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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RMN = Retail Me Not
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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If you already printed the Kraft $5 off any 5 Dairy or cheese products coupon, you get to print it again!!  Remember you can print two already so this really makes for your 3rd and 4th print.

If you haven’t already printed this coupon, what are you waiting for??  This makes for great prices on tons of Kraft products.

(thanks to everyone who emailed!)

    • Beth Anne


    • Tara

      I printed them last time, and stacked them with publix .55 off coupons, and hit a publix sale where they were 2/$4. I bought 10 bars of different varieties of cheese for $0.45 each. Great deal!!

    • Vgwagoner

      Thanks for the great workshop tonight!

    • loving it!!!

    • Elizabeth

      When it comes up click the deli deluxe cheese for a $1/1 and the sour cream has .55/1 =)

      • sharon60

        Wow, thanks for the tip. The sour cream printed as $1/2. Pair the Deli Deluxe Q w/Publix Q and save $1 off produce. I'm so luvin' Publix. :)

        • STeve

          Even though the Q for $1 off produce says “Redeem at Publix” it is actually a manufacturer's coupon and should not be used with the $1/1 Deli Deluxe coupon, also a manufacturer's coupon.

          • sharon60

            I'M CONFUSED……So if it says “retailer” and “redeem at Publix” and has a bar code, it's a manufacturer Q? What about the ones that DON'T have bar codes, but have the LU number and also say “retailer” and “redeem at Publix” – so are they MQs too? ALSO I just noticed that the Qs in the Yellow flyer all say “redeem at Publix”, some say manufacturers Q and some don't. BUT in the Green flyer the Qs say “redeem ONLY at Publix” – so are the Green flyer ones the ONLY Publix store Q's? I've just started shopping at Publix and want to do this right. I'm trying to remember what I bought to get the $1 off bread last week….but my cashier also worked at customer service and seemed to know what she was doing a lot better than I knew what I was doing so hopefully I accidentally did it right. Thanks!

            • One way you can tell it's a manufacture's coupon is when it has instructions for the retailer on it for where he needs to mail it to get reimbursed.

            • sharon60

              Thanks Cathy, I see that now and that helps loads.


    • The Kraft 8oz shredded cheese at Walmart is only $2 each right now. I got 5 of them tonight with one of the last coupons for only $1 each!

      Now I still have 1 of the last coupons, and the 2 new ones from the reset. I will get 15 more of the shredded cheese on Monday.

      It keeps real well in the freezer, and will last me for many months.

      • luci10

        I'll try Walmart again later. Had problems that they would only honor $2 of the $5 off the first time I tried it. Kept the coupon and gave back the cheese.

        • Dodge05mag

          my store did the same… CSR came over and did a vendor coupon to override and give $3 plus the $2 it came up as automatically.

          • Luci10

            Had problems with the same pdf coupon in Target and Kroger. At Target, I tried the pdf first from the Kraft site. The management at Target at first said my pdf coupon was a fake or photocopy, which it wasn't. So I then pulled out the mailed Kraft coupon that I now had, which looks similar but has added security feature on the back. Management said that was acceptible. The register didn't accept it either, but they overroad it and manually entered it. At Kroger they had to override the register. Management there said they'd accept it this time but store policy was to only honor up to $2. I thanked them for the info.

            I hope Kraft does $1 coupons, 5 up on a page next time.

      • Melanieplynch

        I plan to stock up on shredded cheese and freeze it like you're doing. But does anyone notice a taste difference between fresh and thawed after frozen?

        • Lisa

          No, I always, always, always freeze my shredded cheese. It gets moldy too quick for me to just keep it in the fridge. I wouldn't freeze any sliced cheese or cubes, because it'll get crumbly. But shredded cheese is already “crumbly”

        • The shredded cheese freezes fine, and when you thaw it there is no difference that I can tell in taste or texture.

          I have tried freezing brick cheese, but when you that that, it's all crumbly, even though it tastes fine.

    • Mharwell01

      i notice the coupon says on participating products. does it tell somewhere what all products are included?

      • millie

        i had a list print out at the bottom of the page when i printed the coupon. it is for most anything kraft. if you need me to post the list here just reply.

      • Shannon

        when you print it out it will tell you on the bottom of the page.

    • Ginger

      Awesome! Last time I hit a sale at Albertsons, and the register was printing a Catalina as well. Bought:

      5 bags shredded parmesan @ 2.98 each

      minus 5.00 Q

      Paid 9.90, got back 5.00 Cat- made each bag of Parmesan .98 each.

      Then bought 5 bags shredded cheddar @ 2.50 each

      minus 5.00 Q

      Paid 7.50, got back another 5.00 Cat.

      (I think these prices may not sound so good to you Southern gals, 'cause you seem to get some CRAZY deals on cheese, but these prices are wicked awesome for CA.)

      LOVE this coupon!

      Thanks Jenny, and thanks Kraft!

    • heather

      Thank you Jenny!!

    • Lisa

      Can the $5 off of 5 also be used with other coupons for the Kraft products?

      • Guest

        Some say no, but last time I asked the cashier at Bilo, and she said I could. And the register didn't beep or anything. And I did ask her about it.

      • millie

        i did not have a problem doing that at publix last week.

        • Ipreferpublix

          You should not use more than one mq per item. Publix registers are not set up to recognize and match coupons to items, so yeah, you can scan just about anything and it won't “beep”, that doesn't make it right.

          Totally fine to use a Publix store coupon with a mq, such as this kraft 5/5 coupon and the Publix store coupon for Kraft cheese (no longer available).

          This is why Publix is cracking down on coupon use, coupon fraud abounds at Publix.

          Please don't take advantage of Publix, I don't want to see more strict rules on the coupon policy!

      • cb

        You should only use another coupon with this one if the other coupon is a store coupon, not a manufacturer's coupon.

      • Iprefperpublix

        By LAW, manufacturer's coupons are to be used one per item. You may stack one manufacturer and one store coupon per item (per the policy of most stores, Publix, Kroger, Target, etc), but to use mor ethan one manu q per item, is in fact coupon fraud.

    • Pdudeck

      The link doesn't work for me; goes to the Kraft page, but when I click for the coupon it says the page can't be found? It worked last time.

      • Squirrelhater

        Same here…what's the deal?

        • Pdudeck

          It's working now!

    • Mary

      My Wal-mart had the shredded cheese for $2 and the singles for $2.50. When the cashier tried to scan the coupon, the computer said it was for too much. She was going to type it in for $2.50, but I told her to just give me the coupon back. The cheese was still a good price and I needed it so I went ahead and paid for it. I'm going to email Kraft about it and see what they say. No sense printing the coupon again if it won't work.

      First time I've had a coupon problem at my Wal-mart. Usually they will let me use coupons even when they are more than the amount–if the price is $1.97 and the coupon says $2, it rings up at $2. So I can't really complain. I think another checker would have rung it up for $5.

      Oh, yeah, while I'm thinking about it…the coupon for a free refill when you buy a Swiffer (the regular one) doesn't specify a maximum amount. Wal-mart had some large packages of the refills for $7.50(?). I got the small refill because I didn't think they would let me get the large one, but the cashier I had that day was in a bad mood (they cut her hours and wouldn't get her out of her checklane so she could go home AND wouldn't send someone to get something off a high shelf for another customer) and she said she would've let me get the large package. Something to try, I guess. You can always leave it if it doesn't work.

      • Michele

        I had the same thing happen this morning, but the cashier called a manager. The manager over-rode the register and gave me $5 off.

    • Mary

      Another thing…Wal-mart was going to give me $2.50 for the coupon, but I'll bet they still would've collected $5 for it.

      • alli

        I've had A LOT of trouble with Wal-Mart accepting my printed coupons, even when I showed them my copy of their “official coupon policy”. I have chosen to stop shopping at Wal-Mart because of the hassle it has been every time I check out. I would prefer to give my money elsewhere and be able to use all the coupons I have legally printed. I'm sure they won't feel the difference in not getting my grocery money each month, but I think I'll live longer not having to deal with the stress every time I check out.

    • Nancybgood14

      This is a web site on how to save on Ink. they are saying to shake your cartridges when the printer proms u to change them. Apparently they are half full still.

      • Msbobolink

        You have to be very careful if you shake them. I have indelible ink all over a wall and carpet from shaking one. Maybe put it in a baggie just in case.

    • Irmajones

      i am new at this so forgive me. but do i need to print all the printable coupons on line to go with the ones in the ajc to keep weekly also or just print them as i need them or are they the same as whats in the paper she is telling you where to get them. I hope that makes since. the red plum and smart source is in the paper also. irma

      • millie

        they are the same. you can only use one manufacturer coupon per item, so only print what you need if you do not have it in your paper or if you want more items than what you have coupons for in the paper. so if you get one coupon from the paper and you want two items then print one coupon from the internet. hope this helps, ask if you have any other questions we all have been learning all along.;)

        • millie

          irma, also do not wait to print the high dollar coupons or the ones that have a great sale attached to them.. if you see it is a great price and jenny has listed it here go ahead and print and put it in your folder/binder/box whatever system you are using, most of them have at least a 30 day window for you to use them and sometimes a little longer so they probably won't waste.



    • tina

      please do not take this offensively but, why is anyone shopping at walmart?

      • Melanieplynch

        LOL. I don't “prefer” Wal-Mart either (I make my 4-year-old say he doesn't “prefer” something rather than he doesn't “like” something….sounds a little better.)

      • Valerie

        Some people don't have a choice. Where my in laws live Walmart chased away all the grocery stores.

      • I live way out in the boonies in a rural area. The 2 grocery stores here have unbelievably high prices. I have no choice but to shop at Walmart.

      • sonyapell

        We have Foodland (won't accept ip's, and very high prices, Piggly Wiggly (run down, foods expiring, dusty shelves, bad meat), and Wal-Mart. I'd rather shop there and save something than deal with the other stores.

    • Nancybgood14

      awesome thanks jenny.
      I was wondering if you had a blog for sharing how to save money on other things like. Right now I am investigating Solor power. And I wanted to make sure my math was correct and discuss any problem with this idea before going ahead with it.
      Just wondering thanks

    • Michele

      Found Kraft shredded cheese packs on sale at Walmart today for $2. I used this $5 coupon and paid $1 for each pack. :)

    • SabySmooth1

      This has made Homemade pizza and Eggplant parm a very affordable meal this week! I was SO excited to see you say that we could print another set!

    • Rclay18

      Last week I got 10 Philly cream cheese for 4.5 cents each at Winn Dixie using this coupon. I just printed two more. Yay!

    • I tried to use the original print at a midwest grocery chain (Marsh) and was told by the cashier that they could not accept an internet coupon over $1. I checked their written policy online and it said they not accept internet coupons of $5 or over, so I couldn't have used it regardless. My local Kroger is also kind of picky about high value printables. I will have to try Meijer if they have the cheese on sale before my coupon expires. No fun to have a coupon I can't use anywhere:(.

      • DonnaTN

        If you can find some of the Kraft products that have a peelie on them that say “SAVE $5” on it. That is actually not a coupon but tells you you can print out the $5/5 coupon from their site. Maybe if you have that peelie they will feel better that is not fake.

    • Amy K-town

      Does anyone know how long the Walmart special is going on? Don't like to shop at Walmart…but will for this deal!

    • Awsixweavers

      I tried to use it at publix and was told it was fraudelent. Very embarrassing

      • Not fraudulent, your store is confused. It's probably that the store does not like to take high-value coupons and assumes all are fraudulent. It's from Kraft's website.

    • Crappiedr

      I used two at my Publix yesterday, It is a good Q. Ocala Fla. Store

    • Joy

      Has anyone tried this coupon at a Harris Teeter? If so did it beep? Thanks for any input you have!

      • Pdudeck

        I used one last week without problems, just the $5 coupon, no other coupons toward the items

        • Joy


    • Ker23320

      I used one last week at Publix in Ormond Beach, FL. Matched it up with 2 Publix Q's on Chunk Cheese. Got 2 chunk cheeses, 1 sour cream and 2 cottage cheeses for less than $5.00. Great Coupon.

    • Ptogroup

      Publix has the Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese on sale for 2 for $5.00. If you stack this $5 off any 5 Kraft cheese coupon with the $1.00 off 1 Kraft Deli Deluxe Publix Store coupon, offered at the Kraft Site just go to printables and look for the Kraft site tab, thats five packages of Kraft cheese for $2.50. You too can do the happy, happy cheese dance

      • Joevsziggy

        Where did you get the publix store coupon? Thanks.

    • Guest

      Tried to use mine at a Walmart market in Orlando Florida.. was told the coupon was fake.. I was embarassed. I'll go back to shopping at Publix where the people are a little sharper and will let you use REAL coupons.

    • Princessb094

      im trying to get a honey nut cheerios coupon and they r sending me around the world either give me the coupon or let me know if it is expired im 60 yrs i dont have time to play no follow the bee game

    • me

      I'm new to coupon-ing, but walgreens let me use this on mac and cheese. i stacked it with a coupon in their circular for this last sunday for up to 3 @ .99. They also let me use a third .50 cent coupon on kraft! NICE!