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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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walgreens coupon policy changesHeads up! There have been some changes to the Walgreens coupon policy. The changes aren’t great and are pretty huge, so get ready.

If you are completely new to shopping at Walgreens, you can go here to get started.

The Big Changes:

Coupons Must Scan

Most stores already followed this rule, but it is now specifically stated in their coupon policy.

Coupons Cannot Exceed The Selling Price Of An Item

Walgreens will not accept coupons that exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.

This means if you have a coupon for $2 off and an item is on sale for $1.50, then the computer will beep and they will not accept the coupon. The good news is that you could take your Walgreens Ad to Walmart and get them to price match the deal. You can use the coupon at Walmart on the price matched price and still get the deal.

Coupons are Not Accepted On Free Items

For offers when multiple items are purchased and additional items are free (buy 1 get 1 free; buy 2 get 1 free, etc.), the number of coupons applied to that offer cannot exceed the number of items required in the “buy” portion of the offer. Coupons may not be applied against any free item received in any offer.

You can now only use (1) coupon for both items on B1G1 sales (like Rite Aid).  So, if toothpaste is B1G1, you can only use a coupon for one of the toothpaste.

On B2G1 items, you are able to use coupons on (2) of the items.

No Free Product Printable Coupons

Most stores already have this rule, but Walgreens now specifically states it in their coupon policy.


This is going to decrease some savings, but will not affect Register Rewards or Balance Rewards deals very often (since they often don’t involve B1G1 sales).

You can see the full coupon policy here.

Do you shop at Walgreens? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    • iris

      I do not shop Walgreens. The store near me has never been coupon friendly. My CVS store is great! Friendly employees and very helpful with EB’s and coupons.

      • marie

        This may be their downfall . We need to make sure not to shop at the stores that are doing this, so other stores get the message. Harris Teeter has really been offering a lot of deals, so they are my favorite new store. I’m tired of Wal-Mart not taking coupons, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

    • Deb

      I learned long time ago to give my business to CVS and I am grateful for them.

      • Deylu

        Me too!!

    • jamie

      I had a bad experience one time at walgreens where I used my points I had on an item I was supposed to earn points on….ya confusing. they told me that you dont get points if you use the points you already have on that transaction. when I called their customer service they were rude as could be and acted like I should know their silly rules. booooo walgreens

      • ladypsalm

        That makes absolutely no sense! What difference does it make if you’re going to earn points on the purchase? If they are going to make that silly rule, it should be CLEARLY posted in their store, in their ads, in BIG letters so you know in advance! Just one more reason to go to CVS where they let you roll your ECB as much as you like!

    • momof6

      My Walgreens has never been coupon friendly and this is just one more reason for me to shop CVS exclusively! I especially do not like using just one coupon for BIGIF items.

    • mcleodsc


    • beth anne

      I wonder if unpopular coupon policies affect their bottom line. Do you think they notice the business they lose because of bad coupon policies? I’d imagine the money (and all that potential future money) lost would outweigh what they may think they lose on coupons. I still don’t know how a company loses by accepting coupons

    • jenjav

      rarely shop walgreens anymore, their balance rewards and register rewards are too complicated to keep up with, would seem the effort to manage two rewards systems would be an extra cost for them and maybe that’s where they should cut back to save money.

    • dawg4

      I agree with the previous post–Walgreens coupon policies are too complicated. I prefer CVS and RiteAid.

    • Courtney

      This may be a silly question, so my apologies in advance…

      Regarding the “coupons must scan” point, I had two coupons for 50 cents off a box of Tampax (I think 12 ct. or higher), and bought two clearance boxes of 20 ct. Tampax. The coupons wouldn’t scan. My coupons on other clearance items worked. The cashier called the manager to the front and they put it through – the sizes were correct and the coupons weren’t expired.

      But does this mean in the future, if it won’t scan for whatever reason, they just shrug and hand you back your coupons?

      • Crystal


        • Courtney

          Boo! How frustrating. Guess I’ll stick to CVS, where the cashiers are friendly and they accept my coupons! :)

          • Lisa K.

            You know my experience has been that it depends on who the cashier is and how much effort they are willing to put into making the coupon work. I’ve had some cashiers just hand it back to me, but others who just manually overrode it. It’s still too much hassle to use coupons at Walgreens though and I generally go to CVS instead.

      • Meme007

        You were very fortunate they worked with you like that. I made a special trip to Walgreen’s the other Sunday (had been down in my back until then) to use a RR before it expired. I was a day late on the expiration. Cashier and manager just shrugged and said, “oh, well”. I lost $9 from that painful trip. I’m done with them.

      • Donna K

        Yes. If the coupon won’t scan, they won’t accept it. There’s no manual override–or they’re not willing to do it. At least that was my experience in Helena, AL when I tried to use a $2 Revlon lipstick coupon that was printed and not expired.

      • ladypsalm

        That’s what they do at the Walmart near me. They have the same policy, and if it doesn’t scan after they try it a couple of times, they hand it back and apologize, stating the company policy that they can’t take it if it’s an internet coupon and it won’t scan, and they aren’t allowed to put it in manually. I hate this because you never know if it will scan or not, and it’s a waste of printer ink and paper! I am trying to do the right thing and I’m not committing fraud, but it’s frustrating when I print my coupons and go to the store, and have to pray that they will all scan. :( Most of my coupons work, but I’ve had quite a few times where they won’t scan. I don’t know if it’s my printer or what, but they are in color, which I’ve read is recommended because they look more “legit.”

    • Sandy

      Won’t shop there any longer..to complicated

    • kristen

      I agree with the comments below…walgreens is not coupon friendly where I live and I told the cashier that once and she looked at me as if I was crazy…I said I never have a problem across the street at CVS…rare times that I shop at walgreens anymore

    • Danielle

      I don’t shop at walgreens that often anymore, their balance rewards/register rewards are too complicated.

    • Terry

      I echo all of these! I recently decided CVS is where my business will go. Not just friendly coupon policies, but friendly employees too.

    • shiloh

      The math just has never seemed to add up right when I do coupons there. Only one of the stores in my area is friendly about coupons..well I take that back, only one employee in the one store, Misty is the bomb! but sadly, I stopped doing most of mine there and stick to Winn Dixie, Publix, Target and CVS. Riteaid is out too…..!!!!

    • Gsaver

      Yes, I voluminously agree with the other postings about WG coupon policy being to confusing and CVS being MUCH more coupon/ consumer friendly!!!

    • Gsaver

      Yes, I voluminously agree with the other postings about WG coupon policy being to confusing and CVS being MUCH more coupon/ consumer friendly!!!

    • Lisa K.

      I think Walgreens decided a long time ago that they weren’t interested in having the business of coupon users – and I rarely shop there for that reason. CVS is much more coupon friendly and does a better job of keeping things in stock as well.

      • pdnr

        You are correct that Walgreens doesn’t care about coupon users. They will be happy to just sell to people who walk in their store and pay full price for whatever they need right at that moment. They’ll also be happy to serve people who think that they got a great deal on something because they could use a coupon here and there but are actually paying a whole lot more than if they learned how to shop at CVS the Southern Savers way.

    • pdnr

      I rarely shop at Walgreens though I have to pass by it on my way to CVS. I can’t keep up with two different drug store rewards and decided CVS was by far the best of the two. My husband’s insurance now requires him to buy prescriptions at Walgreens to get the best price but now I find out I can’t earn points on them because he is on Medicare.

    • Allie

      CVS all the way! I haven’t set foot in Walgreens for more than a year. Too many hassles and silly rules coupled with poorly trained cashiers. This policy update will certainly not increase the traffic from the cost-conscious shopper, and it affirms to me that it is not worth the trouble. The Balance Reward system is not streamlined enough for me to bother with it.

    • MommyKisses

      Wait. . . People still shop at Walgreens??

    • Robin

      I have recently decided to stop shopping at Walgreens. I am tired of arguing with the staff every time I try to use a coupon or my Balance Rewards. The only thing I will be purchasing from them are my prescriptions.

      • laylasmeme

        That is their bread and butter anyway so if you really want to make a statement about their store policies you should consider transferring your prescriptions if possible.

    • vickisfloyd

      I don’t understand at all why they would care if you used two coupons on a BOGO. Two will show up on their register/records, so they get reimbursed. It’s not like they’re losing anything…except customers.

    • Wilsonville, OR Sam

      I may be the only person that still loves Walgreens! My location is very customer service oriented, great stock levels, super checkers…..one of my favorite stores.

      • pdnr

        That’s great that you have a really good Walgreens. I receive great customer service at my Walgreens too. But a great staff and stock is not everything. Do you try to shop sales, use coupons and their rewards program to get great deals? If so, you will not be as happy with Walgreens in the future. Personally, I’m sticking with CVS.

        • Wilsonville, OR Sam

          We don’t have CVS where I live….so I .really can’t compare! I am an avid user of coupons and stacking; why I use Southern Savers…so much great info. and I love the database. I have not had any problems with stacking or using the RR or BR program. The one time a BR amount was not added, I just called the customer service 800 number and they added it. My motto is never to buy anything unless it’s on sale and free is my preference. Happy savings!

    • Melissa

      I think that eventually they will understand this hurts their business and their reputation. You see couponing actually can increase their sales because people often buy other things in the store not on sale. So it would make more sense to attract customers instead of sending them to their competition. It may take them until the year end to see the sales decline, but they might get a clue then.

      • chillto

        That’s what I thought would happen when Rite Aid made all of their coupon policy changes; they never figured it out.
        I used to shop at Rite Aid several times a week; I almost never go in there anymore

    • elizabeth

      Silly me, I thought that this would be good news about changing there policy for redeeming balance rewards when you are earning them. It seems like they are intentionally driving business to CVS.

    • elizabeth

      Silly me, I thought that this would be good news about changing there policy for redeeming balance rewards when you are earning them. It seems like they are intentionally driving business to CVS.

    • Ernestandlinda Dunford

      Also my store does not accept coupons from coupons.com in black and white bc of “too much fraud ” like you cant scan a copy in color…… waste of a trip I haf

    • katkoupon

      Can they refuse a RR that doesn’t scan, even if it came from their store?

      • chillto

        Right. That happens all the time; proving that it is their scanning equipment that is often the problem

    • Sean

      Add that to the list of reasons I won’t waste my time at Walgreens.

    • ladypsalm

      This reminds me of a question I have about Walgreens Register Rewards. I have a CVS near me and so I’m pretty familiar with the ExtraCare Bucks system. I haven’t shopped Walgreens much and never had a Balance Rewards card until I went last month to take advantage of a free toothpaste offer I saw on here. I don’t have a Walgreens near me, but there is one in both of the two cities about 30 mins away so I am usually near one of them about twice a month. They had milk on sale too, which I needed, and I picked up a few other items on sale. My plan was to buy the toothpaste in one transaction, then use my register rewards on my second transaction. The first time I went through, the coupon wouldn’t scan, and the cashier looked at the coupon and told me I’d gotten the wrong size. Ok, that was fine, my mistake. She was very nice, but I realized she was new. I went and got the correct size of toothpaste, but still the coupon wouldn’t scan. She had to call the manager over to do something, but she got the coupon to go through. So I get my Register Rewards, and then she rings up the rest of my items as a second transaction. She had to call the manager over again for something else, I forget, it’s been a month ago. But when she tried to scan my Register Rewards coupon, it wouldn’t take it. I asked her if you couldn’t use them the same day you got them, and she just read what it said on the coupon, that Register Rewards are good for use on your next shopping trip, so she said I could use them if I came back the next day. I was not planning to come all the way up there the next day! So I went ahead and bought the rest of my items, but I was disappointed I couldn’t use my RR on them. I looked at the expiration date, and it was in 2 weeks. I had no plans to be back before then, and I always try to accomplish more than one thing when I have to drive that far from home to save gas of course. Fortunately, I had something come up where I would be near the other Walgreens before then, so I was able to use my $2.5 in RR’s, but I decided since I don’t go by there much, I won’t be doing anymore deals that involve RR’s since they expire so quickly. So my question is whether you are supposed to be able to use RR’s earned in another purchase the same day like you can use ECB in separate transactions at CVS? Or was this cashier just new and didn’t know what she was talking about? If you can’t, then that’s just one more reason Walgreens won’t be getting much of my business anymore. I haven’t tried it again since because I don’t want to be stuck with RR’s I can’t use.

      • VP22

        No, I think that was a combination of new cashier and something being funky with your RR or with an item you purchased. I have earned a RR and turned around and used it on my 2nd transaction with no problem.

        • ladypsalm

          Thank you so much! :)

    • ladypsalm

      After reading the update coupon policy at Walgreens’ website, I saw that under “Redeeming Register Rewards/Savings Rewards” #3, it lists dairy products in the list of ineligible items. I can understand the other things, like tobacco, alcoholic beverages, gift cards, postage stamps, etc., but why dairy products???

      • pdnr

        It may be regional but Walgreens has gallon milk on sale just about every other week for $3.28 and eggs for $1.25. Maybe they don’t want people using rewards for great buys. They’d rather you have to spend it on something that is not a great buy.

    • Joye

      so I use a $1 coupon on something for .99, I can’t use it at all? they won’t even adjust it down to .99 ???

      • Andrea Jo

        I found something on sale for 1.99 and had a $2 off coupon. They told me they couldn’t take off more than it cost so they did adjust it. That was a year ago.

      • VP22

        According to the new policy update, no, you won’t be able to use it at all.

      • VP22

        According to the new policy update, no, you won’t be able to use it at all.

    • MemawDi

      Do you think it would matter if when the coupon doesn’t scan and they give it back, if you say “Well, just take that product off because I will not buy it if my coupon can’t be used?”

      • D D

        If you would not have purchased the item without the coupon making it a good price for you, then you should absolutely not feel obligated to purchase it if the coupon does not scan. In that situation, I very politely request that they remove the item from the order. Sometimes the same coupon will successfully scan later with another scanner, or another cashier, or at another store. Other times the barcode on the coupon simply is not readable by a scanner. Either way, you are the customer, and you get to choose how to spend your dollars, without or without a coupon. :-)

        • ladypsalm

          I absolutely agree. I’ve done this several times at Walmart when coupons wouldn’t scan. I feel bad when they have to go through the bags and find the item, but it’s not my fault the coupon didn’t scan, and like D D said, if it’s an item I was only buying because of the coupon, I shouldn’t feel obligated to still purchase it. It’s my money and the coupon may have been for $2, so why should I feel I have to spend an extra $2 because of an equipment problem?

    • Kay Kirby

      I stopped using walgreens . They wont except a rewards coupon and a manufacterer coupon for one item. So you have to buy something cheap like candy to be able to use two coupons buy 2 items. Although rewards should not be classed as a coupon.

    • Andrea Jo

      Not again! I think I will just stick with Target.

    • Josh

      Glad I hardly shop at Walgreens!! When their products are not on sale I find prices on many toiletry products are more expensive than Publix.

    • lmr2020

      My local Walgreens is so close to my house, but I find it very frustrating to shop there. I hate to drive all the way to CVS, but these new coupon rules may force me to.

    • Never_Speechless

      I don’t like the deals at walgreen’s ever. I’ve never had problems with them excepting my coupons but I find the deals are not cheap enough in order to get me to shop. I like the clearance part of the store and that is all. The register rewards I have earned in the past always expire because I can never find anything in the circular that I want to buy. I went in last month on an emergency basis to buy an umbrella. 22 dollar’s. I want to return it so bad I’m hoping I can still find my receipt.

    • Paula

      My thoughts……. Goodbye wallgreens. If they are not good enough for my coupons, they are not good enough for all my prescriptions ! And we have plenty. It just keeps getting harder and harder to save money there.I’M DONE!!

    • Ray

      Does anyone know what the implication is for a coupon that states Save $1 on the purchase of 2 when the store is running a BOGO? Will they not accept it because one of the two items is free and therefore the purchase requirements are not met by their new rules?