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Giveaway Day 4 & 5

on 3.22.2010 at 12:37pm

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Sorry for skipping the weekend with giveaways.  I felt like catching up was impossible all weekend and every time I sat down to work on grocery lists my two year old would climb in my lap and say “Mama stop” and then push the laptop away.  Smart little critter…

To catch up today is going to be big.  We are giving away (7) $50 Visa gift cards!  You can use these on whatever you want: gas, groceries, a new purse, dirt for your back yard… anything that makes you happy!

Last time I asked about how you organized coupons.  Here was the breakdown (9898 entries):

Last Friday’s Winners:
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    • cyndia

      Thank you so much for the time you dedicate to helping others. These give a ways are an awesome bonus to our day.

    • Sandy

      I love your site and I love couponing………….I never used to cut coupons and thought I was doing
      great just getting the B1G1 deals…….now I buy for my household and my grown kids households. My cupboards and closets and freezers are full thanks to you! :)

    • robinwiser

      Thank you for all that you do!

    • Thanks again for all you do!

    • Susan

      I recently viewed your video of the food bank tour..don't know how you do all that you do. You inspire me!! Thank you and keep up the good works!

    • crystalfawn

      Thank you for this tremendous website! One quick question…I use a coupon box but now I wonder how a coupon binder works??? Thanks again!

    • Thank you…. $50 on whatever i want… wow, that sounds nice

    • TraciM

      I came home with 2 bags from CVS & Rite Aid today and asked hubby to guess the $ amount (he said $3.00 + change )and he was Right !!!! Even he is getting good at couponing !!!! He just shook his head and walked away — YEAH, I love this site ! The gift card would be great for the yard !!!!!!!

      • Snowski824

        I make my husband play that game whenever I get home. He first guesses how much I spent, how much I saved, and what I got free :)

      • sonyag

        I am a newbee and was wondering what all you had in those CVS bags????

      • soymilk30

        How did you get your hubby into doing this? I need a way to get my husband to get into coupons..


        • Lucy

          Show him the receipts so he sees how much you saved. Or better yet, put all those saved money away, save it for a while, and in as little as 6 months, you've saved enough for a vacation. My husband is the same about coupons, he really gets annoyed when I talk about them. He also feels embarassed to use them. Last week we went to Publix, I paid $36 for about $80 worth of stuff (and that's including diapers), and yes I did have a lot of coupons… he was so embarassed at the register. LOL I don't think he's going with me again.

          • momoflotsoftots

            I do better at couponing when I am alone…no distractions! and no rushing!!

    • Heather

      That's not a very fair poll, Jenny, since some of us get 0 Sunday papers. How can I enter the drawing if I can't choose any of the options? :)

      • Heather

        Thanks for fixing it! I entered the drawing :) Most of the time I get by just fine with my Redplum in the mail and online coupons. The only time I bought a paper was when there was 5 inserts in it one week. My husband loves my couponing, but it's a necessity for our budget. We don't have an option BUT to save 70% on our groceries.

    • amy

      I keep my inserts whole but wonder…is there a tutorial online somewhere for a coupon binder? This must be better since so many use it.

      • Hi Amy! I just started my coupon binder about a week or so ago. I found many video tutorials on youtube.com and some of the other coupon blog websites. :)

      • Brittney

        Amy: I looked up information on binders online because I had considered purchasing one, then I ended up making my own from an old baseball card holder. Here is an article that may be a good start. Hope this helps!


      • Mindy

        You can go to YouTube and just type in coupon binder. They have all kinds of videos of people and how they set up their binder.

    • Sheila

      we have a small family of 3 so 3 papers one for each of us is not being greedy but fair.

    • lazonya

      You need to add “0” as an option. I never buy a Sunday paper. We get inserts in little packets that are hung on our fence. They aren't quite as good as the Sunday, but I get by just fine. I scavenge the neighborhood for inserts that other people toss, and usually pick up 5-10 total of those.

    • I will vote for one but really we don't get any. I mostly print internet coupons, and my mom has been sharing her coupons with me from her paper. Plus, Smart Source has started mailing out the coupons to us here on the Thursday after they come out.

    • Thanks so much!!

    • Lucy

      My hubby is getting annoyed with coupons. I feel like sharing my savings with him but you could tell – he gets annoyed, so I stopped saying anything :) You know what I'm thinking of doing? Since I always use a debit card to pay for purchases, I should see how much I saved using coupons before I pay, and then get a “cash back” in that amount! Then I can keep that money or put it to savings, then he'll see how much I saved at the end of the year LOL

      • Deb

        Lucy, I agree with your concept and then get him something with the money saved so he can see its not only for you but for the family

      • littlemama8

        We do that. Whatever I save, up to a certain dollar amount, we put in savings each week. We save a lot!!!! We use this pile of cash for vacations. Aruba here we come next week!!!

        • Lucy

          Nice! And here we go, saying we never have money for vacations. My grocery budget used to be around $100 a week for a family of 4, now it's down to less than $50, including diapers for 2 (spent only $36 last week!) That's about $200 a month easy savings that can go to my piggy bank :)

      • Traci

        My husband was bemused by all my coupon strategies at first. It took that first Visa bill with the big savings for the light bulb to come on. The morning I caught him clipping a coupon on the inside of his empty Shredded Wheat box, I knew he'd been converted. Now he loves it!

        • christi

          My husband's been converted too… i knew it when he woke up and said he'd had a dream about buying something, but then stopped and thought, “wait, do i have a coupon?” :) haha :)

    • BunnyFabulous

      We get 4 delivered, but got a really, really great price on them.

    • I pick up at least two papers for myself and one for my neighbor. If the inserts abound, then I pick up four for me and two for my neighbor. It's great having a neighbor who coupons too! We love to share bragging rights.

    • ladychadwick

      I marked one, but to tell you the truth I keep forgetting. Been two weeks with no paper. And with camping again next weekend no guarantee we will get one next weekend either!

      I do intend to get a paper though, honest.

      • cjmommie

        call your local paper and ask about their specials–I get Sunday paper only delivered for $1/week–that's cheaper than buying, and I don't have to remember! :)

    • eleneyh

      I buy four papers and give away to family and friend a lot of my stuff. Thank you for all your hard work!!!!! I love couponing and saving money.

    • sandiesmith

      I buy at least 2 papers a week, and I get more coupons online, and also I recieve ALOT of coupons in the mail…
      My husband LOVES to go to the grocery store with me now….He loves to see how much I save each time I go…
      My husband tells me that I need to frame my reciepts, because he is so amazed of the amount of money I save our family..
      Thanks for this website,,,,,Its is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • a_shrader

      I've only been couponing about 3 weeks and I'm sooo addicted. I love saving all this money!

      • momoflotsoftots


    • I buy at least 1 a week plus the 1 that is delivered to me. Now if I could just find someone to cut them out for me!!

    • I try to buy 2 papers a week… last week I sent my husband to Publix to buy the papers for me. He didn't check the papers before he bought them and guess what… got home with them and when I checked one of the papers… NO COUPONS!!! SOMEONE had stolen them!!! Can you believe it!!!???

    • tara

      I love your website! I just started with coupons about a month ago and it is blowing my mind! A visit to your website is a must for everyday!!

    • refinedfrugality

      I subscribe to one paper. It usually has two sets of all teh coupons in it. So that is double. Then my aunt saves her local inserts for me. Sometimes I get all, sometimes doubles, and always extra things that are not coupons! My mom gives me the coupons from her local paper in a neighboring state. I always have way more copies of a coupon than I need with the exception of bread. I need to trade for bread coupons!

    • pcm1313

      I get coupon inserts from 2 friends. I then keep the coupons I need & organize the rest for my 2 daughters. They take the ones they need & pass the rest to friends.

    • Heather Rish

      $50 that would go great toward an Easter basket and my son's first birthday. It has been a rough year so we have nothing planned. His birthday is April 8 so I would love to plan something-anything. Like so many others my family would not make it without coupons.

    • Chantel31

      I love finding out about the deals. Thanks. I get two newspapers delivered to the house. When there are really good coupons for our family (soymilk) I go to the dollar store to buy more!

    • vallari

      Ppl keep saying that 0 papers isn't available as a choice. If you look at the bottom below 7+ papers you will see None as an option.

    • Joyce Silvers

      I use two small binders for my coupons. I use one for food only; it has dividers for different sections of the store, IE dairy, frozen foods, baking, etc. and another one for non food divided by paper, medical, shampoo, soap, etc. This works best for me. I have tried the binder and found it took a lot more time. I love couponing. It saves lots of money and its a challenge to see just how much I can save.

    • cheryl

      We only get one paper since we buy about 70% organic due to some health concerns. I find more coupons for the organic products via the various organic product sites than any other place.
      I wish that they would be more mainstream, but even so, on average I can save about 50% on my grocery bills.
      I hope that one day it will be more, but for now it is a good start. Sites like yours really helps me to know about everything that is out there so that I can save on the staples and toiletries I get on a regular basis and that helps make up for the cost of the organics I do buy.

    • carolyn090

      12, i have to go out each sunday and round them up if i sleep in i may have to make several stops,bc no delivery here!

    • Alisha

      I get a/b 2-3 everyweek! I do love ur site also I have been doing this for a/b a year still trying to get grocery bill down but getting there thanks to ur site!

    • slade73

      I don't suscribe to any Sunday papers. However, if we are in town then I will buy 1 paper. I live next door to my mom who gets the Sunday paper & I get the circulars, & coupon inserts from her. My mother in law lives in a bigger city & she always brings me 2-3 papers that she picks up in the middle of the week when the papers are discounted. I always end up with 3-4 inserts by the middle of each week. I love couponing! I started about a month agao. My husband is onboard but when I come home he wants to know did they say anything like I'm hoarding or stealing groceries. Last week I got 12 deordants, paper, candy bar at CVS, used $4off/$20 purchase all the coupons on deordant from Don't fret the sweat website & my extra care bucks. My cost .51 cents + I got $5 back. My hubby thought I spent at least $10. I know have deordant stocked for all 5 of us. My kids are older 9, 14,16 but I've even been getting baby products when free or under $2. Stocking to possibly give to family in need, teenage mom from our local high school, or for future baby showers.

    • Amanda

      I try to get 2 papers every sunday, one that my wonderful In-Laws let me have and one that I purchase myself, as much as I love to do this I should be getting 3 or 4. Thank you Jenny for all that you do and for sharing this with everyone out of the kindness of your heart, God bless you!!

    • GAgina

      I used to get a few double packs of Sunday papers Monday mornings (I don't shop Sundays) but they are harder to find and the price went up so lately I haven't been getting any Sunday papers and just getting about 10 local papers for free at the library. Coupons aren't as good but they're free and there are so many printable coupons I'm still doing pretty good. I've heard of sites you can go and buy inserts for cheap. Anyone have good advice on where to get these?

      • Cherith

        A great website that sells the whole insert is: http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com/

        You can also just purchase the individual coupons you need. They ship them out super fast…I usually get them within two days.

        • GAgina

          Thanks! I'll give it a try. I hate when I see coupons listed for good sales
          and find out my insert doesn't have that coupon.

      • Cherith

        A great place to find whole inserts or just individual coupons is http://www.couponsthingsbydede.com/

        They ship things out really quickly…I usually get the things I order within 2 days.

        • GAgina

          Thanks! I'll have to try that out!

    • EP

      I technically don't get any Sunday papers but my father and my in-laws give me the coupons out of their paper on most Sundays.

    • ginagina24

      thanks for the hard work

    • sheryb

      While I only purchase 1 newspaper a week, my brother has shared his extra copies from his newspaper route!!! I really appreciate it. My extra coupons are shared with my college daughter (and her friends), my neighbor, new mom's (diaper coupons, etc.), and to the military.

      Like many others, I use coupons from websites, collect what is sent via mail and email, and from as many sources as possible.

    • Sophia

      I Have people at my church that give me there coupons out of there paper ! My aunt gives me her paper so that is why I do not buy one! Print lots of coupons when my printer was working!

    • Emily

      I love saving

    • krista

      I don't buy a Sunday paper. Our church has subscription and no one takes the coupons. I do. If it is a good week with alot of coupons I use then I will go purchase. I use alot of the IPs.

    • Candace

      I subscribe to one paper, but if I'm driving through Atlanta (about once a month), I always pick up at least two (I picked up four on my last time through-it was a great coupon week).

    • robertanewber

      tried 3x's to submit form and it won't submit.i buy up to 8 papers ea. week and love to share w/dtr who lives oos and the extras go to our troops.After being downsized 4 x's since 2000 ,we 've had to budget any way we could.This has been a GOD send and personal success when i save big.
      Thanks for all of you who bring this to us.Bless you!!!!!

    • Candace

      I subscribe to one paper, but if I'm driving through Atlanta (about once a month), I always pick up at least two (I picked up four on my last time through-it was a great coupon week).

    • robertanewber

      tried 3x's to submit form and it won't submit.i buy up to 8 papers ea. week and love to share w/dtr who lives oos and the extras go to our troops.After being downsized 4 x's since 2000 ,we 've had to budget any way we could.This has been a GOD send and personal success when i save big.
      Thanks for all of you who bring this to us.Bless you!!!!!