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Thanks to everyone who posted their suggestions.  The winner will receive an email, however, the winner wont be divulged until after Christmas!

So, you can call this a guest post if you would like.  This is Jenny’s husband.  I am sponsoring a giveaway for the person that comes up with the best gift idea for Jenny.  You may think that it is cheating to ask you – the reading audience.  But who else (other than me) would know what she would want but her readers?  So, couponers, bloggers, moms, wives, and very creative husbands out there, this is for you.

Up for grabs is one $50 dollar Amazon gift card for the gift idea that I use.

What do you want?  Maybe post your idea, then tell your husband that your idea is on this post somewhere for hints for him.

Contest ends on December 10th since I’m sure that you would like to use the gift certificate for Christmas shopping.  Thanks!!

    • Heather

      The best present my husband ever gave me was this: He took all my undeveloped film (when there was film) to the store and had it developed for me and put it into albums. This was 5 years ago but the premis is the same. Unless Jenny is fanatical about getting all her pics developed all the time (which I am still very bad at) she will appreciate not having to worry if her computer crashes with all the pictures on it. I need to get mine off and developed, come to think of it. Hope this helps.

      • Nina

        Wow! that was an awesome gift. I’ve been married for 23 years and my husband is the sweetest guy ever but I don’t think he could of ever come up with something like that…nor do I think he has the patience for it lol! Sounds like your guy is a keeper too!

        • Heather

          The best part is that my mom and dad had passed away only a couple of years before this gift and there were several pictures of them with my children that I didn’t know I had. I think I will keep him around for a while…lol

    • hollie

      I am dying for a Kindle! I am an avid reader and think the Kindle is so convenient and awesome. It’s a little pricey, but the book downloads are cheap. I would even take a used one from ebay or amazon. It has a built in dictionary and no backlight so you can read it outside. It’s only about 1/3 inch thick so you can carry it everywhere ( you never know where you’ll be stuck waiting and wish you had a book) Plus you can adjust the text size and automatically save your page.

      • Allison

        What is a kindle?

        • Damien Barber

          Kindle is an electronic book device… you download books into it so you can read them wherever you are… I think it can hold like 200 books.

          • Daisy

            I have one and I love it! The Kindle itself is pricey, but if you can get over that initial shock there is a lot of free material out there to download, and I use my swagbucks to buy amazon gift cards which I then buy my kindle books with. Between the two I do pretty well not making it a continual drain on our funds :-)

    • Kelsey

      I am thinking…a massage and dinner date with you! Of course she gets to pick whatever she might want to do/go on the mentioned date!

    • Tara Morrow

      a snuggy

    • Heather

      Here is another idea. Watch the kids one day for her. All day. Give her a gift certificate to a place where she can get a good pedicure and manicure. Call her best friend to surprise her for lunch. If she likes to shop, give her a gift certificate to a store where she’d never dare buying something without talking to you first. Find a sitter for the kids and then meet her out somewhere and go to your favorite place to eat and go out for coffee after. Once you are home and the kids are in bed….well, you can use your imagination!

      • Lyndsey

        I love this idea! I only have one child, but as a stay at home mom a day out would be amazing!

      • kristin

        Oooohh…would you mind emailing MY husband with this idea too??

        A whole day without having to watch the clock to hurry home? That is a nice treat!

        • Meredith

          I like this idea best too! what mother (working or stay-at-home) wouldn’t LOVE it???
          Another idea would be a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast somewhere so the two of you can have a romantic getaway?
          As a (working) mother of 2 young ones, right now, I am just craving time with my husband where we can actually have an uninterrupted conversation.

          • Rachel

            Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

      • Michelle

        I love this idea!

      • I wanted to win the giftcard with my own idea, but this one really is the best! I would LOVE for my hubby to do this!

      • Dawn

        I have to say I love this idea too. To get a day off??? And to add to that, without the man complaining about how the children acted while he was gone and have the house relatively straight with the dishes in the dishwasher. Oh, my. I think I just reached Heaven.

      • aprylegayle

        Okay, yeah, this is my favorite idea of those posted, too! The only thing I would add is a combo from someone else’s idea. Take the kids out somewhere for the day (while your wife is out having her fun) and hire someone to come clean the house while you’re all gone. Now, how to drop my hubby some subtle hints …

      • Katie

        This is exactly the type of gift I was going to suggest. As a mother of 2 little ones, I know a day like this would be a HUGE treat!

      • Sandy Ague

        This is the best I’ve seen. Sometimes a vacation can be more of a hassle than its worth. If Jenny is like me, she would have to arrange all the daycare, etc. and still worry about the kids. A day of pampering, spending time with a friend and then a surprise visit and dinner with her husband. Priceless!

    • Becky

      Diamonds are always nice!
      The best gift my DH ever got me was a surprise 3 diamond ring (a diamond for each kid I had had). I had NO clue that was coming!

    • Krystal

      A netbook with an internet subscription. It may not be the most romantic thing, but I’m a big believer in getting gifts that people will actually use and make their day a billion times better. It seems as if she’s been traveling a bit, and having to carry a two pound computer that you can put in a purse is wonderful.

      They can sometimes be a bit pricey, so if you’re looking for a frugal idea (like the idea behind this site), how about a “coupon” to do the dishes (or take out the trash, or fold the laundry, or whatever) for the next three months (or, to be adventurous, a year?). We couponers love getting coupons. And getting a coupon that will do the work for us? Now that’s priceless.

      • Damien Barber

        Netbooks can be gotten for $29.99 from certain cell phone companies if you commit to a 2 year internet service plan from one of those companies.

      • I can vouch for the netbook, I’m using mine right now. It was my birthday present last year & I love it!

      • Stacy

        Another vote for the netbook, with the addition of an Evernote Premium subscription. I am planning to use this to organize all of my recipes and make the available no matter where I am (and clean up the bookshelf in my kitchen!).

    • Rebecca

      What a sweet and smart dh you are to ask here? I love it! I honestly am having a difficult time coming up with something since if she’s frugal like me (ummm, she has this website right? lol) then she wouldn’t go for the extravagant stuff either. (Although everyone’s ideas above are not extravagant but are great!) I think Kelsey’s idea is great and pretty much what I was going to say. I guess I’ll try that if she has a good friend (including a family member, lol) that she hasn’t seen in a while and would like to connect with, may be you could arrange to either send her to see them or bring them to see her, whichever would work better for both. I know I would cry with tears of joy if dh brought my sister for a weekend visit! :D

      • Buffy

        Now, I would LOVE to get this 50 gc more than anything because, I too am frugal and a member of this website!!! Jenny saves me so much money each month and she will never know how greatful I am for that…However DH – I am going to have to go with Rebecca on this one!! I teared up myself when I realized sister was asking Hubby for a visit!! How sweet is that! I def. say you should go with the sister vist…nothing in the world like a sister….and since Jenny saves your home so much money – I say you should add in a spa day for the sister visit too! :) Merry Christmas!

        PS – As a fathful SouthernSaver follower – thank you for sharing your wife with all of us! She is a wonderful, selfless person who deserves all the best in life!

        Merry Christmas and Love to you and your family!!

        Good luck Rebecca – I’m rooting for you!

        • Rebecca

          Awww, thanks Buffy! I think if Jenny’s dh did pick mine, I’ll have to share the gc with you, lol. Thanks for the compliment. :D

    • Amy

      My husband gave me a 1 hour massage and a Deluxe pedicure for my birthday one time and watched the kids. After all that pampering, he then let me go out w/ my mom and aunt w/o kids (a peaceful time). It was amazing!

    • Julie Ann

      When we lived in DC my hubby got me a “Season Pass” to the Kennedy Center and we saw several shows that summer. What about “season tickets” to a local theater? That would ensure that it wouldn’t be just one date night and she could go w/ her BFF to the ones you don’t want to go to.

    • Julie

      My husband planted some palm trees in our back yard and put some new patio furniture out there and it was like my own private getaway. I love it!!! Also, a designer purse would never hurt. :)

    • I would add up all the money she saves in coupons and deals for a week, which I imagine is a pretty hefty sum…given that she is so savy… and then I would spend that money ( The exact amount, which could be interesting trying to spend the exact change, etc.) on giving her a night on the town. Take her to a show a dinner out museum… a date. Then I would give her a very toughing card saying how much her efforts have helped your family and how much you appreciate and love her. She’ll be jelly.

      • Lori

        That is a great idea!! I love the ones that actually require “work” on my husbands part. The ones that actually require time and thought.

    • Anita

      I remember reading about something that I thought would be a great gift for me. I have lots of jewelry that needs repairing. For instance, a silver bracelet that’s missing a link, a stone that’s loose in my grandmother’s ring, a locket from my great aunt that needs to be repaired, watches that need batteries, etc. I think it would be a nice surprise if my husband were to get that jewelry repaired so I could enjoy it again. Even if it just needs a good cleaning, that would be a nice gift.

    • mary

      A video made by you of the years you have spent with Jenny. The things you love about her, the places you have been, of course your wedding picture, the trips you have taken, and of course the children.
      You scan in/or grab from the computer all your/her favorite pix telling your life story. (200-300) is a great #. Add alittle music and wahlaa! It’s easy in “Windows Movie maker on the computer.” My kids do it all the time. She will cherish it forever. P.S. you might just have to grab a coupon and spring for a box of Kleenex!!

      Even if you do buy her something totally awesome… Make her a movie too!It’s a gift from the heart!!

    • Denise

      Arrange for her to go out with a favorite friend/her mom.. and while she is gone have someone come in and do all the chores she might usually dread.. example… cleaning out the refrigerator, washing the windows, cleaning the walls & baseboards. You might even consider her staying out overnight.. maybe going to some outlet malls to shop for Christmas. I know if I came home to those things being done.. I would be feeling SOO good!

    • Lisa

      How ’bout a set of golf clubs? My husband got me a set for Valentine’s Day one year. He had racked up points in a sales competition and got a set for him and a set for me. He even made up a scavenger hunt for me and gave me clues to follow. Now, I’m usually pretty bright, but wouldn’t you know, not solving the clues, I drove around all day with the golf clubs in my trunk and didn’t even know it!!!

      Have a nice lawn? How about a croquet set for the family?

    • amyt

      How about a photo session for family pictures? Or somebody to do a portrait of your children?

      • JessC

        LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! I wish my hubby would do this! I want some really good portraits of the kids (and us!), but I won’t do it because of the cost. BUT, if it was a gift…..

        You may have friends/relatives with photographic talents that could take the photos.

        (I have several, but none that live anywhere close to us. I miss them!)

    • maya

      What a great idea for a giveaway! I would get her the IPHONE…it is so easy to be “connected”, get all the latest deals, be able to email & surf the net, listen to music, take photos, update your calendar, check the weather and post of facebook and twitter while you are talking on the phone, all at the same time!
      You can even add a picture of YOU as her screen display and maybe record a romantic message as her ring tone!
      Good Luck :)

      • Great idea maya – my husband got me an iphone for christmas this year. My other phone died last week so he said I could have my present early. I LOVE it already!!

    • Stacie

      The best gift my husband ever gave me was to round up all the laundry on a week when I was really behind (we have 7 kids) and take it all to the laundramat to be washed and folded (our has ladies that will do it for you. It was about 15 loads and to have it all come home neatly folded, clean, and ready to put away was awesome- I really knew he was paying attention to my “daily grind” after that.

      • Marlene

        oh i love this idea!

    • Lisa

      I would love some diamond jackets to go with the diamond stud earrings my husband surprised me with for our 10th anniverary this fall. But, I think I may have to wait for the 20th to get them! My husband has a “secret stash” in his wallet that I’m not supposed to see (and, I’ve been good and not peeked). He also has a “TV” fund (somewhat imaginary, somewhat real) that he always teasingly wants to put rebate checks, etc.. into. Well, come to find out, he saved and saved this “secret stash” and bought my anniversary gift with it! Very sweet considering we had taken a trip earlier in the year for our anniversary and I was not expecting any other kind of gift, and also very sweet considering he could have used the money to buy the flat screen TV he’s wanted for so long.

    • Alena

      The best gift my hubby gave me was a 90min massage followed by a facial, what about giving her a day off at the Spa, so she would be free all day to have “Me time” !

    • Jenni

      Does she has a back-up hard-drive? Something portable to put photos, etc, on? How about a giftcard to the Container Store, so that she can buy some of their pretty organizing items without feeling un-frugal?
      There are your practical ideas.

      But if practicality is already the norm, here is a non-practical idea: put together a day JUST with you, where YOU have made all the arrangements. You find the babysitter, makes sure there are easy meals available for the sitter, make the reservations for everything – her favorites, of course, and make sure that you dress up your best, and treat her like you are about to propose to her all over again – get the doors, get her coat, her chair, be all over her whenever you get the chance… what wife doesn’t want to be adored all day, with no distractions? Just don’t pack TOO much into the schedule. Meals, maybe one non-closed doors activity, and then play the rest by ear. And there ought to be at least one “surprise” gift – it doesn’t have to be expensive – just meaningful, like something that is a throwback from your dating days, or something that is a bit of a romantic inside joke. And come to think of it, this gift is good to be given ANY time of the year.

    • d

      Major elbow grease! My husband gave me a coupon last year for painting all the walls in our living area, a job which he knew I’d been dreading. Then he did it all on a weekend we’d already planned for me to be away with the kids. I came back, it looked great, and he was properly rewarded for his great gift :)

    • mary

      I would make her a movie of your life spent with her.

      Start out with about 200-300 pictures from the computer or scan in early ones… Ones of time spent together, wedding, trips taken, holidays, children etc… tell her story through your eyes.
      Use “Windows Movie Maker” It’s pretty easy. (My kids make them all the time) Add music (some of her favorite songs or songs from the era and wahalaa…It does take some time but the results is something she will cherish over and over.
      You might have to grab a coupon and spring for a box of Kleenex!

      Even if you chose to buy her something awesome, do the movie also it will be a great touch, coming from the hubs!!

      • Lyn

        This is a great idea! In fact, my husband did this for me several years ago for Christmas. At the time we only had one child, but he started with our wedding pictures and then ended with our first child. It was the BEST present he has ever given me. He used Chris Cagle’s song, “What A Beautiful Day” I watched it over and over again and cried the first time. It was AWESOME!

    • Debby

      Ok, I am going to go more practical here. Although all of the suggestions are nice, here’s a different twist on the gift. Since Jenny travels so much and seems to always forget contact lens soulution how about a travel case filled w/ travel sized bottles of all of her daily necessities. Look at Land’s End for an over the door hanging one that you can get monogrammed. That way, she will never have to pay full price (GASP!!) if she forgets to pack something while out of town.

    • Stephanie

      The best present I ever got were pink roses folded out of paper. It meant so much to me (I cried) that he sat down and took hours out of his day to fold me beautiful flowers. He then put them in a vase and I keep them next to my bed. Its not the money spent, its the thought that really matters.

      There are many different ways to make them. Here is one that is pretty. http://quazen.com/recreation/crafts/how-to-make-a-paper-rose/
      You can buy printed paper at any craft store and if you want to add a little more color go to the ink pad section and pick out a matching color that is a little darker and lightly ink the tops of them. I would use a chalking ink or you can just use chalk and rub it into the paper.

      My hubby is NOT crafty at all but he was able to do this and I am amazed. This has topped every present he gave me including beautiful diamond earrings.

      good luck :)

      • denise b

        I must agree that this is a very sweet thing. I, too, would have cried. Definately a gift from the heart!

    • Aren’t you the most clever hubby around?! Since Jenny is so awesome, it will be quite difficult to pick that one perfect gift! However, I think she would really enjoy a day off. Of course, this would involve babysitting on your part! :) Her gift should be a basket of gift cards to her favorite places. Ideas might include a manicure, pedicure, massage, restaurant, Bath and Body works (all gals love that!), a new outfit from her favorite store, perfume, movie ticket, Starbucks, a car wash or detail, and some chocolate, too. After her day, you and she should go out on a date for a special dinner. Wouldn’t she feel like a princess? Seriously, she deserves lots of surprises for all the joy she brings all of us each and every day! You go boy! Make it happen for all of us!

    • Kandrea

      Since you have three children…have each child pose individually with a cut-out letter(like “M-O-M”), then print your photos and frame them side by side. For an extra artsy look, print all photos in sepia or black/white.

      As a bonus ‘mommy’ gift, surprise her with a three-stone ring or necklace.

      Finally, have the kids help in preparing her favorite meal and serve her like royalty(dress up, use china/crystal, etc). Be sure daddy does the clean-up work, lol.

      Thanks for the fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS to your family! Jenny is fabulous :O)

      • Lynn

        The picture would such a cute idea! Very creative!

    • Sarah Nicole

      The best gift I ever recieved from my hubby was a homemade coupon book that had coupons for a day off without the kidos,a massage(from him),a night free of dish duty,it also included a coupon that stated that i got to pick a “honey do” item that day and it was guaranteed to be done in 24 hours! Not to mention it included some from the kids for free hugs etc!

    • andrea

      I think that a coupon for $99 off your $100 purchase would be a great gift! :)

      If you can’t find one of those….maybe tickets to see Wicked when it is in town!

      Good luck and Merry Christmas!!

    • ChristinaD

      If Jenny if anything like me, her coupons are in piles or baskets with receipts lying around and rebates tucked away in envelopes. I would LOVE it if my husband found me some organization system with lots of shelf space and nooks and crannies (sp?) for scissors and tape and even little blinkies. I drool when I see beautiful roll-top desks that have lots of little spaces and slots because when you don’t want to look at it, you can just close it up!

      On another note, we just got Iphones ( or smartphones, whatever you wanna call it) because we moved out to the country and have internet issues. Jenny might love the idea of being able to check websites while she’s away from home. I always tell my husband that my FAVORITE place to be stuck is in a waiting room because all i need is my phone to catch up on reading and deals. I have a Bible application with Spurgeon and Tozer and other study aids. All the applications that we’ve downloaded are FREE: Logos Bible Software, Latin word of the day, Craig’s List for Iphones. And of course, I check my email throughout the day from it too. I even use it to entertain my five kids when I’m in a desperate situation. My DH synchs it up with our computer and gets movies (and then our computer automatically copies any pictures I’ve taken and saves them onto the computer). My 7yo loves the light saber application which makes light saber sounds when you use the phone like a sword. Anyway, sorry for the tangent, but I highly recommend it!

      • Rebecca

        OOOOHHHHHHH! I would LOVE a roll-top desk big enough for all of my mess! Great idea. I’ll be scouting out a deal on one of those (as a wishlist item for the future) for me!

        • Stacey

          I finally got my big roll top desk 3 years ago and I love, love, love it. It’s by Riverside furniture and i ordered thru Uniway (sort of like Direct Buy) so I paid 1/3 of retail price.

    • nina

      the answer for me is simple a cruise without my kids even if its a 3 day one.. oh how I dream for that ( I will get it when I am quit smoking 1 year.. so far I have 3 months 1 week under my belt!! ) since we have 4 kids the thing I treasure most besides my kids ( we spend almost all of our time with them and for them ) is time with my hubby alone!! bow chicka wow wow! haha ;)

      • amyt

        Congrats on the 3m! You can do it!

        • Jeanne

          If you go with this idea consider the following. I just booked a 4 day cruise, with my sister, for $237 each out of Port Canaveral (near Orlando and potentially driveable. Sign up for a newsletter that gives you the weekly deals. My favorites are Travelzoo and Travelticker.

          • nina

            Yes cruises are really cheap even more so if you book in advance. I always thought they were really expensive. But it is cheaper to go on a cruise then to go to disneyworld (staying on site of course hotels are super cheap ) but with the cruise it includes all you can eat food too! and some of them have free room service on food. Even the port activities are reasonably priced.. I.E scuba diving , swimming with dolphins, jet ski’s , the markets to shop at, they have all kinds of things to do. I seriously can’t wait to go. The hardest part of it all is not the paying part but the picking where to go! ah to watch the sun set in the water oh how I dream haha !

    • Since Jenny is so busy with this website and raising a family, how about the gift of an Mom’s getaway. You will carry on her responsibilities (as many as you can) while she goes away for a couple of days and shops, eats, gets a manicure or facial, stays in a hotel or bed and breakfast and just has some quiet relaxing time. Present the gift in a basket with a homemade coupon,a hotel reservation certificate, a good book or a couple of magazines, bubble bath, and her favorite candy.

    • Lara

      It would be a neat surprise for you to give her a series of gift cards to use over the course of a day. You could take care of the household responsibilities for the morning/afternoon and then join her for dinner and a movie later. For example, if she loves coffee, a starbuck’s gift card to start off the day, a giftcard to her favorite place to shop for morning, a giftcard for her favorite lunch spot (make the amount enough that she could invite a friend along), maybe a giftcard for a manicure or pedicure (or both) for the afternoon. Then for the evening, a giftcard for dinner and a movie. You could also include a cute outfit in with the dinner/movie giftcards- just to add some variety. A worry free day of shopping and pampering, followed by the fun of being with her husband for dinner and a movie would be a gift that is appreciated and remembered!

    • amyt

      One of my favorite gifts from my husband is a “mommy” necklace with the birthstones of my two girls. Red Envelope has some neat ones that are relatively inexpensive. I’m sure you can even find a coupon code for %off or free shipping!

    • JenW

      I would really love a Roomba vacuum. I think it would be great to turn that thing on and let it sweep the whole house without having to mess with it myself. I would also like a new computer that is just mine and not one I have to share with the rest of the household. To me, those items are too expensive and I would not ask for one outright, but if my husband surprised me with either, I would be REALLY happy. And kudos to you for trying to find the right gift. I think a lot of people just buy the first thing they see without putting much thought into it. Good luck to you!

      • Nina

        my sister has one and LOVES it!

    • Lauren

      I agree with Jenni. How about a second honeymoon or saying your wedding vows all over again. Propose again to her in a different way than before. After having children all your time as a mom is devoted to them and you never feel like there is anything left for yourself. You need to break out of the routine and really focus on each other. Make dinner for her at home so you can talk or just listen to the silence. Make her feel like Cinderella all over again, like she did on her wedding day. Also, read “The Love Dare.” That one makes Christmas everyday. It’s really not about a one time gift. If you take the time to cherish your wife, you give her the gift of Christ everyday.

    • Missy

      I have two ideas. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me! LOL

      1. I think you ought to take her to the boro…let’s say to sweet heart circle…have your mom and sisters go ahead of you and set up a romantic picnic so that when you show up she would be so surprised- thinking you had gone to a lot of of trouble getting everything set up. The kicker would be to have something else… like a special poem (written by you!) or have someone take a picture that you have of your children and do a drawing and then have it framed. Then you could take her to a bed and breakfast for the night. This would show that you care enough to be frugal and yet thoughtful enough that you would spend money on what really counts, time with her.

      2. Take her to NY

    • Jennifer

      Find some special pictures of your family that you know she loves and are her favorite. Have them made into a quilt. I know there are a few websites out there that do that. Another idea would be a family photo into a customized photo puzzle.Add a frame that will fit it. I did that for a friends wedding gift with her and her fiance a year ago, and she absolutely loved it.Good luck!

      • Stacey

        For anyone who likes the picture puzzle idea, CVS photo has that available for $29.99 and the photo is also printed on the tin that the puzzle comes in. Now thru 12-14, you can save 20% off photo gifts. I ordered 2 of them on Monday.

    • Lorraine Rose

      A nice, new, built-in desk area complete with cabinets for storing craft items and coupons stuff, shelves for decorative items and tools, and a NICE, pretty, comfy chair. This would be an IDEAL gift for me — having a nice place to work, clip coupons and craft — a place that is organized and has a place for everything — is a dream of mine!

    • ashley

      Blow her mind and make it one of the best birthdays ever. How about a cruise to Bermuda, one of the most beautiful places on earth? If not Bermuda, how about a 3 day cruise to the private CocoKay island and the Bahamas? No passports required.

      Watch the prices and you can find a great deal. They drop around this time of year, and you would not believe how cheap.

      This is a trip with you that she would never forget. I know because my husband took me, it was amazing, and I’ll never ever forget it.

      • Cheryl

        I booked a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas on Royal Carribean this past September, the net cost was $20 a person. The total after taxes was $358.00 for the both of us! I used cruise.com. It was a great get a way.

    • Jenn

      I’m an avid reader, so this Christmas I’ve asked for a kindle ereader. I can take multiple books or magazines wherever I go and read whatever I feel like reading at the time. A massage would also be fantastic. I also really, really like it when my husband watches the kids one evening, feeds them supper and puts them to bed and all that, and I can go out with other moms. However, I’ve also been wanting some alone time sans kids with my husband, so a surprise weekend trip would be very spontaneous and romantic.

    • Susan

      One year I got a very nice skillet, I was puzzled at first, but my husband said it was so he wouldn’t break the egg yolks when he made me breakfast in bed every Sunday. Which he still does (well most Sundays). Another great gift was, I had purchased a very nice print from a Charity Auction. Never seemed to have the money or time to have it framed. So he surprized me by having it framed and hung in the living room, there it was Christmas morning, beautiful.

      Merry Christmas and happy gift hunting.

    • What is her love language? Mine is Acts of Service, so I would be all about having you keep the kids for me so I could have a day off, or hiring a housekeeper to lessen my workload. Jenny seems like the practical type, and I know she is busy, so something to ease the burden of the to-do list might be meaningful to her. I know it is to me!

      • Heather

        Oh yes! Buy her a housekeeper for a year. It is only like 30-50 dollars a month but I know that would make my life WONDERFUL. Another suggestion that I saw above is to also committ to taking the laundry to the laundrymat every week to have it washed and folded for her for a year. It is not that expensive either. That would be the best gift EVER.

        • toney

          where do you find a housekeeper for $30-$50 a month?? i want that one!

          • Heather

            In this economy, I am sure you can find another mom who really needs the money. I used to have my neighbor come bi-weekly and she’d scrub the house down while I was at work. She’d do it in about 2 hours (I keep my house pretty clean anyway)and I would pay her $30.

      • Jenni

        I was thinking about “The Five Love Languages” too! What a great reference.

    • tina

      I severely dislike flowers, so my husband suprised me with a arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries by edible arrangements.

      Also, i was really wanting to get a dog. He told me we should wait a little while. Then one day he suprised me by taking me to a local adoption center where i got to play with all the puppies. we ended up adopteing a yellow lab mix pup! She is still the best gift!

    • Rachel

      I am really new to this site (maybe 3-4 weeks) but already I can see how much work goes into this each week, so first off thank you for sharing Jenny with us.
      We just purchased the new Vado HD by Creative Labs it is a digital Camera and a HD camcorder in one but the best part about this is there are no batteries to remember to charge or tapes (CD’S) to have to remember . It has a 4 gig internal memory and the batteries recharge by plugging the USB into your computer. We have only had ours for a few days but I can already tell you it is amazing. It is small only a little larger than a credit card and it is light weight so she will be able to carry it with her all the time and never miss another moment with the kids or pets, etc…This is our first Christmas with our 6 month old grandaughter and we are so excited to catch everything on video ( we missed a lot with her mom because the camcorder was so big and heavy that we never used it)One last suggestion, if you do order this order it in one of the bright colors because when you go to look for the camera and it is in the bottom of your purse or handbag and it is a black camera by the time you find it the momement has passed I highly recommend the bright red one. Oh and if I didn’t say so it is extremly easy to use. I hope this helps

    • Tonya

      So I would first ask how many years you spent together? Lets just say its 10 then pic ten items big or small most women don’t care about how much it cost but the meaning behind it and well I am sure she has shown u the ropes of saving money!! so here is what u do 1st item something pretty like her example a new outfit, watch,earring. We love when we get clothes we didn’t have to buy! 2nd thoughtful like she is. Maybe a breakfast in bed with a love note to start her day!3rd caring this was my fav my dh and kids wrote a page ea of 10 things they love about me and I read it all the time and boy do I smile! 4th generous something u know she want’s but want spend the money for it.5th Silly something fun what ever it maybe take a pic wrap it up with a note telling about the special day you have planned.6th just for her what does she need a new house robe,slippers this can be anything but something that shows u know her! 7th Sexy this may have to be open in private. So u get the pic the most important thing is that u show her how much you know her and love her that’s the best gift of all. Just knowing that everything we do doesn’t go unnoticed. Hope this helps

    • Lacey

      How about a nice stay in a Bed and Breakfast for the 2 of you or her and her sis, If nothing else bring the B&B to her if the stay is too expensive, send the kiddos to grandparents for the weekend, get flowers and movies and cook for her, breakfast in bed type of thing maybe, that would be lovely and not too expensive. Good Luck!

    • Well I think Jenny deserves a gift that keeps on giving…I say go to a local day spa and purchase 12 days/sessions one for each month of the year. Make her some “coupons” that she can use once a month for a day off while you watch the children and she can go have her day at the spa. Also perhaps you could arrange for a sitter on her spa day and the two of you could have time together after her spa day. This is a gift that will be rewarding for you as well as Jenny…nothing like a day off from everything to rejuvinate you! And let’s face it, the couponing has a tendency to burn me out…so much planning and thinking…oh how nice it would be to just get away from it for a day. One rule, she is not allowed to touch the computer or go to any store with coupons on “Her” day! Merry Christmas!! And good luck on the gift ideas!

      • Rebecca

        I’m not a proponent of gift certificates to spas. Once those people have your money (usually before Christmas) they don’t want to do the work, because they already HAVE your money. I had a very bad experience with that. My husband bought a gift certificate for me for Christmas, and then they wouldn’t honor it because it had “expired” (only 8 months later). Over $100- down the toilet.

    • Regina

      Take her to the Melting Pot (I guess in this case, get her a gift certificate.)-a 4 course fondue meal… it is A-MAZING and SO much fun!!!

    • Laura K

      A surprise vacation (just a weekend if that’s all that’s possible). You live in the South where there is an abundance of romantic small (or big)-town getaways. Check the travel section of Southern Living. Plus, this would keep her from getting burnt out from this extremely helpful project of hers. ;P

    • Hope

      I think it would be great if for 1 day you would take over finding and posting all the coupons for her and give her a gift certificate to a day of beauty where she can get a massage, pedicure, manicure, hairstyle and makeup and then take her out to a wonderful dinner at her favorite place! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

    • JeriLynn Simmons

      Hi….I think the best gift could be a picture video that you would make of the last however many years with her. Make sure to include a few pictures from each year. Scan a few of the best pics and use that for the dvd case cover. Use music that has meaning, holiday music is nice but may not want to be heard all year. At the end of the video you could have a love letter scroll instead of credits. GOOD LUCK, to all!

    • Elizabeth

      This isn’t so much of a gift idea as it is a method for gift delivery. My dad did this once for my mom, and she loved it so much that I’ve always wanted to do it for someone!
      Send Jenny on a treasure hunt for her gift. Hide the true gift (it has to be in a small box, so if it is something large, you could put a certificate or description in a small box, a description of how you chose her gift, or better yet, a love letter) in the branches of the Christmas tree, somewhere it can’t easily be seen.
      Type or write up the clues on slips of paper and hide them throughout the house. If you’re worried about them being found early, tuck them behind or underneath objects so they are less likely to be stumbled upon. Put the first clue in a box, wrap it up and stick it under the tree like a “normal” gift.
      If you want to make the clues a little easier, put key words in italics or underlined, to help her know what she should be looking for. It’s a fun way to build up the excitement. And yes, I have some clue suggestions:
      First clue (in the “normal” gift box):
      Just to make sure things get started off right, you should know my love is a -flame-, never -wax-ing, ever -bright.- (Answer – candle)
      This leads her to a candle, candlestick, place where she keeps the candles, etc.
      Second clue:
      When on our love I stand and -reflect-, I can find nothing that is more perfect. (Answer – mirror).
      This leads, obviously, to a mirror in the house.
      Third clue:
      Through all the -days-, -months-, and -years-, I’ve loved you through joys and I’ve loved you through tears. (Answer – calendar)
      This could either lead to a wall calendar or to a day planner (if you keep one on the kitchen counter, for example).
      Fourth clue:
      Anytime I grow -cold-, your love keeps me warm. With you by my side I’ll brave snow or -ice- storm. (Answer – freezer, or ice box)
      This could go to the freezer, the ice cube tray, the ice cube box, etc.
      Last clue:
      Our love shines out for the world to see, may it grow -ever green-, just like a -tree-.
      This goes, then, to the tree, and the real gift.
      Apologies for the long post, but hope you enjoy the (bad) rhymes, even if you decide it’s not for you!

      • Emily

        My dad did this for my mom a lot and even me once to find a bike in the basement! It was so fun to watch my mom. Great idea.

        • Stacey

          It is our Christmas Eve rule that everyone can get their stocking gifts and save the rest for Christmas morning. When my daughters were of reading age, I started doing treasure hunts and the first clue was always in their stocking. They had to work together to read and decipher the clues and they thoroughly enjoyed the hunt and the surprise at the end! The surprise was usually some game or movie which they could enjoy together and keep themselves occupied until bedtime. I stopped doing this when they got older (they are now 13 & 16) but they both still ask every year if I will do another treasure hunt. To be honest, I’m out of witty poem ideas for clues and hiding places!!

    • amy

      A trip to Disney World…we got an excellent deal this past October and even stayed at the Polynesian OR a trip to Memphis, TN….visit Elvis’ Graceland and stay at The Peabody (great deals now too..will send some if interested) Eat barbeque, ride the trolley and listen to live blues. Since she loves to save money..you cannot beat the travel deals these days.

      • amy

        by the way…its sounds like I am a travel agent in my post and I AM NOT just recently visited both places and loved them both.

      • Angela, in Summerville, SC

        A weekend at the Biltmore is the getaway gift that I want more than anything. It’s pretty close by and I’ve heard it’s fabulous, especially at Christmas!

        • Janelle

          Great idea . . .and I have one to add. Biltmore (Asheville, NC) is wonderful any season of the year. There’s so much to do–extra “behind-the-scenes” tours, horseback riding, kayaking, biking, exploring gardens, etc. My husband and I had year-long passes for back-to-back years , and it was so nice to just get away, even for the day. If you go at Christmas, amazing and which I highly recommend, you can upgrade to the 12-month pass for a reasonable price and enjoy a getaway all year long. Even if you don’t want to splurge to stay on the estate, there are some nice hotels in surrounding areas.

    • I can just imagine with three kids and all that your wife does, she must always be busy. A clean home makes you feel terrific, so how about arranging a year of maid service for her? Someone to come in maybe once a week to do the major dusting and scrubbing of toilets, floors, etc. It is not as expensive as most people think and the peace of mind it gives you is SO worth it!

    • Kim C

      When Jenny was in Jacksonville FL she showed us how she stores her coupons. You actually purchased an expandable file holder out of the kindness of your heart, but because she’s collected so many inserts she was running out of room and couldn’t close it anymore. Maybe you could get her a little bit bigger one. I recently purchased one that was relatively inexpensive but it has 30 slots and it stands on it’s own. I think that she would appreciate the practicality of that gift. Or maybe something that she could carry her folders in that’s a little easier than a large cardboard box.

      The idea of a pre-planned date night is wonderful but more for an anniversary or birthday.

      My hubby has already purchased the main thing on my list. (I wanted a really nice “namebrand” handbag) HE found one on clearance. Which makes me SO very proud. I think that she will like anything that you give her as long as she knows you purchased it at a good price.

      I pray you and your family have a very Merry Christmas !


    • Angela, in Summerville, SC

      What about 12 date night coupons with a Dinner of the Month gift certificate from Restaurant.com? Frugal, thoughtful and something to look forward to all year long!

    • Ok got another one…

      What about a necklace? There are so many neat ones on etsy and they are so affordable. Those ones that are stamped metal, you can get names, or special dates stamped in them and they are so pretty.

    • I posted a really long one and it’s gone!!!

      Any distant relatives she is missing? What about a video? I did this for my husbands 30th bday this year, His family is all far away as we moved after we got married, so I had his mom get the entire family together, and asked her to make a video all wishing him happy birthday, well they did awesome! They sang happy birthday, had a cake, blew out candles, danced, laughed, he felt like he was there. And he cried. He LOVED it! She just mailed it to me, I blindfolded him, had it in the dvd player ready to go, pushed play and he couldn’t believe it! It was the best gift ever! I love a reaction like that :) He now has it forever to watch anytime he is missing home.

      Also what about a photobook? There are always great deals or even free ones online. A book about your life together so far, full of special photos, with little captions and special sayings to her. Something she will have forever and ever.

      Something she can open Christmas morning definitely, something she wants or needs and won’t get for herself, me I like things I will use, things I can open up Christmas morning and play with, lol. Whether it’s a new kitchen appliance or something for my craft room :)

    • Melissa Cleo

      Given the particulars of her job in running this wonderful website, I would imagine her time with her family (you and your children) is limited. Perhaps a weekend away…no phones, no computers (yes…that includes Southern Savers!)…just Mom, Dad and the kids. And preferably WITHOUT coupons! I know…I know…how can one NOT want to save a buck!!!! However, when it’s something you do DAY IN & DAY OUT, just like with any job, one needs some time off. In 2007 we rented a cabin for an extended 4 day weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN the end of December. We were blessed with a beautiful dusting of snow New Year’s Eve. We drank cocoa, played board games, built a snowman, watched some movies (with our busy schedules as well as just not being a fan of tv, that’s something we RARELY do), did some hiking…it was a trip I will NEVER forget. Our third child being born nine months later might have something to do with the unforgettable memories! :)

    • Jodie

      I requested the Willowtree Nativity set. It is timeless and classic and brings the real meaning of Christmas to our home.
      Small photo frames that are Christmas ornments with a favorite activity of your family with the year has become a tradition for our family. My husband found photos of fun things from the last 6 years and had them done up with the year. Then he included 6 more small frames with next 6 years on them, so we could continue the tradition. He got them at pottery barn on clearance for around $4 each. Very thoughtful and sweet.
      Good luck and I hope you figure out the perfect gift.

    • Lana

      I think she would enjoy a class at a local community college – say a cooking class (perhaps French or the like), photography class, website or graphic design development. Any type of class that she works at her own pace and is a break from the daily grind to tap into her creative talents. To my own husband, I’d like the photography class!!


    • Brenda Z

      I’m gonna be perfectly honest and say that I kinda think this whole thing isn’t a very good idea :-) All women are different. Of the ideas I’ve read- the trips sound wonderful to me (I would vote Disney!) but if my husband gave me jewelry I’d have to question if he knew me at all :-P. Now, what I want for Christmas this year is Trapeze lessons. But my hubby would never figure this one out on his own. I know with him that if I want something, I have to give him specifics. Find out what her Trapeze lessons equivalent is. And if she won’t give up what she’d love more than anything- chances are it’s because she doesn’t wanna spend the $ on herself. For a really great present, find a way to pay for her amazing gift NOT out of the budget. That would be the best present in my book :-)

    • dawn

      What about a memory jar? You take a jar (mason, cleaned out Ragu…), put a little fabric on the lid so it’s dressed up a bit, then fill the jar with little slips of paper…on which you (and the kiddos) have written (or you have taken dictation for the little ones)memories you have of your life together. It is like a walk down memory lane!

    • Megan

      I would love a princess day. This would be a day where I was not allowed to clean. I would have every meal prepared and cleaned up for me. My children would get along the entire day (I think I’m dreaming now ha ha). My house would be cleaned by my family or a maid service and I would be pampered all day long.

      It would start out with breakfast in bed. I could spend all the time I wanted in the shower and getting ready (or I could stay in my pj’s if I pleased). Then later I could watch a chick flick with my hubby or one of my girl friends and munch on popcorn.

      Dinner would be my favorite restaurant.

      Then that night we could go as a family to get icecream and look at the lights.

      Have you ever seen “The Ultimate Gift?” It would be a perfect day with the ones I love.

      You could wrap a tiara up in a box with a label that said congrats…
      Good for one Princess day
      No cleaning
      No cooking
      Only good times had
      Watch any movie of your choice
      Dinner at any restaurant of your choice
      Enjoy a clean home
      Start with breakfast in bed and
      End with an icecream outing and your family
      We love you… You are always our princess… today you will be treated like it.

    • Nina

      I want to be in this contest too! I have to be honest…everyone here has GREAT ideas, so no matter what, I am sure you wont go wrong. I am still in Awe over Heather (#1 post) so I will play off of that one…. I think a great gift would be to get together some photos and have a scrapbook made. It should have a theme like “2009” or “vacation” or “us”. I have no idea how much this would cost, but there are scrap booking services (check craigslist). I personally love looking at scrapbooks and if you have old letters, tickets or whatever to add to the book it would be awesome. Maybe if you have some pictures, you could even make a scrapbook of her Southern savers adventure. I am sure it would mean more if you made it yourself, but if you are not creative or just don’t have the time (it is labor intensive) then just have someone else make it (with your guidance of course) she would love it!

      • mary

        I have scrapbooked for others before and it can run anywhere from $300.00 – $1000.00 depending on what you put in it. I think you hit it right on, it is labor intensive. I’m sure it would be more cost effective and mean more if He made it yourself.

    • Bre

      If Jenny is like me she loves her family and never has enough time to preserve those memories. I am asking from my husband to take all our video taping and have them made into a dvd for me. I realized when I was taping my son crawl for the first time two months ago that I didn’t even know where the video of my daughter was. A cleaing lady to come in and do a deep clean is a winner too!

    • Julie

      I have two gift ideas. The best gift my husband ever gave me was to cook Sunday dinner for three months. It was so nice to be able to come home from church and just relax and read the paper while he and the kids made dinner. My other idea is to write a book of poetry about your relationship- make some sweet and funny and others romantic.

    • Marie

      I’m not the most creative, but I think always having a romantic gift along with a regular gift is nice. One of the best things my boyfriend did for me, was actually just on a random day, not Christmas. He went around the house, because he knew exactly what I did when I came home and he taped short love notes behind cupboard doors, in the refrigerator, freezer, behind doors, etc. He knew my typical route once I came home, so I almost opened all of them in order. So, I don’t know if you can get up before her on Christmas Day, but this might be a great idea! Then I would say get her a gift that she would not purchase for herself, but really wants, even if it’s at full price.

    • Julie

      My husband and I have a new baby who will be 5 months old on Christmas Day. What I want most is TIME! I’m asking my husband for a “Coupon Book” with coupons I can use at the time of my choosing… I like the idea of coupons because then I don’t feel guilty asking for these things that I really want/need – plus I LOVE couponing. It’s kind-of a fun play on that part of my life. :)

      You could go with a “Twelve Days of Christmas” theme for the coupon book… one back massage (15+ minutes), two hours to work on my scrapbooks, three-course meal prepared by my hubby, four hours on a “Free Saturday Morning” to do what I want/need (even if I stay around the house … no responsibilities… he takes the baby, etc.), etc… Have fun with it. She will LOVE the fact that you took the time to come up with different gifts (many of which could only “cost” you time & effort) that apply directly to her life. :)

      Merry Christmas!

    • Susan

      I suggest taking her to a state park with a lodge/cabins that are open year round. A couple of years ago my husband and I spent 2 nights at Pickwick Landing State Park,TN after Christmas. A wonderful way to relax after the holidays. We were one of like four couples there. Also, if you go around New Years, you probably have family/friends that are off work and can babysit.

      • Susan

        Forgot to mention, that wintertime is a great time to score great deals (up to 50% off) at state parks. In Feb, several years ago, my husband took me to Natural Bridge State Park, KY for President’s Day weekend. We hiked in the snow, and then came back to the lodge for a nice seafood buffet. Wonderful.

    • Amber

      My suggestion is to take her during the Christmas season to Asheville, NC to see Biltmore decorated for the season. If that’s too soon to plan, make the trip in the spring to see all the azaleas in bloom. While you’re there, stay at the Grove Park Inn, which is a beautiful hotel including restaurants and underground spa nestled in the mountains.

      What a sweet gesture! Kudos to you! I look forward to hearing what you choose, and the reaction from her. =)

    • Transfering old 8mm tapes or other camcorder tapes into DVDs that the entire family can watch. It is costly but the memories will make it worth every penny.

    • Kimberly

      I love the sweet ideas above, but one thing I’d enjoy is a gift certificate somewhere you can’t coupon or bargain that much (but that she still enjoys). For me it might be the Svarovski store or Williams and Sonoma at the mall near me.

    • Emily

      Because Jenny is always scouting out the deals and busy being frugal, my guess would be that she doesn’t splurge on herself unless it’s at a great price (like the Old Navy coat sale recently). To me, the most important thing about Christmas is getting to spend time with family making memories. So, whatever you get her she is sure to love, as long as it comes from the heart.

      If Jenny has a specific office space, I think it would be a good idea to update or organize it for her. You could get those plastic shelves with drawers which I have and love or another type of organizational unit. If she doesn’t really have an office space, I think another good idea would be a painting of a place that is special for both of you. Maybe where you got married, honeymooned, or an old farmhouse that she comments on every time you drive by. Another idea is a painting of your children.

      For me, I’d like a new charm for my charm bracelet. Either one of my son’s birthstone or a cross. Which, by the way, that would also be a great idea for her if she doesn’t have one. Get her a charm bracelet with charms that are from memorable occasions for her.

    • If she is a busy lady like me, she might like a mini spa day. I never went to the spa or even desired to spend money on it. One year, I was given a gift card to go. I hate to say it, but I even put it off for a while, but finally I went. I had a facial, pedicure, and haircut. Talk about pampering. The results lasted for quite some time as well. I would recommend it to any husband with a busy frugal wife!

    • Tanya

      A Puppy!

    • An I touch or I phone if she doesn’t have one. She’ll use it like CRAZY. The things are amazing.

    • Melissa

      Hopefully she won’t see this post! :)
      What I’m really wishing for (as a mom of 5 young kids) is a comfty soft bathrobe, slippers, and a massage gift certificate (you could do it from somewhere of from you). Nothing like feeling like a WOMAN instead of all the time feeling like Mom.

    • Margie

      A weekend getaway would be the #1 choice – the beach is just so close!

      #2 would be a really great bag – from Coach or Dooney & Burke. (There’s a designer bag area in Belk.) Then, put something in the bag for her to find – like a wallet, or a spa certificate, or even just a meaningful note/card/letter.

    • Lisa

      Creativity is key! My husband always puts on his creative thinking cap and has given me gifts like: a coupon book he made on the computer with coupons for manicures, pedicures, massages, trips to the ice cream store, a walk in the park with him, etc. But my all-time favorite gift he gave me was a coupon that read: “Sleep in on Saturdays… for the rest of your life!” I’ve used it every Saturday, and now he and the kids enjoy their special time (going out for breakfast, etc.) while I’m recharging my battery every Saturday morning! Forget the material things… it’s all about showing your love through creativity. The thought that goes into it really means so much more than diamonds, spa days or Kindles!!!!!

    • A date night or weekend if you have sitters. Take her to a nice restaurant and dress up! Have flowers waiting at the table and her favorite bottle of wine, if she likes that. If you can do the weekend and Pigeon Forge is not too far. Rent a cabin with a hot tub, it’s beautiful this time of year and decorated for the holidays.

      • Connie

        Cabins in Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge are wonderful! Eat at great places like the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge and the Peddler in Gatlinburg. Go ice skating at the top of Ski Mtn. Rd. Lots of fun things to do there, with or without the kids. My son loves to ride the go-carts at NASCAR in Pigeon Forge and because it is so cold…there is no line to wait in. HA!! There is no better gift than seeing your family together and having a great time making wonderful memories.

    • Kristie

      I think one of the best gifts you could give Jenny is a weekend away, just the two of you. You could plan out all of the details and then just tell her to pack her bags. You could have the hotel picked out, the restaurants you would eat at and throw in a few surprises along the way (massages, manicures, pedicures, shopping, a movie or a play, etc.). Time away together is so special and it is something she is sure to not forget. My husband and I went away on a special trip and it is something I think about all the time. I look at our pictures from the trip and it makes me want to go back there. Making new memories together is priceless! Merry Christmas!

    • Mariah

      Jenny strikes me as a giver. The kind of person who gives to others but feels guilty when she gives to herself….

      I suggest a gift certficiate to cover haircuts every other month from her favorite salon. (and a note on the GC that says it is FOR HER, the GC won’t workt for her best friend, the children, or you).

    • Em

      I would get her some cute reusable shopping bags, maybe even get her initials on them. They can be cute and good for the environment, too.

    • Crystal

      With two small children in the house, these days I’m all about a chance to relax. If Jenny’s like me, she would love some time for herself.

      To make it very personal and frugal… You could set up a bath with dim lights and candles (or maybe she prefers more light if she reads). Or just as much time in a hot shower as she wants. While she enjoys her bath / shower time, you could clean up the house (de-clutter, wash dishes, laundry anything she normally does). Then when she’s finished, you could take care of her post-bath duties (lotion, etc) and give her a nice, long massage from head to toe. Top this off with an opportunity to get a good night of sleep and sleep in, and she will likely treasure this gift for years to come :)

    • BBKMommy

      There are several gifts my DH has given me that were much appreciated.
      1. A day off! He bought me an all day spa certificate- massage, facial and a book I had wanted to read. I spent the day being pampered and lounging in the hot tub reading. Then came home to a meal ready for the kids, him putting them to bed and a special candle light dinner for the 2 of us (made with love by him)
      2. Whitewater rafting weekend. 1 day of rafting, 2 days of hot tub, relaxing, and hiking in the mountains.
      3. Coupon Book – Examples were- letting me sleep in, him giving kids a bath, a no-cook night, a massage, a fancy dinner out, him taking kids out so I could do my thing, scrubbing floor, etc

    • Trish

      There are two products lines that I dearly love–Barefoot Dreams and Kai. I tried both these things after they were on Oprah’s favorite things. They are to die for!!! Barefoot Dreams makes a throw (afghan type blanket) that is heavenly! My 14 month old grandson has one and has to sleep with it. It’s addicting!!! They also have a clothing line. I have 2 zippered hoodies and 2 pullover sweaters. They are the warmest garments I own and feel sooooo plush!

      Kai products include perfume, lotion, body butter, a shower scrub, etc. The smell is sooo mild and natural. I can’t wear other perfumes because smells bother my sinuses, but is so mild and pleasant. I have had lots of people comment on how nice I smell!!!! It’s to die for tooo!!!! Hope you will give these to your wife sometime even if it’s not this Christmas.

    • Michelle B

      I believe a fabulous gift is maid service. Whether it’s for one day or maybe once a month for a year. Sometimes everything can seem some overwhelming and things get overlooked. Jenny could spend more time with you and the kids and also keep saving us all so much money! I think you both deserve it.

    • If your wife is like me, spending money on herself is a low priority. What woman wouldn’t love an envelope of cash with an afternoon off to go spend it on herself–and only herself? (That could be a note in the envelope of cash.) I would go ahead and set up the day and tentative babysitting arrangements as well. It would be fun to put the gift in a new purse or tote and wrap that up. Good luck!

    • Zonya

      You didn’t specify a price range. :-)
      If you want something pricier, go for a nice digital camera.
      If you want something less expensive, how about some Pampered Chef stuff for her kitchen? As a practical person, I’ve been longing for some of their scrapers
      and a kitchen spritzer
      As I said, I’m a practical person and don’t mind at all if my husband buys me practical gifts for holidays or even for our anniversary.

    • Jennifer

      I think Merry Maids Service would be the best present a mom could ever get!!! :)

    • Dianna

      This has probably been mentioned, but I would suggest a day at the spa with a friend. Women always like someone to talk to and it is more fun with a friend. Give her the full treatment (even with lunch included). Let her decide whatever she wants to do that evening (date with you/shopping with friends/curled up with a book or tv), but a full day at the spa without having to worry with the blog or the kids! You also might want to do some things she has really been wanting you to do (think Honey-Do list) while she spends her day being pampered. That would make any woman’s day!

    • I think you should take her off to a bed and breakfast for a day or two and just get away from all the stress of everyday life of course don’t forget the wine roses and chocolates that need to be in the room before you arrive. Also a nice couples full day at the spa needs to be in this package. Trust me this is the best gift you can ever ask for especially if you have kids. Every women deserves this at least once a year if not more.

    • Marsha

      A laminator. My husband got one for me years ago and I use it ALL the time and people come over to use it all the time. It was the best present ever…I go for the practical presents!!

    • Lizel

      This year all I want is a new set of cookware and I found it on Amazon!!

      But the best gift I ever got from my husband was a car. I had no idea, I opened my stocking and there was a picture of a car! I could not believe, it was not new but it was a good car and no monthly car payments! That was two years ago and I still have the car and still loving it!

      Merry Christmas!

    • Julie P

      If she travels frequently, she no doubt dreads packing. Find her make-up bag, buy her duplicates of the things she uses daily (you may have to play “secret squirrel”). Then when she gets ready, she can just pack her “travel” make-up case. It will make her trips easier and she’ll think of you every time she does.
      P.S. Most of the make-up manufacturers have bonuses this time of year. A thoughtful gift and a good deal!

    • Michele

      The best gift my husband ever gave me was a blown up and framed ultra sound picture of my daughter right before she was born. He gave it to me for Mother’s Day. My daughter was born on May 23rd. It was great!

    • Diana Quin

      If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Here are the love languages:
      words of affirmation – you could write her a poem or letter telling her all the things you love and appreciate about her

      quality time – you could plan a date with her. arrange the babysitter, figure out the restaurant and movie, etc

      receiving gifts – if she is like me, she doesn’t want you to spend money on her. but things that are important and meaningful to her might not cost much money. we have been doing major re-organizing in our house. sets of shelves for our stockpile, organizing for her coupons. how about a safety kit for her car with flashlight, jumper cables, etc.

      acts of service – my husband likes to do big projects for me for Christmas. when we were dating, I came home and found him putting up a motion light outside my back door. last year he converted an unused closet space into a pantry complete with paneling, and shelves. this year he is thinking about some slide-out shelves for our cupboards to get more usable space.

      physical touch – not just in bed, but make sure you are giving her loving pats, kisses when you come in or go out. holding hands, etc.

      We are not just one love language, we can benefit from all of them. I find since we are more frugal, I am not into him buying me gifts. I do love his acts of service, and words of affirmation.

      Good luck and you got lots of good ideas from all her readers. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    • Sam

      One year my sister’s husband gave her the gift of doing laundry….for a year. They have 5 kids, but he did ALL of the laundry and even put it away for an entire year. She loved it, especially since it never piled up. He did it every day and it really freed up her time.

    • beth

      The Christmas after I had my twins my husband took a huge selection of pictures to a friend who does scrapbooking (my friend- not his lol). My twins were a year old at this point so we had a ton of pictures that just weren’t organized at all and with twin babies i had NO time to do it myself.

      Anyway, i ended up with two scraped books that look awesome. not only was it somthing i wanted, it was something we needed to do so that they have actual books of their pictures :)

    • Jennifer

      What I think would be a cute idea for Jenny is: Take a grocery bag and fill it with groceries.. but not regular ones. Take the labels off and make ones with your kids and put them on them (all non perishable though!) I would also include a gift card (can make a custom made one on line I think) that can be used while shopping anywhere so she can go out with friends and get something shes been wanting but never told anyone or use on grocery deals! Its simple but creative and homemade. The best kind of gift imo.

    • Courtney

      Get her a gift certificate to one of those meal preparation places, like Dinner Done. They have delicious meals for you to make and take home with you. You can make 12 or more meals usually and stick them in the freezer. It is great for busy families and it’s really fun; something you’d enjoy doing together. Very practical gift.

      Another idea……organize the garage for her. My guess is that she’s pretty organized already, but if she’s like me and it’s always a mess that would be really meaningful. I would love my husband to purchase a few storage cabinets and other organizational items and clear out the stuff so I can park in the garage. Oh, and you could add an extra shelving unit for her to store the groceries she’s stocking up on.

      You sound like a good husband; I know you’ll do great. Merry Christmas.

    • Diane B.

      Can’t remember exactly where you live, but I’m thinking of giving my husband a NASCAR experience at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. It really isn’t that expensive. I haven’t looked up the info in a while, but there is a tour of the museum and the grounds, and then they even get a few spins on the track. My husband thought it was a cool idea, and he’s not even that much into NASCAR.

    • Niki

      Get her car detailed

      • Lane

        My hubby did this for me last year and it was a treat to have such a clean car – better than when I first bought it!

    • Diane B.

      Oops… I read the thing wrong- I thought we were supposed to put ideas for Jenny’s husband, and I didn’t bother to read any of the other posts. Hee hee hee! Maybe I gave someone else a good idea for their husband though.

      My REAL suggestion is some free time toherself, like a manicure or a really nice hair cut/color. Pamper her… she deserves it!

    • Becky

      I was wanting a new camera that takes good quality pictures. Just an idea.

    • Lindsay

      Two ideas come to mind,,
      1.she needs a VACATION! a mini break away from this job ..
      take her on a romantic get away– Nice cabin..rental- it must have the hot tub.. even if it’s only for a night..
      Blind fold her- call the babysitter- and surprise her for her gift..to a night away.. You could even buy her some new clothes from her fav store, pack it in her suitcase..WHOA! If my hubby did all of that.. I would freak.
      2. A Free from coupon shopping spree!tell her No guilt allowed!
      Buy her a purse or wallet..SUPER nice one..maybe a favorite designer..
      Inside the wallet put gift cards to all of her favorite stores..
      –Wrap it in a big box christmas morining.–and there you go!
      Woman love to shop- and when it’s for ourselves ..guilt free gift cards are the way to go!

    • Gwen

      The best Christmas gift I received from my husband was a Maid for 1 year. She came once a month and deep cleaned our home. I can not tell you how much that gave me more time with my family! All I had to do was maintain the house in between the deep cleanings! It was absolutely the best gift.

    • ACP

      What about a MomAgenda? http://www.momagenda.com/ I think they’re fantastic and a great way to stay organized and stylish at the same time!

    • Jennifer

      Since Jenny seems so practical to me, here’s an idea that will help her streamline her weekly shopping and give her more time to spend with her family – there’s a program called Makin’ Groceries (http://www.covenantsoftworks.com/MG-LearnMore.asp) that allows you to input your recipes and automatically generates a shopping list so you don’t have to make that extra step. You can even plan entire meals ahead if you always eat the same foods together, or plan a menu for the week and print out a shopping list in just a couple of minutes. I’ve had it for about two weeks now, and I know it’s going to save me a lot of time. Good luck with whatever you choose to get her!

    • MIcah

      I’m sure we would all be willing to contribute, but maybe a great gift for Jenny would be a book testimonials of how all the work she has done has benefit us and those around us. A few pictures of her hard at work or teaching a class (which you probably have) could be added. It would be nice to see how all my work from the last year has helped someone, but in Jennys case it has to be hundreds.

    • Rei

      Since I’m a serious couponer, I would want a new coupon organizer box/binder. You know, the big kind that holds ALL your coupons. I would include gift cards to her favorite stores (ie: CVS, Walgreens, Victoria Secret ;-) ), and tuck them into the organizer. You can also add other litle items in it like a nice pen and small calculator. For a personal touch include coupons made by you and the kids for things like a “back rub”, “doing dishes”, etc.

    • Dawn H

      Well, the perfect gift for me would be this so maybe Jenni would like it too;)
      To have my husband plan a day out for me and while i was out doing “whatever (manicure,pedi,lunch…ect) he would stay home and recruit help (which he would need LOL;) to get the house clean and maybe decorated for Christmas and when i got home to be surprised with my kiddos spending the night at Grandma’s and us just having a quiet, candlelit dinner, then watch a movie or read together just enjoying each other:o) That would be a Christmas to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lyndsey

      wow, there are so many great ideas here!

      I would love for my husband to have my (now 2 year old) litte girls first shoes bronzed for me. I am a sappy mom, I keep so much more than I should(first pacifier, first shoes, picture outfits, favorite toy, and I had pictures professionally done every month for the whole first year!), but all my secret stash of her baby things ends up in a box in the closet. I would love to be able to display her baby shoes where I can see and touch them each day. when your kids start to get bigger, there is no greater feeling than looking at them now, and looking back on how tiny they were. Your getting close to Christmas, so you may have to find somewhere local that can do it for you, hope this helps!

    • Michelle

      Wouldn’t it be neat if our husbands would read these comments, ladies? :)

      I think a wonderful gift would be charcoal portraits of your three girls. We had profile portraits done of our older three kids when they were each 2 1/2, and they are priceless. We’ll have our fourth baby’s portrait done when he is that age, too. There’s a lady in my town who does this. She takes several profile pictures of the child, picks the best one, and then does a charcoal drawing of it. I think they are 11×14, and they are all in matching black frames.

      These might be a little pricey, but Jenny would treasure them forever.

      Merry Christmas to you, Jenny’s husband. How precious of you to ask us for gift ideas for her!

    • Jennifer M.

      I love the ideas!

      But, I’m thinking that nobody has suggested making a donation to a cause Jenny is very supportive of. These days I find myself wanting this-or-that, and I make myself stop and look at all the things I DO have. I was complaining about unloading the dishwasher when I suddenly realized: I have the food to eat to make the dishes dirty, I have dishes, I have a dishwasher to wash them for me, I have water and electricity to run the dishwasher, and I have a house to put the dishwasher in.

      The gift that always fulfills me most is one that helps another. What if you ‘adopted’ a single mother who is struggling these holidays, and stock her pantry for her with food and toiletries, and give her a notebook full of coupons and a free class with Jenny (maybe one-on-one).

      I know it’s not really a gift FOR Jenny, per se, but I’m sure she’d really like to help someone, too.

      • Jennifer M.

        I wanted to clarify:
        I don’t mean for Jenny to do the pantry stocking, the idea is to surprise her and make it so that HUBBY does the work, and not Jenny!

    • Connie

      One of the best Christmas gifts that my husband gave me was simply a gift card to my favorite department store! He knew that I never spent much money on myself, and that I really could use some new clothes, shoes, etc. The card was for an amount that was much larger than I would ever allow myself to spend, and I just took my time using it and enjoyed some nice, quiet shopping trips. Since it was a gift card, the money didn’t get put into the checking account and end up on bills, etc.! It sounds too easy, but I really enjoyed it!!

    • Gabe

      I have not been on here to long, so I can’t imagine what Jenny would want. What I think about is, do you spend full price on someone who is frugal. It would rake me to know my hubby spent full price on something I want. It is crazy what couponing has done to me! I will tell you what is on my list and why

      1. A years supply Weleda kid’s toothpaste, b/c I can never get a deal on it, and it is the only non-floride toothpaste the kids like.
      2. Someone to organize a spot in my house, b/c there is no rhyme or reason to my home.
      3. Time, time, time. Someone to check somethings off my to do list, especially things I keep putting off. I’d say a day where you take the kids, but for me that would only put the pressure on me do some things that need to be done that I cannot do with kids around.

      Oh and if she does not pay someone to do the taxes, that might be a nice gift! No romantic but practical.

      That is my 2 cents, I hope you’ll pass on $50 GC for it!

    • Erika

      For my birthday my husband put together a coupon book for me. It had items like a date with each of my kids, a night off from making dinner (he will buy groceries, cook and clean up that night), a couple of hours for a quiet bubble bath, a day to go shopping all by myself. It was definitely my favorite gift by far. He put thought into each coupon and it’s a gift that I can use all year.

    • Great ideas here. She loves to save and is practical–take her to the recycle bins, get in and retrieve all the coupons–until her little heart’s content! This could be a gift “that gives all year”.

    • Lori

      As a busy mom I never have time to do one of the things I love the most, READ. So my hubby got a large basket and bought 2 books that I had been wanting to read (you could also do a gift card to barnes and noble or BAM if you don’t know what she wants to read) and then he put in a mug, gormet hot chocolate, bath salts, candles, and a book mark. He also made a coupon book that had 5 free voucers for “Free Night of Babysitting” where he would take our son out for a “guys night” while I was able to pamper myself and relax with a good book.

    • Vicki

      How about making 12 coupons – one for each month – where YOU would schedule, plan and completely arrange a date night for the two of you – we’ve been married 24 years and I would LOVE to do this but it seems like we don’t manage to make the time, energy, effort to plan the date nights (including getting a babysitter if you have little ones). Doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just done (could be an afternoon of tennis with another couple friend, the typical dinner & a movie, a walk through a pretty area, etc) – just like in the days when you really were just dating! :)

    • You could get her a bound family photo book from Photoworks or snapfish. Mayber your love story==find all the old pictures of your courtship, wedding etc. Or a favorite family vacation. I treasure my photobooks==and they made a great coffee table book!

    • Cheri

      I would love a really nice photo book from Shutterfly with pictures of my husband and I and the kids. I say shutterfly because they have the nicest ones I have seen with really cool backgrounds, picture layouts, etc. I made one for my mother-in-law for Christmas with pics of the grandkids and it made me want one too. It’s really like a scrapbook because there is room to type in stories, captions, etc. I think it would be awesome to have one that is sort of a “story of us”. Icing on the cake would be giving her a full day to go and do as she pleased while you watch the kids and finish off the evening with a date night. My husband has done this for me on several occasions, sometimes giving me a gift card, sometimes cash (which was really nice because I could shop wherever I wanted and wasn’t limited to one particular store). He has also given me a massage gift certificate which is nice but I’d probably be just as happy with a nice massage from him instead. God bless!

    • Christy G

      Your husband needs to put together a relaxation gift box for you. It can include a CD (relaxation or your favorite), a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure or massage, a back massager to use at home, and he could even put a robe and slippers in the box. There is a variety of things he could do depending on the things you like and he should know what you like, right? ;) Good luck!

    • Jamie

      I don’t know if Jenny ever does anything for herself or not – things that it’s hard to make yourself budget for – but I know couponing has gotten me in the habit of never buying anything basically unless it’s cheap, free or profitable. The idea of actually having to pay for things is agonizing. Because of that, I don’t buy myself anything and I wish I did. My husband is the sweetest guy ever and he loves to get me jewelry and things like that. This year, though, what I really want is a new Bible for studying, and some good books to read, and the worship CD from The Ramp and a Strong’s concordance – things that will feed my soul and my spirit that I don’t take the money to buy for myself (but I know I should). That’s just me.

    • Jennifer

      How about a basket of bubble baths, lotions, etc. and some good books? That would suit me just fine!

    • Mandy

      An awesome gift would be one night at the Ritz Carlton closest to your home. Room service would be a nice addition! Sometimes you can get a deal on their website for less than $300 (at least you can at the Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee/Reynolds Plantation in GA).

      The most treasured gift I ever got was from my husband when our son was born – he had a necklace made for me with a diamond heart and an emerald in the middle (my son’s birthstone).

      I also love lockets with pictures in them. Anything that you wear close to your heart like that with reminders of your family hidden inside.

      If you really wanted to go all out – http://www.casanatalia.com in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico – pure romance with only 16 rooms and wonderful innkeepers and a gourmet restaurant under the stars!

    • Joanne

      Lots of people have suggested get-a-way days/weekends. I vote for a stay-in-alone weeekend. You take the kids and leave for 48 hours. Go see the grandparents or stay at a cheap hotel. Leave Jenny at home alone. I don’t know a stay-at-home mom alive who wouldn’t love 48 hours in her own home completely alone. She can sleep late, eat whatever she wants, forget the shower, clean up that pile of papers that’s been driving her nuts, talk on the phone without being interrupted, etc. I would bet staying at her own house alone just for 2 days would be a big hit.

    • Tina LePere

      Money is tight this year. I told my husband that all I want for Christmas is a bottle of wine and to order Chinese food so I don’t have to cook.

    • Susie

      If you want high tech on a budget, get her an itouch. It is an mp3 player to chill when she needs a break, a PDA to help keep up with all those appointments (hers/yours/kids), and has the ability to access the internet anywhere there is wifi to update her blog.
      As long has you have free wifi, it is like having a phone with a data plan…except you don’t pay for data plan. That can save your $40 per month.

      Now for the romantic part…preload it with:
      * music playlists that are meaningful to both of you
      * some of her favorite pictures from the past and present (like haviang your photo albums in your pocket!)
      * free apps that would be important for her (like e-sword for Bible Study, google reader for her favorite blogs, budget apps to track her coupon savings…you get the idea. There are tons of free apps out there.
      * enclose a gift card from Starbucks. If you register the giftcard for her, she gets free wifi while she is in range of the store.(and she will get a free drink on her birthday)

      Voila! You have a romantic gift that will help her remind her how much you love her every time she uses it. And since it is customized to how she spends her day, that will be often. (wish my husband would take the hint!!!) Merry Christmas and God Bless you every one. I’ve shared her blog with so many people, and it has been a blessing to us all!

    • janice

      I think the best gift my husband could give me for Christmas would be a day off. Let her sleep in and get up when she wants. Plan a lunch date with her best friend or friends. And then if she likes going to the movies buy her two movie tickets and either you meet her at the movies or have a friend meet her there. Then maybe you and your kids could go out to eat together at a favorite resturant. While you all are eating out or when you go to bed that night present her with a gift…. maybe a book with all the wonderful compliments from her readers.

    • Gayle

      My idea is to get my sweet husband a golf outing for a day and pay for his good friend to go with him. My husband is a hard-working gentleman and I think a little guy time would be a wonderful gift and a unique way of saying, “You are appreciated!and treasured!”

    • Susan

      I would like a get away with my husband for a couple days.
      My suggestion to you is to get away with Jenny for a couple of days(because she probably can’t be gone that long, she’s gotta keep us updated ;) Allow it to be a time with no computer(which means that you are gonna have to get all the post ready and set them to post on the correct day.) It would take alot of work and I bet she would really appreciate it.

    • I’m going the sentimental route… write her a love letter!

    • TL

      This is a gift that I have wanted ever since I had my first child! Their jewelry is beautiful. I love that it is a mother’s ring yet still looks very stylish. Every mommy loves to have something to remind her of her babies throughout the day! I am still waiting for mine…


    • Carrie

      I *wonder* how tempting it is going to be for Jenny to pass this reading area up each time. Regardless, whatever you spend, Jenny’s Husband, it needs to be wisely spent. Since Jenny is so savvy with savings, she is always getting the deal. I personally cringe a little (not at the thought but price) when I see something my dear husband has gone out and spent on me and I always know it was not on sale when he bought it. But in all truth, he is my gift in life and nothing else tops his companionship. So whatever you choose to give her, she will love it. The most memorable Christmas gift(and wise money spent)from my husband was going on a scavenger/treasure hunt for clues throughout the house and finally winding up back at the Christmas tree to find a diamond ring in the tree. He actually bought it (no payment scheme) as estate jewelry, and I didn’t even mind that it was previously worn by someone. It was a real diamond and we had only been married a few years so I was beside myself and never knew or expected it. My oldest daughter (only one at the time) regards that as her most exciting Christmas as she watched with a big grin and knew the whole time about my husband’s scheme. She never told the secret, and for a toddler that’s huge! :)

      Good Luck and a Merry Christmas to all!

    • Joy

      First think about how she likes you to show her love. Does she like ‘acts of service’, ‘receiving gifts’, ‘words of affirmation’, ‘quality time’, or ‘physical touch’ (based upon the Gary Chapman book The Five Love Languages)? Usually people have two primary love languages. Then dig deep in one of those categories.

      From the posts already submitted, I see lots of ladies, who like myself, go ga-ga over acts of service. My husband doing a project around the house that I’ve been wanting done for ages, means more to me than his saying ‘I love you.’ because I SEE it. I FEEL it. It speaks to me. I can’t tell you what it would mean to me for him to clean out the garage or his office.

      To another person, taking the time to write a love letter or poem, and have it framed so their spouse could hang near their computer, would move them to tears.

      Quality time examples would include taking someone out to a special event. Does she like the theatre, symphony, professional basketball, camping? Give a planned outting along with any accessories (team jersey for game, lantern for camping, fancy scarf for night on the town).

      Receiving gifts examples would be bringing something back for someone from a trip or from the mall randomly, “because I saw it and it made me think of you” or sending flowers, “just because”. This is a little harder at Christmas b/c everyone is giving gifts. Major point being that you put thought into it, which you obviously are doing.

      The final category is physical touch. Options include giving massages, foot rubs, mani/pedi/spa gift cards, etc.

      So to summarize, think about Jenny. How does she show others she cares? More often than not, that will be the way she would like to be shown love. Or read the book, it’s got more ideas and better explanations than my quick blurbs. Good Luck!

    • nikki

      Get her a nice camera, cannon rebel. There is nothing more important to me than good pictures.

    • Kim

      The best present my husband gave me was letting me go to a ladies retreat with my church . He watched our 3 boys at home and done a fantastic job. It was quite a blessing .
      Maybe Jenny would like a vacation for a weekend and do what she likes to do.

    • Laura

      A Cashmere robe and some new slippers!!

    • Time spent alone with her husband is the best gift for a mom & wife. Get a reliable sitter and take her out to a nice romantic dinner…maybe even a movie too if there’s something playing she’d enjoy.

    • Teresa

      I say you should get her something she at some point has mentioned it will be nice to have but that she will never buy it bc of the price. I’m a couponer and will NEVER pay full price for things. For example, I really really wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer but would never have the guts to spend the $450 for the one I wanted. My husband surprised me for my birthday with one! I couldn’t believe it and I almost felt like I shouldn’t keep it bc it was too expensive, but he told me how I really deserved that and that we didn’t need to buy EVERYTHING on sale like I usually do. This Christmas I’m getting a CHI flat iron and a perfume that I love.

    • Tanya

      I don’t know if she bought them the other day, but she was very excited about getting some DVD’s of the show Mystery on PBS that you guys watch. So, you could complete her collection. Or, since you guys have just the 4 channels, you could do a little movie basket with some classic girly movies, some popcorn/candy, and a nice snuggly blanket!

      I repeat what has been said above, thank you for supporting Jenny in all that she does b/c she is a God send!

    • Jessica

      The best gift my husband gave me was a scarf that he knit himself. It didn’t cost a lot of money but the fact that he stayed up late knitting it without me knowing was the real winner. Additionally, one year he made me CD’s of his favorite music and handmade jackets for the CDs from old band photos. The final gift he gave me was a one-of-a-kind handmade necklace from the same jewelry designer that designed my wedding ring.

      None of these gifts cost all that much but they did require a good deal of planning and creativity on his part. He came up with these ideas all on his own.

    • Jane

      How about a spa day? Or regularly scheduled spa days through out the year.

    • Cyndi

      My husband bought me a CD/radio player to mount under my kitchen cabinets last year. I play it all the time and it has been such a gift of music for me and my girls…having fun dancing and singing in the kitchen in the middle of the work and business of everyday life. He has even benefited from some dances from it.

    • Shelley

      A great gift for any husband is a pair of tickets for a movie with a gift card to his favorite restaurant even if it is his favorite hot dog stand or outbacks and a bottle of massage oil for a relaxing back rub.

    • Liz

      This is the gift that I give my husband every year, and every year he is so anxious to open. So it might work for Jenny.

      I make a coupon book with 12 coupons one for each month, with things that he might enjoy or might not have time to do.
      His favorite one is “One full body massage by me of course”, also
      “30 min. back rub”
      “I will do the mowing”
      “Feet rub”
      “Free night” he can do what ever he pleases.
      “Favorite meal in bed”
      Well you get the idea, this has being very succesful for me. Don’t forget to put the fine print, like exp date, only to be use one time, they can get very tricky with them.lol
      Thanks hope this helps.

    • Kevin

      Not sure if this has been mentioned, as I did not take time to read all 88 prior posts. If your wife wears jewelry, and does not have a Pandora bracelet, check it out. It’s the newest spin on charm bracelets, but a step up. I gave my wife her bracelet when our daughter was born, and continually add charms to it. The charms come in every shape, size, birthstone, hobby or anything else you can imagine that would represent who she is as a mother and wife. They are a bit pricey, but will be something that you can add to for many years to come.

      • Alice

        I wonder if they make a coupon charm ;)

    • Lauren

      My husband made a videotape of himself and the children saying why they are thankful for having a wife and mother. With picture at the end (family pics) with our wedding song playing as background music.

    • I would LOVE for my hubby to give me a membership to one of those premade dinner places. The idea is that you go to a store and pay for a certain number of meals (usually 12 in a visit, for 2 weeks worth of dinner). Then you package up the ingredients already sliced and diced and ready to cook. Put them all in your freezer and you have a freezer full of ready meals without thought or planning, which Jenny has said she has a hard time with. Having dinner already planned and ready to cook would give her more time for her responsibilities too and would keep on giving for as long as her membership lasted!

      I think you asking for ideas is a great idea by the way! And I love giving away the gift card too. One of my biggest irks at Christmas is spending my hubby’s money to buy his gift – he shouldn’t have to work to pay for it! But I’m a stay at home mom so other than all the money I save using Jenny’s website, I have no income to buy him a gift with. Would be nice to give him something he didn’t have to pay for.

      Merry Christmas!

      • mary

        These places are great.
        I have done this a few times and the meals are healthy and it’s fun to have 12 or so meals in your freezer for those occassions when you don’t have time to get the job done. It’s a great way to splurge on your wife and something the whole family can enjoy as well.

    • I am a mom of 4 boys under the age of 9. My husband is the best and he is very thoughtful. My favorite was when I really wanted to go see Riverdance because it was going to be their last performance and they are my favorite. My husband not only surprised me with tickets for him and I, but a babysitter on top of that for the boys. Also, he had arranged for me to have a day of pampering. I got to buy a dress and shoes, have my hair and nails and toes done that day in preparation for our date. To go shopping without kids was wonderful. It was a wonderful day and evening.

    • Is there anywhere special she might like to visit or go to? Take her somewhere special on a get away without the kids. While you are away have someone clean and organize your house for when you return, so she is happily surprised when you get back. I always feel like my house is a wreck and can’t keep up with stuff. You could hire a maid for a few months to a year to keep up with the cleaning and day to day chores so she has more time for other stuff.

    • Elizabeth Whitman

      It’s really hard to spend money on yourself, especially when you are working so hard to save money. So a gift card at a day spa, or medi spa, would be a wonderful thing.

    • Bmcdowell

      The best give I ever gave my husband was the chance to drive a real nascar. He is a big fan and he got to drive 6 laps around the Talledega track in Alabama. That was 2 years ago and he is still talking about it. Any man who loves to drive fast will love it. His top speed was 174.5 mph and it was very safe. They have an instructor inside the car with them and they even have to go through a little training course. It was something our whole family enjoyed. The kids and I enjoyed watching him and the others that were there.

      • Bmcdowell

        Sorry, I misread and thought it was for the husband. The perfect gift for me would be for my husband to watch the kids, clean house, and cook while he sent me to a nice relaxing day at the spa. Now that would be heavenly.

    • Randa

      Get her tickets to go see the play Wicked! I heard it is amazing! If you like that sort of thing go with her if not get a ticket for her best friend. Give her a gift card to pick out a special outfit for the night and also one to get her nails done. You could also give her the book Wicked if she does not have it already and put the tickets inside. This is my idea of a wonderful present.

    • If she’s like me, running around all the time with the kids in tow, it’s hard to keep the car clean. I think a great gift idea would be to have her car detailed (professionally or do it yourself) and then get her a few organization things for the car, a basket for the odds and ends, a small trash can etc. Then get her a gift card for a local car wash so she can get her car washed throughout the year!!

    • Megan

      Make her some “coupons” for things that she would enjoy (dinner out with just you, cooking her breakfast in bed, cleaning the kitchen, completing a “much anticipated” project, etc.). Since she’s such a thrifty person she’d probably be upset if you spent a lot of money on her but this gift speaks to her use of coupons and thriftiness.

    • Amy

      Hire a creative photographer or artist to create a unique holiday portrait of the family. Then get the picture customed frame and hang it in a place where she will see it everyday!

      • Randa

        Great idea Amy! The photographers at my wedding were amazing! They are two sisters who are extremely creative and take pictures that are “out of the box”. I know they travel for locations as well. Their website is oncelikeaspark.com

    • sarah

      My first thought is to give her the gift card to amazon.com…my second thought is to open her a bank account specifically just for her to use for her freebies, rebates, etc. All the rebate $ she gets back can go in there. I have one that is just for all my $ I earn from being a savvy shopper and I have a checking account that is linked to a savings account that has “keep the change” (at Bank of America) so whenever I shop $ goes into my savings account, which is for my kids. With all the work she does on this website and with freebies, etc. I think she would appreciate something like this. ;)

    • amy

      This is a little materialistic..but…my husband gave me $300.00 cash one year and told me he wanted me to go buy new clothes. It was great! I always felt guilty about buying anything for me and when I did, it was always under $20.00. This was wonderful!! I could buy a couple of complete outfits at one time. It was a true “shopping spree!”

    • Gina

      My vote is for a day at a spa – or at least a few hours… mani/pedi/massage. what could be better while you tend to the kids.


      • Gina

        …even just a gift card to a place that provides these services so she can choose!!

    • Janice

      Most of these ideas have to with your wife doing something without you. I don’t know how she feels but I prefer to be with my family and do not typically enjoy a gift certificate. How about purchasing a luxury gift something she would never purchase herself. I really enjoy high end makeup, designer sweats or an Iphone and I would never purchase these things for myself, but they sure make me feel good. Whatever you purchase it should not require any labor on her part.

    • Katherine

      I agree that you have to get a good deal.

      1. Check out the Lenox.com website with a 40% off Home Decor section that has some great deals. I like the Hibiscus Nesting Tables, $99 among other things (serving ware and decor).

      2. Or if she likes to cook using fresh herbs, checkout AeroGardenoutlet.com for a great deal (over 50% off) on a garden that she can use even through the winter.

      3. Cashmere is always a great luxury/practical combination: Red Envelope has a Cashmere Robe and pajama set.


    • AngelaT

      You should take on her website for one day while she is out and about enjoying the gifts that you have bestowed upon her for one day. Don’t let her near the computer that day. No bargain hunting is allowed. You will start her off with breakfast in bed. She will get dress and either driven to the spa or told where she needs to go. Have her friend meet her there for a full day at the spa. She needs a massage, facial, pedi, mani and hair done. After, when she arrives home have a dress that you picked out waiting for her to slip into waiting. Then take her out to her favorite restaurant and if she likes to dance do that then back home for a ump you know evening alone with you doing things you can’t do when the kids are there. Don’t just keep it in the bedroom spice it up.
      Enjoy making your decision.

    • Sue

      I think you should look at her bags or luggage that she uses to travel with. Maybe they need an upgrade.

      My other thought would be a week of from couponing and you could do it for her for the week. We have seen your work before and I am sure that we could survive one week without her. (Even though it would be hard)

    • Kelly M

      A babysitter to come to the house for a few hours a day. Not during nap time.
      Or a cleaning service to come clean the house once a week.

    • Courtney

      Okay, the best present I ever saw…my brother-in-law bought a Daytimer for his wife and inside filled the built-in business card section with $10-$20 giftcards to all her favorite restaurants and shops like Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Applebee’s, Nail Spa, etc. If Jenny is anything my sister she thinks of everyone else and saves her pennies to spend on husband and kids. This was a way to say, “This is just for you!” You can find an inexpensive planner at Walgreens or CVS and they have a display with all the giftcards you can imagine.

    • wendy

      A weekend getaway, just you and her.

    • Lisa

      iPod loaded with all her favorite songs. If she is like me, load up on all thoses ’80’s favorites!

    • Ginger

      My husband just did this and I think any woman would love it. You could plan someone to watch the kids for the weekend, pack a bag for her and surprise her with a weekend away just the two of you. If you wanted to go before Christmas, there’s all kinds of little towns that really go all out with the decorating. If she’s like me, this is something she would say to not spend the money on, just save it. But a lot of times the best gift you can give is your time and effort. Hope this helps. Have a very Merry Christmas!

    • Jenna

      Ok me personally as a gift to any mother would be a bed and breakfast weekend. Find somewhere that is in the country or mountians that would be nice. Have some activities planned or just scout the area and have a list of activities to do.

      If that is too expensive, a full day at a local spa would be fabulous. A facial, massage, pedicure and manicure and haircut and style. That would be nice.
      Plus you win too, you have a georgeous wife to look at :)

      I hope this helps

    • I’d love to take cooking lessons with my husband. We took lessons years ago and it was a lot of fun. It’s helped us create better recipes throughout the week and it really made us appreciate the little things we do each day, like cooking dinner together.

    • tricia young

      I really want a FoodSaver for Christmas this year!

    • Michelle in Martinez

      I don’t know if anyone has posted these, so sorry if I’m repeating:

      you could get her one of these with the family name or with a word she would like such as FAITH or LOVE:

      or this, which is a contemporary and artistic way of doing a family tree (if she would appreciate a gift like that:

      or a more generalized gift depending on what her hobby is. if she liks to cook, new bakeware or kitchen gadgets (i asked for the brownie pan with the dividers); if she is into photography or scrapbooking, new camera equipment or supplies. tell jenny to let us know what she ended up getting after christmas! :)

    • Melissa

      A real white Christmas…snow machine, snowman, hot chocolate, decked out house, make the meal, and a sentimental gift by the fire (I always love an ornament each year to remind me of my favorite part of that year). Maybe not frugal, but oh so fun! And the smiles on your kids faces will stay with both of you forever.

    • Ashley

      Give her a massage, but don’t send her to the spa – send the kids somewhere and do the massage youtself, complete with candles, scented oil, the works. Order her favorite takeout and curl up together to eat and watch her favorite movie.

      Or, pledge to do a chore she hates, like putting away all the Christmas decorations, while she gets to read a new book or go out on the town.

    • karen

      See wants you to unload the dishwasher and put up all the groceries for the next year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and it’s free. Jenny sure does love the free stuff.

    • elizabeth

      Last year my dad gave my mom (and installed it) an instant hot water dispenser in her kitchen by her kitchen sink. It’s awesome – super hot water in an instant…perfect for hot tea, coffee, cocoa, instant oatmeal/grits, removing dried-on foods off pans, getting stains out of clothes, etc. Or you can have water hot enough to boil spagettie in seconds. It’s one of those things that you can’t live without once you have it. She’ll be thanking you each and every day!!!

    • Katherine

      I would do a scavenger hunt. Map out places that are special or unique to the two of you first and then start writing your notes. Start at the house by giving her a note that points to the second location, when you arrive at the second location have a small gift waiting for her. Have notes and small gifts at each location until you arrive at your final destination. The last gift has to be the mind blowing one. This idea requires much creativity on your part, but if you pull it off, you will have a very happy wife! :-) Good luck!

    • Pamela

      I have not read all the posts so someone else may have already suggested this, but my husband plans a trip for us. We don’t go until after Chirstmas, but sometime in Jan. I think any woman would love it if her husband planned a weekend getaway with her. Set up a babysitter in advance and make all the necessary arrangements such as trip route, places of interest along the way, places to stay, etc. I personally can’t think of a better gift than when my husband does this sort of thing for me. Plan everything out tailored to what she likes so that she does not have to make any decisions, it is all done for especially for her from you, you will make her feel so special. This would be a Christmas gift made of memories that will last a lifetime. So much better than buying material objects that in time are usually forgetten about.
      In the end whatever you decide to do I’m sure will be wonderful to Jenny as it is the thought that counts.
      Merry Christmas and have fun!

    • Michelle in Martinez

      and this…if she has a favorite photo (kids or family photo)


    • Becky

      How about “The 12 Days of (your name)”, instead of 12 Days of Christmas. I want to do something like that for my hubby – e.g. “The 12 Days of Becky”. Come up with new words to the song and do a gesture each day or come up with a small gift each day that you know she would love and appreciate. Maybe there’s something around the house you’ve been neglecting or something she would really love you to do. You can totally use your imagination on this one – but its cute and goofy to come up with new words to go along with your 12 Days of ______ . You could have a lot of fun with it! :)

    • Tracy

      A night away with one or a few of her best friends…maybe pay for the hotel room and get a gift certificate to a fabulous restaurant. Babysit the kids all weekend and let her enjoy friends, good food, and a morning to sleep in guilt free! I would LOVE a present like that! :)

    • Stacey

      Gift cards to her favorite stores with any coupons for those stores attached, plus 5 homemade coupons to watch the kids for the day allowing her to hit up her favorites AFTER Christmas to increase the savings and allow her to get even more for her money :)

    • morgan

      I love Victoria’s Secret – panties, bras, a robe, cute PJs
      And I would love a new camera!

      Another thing would be to take the kids to get pictures taken without her knowing. Then, put them in cute frames for her and wrap them up :)

    • Amy

      A trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC with an overnight Package at the INN :) This is heaven!

      • nina

        Wow! I just looked this up!! breathtaking!! now I gotta here!! I have always known that I was born during the wrong “time”

    • Michelle in Martinez

      okay, one more and then i’m done…how about a DVR? we just got one, and it has changed our lives! LOL no more worry about missing shows or scheduling our lives around TV. now we can just record on the DVR and forget it. it’s a gift for the whole family that keeps on giving.

    • Kati

      Plan a girls’ weekend. You could go in with a friend’s husband for this gift. Both ladies would get the same gift for Christmas. I know you are in SC, and there are lots of great places not that far from you. Plan a weekend trip for them to Charleston, Asheville, or to Atlanta. There are lots of places that will give great deals on hotel cost, spa days, and you could splurge (depending on your budget) and give a pre-paid Visa card for a little shopping or whatever her heart desires! You could get even more creative and wrap along with the “weekend” certificate, a book that she can read while she is away or a Bible Study that she and her friend can do while they are away. Oh, and don’t forget to pack sweet notes in her suitcase before she leaves. But that’s not for Christmas, that’s just because! :)

      Hey… an added bonus for you- I am also very grateful for all the hard work Jenny does for me and my family, so I will help you hunt for good spa deals, etc. if I win!

      Merry Christmas!

    • Kristen

      I would get Jenny a day at the SPA. Even if she poo-poos it down. The woman is amazing and all her readers KNOW how hard she works on this site (Not to mention away from the site with a family and house to keep up). She needs a day that is all about her. No kids, no worries, just her. There are several nice spas around the Columbia area. I’m sure you’d be able to find one that offers serveral great services. I wish I was able to get it for her!
      Good Luck!

    • Lisa G.

      Since your wife obviously addores coupons you could make a coupon book just for her. They could be for things that she typically does or would like to do. For me it would be things like ‘folding 2 loads of laundry’, ‘cleaning the bathroom’, ‘uninterrupted nap’, and/or other “creative” things.

      One of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was a surprise weekend trip with my best friend. He coordinated everything with her husband so we were both surprised. They flew us to Florida and got us tickets to see the musical Wicked.
      (My friend and I reciprocated the gift a couple of years later with a guys weekend trip to an NFL football game)

      Money is very tight for us this year and honestly all I want is 2-3 days. One or two days to myself in the house to clean and organize (since I work full-time all of ‘my’ stuff gets set aside to take care of laundry and other basics.) The other day would be a designated stress-free day that included sleeping in, a little pampering (even just a haircut at the salon) and a date night.

    • Sloan

      How about a portable printer, if she doesnt already have one. That way she can print coupons and still get the deals when she is out of town!

    • Jennifer

      I saw this cool coupon saver/wallet on my local news a week ago….It is backordered until January but you could give her a cute card and a picture of it in the card to show her what you ordered for her…


    • Sloan

      I thought of something else. I did this as a secret santa gift for a mom friend and she cried! Make a calendar (through staples or office depot, or other printer place) Put a different picture of the family/kids for every month. Make it seasonal (christmas pics for december, fall pics for october, etc) Also, tape a gift card (for starbucks or marble slab, or another treat for her) on the calendar square on her birthday, so when she gets to her birthday month, she has ANOTHER special treat. =) Merry Christmas to your family. Whatever you get for her, I hope she loves it. She is amazing!

    • Sarah

      Ok, here’s the thing. Personally, because I have a passion for frugal spending, it means I won’t spend any money on myself. It does NOT mean that I don’t like lavish gifts; and when my husband buys me something expensive, he is saying that while groceries and household items aren’t worth breaking our budget over, I am. It makes me feel like a queen when he buys me something that’s not on sale, because after all, money is not the most important thing. This year, when I told him I’d like a snuggie, he said fine. Buy one. For Christmas, he wants to buy me something that will make me “feel like Jane Austen”. So he’s scouting for an antique vanity, with drawers so I can keep all the free makeup I have right at hand. Hope this helps!

      • Michelle in Martinez

        Oh, how sweet is your husband!

    • Wow – what a guy you are!! I love the idea of having meals prepared for her. You can get 12 delicious healthy meals at a place like The Dinner A’Fare (or something similar in your area). If your budget allows it, get the house cleaned while she is out of the house with a friend for lunch. Have her come home to a clean house and a freezer full of meals. You have given her the gift of time!

    • Tonya

      How about a whole day at the spa…worry free, kid free and coupon/sales ads free. And so she doesn’t get behind on her coupon stuff maybe you could do it for her that day? Then a nice dinner afterwards with you.

    • Laurie Cambell

      I say get her a day at the Spa! She has young kids like me and it’s so nice just to have a total day of relaxation where nobody needs you whatsoever!! : )

    • Sandy Jordan

      How about a gift card to her favorite store? I love gift cards…makes you feel like you’re spending “free money”!!!

    • Linda Wilson

      As an older woman (not really that old….late 40’s) I know the things that I treasure most from my husband and children are the videos that I can look back on and watch over and over. Make a video of the kids telling what they love the most about mom, include yourself and why you think she’s a great mother and wife, include any friends and relatives that are close to her. She will treasure it always. Let the kids tell how mommy makes them feel when she tucks them in at night, what mommy smells like, how special Mommy makes them feel. You can do all this without her knowing.
      I promise you, this will be a treasured gift!

    • Shery

      Like many of the moms in the comments above, my year has been stressful, so any type of “get away” would be wonderful. This doesn’t have to be going far away, just an opportunity for “couple time” would suit my liking. With having sent a daughter to college (out-of-state) this fall, spending time in ER, hospital, etc, with my aging mom, and the day-to-day routine with no real vacation this year, I am more than ready to escape with my hubby for leisure walks, quiet talks, rest in front of a fireplace, no phone, and no computer (at least for a day). ;0)

    • Christine

      For me it will be this flip video camera on sale at Amazon for the crazy price of $89. It works really well and I never realised how much I needed it until I watched my kids after filming. Priceless!


    • Kelly

      don’t be frugal or say, “I got a great deal” . . . make her think that you paid FULL RETAIL and don’t care. Act like you love to splurge on her. And also treat her to a nice hand & wrist massage. If she is like the rest of us online “dealers”, her hands & wrists must be tired & aching after a long day of typing up (and searching for) those DEALS!!!

    • Honestly, the best gift my husband has ever given me to this day was a coupon book he made himself. Some of the coupons included:

      Body massages
      Foot massage
      Watching a romantic movie
      Making a candle lit dinner from scratch (dh doesn’t cook so that was fun!)
      Picnic for the family
      Honeydew anything (Honey, do this for me) LOVED this one!!
      Dirty dishes
      Uninterrupted time to read a book
      Date Night

      He really took the time to make the coupons look nice and I had so much fun redeeming them.

      If not the coupons, then an iPhone or iPod touch with an itunes gift card so she can buys some apps. Preload some of her favorite music and photos of the family and it really adds to the sentimentality of the gift. I LOOOOOOOOVE my iPhone.

    • Sue

      Ok so I admit that I haven’t read thru all of the ideas, so hopefully this won’t be a repeat. I think a “Jenny Basket” would be great. The idea is to show her how well you KNOW her, what you’ve noticed and paid attention to. The candy she eats at the movies, nail polish in a shade she’d be likely to wear, a book by her favorite author, favorite bubble bath or perfume, item of clothing from her favorite store etc. Think of things she loves or loves to do and get some small item to represent that. For instance, if she gardens; fancy garden gloves, if she runs; spiffy timer or even new socks or headband, if she likes to decorate toss in a home decor magazine. Try to get something for all aspects of her, the items themselves are less important than her realizing how much you’ve paid attention to who she is. What a sweet hubby you are! Happy Shopping!

    • Sarah Beth

      I have an awesome idea that will bless both you and Jenny. It’s called “The Twelve Dates of Christmas.” You can split the dates and give her 6 to plan and you plan 6. They don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. They can be as simple as dinner at home and a movie together. The most important thing is that you are thinking of one another in an intentional way and that you are spending quality time together. This is such a boost to your marriage during the busy Christmas season. This is something both of you will remember and relect on for years – not a fleeting gift that will lose value over time. Good Luck!

    • Brittany S

      One year I was complaining that we never get a good snow in GA and I really wanted snow for Christmas. Well my DH rented a snow machine and we had snow all over our front yard. Later that evening he took me ice skating which he said he would never do but he did it for me. That was the best Christmas ever.

    • Megan

      A nice coat with a note or tag inside that says “For when I’m not there” :-)

    • Kim Phan

      One of my favorite from my husband is a remake of our wedding video. When we got married, the technology was not too great then so the movie from our wedding doesn’t have fancy images. So, he took the video and some of our wedding pictures, remake it with today’s technology and add the wedding pictures with it. Then there’s a bonus section of each of our kids and their key moments! and our honeymoon pictures.

      I love this gift so much that everytime I look at it, it just bring joy to my heart. Everytime I get angry at my husband, all I have to do is watch the DVD and I feel happy again. All those loving memories just erase all the current upsets.


    • Michelle B

      A camcorder. You can get some really nice compact models right now for $200 or less. Make sure it is compatible with your computer (usb or sd card) and it will be very easy to use. As a person who likes to publish for others this may be a new venue for her to explore or maybe just a great way to archive the kids!

    • Angela P

      OK, I’ve read most of these responses. They seem so wonderful & I would LOVE any of them myself. However, I know in my family we have NO extra money (even with all of the saving I do with Jenny’s help) for material things. In fact my DH will probably not get me ANYTHING because he knows NOT spending money we don’t have will make me VERY happy. That being said, here is what I would LOVE & I know Jenny would too:

      12 Days of Christmas: You should make up 12 special love note/coupons. Each one giving her a gift of your time (ideas: You’ll do the dishes that day, the laundry that day, the SS posting that day, make dinner that day, etc….) Each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas you put one where she’ll find it 1st thing in the morning. On Christmas day the final note/coupon could be redeemed for either a great material item from the suggestions you have, or maybe something she usually does that you will take over for her for the whole upcoming year! WOW! A gift of love, time, attention & potentially keeps on giving.

      (Sorry so long)! Whatever you decide, enjoy!


    • anna

      The present the more touched my heart is when my husband bought me a star..a real one and he name it after me..just the though of him looking for something so sweet and special..made me feel loved and still bring joy in my heart!jennifer is a special woman..i don’t know her personally,but for all she does for all of us i belive she a giver…and stars are givers to..so..i just hope this idea can help you! :)

    • Alyssa

      Love all the ideas for a mom’s day out – when pampering is something that makes you feel nice, rather than the act of changing Pampers!
      One of my favorite gifts my hubby gave me was to a salon I used to go to when we were both working full-time. After I quit working and had kids, I would never dare treat myself to such a splurge. The Christmas after my second baby was born, he surprised me with a gift certificate to my favorite salon – I was able to use it throughout the year for my hair and pampering. And each time, I felt so grateful for his thoughtfulness and was certain of his love for me.

    • Give her a little journal and have her write (top 5 of all) a Honey do list in it, have her write her favorite things to do on a date, fav. things to do with a friend, with the kids, her favorite things to buy, favorite expensive things, favorite foods, favorite item to splurge on, favorite item to save on, (since she is the queen of savings) etc…

      After you have her write all of those… choose one from each page and make it happen!!! You could do one each day, one each month, etc… Make sure you do one of them right away! She will be in heaven and think you are the best husband all year long!

      Make it cute like in a mini scrapbook and you could even take a photo from each one and put it in there as a memory of her special gift! Have fun!


      Thanks for being the husband of my favorite Coupon Clipping Woman/Website!

    • Jackie

      How about maid service for a month or two? My husband just deployed to Iraq and his gift to me was a year of maid service. It honestly has been the best gift ever. To be able to focus solely on all my other responsibilities and not worry about the house…has been so amazing. I feel like I different mommy and wife!

    • Jennifer Shifflett

      The Reebok Easy Tone shoes. She said in a post that she wanted them.

    • I have two ideas: a splurge item that you know she wants. When you get deep into always looking for a deal, it’s really hard to break away from that to give yourself a treat. You might still treat yourself, but only if it’s a bargain. And a lot of times, bargains mean compromising on what you really want.

      The other is: quiet time in her own home. If you give her a massage, have a therapist come to the house while you take the kids out for half a day. Then she has time after the massage to nap, read, relax and hang out in her own space! Every mother craves a little quiet without having to leave home to find it.

    • Robin

      How about a Roomba! The vacuum that vacuums for you! How more perfect for the busy woman. Something to do the cleaning for her!
      Don’t forget your 20% off coupon that comes in the mail every so often.

    • Stacey

      A few years ago I got my mom a 14KT white gold pendant from photosongold.com with my daughters pictures lasered onto it. It was a heart with their photo in the middle and their names were laser cut along the edge of the heart. She wears it everyday and she gets asked almost daily where did she get that from because it was so beautiful and unusual. I bet Jenny would love it too.
      You know, I haven’t got myself one yet because like most moms I buy and do for my family instead of myself. So if you’re reading this my DH, I would love a necklace like my mom’s!

    • Ali

      Well I think she will like, a good mystery book (she said she like to watch mystery on PBS with you), with a cosy blanky, nice cup and a hot cocoa mix (they come in a nice package at Target for $1.99 or less) and at Walgreens they have this coupon book, the coupons inside are like for example take me to the movies, or make me a bath with bubbles stuff like that so she can use but you will have to redeem =)put all togheter in a gift bag and she will love it. (check that coupon book at Walgreens is at the book area, it those have really nice things)

    • Anna

      A few gift ideas:

      * A food saver. Since she loves buying in bulk and on sale, this would be a great gift for her.
      * A chest freezer for your garage. Again, a great gift for Jenny since she loves to buy when things are on sale. I’m hoping to get one myself soon!
      * Is she into gardening? I once received one of those little gardening carts that you sit on while gardening, it rolls, has a cup-holder, and the seat lifts up to hold your gardening tools. I use mine all the time and it saves my back from all the bending over!
      * A relaxing day to herself. Keep the kids all day and give her a gift certificate (just for her, or maybe get two so she can bring a friend) for a massage, then a mani-pedi, then shopping at the mall.
      * A night out with you. Plan everything, down to the restaurant, a movie, and be sure to set up a babysitter.
      * A mother’s ring. One with a birthstone for her, you, and each of your kids.

    • Laura N.

      My husband loves to hunt and golf; however, he sold a lot of his equipment a few years ago so I could stay home with my two youngest kids who were home at the time and not in school. I would love this gift certificate to buy something he could use to hunt with and give something back to him since he gave up his “toys” for me.

    • Rachael

      Give your wife “A year of Pampering”. 12 activities that will allow your wife time alone, or with friends, or you, to simply enjoy. 12 ideas (just ideas) for 12 months: 1) Gift certificate for a Massage, 2) Gift certificate for Barnes and Nobles & Starbucks so she can grab a hot chocolate and take time to look at books, magazines, etc.. and come home with her favorite one. 3)Certificate for a manicure, 4)Certificate for a pedicure 5)Certificate to go out to lunch at her favorite local place (enough for her and a friend), 6)Another Massage certificate, 7)Certificate for shopping–wherever she likes (I vote for Ann Taylor Loft), 8)Certificate for Bath and Body Works to go and pick out her favorite bath scent and candles to enjoy (maybe even pair it with a new cd she can listen to while soaking in the bath), 9)Tickets to a play or performance in your area for you and her to go out on a date together, 10)Certificate to a shoe place to go and pick out some new shoes (maybe this could be given the beginning of summer when she’ll need new sandals), 11) Dinner certificate for 2–date night, 12) Certificate to a place where you can go and make 8 dinners at once and then you put them in the freezer–they are called all sorts of names everywhere–like Dream Dinners, or something. Each month give your wife something to pamper herself with. If she is like me, I like to be surprised so I would give it to her at the beginning of each month—or, you can give her all of the ideas at once–12 individually wrapped presents. Good luck!

    • Tonya

      I would love for my husband to take my twins out for a day and let me have the house to myself. To have the remote to myself, eat exactly what I want, and nap whenever I want. It would be an added bonus if the house was clean so I could really relax!

    • Kim

      Jenny’s hubby, I think you should sponsor a drop in for all of Jenny’s coupon friends. We could come and bring a gift for Jenny to show all of our appreciation for what your family has done for us. We say thank you everyday but to be able to return the favor to Jenny and SHOW our thanks would be priceless.

    • What a sweet husband!
      I reccommend a “COMBO PACKAGE”:
      1) A canvas of her favorite photo (family, the two of you, kids or her with the kids). I used “CANVAS ON DEMAND” for a canvas of our family for gift for my husband last year and he loved it! We get compliments by our guests often as well.
      2) A must for you busy wife, maid servie for a year. I hope my “COMBO PACKAGE” gets picked, as an avid couponer now, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have a cleaning service over jewlery or a massage any day! Have a wonderful Christmas! Tina Marie Glover

    • lisa

      If you don’t have a cleaning lady, hire one for the next three months or at least one or two times. That way, she’ll have more time with you and your children, which would mean more to her than any gift I’m sure. And as a mom, it’s hard to take time for yourself – especially with her having this website that she’s probably working on a lot. You could always get her a day of pampering at a local spa or salon. Good luck with your shopping!

    • Delores

      Wow, there are so many great suggestions! I have a few… and (like someone else said) I hope that doesn’t get me disqualified.

      First, I think magazine subscriptions are great. It is a gift that keeps on giving. I like Taste of Home and Quick Cooking — great recipes, great photos, contests. But you might come up with a better magazine — Smart Money to come up with ways to earn more with the money she saves each week, for example.

      Second, ahem… :), a negligee of some sort. Or some such frilly underthings. You could throw in some other romantic things for a great night: chocolate, wine (if you drink), etc.

      Third, a nice, feminine, lacy, hand knit scarf or shawl. I would offer to make one for you, but by Christmas? No way. Now, I could have it done probably by the middle of January maybe (depending on what you would choose). I hope I am not coming across as advertising! I just know Jenny is awesome and in a way would love to make something for her. I love to knit and think all women should have a nice, pretty, scarf or shawl that is decorative. And if you can have one hand made by then — her favorite color, in a pattern/design you think she would like — it would be great.

      • KitB

        Right on, Delores!

    • kym

      I started to read the other suggestions, and then stopped. I have been married for 21 years and my best EVER, most WONDERFUL gift during the time I had small children and homeschooled was this….my sweet husband arranged for a high school homeschool girl to babysit once a week for 5 hours. (4 was not enough) I could leave all or part of my kids. It encompassed lunchtime for me. We never had used mothers mornings out or preschool, because of the cost and it just wasn’t a good use of time, also it didn’t cover all of the kids. This gift gave me time once a week that I desperately craved without knowing it. Here is the important part!!! HE PAID HER EACH WEEK!!!!! He had and envelope with her name on it on the board in our kitchen. At the beginning of the month, he filled it with her money and each week she took out her pay. That way it was TRULY a GIFT for me each week. He knew that in my FRUGAL heart if I came home and had to hand over cash or write her a check, I would cancel her coming. At this time in our lives we had 5 then 6 children and I really did need the break, but just couldn’t give it to myself. So, whatever you decide, the KEY is NOT letting her know what it cost….JUST communicating to her that she is WORTH more that all the RICHES in the world to you and that you LOVE HER!!! I loved each day I had out. Once a month or so David and I had lunch, but I also spent time just getting to know myself again! AND grocery shopping, and sitting at the beach…and seeing friends…etc. Merry Christmas!

    • Maegan Hall

      I would say a really nice camera/lens.

    • A Maid :)

    • Allison Tymko

      12 dates of Christmas – 12 days leading up to Christmas spend $1, $3 or $5 per date. Find free stuff around to do – redbox movies – game night – see the lights – SPEND TIME TOGETHER! Maybe document it all and surprise her w/a photobook or scrapbook of your time together.

    • I LOVE recieving shipping money and money to shop for a gift box to a missionary or Peace Corps friend. It’s so much fun to shop for cute things I know a friend in another country would enjoy.

      If you have the money, a great thing might be a humanitarian oriented trip, just the two of you!!

      I find these sorts of trips and shopping “sprees” are much more meaningful and last longer in my memory than gifts only for me – since I can pretty much get what I need for me.

    • bill

      If you have a friend who paints, have them paint some places that are special to you and Jenny. That way, you not only have some nice paintings, but you also have something made by a friend.

    • A trip for two to Hawaii! This would make some great memories! She would love it!!!

    • angela steward

      One of the most prized possessions I have ever received which definately spoke to me as a well-thought out labor of love was my husband presenting me with our very own “life-story” on DVD!!! He began the dvd with our first pictures and told a story of our life up to the present. It even had all of our favorite music on it. I loved this present more than anything money could buy!! What a beautiful chronicle of God’s Faithfulness. You really will hit a home-run with her and strum some heart strings, too. Good Luck! And have a Christ-filled Christmas as you celebrate your marriage!

    • Renee

      I’m not sure if it’s been suggested or not, but my very favorite and most cherished gift would be a combination of two that I have received in the past.

      A nice gift from pajamagram.com (you can probably find a coupon) and pair that with a massage. Both are my absolute favorites and if you put them together, I’m sure Jenny would be just thrilled.

      Best of luck… anything you give her from the heart is sure to mean the world to her.

    • A night out of town in a favorite hotel/city. Dinner at a nice restaurant, and a whatever her favorite entertainment is be it a movie, museum, night club, skiing, etc. You make all the reservations, pack, buy tickets and arrange for child care. All she has to do is go and enjoy.

    • srtasa

      a 3 or 4 day romantic getaway for just the 2 of you without the kids. it can be on a long weekend that has a monday holiday. it can be a cruise, a trip to an island, a trip to a spa, a trip to the beach when it gets warmer or somewhere else that jenny would like to go. just the 2 of you get away together and have some fun without the responsibility of the kids.

    • A great gift idea (and one that I want this year) is some monogrammed notecards and some cute return address labels to go with it. I love to send out little notes to people and am always sending thank you notes and this is a cute way to make it special!

    • Amanda

      They best gift my husband could give me is to surprise me with a weekend away with a friend. Idealy he has scheduled everything ahead of time so all I would have to do is drive away! With 2 young boys alone time is foreign to me so this would be the greatest gift he could give me!

    • Amy

      Ok, I am also a mom of twins and work from home. I have a total of 3 children under age 10.

      It does not need to be expensive but whatever the cost ends up being please pay cash so she never finds out the cost.

      Pay for her to have a half day at a spa or to get a lot of treatments like manicure, pedicure, eyebrown wax…etc.

      While she is gone (find someone to watch the kids…I think she mentioned at the seminar that you have family nearby) Clean the house.

      A clean house is priceless and will totally blow her away. Whether I win or not, please help her out by doing this. Thank you!

    • Michael Odell

      It has nothing to do with the Gift. It’s the Idea. You have to do something that she would least expect. I know my wife is always spending so much time and effort with the kids that she always cheats herself. You have to give her something that she is too cheap or busy to do for herself.

      On another Note: You live in Florida, what more could you want? Disney next door and some of the best weather in the world. That would be my best gift ever, to move to FL!

    • AJ

      You should post a paypal link and let all of us contribute a little something as our thanks for her amazing work here; then you could donate it to her favorite charity in her honor on behalf of all her grateful website fans.

      Also, the easiest way to do a very touching video is through animoto.com.
      Simply upload your photos and pick the music and they do all the work. We’re talking minutes vs. hours of trying to do this yourself. Very professional and only a couple of dollars to download the file to burn to DVD.

    • sarah

      I started to read through some of the ideas to see if mine was already posted, but it was taking too long. So, at the risk of repeating what someone has already said, here goes:

      The perfect busy Mom present:
      A Spa day– But, don’t just give her the gift card and say Merry Christmas. Plan the ENTIRE day.
      1.) Pick a day that you know she will not have something on her schedule (no coupon flier posting days, etc).
      2.) Schedule appts for her. If you pick a salon/spa that offers several services, your job is a little easier. For ie- 9:00 Massage 10:15- pedicure 11:30- lunch 1:00- Facial, etc, etc, etc If you have to piece different locations together, consider providing transportation.
      3.) Send little “goodies” through out the day: chocolates, flowers, Mp3 player with relaxing music on it, magazines/books to read while getting a pedicure, etc
      4.) MOST IMPORTANT- Let her know that childcare is taken care of (and mean it.. no last minute arrangements).

      The key element to this gift is not so much the pampering but the planning that She DOESN’T Have to do to get pampered.

      I myself have been sitting on a pedicure gift card for a while. But have postponed my pampering becuase I always think of a more “practical” use of my time; running errands, cleaning, giving my daughter a bath, clipping coupons, etc. Even when I consider using it, my mind begins to wander to the “babysitting” decision and I give up :)

      I hope this helps… I know I would LOVE IT!!!

    • Jessica

      I’m jumping in here late I think but the best things my husband has ever gotten me for Christmas were things I had been wanting but not wanting to buy….if that makes sense. Us moms, we tend to put everyone and their needs before us and our needs. I complained for a while about needing new pots & pans but not wanting to spend the money to get my ideal set for various reasons like the kids needing something….so for Christmas “Santa” got me the pots & pans. I was thrilled.

      Or maybe a day out to do whatever without the kids. Or you take the kids out for the day so mom can enjoy a nice relaxing day. Maybe a maid for a day so mom won’t have to clean?

      Is she saving up for something special? Maybe you can get her that item and surprise her with it. Or call one of her friends or a relative and ask if she has been mentioning anything…..

      Good luck!!

    • Karin

      I would say a weekend away. Take her to a bed and breakfast for the weekend, no kids, no phones, no computers. Visit some local places nearby to it or prehaps take in a show. But mostly just relax.

    • Melissa

      Wow! I love that you are being so thoughtful when it comes to your wife’s Christmas gift! There are some great ideas on here! I can’t believe how creative everyone is being! I have been hinting around to my own husband that what I would love more than anything for Christmas this year is a weekend away from it all! I want a weekend for us to be together as a family without any outside interuptions! I know that it’s hard to do with this busy season, but wouldn’t it be nice to sit around a fireplace in a cabin tucked out in the woods with the Christmas tree glowing and the kids running around watching the snow fall! Ahhhh….I already feel the stress melting away!

    • Rebecca

      OK, I gave you my suggestion before but I just remembered one of the sweetest gifts I ever received and wanted to share it with you and anyone else who’s able to wade through all these awesome ideas, lol. I received a beautiful locket from my neighbors when I was moving far away and in it was the pictures of each of them, who I considered (and still do) close friends. I happened to find a close match to that locket here http://www.treasuredfinds.com/Products/9629-28-Four-Photo-Folding-Orb-Locket.htm
      I think it would be great to either add to my original post of bringing in (or sending her out to) a close friend or relative she would like to see for a nice, fun & relaxing visit. It would be great to do a family photo in one spot, a photo from that day in another, a photo of you two in a third and one special photo, may be of your wedding day in the fourth. There are so many possibilities with such a unique locket! I know its one of those gifts that still makes me warm inside knowing of all the thought and love that went into that gift!

      BTW, good luck figuring out the best gift! There are too many that are perfect! :D

    • New at This

      I haven’t read everything, so disregard if someone else said this…but I would love this:


    • Rebecca

      This may sound cheesy but why not make up a coupon booklet with nice things like “Good for one free bubble bath” or “Good for one free dinner at Jenny’s favorite restaurant.”

      Good luck!

    • mommy’stimeout

      The best gift I ever received which consequently brought tears to my eyes, was a gift certificate from my in-laws (believe it or not.) It was for a dinner cruise, the fact we lived in Hawaii at the time was just an added bonus. Knowing that we could enjoy dinner alone in a romantic setting was all I really ever wanted. We had a wonderful time!

    • Rebecca

      OK, I’m laughing because I was on my computer downstairs and just came up to my dh’s computer upstairs and thought I’d take a look at SS … and couldn’t help to look at this post’s comments to see if there were anymore suggestions. I just want to state, that the Rebecca after my 11:57 post is another Rebecca (hey there Rebecca, lol) and not me posting a third time. Oh, that would be bad! Lol. We are totally different people. :D

    • Carmen

      I think the best gift you can give your spouse is time with you. Plan a weekend getaway. Maybe to a spa- then you both can relax. You can go to Spafinder.com. they even have deals on there which I know your wife will love too. But the most important thing is that YOU planned it, YOU put thought into it, and YOU thought about her. You could even go ahead and do a goody basket with all kinds of goodies she can take on the trip and have that up under the tree. You can even do a little scavenger hunt (Since it is spafinder). Include your kids and make it fun for the whole family. It will probably be lots of memories you will make! Hope you can do this! Oh what fun!

    • Ang

      The best gift I ever received was time alone with my husband. My in-laws gave us a gift certificate for a dinner cruise, we lived in Hawaii at the time so as you can imagine it was an absolutely beautiful scene. All I ever really want is a romantic evening with my husband with no worries.

    • Aymee

      A weekend getaway! Just the two of you NO kids and a break from the computer, we will understand!!!!

    • Mandy

      Best gift for Jenny? Take over her “couponing” duties for a week and give her a mental vacation. You search for the deals, coupons, match-ups, sales, etc… that so many of us have come to rely on Jenny for that has truly saved us so much more than money. Cannot put into words how much of a “friend” Jenny has become to me & my family through this website.
      So really what can you get someone to show them how truly invaluable they are? :)
      Good luck & Merry Christmas!

    • amy

      It is hard to shop for someone that doesn’t NEED anything and has few if any wants. Jenny does a great job saving money and finding deals. So it is important for you to “get a deal” on your purchases.

      I recommend a night or even weekend away at a local State Park. This time of year state parks have many deals. I am in TN and our state parks have a buy one get one free night from November-March. This makes each night at the Inn $47.95 per night. They have a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu as well as room service.

      The offer great scenery, nature walks/hiking, horse back riding, indoor pools, spa, etc.

      I think you should get a sitter and wisk her off to a state park. She will enjoy the relaxation, the scenery, and that you got a great deal.

      Happy Holidays.

      Ps I hope I win.

    • Christine

      My husband gave me a $200 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant, which last for about 6 months. It was nice to be able to enjoy eating out, without worrying about the money.

      I just started couponing about 6 months ago and for our wedding anniversary he surprised me with a new coupon organizer. I used to just stuff my coupons in my purse.

      Having dinner made for an x amout of time would be nice. My husband did that for me for one week and it was nice to relax from cooking for a week.

      One anniversary, he made our wedding video to DVD. It used to be in VHS but I’ve always wanted to be in DVD so it would make viewing easier.

    • Tiffani

      I think Jenni might enjoy a comfortable yet sexy nightgown. I would love it if my husband picked out something, especially for me that made me feel good after a long day with the kids. There’s something about after a long day, putting on something that makes me feel good, to relax and unwind.

    • Kim

      My husband, who is not a graphics person at all, created a “company” called Hubby, Inc. He’s used this “company” to create a menu so I could pre-order breakfast in bed for my birthday. Last Christmas, he printed off several coupons from Hubby, Inc. for things such as free massages, bubble baths, he cooks dinner one night when I don’t want to, we go out to dinner one night when I don’t feel like cooking, etc. It gives me a free pass, no questions asked, no arguments etc. when things get a little crazy and I just feel like relaxing or not cooking. He also included a gift card for a massage for a nearby spa. My husband’s usually not as creative as a gift giver, but last year was so thoughtful!!

    • Michelle1067

      How about the gift of family, arrange for a photographer to do a sitting of the whole family. You can give her a box with the information for Christmas and the sitting can take place after the rush of the holidays. Or arrange for the sitting prior to Christmas, and you’re responsible for making sure everyone is ready for pictures the day of the event. Then choose the best photo and present her wih a framed photo for Christmas. (I’d be really impressed with my husband if he could manange to arrange, coordinate, and pull off this kind of thing–getting the kids ready for any event without a spill or minor catastrophe is a challenge!)

    • Rebekah

      You should figure up ALL the money that she has saved your family over the years by being an avid couponer…and give it back to her to spend however she likes…. :)

    • Dawn

      My fiance always seems to have a knack for finding the most cheesy yet romantic gifts for me. I don’t know how, he doesn’t know how, but he does. On the year our son was born, he got me a star in my name. Cheesy but romantic! Last year he had one of those novels starring yourself made for me. It was sweet to read a love story about pirates featuring the both of us, my best friend, and my cat. If she’s a romantic like me, she’ll like cheezy stuff like this.

      Good luck!
      ~ Dawn

    • Jenny

      Go to Tiffany’s.

    • Victoria

      Does she have a “Honey Do” list? I told my husband I would just love all the home projects fixed/finished around the house for Christmas! He painted the carport door and I was way more thrilled about having it painted than an actual present under the tree!

      If you are already on top of this aspect of homekeeping, then I suggest a weekend away from the kids where she can sleep, read, or do whatever she liked to do before children! :)

    • Cristen

      My suggestion is something like a maid service/housecleaning service for a year (or whatever amount of time). What a huge help that would be!

    • Definitely a day at a spa…something she would never spluge on herself. Then take her out to dinner/movie/dancing after she is done for the day.

    • Jenni

      I think Jenny would love to fly to New York for a few days, see the sights, and go see a broadway show.Also, someone else mentioned a Kindle, which would be fabulous!

    • Kiley

      Make a family photo album for her put a few personal touches in it. Start from when yall met up until now then get a family portrait done. After you get the portrait back place it on the last page to complete the album! Maybe you can have the children place small items in the book by the coordinating pictures.I think personal gift are always the best! This is something similar to the gift I am going to give to my mother (a family Portrait).

    • Vicki Hornsby

      A day by herself to do whatever she wants to do is a great gift. Also let her choose a concert or show that she would like to see and give her tickets. Anything that has her in mind would be a great gift. My husband suprised me a couple of years ago with tickets to see the Rocketts Christmas show in Nashville. It was a fantastic nite. Really, all she wants is to feel special and probably to share it with a good man (you of course)

    • Katy

      How about you do her posting of the deals for a day? Now THAT would be a real break for her…although it might stress the rest of us out! :)

    • As a mom of three with a stay-at-home business, I can say that my DREAM gift is a hired cleaning help! Even if it doesn’t last all year…to have someone come in and clean my house top to bottom…. THAT would be a dream! (Steam cleaning the carpets would be icing on the cake!)

    • One more idea…a family vacation to Disney World. :)

    • Claire Wait

      What Jenny needs is a “statement piece.”

      Because Jenny is a saver / bargain hunter / savvy shopper, she will probably NEVER splurge on herself. But the fact is, every woman like her (us) WANTS a collection of statement pieces, be it shoes, handbags, coats, etc.

      The thing with statement pieces is that they make a statement for the following reasons:
      1) authentic
      2) classic/timeless
      3) expensive

      My husband is the only one who will purchase these things for me because I feel guilty buying them for myself, but by far, these continue to be my favorite wardrobe accessories.

      Here are two ideas to get you started:
      1. A designer bag: clutch (my favorite), messenger bag, purse
      2. Designer sunglasses


    • sophia

      how about a beautiful robe or silk pajamas or an expensive bed set just something that she will never buy for herself.Also you can combine that with a dinner at fine resturant… I think that is a good gift.. I hope my husband will think about getting me something like that…

    • julia

      A new family friendly car. In the driveway Christmas morning with a bow on top like in the commercials!

    • I think you should get her a Cricut Expressions. It’s this nifty little laser cutter that makes beautiful and amazing crafts. I know I would love one myself. It can help even an uncreative person like myself make very cool stuff for home, scrapbooking, school projects and more!

    • Jennifer

      Is she into any hobbies? I just got into Stained Glass making and mosiacs and that is what I am asking for. My husband has his woodworking stuff set up in the garage, so I told him I want just a corner to set up for my stuff…

    • Brooke

      On the practical side, anyone couponing needs a paraffin wax hand bath and a chair that doesn’t kill your back at the computer! :) Non-practical, how about a Disney Cruise with all the money I’ve saved! Hint, hint, my hubby!

      • Brooke

        If it helps, I can find coupons and codes for the cruise! HA!

    • brandi

      one idea is to plan a surprise weekend away where you pack the bags, plan the trip, line up babysitters, and whoosh her away for the weekend.

    • Brittney

      Ask Jenny for a honey-do list (you may already know what is on it!) Send her away for the weekend to a fun place with her girlfriends while you fix the things (or pay for the things to be fixed)on her list. She’ll be refreshed and you’ll be a hero!

    • lindsey

      Since I’m so into couponing & obviously Jenny is too, I gave my husband a coupon book of his own for his birthday this year. (He had recently lost his job & money was extra tight). So, I created a big book of “coupons” that were redeemable any time of the year. I included things like “free massage w/no return massage required”, “get out of jail pass” (for those silly little fights), “guys night out”, etc. He said it was the best gift he’d ever gotten! I definitely wouldn’t make this the only thing that you get her, but you could include a day at the spa in there or a date with you, etc!! Merry Christmas & God bless your family!

    • I like a gift that covers all basis, i call it the 5 senses gift…
      eyes: a book, pictures, a favorite movie,
      ear: a soothing CD, or favorite musician
      touch: a nice blanket, or good pjs, or cashmere gloves
      smell: a nice bubble bath, lotion, or candle
      taste: her favorite candy or gourmet hot chocolate
      put it all in a basket and wrap it in cellophane with a nice ribbon and maybe a Christmas ornament for 2009.

    • I like a gift that covers all basis, i call it the 5 senses gift…
      eyes: a book, pictures, a favorite movie,
      ear: a soothing CD, or favorite musician
      touch: a nice blanket, or good pjs, or cashmere gloves
      smell: a nice bubble bath, lotion, or candle
      taste: her favorite candy or gourmet hot chocolate
      put it all in a basket and wrap it in cellophane with a nice ribbon and maybe a Christmas ornament for 2009.

    • Kimberli

      For Christmas, I would love for my hubby to make me a weekly standing date for “me time”- I never take it for myself but if he made me “schedule” it, it might actually happen! What mom/wife wouldn’t love one afternoon/evening each week to herself to scrapbook, shop, watch a movie, read a book, etc?

    • carol

      One of my favorite gifts as a busy mother is a combination of a “day in” and a “day out”. Hubby takes the kids out for the morning and lunch, while mom is actually ALONE in her own home! She can relax or do crafts or catch up on journaling, scrapbooking, whatever. When lunchtime is over and kids come home, then mom gets to go out for the afternoon. Gift certificates are great to include because moms are reluctant to spend on themselves. A certificate for a massage is one of my favorites!

    • Lara

      I think you should pay a capable person (and an extra editor) to do her coupon match-ups for her for a week–to give her some much needed time off. I always wonder how she can just go and go like the Energizer Bunny. Every mom needs a break!

    • Becky

      I think you should get her a little trophy made, awarding her for your favorite thing about her…you will have to make it personal but maybe something like “1st place in Homemade Lasagna” or “1st place in back rubs”…something that is special between the two of you that maybe you usually take for granted. Everyone likes to be awarded, that is why we give kids trophies, certificates, etc. but I don’t think we outgrow this!

    • Heather B.

      I have an idea that would get her out of the house for a whole day! Tell her to go to her favorite coffee shop and have a friend of hers meet her there. The friend can then have coffee with her and send her to her next destination (a pedicare, spa,etc). Have a friend at that destination there to do the “spa thing” and then have her send her somewhere else. (SHOPPING at the mall). After that have someone meet her at that destination and give her an invitation to meet you (husband) at a nice romantic dinner at her fav place to eat! I have friend that did this for his wife’s b-day and it was such a hit! Gets her out of the house and makes her feel so special that you put it all together just for her!

    • I would love to have updated photos of the kids put in cute black frames and put up on the walls! I would also love a years worth of carwash & vacumn coupons so I could get that done whenever I wanted.

      • Oops, submitted wrong email address to previous post about pics & carwash coupons.

    • bhumi

      wow, so many ideas. i couldnt read them all but i’m gonna tell you what i would want.

      I have recently read the twilight series books, and m totally in love with them.
      my perfect gift would be to have a day where my othrwise unromantic husband acts like Edward the male lead in this book.
      Jenny might love/have loved a book too, and i m sure she would like to have something from in there re-enacted to match her.

    • Beth

      As a fellow mom of twins, the perfect gift for me would be a day just for ME. Gift card for a facial or massage, lunch at a girlie spot with some friends, etc. But one of the best things my husband ever did was to book a trip to NYC for a girlfriend and me. We shopped, ate, walked around and had a blast. Best gift ever.

    • My husband is a far better cook than I am and he certainly enjoys it more than me. I’m asking for a pancake griddle so I can try to outsmart him on a calm Saturday morning by surprising him with some yummy syruppy goodness. He’ll appreciate my gift, too! Of course, you must be careful as some women take great offense to kitchen/household appliances as gifts.

    • amy

      Husband…if you and I know Jenny (I dont, I just know what we share in common) I want you to find out something that she has been wanting on Amazon (make sure it is $50 or a couple of things that add up to $50) and if I WIN…I want to give her the $50 Gift card (use that to buy her present!) make sure you do it on a “Free Shipping Day” and that would make her very happy!
      It would be my pleasure for her to get the card because she deserves that and so much more! She has helped me and I just cannot thank her enough! She gives everyday….I would like to give the $50 towards her present if I were to win!

    • Amber

      In these hard finanicial times and all the work and stress pinching pennies, a night out at a favorite restaurant with no cutting corners or worrying about what’s on restaurant.com is fabulous. I love when my husband takes me out as a gift. We order drinks, stop for the grande mocha or at an ice cream shop on the way home. And we don’t split to save money! It’s great to be extravagant to the one you love once in awhile. This is my favorite gift. We always have a great time, and we don’t have any more stuff around the house that we didn’t need in the first place but gave each other trying to come up with a gift.

    • Dianna

      well, this post sure has sparked many responses!! I hope this has not already been suggested, I would LOVE it if my husband made a homemade Coupon book, Coupons MUST habe NO Expiration date:
      (some of the ones I would Really love)
      1. Free: 30 min massage from hubby (hey, this may result in a present for you too)
      2. Hubby does the dishes… no questions asked. :)
      3. Hubby does the laundry… without any complaining..
      4. Mommy gets to sleep late today, (Include a couple of these!!!)
      5. Mommy gets a long hot bubble bath without any interruptions from the kids. (hey take a nice glass of wine, candles too, watch the kids… this may also reult in a present for you too)
      6. Hubby does the cooking tonight.

      As many as you want… these are just some of the ones I would really love. Print them out on the computer & put them in a little book. As much as she loves coupons I am sure she will get a kick out of this…It wont cost a penny other than paper & ink and it is from the heart… She will really enjoy the opportunity to kick back & redeem them … Hey we all need it once & a while :).

      OH!!! you could do this, get bubble bath,massage oil, wine/candle etc. (put the coupon in an envelope on the outside)do each one in a seperate gift bag or wrapping, Then she has a gift to go with each coupon she will redeem!!!!

    • Leigh Ann

      I can’t possibly read all the replies, so if this is already on there, forgive me. But I think a year subscription to XM radio would be great. A bunch of the suggestions I saw were good, but she obviously works hard to save money, so pamper her with something a bit extravagant that she wouldn’t do for herself. Plus, I’ve heard, on some websites if you get a year subscription, you get a free receiver… so bargain hunting still working. Massages and facials feel great while it’s happening, but when they are over, they are over. This is something that will stick around a long time and can be very fun and useful. And, many of the suggestions were about photos of the family and stuff like that…save those for mother’s day. Do something for HER, not the whole family. Just my thoughts (and hopes) for this Christmas!

    • Stacey

      Write a letter to her telling her the things you love about her and the things you are thankful for. Don’t hold back on the sentiment. Take it to a frame shop and have it matted and framed with a photo of her. The letter lets her know you appreciate her. The frame lets her know that you love her enough to put it on display. (This would be even more perfect if you had a old love letter to frame with it.)

      Then take her on a sentimental scavenger hunt. Lead her from place to place with clues. Make the locations places that are special to her (where you proposed, where she grew up, favorite place to go, etc). Make the last stop a restaurant that is special in your history and take time to listen to all of the memories the scavenger hunt brought up, give her her gift, and just spend time making her feel special.

      • Linda P.

        WOW Stacey! I think your idea is GREAT. I think you will be the winner.

      • T’fani

        My favorite response too! A lot of work – but worth it in every way!!!!

    • Donna

      For our 25th anniversary, I insisted that the only thing I wanted was a professional photograph of the two of us. He is never in family photographs, and if he is, he’s making a goofy face. It’s very aggravating. He knew it was a big deal, and I’m so glad we had this done!

      If you’re already in all of the family pictures, my 2nd gift would be for someone to kidnap my car and have it cleaned/shampooed (inside and out) and brought back to me looking and smelling like a brand-new car. If only!

    • toney

      I didn’t read all of the other because there were SO many! But one of my favorite adult christmas gifts has been the keurig coffee maker! I LOVE that thing!!!!

    • Give Jenny an affordable, quality made “dutch style” commuter bike from Bowery Lane Bicycle – http://www.bowerylanebicycles.com

      They are made by hand in American, out of American steel using solar power and they only cost $595.

    • Ingrid

      A weekend away…to a couponing seminar, knitting, sewing, shopping or just spa-ing. :)

    • RJ

      Jenny likes to save money. So, maybe this would appeal to her like it does me. I have asked my husband to promise me NO BOUGHT PRESENT. I want acts of service (which is much more difficult to give). There are many “chores” or activities that I have wanted his help with this year and he hasn’t managed to have the time or “want-to”. I have asked (no, begged) him to write out COUPONS for those things he will gladly and with a loving heart do with me and for me that, to this point, have not happened. I sure am hoping I get what I’ve asked for.

    • Kristin

      I asked my husband what he thought, and he came up with the following… He knows how much time I spend on finding, clipping and organizing coupons, as well as actually grocery shopping. So, maybe you could do all of this for Jenny for a month (which is probably a fulltime job) and then use all your savings from grocery shopping to have a night out on the town (or, even better, a weekend away) for the two of you!

      Have fun!

    • Mandi

      A surprise hotel room getaway. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you arrange everything without her knowing. Even pack her bag! Knowing the stockpile Jenny has you could get a fondue pot with stuff from her stockpile and do chocolate fondue that night. Of course, you have to include a massage – you could light some candles and play soft music and give her the massage yourself. If my husband did this for me I would marry him all over again. It’s hard to feel romantic when your staring at dishes in the sink, etc.

    • Jen

      My husband is the genius of last minute gifts. Two Christmases ago I was still bounding along with my iPod mini and for Christmas he got me an 80GB iPod Video. Which I listen to every day in the car.

      I asked him for a crockpot one year, and he bought it, though a much fancier version than I ever would have. It came with a case and all for transporting.

      This year he’s getting a Kindle & I’m getting a Wii & Wii Fit. We’re geeky gadget people, so this just adds to the pile of electronics.

      Otherwise, maybe some maid service. I know I HATE to dust, with a fiery passion and would love to have someone come in and dust for me, instead of me doing it all by my lonesome.

    • elana

      a full day at the spa, something mothers think they shouldn’t spend money on and wouldn’t feel right to pay for on their own, facial + massage + pedicure etc… there are great deals out there for a full package, i would love that for Hannukah =)

    • Melanie H.

      Quality kitchen tools like: some nice stainless steel pots and pans, some pampered chef stoneware, bamboo cutting board, nice cutting knives, oh sorry – that’s my Christmas list! But she may like some of these items too! Anything to make cooking easier and taste better!

    • Heather

      As much as Jenny loves her family…& I know she does b/c she tells us readers & anyone thats been to her classes…I really think that she would enjoy something family oriented. Suprise her with a vacation that is all planned out. The childrens clothes are already packed, someone is lined up to do the southernsavers website (b/c we can’t go without it) & have different activities already planned for while you are gone. That way she doesn’t have to think about ANYTHING!

    • Kristine

      Your wife sounds like a very thoughtful woman, so I would think she would love if you sponsored a child for Christmas, in her name. Maria’s House of Hope comes to mind since our Hope which comes from Jesus our Savior is what Christmas is about, right? Maria’s House of Hope is an organization that comes to mind because Steven Curtis Chapman’s wife came to our church to speak about it recently. This China-based orphanage is called Show Hope and it’s primary goal is to find permanent homes for those orphans. They also give medical care for special needs orphans. Each month, about You can sponsor them with 35.00 or more a month. The site is: http://www.showhope.org/home.aspx
      and a great intro video is here : http://blog.showhope.org/?p=321

      Blessings this Christmas, and enjoy shopping.

    • Rebecca

      I would have to say that since she is so smart at saving money, I would suggest you do the same and make her a gift. Nothing means more to a woman than something that comes from the heart. Take your time and sit down and write her a love letter. Tell her how much you appreciate her and what she means to you. There is nothing in the world that you can buy that would ever mean more to her. That is something I think every woman truly wants. I know if my DH ever wrote me one I would frame it and save it forever.

    • peggy

      The best gift I ever received was a weekend with friends! If you could coordinate with Jenny’s friends’ husbands, then you would all be heroes! Just pick a nice, not so far away place, book a room (or two) and put a note with the details in her stocking! An added “detail” would be to make a CD with songs that she and her friends might enjoy!

    • Nicole

      The best gift I have received from my husband in our nine years of marriage was- a book that he made. My husband took all the top reasons why he loved me and explained why he loved that paticular thing. Example he loves when I laugh (reason)beautiful smile. If you wanted to take it to another level you could add pictures to every reason like for the “laugh” one you could add a picture of the two of you laughing at something. Thoughtful gifts are the most appreciated!

    • Kathy

      Everything that you put off doing all year :) Fixing the squeaky door, the drippy faucet, and something sparkly! I agree with Jenny- Tiffany’s always fits and they will ship to you!

    • Linda P.

      I think a day at the spa would be wonderful for Jenny. After that, she could go and get her hair, nails and a pedicure done. Then she could spend the rest of the day sight seeing, window shopping and anything else her heart desires. Let her make the choice. All without the kids. She works very hard and deserves it!

    • Honey

      Cash and lots of it. If you don’t have cash, shoes and chocolate will work!

    • Melanie

      Wow! You certainly have lots of nice ideas to choose from. I have some ideas, but first let me say you have already given her the best gift. By submitting your post, you are showing interest in her blog, something that is very important to her. This shows your love and respect for her, which is what we women really need and want.

      My suggestion would be a day of peace for her–you keeping the kids, doing some laundry, housework, and washing her car. Get her a gift certificate to where she would like to go for lunch or a generic gift card for her to use for lunch or whatever she wants to use it for– as you are home doing these things for her. Let her know you are happy to do these things for her so she can completely relax.

      To top it off, on Christmas morning (or Christmas Eve, or whenever you give gifts) give her a flip camera. I am a foreign language teacher, and I struggle with technology, and our librarian just got one for our school. I use it to videotape my students speaking. It is so easy to use! It is inexpensive, high def, and perfect in every way. It is a snap to download and export/file/whatever video/s you take. It is a small and inexpensive camcorder. I have only been using it for about two weeks, but several people have told me that is what they are getting or requesting for
      Christmas this year.

      Finally, just want to say how much I appreciate how much money Jenny saves me and others.

    • Beth

      I just bought myself this gift… I hired a lady that is an Image Consultant. It is kind of like “What Not to Wear” and she came and analyzed my closet and gave me ideas of what goes with what. She also said what body type I had and what colors go best on me. I know that after becoming a Mom, I lost all fashion sense and didn’t know how to dress anymore. It was really fun and something that many women wished they could do. Check on Imageconsultants.com for a list of consultants in your area. I paid $75 per hour in Georgia but my friend in Ohio only paid $80 for 3 hours!

    • Eileen

      As a wife of a retired military of man 22 years and mother of two, what I would have liked is the gift of time. I know you can’t truly give time. But time to spend with loved ones is often taken for granted. My husband was out to sea on a submarine for many of our Christmas’ together. It really is a great gift just to give your wife and family time together, whether it be playing a game or making dinner together.

    • Suzanne

      One of my favorite gifts from my husband was a half-day at an Aveda salon spa for a facial, manicure, and pedicure. It was so relaxing to be pampered. If moms need anything, it’s a chance to relax for a while.

    • Tracey

      Your post alone is the sweetest gift! One of the things I treasure most are some of my children’s artwork that has been beautifully framed – as if it were priceless, which of course, it is. Something creative could also be done, such as a collage or handprints along with the artwork. Merry Christmas!

    • I think you should buy her an open heart pendant designed by Jane Seymour from Kay Jewelers. The meaning of the pendant is beautiful, and Jenny has such an open heart to welcome us in without charging for her site!!!

    • Elaine

      I don’t know how much it costs, but I’ve always wanted to hire someone to clean the house – just once – to give me the week off! Plus a night out – dinner and a show, or whatever you like to do out together – or for her and girlfriends – just a carefree day!

    • Penny

      We all love Jenny and I’m sure that her time with you has diminished because of our wants and needs. Everyone should send you $1 (since we’re all so frugal) and the two of you use it to take time for each other without anyone else (aka-kids). Jenny has saved me so much, heck, I’ll donate $5!!!!

    • Amy

      Ok, I submitted one idea already but here is something my husband did 15 years ago that I still think was super sweet. I tell other people about it to this day.

      Without saying much he went out to the side yard and worked all day one Saturday and planted a perinnial garden. Flowering plants that would come back year after year!!! This time of year you could go and buy bulbs (daffodil, hyacinth…etc) and they would all burst open in the spring.

      This is one of THE if not the absolute most memorable things my husband ever did. You could add in a few annuals like pansies right now so that something would bloom now. It would be really thoughful and the children could help possibly.

    • Kim Carlile

      I’ve got my eye on the Shark Steam Mop. That thing looks amazing.

    • Katherine Currie

      I remember how excited she was when you were taking a trip, just the two of you. There is no better evidence than that for what she’d love. Plan a trip to an exciting, unexpected place and arrange all of the childcare and household duties while you two are gone. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just think about what she loves and values (nice hotel? beach? hiking? rustic? shows? dressing up? good food? time alone? sleeping late? watching movies? shopping (ha!)? good conversation? exploring new things? daring adventures? museums? historic places? learning something new like scuba diving, snorkeling? majestic wonders?)
      You know what she loves. Listen to your heart.
      Blessings as you decide!
      Katherine Currie

    • casey

      what a fun way to pick out a gift for jenny! i hope you do not get overwhelmed. i almost did not respond bc i would be overwhelmed if i were you reading all these responses. my suggestion is a white mountian ice cream maker. (williams sonoma and other stores online) i got my husband one this year bc it reminds both of us of all the holidays with the family when i was a kid. everyone couldn’t wait until the ice cream was ready!!! i am getting my grandfather’s recipe and all the ingredients to have on hand so we can make it on Christmas day after he opens it. :) I will share this recipe if you want it….just email me! :)

    • Allison

      An I-Phone! For those of us who are not technological, it is awesome! It is my toy, phone, PDA, camera, IPOD, netbook, GPS, calculator (and any another app you want to download), all rolled into one! It’s the BOMB!

    • Nancy

      To make a frugal woman happy you have too appeal to her frugal side and yet surprise her with thoughtfulness and creativity.

      1) you can create a binder with clear sheets with pockets (like the ones for baseball cards and photos) and a make a sheet of labels for categories of grocery items, dairy, frozen meals etc.
      2) place it in a new light weight over the shoulder bag to accommodate the binder, complete with pen, calculator, and a notepad for writing down those rain check items.
      3) sheets of printed labels for the coupons
      4) Then label just one of the pockets “Merry Christmas” and place tickets to a Christmas show ( lights at the zoo) or movie for either just the two of you or the whole family so that new Christmas memories can be made.
      5) Each week slip a sweet note for her to find in the bag
      God Bless and Merry Christmas.

    • Stephanie

      Since Jenny is so economical, I am sure she is not going to want you to spend a lot of money for the gift. My idea is to plan a stay cation in your town. There is never time to appreciate your home town. Schedule a weekend or two of going to local sites, museums, attractions, shops etc…Pack a picnic…pick one or two kid friendly locales (I have more fun when my kids are with us, but alone time is nice too)…Also, you can collect the fliers or ads or pamphlets from the spots and put them in an album, leaving spaces for insertion of pictures from your outings.

    • Andrea B.

      Fill a box or basket with gifts that will stir memories or help make new ones. You could cover her from head to toe – pretty earrings, some clothes she wouldn’t splurge on for herself, those Reeboks she said she wants. A gift certificate to your favorite restaurant or store makes planning for a date easy. Add in a CD and/or movie she’s enjoyed with you and write her a little love note or poem reminding her of how special she is to you.

    • pharmSCgirl

      A gift certificate to a day spa where they will do her hair, nails, toes, massage, etc. She really deserves a day of rest!

    • Kim R

      Sorry if this idea is posted already, there was no way i could read all the replies. :0) I want my hubby to take our girls to Color Me Mine (a franchise of ceramics stores if you havent seen one) and paint something and have our girls help out as well as incorporate their hand prints or photo on it. Also we have agreed to write each other letters this Christmas to save $, in mine for example Im going to recap our years together and fond memories along with my hopes and dreams for our future. We’ve agreed that we can buy most items whenever we want, but compliments and treasured moments are like small gifts each time they are relived.

    • Michael

      5 words: spa, dinner, movie & NO KIDS!

    • Teresa Williams

      Manicures and pedicures don’t last. But the thought in planning the day where she has not a care in the world is priceless. A facial and massage, then a surprise lunch with one of her best friends, the house maid while she is out and then surprise dinner with you or the whole family would top off the whole day! A rejuvenated woman equals a happy home :)

      Good luck choosing I’m sure you will find the perfect one.

    • Jessie

      Dear sweetheart, If you are reading this then you are already one up on the other husbands looking for clues to their wives Christmas idea list… I’m going to skip the sentimental balogna & vote for a cruise.

      You and me baby, kids or no kids, it’ll be fun either way. But let’s get on a big boat & sail into the sunset darling… sippin a Mango Tango while you enjoy a beer by the pool as we head out to an exotic island. It’s an affordable way to travel, and we both know it’s more fun when you don’t have to drive home. The deposit is only $250 for a week cruise, and just imagine getting to see me let my hair down, leave my coupon book at home & just sit back in my yellow polka dot bikini. You know the one with the strings? Yep, Merry Christmas to US! :)

      (Jenny’s hubby, if you read this… truly this would be a gift to remember… cruising is very affordable – and should you decide to go this route there are lots of amazing deals this time of year as incentives to book! You can even print a “coupon” with the Cruise info on it! What’s better than time away with your favorite girl?) :D

    • Marianne

      You should make her a personalized coupon book! Inside you can include a free massage, dinner date night, babysit the kids, clean the house, etc. A personal gift from the heart is the best kind of gift, and I’m sure she wouldn’t say no to a night off from cooking!

    • I personally want this portable spa that you just put on your tub and it makes bubbles and turns your bath into a whirlpool!!!


      BTW, during the non-holiday season this portable spa (I don’t have jets) is about $100!!!!

    • Julie

      My dh got all the film developed for me one year! It WAS sweet. Well the very sweetest Christmas was when he had my rings fixed. They literally had to cut the band off me after I’d had chemo and surg for bc. I got lymphadema type swelling. It was the band that was his grandmas and the diamond was the one his dad gave his mom so they were special and I had only been wearing a small thin silver ring. I did not even know he did it at all! Was priceless. (He is my childhood sweetie and we have 4 kids -we are now in our 40s!) Well that same year my dd had all the old home videos put on dvds. Also priceless. That would be a great one.
      But another gift dh gave me that I really did love- Tresor perfume- (a very romantic scent) and $100 gcs to Macy’s because the day after Christmas sales are AWESOME there.

    • Tara

      A week where you do the couponing- finding, cutting, shopping, posting…

      Thanks for sharing her with us!

    • Misty

      The thing I really want- a Wii, with the Wii fit package. I know this isn’t the typical girl-gift, but I am a stay at home mom of 2, and don’t have the time, money, or desire to pack my two kids up to head to the gym where I’ll just end up feeling self-conscious and be burned out from it after 2 weeks… BUT, I really do want to make good on my desire and New Year’s resolution to become more fit! What a bonus that I could actually have fun in the process! My sister has one, and believe it or not, it can work you into a sweat! I’m sure with Jenny’s busy schedule, this sort of exercise fun would be a welcome addition to the household. And, yes, you can eventually buy games for it for yourself too… just not right away. At least let her think the Wii was for her for a little while. :)

      • Misty

        I just read through some of these and had a thought- I think you’re set as far as gift ideas go for any occasion over the next 25 years! :) You ought to save them all!

    • Kim

      A day at a local spa would be a great treat for Jenny. With children and a husband, I’m sure she is always looking out for others and not spending alot of time (or money) on herself! If you wanted to join in, you could even find a place that has couple massages where you could spend the day side by side enjoying being able to relax. After that, a nice dinner somewhere, say the Melting Pot or some place like that with just the two of you.

    • Debra Hokanson

      She is such a family-oriented person, I think a *wonderful* gift would be to take the children for a morning (she can have the morning to herself) and go to one of those places where you decorate ceramics (there are a couple here in Columbia–Mad Platter is one in downtown Columbia, and there is another one -who’s name escapes me- in Irmo.) Have the children decorate something special for Mommy such as Christmas ornaments, or a special Christmas plate. I’m sure the people who work there would have some great ideas. This gift would be two-fold:the initial “morning to herself” that all moms occasionally need, and the hand-decorated treasures from her children she can treasure for years to come.

    • Tina

      I am from overseas and an airticket to visit my family would be a great fit! So if Jenny has family that she wants to connect with somewhere in US, a paid trip with childcare would be a suggestion?

    • Valerie

      Sometimes…moms just need a princess/queen perspective day…just time to get their haircut at a good place, color if needed, makeup done, a latte that you don’t feel guilty for purchasing since you could make it at home, makeup done (with your style in mind…not someone else…you want to feel pretty)…a nice lunch or dinner with the hubby and an outfit or two that makes you feel sexy and awesome every time you put it on…since you don’t have much time to pull it all together when you are keeping up with saving money, children and helping others :) sometimes a walk in the park alone or the love of your life without the cherubs is nice too….

    • Sarah

      Gift cards to different places to eat so she can have several different nights off cooking without feeling guilty!

    • When my husband buys me something, it’s always in the back of my mind how much he spent and how much I could get it for. I dont say anything to him, but frugalistas keep that in mind because the money all comes from the same pot. That being said, if there is something extravagant she REALLY likes, like a Cricut Expression (like me) or a new camera, or something pretty expensive, find that item on a GREAT deal by scouring the ads and coupons and she will be so happy she got the item… and THRILLED you got it on sale!

      I’m showing my husband ads for when the Cricut Expression goes on sale. :)

    • Charlie Long

      I would suggest that you give Jenny the twelve days of Christmas or maybe the 12 hours of Christmas like I do for my wife. This is a special things that our family started about 5 years ago when we adopted our first child. My wife fixed a stocking on our door knob and would place a gift every day leading up to Christmas. Now these are not expensive gifts, remember the little things in life mean alot. It can be her favorite candy, earrings, coupon for dinner, gift card, free massage, necklace, coupon for cuddling. You make this your own. I always do the 12 hours of Christmas for my wife and I suggest you use the 12 days leading to Christmas or the 12 hours.

      The 12 hours of Christmas is where you take 12 small or large gifts and number the gifts with time pick out which hour you want to give her a gift.(You do this on Christmas Eve) Like I will give her one when she first wakes up on and then when we get back in the car from visiting family, one right after lunch and so forth. If you have her something big you may want to give it to her right before she goes to bed on Christmas Eve. My wife loves it and it makes it so exciting. So good luck and I hope you like my idea.

    • Kam

      Get a session with Craig Hewitt in Chapin for photos of the kids. He is a fantastic guy and takes phenomenal pics! You can check out his photos on facebook or online. I would LOVE to have professional pics (especially a large framed one) of my children!

    • Daisy

      Get her a roomba. My husband just got me one and it is wonderful. We only really use it in our living room and dining room (the highest traffic areas) but the difference it has made is wonderful. To be able to press a button and have the floor vacuumed makes me vacuum a lot more often and makes my husband and I both happy that the floor stays clean.
      They come up sometimes on Woot.com for cheap.

    • MW

      Family pictures are always great to me!

    • Danielle

      The one gift I’ve always wanted is a more organized home. Sure there are professional organizers out there, but I’m sure they’re too pricey. So, why not start with one of a woman’s favorite places- the closets or the kitchen! You can get one of those closet makeover organizing sets (or just the pieces you need) from Wal-Mart and install it for her. The main thing is to find a place for everything in there and put it there! You can always have kids/friends help out- and a nice top-off would be a new outfit or something to go in the closet!

    • Jennifer

      I have the absolute BEST gift in mind for your wife and I’ll tell you my reasoning. Is it worth celebrating Christmas anymore when the focus is on things and on the celebration of materialism? No. Truly, most of what we do is not about the One who is Life, eternally. The suggestion I’m making is not about another trinket that will eventually become forgotten but on Jesus Christ.
      I am a Bible college and seminary graduate and I love reading and learning about the Bible! This year I read a book that I LOVED and that is accessable to laypeople. I have recommended it to so many and promised them that it would be one of the top few favorite books that they will ever read in their lives. It is one that is difficult to put down except that you will want it to go on forever. Now some of our acquaintances are buying this for Christmas presents for those they know are hungry believers (I never assume that church attenders have placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone and call Him Lord–on the contrary!) But for those who are true believers they will come to know through this book that God has wrapped His eternal arms of love about His children and His plans for their good extend into eternity. Here is the book: HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn (available at any Christian book store). It is the definitive volume on the subject of heaven–thoroughly researched and documented yet so very accessable for anyone. The people who have read it have thanked me over and over for the urging and recommendation. It will change your life! How’s that for a gift? One that reaches far beyond this life! That is a true gift and one that will put Jesus Christ into His rightful place as the One who is called WONDERFUL counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace! This is my God who is preparing a place for me in His amazing presence forever and ever!!

      • Teresa-QOCD

        wow-gotta have this book

    • Dianne

      If Jenny is like me, then anything that you do that shows you put some serious thought & effort into making her feel special should do the trick. These type of gifts make lasting sweet memories. On the extravagant side, I have a friend who thought her husband was taking her to work one morning when he headed to the airport. He had arranged for her time off work, packed her bag & made all the arrangements for a trip for the two of them to the Cayman Islands. Talk about a memory to last! Less extravagant would be a date night package with all arrangements in place & special touches, even down to a new CD of her favorite artist to play in the car on the way to a play, concert, hot air balloon ride, movie, or even bowling…whatever floats her boat! Least extravagant (something your wife is an expert on), would be scented oil with coupons to be redeemed for foot rubs…always a hit! Happy Holidays to you & your family!

    • Berry Girl

      Two of the best gifts my husband has given me were: 1. a weekend away with some of my closest friends to a spa that was close to shopping and a cruise with him to the Virgin Islands with no kids. Time to rest, relax and refresh! Best of luck choosing!

    • Lane

      Since I don’t know how much time I have before my little one wakes from his nap, I haven’t been able to read all the wonderful suggestions (the ones I have read are excellent), so please forgive any redundancy. I concur with so many that I read: a day out with a friend while the house is being cleaned, a surprise weekend away with you (I recommend the Red Horse Inn in Landrum, SC), photobooks or a video, the books mentioned, and an iTouch or netbook are great. I would also add to the book suggestions the Bible commentaries by James Montgomery Boice. To add to the general list, what about a subscription to Cook’s Country magazine? A dear friend gave this to me when I became a stay-at-home-mom to help me learn to cook. It is wonderful, as it has some very practical tips as well as excellent recipes! Some other suggestions to help her in her role as a homemaker:

      – Any cooking utensils she has needed or wanted, but won’t splurge on for herself. Le Creuset’s silcon spatulas are excellent, if she doesn’t already have a set. Perhaps she needs a new set of cookware, baking dishes, or knives?

      – A water purifying system (having been in the medical field, she might be pleased to be able to know her family’s water is pure)

      – A good digital camera to help her capture all your family’s special moments.

      – A gift certificate for something like wellness vitamins (www.lifeextension.org) or a subscription to a wellness journal

      I am embarrassed to admit I thought of so many things to suggest, but now can’t think of much that hasn’t already been noted in the few posts I read. Any acts of service, like you doing the grocery lists on the site once a month, helping her clip and organize coupons, watching the kids while she shops, or having someone clean the house, could be a treat.

      My, my, my, you do have your work cut out for you! Have fun and be frugal! You are a doll for wanting suggestions and helping her with this site. Our family has benefited greatly from Jenny’s work here. Thanks so much!

    • Nan

      Find some old pictures, maybe of her parents and grandparents, have them printed and framed in pretty frames.

    • Sebastian’s Mommy

      I notice that you and Jenny travel quite a bit…

      My suggestion for her would be a nice new set of luggage. You can get a set for the whole family (practical) or maybe one with wheels in her favorite color or print (luxorious). I know that I enjoy traveling more when I have a nice set of luggage to use.

    • Faith

      I would say a relaxing day at the spa, then you should pick her up and take her to dinner. I would also include a nice bottle of purfume. I mean if you are one a budget, alot of our Radio stations have what they call 50/50 deal you can look online for those.

    • I have a hard time receiving gifts and surprises because I’m cheap and I hate to see money spent on unimportant things that could’ve gone into something needed. I’m practical, no flowers or diamonds for me. So one of the best gifts my husband gave me was a journal for him to write his thoughts about me. I’d leave it by my bed and my husband would write things in it occasionally about me. It was always great opening the journal and finding a new entry. If she doesn’t mind being a little spoiled put something shiny in the front of the journal.
      Or send her on a trip. You watch the kids for the weekend while she goes visits some family or goes somewhere fun with a friend (I’m sure the friend’s husband will be happy for an idea too). While she’s gone clean things up.

    • Donna G

      I think a book created by you on Snapfish would be awesome! You can include pages on just you and her, or your lives together. You can make it large or small, short or long, provide the pics and the words and they will bind it into a book. How sweet and special!

      (plus you can save 20% off right now by using the code holiday09 at checkout)

    • Anne

      I think she would love a subscription to Sweepsheet- it is a contest newsletter, they have all the contests that many people don’t know about and they post all the info(similar to Southernsavers.com) that makes it easy to enter. I have won so many Publix gift cards from it (probably 800.00 worth) as well as tickets to six flags, Sea World Aquatica, spa package, all sorts of fun things. It is like Christmas everytime you win, because it is a surprise and usually comes when you least expect it. It is sweepsheet.com
      Then give her a box with envelopes, stamps, 3×5 cards(get your kids to start filling those out with name address, phone etc. and a little organizer box for all of it. My husband loves to share in my wins. Last year i won him a 500.00 Publix card so we traded card for cash and he got a new guitar.

    • Alisa

      My hubby sent me to the spa for a pedicure with a girl friend so I would have someone to chat with and share the experience. It was fabulous.

    • Jenny

      Ok, this might sound ridiculous but there was an episode of Home Improvement (i know, i know) where Tim made a video of his and Jill’s photos when they were kids and I thought that was the sweetest thing. I remember wishing someone would do that for me one day, lol.

      You could do a slide show of pics of the two of you when you were kids and up through the years and put it to music Jenny loves and then put it on dvd. It’s something you can keep forever, and show to your kids, grand kids, great grand kids, etc. You could even do some real collages with photocopied photos and then scan them in to add too the slide show.:)

      Also last year, the best present I got was from my boyfriend. He made me a coffee table. Needless to say, the fact that he made it with his hands a huge turn on! :)

    • Stormimay

      One costly suggestion: one of the best gifts I have ever heard of was a plane ticket for one, and reservations for a weekend at a nice cottage on a beach. With the ticket and reservation was a note saying a surprise guest will be meeting her there. The wife went, very excited and curious, and already at the cottage was her best friend who lived across the country and she hadn’t seen in two years.

      One less costly suggestion along the same kind of idea: a booklet with 12 pages, one page per month. Each page had one date on it and plans for that date. Some examples would be: On the 12th you are invited to Angie’s for hot chocolate and scrapbooking. On the 20th Sarah, Stephanie and you will go see blank movie at the theater together. On the tenth we will have a babysitter and I will take you out to the restaurant of your choice. On the 5th you will have a free night home alone to do whatever you want, I will take the kids out. And so on. Anything with friends would obviously be planned with them beforehand.

      Good luck!

    • Joy

      A real nice engraved Southern Savers plaque to hang on the wall. Maybe with “Love this site” 2009 winner! And of course a romantic dinner!

    • Teresa-QOCD

      My family is going to play hobo santa this year. My present is the Just for Men touch of gray (with the bottom UPC symbol missing-really LOL). All the presents including time, spa, girls night out, and diamonds are excellent gifts. You should start with a prank like this and graduate to a real gift of your choosing, of course nothing with a cord!

    • Larissa

      I think making three separate boxes with three different themes. Take the time to remember what she appreciate and loves most. Whatever theme you decide “When we met” Try to recreate those times in your life with lots of small gifts inside. If you took her to a special place, then take her back yet this time let her know why you still love her so much. Be specific. It is nice to let her know she is appreciated. Another box may be a day out for herself where you provide her favorite special treat that she may not buy other wise. Please use a coupon if you can, I am sure she will love it if you save. Also put her spending money and favorite lunch spot. The more you can recall her favorite things and provide in box, the more special. Another box might be for the family where you all show her a day of fun. This could involve friends too if it is what she enjoys. Mostly think of her and have fun.

    • Joanna

      I think I found the perfect gift tonight! A gift that is a good value and keeps on giving, is practical and delicious! I have always wanted fruit trees because being able to pick a piece of fruit at any time is so great for the whole family-healthy and convenient!! I have never pursued the idea because I thought it would take too many years and I’d probably kill them for lack of a green thumb! Went to a friend’s today and they buy these and have HUGE fruit the very next year! And they’re mostly $24-$30 each, are already about 4 feet tall, and are shipped in a box. With these, you save ALOT of money (because you don’t have to buy as much fruit), and you can give from the abundance! If you get one or more, then plant them with the kids for her, I think she’ll LOVE it!!!!

      • Joanna

        Oops! I forgot the website: http://www.starkbros.com
        They have apples (even cinnamon and other flavored ones), peaches, cherries, raspberries, plums, and nuts too!

    • Jennifer

      With how much computer time is used an office chair that includes a built in back massager!

    • Susan

      Choose a weekend getaway destination. It can be as simple as a b and b nearby or as spectacular as a weekend in New York. Wrap twelve small boxes. In each box, you will supply a clue for the trip in conjuntion with the twelve days of Christmas. Each clue will be a piece of the weekend you will spend together in the early New Year. The 12th box might be wrapped up with 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep at the hotel or a note that says as much. The second box might have two menus wrapped up from a restaurant that you will take her to when you arrive. The fifth box might have five stars in it to represent the five star hotel she will stay in. The tenth box might represent a manicure she will receive at the spa on your trip- Anyway, you get the idea. All the gifts will depend on the trip you’re taking her on with the last box revealing the place and time of your trip-

    • Jennifer

      Since Charleston is such and close cruise port cruising is such a wonderful and economical treat–but only if you plan to go after the Christmas school holidays. Some 5 night cruises are only 350.00 per person. If you go to http://www.vacationstogo.com they have many deals and further reductions on many cruises even for this March. For instance there is an offer for a 10 night cruise for 750.00 per person for the following port stops–Key West, Belize City, Costa Maya Mexico, Cozumel, Nassau Bahamas. My husband and I took such a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary this year and it was an amazing treat. We rarely take vacations and when we do, we do it very frugally. To be gone for 10 days and to be waited on hand and foot was an incredible luxury for both of us and we enjoyed the time we had with each other so much!! Get Grandma to take the kids for a week and head South!

    • Sweetheartface

      Ok I guess Im thinking practical, gift certificates for computer ink (we use so much printing coupons and I always run out), computer paper and the stores she shops most often. This way she can use the money the way she likes, “Saving Money”! Also homemade coupons with different tasks such as watching the kids while she goes shopping, cooking dinner, doing the laundry, letting her sleep in while you take care of kids, anything that she has to do as a mother, give her a much needed break. Women love it when their husbands do chores so they don’t have to. And of course something sentimental, a video of memories, a photo album, songs that are special to you and her,etc. If you can incorporate doing any of this in front of others, that will make her feel so very special and proud. And by the way you sound like a very considerate hubby, taking the time to do this, that right there is special in it self!

    • Kristen

      I don’t think this has been mentioned yet but there are too many posts to read. Does Jenny have anyone that passed away that she was close with? You can find pictures/video of that person and put together a home video for her. Pick a good background music and try to get pictures from someone else, it is better if Jenny hasn’t seen all of the pictures. My dad gave this gift to my aunt, her husband passed away when they were in their 50’s. She loved it very much and she loved seeing pictures that she had never seen. It should be pretty easy to put together, I believe Windows has a video creator. An addon to this gift would be to get an item that the person owned, maybe get it framed and give that to her after the video.

    • Jennifer

      Addendum to my cruise suggestion from the Charleston port: Since this is not an immediate gift buy the Fodor’s THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO CARIBBEN CRUISES travel book. The guide gives all the information one needs to manuever on such a trip, in specific ships, and gives suggestions on the most desirable excursions at the ports of call. Buy it used on ebay then buy HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn (an earlier suggestion) as reading material (for a believer, heaven will far exceed the best that any cruise can offer!)

    • Jennifer

      One last suggestion for a gift idea. We have lots of people in this house and something that has been a big hit with all our guests has been the Keurig single cup coffee maker. The B60 model is $129 at Bed Bath and Beyond (even Amazon carries it for this price) and with a 20% coupon is it the best price out there. If any of you enjoys flavored or different types of coffee (also tea and hot chocolate) this machine allows each person to select their own flavor (their are MANY!) by choosing a “pod” of that variety. Each cup is brewed separately. We stick to the pods that are available at Bed Bath because of the price with the coupon. “Donut Shop” is my favorite regular blend and “Holiday French Toast” is my new favorite flavored coffee. The missionaries, the Ben Lippen students and all the other people that come through our (the Lord’s) house just love this machine. It is also a great wedding gift. AND! if you sign up for the Bed Bath Credit card now they will send you a $25 off coupon for any purchase in the store along with $10 off your first credit card purchase! Then just cut the card up and never use it again! That’s the secret!

    • Marie

      While the children are with their grandparents, I think Jenny would love to spend time with her husband. Be devoted to each other for a whole weekend.

      Just sit down quietly and talk and laugh with each other. Take a long walk near the house, maybe go walking through the woods or around a lake that might be nearby. It’s nice to reconnect after both of you have worked hard with the children and with the out of house job and in house responsiblities.

      Order dinner to be delivered to your home, and surprise her with her favorite flowers for the centerpiece of your table. After dinner, have a warm bubble bath ready for her and just leave her to enjoy the quiet. But,if she likes to listen to music, play it softly in the background. Later, if she likes a back massage, do this and she can also do a massage for you.

      The simple things in life are the most precious.

    • Sandi

      A Kindle would be a great idea. As your children get older, she will be driving them around more and the Kindle is great to have while you wait in the car to pick them up from school or for lessons to be over, etc. A wonderful, clutter-free gift!

    • Tasha

      I would give Jenny the gift of a babysitter once a week for a year. As a mom of young children it is often hard to find “ME” time. She could go our for lunch, to the park, on a walk, grocery shop, or even just lock herself in her bedroom for a nice hot bath, nap, read a book!

    • Whitney

      Looks like I made my previous comment in the wrong place. Let me try again: I love the new Pandora bracelet (now available at Jared & other authorized retailers). You can view it online at Pandora-Jewelry.com. It’s an updated “charm” bracelet. It’s the perfect gift b/c you only start with the bracelet and a few charms, then you can buy her additional charms for her birthday, other holidays, etc. (there are tons to choose from!) That way you won’t be in this boat next Christmas!

    • Nina

      Just wanted to share what my husband did one year ( it wasnt for christmas but still melted my heart) he rented one of those advertizing trucks that drive around a protable billboard. On the truck was a giant picture of all of us and on it , he put ” I love you so much nina, You are the best wife a man could ask for ” well it was at the mall , at the local bi-lo. Everyone saw this he also had a dozen roses for me as well and a box of chocolates.. this is just something I will never forget ever. It was only for one week each day at a different location but still it was amazing. I am not sure how much it cost or how he even did it. I just know it ment the world to me and my children ( them seeing themselves all over town lol ) and It was truely an amazing gift. =)

    • Alison

      After reading this blog for a year, I’m guessing Jenny is the “planner” of the house. So, my idea is to plan a trip for her – could be overnight, could be a week, but the kicker is to plan the entire thing – line up the babysitters, pack, plan where to go, where to eat, etc. I love getting to go on trips, but sometimes the planning phase beforehand doesn’t let me relax and just getting the kids ready to stay with grandparents is a feat in itself! Good luck!

    • Margaret

      Two variations on ideas from above…

      1) My favorite is the family portraits with a really fantastic photographer. (I can recommend someone in Columbia that I love and is reasonably priced for on location photo shoots.) If you do this, also include a gift certificate for photo frames. And, if the money is there also gift certificates for new special clothing for the photos. These photos would be treasured for years to come.

      2) A special day for her, whether it’s time spent with a friend, alone time, shopping, spa time, etc. Finish the day with a date night – maybe something reminiscent of your first date or when you got engaged. YOU arrange all the details. The gift she opens will include the your plans, with gift cards etc. Consider wrapping them in nesting boxes which start with the first part of the day, the second, and so on. You might even include a 2010 calendar which she would open and find the day written in. Then, surprise, when she comes home she discovers that you have also done something really special at home – such as have the house clean, had new flowers planted in the yard, the minivan cleaned (inside & out), the photos hung on wall, or some chore that she has been meaning to do, but hasn’t gotten around to yet. And follow this up with sleeping late the next morning. (Preferably the kids are at Grandma’s so that she doesn’t even hear them trying to be quiet.) I could help you figure out the details of this idea.

    • Michelle

      Well, one thing I am wanting is one of those nice scanners that takes your old photos and converts them to a digital file. I have lots of old photographs and I was just telling my husband that I really need to get my photos digitized so that (God forbid) anything ever happened to our home, our family photos would be preserved. And another idea to go along with this, is to get some old family (or new family favorites) framed for Jenny!

    • Heather

      Any winners yet? I have not seen an updated post on this one.

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