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Walgreens Band-Aid Deal

on 10.12.2009 at 10:58pm

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This was part of the deals on the weekly list but I didn’t want you to miss it.

Get 3 Free boxes of Band-Aids::

Character Band-Aids are $1.99 with in ad coupon (limit 3)
There is a $2 off coupon in the Walgreens Children Activity booklet.

**Deal Idea**

(3) Band-Aids
(1) filler item – needed only because total due will be negative
(1) -$2 off coupon from Children’s book
(1) in ad coupon
(both Walgreens coupons will apply three times but you only need one coupon)
Total Due: only the value of the filler item

Enjoy your FREE Band-Aids!

(thanks Kristen!)

    • ASHLEY

      didn’t notice dateS on your posts? should there be one? just wondering if the deal on the bandaids is current or not. thanks!

      • Jenny

        It is for this week.

    • Tracy

      The only glitch with this is that the activity/coloring book Q states that it is $2.00 off the regular retail price =0(

      • Denise.

        I did it on Sunday and it worked fine. I got 3 boxes free…

      • Cris

        Worked fine for me too!

      • AllieKat

        At my local WAGS they let me use my $.50 mfq’s also…so I actually made money!!!

    • The wording on the activity book coupon says “off regular retail price” so I’m not sure this can be used with the in-adq.

      • Laura

        I just used my coloring book coupon on the bandaids today and didn’t have any problems. It’s great!

    • Emily

      Has anybody tried this in the Irmo Walgreens? I was curious how strict they were with the “off regular retail price” coupon when the other coupon makes them on sale?

    • April

      Where do I pick up the activity book with the coupons? Thanks

      • Jessica

        “These are found in children’s coloring book section and near the pharmacy.” (If you click on the highlighted wording in the post it will take you to a link with a picture of the current activity book.)

      • Deana

        There are new Walgreens Children’s Activity books out. These are not free but they make great filler items. These are found in children’s coloring book section and near the pharmacy

      • bhumi

        at the pharmacy counter for 99cents

      • Leaning2CouponFL

        At the Walgreens I went to they were in a vertical stand at one of the pharmacy counters. They were pushed pretty far back and off to the side so I had to kind of peer into the arched window to find them.

    • Janet Paula

      I also noticed this deal and bought 6 activity books and then purchased 27 boxes of band aids in 4 different walgreens!!!
      It only ended up costing $6 in total… b/c each book is 99 cents!

      • Dianna

        I was told by the MGR at my Wags they dont need to take these coupons because they are wags coups…. They let me keep my page intact & keep using the page… this is nice because they dont exp until Mar 2010 (I think). Try it!

        • Denise.

          I did not have to turn in my coloring book coupons. The cashier mentioned that I can use them again.

          • beth

            Ugh- i never get to keep my coupons. I went to the walgreens on st andrews rd and watched the cashier throw them in the trash after i asked if i could keep the coupon. he said no- they have to keep them… GRRRRRR :)

      • Amy

        Great! So now when I go to purchase some for my family 4 different stores will be out!

        • Jenny

          I here ya Amy. A little common courtesy would be nice. I would like at least one or two boxes. I have 3 boys, it’s needed in my home :)

          • AllieKat

            I completely agree! It is that behavior that ruins it for ALL of us. Just ask anyone who shops at Publix in mid-TN…some selfish broad abused a deal they had and got paid $187. Needless to say, now the coupon policy has been changed.
            It’s a rush to save money but I feel guilty if I buy more than four of ANYTHING!

      • Steve

        You must have a lot of injuries in your home needing that many bandaids. I feel your pain.

      • Julie

        What do you do with 27 boxes of bandaids? a little courtesy to other shoppers is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Raeme

      I do not show that I have a ad in the Walgreens insert this weekend in my paper, could I be missing it?

      • Jenn

        Yes, you could be missing it. The have the current ad online, or you can get one at your local Walgreens.

        • Ashley

          It is on page 12 with the Diapers

          • Raeme

            Thank you to all but this ad is not in place in my town.

    • Suzanne

      To the woman who blogged about getting 27 boxes of bandaids: My first thought was, “What in the world is she going to do with 27 boxes of bandaids!” Then it hit me, these would be great to put in the Samaritans Purse shoe boxes that our Church collects for Christmas. This is for Operation Christmas Child (Check out their website at http://www.samaritanspurse.org). I’m going to Walgreens at lunch. GO GET YOUR BANDAIDS! THANKS JENNY!

    • Jenn

      I can never find these books. Anyone in Greenville, SC have any luck?

      • Heather

        I’ve looked for them EVERYWHERE from Greenville to Greer to Easley to Simpsonville. I’ve never found them!

        • Jenn

          Thank you Heather!! I am so glad that I am not the only one :-)!!

          • Sam

            Did you ask the pharmacist? None of the cashiers knew what it was, but when I asked the pharmacist there were several behind the counter.

            • Heather

              I didn’t think to ask the pharmacist. I have asked the cashier and the manager before. Neither had any idea what I was talking about. I will ask the next time I go though! Thanks.

            • mydeere5

              Ours were with the coloring books on the toy aisle.

      • Jenni

        I purchased mine at the Walgreens on E. North St and 291 (N. Pleasantburg). I asked at the pharmacy, and the young man grinned and got them from behind the counter. Good luck!

      • Sasha

        I found the book before at the Walgreens on Pelham towards Haywood, not the one near I-85. They were on the pharmacy counter.

    • Misty

      We don’t have these, in Thomasville, GA. :(

      • Tiffany

        We did at 2 months ago. They’ve sold out and not replenished. I’m not sure if they are planning on getting more or not. They were on the pharmacy counter.

    • Gail

      I got my activity book a couple of months ago. When you check out, the register will ring up the bandaids at full retain price ($3.79 at my WAGS). Then give them your $2 activity book Q, and it takes $2 off each of the full prices of the bandaids (in my case, it brought them down to $1.79 each). Finally you hand them the WAGS in-ad Q and mine subtracted $1.80 off each book, so I had a one penny overage for each package – limit 3 per purchase. The Huggies Q is in the same activity book.

    • Kim

      The Summerville SC store on Main St. has a coupon nazi of a cashier who will NOT let you use both Walgreens coupons. So no band-aids for me. She also will NOT let you use 2 coupons for a bogo item. No one knew where the activity book was and when they finally found it … it cost .99. Ugh! Not a good time at Walgreens this week!

      • Dena

        I bought my 3 there today and the cashier at the time was very nice! Just depends on who you get I guess..

      • Angel in Charleston

        I bought a box at that store with no problem. It all depends on the cashier. Wish they would be more consistent!

    • Jenny

      I am fairly new to the whole couponing thing, but I have noticed something that bothers me a lot. I go to my Walgreens with a plan to get a good deal on some stuff and when I get there it’s all gone! I asked the employees there why they are always out right away and they said there is a couple who goes on Sunday morning and stays for an hour buying everything. I think that is NOT RIGHT! We are all trying to save money. Why do people hoard? 27 boxes of bandaids? Why? I was told if you donate to call ahead and ask them so they order more. Please be mindful of others. Thanks and God Bless!

      • mydeere5

        I totally share in your frustration.I was actually told by a cashier that people are hoarding as many free or on sale items as possible by using and abusing their coupons and then turning around and selling the merchandise at a flea market or online. It is like everything else a few bad apples are going to ruin it for those of us just trying to support our families.Just be happy to save what you can and take it easy on your cashiers and stores.Please be courteous to your fellow shoppers.

        • Wendy

          Ditto. People can get way too greedy, just to save a buck or two. Remember there are other people besides you in the stores!

    • JB

      I was wondreing if you could use the $0.50 coupon with it (use it first) and have $.50 overage with it to apply to somethign else? Just wondering…

      • Beth

        Yes you can. I just used some $1 qs I had gotten in store a while back. To make the deal even sweeter, I got 2 packs of diapers (Huggies) I used 3 $3 qs I got in the mail along with the $1 q in the childrens activity book. The diapers were on sale 2/$18. Here’s how it went
        2 Huggies Diapers 2/$18
        3 Band-Aids $1.99 ea.
        2 – $3 off Huggies (from a home mailer)
        3 – $1 off Band Aids (found in store a few weeks ago)
        $2 off Band Aids (Wags Childrens Activity Book)came of 3 times
        $1 off Huggies (Children’s activity book)came off 2 times
        Got back $4 RR (for diapers)
        So I paid $3.67 for 3 boxes of Band Aids and 2 packs of diapers! Not a bad day at all!!!

      • Jenny

        Yep, you sure can. I was tempted to add that in the original post but decided just showing you that they were free was enough. Nothing wrong with more than free of course :)

      • Jenni

        I also used the .50 q in addition to the in-ad price and the store q from the activity book. The manager rung me up and took all the coupons with no comment at all. I did buy something else in the transaction, otherwise I would have been owed money. :)

    • Sarah

      I’m always careful to match the number of coupons to my number of items purchased, but do the coupons in Wag’s ads count toward this total?

      I’ve been thinking about this as it relates to the band-aids deal. Since the coupon in the ad is treated more like a sale price by the register, allowing the Childrens Activity Book coupon to be stacked with it, is it really a “coupon” for the purpose of counting my items:coupon ratio? Anyone know?

      • Heather

        No. And Walgreens coupons do not count either. It’s just manu coupons and RR you have to count.

    • Rebecca

      Thanks for the reposting of this!! I would have missed it!

    • Stacey

      I had trouble doing the band-aid deal as well. I had used the ad coupon and the activity book coupon and it took 4 WAGS employees arguing it out to determine that I should not be able to use both store coupons together. I also had to get character band aids and not the flexible or ultra heal (like the store ad shows)because I was using the activity book coupon which shows licensed characters. They let me use them together anyway but were determined that I couldn’t get them for free so they only deducted $2 off of 2 boxes and not all 3. Two employees then bickered on whether or not I should be able to keep my coupons to which I finally argued that on store coupons they only need the number and not the actual coupon and I was keeping them. I’m increasingly frustrated with the wishy washy rules at WAGS.

    • lisa

      Has anyone seen these in the Dallas, Hiram, Powder Springs area? Thanks for your help.

      • April

        Can’t find them in the Douglasville area either.

        • Alena

          Couldn’t find any Coloring Books in Woodstock, Kennesaw or Canton =(

    • Beth Sessoms

      At both of the stores in my town I was told that I could only use my activity book coupon 1 time, not on all 3 of the boxes. Did anyone else have this problem and what can I do? Anything?

      • The activity book coupon states “off regular retail” so technically, per the terms of the coupon, you should only use one or the other.

    • amy

      I wondered if I am missing something. At my Walgreens, these bandaids were over $4.00 a box, not $1.99. I am in Richmond, VA. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Maehing O

      ****COUPON ALERT****
      OK, posting this , but please don’t go dismantle the blinkie machine! There is a $3 off WYB 2 Johnson & Johnson products blinkie machine out in many stores. I used that coupon with the coloring book coupon, and the in store coupon… got other items to cover the $3 overage.

      Thanks Jenny… you ROCK!

      Happy Couponing to you all!

    • beth

      that’s why every time I go to my Walgreens–everything is always gone(even if I go on a sunday). The people around here go crazy and take everything and leave nothing for the rest of us. I only want one item, not multiples.

    • It IS hard when the items are all gone because people tend to hoard. We, too, have three little ones, and band-aids are a necessity around here! :) But…having said that…it may be as another poster mentioned that those enormous amounts of band-aids are going to people in need. :) I don’t personally need that many boxes, but to have the 3 free ones would be nice! :)

      • Dianna

        Ask for a raincheck, they should give you one. Go pick up some when the store stocks back up!!! It is frustrating when stores were always out but asking for a raincheck has helped me!! :)

    • Allison

      I went to Walgreens today, and was very surprised to get the Children’s Activity Book for $0.24!! Also, the Starbucks Frappuccinos, advertised as 2 for $4, rang up for $1.50 each, so w/$1 off coupon, they were $0.50 each!

    • beth

      Somebody please explain, I had the activity book coupon and the ad coupon. I got three boxes but the activity book coupon only took $2 off two boxes instead of three, so I had to pay $2.15 total. I know this was still a great deal but I don’t understand what I did wrong. Was it because I did not have a filler item? This was my first Walgreens deal. Thanks

      • ASHLEY

        same thing happened to me.if you read one of the 1st posts it says:
        Deal Idea**

        (3) Band-Aids
        (1) filler item – needed only because total due will be negative
        (1) -$2 off coupon from Children’s book
        (1) in ad coupon
        (both Walgreens coupons will apply three times but you only need one coupon)
        Total Due: only the value of the filler item

        Enjoy your FREE Band-Aids

    • Rebecca

      Hey Jenny! This is my first comment here but I’ve been lurking for about a week, lol. I finally went all out and actually did a big dive into couponing and your site has made it so much easier to understand. I tried this once before but just couldn’t put it all together. Now I feel like I’ve got a friend who is holding my hand in the aisle as I bring your printouts with me! I got some Dora, Barbie and Spongebob bandaids today and feel like its Christmas come early. I also picked up some pb, mayo, soup and we ate Bertolli’s tonight too, lol. Thanks for all you do! You’re awesome!

    • MarySC

      Wow, I went yesterday to two stores, found a coloring book at the first one and bought three boxes of bandaids without any problems. I went to a second store to repeat the deal (I have 6 grandkids and these will be great stocking stuffers!) and they were out but happily gave me a rain check.

      I’ve never been a Walgreens shopper but I guess I have to add them to my growing list of favorite stores.

    • Lisa

      i went in and every single activity book said it had coupons in it on cover.. but not a single coupon in entire book. pharmacist and crew looked at me like i was crazy.. and had no answers.. they said oh, maybe they were expired and taken out. whatever.. Sigh..

      • Alena

        my Walgreens in Woodstock, GA ripped out coupons out of all the Coloring Books, because they were expired, and they have no new ones! so frustating!!!

    • Linda Seale

      I was unable to use the coupon from the children’s activity book along with the Walgreen’s ad coupon. The manager said they were both Walgreen’s coupons.

      • ASHLEY

        i don’t understand this, if the register will take the coupons, which it will, why do the managers interfer?

        • Linda

          I am still bummed about this deal and even called Walgreens yesterday to complain about the poor customer service that I received. The manager there was just unfriendly and rude.

    • muna

      we have to spend 99c to buy the book its on it ?

      • Bobbie

        Yes, the activity book is 99cents. But worth it to use the coupon. I live in the Bham area and one store did not have the books but did have the band aids. Another store was just putting the books out but no band aids. So had to get my book there and go back to other store to buy my band aids.
        Jenny love your site and all the work you do.

    • Katee

      Found the activity book – in the aisle with the hallowee stuff –
      3 boxes bandaids -@ 1.99
      1 fructese hairspray 3.99
      1 bag of mary janes (I have a sweet tooth) .79
      1 Wag’s children’s activity book – .99
      2 100 tablet ibuprofin B1G1 – 6.99

      Total $25.92 Plus Tax
      after Q’s for bandaids, mary janes, and ibuprofin was B1G1 it came to 11.74 + tax
      minus $7 RR = $4.74 and got $2 RR…..
      Very pleased how far less than $5. OOP got me! and I know my third grade students will be happy with the new selection of band-aids!
      Thanks Jenny!!!!