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So I was excited about the bar soap money maker… but it gets better.

If your store sells Neutrogena Facial Wash Travel/Trial Size bottles for $0.99 they are also part of the register reward deal!  It gets better, they are also ringing up 25% off!

What’s the deal?

Get $10 RR wyb (3) Neutrogena Products

Grab three travel sizes:

You will pay $2.22 before tax and get back $10!

(thanks Beth!)

    • Marci

      Walgreens corporate sent out a memo for stores to pull these products off the shelves until they can remove them from the RR deal, because they were not intended to be included in the deal…so chances are by tomorrow morning when people head to Walgreens for this deal, it will not be active. Just a heads up.

      • Sandra

        mmmm, that sucks. Got mine today though. Saw some mini moisturizer spf stuff too.

      • Ashley

        Hey Marci, just curious where you heard this?

      • Amy in Palmetto

        So that's why I went to 3 stores Monday morning and found nothing.

      • tc

        I can't see how that's true because I saw a hanging tag right next to slot where the bars of soap were (by the time I had gotten to the store they were gone). I just think that it's a good deal that Neutrogena and Wags decided on. Maybe there will be a change in the packaging or the like & this is their way of getting rid of the bars….. jm2c

    • Melissa

      Has anyone worked a deal out with this RR offer and the rebate offer running from Neutrogena for facial moisturizers?

    • Cindy H

      http://www.neutrogena.com/econsumer/ntg/landing.view?ccp=fmt&segment=women There is a rebate form for $10 when you purchase $30 in moisturizers and facial treatments. You can use multiple receipts. I don’t know which products apply.

    • Guest

      I don't know but this is one of those deals that I feel like is dishonest and taking advantage of 'the system'. I'm sure stores are still making money but it just doesn't seem right. It's also a concern of mine that if couponers continue to do things like this, the stores will change the way they do things to prevent it…which isn't fair to other customers. Just my viewpoint.

      • Lmeaker

        I agree. We all love to save money where we can, but it is important to maintain integrity in the process. It benefits all of us in the long run.

        • Cinbogstad

          I agree, even if you dont get caught, if you know that it wasnt intended to be used that way, its wrong. RR are store coupons, so Walgreens doesnt get anything back for those free items, PLUS the overage. Its called stealing, period.

          • Ash

            I thought RR were manufacturer coupons? Isn't that why they are accepted at some Publix stores or other places? I've personally never tried using a RR at another store, so I could be wrong.

          • JMD

            Walgreens RR are NOT store coupons. They do in fact get reimbursed for the RR by the manufacturer

          • Tobys_Mom

            They are Manufacturer's coupons. I didnt realize that until I tried to use one with a coupon from the newspaper and was told I couldnt use both

          • Proud Couponer

            If you read the “Guide to Walgreens” under “Getting Started Guides” it clearly states that Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons which they DO get reimbursed for. You should educate yourself in facts before you make accusations. You wouldn't be on this website if you weren't looking for deals yourself. Try not being such a hater.

      • Lisa

        Agreed. I also think some folks are going overboard with buying the soaps up in multiple transactions and getting like 20 soaps. I waited until this week when the Neutrogena items were on sale and was looking to pick up a moisturizer and two soaps. I stopped at 5 different stores on my way into work the other day and it wasn't until the 5th one that I actually found a store that had any of the soaps. A bit aggravating for those of us just trying to do a single deal.

        • Emilytwinmom

          That is exactly why I stopped shopping at CVS – the mgrs would tell me they let women come in and fill carts with the sale items the saturday night before the sale actually started, so when I went in for my one box of tampons or two bottles of shampoo the shelves would be empty. They lost my business because of that, but it doesn't hurt the company, just me!! I rarely get items I use regularly when they are on a good sale, because they shelves are swiped clean the first hour the store is open on sale day!

        • Lee Katherine

          Ditto! Jenny is VERY clear about maintaining integrity. She specifically asks us NOT to go overboard and to ONLY get deals on the amount of a product we can use in 6 weeks/ a reasonable time period. That's just the decent thing to do. May the tides turn and the people who clear off the shelves find THEIR shelves empty the next time they go to plunder!

    • yes. went to the closest wags to me and NO trial sizes and No single bars. Great! But I think I will try to figure something else out.

    • Guest

      That stinks. Guess I will try to go today then

    • Csgarcia4

      Tried this morning and the RR did not print out for it.

    • Beth

      I was told this morning that not all stores had received the sample sized items. Asked a manager about the corporate memo and he said he had not received it. He is supposed to call me if they get them in.

    • Pob131

      I am new to this and loving the deals, but what does RR stand for?

      • Savshopper

        Register Rewards. Go to “Getting Started Guide” and read the guide to Walgreens for more info.

    • Karen in FL

      Jenny, Thank you for all that you do. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved since I found your website early this year. As far as deals like this one go, I think it’s up to the individual if they take advantage of it or not, but I don’t think you need to complain about it and belittle anyone that does decide to take advantage of it. We’re all different, that’s what makes the world go around. I applaud southernsavers.com and any other website that puts the deals out there. We all have freedom of choice.

    • Couponer

      Why are people upset at this deal and calling it stealing? Do you not realize how much Walgreens marks up their products? Would you consider that stealing from the consumer when Wal-mart sells the same thing for half the price? I do not consider this stealing at all, if people are smart enough to catch on to couponing and its advantages and they do actually pay for the products whether it be with RR or cash then it is NOT stealing and there is nothing wrong about it.

      • Alexis

        Thank you! They make the rules. We play by them.

    • OK: RR = marketing. All corporations allocate a certain amount for marketing. Manufacturer Q's= reimbursed by manufacturer. This deal is no different than when Publix lets you “stack” a competitor, store, and manuf. Q. (Remember all those Cover Girl items?) – Certainly each individual is responsible for having integrity. In my opinion, if I am using a deal that combines a manu Q + store deal, well, that is what EXTREME Couponing is all about, and the reason why the stores continue it at all is b/c it makes us come to their stores- for other things, too- Rx, cosmetics, etc. As an example, Publix- while they have “given ” me lotsa good/great deals, has also made their $ back b/c I am loyal to my store. I go there even when I just need a whole buggy full of perishables for which I have no coupon. I know I am not stealing, and my conscience is clear. And, I am super-thankful for the deals that have allowed me to have good things for my family and things to give to friends who need it. :) M

      • Carla

        Well said…I too am loyal to Publix and one of the main reasons is because they're coupon friendly…I, like you, am also very thankful for being able to provide quality products for my family without breaking my budget…couponing takes a lot of planning and time to do so it is nice to reep the benefits of it…I am sure Publix, CVS, Walgreens, etc. make their money up when we pick up extra things when we are there getting the wonderful deals they provide for us…it is called positive reciprocation.

    • Lank

      So what if your Wags does not have the neutrogena bars..This is an awesome deal. This is what I did….
      3 Oil-Free Acne wash 4.71 on sale Less (3) $1 Qs from Sundays paper. With register rewards I scored all 3 for $1:13.

      • SFLS

        Thanks for the tip – our Dermatologist highly recommends the face wash! My best deal locally (w/o coupons or sales) is $3.14 a bottle for Target store brand.

    • Cynthia

      I finally got up the courage last night to make my first RR transaction @ Walgreen's. Dont' ask me why – it just seemed complicated. I followed the scenario transaction #1 (Shick Hydro Razor & Reach toothbrushes) to the letter. When I checked out, my RR did not print and I asked the somewhat irritable cashier why. She said the RR would not print if I used a coupon (I used the Shick Hydro Razor $4 off manufacturer coupon). I know I cannot use RR for the same item but I did not know I could not use any coupon. Is this correct? And – just my two cents – the stores are not going to have offers that enable people to “steal” from them. One's integrity has nothing to do with what kind of deal they get from coupons that are freely given to them by the manufacturers & stores. I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and I consider couponing as part of my job – the money I save is kind of like money I earn. So, I appreciate all of the offers I can find to make it possible for me to be able to enjoy this time with my family. Stepping down off my soapbox now….

      • Carla

        You can use a coupon for an item and get a RR…I would call or take your receipt back and ask for a manager…I know that CVS can force print their ECB so I would imagine Walgreens can also do something similar, if not maybe issue a store credit via gift card…hopefully you don't get discouraged based on your first experience…I too am a stay-at-home mom and my husband and I feel the same way as far as it being like another income…I have 5 children ranging in age from 14 years old to 2 months old and it was either a choice to work separate schedules which is horrible on a relationship or pay somebody else to take care of my children and barely make anything by the time I'd be done paying for that…I honestly probably make more this way and get the quality time with my children who actually get into couponing with me…they even like hearing about my great deals I get at the store…some people should just quit being haters.

      • Mamaberry

        Cynthia, It should be noted that WALGREENS themselves print in their OWN AD a cute little bubble next to register reward items that say **money-saving coupons found in most Sunday papers!** or something to that extent. So, I would get back up on your soapbox, take an ad in to the store manager and politely ask why the employees are misinformed about their own advertising campaign?? I would find a kind way to express it, so as not to burn bridges. Afterall, you want them to accept your multiple transactions next time you go :) hth – Signed, Your friendly “former” Walgreens employee :)

      • nurseteri

        I have had problems twice at Walgreens with their RR system being down. Both times they gave me a mail in form and I received the RR quickly.

      • Melissa

        I used the coupon today and got my RR no problem. I would take your receipt back in and let them know (if you feel like messing with it.)
        P.S. I am a homeschooling stay at home mommy too! Nice to meet you! :)

      • Sas32_98

        Cynthia, Go back and speak with a manager. I work at walgreens and occasionally there are glitches within the computer system. If you ask a manager then you should still be able to get the reward. Go back BEFORE saturday night is over, or the reward will NOT print and then there is not much that can be done.

    • Katherine

      Just an FYI, the Walgreens in Dallas, GA does NOT carry the travel size Neutrogena!

    • gery220

      This deal is dead. I went today and put this as a filler item (got 3) and the RR did not print. However when I purchase the 3 soaps(different transaction) the RR did print. I am in Miami, Fl (doral area).

    • Bill

      Dead corporate reallized the mistake

    • Amy

      I also get frustrated with things being out of stock. It took me three weeks to finally do the “free” infusium deal at Publix. And when I tried to do this Neutrogena deal at WAGS last week, I had to try 5 different store before I found some. When I did, they only had 3 bars left!

      • danica

        its the same with me….everything was out yesterday and it was only three days after the whole thing started. i get very frustrated because i know there are people out there stocking up with arm fulls of stuff and then we get zero. next time i'm going on sunday instead of going after work on a week night!

        • Sas32_98

          For everybody's infoormation I work at walgreens and this deal has been running for more than just a few days, so if your store is out is is probably that you should have gone shopping sooner.

          • MiniMidgMom

            Many hot sale items run out early, but my Wag's is very happy to tell me when they expect their next delivery or if they will not restock in time. I can usually go back in a Friday or Saturday and catch the item when it's restocked at the end of the sale unless there is a problem with the store getting the item. My store offers rainchecks on sales but not on the RR (wish they did, like CVS does with their ECB's) I would complain to a manager if an employee told me that I should have gone shopping sooner.

          • akelly

            except that i've gone in 2 different WAGS for several weeks only to find them out of stock. not really a WAGS fan anyway, and the items being out of stock and hardly ever correctly labeled on the shelves really makes me not want to shop there. we shop CVS twice a week. rite aid once a week (great rite aid here). wags, only if i'm ready to be bummed because i usually am when i walk out. maybe your WAGS is awesome…mine's not.

    • Who Am I

      walgreens has pulled this offer as well as a few other items

    • 2_Cor:12:9

      I got 3 neutrogena “chapsticks” last night and I was able to use 3 $1/1 sun care products making it under $3 total and the RR printed! I also got 1 bar and 2 astringents (blue liquids) for $6 after facial cleanser Q's and RR printed…very happy!! The chapsticks were over by the deodorants w/ neutrogena hand cream…look for the norwiegan flag.

    • Obama

      This deal is dead.

    • Lovelivelaugh716

      This offer no longer works…

    • Homeschool3kids

      Are the RR not printing?

    • susie

      Didn't work at Walgreens in NC. But did get a rain check for neutragena products but no $10 RR. Oh well.

    • Chazree

      I went to 2 different stores this week looking for the bars (always checked for the trial sizes but never saw them). My last visit the manager was friendly and told me to come back Fri afternoon when they had time to empty the truck. I just got back from there. Found the bars, but decided to buy the men's Nivia body wash first to get that RR to help pay for the Neutrogena. Well, the girl ringing it up was puzzled why the Neutrogena RR did not print. So, she called a manager and he said we can no longer use RR to get other RR. The girl thought that was too bad just like I did. Even she had not heard of it changing. So, even though I got the Neutrogena for free I asked her to void it and give me my coupon and RR back. Then I came home to check this site to see if it is true.

      Anyone else had this problem??

      • Carolinepetal


      • Saturday I was told in a store in NC that you could not use RR to get additional RR. I politely informed the cashier that you can't use them to get the same item, but you can use them to get a different item and asked her if she would try it. She tried and the RR printed. I don't know if employees are confused or if they are being deliberately incorrect information so we won't roll the RR's to get more RR's (on different items of course)

    • barbara

      it takes us here in e tx a little longer to hear the news about the soap-but it no longer woworks-you would think someone in the higher up office would have figured this out and not offered it

      • It worked for me a few minutes ago- twice, once for the regular size bars of soap that were $2.01 and once for the lip balm. I think it was $2.69.

        • JoyfulAbode

          ooh i didn't know they have lip balm. will have to keep an eye open for that when i go today.

    • Teedlesp73

      Went Friday to the one in Soddy Daisy TN and when my register reward didn't print, I ask and they said they thought the deal was over last week. I told them when I had gone to the Hixson Walgreens the shelf said the deal went on until 6/26. They said they didn't know that all they could do was give me my money back and I could try the other store. I just kept the soaps. I had used $10.50 in RR and got 3 soaps, 2 boxes Fruity Pebbles and a gum. I was kind of looking for a break from Walgreens. Only thing is when I looked for this week there is Contact Solution with RR and I would have liked to get that with RR. Oh well I guess I needed to be forced to take a break.

    • Cherryl

      I bought the Neutrogena soap yesterday in Petersburg, VA and the deal worked.

      • Guest

        Cherryl Did you buy three bars of soaps or did you get 3 of the trial size face wash??




    • Lucy

      I purchased 3 of the trial sized facial wash and the RR did not print. I will be returning them tomorrow!

    • Lucy

      I purchased 3 of the trial sized facial wash and the RR did not print. I will be returning them tomorrow!