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dog food

This is a really really early heads up…  I hope you can handle it…

In about 5 weeks, Publix will have Kibbles ‘n Bits 4 lb bag B1G1 at $4.99.  This makes it $2.49 each.

Now is the time to prepare for the sale by ordering some fantastic coupons off of Ebay. There are $2 off 4 lb bags of Kibbles ‘n Bitsmaking each bag 49¢!  These are coming out in this coming Sunday’s paper.

Just a heads up to make sure to order the coupons that expire April 16th, (not March 19th).

Even if you don’t have a dog, this is awesome to donate to a local animal shelter.

    • Shanna79

      Spring for better food. This stuff is about the worst on the market.

    • softballmom

      Thanks for the early heads up! I will be ordering coupons asap and now I know to pick up extra papers this weekend!

    • Sonyaprice2

      My local store could not find this deal in their system . They said maybe 2 weeks before it went on sale , it would show up . I'm wondering where this info was found so I could let them know. They are willing to order as many bags as I need . Thanks

      • I got the deal from someone who has access to the information. That is really all I am able to share.

        • Sonyaprice2

          Thanks Jenny , I had only called to make sure they would have the amount I needed and to see if it would be worth it to order the coupons . As I have never ordered coupons before . I'm new to you site and this will be a very useful buy as I have 5 dogs ,lol . Thanks for all you do !

          • Sonyaprice2

            and they seemed to wonder how we would have info they didn't and didn't know how to obtain ,lol

        • Julie

          Can you let us know when Welch's Grape Juice will be on sale???

    • Reneern

      Omg!!! My little dog loves this stuff! Thanks!!!

    • Jolley1

      Wooohoooo! Thanks! I just bought three 20lb. bags from Kroger when they had it for $8.88. So I spent $21 for 60 lbs with my $2 off coupons. But this is even better!

    • Rheba

      I only found 4-5 sellers that had the coupons that don't expire until April 16th. But I was lucky and got 20 from a “Buy it Now” for a total of $1.99 with shipping and handling! I only have one small dog, but like you said it's a great donation for the SPCA!

      • Jolley1

        You beat me to it!!!! I don't see any good deals on the coupons now!

    • Lucy

      Thanks for the head's up on the deal. Before going overboard buying coupons thinking that you'll donate the food to a local shelter please check with the shelter to make sure they'll accept the brand — many shelters won't accept the food because of the nutritional quality.

      I'm not bashing the brand — many folks feed their dogs the food and their dogs thrive on it. But there are some shelters that absolutely refuse to accept the product.

      • Veganpadua

        I Wish the shelters in our area had the luxury of refusing a donated brand of dog food. Unfortunately all of our shelters are quite grateful for anything they can get.

        • Mom2Emma

          I live in Florida. There is a no kill shelter almost 45 minutes away from me that will accept any type of food. The pound (10 min away) will only accept Science Diet food for all animals. Really wish the pound would change their mind on this policy. The pound also does a program with The Meals On Wheels program. You donate any type of food and they will give it to The Meals on Wheels and they pass it out with the human food.

      • Anna

        yes – I found the same issue at our shelter – I was really surprised. I tried to donate 5 boxes of Milk bones, because my little chihuahua didn't like them (figures, right?)… anyhow, the shelter wouldn't take them. They said that they only feed the animals Science Diet. Can you believe it?

        • Karen

          That's great! At least they can afford to feed them a healthier diet. Unfortunately, my dog has had cancer, so no more of the dog food with grains in it.

        • Kristin

          What is wrong with this dog food? I feed it to my dog, but was unaware of any issues with it. I thought it was good food.

    • Geenabean99

      I can't find any that are good through April!

      • MK

        That's because they're not out yet. They come out in this Sunday's paper.

    • Laurie PM

      THANK YOU -THANK YOU-THANK YOU. Our Local shelter will appreciate this so much!

    • Fritabandita59

      Thanks Jenny. Wonderful to know this so far in advance.

    • Jessicahurff

      AWESOME deal – this is what my dogs eat. Thanks Jenny!

    • Jbush27

      Non of the ones on Ebay that I found expire in April. I guess we will all have to wait until tomorrow when people start getting coupons.

    • Tdouglas26

      oh awesome!!!! My son has 5 dogs. YES 5 dogs.

    • Cosment

      Thank you. My cats will be eating dog food.

      • Blink_11

        This cracked me up! My cat is constantly eating the dog's food, so I put it in his dish once to see what he'd do and he wouldn't touch it.

        • Freemn4

          Cats are so funny!!!! I have 3 and they are all so quirky!

      • blessed X 6

        Thats so funny. Mine will too!!!!! :-)

      • Beth

        I was wondering if the Kibbles n Bits brand had cat food! We have a sharing kitty (a stray that comes in my yard everyday around lunch time!) and I was just thinking I need to get the kitty some food :) I wonder if he will eat this?

      • Kathy

        You do NOT want to feed your cat exclusively dog food. My husband had one cat die due to that before we got married. Here is a veterinarian explaining it http://blogs.dogster.com/vet_blog_information_advice/can-cats-eat-dog-food-and-vice-versa/

      • guest

        Please do not feed your cat exclusively dog food. It is bad for them. Do an internet search.

    • Blink_11

      Thanks so much for the heads up! I was going to buy it at Target tomorrow & would have been so mad if I missed this deal! I have enough stocked up that I can wait a few weeks for this deal since it's way better!

    • There are some on Ebay but the price has been jacked up to 9.95 or higher plus shipping for 20. Too High. I do not think that my Publix will have that many for me to buy before the coupons expire, since I can only go once a week. Hopefully the clipping services will have some.

      • malou

        Ok Im new at this and I was wondering how can they sell the 4/16 coupons if its not out yet?

        • Some people get the inserts early.

      • Lauren

        I was able to get 2 sets of 10 coupons each (Buy It Now listings) for around $4 total with shipping. There are a few cheap ones in there still.

        • The only ones I see expire on 3/19. I think they will be expired before this sale starts. I hope you did not waste your money.

          • Lauren

            The ones I got expire 4/16.

        • Freedom

          I also just went in and about 2 sets of 10 that expire April for about $4

        • K9mallard

          I also found mine for that price! Where do these people get these coupons and why do they feel the need yo rip people off?

    • Veganpadua

      Thank you! Dog and cat food are a big part of our budget. This heads up is super! Jenny, through southern savers, has truly changed our life :)

      • blessed X 6

        I agree. S Savers has allowed our family to breathe a little, make that a LOT on our grocery budget! Feeding 6 kids, a husband & a few pets isn't cheap, but SSavers has allowed me to buy name brands & feed us all REALLY good! I feel so Blessed to have stumbled upon this website! THANKYOU Jenny & everyone for all your hard work!!!!!

    • Rwkingv

      i found some on ebay that expire 3/19/11. will they work also? they seem to be the same.

      • I think they will be expired before this sale starts.

    • Teresa

      You can check at Coupon Clippers or KuntryKlippers.com. I bought 20 for $1 at Kuntry Klippers.

    • Thriftyfloridamama

      These coupons are now up at thecouponclippers.com for $.20 each.

    • Jylfkanney

      Since we have advance notice I'm trying to get them through my local freecycle group. Just thought I'd share a possibly free way of getting these coupons.

    • Burtz5849

      I just purchased 20 on Ebay for $7.99 via buy it now, if you pay using Bill Me Later you get a $10.00 acct credit. Woohoo~Free Coupons!

    • keb2009

      i see this turning into a hassle at publix's all over the place with not having any in stock after 10am wed. morning!

      • Diannelee

        I so agree. I found myself going back daily to check for restocking. I finally got so tired of it, I just get rain checks when they are out the first day I go over. Then the very next week after the sale is over, they have plenty so I pick up the deals then. So disappointed Publix decided to do business this way.

        • Em_7984

          I don't really see this being Publix deciding to do business this way. They can't really tell people how many items they are allowed to buy. It's more so the people who decide to go out and clear the shelf on the first day of the sale. I personally don't do that. I think it's inconsiderate, however, that is why Publix does the rain checks. And as far as I know, they don't limit the amount of rain checks you can get. My PUblix also said I could use the coupons I had on my rain checks, even if they were expired AFTER the sale. I think Publix has the best customer service and Customer Loyalty program out there…

          • Kathy

            Actually Publix (and any other store that wants to) CAN tell people how many items they are allowed to buy. I agree w/ you though that it is rude and inconsiderate for people to clear the shelves.

            • Em_7984

              I guess they CAN if they really wanted too. I don't see Publix doing that though, since they are so concerned with customer satisfaction. I guess it boils down to who is working at a particular time. I LOVE my Publix! They are ALWAYS accommodating, I have NEVER had an issue with them. I've been couponing for a little over a year and the ONLY time I had someone tell I could buy a certain amount of something was at Rite-Aid. They only had 3 bottles of baby wash on the shelf, I grabbed them, and the lady told me I couldn't clear the shelf. FOR 3 BOTTLES, lol. I called the district manager, and he told me she wasn't allowed to do that, so he sent me a $10 gift card…. If it did happen at Publix, I'm sure it could get worked out!! :)

            • Crclark75

              I agree, clearing the shelves is rude, especially when the stores will, from my understanding, reserve specified quantities of sale items if notified in advance. I have heard of others doing this, and even seen it on an extreme couponing special. So food for thought, if you know you plan to buy ALOT, call in advance and see if they are willing to do so.

      • CHP YNKEE

        Then get Rainchecks!!!!! I'm not sure about Publix – if they expire quickly or not, but if they don't, do like me and have a collection of them. That way you can make your own sale some time before the coupons expire.
        BTW: CVS and Walgreens rainchecks don't expire – ever!!!

      • Mari

        Rainchecks…also talk to the manager and let her know you plan on buying xxx amount of these, and more than likely she will special order you some and you will be set. If you put in that there is an awesome coupon and your area is heavily saturated with coupon people she/he would be glad to get extras ordered.

    • Crclark75

      how can we find out about other great deals in advance to take advantage of buying coupons off ebay???

    • Sam

      Jylfkanney, what is this local freecycle group and how do find out about in my area? Does anybody else know?

      • Kathy

        Do a search for Freecycle and you will find the “main” listing for it and then you will have to select your local area.
        Basically it is a free Yahoo email loop that you join and people list stuff that is still good that they want to get rid of. Sometimes they also list stuff they want. I found a good coupon exchange buddy this way–she is trying to keep 2 babies in diapers and I had 2 young adults living in my house so I had PLENTY of diaper q's and she had the personal hygeine product q's my teens wanted!

    • Jennifer

      thecouponmaster(dot)com has a bunch still available. They are 15 cents each.

    • Linmih3

      Jenny is it really a good idea to buy coupons from another source and is it worth it? Have a comment I want to make. Iit really was great to attend one of your meeting/programs that you had in Alabama. Thanks for all you do.

    • Lcw0415

      Thank you for this!! I have two dogs that eat this brand and this will help me save a lot of money. I bought by coupons on Ebay!!!! Never knew they sold coupons on Ebay

    • Greenville SC paper is missing a bunch of coupon including the $2 off dog food coupon

      • guest

        The post and courier (Charleston) is too

    • Lauren

      How many like coupons does Publix usually allow in one transaction? I bought 20 of these coupons on ebay, and I'm wondering how many I can use at once. I don't want to be a nuisance to the cashiers by strolling up to the register with a lot of bags of dog food and them telling me I can only use a few coupons at once.

      • Robin

        Some stores have a limit not on coupons but on the number of “deals” you can purchase. I would call and ask them (when you do you may want to ask them to order extra bags for that week since you intend to make a large purchase)

        • Lauren


    • heidi

      grrr I just bought 20 coupons too, but messed up and ordered the ones that expired march 19. now I am sooo ticked off at myself cause I just wasted money!!!!!

    • Robin

      Thanks for the tip Jenny,
      I just got 20 on ebay for $2.50. I hope the store will have plenty in stock.

    • Shayelyn

      I just ordered some coupons from CouponDede dot com. They are 12 cents each. There is a minimum purchase dollar amount so if you don't want as many dog food coupons as the minimum requires, you can take a look at their other offerings. I have ordered from them before and they are a wonderful place to do business with.
      As far as Publix goes, their rainchecks are good for 30 days and there is absolutely no way for the stores to anticipate what the public will buy on any given day, week, month or year. Some products are on automatic reorder, some are not. I have gotten into the habit of requesting rainchecks – they save tons of time and gas and cut down on stress :)

    • Couponista

      Got my coupon from todays paper. Looking for the sale!

    • Roxy3angel

      WHERE SHOULD I BUY 2.49 AT????

    • Sandy

      where are the coupons in today's paper?

    • Jackie

      did not see the coupon in my paper in Aiken, SC. Should I buy it? Jackie

      • Mayberrydf153

        Jackie I am also in the Aiken area, I've been couponing for about a month now, so far I have cut my groceries from $4-600 to $207.

    • Gamblebryant

      Go to this site and order your coupons. http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com I order coupons from here all the time.

    • Joyce

      I have two large dogs that love Kibbles 'n bits – they cost me a fortune to feed! Thought I'd be smart – ordered 50 coupons, thinking I'd be able to order them in advance. (I know one of the cashiers orders cases.) I thought I could do the same. Called the manger today. He was VERY rude. Said that it would “mess up his numbers,” to order extra. And, that he doesn't do that for customers. I asked about the raincheck policy. He said that I'd be allowed 4. And, if he saw that I was coming back for more – he's “put a stop to it.” Couldn't believe his attitude. I called another Publix in our town – they said that they'd be glad to order for me.

      • Mommamac

        You need to call corporate. Publix has a very strict policy on customer service with their employees. Besides it isnt like you are doing something wrong.

    • Holly L.

      There are coupons available on
      Expiration date of 4/16. $.20 ea. $.45 shipping!! :-)

    • karen

      I did not ordered them when she first but the post up because they were so expensive ($10.00) so I checked today and payed $2.25 for 17 coupons… not bad!

    • mama of 4

      Thanks for the heads up. Do you know ir the bogo will be on the kibbles and bits bistro meal or only on the original?

    • Melissa Smith

      help??!! new to all this. I called Publix to see if they could “order” what I wanted to purchase on the Kibbles and Bits and she said that the most I could get was 5 and get 5 free?? Did I go about this the wrong way? What do I do. I would really like to purchase 20 bags and get 20 free? is that possilbe?

      • Monique B

        From what I am learning – most Publix stores don't really do it as get one free. In this case, if you chose 2 bags of dog food (B1G1 for $4.99) it will ring up on your receipt as 1 for $2.49 and 1 for $2.50. Not 1 for $4.99 and 1 for $0. This way, you don't have to actually get 2 (or 40) if you don't want to. So, with this special coming up, the $2 off coupons make the dog food .49/.50 a bag.

    • Frugal Chick

      So is this sale going to be the week of March 13? When should I call my Publix to order some?

      • Melissa Smith

        How do you get your store to order as many as you want?

        • Frugal Chick

          I just called customer service and they patched me on through to whoever was in charge. Dan did call me back and said that he did not see anything for the next 3 weeks. So I was wondering when this sale was actually going to take place.

    • Frugal Chick

      I called my Publix today in Bethlehem, GA. I spoke with Dan. He was really helpful and super nice. He took down all my information and said that he would be in touch with more info. I did ask for 43 bags. I am so excited about this sale.

    • Monique B

      I am in Brunswick and just got off the phone with a customer service guy at Publix. He was super nice. I asked if they special ordered product and told him that I had seen online where the Kibbles and Bits was going to be on sale in a few weeks. He actually mentioned this site… said Southern Savers knows more than him because he doesn't know for sure when it will be on sale. He did take my name and number and said he would call me when the time came to order and wrote down that I wanted 22 bags. So, I am curious, how does Southern Savers know when a product will be on sale like this for far in advance?

      • Monique B

        I actually went to the last page on this thread and see where Jenny can't reveal her source which answered my above question. :) Thanks for having a source. My 3 dogs will be loving you.

    • Sonyaprice2

      I was able to order 140 coupons from the coupon clippers web site for under $22. I have already got my coupons in hand :) My store dosent see the sale either as of now . But i trust Jenny and im just waiting on the manager to see the ad to order whatever i need . woo hoo !!!! mommy of 5 dogs and 2 little boys ….. i will get almost 5 months worth of food for the same as i pay for 1 month

    • i can't figure out which week this sale would land on to place a special order through my local publix. jenny posted this on feb 18. 5 weeks from that would be march 18 (flyer 16/17-22/23) but she noted to not buy the coupons that expired march 19. so, does this mean the sale is scheduled for the week of march 25 (flyer 23/24-29/30), which is 6 weeks from posting or did she just give us that note so we wont only have 1-3 days to score this deal? or is this perhaps a green or yellow advantage deal that wont begin the regular wednesday/thursday?

      edit: i just called my local publix and the mangers there are super friendly about it (publix at east lake, atlanta, ga). shamrock, one of the store managers, informed me i had to call back monday the 14 because their delivery truck delivers every 2 weeks. if i call or place my order too early, they would not be able to apply the proper sale price to my order and so happens that the two week i am unsure about falls under the same truck delivery.

      so i guess now my question is, jenny, do you know which flavor this applies to or only the original?

      • just confirmed with my local publix the kibbles n bits are NOT on sale march 18 (flyer 16/17-22/23). unfortunately, shamrock could not confirm whether its the week after, march 25 (flyer 23/24-29/30).

    • Ephraim1

      have in hand 130 coupons – i wont clear a shelf we have at least 15 publixes within 30 miles of each other :) – i think they would let me get 8 bags per store !!! cant wait thanks so very much for this post — this should set us for dog food for nearly a year !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Melissa Smith

      When is this sale?

    • Emily

      Just a heads up for anyone still looking for coupons. I ordered mine through http://www.couponkutters.com, and apparently there are still 483 coupons left for $0.15 each plus a little shipping. I don't think there are Publix's up north because I've never had any problems ordering coupons from her for Publix ads. Hth!

      • Susanizanurse

        Thanks for the link, Emily. I just ordered some. I've never ordered from this site before but I rarely order coupons anyway .. LOL. I want to make sure I get enough dog food this go around as I only have 5 of these coupons on hand right now.

    • mum2pnut

      does anyone have ONE of these coupons they can spare? It would be greatly appreciated!! Please email me srcjames@live.com

    • Kathleen

      still excited about this sale – curious as to dates :) Tried to get my local store to order some but they refused- said they would be willing to put some aside for me, though. The manager stated that they didn't 'order' the kibble, they just got whatever corporate decided to send. This is in Birmingham, AL.

    • Mel

      i ordered the coupons but they say select ? Does anyone know if that will be on sale?

      • Mhmazzoli

        Me too! Does anyone know th answer?

    • Steph in GA

      Got our 20 bags today! It was AWESOME!