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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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If you haven’t made your Walgreens runs yet this week, here is an incentive to wait.  Tuesday and Wednesday get $5 off a $25 purchase!!

As always this must be a $25 purchase after all coupons… so you will have to pay a bit out of pocket.  Through most of the free items together though and you’ve got a good money maker after you get all the Register Rewards back.

To see all the deals for the week go here.

On a side note::
To answer all of the questions in this weeks deal post, some Walgreens stores have reprogrammed their catalina machines so that they do not accept coupons.  As a whole though this is not the policy of the Register Reward system.  If a store employee tells you that it is then kindly put your items back and find a new Walgreens.  I hate to have any negative views of a store but you might as well just take your business elsewhere (on a personal note I have to drive right past a Walgreens less than a mile from my house to go to another one for this same reason).  While there is nothing in writing either way, your best resource is the weekly ad.  You will note many items in the weekly ad that have register rewards with them will have the little circle advertising “coupons in this Sunday’s paper”.  Are they telling you about the coupons just to taunt you??  It is very bad advertising if they are not going to let you use the coupons that they are reminding you about!!

With the Gillette RR deal some have emailed a form that they got to mail in their receipt and get the coupon by mail.  Go here to view and print the form.  (thanks John!)

    • nancy

      very good point about why taunt us. lol

    • Georgia Girl

      Just print the coupon and take it to CVS or Publix they both will honor it, hands down!

      • Shery

        So will all CVS and Publix stores accept Walgreens $5.00 off $25.00? I have never tried this, but would be glad to do so, if I knew my stores would accept this. Our Publix recently told me that there are only certain stores that they consider to be competitors (Food Lion is not one, since there are none close by). I’m wondering if they would say that Walgreens is not a competitor since there not a grocery store. On the other hand, Walgreens would definitely be a competitor of CVS, and most of the CVS’s I’ve been to have been very helpful in accepting coupons.


        • Jenny

          Most Publix stores do not accept drugstore coupons since they are not a traditional grocery store. You can always ask the customer service desk when you come in though. Do realize that what they accept might change every time you go in so just be ready to accept whatever they say for that shopping trip.

          • Renee

            My Publix will take all coupons from any store even Lowes, Staples and such.

            • Mignon

              What area are you in? I am on the east coast of Florida, in Sebastian.

            • HSV mom

              Pubix in the south Huntsville area will not take coupons from any drug stores. Only Target, Krogers and Southerfamily Markets

      • Publix in Frankin TN will not take Walgreens Register Rewards (they say they only take other grocery stores) they also won’t take Target coupons.

    • ginger

      I was told this morning by my walgreens that they are only accepting one RR per transaction even if you have enough filler items to be able to use more. Looks like there is going to multiple transactions in my future.

    • Samantha

      I have a few observations:
      Walgreens employees are very ill informed. Most have no idea how the RR program works and if I try to use RRs to bring down my OOP, they say “oh, the computer won’t let you pay so little”. What?!?! Unlike Publix where everyone is helpful, my Walgreens people know way less about coupons, RRs, and filler items and they are pretty useless. That said, I spent less than three dollars today and made $30 RRs because I understand how to use fillers, RRs, and coupons. Don’t let them discourage you! Just walk into the store like you own it and make some money while you shop! :)

      • Tabatha

        I agree – my Publix does accept Walgreen’s coupons!

    • Misty

      Yes, I agree about the lack of training among Walgreens employees. I had a similar experience last night. Very frustrating and I have decided that regardless of how good the sales are, I may try to refrain from shopping there; however, I plan to contact corporate to share this with them also. I encourage all of you to do the same. With enough feedback intrastate, perhaps they will make some changes. Additionally, I always find my Walgreens worker’s to be less friendly and the stores less organized and clean…I am going to let them know that as well.

      • Paige

        I totally agree with you! In addition, I find that more than half the time they don’t even have the items they are advertising!!! Very frustrating.

    • melissa O.

      will someone kindly explain why the need for “filler” items? i just don’t get it thanks in advanced =0)

      • Doc


        You have to buy at least as many items as you have MFR coupons. A RR is technically a MFR coupon. If you buy 1 item and have a MFR coupon and a RR to use, you need to purchase 1 more item (not using a MFR coupon). This is the filler item. Usually something cheap, an item you need anyway, or something that you only have a store coupon for.

      • Beth

        Think of the RR as a manu. coupon that can be used on anything. Just like other manu. coupons, it can’t be combined with another coupon. So you have a .75 off Crest AND an RR? Must purchase 2 items: Crest and something small — can be anything no matter the value. You just need 2 items.

    • I just want to say that I LOVE and ADORE my Wags!! The employees are super-duper helpful, I can do a million transactions and they are patient and the managers are always willing to help me figure out what happened if a rr doesn’t print. They are also always willing to help me out by advance ordering large quantities of anything I need/want.

      All Wags stores are NOT bad! I am always reading terrible stories about Wags, but mine is awesome, and I don’t have the option of going to CVS- since the closest CVS is over an hour away.

      • libby

        I wish mine was this way!!!

      • jj

        The new one at Thomas Crossroads in Newnan GA had two very helpful cashiers yesterday, I think I ended up doing 5 transactions. I would just tie my bag in a knot and go back and shop some more, it really gave me time to think about how to use the RRs…I ended up spending $9 and change for over $45 worth of stuff, and all of it useful to us like Theraflu, shampoo, dental floss etc. no blood sugar monitors or energy shot things we don’t use. It was only my second time ever at a Wags and the one cashier said that he loved to see all the stuff ‘all you coupon ladies’ can get :)
        It was like night and day the difference between that one and the one in downtown Newnan, at that one they acted like I was trying to rip them off or something.

        • ET

          JJ, thanks for the info! I haven’t tried the Wags deals yet and had planned on going to the one on Bullsboro. I think I’ll try the TC store now. Besides, the TC Publix is better about carrying the latest coupons than the Bullsboro location so I can stop by after going to Wags.

        • Susan

          I also shop at the TC Walgreens. Jamie there is super friendly. I even wrote corporate and told them he was the nicest Walgreens employee I have ever met. The downtown one I have only been to 2 times and the managers there are so rude, I’m not ever going back there.

      • Annamarie

        My Wags is a brand new store and the employees (while still confused) have been VERY helpful. I have liked the actual experience of shopping there more than CVS AND Rite Aid combined!

    • Meghan

      With the Mail in Form, Anyone know how many Gillette Fusion Razor Products you have to buy?

      And if the Cartridges are included?


    • Colleen

      I had a very frustrating experience yesterday. Went to get the Herbal Essence and Theraflu. Used the Wags coupon for Theraflu and had 2 printables they wouldn’t take. Also had the Herbal Essence coupon and a filler to use $6 in RR. Finally got everything rung and my RRs didn’t print for EITHER items. I asked to see the manager and he said if I used RRs to pay, it wouldn’t print the new ones that I EARNED. I asked him to show me where that policy was written(he couldn’t). Finally I returned everything and went to another store and had NO probs! I think I will refrain from shopping there as well from now on. At least at CVS you can use the ECB’s on everything in the store.

    • Annamarie

      I don’t understand a store not wanting to accept coupons??! They get their money from the manufacturer instead of up front. Seems like they are just hurting themselves and I would tell them so!

    • Sherry

      Perfect! I was hoping one of these would come out before I pick up Halloween supplies! Perfect timing. :-0

    • Jessica

      Can you let me know which are the better stores to go to in Irmo?

      • Jenny

        Not the one on Lake Murray Blvd and Nursery Rd… You want to go to the one at Broad River and Kennerly.

    • Sheri Arden

      Comment about Walgreens. I have two stores here in the Knoxville Tennessee area that are very helpful. One in Lenoir City and one in West Knoxville. The west Knoxville store has a older man that is very helpful. It is harder to shop with Walgreens than say CVS More Rules.

      I have been couponing since the summer and have saved 100’s of dollars. Thanks for all the info it is helpful to all of us.
      Love the shopping list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robin

      has anybody heard anything new about a NEW walg rewards system that was supposed to be presented this fall? Is that still happening, I wonder?

    • After I complained to corporate most of the employees in my Wag’s seem better informed. But most of the time the RR items and sale items are not marked, which is a pain. The employees are nice enough but they do act like coupons and RR transactions are taking money from the store, and a couple have even made negative comments about coupons to me. When I first started couponing, I would try to use my RR’s in Walgreens, now I wait for the really good deals then use the RR’s in Publix. They don’t need a new system, they need a new attitude and training.

      • Cherise

        True!! I guess the store is only as good as the person that you deal with! I had an attitude from a clerk at CVS this week that needed adjusting!

    • Joy

      I’m new to Walgreens shopping and wondering which are the best stores to use as far as employees cooperation in the West Columbia, SC area.

    • Michelle

      Do I need to wait till tomorrow to print the $5.00/$25.00 coupon for Walgreens? It does not have a barcode on it. Thanks!

    • beth

      Thanks so much for the post on the Gillette Fusion Razor. My RR for that nor my Hall’s RR printed this morning…..

      • Susan

        My razor RR didn’t print either! The manager told me it was because I used a RR to pay for it and the computer didn’t like me paying so little. So I returned it! So really all i needed was a form?

    • Tom

      Thanks for all the blogging ideas this morning. Armed with the info gathered from the above messages that alerted me to look for the MVP version of the Gillette Razor and the 35 count size of the Dentek, I was able to achieve almost 100% success (they were out/never received the OralB toothbrush but the deal is for 30 days anyway and they expected them in Sat) used 8 mfg coupons and 5 RRs from last week for a total of 13 coupons on 14 items. (The .50c/box deal on the no-name baking soda is a real good deal and served as a good filler item). Gross before coupons was about $28 and net out of pocket was about $4 and I have $13 in new RRs to fight another day and I am the prowd owner of 1 box of brown and serve sausage, 4 baking soda, 9 bars of ivory soap, some dental floss, a his Fusion Razor, a hers Venus Razor, a bag of Halls and 2 100 count bottles of Selenium. Three bags full for about $4.00 – my wife will be suprized! (BTW, a few months ago I was so frustrated with my Walgreens experience I created an Excel spresdsheed to map out the shopping trip, listed are the item, prive, coupons and anticipated RRs. When they see the spreadsheet at the checkout the typical BS seems to vanish.) But I do agree this is far more difficult than it needs to be. All the best and thanks for the help.

      • sherrie

        you can always ask for a raincheck to use when the item comes in and then cut out the sale and staple to raincheck so you’ll remember what the deal was.

    • Tom

      I’m in the Tampa, FL area.

    • Sandra

      do you have to have $25 worth of stuff before you give them your RRs? or after?
      The RR’s are not like Cash like at CVS right?
      I was trying to see if I could use RRs plus the $5/25 to purchase some Prilosec…

      • This $5 off $25 coupon is AFTER manufacturer coupons, RR’s, etc so your total has to be $25 after everything else. So load up on items that will spit out RR’s!

        • Sandra

          Thanks Beth! Great Strategy. I actually went and got the Prilosec for $22.99, which I needed to get anyway, and a few other items to get up to the $25. That gave me $5.50 RR back which I used for my next purchase. I also started out with the Theraflu deal, worried that they would not take the printable coupons or that the Wags coupons wouldn’t come off, but it worked just like Jenny said it would!
          I don’t shop at Walgreens much, but I had a good trip yesterday.
          Thanks for everyone’s help!

    • Jennifer

      i have several walgreens i shop in naples, i have found they all seem to have different policies. last week i bought the thermacare patches that were free after the rr & had no problem using my coupon & getting the rr for the item. then i went to a different walgreens & the rr didn’t print out when i said something she told me if i used a coupon it wouldn’t print out meanwhile i purchased several other items with coupons & all those rr’s printed out. she called over the manager & he said he couldn’t print out a rr for it so he gave me cash back. strange how one company has different policies at different stores.

      • sherrie

        company policies should be same at all stores call coporate and tell them and I’m sure you’ll find out that it should be the same and if store isn’t doing something then maybe it’ll be a good call.

    • Kim

      I had to do quite a bit of traveling this past week and stopped by a few Walgreens on my trips. You would be suprised what a few of the managers told me…one store- the manager said that I should purchase itmes that offered reward bucks and then use the RR’s to purchase other household items that aren’t on sale. I asked him specifically if that meant that we could not use the RR bucks on items that offered RR’s and he started backpeddling. I went into another store and they didn’t have any of the RR signs posted on the items. I spoke to a manager and he said that Walgreens corporate stopped sending the signs out months ago because they were so confusing. I told him that the other 5 stores that I went in (that day) all had the signs posted. I went to the register and noticed that their RR machine was turned toward the cashier, when she noticed I was paying with RR’s and knew what I was doing, she made sure that handed my RR’s to me (if I hadn’t known, I would never have seen them print out). I called corporate office about this because it just seemed a little too fishy!

      • sherrie

        corporate appreciates those calls so that they can keep up on the stores and make sure all is being done correctly.

    • Melissa

      I cannot complain about the employees at the Walgreens in the Cayce/West Columbia, SC area. I had one employee that observed what I was doing and made sure that I got the items that were being promoted and then the cashier was very amenable as I did multiple transactions. My complaint is with the Walgreens’ system itself. On a couple of transactions it would not accept my coupons because “it” would only allow so many coupons????

    • Sarah Richey

      I just got back from Walgreens and scored big on the Theraflu deal! I bought 3 instead of 2 Nighttime Theraflu’s, used (2) $2.00 off manufacturer coupons and the $2.00 off store coupon. It took $4.00 off for my manufacturer coupons and $6.00 off for the store coupon. I paid with a $2 RR from last week and owed NOTHING! Then I recieved $8.00 in RR back!!! So, if you buy 3, then $8 RR prints instead of $4 RR. So I went back and got 3 more. I didn’t have anymore manufacturer coupons, but I still used a store coupon and paid $6.00 and got $8 RR! WooHoo!!

      I had some trouble with the cashier there as well. I had to kindly correct her several times about the number of manufacturer coupons I had vs. the number of items… she didn’t seem to want to take my coupons. But the Theraflu deal made it all worth it. :)

      • Bobbie

        Think I will try that tomorrow. Sunday one Wags wouldn’t even take their coupon “said it was for the powder” so I didn’t purchase it. Today at a different Wags it took my coupons and Wags coupon for a total of $8.00 off. Thanks for the info. Will try 3 tomorrow and see what happens.

        • Sarah Richey

          Just so you know, the ones I purchased were the Nighttime Severe Cold & Cough powder packets. I’m not sure if it will work for all of them. I’m curious to find out if it works for the others….but since I knew it worked for the Nighttime powder, that’s the one I bought. Hope it works for you too!!

          • Jennifer

            I bought 3 of the warming flu and cold I think it was and it worked for me.

    • Now I can get my vitamins and Wonder hangers!

    • Sarah

      Tom- you and your spreadsheet ROCK! I typically hand-write the same info on a piece of paper to make shopping at Wags easier (two kids under 3 make it challenging enough without doing too much math in my head!), but I always keep it tucked in my purse at check-out. Way to show them you’ve done your homework and are organized!

      Also, I have had more good experiences than bad in Knoxville, TN with Wags, but I have only had one cashier ever who REALLY understood the RR system. She actually asked me when I handed over RR if any were earned for the same items I was purchasing because they wouldn’t print another, and said “Oh, you know what you’re doing. Good.”, and she counted my items to make sure I had enough to match my coupons. She was great! If only I had had her when I was learning the system!

    • Denise

      I had a terrible experience at Wags the other day. I tried to buy the Oral B 123 toothbrush, but all they had was a “buy one get one free” package which contained two toothbrushes. I scanned the package to make sure it rang in at the *sale* price, meaning it would qualify for the promotion. I bought the toothbrush, the Vaseline lotion, and the Herbal Essence gel. I paid with one RR from last week, but it would not print the Oral B RR. I asked about it, and the manager rudely told me I was already getting one free, and would not get the RR. He told me I bought the wrong toothbrush, even though it said 1-2-3 RIGHT on the package. I showed the ignorant man the picture and he was still confused and I finally just returned the toothbrush. The icing on the cake was the lady in front of me did FIVE transactions for register rewards, and the cashier had to void the order three times because the lady kept challenging her, telling her the total was wrong. Needless to say, I won’t be returning to that Walgreens ever again. I am writing a letter to corporate Walgreens to let them know about the terrible service I received.

    • Elaine

      Is there a Walgreens in Florence, SC that takes coupons and gives RR’s? The newer stores in Hartsville and Darlington don’t. A lot of times you don’t even get your catalinas if you don’t pay attention, they manage to stay attached to the machine!

      • sherrie

        you should always get rr if they don’t give it to you please let manager know and also call corporate so they can check the store.

    • Patricia

      Just goes to show you, I guess
      I have to drive at least 45 minutes to get to a CVS. (Or an hour the opposite direction) I’ve had NOTHING but issues with either store. HATE THEM!!! Walgreens has always been great and very helpful with coupons/register rewards! Guess it just depends on the store and the employees!

    • Shirley

      Last night I went to 2 different 24hr walgreens it was after 11pm and both store the cashiers let me separate my orders repeatedly. I received the best service ever. I did at least 15-20 separate transaction because of the herbal essence shampoo coupon expiring on the 30th. They both were very patient and helpful. I am very lucky to find 2 walgreens that was happy to see a couponer. BTW the robitussin rr would not print if I used a coupon so the manager gave me a gift card for the 3 rr that did not print. She was very apologetic and helpful as well. The stores are in Clinton MD and LaPlata MD. This is my first blog ever I think I like it, I think I like it:)

    • Jennifer

      Has anyone used this coupon today?

    • Becky

      So I finally did my first trip to Walgreens yesterday and I can’t say I liked it very much.

      I will keep my business at CVS as they are much nicer and seem the understand that “rolling transaction” theory better than Walgreens..

      I had two transactions and the second transaction took my coupons but then the RR from the first transaction would not work and all the rude lady would tell me was that it exceeded the total value – my total was $35.00 (I bought the Prilosec) and used my Herbal Essences and Razor Coupons which brought it down to about $30.00 and she had the nerve to tell me that $5.50 exceeded the value. Apparently she can’t do basic math and the manager had to get involved…

      The $13.50 I do have left in RR I will use on Halloween Candy and call it a day…

      • Sarah D

        don’t give up – it takes a couple of trips to “get the system” – or try another store where you might find the right clerk to talk you through the system. Just remember that you have to have one item for each coupon and that the RR is a coupon. Also, the before tax total MUST exceed the value of the RR that you are trying to use – that one has gotten me more than once so I now check around for clearance items under $1 to hand over just in case. Good luck and happy shopping

    • Amy

      I love my WalGreens! I went yesterday, did 9 transactions, then went back later and did 2 more. Had no problems.

    • Stephanie T

      My WG is great most of the time. The only RR that I did not get today was the Gillette razor one and the manager at my store, just gave me cash back when I showed him my receipt and the ad. I called customer svc and complimented the manager and the sweet cashier that is so friendly and helpful with my multiple transactions and stack of coupons. Not all WG are bad and not all WG employees are suspicious or unhelpful. I bought 23.05 worth of stuff today incl tax and got 23.50 RR back. Not a bad haul.

    • Mary

      Seriously I do not shop walgreens and all of these comments make me not even want to attempt to….

      • Bobbie

        If you have a bad expierene as I have in the past just talk to the mgr. Seems it helped at my store. Or I hope so at least.

    • Chanele

      Used my 5 off 25 coupon this evening and was allowed to use RR after coupons for .41 out of pocket

    • Laura B

      I click on the link for the 5/25 coupon but have not been able to find how to print it. How do you get the coupon?

      • Bobbie

        I had to scroll down just a tad under the coupon and it says “print coupon”. Hope you find it. Just got back from Wags and they also had a lot of good deals on other things. Out of the Robitussin but should get more in this afternoon. Hope so because I want to use their booklet and get other mark downs to use my $5. off coupon.

    • JAC

      FYI: Our Register Rewards for purchasing Procter & Gamble products have some fine print that says, “Not valid on P & G products.”

      However, our Register Rewards from Unilever do not have this stipulation.

      So… I guess we’ll be rolling our P & G RR’s forward on Unilever products, and vice versa, if we can work it out that way.

    • Sarah D

      WOO HOO I love my WAGS – even though my favorite employee was off both days this week when I shopped. Here is today’s total – had to do separate purchases because some of the store registers only accept 1 RR at a time (cosmetics and photo) but the front registers accept as many as you have items (1Q to 1 item – an RR is a Q.) And dollar amount of RR cannot exceed the before tax amount)

      #1 19.99 Curling iron not on sale but broke a borrowed one :(
      6.99 Vaseline lotion
      Use 1.50 off on Vaseline
      5.00/25 WAGS Q
      OOP: 20.48 received 7.00RR (Love it will go back for more) 30% savings

      #2 8.97 Batteries 3 packs of 6 each (see below)
      1.78 Salt – 2 boxes ” donation item
      3.49 Emergen C
      .48 filler item (to meet Q requirements) donation item
      Used 7.00 RR from #1
      6.00 WAGS store Q for batteries (3 store Q’s)
      .78 WAGS store Q for salt (2 store Q’s
      OOP: .94 and received 3.49RR (90% plus in savings)

      #3 3.00 Oral B
      2.97 3 Dawn dish liquid on special donation items
      Used 1.50 3 -.50 Manu Q’s for Dawn
      3.49 RR from #2
      OOP: .97 received 3RR from Oral B (70% plus in savings)

      #4 2.00 Dentek floss donation item
      1.00 Filler hair accessory to meet $$ amount donation item
      .79 filler as above donation item
      1.00 filler item same as above donation item
      Used 1.00 Manu Q for floss
      3.00 RR from #3
      OOP .79 and received 2.00 RR (had to buy 2nd fillers to make total more than $0 or register would not allow the RR. (80% plus savings)

      #5 2.99 Chapstick
      Used 2.00 RR from #4
      OOP .99 and received 3.00 RR (66% savings)

      #6 2.38 – 2 cans of tuna (see sale below) donation items
      1.98 – 2 cans sardines ( see sale below) donation items
      1.00 filler of hair bands to meet Q requirement donation item
      Used 1.60 Tuna and sardine
      3.00 RR from #5
      OOP .76 (85% savings)

      Totals: OOP 24.93 Savings 41.36 Total before Q’s and RR’s 66.29
      Total savings for this trip to WAGS – 62% – and food and grooming supplies to donate to our church food pantry and a shelter. And, in the end, I got the curling iron, lotion and batteries that we needed.

      Thank you Jenny….

    • Sandra

      Yesterday when I was in Wags, I saw a GUY with a bunch of the FREE stuff in his cart. He had 4 or 5 of the Vaseline lotions…
      My question is: if you buy one, then get the RRs, can you then use the RRs to buy the second one and get more RRs???
      Can you keep rolling the deal until they run out of lotion?
      Since they don’t have a card like CVS, how do they know how many you’ve bought?
      If this is the case, maybe that’s why my Wags is always out of the FREE stuff.

      • libby

        no another rr willl not print if you use the rrs from the vaseline on another vaseline