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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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target weekly ad deals

See all the deals and the Target Weekly Ad in one place. Saving money at Target can be a lot of fun pairing in the Target Cartwheel offers with gift card deals and manufacturer coupons. Look for weekly coupons in the Target ad too! The Target weekly ad runs from Sunday to Saturday each week.

If you are just getting started, head to our learn to coupon page to see how these lists can save you up to 60% off your grocery budget every week! Also see the official Target Coupon Policy.

Target Weekly Ad & Deals

    • ML

      A better deal on the Up & Up diapers would be to buy 3 packs @ $17.99 use 5% cartwheel, $1.50/2 and $8 off $50…makes each box $10.59 with gift card. Or buy 4 boxes so you get two gift cards and each box is $9.71 with gift cards. That works out to be $0.08 each for size 1.

      • Hey there! Sounds like a great deal! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Lisa

      What’s going on with your site? I can’t pull up any of the weekly deals!

      • I just sent you an email that might help. We do know that we are having issues with this working on old versions of IE. If you are using IE9 or older can you try another web browser? I hope to have a fix for 8 and 9 this week, but there are 3 newer versions out you might want to try or firefox or chrome.

    • Lauren Gellins

      Has anyone had trouble redeeming multiple P&G coupons in one transaction at Target? The past two times I was there I tried to use (2) $3 off a box of Pampers Cruisers and take part in the $10 gift card with the purchase of 2 boxes. Both times, they told me that I could only use one coupon per transaction because it said “one coupon per purchase.” I explained to them what “one coupon per purchase” has always meant and they got snippy and said they “would take it this time” but that was a limitation made by the manufacturer. So I emailed P&G and asked them to clarify stating that I have always been able to use multiple (up to 4 identical) coupons in one transaction as a “purchase” is each product and not a “transaction.” Their response was ambiguous and they said I was correct but that I may only be able to use on coupon per transaction. What?! Anyone else experience this issue? Basically this makes the gift card deals not that great for me.

      • Julie

        I’ve had the same issues, I think it depends on the cashier. Target and Walmart employees seem to be wrongly educated and unfriendly about coupons.

    • Sitchey

      I am really saddened and disappointed to see you still supporting Target.

      • Hey There! It’s a really fine line for me, and while I may not be shopping at Target I don’t want to take away the deals for others that need to save money for their family.

        • Sitchey

          Thank you for writing back. I can see where that would be a difficult decision. However, you have a great platform here to take a stance in a situation such as this that can have a great impact. I am not suggesting you write a piece on them, just the subtle gesture of removing Target from your site would be a big impact alone. We are a struggling family and have no problem cutting Target out. I don’t feel I am losing on deals that will take from my family by not shopping there. There are so many great deals to be had elsewhere. I do realize that you could lose some followers, but when God gives you a platform like this sometimes hard choices have to be made to defend what you believe in. I just ask that you consider what it would mean to appear to support Target during this time.

        • Godloveusall

          Thank you Jenny for continuing to give helpful information to those of us who still shop there.

    • hf

      Wow…just wow, all the negativity over something that was never an enforceable issue anywhere, moms have always brought their little boys in the female restroom, since females are entirely stalls it only becomes an issue if someone is peeking over, I don’t know about you but I’ve taught my child better than that. Also target has always had a gender free single bathroom by pharmacy…so target does their best to make all customers welcome, not that you can make everyone happy, but at least they are trying, if only more companies made an effort, I know a lot of people are grateful, or has nobody here seen target’s special shopping carts?

    • Lori Pederson

      I have yet to go into a bathroom at Target where someone asked me if I was using the correct bathroom, and what “sex” my birth certificate indicates. If you have concerns of using the male/female bathrooms, use the family bathrooms. Has there been many documented cases where someone was refused for using the “wrong” bathroom, EXCEPT maybe in the case of someone who had bad intentions? The outrage for which bathroom one uses is way out of proportion when compared to companies who cut their employees hours so they don’t have to pay benefits. When you boycott, you initially harm the people who depend on the company for a paycheck and benefits, not the people in the corporate offices who are pulling in well over $100,000. I work in an area that has a large GLBT community and yes they are outraged, but they also realize they are also hurting their own community by these businesses pretending to take a stand and refusing to hire the exact work force they are protecting. Show support by donating to the cause, not by taking away from those who need a paycheck.

    • Donna

      I can’t get the Ball Jar coupons to come up? Help???

    • M

      “$5 Target Gift Card wyb (2) Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Deodorant, 2.x 2.3 oz, $3.39”

      You actually have to buy 3 twin packs to get the gift card; not 2. I didn’t realize until it was too late. :(

    • julesga

      There’s a 20% cartwheel savings for the Cottonelle, All, and Scott!!

    • nasatiger

      There is a 25% cartwheel on the fritos/cheetos! Makes them 1.87!

    • M

      The Justin’s coupon is no longer available.

    • Christiana Diak

      Was the $2.50 for the Market Pantry Milk regional? Mine was $3.29 :(

    • Christiana Diak

      Also, the Ibotta for the Dole Fruitocracy is no longer there. Sigh.

    • Katrina

      Cartwheel has purina cat treats for 35% off. The two kinds/flavors of party mix cat treats are $1.59 at my store. The store also had a coupon for $1 off of any purina cat treat that was on some of the jugs of tidy cat kitty litter (in my store, they were on an end cap instead of on the shelves with all of the litter). With the coupon, cartwheel, and the 5% redcard discount, they were either free of a few cents (depending on whether the percentage discounts were taken pre- or post- coupon!)

    • Jennifer

      to use the $25 off $100 on diapers do you know if it needs to be a certain size? I like buying the small packs so I can return the unopened ones when baby changes sizes. But I don’t love them enough to not save the $$

    • Shelley

      Does anyone know if the $25 gift bard on $100 is $100(after or before coupons?)

    • Rita

      I hope none of your southern savers are shopping at Target anymore.

      • M

        I do. Yay, gay rights! :)

      • I’m leaving it up to everyone to decide where to shop. There are many folks that need to save money and missing out on the freebies, 40% off meat and other top deals they have is something they can’t afford to do.

        • Ami

          Agree! I’m a single mom of 3. So I need all the help I can get no matter where it is. Thank You. Jenny

      • Carly Stevenson

        Seriously? It took me a minute to realize why you were commenting like this about Target. I thought it was bc you thought they didn’t have good sales. That’s how much of a non issue this is. It’s 2016… let people make their own decisions. I’m from Alabama and LOVE that Target believes in equality!!! Plus they have awesome deals on baby products.

        • lauren

          You are blindly following an agenda that is not really about ‘equality’. They are pushing the agenda, not leaving it a choice, but INSISTING that everyone say this is NORMAL when if fact, it is NOT normal. God created us male and female and decided how it should be from the very beginning. You cannot change what God has put into place at the time of Creation and expect that there will be no consequences. They are insisting that everyone get on board with their defiance against God and THAT is what people are against, and rightly so. It is not normal and they cannot insist that it is. They are trying to change our world, as we knew it, to destroy it. Stop falling for the insanity. There are plenty of good deals everywhere. We don’t need Target and they have no business pushing such an agenda.

          • Carly Stevenson

            They’re not insisting anyone say it’s normal. Don’t like it? Don’t shop there.. simple enough. I don’t agree with the policies of Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A, so I don’t spend money there. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to shop at Target. I don’t believe in your God, so throwing that into your argument means absolutely nothing to me. Would you care if I told you Allah says women should cover your hair? Would that make you start wearing a hijab? No.. because you don’t believe in Allah or Islam. I don’t believe in God or Christianity, so yacking at me about what God thinks is wrong or right has no impact on me. Again, I like that Target is inclusive and supports equal rights for everyone, including trans people. I’ll continue to shop there, and maybe I’ll go there even more now just to piss off the people who think like you. Have a nice day!

          • dawn

            so should a baby born with cancer be left to die because god created them that way? or a baby born with heart defect?

    • M

      And thanks to the site owner for continuing to post Target deals, despite pressure by some to omit them.

      One thing to add to the list – there’s a Cartwheel for 30% off Kashi bars.

      • Thanks, I’ll add it in!

    • Natalia

      PURINA DOG CHOW 30% OFF @ cartwheel (2 more days!)

      • Thanks! Just added it in and changed the math. Makes it just $9.99.

    • Never_Speechless

      Free fancy feast snacks with target coupon, 40% off cartwheel and coupons from .com

    • Keith Bowersox

      The Stove Top, Heinz Gravy & Betty Crocker Potatoes are 75 cents in the ad here.

    • dawg4

      What’s the math on the Axe gift sets for $3.55 each? They’re B1G1 25% off , $9.99 each. If you buy 2, use 25% off cartwheel coupon, and use (2) $2 off MQ–how does that equal $3.55 ea? Also, my SavingStar has a $2 off Axe gift sets.

    • Heidi Winters Foster

      Really? All the chatter over a Trans Bathroom?? I get it, yeah I don’t agree with someone’s choice to be Trans, but yet.. are they bothering me? NO! The God I believe tells me it’s wrong, but the God I also worship tells me to not Judge someone and to love my neighbor! For those spouting “my god ” your god is NOT proud of you for casting stones! Hiding behind the whole my god thing is crap. Your God, the SAME God I’m speaking of tells me and you to leave the judging up to HIM, not ME or YOU! If you don’t like it, go somewhere else, your actions certainly aren’t earning you any merit with God, please remember that! I’ll pray God changes your heart and leads you to know what he asks of us.

      • M

        Can I get an Amen!

        I sincerely wish more Christians were like you. There are too many who profess to be Christians, but have hate in their hearts and constantly judge others.

    • Where is the ad?

      • Sam

        I have the same question. Have tried three different browsers.

    • mitzi

      my local target would not let me use a manufacturer’s coupon because it said Kroger at the bottom! It was clearly a manufacturer’s coupon!

      • Lori

        Next time, ask to speak to a manager and have their coupon policy in hand. I just re-read it and it clearly states as long as it’s a manufacturer coupon it’ll be accepted. It even uses Kroger as an example!

    • Maria

      I am so sorry I think I’m missing something. The numbers on the Rimmel Eye makeup & the Purell hand sanitizer doesn’t seem to be adding up. Will someone please help me figure this out please?

      • Sorry just now replying, there is no math for the Rimmel deal and I just updated the math for the Purell deal, thanks for letting me know.

    • Emily

      How do you get three $5 gift cards for the Bic deal? I thought it was only one card for $20 spent, which wouldn’t make the razors free. Am I missing something?

      • Sorry for the confusion. There’s a Target gift card offer for bic razors is on the unadvertised list and I just put that one up. You’ll get a $5 gift card when you buy (2) bic razors. So if you buy 4 you’ll get 2 $5 gift cards and you’ll get the 3rd one from the store coupon.

    • gmvalentine

      I think the B3 suave products get a $5 gift card is only an online deal. You cannot use the B2G1 manufacturers coupon or the Cartwheel discount online. You can still get the $5 off $20 in personal care products, but you would have to get $20 worth of Suave stuff.

      I constructed this in-store deal and wondered if there was a problem with getting a $5 gift card for spending $20 in personal care products.

      Buy the 4 2-packs of Suave Shampoo/Conditioner, 25oz/bottle. The 2-packs are $5.99 each. Compared to buying the bottles separately for $4.99 apiece, you are essentially getting a bottle for $1 if you buy a 2-pack. 4 2-packs for 5.99 each = $23.99. 15% off from Cartwheel = $20.39. Use the B2G1coupon in the newspaper. $20.39- $5.99 = $14.40 (I am assuming they give you credit for the full price of the shampoo/ conditioner pack, not with the $15% Cartwheel discount). $14.40-$5 gc for buying $20 worth of personal care items =
      $9.40. $9.40/8 = $1.17/bottle. Another assumption I made is that you can get the $5 gift card if your total is above $20 without the B2G1 coupon. Is that right?

      f you can’t get the $5 gift card, each bottle would be $1.80 or so per bottle.

      In both cases, if you use your Red Card, you would get another 5% off.

    • Rebecca Bryan

      The B2G1 Free Neutrogena coupon was not accepted at my local Target in Chattanooga. It gave an error saying “This coupon type not accepted,” and they said they couldn’t override it b/c they wouldn’t get reimbursed for it if it wasn’t accepted.