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Get Your B1G1 Egg Coupon!!

on 2.5.2010 at 10:03am

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b1g1-egg-couponThe B1G1 Egg coupons are up!! Be one of the first 30,000 folks to visit the Good Egg Project’s Facebook Fan page and you will get a B1G1 Eggs printable coupon. Click on the tab that says “Free Eggs”, and print away!

These will go fast!

    • anniet1018

      It's not working…They're whole system crashed! They should get in touch with the “Oreo” people to see how it's done…LOL! What a disapointment!

      • tammyMD

        i agree, the oreo coupon was easy peasy lemon squezy!

    • CMSMOM

      Not working for me :-(

    • Noella

      I did a dumb thing this morning. I thought this egg thing was all day friday so I clicked on become a fan earlier. Does this mean I can't do this offer?

      • anniet1018

        No. Go back and click on the link for the “free eggs”

    • Niki

      so not worth the hassle!

    • anniet1018

      They just posted this… “Hey fans! Don’t worry, the free eggs are available – the system is just on overload with all of the activity! Be patient and keep trying – we promise you’ll get your eggs!”

      I'm gonna' keep trying for a while. It's just a PITA because you have to keep closing the window and going back to the link.

    • Snowski824

      People are so silly. It's nice they even give coupons, they don't have to do so.

    • Nora

      I feel like this is a flashback to the Herbal Essence free coupon fiasco. I agree Oreo knows where it's at for their free giveaways!

    • EMily

      Yeah, this is not an easy coupon to get.

    • Katherine

      Waiting for the B1G1 coupon…..but enjoying peoples' comments….some of them are hilarious!!!

    • Suzanne

      I've tried several times as well with error messages: unable to connect to the database. It's disappointing in a few ways. Mostly b/c of the way ppl are acting and posting such rude comments. Please ppl! If we were in a line at a store you'd see how many ppl are trying to get the deal. It's for $1.50 you determine how much of your time and frustration is worth it.

      Anyways, I'll try again a few more times, then I'm moving on. My kids need their mama :-)

    • Nora

      VICTORIOUS!!!! Keep it up I'm rooting you you all! :-)

    • Krystal

      Not working for me either. The people posting on their wall are absolutely ridiculous. One woman said she was CRYING because she couldn't access the coupon and had stayed up all night to do so. Sorry, but who's forcing you to sit at the computer?

      • Melissa

        It didn't work for me earlier, but did later this afternoon.

        And you are absolutely right. There are no guarantees with a first-come-first-serve freebie. We should try to look at it positively and consider it a bonus when we do get one of these “limited” offers.

    • jessica

      yeah this is crazy last time i was disapointed i didnt get the coupon so i got up thinking the first free moment i get ill go get it sat here for 10 minutes at the computer what a waste of time ill pay for the darn eggs. to bad though thought this was cool. God Bless Everyone Have a wonderful weekend

    • Bobbie

      Well, I tried and then it finally told me I had gotten my coupon email but I did not get an email from them. Oh, maybe next time. Or next time I won't even try. LOL

      • jilljova

        Same thing for me. Told me I had already received it but I have not. Bye Bye Egg coupon.

    • I finally got through to the coupon page only to have it tell me I had already printed the coupon. :(

      • anniet1018

        Are you kidding me???!!!

      • Well, I just tried using my other email address and it went right through.

    • nancyholt

      Eggs are so adverse for meals, Yum!

    • skipcarroll

      I was able to enter all my information but couldn't submit it !!!!

      • Nora

        Same thing happened to me 3 times…still can't submit.

    • Tabitha

      It is now saying: “We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience while the server cools down. Let’s stay optimistic, there are tons of coupons available. Thanks for being Good Eggs while we work this out.”
      Yes…it is a little funny how upset people get! lol

    • patty

      very very disapointed with the egg people. They should have planned better.

    • Sabrenia

      Their server has melted! :)

      • Jenni

        No, it got fried! ;)

    • Sherry

      People are posting that if you were part of the last BOGO in the fall, you can't get this coupon. I wish I would have known that b/c I've been planning this all week and have been sitting here for a while! I guess I'll do some errands and come back later. Some people are getting really nasty on the post. It's just a shame.

      • Sarah

        I didn't sign up then, but I'm getting the “you already got one” message.


        Hee hee. :-D

    • Sabrenia

      Their server has melted. Oh well, the world won't end.

    • GAmeg

      last time I waited until the afternoon – had no problem at all getting the coupon-

    • sarah

      i finally got through only to be told i had already received the coupon- im guessing they mean the BOGO from the fall. i didnt receive the emailed coupon either, its a small thing but i wish they had mentioned that so i didnt waste my time trying over and over to get it.

      • anniet1018

        I got thru too to the form where you put in your email, bdate, and zip. I hit okay and the same window came up. I put in the info again and it said “Our records show you already rec'd our coupon.” So far no email. (Annie shrugging shoulders…oh well).

    • anniet1018

      It almost makes me want to get a few hens again and get free eggs every day :)

    • Sarah

      Can I just say, this is why I like Southern Savers so much?

      For the most part, we're all good-natured people. Some of those people on Facebook are CRAZY!

      • anniet1018

        Amen sister!

    • Andrea

      urg….huge waste of time. I had to keep going back and trying for over an hour. When I finally got it to go through, It said their records indicate I've already received a coupon. :-(

    • ircthtrk

      Great! I thought my coupon was on its way, then the screen pops up and tells me I have already received my coupon! Needless to say I still have not seen my coupon! I have to agree this is hilarious. I think they have really been overloaded. That will teach them not to put all their eggs in one basket!! Yeah it was corny but I couldn't resist!!

      • anniet1018

        Again…. A simple call to the Oreo people would have avoided all this mess!!! LOL! Don't y'all agree???

    • Jan

      Went to fb to print the egg coupon and they said I already had printed one but I hadn't. What gives?

    • Aymie520

      What a disappointment. They should not make promises to consumers they cannot keep. Coupons only good for $1.50 anyways though and we only eat cage free eggs. Oh well.

    • tracycook79

      bummer…this is a bust….i tried for an hour and a half and finally my info went through (YEAH), only to be told i have already printed one……something i have never done…..(BOO)

    • patricia


    • Jerry

      The B1G1 egg coupon will not process if you have received a coupon through previous offers. Evidently they do not reset their link. I'm not going to crack up over it; did enjoy reading the cackles by the rude, unappreciative hens. Shame.

    • lovingmybabygirl

      Got to the point where it told me I had a coupon in my email … an hour later .. still waiting on it to show up. Oh well I didn't waste as much time trying to get the coupon as others. Hopefully it will show up :-)

    • stephanie

      I have been clicking and submitting for an hour and a half and have yet to get the coupon. They are very slow and the server keeps going out. If you do this, it might take a while, but as of right now the coupons are still available. Good luck!

    • Suemh

      Finally got through. Waiting for my coupon.

      • Suemh

        Got my coupon one hour after I got through.

    • mel82362

      it not working and it tells you it printed

    • anniet1018

      I'm gonna' go try again with my DH's FB account. I know he never tried to get free eggs.

    • Nora

      Finally got the email but when I click the link to print the coupon it says no more are available.

    • natkins

      Haha!!! This was a NIGHTMARE LOL!! I was on for almost 2 hours and finally got through BUT still waiting on my coupon to be emailed to me. Lets hope :-)

    • Susan

      I just cautiously tried …and it worked….dont give up yet!

      • Joyce

        Finally! I tried my first email address, no luck, another email address, no luck, then back to the first email address and it worked!

    • Jenni

      I just (at about 12pm EST) got added my hubby as a fan, and got a coupon for him – SO there ARE still coupons. But when I tried it, first, it repeated the “enter your info” page (which I had just filled out) and when finished it a 2nd time, it told me that I had already received a coupon. So I'm not sure what happened there.

      • Jenni

        Okay, just checked hubby's email, and it was in his spam folder. Clicked on the link, and it told me that the coupon was gone. Incredible Egg FAIL. Considering they had done a similar giveaway before, this was REALLY badly managed.

      • Jenni

        Now the Egg peeps just posted that coupons are not gone. Um… then why is the link telling so many people otherwise?

    • Snowski824

      First time I tried it the page said I already registered for it. I tried again after they said it was a technical error and it told me that I would get my coupon soon. Opened email and it was immediately there. Printed great. Keep trying!

    • lynn

      well i got all the way threw it went to emai and went to print coupon and it said no more coupons available to print so the link they sent me was no good bummer

    • SnoMom

      I visited the FB page and became a fan. Then a box opened for me to enter my information and email address to receive a coupon. The screen appeared to freeze after I hit enter. I tried re-entering my information, again, no response. Went back to it several minutes later, re-entered my information and hit enter. A new screen popped up saying that records show that I've already received a coupon. This was about 10 minutes ago, an so far I have not received a coupon. Maybe it will just take longer, but I have a feeling some kind of glitch messed it up.

      Will be interesting to see how it continues to go for everyone else…

    • amy

      Mine came in my email….printed it and all is well!

    • stirfry101

      Speaking of the oreo giveaway last week, I got my coupon in the mail today, however the oreo gods were smiling they sent me 4!!! I got 4 seperate envelopes (they look like just mail) with a coupon in each one. Did this happen to anyone else?

      • courtney_80

        i got three! i thought it was weird. i only have one FB account and only signed up for it once. actually, i had forgotten about the free oreos and tried it late that evening. the info said that if you weren't one of the first 300,000 fans you would get a coupon for $1 off oreos, so i went ahead and did it anyway. imagine my surprise when i rc'd THREE coupons for free oreos last week in the mail! the first arrived by itself and then another 2 the next day. must have been some weird fluke in their system.

      • Katherine

        I got 2 in the mail yesterday

    • courtney_80

      i finally got through the system. told me i had already rc'd the coupon, which i have never rc'd either now or last fall. went back through and used my mom's email, and it says it will send my coupon right away! i had DH do it, too, and it worked just now for us. Good luck to ya! i've been trying to get this silly coupon all morning. every time i get near the computer, i give it a try! haha

    • sarah

      you know i do agree that acting outraged over not getting a free coupon is a little much; but i will also say- if they had made it clear that those of us who did receive a bogo coupon for making the pledge last time were NOT elligible to receive this one I would never have bothered getting into the mix and it would have been easier for those who were elligible for the coupon to actually get it.

      • Jennifer

        Even if you got one last time you can still get one….I did as well as many others….If you did not get through, go and try again

    • TraciR

      I think they may have worked out the kinks on the coupon. I got my e-mail (went to my junk folder) and was able to print it out twice. I guess this was one time where waiting was a good thing.

    • joellenfreeman

      Got mine!

    • Jen

      Just tried for the first time at 2:20 p.m. EST. I had to enter my email/zip info three times, but then received the coupon within 2 minutes and just printed it–no problems! Thanks so much for this–I have been looking forward to it all week.
      Keep trying if you really want one–obviously they are still available!

      Good luck! :o)

    • Mollie

      Just tried this, totally worked in like 2 minutes. Yeah, free eggs!

    • SoniaT

      I finally got mine. I kept trying this morning and when I finally got through it told me I'd already received the coupon even though I hadn't. So I just tried again and used a different email address and got it in just a couple of minutes. I was able to print 2.

    • Amy

      Just got mine and printed twice :)

    • Kathy

      I tried the egg thing this morning and it said I had already printed my coupon. I didn't because it wouldn't let me. I just entered my info again and it said you will recieve your coupon shortly. Checked my spam e mail and it was in there. Printed with no problem!

    • Sarah

      Mine printed! Yay eggs! Their FB page says they just added 20,000 more coupons so everybody should get them that signs up. When it was telling me I'd already received them, I changed all of the information and used an email I hadn't used in two years and it went through. I just got home to print it out and it worked fine! There's only two people in my house, so now I need to go search for egg recipes… :)

    • HillbillyFrugal

      I got the message this morning that I had already printed this coupon. I just went back to try printing from my email again and Voila! It worked. Just keep trying people…. keep trying. :)

    • Tara

      I just added as a fan on Facebook. I was able to put in my email address and it told me my coupon would come to my email. It has been almost a half hour now and no email in regular inbox or spam. How soon did those of you that actually got one to print get yours?

    • VLH

      I am so over Facebook promotions for companies. I still haven't gotten my email from over 2 hours ago. This promotion stinks. The second worse was Babies R Us, become a fan and get $5. Never got that email either! Never again will I become a fan of anything on FB. Ugh.

    • astridholliman11

      I just got the coupon. I figured there was no way I'd still get them, but I did.

    • Janice

      Tried for a good while this morning, No luck. Would get to the level that would say click here to get your coupon and then it would not connect. One time reached the page where I had to enter name, email etc and then it would not connect from there. I have to say it was FRUSTRATING. Oh well………

    • anniet1018

      Ahhh I finally got my free egg coupon…Now I can sleep peacefully tonight…LOL jk. I would have slept fine anyway. I tried again a few minutes ago and it worked… Email went to my junk folder just like y'all said. Printed out the Q, hit the back button gently 3 times and even got a second one. They must have reset everything. The egg peeps are good peeps.

    • Julie

      I had to clean my history and cookies real good to get this to work after sveral attempt. Then is said the coupon would be emailed to me. Still waiting for the email. How long did the email take for those who received it?

      • Mistletoes405

        It took me a good 10 hours to get my coupon!!

        • Julie

          me too! The coupon showed up this morning.

    • mel82362

      i got my egg coupon send to my email just got done printing it

    • mel82362

      got my egg coupon in my email just got done printing it

    • janice

      Tried all morning. Said I had already got a coupon…….but looked on my e-mail tonight about 6:30 and there was a coupon to print out. Only got to print one 1 from my e-mail. Signed up my husband this morning and he had one in his e-mail too! All that after such a hassle this morning telling a lot of people that they had already received their coupon. Maybe it is just taking a long time to send them out. Oh , mine was in my regular e-mail and my husbands was in his spam mail. Hope they send everyone at least 1 coupon!

    • sarahbrath

      They just upped the available coupons from 30,000 to 50,000 an hour ago, so if you didn't get one, try again….

    • shirleycannon

      can't get a coupon

    • CassandraK

      I got through but my email hasn't shown up..not too sure what that means..since i did get the one in the fall i think..but either way I save so much money using this site that I don't care! I can afford to buy eggs on sale (or even full price *gulp*) if I have to because I save money elsewhere and I'm really grateful for this site.
      As someone who is working towards a degree in Web Design I really feel for the egg people because they either had no idea how big of a hit this would be..or they did and tried to plan for it but something messed up anyways.

    • Jenni

      Okay, all the trouble was frustrating, but both my husband and I got a coupon in the end. (it took several tries and a lot of patience) Obviously they just were NOT prepared for this promotion. But hopefully, in the future, they will learned their lesson, should they choose to do this again.

    • Michelle

      I guess they are gone because I don't see where it says “free eggs”

    • Crystal

      Is anyone having trouble using their B1G1 coupon at the grocery? I've had Kroger and Apple Market both turn down my “Internet” coupon. Kroger said that they aren't accepting internet coupons where you receive a free product. The other store just wouldn't take my printed paper internet coupon at all. Gonna try Publix this afternoon.

      • JeninCarolina

        Hi Crystal,
        I used mine at a North Carolina Kroger last weekend without issue. I'm sorry you had difficulty! :o(

      • Jennifer

        I always have used mine at Publix or Bi-Lo with no problems….

    • Crystal

      Is anyone having trouble using their B1G1 coupon at the grocery? I've had Kroger and Apple Market both turn down my “Internet” coupon. Kroger said that they aren't accepting internet coupons where you receive a free product. The other store just wouldn't take my printed paper internet coupon at all. Gonna try Publix this afternoon.

    • JeninCarolina

      Hi Crystal,
      I used mine at a North Carolina Kroger last weekend without issue. I'm sorry you had difficulty! :o(

    • Jennifer

      I always have used mine at Publix or Bi-Lo with no problems….