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I have very exciting news for you as football season gets underway.  If you did not know many of you qualify for FREE ESPN3 access based on who your internet provider is .  This is online live footage of tons of games (all different sports) 24 hours a day.  They have had this for a while now, but to our excitement they just announced yesterday that Time Warner customers will now be given access!!  I checked and they aren’t listed yet but soon!!!

Many of you already have free access all over the country.  Go here and click on Watch Now.  Then look for your internet provider in the drop down list.

Now go and make your husband a sweet card that you were thinking about his sacrifices for the family in a rough economy and you thought you would give him ESPN.

A Personal Note:

There are many things in life that aren’t truly “necessary”.  Cable is one of those.  I know some of you balk at the idea, but in all honestly it doesn’t clothe you, feed you or keep you safe while you sleep.  When my husband and I got married we decided while we were both working, we would live off one paycheck and save the other one.  This meant no unnecessary purchases or bills.

There were 3 bills we chose to never have: Cable, Trash, and Home phone (we use cell phones instead).  Together all 3 save us about $1200 a year.  Yes it might seem annoying to load up your trash to go to the dump or just watch broadcast TV but after a while you won’t really care anymore.

    • Cwalkermarie

      we also dont have cable mostly to filter out trash from comming into our home. everything we want to watch is online. we use comcast. fancast.com and hulu.com.
      I’m so excited to tell my hubby about this site now!

    • Coldmountainpix

      No Cable here either- we have an antenna we got for 9 dollars from walmart and it gives us the local channels – we usually watch what we want online. Weird how fast you can get used to not having cable- One less bill :)

      • Bryarsmom

        Totally agree! And with your HDMI cable, it's a breeze to hook up your pc to the tv.

        I do have a Netflix subscription-the cheapest $8.95 month. works for me.

    • Bluecountrybabie

      We decided to cut cable last year and haven't missed it. Most shows are available to watch online. We've decided we probably won't ever pay for cable again.

    • Heather

      We have Comcast and so we get the free ESPN 3, but my husband said it doesn't show Pro Football? Not sure… But we don't have a TV, so NO cable bill for us, and we also choose to use our cell phones and skip the home phone. There really are great ways to save if you're just willing to!

      • Bee

        We get ESPN 3 through Comcast as well, but I noted that it doesn’t show the TN Vol for today as it is PPV. I would also venture to say it’s not going to show the most popular games whether they are PPV or not.

    • sonyapell

      The only time I miss our television service is during stormy weather. Like others said, we can watch most shows online, but I find myself not even worrying about them. I can look up weather alerts online, or listen to the radio. We get a lot more use out of our dvd player, and gaming systems without worrying about missing something on the tube, and the savings on bills are great. :)

    • flower_mom

      We cut satellite about 2 years ago. My husband agreed with it and still does, but I know he misses it. We aren't even able to get local channels. :( Really, all I miss is the news, although I know I can get it online, I just never take the time.
      I know my husband misses the sports so this will be nice. It looks like the quality is not that great (probably due to my computer), but it is better than nothing, I guess.
      Thanks Jenny for posting!!

    • Couponsue123

      I agree, that cable is definitely not a necessity. We've been without it for almost 10 years. It's amazing how people look at me like I'm an alien when I tell them this! They couldn't possibly live without it. It's also amazing what you can get done or how much closer your family can be without it. There is so much available to watch on hulu or network websites one could definitely live without it. Until cable changes to an a la carte system, we won't be partaking.

    • Kellymason1

      We just had our cable turned back on after disconnecting it for 9 months. My husband is the tv person in our house. I can definitely live without it. In fact, I can't stand the tv. He already watches the sports channels enough. I will not be telling him about the ESPN 3 lol.

    • Jfjuly24

      We have also chosen to skip the cable, trash & home phone. Our house had one of those huge, metal antennas in the attic when we bought it. Hooked up to the digital box, we get more than 20 channels!

    • Sandra

      Ok, I don't see the drop down menu to find if we get it. COX communications is what we have, in October, we will have Uverse

    • Sandra

      LOL I found it, although Cox doesn't offer it, AT&T U verse does and we will have U verse October 15th

    • Ashley

      I am curious how you go without trash? I was trying to find a way to avoid that fee earlier this year, and it seemed that all the local dumps in our area had a minimum fee of $50. Does the dump in your area charge you less? Or do you save up all your trash until you can make it worth it?

      • In our area that county has local trash stations throughout the area that it is free to go to (we pay for it in taxes of course but you can't not pay those). So we drive to one of those stations rather than paying for curbside pickup.

        • Jenni

          Wish our area did that. Perhaps I should research it anyway, and see if there are options I don't know about… Hmmmm… You've got me thinking! I love that about your site!

    • Guest

      The problem is you still will get blackout on ESPN 3 by the way. Blackouts apply to broadcasts that have been sold regionally or locally per league, conference and local rights holder agreements. So if you must watch every game of a team than ESPN 3 would not be for you or if your NFL fan than you need your cable. AS NFL game are now show online with the approval of NFL.

      For example Pittsburgh vs Utah was only on cable last night.

      • Guest

        NFL games are not shown online or ESPN3. To answer a few questions posted here.

    • Guest

      I have found OOMA cheaper than a cellphone how can you beat 12.75 a year for a Phone? free calls anywhere in USA. To call to Canada I use Google Voice which is free in your Gmail e-mail to call to Canada and has very low rates other place.

      For cellphone I found net10 works great for us so i only have a bill maybe twice of year when i add time. The rule I live is no contract as you never know when you can run into trouble. I live without the new phone or using the ATT companies of the world.

    • Rachel S

      I'm surprised more people don't dump their cable! I haven't had it for years and even growing up I watched what the antenna could pick up. I don't miss anything since Hulu and station websites provide a good number of shows online. And if I really want to watch something real time I just go to the gym or a friends house.

    • Aaridley

      bravo to your personal note. my husband and i (married almost 7 years with three children under 4) have made similar choices: no cable, VOIP at $24 per month, one pay as you go cell phone for emergencies at $20 every 3 months, and 1 car between us! and now, thanks to your site, i can contribute even more by saving on all the necessary purchases.

    • Jenni

      We just kicked our cable TV service to the curb yesterday. Money is tight, and in order to live off my husband's income, it had to go (Charter screwed themselves by raising their rates right when everyone is struggling to make ends meet, IMO). Thankfully, by hubby isn't into sports, so no problem for our family. We hope to save up enough money within a few months from the difference in our cable bill to afford a good antenna/digital receiver.

      And we use magicJack for our phone. NO monthly phone bill is very nice, even after having a relatively low VOiP bill of about $26 (for unlimited local and long distance). No cell phones for us right now, though we hope to have one in the future.

      Trash? Well, the dump charges for drop off in our area, so I'd rather have the convenience of pick-up, personally. But that was interesting to read you and your hubby's choices!

      • Someday273

        Anyone know if you can do ADT through magicjack? I know I have to have a landline for the ADT to work and going through the cell phone is an additional charge.

        • Amanda Y.

          going through a cell phone hasn't cost me any extra through ADT and is much safer, because all someone has to do is cut your phone line if it's connected to your alarm system and then you have no alarm system :-/

    • Melissa

      love love love this!!! people think i am crazy when i tell them i dont have cable. funny thing is i think they are crazy for having cable. i rather be spending time with my family, reading, or anything else. its not just about saving money on cable its the fact that people are so glued to their tv they dont even notice that someone else lives with them. and the idea of saving one pay check and living off the other that is wonderful too!!! my husband and i are going to start doing that next year….we are paying off our debt right now! i cant wait!!!

      • Melissa

        ps we are big dave ramsey fans!!! :)

    • Cgdaljr

      Can someone give me some options, I want to get rid of my comcast cable but I also have high speed internet with them, what are options for internet I live in Tallahassee Florida?? I can live without cable but need internet…..Please help…

      • Jen

        Tallahassee is slim for Internet options. We recently signed up for Century Link and the customer service experience has been horrible. But we can get Internet without a landline.

        • I live in Tally too, and all the choices suck. If I were you, I'd get a more expensive internet package (like high speed through comcast) and just ditch the landline. I think that's what we'll end up doing, now that we finally found a cell phone that gets reception in our area.

      • Votelisa

        virgin mobile is now offering Mifi for 40.00 per mo. with no contract. 3g. also, some phones have phone as modem for a mo. fee added to your phone. but thats only for one computer at a time and is a bit slower but mine isn't bad at all.

    • Jennifer

      We have home phone for now b/c when I signed up it seemed like a very small premium since ATT charged more for internet if you don't have a phone. I'm going to re-eval this now that we have new cells phones that hold their charge more than a day.

    • Ucmba97

      We also have no cable, and no land line phone, and no curb side trash pick-up. We do have basic netflixs account and bought a roku device that streams instantly to our TV, and we do have one basic level cell phone, and we do take our recycling to Sonoco Recycling location, and our non-recyclables to the local county free site. We have been this way for aprox 7 yrs. It's wonderful, really! Although it is quite a treat to stay at a hotel and have cable while there, even if just for one night. Thanks for this tip Jenny!!!

    • Cherry

      hey i have my home phone n fast access dsl through at&t and runs about 100 dollars a month but i never use my home phone. i wonder if i can cut off my home phone and just keep internet?

      • you can!!

      • Couponsue123

        We have TWC for internet and use Vonage for our phone. We have Vonage's very basic of 500 min. or less, I think it's about $22/month. It's has so many neat features like being able to forward your home phone to your cell, or listening to voicemails through my email. Too many feature to list.

      • Guest

        I would make sure you don't have a package as you could be saving money if it part of package, dropping a part of a package in end usually cost more.

    • Shop Now

      Just started using Ooma 2 months ago, and dropped our land line and our long distance provider. It's about 3.50 a month (for govt taxes and access charges). We'll break even in 5 months usage. Now we use Google Voice to connect our cell and Ooma phones to a common number

      I'd love to drop cable… 70 bucks a month for HGTV is outrageous ^_^

    • laura

      Home phones are cheap now. You can get Magic Jack for under $20 a year with voice mail and call waiting and long distance all included. I love it !!!! I have 7 kids so in an emergency it is great to have in case the kids don't know where my cell phone is and their is restricted after a certain time. I 100% agree on the cable. We are never home and all the stuff on those “extra” channels I can live without.

    • Susan

      Can I ask, how do you get internet?

      • We have Time Warner Internet only. They will allow you to have that without any other services (internet is a requirement around here :) )

        • If only we were all that lucky…
          We either have to have cable or have to have home phone to get internet…

        • Johndavid

          So you get on your soap box about things in life that aren’t truly “necessary”, then state that internet is a requirement in your home. Plus, RoadRunner from Time Warner is easily the most expensive internet service option for what you get. Shop around for DSL!

          • Christy

            I think Jenny is justified in having internet as this website is her source of income—her job would be a little hard to do without internet access unless she was willing to go to a place with free wifi everytime she wanted to post something which would be a bit ridiculous while trying to raise her children. I don't think we'd have nearly the # of posts that we do now to help us all save $$!

    • Beepampered

      My hubby still grumbles that we only have basic cable. It's still $22 a month but a lot more affordable than the level most people have. He thinks I'm taking ESPN and the good channels away from him. Of course, I want to ditch it completely and keep meaning to try an antennae.

      Can you drop trash if you live in the city? I thought it was a required fee. So I could just call the town I live in and cancel the service and they wouldn't bill me?

      • Amanda Y.

        Most cities require trash pick-up, but in more rural areas and a few suburb towns, it's optional. You can call the city/town and ask!

    • RebeccaFer

      I have to read through the comments when I don't have a 5 year old climbing all over me, lol, but this is something we've been talking about doing soon. We want to dump TWC (ughhh, hate them anyway) and get a Wii with Netflix and just use our cells for phone (need a cell hook up for our ADT Alarm unfortunately) and Windstream for internet. Any other ideas that would be better either in quality or cost? TIA! :D

      • Guest

        Apple tv is now only 99 bucks and 99 cents rental even Netflix

        • RebeccaFer

          Thanks! I'm checking it out. :D

    • Christine

      About 25 years ago my dad had the cable cut off because of a billing dispute with the company. My brother and I were young teenagers and we thought this was the worst thing he could possibly do to use. We begged and pleaded and offered to pay the difference, all to no avail. Looking back, now I can see that it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. It forced us to find other ways to entertain ourselves and helped limit the influence the media has on kids. I'm so glad that my husband agreed to live without cable so that my kids can also grow up without its influence.

    • My trash pick-up is included in our taxes where I live (and I think when I looked it was $17 a year), so no complaints there. It would cost that more in gas to drop it off anywhere.

      I wish that I could have internet without home phone or cable, but unfortunately that isn't an option here either. You either need cable to get it or phone.

      • Amanda Y.

        I believe they made it illegal in 2008 for the phone company to require you to have phone to get internet (DSL), not sure if that law affected cable companies though).

        • If you could point me in the direction of such law, that would be great, but I searched the internet and found no such thing.

          I wouldn't see how it could be made illegal, dsl runs through the phone line, the phone company has every right to require you to have a land line as well.

          However, the one thing people don't seem to mention is emergencies. I can almost guarantee that if a hurricane were to come through a city you would not have cell service. Or really any major disaster. Every time there is a disaster there are always reports of how the cell towers were jammed and people couldn't get through. Just a thought…

    • SFLS

      We keep our landline, with basic service, as our emergency back-up (with an old slimline phone). Post hurrricane, when the power is out for days, at least we still have a working phone.

      Trash pickup is also included with our taxes.

      One thing I will NEVER have again is well water. What a nightmare! No power, no water, dragging salt, pump/well maintenance,etc…

      • Sharon

        I love having our pump. The water taste a whole lot better than the city water. We were without power for 3 weeks after Hurricane Ivan, we just hooked up our generator to the pump. I also like being able to water the garden, fill the pool, wash the car/truck, water the cows, etc. and not worry how much our water bill will be.

    • Brooke Gallaway

      I wish BrightHouse was on the list of providers for free ESPN, then I could probably convince my husband to get rid of cable. I wish we didn't have to pay for trash, but it is mandated by the City that we have trash pickup.

      • macboy

        If TimeWarner is getting it, then Brighthouse should be following suit. Brighthouse uses the TimeWarner network. When TimeWarner was in the fight with Fox, Brighthouse was affected. The same with ESPN.

    • breaduh

      Thanks for sharing this! We don't have cable either and my husband has been talking about how to watch the Tennesse Vols season opener tomorrow night. I just became his hero when I saw that ESPN 3 is showing it!!! One of his high school buddies has a son who is a Freshman there this year and just found out he gets to dress out for the game even though he is a walk-on. DH is so excited…so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    • Atbryant70

      We did the same thing as far as trash and cable. We now have just cell phones. My husband called Dish and kept asking the sales associate if she was sure that $19.99 was the lowest package finally she told him that they have a $9.99 Welcome package and we pay $5 more for local channels which we have had for about 4 years now. We wouldn't pay for local but when everything went to digital it was hard to get the locals. So, we pay $14.99 and we get all of the major channels that we like and enjoy we don't miss the others. Thanks for the ESPN3 as we have one sports fan that misses his sports channels.

    • tygirl13

      I have been thinking about dropping our satelite for a while…but DH is definately not on board. Still praying that he will come around… b/w Hulu and ESPN3 I don't think we would miss much….

    • Valeriejcm

      I'm with you, Jenny. My husband and I didn't think twice about paying over $100 a month for premium satellite service, until he found himself without work (he's a self-employed painter). We haven't had tv for over 2 years now and while my 7 year old misses the cartoon channels, we are able to find everything we want to watch on the internet for free. No commercials, and we don't watch just to watch. Whatever we watch it's because we specifically want to watch it. We have found lots of other things to do as a family. We now splurge only on DSL service because everything we do is now online. We wouldn't have a home phone line except that we have to have it for internet, so we have the minimum. Our trash pickup is included in our rent, but when we lived in our other house, we took it to the dump ourselves.

      • Christy

        Yes, I have noticed the few shows that I like to watch are viewable on the internet the next day (after airing on TV) so if you can wait a day…. They do have commercials, though.

    • Atraxler

      lol… I haven't watched TV in over 10 yrs! no cable, no antenna, no dish… just DVDs every once in a while. My 2 youngest have been raised with no TV and no video games, and people are always amazed at how well they are able to entertain themselves and play together anywhere I go.
      Quite frankly, I don't know how people have the time to watch TV. I guess I do spend a little time online, but it seems so much more constructive than just passively watching TV…lol.
      Haven't had a landline in years either… kind of wish I could use a fax from my home though.
      Along the lines of money saving, and watching stuff… if you homeschool… there are 3 states (SC is one and I think the others are GA and LA) which pay for their public schools to receive Discovery Education Streaming (which is an incredible resource of online educational videos)… and you can also get a free subscription if you homeschool, by sending in your information. I am totally thrilled to find this out, and am using it extensively in my curriculum this year.

      • sarah

        faxzero.com works great!! free and from home via your internet!!

      • Christy

        I hardly ever sit down and watch TV (i.e. have time to). I watch TV while I fold laundry, clean up, grade papers, etc. I could do w/o cable except for football season. I do sit and watch football b/c you really can't do something else at the same time and know what is going on. I usually am folding laundry, vacuuming, etc., etc., during commercials and halftime–I will have to look into this ESPN 3 for that!

    • YellowGhoTi

      To all the DSL users that have a phone line because DSL requires some service: I would check with your phone company again. When AT&T or Verizon or Bellsouth or SBC or any number of companies merged in 2004/2005, one of the requirements was that they had to provide DSL service independent of Phone Service. Its typically called “Naked DSL” and technically, DSL does not require active phone service. I know for BellSouth in the Charleston area, it was 2008 before the 'change' went into effect and it was never 'advertised' especially not to existing customers.

    • I think that is great! We moved a few months back to a new state and my husband got the satellite hooked up so we could watch ESPN, HGTV and DISNEY. I am sooo over seeing all the immorality on tv (and we mute the tv during HGTV reveals and we own a clearplay dvd player etc) that has snuck into our family programing. My husband only wants to see Alabama Football so this internet thing is great! He's supposed to call and see if they can take us out of the contract.

      Trash – we only have a family car or we would take our trash to the dump. We will aspire to that goal : D Home phone – Paid for by my husbands work but we do not even use it. We use our cell phones.

      We sat down this month and really tried to eliminate the things that were really unnecessary in our lives. We were renting to owning a tv from aarons knowing it would bring our credit score up to pay something like that off over time. After one month payment we decided that was stupid and it's back in the store :D

      It can be frustrating to go through these hard times but it can also bring you closer as a family :D Thank you for the reality check!! :D

      • CA

        So, do you have a satellite package that includes those three channels or do you literally only have those three channels. If it's the latter, I didn't know that was possible!

    • Lana

      In 32 years of marriage we have only had cable for 5 months, We turned it off because all we were doing was watching TV. When we figured the cost of gas to take our own garbage to the dump it turned out to cost more to take our own so we stopped doing so and got trash service. Hubby doesn't watch sports on TV but my son-in-law will glad to know about this!

    • Amanda Y.

      Trash is mandatory where we live, but we haven't paid for cable in over a year. We love what we can get online plus the antenna network stations! We've never had a home phone either!

      • Sara

        Which antenna did you get and does it work wel? Also did you have to buy the converter box too? I know nothing about those antennas. Any advice would be a help. I had them when I was a kid but parents fixed them if anythign went wrong.

    • Abcdsclark

      another new option for cable is virgin mobile. they have the wifi at a 40 a month for unlimited now and no contract. of course you have to pay for the usb adapter or the hub that lets you connect 5 wifi devices but not bad if you travel also. we have magic jack and then our cell phones are each 26.50 a month with unlimited data/text/email and 300 min a month per phone.

    • HomeschoolingCouponingMom

      Where we live, trash service is mandatory- we have no choice but to pay for it. We have a landline, but it's a “less than basic” package. We can receive calls, make calls to 800 numbers and 911. We have satelite service, but cannot wait to get out of our contract next year. We don't watch our TV that much- honestly, there's a lot of garbage on the TV. Not a necessity at all.

    • Jennifer

      I am proud to say we just dumped cable and a home phone! Will save us around 120 dollars a month! Eating well and getting out of debt is a much better plan :)

    • Sharon

      Where we live it is mandatory to have trash pick up (trash bill), if you do not have it they put a lean on your property.

    • Beepampered

      My hubby still grumbles that we only have basic cable. It's still $22 a month but a lot more affordable than the level most people have. He thinks I'm taking ESPN and the good channels away from him. Of course, I want to ditch it completely and keep meaning to try an antennae.

      Can you drop trash if you live in the city? I thought it was a required fee. So I could just call the town I live in and cancel the service and they wouldn't bill me?

    • Rachel

      Preach it, Jenny. We're right there with you.

    • Abswitala

      No cable, no TV…Wish we could dump the phone, but it's currently necessary.

      • moneysaved4disney

        my dad just told me google voice is the way to go. I haven't subscribed yet, but it is supposed to be free.

    • Crstnashppd

      My husband looks at me like I have grown a second head when I mention what a waste cable is. I rarely watch tv, and he watches it only for old sitcoms and sports. Everything on cable is mostly reruns anyway. But, I have yet to win that battle. For those of you with kids if you have a wii + netflix+ internet you can watch soo many things thru the wii. My kids love watching it and the supply of kids friendly shows and movies is endless. More veggietales and scooby doo than you can shake a stick at.

      • AT

        I thought I was the only one who has kids who love to watch netflix on the wii….It is truely the best $9 I spend a month. I just love it!

      • moneysaved4disney

        We have a wii, but I have no idea how to hook it up to do that. Really, I don't know that i could turn it on and get a game to start. lol! Are there good directions on the netflix site?

        • Robin

          It's very easy. Just ask Netflix to send you the CD, put it in your Wii, and it will walk you through the steps. You do need high speed internet and a router to use it.

    • lisa

      We don't have cable and this is really exciting news! We love sports so WOO HOO!

    • ireneY

      You all are my kindred spirits… or fellow cheapskates!
      We tell people we don't have cable and they act like I just told them I don't bathe! Frankly, it's the principle. There's plenty of mindless programming for free. Why pay additional to have your brain pickled? Sure, we can't joint in discussions about the Sopranos (I do know it's over!) or Mad Men, but really, nobody else in our social circle has cable either.

      Our converter box just died and we're looking for options. The $70 replacement made by Kworld from Amazon is very user-unfriendly and Tivo requires a subscription. Any suggestions?

      • Beallteam

        We had to invest in a new tv that has the digital converter built in. We have gone through 3 converter boxes of different brands and my husband in convinced they are made cheaply b/c the government gave everyone the $40 vouchers and they made them all to be in about that same price range knowing that is all anyone was going to want to pay for one.

        • Laura

          We've had are converter box for over a year now and it still works great! The remote is a little beat up, but thats just because it gets dropped a lot. I keep meaning to look to see if I can program the box to work with our universal remote. The remote is a little old though, so of course there is no code in the instruction booklet that will work with the converter box. Maybe newer remotes will? Oh and we have the Magnavox converter.

    • Anda

      I am not sure if many of you know it or not but Gmail (Email from Google) offers telephone service. It (telephone service) is free for a little while. My mother mentioned that they are competing with Skype (saw it on Fox News, I believe). I absolutely LOVE my Gmail account because it allows me to chat with my mother throughout the day while I am at work without having a telephone attached to my ear all the time :) Also, Gmail is FREE email, I think most are now :) A possibility for phone service for some of you fellow savers :)

      Here is an article off Yahoo News.


    • Savemydoe

      You can also watch many of the shows that air on cable tv on Hulu.com. You have to wait until the next day of air time, but for free its worth the wait!

    • Kelly

      We don't have cable either… We use netflix. It stream lines straight from the internet to the Blue ray player. It costs me not even $12.00 a month. Works great!

    • Scdoxies

      totally agree on the cable . people think it is strange that we dont have it, we can find other ways to spend that money.

    • Jeannie

      So want to ditch our cable but husband starts to panic at idea of that and ditching phone. Only person in our home without a cell is the four yr old and actually we have extra prepaid that I add minutes to every 90 days @ $10 for 100 mins as a back up in case one of kids temp. misplace theirs. The kids have same plan as this too. We received the digital converter boxes and tried them on several different tvs in home but because our home in on side of hill our reception was basically nothing. Any ideas for us out there??? We have to keep cutting our costs. We live within 30 miles of Atlanta but our signals come from town south of us and there are hills between us.

    • Beallteam

      Our family feels the same way about cable and we know that if we ever gave in and got used to watching HGTV anytime we wanted, we would never be able to cut the cable off! :) It has a direct correlation to how much time we spend together doing productive things as a family for the better. The extra money we save is the cherry on top!

    • Yuleedoodledo

      I have used skype for @least three years. Free phone US and Canada 2 cents per minute to Scotland. All skype to skype calls free anywhere worldwide. I also have a skype phone and home phone line with skype so anyone can call me rather than always using my computer. I pay $60 per year and am very happy. Skype has video phone calls, conferencing many numbers together, call forwarding etc., etc., at no additional charge. Highly recommend it. Veronica.

    • Nancy

      Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this! We don't have cable, but we do enjoy watching soccer, and ESPN 3 has a lot!

    • chris

      amen to not needing cable. It blows my mind when I see folks who are otherwise struggling to feed themselves but pay a cable bill every month. Thank you for making this point Jenny, I truly do not understand why more people don't cut out cable from their lives. Besides the point that watching less tv frees up a LOT of time to do more productive things.

    • Sarah

      Well, I for one LOVE cable! :) It's really the best way for my husband and me to connect. I don't play his video games or speak computer-talk like him.. he doesn't read or play music like me; but, we both can watch t.v. together and we have 6-8 shows that we watch together throughout the week after the kiddos go to bed. We have a DVR and fast-forward through all the commercials, so it doesn't take that long to watch a show. Then, that's a natural lead-in to cuddling and conversation on the couch. ;-) Plus, we rarely go out to dinner or the movies, so we consider cable to be our entertainment budget for the month. So, I would never ditch cable, if I could help it! I understand those of you who do choose to live without it though; it's just not my first choice.

      • I totally agree with this.
        My husband and I enjoy quite a few shows, most of which are not on network channels. We pay about $50 a month for satellite for the second tier with DVR.
        It would cost us $50 or more to go out, hire a babysitter,etc. It would cost almost $20 to go to a movie that we may or may not like, and of course eating out.

        I do lot's of things in the day too. I put on the tv music channels when I am cleaning or cooking (eliminating the need for a fancy ipod or iphone). I DVR and save my favorite movies eliminating the need to buy them. I can record workouts on tv, to do at a more convenient time.

        A lot of people believe that people with cable sit around doing nothing all day, but yet are sitting here on the internet doing nothing as well. To me it's up to each person to decide what they want to utilize their time/money on. There are lots of things people waste money on to me, but may be a necessity to someone else.

        And as a side note, the ESPN3 doesn't show all games. My team played today, but was not on ESPN3, but was on ESPNU for my husband and I to enjoy. Actually most of the things on ESPN3 are things that aren't on regular ESPN channels.

        • Brooke

          I agree with this as well. We love our cable TV and absolutely love our DVR. We don't have a home phone, though…we use Magic Jack and now you actually don't even need Magic Jack. You can use Google Voice for FREE! It's great! We do love ESPN3 – we watch it along WITH our cable on Saturdays. We are nerds (haha) and HUGE SEC college football fans. So we will have a game on our 42″ HDTV, and have 2 other games going at the same time on ESPN3 on our laptops. LOL

    • Proudpatriot2007

      I feel ya on not having cable. My fiance is downgrading his plan to basic, but I don't even need that much! I just get the network channels and am fine with that, since most all of what I watch is on primetime anyway. I've saved a ton of money by not having cable, and I spend a lot less time watching TV and more time with my friends, going to church things, working out, etc.

    • Randall Steadman

      I do enjoy the high speed internet and we've switched to MagicJack for phone ($1.70 per month). I also have Netflix which I think is a good value. Can't quite get the wife to give up cable though. Lots of companies (i.e. Apple, Google, etc.) trying to make much cheaper internet based TV available. With the ease of a TV remote but the convience of live or on demand programing. The cable companies and they're lobbyists are are fighting all the way. Studios are sacred but are open to it. I HATE cable companies who get a monopoly on an area. Sure theres dishes but I can't have them in my apartment. Plus the US needs to work on improving our internet infrastructure so everyone can have free internet access. Some newer upstart cities have it as well it is widespread in some countries.

    • Randall Steadman

      One last note . Jenny, thanks for being bold enough to state your opinion on things that that may not always seem to be most popular or mainstream stance. You seem to spark some interesting discussion and maybe some folks can see whats really important. I agree there is a place for cable in some households if they justify it as their whole entertainment budget or whatever. But we can all live without it if need be. On a different note….I've often wondered if you've heard of anyone whos food budget consists of only couponed items. I think if I was single I could do it. Not buy any item to eat unless I used a coupon. I try to come close now, as I'm sure we all here do, but with a family sometimes you need or want things there are no coupons for. I'll shut up now.

      • Sara

        I was single and was doing it, but now my boyfriend and I eat dinner together and take turns cooking and he is picky so not everything I eat is coupons but I sure try still. I save so much money that way, but Im not picky at all and there are only a few things I will not eat so it worked for me.

    • modvixen

      This is super cool! I just told my husband about the ESPN info and he's already online watching it. We got rid of cable a few months ago, because we're cutting expenses as I'm only working super-part time paralegal contracting and going to nursing school and taking care of our 20 month old (who I cloth diaper…whew!). We do stream Netflix through the Xbox, which we only pay $8 per month for. It's really cool and cheaper than renting movies. I love the idea about the trash! But for us, we pay less than $10 per month for trash and recycling and it wouldn't even out for us with the gas. THANK YOU for this amazing website and all these money saving ideas. This has helped us out so incredibly much!!!

    • Brighthouse doesn't love its customers as much as Time Warner loves its customers.

    • jam0267

      I would never give up our high-speed internet and our vonage phone. Vonage is great, we move frequently and you can keep the same phone number and you can have an American phone number while living outside the US. It is free long distance and you can call loads of other countries for free.

    • Henryknox9

      I have never had cable in my life and I refuse to get it. There are so many other things I can use my 50-200$ a month for. :)

    • Jessica

      We haven't had cable since we've been married ( almost 5 years). It hasn't been a problem for us at all and it's saved us a TON of money! We also haven't had trash pickup or home phone. We watch TV on hulu.com and on the networks' websites if we want to watch a particular show. We also watch broadcast tv.

    • Katie