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In Store Coupons Debate

on 4.29.2009 at 4:32pm

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In Store Coupons

There are some great conversations that go on in the comments sections of all of the deal posts and sometimes it is information we can all use.

There were some questions raised about using a manufacturer coupon found at one store at another store.  Was this stealing or wrong?

My thoughts:

Most stores are given or are paid to hang the “blinkie” dispensers in their store.  They are happy to give out coupons because it helps you feel like they are helping you save money (and that makes you think of their store as having good values).

If you wait to only grab a “Blinkie”, pamphlet, or tearpad coupon when an item is on sale, there will not be any coupons there.  If you see “in store dispenser” on a Southern Savers grocery list and you don’t have the coupon don’t go to the store hoping to find it.  Be excited when you do but don’t have high expectations.

Taking coupons does need to be done only in moderation.  I grab two max per trip of whatever form.  I will not stand there and empty the dispenser.

“Peelies” (Coupons on select products) are another story.  I call the folks that take them “Peelie Stealers” and I don’t like them.  It is very different if the manufacturer or store took the time to attach the coupon to an item.  That coupon is only meant for the person that buys that product.

Is taking the coupon wrong?
The store would prefer you to use the coupon in their store just as they would prefer you to buy everything you ever need in their store but they realize that in reality this is not the case.  The manufacturer is really the person giving out the coupon, the store has just said that they would distribute it.  It is also the manufacturer that will be paying for the reimbursement of the coupon and not the store so in the end it has no monetary effect on the store other than you chose not to buy the product from them.

To sum it up, if a store intends for you to use a coupon right then on a product you are buying in their store then first it needs to be a store coupon not a manufacturer coupon and second attach it to the product.  If it is a manufacturer coupon not attached to an item then it is only being passed out by the store to be used as you wish.

Do stores pay for the coupons and displays…

I have a very hard time seeing this.  While it is not quite the same… from my days in the medical world we had drug reps and product reps shoving product displays and coupons down our throats to hand out to clients.  They never asked us to pay for them, as it was marketing for their product.  If they wanted a better display area they had to pay a premium for that space (same in grocery stores, ever wondered why products are located on the shelf they are on…).  So I just can’t see a store paying more for a display that will take up a larger shelf space, rather I would think the manufacturer would offer that for free with the hopes that you would spotlight their product.

Coupons are also a form of marketing for a specific product.  The store would like to sell more of every product in the store but they are not going to pay for marketing aids for each item.

*note – I personally dislike the word Blinkie and Peelie and  apart from this post you will rarely see them on this site.  It’s just a issue I have…*

This is an area that is bound to have different thoughts so feel free to share, just keep it nice.

    • Amy

      French’s Worcestershire 10oz $1.69
      .50/1 French’s Worcestershire Sauce or printable, SS 1/18 (makes it .19¢ ea)

      If an item is $1.69 and you have a .50 cent off coupon, how does it make is only .19 cents? I can’t figure this out.

      • Jenny

        Was this from the Harris Teeter post? The .50 cent coupon will trip to be $1.50 off.

    • MiniMidgMom

      I agree with you, except in some specific cases I will take a peelie for future use. I recently did it with V8 – they had coupons on their bottles for $2 off produce with purchase of 4 bottles. If somebody bought 4 bottles with that same peelie (which is the only bottle that was stocked) they would have to buy 16 bottles of v8 in 2 months on 4 separate trips to get that deal. I felt that there was a good chance many of these peelies would be thrown away because the minimum purchase requirement was so high. I did not feel guilty taking one of these in case V8 goes on sale sometime in the next 2 months. If the purchase requirement was 1 or 2 items then I would feel like I was stealing this opportunity from somebody else who was buying v8 on the spot if I took the coupon without planning to use it right away. I try not to hoarde.

    • I personally think taking a coupon from one store to use at another store is fine providing that you are not misusing the coupon. I am a “peelie stealer” btw: I found your comment extremely funny!! This is me and what I feel comfortable doing. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something than don’t do it. I think all coupons are fair game and again only doing what you feel comfortable doing. I do not find taking a coupon from a store display/product or coupon machine stealing. I do not like it when someone takes a whole tearpad of coupons or every peelie from products, that does grate my nerves and I have seen it time and again. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Joy

      I have the same convictions as you. Peelie = off limits unless I’m buying the product. I also asked my store about peelies and the manager said if he saw someone taking the peelies off produts that they would be escorted out of the store and asked not to come back! He said it is just flat out stealing. He said he had done that to someone just that past week. So not worth it to me! I feel like I get enough legit deals without having to try and bend the rules. Blinkies and Tear Pads I’ll take max of 4 per trip if I think I’ll use it later with a sale.

    • Joy

      We have to remember the wording on MOST peelies: off THIS product and valid ONLY WHEN REMOVED BY THE CASHIER. That pretty much sums up the issue for me.

    • Alison

      What about Walgreens RR – are those okay to be used at other stores?? Or are they just intended for Walgreens?

    • Alison

      Oh and I agree about the peelies, they should never be removed unless buying the item that it came off of.

    • Totally agree about the peelies! I’ve seen on several blogs where this is suggested as a good way to find coupons if the peelie doesn’t state that you need to purchase the item that it is stuck on.

      I just don’t think it’s right and will not do it! Like Joy said, I get enough legit deals that I don’t feel the need to get more in a dishonest way.

      As far as blinkies go, I think it’s fine to use them at other stores since they are manufacturer coupons and usually several grocery stores will have the same coupons available. I don’t think it’s ok to take a whole stack and then resell them on ebay, however.

      Thanks for all you do! Finding your site has really helped my coupon savings!

    • I will take peelies occasionally if it is a product I WILL buy in the future (prior to expiration) but I won’t stand there and take every single peelie. That makes me nuts. (I too got a few of those $2 off produce wyb V8 peelies)

      and re: marketing displays- you are correct, stores do NOT pay for those things to be put in their stores. Companies have to BEG for space in stores to put them in. DH works for Pepsi and if Pepsi wants to put a certain display in a store they have to have approval from the store manager, etc. They are the ones placing it there, and they would love you to take all their coupons and use them – they don’t care where you use them as long as you use them and buy their product ;)

    • Stefanie

      I, flat out, do not take Peelies unless I am buying that product that day. Blinkies are a different story and I take some, but def. not all. And I only take them for products I will buy and use myself. Tear pads are the same way. I will take some but not all. But I also don’t limit myself to 2 or 4, unless there is only a little bit left. I don’t want to be known, like some are here locally, for that. I don’t want to be watched like a hawk when I walk into the store. :)

    • Beth

      I sort of view peelies and blinkies (hate those terms too) as a golden egg. If you find one, great, but I never count on them to boost my coupon stash. I feel that between the Sunday papers (and thecouponclippers) and IP, I already have more coupons than I can keep up with!

    • Kathryn

      I feel that taking a “peelie” and not buying the product it is attached to is down right stealing. It is ment for the person buying the product it is on. I have even seen people selling peelies from Pop Tarts on Ebay. I think that is just terrible.

    • I do not agree in taking peelies for pure profit! I think RR should be used at Walgreens and certain websites will not allow you to speak about using them at other places due to this reason. to each his own basically. I do not think taking a peelie, which is a coupon, stealing. There are a lot of legit deals also but tons of people misuse coupons. I am confused as to why taking a peelie is dishonest? Please understand this is only a question intended for a friendly/nice debate.

    • Alison V.

      my cousin took a coupon from a kmart book that said “CAN be used at kmart” to her publix and asked the manager if this was considered a store coupon or manufacturer, and he said manufacturer (since it didn’t say to only use at kmart. so even the stores don’t see the issue with taking a coupon to another store.
      my publix customer service told me that the coupon displays from the retailers on the aisles are the retailer’s business and they don’t have anything to do with it.
      as for peel-off coupons, i try to be honest but i peel them b/c the cashier might miss them when ringing them up! none of the cashiers seems to care!

    • Jenn

      Beth, I feel exactly like you do!! I do believe that Peelies are intended for the purchaser ONLY. I get upset when I go to buy a product and it has a peelie ticker, but the peelie is missing. My dd found a peelin lying on the ground as we were shopping, so I allowed her to pick it up. It would have been sweeped up and discarded anyways. As for blinkies, I usually will allow my children to take 2, if it something that we will use. Tear-pads, I may take several, but will never, ever leave one empty. I train my children to be thankful for what the Lord has blessed them with, count coupons as a blessing from the Lord, and always, always look for ways to bless others!!!

    • Lori

      Several weeks ago Chinet was on sale B1G1 at Publix and then there were coupons on the product to get free napkins or dessert plates.
      My store had a bin set up front full of assorted plates with the coupons attached, when I went to the paper aisle to get my free napkins I was looking at the different style plates and noticed that ALL of the peelie coupons had been removed from the plates (this was in the back of the store) whoever removed them did so ONLY in the back not the front of the store, so somewhere in their heart of hearts they knew what they were doing was wrong, but sadly did it anyway. I feel like taking peelies off a product you are not purchasing it stealing.
      Blinkies are not intended for a certain item at a certain time, if that is what the manuf intended, then they would have made them peelies.

    • Sharon

      It all comes down to right and wrong, there are people who do right and then those that are wrong and give couponers a bad name. All I can say is READ it, it is in black and white, If it says not to be used with ANY other coupon then that is what it means! Don’t try to use a store coupon with a manufactures unless it is right. Greed plays a big part, there are enough good deals without being greedy.

    • MiniMidgMom

      Just to make it clear – I only took one peelie from the V8 and I don’t feel bad about it, even though I would be mortified if I was treated like a thief for that! Blinkies I take one, sometimes two if they have a long expiration date. I have gone through a display before when some of the boxes had peelies but others didn’t but that was when I was going to use them on the spot and within their limits. And if I am buying the item I take the peelie off as I put things on the belt b/c I hate it when the cashier misses them and I don’t notice.We have some cashiers that are really good about looking for them and some will stand there and read all the details to make sure they aren’t missing something. we have a very professional Publix here, which is why I try to do all my shopping there.

    • Becky

      I think that taking off coupons attached to products other than what you, yourself, are purchasing right then is stealing in two ways – from the store and the potential customer. The manufacturer attached the coupon to the product for a reason; instead of – or on top of – putting it in the Sunday paper. You wouldn’t think of walking into a Kroger or Publix (or other store) on a Sunday, going to the Sunday Paper stack, and pulling the coupon inserts out of newspapers that you aren’t purchasing, would you? So, why, then, would you think taking coupons off of product that you are not purchasing is any different? If I don’t think I will use all of the coupons attached to my purchases, then I have the option of peeling them off and leaving them for someone else to pick up, or I can hand them out to my friends to use, but it is my choice because I am purchasing that product. Taking them off of product that you are not purchasing takes that option away from the people that are actually paying for it. I have purchased items in the past, unpacked them at home, and seen where a coupon was attached, but someone else had stolen it.

    • Sharon

      I have no problem with being professional but when I have 30-50 items each week and that many coupons please don’t sit there and Match every coupon to the product I have purchased. Don’t treat me like a thief until I have done something to be called a thief. I have even suggested to local Publix to have a coupon friendly line those that are legit would be happy to have a cashier that understands we are just doing this to save our family money.

    • What about hangtags on products or winetags, do you take those? I have yet to see a winetag here in Columbia, Sc but anyway. Is that considered the same as a peeie? I think it is.

    • JessR2

      I don’t think the stores care much about the coupons really, because I see them lying all over the ground and also in the TRASH if they are not used…especially the catalinas… what are your thoughts on those? Also the cashiers don’t bother to take off the peelies so I end up getting home with the item and it still has the coupon attached to it… :( That really is aggrivating!
      I do like everyone does with the blinkies and just take one or two for possible future use when the item is on sale.
      Since it’s a manufacturer coupon, then you can use it at any store, right? Just try to use it and don’t let it expire…

    • Becky I totally agree with you. I am guilty of taking peelies in the past, but after reading all of the above comments I will never take extras again. Thanks guys for helping me see the wrong in taking peelies.

    • Amanda

      Good point about the coupons in the paper analogy, Becky. Incidently, I bought an extra paper last week and someone had stolen all the coupons out – very disappointing!

      I always take “blinkies” for products that I might buy. My 2 yr old daughter is in training for couponing. She insists on getting one and looks for the blinking lights. It makes for a game of the shopping trip and gets more coupons. Win – Win!

      With the “peelies”, the coupon does say specifically that it is for THAT item – THEN. I always take them off of products I am purchasing before getting to the register because at that time I more often than not, forget. And most often the cashier doesn’t notice them in my experience. And I don’t buy anything with out a coupon, so not using it makes me a little crazy!

    • CindyLouWho

      Peelies are solely intended for the products they are on. Read the fine print and you will see this. Blinkies are totally different, they are there for you to take and use as you like. (in moderation of course.) Please don’t be greedy and steal the peelies….. So not cool! :-(

    • CindyLouWho

      Julie, I am glad that you see the light! LOL :-)

    • Kim

      I can’t stand when I go into the store, pick the item off the shelf, and see only a shiny plastic sticker where the coupon used to be. Exactly how did the person who took it figure that the next person wanting that product wouldn’t want to use that coupon??? Did they stand their and ask the next person or did they just assume? You know what they say about assuming…

      Please leave the peelies alone unless you’re buying, at that moment, the product it’s attached to. Other families need to save as much money as possible also.


    • I have another question, how do you feel about using a coupon for another product other than what the coupon says. Like if it is a coupon for Kelloggs mini wheats and you use it on another type of kelloggs cereal. OR a coupon for a specific type of huggies diapers and using on huggies wet wipes instead. Is the manufacture or the store loosing out?

    • jessica

      at publix a couple weeks ago, they had the gatorade G2 8-pack on special for $4.99. there was a $2 off ‘peelie’ on some – the only reason it even caught my attention was because one of their EMPLOYEES was pretending to rearrange the shelves so he could dig in the back and peel all of he coupons off! he saw me coming and stepped back. i found 2 of the only ones i could see with peelies still on them!

      i personally am not a ‘peelie stealer’. if someone is only taking one, none of my business. but seriously, an employee being a big time peelie stealer really got to me!

    • Angela

      This is an interesting discussion!
      I personally do not take “peelies” off product. I surely will look for a product with peelies on it to buy, but I won’t take them off.
      I will take 6 or so coupons from a tear pad or a “blinkie” as those are a bonus and we have 6 people in the house.
      I do share my coupons with friend, even swapping acne wash coupons for diaper coupons. :)

    • Lisa,

      That is a large no-no. That is coupon fraud and can land you in some serious hot water. If you are referring to the huggies IP, there was a lot of people using that one on diapers that were not even listed on the coupon because it was coded to accept it. This is wrong and there were a lot of postings telling you to do so. To each thier own basically. What one person deems acceptable on one level finds another level unacceptable. Bud is always watching!

      Also alot of employees put peelies on products that arrive from the manufacturer. The stockers are usually the ones, so it is funny to hear that an employee was taking them.

    • Angela

      I have another question, how do you feel about using a coupon for another product other than what the coupon says. Like if it is a coupon for Kelloggs mini wheats and you use it on another type of kelloggs cereal. Is the manufacture or the store losing out?<<<<

      I also have this question – is the store/mfg losing out in any way if I use a Post Trail Mix Crunch Q on Post Just Bunches???
      The bar codes on the Q and the item are the same, so wouldn’t the store still get reimbursed?

      I don’t want to do anything that will negatively affect the store/mfg/or another customer.

    • Fawn

      Has anyone ever used a coupon (not RR) from one store and use at another? For example, I have received some coupons that say manufacturers coupon that are printed at the check out, but they also have the name of the store printed on it. Does that mean only to be used at that store? Or use anywhere because a manufacturers coupon??
      Just wondering if any have tried it.

    • Julieann

      I can’t stand people who take peelies off of a product. If it was just for any person to have, they would put it on a tear pad or blinkie dispenser. Taking it right off the product is STEALING to me and I would NEVER do this. It is OBVIOUSLY intended for use when purchasing that product, right then.

      I don’t see any problem using a MC found at one store at another store. They are provided by the manufacturer free of charge to the store. They are not store coupons and are not specifically stuck to store products.

    • Julieann

      I don’t believe it is right to use a coupon for one item on another item. If the manufacturer wants the q to be for any Kellog’s item, they would print the q that way. In your example, they are promoting the Mini Wheats and I believe it is dishonest to use it for something other than what the manufacturer has allowed. I don’t think the store loses out, but it is certainly not in line with the manufacturer’s stipulations on the q.

      I have not ever done this because most of mine read “redeemable only at xxxx (pick your store). This is a promotion between the store and the manufacturer. I think if it read “CAN be redeemded at xxxx” then you are okay to use it anywhere.

    • Personally, I don’t think taking “peelies” or “blinkies” or any other form of a coupon froma store is “stealing”.

      The store is the one that puts the “peelies” on the boxes. The wording of “to be used on this product” to me means for that item. When I get a cereal coupon from a box, I use it on “that” item. Not another brand!

      Many of the coupons say “peel here to save”. I have been to many friend’s houses and seen “peelies” on their boxes in the pantry. Unless you regularly use coupons, I don’t think you see them. Most cashiers don’t even remove them.

      I have also been handed a role of peelie stickers from stockers to use on my future purchases.

      I go to my store every week. The managers are very friendly. When asked where I got all my coupons I said,”from your store.”
      The manager was very pleased for me and said I needed to talk to his wife.
      I don’t feel any conviction about taking coupons. I always use them, or give them away. I make sure there are some left for other couponers.

      Our store also has camera’s and after 2 years of getting coupons from blinkies,peelies and tear off pads I am sure someone would have told me that it’s wrong!

    • Learning2CouponFL

      I agree with most of you that taking peelies for products you aren’t buying is generally wrong. But what about these two cases?

      You purchase a product with a peelie but you already have a coupon you’d rather use (higher value, shorter expiration, etc). Would it it be wrong to save that peelie and use it later on the same product?

      What about taking peelies that aren’t for the item they’re stuck on? For example, there were 16 count wipes that had a peelie attached for your next person of 80-ct wipes. Since the person buying the 16-ct wipes is unlikely to save and use the coupon later does it make it more acceptable to take the peelie if you’re buying the 80-ct wipes that day?

    • I love to read OPINIONS…
      I’ll add my opinion to the mix (I say opinion because I have yet to find anything in the law that gives a definitive answer to the question: to peel or not to peel?)

      Peelies are no different than any other coupon. They are pieces of paper sponsored by a manufacturer. The mfr offer coupons as a way to entice a consumer to notice and purchase a product. Unless the peelie states: to be removed by cashier or valid ONLY on this package–there are no other REAL RULES that govern the time or place of redemption.

      Each person is entitled to have THEIR interpretation of what those rules might include. I chose to speak with my store and ask THEIR rules regarding peelies. My store basically said that the peelie is not their responsibility until it has been redeemed at check out. Thus, like any other mfr coupon on a store display, blinkie, tearpad, etc…–the taking of a peelie is subject to personal judgement. Is that fair–maybe or maybe not? Is it fair to buy the last 20 packages of a particular item–maybe or maybe not? Is it fair to pull the last coupon from a tearpad–Maybe or maybe not?? My point–I have no way of knowing all of the particulars of another person’s situation!!

      Every person will create their own standards and determine what is most appropriate for them. Everyone’s situation will vary! It is somewhat unfair to make assumptions and accusational statements when NO ONE PERSON can know another person’s situation! You never know…those “peelie stealers” may have been given permission to peel!!

    • Becky

      This discussion has really been so interesting for me, as I have only been really getting into coupons for about five months now, but I have learned so much on Southern Savers. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site!!! I never knew people used coupons for products other than what it said (or had a picture of) until the “coupon fraud” post went up.

      To me, if you are purchasing a product with a coupon attached to it (whether stuck on it or put over the top of the bottle, etc….it’s all the same….ON the product), then that is your coupon to use whenever you wish. Just like eating/using that product is up to you when you wish to eat/use it. The difference between just taking it off product on the store shelf and taking it off the product you are actually buying, is that the coupon was intended for the puchaser of the product. Therefore, if you are not purchasing the product with the coupon attached to it, keep your hands off the coupon!!! It’s not yours to take. Otherwise, don’t you think they would put them on a tear pad by the product, or in the Sunday Paper?

      And, as far as using a coupon for another product just because the bar codes might match…I would seriously like to be in my Publix store when, say, Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese boxes are on sale for BOGO, and a person really wants Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, so they walk up to the cashier with the Mac & Cheese boxes figuring it will sneak by the cashier, because it IS Kraft, you know. AND…it’s pasta and cheese! Will it pass as a BOGO? Not likely. In fact..No. So, in the same way, to use a coupon for any product other than what it states, is fraud/stealing/cheating. If a coupon was meant for any type of a product, then it would state that on it, as in “Good on ANY product by…” (or whatever the coupons say – ha ha).

      In my experience at my local Publix store, the cashiers are very busy, trying to get the customers through in a timely manner. And…they love to see how much savings their customers get! For them to sit there and match up each coupon to each item would probably insult the customer (trying to “slip one by), but that is what they would have to do in order to stop those who cheat the system.

      Also, if I have a coupon from another store, when I first go in, I go to the Customer Service desk and ask if they will accept it. It saves me getting up to the cashier, finding out they didn’t accept it, and either paying full price for the item(s), or me digging it out of the bags to give back to them (if it was my mistake, why would I make them go digging for it?). The worst they can say is, “No”, right?

      We ARE saving with legitimate coupons being used in legitimate ways…why cheat it, by being greedy with a great thing you already have? I am so very thankful to have found the “world of coupons”! :)

    • Sylvie


      I’m just a month into being a coupon-girl and I’ve been wondering the same thing. Some in-ad coupons say “manufacturer’s coupon” but have the graphic from the store…those are the ones I think you’re talking about and the ones I have a question about as well. I haven’t ever tried to use one of these in another store, but have wondered why it says “manufacturer’s” while others don’t. Is it a coupon that CAN be used anywhere?

      An example of this would be this week’s Rite-Aid ad. It has a -$4/1 Tylenol coupon included in the ad. CVS has Tylenol for $8 and it’s included in the $20=$10 ECB deal. If I could use the Tylenol coupon anywhere… I might use it in that deal to help get to the $20 total.

      Is this a REAL manufacturer’s coupon? If so… is it good anywhere? How do we know???

      Help??? Jenny????

    • Brenda

      I agree with all of Jenny’s comments. I have never taken a peelie coupon from an item that I didn’t intend to purchase at that time. I also believe that is stealing. I could never, in good concience, take what I feel the purchaser is entitled to. It’s attached to the item for a reason. Otherwise it would be in a blinkie if it were meant for the taking. I limit myself to 2 coupons from the blinkies and will also take a couple from tearpads…sometimes with the intent to distribute to friends if I know they use the item.
      Thanks for the posting on this topic!

    • Sylvie

      I just hit “zoom” on my screen to see the Rite-Aid ad better and it DOES say “only at Rite-Aid” which I would honor with this particular coupon, but would like to know about others that don’t say “only”.

    • Von

      I asked the customer service lady at Publix if I could peel of the $2 coupons off the G2 orange because the grape flavor I wanted did not have peelies. She said she didn’t care since it was the same product if not the same flavor.

      But as a funny story, I was sifting through the G2 bottles on the shelf before I asked and I could have sworn a loss prevention guy was told to follow me, because I seemed to run into him for the rest of my shop….. he wasn’t even very subtle about it. I must have looked “suspicious” while trying to find the peelies on my preferred flavor.

    • Jessica,

      Not all peelies are put on by the stores. I worked at a General Mills warehouse and we had a team and machines that stuck the peelies to the products before distributing them to the stores. Anything from cereal to taco shells. As far as I remember no peelies ever came already on the product at that point directly from the manufacturer. Our warehouses were always the ones that put them on.

    • Pam G

      Last time I had multiple Pop Tarts (12) with peelies, I peeled them, while at the register. I didn’t want the cashier to overlook. One of the baggers came to help peel at the end and says “I don’t have time to do those”. I was thinking $12 in savings for 2 mins peeling is a great hourly rate of pay. I will not remove a peelie from a product, unless I am buying it and at the register. I despise picking up an item that obviously had a peelie, but taken by someone else. Shopping is a savings game, but playing fair is my rule.

    • starbucksgirl

      Jenny, this is a great forum for this discussion. My thoughts since you mentioned that you’re providing a forum to share them….

      I think that there are many gray areas in couponing for each of us. We all make determinations every day re: what is acceptable. Most of the time we are making them with/without knowledge about the manufacturer’s intentions. Sometimes we find out that we are right in our assumptions and sometimes we found out that we are wrong in our assumptions. I am thankful for the folks that “think” through their coupon usage instead of being emphatic or emotional about what other folks should do. We will all be accountable for the choices that we make. That being said, so far my thought process on these two issues are as follows:

      2. I don’t think that it is wrong (morally) to take a peelie at any time.
      2. I don’t think that it is wrong (morally) to use a coupon that you obtain at one store to use at a different store.

      I believe the manufacturer’s are thrilled that we are buying their products with whatever means we use to buy them. Thanks for a great discussion.

    • starbucksgirl

      Michelle (4/30/09 at 11:00am)…..terrific post. I think that was very well put and very well thought out.

      Thanks for your response.

    • Debra

      wanted to share an experience i had last week. since i’m new to couponing, i have made sure to check in with the store manager desk to be certain i’m following the rules so i don’t get a surprise at the register and so i’m not the bad apple in the bushel.

      i’ve had a positive experience with my local Publix, and with one Kroger store. a different Kroger store where i shop occasionally (because they have a better natural foods section IMO) was a bit of a downer, though.

      the manager was a little snooty, and seemed to take delight that i was unable to use a couple of my coupons for things i needed “oh, looks like you struck out on both! haha” (WHAT?! thanks! }:o\ )

      but something he mentioned i thought you’d find interesting: Kroger is considering discontinuing stacking store and manu coupons. know anything about this??

      his remark: “well, the manufacturers would like to, you know, make MONEY, not give their product away.” UM, hello?? they’ve been making money hand over fist for YEARS, and THEY are the ones putting out the coupons! if they didn’t want us to use them, why would they bother printing the darned things?!

      sorry to rant, but his response just really rubbed me the wrong way, and i’m going to discuss that with the OTHER Kroger manager and ask that they increase their natural foods section so i can frequent THEM instead!

    • sams3girls

      I used to put peelies on items for a company.The store don’t pay for it.The product does same for displays. Most store Mang.Don’t want the displays .They say it makes the store not look clean etc. The only thing it bothers the store is restocking the products and ordering them. Same with the sales ad the products Gm ,Kellongs,Post,Etc they pay for space on ads been to meetings that discuss this stuff before .No longer in this kind of field now the cosumer.
      Thanks for the great post!!!

    • Crystal

      I know this message is late in the game but I felt that I had to add my thoughts. Just because a lot of stores might not want the display in their aisles (some kind of product with a peelie) doesn’t mean that it is okay to take them because no one cares… example, it’s okay to kill that homeless guy cause hey no one cares about him (it’s still murder non the less) Keep in mind I am not saying that stealing peelies and murder are one and the same (although sometimes I feel like murdering someone when I see a great sale with peelies and all the peelies are gone) I don’t believe that there are gray areas with coupons, though sometimes I still get confused with some coupons, but generally if you have a funny feeling about something then I think you should let it be (that is called conviction!) Something that I don’t think is wrong is if a coupon says don’t double or triple, and you take it to say Harris Teeter and the double or triple it, that is their doing (but I still feel guilty just because I get SO MANY great steals there anyway) But with all this being said, I agree with to each his own and what you know in your heart to be right…