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Coupon Abbreviations
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  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
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  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Sam's Club $1 Per Week Membership

If you’re considering a Sam’s Club membership here is a great deal to test it out. You can get a summer membership for $1 per week for 10 weeks. In order to get this special price you must sign up before June 5th, 2011.

While I do not personally find a membership necessary, you can find the grocery store sale prices on meat, diary, and produce at Sam’s Club everyday.  They also have great deals on socks, books etc.

A quick savings tip:
Many people shop at Sam’s Club for paper products and grocery items you use regularly, but if you compare prices you will find you do not actually save money over shopping sales at grocery and drug stores.

For example:

Scott Mega Paper Towels, 6 rolls at CVS this week for $3 (50¢ ea.)
Scott Towels, 20 rolls, $32.88 ($1.64 ea)

Chinet Napkins 40-90 ct, 7¢ at Publix this week (.001 ea.)
Vanity Fair Napkins 600 ct, $8.48 (.014 ea)

Wisk Detergent 50 oz, FREE at Kroger this week
Wisk Detergent 172 oz, $13.48

Remember most coupons are good for different size packages, so even if Sam’s took a coupon (which they don’t) a $2 off coupon on a product that costs $2.99 is a much better deal than using it on a $13 product.

    • ShannonV

      When you click on the link, it says it's for Small Business members only.

      • Deborabean

        It is for anyone.

        • Srgordon

          Yes, and Sam's Club takes Foodstamps, I would recommend trying it out for the ten weeks and more than likily they will have a deal if you open a new membership you will get a gift card

          • Srgordon

            That is what I have been told it is for everyone but online it just states for small business idk just contact local Sam's Club and ask

      • Srgordon

        You can get the Advantage card which is for any other household for $40 a year

    • Kristina

      Gas is a good reason to have a membership!

      • Rachel

        Yes, I was about to say the same thing! We buy very little from the store, but use the gas perks often.

    • Kelli

      While you may not save on things like you listed, I can get a gigantic bag of  romaine hearts for 2.50 or a huge amount of tender asparagus for a little over $4. For in season produce, sometimes you can really save.

      • Srgordon

        3.98 seedless watermelons at our club in Hickory

    • Chris

      I have a Sams membership that I let expire at the end of April because I just wasn't going.  It was a waste of money and their prices are not all that much better plus it was out of the way to go.  There is a Costco a lot closer and I've thought about going there but with the deals and sales that have been going on I just don't see a reason to waste my money.

    • hollyb

      Sam's has amazing produce and seafood though! I don't buy that anywhere else.  Also, they are usually cheaper on milk and oj.  I agree about the health and beauty products


      We save $.50 or more per gallon of milk; with four teenage boys we use 6-8 gallons each week.  90% lean ground beef is $2.79 – grocery stores don't have sales that low; the qulaity and prices of meat and produce in general is better than having to wait for a sale to get what you need.  And gas is typically $.05 – $.10 per gallon less.  For large families, a combo of warehouse club and coupon shopping is the way to go!

      • happymom

        I've been thinking of joining for the exact reasons you mentioned!  Thanks for the post… I think I'll try it.

      • MacsMommy7

        If you can afford to pay it up front, getting 20% off (instead of $0.05-0.10 per gallon) is a much better deal.  20% off would be $0.80 with gas at $4/gallon.  Publix runs this sale several times a year.  Milk and meat, I generally agree.  Good luck!

    • Fromkhadija

      I don't buy groceries at big box stores but I find they have great books and  small appliances.  They also have good furniture sometimes.

      • Fromkhadija

        Oh, they also carry unique American Girl products around Christmas time that you can't find anywhere else.

    • kristen

      Yeah, the only thing I think I saved on at BJ's was diapers and formula, but now i get diapers thru amazon moms!

    • Bleski

      I find my membership worth it just for my savings in butter!!!! :)

      • Anonymous

        I have not paid for butter in 12 months!  COUPONS!!

        • Leah

          Real butter?

    • Msemejuru

      Split the membership price with a friend and you can each have cards (if allowed). We save on non-food items although sometimes produce is a good deal. At Sam's we used to save a fortune buying tires and they rotated for free. We also got price breaks on car rentals that was cheaper than anything online and most of the time could be combined with AAA. I bought winter coats for $9 each for the kids and Carter's shoes around the same price. Books, clothes and pull-ups pay for the membership for us a BJ's not to mention the gas. I switched to BJ's because they take coupons and other forms of payment but I doubt I'll keep the membership when my daughter is out of pull-ups.

      • Chazree

        I did the same when my kids were in diapers, but let it expire once they were out. Gas and milk use to be cheaper at also, but not anymore where I live.

    • Smartchik33

      I just use mine for gas…depending on where u live their gas prices are normally about 10 cents cheaper than the rest……and with gas going up up up…hey 10 cents a gallon adds up to a lot…..especially if u have an SUV like me :-{

      • Chris

        The closest one is so far away I would spend my savings just getting back and forth.  I just use the Publix deal on gas cards when they have it but also use a website called  atlantagasprices dot com to show me who has the cheapest gas close by – and I drive a pickup so I understand.  Kudos to anyone who lives near one and can save something!

    • Sam

      Gas prices alone justify the membership.  Another benefit is meat and produce prices, generally lower than loss leaders, and since I have 30 or so grocery stores surrounding me, yes, I am sure.    Everything else you'll do better on with coupons.

    • CHI

      It seems like a good deal, but actually the basic annual membership is just $35 or around $0.63 per week.
      Even knowing that Im still going to get it b/c i need 20- 50 lbs bags of rice, sugar and flour (they have ok prices on these products). 
      I also love their Member's Mark OTC products.

      • Srgordon

        That is for the business membership, a regular Advantage membership is $40 also they do have their evalues program which have really good coupons automatically loaded to your card with savings of up to 40% in the pharmacy and aditional year with any warranty you buy, 1 free health screenings a year and 5 free vehicle report historys (which some carlots willnot give you if they are wholesalers).  That membership is $100 for a year but along if you save $40 on one generic prescription a month it would pay for your membership. The reason for me knowing all this info is because I am a cashier the plus membership is the way to go and not just because I am a cashier and have to sell this membership this is my own experience.

        • Srgordon

          Also Advantage plus get in at 7 instead of 10, like regular Advantage, bet the crowd and if you have a Sam's Club Discover Card you earn up to 2% cash back anytime you use it, let me clearify all business members get in at 7 but advantage have to wait until 10.  Which people say that isn't fair but they pay their $100 to get in early(plus members and businesses shop at Sam's regularly), and alone that is one of the major selling feature for the plus membership.

    • Joshua77

      There are some savings at Sam's are probably worth the $10 membership fee.  For example 2lbs. of yeast is about $3-4 dollars and a five pound jar of honey is only $8-9 dollars.  A 16oz. container of real vanilla extract is also much cheaper than any sale at a grocery store.  There may be a few other items that will save you money, but if you need theses baking items, stock up.

    • Mailkirsten

      They have great prices on bottled water.  We also use the Sams/Costco brand baby formula.  Their prices per ounce are cheaper than you can get Similac for with a coupon.

      • Guest

        I've gotten Similac for free for several months now.  Using a coupon and sales.  You may want to reevaluate it!!

        • Mommy2Boys

          Totally agree!!!!  I'm stocked for at least 2 months, I have rainchecks for 15 free bottles at CVS and Harris Teeter is running a special this week which will make it free as well.  I should be stocked until the next free special, I may never have to pay for formula!!!!!  :)

    • Tricia

      I get good deals on the 2# yeast, too, plus bread flour in 25# sacks (I bake a lot). Other bargains are gourmet cheeses – if you have a large family, like mine, otherwise split with a friend – salsa, sauces like soy or worchestershire, some produce, books, spices, paper lunch bags, and those giant rolls of food service plastic wrap. For everything else, I do better at grocery store or drugstore sales. We have a business membership, which runs aboiut $35 a year. I probably wouldn't pay the individual membership price, but for $10, it might be worth it.

    • Leah

      Real butter?

    • Maximus Aurelius

      I can't speak for Sam's but Costco plus couponing is the way I go. 

      I'm fairly picky about couponing – a lot of the 'deals' are for unhealthy, manufactured foods, which I consider a waste of money at any price. Therefore most of my couponing goes towards household items like cleaners, paper products, vitamins & pain relievers, shampoo & toiletries, etc or basic staple food items like olive oil, rice, spices and the like. The savings is very substantial.

      However, Costco has very high quality produce and meat, items which are not really susceptible to couponing. I know its possible with overages but it tends to be a rare occurance. Costco also has very good prices for bulk cooking and house hold items (big bags of flour, huge rolls of garbage bags). It's also good for oddball items that don't go on sale in grocery stores that often – for instance, I can get a couple small pouches of Craisins for a few pennies at the grocery store maybe 3 or 4 times a year, but pay maybe $6 for an enormous bag that will last 6 to 8 weeks. Very important when Craisins go on your oatmeal every morning.

      Of course, your mileage may vary. The gas prices are sometimes better, sometimes not. I only am cooking for two (myself and my girlfriend; yes, I'm one of those rare male extreme couponers who gets quizzical and sometimes sideways looks at Publix when I hand over my stack of coupons) and so I don't really need to shop in bulk or for expensive diapers or formula stuff.

      • Mlbam6

        My thoughts exactly.  We eat tons of fresh food at our house, a lot of whole grains, brown rice, fresh boneless skinless chicken ($1.97lb) and very very very few processed products.  And Sams is the only place that I can guarantee the quality and price will always be the same.  Free yogurt is not too appealing when it is full of corn syrup.

        • Kim

          One thing to look at with Sam's fresh boneless chicken is that the sodium content is actually pretty high. My husband is a personal trainer and goes by a pretty stringent way of eating- eliminating as many sources of sodium as possible. Many other stores advertise “fresh” chicken as well but it's preserved.

      • AshATL

        I would also like to point out that Costco has an excellent dog food – Kirkland Super Premium – for about $25 for a 40 or 50 pound bag.  While it is possible to get dog food cheap at the grocery stores with coupons, that would require 1) swithcing our dogs' food constantly according to what is on sale and 2) feeding them cheap junk.  One of our dogs has a sensitive stomach, and she's been eating the Kirkland for years now and barely ever throws up.  If I were feeding her a rotating diet of whatever was on sale, she'd be barfing most of it up all over my house, so not a real bargain.  Also, most grocery store brands are made primarily with corn, and is therefore basically empty calories.  The equivalent of feeding your children nothing but Twinkies.  There are dog foods out there that have better nutritional content than the Kirkland brand, but the price of the Kirkland and quality are a good compromise, in my opinion.  We simply could not consistently find a similar food at that cost in a grocery store, and themembership fee just about pays for itself when you consider what a deal the dog food id.
        We also buy cheeses and make big purchases like vacuums there, and we fill up at the gas station when we can.  The other day the gas was $3.86/gal while other gas stations in the area were over 4 bucks.  Additionally, Costco is great for gifts – they have discounted gift cards and awesome prices on flowers and cakes. 

    • karen

      After many years of having a business membership, we joined BJ's and did not renew our Sam's Club card.  The prices were about the same, the produce was about the same, the gas was about the same BUT BJ's accepts coupons from both their monthly coupon booklet and manufacturers AND BJ's accepts all credit cards.  We use American Express and Sam's didn't accept that one.

      • Fromkhadija

        Bj's was my favorite store before they closed in my area.  They have awesome clearances too and very unique items that can't be found anywhere else.  It is a much, much better store than Costco or Sam's, in my opinion.

    • Awn

      i think that sam's club prices on items rarely or never on sale (milk, flour, yeast, salt) is alone really worth the membership-the price for bread flour and yeast is really cheap.  With gas prices so high, if a sams is near you, it would be pretty easy to recoup at least the $1 a week even if you didn't shop there, just with gas alone.

      • Fromkhadija

        I agree, the yeast is SUPER cheap at Sam's.  It doesn't seem as strong as the other yeast though.

    • Tyler

      Will someone compare the price of members mark paper towels and toilet paper to the average good coupon price form the grocery/drug stores?  Something I have been pondering over the past few weeks.

      • momof3

        I have done the math with Kirkland Signature in the past.  I saved money with my sales, but I don't remember how much.  However, the Kirkland ones were individually wrapped, which was better for the food bank for give aways…

        • Srgordon

          It is $16.48 for 12 rolls paper towels and $16.98 for 36 rolls of their toliet paper, If Food Lion would put their Scott back on sell I have a $2 off and a $1 off they usually run $4.99 that means I would only pay $1.99 for 12 rolls so times by 3 that would be $6 but will they put it back on sale before my coupons runs out who knows,  Paper towels are usually the same price as toliet paper on sale but for 8 rolls so it just depends on which coupons you have and what store you are at

    • Kbrandt3

      I tried to do this and they told me that the offer was only good for small businesses.  The customer service was horrible and the staff was sloppy.  Just another reason for me to stick with Costco

    • Bridget

      BJ's has a free 60 trial membership you can get but it must be activated before July 5th, 2011. you can print the coupon bjs.com/savings. I much prefer BJ's over any other wholesaler though I do not frequent any of them that often. I only want a membership to purchase some floorong for our home :)

    • Christopher De Moss

      At Sams you cant use the coupons like you explained, but what you dont know is that at Sams they do have coupons that you can get in store at the kiosk. The coupons are automatically loaded on your Sams card. The kiosk also is a smart shopper coupon that after a while the product that you normal buy will start showing up on your card. On average Sams is lower than the leading competitor. You also will find that Sams backs up all membership 100%, so while you get 60 days free you can purchase the membership and 11months down the road you can get a 100% refund. I am not advertising for them just stating the facts. I have a plus membership with them where i can shop without everybody being there. I can receive 200% refund on some things, and the free extended warranties on tvs, the list is really long with all the advantages that you can get from there. Even simple things like showing up early to shop and getting free breakfast when you walk in the door.

      • Chris

        You know I used to agree but Sams is so out of the way it wasn't saving me any money to get all the way over there and buy things not on sale and not using my Qs.  If you watch sales closely and shop stores closer, only buying things when on sale and with Qs, you can save a whole lot more money.  I let my business membership lapse this May because it just wasn't worth it anymore.