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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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The Mystery Penny Item at Publix for Sunday & Monday 5/3- 5/4 is: a Half Gallon of Publix Tea (from Deli)
(some stores vary)

**If your store has substituted something else but still has this item in stock you can ask to get the corporate decided item and most stores will let you**

You can get the Penny item with any purchase that is $10 or more before coupons. There is a Mystery Penny Item coupon in the Publix Sunday Ad every week. Some stores do not require this coupon, but many have changed and do require it now, check with your store to find their policy.

Get all of this weeks Publix Deals and Coupon Matches!

Don’t forget the list of Food Advantage Buy deals & Health & Beauty Advantage Buy deals too.

**Note: FL and Coastal GA stores do not participate in the Penny Item promotion**

    • JMR

      The Birmingham News has a $5 off a $35 in today’s paper. It is on page 18A.

    • Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know that this includes a lot of different varieties of publix tea: Sweet, Peach, Unsweet, Green etc.

    • MiniMidgMom

      BEst Publix trip ever! spent 93.96 saved 108.66 PLUS I bought rebate items so I have an additional $12.99 in rebates to send out tomorrow!

      Pup-a-roni is a money maker at my store: take the two online coupons and the Target coupon. Had $5 in coupons for BOGO $3.96 item.

    • Teri

      I used the Bloom $10 off $50 and and 24 coupons to buy all my groceries for free. My Walgreens trip was free too. God has been so good to teach me a way to be a much better steward of the money He gives us! I stand amazed. Thanks for all your help, Jenny!

    • Angela W

      Teri- Is there a Bloom store in your area? I was going to use some Bloom printables at Publix, but we don’t have Bloom here…

    • Rebecca

      I just had a major problem at my Publix. I went and they refused to take my Target coupons. They took them Friday but a manager came up and said that they had just had a meeting about it and that they were not to take them anymore. I did alright without them anyways, I spent $33 and saved $47 but it really frustrated me plus it held up the line which was humiliating. Has anyone else heard about this or had this problem? …or was it just my bad luck!?

    • The manager at my store told me on Thursday that he was no longer going to accept Target coupons either. He did tell me which Publix will accept them though. I live in Stockbridge, GA.

    • Teri

      Angela, We do have a Bloom in the area but my particular Publix is good about taking coupons from just about any store. But one time, I went into a Publix which was not by my house and I went and asked if they would take a certain competitor’s coupon and she said they don’t normally since the competitor is not in the immediate area but she said they would anyway – this one time. I was grateful!

    • Angela W

      I wasn’t too excited about the tea as the penny item, but mad e Publix run tonight anyway for items that are only on sale a few more days.
      I’m glad I did! Spent $50, saved $81. Got 2 Digiorno pizzas, 3 french toast stix, 4 Keebler cookies, 4 granola, fresh produce, 4 Contessa Meals, a Stouffer’s chicken lasagne, 2 salsa, chips, 3 free sour cream, a Danamals 6 pk smoothie, and a few other items not on sale. Whew!
      Now to get the $1.99 a lb chicken @ Kroger!

    • Katie

      Publix in Lexington, SC has started keeping it’s store coupons behind the counter at customer service & may not be providing the health care coupons anymore due to people taking stacks of them at a time. As a newcomer, I sure hope the privilege isn’t going to be lost due to an abuse of the system.

    • jj marcum

      hey jenny,
      what’s the deal with publix lately?? not only are they not taking target/walgreens coupons anymore, they are also starting to embarrass their shoppers that choose to use coupons. has anyone else experienced this? just this past week alone, i have heard 2 separate stories from friends, of cashiers lining up coupons with items BEFORE scanning them to put in the bags AND i even had one story of already scanning the items and then pulling them back out of the bags to match coupons to items. are they kidding me?? i told both friends to make sure and speak to a manager about the line hold up and the cashiers humiliating them for trying to be thrifty (not to mention honest). are there really that many dishonest coupon users out there? any other ideas?? any suggestions would be helpful as both of these incidents happened at my publix!!

    • Melanie

      I had this happen in Charleston too (lining coupons up along the register area and scanning the item, finding the coupon, scanning the coupon, then moving to the next item. It was actually a new cashier and he said this was how they trained him to deal with customers with coupons. A manager came over to bag and said nothing about how long it took or the way he was processing the items. I wonder if this is a new policy and how they will train all new cashiers? I did not care for this at all.

    • Paula

      jj marcum,

      YES, there are that many dishonest coupon users! I would say there are almost as many dishonest as honest right now. We are told to do this by our managers. Not a new policy, it should have been done all along. Yesterday alone, I had several customers trying to use 2 and 3 manufacturers coupons for the same item (they said they “were told” they could by friends). We had another woman using coupons for items she didn’t get – even worse, for items we don’t even carry!! We had people buying large orders and trying to get 2 and 3 of the .01¢ items by blending them in with a stack of coupons.
      If the cashier takes these coupons without paying attention or “on purpose” that is coupon fraud on her behalf and it is a form of STEALING. She gets in trouble and if proven she did it intentionally she can be written up and or even fired.
      We have many honest couponers that also make mistakes. We can NOT remember all your items as they are scanned so we may have to pull something back out or recount multiple items. We also have to pull itmes out to get prices on the FREE items because it MUST be written on the coupon before it is turned it.
      We are not trying to make you look bad or humiliate you in any way….we are trying to protect our assets and keep our jobs.

    • Jennifer

      My Publix (Alabaster, AL) is now refusing the Rite-Aid $5 off $25 competitor coupon. This is new as I used it just last week. I do consider a drugstore a true competitor. I have recently bought coffee-mate, peanuts, peanut butter, sugar, etc. all at drugstores. Not to mention they both sell prescriptions, paper towels, kleenex, etc. I too love Publix but how much farther is this going to go I wonder? I called last week and a manager said they do accept Target (non-super center) coupons. I consider this fair since we do not have a super-center Target relatively close. I guess I need to make another call….

    • Jennifer

      Paula, I just posted about the Rite-Aid coupon. I hate that this is the case with dishonest couponers. This makes me angry that people would treat Publix this way! They are so generous, accomodating and friendly. I try and hold back my coupon items till last so I can help the cashier match them up, I have nothing to hide. Also, I like to ask before they begin if they want my coupons first. I even do this at Walmart, etc. For us honest couponers, lets be helpful and considerate as possible. It is helpful to the employee and quite honestly, it ensures we get full credit for our coupons as well. Being good stewards of God’s provision is a good thing. We don’t need to feel ashamed. Especially if we are following the rules. Good luck!

    • jmr

      This may be my ignorance, but doesn’t the computer pick it up when a coupon is scanned for an item Publix doesn’t carry or if more than one manufacturer’s coupon is used for an item? I have had situations at other stores where I have had coupons and I picked up the wrong size or variety of something by mistake and the computer wouldn’t accept them. Then when the cashier and I looked more closely at the item it ended up being my mistake. I know Publix keys in competitor coupons by hand, but it seems like the scanner would pick up these other issues without so much drama.

    • I had a friend tell me last week that she was collecting blinkies to save for later in a pie crust shell while shopping. When she got to the register, she was on the phone so her boyfriend took care of the order. The cashier started scanning all the coupons (that didn’t match anything they were buying) and all of them went through. The only time there is a problem is if you have more coupons than items or if you use more than $50 in coupons the register will beep. So its really up to the cashiers to police this unfortunately.

    • Nona

      My Publix refused to accept Food Lion coupons last night. The cashier told me that they accept Target & Kroger only as competitor. I commented that Food Lions coupons were accepted the week prior and I did not receive a reply. Also, only the sweet tea 1/2 G was a penny coupon item, no flavors allows. I haven’t used a drug store coupon in a month, so I’m not sure about them any longer either. It was good while it lasted!

    • Nona

      Also, I forgot to mention that the cashier also pulled every item I had coupons for out of my bag and rescanned them again. I didn’t give her my coupons until the end, so she couldn’t line them up, as others have mentioned. Worse experience at this Publix ever!

    • Angela

      What is so frustrating about my recent experiences at Publix, is that no one seems to have consistent answers about what the rules are, or even a solid working knowledge of them. If they are going to question every coupon so carefully, then they should be informed and consistent. Publix should have a detailed written coupon policy at every register for both the cashier and the customer to refer to.

      I am frustrated with getting told ‘no’ on deals that I believe actually are legitimate, such as using a coupon on both BOGO Free items, coupons rejected b/c of ‘overage’ instead of adjusting down the coupon value to the sale price of the item, and the eternal question of whether you can/can’t use a store + manufacturer coupon on the same item – no one wants to put a solid yes/no out there.

      The prevailing attitude seems to be ‘when in doubt, or if the deal looks too good’, tell the customer it’s not allowed. A cashier told me the other day, “it’s illegal”…..Well – based on what law, and what are the specifics of it as it relates to this type of transaction?….. If you’re going to use incriminating words like ‘illegal’, you should know what you’re basing that on, and be able to explain it. If you can’t, then refer to store policy – oh wait – there isn’t one!

      Requesting assistance from customer service/store management is ‘take your chances’ as well, depending on what they’ll say the store policy is for that particular week…..

      I was recently excited to find a Publix that would take a Rite Aid competitor Q – the cashier said no, and I asked for the manager, and he very nicely told me, “Yes, we do.” One week later, same situation, and the very same manager told me, “No – we don’t take Rite Aid – we’ve never taken drugstore coupons”….. I had driven an extra 5 miles to this store….

      I just want a specific policy, and I will follow it. It’s irritating to put in the time and effort for random results, and to lose out on deals that I believe are actually allowed, depending on the disposition of the cashier……

    • tonya

      my last trip was a negative one as well. the cashier actually rolled her eyes and shook her head during the coupon scanning. i don’t understand why they feel so harsh against those of us who choose to use coupons. i just kept telling myself i was honest and was doing nothing wrong…maybe it’s jealousy…i mean really it takes some effort on my part to keep up with my coupons and compose a grocery list that coordinates with them. some people just don’t want to take the time to do the leg work and maybe they are jealous…who knows.

    • Angela

      I don’t think it’s jealousy related – rather, I tend to guess that this type believes using more than 1 or 2 coupons is ‘taking it beyond the spirit in which it was intended’.

      Again, that’s why they should have a detailed, written store policy that states any limitations on coupon use. That way, we’re all clear on what’s reasonable, and what’s not. It wouldn’t eliminate all such transactions, but if there was a clear policy on what the store considers ‘friendly coupon use’, it would definitely make a clearer distinction between fraudulent and legitimate coupon users……

    • tonya


      i’m with you about “why doesn’t the computer pick it up” when a couon doesn’t match the item you purchased. i know at the drugstores if the item doesn’t match up exactly (ex: size, specific kind etc.) it will not accept the coupon. wonder why publix hasn’t caught on to this method. seems it would make things run much smoother at check out.

    • Rachael

      I have run into a very frustrating problem. The Publix in my area have stopped taking Food Lion coupons! Since there is not a Food Line in the general vicinity they absolutely will not accept them. This happened at the check out counter after everything had been rung and there was a line behind me. The cashier called the manager and that’s what they told me. I tried at another one and it was the same story. It cost me $7! I am so bummed because FL coupons help me save TONS on Earth’s Best baby food!!!

    • Paula

      It is up to the individual managers what each Publix considers a competitor. If there is not a Walgreens, Target or what ever store within a 3 to 5 mile radius of your store, it does not have to be considered a competitor. Read the Publix coupon policy that Jenny posted. Calling corporate will not help with this since this is the policy. A mamager can change the stores they consider competitors any time they like…..always ask at customer service before shopping.

      Publix registers will not take a coupon on items we don’t carry, but that sometimes does not stop the cashier from keying in a coupon (whether she is not thinking or intimidated). People still try to pass them off. The register will scan expired coupons which we are also NOT allowed to take.

      The cashier should ask at the beginning of the sale if you have coupons. This helps eliminate some of the problems of having to go back and count and pulling things out of bags. Thank you to people who give them first thing.

    • nicole

      I know what you are all experiencing…We finally got a Publix a couple months ago on 69 south in Tuscaloosa, Al right across the street from my house so I was excited when I found out they take competitors coupons, or should I say “did”. On my last 3 major shopping trips I have been embarrassed, talked down to and told of NEW policies that just went into force days before.
      At one shopping trip I had a cashier ask the manager if they take the $5 off $25 from Rite Aid and he said yes and she can use as many as the total (I spent $150 ) so I could have used six, I only had 3. The very next day I tried to use one and was told they no longer take them and never have! When I asked to speak to the manager I was told he was in a meeting and call him later. I didn’t bother.
      Two weeks later when I went to do major shopping the cashier started to scan my items then asked if I had coupons, I told her yes and I would get them in a min. she stopped scanning, gave me a dirty look and said “I will wait, I am not scanning anymore until I have them I might need to write down a price” I informed her none of my coupons needed a price written in. (did I mention I have 3 young children running around because she is taking so long?) She still did not start scanning and said “no, I will wait” I gave her the coupons and she lined them up and looked for and scanned each item. I understand they are making sure I have the item, which I did. However, while she was doing this 5 yes 5 people got in line then out of line with a disgusted look on their face. When all was said and done I went out to my car to check the receipt, I usually do this before I leave but just wanted to get out it took 40min to ring up 1 cart of food. When I got to the car I noticed she did not ring in my coupon for yogurt 40 cents but they double so 80. I went back in there and she had the coupon in her bag, so they were going to get money for Yoplait for the yogurt and never gave me the discount. Oh and it was the last coupon so she could not say it was a mistake. I got my money back but when asked for the coupon policy 2 managers told me I would have to come back the next day to talk to the store manager.
      I went back and he was “in a meeting” so a shift supp. When and got the policy off the wall folded it and only printed a small section that reads “we do not accept KMART, RITE-AID or WHOLE FOODS, as competitor coupons” that’s it….so I asked about Walgreens and cvs, she ran to the office and came back shaking her head, nope we don’t take ‘em either.
      Then last night I after spending hours printing out coupons and making my list I get up to the register and was told they no longer take target, when I asked when that started I was told um I think last week, they were really rude, but decided to take the 4 I had for a total of $3 off. I told the cashier I was not trying to be difficult, pulled out the print out I was give and explained to her every time I come in here they change the rules, the least they could do is post a sign. She rolled her eyes and gave me a sour look. I am growing so discouraged with the last of consistency and customer service at the 69 south Publix in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that I feel like I should just go back to shopping at Walmart, they both provided me we terrible customer service but always took my coupons. Oh and by the way the Food lion manager told my neighbor that she should break up her order if she had more then 10 coupons to be double because they system only doubles the first 10 and he didn’t want her to get ripped off. Maybe I will head over there with my $500 a month…