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Learn to Coupon!


Manufacturer Coupon

Coupon Doubling

Many stores will double the amount if under 50 cents. Check your store for their policy.

Expiration Dates

It's never a good idea to try to use a coupon past it's expiration date. Ask your store if they have a different policy.

Coupon Barcodes and Numbers

All manufacturer coupons start with a 5 or a 9. Not a 5 or 9? You've got a store coupon.

Coupons don’t make stores lose money. Find out why! Not all coupons are legitimate. Learn tricks to spot fraudulent coupons

Where to find these coupons

Newspaper Inserts

Found in the Sunday newspaper. There are three different inserts: SmartSource, RedPlum, & Proctor & Gamble inserts 2010 Insert Schedule

In Store Dispensers

Please only take two! (Also called "blinkies," which is just silly.)

Attached to Products You Purchase

(sometimes called "peelies" - but never here...) Take only if you purchase the product!

Direct Mailings and Email from Manufacturers

A great way to get brand specific coupons. Sign up on websites, or by calling brands you like. Learn More.

Print Coupons Online

Coupons.com, SmartSource, RedPlum

All You Magazine

Most issues have $70-90 worth of manufacturer coupons. Purchase locally at Walmart or subscribe.

Subscribe to All You Magazine for less than $1/mo

Store Coupon

Mail-in Reimbursement?

Rarely will these have an address for mail-in reimbursement.

Bar Codes and Numbers

If it has a barcode, it will start with letters or numbers other than 5 or 9. Barcodes will only scan in the store they were issued.

Where to find these coupons

In Store Booklets

Flyers or booklets on displays throughout the store or at customer service.

At Checkout or Coupon Printers in Stores

Printed at the register after checking out. These are called "Catalina" coupons. Or look for coupon centers in stores, scan your shoppers card and it prints coupons for that day.

Sent to Your House

Make sure your store has your address correct, they will send booklets and specials sales. Some even send coupons geared towards your shopping habits.

Mobile or Electronic Coupons

Coupons loaded onto your smart-phone, or directly on your shoppers card. Primarily in Target and Kroger.


Coupon Language and Lingo

We try to keep lingo to the minimum around here, but here is the list of acronyms and terms in case you run across something you don't understand:

Types of Coupons

B1G1, BOGO, B1G1F Buy 1, Get One Free PG, P&G Proctor & Gamble Sunday Insert Coupons
$/$$ Dollars off when you buy XX dollars RP Red Plum Sunday insert coupons
.50/1 Fifty cents off one items SS Smartsource Sunday insert coupons
.50/3 Fifty cents off 3 items Peelie Coupon that you peel off the package
Catalina Coupon dispensed at the register at the time of purchase (on separate paper) Blinkie Coupon dispensed near product, in the store (usually from a “blinking” red box)
Tearpad Pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display eCoupon Found on the Internet but different because it is uploaded to a card
IP Internet Printable FAR Free After Rebate
MFR or MQ Manufacturer or Manufacturer Coupon MIR Mail in Rebate

Store Specific Coupons

FLIP Food Lion Internet Printable ECB Extra Care Buck (CVS)
IVC Instant Value Coupon (Walgreens store coupon, found in Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog and on in store tearpads) RR Register Rewards (these are Catalinas that print out at Walgreens)
BR Balance Rewards (point system at Walgreens) PP Plenti Points (reward at Rite Aid)

Common Phrases

DND5 Coupon states Do Not Double, but the bar code starts with a 5, meaning most computers will automatically double it YMMV Your Milage May Vary (you may find the item priced differently or it may not work for you the same)
OOP Out of Pocket NED No Expiration Date
Regional Coupon value only distributed at a certain time UPC Universal Product Code a bar code on the product
WYB When you buy WSL While supplies last
SASE Self Addressed Stamped Envelope CRT Cash Register Tape (coupon that prints on receipt)
BTFE Box Tops for Education WWJD What Would Jenny Do (just kidding)