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Learn to Coupon!


1. Sales Cycles and Stocking Up

Most people make a list of the groceries they need and head to the store. What you have just done is make a list of everything that is not on sale at the store. We need to step back and realize that groceries go on sale. They all have a "rock bottom low price", and we want to focus on only buying groceries when they are at that rock bottom price. Don't worry it's pretty easy, in most areas they follow a cycle roughly 6 weeks long. That means if we see a rock bottom price this week then buy enough of that item to last 6 weeks. That way you don't have to go back and pay the full retail price in between.

Weekly Store Ad Schedules Buy Price List

You could, buy a box of cereal for $4 a box, every week for six weeks and you’re out $24!


Buy six boxes of cereal at their rock bottom price and use coupons. Pay only $6 total for six boxes of cereal.

You save $18 by purchasing them at the right time and stocking up.


Here’s an example of a 6-8 week Store Sales Cycle

When items are at their lowest price at your store they will be listed on the grocery deals list. You don't really have to track anything, we are doing it for you!


2. Add On The Coupons

If you buy when the items are at their lowest price AND use coupons, you save a bundle! Here's how it works:

Store Policies

Each store has a different set of rules for what kinds of coupons they accept, how many they accept, and which coupons they will double.

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3. Getting Organized

The easiest method to getting the best deals is to have a library of inserts saved up. That way, if an item goes on sale four weeks after the insert is delivered, you'll still have the coupons (and you only clip the ones you actually need!).

Best Option: Accordion File Method

Not as pretty as the binder method, but very time efficient! Just make sure you date your inserts before filing them.

On Southern Savers we will tell you next to every coupon the exact insert to go and find it in. You sit down and cut just the coupons you need for this weeks sale and never waste time cutting coupons you won't use!

Gotta Try It? Get the details.

Organizing Other Coupons

You'll always end up with cut coupons you didn't use or coupons you found in the store. Organize these in whatever fashion fits your life best. Small accordion files, envelopes, or a binder are all good options. Most of the time, we know about these coupons, too, and will reference them in the shopping list for your convenience.

Learn more about coupons and where to get them


The Binder Method is the most organized but the most time-consuming approach. This method has you clip out every coupon possible and file it in clear inserts in a binder. This method will take a lot of time, but some people enjoy it as a hobby.

Blog Posts On Organizing


4. Now Put it All Together!

  1. Save Inserts on Sunday

    No clipping necessary - just make sure you date them!

  2. Go to SouthernSavers.com

    We post only the lowest prices matched with all the available coupons. Check the Stores and Schedules.

  3. Get The Coupons Together!

    Print from Southern Savers and clip from saved inserts (save the extras in a binder)

  4. Print Your Shopping List

    Southern Savers makes it easy to print only the items you’ll buy. We even include all the coupon match-ups!

  5. Go Shopping

    Take your list and coupons and get stocked up on all the low price deals this week.

Start Small, Start Now!

Because the weekly deals we post on Southern Savers are the lowest prices on those products for the 6-8 week cycle, you should go ahead and buy any items you see listed that you need -- even if you don't have coupons! Don't wait to get started and then end up paying twice the price on those items for the next two months. To make it easier on yourself, just pick ONE store and buy the lowest-priced items there. That way, you're not trying to keep track of all the stores' sales and you know you're getting great deals and saving money.

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