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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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We’ve known for a few weeks that a Publix “Official Coupon Policy” was coming.  My inbox has been a little crazy with everyone looking for news.  We’ll it’s officially been released, though you will find that it is still as official and vague as it’s ever been:

The wording is exact, but their formatting was terrible so I’m breaking things up for ease of understanding.  Emphasis added is mine.

Publix Accepts:

  • Manufacturer’s coupons (limit one per item).
  • Publix coupons (originals only-no copies).
  • Valid Internet coupons.
  • Coupons from nearby competitors identified by each Publix store. (Competitor names are posted at each Publix store.)
  • We will accept a manufacturer’s coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item.
  • We will accept coupons from competing pharmacies for prescriptions only.

Coupon Acceptance Limitations/Exceptions:

  • We will not accept percent-off-items or percent-off-total-order coupons.
  • We will only accept coupons for identical merchandise we sell.
  • Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per order. The order total must be equal to or greater than the total purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented.
  • Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • Manager approval is needed for individual coupons above $5.00.
  • For a buy-one-get-one free (B1G1) offer, each item is considered a separate sale. (Means you can use a coupon on each item).

So what does this mean?? What Changed?

This really means different things for different areas.  Many districts are using this time to clear up coupon issues they have had for a long time.  You will see a number of changes that aren’t specifically listed above:

  • Who is a competitor will be grocery stores in your immediate area only.  This means many stores will stop accepting Target coupons.
  • Many stores will start to limit the number of like item deals you can get per transaction (my area is doing a limit of 5 deals on B1G1 items or 10 like items).
  • If your store has been allowing multiple of the same Target or Food Lion coupon, this will stop.  The coupons all state limit one per transaction.
  • If your store has been allowing multiple of the same yellow or green advantage buy flyer coupons, this will stop.  These coupons state limit one coupon per person.

I know some will panic at no drugstores or for some areas no more Target coupons.  Please don’t panic.  You will still save money, I promise.  The policies above have been in affect in my area for over 2 years now and Publix is still by far the best grocery store to shop in for deals.

Please know there will still be tons of variations by store.  Some stores will accept more competitor stores. Some areas will limit deals while other’s do not.  You still have Florida stores not doubling coupons and ringing B1G1  deals up differently…

In the end I hope you are happy to at least have the basics in writing from Publix!

    • Cadaallen

      angelfoodministries.com is a good resource too. If you need diapers check into your local food banks and call your united way. They can help.

    • Farmnthecountry

      Get off your high horse a$$hole. You knock them for trying to stock up for their family? Loser

    • PublixCashier

      Finally! Something in print that backs up what we've been supposed to do for years.

      • PublixCashier

        I agree, from another Publix Cashier (Harbison Blvd)!!!

    • mari

      Thanks for pointing out the differences…God bless you…

    • Savannahcustomer

      I am so glad an official policy is finally out….it will take some adjusting but I think it will be okay..

    • cg

      Thank you, Jenny! I am VERY happy that Publix is choosing to still be coupon-friendly. I'll definitely still be shopping for all the great deals!

    • Dfdouglas

      I can live with that…LOVE Publix!

    • June

      What does Florida do differntly with B1G1 items…I have yet to use a B1G1 coupon at target (I'm very new to this)…ugh, I hate change. but I have been finding amazing deals at publix home to continue. :)

      • June

        I'm sorry I meant Publix

      • Guest

        When an item is on sale B1G1 you have to get both items, where in other states you can get one half price or you can get both

    • Chaunceydog

      I wish they would have made a national policy about double couponing. Florida still gets singled out for no doubling while the rest of the nation gets to have the priviledge.

      • Jennifer in GA

        We don't get double coupons here in GA either.

        • Guest

          I do in Kennesaw Ga.

          • Jennifer in GA

            Lucky you! I guess they don't double in South GA.

        • guest

          We get them here in Savannah.

          • Guest

            Doubling coupons, yes.
            Penny item, no.
            It depends on the region, and the Savannah stores are in the Jacksonville region.
            So no penny item.
            I figured that all stores doubled in Georgia, but maybe just cities with lots of stores.

        • Nicole Harterink

          Where in Georgia do you live? I thought they doubled across the state up to .50 off.

          • Hannah03

            There is no doubling in Albany, GA. No penny items either.

          • Jennifer in GA

            I’m Albany.

        • Tiffany912s

          Not sure where you are in GA, but in Covington, GA they do double.

        • Amanda

          My store in Cumming, GA doubles.

        • janell

          Jennifer in GA, if you are in South GA, I think it falls under the FL no doubling policy. I live in Middle GA, just south of Macon and they double here.

    • Rosebud2002

      So does this mean that if I have a stack of Yellow Advantage fliers that I have collected throughout the week and I go in to purchase the items, I can only use 1 coupon from the YAF on that item? I can't get my multiples?

      • It will depend on your store and whether they chose to enforce the wording on the coupon.

        • Rosebud2002

          Thanks Jenny! We appreciate it. =)

      • MelRae

        The yellow and green adv flyers usually last 3 to 4 weeks. Unless you just shop once a month, can't you just use one coupon per visit? I go to Publix twice a week, usually. So if I use one coupon per visit, then over the course of those 3 to 4 weeks, I can get several deals….if the shelves are not bare….which they often are for the really good deals. Maybe if they enforce this new policy (one adv coupon per visit), then we will all have a better chance of getting the deals!

    • Beth Anne

      I don't see how this will affect multiple Yellows and Greens. The coupons usually state one per item per customer. Are they changing the wording on those coupons? Also, this does not address doubling… or did I miss it? Will Publix still double?

      • Beth Anne

        Other than those questions, it just seems they've put in writing what my Publix already does, so to reiterate what Jenny said: Still the best deal in town!!

      • Yes, there is no change to the doubling policy.

    • I spoke to the cashiers today (the person bagging was a manager).. Target has a grocery by us (Clermont FL) so they will continue to accept them, as well as Winn Dixie and Sweetbay (all within 5 mile radius).. they are stopping taking Albertsons, Whole Foods… both about 20 miles away ( quite frankly I don't blame them.. they are hardly competitors being at such a distance).. I have 3 publix, walmart, winn dixie and swetbay to choose from.. should be able to find some deals ;-)

    • Wish they doubled in Florida ;-(

    • leigh

      My publix takes Target coupons but up until now would only stack a manufacture coupon with publix coupon. So allowing a manufacture with a competitor coupon is an improvement.

    • Melissa

      I think that is fair. Last week a saw a lady with multiple coupons for a grocery store not even in our STATE. I love couponing, but I think it should be fair to everyone involved including the store accepting the coupons.

    • Pat

      Thanks for sharing this. I wonder about one thing…. “
      You still have Florida stores not doubling coupons and ringing B1G1 deals up differently…”
      I live in Florida.

      • Basically saying that the differences for Florida still exist. They do not double coupons and you have to purchase two items on a B1G1 deal whether other areas can purchase just one item if they want.

        • LD

          So since we do have to buyf 2 items they should let us use 2 store coupons. Or just charge us 1/2 price for one . UGG

          • liz

            You can use 2 store coupons. One on each item. The only ones you can only use one per transaction are the ones that say “limit one per item per customer” which is the way it’s always been. This is not a new rule, merely clarification for the stores that were not enforcing the rules.

      • lisa

        Florida Law requires a true b1g1 which is why Publix does this in FL. Publix doesn't double coupons in FL because they are based in FL and have a HUGE market share here (50%+). They double in other states because there are so many competing grocery stores and they are trying to gain customers. For example, in Atlanta they only have a 27% market share.

        • LD

          Like I said then we should get to use 2 store coupons then since we have to buy 2 to acually get the same sale price as other states. And heck we are there home state that supported them enough to expand lol

        • Publix is now the number 1 store in Atlanta.

        • I find tons of people saying ‘because it is the law’ on a bunch of stuff that they have no clue about.  There is NO Florida statute against doubling coupons.  there is NO Florida statute against a half priced style of B1G1.  

          Publix started in Florida and has no real competition in this area.   Other states have many grocery stores and must compete for customers.  So Publix is using some very valuable marketing tools where they are needed.  

          Don’t just throw out phrases without some idea of what you are speaking. 

    • Catherine

      My store, Queensboro in Mt. Pleasant, has always been extremely generous in what they accepted…far more than Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo, Food Lion, or Harris Teeter. I did try to use the Harris Teeter 10 off 40 dollar purchase combined with a Publix 5 dollar off 30 dollar purchase and I was told I couldn't do that; what you've just printed refutes that. Thanks for posting!

      • Ipreferpublix

        According to this policy, you can use both as long as your total purchase is $70.

    • guest

      I'm blaming the greedy folks from the extreme couponing show. They have made extreme couponing too popular and there are too many out there trying to cheat and exploit coupon policies.

      • Jason

        Soooo your upset that other people are finally recognizing the value of coupons? I too watch Extreme Couponing, not because I think I'll be able to shop like them; the store policies in FL make that impossible. but because it's interesting to watch how people can really make the system work for them. It's just like watching a really good gambler. They've learned how to make the most from a rigged game.

        • Seasprout

          Jason, they have a right to be angry. The Extreme Coupon show has had multiple people on, who are COPYING coupons (with a copier) to get items for free. That TV show is making all us couponers look like freaks who try to get 25 bottles of conditioner. You should read up on the most notorious lady from the show (cant remember her name) who was copying coupons — all of her local stores from that area stop accepting competitor coupons and limiting the amount of manufacturer coupons that could be used in one transaction.

    • wendy

      Only one yellow or green coupon will suck!

      • Guest

        I think she was saying that you can not use more than one of the same yellow or green q. You can use a yellow and green q in the same transaction

      • Greg

        My Publix keeps the flyers behind customer service counter, so I only ever get one anyway.

    • Melanie

      Are they still doubling coupons?

    • Eric S.

      Its good I've been doing it all this way anyway. They didn't change much, just pointing out the rules again.

    • Labazzle

      I really enjoyed catching up on this however do you have any idea why Publix does not do double coupons like all other stores?

      • Lauragator00

        It depends on your market. they double in the atlanta/TN market but not in FL.

      • MelRae

        That is only true in Florida, and I do not know why.

      • Lauragator00

        It depends on your market. They double in the Atlanta/TN market but not in FL

      • Amanda

        My Publix doubles coupons up to $0.50 or $0.75 (I forgot).

      • JoshuaGriffing

        They do in other states, just not FL.

      • guest

        I believe the not doubling has something to do with the laws in Florida. By law they aren't allowed to double or triple. I believe that any Publix stores in George that are…..linked or tied in with the Florida area stores don't double as well.

        • If that were true why does Kmart do it in Florida on occassion. I see people say this all the time, but no one actually shows the law. I personally think it is because they don't have much competition in Florida.

          • lisa

            You are exactly right. They do not need to lose money by doubling coupons here in FL. Their market share here is HUGE and they have very little competition.

      • There is no competition in Florida, at least in Central Florida. Publix doesn't HAVE to do that, nor do they have to do the penny item. The only standalone grocery store of the same level is Winn-Dixie. Albertson's stores have been closing like crazy. In my hometown in SC, there are plenty of stores on the same level, including Publix, Bi-Lo, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggley, and Kroger. Harris Teeter used to be there. They have Walmart but no SuperTarget and Aldi just opened a few stores there on the lower-price tier. There is also Save-a-Lot.

        • Courtney

          My Publix in Fairview, TN has pretty much done this policy since they opened. I think I have gotten away with multiple of the same food lion coupons before, but most of what this says matches their policy. Mine never took Target and drug store coupons. Mine took Food Lion, Dollar General, and Freds which were down the street.

      • Seasprout

        They dont in florida but surprising, Food World (if you have one nearby) DOES double coupons! I love them because they have ridiculously cheap food + breads.

    • Loueffie

      Sounds good to me. I think my Publix may still accept Target coupons b/c they are really close to a “Target Fresh.” I'm going there tonight, so I guess I'll have to ask and find out. Fingers crossed.

      Thanks for posting this, Jenny!

    • Kristiward15

      On B1GF coupons when the item is bogo what is the policy when ringing these up? When I was in the store last week my store was hoping this would be cleared up by this new policy even the managers didn't know whether to ring the item up by sale price or regular price!

    • Crystal Lukas

      Publix stores in south GA do not double.

    • Brittanyvanhouten

      Thanks for posting what I sent Jenny! I agree that this was WAY to vague of a policy. I can't believe after all that, they still aren't very specific on things, which in the end will lead to confusion.

      • Friedsnowman

        I think it is specific… once we see signage in the stores… knowing what your home store considers a competitor in black and white and not just what some cashiers versus other cashiers say… that is a step up imo :) maybe it will help the cashiers too… yknoow not always having to ask for a manager to answer a coupon question… informed staff equals happier me :)

    • eugenanation

      No real change for me!
      My publix has been limiting items since the TLC show anyway, however they allow me to do special order for things. As a matter of fact going to pick up 136 bottles of Fuze when I get off work :0)
      I'm still very happy!!!!

      • @eugenanation:disqus Thanks for being sweet and using the special order system! I love that Publix does that!!

    • Tiffany

      There is no change from the old policy for my store and I am able to save tons of money. It will be fine!

    • LD

      . Limit of 5 [10 items deals in not a big deal [for me] I usually only get 2 deals unless it is coffee Benadryl Rolaids or smart balance 2. But for us Florida folks only one store coupon sucks all we have is the b1g1 free sales and using coupons for each item. Full price first item and only one coupon I want one item at ½ price if I can only use one store coupon or comp. 3. And for my Benadryl etc. if I can only use one of the store or competitors coupon even when it is not on sale, if they put the Benadryl { I use it daily] coupon in the green flyer & I have a manuf I would usually buy 4-6 . And before anyone says you can go again. I cannot drive [due to illness] so I am lucky to get to the store once or twice during that adv flyer cycle.
      4. I will now have to do the bulk shopping at Wally world for this and a few other items I hope not lots. So this will really suck for me. If I cant stock up enough for the things I need for at least a 2-3 week period at a time I may go less often so I can get the most for my money when I do get out. Ugg. I hate that thought. 5. My thoughts on the worst point I see on the policy for all people , only one store coupon doesn’t work out good for us Florida people we have to pay full price for one so you cant cut the cost that way only buy one. And now the people in other states who do only buy one at ½ price you will still get a deal but only one. Plus with the cost of gas now heck I wouldn’t want to go more than once a week anyhow. Not much stocking up there. Yuck But Florida folks we really get the short end once again on this and we are Publix’s home state. LOL WT heck Once again we get the shaft.

      • Ksolom01

        I think you might be confused. When it says one manufacture coupon per item, it means if you buy two items (even if they are the same) then you can use a manufacture coupon for each item. Right?

      • Some of that will still depend on the store. Some stores will still ignore fine print on competitor's and store coupons. It just depends. You'll still be able to save a lot though, either way.

      • Eli

        From what I am reading we an still do 2 manuf coupons on a b1g1 deal in FL. I am in FL too

        • LD

          yes which is good but a lot of the more expensive things in my budget I used 2 store coupons too as I could only afford them then. Like the benadryl or smart balance cleaning products . or just some extras like maybe sobe drinks that I couldnt afford otherwise. And becasue of this I got my perscriptions there too plus the service but my bottom line at this point in time is $ . I use to shop Publix when I have medical costs and loss of income just becasue of the service. Times have changed

          • MK

            LD, A solution is to bring friends or family members with you and have them buy the item that you need as a separate transaction. You could even ask a friendly customer in line if they would be willing to buy the item with a coupon for you. I mean how much benedryl or smart balance does one need for 3 weeks?

      • Each item in a BOGO deal will be considered a separate sale, which means that you CAN use 1 coupon (or stack) on EACH item.

    • Barb4nyy

      For the prices that Publix charges, they should reduce their regular prices, and all this nonsense wouldn't be necessary… They are ridiculously overpriced. My apologies for the sterneess of my comment.

      • Melanie

        I rather go to Publix and pay a little more than going to Walmart and have unfriendly PPl and no Customer Service. MO.

    • Other than limiting the advantage buy coupons there is no change to what has already been in place at my publix.

    • Melanie

      Everybody was so freaked out about it, but there is not that much change. The limit is not that bad, if you just shop for your Family then it should be fine. Now, if you go shopping for 77 bottles of Mustard, not so much ;) I am happy about the new Policy.

      • Marsha

        I agree. I “stock up” in the sense that I may buy a months worth of groceries at a time, but that certainly doesn't mean I need a whole shelf of something. People who do that are hoarders. And I don't blame grocery stores for not wanting people taking advantage of them. They are there to make a profit, not save you money. It is nice when a place like Publix can do both. I am shocked they still double coupons at all. I think it's great they do and will take a competitor coupon. Most of the stores near me won't take a competitor coupon, so I think Publix is going above and beyond. This free ride mentality some people have is getting old.

      • Getfit2526

        I agree not to much of a change. I guess the only people it will affect are those who don't read the coupons,and clear the shelves.

    • Judyj200

      I love Publix! Not just for the great deal, but the GREAT service I receive at my store in Macon, GA. Always a pleasure to shop there :)


    • Thepritchardfamily

      what I dont like is that I shop with my WHOLE family of five and they try to limit my coupons (one per person) even tho all FIVE of us are there. Not fair. My whole family should be considered customers.

      • Thehilemans

        then hand each family member product, coupons and money and let them check out as a seperate transaction. I’ve done that at Walgreens with my daughter. Turned around and handed her my RR as the casier handed them to me. What can they say.. different customer!!

      • liz

        If they each check out separately, then they are each customers. If they are just standing there with you, then they are not customers. To be a customer, you have to buy something. Duh.

      • Stop-the-complaining

        Is a family of five really that large these days? Please!

      • Mlbam6

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Makes me wonder if my husband and I should teach our 9,7,5, and 3 year old how to use our debit card then our WHOLE family of six could make out like bandits…..

    • Thepritchardfamily

      yes, this really sucks when you need to stock up. Publix is becoming more and more UN friendly. Especially large family UNfriendly, and I will likely write to Publix about this.

      • Marsha

        Really? You made the choice to have a large family but because Publix doesn't want people to act like hoarders they are UNfriendly? You sound unfriendly.

      • Ron704

        Wow. Your response is not only uncalled for, but it is downright arrogant. Publix has bent over backwards in their effort to take care of their customers. So many times, I have seen shoppers with three carts full and a couple hundred coupons and nothing is said to them. I know for a fact that my local Publix has stayed open for 2 hours after closing to accommodate these people. And it was only through the greed of the coupon queens that caused Publix's policy to be reiterated. Shame on you for growling at a business that has been so good to you. And what does having a large family have to do with it? Are you saying you want special treatment because of it?

      • Kevin

        Be thankful that you can use coupons at all. Publix accept competitor coupons as a courtesy to customers (and also so you shop there instead of elsewhere), but they lose money on those coupons. There are limits on everything in life, coupons included. If you absolutely insist on clearing the shelves then go to multiple stores and buy a few at a time. Problem solved. But of course that means you actually have to do something to save yourself more money.

        • Fadsd

          Another big internet crap talker.Big suprise

      • cahileman

        Wow… I am really happy about this. I was expecting a new policy that was going to really hurt couponing. All this does is make some thing mildly inconvenient. Glad the BOGO terms didn't change!! All I see that is a bummer, sould be a loss of overages!!

    • Reba

      The policy reads: ” For a buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) offer, each item is considered a separate sale.” So this will allow us FL shoppers to use a coupon for each item. No problem, same as before.

      • LD

        Not if you are using store or compt. Q;s

        • Hypatia

          Then you aren’t reading the policy right – it says “For BOGO each item is considered a separate sale – we will accept ONE manufacturer coupons AND either a PUBLIX or COMPETITOR on the same item. You could potentially get the BOGO item for free and in some cases – get money back.

    • Misstree63

      the yellow advantage coupons state “limit one deal per coupon per customer”. So if you have more then one coupon can you use them all in one transaction? Isnt this the same wording that is on the regular manufacturer coupons?

    • RAC531

      Doesn't seem like much of a difference than what I was already doing. Our Target in Gainesville, Fl just put in a grocery section so my Publix will still accept their coupons. The only change I see is the yellow and green ad coupons…..my store usually will let me use more than one if I am purchasing the correct amount of items indicated of the coupon. I still love Publix and will continue to do the majority of my shopping there!

      • I have to say that it doesn't specifically say that in the policy, but Jenny is inferring it. The polocy says “subject to any restrictions on the coupon,” so if your store reads “One deal per coupon per a customer” as your allowed to use more than one as long as you buy more than one, chances are they still will.
        Same thing with the limits. Not all managers will impose limits, those with a real problem of shelf-clearing more than likely will.

      • Hgblevins

        My Target has a grocery section as well, but Publix says that because it is not considered a SuperTarget that I can’t use the Target coupons. You may want to check and make sure that your Publix is going to take the Target coupons.

    • Chris

      Yeah so far this doesn't change anything here at my Publix except that it is finally in writing. They have been incredibly lenient about the flyer Qs and using more than one per transaction if you don't go overboard. And they haven't accepted Target Qs for some time. So I'm happy that nothing has really changed and that it will still be up to the store's discretion really. Thanks Jenny!

      • Lindam4876

        My Publix has never limited me to one coupon from the Yellow and Green flyers. The first publix I started shopping at only takes Kroger and Ingles coupons. But my friend and I found a local Publix that takes Target, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Ingles, Kroger, Food Lion. This has probably changed now.

    • GA Girl

      This is sad news. I've been driving 45 mins each way to shop at Publix because of their great coupon deals, however, considering they are limiting their yellow and green deals to one and not accepting the drugstore coupons, I'm not sure that it will be cost effective anymore. Publix is my favorite store but I'm not sure they will be cost effective considering the price of gas and cutting back on coupons. After all the disasters these past few weeks, it couldn't come at a worse time.

      • LD

        That is how I feel too . I have one close to me but cant get there often once every other week sometimes If I am doing good I can get in 3 trips a month .

      • Erkelly

        It'll be okay! I also have a long drive to get to Publix, 1 1/2 hours each way for me. My Publix has never accepted drugstore coupons (at least not since I started going there) and it is still WELL worth the gas money. Although I also go to Kroger, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target while I'm there. (I live out in the sticks so I have to do all my couponing in one day.) But the money I save at Publix is the only reason I drive that far to shop. I always save at least 65% (usually much more) and that's only with Target competitor coupons.

      • cahileman

        bring a cooler or an insulated bag and go back in a second or third time to get the deals you want!

    • I'm a little confused… Today I used 4 of the printable publix coupons for the $1 off 4 yoplait yogurts .. they were on sale 20 for $10. Will that still be allowed?

    • Frenchy2004

      Can you still use the smartsource coupons machine coupons with manufacture coupons?

      • couponsforme

        no that is a manufacture

      • MK

        Smartsource coupons from the aisle dispenser are manufacturer coupons so you should not be able to pair them with other manufacturer coupons.

      • MK

        Smartsource coupons from the aisle dispenser are manufacturer coupons so you should not be able to pair them with other manufacturer coupons.

    • taraheise

      I'm not sure why yet, but everytime I shop at Publix the total is always higher than I have carefully calculated on my meticulous list. I do not have this problem at any other stores except Publix. I think items are not ringing up at the sale price and I am not catching it because I have 3 kids with me. Anyone else ever notice this?

      • Prices vary store to store, so you'd have to know what they cost at your store. Errors do happen though, but it's usually rare for me.

      • Queuepawn

        are you using the price from your sale ad or the price for Southern Savers? I live in FL and sometimes the price at my store is as much as 40 or 50 cents higher for an item (sometimes it's a few pennies cheaper and sometimes it's within a dime higher). Add all those differences up (don't forget tax–FL doesn't have tax on food though :) )and you can end up with several dollars different. That might not be the issue, but just thought I'd mention it. I make a “meticulous list” as well (using prices from my ad–found online by entering your zip code) and am always fairly close–never seem to hit it right on, but am very close

      • cahileman

        Another thing I have to remember is on Southern Savers she doubles anything under $1, but in Florida they dont double. So alot of timses what she shows as free, isn't free in FL, or a little higher in price.

    • Elizabeth

      South Ga does not double never has

      • Hardenmom

        The Publix in Bwk, GA doubles. Not sure which South Ga Publix you are referring to.

    • My Publix has not allowed drugstore coupons for quite some time. They do however accept Target (because of SuperTarget) and Walmart.

      • KAW

        I have never seen a Walmart coupon…where do you get them?

        • guest

          They just started them and you can get them on Wal-Mart's website!

          • Chris

            Well they’re actually manuf Qs available from the Walmart website and put out through bricks (coupons dot com).

          • KAW

            Wow…thanks….they are STORE coupons?

            • Landrethelaine

              Where are these? I printed one also and it was a manufacturer coupon. Where do I look for them?

          • KAW

            I just went and printed one (Glad bags)…those are manufacturer coupons…did I not check correct place?

    • Erkelly

      I think this is a very fair coupon policy. I am disappointed though that they may stop taking Target coupons. My Publix in Decatur, AL doesn't really have any grocery stores locally that put out coupons to consider a competitor. My Publix also implemented most of these policies a few months ago (stopped taking grocery store coupons that weren't local), but they continued to accept Target. I hope they will still take them after this!

      • Erkelly

        Just called my Decatur, AL store and they are going to continue taking Target, Kroger, Food World and Save-A-Lot coupons. I'm happy they are going to keep taking Target!

        • Patti

          That is wonderful. I hope it remains the same in Madison.

      • Csmith2154

        Hi, Erkelly! I am from Decatur, AL as well. I tried a week ago to use some Target coupons, and they wouldn't take them until I asked to see a manager. It was for the Carefree 1 cent pantiliners. The cashier told me that changes were comings, so I bet our Publix's won't take Target coupons anymore… sorta sad about that, because I hate to go to Target because it is so unhandy from where I live.

        • Erkelly

          I also tried to use the 1c pantiliners coupon from Target at the Decatur Publix and they wouldn’t take it because it was for a set price rather than an amount off. It was the manager who told me that. My other Target Qs worked because they were like $1 off and such.

      • NorthALCouponer

        I know what you mean, I'm in Hunstville and the only stores near my Publix and Target, Kroger, and Star Market. I don't know if Kroger or Star Market have coupons.

    • Stephanie

      Nashville, TN Publix will only allow 6 of the same coupons for 6 purchased items. For example: You can have 6 kraft mayo dollar off coupons for 6 kraft mayo items. After six they will not allow you to use a coupon so kraft mayo #7 and on will have to be purchased at full price even if you have a 7th coupon for it…

    • Timr

      As a shopper who frequently comes upon empty shelves of the designated “free” items, I appreciate the limit for each customer. If I don't get to the store on the day the ad goes out and that means that sometimes the shelves have been cleared. Maybe that rule will help.

      • couponsforme

        ask what days your trucks come——– for me it is tuesday which is perfect the last day of the sale

    • Tracy

      Well, thanks TLC. :( I guess the good news is that at least I might have the opportunity to buy some of the moneymakers now……

    • baglady

      Thank you, Jenny. I'm anxious to find out if my store will still accept Target…my guess, probably not….their kind of “sticklers.” We'll see. Thanks again for the update.

    • Kate

      Not much has changed for me as my store never accepted Target or drug store coupons. I don't know if my store will be limiting the number of bogo items but normally I don't buy more than 10 of one single item at one time anyway.

    • Cari

      thank you for the information. Our family appriciates all the hard work you do to help us save time and money

      Cari in Woodstock GA

    • Kevin

      Thanks for posting this Jenny. Might want to fix the post heading though “New Publix Offcial Coupon Policiy”.. official and policy need a spell check :)

      • April

        Really? Is spending time to post something about a spell check really worth your time? wow…sad.

        • Lisa

          Was calling out someone for posting a spell check error really worth YOUR time?

    • Guest

      Can anyone tell me how the smartsource coupon machine works in conjunction with manufacture coupons?

      • Dharvn

        smartsource cpns ARE manufacturer's cpns.

      • I'm not sure what you are asking? Do you mean the blinkies (the little machines found in the aisle with a blinking light on them? They are usually little square coupons)? If so those are manufacturer's coupons, so you wouldn't be able to stack with another manufacturer's.

    • Val

      I was hoping for some clarification on overages :(

    • Kym

      I'm glad for the deal purchase limits but too bad my Publix in B'ham (Lee Branch) has already been limiting to only TWO bogo deals since last year. That's if you're lucky enough to find two deals left on the shelves. Thanks so much to the incredibly greedy peeps who felt the need to stock up on 44 boxes of Pop Tarts just because they could.

      • Stephanie in Bham

        I shop this store frequently as well and yes, the BOGO deals were a limit of 2, then a few months ago, I was told they increased to 5 deals (10 items), so you may want to check again the next time you go just to be sure.

        • Chris

          The three I have been to here in Atlanta have had that limit (5 BOGO deals) for awhile. It’s not really a big deal because that means 10 of an item and not many people really need more than 10. If you do then they recommend asking for a raincheck and special ordering – I did that with those Bic razors that were on sale and am just waiting for them to come in (I even get to use my Qs when they do).

        • jbwfarr

          I shop at the Valleydale Rd Publix and they are always stocked with the deals. I suggest shopping there.

    • Shasta

      Just A FYI Publix is making this coupon policy Becasue it was asked for by the public …..so reap what ya sew !

      • April

        You guys are killing me with the sarcastic comments…waste of time and energy.

    • G. Stewart

      My publix has never accepted Target or drug store coupons. They only take kroger and Ingles coupons. I get a lot of really good deals at Publix. I love their $ off on gas gift cards and sometimes other gift cards.

    • Jen

      I am sad about the %off policy. I bought a coupon book with the BiLo 10% off coupons to use at Publix. I went to buy the gas card with the 10% off today and got the new policy thrown – literally thrown at me. Oh well…

    • Debra

      I shopped Publix yesterday, saved $76 on a $120 bill, no competitor coupons, no more then five of the BOG1, no more then one of the Yellow or Green Advantage deals per item….more than a 50% saving, all still worth it to me and I will keep loyal to Publix!!

    • AP

      No changes for my Publix. This site still saves me at least 50% a week, and with an ever expanding family….every little bit helps!

    • Mrsjmartin97

      This is very disappointing.I won't lie I only shopped Publix,I was never a hoarder,never was the 44 pop tart lady.Just wanted to save money on a tight budget.So,now I'll drive 45 mins away to a Harris Teeter and start learning all over!!

      • Nick

        Is Harris Teeter really that much better now?

        • couponsforme

          SC HT is not

      • Carrie

        I lived in GA until Dec. and shopped at a Publix with this EXACT coupon policy- I saved tons every week! Now I live in an area of SC with no Publix so I shop at Harris Teeter. With the exception of their special weeks (super double, triple) I don't save anywhere close to what I saved at Publix with this policy. Save the gas money and keep shopping at your Publix!

        • MK

          Carrie, where do you live in SC. If you have a Bi-Lo shop there too. The FuelPerks are amazing. I get 30 cents off per gallon of gas right now and I have only made 3 small trips to BiLo in the past month.

          • Kat628

            Bilo also doubles coupons up to 60 cents.

      • familymusings

        Why? What has been released is essentially how my local Publix's (in Lakeland) have been operating for a while. The main difference is the advantage buy limits.

        • kmjames1313

          Which store in Lakeland do you shop at? I live in Polk City, but since I work in Lakeland, I shop on my way home. I am going to call my Publix tomorrow or visit them Thursday to clarify the changes.

          • familymusings

            I shop at both the Plantation Square & Lake Gibson stores. When I was in the Plantation Square store just 30 minutes ago, the customer service assistant manager guy (forgot his name) said he hadn't seen the new policy yet so was unable to answer questions.

            I thought I'd give them until Monday to sort it all out.

            Also, I re-read the yellow adv coupon I used tonight (on the Fuze) and I think Jenny may be wrong in her interpretation. It said “one per purchase” which to me means I can have 1 coupon per item purchased (or in the case of fuze, 1 per 15 drinks purchased). I don't see in their new policy that the adv buy coupons will be limited, unless they change the language.

            • kmjames1313

              I shop at those as well as the one on Griffin Road – Town and Country Plaza (?) I was thinking the same thing with the adv buyers. It will be interesting to hear responses from the different stores. Also, I hope we get to keep Target as a competitor.

      • MK

        That's silly. If you aren't hoarding and will just buy 3 or 4 items with the yellow/green coupons stacked, just do a few separate transactions. If they really are cracking down and won't let you separate transactions right there, you can bring your husband and kids and have them buy that one item as a separate transaction with their own coupon or worst case scenario, you just make a few trips a week. This is well worth it for free items.

        • Guest

          I totally agree – I don't see what the big deal is about only one yellow or green. It's PER TRANSACTION so just split up your transactions – you're probably already are doing it at CVS, RA, or Wags anyway in order to pay for your next pile with ECBs or RRs so what's the difference if you have to do it at Publix? Not as convenient as one purchase but well worth it for the savings!

    • Jenremington357

      Does anyone know publix's policy on overage/profit? Until last week they were allowing it and then all of a sudden they stopped at ours.

    • Lisa

      I was told at my Publix today (Goose Creek store) that the changes will go in effect on May 23.

      • Jennifer

        Did you find out if they will still take Target coupons?

        • KAW

          No target store coupons…

      • Mari

        I was also told….the same. An official notification will come out this weekend.
        They will no longer take Target, Walgreen, Rite Aid, CVS, Family dollar or Dollar General coupons after May 23.

        • Mari

          Also only Food Lion, Bilo, Piggly Wiggly, Harris Teeter & Whole Foods will be considered as competitor

          • MK

            What about Earthfare? There is one on James Island though they usually only have one weekly special coupon. Mt. P is getting a Trader Joe's!

            • Yay!! I’ve been wondering when a Trader Joe’s would come to this area. Very excited !!

            • KAW

              No Earth Fare…I asked manager today……

          • KAW

            which really stinks….only two of those stores have “store” coupons…Whole Foods and Food Lion….food lion coupons are never that great and organic food doesn't go sale that often…. I was really hoping they would keep Target. Doesn't make sense that they will take Whole Foods, in Mt. Pleasant, but not Target???

        • Lisa

          I was hoping they'd keep Target since the nearby Summerville and N. Chas. stores sell groceries, but I'm not surprised about the drug stores and dollar stores.

    • Threnners

      Only one yellow advantage? #_)(*%_*()$#_)(%*$_(*%_)($*#)($*#_$()*#%_()*#$_(*%_%#

      • Mrscori2006

        Well, Yeah! Thanks to people like I saw the other day in Publix, this lady had a STACK of the yellow advantage buy ads, stacking the Rold Gold pretzel coupons with manu's. She had at least 20 bags in her cart. I don't blame Publix for changing their policy!

    • They recently put up a sign stating that Publix was coming to Rome, GA. I can't wait. I'm so tired of only having Kroger and Wal-mart to shop at.

    • Jo R

      Not much, if any, of a change for me. I don't think this is solely related to TLC- more people are using coupons- which is great. Not everyone knows how to use them and I would HATE to be a chashier faced with any angry couponer. Ha ha ha. Or a happy couponer faced with an angry chashier- it makes it easier on all of us! Things are clear cut and now we might all be able to save. Some weeks I get to the store late – I am happy to think that products will still be on the shelves then!!!

      • I can definitely relate. My son is about to go to work for one of the stores on this site. There are 2 things that I am worried about. The first one is checking ID's and the second one is dealing with coupons and couponers who are sometimes not so nice. This will be his first job.

    • Holly

      May we have the link to the new official policy??

    • CCShad

      I better get my Morningstar veggie burgers soon so I can use the Target coupon!
      I think the new policy is fair, but I bet it will still vary from store to store since some issues are vague.

    • Misty

      Thank you for such quick response. I had a hard time at my Publix today because the employees were talking amongst themselves about how they are “cracking down on coupons because these people are trying to scam us!”

      I'm glad to know they were just getting the new policy.

      • Cherilynn68

        Yeah they must be really hurting. That's why they built a whole brand new one a mile from the old one!! They get their $$ back from these manuf. coupons don't they??

    • Bunnyfabulous

      The only change for me will be only 1 of the same yellow or green advantage buy coupon. I'll still save a ton of money.

    • Lacat

      Thank you, Jenny, you are great!

    • Coupongal18

      This definitely won't change me shopping from Publix! I used to never shop at Publix because I always thought they were too expensive (I even worked at one in college) so I avoided them. The only thing this will affect for me are the green and yellow advantage coupons – I never took in competitor coupons so that won't affect me at all…..still love Publix!!!!!!!

    • Nina Demaria

      Pretty much no change for me. I save a ton of money at Publix. My store only allows me to use one store coupon per item. They have never allowed multiples. And since we don't have any nearby stores (Kroger, Harris Teeter, etc) and the Targets in Greenville are not super targets, they don't take any competitor coupons anyway. I love that the Publix I go to because they keep all the store coupons behind the counter so that everyone gets a chance to get some. That is really nice.

    • Coupondad

      Really? Is this a new coupon policy? I don't see anything that has really changed. I guess I am lucky to live in South Florida where I have 6 Publix stores in my zip code alone! I never see any shelves emptied and all sale items are always available any time and any day of the week. There is also a Super Target every few miles so I'm sure they will still take those coupons. As far as limiting quantities goes, that's fair. I really don't need 20 packages of Gas X anyways! Everyone needs to relax and realize that they are still going to be able to save a ton of money. Look at Jenny, she does it and spends her time showing us how to. Instead of complaining, how about saying: Thank you Jenny for all you do! P.S. – Thank you Jenny for all you do!

      • Kspring0629

        It is to try to get all stores to do the same thing across the board instead of one store allowing something and another one not allowing it.

    • Jabberjawzz1973

      This will effect me in some ways. the limit of one yellow or green advantage flyer. My store has not been accepting drug store coupons. They have been accepting target coupons but we do have a super target with full grocery store but its a ways away, not not sure if they will count that. Other than that pretty much everything else is the same. I will have to call a few local stores and see what each ones will allow as competitors.

    • KPalmer

      So, if I'm buying 3 bottles of Windex & use 3 manufacturer's Qs, I can only use one store Q (from the advantage flyer)? Or I have to have one store Q for each bottle?

      • Guest

        That is correct. The limit is only on the store coupons. You may use as many manufacturer coupons as you have items.

    • Breeren14

      my publix gave me a hard time this morning… thay say i can't use ebt and coupons …i say huh??? that doesn't make any sense…i ask them to show me their policy…because this is against the law…discrimnation….after a hour of goin back and forth…callin headquaters….i was allow to use my coupons…the new policy is out for the public and it still doesn;t say that…..but i still love publix…:0)

      • Guest

        As a cashier at Publix, I can tell you something that may help. If you use EBT and have coupons or pay with partial tender, then it is required for the cashier to type in the total amount of the order, and then press the appropriate tender button. Otherwise they receive an error stating over tender not allowed.

      • Mlbam6

        The only thing I would make sure to do next time during your purchase is separate your food items from your non food items and make two separate purchases. The reasoning is is due to the fact that the EBT system cannot distinguish the difference between a food coupon and a non-food coupon therefore money gets taken off the top of your food balance if you use a non-food coupon but still makes your remaining non-food balance what it would be before coupons. This also will help make sure you are getting the deals you want on non-food purchases. Using coupons with EBT is totally allowed, but getting money added back to your balance by using non-food coupons is not. Hope that made sense.

        • Kb

          unfortunetly, I totally didn't get your meaning

          • Mlbam6

            Sorry. Lets say you have $26.00 dollars in food groceries and $10.00 in non-food groceries. You then have $5.00 dollars worth of food coupons and $2.00 dollars worth of non-food coupons. Occasionally the entire $7.00 of coupons would be deducted from the $26.00 and $0.00 dollars of coupons from the non-food items. Making your totals $19.00 deducted from the EBT card and $10.00 still owed by the consumer. Sometimes a coupon for a non-food item will be credited to the EBT consumer for food items and not be deducted from the remaining non-food portion of the bill.

      • LD

        Makes no sense to me at all . I would think the state and the taxpayers of that state would be glad you are stretching the $ you get . Publix gets their $ for those coupons if you use ebt or cash or credit card. Maybe they think ebt $ [people who need help with food] lol shouldnt be allowed to get more grocerys with thier alotted $ Or maybe becasue the coupons just take off the total bill and the ebt dose not know what your total food purchase is minus coupons. So then if you bought items like say soap etc the ebt would be paying for those . and that may be a sticking point for a law? I would bet so , it sounds just stupid enough to be a govement law lol You can buy soda or candy but not vitamins or soap or toothpaste.

        • Southerngirl Mathews

          I commend the lady for saving the taxpayer dollars and having such appreciation to be so frugal if more people were like her well just imagine

        • It knows what is food or not. Look at the receipt, if there is an F next to it, it is covered by EBT. The computer knows how to differentiate, however the coupons for non-food sometimes take off for the food instead of on the non-food items you need the coupons to take off of. At least that's how it worked when I previously had EBT. And you can use coupons, I'm pretty sure the law says that they have to accept coupons even with EBT

      • Cassidy

        There is no reason why you wouldn't be able to use coupons with your EBT card. Publix system is very accomodating with an EBT, it even tells you if you only have a certain amount left on your balance instead of having to remember exactly how much to spend that day if you're running low. Publix system CAN determine the difference between food and non food coupons, I have seen this myself on my receipt. They also do not need to type in an amount when you use a partial tender, at least not at my store, I do it all on the key pad and the cashier does nothing. Unless you're store's system is way out of date, which I highly doubt, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to use coupons with your SNAP or TANF money.

    • Karen in FL

      My only problem with Publix is they don't train their cashiers right. One week one tells you one thing and the next week one tells you something totally different. It makes it hard to plan my shopping trip when I don't know what's going to be accepted.

    • Nathalie

      I'm still new to couponing, but I'm contemplating which one is better: Winn Dixie or Publix? I'm in Miami, FL. and I know that doubling is not allowed, however, I'm not sure which store has more potential savings. Is having the Winn Dixie rewards card really worth it? If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it…

      • Atchmom5

        I am also in Florida & I've rarely found WD to have deals equal to Publix. Our WD's mark the price up on the week of the BOGO, Publix doesn't.

      • Nicole

        I'm new to it too Nathalie… I live in GA and I've found that usually for the meats WD is better and for everything else Publix is better. You kind of have to weigh out those factors. Each store like everyone has said is a little different, but using your coupons with your rewards card does help a ton if you can find a really good deal, but it has to be a REALLY good deal… and in my area Publix is can be a few dollars cheaper. WD and Publix will sometimes have the same deals going on which is kind of funny to me.

        • K.Hansen

          I have a kroger directly across the stree from Publix and they are both less than 2 miles from my home.For that reason I go to both quite a bit. I usually find that meat is cheaper at Kroger but everything else is cheaper at Publix (if it’s on sale). When time allows, I still prefer to buy most of my produce and meat from Sam’s club. Their regular prices on meat/seafood are the sale prices at my favorite grocery stores. Also the salad blends are MUCH cheaper at Sam’s club. Even if I can’t finish a large bag before it goes bad, what I’ve used is much cheaper than buying the little bags at the grocery stores that are usually 1.99 a bag on sale and twice that when they are regular price. I can’t wait around for a sale on produce to buy it,my family needs it all the time, not just when it’s on sale. Bananas are super cheap there too!

          • Chris

            Publix is definitely more expensive for those types of items but for meat, deli, bakery, and produce I’m willing to pay a little more for the better quality and service I get at Publix than anywhere else. Plus a few years ago there was a big Dateline story about redated (expired and re-packaged) meat and Publix was the ONLY store that had almost no packages (1 out of 8 stores had one package). Plus Publix will let you buy a whole slab of meat (like top sirloin which is cheaper when you buy the really large slab) then slice it for free so you save that markup on the pre-sliced small packs they have out.

    • Amber

      Will Publix still accept Wags RR as cash?

      • Susan

        @c513d5f3e351adceb456aff6c817636c:disqus I was just at my Publix and was told that they will only be accepting coupons from grocery stores. Since Walgreens is a drugstore, they would no longer be accepting them. However, each Publix will be providing it's list of competitors, so your store may be different.

        • Greg

          I called my Publix.They said they would take Target, Walgreens, CVS so long as it was a grocery coupon. So no toiletries/pharmacy items, but still nice.

          • LD

            Oh I am hoping my store will still take target as that is the only one I use besides a $/$$ winn dixie once in a while. Now it seems strange that they will take a cvs for food and not on drug store items , since that is really where cvs competes for my $ . On the health and beauty items lol. I dont buy that much food there but will shop for my paper goods and beauty items over Publix;s as they offer better deals with coupons and ecb for me on those items but heck if mine said they would take cvs food items I would use them .

    • Ellie

      We will accept a manufacturer’s coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item.

      I don't see anything that states they will only allow one publix coupon per transaction? So if I get 4 of the same items I can't use 4 of the same yellow coupons? It says per item?????

    • Lagrangesandy

      I really don't see a change…people have gone coupon crazy…who really needs thousands of dollars worth of food pilled up in thier house..I love Publix ..we don't get double coupons in Fla ..but the BOGO and using the coupons I also save a ton of money ..and Publix bogo's are actually stuff we use not like some other stores…It is a waste to buy too much and then it goes out of date and discard it , where is the savings there..

      • ScentsyLynn

        I sometimes buy things my family won't use but I donate it to someone in need or to a food bank. I figure if I can get things for free or almost free I might as well buy it and bless someone with it!

    • Frugal4life

      Today I went to Publix and purchased 4 Windex glass cleaners with 4 yellow advantage Q's and 4 manuf Q's with no problem. My cashier, after I complemented her patience with Q's told me that she had been suspended for 3 days because a couponer had complained to the manager about her making some remark about a coupon. So please everyone lets be nice to each other and not complaint over little things. Lets count our blessing!

    • Dianne1089

      I am just now starting couponing and love Publix. I am afraid this may hamper my progress. Darn my church saved thousands on many shoppers. I wanted to help and enjoy savings myself :-(

    • Nathalie

      Which store has more potential savings: Winn Dixie or Publix? Is having the Winn Dixie reward card worth it??

      • Atchmom5

        In our area, WD marks items up on the week of the ad, unlike Publix when it is a true BOGO (at regular price). Rarely have I found WD to be a better deal than Publix on BOGOs.

        • Nathalie

          Thank you for your response =)

      • cahileman

        WD may hae an item or two that is a good buy, but Publix blows WD away on a normal basis. And Yes WD does totally jack up the prices for a sale week, really bad!!

      • BrittanyH

        I agree with Atchmom5 but in my experience WD has been way better for meats.

        • Agree. I have rarely been impressed with a Publix meat deal. Anytime I go into Food Lion, I am just blown away by how cheap the meat is.

    • Greg

      Does Publix double $/2 q's like I have a q for .50c/2. Will they make that 1.00/2?

      • Flgatorgurl08

        It depends on your region. Like central florida does not, ever, any store, any time.

      • Sheila

        My Publix doubles manufacturer's coupons up to $.50 so that coupon would save me $1/2.

    • Brooke

      No copies of Publix coupons surprises me a bit, my store often copies Publix coupons and tapes them to the products

      • Chris

        If you print the Qs from the Publix website you’ll notice most of them now have a colored background (which shows up a little diff on plain b&w printers like mine). I guess they’re going to use that to tell if the Q was copied from a printout or something.

      • One of the stores in my area does that as well. I imagine if the store copies it, it's different then the consumer?

    • cahileman

      This isn't going to change much at all, may make getting your deals a little easier, hopefully with less shelf clearing (we'll have to see if this works or not). Wish they were more clear on overages, guess that's a store to store variance again!!

      • Pamela

        I have a feeling that us Publix cashiers are going to take alot of heat over this. Please be kind. We didn’t change the rules. If you have an issue, please ask for manager. Thats why they make the big bucks. Not us $7 an hour cashiers who just show up to work.

      • Chris

        Everyone keeps talking about overage and I don’t see anything in this policy that says anything about overage – allowed or not. I’m guessing it will still be up to the individual store like what most of this policy refers to anyways.

        For overage what I do is see how low I’m getting and if I see I still have more Qs than balance I go ahead and add a Publix gift card to my order so my remaining Qs eat that up and they don’t have an issue with the register. I’ve done that even with a manager standing right there and they had no issue with it.

    • Meges01

      I'm still worried about the new coupon policy. We have a budget only $40 a month and that has to include our diapers for our young son.

      • cahileman

        you need to check into food stamps if your budget is $40 a month for food and diapers. There's no way that works… even with coupons!

      • couponsforme

        @386459de88c691ef53f22696f691f108:disqus check into SNAP supplemental nutrition assistants program and WIC women infants children programs a single person would have trouble on that kind of budget!!! the help is there if that is all you can afford because that will barely cover diapers

      • MissingStar

        I too have a budget of about 50.00 per month for groceries. I always tell my cashier that I coupon not because I like to but because I have to. For those of you out there who can't believe it, believe it. It can be done, you eat alot of ramen noodles, spagetti and hamburger helper. Couponing has allowed me and my child the opportunity to eat like other people do. And by the way, my income is 100 dollars above the limit for food stamp eligibility, but when you pay rent, car note, insurance, power bill, phone bill, gas, etc. there is nothing left. It is a treat just to buy my child a $3.00 happy meal. There are people in this world who make less than 30,000 but are independent of federal programs. This new policy will hurt my household.:-(

      • I cloth diapered my son. Cloth isn't like it used to be – my preferred diaper was fuzzibunz. I bought them new and resold them for almost what I paid for them. I diapered my son newborn to age 3 for about $100.

        • Sox4eva24

          Good for u. I used cloth diapers for my babies 30 years ago. Its so easy and good for the enviornment. My daughter pooh poohed HAHA the idea of cloth diapers. I think every mom on a tight budget shoul use cloth diapers, and breastfeed too. Now the cost of formula is outragious. And read the ingredients. eeewwwww

          • I can not, for the life of me, understand people who complain about the cost of formula but refuse to breastfeed.

            You have free food right there!

            • Some people don’t refuse to breastfeed, some can’t…

            • Jennybom

              I agree. I don’t think we should judge other moms. We should support each other!

            • You will note I did not say people who can not breastfeed. I said people who refuse.

              There is only a very small percentage of people who can not truely breastfeed. lack of support, and knowledge and the main reason people “can’t” breastfeed. it’s shameful the bad information that is given out by nurses and pediatricians regarding breastfeeding, but alas, I was referring to people who refuse, as I said.

            • I’m not sure what happened to my comment, but I did not say “people who can’t”.
              I said “people who refuse”

      • Lizk

        Try cloth diapers. You will save a ton and they are super easy. Check out Bum Genius

        • Kelly

          I also cloth diapered for a while. You can buy cloth diapers on ebay – I have bought Fuzzibunz that way. I think people buy a whole bunch and sell them in batches. Every once in a while you will see someone selling gently used cloth diapers once their babies grow out of them. They are usually the best deals!

    • NorthALCouponer

      Correct me if I'm wrong but don't most of the Green and Yellow flyer coupons say Limit Deal per Coupon per Customer? Doesn't that mean you can use more than one per transaction as long as you have enough for your items?

      • Saven

        @3dbffffaad6e6ed5987263e9cfe2e75c:disqus I haven't asked my local store about the new policy, but I have on several occasions bought 2 AmEx gift cards with 2 q from the Advantage Buy flyers in the same transaction. I asked customer service ahead of time and they said as long as I had 2 qs I was fine. Did this as recently as last week. The qs say “limit one item PER COUPON per customer” or something like that.

        • Pamela

          At my Publix, we had to limit it to one per cust because we were running out of them. It’s only fair because everybody wants the same deal.

        • shawn

          Yes, while I have had one or two managers understand the difference, most seem to not understand the difference between “1 per customer” and “1 per customer per coupon”.

          As such, I've had to limit my store selections as the difference is drastic, one meaning I can only buy one…period, and the other meaning I can buy one for each coupon I have with me.

          Is it REALLY that difficult to understand?!?

      • Rainey993

        I also need to know about the yellow or green deals.

    • Jconway07

      This is all because of those crazy extreme couponers. I mean really, how many snickers bars, tooth brushes, or boxes of pasta does one family really need??

      • cahileman

        well I'll admit that a few months ago I bought 100 boxes of BOGO Muellers pasta with their $1/1 coupon. I made $40 in overages. I did it in 10 separate purchases of 10 boxes each time over a period of 5-6 days. So yes I bought 100lbs of pasta in one week. I haven't bought pasta since, and I have used some in donation boxes for church! A smart buy in my opinion, but not hoarding. My family is using them, and when I get down to 10-15 boxes I'll do the deal again!! Maybe without the overages this time though?!?

        • cg

          Those Muellers coupons were actually “limit one coupon per customer” so you are lucky that your cashiers let you do 10 in one transaction. I went back several times and got about 20 total myself.

        • Lizk

          It's this kind of behavior that made the limitations necessary.

          • cahileman

            What behavior? I spread it out over the week, every time I went in the shelves were full of product. I didn’t take anything from anyone!!

            How about me being in Walmart pondering what fragrance of Nivea body wash I’m going to buy, when a woman walks in front of me and literally sweeps the shelf clean into her cart of every bottle that was there!!

            My behavior…. Wow…. it’s OK blame me… I have broad shoulders. Maybe it would be better if I told you I have 13 kids…….. or that I was donating it….. is that better??

            (BTW I have 3 kids and YES I did donate some of them)

    • Charlene James

      I am very happy to get an actual “policy”. I am in Alabama and I asked the store manager for the policy and was shocked when he said there was not one! Also what is a grreen and yellow flyer coupon?

      • Bkb1288

        They have a green flyer and a yellow flyer that they have other sale items listed and they contain store coupons that u can stack with manufacturer q’s

      • Bkb1288

        They have a green flyer and a yellow flyer that they have other sale items listed and they contain store coupons that u can stack with manufacturer q’s

    • Jenremington357

      Does anyone know publix's policy on overage/profit? Until last week they were allowing it and then all of a sudden they stopped. The manager called it coupon fraud? Any ideas?

      • Carissa

        I’m sorry your Publix stopped taking overage. I’ve contacted Publix corporate in the past as well as many other couponers to CONFIRM that overage is appropriate and acceptable…. However, I can understand why he may call it “fraud”. Even though Publix corporate agreed to the overage, they still have printed on their PUBLIX coupons (as well as some manufacturer coupons) “not to exceed purchase price”. So, since it is going against the language on the coupon, he’s calling it coupon fraud.

        I would suggest contacting Publix corporate office (which they may then contact your district manager) to get the official word for your area.

        • Jenremington357

          It was a coupon in the green flyer and there was no language like that. I wouldnt have tried to use it if there were. It’s so confusing…

    • Xxplumcrazeexx

      My publix would not let me use the $10 off $40 and my Publix $5 off $30 on Sunday. Told me I could use one or the other.

      • Leaz

        was your total before coupons at least $70?

    • Peggy

      Ok guys explain to me what is the difference your talking about with the yellow and green advantage ect whats different now, and when exactly is this going into effect?

    • Kryshchs

      I'm kind of happy personally. I coupon for my family and only buy what we can use or donate. It is really depressing to put all the effort into grocery shopping to get to the store and find out they were wiped out by a single person.

      • Pamela

        As a Publix cashier, this is what I see all day long. Sometimes I want to say something like “hey, save some for the next customer” . So I’ll say it hear.

      • yeah I agree to an extent but.. at the same time, like I said on someone elses comment, my family is 13 people. I buy ALOT more than most people every week. so limiting me to 4 of something kinda blows (depending on what it is of course) I fix 6 cans of veggies when I cook them. I use 1 whole 5lb bag of fries when i cook them.. so..for me.. it sucks that a store can tell me how much to buy even though they aren't the ones feeding my family and don't know how much to do just that.

        • rose

          Yes, true but if you make them aware that you have thirteen, they will give you extra or allow you more. Sometimes if you get to know them, they will bend over backwards to accomodate you. Let them know!!

        • Momto7

          You may want to talk with your store. Mine knows I have a big family and will allow me to exceed the limits. HTH

        • Julia

          Hey Christina, I totally understand your point, but I'm sure the store you shop in will gladly sell you as much as you need. You just won't be able to use all the coupons you want. Bless your heart for having such a large family!!! HUGS!

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know…if Christina had a meeting with the Store Manager and the Customer Service Manager and explained her need, they might allow her to use, say, up to 14 like coupons in one trip. If any store would work with her, it would be Publix!

      • Sonja2874

        I'm with you. I am overjoyed.

        • Rainey993

          I am happy also but now I feel like I am going to have to relearn and I just started learning.

      • I just shrug and get a raincheck. :)

        CVS is more of a pain because sometimes one item of the three you need for an ECB deal will be wiped for like a month after the sale ends… just long enough for your coupons to expire lol.

    • Eli

      I checked with my store manager today and he said they will no longer take Target, Walgreens, or CVS store coupons! I will definately be checking more closely into the other sale papers! I'm pretty disappointed. To make things even “better,” for some reason, the took all the coupons off of the stands and put a note up that “coupons are located in customer service”. I was like are you serious?! Now is not the time to make things more difficult for customers. I feel as if this is not going to be an easy lift off for Publix!!!

      • Michelle

        You should be glad coupons are at service desk. That keeps some people from taking them all before everyone has a chance to get one.

        • Eli

          Well it wouldn't be so bad if some of the cashiers that are placed at the customer service desk were not coupon natzis! Not sure why they put the older women in customer service when they don't even know the meaning of the 2 words. I usually grab 2 of the coupon booklets so i can use them for b1g1 deals but I know what you mean when people grab like half the stack. It's just another disappointment in the same day…kinda frustrating!

          • Thesclady

            Amen to that! I hate asking for coupon books at my store because it’s like asking them for their firstborn or something. They definatly have no clue of the words customer service and I have about given up on even asking for them.

      • Shirley

        The coupons are always all gone when I go to get them, I learned to go to customer service and ask. They always give me three of each. Sometimes one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch.

      • Julia

        I heard that Target coupons are allowed as long as it's a Super Target with a full grocery dept. Anyone know the word on this?

      • Sorry Eli, they don't want you fistfulling 10 Yellow Flyers (I do it too).

        My store never took Target/Walgreens/CVS, so for me it is actually an advantage because I don't have to frown at all of Jenny's matchups that I can't use!

    • keb2009

      “Manufacturer’s coupons (limit one per item).”

      so wait. is that saying if i buy 1 item i can only use manu q for it? if so, has any store ever let you use 2 manu's for 1 item?! LOL!

      or is it saying if i buy 3 of the same item i can only use 1 manu q?

      • Lea

        One mq per each item.

    • I guess that depends on how big your family is doesn't it. I mean, my family is 13 strong. Therefore, I use more food in 1 DAY than the average American family uses in 1 week. :)

      • cahileman

        average family is what 4-5…. not quite one days worth of food in one week. a little overkill. :-)

    • Amberwest78

      I agree with Jconway07. When I go for the deals its for maybe a max of four of that item. Im not wanting to fill a shoping cart. I have a family of six and we dont need that much so I dont see why others do go “extreme” when they shop. Save some for the rest of us!

      • I typically agree. Baby food is a big exception for me since my son eats 5-6 jars per day. I hope they are more lax on 10 item limits for that.

        • Have you ever considered making your own baby food?
          When I cook our dinner, before I season or butter it I would pull some out for my son and puree it (but that didn't last long, he hated purees and basically started eating it cut small at 6 months)

          You can freeze it in ice cube trays, too and they're perfect serving size! With coupons frozen veggies are so often free, or close to it.

          • We bought a baby food mill. We tried green beans and has a lot of hassle. Sweet Potato went easier. We then had some good coupons for some Beech Nuts for like 10 cents a jar, and never really turned back. It seemed it would be slightly cheaper to do our own possibly, but the time commitment seemed too much.

            Maybe next baby. :)

            Our son is 10 months old, but just barely getting his first tooth. He seems to still prefer purees in a lot of ways.

    • Cadaallen

      So why does Florida not double coupons?? I am iin N Fl maybe I should shop in Ga.

      • Cadaallen

        help me with an answer! :)

        • Carlahodges72

          Heres my thoughts its cause its were the corp headquarters are!!! I dont know but it stinks!

        • I think other grocery stores in the same areas do not double coupons. I don't know if it is a local law affecting it or if all stores don't do it just because the others stores don't (no competitive reason to do it).

          • Lkate77

            I have heard that Harvey's in Tallahassee doubles coupons every day.

            • Tallymomma

              Pretty sure it’s only one per item though.

          • Bkb1288

            our piggly wiggly in albany ga doubles harveys publix and winn dixie do not

        • Fishbaugh 11

          They just don't.

      • The3edges

        The stores in south Georgia (Thomasville and Valdosta) don't double either.

        • Cadaallen


        • Bkb1288

          albany is the same way

      • Amanda

        I'm in southern South Carolina and they don't double here either. It has always bothered me that these sites say that all Publix stores except Florida double when it is not true!

    • Shirley W

      Thanks. I have learned to call the store, ask for a manager and ask which competitor coupons they take. I do this from time to time. They are all very friendly and happy to have us come in their store. I have noticed policy changes displayed by the registers.

    • Tarainga

      We can thank the nutcases on extreme couponing for forcing the hand of these stores. Those people belong on hoarders it's an illness. Hopefully this will ensure I can shop at publix on a Monday and still find the deals available because people won't be buying 59 bottles of mustard.

      • Rainey993

        I agree. I went today thinking the elf's would be restocked. Everything was still wiped out.

      • ponygirl19

        I have 40 bottles of mustard. I didn't clear the shelves… I asked Publix to order it for me. What am I going to do with it all… I DONATE !

        Personally, I have watched the show and I did my first extreme shopping this past wk… I had to call at the beginning of the wk and have Publix put in a special order for me… I don't believe everything that show actually puts on TV ! I do agree these folks are hoarders.. YES… but I don't think stores actually allow them to do this… i think they agree to let them do it FOR THE SHOW…. Then again… I could be wrong as my hubby tells me regularly !! LOL

        I also hate that these people on that show don't tell how much MONEY they have invested into the coupons… !! I would love to know how much it cost to get 100 coupons for 100 boxes of cereal !

    • Mgf15424

      Where can I find the actual printed policy? I looked on the Publix site & don't see it. I live in Florida but my store NEVER accepts a coupon on the free item so I want to take the policy w/me when I shop.

      • Rrbarr

        Yes, I did the same thing and can not find their official policy on their website and I would like to copy it for myself and keep it handy

      • Joynunez24

        I live in FL and every publix I have ever been to has allowed coupons for the free items. I have never seen their policy nor ever needed to use one at checkout. I'm sure after june 1 when this new policy begins there will be copies available in stores.

      • ponygirl19

        PERSONALLY… I would go to the customer service desk and ask for a copy ! just an idea.

      • They are still training all staff members so you will see this in your store starting 5/15 or 5/23 depending on your area and they probably will have extra to hand out to for any who ask (let them do the printing and save some ink!)

      • They will have it posted at the store. From what I understand it is not in full-effect yet, and will be on the website soon.

      • Pamela

        The new pocily isn't in effect until May23. They won't start posting it until May 14th.

    • ana

      Anyone in Charleston SC (either Main Rd or James Island location) know what competitor coupons are being accepted? I'm surprised about no EarthFare Q's at Goose Creek. No more target would be a bummer also.

      • Jje

        Seems like they are adopting the same policy for all. The N Chas Publix posted theirs last week with the same stores. I live in Summerville, so after May 23, the drive to Goose Creek will not be worth it for me, I can use Target coupons at target and bilo. I can make monthly runs to whole foods, and Harris Teeter is right across from them,With the cost of gas the savings will no longer be there to offset the cost in shopping Publix weekly. You can check reaping your harvest, she posted the new N Chas policy last week.

      • Melanie

        @ Ana
        My husband is the cust serv manager at JI and he says that when the policy becomes effective on May 23, competitors will be Harris Teeter, Piggly Wiggly, BiLo, Food Lion, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods.

        • Carlahodges72

          Your lucky Publix here is taking away our Whole Foods and Target!

      • I never knew that GC even took EarthFare Q's. What about the drug store Q's, right now GC Publix accepts the drug stores as competitor's too. Will that be out the window when this goes into effect?

    • Fairyandgnome

      This doesnt seem to affect anything that my store was already/ or not already doing. Nothing seems to change for me :)

    • KatyS

      i'm confused about the green/yellow flyers. Does this mean that if i have two green advantage buy flyers, i can't use two of the same coupons to buy 2 items?

      • ponygirl19

        KatyS… I don't think so… UNLESS different items. Last wk they had some shampoo in green flyer… I got that AND the vitamins in same flyer w no problems but I could not have purchased 2 vitamins in the same check out bc coupons said only ONE per customer. I am still new to this and think I am right about this !

      • That is what Jenny said. They are still taking 2 for the same item at my store currently, though as I said above, I don't think the new policy is in effect until 5/14.

    • ponygirl19

      woooh ! Nothing new to me ! We have been following these rules now for some time and YES you still can save.

      Last week I went to Publix in Lexington, SC… my total bill was $447.77… after coupons… I paid $41.11 ! I was thrilled and SO WAS PUBLIX !! They knew I was coming and bent over backwards for me! This had been my first time trying to extreme coupon so I made a few mistakes being worried about it all, then not all my items came in so i had to make some changes to my buggies…but with their help and PATIENCE we worked it out !

      I love Publix and personally see no reason to shop anywhere else ! Even with Bilo doubling coupons up to 60 cents.. I can't do better than Publix ! Headed there tomorrow for the Mac n cheese sides…. I have my coupons and have no problems going in for ONLY TEN… think about it this way… the sale is on for another 6 days.. you can go back… and you can get a rain check !

    • Christy

      Thanks for posting!

    • I was in Publix tonight trying (and succeeding) to slip in a ton of those Food Lion Baby coupons before the ax came down. They were not totally forthcoming about all the local details of the new policy, but here are a few things I found out, some old, some new. This may not all be corporate, but it applies to my local (Lexington, SC) store at least.

      – The new policy does not take effect until 5/14. Everyone is currently in training for it though. So, if you have something “ambitious” you want to slip in, I'd try to get it in now.

      – Competitor coupons will have changes (I didn't get specifics, but I was curious since the multiple competitor coupon thing was not listed at the top, but then Jenny listed it as an interpretation at the bottom)

      – With the changes, the CSRs won't be able to endorse weekly ad (or assumably green/yellow flyer) coupons like Rainchecks (like I got them to endorse the diaper coup. tonight since they were out of my son's size. I guess I'll have to settle for intentionally buying the wrong size and doing an exchange later next time….)

      – I don't know if this is just my store, but there were already signs up everywehre saying all BOGOs are limited to 10 items (5 deals). This won't affect me much, but if they apply that to baby food deals, that will suck. I often buy 20-40 whenever they do that (though luckily for me, my boy is growing into table food). My wife thinks she saw this sign last week.

      – This is old, but I had never run into it or asked about it. As many of you know, Publix stopped allowing you to get like a 10 item raincheck and then use it in multiple trips incrementally until you use it all up. I found out that this applies even if they only had 5 items in stock the next time you went. You'd just lose the other five items.

      • Pamela

        I'm a Publix cashier. Please be patient with us during all these policy changes. It's all new to us too. I am also a customer of Publix and an avid couponer. As far as the new limits on the number of deals per customer, I really do like this idea. I think everyone else will too when they come in to get their own deals and there's actually some on the shelf for you too.

        • Meh, when I do the shopping, I’ll just run through the line multiple times if necessary. It doesn’t happen that often. I mean, some of the Beech Nut coupons require buying 20 to get the deal.

          The other thing I could see this affecting is cat food individual cans, but that usually is not a BOGO sale and would be unaffected.

      • Mrscori2006

        If you're buying 40 baby food jars at once, are you leaving some for others? Just asking…

        • If the shelves are not already picked over, it barely makes a dent. I mean there are probably at least 15 flavors so it is only like 2-3 jars per flavor. It’s not like I buy 40 green beans :)

    • I was in Publix tonight trying (and succeeding) to slip in a ton of those Food Lion Baby coupons before the ax came down. They were not totally forthcoming about all the local details of the new policy, but here are a few things I found out, some old, some new. This may not all be corporate, but it applies to my local (Lexington, SC) store at least.

      – The new policy does not take effect until 5/14. Everyone is currently in training for it though. So, if you have something “ambitious” you want to slip in, I'd try to get it in now.

      – Competitor coupons will have changes (I didn't get specifics, but I was curious since the multiple competitor coupon thing was not listed at the top, but then Jenny listed it as an interpretation at the bottom)

      – With the changes, the CSRs won't be able to endorse weekly ad (or assumably green/yellow flyer) coupons like Rainchecks (like I got them to endorse the diaper coup. tonight since they were out of my son's size. I guess I'll have to settle for intentionally buying the wrong size and doing an exchange later next time….)

      – I don't know if this is just my store, but there were already signs up everywehre saying all BOGOs are limited to 10 items (5 deals). This won't affect me much, but if they apply that to baby food deals, that will suck. I often buy 20-40 whenever they do that (though luckily for me, my boy is growing into table food). My wife thinks she saw this sign last week.

      – This is old, but I had never run into it or asked about it. As many of you know, Publix stopped allowing you to get like a 10 item raincheck and then use it in multiple trips incrementally until you use it all up. I found out that this applies even if they only had 5 items in stock the next time you went. You'd just lose the other five items.

    • Hmzsmom

      When does this officially start?

    • Carlahodges72

      For me its “Where shopping is a pleasure…. Unless you use coupons”! Ive shopped at Walmart for 7 years and I live pract. across the street from a Publix. I got great deals at Walmart but then when I started couponing I started going to Publix because that was what everyone said to do only thing was in the store the people that worked there were SNOTTY LOOK DOWN THERE NOSES! Oh coupons great and that wasnt one store that was several diff ones. Not to mention ive read the blogs and have seen what other people have said about Publix and how they what they have had to deal with. So I did some research and ill give you an example. Publix has grilled ready chicken by Tyson for $8.99 per bag Walmart $6.49 and then I use my coupons and well I think you guys can do the math. Right now Publix has Lays potatoe chips B1G1 Free and the cost $4.29 well Walmart has Lays potatoe chips for $2.19 a bag so buy 2 bags use a coupon per bag and Wala you save $.12 cents then if you had went to Publix same amount of bags like a B1G1 free. I know some of the deals are great at Publix but that is when you can use there coupon and a manf coupon. Also Publix if it runs out they wait for shipment Walmart ALMOST always has it in stock and if its out they get it next day or within a week VERY RARELY do they have none on the shelf for weeks at a time like Publix example Soliel razors ive been waiting for 3 weeks and still waiting!!!!! Plus when you buy at publix YOU pay for someone elses retirement at Walmart you can buy stock there everywhere in the USA and you pay into YOUR retirement! Priceless!!!!!

      Love Walmart Saver!

      P.S. The people that check you out at Walmart are rude too but there Walmart!!! There NOT rude because your using coupons there rude because they dont want to do all those coupons but NOT because they think your coupon TRASH!….. and there 24 hours in most locations so you can go late at night and not have to deal with huffy puffy Coach bag ladys behind you!!!!

      • Michelle

        Yeah but for every $.50 coupon you have to try to use at Walmart, Publix doubles those all day long. Unless of course you live in FL, where you can't double and your B1G1s are full cost 1st item and free 2nd. If you don't live in FL, you're doing yourself a disservice by shopping at Walmart, not to mention helping prop up China.

        • Carlahodges72

          Yes Im sorry I forgot to mention I do live in Florida so let me correct that IF YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA! its a good deal! Plus you pay into your retirement when you buy stock at Walmart and it dont matter where you live thats the case. Now for Publix YOU CANT BUY STOCK! unless you work for them! For Publix next time your there ask them where they get there products its from China too and they are horriable to the migrant workers that work in Florida! When the migrant workers and produce farm owners did there march a year ago Publix was the only grocery store to NOT give in to the demands ALL other grocery stores helped. This was a national story!

          • Carlahodges72

            Oh and it will come down the pipe line shortly where you CANT double coupons! I mean you cant do it in FLORIDA and thats where the OWNERS live matter of fact about a mile down the road! And you would think they would let us double coupons since they live here in Florida and NOT let the other states oh but no!!!! So its only a matter of time! All im saying is dont be fooled by the B1G1 because sometimes its cheaper to get it somewhere else! IN FLORIDA! and when I go to Indiana I cant find a Publix but you better believe I can always find a Walmart! Stock ends up being a better deal for me in the long run too! Cause everyone knows where a Walmart is and theres about 30 other states that have Walmarts but No Publix!! So Im not only getting pretty much the same deals and savings in FLORIDA but im also helping MY STOCK FOR RETIREMENT!

            • Jennifer in GA

              You are certainly free to shop where ever you please, but you are doing NO good and simply taking up space and adding nothing to the discussion by continuing to post about how awesome Wal-Mart is.

            • Carlahodges72

              If you read my post I was letting people who live in Florida know that sometimes not always its cheaper other places and that when you use a store coupon and manf coupon at Publix thats when you get the savings. When I was in Publix today they said that you can only use 1 store coupon and 1 manf coupon well that really hurts for people in Florida since we cant double manf coupons so guess what its cheaper to shop at Walmart UNLESS Publix has a a store coupon and manf coupon and its a B1G1 free of course Walmart takes ALL Comp. Q and manf Q. Sorry to have inconvienced you Jennifer from GA.

            • CrazyCouponClipperChris

              Honestly, it sounds like you have an axe to ground with Publix. 'Nuff said.

            • LD

              I am in Florida and the 2 walmart's around me told me they do not take competitors coupons. I was hoping. Also when I wanted to price match some produce they would not let me as it was from a certain area I think Calif and walmarts where from another place or they didnt know. Also who not let me price match my nanas lol it was dole brand at winn dixie and walmart was a different brand ugg I cant price match winn dixies market brand beef deals either. I wish they would as I need to be able to get my shopping done at one place and one time. I cant go to multiple stores or do more than one trip a week. So I have to decided who is having the cheapest that week on everything combined that I need. If it is lots of OTC or an expensive one then I usally go to Walmart. If Publix limits my deals on advantage or target coupons I will have to go more often to walmart and less to Publix. Does your Walmart let you stack compt. store and manuf. ? I wish ours would even take compt lol

            • Bkb1288

              walmart stinks!!!!

            • Carlah

              Good then I wont be seeing you in Walmart when they stop doubling manf coupons at Publix! I live in the town with corp office so have alot of friends that work there and eventually they are going to stop doubling of manf coupons in all other states! Then Walmart WILL be cheaper!!!

      • Lynneskitchen

        I guess I'm a puffy Coach bag lady, lol. I got a steal of a deal on it at the outlet with a great Q and it was on clearance, lol! I store all my Q's in mine and all the money I save too by shopping Publix! The 2 Publix in my area are great. The cashiers and management are all so friendly and helpful. They love to tell me how much I saved. :) They also take the cart out and load all the groceries in the car which is a plus for me since I have three small kids. Walmart won't even put the item in your cart. The only time I shop Wallys now is if something is free, and even then I have to stand in line for way too long!

        • Carlahodges72

          Your funny Huffy Puffy Coach bag lady!! But if your using coupons then why are you huffy puffy im talken about the huffy puffy coach bag ladies that DONT use coupons and are huffy puffy because Im using coupons! And if you go to Walmart when the kids are down for the night its REALLY nice mommie break time and no huffy puffys at all LOL!!!! :))

      • Prettyblueyz

        i agree almart has better prices. Winn dixie had bryers ice cream b1g1. At walmart if I bought 2 of same item…same ounces.. it came out id save 50 cents. That doesnt count savings if I had a coupon.

      • Amy Chapman

        I started couponing two weeks ago and saved more at Publix hands down over Wallmart. I went today to Publix in Marietta, Ga and was able to save 75% on my total order. I used multiple advantage coupons like 2 Bullsey and 2 John Frieda no problem. A manager evenhad to do an override again no questions. Walmart I bought Dr. Thunder and nothing e else.
        I think Publix is just trying to protect themselves from one person buying out an entire shelf. I think the rule is don't disrespect your neighbors and your local grocery.

    • Joynunez24

      Iwas a little worried about the new change but I still think publix is the best store hands down. I have been couponing a few yrs and there have been changes in the past. You just have roll with the punches and keep going.

    • Hmzsmom

      What about the competitors for the Goose Creek store, does anybody know?

    • Chiefsangeleyes

      Ok, my only confusion is the Yellow/green Ad coupons..i just looked at the ones again that were in my folder. Mine say “Limit one deal per customer per coupon,” When I asked my manager, he said if I wanted to buy 4 bottles of Prevacid and use their $5/2 I need two physical coupons in my hand. But could use them both. So…. is the wording different regionally?

      • Heidi32604

        No, I have the same wording. I think that people must be treating the coupons like a store ad, and don't think that they need to actually cut out the amount of coupons they need.

    • Hgblevins

      I live in Alabama and started couponing about 1 year ago. The above policy is the way that it has always been at my Publix. We only have one competitor that Publix calls a true competitor and that is Winn Dixie. And although I am only able to use Publix, manufacturer, and Winn Dixie coupons, I still save about 50% on my grocery bill.

    • Lea

      Does this mean no more printing off publix coupons from the store website?

    • Nancy

      I didn't shop Publix too much until I started couponing and they are my very favorite.We have 3 stores in our area that I shop at. I have never had a bad experience. Save so much !!

    • Rkcouponkelley

      I went to Publix today and they had like 3 stations of coupons set up. They had $1.00 off Kraft Mayo manufacturers coupons and $2.00 off one Cheerios coupons. Books and flyers full of them as well. They even had Publix coupons hanging up for you to take. I have just started using coupons on a regular basis and I am over-joyed. I even had a lady admire my “just organized” coupon book. I think they are trying to make up for any inconveniences. I love Publix, but I will go where the savings are.

      • Heidi32604

        I love Publix, also. I was in there tonite, and there were coupons taped to all kinds of things, cookies, laundry detergent, even stuff that was b1g1. They are making money either way. The problem has been people buying up entire shelves full of stuff, and the fact that someone in the office has to count all of these coupons. THE SOLUTION, in my opinion, is that if you want to purchase more than like 10 of something that is on sale, just have the decency to call the store ahead of time and place a special order. Then everyone gets taken care of, and the store managers don't have to listen to complaints about empty shelves, etc.

    • gypsypet

      FYI, they have already changed the policy at the Mt. Pleasant Publix. Didn't take my target coupons tonight.

      • CCShad

        Was that the store in Queensborough shopping center? I have a feeling the Park West store is more liberal.

    • Kim

      Does anyone know exactly what this part of the new policy means:

      **Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per order. The order total must be equal to or greater than the total purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented.

      Would this be the total before they start taking your coupons off or the total after your coupons?Up till now they've taken the $5 or $10 competitor coupons off the total before other coupons. If this changes it will make it much harder to reach the $25 or $50 requirement to be able to use it:(

      • Angela

        Here in Gainesville, FL we frequently use the $5 off $25 or $10 off $75 coupons we find from Publix and competitors. We present these coupons BEFORE the product specific coupons. No problems.

      • CCShad

        Since it says “total purchase requirements indicated on coupon”, I think it will depend on your coupon. For example, we have a $10 off $40 Harris Teeter coupon that says $40 must be met after coupons, but the Publix dollar off coupons do not have that requirement.

      • Nina

        I think that means that if you have, for example, a $5 off $30 store coupon, and a $5 off $20 competitor coupon that your total must be $50 or more to use both coupons. You couldn't buy $30 and use both coupons.

    • yeahisaiditso

      Neighborhood publix in Jacksonville tonight had a store specific policy printed and available. They WILL be accepting target and said the new policy is effective 5/21 (she may have said 26th – I forget :) )

      • Jen

        Where in jax? I'm hoping it's my Publix!

      • LD

        I am wondering the same thing , which Publix ? lol keeping my fingers crossed too.

    • Rainey993

      Manufacturer’s coupons (limit one per item). Does them like you have a B1G1 manufactor's coupon then a Manufactor's coupon 1.00 off 2 on the same product.

    • Jennybmom

      As of the past week or two, my Publix has been re-training their employees and only accept ONE like manufacturer coupon in a transaction if it states “Limit one per purchase”. Doesn't EVERY coupon state that??? I know I've seen several coupon websites (this one included) explain that “Limit One Per Purchase” on a manu. q. refers to one manu. q. per item. It's to protect the manufacturer from a consumer that tries to stack multiple manu. q's on individual items. Please tell me I'm right about this!? I've tried explaining this to my local district manager and store manager (Franklin, TN) and they say they've “never heard this before.” If anyone knows of a way to print of the correct translation/ interpretation of manu. q policies, PLEASE let me know. Forget the store q. policy… I need proof of the manufacturer's coupon policies!

      • Carissa

        Ugh! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this issue. I had that same issue at Target when we started couponing there, but that was because the managers and staff were quite ignorant about coupon use in general. I would contact Publix corporate about that, because that is not what it means.

        Each item you put in your cart is a purchase. A “TRANSACTION” and a “PURCHASE” are 2 completely different things. One per transaction… pretty obvious and self-explanatory. One per purchase means you should only use this one piece of paper (coupon) for this one item. Another paper coupon would be necessary for another item, and so forth.

      • Carissa

        I'm close to your neck of the woods.

      • Robin

        I live in Franklin. Which location is having the issue, Fieldstone, Riverview, Moore's Lane?

        • Jennybom

          It’s the Riverside Drive location, or as your calling it, “Riverview”.  I have contacted corporate TWICE, spoken with the district manager once, and spoken with the store manager, Joe Zarcone, TWICE.  I don’t know what else to do. I explained what those words mean on a manu. q. and Mr. Zarcone responded “Hmmm…. I’ve never heard it explained that way before.”  Oh good grief.  A store manager who is oblivious to manufacturer coupons!!!  Looks like I’ll be sticking to the McKay’s Mill location.  Grrr…..

          • Jennybom

            BTW- PLEASE contact corporate or atleast the Riverside Dr. (Franklin Marketplace) store manager, Joe Zarcone,  if you coupon at this store!!!  It’s going to take more than just me to right this wrong!  Thank you!

    • Angela

      All of the Gainesville, FL stores have been using this policy for over a year now. No change for us.

    • Rainey993

      ok I need a little schooling. What is overage? an what is the yellow saver?

      • Danyeln

        Overage is where something is on sale for say $0.97 and you have a coupon for $1 off. That gives you 3 cents overage because they will take off the whole $1 because they get reimbursed that amount. That 3 cents will reduce your total. This comes up a lot when you have both a Publix and a man coupon for a single item.

        The Yellow Advantage Flyer (And Green Advantage Flyer) are two additional flyers of deals at Publix. Yellow is food and home while green is Health and beauty. These alternate and usually last about 2 weeks. They also contain Publix store coupons. They are available in many stores in the turnstyle where they keep the weekly ad; other stores keep them behind the customer service desk.

    • Rainey993

      Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per order. The order total must be equal to or greater than the total purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented.
      Ok does this mean if I have a coupon for 1.00 off Dove bar soap and the Dove Bar soap is .97 then they wont take the coupon.

      • Loueffie

        No, they are referring to coupons like
        “spend $40, get $5 off”

    • Carissa

      I think the issue with the yellow/green advantage coupons will be, like many of these issues, store/area specific. It's all in how you interpret the language on the coupon. Publix is still not as clear and specific as they could be in this area (nothing new). The wording is actually, “Limit one deal per coupon per customer” NOT one coupon per customer. The managers in my stores interpret this as using one paper coupon per deal. And that same paper coupon cannot be used for another customer. But I can have 5 or even 10 coupons along with my 5 or 10 deals in the same transaction. But I CANNOT use my coupons, then give them to the customer behind me in line.

      Like, if you've ever used coupons at Hardees, they say limit 2 deals per coupon. You can actually get TWO free things riding on that one paper coupon. But in the language on the Publix coupons, only one deal can ride on that one paper coupon, and should be used by that one customer only. Does this make sense?

      • Shop Now

        It makes sense to me or you wouldn't need the phrase “per customer” …think about that… how does adding “per customer” change the transaction.

    • Mumof3boys

      I asked my manager about the coupon change today (Kennesaw, Ga) and was told the competitor coupons accepted would be posted at the entrance:) I also found out they accept Walgreens coupons (I asked them 2 years ago, and they didn't accept Walgreens coupons then). Only change I noticed is they now limit the # of sale items you can buy- not just w/ bogo sales, any item on sale now has a limit of 10 per day per customer.

    • Ann

      That extreme coupon show on TLC is the cause of this I'm sure. I knew once companies watched those crazy women shop and buy ridiculous amounts of items it would ruin it for all of us. Damn them!!!

    • Tandjon

      im scared

    • Rainey993

      This is making my head hurt. I just got started good on couponing. I'm going to read a book.

    • Christinatremblay

      Oh no!!! This sucks! I hope they don't take Target coupons away! My store takes them as a competitor!! YUCK!

      • Espinoza2004

        mine in north charleston sc has already stopped like 2 or 3 weeks ago

        • @b61e835c85604db7727d524c9b06a2e0:disqus The one in Goose Creek still takes Target q's. For now anyway, I will ask about it when I go in there tomorrow.

      • Yuleeyahoo

        Call and ask the manager. I sent an email to Publix and my manager called me. He sais that if it was within 5 miles that his store would consider them a compeditor. I don't know if that is the manager's guideline or a coporate policy, but it is worth a try.

        I asked Publix to consider double coupons for everyone but, I guess I am stuck on that one. My region does not do the doubles.

        I am excited to find out that I can use a Publix and a Winn Dixie $ off the total purchase. I have never tried that before.

    • di

      The Publix in Newnan, Ga at Newnan Crossing knows nothing about the 'official coupon policy' as of this evening. He couldn't understand how Southern Savers got the info before his store and would love to know how. He was told the new policy would come out somewhere around the 25th.

      • Gillyp3864

        Mgr. at Wade Green Publix just told me goes into effect at his store on 23rd.

    • GatorNurseApril

      My store in Tampa has never taken Target coupons (even though there's a Super Target down the road) or drugstore coupons, and I always do well. On my last trip I spent $36 and saved $94. There will still be plenty of great deals!

      • Jimandlyngreen

        Westchase Publix does. I don't know where in Tampa you are but they do take Target coupons there.

    • AnnetteMary

      I dont really see any changes except one publix coupon per person. I dont buy usually more then 4 of something but I also buy and split with a senior I help with groceries, so he gets 2 and I get two. I dont see any real change to what I have now, and I love Publix. I am so glad the stress is over and I can live with and still save. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • bobbie

      at publix today, i spent $103.00 after coupons and deals (2 transactions b/c of the gas card rule) walked away with 45 items AND, yes AND (2) $50 gift cards for gas!!!! so i basically got all of my groceries for FREE, well $3.00 if you want to get nit pickey!!!!

      woo hoo, coupons rock! i never knew…but now i do!!!

      i live in Ga. i'm not overly concerned with this new “policy” sounds like the policy is up to the individual store. my publix that i shop at most often doesn't accept any competitor coupons b/c there isn't another major grocery store around. i'm a bit confused/concerned with the limit of sales per transaction….we'll see how this pans out. i hope it doesn't cramp my style too much!

    • Chris

      Sounds like a lot of panic and much ado about nothing.

      Take a deep breath folks and ask your local store what they plan to do or how they interpret the rules (or how they intend to enforce them). If you don't like the answer try another Publix since it seems to me each manager is going to continue to do what they see fit and right for their store, market, and customers (or situation if they have a real problem with shelf clearing, coupon fraud, etc).

    • CrazyCouponClipperChris

      The only changes for the Publix I shop at (in Oviedo, FL) are:

      (1) If your store has been allowing multiple of the same Target or Food Lion coupon, this will stop. The coupons all state limit one per transaction.

      (2) If your store has been allowing multiple of the same yellow or green advantage buy flyer coupons, this will stop. These coupons state limit one coupon per person.

      I completely understand about limiting duplicate competitor coupons of the same item, as this directly costs Publix not any manufacturer. However, limiting the use of the yellow or green advantage flyer coupons will be painful to me. I'm not sure how limiting these will effect Publix. Just two weeks ago, I went to my local store and asked if I could use two green advantage flyer coupons in the same transaction showing them a coupon with the text in question. I was informed that “yes, I could; one Publix coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item purchased.” So, to ensure they understand my question, I asked for confirmation that I could use two Publix coupons (with the text in question) and two manufacturer coupons if purchasing two items. Again, the answer was “yes”. I just hope that my store will give me the same answers next time I go (after the *new* coupon policy change).

      • Sillysuuee

        you can just ask them to cash you out twice and then they are separate transactions. My store has always limited my yellow and green flyer coupons to one per tranactions so I just have 2 or 3 transactions. They don't mind and if they did, I could go to the car and put my groceries in and come back for another transaction.

        • Tarpon1224

          Agreed. My Publix in Charlotte County Florida stated the same thing last week when I purchased 3 of the get $10 off a $50 BP gas card. The coupon stated I needed to spend at least $25 to get the deal and I spent $80. I asked the cashier if she wanted me to make separate transactions and she didn't. However, I would have if it was needed. The gas card deals rock!

    • Tmroney

      I wonder if some of this is because of that stupid TV show “Extreme Couponing.” I don't think anyone really goes and gets $1,000 worth of groceries for a dollar or whatever. Now us normal folks will be punished because of a few people's greed.

      • Danielle

        I have to agree! My husband started watching that show and now he keeps making comments about why we can't shop for less than $10 a week!!! I keep telling him that we don't have to buy that much to make couponing work. Good grief – I spend more than $10 a week on fresh fruit and veggies (when my garden isn't producing)!

        • redteapot

          I have never watched the Extreme Couponing show, but just about everytime I go shopping, the cashier or bag person always asks me if I watch that show. I usually tell them from what I have heard it is far fetched and impossible. That's “reality” TV for you. TV has nothing these days that makes it worthy of my time. Plus I save on cable charges!!! LOL

        • Kristiethome

          In my opinion, the people on that show are hoarders!! Who can use that much stuff before it expires?!? Who needs 1000 bars of soap??

          • EnPe

            Its just organized hoarding! Makes me SO angry when I legitimately need one or two things and the shelves are cleared. ugh.

          • Kiki

            Seriously, they take over the whole house to store the items. Personally, I find it amusing that “Hoarding: Buried Alive” comes on right after “Extreme Couponing”…

      • And what they don’t show is how much those people spend to get that many coupons. There have been a couple of dumpster divers and one who gets her coupons “from God,” but the rest buy them on ebay. And good ones cost a lot.

      • And what they don’t show is how much those people spend to get that many coupons. There have been a couple of dumpster divers and one who gets her coupons “from God,” but the rest buy them on ebay. And good ones cost a lot.

      • Beverly

        That show itself is a fraud and is killing the coupon community. Everyone should read
        and contact the producers to voice their complaints.

    • ireneY

      Having an official policy and training the employees actually HELPS me! I haven't been able to combine Manu with store qs, even after patiently explaining every time. I'll hopefully be saving MORE money now!

    • Lalawhat

      do they still double???

      • Lalawhat

        can someone please answer me!?!

    • Kouponklippn

      This is nothing new for my area…our doesnt accept drugstores and the only competitor they accept is Piggly Wiggly …. dont panic folks…I stil save HUGE, never new the difference….

      • KAW

        Where have you ever gotten a P/W coupon…I didn't now they had store coupons. I need to find them since my Publix is not going to take Target anymore……

    • Lisa

      I do not see where publix.com posts their own coupon policy. Has anyone else found it, to print directly? I have had an issue before and taken the previous policy with me, printed off Southern Savers, and they said it didn’t come from them, so I did not get the issue resolved. thx!

    • Riverratcjm

      I knew something was coming because I bought a package of Huggies diapers & used 1 Manufacturer coupon, 1 Publix Coupon & 1 Food Lion coupon & the cashier asked the manager if she could accept all 3. The manager came over, rolled her eyes & very rudely said “Yep, but I sure can't wait until June 1st so we can stop this CRAP” Are you serious? Like I explained to her, it's your policy, not mine.

      • Misti

        you need to leave a message on the Publix website about this. the district manager will call you. If they didnt want you to use all 3 (my store has never allowed this) then all they had to do was politely say no! using foul language to a customer is not something that Publix corporate would approve of and they need to know.

      • Kristiethome

        I would have totally called the corporate office on her. My Publix store is wonderful and no one there would ever think of talking to a customer like that.

      • Cortni

        I've never had issues using Target, Mfgr and Publix coupons for one item at my Publix. My Publix will not give the overage if you use all three, but hey, I'm already saving a bundle, and usually getting the item free anyway.

      • HM1968

        I would definitely email the Publix corporate office and tell them about this manager's behavior and request a response from the company. His comment and eye-rolling was totally uncalled for.

      • Gillyp3864

        Gives Publix a bad name :(

      • Missyslittleprissys

        I had a very similar situation happen yesterday in FL. I bought a box of huggies and refill pack, I had the publix 5 off diapers and wipes, a winndixie 3 off diapers and 1 off wipes and a man. 3.5 off diapers and .50 off wipes…..all what used to be accepted. The cashier actually didn't say anything TO me, she looked over my coupons one at a time then would pick up two or three and look at them all the while seeming very irritated. Then she turned around to the cashier behind her, who I'm assuming was a manager, had a short conversation with her then came back to the register and started scanning my coupons. When she scanned the .50 man. coupon she turned around to the cashier behind her and said, You're going to have to override this! So she did and the lady told me my total and that was it…it was very strange.
        I just wish if there was a problem with the coupons I used, or if the change was going to effect anything I did she would’ve said something. She just made me very uncomfortable and completely confused? I actually was planning to call corporate to ask for myself. I’ll let you know if I find anything out.

        • Jolley4coupons

          I always have to get overrides on every purchase I make there because my coupon total is more than the number of items. I just joke with them and say “let me guess, you need an override”. They seem to always be in good spirits about it. I also will walk down the line of cashiers and pick out the one that's laughing and smiling too. It makes my purchase go so much easier!

    • Melissa M.

      Not a big difference here! Whew! I'm actually relieved! Thanks for sharing!

    • Amandagracely

      No difference for Greer, SC at all & I still save the most at Publix every week! :)

    • Jendavis76

      I was at Publix last night at the one off Wade Green Rd, GA. The cashier last night told me that they are having a meeting today about the new coupon policy and that they are not doubling coupons!! I told her that wasn't what I read in the new corp. policy. So I guess each store is making it's own changes.
      I told her that I would stop shopping here then. I'll go the to Publix in Kennesaw. It's only a few miles further or Kroger. She said it was from people abusing the coupon policy. I have noticed that some stores in (Kennesaw) accept coupons and actually praise you when you use them. Compared to other areas where they look at you like your stealing the store and give you a hard time for each coupon. (Acworth) I live in-between both cities and I'm shopping in Kennesaw area for sure!!

      Plus since I work near Atlanta…the Target near my work had Nivea body wash..a ton of them!! Plus rain check next to the item. The target in Acworth didnt have any and would not hand out rain checks because of the coupon!! (I asked) They won't even restock the shelves!!! Pays to check out other stores in nicer areas. That's just my take on things.

      • sharon60

        @8ac595e85d39764f15c3bf8c11bea104:disqus I'm in a quandary about Acworth after reading your post. I live 1hr 15min from Kennesaw, but for the past 9 months I've shopped in Kennesaw b/c I was there 1 day/week. Loved that store, but as of 2 weeks ago, I'm no longer in Kennesaw. So I'm trying to decide if I will save enough money to cover gas cost by driving an hour to Cartersville (their sale starts on Wed) every other Wed and going on down to Acworth if there's something I need from the prior week (this week it's 8 Oclock coffee). Been trying to get Nivea for 2 weeks at Kroger in Calhoun/Dalton and figured I'd go to Target in Acworth to try there, so at least I won't waste my time on that. I guess I should call Acworth and make sure they have the coffee in stock and go there first.

        I had stopped at Acworth once about 4 months ago and didn't encounter any issues, so can you please be more specific? Do they still accept Target coupons- albeit one per transaction per the new policy? Thanks in advance.

        • Jendavis76

          The Publix in Kennesaw (off Baker Rd) accepts Target coupons and they still double as far as I know. The manager said that they accept all competitor coupons within a few miles except BJ coupons. I spoke with one of the managers there and he was awesome!! He even let me use an expired coupon for diapers. I didn't realize it had expired and had another to use..but he just bypassed it for me.
          It was one of the night cashiers that told me she heard they were not doubling coupons at the Acworth (Wade Green Rd location). Now I'll keep checking to see if she was right but that's what she told me last night. Yes, she could be wrong. I've used coupons at the Acworth location several times and it seems that a few of the cashiers just look at each coupon for like what seems a minute each and then sighs as the scan each one. Not all of the cashiers do this but I just have much BETTER service at the Kennesaw store. Both the Kroger and the Publix in Kennesaw tell me “Way to go on the savings!! Good job using your coupons!!” I don't feel like I'm a huge hassle to them. It's not like I'm buying a ton of stuff either. I do regular grocery shopping and save about 50% of my bill.

          The Target off 92 in Acworth as far as I know does not have Nivea. I've checked twice. The Super Target near Perimeter Mall does have them with rain checks next to the item. As of yesterday they had two rows full!! I got 6 and there was still a lot left!!

          • sharon60

            @8ac595e85d39764f15c3bf8c11bea104:disqus Thanks, I didn't realize there was more than one Publix in Kennesaw. I was using the one at the corner of Pine Mtn Rd/Cobb Parkway. I also just realized there are 3 in Acworth – I used the one off Cobb Parkway behind Wells Fargo and the Target was on Cobb Pkway also so I'll just go and try on the Nivea. Decided to go ahead and go to Acworth and if they're out of 8 O'clock, maybe they'll give me a rain check! Thanks so much for all your help!

          • Chris

            Wow! If they accept Target Qs then I'll drive from Smyrna up there. My stores in Smyrna don't because there isn't a Target close enough.

            And I have had the same response – the stores closest to me on S Cobb Dr and Cumberland Rd (both in Smyrna limits) have been great. Several of the cashiers, and one customer service manager, have asked me how I did my couponing because they were excited to see me save so much. I have to agree with a lot of other people that Publix has been the most lenient so the least we can all do is cooperate a little and if you have a problem with something talk to someone at the store about it – they are the most likely store to work with you and not against you if they understand the situation. I think we can attribute that to them being a privately held company that is also employee-owned.

            • I may try Kennesaw, too. I usually go to S Cobb, Floyd Rd or Veterans Memorial.

          • Anonymous

            Just wanted to thank you for mentioning the Nivea and Target yesterday. I had 4 $3/1 Qs and got all 4 free w/overage. I’ve never bought body wash to use as liquid soap – should I dilute it or use “as is” or just make my best guess based on the thickness of the product?

            Both the Acworth and Cartersville Publix were great and I had no problems at either one. I used a Target Q in Acworth and multiple yellow flyer Q’s in Cartersville. Cartersville said they still take Target, but didn’t know if it would still be a competitor with the new policy b/c the one nearby is not a super Target. Guess we’ll see what May 23rd brings all the way around.

            Thanks again for all your help!

      • sharrona

        The Cashier is wrong,talk to the store manager, they still double coupons, only real change I see is one store coupon per customer

      • EnPe

        My store in Valdosta Georgia does not double at all. Feel lucky you get to at all!

      • Bryarsmom

        WHAT THE HECK? I go to this one all the time….or should I say DID go there.
        Good grief!
        Try the one on 92 and Baker Rd. They've been VERY Q-friendly in the past-even taking Whole Foods when that store is nowhere near them.

    • Kristiethome

      My daughter works at the Publix in Simpsonville, SC. I'm not sure if someone wrote this already or not (I'd love to read all 400 comments, but I just don't have time.) but my Publix will now give the customer the overage, if there is any. They said they were taking money out of our pockets because they get reimbursed for all of the coupons. I think this is a GREAT change!!

    • Rudydoescakes

      I see no change for me.

    • Cortni

      I was lucky enough to have a Publix manager bagging my groceries yesterday. He asked me if I'd heard of the coupon policy changes, but reassured me that the way I was shopping was well within the new policy. Whew!

    • Sandy

      I'm bummed about the new policy. Though I shopped at Publix last night and had an awesome cashier. She let me use many multiple coupons that according to the policy she shouldn't have. I spent $80 but save $60 (and that included the $50 gas card). LOVE publix.

    • redteapot

      It looks like the issue with the Green and Yellow advantage restrictions can be overcome by going to the store six times in one day or week to get your six weeks worth of an item to stockpile: Does our friendly Publix realize how ridiculous and laborious this is for their couponing friends? Why do I feel like I am in a battle just to save money for my family budget? I don't abuse and am very careful to not try to pull one over on the cashier. I think the grocery stores are in a panic mode because so many more people are now couponing to cope with high cost of living. Who has the power here?

      • Jendavis76

        I agree! I started couponing because of the high gas prices! I can't afford to cut my food bill so low. Since I started couponing I have saved so much more money! I'm still on a tight budget but I'm not cutting off my phone bill to buy food. I don't abuse the stores and I don't empty shelves either. I'm also very nice and I never give the cashiers a hard time. I use to be a cashier years ago. I have to do what I can though to put food on my table. I agree..I feel like I'm fighting for every dollar of my paycheck!!

    • MamaMac

      My local Publix told me that they will accept grocery store coupons (ie Target, Albertsons) but not from a store not considered a grocery store (ie kmart, walgreens). Also, the $ off total coupons, in order to use more than one, your total purchase has to equal the amount both coupons are stating the amount from. EX. if you use two $5 off $30 then the total purchase has to be $60 worth of merchandise

      • Bryarsmom

        This is the way it's always been here in the Acworth/Marietta/Kennesaw area of GA. This past week I've been using all my Publix $5/30 Q's I had. And I would plan trans that would just hit over $30. to get the biggest bang for my buck. Had no issues, even when I walked out of the store sith OOP's like $1.26! I was able to score BIG on more free Smart Balance milk and great overage on te 15 Temptations cat treats.
        It is going to be quite an adjustment not to be able to use multiple ABF Q's with my man & IP's tho…

    • EnPe

      My store in Georgia has NEVER doubled and only takes Harveys and Winn-Dixie coupons as a competitor. We still save plenty of money.

      • Dude4rm_tha_3rd

        Publix prices is too HIGH not double coupons!!!! A lot people I know refuse to show there because it.

    • Joanspr

      I too knew that something was up yesterday morning I went to my Publix (Athens, AL) and got the Eggo waffles before they went off sale. I had 10 boxes and 10 coupons. The cashier kept staring at the coupon and then asked me if I got the ones with Fiber. I said no, I just got Eggo's. She said the coupon stated it was only on the the fiber ones. She went to get a supervisor, and while waiting on them, she told me they were having a meeting that day about coupons. I told her I hope they don't become coupon unfriendly! I said that is why I shop here, you have always been coupon friendly. I said what is the difference in me just getting these, and getting the fiber ones and then bringing them back and exchanging them for the ones I want. The supervisor finally came and told her to take them!

      • FL_Girl

        If the coupon stated to get only the fiber ones then clearly that is what you are supposed to get. You are supposed to follow the wording on the coupon.

        • Jamie

          I agree with FL_Girl on this one…….the difference is Joanspr that the coupon states “Save 75 cents when you purchase any ONE package of Kellogg's Fiber Plus Eggo Waffles”…..now if the coupon said ANY PACKAGE of Eggos Waffles and pictured the fiber plus one you would be right. So basically you just got $7.50 off your bill that you shouldn't hace. Sorry to flame you but it is stuff like this that makes cashiers have to scrutinize every single coupon. So your Publix is not becoming coupon unfriendly , you were just be a little dishonest trying to save some money.

          • Sara

            Yes – and buying the product with the intent of returning and exchanging for the non-fiber ones is unethical. That is a frozen product, which means that the store cannot return it to the shelves (would you like to buy a frozen product that has already been home with someone else?). This will cost the store money which in turn will cost all of us in the long run. Don't do it.

            • Squirrelhater

              That's exactly right.

            • K. Hansen

              reading about all these unethical and illegal things that some people do with coupons has been quite an education. No wonder cashiers look at me with disdain when I hand my coupons over. I had no idea that things like this happened. I’ve been couponing for almost a year now, and slowly I have learned the rules and policies at my favorite stores. Considering how much effort I put into just making sure I have the right coupons for my upcoming trip, I’m really mad that people blatantly commit coupon fraud. It’s lazy and disgusting!

          • I wish there was a way to blacklist people like that from using websites like Southern Savers. Shelf clearing is one thing… yeah, it's annoying, but it's done (hopefully) honestly and the early bird gets the worm.

            But intentionally committing coupon fraud on multiple items – and having the nerve to COMPLAIN when the cashier won't take them… these are the people that make cashiers bundle all coupon users together with the ones who take advantage of it.

      • guest

        its problems like this that has forced stores to recognize their existing coupon policy. The problem is, the coupon cheaters don't see a problem with cheating.

        • Hopefully with the new policy they will be able to call his bluff. Not that I don't think Publix would take back the Eggo if he exchanges it even 10 minutes later. The only downside is the time out of freezer is unknown, so they will probably throw it away and lose more money :-/

          I am conflicted. It is coupon fraud what he did. The store will almost certainly still be reimbursed, and the manufacturer has money set aside for the campaign, but that doesn't make it right.

      • Lori

        Sounds to me like you basically bullied the cashier. If the coupon specified the fiber variety ONLY, why on earth would you think you should be able to get ANY variety?! It is people like YOU that ruin it for HONEST couponers. SMH…

        • Barness3

          You are soooo RIGHT!!! Wrong is Wrong!

      • So you committed coupon fraud – a CRIME, and then got mad at the cashier about it.


      • guest

        I work for Publix so I know that they would not get reimbursed for taking a coupon for an item you didnt buy. so thanks for that. also if you did bring back the Eggos they would all have to be damaged out and they would lose that money as well…it is reasons like this that they have had to become so strict on coupons. so again, thanks for making it harder for all of us! btw, the supervisors only give in to get you to shut up and leave!

      • Me

        uh I think you should go back and get the FIber ones cause you need them . You are so full of crap!!

    • Tara

      I live in FL on the GA border, I have 3 Publix within 35 mins of me & I wouldn't step foot in the 2 that are in FL, RUDE BUTT PEOPLE!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in GA, & they DON'T double coupons or have a penny item there :(….(so people it's not just FL that doesn't double or penny). At this very moment I'm peeved off….can someone tell me when this takes effect & WHAT it was before this…..I tried to use 2 $5 off, last week, 1 Publix, 1 Winn Dixie. They said I couldn't, so if this is how it's always been, I taking my receipt back to them & going to see if I can get my other $5. Heck they can put it towards groceries. Anyway thanks to all that answer :)

    • I<3Publix!

      I work at Publix and this new policy is a welcome set of acutal rules that are issued by the corporate office. We love our HONEST couponers! We rally around them whenever they shop and celebrate with them when they beat their current record. But there are several customers we have that perpetually try to use coupons that do not apply to their order. Before we only had our managers discression to go on, and that was fine, but if you had a problem customer that caused enough of a fuss, they would say “We will take it this time, but after that we can't,” and the next time they were in they would pull the same stuff! Our store would allow them to use a $5 off $25 or more coupon for every $25 they would spend. Even with this concession people would abuse the policy.

      • sharon60

        The audacity and gall of some people never ceases to amaze me.

        I was in line behind a lady several months ago that must have had 60-80 coupons for a 3 plastic bag order and was going through the line of the slowest coupon clerk in the store on purpose. The clerk would hold up a coupon and say “did you get 3 of these” or “did you get 2 of these” or “did you buy this” and the lady would casually respond “no”, so clerk would hand her back coupon and go to the next. This happened over and over and and over and what got me was that the lady was soooooooo cheating on everything and none of this phased her. Finally with the line backing up more and more the manager came over and pushed through her last 40-50 coupons never checking anything. When it was my turn, the clerk mentioned that the lady did that every week! I wanted to run her down in the parking lot and yell “cheater, you are going to mess this up for all of us”!At least I feel better that I've finally vented about that incident! :)

        • I<3Publix!

          Most of our couponers are very honest, but we do have SEVERAL who are exactly like this. For example, yesterday I had one (Her order before coupons was $241, instant savings was $65) who we used 10 $5 off coupons for (her order was close enough to $250 to warrant the use of 10 of those coupons). She insisted that I use another one for $5 off $50 because if you add back in the instant savings she spent over $300. I tried to explain that it was based on what she actually would have paid with her debit card if she had not had any coupons, but she continued to argue with me. I told her I simply couldn't take it. She in particular is one of the perpetual problem makers. People like her make me dislike my job sometimes, and it shouldn't be like that. Saving money of necessities is super important for families, and it should not be ruined by a few bad apples.

          • Squirrelhater

            Wow!I save plenty.I have never used or tried to use more than one $5/$25 q..occasionly a couple competitor qs.I do usually do more than one yellow or green deal at a time–like those helluva good dips last time..but even then just 2-3 at a time.Most of the cashiers at”my”store are great,but even there,I'll get in the wrong line with a cashier who doesn't get it has a bad attitude or just hates couponers.I always finish my order anyway knowing I won't get back in “her” line again(not sexism-it's always a girl).Publix is smart,though-those cashier”bad apples” never last long,and I've personally never complained about any of them.I don't know where they go…maybe Wal-Mart?HA HA..I'll never know.Anyway, outside of the green/yellow flyer part,myself nor any non- cheating,non-shelf-clearing shopper shouldn't be affected.We shall see, as I'm on my way there now.By the way,I will pass 2 walmarts and 1 Ingles on the way to Publix.Keep up the good work!!

        • I just hate cashiers who think that you're trying to “cheat” them because you have a few bad coupons in your stack. One time I was helping my wife prep for a store trip and clipped her 6 of a coupon we had a lot of copies of for her usage. Afterward, I think I made a mistake and put both that stack and the other stack into her pile to take to the store. The cashier noticed the mistake and gave her such a hard time after that scrutinizing every coupon by checking for the item on the screen. Doesn't Publix have registers smart enough to not take the coupon if the item isn't there?

          I almost never get hassled myself, but I think it is partially because I am a man. One time a while back a guy questioned my coupon because he didn't think I had the item. His mistake was that he didn't realize it could be used for any product by the company, not just the item pictured.

          • Jolley4coupons

            I'm a guy who uses coupons too and out of courtesy I recheck the number of coupons and items BEFORE I get in line. Spending an extra five minutes off to the side can save your cashier a lot of time. And the customers behind you will certainly appreciate it.

            • I had it in part of my original post before I retyped some stuff, but I do this myself. If it is a big trip, I will take a seat in the pharmacy waiting area of my main store or the deli seating of my secondary store (main store does not have this) and go through it all. If it is not a big trip, I just stand off to the side somewhere.

            • Xobtownsfinestox

              If u have an overage we will pay u in cash the difference

        • Moldremedy

          Whatsoever a person sows, that is what they shall reap!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, I’ll have to remember that one! :)

            To: jordan.sharon@att.net
            Sent: Wed, May 11, 2011 10:44:50 AM
            Subject: [southernsavers] Re: *New* Publix Offcial Coupon Policiy

            Moldremedy (unregistered) wrote, in response to sharon60:

            Whatsoever a person sows, that is what they shall reap!!!!!!!!!!

            Link to comment: http://disq.us/1x6w2t

        • dawnmd

          I have been couponing at Publix for 4 years and recently started working there. I have been shocked and appalled at some of things I have seen with couponing. There are many people like this and yes we have one lady in particular that comes in every few days with a cartload of groceries and hands you hundreds of coupons for which she does not have 80% of the products. And yes she will very calmly tell you “no”when asked if she has the item. It often results in the lane being shut down in order to go through all the groceries and coupons. Just a big mess. To top it off she then goes to CS to return the few items she actually had coupons for and gets full price back for them.

          • Jolley4coupons

            I wish there was some way you could stop people like this. They ruin it for those of us that abide by the rules. And, they show a lack of respect to the cashier and shoppers behind them.

          • Anonymous

            You never know people’s reasons for cheating. But it’s hard not to judge people
            who are so bold with no apparent guilt or remorse, almost like they feel they’re
            entitled. Oh well, it is, what it is!


          • Anonymous

            You never know people’s reasons for cheating. But it’s hard not to judge people
            who are so bold with no apparent guilt or remorse, almost like they feel they’re
            entitled. Oh well, it is, what it is!


      • I'm curious- Is a couponer who uses 2-4 of the same Advantage Buy coupon still considered an honest couponer (in the opinion of a Publix employee)? I absolutely love my Publix. They've been so good to me. I'm a bit spoiled, really. Every time I shop elsewhere, I leave disappointed and reminded exactly why I love Publix so much.

        • I<3Publix!

          Absolutley!! There is nothing wrong with using more than 1 of the Yellow or Green coupons, as long as the correct amount of merch accompanies them.

          • K.Hansen

            that’s a relief! I always worry that when I walk in they are thinking “oh no another one of those coupon people” I have 3 Publixs in my area and I shop at 2 of them all the time. (1 is near my job, 1 is near my home) I probably drop into Publix 4 times a week. I almost always have a great experience at both but because of hoarders that take all the coupons out of the stores, things seem to be getting tense. It could just be me feeling something that isn’t actually there. I hate the way that show portrays couponers. The bagger yesterday saw my binder with coupons, and said “oh, you’re one of THOSE people” I think he was joking, so I laughed and joked back, but I feel like there is a negative stigma being created right now.

    • Angie

      Nothing has really changed for me at my publix. we have only been able to use 3 competitor stores at my store for a while bilo, ingles and whole foods. does this mean if i have a $5 off publix coupon and a $5 off bilo coupon i can use both on same order.

      • Kdswedding

        at my Publix I have been able to do that. Twice now I have used a $5 off over $30 Publix coupon with a $2 off $25 from Bi-lo on the same transaction

    • guest

      why do people think using coupons for the wrong items is ok? i don't understand what makes people think that cashiers who are accepting coupons that aren't supposed to be accepted are doing the right thing?? i understand we do this because we are on a budget, but when does “stealing” become ok?!

      • Mamato6chicks

        I completely agree, Angie! That really upsets me when people cheat the system & then brag about it. They are going to end up ruining it for the rest of us who are careful to follow the rules.

    • Gillyp3864

      I just got off the phone with the Publix mgr. Wade Green store in Kennesaw.
      THEY STILL DOUBLE Q's. The info on comments below is false.
      They will also take Target and Kroger. No Whole Foods, no drugstores of any kind.
      Folks, please be careful when you post info here-make certain it's valid.

      • Jendavis76

        I wasn't giving false info, this is what I was told by a cashier last night. She told me they were having a meeting today. She was probably wrong and probably is wrong since you called today. I was just giving out info from what I heard. I said I was going to check back and see if she was wrong later on after they had there meeting today. Thanks for calling and letting us know!!

    • Angie

      i am not happy at all about the yellow and green advantage coupons because i always have 4 of these kind of coupons when a sale starts and that because i go to publix 1 if not 2 times a week and have to ask each time for coupons. there for its not like i am grabbing multipules of the papers at once. i dont think its right i can only use 1 of something they are giving me each time i go to there store.

      • Jolley4coupons

        Then do several transactions. Go in and make a purchase, put it in your car, then go in and do it again. It's not that hard. And it keeps people from clearing the shelves before others have a chance to purchase the items.

        • LD

          I do not know Angie but it may be easy for you to go in and out but not for all. A .lot of couponers are older folks or people like me disabled [wheelchair] and just getting threre at all is a chore never mind getting through the store checking out then getting home and things in the house then put away. Maybe she has 4 kids or a handicapped child . Just saying it is not that easy for all . I am glad it is for you, but not all people who use coupons are as lucky some dont even have cars and have to ask for rides ect.

        • KAW

          Not sure if I see how this keeps the determined folks from clearing the shelves. They will just do it in several transactions.

      • Rainey993

        Will you please tell me what the yellow and green advantages are? I've ask this question befroe and I think I know but I'm not sure.

        • KAW

          In-store flyers with Publix coupons in them…. I think some people may get in their newspapers, but not all. Ask as the customer service desk at your Publix.

    • Homekeeper91

      Thanks for clarifying; I was a bit perturbed last week when the two stores in my town had different policies.

    • U2stampin

      Im accually happy about this b/c I get conflicking store mgr. issues with 3 Publix's in my area. Now I am sure to FIND and use a coupon and not have a couponer run with 20 of the same item running out the door. Sorry if thats upsets the extremists.

      • Susiesavalot

        I COMPLETELY AGREE!! This is the first time I've seen someone address this here (though it may have been previously discussed). There is nothing more frustrating than putting in the time & effort to score a great deal, only to find that someone has beat you to it, getting 20 tubes of toothpaste when you only needed one!! I've quit doing Mega Events at Kroger because this invariably happens, and completely screws up my item count.

        • K.Hansen

          that happens to me at Kroger all the time! I can never get the deals on toothpaste and deoderant when they are free because the shelves are wiped out on the first day and they never restock them at the store I always go to. I happened to stop in to another Kroger not far from me in a lower income part of town and they had plenty of toothpaste! I will go to that one now when there is a great free deal and stock up. (stocking up for me is usually 4 to 6 of an item). It’s strange that couponing hasn’t caught on in low income areas. I think it would be a great outreach project to teach young, single moms in areas like that about couponing.

    • Avallot

      THANK YOU….that was MUCH clearer than others I have read posted for the same store and policy:-)

    • Jolley4coupons

      I see no problem with it as the Publix in the Clayon/Henry area of Georgia have been doing this for quite some time. I routinely purchase $50+ worth of stuff for only a couple bucks. And, I have no problem making a transaction, going to the car, and then going back in to do another. I do it every Thursday to get my penny items. I'm fortunate that I always have 3 coupons for them because our office gets multiple papers delivered daily. The receptionist(I got her into couponing) and I split them! So I'm used to breaking up my purchases. I have no issue with going to another Publix either because so many are close to my house. Maybe the limits will keep people from clearing the shelves too!

      • missy

        Thats what I am hoping. I get so tired of going in for an item and someone has wiped every last one off the shelves. I know we are all entitled to those items, but if there are 20, really how many are you gonna use of that item in 2 months??

    • Mamato6chicks

      I, for one am very relieved. It looks the same as what I have been abiding by all along. I love Publix! I saved over $75 there yesterday & only spend $20!

    • Riverreines

      I was also going to add that walmart(at least mine does) now accepts the bogo free specials from pubix, also pricematches and accepts coupons from whomever, as long as they have a barcode to scan! ends up saving more there, b/c their prices are lower..or I've found that to be true the last few times I have visited walmart instead of publix! :)

      • Guest

        Quit trying to fool everyone.WalMart=Big advertising,little to no savings,poor service,and a boat-load of Chinese goods.You'll also notice Publix scrambling to open more registers when there's 2-3 customers in each line,while WalMart opens like 1 for every 8-10 registers they have and will let 10+ stand in line

        • Ash_got

          I stay out of Walmart as much as possible. I only go there to buy the parents choice diapers and the Huggies wipes of I can't find the wipes on sale somewhere else. They are not cheap if you are shopping the other stores sales. I have checked and re-checked myself just to be certain! I love Publix!

        • kk

          SO true… the cashiers at walmart are not helpful – In the past 4 yrs I’ve lived in FL, NC and now GA, and it’s the same everywhere… obviously a lack of leadership, training, etc… i pretty much stopped going there when a cashier used a kleenex to wipe the sweat off her forehead, blew her nose into it, then proceeded to ring up my baby formula w/o sanitizing her hands. EWW!! that was pretty much when i threw in the towel and learned to coupon!

      • Your Walmart isn't following policy, then. I shop at two, and both are extremely strict when it comes to coupons. Especially competitors.

      • PigBetsypen

        I was told Walmart does not accept BOGO specials, it just matches prices. I like the double coupons and BOGO is what I do a lot of. That is why I shop Publix or BILO or Kroger.

    • Annodal24

      I think this has a lot to do with that new show :) Kind of bummed about the possibility of only using 1 coupon from flyers, not that I clear shelves, but I normally do pick up 2 or 3.
      Want to give a shot out to my store though because they are so awesome, the one on Cedarcrest Seven Hills!
      Also the one that hasn't had luck finding Nivea wash, I found them at Walmart yesterday on sale for $3 :)

    • mommyof1

      are whole food coupons still being accepted? i live in the savannah area..

      • mommyof1

        nevermind.. called the store.. mine does not take whole foods and i was told that publix will not be accepting them after the 23rd anyways.. the girl was very rude to me when i was asking.. i am a very nice person and was being very polite to her.. i am new to the area and even told her that, so was unsure.. why are people so condescending to coupons?!

        • KAW

          Mine is taking Whole Foods, but no more Target — I hate that!

    • Fairyandgnome

      Is there anything in these policies that say anything about overages? I have 3 store within 5 miles of my house.. 2 will give you the money.. one argues anytime I have to go in there bc the other two have been picked over..

    • I still don't think advantage are going to be one per customer. I have an email myself from corporate that says the meaning is meant as one per item, unless corporate was wrong.

      Maybe I should send an email again to clarify.

      • This is my BIGGEST concern. I really hope that isn't the case. I'm going to call my store in a little bit and see what they say. I usually only use 3-4 of the same Advantage Buy coupon. I don't think that's excessive.

      • Please let us know what you find out?

      • Robin

        Kay, is there anyway you can post the email? It would be so helpful to have in writing what corporate interprets on the coupon.

      • kk

        well… i may have more time on my hands than others, but i drive past publix every day, and a lot of times just stop multiple times throughout the week (i usually have to pick up something random anyway) and keep the coupons i need in my purse… my store is sometimes finicky about this already. i never buy more than 3-4 of an item anyway, unless it's something i really use a lot of

    • gibilshazu

      As a Publix associate I believe the new policy is going to be great. We get a lot of complaints from customers who do not coupon who are unable to buy what they need for dinner that week because many couponers clear the entire shelf for no reason other than just getting a great deal on items they may not use.

      • jennifer

        I don't think it's fair to the couponers who coupon correctly to be 'punished' for using coupons because other patrons do not use them? That's a strange reason if you ask me.

        If a store (Publix) is getting reimbursed for the manufacturer coupons WHY does it matter if we use one or two or three? Seriously??

        I've heard from several couponers that they will shop @ Walmart and/or Target because their policies are more friendly now.

        I have a hunch that in a few weeks, or even a month or two, this policy will be revised or their $1.6 billion dollar profit will be far far lower.

        • Jolley4coupons

          I strongly disagree. Most of the time even the other couponers aren't able to take advantage of the deal because a hoarder has come in and wiped the shelf clean. Do they really need 40 jars of peanut butter? If so, then they should be courteous and shop at several stores so as not to deplete the inventory of one store. That's what I did when helping out Tornado victims. I went to 3 different stores. Even though I could have gotten them all at one.

          • Melsqs

            I am fairly new to couponing and rarely buy more than 4-6 same items at a time, but my friend loves to buy in bulk when she gets super great deals, but instead of clearing shelves, she just gives her Publix manager a call and asks him to special order her item and she picks it up the same week. I think that that is the best and most courteous thing you can do for other shoppers. I really hate going into the store, only to find what I need is no longer on the shelf because someone wiped them out as soon as the store opened the first day of the sale. I also think that Publix should overstock the high demand items. They would make more money if they did. I do not mind having a limit set on the amout of items I can purchase, but would like for them to post it so that I dont carry extra stuff in my buggy and pull more coupons than I can use, oonly to find out while beingchecked out by the cashier and having to go back through my coupons and pull out what I cannot use.

        • I<3Publix!

          I disagree. This is not to punish honest couponers. If you are one of the honest ones, nothing much will change for you except that maybe your selection of competitor coupons might become smaller based on the distance that competitor is from your Publix store. I have in my hand the paper that we will be handing out to customers and NO WHERE on it does it say that the number of manufacturer coupons accepted will change. Only that we WILL be enforcing the rules stated on coupons.

      • KPalmer

        If this is all in response to “couponers” clearing the shelf, then why not simply put a limit on items bought with coupons? Say, 6 or 10 like items per person per day? Instead of limiting the coupons used. Then, at least the people buying 40 bottles of mustard could only buy 10, leaving some for others & maybe then the store would have time to receive a new shipment to replenish stock? Makes sense to me.

        Limiting how many coupons I can use (essentially telling me I am not allowed to save money) just makes me want to shop elsewhere. BUT, if you limit the quantity, it means I can still use my coupons, I just have to stretch it out over several days – which, if it's an item I REALLY want, I'll do. & it would give other shoppers an opportunity to buy & give the store a chance to keep up with demand.

        • Susanizanurse

          My thoughts exactly. I've always cringed at limits using coupons because it reeks of discrimination because of using COUPONS since there's not limits placed on items bought without coupons. It's always bugged me that I'd be limited to buy 4 of an item if using coupons but nothing would be said if I were to buy 10 of the same item at full price.

        • PublixLove!

          No, they are not telling you that you aren't allowed to save money! If that were the case, they wouldn't allow ANY coupons and they would never run sales. The problem is that SOME people are abusing the system. I know… it's not everyone, but they have to rein in the ones who are with new policies.

          Don't forget, if we want to improve the economy, we have to put money into it. That doesn't mean that we can't take advantage of sales or coupons, but I do think that using the system to regularly get most of your food for free, or further, getting money back, is abusing the system, and eventually going to hurt the economy.

          I agree with another commenter that the issue is probably in part due to the new show. Previous to that show, a very small percentage of the broad public both knew how to do this and took the time to do it. Now that the greater public is being educated on it, it's going to have a more “epidemic” effect.

          Obviously, in-store programs (such as CVS rewards, Publix BOGOs, etc) are in a different category. Each of those stores has complete control over how they use this and they expect people to take advantage of it and can modify the program to make sure that the store is still meeting its minimum required purchases. So I don't think that using those systems equates to taking advantage of the system.

          Even with these modifications, Publix's policies are still the most accepting policies I am familiar with. Go forth and coupon! You can still save money!

      • Bapsphotos

        I work at Publix and this is not good at all. We even had our store manager basically lied through hes teeth about this been on this page. So you can not be certain about nothing no more. The managers at my store are people pleasers..lol So they will always change rules so I'll see.Clearing the shelvess is just plan greed. allow others to get in the dea l!!!!!!!

    • Lthcantrell

      In Alpharetta GA..Publix..they would only take one coupon per item. Either a manufacture or publix no stacking at all.

      • Bgidd

        I am in Alpharetta and as of last week, they take two coupons – one manufacturer and one competitor, per item. There are several Publix stores in Alpharetta though – I go to Alpharetta Commons.

        • Lthcantrell

          This just happened to me yesterday. It was the Publix off Haynes Bridge and Old Milton. One coupon per item only either manufacturer or store coupon. So you may want to call and check before you go out again….the trip was a surprise to me. It took me off guard at checkout.

    • Rainey993

      I need help with some terms. What is

      • Jolley4coupons

        Overage means if you purchase something for $1 but the coupon is for $1.50. There's 50 cents overage. However, I didn't see that stated in the coupon policy above. Wholefoods is a grocery store.

        • Rainey993

          Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per order. The order total must be equal to or greater than the total purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented.

          Then what does this mean? I'm new at this and now I'm more confussed

          • Jolley4coupons

            That just means that for each item you can only use 1 manufacturer and 1 Publix(or competitor) coupon. If you use a competitor then it automatically becomes a Publix coupon. So you're limited to only two whereas before some stores might accept all three.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve never had any of these coupons, but I take it as follows: say you had $5 off $30 order from Kroger and a $3 off $20 from Publix, in order to use BOTH coupons (1 store plus 1 competitor) on the same order you would have to have a min $50 order ($30 + $20). I assume the $50 would be before coupons. Maybe someone who has used these can shed more light.

    • anne

      I was not aware can use competitor coupons or other policies concerning coupons.I could have saved a lot of money. Many people abuse the system ans make it bad for everyone.

    • Violetthegreat12

      I was aware of the rules for coupons,I could have saved a lot of money. Some people abuse the system which make it bad for everyone else.

      • couponuser

        I think it is sad that because of the new show “EXTREME COUPONING” I think that retailers are becoming more aware of what some consumers were and are doing. Now for the real people out there that truly use coupons to help them live and not abuse by having a stockpile that would feed them for a year or toilet paper that they could not use in 4 years and toothpaste that will expire before it is used not to mention the endless supply of deodorant for the people to say, “we will never stink”. I have only seen one of those shows where they actually donated all to a shelter and I commend that. They are the ones that are screwing the average american who only buys what his/her family will use without hoarding the excess. Thank you to those who have abused and are ruining the savings for those who truly need and use the system appropirately.

    • Dude4rm_tha_3rd

      How are the consumers getting multiple $5 off $30 coupons? I only use 1 at ashopping trip. I have not seen those coupons since last year!

      • Jolley4coupons

        There were some in the AJC a week or two ago. I bought 3 papers but used all of mine already.

      • Mikeswife_98

        Where do you get the $5 off $30 coupons? I use to get them but I haven't in a while.

        • Jipcdi

          They are mailed directly to my home. The store mgr told me we are in a test market and not all homes receive them. This is true as my sons don't get them at their homes. The mgr said he thinks it will go through Sept. but doesn't know which homes receive them. I've got them weekly since March. It comes as occupant and not as the residence name.

        • PigBetsypen

          In Augusta, Ga the $5 Off $30 was in a flyer in the Wed. paper and in the Publix ad there was a coupon for a $50 gas card for $40 if you purchased $25. It expired today. They did this a few month ago also.

      • JenLK07

        I live in Florida and I have been getting them recently in my Publix ad.

      • kk

        i know! i was behind a lady today that had 5 of them, and she used them all in one transaction… i've seen them on ebay, but i'm always afraid to buy that sort of coupon on ebay in case it's regional or something

    • Navywifecvn76


      • Jolley4coupons

        Don't believe them. It will still be up to each individual store based on their close competition. My local Publix here on the southside will only take competitors who are within a mile or so of their store….and never any pharmacy coupons. I've done very well by following those guidelines. So don't worry so much.

      • This is NOT good at all. I'm in ATL too and hope these stores can get their act together. Surely they will have to do something prior to June 30th.

      • kellyann

        That would be unfortunate because there are no Kroger's in Florida but I do ALL of my grocery shopping at Publix (with an occasional item or two at Target)…

        • Melissa

          no need to worry- I live in Fl and my Publix started this several months ago…they accepy coupons from other local frocery stores in our area…i.e Winn-Dixie, SweetBay…no probs

      • kk

        mine still accepts kroger coupons as well – in woodstock – but are there ever any kroger store coupons? every mailer i've ever received from kroger has mf coupons

      • Jim

        Why are you shouting?

      • KAW

        all Publix in YOUR area……not ALL Publix….

    • Jbarker

      I was just at my publix here in Florida and they told me they no longer accept more than 4 printed coupons of the same coupon. They said they have had issues with copies being made. Has anyone else ever heard of this because it was news to me!??

      • Navywifecvn76

        i have heard of this at Kroger, one reason why i refuse to shop there. But some people dont know that you cant copy manu coupons. however you can point out that they all have different numbers to show they are not copies. unfortunately Publix is going to have some upset peeps in the future.

      • I read on another thread that this is because there was a ring of people that were making copies of coupons and meeting to exchange them.

    • Rainey993

      Can you still, let's say have 6 coupon's for a item (thats not limited) can you still buy 6 of the items and still use all 6 coupon's

      • Jolley4coupons

        Of course!

    • lucy1

      Just to clarify, I believe you can still use multiple advantage flyer coupons that are the same, you cannot however use the same single coupon for multiple deals as in the past. This is probably the change. If you have multiple coupons then you can use them but you cannot say here is the coupon and I have say 5 of these deals which they did allow previously.

      • Jendavis76

        Oh I was alway cutting out the amount of coupons per item when it came to store coupons. I didn't know they use to do single store coupon for several of the same item. I guess nothing will change for me. :)

      • Vatblack

        I'm not so sure. I was told only one coupon per deal more than once now.

        • Chris

          I was just in Publix tonight and they allowed more than one Advantage Q in the order as long as I had the right number of items. They told me that will not change when the new policy goes into effect – as long as you have the right amount of items, at least at my closest stores in Smyrna, GA, they are not going to limit the Qs to one per transaction.

    • Kel

      Just called the one in Smyrna TN on Sam Ridley. The guy was very nice an said that its really not changing much. All the same competitor coupons will be accepted! He said the main difference is that they are going to follow the terms written on the coupons exactly as they are stated. So I guess on the ones that say one per person or per order/transaction I will just make another trip if I want more than one.

      • LD

        I can not make more trips so am stuck in this way. It would be dificult to even do more than one transaction in one trip for me . but one item [deal] per coupon , per customer [per person] seems to me that it means, you have to have 1 coupon for each deal you do , so 2 deals 2 coupons. and i dont have kids family ect to drag along lol the only one is the one person I have gotten a ride from lol and i wouldnt impose more on them lol like too but I wouldnt

        • Vatblack

          The wording says differently to what they are trying to do. They are not allowing people more than one coupon anymore, it seems.

    • Jrmd71603

      I LOVE the new Policy set forth by Publix! Now everyone is on the same page finally and the rules apply to all….KUDO'S PUBLIX…now we at least know where we stand…NO MORE SURPRISES and ALL stores will operate the same per district! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOO

    • flpublixshopper

      “If your store has been allowing multiple of the same yellow or green advantage buy flyer coupons, this will stop. These coupons state limit one coupon per person.””

      I was just reading the writing under the coupon in the yellow advatange Flyers and it says

      Limit one deal per coupon per customer..

      If they are only allowing one maybe they should change the wording and omit per coupon.. then it would clear up any confusion..I think the wording is still tricky and can be translated in different ways.

      • Sirronstar

        I've asked about this at my store, 1st time they called the manager and I pointed out that very fact– it doesn't say “one coupon per customer” but “one deal per coupon per customer” which is VERY different. I won that round, but it became such a battle (every cashier, every time) I gave it up. But, I agree if they mean “1 coupon per customer” than it needs to say THAT, not “1 deal per coupon.”

      • Vatblack

        Yes, I have also asked and got denied. The manager only shrugged and said: Confusing wording but it means only one coupon per transaction. I plan accordingly now.

    • Jestewart17

      I am so thankful that they are going to enforce the rules with the Yellow and Green Flyers. Some folks that shop at my Publix like to take 30 of these at a time (and they have been allowing them to use them for as many deals as they have coupons.) Sometimes it is nice to leave a little for the rest of us, since no one will ever use 40 bottles of mustard before they expire. Maybe they are auditioning for one of the Extreme Coupon shows!!!!

      • LD

        Why I do understand how you feel I hate that . Just by limiting the deals to 10 they could stop that and still let us use more than 1 adv coupon. I am in Florida so I have to buy 2 items on the bogo sales and no doubling of manuf coupons either. Now if they would only charge me 1/2 price for one then maybe.

        • Esther7330

          my sister in law lives in GA and her Publix lets her only buy 1 from the BOGO, and they only charge her 1/2 the original price. so instead of getting 2 items for the price of 1, she gets 1 item at 1/2 off!

      • PigBetsypen

        I went today and could only use one $1.00 off 4 Yoplait yogurt and used 2- 40 cents that they doubled. I bought 12. I could have saved $2.00 more if I could have used them. You have to buy six to get the 40 cents off. I used to do it a lot but only did it for 4 deals at the most. Ususally it was only 2 deals. How can you stock up if you only can use only 1 unless you go a number of times. Now that you can't use more than one maybe people won't take as many of the flyers.

    • pokadot101

      I'm not too happy about our Publix store at Lake Dow, GA. No longer taking Target coupons. They will take Krogers and Ingles. Who gets coupons from these stores?

      • Sandy

        I know. I wish Kroger had actual “store coupons”. See if your Publix will take Kroger brand coupons, though. For instance, sometimes they have Kroger brand icecream coupons or Kroger cheese coupons, my Publix let's me use these when I purchase the Publix brand item.

        • mzmomoney

          The Publix on Eagles Landing (stockbridge, ga) let me use Kroger coupons for Publix brand (ex. Pizza)

        • Brooke

          For some reason my husband gets Kroger coupons in the mail about once every two months. There are usually about 4 or 5 coupons for items that are totally Free. Last month I got a free bag of chips, a free bag of baby carrots, etc. Anyways, just wanted you to know that they do exist. Maybe make sure your address on your Kroger card is updated?… because they come in the mail.

          • PigBetsypen

            My friend got some and I called and asked to get some. They said I didn't purchase a certain amount , I do shop Publix more. They have been sending them to me.

      • Mrscori2006

        I live in Mcdonough also and the Pulix at Westridge on Hwy 20 takes Target coupons.

        • Tracey

          I called that store yesterday and effective 05/23 they will only take Ingles & Kroger.

    • guest

      can we use the catalina register rewards from walgreens still?

    • 8kimberly75

      I live in Jacksonville, FL. I just called a local Publix and they state that you can use more than 1 Advantage coupon in one order. Example: This week there is a coupon in the Yellow Advantage Flyer that gives you 1.00 off Toaster Strudels. If you want to buy 4 Toaster Strudels you ARE allowed to use 4 of the Yellow Advantage 1.00 off (Store Coupons) to get 1.00 off each package. Hope This helps

      • Cadaallen

        which publix?

        • Vatblack

          I am not so sure that the person you spoke too is up to date with the new rules. It clearly states above that it would no longer be allowed. My publix has never allowed it in the past. I actually had to do more than one transaction for really good deals.

        • Anonymous

          Normandy @ 295

    • Couponmom1979

      thanks jenny for clearing things up for us!

    • Coupon247

      So your saying if there was a good deal such as BOGO on statefair corndogs and a person had coupons for 20 of them & it wiped the store out for that day, which would be restocked in a couple of days, would bother you.
      You can get a rain check. I've gotten them.
      What if a person that had NO coupons did the same thing. Would that bother you?
      My husband lost his job a while back and only works part time now and not sure of when & if he will work, so when ever there is a good deal I STOCK up. No matter what is is.
      On the other hand I DO NOT believe in profitting from it in other ways.
      I see Tear Pad coupons on ebay all the time. That's wrong!!!!!
      Pulling 2-4 for what you are buying is fine.
      You never know what that couponer is going through. I beleive that ther are more that need them than not.

      • Mrscori2006

        Yes it would bother me either way if a person intentionally took every single one of a product off of the shelf, coupons or not. You cannot give me an excuse good enough to warrant doing that. Yes we can get a rain check but I don't go to the store on my day off to get a rain check. I go to grocery shop and I expect when I get there to be able to buy a reasonable amount of the product that I need, like any normal person.

        • MM

          Then expect for items to run out…and since you probably go weekly, get the raincheck and use it on the next week when you were already going to be shopping, no problems. It's only as big a deal as you make it!

          • LightenUpFolks

            Amen to that!! It's only as big a deal as you make it. Be thankful that THIS is your biggest worry on your day off. Sheesh.

          • Rainey993

            I dont agrre. If I only get to get to the store 1 time a week and I got with just so much money and already know what I can afford and I get there and it's been wiped out just because some one can then a rain check is not going to feed my family until I get to go again.

          • Vatblack

            Rainchecks is extra work for me and the store keepers. Why should your selfish behavior cause more work for me? What if I need that product on that day as has happened in the past. I plan my weekly meals around the deals of THAT week. A raincheck kind of throws that out a bit more than you can imagine.

        • Rainey993

          I agree. My husband is the only one working and I only take what I need when it's there. I can see why people would stock up but every one is having a hard time right now and I go to the store and everything is gone. Not just one day but day 2 and 3. How am I suppose to feed my family trying to live on a budget? So dont think you are the only one trying to keep a house hold together and feed everybody.

        • Coupon247

          Out of stock is not always due to couponing. When there is a good deal then everyone wants it. I have been in plenty of times where the product was out. Hince the rain check. If 5 people buy the same item or 1 person buys 5. What's the difference. I don not beleive in cleaning off the shelf. IF I want 10 of the same I get them in different trips. It's not work getting upset over.

    • Kristinwilkerson

      Just a little note. My Publix wouldnt' accept competitor coupons from anyone outside a 5 mile radius. I think that will probably be the “nearby” area they suggested. This was a couple of months ago when I asked.

    • Chefmarshall

      My Publix in Murfreesboro,TN (Salem Cove) wouldn't take my Colgate Coupon because it was 1 day past expiration….the kid at the register was taking it but then the old hag bagging the groceries said ” check the dates” “Everyone is watching that damn coupon show and trying to cheat us” Then i asked to see the Manager and he wouldn't accept the coupon. Then I asked him why is bag lady felt the need to cuss in fron of my 1 year old daughter. Im going back to Krogers!

      • I'm in M'boro too… which publix? The one on 99 or 96? I am so nervous about couponing because of employees like that!

      • Vatblack

        I understand that the bag lady was out of order, but why would you insist on having an expired coupon honored. They have expiration dates for a reason.

      • PublixCashier

        With an attitude like that, good riddance.

    • Lilboypeat

      I was at Publix around noon today and I have several $5.00 of your order coupons from Krogers that I was able to use on my order. I spent around $4 for $65 worth of items with no problem. I later came back about 3 hours later with my sons to get some other items and it turned into a big ordeal where they were pulling up this new policy and making up excuses saying they lose money when they honor competitor dollar off entire order coupons and they would only take 1 coupon now. I'm glad to have this policy so I can take it with me and show them for myself that my coupons are supposed to be accepted. The coupon doesn't limit how many I can use per order so that's why I was able to use multiple ones earlier in the day. Each manager is different so now they want me to come back and talk to the store manager in the morning about this.

      • Brock

        If you actually read the new policy it plainly says ONE Publix and ONE competitor per transaction per customer.. READ!

    • Mysnellvilleblog

      I appreciate the policy info and it seems pretty fair. It's hard to imagine a store accepting another store's coupons, and I know that pays off for Publix in customer loyalty. It works for me. :)

    • Mrscori2006

      A lot of people have posted that they encounter “attitudes” from their cashiers at Publix. Coupons or not, I have never encountered an attitude from someone at that store. They are always polite, friendly, and the customer service is excellent. The only problem I have ever had with Publix, is that they are inevitably out of stock of something every time I go there. and I shop on a daily basis b/c it is just me and my husband, no kids. At first I was complaining to the manager that they werent stocking enough…I realize now that it was a shelf-clearer in the midst….

    • kk

      how about limiting the number of transactions??!! i don't know why someone does multiple transactions at publix, maybe i'm missing something (i understand it at the drug stores) but today i was behind a lady doing 6 transactions!! at 5pm. that's ridiculous, and not fun waiting w/ my 15 mo old.

      • Juls60

        This new policy is going to make that worse. They should get back in line with each transaction so others don't have to wait.

        • God Bless YOU

          I was thinking a line for people with more coupons would be a good idea. Those who are making people wait shouldn’t mind waiting for others.:)

      • Wendy

        I normally would agree with you; however, I had to do 3 transactions in a row the other day in order to get three gas cards. It's a Publix policy.

        • Janice

          Even this one is not consistent – at the same Publix I have been told only 1 gas card per transaction regardless of amount of groceries purchased AND on another day I could buy one card for every $25 purchased in the same transaction.

          At this same Publix – they were out of $50 Amex cards after the first day of the sale. One day they let me buy a $100 Amex card with one coupon and get $20 off of that (excellent deal, btw) and the next day they said, “Sorry, we're out of the $50 cards, too bad, so sad, no rainchecks.”

          The frustration for me comes with the inconsistency between whomever is working that day, so that you never know what to expect when you go in there. When you factor in the high likelihood of cleared shelves, it becomes almost impossible to execute a planned shopping trip as originally planned. You must always have several backup scenarios.

    • For those who are confused about the wording on advantage coupons, this is an email from corporate that states you CAN use more than one per customer.
      Thank you for your email. We appreciate our customers taking the time to contact us.Thank you for taking the time to contact our corporate office with your question about the coupons in our flyers.Typically, the phrase “”limit one deal per coupon per customer” means that the customer must have one coupon per item purchased. If you have any questions about a particular coupon, please check with the Store Manager of the store where you are shopping. Our Marketing department is working on the wording on our coupons to help address your question.We sincerely thank you for shopping at Publix. We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a supermarket, and we appreciate your having chosen Publix. I hope you will continue to find shopping at Publix a pleasure.Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If we can be of any further assistance regarding this matter, please either call our Consumer Relations toll-free number at 1-800-242-1227, write us at the Publix Super Markets Corporate Office, PO Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Consumer Relations, or contact us at our website, publix.com and mention your reference number, # XXXXX.Sincerely,XXXXXX XXXXXXX

    • For those who are confused about the wording on advantage coupons, this is an email from corporate that states you CAN use more than one per customer.
      Thank you for your email. We appreciate our customers taking the time to contact us.Thank you for taking the time to contact our corporate office with your question about the coupons in our flyers.Typically, the phrase “”limit one deal per coupon per customer” means that the customer must have one coupon per item purchased. If you have any questions about a particular coupon, please check with the Store Manager of the store where you are shopping. Our Marketing department is working on the wording on our coupons to help address your question.We sincerely thank you for shopping at Publix. We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a supermarket, and we appreciate your having chosen Publix. I hope you will continue to find shopping at Publix a pleasure.Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If we can be of any further assistance regarding this matter, please either call our Consumer Relations toll-free number at 1-800-242-1227, write us at the Publix Super Markets Corporate Office, PO Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Consumer Relations, or contact us at our website, publix.com and mention your reference number, # XXXXX.Sincerely,XXXXXX XXXXXXX

    • Zsun

      I've been reading a lot of the comments below and I find it amazing how many mixed feelings people are expressing regarding coupons, Publix's new Coupon Policy, and what competitors some Publix will accept at their stores.

      What I am most interested is the many comments regarding “Shopping Experiences” stories that were shared, and the competitors that are variously being accepted per store, per location.

      I'm upset by the comments of cashiers who handle the couponers purchases.

      I have three Publix stores in my area, and I hate the one closest to me. The cashiers are like Nazi-coupon haters. The customer service is lacking. The Management team are never on the same page.

      I don't like going in to do a transaction, and go later in the same sales week to do another transaction, using the same competitor coupons, and have one manager say ok and allow me to use one competitor, and then later have a manager say that I can't.

      The policy, I was hoping, to create a consistent shopping experience.

      Now, from my fellow coupon friends in my area, they're sharing their similar stories with me from their recent shopping trips, and are finding it even worse.

      I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, I know that the cashiers and management are undergoing re-training, so, they may be just as nervous or tense while they are doing a transaction.

      Still, from the stories I'm getting, the “shopping experience” is tense and uncomfortable.

      I feel for the people who don't have competitors to use, and for those whose list includes certain competitor stores who don't produce coupons, or rarely do.

      I'm in Florida, and we don't have the luxury of double or triple coupons. We have to work harder to get our savings.

      In regards to the Extreme Shopping show on TLC, I've never seen but one episode, and I'm hearing from others around me, they are learning to save money using coupons now. That's the positive side of this show…

      I'm not a fan of Walmart, but I do like that they're trying to be more coupon friendlier with their new policy. I know some people live in places where they don't have the large superstores like Publix, Safeway, Food Lion, Albertsons, etc…and may have just a Walmart to do their shopping.

      For those of you who do shop and can get your savings with no problem, no hassles, no real change of who your store accepts as competitors, that's awesome.

      We all know the policy really hasn't had a major change but for a couple of re-wordings, but did everyone notice how much publicity it got?

      Just sayin'…

      • Hebertina

        I so agree with you. I can travel a bit further and go to Walmart but I don't because I can do ok with Publix. BUT if my Publix gets stupid on couponing I will go to Walmart. I had one time lately that I had a coupon for $5.00 (Publix only) off for buying certain items purchased in a magazine that cost $2.50. He didn't take off the $5.00. I walked out to my car and realized it. I went back in and he knew what I was talking about in just a few words (meaning he did it on purpose.)

        I usually put my stock up items in one trip and go back for stuff I need. What is wrong with stocking up on the items you use? I do get stuff for free or close to free and give it to the food bank. What is wrong with that? They get paid by the manufacturer with the coupons, just like I handed cash over. They also get a fee for the handling.


    • Cadaallen

      remember- the policy change does no officially happen until the 23rd! More to come I am sure

    • DoubleT

      I am very sad to report that I encountered an attitude at my Dunwoody Publix. A cashier advised that he did not care for coupons or couponers as he scanned the 16 coupons I handed over for the 17 items I purchased. According to this cashier, the coupons ultimately lower his bonus as it is commission based. His sales are lower with coupons. I was stunned and could only manage a weak reply: that it seemed like a lousy policy for Publix to print its own coupons and accept manuf coupons, and encourage their use if it ultimately operated to the detriment of their employees?

      Has anyone ever heard of such a policy? I am considering talking to the store manager.

      • Danielle

        I would talk to the manager. Company policy or not he should not be talking to the customers about it.

      • gibilshazu

        This is not completely true. We do take a loss on competitor coupons but manufacturer coupons are reimbursed for face value plus a few cents extra for “handling”. Inventory bonuses are based on what we sold and collected money on. Over the last three years, during which there has been a huge rise in couponing, my bonus has only gone up. So whoever the cashier was, he is a jack ass.

      • Vatblack

        Well, you can either forgive a guy for being disgruntled at the way he feels he is taken advantage of or you can talk to the manager of the store. His opinion should not make you feel guilty for making use of a savings tool that is put in your lap. I actually do the reverse when I get to the cashiers. Before they start ringing up I apologize to them and the next customer in line with: “This will take some time, I have a lot of coupons but it is unfortunately the only way I can afford to feed my family at this point.” It seems to just state the obvious and take any reason for complaint away.

      • PublixCashier

        He is an idiot. Our bonuses come from the inventory profits of hte store. We are reimbursed for Man. Qs, and if our coupon is for a certain name brand product, I suspect we are paid a amount for helping that product boost sales.

        And if Idiot is a part time cashier, his bonus isnt
        that big in the first place.

      • Coupon247

        Are we there to help them get their (bonuses) or keep money in our pocket!
        Our bonus is our coupons & we work at that.

      • Chris

        I would say talk to the manager. That person's job is to provide excellent service to the customer – that's what has always differentiated Publix from their competition. “Where Shopping is a Pleasure” has been their motto for forever and they have lived up to it for a long time but now they have some folks at certain stores that just look at it as a job and paycheck and they have no interest in helping anyone. Last time I made a complaint about someone the manager was very clear that it would never happen again, apologized, and assured me that they are more concerned about customer service (obviously within reason) than anything else.

    • Waited4ever

      I for the first time ever tried to do a competitor coupon and was told that they do not accept wholefoods…it is a local grocery store and I was absolutely stunned. Was told that it changed TODAY which I read it was not until the 23rd and was told they are only accepting competitors as bi-lo, food lion, fresh market (and another grocery store I cant remember who) basically they wont accept Earth fare or whole foods and since I buy mostly organic, they will continue loosing that business from me. ALL AND ALL I WAS DISAPOINTED. I DID MUCH BETTER AT BI-LO. And I really hate to say that because I really like Publix it has been my favorite grocery store for almost 14 years, I even put thought into where we moved so we could be close to a publix.

    • Nolebull1

      I work for Publix and find that the revamping was needed in the couponing world. I like the fact that now we know for sure what is allowed and what is not. I am also glad that they have a put a limit on items. Lets be real for a minute..extreme couponing is for those that are already stocked up on everything. Grocery shopping to me is buying the items I need each week and not a huge surplus. No room to store it all. What I don't like is the attitude I am receiveing from cashiers. I am still a paying customer and Publix receives face value for each mfg coupon. They are not losing money on the competitor coupon…you came and you shopped at Publix.

      • Tmroney

        I have to say, my Publix in Dacula, Ga, has the nicest cashiers!! Only at Kroger have they treated me like a criminal. So I enjoy my Publix! Sorry yours are rude to you, and you're their co-worker.

        • Snellmom

          I have the same problem with the cashiers at Kroger in Snellville and Lawrenceville, too!

      • Vatblack

        I agree that it is better to know for sure what is happening. I could not find one bottle of John Frieda shampoo at 4 Publix stores this week bcs. it was .45 a bottle and someone raided all of them. I only wanted 1. I could not get it!

        • Chris

          Had that happen to me with the Bic razors last week that were on sale – went to 5 stores and they were all out. So I ordered mine and am just waiting for them to get in to the warehouse so they get to the store before my Qs expire.

        • Terri

          Try calling your Publix and ask if the customer service representatives / managers  can initial the John Frieda coupons to authorize that the coupons will still be honored after the expiration date.   Riviere Plaza Publix in Palm Harbor, Florida is the best! Ya Hoo!

      • kk

        i know, my store had 2 left, and they were for dry hair… i figure i'd hang onto my receipt and try to do an even exchange later for normal hair :)

      • MsMagic

        I had a horrible experience with a cashier at the publix that I have used for 3 yr. She asked for my 42 Q's BEFORE ringing up my order. She would ring something up and then search for the matching Q. Took forever. After 15 min I finally asked for the manager who supported the cashier. It took me 32 min to check out with 45 items.

        • tori729

          I've had that happen to me too. It's annoying, and takes up the other customers' time who are waiting, but it's not my fault so I just deal with it and try to remember not to go to that cashier next time! I mean, I understand, they don't want to be cheated if I slipped in some extra coupon, but you can easily keep track of things w/o separating things out so much.

          • PublixCashier

            And how many times have you run a register in a busy grocery store, where an order (esp. a coupon order) can have more that 30 item in it? Would you be able to scan things correctly and swiftly, keep the total amountof all items bought in your head, as well as remember if they’re all the right size/item?

            Judging by your comment, you havent. Separating them out makes it easier for some of us,and faster. I love coupons but I dont trust people not to try to screw me over. Im going to check, and the less crap you give me the faster it will go.
            LOVE it when people try to tell me how easily I can do my job. >:-/

            • Anonymous

              I’m sure it’s easier but definitely NOT faster. I understand the reason for it and there’s no need to get angry, that wasn’t my intent. If I run into a cashier like that, I am not in any way rude to them.

              I actually used to work in a grocery store but didn’t have a lot of couponers there. I probably let some coupons slip by that I shouldn’t but I did look at the amount of items the coupon was on and generally made sure they bought the right product. I have had cashiers who don’t separate coupons out look at that and make sure I bought the right things, and caught things like when I’ve accidentally bought the wrong brand of something, etc.

              Anyway, not trying to tell you how to do your job, you do it however you want to but if I encounter a cashier like you in my store, I will probably try not to go to you in the future so I can get in and out quicker.

            • Anonymous

              I’m sure it’s easier but definitely NOT faster. I understand the reason for it and there’s no need to get angry, that wasn’t my intent. If I run into a cashier like that, I am not in any way rude to them.

              I actually used to work in a grocery store but didn’t have a lot of couponers there. I probably let some coupons slip by that I shouldn’t but I did look at the amount of items the coupon was on and generally made sure they bought the right product. I have had cashiers who don’t separate coupons out look at that and make sure I bought the right things, and caught things like when I’ve accidentally bought the wrong brand of something, etc.

              Anyway, not trying to tell you how to do your job, you do it however you want to but if I encounter a cashier like you in my store, I will probably try not to go to you in the future so I can get in and out quicker.

          • Pamela

            Not so.  After ringing up customers all day, everybodys stuff starts to look alike.   

            • Anonymous

               You know, you’re probably right.

        • Chris

          Next time put your things on the belt in the same order that you have your Qs and that will save them a lot of time too. I had a cashier last night want to do that and he said it was just his personal preference. Most of the cashiers I go to don't do that but hey – whatever boats his float.

          • God Bless You

            maybe take a roll of tape and tape each coupon to the product! I am going to start doing that.:)

            • Pamela

              Please don’t use tape.  It will just mess up the coupon in the bag we have to put them in.  I have a lady who places the coupon on each item as it comes down the belt.  I don’t mind that at all.  It actually takes the pressure off of me.  I try to scan the item then the Q so she can see the savings.   

        • In the future, just lay each stack on coupons on each product if they're going to be like that. Expect it, and prepare for it.

        • Pamela

          I’m sorry it took you so long to get your items rung up.  I am a Publix cashier and work an 8 hour shift 5 days a week.  We get fussed at for taking a Q for an item not purchased.  Give us a break.  We see alot of coupon fraud out there. We’re just trying to keep our jobs. We are on the front lines of this attack day in and day out.  I love my job and actually am very coupon friendly. I have customers look for me because I celebrate with them when they see how much they saved.  So when I started seeing people abuse the system,  it makes me have to look closer at everyones coupons.

    • Jtdjagos

      Our district in SC does not double coupons. If I have a great coupon for something that is rarely on sale I will call a friend, and plan a trip to drive 1 hour away to get the deals and shop.The other day, the very helpful cashier informed me that a new policy was going into effect and went to customer service to get me a copy of the policy. I think it is fair. I also think that since extreme couponing aired, new couponers are going in the stores thinking they too can save $1,000. Like with everything else in life, people start to get greedy, and act only for their personal gain. There are a lot of people who would not be able to feed their families without coupons-lets not ruin it for people who reaaly need it. Also, please donate to your local food banks-this week Kroger has Mahatma rice 1lb for $1-there was a .50 off coupon two weeks ago which will double-it will cost you nothing, but it will help feed a family.

      • Tmroney

        That TV show is ruining it for us regular people. I hope it gets cancelled. The people on there are greedy hoarders.

        • Magogo56

          I knew that the couponing policies were going to change after seeing “Extreme Couponing.” I figured it was just a matter of time before people would start taking advantage of it. Right now it is a rage and it will pass for a lot of people. I too hope they cancel it.

    • mrsmadayar

      The Publix in Prattville told me that starting next week you have to have the coupon to get the penny item.

      • Teresa2480

        :( thanks for posting this! I shop at that publix sometimes.

        • Gotpaypal

          The cornerstone publix in Montgomery requires the Q now too :( I'm not buying a paper just for that Q!

          • mrsmadayar

            Does Montgomery not have a small free paper on Wednesdays like Prattville & Millbrook? We get one in the mail that has the sales ads and the Penny Item coupon.

            • God Bless You

              what is a penny item coupon?

            • mrsmadayar

              On Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your area) there is a coupon in the local paper that lets you get a specific Publix brand item for 1 penny when you make a $10 dollar purchase. Some stores have been allowing you to get the item for a penny regardless of whether or not you have the coupon, but now it seems they will require it to get the item.

      • tori729

        Ours have been doing that for awhile and I stopped worrying about the penny item after that. Costs 51 cents now and it's not worth it!

        • mrsmadayar

          Totally. I wouldn't buy a paper to get that coupon. Fortunately we have a free paper that comes in our mail on Wednesdays that has the coupon in it, but that means I am now at the mercy of my mailman as to what time I can leave my house to go shopping.

    • Juls60

      The only thing I struggle with is limiting 1 Publix coupon per transaction. I usually buy 4 at a time. They will probably tweak it as it goes like Wal-Mart has.

      • Jamesdgrady

        I came back from Publix early this evening to bring in my Birds Eye $1.00 coupons that I forgot to give the cashier on 5/07/2011. I showed Customer Service and they refunded me $1.00 for every 2 items (total of $10.00 cash) and the $2.00 coupon I just printed today for the spin a deal on Face Book. I had a few more. I got back $15.35 and could have gotten more. The point is, they are pretty good at honoring this. I have to go back tomorrow and spend half of that money I got back on 50 jars of pickles and relish. LOL

        • Raynasmama

          @Jamesdgrady- I hope you are joking about getting 50 jars of pickles and relish. I mean, do you have that many hot dogs, hamburgers and buns stocked up-lol ;-)

      • Chris

        I was just in there tonight and they took every single Publix Q that said that without issue. They just counted everything and made sure the Qs matched up with what I bought was all (which I always make sure that it does). So far they have always been awesome at my stores closest to me in Smyrna, GA.

        • Beck

          Which one do you go to in Smyrna? I've had issues at the Vinings store but never at the one off the East West Connector.

          • Chris

            I was at Cumberland – I guess that would be the Vinings store (really still Smyrna). I always go in the evening – never during the day shift (I had trouble with the day shift once with not being able to use more than one Amex Q so I stopped that right quick). The evening folks are great.

            And you're right – the one at S Cobb and E-W Conn has awesome people.

        • Afd194

          I was in Publix last night and bought 2 razors and they took the publix coupons but I had to ring them up as seperate orders. Crazy policy for only two items.

    • Tellerkat

      only some of the Publix coupons say limiting 1

    • Chris

      So I was just in the Publix closest to me and spoke with the manager and two cashiers. According to them nothing really changes except that now it is in black and white as to what the policy is but it will still really be up to the store manager as to what they will and will not do. They pointed out that they definitely won't take Target Qs but they haven't at my closest stores for some time so that doesn't change. But other than that they said nothing really changes – they are just trying to make sure everyone knows what the deal is on paper and try to stop some of the fraud and extremes (so this policy basically says they have the right to do whatever they want on a per store basis). Big sigh of relief from me – my closest stores have been so great I would hate for something drastic to happen (for example they were out of the BP gas cards and the manager told me to hang on to my receipt and come back with my Qs after they have re-stocked and they would take care of it – just such nice people when you're nice to them and try not to stick it to them).

    • So_over_it17

      Extreme Couponing has created hell for retail stores. As a person who also works in retail please don't be rude when we tell you we can't do something. Realize that we can get fired for accepting coupons that we aren't supposed to use.

    • For those who are confused about the wording on Publix advantage flyers, this email from corporate says you CAN use more than one.
      ———————- Thank you for your email. We appreciate our customers taking the time to contact us.
      Thank you for taking the time to contact our corporate office with your question about the coupons in our flyers.
      Typically, the phrase “”limit one deal per coupon per customer” means that the customer must have one coupon per item purchased.
      If you have any questions about a particular coupon, please check with the Store Manager of the store where you are shopping.
      Our Marketing department is working on the wording on our coupons to help address your question.We sincerely thank you for shopping at Publix.
      We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a supermarket, and we appreciate your having chosen Publix. I hope you will continue to find shopping at Publix a pleasure.Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      If we can be of any further assistance regarding this matter, please either call our Consumer Relations toll-free number at 1-800-242-1227, write us at the Publix Super Markets Corporate Office, PO Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Consumer Relations and mention your reference number, # XXXXX.Sincerely,XXXXXX XXXXXXX

      • tori729

        Phew, I'm hoping you can still use more than one of them!

      • Rrbarr

        THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking time to email them and to post this. I was going to do that myself, b/c the wording always indicated such to me, but different people interpret it differently. AND I have never found it CLEARLY addressed in ANY blog…….Thanks again!

    • purplelight

      This policy has been in place in my Publix Store but despite the fact they help so much the Publix atomosphere is go downwards which is a big disapointtment. Im glad they have not changed their policy or I might be barking in another tree

    • Beck

      I have a newbie question about coupons and the new Publix policy. If I wanted to go in and buy one item and I have a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon can I use them both at the same time even though I'm only buying one item?

      • itismedia

        You should be able to. Per the new policy (and this has actually been the policy at many stores before this) you can combine a store and a man. or a man. and a competitor for each item.

    • Thenasworthys

      My Publix in central Ga has just started accepting Target coupons!

    • Icecrmfrk

      There is an article in the Orlando Sentinal newspaper today. Front page and continues on A7.

    • itismedia

      I REALLY hope my Publix starts limiting the number of like items a person can purchase! We have three ladies that wipe out the stores and no they do not donate. They are friends and stand in line bragging about their stock piles. The cashiers and stockers cannot stand them. They wipeout the shelves (and the back stock) and then get rainchecks so they can come back and do it again. before anyone gets mad at me, I am all about the deals and I am all about stocking up just not being excessive. One of them bought 75 4 packs of razors at one time. THAT is excessive!

      • Stacymcdavis

        I'm afraid all of this kind of “extreme couponing” is going to ruin it for the rest of us who are just trying to save and feed our families on a limited budget.

      • MsMagic

        I am getting the same thing. My nearest Pubix is over 40 mi away and by the time I get there, all the really great deals are wiped out. I have to get a RC and make another round trip. That show extreme couponing is going to ruin it for everyone. 1000 toothbrushes! Who has THAT many Q's. It's not “free” when you have to buy the Q's

      • Magogo56

        Well, that policy is about to change as Publix will now have a restriction on the amount of like products you can buy. I agree with you, it is one thing if you give to charity. Shame on them.

      • God Bless You

        sounds like an addiction, for them.:(

    • MaryH

      Thanks so much for posting this! I tried to see it on the news and missed it and this is very helpful, nice to know and not just be speculating!

    • Julp03

      I 'm not sure I understand the dollar off total order coupon policy. For example, I had a $5 of $50 Publix coupon that I used yesterday. I also had a $5 of $25 purchase from a competitor that I didn't use because I didn't think I could. My order came to about $55. Could I have also used the competitor's coupon during the same transaction?

      • Gotpaypal

        I think your total would have to be 75.00 (before using any coupons) in order to use both

      • CR8013

        Hey as a Publix employee, I can tell you it is that it would have to be 75.00.  Your total grocery bill has to equal what those two coupons say combined, so in this case 75.00.  When the new policy goes into affect, you will only be able to use one Publix and one competitor 5 off 50 (or whatever it may be) even if your total bill is more than that.  For example only a Publix 5 off 25 and a competitor 5 off 25, even if your grocery bill is 100.

    • purplelight

      I cannot speak for all the Publix in my area (I must say there are several but distant). I went to another when I began having so many problems with my frequent flyer miles local Publix. For here in the Greenville area I believe Publix is changing, not only making couponing more difficult but there zest for their customers is lacking. I shop with a friend and she sees it too. I had talked with the manager about some changes I noticed , he apologized but it got worse. It went from being harrased to take our groceries out to bagging our own. Im not saying they are a terrible store….if you shop at Harris Teeter in NC they are nice but couponing is a bear. I have decided that I must choose what is important to me and shop. The “Publix Shopping Experience” is hard to find here and perhaps I have been spoiled, so I am going to keep testing the waters until I decide where to fish!

    • Terrik66

      I for one can not understand why Publix does not douple coupons here in Florida but they do in other states,,there are alot of people here in Florida that are not rich and it would really help out if they doubled,,does Publix have a problem w/us people here in Florida..I dont understand why they only limit one manufacturer coupon per item,,,they should at least limit 5 per item..

      • Magogo56

        I emailed Publix Corporate office several months ago about double couponing in other states than Florida, this was the reply:

        Thank you for taking the time to contact our corporate office with your question about double coupons. As a competitive response to other supermarkets, we do have a double coupon program in our Atlanta Division stores, which includes northern portions of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and the state of Tennessee. However, at the present time we do not have any plans to expand double coupons beyond that market. Double couponing is expensive to support but doesn’t touch the majority of our customers. In our other divisions, we use promotional methods such as Buy-One-Get-One-Free, hotly priced sale items, etc. We feel that our strategy of offering fair prices on all items and having good sale ads offers our customers a better overall value. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If we can be of any further assistance regarding this matter, please either call our Consumer Relations toll-free number at 1-800-242-1227, write us at the Publix Super Markets Corporate Office, PO Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802, ATTN: Consumer Relations, or contact us at our website, publix.com and mention your reference number, # 826381. Sincerely, Leslie SpencerLGS:cm

      • KAW

        It is against the law to take more than one manufacturer coupon on an item….

      • tori729

        I'm pretty sure no store doubles coupons in FL. Isn't that correct? Must be a state law or something…?

        • lucy

          tori729 actually in norther region of fl like tallahassee and jacksonville and in between they do double coupon now that is very unkind.

          • Lkate77

            The only store in Tallahassee that I know of that doubles is Harveys. Does anyone know of a Publix that doubles in Tallahassee?

            • Liz

              No Publix does not double coupons

          • I live in Jacksonville, and my husband worked west towards Tallahassee.  Maybe there is one rogue Publix tnat does double, but as a policy they do not.

        • lucy

          actually they do double coupon in north fl from tallahassee and in between jacksonville, now thats unkind.

          • Terrik66

            Lucy lucky you to have the double coupons there.. I live in North Fl and I have to drive to another town 25 minutes to get a store to double coupon,,, truthfully I would rather give my money to a store that cares about there customers and give them double coupons..

          • tori729

            Not trying to be unkind, I don't feel that there was anything unkind in what I said. I'm sorry that I was incorrect!

            • Coupon247

              don't think they meant u were unkind.

        • Terrik66

          No Tori,, there is a store near Gainesville,, Hitchcocks that doubles to .50 cents,, I drive there alot of times to shope now to get that extra savings,, it's a 25 minute drive for me,, I am seeing alot more people driving over there now to get that double up to .50 cents…

          • tori729

            I wonder why? I have always heard that Florida is the “LOND” aka Land Of No Doubles”.

            • Terrik66

              Tori most stores in Fl does not double and I would really want to know the reason why? I guess they think everyone that lives in Fl is rich….I like shopping at Publix and have for many years but I have to go where I can save and they double..

          • wendy

            I live right down from Hitchcocks and would still rather go to publix. I found Hitchcocks to be way higher. =(

          • Kvgrestaurants

            Is this the Hitchcocks in downtown Alachua? If not where is it located?
            -Gainesville coupon shopper

        • Liz

          Harvey's in Tallahassee, FL doubles coupons up to .50.

    • guest

      Just to let you all know, as someone who works at Publix, some Publix stores are trying to fight the change to get our old competitors back, or atleast more competitors than just one. So don't freak out until you know the facts when the stores release the information to you.

    • Lisa

      If you are in the central area of Tennessee, it is absolutely worth it to drive to Smyrna to the Publix on Lee Victory. I have NEVER had problems with coupons there, and the people are so friendly compared to some of the other locations I have shopped at with the awful attitudes.

      • TNDelta

        Love the Lee Victory location!  Bummed that they're only going to accept Kroger competitor q's though going forward.  I went in today with a few Food Lion and Target q's.  They took them all without question but the cashier / customer service rep did give me a copy of the new policy.

    • Mandy

      I was just curious if anyone knew how to courteously try to petition a Publix store to accept other competitor coupons and if anyone knew what Publix's considers to be a true competitor? Has anyone done this before, is it better to go to the actual store manager or email corporate? I was just handed a flyer at my local Publix in Altamonte Springs, FL (Orlando) that states they'll only now accept Albertson's, Winn-Dixie and Target as competitors. I don't understand why they've taken Whole Foods and Save-A-Lot off their list when these are also true grocery stores and are actually more closely located to this specific Publix store then the other's above. I'd like to try to nicely, politely fight this, but don't quite know how, any thoughts?? Thanks!

      • KAW

        Talk to the store manager. They have to request to corporate to get new competitors listed for their store…. that's what the manager of mine told me Tuesday when I called him.

    • MsMagic

      I love shopping at Publix. The BOGO deals are the best price wise and the store is always so bright and clean. I have not had a good shopping experience the several times I've shopped there. Thinking of scaling back my shopping there. Publix please educate your cashiers better concerning coupons

    • Coupon247

      NO ONE commented on the selling of tear pad coupons which are suppose to be free to the customer.

      • Rainey993

        I don't know what that is. I would like to know.

      • Chris

        Does anything have to be said? It's BS and should stop – those are free and put out for everyone. Why should I pay for one?

        And I experienced the missing peelie issue the other day too – someone had gone through and taken all of the peelies off the products (the under film was still there). Total BS.

    • GUEST

      Didn't know if anyone knew this already or not but the coupons that have the write in price. (from where you buy a item and get one free) The new coupon policy states that cashiers give you the max value for the coupon. (The fine print on the coupon, that says max value. $XX.xx) So you will save more!

      • Fritzyrits

        Thank you for that info. I didn't know that and last week I had a cashier argue about that very thing. She acted like I was stealing her paycheck!

      • Mystery Man

        There is no where in the policy that says that.  It will only be taken for the retail price of the item.

      • Emily

        Yes the coupon has a max value. That’s because if your item costs more than the max value of the coupon the cashier can take the max value off. Meaning that you are left to pay the leftover amount or sales tax. If the item is under the max value, then the entire price of the item is taken off.

    • mrsmadayar

      So do I understand correctly that it's EITHER a store coupon on an item OR a competitor's and NOT both. And I'm sad that they won't allow multiples of the store coupons now. Sometimes you have a store q that says $ off 1 item but a manuf. q that says $ off 2. That will cut down on our savings some :( I'm okay with them limiting our quantities of BOGO items. I'm tired of empty shelves when I only want 1 or 2 of something to go with a meal I've planned for the week.

    • Rainey993

      I think it all depends on what your family use's and eat's as to your saving's. I can't hardly buy groceries at Publix because they don't have what we eat. And when they do it's all gone when I get there. I think this is the groceries stores fault also. They know they are having the sale and couponer's are going to come so they need to be better stocked. I know most don't like Wal-Mart but that is where I get the better deals for most of what I need. I don't like Wal-Mart very much but I have to do what I have to do.

      • Terrik66

        That is so true Rainy,, the store knows that they are having that sell they should stock up more on that product,, not only people that use coupons that buy that but also the ones that don't.. I my self use coupons,, but usally only 2 to 4 coupons on one product….

        • Coupon247

          Do you know that you can ALSO have the store order what you want if you want a large number at a time. It usually comes in within a couple of days.

      • God Bless You

        you may be able to get a rain check on items they run out of, if you ask.:)

      • Fritzyrits

        They are happy to give you rain checks and also check when the next truck is coming in. I know mine is on Monday so if I need something and its out I go back in on Monday and 99% of the time they have it. I find it difficult to shop in Walmart because they will have something one week and then 2 weeks later they don't carry it.

        • Bauercandace

          Also, my store in Martinez GA has no problem hanging onto a couple of an item for me when the truck does finally make it in if I ask.

      • Joesmith

        From working in a Publix store I can tell you that in most cases we do not know when a coupon is going to be offered by a manufacturer and how many weeks it will run for. The manufacturer's keep this information confidential to limit a competing brand from trying to run an offsetting promotion.Grocery store sales are planned months in advance and the buying departments have to place orders with the manufactures approx 10 to 12 weeks in advance to build inventory for a sale. Just think of cherrios, If the 300 Publix stores in Ga are expected to sell 250 each the buyers would need to order 75,000 boxes to be delivered approx one week ahead of the sale. Then a manufacture runs a coupon for four weeks leading up to a sale pretty much doubling the demand and there is not enough time for the buying departments to adjust to the increased demand that the coupon creates.  That is the best explanation of why you see empty shelves on BOGO items that have that great coupon you want to use.

    • Rita

      I spoke to the manager at my store in Marietta Ga and she stated that nothing was really going to change except they will limit the stores considered “competitors” and not just accept anyone's coupon. She clearly stated that she was not sure how managers in other stores would handle the issue but as long as you’re not coming in and grabbing 10 or 20 yellow or green advantage coupons she has no trouble accepting more than one per transaction.

      What they are trying to avoid (and I agree 100%) is people coming in grabbing two handfuls and leaving none for the other shoppers. It is discouraging when you can’t even get one or two flyers and then see someone in the store ripping coupons out at of 15… or sometimes way more!! That is why people get irritated, I don’t mind waiting in line behind someone with coupons, but when I can’t get my three or four items because either someone bought 30 of something or cleaned the store out of coupon books then I call foul!

      • Chris

        I agree – I don't grab any more than 10 flyers at a time and that's ONLY because they have two really big deep bins at the front of the store I go to most frequently. And I'm almost never there on the first day of a sale anyways. But aside from that my store keeps it filled so if you see it is getting low when you go back it is full again. I'm glad they keep them held back like that – lets you just grab the few you need for that trip and grab more later.

        • Andrea

          It's funny, my Publix has ALWAYS had tons of Green/Yellow advantage flyers in the front turnstile so it's never been a problem to grab a few on my way in. But in the last few weeks, they are all gone within a day of being put out. I asked my fav cashier what was going on and she said people have suddenly started grabbing tons of them and wiping them out completely. I have to wonder if this is because of the “Extreme Couponing” show. People think they have discovered something new and they are going wild with hoarding. It's a bummer for the rest of us…..who knows how this will all turn out in the end if people start really trying to do what they see on the show on a regular basis. Blah.

          • mum2pnut

            it is because of that stupid show!!!! they are ruining it for everyone! no normal person really buys 500000 things of toothpaste!

    • baglady

      Whew…talked to the manager this morning who told me that they will still be honoring Target as a competitor. Yea!!! ….oh, Save-a-Lot also, which I had never thought of. ;-) I'm happy.

      • Coupon247

        Where do you live?

        • LJ

          yeah…where are you?? the 2 stores i went to in alphareta were giving out cards withthe policy, and a list of stores they accept – only kroger!! :(

        • baglady

          I'm in Spring Hill, FL…(Tampa Bay area)

    • Asdenc

      Does Publix double coupons and if so, to what amount?

      • Wyattabbymom

        It may vary from store to store but mine double anything up to .50 with the exception being competitor coupons they never double them only manufacturer Q's.

      • CR8013

        It really depends on your store and what state you live in, for example we don't double coupons here in Florida.

    • ShondaB

      Manager Approval if you use 2 coupons (1 vendor & 1 store) for one item? I just stopped by Publix to pick up an item I had a Publix coupon & vendor coupon for and the cashier told me she had to get a manager to override when you use more than one coupon on an item. I've never had this happen before & now I fear my future shopping trips will be much longer. Does anyone know if this is maybe part of the new coupon policy? I'm going to talk to the store manager next time, I was in a rush with my teething daughter.

      • Bauercandace

        If you bought only the one item, then the issue was not that you had two coupons for one item, but rather that you had more coupons than you did items (two coupons and only one item bought). It has always been the policy that an override was needed if you had more coupons than you did items, it's just the way that the computer is set up- it happens to me literally every publix trip. There is never an issue and they always override it. It sounds as if your cashier was just misinformed.

      • cg

        At my store in Lawrenceville, Ga they only need manager approval if my number of coupons exceeds my number of items. In fact today I had a few deals with a SQ and MQ combined and ended up with 13 coupons and 12 items, the cashier didn't need an override until the end when my number of coupons exceeded my total number of items. No problem using SQ and MQ stacked.

        • Chris

          I've never had this problem. The only time it beeps and requires an override for me is when I start getting down into “their money”. Like last night I had $200 worth of stuff incl an Amex gift card and after Qs I was at $56 (obviously well into the tax for the order). They only had to override the very last set of Qs I had on the Scrubbing Bubbles deal and that was it.

      • Mystery Man

        If you only had the one item, you would need an override to use two coupons for one item.  The system will not allow you to use more coupons than items that you have.

      • Brandi_00i

        If your coupon total exceeds your item total they need a manager approval. For example, if you purchase 1 item but want to use a manu. and a store coupon, they need approval.

    • Jessica

      Anyone know what stores the Publix in Macon will be accepting as competitors?

    • Bkhelmly

      Anyone know the competitors for the Publix in Twelve Oaks in Savannah?

    • mum2pnut

      we live in the tampa bay area in Florida and our stores have accepted Target because we have a super Target close, but never any drugstores or GFS or a small whole foods market in town. I hope they continue to take Target!!! we have no other good stores around…winn dixie and sweetbay which both SUCK!!!!! and hell will freeze over if I have to shop at Walmart! If only we have some of the better southern grocery stores ya'll have!! WE NEED A KROEGER!

      • baglady

        I agree w/ you on Winn Dixie & Sweetbay….the only time they've done me any good is when they've had the $ off total coupons, which I used at Publix.

      • CR8013

        I work at a Publix in Tampa (off n. dale mabry) that has a Super Target near by and when the policy changes Target, GFS, Fresh Market will all be accepted.  The only thing with Fresh Market is all they really issue are percent off coupons, which the new policy overall at every store, will not accept  My store does not accept drugstores coupons like CVS or Walgreens, nor will any Publix when the policy changes, because they are drugstores, not grocery stores, and therefore not a competitor.

        • YAY! That is my Publix… Glad to hear y'all will take Target coupons :)

    • LJ

      i went to one in alpharetta ga today and was given a card with the new policy, and the competitors they accept at that store. only kroger!! :( target is near by….i think that should have been on there too. he told me i could use 1 publix or kroger and 1 manufacturer coupon.

    • Terri

      After checking with an assistant manager at my local Publix, in North Pinellas County, FLorida , I was told that the new coupon policy will be posted on 5/14 giving notice till the policy goes into effect on 5/23.   I heard from another friend that Publix will no longer honor Albertsons coupons. Boo Hoo.  However, I am very grateful for the boat load of Publix store coupons, booklets and pamphlets this year.  Woo Hoo!

      • CR8013

        As far as the Albertson's coupons no being accepted, it depends on your store and what they consider a competitor.  For example the store I work at will accept Albertsons, because there is one right up the road, so it is a competitior for our store!  The policy does roll out the 23rd officially!

    • PSLisa

      Went to Publix in Powder Springs, GA this past Tuesday.
      Manager told me some of the Publix stores all over got new registers that 'read' coupons to see if the actual product was purchased (brand/size,etc).
      He said they are similiar to some of the new registers at Wal-Mart.

      He said it would cut coupon fraud because the register can determine if the product matches up to the coupon.
      From what he said, all Publix stores would eventually get this.

      • CR8013

        Hey there, I work at a Publix store and while this is true that they will all eventually get the registers, it won't be happening for a while.  It is still in the trial phase at select stores!  But he is right it's to ensure less coupon fraud.

      • Chris

        Actually what the new scanner is doing is reading that really big bar code next to the smaller older one (you know, the one they sometimes scan by mistake and the computer freaks out so they have to cover it and scan the Q again?).  The larger bar code allows more info to be encoded in it so when the computer reads it and looks it up it has more information to go on instead of matching the bar code to the general brand/product. The larger bar code will allow the system to match based on item type, brand, product name, size, flavor, etc – anything they want to specify in case they want to issue the Q for a specific item (ie. Bic Soleil Bella razors in the 3pk or ICBINB spray with olive oil 8oz or larger, etc).  That's how so many people get away with fraud – using a Q that was intended for one item on the smaller cheaper item because the computer can't tell the difference.  The only way I can think there will be confusion is when the Q doesn't specify size or type – for example the Aquafresh Extreme Clean printable Q does not specify size or type but sometimes I have trouble using it at Target on the trial size even though the Q does not specify a size so should be valid for any size of that brand and product/flavor.

        There's also another type of bar code that is the square you see on some Qs (square with all of the funny lines/dots in it).  Those can contain a huge amount of information as well.  Some of the new registers will read those as well and soon the product bar code system may move to those (and you'll see them on packages instead).  Retail has been notoriously slow to adopt new technology so it may be awhile.

        It's basically the same concept behind those embeded chips in your credit or debit cards – they can contain way more info than the magnetic strip on the back of the card so more issuers are going with them so they can include more info on/in the card.  Same idea with bar codes – it's just a matter of reading them and decoding them with/through software.

      • Guest

        That's right, I work at Publix and they've been telling us this for a year now, so we'll see…

    • Thanks for sharing this information.  I noticed a few weeks ago my Publix in Dunwoody, GA was remodeling; today, they had eliminated the self-checkout system (which I loved for the sheer convenience).  I'm pretty certain it was in an attempt to help eliminate coupon fraud with the SCO machines.  

      I don't see much from the policy that really affects the way I shop there, except perhaps the clause about competitor's coupons.  I suppose I'll have to do the legwork and ASK my two locations.  From what I've read so far from the comments here from fellow Georgians, it looks like we're limited to just Kroger.  We shall see how it all shakes out!

      Thanks again!

    • Jennybom

      The Publix in Franklin, TN (Riverside Drive/ Franklin Marketplace) has been re-training all of their cashiers over the past few days to stop accepting multiple manu. q's that state “Limit One Per Purchase”.  Think about this for a minute.  Almost ALL manu. q's state this!  Cashiers are being trained not to accept more than one like manu. q in a transaction if it states this!  I had 5 packs of the Bic Soleil razors and they insisted that EACH one be rung up separately.  I have spoken with the District Manager and the store manager, who both agree with the wording on the coupons.  They don't understand that “Limit One Per Purchase” is intended to ensure that only ONE manu. q is used on each item.  If you coupon at this store, beware!  I highly recommend calling corporate, or atleast calling the store manager, Joe Zarcone.

      • Chris

        The wording on the printed Bic Soleil Q is “Only one coupon is redeemable per purchase” which could mean one of two things: A) you can only use the manuf Q and no store Q or B) you can only use one Q period no matter how many of the item you buy in that purchase.  The key word that is open to interpretation is “purchase” – do they mean that to be each item or each TRANSACTION.  It should be specific however that's how they allow room to get out of paying the Q so the store sounds like it is choosing to eliminate the possibility that the manuf will refuse to pay them back.  Yes it makes it more difficult and time consuming but at least they allow you to have enough separate transactions basically so you can use all of your Qs.

        • Jennybmom

          I believe (and have always read on numerous coupon blogs) that “purchase” is intended to apply to that specific item.  Not a transaction, right?  So, it means one coupon per purchase OF THAT ITEM…right?  That's what I've always heard.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!  I really have no intention of using a manu. q that the store will not get reimbursed for.  If I thought I was “breaking the manu.'s rules” on the coupon, I would never attempt to buy more than one of any item, in any transaction.  I've even written to Bic about the wording on that specific coupon, but still have not received a response in over two weeks.  I was hoping they could clear up atleast this one coupon misunderstanding and I could print their e-mail and take it with me to Publix next time I go.  I really wish manu. q's could be a little clearer for the cashiers to understand.  :(

          • Chris

            It’s unclear on purpose.  Yes they put out Qs to encourage people to try/buy their product.  But if they can be presented with an opportunity to get out of reimbursing the Q I personally believe manuf will take it – whatever they have to do to turn a profit.

            I know I sound jaded and untrusting but I work for a really big company, who will remain nameless, and have seen some real BS first-hand.

      • Brandi_00i

        They are not handling your coupons correctly. They are allowed to take 1 manu. coupon and 1 store (publix OR competitor – not both) for each item. If it is a BOGO, they ARE allowed to use coupons for each. Meaning one manu. coupon and 1 store coupon for each item.

    • Gmom

      Went to Publix in Alpharetta today (Haynes & Old Alabama). Cashier was young & said she didn't think they'd accept Target coupon as a competitor & a manufact coupon together. I told her she could & she can check w/manager if she didn't believe me. She ran them both thru. I then went to the manager to confirm which he did. Cashier saw and gave me a nod. Sometimes cashiers just don't know & need training. My Publix in Roswell (Holcomb Brdg) also takes Target w/no problem. They hesitated on Whole Foods but took it anyway. I pray nothing will change with either store b/c I love them!

      • LJ

        ask for the new policy. the one i go to on old milton/kimball bridge gave out flyers yesterday with the policy….in the middle it says “competitors accepted” and only listed Kroger :( so i am thinking it is up to each store manager….

        • Brandi_00i

          I am an employee at Publix so I am aware of the new policy. They will accept local competitors to that particular location. When the new policy is implemented, each store will have a list of their competitors so depending on who is in your Publix's area, they will be the competitor that they will accept.

    • Jabber9

      Just FYI, the new Publix policy tells the cashier to ask for all coupons before beginning the customers order!!! The easiest way to do this, for yourselves and the cashier is to place the coupons with each item that the coupon is intended to be used on. There is really no need for customers to get upset at the cashiers, they are only doing ther jobs! For those of you that say “I'll just go to Walmart”, Really, most of the people (not all) that use alot of coupons, don't buy fresh groceries from Publix, they only get the items that they have a coupon for and then go to Walmart to buy their staple items..

      • PAK

        Back in the day (30 yrs ago!) you were required to place your coupons on your items!  I've been doing it for along time.  Thank goodness for computers!

    • I am actually glad they put them behind the stands in some stores…hiopefully they will in mine too.  We have a notorious couponer that takes ALL the coupons every time she goes to publix.

    • Frugalsenior

      Aldies who accept NO coupons are my first choice. Walmart is VERY easy on us cioupon people you might want to checj these 2 stores out!!!!!!

    • Missy

      I just spoke to corporate and was told as long as my store has been following the policy I shouldn't see any changes.  She said the only thing that is “changing” are the competitors some stores have been accepting when they shouldn't have been all along.  She did say they shouldn't have been accepting 3 coupons per item, as in 1 man. 1 publix, and 1 comp.   It really doesn't sound to me like anything will change at my store other than that.  So as she encouraged me, I encourage all of you to go in and ask your manager if the way you use coupons in their specific store is correct.

    • Lovescouponing

      The whole reasoning behind the new coupon policy is because MANY people are taking advantage of Publix trying to help out everyone. Even though they are not WalMart (which I believe is a GREAT thing) they are trying to not only give people more for their money on the BOGO's. I understand that couponing is a very key thing for living and trying to save money. However calling corporate isn't going to help anything, just because they are the ones that made these rules. And your right the cashiers are just doing there jobs, getting upset with them won't help you out. Just think about the person behind you in line that has to wait for 20 minutes because of couponing. Yes, I understand most people wouldn't and/or don't care about the person behind them. First, thats selfish. Second, if you take all the BOGOs how are other people who want that item going to get it to, most grocery stores don't have a big back room where they keep the food (which is a good thing because that means that the food isn't sitting back there for years). So no store likes to order multiples because they don't want to be stuck with it after the sale ends. I love using coupons, but I know that I'm not trying to be some crazy coupon lady either.

      • Chris

        Agreed.  I think too many people are blowing this way out of proportion.

        Take a deep breath folks.  If you are concerned stop and ask a Manager the next time you're in that store.  Like I've said previously – be nice to them, explain yourself, and work with the store's management and they will bend over backwards to try and be as helpful and cooperative as possible.  If you need more than a few of something then tell them that and they can check to see if they have more in the back or they could special order you what you're looking for so you don't wipe their shelves but still get the deal AND still get to use your Qs.

        And yes cashiers are only doing their jobs at the direction of their bosses.  Be nice to them and they'll be an advocate for you with management.  Ask them what's easiest for them when it comes to Qs – they will appreciate you for it.  I personally prefer to hold my Qs to the end, hand them a few at a time, and then help them identify the items merely because when I have handed a stack, either up-front or at the end, I have been shorted too many times.  If you explain this they will be more conscientious.

        Be courteous to the staff and the store and they will do almost anything you ask. I've had more than one occasion where they could have just said “You're out of luck” or no but have not and only because I was pleasant and nice to deal with so they have done everything they could to make my request happen.  And I'll use a quick example: Wednesday night I was in one of the two stores I frequent closest to me and was going to get one more of the BP gas cards with a Q.  They were out completely (they even checked inside the display to see if they had more there).  They still had Shell, Exxon, and Chevron all of which are incredibly expensive.  The manager on duty at the time, with the grocery manager, told me to just hang on to my Q and my receipt and bring them back when they get some more BP cards in and they would take care of it – he even stated he sees me in the store all of the time so it was not an issue for him.  We joked that we both wished they had QT (QuikTrip – another gas brand here) cards because he would buy them too.  So there you go folks – BE NICE, cooperate, explain yourself if necessary (like I told them BP was cheaper than the others), and just be genial in general and you'll get a hell of a lot further.

        • PAK

          Yes you are right. The manager gave my son a coupon for the gas card and told him to come back at my son's convenience!  He went in two days later and there were more gas cards.  He went to customer service to explain what the mgr. said and they said they did that for several of their customers! Kroger is not customer service friendly as Publix.  I use to live in Florida after moving from Maryland.  People on my job told me to shop at Publix and I would be hooked.  And I was! So glad they are in Georgia!  I was homesick for Florida and when I went into Publix I felt better.

      • Missy

        I agree with you…there nothing more frustrating than getting my list together and my coupons, going in the store, only to find the shelf has been cleaned out!  This should stop that problem.  The only reason I called corporate was to get clear answers from the source.  I was hearing conflicting information from the news and different websites and just wanted to be clear on the policy so I can follow it.  I was told the reason the policy was being “changed” is because some people were abusing it.  I think it’s a good change for all of us.  No crazy coupon lady here either :-)

      • guest

        Exactly! And then customers complain and say its Publix's fault for not keeping enough of the bogo's that have coupons out for that product. They dont understand that the warehouse is short of the product.

        • Psychsw


          • Jenn

            I agree with the rain check idea, however, I've had to get rain checks on items that have been cleared out (like the recent BOGO tampons) and my coupons expired before I was ever able to use the rain check  so it actually did me no good in the long run.    so it actually did me no good in the long run.

      • Awareofangels

        i HATE when couponers come into our Walgreens and DESTROY the shelf dividers or displays.  it is soooo unnecessary – someone has to clean up their messes. ATTN COUPONERS:  be considerate, just saying…..

    • Dianna

      I don't really see much that affects me- I'm not a shelf clearer, I only have one competitor store nearby (albertsons) and I always give the cashier the coupons at the begining of my transaction and separate any full value items- my Publix has been ball busters about coupons for a while now, so I've adjusted, lol…

    • Mbruno5

      Why doesn't florida stores, anywhere, even outside of publix, double coupons. What do we have to do to change this?

      • Coupondiva

        It will never change. Publix has NO competition in Florida.

        • LJ

          I honestly think it has something to do with the large elderly population, they would be very good about doubling. Also. it's sad that FL Publix makes you buy both items for bogo, (rather than 1 for 50% off.)

          I lived in FL for many years…I liked Winn-Dixie for sales lots of good meat deals. (and I very much disliked them for years growing up, but all the stores near me were clean and friendly)

        • Mama23babygirls

          COupndiva is correct. THere is no competition for Publix in FL. They have driven all but 2 Winn sand 1 Albertsons within a 25 mile radius of my home! Oh and to give you an even better idea. I have 5 Publix within 3 miles of my home.

          • Guest

            do you live in palm beach gardens?

      • Vines1fan

        I've been working at Publix for 2 yrs and recently a customer came in visiting from Fl, she asked my ass. Customer Service manager the same question. His reply had something to do with the fact that Florida doesnt tax food. It has to do with the tax laws in the state apparently.

    • Cami

      My store is limiting deals to 4 or 2 deals for bogo items. This is CRAZY! I have a family of 7 to feed. How am I supposed to coupon effectively if I can only buy 4 boxes of cereal, or 4 packages of macaroni and cheese at a time to last me until the next deal comes around? My family will go through a box of cereal every 2 days (if we're lucky).

      They also began supressing doubles. That's not something I have seen them do before. They repressed the $0.25 Hunts coupon, and because my cashier couldn't do it correctly, she just deleted one of my scanned coupons and kept it anyway.

      • Chris

        If it was me I would buy my first set of dry items, go out to the car and load them, then go back into the store and get the rest of my dry stuff and whatever wet stuff I needed.  And definitely don't go to that cashier again – whole reason why I like giving them my Qs a few at a time so I can make sure they get scanned right and show up on the screen (and if not I can do something about it right then).

        • Cami

          I do the same thing ( give her a few coupons at a time) but because the one doubled that she didn't want to double, she just didn't scan the second one…ON PURPOSE! It was ridiculous.

          I would le to have the time to make 2 separate trips into the store. I usually bring my 3 youngest wih me while my older 2 are in school. And all of the cashiers, cs staff and managers know me. I have no problem making separate transactions, after all, we would 'technically' be 4 customers, so I could actually get 16 items… but if I am going to buy it anyway, just save me the hassle.

    • looking4adeal

      I only used one store/manf. coupon.  I only used one $ off or percentage off.   I still see between a 50% to 90% savings.  My store really helped me with the transition. In Palm Coast Florida she is the only female manager.  Her front end and cashiers are professional and educational.  We are truly thankful for her.

    • Theannoyingone

      Your Green and Yellow Ad coupons SHOULD NOT be effected. As I pointed out to a cashier once the coupons state “Limit one deal per coupon per customer.” You can generally get them to interpret that as saying one store coupon can't get you $.50 off each item, you must have the number of coupons for items bought.

    • Letstalkpaint

      Publix is a very over priced place to shop and if you would take the time to shop around  you would find them over priced.

      • Chris

        You know what, I would rather pay a little more for clean, bright stores with a good product selection and employees that actually  give a crap about helping people.  Kroger is far worse and their prices aren't all that great to trade any of the above.  Unfortunately there aren't a lot of choices in certain areas (like here in Smyrna, GA) so I'll stick with Publix.

      • “Publix is very overpriced WITHOUT COUPONS”

        Fixed that for you :D

        I shop Publix, Kroger, and Food Lion and Publix is by a very large margin, the place I get the best prices an dmost deals.

        I do however buy produce and meat from Aldi or Walmart.

      • Mama23babygirls

        Publix is overpriced compared to who? They are the same prices as the other grocery stores in my area (Win Dixie and Alberstons) but when you take into consideration BOGOs and coupons, they are much cheaper. Stores in my area dont double coupons either.

      • K_southerland88

        Actually I have compared prices to other stores and while some items might be more expensive, others are actually cheaper. Other stores don't accept competitor coupons either so publix is still the best grocery store for savings… atleast where I live!

        • jessie

          i worked for publix for 25 years. coupons or not it still the best

        • jennifer

          Walmart takes competitor coupons.  I do like Publix but they are generally higher dollar.

    • does anyone know if publix will take a competitor and store coupon on the same item if you don't have a manufacturer coupon?

      • Patrick

        No, it's either the Publix Q or a Competitor Q, not both.

        • Bobby11

          Yes you can use a publix and a manufacturer or a competitor and manufactuerer

      • Emily

        You can use a manufacturer coupon and a Publix coupon OR a manufacturer coupon and a competitor coupon. Not a Public coupon and a competitor coupon.

    • does anyone know if publix will take a competitor and store coupon on the same item if you don't have a manufacturer coupon?

    • Gcbrundage

      The last two trips to Publix since the new coupon policy has been active have not been great.  Both times the cashiers attitude has been sassy and today I was told that she is so glad the policy is changing so her store won't loose money anymore and go out of business.  I think she might want to do her homework.  I seriously doubt that is the case or they would have changed the policy long before.  I have no problem with the new policy but I do have a problem with the cashiers acting as if I am a horrible person because I coupon.  I call that being smart! Bottom line:  it hurt my perception of Publix!

      • Creekindiannana

        Did you speak to a manager about her attitude? I have had that problem before at Walmart… I was told by a cashier that she was closed and i would have to find another line… to bad for her because a floor manager heard her. The manager told her to ring me up:)

      • nicole

        i was treated rude too yesterday. i think i am done with publix the cashier and bag boy both were very rude didnt even offer to walk me to car ps i had two children in tow!

      • jennifer

        Publix posted a profit of $1.6 billion dollars in 2010.   Unfortunately I think greed has more to do with the coupon policy than anything else.  When stores forget WHY they are in business and WHO helps them reach that nice profit, then they will see a major decleine in business.  Why wouldn't I shop at Walmart or Target if I can use competitor coupons with them??

        • I still go to Publix because Walmart doesn't double, and Walmart politics and treatment of employees doesn't sit well with me. doesn't sit well with me.

          • Chris

            Well there are two sides to that coin.  On the one hand Walmart is a very good business and makes good business decisions – obviously they didn't get to be the world's largest retailer  (and one of the world's largest employers) by farting around.  On the other hand they have horrible employment practices and they bully their suppliers and vendors so they get insanely great prices that they don't necessarily pass on to customers (after all they are a business so profit has to be in there somewhere).  I just don't care for their (lack of) customer service and poor product quality – regardless of what they do as a company it's usually not worth shopping there.  I'd rather go somewhere like Publix, pay a little more, and know I get good quality products and (usually) good quality service.

    • Neeta

      The Publix in my area will only accept Kroger as competitor. As stated above, pharmacy coupons will be accepted on perscriptions only.

    • Neeta

      I'm still trying to figure out how taking Kroger coupons will work because I rarely ever shop at Kroger. When I go online to their site to get coupons, they are loadables onto the kroger savings card? Publix wont except the Kroger card. Someomeone please enlighten me.

      • nicole

        kroger mails coupons all the time if you shop there i guess. i get coupons all the time today i has free dozen large eggs, free box of cheerios, and free oscar meyer lunchmeat….plus many other coupons. i think it is linked to how often you use your kroger plus card

        • Neeta

          Thanks for the info. I guess I will go to Kroger and get a card so i can be on the mailing list.  Now If I'm understanding correctly, competitor coupons must state a $ amount off in order for publix to accept them? I know that rules out”% off coupons, but does that rule out the “free” coupons as well?

    • Ashley

      The policy does not go into effect until the 23rd.  And you will still be able to to use multiple green and yellow coupons if you seperate your orders.

      • nicole

        my publix already started…i went yeaterday only 5 deals for the b1g1. also no coupons from competitors except food lion ond kroger…. walgreens shares a corner with my store too!

    • Paullisab

      If this will help ensure that some sale items are still on the shelves after the “hoarding couponers” have hit on Wednesday, then yay!

    • Lydia

      VERY disappointing for me, the Publix I most frequent will only be accepting Sweetbay and Winn Dixie as competitors from now on.  They further told me that all the Publix stores in my county, Marion County, Florida, are now the same.  I will verify that just to be sure but if this is true, I am very bummed as we also have, Target, Save-a-Lot, Aldi….very close by, within a couple miles.

    • Syren026

      I spoke to a customer service lady at the desk in Sugar Hill GA Publix  and she told me nothing was really changing at their store. She said that it was still manager discretion and he was keeping things the way they have been.

      • Costenita2011

        If you are talking about the Publix @ 5885 Cumming Hwy in Sugar Hill, GA that is not true! I talked to the Jim (Publix Manager for that store) and YES they will ALSO be changing their policy as posted by Southern Savers! Go ask him directly, he is really nice and will take the time to explain. He told me no more Target coupons FOR NOW! I was sad with that! BUT he said that he is trying to convinced Coorporate to let his store (5885 Cumming Hwy) use them and apparently we could start using them again starting July. He told me that the new coupon policy starts MAY 23rd. So go ahead and use all you have before you can't!!!

    • Chris

      Was in Publix in Symrna, GA (Cumberland and Paces Ferry) and got the flyer about who was going to be a competitor.  It was odd to see Fresh Market and Whole Foods on it because there isn't one anywhere near this store.  Kroger was on it obviously but nothing else – not even Rite-Aid which was just katty-corner across the street.

      Also, the Customer Service Manager made a comment about “original coupons” because I had a printout of a Publix Q from their website.  When I explained that you can print Qs from the Publix website she said she did not know that.  So I told her if we can't use them anymore then they should take them down – that only creates confusion.  It was somewhat irritating because she was trying to accuse me of making a copy of the Q from the flyer when they look very different (online vs what was in the flyer).  Just FYI – you may run into this if you print Qs from their website.

      • Publix employee

         The confusion lies in the coping of Qs. Some people print off one copy of manufacturers Q  from a website and then scan and make many more. This is what we are supposed to look for! What people do not realize is that it is ILLEGAL to do this and that is printed at the bottom of the Q. Your server (all your little secret computer codes (: ) is printed about 40 times on a coupon and they can come after you! Usually there is a $10,000 reward for turning someone in for doing that, and I am not even kidding!! The bar codes have different numbers and THAT is what they are supposed to be looking for, not Publix coupons from the website!

        • Chris

          I spoke to the Customer Service Manager tonight (in front of the Asst Mgr who accused me of the copying) and he looked at the Q and said that it was not an issue and they would continue to accept the Qs printed from the Publix website.  Since they’re store Qs they don’t have the barcode on them that the manuf Qs have (like the coupons.com Qs that have the veri-fi code on them).  But he looked at it and he said no that was definitely printed not copied (it was obvious that’s why it bothered me so much that she made that accusation).  I really wanted to make sure and I was very satisfied to get the opportunity to say pbtttthhh to her – lol.

          But yes, I’ve had to educate more than one person to look at the veri-fi code and see that they are all unique (when I’m using a lot of one particular Q or something) and that that is how you tell if a Q was copied or if it is an original.  Unfortunately some people are shown that or trained to look for that and the info just flies right out the window.

    • Ptblues2

      Store manager would not let me have 20 Welch 100% juice, only 10.

      • EB

        The right to limit quantities is on every deal ever. That has nothing to do with this policy. How about not clearing the shelf next time?

      • Chris

        I agree with EB – if you need more than a couple of something why not go to the manager and order it or ask for a case quantity?  They will usually work with you to make sure you get the same price and get to use your Qs but don't clear a shelf.  I was in my Publix Saturday night and the shelves for the Welch's were already clear – I was lucky to get the few I could.

    • colleen

      i don't really see the policy changing much  down in cooper city.  i was glad to see they still take Target coupons, and i don't see much different.  i never thought they would take a store coupon AND a competitor coupon, so i never tried it.  it seems more like a written clarification to avoid confusion from that extreme couponing show.

      • Rashelle628

        Which Publix do you go to Colleen? I live in Pembroke Pines and the one I go to is no longer accepting Target.

    • jessie

      i don't see much change. why would anyone be upset

    • Clark7371

      My Publix didn't take Target coupons before this policy was issued so I guess that is still the case.

      • Chris

        Right – some stores will and some won't.  If they have a SuperTarget really close by then some stores are trying to get Corporate to allow them specifically to accept Target as a competitor because it is a SuperT and so close by.  Others, like my two closest stores, don't have a Target close by let alone a SuperT so they have not and will not be accepting Target Qs.

        So far it appears the stores are trying to make sure they do what's right for them, their area, and their customers.  If you have a concern I would speak with the store manager(s) and see what they can do for you.  Some will take the suggestion if enough people make it while others have no interest – just depends on who you get and their mood I guess.  But it never hurts to ask – the least they can say is no.

        • Jennybmom

          I have to say Chris, your responses on this topic are very enlightening.  No, I'm not being sarcastic, lol!  Do you happen to work for Publix?

          • Chris

            I have been a Publix devotee for 30 years (and I'm only 36!).  Publix was virtually the only grocery store in South Fla where I grew up.  I've seen stores as big as a Walmart (they had one in West Palm Beach at one time – not sure if it's still there).  But I also know big business and customer service – I work for a large global conglomerate and I know we bend over backwards and kiss a$$ anytime someone raises their voice loud enough (or threatens a lawsuit).  Obviously I personally believe that's the wrong way to go about it (if you've read my posts) – I personally believe that we should kill them with kindness.  Even if someone throws you attitude about using Qs or about what you're buying just smile and ask them what you should do now or the next time and/or what they can do to help.  If you're nice about something most people have a hard time being mean to you and try to at least be cooperative.  Don't get me wrong – there is a time and place for “witchiness” but most of the time you can get what you want just by being nice. Flattery goes a LOOOONG way.

            I'll also say I tend to pay attention, read as much as I can, research when I need more info, and ask questions of those that may or will have the answers. If I don't know or am unsure I'm definitely going to go to whomever does know – and when it comes to Qs that would be the stores where I shop. If I don't like what they have to say I tell them that and take my business elsewhere – I let my wallet do the talking, at that point, and my feet do the walking.

            • Jennybmom

              Awesome Chris.  It seems you know your stuff.  I am overly friendly as long as the cashier is friendly.  I don't mind a misinformed cashier.  It's when the cashier is blatantly rude that bothers me.  I can't stand being treated like a criminal for using coupons.  It drives me batty.  Thankfully, I don't see too many grouchy employees at Publix.  I do however, always seem to get a nut or two behind me in line that huffs and puffs, complains, etc., while the cashier is scanning my coupons. 

              Anyhow, you have great insight.  I'm sure you save a lot of money and the employees like seeing you. 

              Happy savings Chris! :)

            • Chris

              I've done better since I found this site.  I used to think I was pretty good but it's awesome to get out of the store with $200 worth of stuff for less than $2.  I hope you're finding useful info here too.

              Happy couponing!

            • Smamf1922

              I smile and look back at anyone who comes behind me, saying “You might want to get into another checkout ~ I've got lots of deals and coupons.”  Usually 4/5 will move on but there's always one who says, “Do you mind if I watch?  I've always wanted to see somebody use coupons like this.”  Of course not!  And then when the bill drops…down, down, down, I really smile!

            • Jennybmom

              I try to warn the people behind me, but sometimes they stay anyway.  They say things like, “Oh well.  It's still looking like the shortest line.”  They tend to be disappointed when my coupons (especially Publix store q's which tend to lack a barcode) take 15 minutes or so to ring up.  One jerk pointed at me and announced “I'd rather give this lady $40 NOT to use coupons.  What a waste of time!” I saved $181 that day, so he would've needed way more than $40 to convince me! And yes, I TOLD him that! ;)

        • Publix employee

           Corporate was the one that decided which stores were competitors. In November and December we had to save each competitor coupon and send the count of each store to corporate. From that they were able to narrow down the true competitors and I assume the DMs did some driving (or Googling) to see how close these stores were. Now that corporate has decided who the competitors are, it will not be easy to add another competitor. The store manager has to talk with the DM about who s/he would like to add as a competitor and the reason why and the distance to the store. If the DM approves, it goes to the regional manager who then takes the same steps. Then it goes to corporate and the same thing happens again. The process from what I understand can take six months to a year!

          • Chris

            Awesome to know – thanks!  I knew that had to be a method to the madness but you never know. 

    • Nmjenkins2009

      Can you use RR at Publix?

      • Maas

        My Publix is.  I specifically asked.

    • Bama Girl

      If  I have a manufacturer's coupon for $2.00 off two boxes of General Mills cereal….can I then use two of the Yellow Adv. Publix coupons on those two boxes of cereal?

      • Chris

        Right – because the Manuf Q says on 2 but if the Publix Q says on one then you could use the manuf Q and 2 Publix Qs.

        • Bama Girl

          Thank you! I was just trying to clarify, because some were saying that you can only use one Publix coupon on that particular item per order. However, that is not how I interpret the coupon…..The Publix coupon states….. “limit one deal per coupon per customer.” I take that to mean you have to have more than one Publix coupon for each item. In some stores, they will allow you to use the same coupon on more than one item, but have a limit specified. (I hope what I am trying to say is making sense.)

          • Chris

            I would double-check with your store because some managers are confused and they only allow one Q per transaction when it says that.  I don't know why but they do.  My store only requires one Q per number of items – for example the Scrubbing Bubbles Q is $2/2 so I used two manuf Qs (one per item) and one Publix Q but bought three or four sets (different items but multiples of the same store Q) in the same transaction.  The wording is a little confusing but if you check with your store they will clarify what it means to them and then that should remain the same when the new policy takes effect.

            • Bama Girl

              Thanks, Chris!!

    • My Publix is still taking Target coupons, woohoo!

    • Sharon

      I think Publix has been MORE THAN FAIR to couponers and treat us SOOOOOO much better than Harris Teeter ever does.  I admire them for allowing us to still use these as their special gift to all of us and don't begrudge them limiting so that things will be available for everyone and that Publix continues to be profitable.  They have such wonderful employees and  we know they have to pay them fairly.  Lets do our part and thank them for supporting us, the customer.  Thank you publix.

      • Jennybmom

        Um…I am not going to “admire” a retail, high-profit, grocery store chain for accepting coupons!  Give me a break!  They're not holy for this practice, ya know?  Ever heard of Wal-Mart, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Whole Foods…. this list goes on and on…  ????   This is what a supermarket chain SHOULD do if it wants to keep the profit margins up.  As far as “supporting the customer” goes, that's sort of a requirement for those who wish to maintain a $1.6 BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT.  Ha…  Don't be naive people.  Publix does have friendly cashiers (usually), but this new coupon policy is not because “they love us” and want to give us a “special gift”.  It's to limit the store and competitor coupons which they aren't reimbursed for, therefore raising their profits.  Duh people.

        • Chris

          I would have to agree.  Even though Publix is privately held they still have a bottom line.  Not to mention they have employee ownership and I'm sure the employees would rather see the money in their pocket than the store give stuff away for free.  I know I'd like to have more of my company's profits but fat chance of that ever happening.

        • Peggy

          I have to agree here, Publix is not doing us a favor AT ALL!!!! I live in Okeechobee Fla and have really seen some nastyness within Publix managment regarding the coupons, at one point they even suggested they would limit the amount of BOGO qty just to” show us couponers” :((((( Really my thought is you keep it up “us couponers will find another store” !!!!

          • Jennybmom

            I agree, when a store gets greedy, I shop elsewhere!

          • Mclement

            Call the District Manager!!!  It works…I did. 
            They can't just decide…there are coupon rules now!!!

        • In all fairness, Jennybmom, companies exist to make a profit.  Actually, they CAN'T exist if they DON'T.  Government policies and regulations have not been kind to businesses in our country and make it more and more difficult for them to meet the bottom line.  I agree that it doesn't make sense for them to limit manufacturer coupons b/c they are reimbursed for those (except the doubling) but their store coupons and acceptance of competitor coupons come straight from their pockets.  I don't begrudge them for limiting these items.  They are still going to remain competitive or they'll go out of business…just like they have to make a profit or go out of business.  If that happens, everyone loses.

          • Jennybmom

            Of course they have to make a profit!  I completely agree.  That's why they've created this coupon policy, to ensure they still make a hefty profit.  My argument was NEVER that they should give the store away.  I was simply responding to the comment that suggested Publix is doing us a huge favor and we should be “admiring them” and “thanking them for the gift of accepting coupons.”  Ha!  That's ludicrous!  I thank them when I purchase that over-priced meat, gallon of store brand milk, and fresh produce (almost daily) WITHOUT a coupon!  If they get stingy with coupons, I will stop “thanking them” and will shop elsewhere.

        • Andrea

          You should look into how Publix treats their employees, and the reason for their success. It is only due to people that have taken it to an extreme that they had to change their policy.  Example: My Publix allowed BJ's coupons, customers were bringing in numerous $7.50 off M&M's and purchasing a .99 bag. That is not fair. I want a US owned company to do well. Lets show them the support they do deserve. How many disable employees do you see working at the stores you mentioned. Just sayin.

        • Mclement

          You said it!!!!!!!! I agree totally!!!!!

    • AmandaG

      I joined the Publix baby club and it is awesome. They sent me two packets in the mail. Each with a bunch of coupons for store brand stuff. I got two bottles of cocoa butter lotion, two small hand sanitizers, BOGO baby wipes and their brand diapers, all free. I hope they send some more!! I go there just for the BOGO deals!

      • Chris

        Wow!  Good for you!  I signed up after seeing your post.  I don't have kids but if I can get some stuff for free or really really cheap I'll take it and donate it to someone who really needs it and just can't afford it at all.  I already get the wine one and the Greenwise one but went ahead and signed up for any others they had.  Thanks for the info!

        • Jennybmom

          When you see what deals are out there for babies and kids, you may be convinced to have a few of your own.  LOL…. only kidding!

      • Hleebuster

        they send coupons out quarterly

    • Thank you for letting us all know.  I love Publix!

    • patsylvia

      Ok some Publix stores are still taking Target anyone know what the nearest one is to St. Cloud Fl. Thank you.

      • In Respone

        Not sure if you're asking where the closest Publix is in Saint Cloud (there are 3) or where the closest Target is. The Publix locations are 192, Canoe Creek Road, and Narcoossee Road. The closest Target is on 192 in Kissimmee. Which Publix do you prefer? And what other competitors do they allow? I've been dying to know what they'll consider a competitor. I'm in Saint Cloud too, and I shop the Publix on 192.

        • patsylvia

          Trying to find out which Publix stores are stlill taking Target coupons. I do not think any in St Cloud are doing so.. I think it will be a store in Kissimmee. The competitors that I am seeing on the door do not really have coupons much. Save a lot. Winn Dixie, Bravo, and Sedenas. I am afraid Publix is pushing us back to shopping at Walmart. At least you can price match there.

    • Kelli

      Just FYI, I went into my Publix today and right on the window next to the door was the announcement of the coupon policy change and then they listed “We accept competitor coupons from these stores: Food Lion, Kroger, Target”.  Just so you'll know to look for the sign in your local publix.  Customer Service also has a black and white card with the new policies written out for that store.

    • Kelli

      Also, some of the new Publix coupons in store are saying “Not valid with any other coupon”.  I asked at Customer Service and they are not enforcing that policy.

    • Cgpinnow

      The Publix Store in Cartersville, GA still accepts Target Coupons.  This was from the store manager as of 5-16-2011

      • me

        Is that the only competitor they will accept?

    • Lsmith

      Publix at Wade Hampton Blvd in Taylors, SC will begin taking Food Lion coupons again on May 23rd.

    • tiffany

      I am doing my last publix run this week and then going to Kroger until the policy changes.  I drive over 30 miles to go to a specific publix because of the “old” coupon policy.  Kroger is closer and although I don't want stop shopping at Publix I will until the policy changes.  I am so sad though.

      • Andrea

        Publix is still the best place to shop when couponing. The only real change I see is they no longer accept drug store coupons and have put a limit on items. That helps in some cases as there are those that clean the shelves and leave the rest of us to get a raincheck. Love my Publix! Casselberry Florida!!

        • alabell

          I don't mind the limits as long as they are reasonable.  This past week I had intentions of purchasing the DelMonte green beans that were BOGO.  I have been sick all week so I finally made it to the store on Tuesday only to find they were completely out of green beans.  I would have bought maybe 8-10 cans, which I feel is reasonable.  Instead I had to get a raincheck and the rainchecks have a limit of only 2 deals, Now I can only get 4 cans at that price.  I love Publix, but I wasn't too happy to find that because I had to get a raincheck I couldn't get as many as I needed.

          • Publix employee

            The limit on rainchecks is ten or five deals. I'm not sure what store you shopped at, but it should have been ten. :(

    • Kelly

      still confused about the yellow and green advan, the way I read it is that we can only use one green and one yellow adv coupon per visit????

    • thrifty mom

      I am a new couponer.Can I only use 1 yellow or green advantage coupon on an item?.So that means I can only buy 1 item?.

      • For the COUPON items, yes.  Technically you can only use the coupon for one item.  Items that are advertised in the flyers WITHOUT a coupon do not have a limit that I'm aware of.

        • mclement

          They do limit at my store in Pelham on Huntley Parkway.  Example: Alpo Dog food is 10 for $10.  The only let me have 10….and I have two BIG dogs…that will last 5 days!!!!  I don't shop every day, so I want more than 10 at a time! And the thing is like she said above, it is not a coupon and does not say a limit on it, but the grocery manger saw 30 in my buggy (enough for 2 weeks) and he said I could not have that many!  I was mad!

          • Publix Employee

            We have been told by corporate to limit the amount if possible on BOGOs or other sales. If you know you want a lot, let us know and we can place a special order and give it to you for the sale price. We just have a problem with some people wiping the shelves out and it's not right for the next person that may want the same item.

      • Chris

        Well yes – one Q per item depending on what the Q says (sometimes they state $$ off 2 so you have to buy two of that item to use that store Q – just like manuf Qs if they have that wording on them).  Now as to whether you can only get one “deal” per transaction is really up to your store – some are putting that limit in place so you have to separate your transactions and some are not (my closest stores do not have that limit – obviously within reason of course).  I have heard of other stores requiring separate transactions if you want to use multiples of the same store Q.  I would check with your store(s) and ask what they prefer or intend to do so they can clarify what their specific store policy is/will be.

    • Annabik

      Hi,I`m new to this and I have 2 questions:

      can i use my Walgreens rewards at Publix?

      If anyone knows,is Winndixie still giving you any coupon good on your next buy when you spend 50$ or more?I went there last nite and spent 60$ but I got nothing

      • Country4grlz

        Well apparently they are not I went in Sunday and spent over $50. 2 x's and got nothing.

        • Coupon1106

          I've noticed that if I spend LESS than $50, then it spits out a $5/$55 coupon.  If I spend more, then it doesn't.  This may not be how it works, but has become the trend in MY shopping experience.

      • alabell

        The $5off $55 catalina coupons are very sporadic.  There are some times when I will go weeks without getting one at all and then other times where I can just buy a gallon of milk and it will print one, even if I got one just a few days before.  It's frustrating.

      • Brit

        the WD i shop at gives me a $5/$55 every single time i shop, as soon as i scan the first item. but i always do self-checkout and i don't know if that makes a difference.

    • Janetledford

      I was looking at the new publix coupon policy.  I know there won't be any more moneymakers.  Does that mean that won't except a coupon if it exceeds the value of the product or will they just reduce the coupon amount down?

      • Rascalf

        This policy is not changing. If the item is .79 and you have a coupon for 1.00 it will take the dollar off. If the coupon says “up to 1.00” then they will take off .79. Hope this helps

    • Tracy

      I live in Fl. And a cashier told us per Publix new coupon policy they will only except one mq on the b1g1 items not 2 like we have been doing. Does anyone know if this is right?

      • Chris

        That has to be incorrect – you're buying two items.  Just because it's BOGO doesn't mean it is one item – they still show up on the receipt as two items.  I would confirm with a MANAGER at that store.  The cashier sounds like she is mistaken and just doesn't know what she's talking about.

        • mermaid

          I would imagine Chris is correct because at my Publix BOGO is where one item rings half price.  (Not full price first item, free second item.)  So you're purchasing 2 items.  Check with your store to see if it rings half price because if so then you should be able to use a Q on each item.

          • Melissa

            I also agree with Chris and Mermaid!  We live in Winter Haven, FL and our local Public on Cypress Gardens Blvd rings each item 1/2 price, two separate items.  Sometimes the cashiers get overwhelmed with trying to remember their store's polices and get confused.  I also recommend politely asking for a manager to assist you :)

            • Chris

              Well even if one is full price and one is free it's still two items and will show as two items in the transaction (they have to account for the sale of that item through the POS system so the free item has to be accounted for some way).I haven't seen anything anywhere that says you can't use a Q on an item they have listed for free since that is a store special not a manuf special – unless they are attempting to prevent overage from Qs (which some stores do as everyone knows).

              I would still check with the manager (Customer Service or one of the Store Managers/Asst Managers – not someone like a Grocery Manager or anything because they won't know for sure either).  That's going to be the end all/be all for a decision as to what's really going on.  Maybe they have the POS system set to not allow it (like doubling and requiring you to get both items to get one for free).  I guess GA is lucky with the double Qs, half price items when on BOGO, overage allowed, etc.  I'm certainly not complaining.  Hope you get your answer!

    • Ttcruce

      I had a cashier tell me the same thing today. I live in FL also. I bough the Hidden Valley dressing BOGO, 6 bottesall together. I had 6 coupons, one each bottle. After she had scanned all items and coupons and the transaction was complete…she groaned about the tv show “Extreme Couponing”. And then said that Publix is going to start buckling down and that they reserve the right to refuse any transaction. That she was nice enough to allow me to use one coupon per bottle. But in the future to expect to only be able to use one coupon per BOGO deal.

    • Grnacrz

      Our Publix in East Spartanburg will only accept competitor coupons from Ingles, Bi-lo and Food Lion. I tried to use one from Whole Foods on an item this week and they wouldn't take it.

    • Christen Cook2010

      Publix in Dacula, GA put out the sign at the door and put the new coupon policy sheet in my grocery bag…they will only be accepting Kroger and Ingles coupons now. No more Target starting the 23rd. I'll be using my $1 off 2 Lipton Tea Target coupons tomorrow before the new policy starts ;-)

    • Chris

      ALERT!  I was just in Publix in Smyrna this morning (Cumberland Rd at Paces Ferry) and was told that Publix is going to start having their Qs in the store and will NOT, repeat NOT, be offering them via their website and will not accept Publix Qs that have been printed.  This is the second time I have asked and been told the same thing.  I was also surprised to see a big giant display board at the front of the store that had the Qs from that Publix Q flyer (Great Deals on Great Meals for May).  This is the first time I've ever seen anything like that and both people I have now spoken to at this store stated they would have the Qs that would normally have been available online in the store for shoppers.  This may be a way to control how many Qs someone gets for something (like the gas card deal for which the Q was available on the website so you could technically print as may as you wanted).  If someone has the time to confirm with Corporate that would be good – I have not had the time to contact them to get the whole story.

      I also found out that some of the items on sale currently are on a 6 week sale (like the Nature Valley granola bars that are $1.99/box) but this store had “Limit 4” printed on all of their signs (actually printed not handwritten).  This is an unusual move for Publix so it appears they may start enforcing limits as well.  Not that I normally buy a lot of any one item but I actually have 3 Qs for the granola bars ($1/2) so would need to buy 6 boxes to use them all and it appears I would not be allowed to do that.

      Two pieces of information I got today that were both somewhat disappointing.

      • Jennybmom

        Thanks for the info Chris.  I've seen some new limitations in the ad that came out today.  Oh well.  If it's too much of a problem, I'll just shop elsewhere.

    • Mrsmile00

      Does anyone know if Winn Dixie has coupons? They are one of the competitor stores now allowed at my Publix. Fortunately, we still get Target as they are across the street and a full grocery included, but no longer get walgreens or food lion :-(

    • Couponsrcool

      I am in Tampa and our Publix will no longer take Walgreens coupons starting on Monday. Since they don't double in FL, this is a big blow to my weekly savings. :( They still take Target, but my computer won't download and print Target coupons. I have tried everything. Any thoughts?

    • scarletta

      I called Publix ahead of our shopping trip last night and was told that the coupon policy for the local store (Smyrna, TN) change is that for the current time they would no longer
      be taking target coupons but would accept Kroger coupons.  I reconfigured our grocery list and saved $154, our oop was $100.85 before tax.  We were allowed to use manufacturer coupons and publics matchup coupons on bogo items.  The only problem we had was with the makeup that was supposed to be $2 off ringing up at regular price.  The cashier fixed this by putting in the price like a raincheck (???), anyway with coupons this made the make a mm.

    • The Publix in on Franklin Rd. in Murfreesboro will no longer take Food Lion coupons.  They will accept Target & Kroger ONLY.  FYI – this is the only Publix in Murfreesboro that will still be accepting Target coupons.

    • Just an FYI: the Mableton Publix on Floyd Rd will be taking Target and Kroger coupons. I was quite surprised by  Target, since it's not a Super Center, but yay none the less!

      • Chris

        WOOHOO!  I'll keep that in mind thanks Kay!  If I don't have a Publix Q to go with my manuf Q but do have a Target Q then it would be worth the trip to go a little out of the way.

    • Wombmate

      Just returned from my local Publix in Woodstock, Ga where I was told by the cashier that their store no longer accepts 2 coupons on a BOGO transaction and then proceeded to hand me a copy of their policy that clearly states, “For a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offer, each item considered a separate sale.”  Not sure if it just this one clerk who interrupts their store policy that way or not but beware shopping the Publix off Hwy 92 and Trickum Road.  I haven't had any problems using 2 coupons for BOGO items in the past.

      • Chris

        Did you call her on it right then?  If not you should have – it appears she is misinformed.  There is nothing in the policy that prohibits the use of two Qs on a BOGO deal and especially since they ring up as separate items each at half price (I could see it if it was truly BOGO but it isn't).  I would speak with the manager next time you're in there and have them clarify (and correct the cashier it sounds like).

        • Neeta

          Chris you are so right. She could have been misinformed….trust me I know from experience (wink, wink)

          • Chris

            Well it just bugs me when people say things with authority and they know they don't know what they are talking about.  It's one thing to jump to a conclusion or make an assumption but to just make an outright incorrect statement and swear it's the gospel?  Come on.  Too much of that going on these days with people afraid to ask questions or simply state that they just don't know something.

            Ignorance can be corrected but stupidity is incurable.

      • ChristaS.

        I have had multiple problems with that particular Publix, which is why I have switched to the Publix in Hickory Flat or the new one at Lower Birmingham Road and Hwy 372.  I have had the one in Woodstock hand me back coupons that clearly state “one coupon per purchase” and tell me that “a purchase is considered to be the same as one receipt on the register.”  Upon asking for a manager, the Assistant Manager who came out not only upheld the cashier's statement, but wanted to know if I was so poor that I had to cheat on coupons to buy my groceries.  I would suggest that anyone using coupons just stay away from the Woodstock store altogether.

      • Neeta

        I know the Publix coupons you can only use one per deal, per item, per customer. Was it a publix coupon. Other wise they will take 2 manufacturer. But either way I'd ask to speak to a manger to make sure.

        • Chris

          Even the Publix advantage Qs are usually allowed one per deal/item depending on the store (some, as folks have reported on here, have interpreted that wording to mean one per transaction or per person).  That store needs to clarify what that wording means to them for certain but on manuf Qs that was definitely off.

    • Lorri

      My Publix in Evans, GA informed me that starting on the 23rd, we will no longer be able to use more coupons than items.  That's going to hurt with the stacking.  I guess we'll have to do like we do at Wags and buy “filler” items.  In any case, Publix is still by far the best place for us couponers!

      • I would double check, because they should allow it. It just needs to be over-ridden by a manager.

    • RynBellav

      I spoke to the corporate office, and was advised that for B1G1 free items you can use a coupon for each item, as long as the coupon is a 1 item purchased coupon.
      For example, yesterday my Publix had pasta B1G1 free for $1.39, I had a coupon for a $1 off the purchase of 2 boxes – brought total to .39.
      The SmartBalance butter was also B1G1 free and I purchased two and used 2 coupons each for a $1 off the purchase of 1 tub of SmartBalance.

      That is applicable in every region in the Publix area, if  you are having hard time I would advise prining the policy to clarify with manager and if all else fails tell them you are calling the coporate offices in Lakeland. By the way, my brother is a store manager fro Publix – they really do no want valid complaint calls placed to HQ, they come down on stores like a ton of bricks for poor customer service- hope this helps.

    • Shopper

      If people spent as much time working and making money as they do trying to get free groceries with their coupons we wouldn't have these problems. Last year Publix lost $50 million dollars from accepting competitor coupons. Not many other retailers would allow that, but Publix does. I know I wouldn't shop at any other store where it's dirty and the people are rude and don't care about their jobs. The people working at Publix are the stockholders and company owners, that's why they care. It is so irritating when someone in line in front of me holds everyone up with their 500 coupons, and then complain when they have to pay $10 for their cart full of groceries because they didn't get it for free instead, because Publix wouldn't take their expired coupon from some other store that's not even a true competitor. GET OVER IT!!!

      • They do not have to take competitor coupons, they CHOOSE to take them. They do it as a courtesy and it's a loss they allow, and encourage to keep us as customers.

        Your assumptions that couponers don't work is not only wrong, but also highly offensive.

        • another shopper

          This whole fad is highly offensive.

          • offended

            So Im just curious if couponing is offensive…why are you on a couponing site…not hating for your opinion but we are all in different situations.  I work full time but have $100,000 in student loans that my monthly payment makes it difficult to afford much else.

            • another shopper

              I can't speak for the first guy, but I just saw my first episode of extreme couponing on TLC tonight with my jaw dropped the whole time in disbelief, Googled “couponing” to see what on Earth the not so crazy couponers were doing, and somehow this was the site I clicked on. Why this article? I was watching the show thinking, “There is no way these retailers will continue to allow this”, saw this article, and thought Publix must be getting started on cracking down. It's just a difference of philosophies. Reasonable couponing is fine, I suppose. We raise the majority of our food, and our grocery bill is about $50 a week for a family of 5. Wife stays at home, I work. We cook non-processed stuff mostly, the stuff there just aren't many coupons for. She finds some from time to time, and I guarantee she uses at least a few coupons each trip to the market, but doesn't have the time, or desire to invest the time, with concerns for “stacking” and getting something free that isn't ours. I went to college too. (ChemE, 2003), I milked cows, washed dishes, laid sod and anything else that I could to keep from having any student debt. Your debt is not relevant to the conversation, only your spending. If you want to cut your grocery bill, this couponing thing is a bandaid. Nothing wrong with putting a bandaid on something to slow the bleeding, but eventually, we, society as a whole, are just gonna have to do better with our agricultural, trade, and energy policies that effect food prices, or it is going to hurt us all far more than a $0.50 coupon for Chef Boyardee will fix.

            • It's certainly not a “fad” as most of us have been doing it for years, and you're not understanding that what you see on the TV is a small percentage of how couponers work. It's simply not realistic to do what you see on the show, and I have serious doubts the scenario  you've explained with 500 coupons and people complaining because things aren't free are common for you because it's simply not reality. 

              The majority if us are happy tp save $50, keep our trips short to a few items at a time, and don't shelf-clear.

              I do not use much processed food, and I find plenty of coupons for organic healthy foods and still manage to save 50% on my groceries while spending a whopping hour a week on coupons.

              Your sweeping generalizations, and rudeness is just uncalled for. Your situation is great and all, good for you, but it's just that. YOURS. What you see on the TV is not common, and there was no reason for you to come here assuming everyone who coupons is like what you see on TV, and make generalizations about this community as a whole when if you'd taken just a few minutes to read the forums, you'd have seen that the practices you saw on TLC are heavily, heavily frowned upon here and with most coupon forums, in general.

            • another shopper

              Kay, my sincere apoligies. I was terrible offended by what I saw on TV, and basically landed here and took out my frustrations on people who don't deserve it. My frustration is not really even the couponing on the program, but that the people I saw have sincere physological issues and near crippling fears of not being able to care for themselves and their families that are leading to hoarding and honestly, taking far more than their share of things; things they simply can't use before they go bad. When a shelf is completely cleared off and the market of some good sale item by one person, how are the rest of us supposed to buy our normal quantity of enough for the month or so? Couponing, as what most likely you all are doing, and again, my wife (who does the shopping) does to a reasonable extent where possible, is not the problem. Hoarding and taking more than your share is the problem. Buying all 150 things of Excedrin PM in a store to get the $0.51 of overage per unit is not just unethical, to me, it is stealing. Not from the store. Everyone is correct that the stores obviously make money, and the manufacturer. It is stealing from everyone else who may have wanted to get a couple of bottles at just the ordinary “good deal” sale price. I have said on my blog about saving money the organic way numerous times exactly what you mention above: my situation is MINE. Everyone's is different, and we are lucky to have the land, time, and resources to have a homestead situation. I will share my post on the subject from a few weeks back, hopefully it is not as offensive, as it was actually written due to an offensive comment about couponing on another unrelated post that stirred up an unexpected firestorm on the subject.

            • I do not think anyone will disagree with you when you put it this way :)

              For the record, when I go to Wal-mart, I do not shelf clear, but I will buy things from there that I can donate because I do feel like Robin Hood :D I do not like Wal-Mart, but it makes me happy in a special place to get things from there I can donate, usually baby formula. There is a local food ministry near me that lets you get food 4 times a year, and baby formula goes like crazy so I never pass up free formula from Wal-Mart. I will make a special trip to WM just to price-match it and get it there.

              Now, if only I could find a coupon for the 2 lbs of red worms I need for my fishing worm farm/compost bin…

            • another shopper

              If you find it, let me know! It is a good point though, and I don't mean to perpetuate the problem I myself disdain of talking about how good one's personal method to save money works, while providing terribly incomplete information and only a small partial picture; i.e., “I get all my inserts from God.” WTH? Just say “I plead the 5th. I'm doing something most likely unethical and don't want to tell you.” Obviously for us to get to about 80% non-supermarket food supply, there is a “long tail” cost for each item. Some, such as chicken meat and eggs, are effectively negligible, as the free range and I process them. Some, such as pork, are not, and I value our homegrown meat at $1.50 per pound, cost to us, based on the feeding and butchering costs. Great deal on tenderloin and our home cured and smoked bacon; but not really saving much vs. retail on sausage. We planed our orchard 4 years ago, and it costs are $200 for the 20 various trees that are almost all now bearing. There is not really any reoccuring cost, but technically the peaches are not without cost. But over time, with each apple eaten, they will eventually get to the point of having negligible cost as well (hopefully!).  It goes on for each item, but, much like a couponer, I meticulously track the data on my cost to see how I'm coming out, because if you don't manage it properly, you'll wind up with great home raised eggs, but they'll cost you $4.00 a dozen. Our “true” weekly food cost is around $100 for 4, (our son is an infant on breastmilk, and we have a 5 and 3 y/o), with about 1/2 being supermarket cost. Still pretty good, but my goal is to get the supermarket number down to under $30, and don't get me wrong, to do so requires shopping sales and using coupons for sure. On a small scale, but important nonetheless.

            • momof3

              Finally,  You put it a right way!  This is how most normal people feel.  I have never met anyone like the people in the TLC shows and I've gone to a couponing workshop.  I like to stockpile for 3 months worth.  I also consider my stockpile to be my Hurricane Supplies. I would not clear a shelf simply because I think it's rude.

            • another shopper

              Extreme CouponingIt would appear the subject has been a conversation in many more households than just ours, so my thoughts in a rare very condensed form: Clipping coupons for the things you need and buy is smart, such as the Similac example. I about went bananas a few weeks ago when I found a $0.40 cent off coupon for my Fleishman's Yeast, because with the coupon double at Publix, my Yeast was only 20 cents for a 3 pack, or about 7 cents per loaf, bringing my cost per loaf down to under 50 cents a piece! Beat that store brand bread! We (mostly my wife) clip em every week and look for the good BOGO or discount deals too. That said, as you will always read in the couponing blogs and what not, there are seldom coupons for whole foods and raw products such as milk, meat, and produce. As our particular goal is essentially the elimination of processed foods, an effort to get the bottom line “savings” on the Publix receipt is basically in direct contradiction to our goal, which a total disregard for the “savings” line, but a plan of attack to get the more important “TOTAL” line down to a very low number by minimizing the purchases of frozen and processed foods. Now, not just to keep the peace and by bipartisan, but the our plan of attack to “save a buck” isn't for everyone. Not that I wouldn't recommend it, just that it does take a lot of extra time. My wife stays at home with the kids, and when I'm not on the road, I work from home. So time is our ally. We are lucky in that respect and in no way take it for granted. We have been in the situation where we both worked the daily grind, got home at 5pm, and the thought of gardening, baking breads from fresh ground grain, feeding pigs, goats, and chickens, gathering eggs, milking goats…(you get the point)…It wasn't a possibility. It takes time, and lots of it. So, what is for me may not be for others, and I understand and respect that.That said, (the commenter) is correct in what she is saying about we all share the cost. I can't speak to specifically what she means, but for myself, I'm not refering to any of the “couponing” reporting I've seen from my friends. I like seeing their savings and plans to cut down the grocery bill. The problem is when it becomes a problem. I stilll haven't seen the Extreme Couponing thing, but buying 500 boxes of cereal for $10 is not good for society as a whole. 1 – you don't need it all, 2 -if Uncle Big Corporation loses a buck to you, he's always gonna come looking for it from the next guy in line. One arguement is “They give it to charity”. All the big food companies have well-oiled mechanisms in place to donate lots of food to charities, typically in the form of their seconds and rejects (yes, I personally see this mechanism in action all the time, so it is not a guess). When the individual consumer starts trying to interject themselves into this equation, it throws the whole system off. I love seeing people give to charity, and if they were truly pulling a Robin Hood like they thought they were and stealing from the big evil corporation to give to the poor, that would rock, but they aren't. They are requiring all of us to pitch in to pay for their little game of compulsive shopping and hoarding. I have had plenty of lousy hobbies in my time. I bet I spent well over 1000 hours of my life sitting in front of a computer playing online poker in my early 20's. So I'm not on a high horse when I say – Extreme Couponing is a lousy hobby, they need to find a healthier one. Cutting coupons and being a thrifty shopper for the items you need and regularly purchase – now that's just being a smart shopper and I “like” this all day and we do it just like the next guy.-Hopefully that clarifies my feeling on the subject a little better than my initial (and inarguably offensive) partial statement Kay, and thanks for the good discussion on the “hot” topic.

            • offended

              I think I speak for most everyone here that most of us are agitated at what we are seeing on tv as MOST of us are not stockpiling 1000 tubes of toothpaste or cereal.  We actually cringe at these peoples stockpiles as their extremeness will most likely cause stores to change their policies and keep us from our deals.  i do not even buy chef boyardee as I feed my family clean whole foods.  There are great deals on toilet paper, toohpaste, and other items that living in a 700sq foot city apartment I am unable to grow. The only reason I said anything was because your post was offensive.  We are all different levels of couponers and are just trying to make ends meet.  Stores actually get 100% reimbursed plus usually 8 cents per coupon so they are not losing out.  I do not have a bandaid fix but with a student loan payment of $800 a month I have to be creative and save where I can.  There are tons of coupons for organics and produce.  i do not buy 100 packages of ramen personally.  I only meant to know your audience before you make general assumtions.

            • another shopper

              Agreed. Apoligies for taking out my frustrations on the horribly disturbed, and honestly unethical, practices I had just finally witnessed on TLC. I posted a longer, hopefully less offensive post of my thoughts on the topic on Kay's comment below.

            • Chris

              Some of your statements about policies are correct however you should educate yourself before making generalized statements on things you do not know or do not understand.

              Our “free market” system allows the manipulation of commodity prices at many levels – not just government policies on things like trade, agriculture, and energy.  Currency markets also affect the value of the dollar which causes the price of commoditized  goods to fluctuate daily (gasoline anyone?).  This does not even take into account the affect of demand – overseas growth has caused a lot of demand thus raising prices on staples like grain (corn, wheat, etc).  Not to mention that some farmers switch crops from time to time depending on where they believe they can make the most money (remember the ethanol debates not that long ago?).  In any case, perhaps you should take a course in Economics before spouting bits and pieces of information (not to mention some additional education on grammar and writing skills – or use Word's spell and grammar check next time).

              In any case, I would LOVE to know how you and your wife manage to feed a family of 5 on $50 a week.  I'm a single male and I can't even do that not to mention buy fresh or organic regularly and/or consistently.  We all have bills, of our own doing, and we all have different situations and circumstances or family needs and salary/income levels.  Perhaps you should observe and ask questions before throwing out opinions – especially if you don't even coupon.

              And I am NOT defending what some of these people on TV are doing – it is ridiculous and uncalled for but is probably manipulated for TV.

              “Tis better to be thought a fool then to open one's mouth and remove all doubt”

            • another shopper

              We grow our food and raise our animals…organically. Not that you really asked. You are clearly too intelligent for any reasonable debate. I could explain the concept and some interesting ag-econ tidbits, but my attempts would only insult your knowledge of the subject. My experience, anytime the “spellcheck” card is played, intelligible debate is going no where.

            • Chris

              Oh I've had my idiot moments in my life thank you but sarcasm is really unnecessary.  When did it become OK to throw out the small things we were supposed to learn in school?  Like proper spelling (sadly not at all a concern even in the world of spellcheck), correct use of grammar, conversational and social niceties,  etc.  In a world where almost everyone can exercise their thoughts from behind a keyboard it's no wonder these are the comments made.

              And actually, less the sarcasm, I would indeed be interested in more than tidbits concerning organic farming techniques, the financial benefits and/or TCO or payback concerning home agriculture for personal consumption, etc.  But you didn't offer that now did you.

            • PigBetsypen

              I read an article on couponing and it said the manufacturer adds the cost of advertising, the amount of the coupon, and cost of making the product in with the total price they suggest to sell it for.  The store gets the manu coupon amount back plus handling cost so are not losing money. The ones who do not use the coupons are the ones losing money by not using them, They are paying more than they have to.  The stores have sales to lure you in to buy more and they call them loss leaders.  They expect you will buy others items not at a sale price.  I do go to certain stores and buy only the bogo or sale items that I have coupons on but do not consider myself an extreme couponer.  I buy what I use or my son's family can use to help them out.  I could help the food banks or shelters in the area but have not done that yet.

            • Toni

              If you want an education on economics,  you must study The Road to Serfdom: Text and Documents–The Definitive Edition (The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, Volume 2) – F. A. Hayek ($10.72 at Amazon.com and eligible for free super saver shipping).  Another good one for beginners is Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics by Henry Hazlitt ($8.27 at Amazon.com and eligible for free super saver shipping).  Don’t settle for the one-sided brainwashing some (not all) university professors with give you if you let them. 

        • Toni

          There are hard-working families out of work these days,  who spend so much time trying to find work,  setting up small-scale farming in order to sustain their children, and clipping coupons so that they get only 3-4 hrs of sleep at night.  God help them,  their neighbors help them,  but heaven forbid this give rise to theft (RobinHood-ism) Coupons help people make ends meet,  and it takes a lot of time,  effort, and thought to be a good couponer.  It's work.  It's like a part-time job.  There are hard-working temporarily-unemployed people I know who refuse government aid because they believe that to take advantage of it is to participlate in stealing from their neighbors,  because they believe that a forced income tax is theft and a form of slavery (and it is).  These people are consistent in their avoidance of theft;  they even homeschool their children (tax dollars go to socialized education).  They believe in giving gifts and in receiving them,  but they fear God too much to knowingly become thieves. Our economic difficulties come from a lack of fearing and following our Creator,  Generally the policies of the Democractic and Republican parties alike are destroying America by the immorality of printing unbacked paper money and the immorality of redistributing our wealth,  creating economic conditions where it is getting more and more difficult for the average person to get ahead by honesty, intelligence,  and the sweat of one's brow and where people worship and serve Big Government and what it can do for them instead of worshipping God and receiving from Him the spiritual and economic blessings He deems best.  Couponers aren't the problem in our economy;  thieves are.  Thieves who redistribute the wealth of our people.  Theives who vote for others to get into pubic office to pick their neighbor's pockets for them by proxy.  Don't think that the poorest of the poor aren't being taxed in our land.  They are,  with hidden taxes that drive up the costs of goods and services.  Taxation oppresses everyone,  and especially the poorest of the poor.  I,  for one,  don't have as anywhere near as much wealth as the average middle class American citizen,  but I am so thankful for what God has given me as well as what he has withheld from me (for His glory and my own good) that I could shout.  And I would rather work in order to give to my needy neighbor than steal from any of my neighbors what God has given to them. It would realy be stealing from God Himself because He owns everything and doles it out in wisdom and judgment.

          • Toni

            Sorry for the typos.

          • Toni

            I'm sorry–my blog was not in reply to Kay;  it was more in reply to “Shopper” several blogs back and to the whole line of discussion referring to couponing and the state of our economy.

      • RS

        Publix did not loose any money last year as a matter of fact they have made money the last few years and have even had there stocks split. Most people who use coupons at publix do it to save money and not to get everything for free. Besides Publix gets all of there money back from the manufacture coupons. Most of the grocerys are sold at up to 60% above there cost so they are not hurting for money. Not everyone is an extreme couponer.

      • Chris

        They may have specifically lost that amount on competitor coupons but I assure you they made a profit overall – otherwise they would not continue the practice.  No business is going to continue to lose money when they have the ability to correct the situation merely through altering their policies.  Perhaps you should examine Publix's financial statements closer.

        • another shopper

          Dude. Seeing your interaction with people is as upsetting as watching the trainwreck people love to watch on TV to remind them that things could be worse. You don't know everything. We can all learn from each other, but not if you come into every discussion under the assumption you are the smartest person in the room on every topic you have seen Glenn Beck discuss for 30 minutes, any more than I have an expertise in what normal couponers are doing after watching 30 minutes of TLC. I am NOT “Shopper”, two different people. I agree with parts of his/her statement, but not all. Either way, life is more fun if you take it down a notch with the ego thing. The best way to a woman's heart is to listen to her, truly listen. You can't listen if you are already formulating a response to showcase a talking point of knowledge on the subject.

          • Chris

            I agree I don't know everything.  However it is incredibly irritating when folks spout off before they educate themselves.  Glenn Beck is an idiot and a waste of space and skin – that reference was unnecessary.  And my post was in response to BOTH posts but specifically attached to yours.  And yes, I did educate myself so I could better understand the overall situation as well as be able to handle my own investments – I took classes online, read several books (options, commodities, currency markets, how to read financial statements, etc), watch CNBC regularly, and actually subscribe to several financial magazines (like Forbes, Fortune, Money, Inc, etc).  I actually wanted to know so I could understand the world around me as well as speak educatedly.  And yes, I have read Publix's SEC filings (specifically their 10Qs, 8Ks, etc) because their financial health directly impacts what they do or what's going on in their stores.

            BTW – some of the most intelligent people are unable to even hold a conversation much less engage in a debate or discussion.  I read what was said – however not everyone communicates effectively in writing so what was written may not have been what was meant to be communicated.  But not knowing or understanding your audience makes for a poor basis to begin a dialogue – for example, it would be rude to look at your explanation of butchering your own animals or any examples you gave below and make the joke that it sounded like you were 100 cans of peas and some racist literature away from being survivalists without knowing your situation and your reasons for choosing to leave the city life behind for a simpler existence and to provide a more wholesome environment for your family.  Thus some of the comments being made lately fall into the same category – I thought these forums were supposed to be for discussion of the central topic presented by those of us who coupon (for whatever reason).  But lately the attacks have seemed just vicious and uncalled for because the general air about couponing has turned negative (whether because of that TV show or for some other reason).

            I think I'm just going to stop reading these forums and stop posting altogether and just get the info I need and go.  This has just gotten ridiculous to have to defend something regularly or speak up in favor of education instead of jumping to conclusions.

            • Elkay

              I just posted this comment in reply to “Another Shopper”:   “I think it'd be a lot better if you'd stick to stating your disagreement and rationale with another person's comment and/or point of view without attacking them personally.  Everyone here has the right to comment on any and every topic as much as they'd like – it doesn't give any of us the right to bash them personally for it”.

              Chris, I hope you will  not allow yourself be bulllied off the site.  Please just take this with a grain of salt:  I would suggest that perhaps instead of responding, you might consider flagging these types of comments as inappropriate so that the site management can take further action — perhaps removing them before these kinds of problems ensue.

            • Chris

              Thanks Elkay.  I've just been under a lot of stress with my job and when people make comments or spout information before educating themselves it just grates my nerves (especially since I deal with that type of behavior all day on my job).  It's a sad state of affairs when educating oneself before speaking on a topic has become optional.  It's even sadder when instead of admitting ones mistakes or failings there are people who intend to defend their position or actions to the death.  Sadder still that in today's world of technology driven socializing (and I work in Technology BTW) that the conversational and social niceties are completely ignored (like if you don't know how to spell something just look it up – takes all of 2 seconds).

              Society in general is just going to hell in a handbasket.

            • another shopper

              Good Lord man. To put this to bed, I just copied and pasted my original post into Word and spellchecked it. There are no misspelled words other than their deliberately spelled “gonna”. Please do so yourself before you spend anymore post on the topic. I’ll wait. Told ya. Also, at no point do I mention the unprecedented stupidity of Ethanol (a topic very near and dear to my heart), economics in any shape or form, or any opinion whatsoever on anything related to anything outside the specific topic of couponing whereby to make myself the “foul mouthed blathering fool” you seemed to be so certain my 5 sentences or so related to a show on TLC managed to make me. Therein lies your problem, and it is nowhere to be found in my more or less benign post that actually states, without the need to defend the practice: “reasonable couponing is fine.”

            • another shopper

              “their” is your typo. You're welcome.

            • Chycammillion

              Well I am glad someone is posting that actually knows what he is talking about!  There are far to many posts about unbacked information.

          • Chris

            Oh and just so you know despite it not being any of your business, the Glenn Beck reference is probably because of the way I'm dressed in my photo (and yes I take offense to your reference).  Despite being white and country (yes, very country) I actually happen to be GAY and democrat (actually middle of the road but that's neither here nor there).  And no life isn't fun – it's a lot of hard work and a constant battle (the battles I will not elaborate on here since this is not the place).  Get over yourself.

          • Elkay

            I think it'd be a lot better if you'd stick to stating your disagreement and rationale with another person's comment and/or point of view without attacking them personally.  Everyone here has the right to comment on any and every topic as much as they'd like – it doesn't give any of us the right to bash them personally for it.

      • Krankyg1

        Wow i guess you are rich and have no money problems but some of us the economy has put a toll on our budgets and coupons help since food costs have went up so high. I love publix to would love to shop for all my needs there but lets face it their prices are higher than most so i have to do alot of my shopping at walmart. So before you put down a person for useing coupons put yourself in their shoes you may find yourself having to use them someday.

      • www.longdogs3@gmail.com

        I am so sorry that you have had to deal with someone who is trying to save money.  Myself I had to quit my job due to illness and Publix and coupons have really help my family. What I will do to help and others might want to try this, is if I notice someone behind me and I have alot of coupons I will let them go ahead of me.  I truly hope that you do not go thru hard times because you are going to feel like a fool for cutting the rest of us down.

      • Toni

        I have never seen such a scenario occur in my life.   Most people use coupons honestly and follow their store's rules carefully, only getting at best an average of 50% off what they otherwise would have paid.

      • floridian

        you know publix has a store on every corner and if theres not one there, there is one being built. i highly doubt they are “struggling” as much as the people shopping there. if your a woman, you shouldnt wright something and sound like a fool if you are having pms, and if you are a man, go get laid. you are so shallow for looking down on people for trying to save money on food and whatever else they need for their families.

      • Coupon_Sam

        I don't think that is a fair judgment.  Many people follow the coupon policies.  If there is an offer to save, why pass it up?  I don't have money to burn.  Just because people coupon doesn't mean they don't work.  I have a college degree and teach full time.  My husband works for a large company and does well.  We do all of this while caring for a terminally ill child.  So, to make a statement like that is just ignorance on your part.

        • KC

          I agree with you coupon_sam.  Coupon are made to be used to save money!! I too own a small business and work hard.  When you were there in line before the person behind you was they have no right to complain. I say, go somewhere else if you have no patience.  It's sad when people are in such a hurry and seem to only care about themselves being held up by the person in front of them like they are more important.  We work hard for our money and when you have kids and other family member to care for it only makes good sense to save what money you can.  I for one am tired of others being impatient and self serving.  I know there are some people out there with explosive expectations when using coupons. These are the same people that helped change the publix coupon policy but it is WRONG to pass judgment on those that are trying to be smart and use what coupons they can(correctly) to save a few $$.

    • Micheleorchid

      Does anyone know why the Publix's in Florida don't double coupons at all.  Actually, no stores in my city (Tallahassee) do, at least not that I'm aware of.  Help!!

      • I do not believe any stores in Florida double, period.

        • Toni

          You know what,  Hitchcock's grocery stores double coupons (50 cent coupons or less) in Florida.

        • Lkate77

          Harvey's in Tallahassee doubles up to 50 cents every day.

      • Anon

        I've been told by friends who worked a Publix in Fl. that it has something to do with laws within the state, which could possibly explain why no other stores do either. Not sure if that is the reason, since I didn't hear firsthand nor have I done the research myself but I hope that helps!

      • Shon

        No Doubling, due to a lack of “real” competition.  Publix has so many stores here that they basically corner the market for grocery stores.  Whereas in other states, they are in direct competition with a lot of other quality grocery stores.

      • Lkate77

        I believe that Harvey's in Tallahassee doubles coupons up to 50 cents every day!

      • Coupon_Sam

        From what I understand, no where in Florida offers double coupons.  Ocassionally Kmart will do a promo and double coupons, but there is a sever limit and their prices are so high that you will end up better off shopping somwhere else anyway.  I have been told that Florida is considered a tourist state, and that is why no double coupon deals.  Grocery stores already operate on a very tiny profit margin, so they are able to make a profit this way.

      • Juls60

        Many years ago many grocery stores in FL did doubled and sometimes tripled.  When they stopped, we were told they all got together and decided together to stop doubling.  It took about a month and all the sudden no more doubles.

    • nick

      i am new couponer from florida so how would it work with the new policy at publix

    • Cashier

      Thank you so much for posting this! I'm a cashier at a Publix in South Carolina and have had so many questions about the new policy from customers and even other associates! The main difference for our store is that the managers have now put a limit on B1G1s and their respective coupons. (I have been told by higher-ups this is partially due to the incredibly unrealistic new show “Extreme Couponers”) Our store never accepted Target coupons in the first place since they are not a “traditional” competitor.

    • Toni

      I love Publix,  but this new coupon policy has opened the door to my shopping around for other store's deals for the first time in my life.  All the Publixes in my city (Gainesville,  Florida) used to take Mother Earth “$5 off $35 purchase” and “$10 off $50 or $75 purchases” coupons as competitor coupons.  I sure am thankful for having it while it lasted,  since Mother Earth and Publix sell many of the same things that our family regularly consumes,  and this saved me an extra stop.  As a result of my Publixes no longer taking Mother Earth coupons (even though there are 2 Mother Earth Markets in my city, one of them located across the street from one Publix and the other just down the street from a Publix),  I have found already that I am shopping for these items at Mother Earth again.  (Mother Earth will be happy.)  Also,  I am finding already that I am for the first time looking at the ads of Food Lion, Albertson's, and the Sweet Bay-affiliate store in my area.  The acceptance of Mother Earth coupons was what made my Publixes the no-brainer choice before;  but now all the supermarkets are on equal footing to me.  Whoever has the best deals wins.

      • Toni

        Still,  I love Publix and I think they are the cleanest and friendliest of stores and have great sales.  I am and hope to always be quite a fan.

      • Bluenun

        I have shopped at Publix since I moved to Florida in 1979.  It is the cleanest, nicest store to shop in.  The employees are friendly and wear their badges with their names so I have gotten to know some of them.  You people who can't accept their policies — shop elsewhere.  I don't want this to be another Walmart or Winn Dixie.

    • A tired cashier

      It has only been one day with the new coupon policy, and people are acting like it's the end of the world.
      Please, get over it.
      One lady decided to get mad at me because I'm only doing my job. There were some things I could not do, and it is not my fault, I'm not doing it to spite you.
      All I'm saying is to breathe. This is company wide, it used to be by store, but the company was losing a lot of money, so they had to take the reins.
      I don't know if anybody realizes this, but competitor coupons are worthless. That is why they had to put a limit. Our store only profited one month this year. That's it. I'm glad for this coupon policy, if you ask me. It takes a giant weight off of my shoulders, that I would have to be on the look out for five carts for one coupon order.
      I'm not saying don't save money, it just got too extreme. It reached the boiling over point. That's all I have to say.
      Quick, let me get prepared for the flaming that's going to commence!

      • Amadamia21

        Lets see if taking my business elsewhere is going to give Publix more profits than accepting my coupons.  Sorry you can't see the big picture.

        • Anaidu24

          You people are ridiculous. I am also a cashier there and by having a set of standard rules, it makes the whole ordeal much easier. No other stores accept competitor coupons so get over it. Publix still accepts competitors coupons based on who is nearby.

          I understand times are tough but too many people took advantage of the old coupon policy so you can thank them for the new change. It isn't the company's fault. It's greedy customers who don't have a clue.

      • another shopper

        I will take some of the heat off, as I stopped by because my email said I had a good flaming waiting here for me. You will hear all about your lack of knowledge of economics, and how Publix is doing just fine. You will probably be told that your store must be the exception, because to make $1.2 Billion in profit last year, they are doing great; that all these hard working, struggling Americans are just trying to save a buck and get by in utilizing these unethical and sneaky practices that you discuss above that broke the system – but most certainly no one here is involved in those kinds of things. I previously worked as a consultant a small amount for Publix for several years, and they are a good company, they are good people. They are also savvy, which is why it took me 30 minutes to realize they would not allow this to continue – and others will follow. Just because they are “big business” doesn't make stealing from them by using shady couponing practices any different than the old “dine and dash” or just petty shopplifting. Since other people are doing it to extremes, it functions as a mechanism of enabling. I will gladly open myself up for all the criticisms you were about to get, the references for books I should read and instructions on how to use spellcheck, when I say this is not a sustainable practice. All the problems and struggles people use to validate this behavior (larges debt, personal situations, etc), and rising food costs are the problem that we should be addressing to make a better future for each other. It continues to come across as being a jerk (and my apoligies to Chris, but coming into every discussion stating “you don't know nuthin' about nuthin' boy” with everyone that isn't a fan of the practice of overzealous couponing really doesn't merit a particularly polite response or further attention), but the point is this: If it doesn't feel right, and it requires a whole bunch of explaining and rationalizing…it probably ain't right to begin with. From those of us who coupon reasonably, and those who are on the other ends of the coupons, I just hope that all those in the growing number outside the box of acceptable and ethical practices will ask themselves before they put their plans of attack together “If I get finagle a sneaky way to get this stuff for free, how exactly are all those people working for the manufacturer and retailer getting paid and feeding their families again?” I don't claim to know much about a lot of things, finance not being one of my stronger suits. I do know this: I Wikipedia'd Publix's “enormous” earinings I have seen preached about so much on here. Yup, they made the repeatedly quoted $1.2B last year. What I never saw was that it was on $25B in sales. That is a margin of less than 5%. That is a mediocre to weak margin at best, and one that any good company simply cannot and will not allow to continue, no matter how big the raw profit number may seem.

        • Make no mistake. The second Publix believes they are being hurt by accepting competitors coupons, or by doubling, they will stop. They're a business, they're not going to do something as a courtesy that hurts them as a company.

        • Chris

          Actually, it was 1.33B in NET earnings on 2010 sales of 25.1B – an increase year over year in sales of 3+%.  Net earnings were increased $0.23/share.  Since that earnings number is NET that's bottom line (I could go into detail about EBIT, EBITDA, etc but it gets complicated).  That's incredibly good in this economic climate – and especially for a grocery chain (not to mention retail in general) where margins are ever shrinking (thanks Walmart).

          However, I will agree on several points you make about the extreme folks.  Stocking enough stuff to last 2+ years is insane – I'm lucky to have enough HBA and cleaning supplies to last a few months and enough food to last a few weeks (not counting meat since I buy that regularly).  You also need to understand that those of us who coupon within the “norms” are defending couponing in general because of the uproar some of these TV shows and such have caused.  But does it make me unethical to buy 50 12pks of soda just because they're on sale (despite the fact that the amount purchased may last me 2 months or less)?  So I'm taking advantage of a deal – do you really believe a retailer would offer a deal they would lose a significant amount of money on if they didn't think they could a) recoup that “loss leader” sale through another avenue or b) that they didn't work out a deal with the manufacturer so they could offer such a deal?  And is it really my fault for getting something for free (or little cost not including tax) just because I took advantage of the sale and combined it with the available coupons (store and manufacturer)?  Now I cannot disagree about the fraud and excessive use of competitor coupons – that's just overly taking advantage (or slipping in coupons for something you didn't even buy).  But if you work within the rules and guidelines and can still come out with a decent savings then I say more power to you.  If you choose not to take advantage of that opportunity then so be it – but don't belittle those that do.

          And yes, Publix is an excellent company with great customer service and superior quality.  Every market they move in to they push everyone else out (Atlanta is an excellent example).  They must be doing something right to be able to continue to expand, offer the deals they do, provide the service and quality that attracts customers, and put their competition out of business.

          • another shopper

            I fully agree with all that. Apples to apples (retail / grocery business), the margin is OK, big picture, it's not great. Either way, it is a PROFIT, which is better than many companies have posted the last couple of years. If you are using the manufacturer and store coupons (which again, we use as much as possible too – I asked my wife, she checks this site for deals from time to time herself), no one is going to really get hurt. All those savings are accounted for. I have no first hand knowledge the accuracy of what “tired cashier' said, but it would make absolute sense that there is no reimburesment or value in competitor coupons to the store at all, just outright loss. I presume it began as a courtesy to the few people inadvertantly bringing them in, or wanting to make sure they got the best price on the item that wasn't on sale at Publix, and it has turned into a badly exploited loophole. From what I can tell from the last couple of days, two things appear clear to me: 1. I am no different than most folks here in that I'm trying to put food on the table for my family in the most healthly and affordable manner I can. If there is an ethical savings put out there, I'm on the lookout for it. 2. The “good guys” are taking a beating here and elsewhere because of the actions of the bad guys. Unfortunately, the number of bad guys is rapidly growing, making the good guys just trying to save a buck the old fashioned ways quickly become a minority in the grocery store lines.  Chris, Kay, and all the others here that have a functional moral compass, rock on – and keep telling guys like me that make blanket statements belittling couponers as a whole me to buzz off. BUT, for those who insist on not just getting something for nothing, but EVERYTHING for nothing, I cannot begin to express all the problems with trying to feed your family by getting everything for free at the grocery store. You will have no choice but to steal by unethical practices, and feed your family largely crap. That's not right by them, or by those of us who would rather not see coupon policies turn cashier stations into a more unpleasant experience than TSA checkpoints.

    • jarebear

      Its annoying but something had to happen I guess. Certain people just took advantage of it: giving the coupons at the end and slipping in coupons that don't match anything, paying in CVS dollar off coupons.

      Competitor coupons are allowed because they'd rather take a small loss as long as we can get your business, and in my opinion a few people ruined it for everyone. Still its not thattttttt bad you still can save a bunch of money.

    • Amadamia21

      Unbeknownst to me, I was shocked at this new policy.  Tonight when I handed my coupons (towards a $250 purchase) to the cashier and was informed that only one of four coupons to be used towards four of the same product would be honored, I was appalled.  I would have never expected this from Publix.  Manufacturer coupons are to be used to enhance product sales and I anticipate consumers will not be happy.  Although speaking to the manager did not resolve anything, I left them my two carts full of food, and took my business elsewhere.  I was a Publix Customer for over 25 years and can assure will not set foot in another one until this ridiculous policy is done away with.

      • Sherry

        It should have only been competing store coupons when they list one per transaction (like Target's) that changed, and rightly so, if that is what is printed on the coupon. The use of Manufacturer coupons should not have changed to one per transaction, as that is not what is in the policy.  The policy clearly states one per item, with the right to limit quantities (not coupons).

        • Ssarfati


          Here is the copy of the policy, from their site.  Make sure your printer prints out the URL on the page, and take a copy with you when you shop to educate your store, if they are not following policy.

      • Amadamia21

        Thanks Sherry!!  Trust me, I had a very long conversation with the manager and all he could repeat over and over was that this was the new policy.  I have contacted Publix telephonically to get clarification.  Will post their response.

      • Publix shopper

        Good, I hope you never do. People like you are idiots!

      • MaryB

        Really, you just walked out?!?! Very mature. How old are you, 6?? GROW UP!
        I DO NOT CARE if you were right! What you did is NOT acceptable, period. Pay the bill then go back when you've have time to cool off. Then calmly talk to the manager with a copy of the policies. You'll get money back. I have witnessed the hoarding coupons (it's easy to spot you all) getting in a manager's face. Really? Over a $1 off? If this walking out is going to end up screwing everyone. I hope someone is going to get thrown in jail and Publix will have the right to press charges….I can't WAIT to see this on WESH news! Haha

        • Debbimcf

          Why on earth would she be thrown in jail?  because she dedcided to take her business elsewhere? You are speaking of maturity…get a grip   walking out of a store without groceries is not a crime? Publix pressing charges on customers..wow that makes good business sense..I would love to see the PR tha follows that

    • Candace Mezick

      Does publix accept BabiesRUs coupons, like on diapers? Please email me backat candace.mezick@gmail.com

    • Shoshana

      Is there a link to this new policy from publix.com?  It seems the old policy is still upon their website, and I'd like to print the new policy from an 'official' source for my own info.  Also, the Dothan, AL Publix is not doubling coupons to 50 cents.  Is this part of the new policy, or still a store-by-store decision?  Thanks!

    • Kymberleigh321

      I have shopped at kroger most of my adult life and spent a small fortune with them up until about a year ago when I started shopping at Publix.  What drew me away from Kroger?…#1 the coupon policy @ Publix (used correctly, because it was better than any other store out there), #2 customer service, #3 Cleanliness.  It took me a while to win my husband over to Publix because the prices are so much higher on most products at Publix but when I used my coupons, I saved a lot. Sadly, now publix is not looking so good anymore :-(  I hate that a few people took advantage to the point that it ruins it for the rest of us that used the policy correctly.  The Publix in my hometown has truly benefited from customers like myself and a few friends that have given them the business and bragged on them.  We too, like Publix have to save money so we will do what we have to do for our families to keep within our budgets. It looks like publix is going to lose sales over this because I will be shopping where I can save the most money.

    • PublixWorker

      I have worked for Publix for 12 years.  My wife has worked for Publix for 15 years.  We use coupons, and only shop at Publix.  We are the stockholders of the company.  Yes Publix is making a profit, and we are happy for it.  However, the new policy has to do with a few people.  For example, Publix took Target coupons only because of Super Targets.  So the stores close to the Super Targets started taking Target coupons, then the stores close to those stores had to start taking them as well.  It came to a boiling point when stores 40 miles away from a Super Target had to take the coupons.  Not to mention that a lot of those coupons were being abused.  The manufacturer coupon policy has not changed.  As for the doubling policy, they only do that in areas where other chains double coupons.  Now for the limit on items, it has to do with the fact that we have automated ordering.  The computer knows about some coupons that manufacturers have put out, but not all of them.  So that means that we have no idea what there is a coupon for, unless the person reviewing the order clips coupons themselves.  Basically the limit was put in place so all the other customers can have a fair shot at getting some of the product.  Believe it or not, Publix actually makes more money from their sales than they would if you it not on sale.  It has to do with rebates offered by the manufacturer, and yes that includes BOGO products.  In the end, I hope you have a good shopping experience there, I will help do so.  Also, please remember that the cashiers, etc, that try to enforce the new policies are only doing so to keep their jobs.  They can no longer look the other way.

      • Scott in Boynton

        Thank you for responding to this posting.  I was glad to see an “insider”  making valid points.  On the spot about limiting items is a good thing.  As a shopper I hate when the shelf is totally empty because a hoarder shopper has bought 28 sticks of deodorant or 42 tubes of Crest in one visit.  Yes, savings on coupons is very valuable and a few can abuse their own neighbors and fellow shoppers and savers.  Thanks!

        • supermom007

          I totally appreciate your comments, our family has been hit badly by the economy.  It is so sad that those people have “stock rooms” full of groceries and my husband and I are busting our booties off to work min wage to put food on our table.  I am a coupon addict, but out of need not greed.  If I have multiples of anything in my home, I promise by the end of our pay period it will be eaten.

      • Annabik1278

        I started to shop only at Publix since I started couponing and it`s now 2 months since.
        I can`t have enough words to say how much I love Publix! The staff is amazing and nobody made me feel bad because I coupon.

        Thank you Publix for saving me from Walmart!

    • Sweetme

      I work for a different company and I am glad to see Publix making better policys… I am so sick of people saying well Publix does it.. Not any more they don't. We sell groceries and are not a food bank.

      • HardWorkinMommy

        in the end, these grocery stores get their money back from the manufacturer, so they're not loosing or giving anything away, If people are finding way to feed their family for $10 a week, more power too them, thats more money for necessities like paying bills, providing a roof over your child's head etc. I agree to an earlier post that the attitudes of couponers is unnecessary, and should be stopped ( you should be grateful the clerk doesn't have an attitude about scanning all your coupons) but as far as the grocery store being a food bank, they're not! They are still getting paid… That's like saying the grocery store shouldn't accept food stamps, they still get paid for groceries bought with an EBT card just like they still get paid for groceries purchased with coupons. The only person coming out of pocket when coupons are used is the manufacturer. You people who work for these grocery stores are up here complaining like it comes out of your pocket.

    • lowly cashier

      Coupon Policy has been in effect one week, and Surprisingly enough…. No one has died. The world did not come to an end. The stock market didn't collapse. People actually paid for their groceries. WOW! No one giving us hundreds of dollars in “trash” coupons ( target, walgreens, CVS, I have even once had someone try to give me a Foot Locker coupon because we sold socks! REALLY!!) No coupon pouches overflowing. No full trash bag of coupons to the dumpster each night. There are a few that will be hurt by this. I am sorry.  But there are so many who made the Hell out like a fat cat, things had to change. Times are hard all over, We get that. We are there for you, to help keep your budget down,but it is not our responsibility to feed your family.  This is a business, people go into business to make money. Target can give high dollar food coupons because they will make their money back on TV's or jewelry, We don't have those high dollar items to make our money back on. It was hurting us, it was being abused, it was cumbersome and inconvienent to other customers who had to wait through a stack of coupons so they could watch someone walk out paying $5 for a cart of groceries. Couponers (not all, but some) complained to the managers and yelled at them and shoved things in their faces and were bullies until they got their way, left behind carts full of groceries because you would not take a $1 coupon, are you kidding? How childish. I coupon. I like to save money, who doesn't. But the things that I have seen happen are abusive. How some people come on here and brag that they verbally attacked a cashier, cleaned out all of something because it was free, and ranted and raved and threatened to never return when they don't get their way….. You what….. GOOD. If you are one of those mean, abusive, shelf clearing jerks, when you shout that you will never come back….. we sometimes hope they mean it. For the rest, I am sorry things have changed and hopefully you will still save loads of money and be happy with our stores and our crew, we try very very hard, everyday, to make your trip as pleasant as possible, Thank you.

      • guest

        Why did you come to this site to bash couponers? You are stereotyping all of us in an insulting manor like someone might stereotype an African American and say he must live in the ghetto. Either comment is totally wrong. We put lots of time and energy into our shopping trips, it's like a second full time job. What Publix puts the coupons in the trash? what?! I have never heard of this.  Any how, I shop at Publix for courteous cashiers you have all the C.S. skills nessisary to work at Walmart

    • Mimi

      quick question,  I have a Suave B1G1 coupon for body wash – can I still piggy back this deal with 2 Publix store coupons for Suave body wash or is this a no no now?

      • Juls60

        You now can only use one like 'Publix' coupon.  I am bummed about this.  wish they would reword the coupon to say something like 'limit 4 deals per coupon, per shopping trip'

      • Chris

        You know it depends on the store.  Some let you because you're stacking store Qs with manuf Qs and some don't because they figure you're getting the one item for free so shouldn't be allowed to get overage.  Every store is different apparently – the store I frequent allows it without a problem (they even pay overage out in CASH – I once took home almost $60 worth of stuff and they paid me $6 to do it).

    • Denise

      I've shopped at Publix for nearly 30 years.  I have never used competitors coupons, I have never seen the show “Extreme Couponer”, but I do what I can to save money with coupons.  Sometimes I have a small pile, sometimes I have none – usually it's a few coupons per trip.

      A couple of days ago I went to my Publix to buy 4 items – 2 of them were with coupons, and those two were identical items.  I was told by the cashier she'd have to ring each of those items up separately, since they could only take one coupon per item per order.  I have never heard of anything like this in ANY store – ever.  If that is truly the way Publix will be from now on, I will be shopping elsewhere more.  I am hoping it's not the case.  I am perfectly fine if they limit each item to 4 or 5.  I also can't imagine how they will handle the buy 1 get 1 free w/2 coupons, since that is two identical items.

      I was actually happy when Publix announced that they'd have a standard coupon policy, it helps to have everyone on the same page from Publix to Publix.  But that isn't what is happening, it's more confusing than ever and quite frankly, the cashier seemed tense over the new system.  I hope it was just one cashier's confusion.  There are many other options – CVS, SuperTarget, Dollar General, I'm a member of BJ's and Costco, and I guess there is a Sweetbay near here I didn't know about.  So if I don't go to Publix as much, it's fine – but it is the most convenient store to me and I've always liked shopping there.

    • Denise

      I was told again that I could only use one item per like item – I had 12 items in my cart, 3 coupons – 2 being for Kashi products.  I was told I could only use one Kashi coupon, so I left the second box at the register.  Publix lost a sale – they get all their money back from the manufacturer, I told the manager how I felt and that it was too much of a hassle to come to the store (since one per purchase does not mean one per order, it means one per item).  I am going to spend most of my money elsewhere now, BJ's and Costco (where I have memberships) and Target/CVS.   The Publix form that was handed out clearly states that they will take one coupon each for buy 1 get 1's, but yet not for ones I buy?  Makes no sense.  All I know is that shopping at my Publix is not a pleasure anymore.

    • Carly

      I think this sums it up for me: 

      1.  I love Publix overall. The Publix's I've shopped at have always been clean and the employees have always been friendly and helpful.  And I appreciate that so much.  I have no problem with them not accepting competitors' coupons.  I do, however, wonder about the only 1 manufacturer's coupon per transaction.  Publix gets reimbursed for all of those they use so the only person really “out” any money is the company that put out the coupon in the first place.  And that's their choice to give out coupons.  As I said, I personally have not come in contact with this part of the policy and I'm sure everyone is still trying to work some kinks out of this system.  And rest assured that if I do come across this to be the case when I'm at Publix, I will NOT pitch a fit and cause a scene, but I may not go to Publix as often.  And there's nothing wrong with taking your business elsewhere if you so choose. 
      2.  It is not wrong to try to save money.  I enjoy saving money.  It's good for my family and it's almost like a
      treasure hunt. :o)  No one forces companies to accept coupons or to put deals on sites such as Groupon or Eversave.  With that being said, we should do it ethically and in good taste.  (i.e. not trying to use coupons when we know we shouldn't, using coupons for things we didn't buy, copying coupons, etc.)  I don't consider it my job (or the right thing to do) to cheat companies to regulate their income because they are doing well.  My job is to do what's right, regardless of what the other parties involved may be doing. 
      3.  I will also say that there is nothing WRONG with stockpiling.  Just because you are not one to do that, some people are and as long as they are doing it legally, I say more power to ya.  I personally don't have the time or the space to stock up on most things but I will say there have been times I have been able to buy a lot of something for free or almost free and that has allowed me to donate the items to charities that I might have been able to contribute to normally.  I consider it (couponing) a skill that I should use to help others if at all possible. 
      4.  There is NEVER a good reason to slander someone just because they do things differently than you do (as long as they are not doing something wrong.)  And if they are doing something that is wrong, well, then, there is also an appropriate way to address that as well.  The economy IS bad.  All the more reason we should all be kind to one another and help each other! 

      That's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

    • Chycammillion

      Who's crazier, the couponer or the person overpaying for groceries?
      Nuff said.

    • I have a family of 7, and I use to spend so much money weekly on groceries. I began watching Extreme Couponing to learn how to coupon, and it did help a little, but the show is mostly entertaining to me. Who eats that much candy, cereal, canned soup, etc? The twins who collect pampers just in case they may want to have a baby some day, and the woman who gets her coupons from God are too funny.

      I do clip coupons from the web, magazines, newspapers, my neighbors give me their coupons, and my family and I trade coupons that we will not use. The school paper recycling bin has lots of coupons, so I did get some from there. I think that the show will mess things up for people who really need to use coupons to buy good products.

      I have been couponing for the past 2 months, and have been able to create a nice little stock pile of items that we actually use like, hair products, oral products, and food products. I learned how to match the coupons with sale items and we are able to save a little better. I only purchase items that we will actually use. Meats are very expensive