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  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
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  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
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Over the last two weeks Kroger corporate has been rolling out some big changes in their computer system and coupon policy.

The first change:

You can no longer use an eCoupon with a paper coupon.

This was already part of their policy for coupons loaded from Kroger.com and P&G eCoupons, but is new for Cellfire and Shortcut eCoupon users.  In the past you were to patrol yourself and just try to not use them together, but now the computer will stop any paper coupon from being used if an eCoupon has already been applied.

How does this affect you?

There are two traits of an eCoupon that make this a very BAD thing:

  1. They don’t double.
  2. Once loaded to your card they are coming off whether you want to use it or not.

Because electronic coupons do not double, you are going to find paper coupons that are much higher values or would be better after the coupon doubles.  So… I would recommend only loading eCoupons to your card that you KNOW you want and will use.  If you load a lot to your card and then find a paper coupon, your eCoupon will be accepted while your paper coupon is turned away.

Remember only coupons loaded from Kroger.com can be removed from your card before shopping.  All other eCoupons will either come off when you use them or when they expire.

One way to keep using eCoupons, is just to have them as a backup if you want to buy more of an item than you have paper coupons for.  In other words you want 3 boxes of cereal but only have 2 paper coupons, then load the eCoupon so that you have a coupon for the third box.

The Second Change:

Kroger stores in the Houston, TX area will no longer be doubling and tripling coupons as of April 13, 2011. They are citing that is because traditional coupon use is on the decline and digital coupons are increasing.

Sadly that is not what is happening but is what Kroger wants to be happening.  According the national coupon trends for 2010 released two months ago 3.7 billion dollars were saved using coupons in 2010 and 87.7% of those coupons came from the Sunday paper (ahem… not digital).

Will we see this in other areas?

For everyone that is worried that the sky is falling, this second change is just in the Houston market.  The main reason why, because a majority of the stores in the Houston market (namely H-E-B) already don’t double coupons.  So Kroger feels little need to compete for your business with that policy.

I can’t pretend to know what Kroger corporate has up their sleeve, but I would tell you from a retail and marketing standpoint I hope they are wise enough to not take this corporate wide.  In most areas of the South East Kroger has a strong market competition from Publix, Bi-Lo, and Winn Dixie.  Most of these stores double coupons every day of the week, so making a policy change like that in a competitive market is not likely.

For everyone though, this is not the end of digital coupons for us… I have exciting news to share with you but it’s still two weeks away.  So tune back in on or around April 19th for something that is going to make digital coupons exciting again and that can be used at a lot more places than Kroger!

    • A_shrader

      I don’t feel as if the sky is falling. However, I do not care how Kroger chooses to handle couponing in general. I can choose 1 of 3 Krogers and each store does it differently. Quite frankly I’m tired of dealing with them. I had a coupon for country crock off of coupon.com for 55cents off, I was helping my BIL do his first-ever coupon experience. He grabbed a big tub so I thought I would help with the coupon. The cashier and CSM were quite rude to me telling me I had a fraudulent coupon…b/c the ONLY “real” internet coupons come from Smartsource. I tried to show them the security features and where they could verify it, nope, it was fraudulent. Ya know, I get plenty of stuff for free without trying to cheat a system. I understand Kroger’s thoughts about losing money by doubling coupons, but for every coupon they receive they actually get 8cents above and beyond face value, do they not? Also, while I’m in Kroger (instead of Wal-Mart, Food Lion, or Publix) I may decide to get their produce, fresh meat, milk, eggs, Deli items, and storebrand items that I usually don’t have a coupon for….so they are making money on me with these items at full price. Also, I used to receive WIC, while I was in the store of my choice (Kroger) for all my couponing needs, I would pick up WIC as well. When the babies were on formula, that is a sizable amount per month, now it is only $60…..but that sale will go elsewhere too. I am now going to drive an hour to Publix (splitting the cost of gas with friends by carpooling) and I will give Publix my business, all other times, I will go to the DREADED Wal-Mart. It doesn’t need to be made out that I am a thief. I am not. I was only trying to use a system they CHOOSE to put in place.

    • Trish31

      Here’s a link to send a comment to Publix, thanking them for their coupon policies or your commitment to shop there (if you have one nearby). Mention that you choose them over Kroger. This is important to them.

    • April

      Thanks for the info. I had trouble at Kroger a couple of weeks ago with an eCoupon and a paper coupon. I didn't know it, but I had 1 eCoupon on my card for Philly Cooking Creme. I bought 2 of them. I tried to use a paper coupon for the 2nd one and they wouldn't let me. The cashier called her manager. They said it doesn't matter how many you buy, if there is an eCoupon (even if it only applied to 1 item), it rejects all other coupons. The cashier said when she scanned it, the computer kept saying that there were too many coupons and she couldn't over ride it. Maybe they have fixed this, but just something to keep in mind.

    • Crycoupons

      Since they won't be doubling anyway, I would not scan my loyalty card until after giving all my manufacturer coupons first, therefore those coupons go through first instead of any ecoupons. :)

      • griffins00

        the problem with this is that your savings plus card has a lot to do with what price the items ring up. my experience has been that the price will not always ring up as the “sale” price if my card is not scanned first.

        • Nurseforjeff24

          The “discount” for the sale will deduct once you scan your card. You do not have to scan it at the beginning to get the savings. I often scan my card midway through or at the end of the transaction and it always deducts the “sale savings” at the bottom part of the receipt. I think crycoupons has the right idea until all the digital coupons you hae loaded on your card expire and drop off if you don't want to use them.

      • Lunaln75

        Unless they have fixed the problem, which they may have with all the changes, if you give the cashier your Kroger card after coupons the system will not double your coupons… so really check your receipt.

      • Julie

        This won't affect sale prices as they will adjust as soon as card is scanned. It will however affect Catalinas. My stores system does not print Catalinas unless card is scanned before anything is rang up.

    • Bee

      I can understand why, as a business they want digital coupons to become the norm from a paperwork and accounting perspective. However, if they look to the history of implementing such technology 100 percent, they would realize they can't “force” the issue. Many people still do not use the Internet on a daily basis and have no interest in maintaining a digital coupon account.

      The way I currently view digital coupons is if I don't have a better paper coupon. In addition, people who absolutely loathe using paper coupons don't have to pay full price.

      I have read on other forums that people are having problems using one e-coupon for the first item and a paper one for subsequent identical items. Stores are telling them “No.”

      E-books have not yet replaced actual books. For any corporation to believe they have the power to alter perceptions and habits overnight is a little beyond arrogant and borders on insanity.

      • Bee

        Oh, and Kroger keeps trying to push the mobile application, as if all people could afford smartphones with expensive data plans. I am really disappointed in their attitude. I considered them my favorite store.

        • AD

          I don't even have a cell phone, let alone a smart phone. If they're going to be like that, I'm going to stop shopping there. It's bad enough that they stopped the paper + e-coupons.

      • shops2much

        as a child I remember the same sort of uproar when the first Self Serve gas stations came out…overtime everyone got used to it…I am just saying..

        • Bee

          LOL I don't think I've ever even someone having their gas pumped for them and I am almost 40.

          I get what you are saying, but I think it's a little bit different situation. The stores are exerting a LOT more control over how, when and how much we save if it goes all digital. It will really cut down on fraud, which is a good thing.

          I still know plenty of people who don't even know what digital coupons are. They don't follow coupon blogs and Kroger has only recently begun aggressively promoting digital coupons. Kroger is the only chain in my area that offers digital coupons. Many are just now getting into the swing of internet coupons.

          Yes, over time people will get used to it because we have to and it is progress. We don't own the Kroger corporation. However, we do own the discretionary dollars coming into our homes.

          While eventually all chains with loyalty cards will probably offer some sort of digital savings, it seems as if Kroger thinks they are holding all the cards. In a capitalistic society, they may have half, but even the megalomaniacs at Wal-Mart are beginning to realize consumers have brains and the means to go elsewhere.

          • shops2much

            Ha! I am a little older than you, but I know of places in NYC where they still pump gas, clean windows ect. oh, people also hated the Kroger Plus card not too long ago.
            accepting things I can not change I suppose

          • Come on over to New Jersey where it's illegal to pump your own gas. Full serve is the only option. That'll be quite a hoot for you to witness I'm sure.

            • Tnjcent

              I can't imagine…here in Murfreesboro, Tn, we have a freedom of choice…to pump or not to pump..full serve is an option….nice option!

            • Bee

              I’m just not used to it. Have always pumped my own gas–don’t understand the complexity of it. My 16 (almost 17) year old has always pumped her own gas.

              It would be nice when the weather is bad, but down here we don’t get too much terrible weather. Wouldn’t trade living here for anything and many of my neighbors who moved her from FL and states like NJ totally agree. :)

          • Marie

            I’m originally from NJ. We get our gas pumped for us — and the gas is cheaper! Imagine that! It’s awesome when the weather is awful!

    • Klonghall

      Just one more reason to do the majority of my shopping at Publix! Their customer service far surpasses the Krogers in my area. Plus, those sweet people who bag my groceries will always carry it to my car. At Kroger, I've had to bag my own groceries on more than one occasion. And, at Publix, I never have to count my items into groups of 10 to save money. BOGOs are so straightforward and easy. Kroger just makes couponing harder, so I'm getting tired of trying to ever play their game. It's not worth it to me.

    • Kati

      Oh the suspense is killing me, why are you making us wait two weeks?! haha…I heard about the situation in Houston the other day and it made me a little nervous thinking it would eventually affect the Atlanta area. Hopefully, Kroger is smart enough to know better…I have two other grocery stores within five miles of my house that double, so they will be losing my business even though I've been a loyal Kroger shopper for years.

      I've already deleted almost all of my Kroger e-coupons from my card….but is there any way to delete the cellfire coupons?? I haven't tried going to the site yet to see if that is possible.

      • Vivianmarie244

        Stated above :)

        Remember only coupons loaded from Kroger.com can be removed from your card before shopping. All other eCoupons will either come off when you use them or when they expire.

    • Sissydewitt

      I discussed this with a Kroger manager and he told me to go ahead and use the ecoupon and my paper coupon and to tell the clerk to have it overridden . I checked out at the store and I thought the clerk was going to blow her top. She was not happy when I told her what the store manager had said. She finally got a floor manager who did override the transaction so I could use both. She was extremely angry also. They both had to discuss the issue extremely loud!

    • mb

      Everybody in the Houston area please use the survey on your receipts to leave feedback about the change of double and triple coupons. Lets do whatever we can do to stop this!!

    • Michelle

      I had an ecoupon and a paper coupon for the same item- which the register indicated. The cashier was nice enough to just ring up my paper coupon since she could not remove my ecoupon. Hope this happens often!

    • Amm6300

      Another reason to shop at my new Publix close to my house instead of driving 15 minutes to Kroger.

    • Julie

      Kroger's coupon policies have always been a bit lame (only doubling up to $.50 anyway), but this takes the cake. I rarely shop there these days and this certainly doesn't change things with Lowe's and HT in my area that will double up to $.99 every day. Also here in NC, all the prices you post on the weekly lists for products at Kroger are ALWAYS $.10 more here (for EVERYTHING). It is like an across the board $.10 tax on all products and we already have to pay tax on food (where many states do not). Kroger needs a spanking.

    • Kathrynwmorris

      I live in Lexington, KY. Pretty much all we have is Kroger. This Summer I am moving to Houston. Ugh!!! Anyone in Houston where do you shop?

      • sarah

        i am in Lexington too. have you shoped at Meijer? i have found that if i do not have an ecoupon or paper coupon it is cheaper by at least $1 at Meijer. they also double coupons up to 50 cents.

        • I happen to like Meijer but am a little partial since it's where I met my husband! We both worked for them and for what it's worth, they treat their employees very well. I wish we had one down in GA. I'm so thankful for my Publix's down here though. Just loaded up on a bunch of BOGO's and spent $78, saved $76. Kroger generally only gets my business for meat and milk. Now, I will certainly go out of my way to avoid them even if it means dragging my kids with me to another store. Not a wise move, Kroger.

          • Sherri

            I used to live in Chattanooga and we had bi lo, publix and food lion and I loved publix so much because you can use two coupons for BOGO's and same for BiLo too until I moved to Columbus, Ohio and discovered that Meijer only accept one coupon for BOGO which sucks and Kroger doesn't have much BOGO and Giant Eagle has nice BOGO but no coupons to reduce price so it's a challenge for me and learned a lot of their coupon policies so I truly do miss publix and Bi Lo! But I'm loving their double coupon up to 99 cents which helps me to save $$.

      • Rachel

        In Houston we have a variety of supermarkets, it mostly depends on where you live. The main Kroger competitor is HEB which doesn’t double coupons, but they do have other good sales. There are also Randall’s and Fiesta. Never fear, you will have other options!

    • Rachel

      Speaking for someone in the Houston market, this was a terrible blow when we first heard of this! Kroger has been saying that if it works here, they will take this (non-doubling coupons) into a wider market. So that we can stop this before it gets any further, please take a moment to share your DISLIKE of this new policy, even if you are not in the Houston area. You don't want this to happen to you too!!!

    • cvilleky

      Anyone here shop at Kroger's in Campbellsville, KY? Do they double?

    • Whitneysparks

      I am very disappointed to hear this. I live in College Station and saw this reported on our t.v. I teach a coupon night at my coupon nights and have always tried to get H-E-B customers to consider shopping at Kroger. I have had several that have made the transition just because of all the savings. Now that this is going to occur, I'm not sure that I can guarantee that Kroger will have the lowest prices. This just seems so ridiculous to me. What's the use of even having coupons that could double or triple when nobody in your town even accepts them? Anyways….I will not be going to be bed happy tonight:( Kroger has always been one of my favorite places to shop, but I'm not sure now what to do. I guess I'll just test the waters at other places and see what works.

      • Hey Whitney! good to see you here! Do you know if this is for sure going to affect the BCS Krogers?

        HEB might not double coupons, but their original prices are lower than Kroger's, and their produce is much much cheaper. If this is an attempt to try and control the obesity epidemic in the Houston area, I think it's lousy.

        For those of you HT & Publix-lovers out there, remember that Texans don't have as many options for saving money. The $1 off coupons Jenny lists from the PG inserts are only worth 50 cents for us.. this “not doubling” thing will be a big hit for us.

        • Tnjcent

          You have a voice! Spread the word, communicate and get a strategy…then unite and go forward and COMPLAIN if need be.! I guarantee, Kroger will LISTEN!…they need consumer opposition! At the same tme, they need GUIDANCE! Remind them what a loyal customer you have been. At the same time, put fear into them….you can stop shopping there…..you can always choose……over them…….

        • Whitneysparks

          I talked to our Kroger the other night off Booneville and nothing she told me seemed accurate so far. She said that you could still stack a paper coupon with an ecoupon and for the first time in years that has not worked for me this week. I went to Kroger twice and both times the cashier gave me back two of my coupons saying that it was showing that the ecoupon went through and wouldn’t accept my paper one.

          With that happening, then yes. I think they probably will quit doubling/tripling in our area. I’m still going to be asking questions. But I’m not making any promises that I’m going to keep promoting Kroger like I’ve done in the past. See ya, friend:)

    • I drive an hour to publix and waste $15 in gas, so I do not have to shop at Kroger that is 20 minutes away. Publix is that much better than Kroger.

      • Trish

        Amen Jessica, Kroger makes me so mad with their dumb couponing policies. I would so much rather shop at Publix where both me and my coupons are appreciated.

    • Indycouponer

      The only way that I have found around the ecoupons to ensure that I don't short change myself, is to have reusable bags on hand, along with the list of ecoupons that I have. I will put the items that have ecoupons into the bag(s). I will break my transactions up if that is what I have to do, until I can get rid of all the ecoupons that I have loaded. This way, I still get my deals, and don't accidently put a product that i have a paper coupon on in with things that I have ecoupons. Makes more work for me, but it makes more work for them too, as now, the line is held up just a little longer with my seperate transactions.

      • Indycouponer

        We still double here, so I like crycoupons idea, but to get my max savings I have to break down the transactions.

    • Cooperfarms

      I called our local Kroger in Columbus, MS today about this policy. I have went and deleted all my eCoupons that I do not want to use. Thankfully, our Kroger is still doubling coupons at this time. I am very thankful for this. I love Kroger and have saved tons there, but if they stop doubling I will be forced to take my business elsewhere.

    • Indycouponer

      I hear so many great things about PUBLIX, I wish we had one here. :(

      • Calista

        ME TOOO!!

    • Jessica Auner

      I was at Kroger the other day and I was very suprized when I went to buy 6 six pack Pedisures and I had 6 blinkie coupons and I was told that I could only use 2 coupons for the same like items per transaction. She even called a manager over to confirm this. Is this something new or something that is just for that store?

      • Indycouponer

        I have not run into that YET… but who knows when we all will. I bought 12 bags of Pedigree and had 12 $3 off coupons,and had no problem. As long as I bought what the coupons said, they were ok with it here.

        If the continued to do that , I would break the transactions up. Why not get your max savings. I do it at the drug stores, and if I have to I will do it at the grocery store too. LOL

      • April

        I had that happen a couple of weeks ago, but was told it only applied to Internet printable coupons.

      • Csasc2004

        I really think some Managers in Kroger can make that call. Like in the company I work for. Some things we can decide weather or not we can put limits on certain things.

    • That's ok, I will still just shop at Harris Teeter. They double up to .99 daily AND have their own digital coupons that you CAN stack! Kroger will be losing a lot of business.

    • Thanks for the heads up Jenny : ) Looking forward to the 19th :D

    • Thanks for the heads up Jenny : ) Looking forward to the 19th :D

    • Janatberry

      saw this on another sight last week….they said it was going to be starting in all Kroger stores soon..guess we'll just have to wait and see.

      • Sherri

        it already hit in Columbus, Ohio as I was able to combine ecoupons with manufacturers coupon together until last week they wouldn't accept one paper coupon because their computer said can't use it so it has hit here recently which discourages my coupon students so I encourage them same what Jenny said to use paper coupons if you want it to double and don't add ecoupons to your card and told them to study, watch and spend wisely.

    • Sibyl

      I am in Houston, and this is not a good thing at all. I do not use e-coupons, for one reason—I can not remember what I put on my card. I love double and triple coupons. They say they are going make it “better”. How can it be better, when I could get things for free or near free with sales, and double/triple coupons? There is one chain of grocery stores here that still double/triple but they don't have a store within 30 minutes from me, and they are considerably more expensive than Kroger, HEB, or WalMart. So we shall see. I hope this flops and others won't have to go through this.

      • Kellybelly0628

        i am in the houston area also, and found this news to be terriable. just when i started couponing, all this crazyness happens. what other store doubles in the houston area, i might need to search them out?

        • Sibyl

          As far as I know Randalls is the only one that does. HEB will take coupons, but if you use their yellow in store coupons, you can not use mfg. coupons. I have asked them numerous times, because it is an in house coupon, and a mfg. coupon, should be able to be stacked but NO. I might need to call corporate concerning this. I don't know if they take internet coupons, but don't think they do. So it is quite hard finding some places in such a large city as Houston.

          • Jennifer

            I'm in Houston too! The yellow coupons at HEB that are in store do have manufacturer coupon written on the top and begin with a 5 which means they are manufacturer coupons. this is why you cannot use an additional manufacturer coupon. However, with their freebie deals, you CAN use a manufacturer coupon on the item or items you are actually purchasing and one of the yellow manufacturer coupons on the free items. Hope this helps! I've never shopped at Fiesta, but am thinking I may start since Kroger's change.

            • Jennifer, I really have never shopped at Fiesta either, but the only one close to me is pretty nasty, so I would pass on that one, at least for me. I am just going to have to be more disciplined at going and shopping sales better. I have time to do it, but just don't. I usually have gone to one store or another. But need to be more of a Cherry Picker.

          • CorrieH

            Houston area shopper here – Randalls also has e-coupons too. I don't know their policy as I did all my primary grocery shopping at Kroger but I am now checking other stores. You may want to also consider some of the smaller more independent grocery stores.

            I went to a Food Basket in Magnolia yesterday. Not only do they still double and triple coupons, they had cigarettes for $10 cheaper per carton than anyone around here… $15 cheaper per carton over Kroger! Friendly service – not hardly a soul in the store other than the checkers. Every cash register was open and waiting to help me. I saved $30 for buying three cartons for my smokers in the family and they also gave me a free jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter!

            You can also take the HEB coupons in the newspaper for national products that give the discounted price on them to Wal-Mart for a price match. For example: this week's HEB ad had a coupon for Toaster Strudel 2 for $2. You can take that to Walmart and they will now match it since they have updated their coupon policy.

            We have a lot more choices than we think!!

    • Csasc2004

      Boy this really makes me mad, I don't have a Harris Teeter anywhere around where I live so that is out of the question. Also our Publix is about 30 miles away and I have no reason to go to that side of town. I have really gotten into coupon thing these past 2 years and now this will limit alot of the things I usually buy. Maybe just maybe Harris Teeter and another Publix will build up in my side of town, but highly unlikely

    • Baltzt

      Yes, I replied to a post on here about a month or so ago that our Kroger in NE Arkansas would not let you use paper Qs and ecoupons. So I haven't been able to do this for a while, and have quit shopping at Kroger unless they have some awesome coupons like the $3 off Charium. I have been just comping at Wal-Mart. But I still buy my meat at Kroger can't beat the fresh cut and they have awesome sales on their meat pretty often but I used to buy around 200 a week here but no more and neither does my daughter. I say their sales will go down and if they stop doubling I know it will kill them with this economy right now.

      • tara

        I dont know if you have a Harris Teeter there but their meat is the best…they are one of the few stores that actually still cut their own meat….most stores have it shipped in pre-cut kroger included…at least the ones in my area. Good Luck!!

    • Sheeba

      This is not good for us Kroger shoppers. The economy is bad and we have to try to save any way we can. Just another way for the “rich” to take away from the “poor”. There is absolutely nothing us poor people at the bottom of the totem pole can do about. Guess we will just have to go without and continue to get poorer. My paycheck surely isn't going to make up for it. I will be looking for deals at other stores now.

      • Missy

        I agree with you Sheeba! I shop Kroger several times a week and spend good money there and with 3 growing boys it surely doesn't help me out any for them to do this. It was before, that I would shop for EVERYTHING at Kroger even if I did pay .25 more for some things I would go ahead and do it, because I knew I could get my savings on some other item in the store and my grocery bill would still come out cheaper. I won't say I am going to stop shopping there, but I will say if I find the deal better somewhere else I will get it there. So with all that said, I won't be shopping at Kroger as much as I did.

    • 50watts

      I wonder how long it will be before Publix revises their coupon policy as well! :(

      • BigDog

        Ours only lets us use 4 like coupons on sale items period. And if it says DND they supress the coupon doubling every time.

    • Mrscori2006

      I live in the Atlanta area and noticed this change a few weeks ago. My local Krogers started a policy of ONE coupon per item, period. No more combining e-coupons w/ paper as we read about here, but also no more combining manufacturer's coupons with store coupons/catalinas. They lost my business that day and I have started shopping at the Publix 1 mile from my house instead of driving 15 minutes to Kroger. If they stop doubling I'm sure they will lose a lot of shoppers.

      • MFamMom

        My Kroger also won't let us use more than 5 coupons on any sale items and didn't tell me that until she had finished the transaction and handed the unused coupons back to me. If I would have known about this new policy I would have chosen other items to make up my 10 for the mega sale last week….I already shop at Publix 95% of the time so now it will be more like 99%…too bad for Kroger!!!

        • Bonjour4paris

          What city is that in?

    • Courtneyslp1

      Booooooo!!!! I was beginning to like Publix better already because I can get better deals there. Now, Kroger has lost the most of my business. The meat sales will still probably be worth it, and the gas discount that I can get at Shell on top of the occasional Shell gas card deal at Publix will keep me doing *some* business there. Primarily, I'm done with Krogering.

    • Bluegrass2thebone

      I'm good with going digital as long as the deals are comparable. Lets stop killing trees with this Sunday newspaper madness. In the area we live in (Extreme NE GA), we can't get the right coupon feeds anyway. The AJC never gets it right and we end up going to online services to purchase them. I would go completely digital if it were an option. Don't worry about “double” coupons on a .50c coupon. Just give me a $1 digital coupon and take it off at the register.

    • Lisa

      I used to go to Kroger. Now I only go if they have what I need at that moment for a good price. They have been rude to coupon users! I at least get treated with respect when I go to Publix! I hope they see that they aren't helping their sales by doing this! To me I will be happy to take my business elsewhere just like I have done with Walmart! I like to be treated like they appreciate my business!

    • I happen to like Meijer but am a little partial since it's where I met my husband! We both worked for them and for what it's worth, they treat their employees very well. I wish we had one down in GA. I'm so thankful for my Publix's down here though. Just loaded up on a bunch of BOGO's and spent $78, saved $76. Kroger generally only gets my business for meat and milk. Now, I will certainly go out of my way to avoid them even if it means dragging my kids with me to another store. Not a wise move, Kroger.

    • Donna-Lynne

      I live in Las Vegas and the new non-stacking update hit here in the last week. You guys in the SE are lucky that stores there double coupons. None of our stores double! Also, there is no Publix here. I am jealous. I would definitely shop there if we had one here. Smith's (our version of Kroger) still has the best prices here even if they don't double or allow stacking anymore. Even without doubling, I usually save 55% to 96%, averaging 69.6% in 2010 and 70.6% so far this year. I love this site for all the coupon info and links. Prices and brands are not always the same but they are close enough. :) I recommend this site to everyone here in Vegas.

    • Yep, the Kroger thing caught me off guard last week. All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR PUBLIX.

    • Kristi

      I ran in to this just this just this past week. I had an ecoupon loaded that I had forgotten about. It knocked out a paper coupon that I was planning to use, that would have doubled. Arg! I made up for it, though. I had an ecoupon for a sale product that I had also forgotten about. Deodorant for free!!! Yay.
      I haven't noticed anything about Kroger in my area not doubling. Hope that doesn't happen here!

    • tara

      I think it would be easier for me to get a new kroger card to keep blank and use my current one with loaded ones for those specific items that i need an ecoupon for. The krogers in my town never would let me stack them so I wont experience much change there. I have found since my couponing started I shop there less anyway…looks like they dont want yo keep my business very much…I think I will write and tell them just that. Thanks for the information!!!

    • Tnjcent

      Let's try to GO PUBLIX(or your favorite coupon friendly grocery store) all the way, folks! Please contact Kroger Corp. and let them know that we have other options. Brag to them about their competitors and how you will shop to make the best deals with couponing, with or without them! This is also the time for consumers to learn about all their local store coupon policies . We need to let Kroger know they have been a vital part of our lives but we will GO SHOP where we consumers can get the BEST DEALS! I feel for you folks who don't have Publix. Here in Murfreesboro Tn, we do not have a Harris Teeter, Albertsons or Bi Lo. We have Publix, Kroger, Save a Lot, Aldi's, GFS, United Grocery Outlet Food Lion and Walmart. We also have Sam's warehouse. As consumers, we do need as many supermarkets as possible! Competition does help with lowering prices. Please write Kroger Corp. and let them know what you think and how thieir changes affect your families! Also, PLEASE write to your other local grocery stores(corporate) and praise them and ask them to continue catering to us. We will remain loyal in return. Folk's, we do have choices and we also have buying POWER! Continue blogs and let's continue to inform each other! Thank you Jenny and Southern Savers! PLEASE keep us posted. I am grateful for your knowledge, ALWAYS! You have helped me and my family IMMENSLY!

    • GAmommy

      The “new” news is SO exciting! The suspence is already killing me!

    • sharon60

      I wonder how many of the 50 cent or less coupons I use per week – gonna have to dig into that horrible folder with all those receipts that I always intend to load into a spreadsheet and never do….but would like to see how much more this would cost me if this snowballs and the SE Kroger no longer double coupons or God forbid, nobody doubles.

      Using this site has given me the luxury of trying out all kinds of products that I would never have tried before and because of that (and coupons) I now purchase a lot of them on a regular basis. That could change if they no longer double and even though I'm a small cog in a big wheel, I think there are a lot of people out there in the same boat. In the long run it could impact manufacturers, you know, the domino effect.

      Oh well, if that happens I guess we'll all go back to “beans and taters” :)

      • Tnjcent

        You are a valuable consumer and so am I! We make the wheel turn! I too have used this site to try new products. We have got to stick together, regroup and decide where we will shop and who we will give our money to. It doesn't matter where we all live…..we will take control as consumers…..no beans and taters for my family and I! Hopefully not for you either!

        • sharon60

          You go Tnjcent! I'm with ya'

          • Tnjcent

            Spread the word! we need to have POWER in numbers….continue to let folks and store managers know how we all feel! We want to SAVE big time! We also don't want to allow the big wheels to dictate how we will save. We all need to speak out and WE are the ones spending!

    • Tnjcent

      I read a lot of your comments. There are a lot of anxious folks and there's excitement!
      Again, let's try to GO PUBLIX (or your favorite coupon friendly grocery store) all the way, folks! Please contact Kroger Corp. and let them know that we have other options. Brag to them about their competitors and how you will shop to make the best deals with couponing, with or without them! This is also the time for consumers to learn about all their local store coupon policies . We need to let Kroger know they have been a vital part of our lives but we will GO SHOP where we consumers can get the BEST DEALS! I feel for you folks who don't have Publix. Here in Murfreesboro Tn, we do not have a Harris Teeter, Albertsons or Bi Lo. We have Publix, Kroger, Save a Lot, Aldi's, GFS, United Grocery Outlet Food Lion and Walmart. We also have Sam's warehouse. As consumers, we do need as many supermarkets as possible! Competition does help with lowering prices. Please write Kroger Corp. and let them know what you think and how thieir changes affect your families! Also, PLEASE write to your other local grocery stores(corporate) and praise them and ask them to continue catering to us. We will remain loyal in return. Folk's, we do have choices and we also have buying POWER! Continue blogs and let's continue to inform each other! Thank you Jenny and Southern Savers! PLEASE keep us posted. I am grateful for your knowledge, ALWAYS! You have helped me and my family IMMENSLY!

    • TamCoupon

      I'm not a fan of Kroger anyway , so this does not affect me . PUBLIX ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!

    • SDlifer10

      Hi All!

      I live in San Diego, CA. Just want to say that only Ralphs (Kroger affiliate) doubles coupons. The two other major chains; Albertsons and Vons (Safeway), stopped many many years ago. Also, the stores out here will not let us use 2 coupons on B1G1 items. You guys are so lucky! Although I can't receive all the awesome deals you guys can, I love reading about it. Thanks Jenny!

    • Felene

      I live in the Galveston County area in Dickinson, Texas. The Kroger store I shop at is literally one minute from my house.
      I'm not mad about the change, but I am aggravated at myself for not couponing earlier. I started in January and have saved so much money!!!
      My Kroger will start the new coupon policy soon, so I will use as many double and triple coupons that I can until then.

      Kroger is not the center of my universe.
      I have lots of choices…
      Walmart — 4 minutes from my house
      HEB — 3 minutes from my house
      CVS — 2 minutes from my house
      Walgreens — 2 minutes from my house…Not finished — another 31/2 minutes from my house … not finished — another 41/2 minutes from my house
      Target — 4 minutes from my house

      Jenny I can't thank you enough for all the vital shopping information I have received from your site.

      I look at other coupon sites, but I always come back to yours. It's easy to follow, and the lay out is not so busy that it keeps you from being able to take it all in because there is so much clutter.

      I am not in a panic that the main grocery store I go to is going to chop off a good portion of savings that I have become accustomed to as of lately.

      You want to know why? Because of Southern Savers, that's why. It has taught me that I have lots of choices when it comes to shopping. I've also learned that I have ways that I can still get great savings that Kroger is taking away from me.
      Before joining Southern Savers, I never shopped at drugstores, but now I'm armed and ready to use them even more. Who knows? I might not even miss those double and triple coupons!!

      Thanks again, Jenny!!!
      Your biggest Fan,
      M Gillaspia
      Galveston County Texas
      Gig 'em!

    • Shinne6

      very sad news about Kroger….but I am finding that those of us who are determined to find a bargain and save money, will do it dispite ever changing store policies. We will simply take our dollar where it buys us the most.

    • Wdstockguy

      Question…..when using the self check-out, could you not wait until the end of your order to scan your Kroger Plus Card…..AFTER paper coupons have been deducted?

      As a side note, I was just at Kroger yesterday afternoon and had no problem using both e-coupons and paper coupons together. My bill was $49.12 before coupons, and $14.55 after! Woohoo! **And I ALWAYS use the self check-out.

      • cheryl

        I haven't personally tried it, but many people have said they've tried waiting til the end to scan their plus card. The problem seems to be that you HAVE to scan the plus card to get your coupon to double, so the only way that would work is if you were only using high value coupons that wouldn't double anyway (over 50 cents in my area).

      • Kathyq57

        I have been doing that too but on Monday my Lawrenceville Kroger said no more. :(

    • PUMKIN1754

      So with these changes, which store has the best policy as far as using e-coupons and paper? I do not have a publix within 100 miles.

    • Dtcox

      dont know who is going to stop this but i think it will hurt their business bad in v a . you can go to lowes food and double so far

    • momof3

      Everyone, With that stupid couponing TV show out there that shows folks taking advantage over and over again at their stores, wouldn't you change your policies? Someone, blame that stupid show, not the company that is responding to it! (I actually had a bad experience at Kroger yesterday, but that's different….)

      Jenny, Would you please, please start publishing Meijer deals, then? I actually prefer Meijer to Kroger, but I can't find a site that actually does a good job of publishing their deals. (One was grossly inaccurate, and one just gave one of two of the deals…)

      • Ebroniak

        I agree…please please please include Meijer on your list Jenny!!!!!!

      • brenda

        It's called SOUTHERN SAVERS. Meijer is only in OH, IN, IL, KY & MI. Why would she do Meijer..? She doesn't even get a flyer.

        • Kyladyslipper

          Ok, I'm in KY and last I heard, we're in the South. I have Kroger and Food Lion in my town and use S. Savers for my stores.

    • Well, all the more reason to continue avoiding Kroger. It's a trashy store, they have crappy produce, need I say more?

      This is not going to go over well if they do this corporate wide (particularly the no more doubling of coupons)… funny how they literally wait to the onset of massive price inflation that's on our doorsteps to tell everyone. 'BTW – you'll no longer be getting that extra $0.10, $0.20, or $0.50 off on that item from your coupon doubling!'

      • Bryarsmom

        I agree on the condition of their stores…reminds me of the filthy Winn Dixie's-YIKES!

        • Bee

          Must be a thing controlled by region. I have yet to walk into a dirty Kroger and their produce is very good quality. The store I go to regularly is quite nice.

    • Ssperdue96

      sad cuz I did save tons at Krogers then saved tons on gas. I have to agree that show needs to be removed. Before you know it, they are going to change policies at all stores.

    • The Kroger near me in Atlanta no longer accepts two coupons on an item (store and manufacturer) and also will not accept printed coupons for any free items. There was something else on their policy but I can't remember…I know it was enough for me to say goodbye to Kroger.

    • Pergocheesy

      it is sad for Kroger customers. but I seldom shop there anymore. the store near me is forever mismarking sale items and I always end up with a headache at the register. so i really only go there as a last resort. i used to be a regular shopper, but they just don't have their act together.

      • Baybaysmom85

        when u think the deal may be unreal, take a picture with your phone. that way when you get to the register all you have to do is show the cashier and or manager. it saves time and leaves no room for error. That way the manager can't go back and change the price tag when you aren't looking.

    • 2BMD2013

      Can some one explain why they cannot double a e-coupon? I have never understood that.

      • jperk

        i think because the ecoupons are “store coupons” and they wont double their own coupon…only manufacturer coupons will double.

    • susan

      I live in Houston and I was told by a Kroger manager that Kroger's goal was to go all digital (paperlesss).

    • Janet

      I experienced a flaw in thier system and had to call the manager. I had an e-coupon and a paper coupon for the same item and purchased two of the products. When I checked out, the e-coupon came off and the computer denied my paper coupon. The cashier handed it back to me and told me that I had used an e-coupon. I tried to explain I had purchased two of the products and should be able to use both the e-coupon on one and the paper on the other but she wouldn't allow that. It also happened on the same brand but not same type. For example, I had an e-coupon for 75 cents off two Ball Park Franks which I purchased two of the product. I then had a paper coupon for 55 cents off Ball Park Angus Franks which I also purchased. The computer wouldn't allow me to take the paper coupon. When I called they told me that the cashier could override and take the paper one if I had purchased the right quantity/product. They need to tell their cashiers because she was not taking any paper ones if the register “beeped.”

      • Gwynsmom

        This happened to me too with the purchase of Yoplait yogurt. I had an e-coupon for .40/6 regular yogurt, a paper coupon for .40/6 regular yogurt and two paper coupons for .30/1 greek yogurt. The Kroger stores in my area had, until this trip, still been allowing the use of both paper & e-coupons on one product. After my paper coupon on the regular yogurt caused the register to beep, the cashier didn't even try to scan my paper coupons for the greek yogurt. She just handed them back to me and said “you can't use these either”.

    • CouponBoy5

      I used to go to Kroger's a lot before, but now I go to Lowes Foods instead. For those living in the North Carolina area and use a lot of coupons, it is a much better option. They double manufacturers couponsup to 99 cents, including some that even say DO NOT DOUBLE, and you are also allowed to use an ecoupon with it on the same item. They also except competitors coupons. Really, the only times when Krogers has better deals is when they have mega-events.

      • Liz

        I live in Durham & our coupons only double up to .50. We used to be able to use both print & e-coupons, but this week the software changed over in my store, so you may not be able to do that much longer.

    • Wez007

      I prefer to shop Publix anyway, Kroger's customer service is mostly pretty pathetic!

    • Blissfulblunder

      Not only to encounter the new policy at Kroger this past Wednesday, I am experiencing a problem that continues to happen every time I shop at Kroger and that is on loaded e-coupons not deducting automatically. I am an avid couponer so I pay close attention to my purchases and the accompanied coupons associated with those purchases. Even with my Kroger e-coupon list in hand showing as an active e-coupon along with expriation date, I point out the mistake only to be told they cannot help me and I would need to contact corporate. This has happened every time I have tried to shop there which I now find as a wasted effort in shopping at Kroger altogether. Along with those experiences and decline in customer service at my particular locations, I have chosen to not to shop at Kroger any longer. My local Publix has proven to be far superior with customer service and combination of weekly sales along with use of multiple or stackable coupons so Publix will be my store of choice from now on. Sorry if this may offend those who are fond of Kroger, but felt necessary to voice my concerns given the circumstances in which I have personally experienced…

      • Bryarsmom

        I got frustrated recently when K sent me an email, telling me they'd given me several FREE products in my e-Q's and all I had to do was load them. Well, I did and only 2 of the 4 took off at check-out.

        Thank goodness for our beloved PUBLIX here in GA.

        • Icoupon

          Same here. Then when I respectfully contacted them a few times to find out why some of the free item e-coupons I never used were showing up in the “remdeemed” category, they blew off my inquiries and said someone would get back to me. They never did.

    • Tracie

      But what stinks is when you live in a market where Kroger and Walmart are your only options…

    • Erin

      I feel for the people in Texas with no doubles, and I certainly liked my overage by stacking paper and ecoupons, but this isn't the end of the world. I look at it as an opportunity to purge even more processed foods from my diet. Most of the ecoupons were not-great-for-you options that are not necessities by any means. Yes, there were free and money-making personal care products, but it's not as if you can't get those deals elsewhere. I'm only surprised that it took Kroger this long to begin enforcing the stacking policy. It's a bit hard to complain about that one, since their policy was always one coupon per item–anything beyond was a bonus to the consumer. I feel no particular affection or loyalty for Kroger, but it's like they went with the honor system for a while, and consumers–me included–didn't follow the rules so they took it out of our hands. And I don't blame Extreme Couponing. Most couponers aren't couponing to that degree, but plenty are quite greedy when it comes to freebies or moneymakers–and they aren't very subtle about it. Just read comments here from time to time and you'll run into stories about shelf-clearers who “buy for free” every available box of pasta or TP. Remember the good old days of free Cottonelle? Why do people feel the need to buy 200 (or 100, or 50, or even 20) coupons, wiping out the shelf, calling attention to themselves, and ruining the deal for everyone? Ditto for the Buddies bars, which are now excluded from pretty much every Johnson's coupon now. All I'm saying is that couponers have to bear some of the burden of responsibility when stores or manufacturers make such changes. Sure, manufacturers put those coupons out to be used, but not the way some use them–by purchasing them (claiming to purchase clipping services' “time” is disingenuous–the coupons are being purchased, which is clearly prohibited on almost every coupon) or by using them in “bulk” (hence PG's four-like-coupon limits). That said, I did write to Kroger telling them I was disappointed in their decision to eliminate doubling in some markets, and I reminded them of other options consumers have, including Walmart's price matching and new coupon policy.

      • Bee

        I never got in on the “Buddies” soap deal as my kids were past that stage. They did use it but I always paid the $1 for it. When that deal was alive, it's something a coupon blog would have promoted. I don't blame people for using the coupon for that. But yes, some would brag about getting 50 for free.

        My take on it is that when the coupon originally came out, the manufacturer was confident enough in the quality of their products they thought people would maybe redeem some for the cheaper products but other people would want a discount on the more expensive products. Obviously, they underestimated the tendencies of people to just take something for the taking of it.

        I always wonder when the coupon clipping services will be taken to court by a coalition of manufacturers. The legal language has always been there and I'm sure they wouldn't go after small-time or occasional sellers, but I fully expect some of the larger sellers to end up in court some day. Or maybe they just won't bother because things are going digital and you can't really sell a digital coupon.

    • Smoore1044

      guess i wont use e coupons unless i absolutely have too…

    • Andrea

      I load all of the ecoupons so I have them but when I shop I wait to scan my kroger card AFTER I give my paper coupons then you can use your paper coupons and still have the ecoupons loaded if you need them!

      • Michelle

        GREAT idea. Will remember that next time! :)

      • Carebearandrea

        Oh that is a good idea!!! I was going to go and UNLOAD all my ecoupons but that is a better idea!!!!

      • Marinka115

        I'm pretty sure they thought of that too. Most likely the ecoupons won't come off if you've already scanned a paper coupon.

    • Lucy

      Kroger is such a large chain that they'll do what they want. They'll eventually strip away the perks such as doubles and triple coupons, stacking e-coupons with paper coupons, fuel points, etc. until there is nothing left but basic pricing such as Wal-Mart offers.

      Unfortunately, Kroger hasn't realized that part of the equation to keeping customers is customer satisfaction. Kroger customers have long put up with surly cashiers who take pleasure in denying the use of more than 2 like coupons per order, managers who refuse to accept IP coupons & accuse customers of coupon fraud should they have multiple IP coupons, and customer service folks who treat customers like criminals if they complain if a catalina didn't print out like it was supposed to when they purchased the items in the catalina promotion. Customer service is almost non-existent in many Kroger stores. Customers have put up with the abuse because of the ultimate savings reward at the end of the shopping trip. With the rewards (carrots) now being taking away there's only the stick to look forward to. I don't know how many times a customer will be happy to go into a Kroger store when there's only a stick waiting for them.

      If I had to choose between a Kroger that didn't offer double coupons and a WalMart store for grocery shopping, I'd choose a WalMart. That speaks volumes about how poorly Kroger treats their customers in this area…

      I have the luxury of shopping in Publix and I'm very thankful for that. If Publix stopped doubling coupons today I'd still be a Publix shopper because they truly know how to treat their customers. Fabulous customer service, great attitude, clean stores and sales with good pricing — Kroger could learn a lot of good things from Publix.

      • ireneY

        It's not just the surly cashiers. The managers are completely apathetic. There's rope lines wrapped around the customer service desk with many people waiting on one employee behind the desk. I asked for the manager thinking he could step in and keep the line moving. It took several pages and he finally showed up after 5 minutes. He asked what I needed and took another 5-10 minutes to write a raincheck because he had to personally check all the shelves and couldn't find the paperwork or the stamp. It took almost 30 minutes to get a freekin' raincheck. Then, he LEFT with a group of people still waiting in line! I really wanted to write corporate, but all the managers have been that pathetic so it must not be a concern. :(

    • Icoupon

      Well I won't be using Cell Fire or any other e-coupon sites anymore (I'm sure those sites really love Kroger now too).

    • ele

      I think Kroger corp. should read all the comments below to see how their customers feel. Maybe everyone should write Kroger corp. and demand better service. It is a shame if they change as I only have a choice of Kroger or Walmart. Bi-Lo is further from my house and not a very big store.

      Jenny, could you contact Kroger to let them know how we fell? I'm am a newbie at this but am excited to see how much I can really save and am respectful of other couponers so as not to wipe out store shelves. I think that defeats the purpose of saving money for your family.

    • This is why I have come to absolutely LOVE shopping at Publix. Their coupon policy is EASY, straight-forward, and liberal.

      I will likely now only shop Kroger when the savings warrant it, but not as a regular consideration . . . same way that I think about Ingles. :/

    • Bakcc99

      Hi Lcoupon
      I am brand new at this coupon savings, and I found this site because I googled blogs on Kroger's new coupon policy. I feel defeated before even starting due to Krogers new policy; but I have a question. Why do you say you wont be using Cell Fire or other e cpn sites ? Appreciate your help !

      • Marinka115

        People will stop using those ecoupon sites because their coupon amounts are really low and most of the time you can find paper coupons with a higher value. For example there's a printable coupon .50 off 1 steamfresh veggies but the ecoupon sites have .40 off 2 packs of veggies. If you've already loaded the ecoupon, the cashier won't accept your higher value paper coupon and you end up losing money. Also, the ecoupons don't double and but paper coupons do (if your not in Houston) so if you have the same paper and ecoupons .40 off 2, the paper coupon will double to .80 off 2. Hope that helps

    • Ami

      My mom lives in the Conroe/Houston area and she personally know an Assistant Manager of Krogers. The store held a meeting yesterday. They said the sole reason they are trying to do away with all paper coupons is because it takes too long for the cashiers to scan them. OMG.. What about the WIC stuff. Not downing anyone who has WIC, but that should go electronic. I stood in line yesterday for over 15 minutes. The cashier has to scan the dairy products, write the amount, then start a separate transaction for each…veggies, and meat, and cereal and juices. I don't think I have ever been so frustrated in my LIFE. Then the customer had the cashier take products off cause she over spent on WIC. But then she buys a 12pk of beer right behind everything.

      • Guest =)

        I am on WIC and took no offense to your comment. I get annoyed with people who do not seem to have their stuff together. I try to do only one WIC transaction per grocery trip and try to go during off-peak hours. I don't know how it works in other places but where I live they give you a guide to go by so you know exactly what you can and cannot get. I even try to put my items in the order they appear on the WIC check.

      • Wendy

        Here in Kentucky WIC has gone electronic. It's been many years since I've had a child that young but I have a friend who does and she said it's so much better. They just scan the WIC with the rest of the transaction & she can swipe her WIC card first & it takes the WIC items off and then she can pay for the rest of the transaction with her debit card.

    • Well that just solidified my not returning for Kroger. I don't have the time to try and figure out what ecoupon might be on my card to avoid using. Guess I'll go to the Harris Teeter and Food Lion where they double up to 99 cents and will take my coupons!

    • lisa

      Does anyone know if the Loganviile Ga store is changing their policy also?

    • Missy

      I really truly hate this…the only grocery stores in my area are Kroger, Food Lion, and Wal-Mart!! Food Lion is to expensive and I just absolutely hate shopping Wal-Mart, their prices seem to go up everytime I go in there. I do have a Lowe's Foods a greater distance away that does double coupons up to .99…I guess I will try and plan a trip their about once a week since Kroger seems to not appreciate the customers feelings. I really wish they would bring a Publix or something new to my area. We had a Winn-Dixie years ago and it left, so now where I live there isn't many choices as far as grocery shopping. I don't understand why Kroger is doing this. They are reimbursed for manufacturer coupons so what was the problem???

      • Donna

        I sent a request to Publix last night via the contact form on their website. I pleaded with them to bring a Publix to my area. To my knowledge, there's not a Publix store anywhere in my state. I've never stepped foot into a Publix but I always hear great things about them and I love the deals I see on this site.

        • Missy

          Same here…I am in Virginia and the area I am in, there is hardly any competition as far as grocery stores. Hopefully they will hear our pleads and bring one to our areas….I hear lots of good things on here about Publix and would love to see one come here!

    • bingmom

      I live in Beaumont, TX and don't know for sure whether or not this policy will affect me. I went into Kroger yesterday and asked about it at customer service — they hadn't heard anything about it. I also asked my cashier about it — she hadn't heard about it and was shocked to think Kroger would do that.

      Here in Beaumont there are a few choices — Kroger, HEB, Market Basket, and Walmart. There are several other choices of grocery stores as one gets nearer to the city of Houston.

      HEB doesn't double and many (most) of their employees haven't been trained about the coupon policy. (I have taken my copy of the policy to make sure I get what I know is correct.) It has to be a really good deal for me to go in and try to use mfr coupons stacked with their store coupons.

      Market Basket just got on the double/triple coupon bandwagon although if you have more than one like coupon only the first one will double (don't know if that's just that store policy). Their prices are so high I have no idea how they stay in business.

      Our Walmart is pretty good about coupons, but of course they don't double.

      That has left Kroger as the best place for couponers. I know my Kroger doesn't allow stacking of eQs with paper Qs anymore, but the registers aren't stopping them yet. I have made a point of not trying to stack, though.

      In my opinion Kroger has cornered the coupon market here and is making a mistake to discontinue the doubling and tripling.

      • Felene

        My sister lives in Kemah and she used just one coupon the other day at Kroger and immediately the checker pointed out that there was going to be a change in coupon policy. I would be surprised if Beaumont is not affected.

        • bingmom

          Just got a letter from Kroger in the mail today confirming that as of April 13th they will no longer be doubling and tripling coupons. They also said that at that time they will be launching another savings program but didn't give any details. Perhaps whatever Jenny referred to in her message has to do with this new launch. The letter also had 2 $5 off $50 purchase coupons and 100 bonus gas points.

    • Stwosts

      Since I've been using coupons, I've started shopping at Publix much more than I ever did before. I rarely shop at Kroger anymore. It's a lot of work and a hassle to do their ecoupons and paper coupons before this change. Well, them making this change to line their pockets just cost them another customer. Hope they are happy with the little difference this will make in their bottom line!

    • Michelle

      All of the items I had rung up that weren't honored with both MQ's and EQ's….. Sorry, don't want them anymore. Please void all items not honored and reshelf. Thank you for your time, I'll wave to you as I'm on my way to Publix.

      Yes, I did that. It was quite the surprise to me because the policy has remained unchanged since I started couponing a year ago.

    • Srhinteriors

      I ran into this head on last night. Michelle I wish I would have been brave enough to do the same as you. Unfortunately I didn't and I didn't read this post obviously until after the fact. I will not be frequenting Kroger any more myself.

    • Ciba367

      I guess Kroger don't want the business. I try to save money anyway possible these days.

    • Ctcjsbag5

      I agree with everyone's comments below. My Kroger in Covington, GA stopped allowing you to stack your e-coupons and paper coupons this week. Last night I went to Kroger to do my shopping. I actually forgot I had the .50 off 2 Green Giant frozen vegetables and handed the cashier a Kroger home mailer coupons for $1.25 off two. She handed it back to me and said I couldn't use it that they stopped allowing ecoupons with paper coupons. She was a nice lady, but she told me that Kroger was losing money on all the couponers. I just about reached over the counter to slap her. I gathered my thoughts and calmly explained to her that Kroger is reimbursed the face value of the coupon plus 8 cents. She said, well I don't know then, I just work here. It is that mentality that I hate so much. Why won't corporate educate these cashiers on couponing. They treat me like a criminal everytime I go in the store.

      I am going to start doing most of my shopping at Publix which is just right down the street. At least they have store coupons that you can use with manufacturer coupons plus double coupons. Kroger home mailer coupons have “manufacturer coupon” written on there so you cannot stack. I don't think Kroger even offers “store” coupons. SO FRUSTRATING!

      • Bee

        I receive store coupons on occasion but they are on store brand items.

        There is no way a cashier can have first hand knowledge of whether Kroger is losing money on coupons. They only repeat what they are told. It is possible Kroger was losing money, either through fraud or because the amounts they are paying out in doubles are not acceptable to them. Kroger as a corporation had very good 4th quarter profits, increasing market share, sales and earnings with same store sales up 9 percent and 19.9 billion in sales for ONE quarter. They also reported significant gain on the competition. In other words, they think they have loyal customers now.

        I don't know about the e-coupon thing. We are told it was a computer glitch. Well, it has been going on long enough that any IT dept in the nation would have figured it out before now. Software to fix the “glitch” could have been written in a matter of weeks at most. At my store, the managers and cashiers told me the e-coupons were store coupons and they saw no reason not to stack them. I sincerely believe that Kroger intentionally allowed it to go on to build store traffic.

    • Cains4ever90

      I contacted my local Kroger here in Ky. and the manager said that he didn't see this happening here. He said that coupon usage here was on the rise and that this particular store was growing. I'm hoping that Kroger corporate stops to think about the customers that they would lose by doing this. I used to shop only at Wal-Mart but now only Kroger! I sure would hate to change stores!

      • Donna

        I'm in Kentucky also (Lexington) and I called my Kroger. I asked about the d/c of double coupons in some areas and the manager said “That's not happening here yet.” The word “yet” makes me a little nervous. I also asked him about e-coupons with paper coupons, specifically if you have two like products and one of each coupon. He said “Yes, you can use both coupons as long as you have two of the same product – one for each coupon.”

      • Wendy

        What part of Kentucky are you in?

      • mb

        Our manager at our store here in the Houston area said that they had been getting more coupons than ever before and he thinks it is really going to hurt our Kroger. He said they have an over flowing grocery bag off coupons from the registers each night. We have HEB and Wal Mart right down the road. I feel bad for the employees as well.

    • Susan

      like many on the website I noticed this 2 wks ago and started looking at a grocery store here called Mejier (which I still need to try). I don't know what Jenny's exciting news is.. but Kroger really has to incorporate store coupons for name brands and not just their store brand

      • Barrallison

        Meijer is a very awesome store and you can get very great coupon deals there!!! Youd be surprised! and they double coupons up to .50!

      • I love Meijer! I used to work there and is where I met my husband. They are really good to their employees. We don't have any in GA but I am really glad to have Publix. No more Kroger-ing for me unless it's for a few things like milk or meat. Pointless to waste my time and money at a store that doesn't want my business.

      • Karen

        Susan you will love meijers- go to thier web site – find the meal box – click on coupons- you can print Meijer coupons to stack with your manufacters coupons – if you need more help with couponing at meijer there are tons of sites to help you- I'm not sure what your local meijer site would be but good luck & tell kroger good bye.

    • Tnjcent

      Just called Kroger Corp. Cust. Serv. Left a comment. Got online with cust. serv. and left another comment. Will everyone do so as well? Thanks!

    • I stopped using Kroger over a year ago and shop exclusively at Publix, with runs to Rite-Aid, WalGreen and Dollar General when they're having their really big sales. I found that, in addition to a very poor coupon policy, Kroger in our area has the most rude cashiers even if you DON'T use coupons. When you do use them, they're so rude I've left there with my heart pounding. Publix is always working to encourage their coupon shoppers and they are all so kind and helpful I feel they're a real blessing to those of us in my area. Not surprised to see Kroger take another kill step toward couponers :(

    • SS Friend

      I found out last week as well that Kroger is no longer giving fuel points or points at register for the reusable bags you were ENCOURAGED to buy and use at their store. While, I'm glad to help the environment; it was a great incentive for points.

    • Supersaving mom

      Kroger's loss, Publix's gain. The cashiers are rude and it just makes me not want to go and shop at any of the Kroger stores. I love my PUBLIX though great people work there. So I will give them my business. I haven't learned how the drug store couponing is yet but I will start to learn. Maybe Kroger will change their mind when they see their business going down.

      • WynetteC

        It's definitely worth a look into! It will change your perspective over buying shampoo/deodorant/pain reliever medication at Wal-Mart.

        I am totally a fan of the drug store system with their store money incentive rewards. So hooked!! It seems a little confusing, but just think of store money like real money. And it becomes a fun challenge on how to pay for itemswith store money and receive back store money for buying the right items. The tax is your only obstacle when it comes to out of pocket woes! :)

    • Queen_rachel

      I just called my Kroger's (southern WV) and they said that they will double up to .50 as long as the coupon doesn't say any different, and you can only use one coupon per item (electronic or paper). I don't have a lot of choices. It's Kroger, Food Lion, or WalMart. :-(

      • cheryl

        That's too bad because MANY coupons (even the 50 cent ones) say “do not double.”

    • Wooten_kim

      I won't be shopping at Kroger any longer, Hello HEB!

    • Lisa

      Does anyone know if the Loganviile,Ga store is changing their policy also?

    • Mmelissam6

      I had a horrible experience shopping at the Kroger on Zebulon Rd. in Macon 2 week ago. The cashier was extremely rude to me about the number of coupons I was using and argued with me that I could only use 1 coupon per transaction for items that I was buying multiples of. She told me that the coupon policy had changed. When I asked her where it was posted she told me that it was posted in customer service. Now – why would I see it posted there? I left frustrated and thinking that I would just stick with Publix. This is just the icing on the cake.

      • Jessica

        Exactly why I don't shop Kroger any more (this store in particular)!

      • Debbie

        I had the same problem at the Kroger store in the Atlanta Ga area. I had multiples of coupons and they were all for the same product. The cash register rang my items up but only doubled the first product. All the rest of my coupons were good for their face value. I have never had a problem with using multiple coupons before at that Kroger store. So maybe their policy has changed.

    • hepburngirl

      The Kroger by my house no longer accepts printable coupons. Is that a new thing? Is this at all Kroger stores now, or just my store?

    • Sandra

      If you have eq's on your card, simply GET A NEW CARD. Today is a good day to start since all gas points start at the first of the month.

      • Guest

        great idea

    • carmen

      Hallelujah for that last part. I just took all my e-coupons off today because seems our store just started not stacking yesterday. not cool.

    • Kenzbug

      I left a comment on FB and told Kroger that if they brought their new coupon policy to Georgia that I was no longer going to buy groceries from them. That by them allowing me to double coupons, makes it affordable to me to buy better quality meats and produce. Do you know what they did? They deleted my comments, along with other users concerned w/ the new policy AND they “unliked” me. Sound to me like Kroger doesn't care too much about their customers. I had planned on still going to Kroger this Sunday for my usual grocery trip, but after that, they can forget it. Goodbye Kroger…Hello Publix!!

      • Rinamom393

        I wish we had a Publix here in Tennessee.

        • Kristan

          Me, too. I just made that statement yesterday! ;-)

        • Bee

          There are Publix in Nashville and Chattanooga. Just wait; we'll get ours. If you look at their store locator map, they are all around this area. They took over Albertson's in the Nashville area and the rumor was they wanted the East TN Food City locations but Food City wanted them to take ALL their locations into Kentucky as well.

          So it's just a matter of time. I don't think they're going to have a huge hole in their northward expansion.

        • Beth

          I do too!!! I hate WM, but can't really afford to shop elsewhere. I have been trying to stock up on staples the past 2 mths and apparently it was a good thing with the big K q changes!!!

      • Shellkbell

        Wow! You are much better off at Publix anyway. They may not have e-coupons, but their savings are so much better anyway with many BOGOs every week, accepting competitor coupons, and doubling. They also have the best customer service. I have taken back items without receipts on many occasions, no questions asked. I'm in Spring Hill, TN, and love the penny item on Wednesdays as well. It really doesn't get any better.

    • Khjbcoupons

      i hate that krogers figured out how we were double dipping on the coupons -ecoupons and paper coupons ..and have made it impossible for us to continue doing so. i kinda get it. what i dont get is all of the other changes that they are making to cut into our savings. ALSO.. i have recently seen two ads that have cigarettes advertised in them. doing a little research revealed that the law has not changed regarding advertising and cigs. there is NO excuse for that… then today i get a mailer and the most obvious parts are in spanish first… my patience is wearing thin,….

    • Diane

      I shop at the Kroger in Hermitage, TN. Anyone experienced any coupon changes at this store?

    • Larheasat

      This week when I bought groceries in Powder Springs GA they did not double my coupons, so I am thinking this is not Houston only.

    • Melissa

      My kroger also wouldn't take my $5 off of 12 SmartOnes last week. I was sad because I think this is a very reasonable coupon! Should I inquire further about this? Thoughts anyone?

      • Emily

        I actually had the same thing happen to me, but I knew that it was a valid coupon and there was no reason they shouldn't take it. The manager was actually the one working the cash register. He couldn't get it to scan and said, “Did you just want to use this next time?” which of course meant, “This is too much trouble to deal with, please pass it off on someone else next time!” I told him that I wouldn't be getting that many if we couldn't use the coupon. So, he entered $2.00, $2.00 and $1.00 off to get it to go through. The next week I used my other $5/12 coupon and the cashier just keyed $5.00 off of grocery. Either way, if I were you, I'd question it. It is a valid coupon and it doesn't mean you're getting any free stuff, which Kroger won't do with a paper coupon. NO reason they shouldn't take your $5/12 unless they are just too lazy!

        • Melissa

          Thanks for your comment. It helped. I will inquire!

    • Serattcoupons

      There are two Kroger stores in my town, and my favorite one is closing in mid-May. I already refused to go to the largest store, so with all the changes in their coupons coupled with the store closing, I'll be shopping exclusively at Publix. I'll also be transferring my prescriptions from Kroger pharmacy.

    • WynetteC

      Ohhh… an intrigue to e-coupons! Let's hope Publix is one of the stores included on the big announcement to come! :)

    • dhaskins

      Please let us know the good news soon. Those of us in the Houston area only have Kroger(booo), HEB and Randalls to shop at. We could use a bit of good news.

    • Mother Of Cai

      I am kind of afraid to go shopping at krogers tomorrow to buy my groceries!! Last week my coupons worked fine. So who knows with this week. I am in Knoxville, Tn. if anybody knows what is going on here with krogers, it would help.
      I wish we had a Publix closer, closest one is about 2 hours away.

      • Guest

        I live in Knox also, shop at Broadway. They are very coupon friendly!! But no more eq's

        • Beth

          They are not taking eq's at all?
          I was in Seymour last week and they couldn't take my $3 paper q because of a $1 eq already loaded on my card, so I had them void the items off. I had thougt about buying them without my card and therefore no fuel points, but the principle of the matter irked me too much :) Then a friend cued me on on the give paper qs before scanning card!!! So when I went back on Sat. I did that. They have stopped doubing the internet printed q though :(

      • Rinamom393

        I'm in Sevierville, and am kinda wondering if we're gonna be affected by this also. They always been very coupon friendly up here

    • Tana

      Well, I live in Houston and will be trying to use as many of my $0.50 cent and lower coupons the next two weekends at Kroger. I will probably still shop at Kroger – honestly – the “bonus” double/triple usually only amounted to $5 or $6 dollars for me – the bulk of my savings comes from sales and the face value on coupons. HEB is horrible because of their stupid yellow coupons you have to use to get the sale price, Randalls still doubles/triples – but only one like coupon, and their prices are the worst, and I refuse to shop at Walmart even though I know it is usually cheaper, at least on full price items. As far as using e-coupons and paper for the same item – that is understandable since it really was doubling up. I just will be very careful as to what I load onto my card from now on. I will wait and see what Kroger's “new savings program for Houston area” will be. Probably not nearly as good :).

    • Kikiganz

      I live in the Houston area. My husband joked that I was the cause of this. Last week I went to Kroger and spent $213 but had a total savings of $193! This was, by far, my best couponing experience ever. I am pretty upset about the change. I will probably switch to HEB. I like their selection better and their customer service experience is far superior. They don't double or triple coupons but their prices are usually comparable to Kroger. I hope Kroger feels the effect of changing their policy.

    • Susanizanurse

      After taking a couponing class a year ago, I started making the 140 mile roundtrip adventure to shop @ Publix & Kroger. It was worth my gas & time since I'd only go every couple months + I'd do both stores. I'd spend 4+ hours in prep time organizing & sorting my coupons with my lists. All of this changed when I was about 6 months into couponning because of Kroger's nasty cashiers' attitudes, uninformed employees regarding coupon use, & generalized apathetic attitude of their managers. They consistently acted like I was attempting to steal from them by using coupons. The mega events were difficult enough for me & took a lot of time in the store because I do buy in quantity as I am certainly going to make the most out of my trip since I am driving so far AND going so infrequently. Every time I'd enter the store my first stop was the CS desk to inquire if there were ANY changes to their coupon policies. After getting the “new scoop,” I'd start shopping only to be told something different when it was time to check out. I'd have to stop the cashier, request the CS person I spoke with earlier come to the register & explain everything again, & cross my toes & fingers that all would work out OK. After doing a mega event in which I had 22 “sets” of mega event items & being told that I could only use 2 IPs max per “type of item” AFTER I'd been “nothing had changed” at the beginning of my store journey by a CS rep, well, I just about lost it. I was also told that to do multiple transactions, thus use my IPs, I'd have to actually leave the store & return. OMG, I guess they were going to assign an employee to do high-priority, top secret survellance on my comings & goings because *gasp* I wanted to buy 8 cans of Mushroom soup & I was attemtping to defraud corporate Kroger by using 4 IP coupons! Well, it was just more than I could take! I wheeled my cart to the wine section, sorted through my stuff, recounted & redone my entire mega event list, checked out with cart #1 while I had a nice young man watch over my cart #2, left the store to pack up cart #1's stuff, returned & checked out cart #2's stuff. I have never been back to a Kroger regardless of what they had on sale! They sent me a lovely stack of really nice Kroger coupons which I kindly presented to my Publix cashier during checkout the next time I made my journey. For all the “Kroger brand” items, I simply bought Publix brand items & my Publix accepted the coupons without hesitation (I talked to the manager 1st & asked about using the Kroger coupons). I am a much less medicated couponer for avoiding Kroger!

      • Ddnebel

        Can tell you are a nurse!

    • Wissassforfun

      im not surprised only b/c my local Kroger will only let you use ONE coupon per transaction thats not to say one type but ONE lone coupon so sadly the writing is on the wall ( and im in VA)

    • Rufuflisa

      Thanks for all of your help! I have cut my monthly grocery bill by $150.00. I stock up on so many great deals that I no longer by school lunches but pack my kids a nutritious lunch from home every day!

    • Donna

      So i am reading all the comments about the rude employees of kroger and I can only think that these employees are being judged for being the messenger of the greedy superiors of these corporations.. the problem is not the employees. It is upper management making there lives hell. I work in retail and I can assure you that when i appear rude or unfriendly it is because i am supposed to be the barer of bad news and I have to some how make you happy about this. Really? Kroger reminds me of Walmart and even Publix. In the beginning they were friendly, always wanting to help and would do whatever it took to get your business. They offered great pay and benefit packages to there employees and if the employees were happy then we were happy.
      Well, As we can see Kroger is on the way to being the business that walmart is today, crappy to say the least. I will not be surprised that after Publix corners the market we will see them begin to be like a present day Kroger. What we fail to remember is that when these companies start losing money or are not generating the profits they anticipated, then we start to see negative changes all around. The only people that suffer are the are the people on the front lines and the customers. NO ONE in upper management is gonna give up there lifestyle for us. They will still get there raises while we get a set minimum. They will still get premium health coverage while we get basic coverage. There kids will go to private schools while ours get what they get. You see my point?
      The next time a cashier might seem unfriendly you might want to look at the company and it will explain it. I certainly don't walk into walmart and expect service and I don't complain if I don't get it. They are simply a product of their enviroment. Maybe some of you have noticed that target is starting to only have a few lines open in there peak hours? I have. I know these cashiers have to follow coupon policy to there managers specifications or they are written up and then terminated if they have to many “write ups”. By no means am i excusing completely rude behavior but in the same breath i know why it happens. Maybe these companies should take care of ALL there employees equally and share the wealth and I am sure shopping would be a much more pleasurable experience for everyone.

      • Jbuttimer

        You know, you don't have to work at Kroger or Wal-Mart or anywhere else if you don't want to. That's what is so great about this country; we are all free to achieve what we want to the best of our abilities if we so choose.

        • Donna

          If we didn't work in retail for crappy pay and benefits then who would? You must be a republican. lol.

          • Jbuttimer

            Nope, not a republican, just someone who doesn't want to work in retail for crappy pay an benefits so I chose a different path. I hear Publix (non-unionized) treats their employees really well. Maybe you should look into that.

            • Jbuttimer

              Forgot to add, “just someone who doesn't want to work in retail for crappy pay an benefits so I chose a different path.” So I work in corporate America for crappy pay and benifits. ;-) LOL

            • Donna

              First of all. I actually like my job. I understand the argument that retail employees could do something else but that was not my point. my point is that corporations in the beginning win you over as a consumer and employee and then they slowly take away all the perks to line there pockets.Which eventually means having grumpy employees and then grumpy customers because i am sure prices have increased. I am sure this applies to your job as well weather you see it or not? As far as publix is concerned I am sure they too will eventually become unionized in the future. Home Depot and Walmart started out non union if I remember correctly. We are nothing but a number to corporations and when the numbers don't add up then someone has to pay and it is always us.

            • Bee

              Wal-Mart is not unionized. They allowed their Chinese employees to join a trade union which is largely just a concession to the Communist party. One store in Quebec became union and Wal-Mart closed the store. One store had meat packers only in the union and Wal-Mart decided to order prepackaged meat. There are lawsuits against these actions, but you get my point.

              I have mixed feelings about unions. You should hear how public employees act when they are in a union. I had a principal tell me when my son got punched by another student at 4:01 that his contract ended at 4:00pm. My husband works in a field where many workers are union (he is not). It's hell getting some of them to do their jobs because the “union says I don't have to touch that component.” Incidentally, he has enjoyed good wages and benefits for almost 20 years without ever being in a union. He has survived countless layoffs although he was one of the highest paid employees because he does a great job.

              My Dad was union and had to go on strike. The union was dissolved and he was asked to return to work. Not everyone was.

              However, there are certainly jobs with safety concerns that merit a union.

          • Csasc2004

            Everyone has the choice of what career path they choose. I have worked retail for 23 years and I enjoy it always have. Oh and by the way I am a republican.

      • Jbush27

        I don't think that because the employees have to tell customers about coupon changes or anything else that they should have any attitude. Suck it up and be as nice as you can or quit your job if it makes you that miserable or because your pay is crappy. Employees don't have to act that way just because of the circumstance

      • Csasc2004

        OK, let me just say, I do not agree with almost anything you just posted. #1 I am in upper management and have not had a raise in my company in over 4 years, because I know as well as the next person, the reason for this in my company and companies all around is that times are tough and I would much rather do certain cut backs than to have my store close with so many companies folding up these days, i am thankful to have my job. AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE WHAT SO EVER FOR A CASHIER OR ANYONE IN OTHER POSITIONS TO BE RUDE. BECAUSE WITHOUT THE CUSTOMERS, MY ASSOCIATES OR I WOULD NOT HAVE A JOB. As far as
        people who have a lower position than me, they can work their way up the ladder just like I did. As far as insurance goes I pay almost $400.00 a month for just medical insurance, that is not including the dental, disability, and cancer policies I have to carry due to a 3 knee surgeries and a cancer scare I have had in the past. Gotta make sure I have something to back me up just in case. I did not go to college but I was self motivated and I earn every dollar I make. I handle 20 stores in my district and have to run my own store and I bust my rear. I agree that upper management in some companies do not make clear or even enforce new policies, but it still does not excuse someone being rude. We may not want change but it always happens. As far as Kroger policies changing for coupons, yeah I don't like it and they may try this but if they see loss of customers, they will either change it back or create other ways of keeping their customers.

      • Ddnebel

        Excellent comments…..

        • Donna

          Thanks. I think everyone missed my point.

    • Annabelle

      This is not just going to be happening in the Houston area. We have talked to people in the Dallas area stores and they said it will be coming up to the Dallas area metroplex stores also. So, I think It will be a nation wide thing sooner or later. Our food bills will going up 17% with out the doubling and tripling. Now with this said what EVERYONE needs to do is call the corporate office at Kroger and email Kroger and tell them what your complaint is. It's better then doing nothing.

    • mommakat75

      boo….boo…and boo. Being one of the Houston area couponers who have through the help of sites such as yours and a little hard work have been able to at least keep up with the changes the economy and job market have brought if not in fact improve our family lifestyle I say once again….BOO!

    • Rinamom393

      Is this for ALL Krogers or just the one in Houston?

      • Kenzbug

        It said Houston and Surrounding areas. Over 100 stores in TX & LA. Not sure exactly which ones. If you live near by, I would give your store a call and ask were they effected by the new coupon policy change.

    • Mariaaveldanez

      I hope this doesnt expand

      • Kenzbug

        I've heard it is, that Houston is only a test area and it will eventually go Nationwide. This was repeated by several Kroger Managers who received a letter from corporate stating so. It's also been said that they are going to try to push more of the Kroger store brand items and judging by the ad from last week, I believe it.

        • Bee

          As much as I dislike the no-doubles ruling, I think most Kroger products are pretty good. You can still usually pick up a bag of tortilla chips or honey wheat pretzels for $1. My husband prefers the Private Selection salsa to Tostitos and other brands. The one item I have found I absolutely cannot stand is the Kroger regular liquid coffee creamer. The flavored ones are good, but not the original.

          I don't think I can do a 100% Kroger boycott, but I am looking into other options and attempting to overcome my lazy tendency to only want to shop one store.

          I think we will eventually get a Publix where I live.

      • Rinamom393

        I think it is because I live in east tennesee and the lady at our store said ours were changing also.

    • Rinamom393

      I just called the Kroger's in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, they are starting the coupon policy as well. They just lost another customer, I will shop at several different stores if I have to.

      • Sandra

        What coupon policy are they starting? eq's or not doubling?

        • Rinamom393

          The same as what is listed above in the article. They are not doubling and they will not stack ecoupons with mani.-coupons.

    • bingmom

      Just got a letter from Kroger in the mail today confirming that as of April 13th they will no longer be doubling and tripling coupons in my store (Beaumont, TX). They also said that at that time they will be launching another savings program but didn't give any details. Perhaps whatever Jenny referred to in her message has to do with this new launch. The letter also had 2 $5 off $50 purchase coupons and 100 bonus gas points.

      • Glad I read the comments. I just posted a comment because I was not sure if we in Beaumont would be included in the Houston market. I guess I will be heading to Market Basket where they are now doubling and tripling coupons. They have a new coupon policy. They do have limits, but it may be worth it. And most Market Baskets are closer to neighborhoods than the 2 Krogers stores.

    • Betsy

      There is so much pointing to inflation and this just seems to be another indicator. The stores know they are going to need all the money they can get to keep up with the rising inflation, so cutting back on coupon deals would be the first logical step. I'm sure it will be coming to more and more stores in the future. :(

    • Firelady26_2000

      I got the message about not combining paper coupons and electronic coupons recently and hoped that I had gotten one of those workers. I left feeling the crunch in my checkbook and paid a LOT more than anticipated. If my Krogers stops doubling I will just do price comparison at Walmart-one stop shopping.

    • Pamh

      I had a problem at Kroger a few weeks ago. After the clerk rang everything up while someone else bagged, she then took my coupons (which she knew I had) and told me you can only use 2 coupons on the same items, so for the things I had 4 of I could only use 2 coupons. I made them go thru my bags and remove anything over 2. However, when I got home and checked my receipt I found they didn't deduct some items which they removed. I called the manager and said I would be back the next day. I returned and got my $30 over charge back and told the manager I wasn't happy since all their posted policy says is “management reserves the right to limit quantities”. I also told him I was a little upset about having to make another trip since it is 40 miles roundtrip and the price of gas is ridiculous. He gave me a $10 gift card. I think Kroger needs to post a more specific policy. I probably won't be shopping at Kroger as much now with the 2 item limit. This was the Irmo Kroger.

    • Cw

      I shopped at kroger on april 1, tried a new strategy…gave all my paper coupons first….and did not give them my kroger card until the very end……the cashier was very nice but kept asking for my card….I told her I was trying this because of the new ecoupon policy….happy april fools….this worked well for me in va where they double 50 cent coupons….

      • LeighO

        I did that too a couple weeks ago, and it worked great for me. My cashier kept asking for my card too and acting aggravated…and I kept saying “at the end please.” All my paper coupons came off, and then I had 1 or 2 ecoupons come off. I was worried b/c I had loaded up my Kroger card with cellfire and shortcut. I don't understand why they want to make this difficult! They make extra money off the coupons…guess they don't need it…

    • oxherd

      Just wait a couple months and see Kroger's response.

    • On shortcuts and cellfire, if you want to remove all the ecoupons, all you can do is to delete your shopper's card's number.

    • Khjbcoupons

      NUFS NUF… there is another cigarette ad in the krogers insert of the Atalanta journal…. my research says its still illegal to advertise cigs…

    • I'm in Richmond, VA. I switched from shopping @ Walmart to shopping @ Kroger primarily because of Kroger's double coupons. Between that & shopping the sales, I have been able to get items for the same or better price @ Kroger. If our Krogers stop doubling coupons, then off to Martin's I'll go. I'm on a budget & have to shop where I can get the most bang for my buck.

      • BkhAmos

        Exactly. My story is the same.

    • I am not in Houston but right outside (an hour away). We are commonly called the Houston market for some things. I am not sure yet if this effects me. There is nothing specific that I have found that says exactly what stores this will effect.

      • Felene

        Hi, I'm about 45 minutes from Houston in Galveston County and I got a letter from Kroger on Saturday saying they would be making the coupon change in our area.

      • Skhusher

        I shop in the Bryan/College Station area and I asked at my store and they said they were NOT participating in the new change!! I lost alot of sleep over this and slept pretty good that night. I feel really bad for the Houston area coupon shoppers and hope that they will change it back to doubling and tripling. I also know that there is a big possibility of this just being a small reprieve until this change goes to ALL kroger stores. :(

      • Terri Martinez

        I live in Beaumot (about an hour and a half away) and our Kroger is doing the same thing that the Houston stores are doing.

    • J4kaye

      I can't wait to hear what it is coming. I am very bummed about the e-coupons at Kroger. But does Public double coupons? I did not know this.

    • BkhAmos

      Kroger may think people are loyal enough to stay with them while they make these changes but I, for one, am not. I started shopping at Kroger because my dollar went farther. I'll shop where ever my dollar buys more. I hope they do not stop doubling because that'd seal the deal for me. I've been shopping at Kroger for the last year… I can shop somewhere else just as easily.

    • CB

      the only reson I ever went to Kroger in the first place was for a good deal… involving coupons. Why else would I suffer through sub-par customer service and complacent management? Adios, Kroger. You can find me at Publix.

      • Sara Kathryn

        I completely agree with you the only reason I ever went to Kroger is for the mega events and the ecoupons w/ paper and the service was always awful and there was always an argument about a coupon so now I will definitely not be shopping at Kroger near as much.

      • Sara Kathryn

        I completely agree with you the only reason I ever went to Kroger is for the mega events and the ecoupons w/ paper and the service was always awful and there was always an argument about a coupon so now I will definitely not be shopping at Kroger near as much.

    • Andrea

      Any one shopped in the Huntsville or Decatur,AL area? I'm curious to know what to expect while shopping today.

      • Leighb369

        I'm not sure about Kroger's in Decatur, but the one in Hartselle will not let you use a paper q with an eq..And, they haven't been doubling coupons for a while.

    • For all of ya’ll in the Houston/Galveston area, I found the list of stores that are being effected by these new changes. It is a facebook link. Here it is for those interested.


      Hope this helps those that are wondering if it will in your area.


    • Ticktock201036

      I do so hope that Kroger does not do this as well. I am new to couponing yet I have shopped at Kroger faithfully for many years. Since couponing I have found many deals at Kroger and it still remains my favorite store but I will have to go somewhere else if the deals stop.

    • Ajwoolums

      I live in Kentucky and my Kroger in Nicholasville (near Lexington) stopped ecoupons and paper coupons from discounting at the same time as of last week.

    • the screaming nickel

      I have always been aware that when using coupons became associated with shopping cards, we have been moving closer to the end of 1) a cash society, and 2) closer to end times, with the ability to purchase items at a lower price was dependent on our willingness to conform to using a shopping card, which would in turn become a “mark” on our hand or our head.

      Many of us who coupon and share the faith need to be sensitive to this change on a spiritual level.

      A great store to buy from is ALDI, if there are any in your area – and it looks like we are back to store brands with the restrictions on couponing.

    • Rachel Simms

      I did all my shopping at Kroger… I've already spend hundreds this year. I am so very disappointed in this move about the ecoupons. And then today I can't pull up my account to delete the coupons. I am seriously going to start back to Publix again. They just lost the bulk of my shopping.

    • Rachel Simms

      I read below about getting them to take my paper coupons first. I'll see how that goes. I've always had good interaction with the management and cashiers at my Kroger until last week… I had a very snobby uptight teen boy who nit picked me and refused coupons that I used all the time. I ended up pay 4 times what I usually pay. I can't seem to find a Kroger coupon policy on line. When I go in the store I'm going to ask customer service for a print out before I shop and go through the line. If there is no where that says I have to give my card number first I won't. I will update later what happens. This is the Macon Georgia Hartley Bridge Kroger.

      • Sherry

        When I called Kroger's corporate office recently with a coupon question, I was told that much of the coupon policy is up to the individual store managers. I let them know that I thought it was less than great customer service to not have a written policy anywhere – especially since if you ask 4 different clerks and managers at the store where I shop you will get 4 DIFFERENT answers. Basically, it seems that it depends on who's working the register at my store – I hate not knowing what's going to happen until I get in line to check out.

      • Mlmore07

        I had this happened to me also at my store. He asked me for my card when I was putting things on the line, I asked nicely if he would scan my coupons first (knowing that they take the e-coupons first) he actually said no, I was in shock. I asked him again NOT giving my card. (Keep in mind I shop with a 2 year old and she was having a bit of a melt down at the time) He said that he would get in to trouble for doing so, at the same time huffing every time he scanned one. I gave him my card at the end and to my surprise nothing doubled, and he rang up most of my produce incorrect. I went to the customer service desk and had them refund me the money for the “Roma tomatoes” that I never received. And for my coupons that didn't double. I have always saved money doing this and for the first time I actually spent almost 60$ more then what I had ever in the past. I would love to go to a Publix but Kroger and Walmart have a strong hold here. I would spend more in gas going to a Publix then what I would save…This is the Kroger in Calhoun, GA

    • karen

      No more shopping at Kroger for us – I walked in with coupons and my card right when this was changing (not knowing), and had them take the items back out of my bag –
      I should have known they would trick us at some point.

    • Patti

      Well, the plan of handing over paper q's before entering my card worked for me last night. BUT, I then found out that my store had stopped doubling coupons. I don't know if this is just for my store or for others in the area. It's the Toonigh Kroger in Woodstock, GA. Guess I'll be spending more time at Publix just down the street. :P

      • Jnn_horan

        I don't think that was what happened………normally coupons will not double if you scan your card last..besides, its houston, tx krogers that are stopping the doubling on april 13.

        • Patti

          Could be… but when I asked the lady at the service desk, she said that she thought they had stopped doubling. Maybe none of them know what's going on, either. Corporate probably informs them about as well as my company does for us… very little.

      • Winwood40

        I work for Kroger (25 years) In Mansfield, Ohio. The PLUS Card is what's nessecary in order for coupons to double. Without it ir using it last coupons will ONLY come off at face value.

    • Yuck I dont like this new policy

    • Rachel Simms

      I said I would come back and comment about our store on Hartley Bridge Road in Macon Georgia. I am very disappointed that they not only won't use the ecoupons with a paper, but also will no longer take store coupons with paper. They only allow for one coupon per item. This is a huge let down. I will likely be switching back to Publix and other stores now. They just lost a ton of business. :( Boooo Kroger

      • Shannon

        Same thing happened to me tonight. I got to the register and was told I could not stack my Kroger coupon with my manufacturer paper coupon. I am like many here…..Publix here comes all my business! On top of that, the store has meat products on managers special that should be tossed! I grew up with a butcher so I know what old meat looks like. People beware!

    • Rachel Simms

      Oh, and there was no need to see if they'd take my coupons before my kroger card number because there was no deals to get anyway. :( My usually hundreds of dollars of groceries was $49 and saved $24… Back to the drawing board.

    • Brandy

      honestly I wish that Harris Teeter would get the lead out and open stores in Columbia, SC then I would only go there and Publix and wouldn't have to deal with Kroger! Sorry Jenny but the Kroger you and I use is not very nice or easy to deal with.

    • Melliejoes

      Boycotting all Krogers in Houston as of April 13. Their new policies stink and their digital coupons are now like H-E-B. I believe they will loose out in the long run even lowering their prices isn't enough compared to using coupons. Maybe that's why we are a test area. Hope enough people boycott them. Plenty of other places to save at using coupons. Target still takes a Target and a paper coupon together. Kroger was wonderful why it lasted.

    • charming_2008

      That was definitely a surprise when I went to check out at Kroger this weekend and they wouldn't let me use my paper coupons with my digital coupons. Been doing it for a long time now and spend a lot of time on it. It was such a disappointment and really left a bad taste in my mouth for Krogers. Been shopping there for years…I wonder if Biggs would be better??? i guess they are more concerned about this new policy than losing a customer.

    • Tiffanygaylelewis

      I decided to send Kroger customer service an email telling them how disappointed I am. I am understanding about not being able to stack digital coupons with printable ones, but the computer using the ecoupons before I use my cut coupons is what really put a bunch in my shorts. I emailed them and they responded back that they would send my email to the 'appropriate department for review.' I know that emailing and blogging and so forth can work to get things fixed when something like this happens to customers. We, as the customers, have to make sure that we email, blog, or whatever that we are unhappy, so the big-wigs will get the clue. Other wise nothing will happen.

    • MiniMidgMom

      We have a Publix less than three miles down the street. They still stack coupons, still accept competitor's coupons, still double, and have less unadvertised specials than Kroger. Guess which of the two stores gets the majority of my grocery budget?

    • Brenda1325

      At my shopping trip to Kroger on April 6, an Ecoupon and a paper coupon for Force Flex bags were deducted from the total. I didn't notice the Ecoupon until I got my email statement from Shortcuts.com this morning. This was the Kroger in Irmo, SC. Do you thing they haven't started the new policy or was I just lucky?

    • Justicefmly

      Can you give the paper coupon before they scan the card and that will stop the ecoupon from being used?

    • Jmp0218

      I went the Kroger yesterday (April 7th) in Kathleen Ga and was surprised when I looked at my receipt afterward to see two items had e-coupons that went through and paper coupons that went through.

    • Barbara Austin

      I am very dissapointed. In this economy we need all the help we can get. Guess I'm going to Publix!

    • chud34

      My e-coupons do not come off anymore, at all. Not sure what is up with that, isn't that what they keep pushing?

    • April

      I am in Tennessee. I found out today they are no longer doubling coupons here. NOT HAPPY!

    • Dee

      Thank you so much. I did not know this. Very helpful

    • Kiascoupons1974

      Any excited news about digital coupons yet Jenny?

    • Coupondiva32

      im really curious what the exciting news about digital coupons is! anyone know what it is yet?

    • Jenmccormick29

      My DH and I went to Kroger today and were VERY surprised to find out that we could not use coupons on GM cereals AND still receive the $5 gift card. We were each stopped at the checkout line. We left the groceries and walked out. Will be looking for other grocery stores.

    • Patsywaites

      Any excited news about digital coupons yet Jenny?

    • Randa

      What is Publix and is there one located near Sugarland, Texas?

      • Embryg

        Publix is an awesome, privately owned grocery store that is loads better than Kroger. They started in FL and are working their way north. We have them in TN.

    • Femsista

      The Houston Krogers stopped doubling because they got in trouble for bending the rules too much for customers who could not play by the rules. So manufacturers stopped working with them as openly. My husband is a manager for Kroger and that is the real reason. So lesson can be learned, customers should have been following the rule to begin with instead of trying to break the rules. Now everyone will suffer in Houston.