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In case you missed the Toys R Us flyer in your Sunday paper, this is big news…

This week Toys R Us is having “The Biggest Game Sale of the Year” and I think they named it correctly.  They have numerous Hasbro Games on sale for $3.99 each.  Plus when you buy $25 in Hasbro games you will get a $10 gift card toward your next purchase.  There is also a $2 mail in rebate available for these games!!  These deals are only available in stores.

$3.99 Games
Ants in the Pants
Candy Land
Chutes and Ladders
Don’t Break The Ice
Don’t Spill the Beans
Hi-Ho Cherry-O

$7.99 Games
Boggle Jr
Scrabble Jr
Monopoly Jr

$9.99 Games
Mouse Trap
Connect 4

**Idea #1**
Buy: (7) Games – One of each
Total Due: $27.93

Get $10 Gift Card at checkout
Get $14 Mail in Rebate

Total for 7 games: $3.93 or 56 cents each!!

**Idea #2**
(1) Scrabble
(1) Connect 4
(2) $3.99 Games (different games)
Total Due: $27.96

Get Back: $10 gift card
Get $10 Mail in Rebate

Total for 4 Games: $7.96 or $1.99 ea

    • Melissa

      I just did this deal and actually got 8 games (my cashier somehow didn’t scan one). Even if you don’t need them this is a great deal to pick up for Toys for Tots or any other charity collecting for the less fortunate this Christmas.

      • sherry

        so are you going to go back and pay for the mistake? i bet you would go back if she charged you twice!! do we want everything free

        • jessica

          Not sure if you meant it that way, but your comment comes across as kind of rude. No need to make her feel bad- she didn’t do anything wrong.

          I worked in retail and we would never charge a customer for something small like that that was our mistake. We would thank them for their honesty if they pointed it out, and just let it go. I really doubt if she brought it to their attention they would even charge her for the $4 game.

          I personally would not drive back to the store, spending my own gas money for a $2 mistake (I know it’s $4 but she would be getting $2 back in a rebate, so it’s really actually $2). Nor would I bother driving back to the store wasting my own time and money if they charged me an extra $2.

          • Yes ITA, that was really not a very nice comment. My mama always said- “If you can’t say anything nice…” well, you all know how that goes.

            • Lori

              Another problem with returning a small item to pay for it is you can actually get the cashier in trouble. I worked in retail and this happened to a co-worker. The management was nice enough to the customer for bringing it to their attention but the cashier was reprimanded for her error.

          • Amanda

            I have also worked in retail for many years, and we actually appreciate a customer returning to the store after an error. It just depends on what you feel is the right thing to do! :)

            • jessica

              Well, I agree with you that it is the “right thing to do.” Whether or not they would charge her for it would depend on the store, I’m sure. As Lori pointed out, though, it might also end up making the cashier get in trouble. I’m a former retail manager, and I HAD to write up cashier errors, per my supervisor’s requirements. If they had already received write-ups, I had to fire them. So that’s another thing to think about. :) $2 could end up costing someone their job.

            • Amanda

              I have also been a retail store manager for many years, and I totally agree with you that we don’t know “whether or not they would charge her for it.” However, is it really up to us to make assumptions on what the store will/will not do? We don’t know if this is an isolated incident. Don’t you think that if there is a cashier accidentally letting unpaid product go out the door, he/she should be corrected? Again, it just depends on what you feel is the right thing to do! :)(Just a friendly thought!)

      • Aimie

        I’m sorry, but we can justify all we want, even though it was not by any of her own actions, this is stealing. Something was bought that was not paid for, not because there were coupons that the store would be re-imbursed form but simply by way of an error. Yes, this is a BIG corporation, but that doesn’t matter, an item was bought that WAS NOT PAID FOR. I have 4 small children and know as well as anyone how hard it is to go back in, but if you had been double charged, wouldn’t you go back in to get your money back? It’s the same thing. No judgement-been there, done that.

        • Sheleigh

          I agree with you Aimie. Mistakes happen because we all are human, but when these mistakes happen it makes items go up in price, hence all of us having to find ways to cut our bill (couponing). A friend just went through this same thing not long ago, she had just had a baby, so she called the store let them know their mistake and they wound up not charging her. BECAUSE SHE WAS HONEST! A good deal is an HONEST deal, and if Melissa is a person who is able to sleep at night with knowing something like this, well all I can say is Karma. There is something to be said about being HONEST! I feel there are always those small scenario’s in life testing our morals, it is sad, but some people pass, but most fail.

        • becki

          i totally agree! i have 3 children myself and a few weeks ago my daughter had strep and wanted jello. we got it at target but she was holding it and we forgot to pay for it. it worried her to death until i went back and paid for it. i just believe that right is right and wrong is wrong. not to make anyone feel bad, it is just the truth. ultimatly though, it comes down to what choice each person chooses to make.

          • Christy

            I’m sorry, but I agree with the people who wouldn’t waste their gas to go back for a $2 mistake. Right may be right and wrong is wrong, but I have been so screwed over financially lately that no one is doing me right, so if someone accidentally gives me something for free, especially a big corporation I am going to take it and run with it and not feel bad about it.

            • beverly

              wow- what insite into people character. So because you have been “screwed” lately you feeled justified in screwing another? If you walked out of a store with something you didn’t pay for that and don’t go back to correct your mistake that is stealing. period.

              If someone walked out of your house with an item (like your kid put another kids toy in your purse). you would give it back right- its not right to keep something that isn’t yours….

          • Carol

            I have mixed feelings about this. If the store was a long way off and I didn’t notice the mistake until I got home, I don’t know if I would make the long drive back, but I might at least call and let them know of the mistake. If I noticed it in the parking lot, I would definitely return it or pay for it.

      • Julie

        I personally would feel compelled to pay for the item for moral reasons. I would drive back or make a call. I too worked for retail for years and think it is important to right a wrong. THe best thing for this site however would be to leave personal notes out and focus on the deals. Afterall, everyone has an opinion don’t they?

    • Sheila

      In deal idea # 2 Jenny says to buy scrabble and connect 4. Do I have to purchase those two games or just one from the 7.99 category and one from the 9.99 category?

      • Mary

        It would have to be those 2 for the best deal since they are the only ones in the 9.99 category that are part of the rebate. None of the 7.99 games are part of the rebate, but all of the 3.99 games are. Just make sure you look at the rebate list before you go to make sure everything you get is eligible (otherwise it won’t be as good of a deal).

        • Sheila

          Thanks for your help!!! I just went and got 7 games for $3.99 each! It worked great! FYI – All of the Memory games are $3.99, not just the original. At my Toys R Us only the original Memory was advertised at $3.99, but I got the Disney Princess version.

    • Haley

      I think I am going to do Idea #1 and then use the $10 gift card to purchase idea #2, also using the rebate for both. You guys think this would be possible?

      • Lisa

        You have to wait 6 hours to use the gift card.. I tried this morning!

    • Aaron

      I just made my Toys R Us run, and there is even something to sweeten the deal! If you buy Scrabble or Monopoly then you get a free “family game night trophy” (worth $10) in addition to the deal. I actually bought Trouble to get the free trophy, it was $12.99, but also on the rebate list.

    • One idea would be to split the 28 bucks outlay between a friend and then use the 10 gc to buy 2 more games.

      9 (3.99) games for 28 bucks and you could donate them all to Toys for Tots. :)
      Or even half.

    • Jennifer

      Just went and the $10 GC doesn’t activate for 6 hours, so you can’t do one deal and use it for a second. I’m going to go back tomorrow to do it a second time.

      Also, at my store, Monopoly was $12.99.

      • Marie

        I went and bought 3 games, COULD NOT PASS UP THE DEAL!!! I got the ELECTRONIC MONOPOLY for $14.99!! That is normally $29 EVERYWHERE, and then got the Candy Land and Scrabble!! I will get $5 in rebates, and got the $10 GC! So I only spent $10 in games!!!! Which for the 3 I got was AWESOME!! PLUS, I went back 6 hours later and bought a Transformer that my son wants from “Santa” for $2.89!!!!!! I WAS THRILLED!!!!!! My receipt shows I saved $36 plus the $10 GC and the $5 in rebates!!! WOW!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    • Suzanne

      This is a great way to get gifts for Toys for Tots and other Christmas toy drives! I did the first deal and plan to donate 6 of them to a local charity that distributes toys to local children in need.

      • becki

        also, great for angel tree gifts. and i know our local dfacs office always appreciates gifts too.

    • Mandi

      If you still have the $4 off hungry hippos, elefun, gator golf coupon. You can get one of those games for 14.99 plus 3 of the 3.99 games. Total would be 26.94 minus $4 coupon. Total would be 22.94 then you would get a $10 gift card and $9 back in rebates. So, 3.94 for 3 smaller games and one larger. I had to scramble to figure out that one, because they were out of half the 3.99 games today.

    • jessica

      totally just went and did this! yeah i got 7 3.99 games!! great gifts for christmas and birthdays! totaling 3.00 for ALL OF IT!:) thank you jenny

    • janice

      Does anyone that went and did this deal live in Greenville S.C? I really want to go do this deal tomorrow, but my fear is that I’m going to get there and all the $3.99 games are gone. That seems to be my luck always. I couldn’t go today because I didn’t want to take my 3 year old with me.

      • Andrea

        If you find out, let me know. I live in Greenville, too, and was wondering the same thing!!

        • Jen

          My mom did this deal at the Greenville store today. Worked great but they were out of one 3.99 game. She bought 2 of one game to reach the total for the GC. They said she can swap out for the missing game when it comes back in stock. They expect several trucks this week.

        • Jennifer

          I went tonight in Greenville and Clue is not on the 7.99 list. Bummed. That was the one we went for. Did anyone there get it for 7.99? There were plenty of 3.99 games, though.

          • janice

            Thanks, that is very helpful. I’m going to head over there this morning despite the rain!

    • Twana

      My store in Murfreesboro, TN was out of half of the $3.99 ones, but they told me that if I bought 2 of each that I had 90 days to swap them out. I won’t wait that long, but I did have them put it in writing because they have given me trouble with returns before.

    • Has anyone done this deal in Birmingham, AL? Do they have the $3.99 games in stock?

      Also, if I do this deal and get the $10 gift card, can I use the gift card at Babies’r’us?

    • Heather

      I went to TRU and left with $25 in gift cards (saving those for Black Friday). We bought the games(=$10 GC), Monsters, Inc (with the printable coupon) (=$5 GC), a Disney toy my daughter wanted, and spent over $75 (=$10 GC).
      In the end, we spent $82 – $6 rebate – $25 in GC = $51
      I think I started off my Christmas shopping pretty well!

      • Alissa

        I was wondering if we could do all of the gift card deals at the same time. Glad to know it worked!!

    • Rae

      just did this deal in Gainesville – only 5 different $3.99 games left (to get the rebate) but excited to have some cousins’ presents done so early – THANKS!!!

    • Taylor

      I just did this deal this morning at the Harbison Blvd. store in Columbia, SC. THey only had Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders and Memory. All the other $2 rebate games were either gone or not stocked (didn’t see empty spot on the shelf for any of them). Also, I didn’t read the fine print and The Princess, Dora, Spongebob, etc. versions of these games do not qualify for the rebate. EXCEPT for the Memory games. So I’ll only be getting back $6 in rebates but it’s still a great deal!

      • Jenni

        Thank you for this information. I am heading that way in the morning.

    • Marcia

      My cashier mentioned that the gift card expires at the end of December!

    • Kristin Dittl

      This may have already been mentioned but according to the rebate rules, you can only get the $2 rebate for one of each particular game title. For instance, if you buy two Memory games for $3.99, you will only get the $2 rebate on one of the Memory games. Our store was out of about half of them today but will be getting new shipments each day this week.

    • Brandy

      Thanks so much for this site! I got 4 Christmas gifts and a $10 gift card that I will combine with a $5 off of $20 my little pony coupon and use this weekend! A great start on Christmas for the little ones!

    • Amy

      can you use the connect 4 coupon for this?

      • Hi,

        You will be able to use the $2 mail in rebate…but it is not part of the “Hasbro” buy $25/get $10 gift card. Hope this helps! :)

        • Cassia

          Actually, Connect 4 is still Hasbro and should work for both. I’m guessing if there is an additional Connect 4 coupon you could use that in addition to the GC and the rebate, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

    • Hi,

      I am VERY new to this…I thought I would just throw this out there. I went today to Toys R Us very excited about this deal…That being said, please make sure the games you choose are “Hasbro” brand or you will not receive a $10 gift card. I tried to do the above mentioned as I purchased “Perfection” and “Connect Four” both of these games are “Milton Brothers” so I was unable to obtain a gift card. I will still receive the $2 off but was quite bummed not to receive a gift card. So please be sure to check who manufactures before you purchase!


      • Josie,

        I noticed the two brands, too. BUT it appears that “Milton Brothers” and “Hasbro” are (parts of?) the same company since some of the boxes have BOTH names on them (e.g. Chutes & Ladders and Connect 4)

        Hope this helps!

        Here’s how it went for me, just this morning:

      • Cassia

        Go back to the store. Milton Brothers is a sub-brand of Hasbro. :) I don’t know if the GC is set off by the register or by the cashier – if by the cashier, this could be a case of misinformation. If you only bought Connect 4 and Perfection, however, that may be your problem – you have to buy at least $25 in games for the GC and those two together are only $19.98.

        • Thanks all…I will be going back to toys r us to see if they will honor it or not…I did purchase more than the required $25 but was told that those 2 games were not hasbro… Boy do I hope they were wrong and I can obtain the gift card :) Here’s to hope!!!

    • Bee

      Wow, you are all better than me. I spent 20 minutes with a toddler inside Toys R Us, Cary, NC and didn’t buy anything. The rebate is only good on the specific game listed (monopoly which was out of stock and not on sale but not monopoly JR which is on sale). I could only find about four places that was marked 3.99 but nothing was there. I just felt like it was a classic bait and switch so I left. I’ll try again early one morning later in the week to see if they restock. Sigh….BEE

      • Krista

        I’m in Cary, NC too! Thanks for letting me know that I should maybe hold off my Toys R US trip for a couple days! I don’t shop Toys R Us much…they don’t do rainchecks, right??

    • Stacey

      I went yesterday and the manager told me that the games had sold out in the first 20 minutes of the store opening (Kennesaw, Ga). I am going to try again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

      • Stacey…

        Make sure you get your gift card!!! I have been to this location twice now. Last night I went to argue that 2 of the games I purchased were indeed “Hasbro”. Apparently their computer is not showing the games correctly…end result they refunded me $10 b/c they could not give me a gift card without the register prompting them to? I hope that everyone is getting the deal that they are suppose to…

        (Toys R us, Kennesaw ga)

    • Heather

      Woo-Hoo! Just went last night. Bought Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Cootie, Don’t Break the Ice, Don’t Spill the Beans, Ants in the Pants, and Memory; bought 2 boxes of Baby Mum-Mums for my daughter. Used a $15 GC I had from a Pampers sell, a $5/25 from my daughter’s birthday- total OOP $16.96 Minus $14 rebate Minus $10 GC = I earned $7.04!!! Thanks Jenny!

    • Chrissy

      Can anyone tell me the details of the giftcard. I noticed above that someone said you had to wait 6 hours before using it in the store. Can you use the giftcard to make online purchases? what is the expiration date on the card? Thanks

      • Lisa

        Not sure if you can use it online, but it expires 12/31/09

    • Vicki

      Where do you get the rebate? If you are giving them as Christmas gifts do you have to cut off the upc … etc. I didn’t see anything about the rebate. Can someone give me some directions on the rebate please. I’m a new “learner” to this website thanks to MOPS and I am hoping to save BIG!

    • Vicki

      Never mind … I just found the link at the top of the page.

    • Ashley

      Will they give rain checks? I didn’t see where they would not do that on the ad, so I wanted to make sure. I saw that it said while supplies last on the rebate though… Help! I’ve been to the store three times and called every store in Atlanta. It seems that none of them have all of the games.

      • Heather

        I asked about rain checks in Chattanooga, TN and they said they don’t do them from Nov. 1 through Dec. 26. Convenient…

    • Thanks Ashley for the post, I was considering hauling out the kids to find the deals tonight…
      I won’t now..

    • Angela P

      I was soooooo bummed! My DH, DS & I drove the 1.5 hours to get to our nearest Toys-R-Us and they had only Candy Land!!! We wound up getting NOTHING there. Oh well. Had an awesome day out with my family though!