and tried to use the coupon and they are already not accepting it.

    • stephylow

      **** Dont waste your time/ink/gas***** I printed this ASAP, went to the nearest KMART, Where they informed me that this has been recognized as a fraud???? I dont really care much for KMART anyway!

    • Jackie O

      The coupon I printed says “Valid at all Kmart store locations” and I had no problem using it last night. Machine did not beep or anything just worked like normal coupon. I live in Tampa,FL

    • Julie

      Went to Kmart and was able to use mine but they said today only as it was put out by error. They did say it was from Kmart and not a fraud. Took my older son and they would only take one coupon per party or group. You may have to be firm to get them to take it.

    • Amos

      Went to the only Savannah Kmart about an hour ago armed with coupon. I went straight to the CS desk where they'd posted a sign saying they are not accepting 'this' coupon, with a photocopy of the coupon we're discussing. I found a manager and asked him why. He said 'They' messed up and that it was only supposed to be for certains markets. Whatever. I think some stores didn't like the idea of having to honor it. Easy to blame someone else for the mess-up.
      I'm getting to fire off an angry email to Kmart…I'm sure they've received LOTS today!

    • So this thing is only accepted in New York then? I'd love to use some of these, but I'm not in NY…

    • maegan hall

      My store wouldn't taken it either.

    • shellie

      Unable to use in florida!

    • Janice

      Jenny,I attended your class in Powdersville,SC on March 13. I really enjoyed it and learned some new things. I didn't do too good at Publix like I normally do this week because I bought the $10 off $50 of gas if you buy $50 in groceries. I found our before I left the store I actually purchased a $50 BP gas card for $40 ! I hadn't planned on spending that but it was o.k. We can use always use it. I didn't know if people really knew how that worked. Also, can we use the k Mart coupon in Anderson,SC since it says it is to use in Chicagoland?

      • SCmom

        I tried to use the coupon in Greenville SC this afternoon and they refused it. The barcode will not scan anymore (although the cashier says a couple of people were able to use them this morning). I wish I had gone earlier! :-)

    • Priscilla

      So, tried to use this today here in Nashville, TN. (actually Goodlettsville). They wouldn't take it. So, later, I called and asked. They said it was a SCAM!!!! That someone got this in New York (which is the only place this coupon is good) and scanned it, changed it to state all Kmart stores. But, it is not. Just thought I'd give heads up.

    • SCmom

      Well, I planned an “Easter” shopping trip to Kmart today just to use the $10 off coupon and the manager refused to honor it. I printed mine this morning and it didn't say anything about Chicago stores…clearly corporate has changed that this afternoon. My coupon clearly says “Valid at ALL Kmart stores”. The manager also would not extend any sort of discount at all (after spending over an hour in the store) so we left without our purchase. I'm sad for Kmart. If they had just honored the coupon it would have been only a 10% discount on my total purchase and I would have left a happy customer. :-(

      • Shawna

        WOW……..So Kmart was willing lose $90 in order not to give $10 off??? That's not a very smart store manager. I never shop at my local Kmart because they are priced high and the customer service is bad. I'll just use my coupon at Publix!!

        • Nanette

          What do you mean. This coupon would be accepted at Publix?

        • melissa

          I have same question, I always shop Publix, will they accept it????

          • MommySpendsLess

            Publix will take competitors' coupons. But it's up to each store manager to determine who they consider a local competitor. Most locations will only accept coupons from traditional grocery stores in the area and not big box stores (Targer, Wal-Mart, K-Mart) or pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens). But it wouldn't hurt to call the customer service desk and ask!

        • melpre

          can you use the coupn at Publix?

          • Caroline

            I just used it at my local Publix. When I walked in the store, I asked the nice front desk guy manager who called the store manager who said to accept it!

      • Lori P.

        Went to Kmart, which is kinda out of my way but for $10 I went. They were rude as heck. The manager didn't look me in the eye and told the cashier to use it but some other front end manager said no earlier. So the cashier looks and me and said “I;m not taking it.” Finally the manager says to take it because they honored one earlier. I heard him say Corporate tells them –NO ONLINE COUPONS. Oh well–they were rude and the place was a dump so I won't be back.

    • Faye

      I tried to use this coupon in NW Georgia today and the manager told me it was intended for stores in NY only. He said the coupon was legitimate but since it was only meant to be used in NY, corporate contacted all the store managers today (outside of NY) and told them not to accept them. I asked the manager why Kmart didn't put “valid at NY locations only” to save thousands of people a trip. He just grinned… it seemed like he was thinking “well, it got you in the store, didn't it?” This was strike 3 with Kmart for me so I'm done with them.

      • beth

        Exactly, Faye! This is what I was told in Lancaster, SC by the store manager today. She said that the coupons would not be accepted after today. She said that the coupons were originally intended for a specific store in NY. She 'allowed' me to use the coupon. And for my daughter to use a coupon today. She would not allow me to manufacturer's coupons with either transaction. I didn't push the issue because I was happy to be able to get my Cetaphil for $5 per bottle. Then I paid with Kmart pharmacy gift card. So, I didn't pay Kmart cash. It worked for me….barely.
        But the whole marketing of pdf coupons and pulling them off of the market immediately after issue is just weird. It doesn't bode well for building consumer confidence or financial relationships. Since they had problems in the past with this same issue, why not resolve the issue instead of CREATING retail and consumer conflict?!

    • melpre

      I hate Kmart. I NEVER go in there bc it is such a mess and have horrible customer service. But bc of this coupon went in. After waiting in line for nearly 1/2 an hour, I was told they would not take the coupon. I will never go back to that store.

    • Mary McFall

      So it says valid at Chicagoland stores listed below. Don't you think it means those stores only?

    • stephylow

      I wanted to thank Jenny for trying to save us all some money, unfortunately, Kmart coupons aren't working. Feel bad for Jenny for all the waste of her time and having to deal with all of this. I personally won't be going back to Kmart. Publix, however ROCKS!!

    • momto2boys

      I can't stand K-mart. The store here is nasty and the buggy's are like rust buckets. However it seems to me that it would be in Kmarts best interest to honor the coupon, since it was put out by them and it is their fault it got all messed up. They are struggling financially and it seems like if they tick off the last remaining customers they have they will be sinking their own ship. If they had any since they would release a coupon with a limited # of prints like everyone else so that they don't have zillions of coupons running around.

    • katie

      This is from Kmarts facebook page:
      A coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase has had unauthorized circulation and we have had to stop accepting it at most stores. The coupons will still be honored in the intended stores in the New York, Baltimore and Chicago area. We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers. Thank you for your continued patronage and we do look forward to sharing other deals and offers with you in the future.”

    • Nanette

      I noticed the coupon says Chicagoland. I am so new to couponing. Can I use this in Jacksonville, Fl. I would so love to do that!!!!!

    • Kristie

      Jenny, you were right on the money. We rushed to Greenville to try to use the coupon today as you suggested. They already had a sign posted that they were not accepting the coupons. : (

      • denise0331

        Did you go to the Kmart on 29-Wade Hampton or the Kmart by Greenville memorial?

        • Erin

          Hubby saw the sign on Church St k-mart by the hospital.

    • cyndia

      Very rarely do I shop Kmart (Dalton GA) but they had the tball bat bag I needed for $10 while in there with the coupon I did see a basket for $10 I wanted but didn't need. I took both to the register thinking I would be spending $10 for the bag (anyway) so I would try to use the coupon. It came up “not found” I asked the cashier does this mean it's not valid she replied (after carefully reading it) no ma'am IDK what is wrong it's says valid in all stores and hasn't expired. She walked off to the CS desk and I over head them tell her “yes we take HOWEVER make sure the pretax amount is $20. I was pleasantly suprised and saw 3 other patrons with the coupon.

    • hawkimr

      Not working in Louisiana and they said that it's just too complicated to explain to me. Hmmm, I have a Master's Degree and I'm a teacher so it must be EXTREMELY complicated. I just left all of my items there and revowed that I will NEVER return to Kmart – it's a wonder they are still in business. The people in front of my had rainchecks for other items and they told them to come back on Monday because nobody at the store today knew how to do rainchecks. WOW!!

    • scmomsaves45

      worked tonight for me in irmo,sc. my cpn said only in chicago… but she keyed it in $10, then poof…cheap huggies!!

    • angel

      I tried to use this coupon around 4:00 today and they had just posted a sign saying they no longer honored it. If I had gotten there this am, I would have been able to use it.

    • dave

      the part about good in chicag area stores kind of puts a damper on the coupon

    • Jill

      I used it this afternoon to buy diapers and there was no problem. The cashier just scanned it and gave me my new total. I live in Statesboro, GA. I want to print another one to buy more diapers, but the link doesn't seem to be working now, at least not for me.

    • Chris
    • mikesbabe27

      Did not work in W-S, NC…said that it was intended on grand openings in the North…bummer!!!

    • Jim

      I tried to use one at Greenbelt Md. on 3/19. They told me it was not any good.

    • Meme

      I just had to put my two cents in here. My daughter took an online training course to service Sears and KMart customers back in October. She was doing well until about two weeks before Christmas. The customers and sales associates from the stores were calling to check on orders (mainly to see why things had not been delivered on the days appointed).

      My daughter stayed on the calls for up to two and half hours trying to find out what had happened to the customers orders just to find out they had been back ordered up into March or so. These were items such as ranges (to be installed in time to cook Thanksgiving dinner) or Christmas presents that would not be delivered anywhere near Christmas.

      She had very slow systems to work with. The windows opened at snail pace, etc., Even the supervisors said they couldn't answer the customers' questions.

      Well, she found out many of the customer service reps were pretending connection problems or that the supervisor couldn't be reached, etc., just to keep their call time in the five to nine minute range. So my daughter's metrix were very low, even though she gave her heart and soul to satisfy the customer and get an answer for them. She offered all kinds of compensation for their trouble, really went overboard to keep Sears customers coming back.

      Many thanked her profusely and wanted to recommend her to her supervisor for her hard work and her pleasantry in dealing with them. The problem with that was the customer would have to hold for another hour or so to speak to a supervisor. So my daughter thanked them for their compliments and let them go without the kudos to the supervisor.

      When another opportunity came up with another recommended company (she has friends who love working for this other company) my daughter would not be considered simply because of the metrix score. No other consideration was given. She has to wait thirty days after her contract with Sears ran out to apply for another position.

      The biggest gripe is with Sears and KMart. They do not care if the customer is satisfied and they don't upgrade their systems to handle calls quickly. I think they are going under and only doctoring the books to stay afloat at this time. I could prove that with some hankie pankie with our Sears credit card account. Funny postings at the end of the month to look as if a large payment has been made on our account, only to have the payment removed the first day of the next billing period. Strange huh? And then we notice in the stock reports they had record earnings for the month. Not rumors, I have the credit card statements to back up my claim.

      And yes, the store is a mess and there are no sales associates to assist in the store.

      So, all gripes in the previous posts are right on the money.

    • christy

      not honoring in Cleveland tn. thanks for trying!

    • TR

      I just wanted the coupon for Publix- would have made for a GREAT trip! Unfortunately, It isn't showing up at all now. :-(

    • jennywellman

      The coupon is no longer valid… I tried using it Friday morning around 11am and the cashier told me it was invalid… :(

    • debbieardese

      I was at kmart yesterday in Bartlesville, ok and they had a sign up saying “do not accept, fradulent coupon”
      So, just ask first before you use your coupon to make sure your local kmart accepts or not. Just wanted to let you know. Have a GREAT day!!!

    • greenvillescmomoffive

      I tried to use the coupon in a store here in Greenville, SC yesterday morning and I showed it to the girl before she started ringing up my items. She said they couldn't accept the coupon. My coupon said it was valid at “all Kmarts” but they wouldn't honor it. I told her to just forget it that I wasn't purchasing my items and she still kept trying to ring them up. I told her again that I didn't want them and I finally had to pull the cart away from her with the items in it. This is not the first time I've had problems especially with this particular Kmart. I've had them not honor the sale prices listed on the racks in their store and I've even took the sales associates over there and shown them the racks with the sale prices and they say that doesn't cover the items on the rack! I am just about fed up with Kmart!! I've complained to their customer service several times and I never even get a response back. I think from now on I'll drive a couple more miles down the road to Wal-Mart. Their prices are consistently lower and their customer service is better to work with. They can provide me with everything Kmart does and save me money most of the time. Also my local CVS is great!! Most of my health and beauty items come from there now. So long Kmart!! I won't be missing you!!!!

    • Mommy

      When I click on the link, I get nothing. Just blank white where a coupon should be. Any suggestions?

    • Julie

      My son just got a call a while ago from Sears/Kmart corporate offices. He was denied the use of the coupon yesterday so he called the corporate offices. They called back today and told him they would be mailing him out a 20.00 gift card for his trouble and they are trying to get the coupons to scan once again in the system so they can be used. He had the valid at any Kmart coupon from this site before it was changed with the restrictions and before the scan code was removed from their system yesterday. Do not throw your coupons out yet!

    • Lynn

      I tried to use this coupon today and was told it was only valid in New York. Manager said he didn't know how it got out online but corporate sent out a memo stating above comment. This really took the wind out of my sale.

    • crobe

      I live in Atlanta and tried to use it today and was told it was a “fake” coupon. The cashier said the manager refused to take them. So I won't be shopping at Kmart ever again.

    • cpricegirlz

      My local K-mart in Lexington SC will not accept this coupon. Has signs posted throughtout the store. Of course I did not see them until I had completed my shopping and was checking out. oh well……

    • momto2boys

      Check out Kmart's facebook fan page, they are hopping mad over there. It's a coupon fiasco and a PR nightmare. Kmart may have just put the final nail in their coffin…

    • Addie

      PLEASE, everyone take 5 minutes & email Kmart about this!!!! It's ridiculous for them to keep pulling this crap!!

    • DEE


    • Connie

      no matter how I tried – I couldn't get this one to even come up, much less print it. Oh, well maybe next time.

      • Julie

        Chris posted the link in the comments. It is the same coupon and still prints. Hope this helps.

    • JB

      i tried to use this yesterday and they said it was “a fake” and wouldn't take it

    • Jessie

      I can not even get it to pull up this morning at all…???

    • maricelat

      does anyone have the pdf coupon save in there computer?…..
      im trying to print it and it seems like if it was deleted…..
      im was hoping someone save it and if they could send it to me……
      this is a GREAT coupon

    • Kmartcoupon

      The pdf was blank when I clicked on it to print :(

    • Maria

      Tried to use coupon- cashier wouldn't take it -came back w/ a VERY SMALL notice she said was posted at door – I never saw it- Sooo – I wasted my time and my husband's since I bought nothing in Kmart. Didnt like Kmart before and surely don't plan on shopping there anytimes soon. One good thing though-got a free Sunday paper outside the store from Telegram guy- so snagged some coupons.

    • zeke

      i think that like so much of kmart (sears) it's all just so much smoke. that's the nicest way i could put it.

    • anita

      i could not get to come up as a coupon

    • lillieb

      I could not get the coupon to show up

    • susan conn

      print the one you have and send it out to every one

    • Steven

      1st I want to give you some background about myself. I am a Retail Major at the University of South Carolina, 2nd My wife is a Lawyer. We went to Kmart today and they told be that it was a “bogus” coupon. We knew that we were going to have problems with the coupon before we went in, so before we left the house I dug in some books that I own from my retailing classes. In my “Retailing, Dunne & Lusch” book I found a law “the Wheeler-Lea Amendment of the Federal Trade Commission Act” which states Advertising an item at an artificially low price and then adding hidden charges this is what is called “Deceptive Pricing” also called “Bait & Switch” They could be sued for this. After all this the manager allowed my to use the coupon.

    • Perry

      Which Publix?

    • Perry

      Does anyone know if Publix in Columbia, SC (any of them) will take this coupon?

    • me

      I just wanted to let everyone know that the Sunshine Cheeze-It's @ K-Mart for $2.29 B1G1 Free was another K-mart disaster.(Imagine that)On the front of thier ad this week It shows Doritos & cheezeits.I went to buy 30 boxes as i also had $2 off every 2 bxs cps. which would of ended up being $.15 a box. I was donating most of them to the church for the kids to have snacks & to my daughters school for thier class snack.Sounded 2 good to be true.Yet Southern savers has never been wrong (sometimes even the store employees do not know that thier is a deal until I show them my printout & sure enough Jenny is right All they could say was it did look like B1G1 and it was misleading. Once again K-mart is sorry.Usually I dont comment & I have some problems as I do alot of couponing &rebates but due to the $10off$20 issue I just thought Id share this.

    • Kim

      OK-I went to the Lexington, SC Kmart hoping to get in some good deals and the manager was rude and stated it was a bogus coupon. I was so frustrated and I really hate it because Kmart needs all the help they can get. I will not return there because they don't have good deals anyway.

    • Laura

      I tried to find the coupon after downloading it to my computer and couldn't find anything to print!! It came up blank. That was such a good deal to! Oh well.

    • tamika

      I called and they said they won't take it-when i asked why she explained it was for “up north” only…I mentioned the VALID AT ALL KMART STORE LOCATIONS and she had nothing to say other than they wont take it…this is just bad customer service!

    • Katrina

      I was at Kmart in Buford Ga and at the customer service desk up front, they had a sign that said “there is a $10 off $20 coupon in circulation that is not valid and can not be used at this store”

      • Katrina

        I was there today 3-25-10

    • Brianna

      Just tried to use it at my Kmart, they said it was fraudulent and had to rip it up! Grrrr!!! I was upset!

    • Shannon

      The K Mart coupon is blank. Any idea why?

    • iluvcoupons

      Went to print off the ConAgra Foods for the Chef Boyardee $1 cans and the coupon says “Do not double.” so it will not be as good a deal (25 cents ea.) as listed on the KMart Master List!!

    • Rett

      This coupon is no longer being honored at my local KMart on Taylorsville Rd in Louisville, KY. They have a sign posted. But there is one more day of double coupons!! Make sure you watch your cashier ringing up your total. I was charged for a third St. Ives Facial scrub when I only had 2. Oh, well. I was going back tomorrow any way for another round of doubles. I will just have them refund me when I get there. :) Happy Shopping!!

    • Rett

      This coupon is no longer being honored at my local KMart on Taylorsville Rd in Louisville, KY. They have a sign posted. But there is one more day of double coupons!! Make sure you watch your cashier ringing up your total. I was charged for a third St. Ives Facial scrub when I only had 2. Oh, well. I was going back tomorrow any way for another round of doubles. I will just have them refund me when I get there. :) Happy Shopping!!