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YoBaby Giveaway

on 7.31.2009 at 3:41pm

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here.


While I’m busy with magazines and emails lets have some fun!

Stoneyfield just reformulated the YoBaby yogurt to make it even better for our little folks.  I was already in love with the yogurt for my kids, so they didn’t have to do anything to keep me happy.  They have added Vitamin D and Zinc, both known to boost immunity and promote the development of strong bones and teeth.  They sent me coupons to try it out and while I didn’t eat any (I’m not a big yogurt fan) my youngest now cheers when the package comes out of fridge!!  My girls have been trained to think that yogurt is dessert and I hope to keep them that excited to eat it.

Stoneyfield is also giving two of you a chance to try to new version on them.

They will send a prize pack of:

(5) Coupons for Free YoBaby
(1) YoBaby Bowl with lid
(1) YoBaby Bib

To enter leave a comment below with your kids favorite food.  I will pick a winner Sunday night. **over**

I’ll go first: “My youngest thinks she could live off of Cheese, Yogurt, and Bananas. ”

In case you don’t win you can always go here and print coupons to save money on YoBaby and other Stoneyfield products.

    • Jeanne Garrett

      We love yogurt!! We especially like to freeze it. Great giveaway!

    • Kelley Collins

      My daughter would eat us out of house and home completely surviving off of yogurt and cheese. I have to meter out what she gets or she’d probably eat an entire large container of yogurt in one sitting.

    • Sue Ouzts

      My son could live on chicken nuggets and strawberry milk.

    • Rebecca Schug

      My youngest loves freeze dried peas and corn, she breaks out in giggles every time she gets some. My 2 year old loves pizza and grapes, strange boy.

    • CMama

      Loves yogurt smoothies in the morning … calls them his “medicine!”

    • Christy P.

      My kids love Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

    • Emily

      If my baby girl had her way she would live off watermelon, Ritz crackers, and avacado.

      But she loves yogurt, too! :)

    • Christin

      My 2 yo loves corn dogs, applesauce, and yogurt. My youngest just started baby food and she loves carrots and cinnamon granola.

    • Kim

      My baby is about to have a baby – my baby loves fruit & yogurt and is eating healthy for both of them!

    • Tracie

      Hi Jenny,

      My kids love fruit! All fruit. Frozen fruit, fresh fruit, fresh fruit that they freeze (grapes in particular!)… well you get the point. I can’t keep in the house!

      I would love to win!


    • My baby is a picky eatter and she is only 14 months! Yogurt/Soy Yogurt seems to be one thing she’ll at least take a bite of. Every morning I make her a “green goolosh,” consisting of banana, avocado, green beans, barleylife, flax seed, and a couple spoonfuls of yogurt. Each day has a different variation.

    • Jenny (also)

      My oldest used to eat everything. Now he is 3, and eats only peas, corn, carrots, rice, eggo’s, yogurt, fruit, and of course, McDonalds chicken nuggets! My youngest is 8 months old, and after tasting table food and yogurt, has decided that she will not tolerate baby food anymore!

    • Becky

      My youngest loves to eat yogurt and hotdogs!

    • I dont have a baby but my sister just turned 1 (I was an only child before then, and we are 23 years apart!!)

      But my sister’s absolute favorite food is yellow American cheese.
      She will eat other kinds, but if you bring out yellow American, watch out!!
      **Thats also my favorite kind too :)
      She also loves yogurt as well.

    • Meg

      All my youngins love fruits of any kind, hotdogs, hamburgers and ofcourse yogurt :)

    • Erin

      My two year old LOVES yogurt (which he calls rowurt!). I am so thankful to your site for finding us such great deals on his favorite food! His favorite is the GoGurt that we freeze (for less mess!) but he thinks it is “dessert”!

    • Steve Estes

      My boy thinks that chocolate chips are a fruit snack!!!

    • Susan

      My son, at 20 months, used to eat anything I would give him. Now he is much pickier, but he LOVES bananas, yogurt, chicken nuggets, ketchup, waffles and cheese. My daughter is only 3 months old, so only eats breast milk, but she will be started on yo baby around 6 months like her brother was. He loved that stuff!

    • Dai

      I freeze the gogurts and my son thinks they are ice cream tubes, so when I take one out his eyes light up like headlights

    • My son could live off bananas, apples and nuts! He is always carrying them around munching as he goes. He does love yogurt too and always ‘mmmmmms’ when he eats it!

    • Elizabeth

      Morgan, if your baby will eat all that, I’d say she’s pretty adventurous compared to mine!!

      My children live off of yogurt (or yo-grit, as they pronounce it), waffles, cereal, peanut butter and jelly and cashews and raisins.

    • Catrina M

      My son loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! My daughter loves peanut butter and crackers!

    • Jennifer

      I’m a mom to 4 kids under ages 5 1/2 and the one thing they can all agree on and give me about 10 minutes of peace & quiet during these hot summer months are Popsicle brand Sugar Free Slow Melt popsicles…when we go through the garage to play outside, my 2 yr old twins stand at the freezer with their hands up yelling, “sicle, sicle.”. It’s so sweet seeing all 4 kids sitting like 4 ducks in a row on the grass enjoying them and I think they’d eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    • deanna

      My kid could eat his weight in cheese and cottage cheese!

    • Suzanne Curry

      My 16 month old daughter walks to the fridge begging to eat yogurt as often as I will give it to her. Fun giveaway!

    • Marti

      My kids love milk, fruit, and cherry tomatoes. And yogurt, of course!

    • Marianne

      Juice-sicles that we make ourselves!

    • andea

      I use make yogurt smoothies! My son loves them! I just put a small co of yogurt, sugar free apple juice, and a single serving of canned sugar free fruit in the blender! He goes crazy over it!! These coupons would come in as handy as sliced bread! Thanks for all the giveaways that you do! You are awesome!

    • Pasha

      This is my first time commenting. I have been learning so much from this blog!!

      I have 6 blessings ages 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and 4 months. I hear “Mom, may I have an apple?” umpteen gavillion times a day :-). They also love cherrioes and homemade pizza.

    • Chassie

      My kidos could live off of plan noodels with just parmsan cheese(is that hou u spell it?) on them!!!!!(with yougurt as a dessert ofcourse!!!)

    • Chicken nuggets, cheese, and chocolate milk for my almost 4 year old. He’s also fond of “pillows”–Frosted Mini-Wheats!

    • L

      My 2 year old LOVES bluebuerries…really, any kind of fruit makes him happy!

    • Laura

      yogurt with granola topping

    • Rhonda

      Boy#1: Cheez-Its
      Boy#2: Cheerios


    • Meredith

      My youngest loves sharp cheddar cheese, whole grain cheerios, and the apple yobaby yogurt! She would live off of these three items alone.

    • Kelly

      My oldest LOVES yogurt, I have to limit him! He likes the crush cup kind, makes it fun :) My youngest well he just started cereal….he’s only 4 months haha. Great give away! Thank you Jenny for everything

    • Stephanie

      My daughter could live on bananas, oatmeal, and pizza!

    • Isabel

      My 11 month old baby gilr loves bananas and rice i just mix them up and she is happy but she usually eats everythig.

    • Gosh, she is not picky… it’s hard to pick a favorite! Probably what she goes for everytime the fridge opens… Grapes or Cheese!!

    • StaciF19

      My 2 year old loves – banana peppers, black olives, and ranch flavored almonds – all together (he’s a little odd sometimes :) and would live off of drinkable yogurts if we didn’t limit him. My 10 month old will eat anything – whether she found it on the floor or it was given to her, she is not picky as long as it is food!

    • Jennifer

      my little boy LOVES frozen yogurt tubes & blueberries

    • Jennifer

      My youngest, 14 month old son could live off yogurt, grapes and blueberries. I won’t mention where the blueberries end up. Every time we open the refrigerator he climbs up on the legde and squeals like a little pig while pointing at the yogurt containers!

    • Shannon

      My kids’ favorite food is carrots dipped in peanut butter. They think this is one special treat! And they prefer the big ‘ole carrots they have to snap pieces off with their “big teeth”. Those baby carrots have never been exciting to them!

    • Andrea

      All mine love cold, sweet things. Frozen applesauces, pudding, yogurt, strawberry smoothies, you name it.

    • Stacy

      When my 2 year old pushes me out of the way to get into the refrigerator, he always pulls out a cup of yogurt and brings it to his miniature table to eat. I have to rush to him with a spoon before he pours it all over his face!

    • Jessica

      My son loves ice cream but thinks yogurt is the same thing.

    • Stacey W

      My youngest loves yogurt, cheese, fruit and pizza!!

    • Dawn

      Yobaby is Yes baby at our house. Both of mine love yobaby yogurt. Just today at lunch my 9month old was screeching when I wasn’t giving him the yobaby quick enough. We LOVE Yobaby yogurt.

    • Michelle

      I have four little ones (7, 5, 3, and almost 1). They all love different things: pizza, yogurt, fruit, cheeseburgers, and so on. It’s a challenge to feed all of them in a healthy, delicious way! :)

    • crystal

      Too funny about yogurt…my oldest dd could eat yogurt all day everyday and her sister is quickly following in her footsteps, LOL

    • Larissa

      My daughter loves watermelon, canteloupe & milk. My son loves apples with peanut butter & Doritos!

    • Melisha

      Right now – Chocolate Milk :)

    • Oh for sure cheese and yogurt! My girls looooooove their dairy products :)

    • Ashley

      I have 2 boys. The 2-year old lives off yogurt, bacon and macaroni and chocolate milk to wash it down. Now my 1 year old will eat almost anything, thank goodness!!!

    • Stefanie Porter

      Although just starting on both yogurt and baby food, the little one is OBSESSED with Sweet Potatoes! Thankfully they have mixes with all kinds of combos containing sweet potatoes so I can keep him happy while also providing a variety!!! He LOVES Yobaby too!

    • Jacki

      I’ve got two boys who would be very happy if all they had to eat was linguine with clams and a tall glass of milk (for the oldest) and water (for the youngest) to wash it down :)

    • Julie

      my 21 month old son will only eat yogurt by himself. I can’t get him to eat oatmeal or cereal, but he will eat yogurt. Well, he will eat at least 70% of it. The rest is on his tray, hair, chair, up the nose, and who know where else. Yogurt is better than a cookie to him…and that is tough to beat (excuse me…a cootie that is).

    • Tracey

      My son is in love with the soft kashi cereal bars. Blackberry is his favorite!

    • Christina

      My son loves to eat yo-baby yogurt every morning. But his favorite food is hot dogs. My daughter loves to eat pizza and yogurt drinks.

    • Alyssa

      PB&J is my 2 year old’s favorite!!

    • patrick

      Our nine month old twin girls are just getting into yobaby, but have been very patient as mom and dad learn how to make baby food – sweet potatoes and zucchini squash have been the favorites so far!

    • Mel

      My son loves black beans and cucumuber! We want him to gain weight and all he wants are things with no calories.

    • Jamey

      My youngest (9 mo) just started eating YoBaby and LOVES it, he kicks his feet and squeals when I get the container out and open it.

      My oldest (3yr) loves blueberries more than anything. He gets so excited when he asks if we have some and I say yes!


    • lindsay smith

      My 10 month old loves the pear yobaby yogurt!! LOVES!!

    • Laura

      My daughter is a good eater — but her favorite might be avocado! She eats it plain, just cubed, and LOVES it.

    • tricia

      My little ones love yogurt and fruit. Long live vanilla yogurt, granola, and blueberries.

    • Sarah

      My son could live off of chicken nuggets.

    • Brooke

      My little girl calls yogurt her “cow jumped over the moon snack” because one of the packages of yogurt has a cow on it and she just started calling it that. She loves the squeezable yogurt packs and we love to freeze them too.

    • My daughter loves yogurt, cheese and green beans. Most other things I try to get her to eat falls to the wayside. Picky Toddler!!

    • Christie

      My two cry for yogurt!! It is their favortie food.

    • Kim

      My one and only loves cheese, yogurt, popsicles and anything called “dessert.”

    • ginger

      My seven month old loves to share my peach yogurt and rice pudding.

    • Kellyann

      BOth of my girls love yogurt and is one of their favorite snacks. However, my 3-4 year old daughter used to eat yogurt, nuts, fruits and veggies. I had to give her yogurt so I knew she was at least eating some protein in a day. She’s better about eating meat now, but still loves her yogurt.

    • Julie

      My son’s favorite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, grapes, and yogurt/fruit juice popsicles!

    • My little one enjoys all food, it’s so hard to pick her favorite! She never turns down a meal. I try to keep bananas stockpiled for enjoyment. In the past I have bought 5 ripe banana bags, then peeled them and froze them!

    • Annie

      My little one could live off of hot dogs, bananas, and apple juice.

    • Sherry

      My son thinks chicken fingers or hotdogs are enough to live on. I wish he could find some yogurt or veggies that he likes. I’ve had to convince him that fries and macaroni & cheese are NOT veggies. He has a HUGE sweet tooth so maybe this will work!

    • Katie Ring

      My son loves yo baby yogurt! He eats 2 or 3 a day. We could really use the coupons!! : ) Fruit and grilled cheese are some of his other fave foods. Thanks!

    • Both my girls (3 yrs and 17 mos) love peas with pesto! Insane.

    • Brandi

      My girls love frozen “Gogurts”. They think they are popsicles.

    • Amanda

      My daughter is 16 months old and she is our little monkey!! Do any of you remember the Monchichi’s??? She is definitely one of them. Ironically, her favorite food is bananas. We can be just walking through the produce section and if she sees them, she goes “bananas”.

      (picture available if it would help!!!)

    • Rebecca

      My kids love cheese and bananas.

    • Oh, my little girl things that Cheese is dessert and she loves the YoBaby yogurt!

    • Sherry

      I have four kids (ages 8 to 16). My oldest’s favorite foods are watermelon, yogurt, and red cabbage(!). The next loves cherry cheesecake and skittles . The next loves everything (if you didn’t guess , he’s a boy!), and the last’s favorite is malt-o-meal and figs!

    • AngelaDH

      My son would live off of raw tofu, kiwi, grapes, blueberries, green beans, basil pesto and cherries. :)

    • Julia B

      My granddaughter loves yogurt! Loves it, loves it, loves it!!!

    • Tina

      My daughter loves cheese, chicken, and broccoli.

    • Whitney

      My little one loves bananas and milk!

    • Megan

      My twins love avacados, macaroni and cheese,fruit, and yougurt smoothies. They will pretty much eat anything except pepperoni… “It’s to picy” they say and of course forget the “s”.

    • Stephanie

      My son could live on CHOCOLATE! It doesn’t matter what the chocolate is on, he will eat it. I wonder where he got his chocolate addiction from. Hmmm… ;)

    • stephanie

      The first sentence we heard my nephew say was “yo-baby” (as in “hello, baby”)- that’s what we would say everytime we sat down to eat our yogurt! (we babysat him daily) Now, our own 10 mo. old is eating Yo-Baby each day at lunch and we can hardly wait to hear her say the now-famous-phrase!

    • Melissa

      My son, Sebastian, can not live witout “soda” at dinner time. The “soda” he is given from me is really Mott’s for Tots fruit punch with a splash of Perrier. He’ll never know! (wink)

    • erin

      Okay everyone I know this is weird but my son’s favorite food is baby octopus. And even the lady at the Sushi restaurant that we frequent giggles everytime she hears him say that he wants a bowl of seaweed salad Wakame salad for sushi adicts and 3 Baby octopus’ for dinner. I guess I need to teach him that it should be 3 octopi. LOL We have fed him sushi since he was one year old well sushi rice even before that Soy sauce also used to have him aking the funniest faces when he was a baby but he always wanted to put a little more on his tongue.

    • Honey

      My son was at a birthday party at Little Gym. The activity leader asked the kids what their favorite food was. Most were saying mac&cheese or pizza. My little guy said “brocolli”-heehee. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Anissa

      My baby’s breakfast is not complete until he gets his YoBaby. Bananas (anana, as he says) and yogurt are his favorite foods.

    • Megan

      My son is 13 months old and breakfast is the only easy meal at our house. Each morning he has his Yo Baby yogurt and cheerios! Now, if I could just figure out what he loves for lunch and dinner…

    • Kelly

      Yogurt’s good; organic cheerios are even better!

    • Twana

      My 3 yr old son has severe allergies along with texture aversion. He doesn’t eat solid food, so his milk has yo baby plain yogurt and brown rice baby cereal mixed in to give him the nourishment he needs. We’d love to try the new variation :)

    • sarah

      My little girl (who turns 1 tomorrow) could live off of anything in noodle form. Ramen noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, it doesn’t matter! She will even onions that look like they are in noodle form!

    • Jenny

      My son loves spaghetti and fruit!! The messier, the better!

    • Alicia

      My kids LOVE yogurt and a runner up would have to be PB & J!!!

    • mollie

      My daughter would live off of yogurt if I would let her!

    • Gerri

      My 2 year old grandson will smack his lips when he sees the yogurt come out of the fridge.

    • Karen

      My youngest’s favorite food is anything bready.

    • Lindsay

      Well I’m surprised my two oldest boys haven’t sprouted feathers and started laying eggs, all they will eat is chicken nuggets. My baby loves sweet potatoes..so much so, that the doctor warned us to stop feeding him so much because he was beginning to turn Orange!! :) (we did cut back his intake dramatically..but he still loves them)

    • Jennifer

      My 4 year old answer to everything is ‘chicken fries’. But when it come to breakfast she knows she can have crunchy cereal or yogurt and the YoBaby yogurt is one she will eat.

    • Lani

      My 6-year-old loves gnocchi!! And my 2-year-old loves my homemade smoothies (and her YoBaby drinkables!). Great offer, thank you!

    • Micheal

      My son loves milk, grapes, pickles, and black eyed peas!

    • Denise

      My kids love yogurt. They to think it’s dessert. We freeze it and eat it like ice cream.

    • Jennifer

      I have yet to find a food my daughter will not eat, but she loves sweet potatoes and carrots!

    • amy

      My kids love cheese, yogurt, pb & j sandwhichs, green beans & corn.

    • Pretty much loves everything we have given him. But he really seems to love Sweet Potatoes!

    • My youngest, who is the picky one, would eat goldfish crackers all day if he could! It drives me crazy!! Thank goodness he likes yogurt, bananas & organic fruit bars too! ;)

    • Amy

      My 2 year old son loves Yoplait GoGurt (I know, wrong brand!). We freeze it and give him yogurt popsicles (yay for protein!). Spongebob is on the packaging right now so he always asks for Bob-Bob O-Gurt!

    • Abbie

      Mac-n-cheese for my girlies!

    • Jill Renee

      When Grandma came to visit and asked what little Nick wanted to eat he said ….

      “I want to eat the baby in the fridge”!!!!

      Grandma’s eyes poped out, and when she couldnt find the baby in the fridge little Nick had to show her that it was the yogurt.:)

      He’s also crazy for Mac and Cheese. Who Isn’t?

    • Sandra

      My youngest 18 month old granddaughter loves chicken nuggets, yogurt, and mac and cheese. Can’t get her to eat a whole lot of anything else.

    • Kikka

      Our daughter eats a cheesestick and a YoBaby yogurt everyday!! She yells when she sees them.

    • Travis

      She’ll eat ANYTHING!! And I mean anything. She’s so funny.

    • My son could live off cereal bars, cheese, juice, and chicken.

    • Beth

      My 3 yr old could eat PB&J every day of his life, he’s also obsessed with yogurt and broccoli (Favorite veggie of all time even gets it when we go out to dinner) – My little one loves her “mommy milk” – she’s only 3 months!

    • Molly


      Great giveaway. Thanks!

    • Donella

      My son loves green beans and sweet potatoes! I hope this lasts!!!

    • Natalee

      My 2 little kiddos love chocolate milk, hot dog corn (corndogs for those who can’t translate), cheerios, all fruits, some yogurts and, of course, pop-ice.

    • Shawn

      I just had my 3rd son on Monday. My other 2 live off this yogurt and I would love the bib for the my new baby.

    • Kara

      Though not picky about anything she puts in her mouth (especially coupons & circulars!), my daughter’s favorite food is strawberries.

    • My kids would live off of Mac & Cheese if I would let them – it’s their favorite, hands down.

    • My daughter-in-law is expecting her fifth child next month. She and her children eat yogurt as if it were candy. It is a regular lunch and snack item for all of them.

    • Sherrie

      My 2nd baby is pregnant with her 1st baby. Milk is not #1 on her menu so yogurt and cheese help with their calcium requirements. My 1st baby will only feed her 1st baby Yo Baby organic yogurt!

    • ashley

      My 2 1/2 year old son loves fruits and veggies – he ate three helpings of steamed brussels sprouts at dinner the other night! He kept saying, “Please, can I have some more brussels sprouts please?” Who would say no to that?

    • Sarah

      Graham crackers and raisins

    • Heather

      My 3 year old loves kelloggs special k cereal and grits and my 1 year old could eat macaroni and cheese every meal if we let her!

    • gini

      My 2 year old LOVES spaghetti. She’d eat it for every meal. My 7 year old likes plain iceburg lettuce with no dressing, and my 4 year old says his favorite food is yogurt.

    • Amy in LA

      My 3 year old’s favorite food is any type of rice and gravy… gumbo, stew, etouffe, etc. She also loves corn on the cob. She requests yogurt or string cheese or a piece of fruit at her healthy snack time, so I’d love to win this giveaway!

    • Ryann

      My kids could eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch and be excited about it every time!

    • CATHY E.

      My 2 year old princess Summer Jane would live off of Mac n Cheese for every meal if I allowed it:) However, I do require yogurt. She has always eaten Yo Baby brand so I would appreciate the prize.
      Kind regards,

    • Keri

      My daughter, just like her dad, could live off cheese alone.

    • Our SIX kiddos eat yogurt daily-frozen-breakfasts and their all time favorite SMOOTHIES!!!!!

      The yogurt can cover up the veggies I HIDE in the smoothie!!


    • Amanda


    • Lynette

      My youngest loves yogurt and blueberry applesauce.

    • My boys could eat bluebuerries and strawberries for every meal for the rest of their lives! We just went blueberry picking and I picked 2 gallons and we already went through 1 gallon in a week with just them eating them!!

    • Andrea

      My two live on grilled cheese sandwiches. Live on them. Try as I may to expand their diet!!

    • Cathy in S’ville

      My nine year old boy eats everything. And my 4 year old eats fruit anything. But both eat yogurt in the tube or cup and they love to squeeze the cup(fun to watch 4 yo try without making a mess:)) First time on site and I wanted to thank you for all that you do for all of us.

    • melissa

      my daughter goes through phases and will only be interested in certain foods at a time…right now, blueberries and cheese crackers. thanks for the great giveaway!

    • amy sanders

      My youngest could live off of chicken nuggets and grapes…

    • My 3 yr old son could live off cheese- grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese toast, cheese and crackers and cheese queasadeas! HE LOVES CHEESE

    • Shonda

      Okay, it looks like my 15 month old son is huge fan of the fruits and veggies. We have to open the fridge so he can reach the strawberries (one of his favorites). If he sees a yogurt container he goes wild! He also loves blueberries, tomatoes, avocados, and lemons (including the rind – yuck)! I didn’t get to see my child pucker, he just stared and asked for more!

    • Cathy in S’ville

      My nine year old boy eats everything!! And my daughter who is four years old eats tons of fruit. But both eat yogurt in the squeeze tube and in cups. And it’s a real treat to watch them both squeeze the bottom of the cup (esp my 4yo) without making a mess:)

    • Catrina

      My kids love strawberries and could eat them all the time.

    • Amber

      My 13 month old loves anything to do with breakfast. Eggs with cheese, toast, cheerios, sausage biscuits and of course yogurt!

    • jennyM

      What? You mean you get your 3 year old to eat?

    • Alicia

      My kids love grapes, salami,cheese and popcorn.

    • Emily

      My 22-month-old loves cheese, grapes, and blueberries.

    • Natalie

      There are many days when I can only get my son to eat YoBaby Yogurt… it is definitely one of his favorites along with Goldfish, Cherrios, Yogurt Melts, and oh yeah, McDonald’s Hamburgers!

    • Lisa

      My 11-month old will eat cheerios all day long if I let her, but she really isn’t picky and will eat just about anything. I have been experimenting a lot lately since she is at that age that I can do that. She loves yogurt and I have been dying to try yobaby, but it’s so expensive. So I really hope that I win!

    • my 1 year old loves hot dogs, peanut butter, and of course yogurt!

    • Jana

      My 8 and 10 year old daughters love sushi!!!

    • Melanie H.

      Anna (age 6): broccoli and cheese casserole
      Ethan (age 4): peanut butter and jelly – EVERYDAY!!!
      Evan (age 18 months): anything his stubby fingers can cram in his mouth!
      All three love yogurt in all forms: cup, drinkable, go-gurt in the pouch, it doesn’t matter to them! We easily go through 3 packs of yogurt a week (Thank the Lord for coupons)! Thanks so much for this giveaway contest!

    • Katherine

      My daughter loves bananas, puffs, yogurt, and peas!

    • Tiffany

      Strangely enough, both of my kids LOVE pickled beets! I pretend to eat them, but yuck!

    • Sarah

      My son likes everything dipped in ranch dressing.

    • Stephanie

      My kids love yogurt, really.

    • Susan

      My 22 month Grandson, when I open the fridge door, he pushes me aside, reaches in and grabs the yogurt, one for each hand. Think he’s telling me something?

    • Merrilee

      my little guy loves PB and yogurt.

    • Ashley

      My daughter loves carrots, bananas, cheerios and yogurt!

    • beverly

      My son loves to eat pizza but his breakfast each morning consists of yo baby and and egg. He has Down Syndrome and this yogurt has really helped his stomach issues with any meds….YEA!

    • Michelle Fowler

      My oldest Loves to eat tuna sandwiches with pepperoni on them. I craved these when i was pregnant with him and six years later he still loves them!!

    • My baby will eat anything but she’s particularly fond of ground beef, blueberries and chocolate pudding.

    • Jennifer

      Anything Dairy! Cheese, Yogurt and Milk are all very popular in our home.

    • Alyssa

      Our daughter eats grape tomatoes like they are candy!

    • Lisa

      My kids loves fruit, and yogurt, cheese, and chocolate.

    • laura mccraw

      We have spent a small fortune on yo baby yogurt!! I am so glad my twin boys love it b/c I feel so good when I am giving it to them!! Would love some q’s!! :0-

    • Ashley

      I love your site. It is an awesome reference tool for me as I carefully plan my grocery shopping. I have a 10 month old and she absolutely loves Yo Baby yogurt+cereal. She is also a huge fan of bananas and peas! I just tried the Yo Baby drinkable yogurt with her tonight, and she sucked it down in no time. I’d say she really liked it too! I’d love to win a prize pack! Thanks for the chance.

    • sc

      My son loves all types of dairy products–including sour cream or cream cheese right off the spoon!

    • Kelli

      My Daughter thinks that if she eats sliced cheese and ritz crackers for snack she doesn’t have to eat her dinner! She is a cheese-a-holic!

    • Kim

      My son LOVES yogurt, fruit (especially peaches!), PB&J. He’s facing some big allergy testing and I think we are going to be having to leave off wheat/corn/red dye, so this would go a long way to helping us with something he could actually HAVE right now. Thanks so much for all you do!!

    • Teresa

      Favorite foods? Anything I put in front of them! Really!

    • Miranda

      My 15 month old lives off of yogurt, applesauce, and cheese doodles!!!

    • Adele

      Katie loves most fruits and veggies, but especially strawberries and apples :-) Yogurt is her snack at night :-)

    • Shannon

      Cheese is our friend! That is my son’s motto. He thinks he should eat cheese all the time.

    • Karey

      My kids favorite foods are fruit (any kind!) and cereal. They also both love yogurt and have it with breakfast several mornings a week.

    • Amanda

      Pancakes are a favorite in my house. The one fruit all my family loves is watermelon.

    • Kelly

      My little one use to eat anything and everything until he discovered yobaby yogurt. He is now hooked. When I open the refrigerator door he gets so excited. It’s so cute to see his sweet little toothless grin!! We buy at least two yo baby 6 packs a week. Winning a couple of free ones would be great!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

    • Courtney

      My 16 month old son is living right now on a humus, apple sauce and yogurt diet. Everything else lands on the floor for the dog to eat!

    • Beth

      Right now the favorite snack is popcorn and favorite mealtime food is waffles, or FAFFLES as they shout from their cribs! :)

    • My kids favorite is hands down yogurt!!

    • Jennifer

      My son is the banana man around here. My daughter’s favs change by the minute (aren’t girls born to change their mind)? They do eat yogurt every night before bed.

    • My babies think – and me too, that Stoneyfield’s is dessert! It’s seriously delicious and better for us than most any other brands. I have been a loyal Stoneyfield Farm customer since I was preg-o with my youngest….who is about to turn 3 on Sunday!!! Yikes.

    • Teia

      My daughters fav food is poptarts. And I regret ever giving them to her in the first place. I try to limit her to once a week.

    • My son love apples.
      thanks Lenka

    • Tara M.

      I know it may sound crazy to some, but my 5 year olds favorite food is SUSHI.

      Thanks for all you do Jenny!I read this site almost everyday.

    • Larissa

      My kids would live off cereal

    • Katy

      Well my 1 year old son is what we like to call a “carbaholic” and lives off of bread, cheese, potatoes, and anything with carbs! He does LOVE the Yobaby yogurt with the cereal and fruit at the bottom that is his favorite!

    • Becca

      Both my boys LOVE yogurt–how fitting for this little contest!

    • Jessica

      My little one would love to live on yogurt, applesauce, cheese, and of course, pizza!

    • Angela

      my son loves formula and rice cereal right now (3.5 mos) but hope to start him on solids in a couple of weeks!

    • Heather

      ds loooves his yo baby yogurt and dd lives on easy mac.

    • Kim

      My daughter would eat nothing but bananas if I let her. When she sees me get one off of the counter she squeals, claps her hands, and makes the sign for banana. So cute!

    • Crystal

      My son loves yogurt. We originally got him to eat it by putting a straw in it (and to save the mess), and he still has one everday!

    • Laura

      My son (15mo) loves food in general, but I guess his favorites are hotdogs, banana, black beans, cheese, crackers, carrots, ice cream….

    • Caroline

      My 4yo could live off of mac n cheese, peaches and yogurt. My 2yo could live off of PB&J and oatmeal and the 9mo could live off of yogurt and bananas.

    • My almost 3 year old loves waffless, pizza, and bananas, and carrots.

    • Both children are “fruitatarians” so to speak so they will live off bananas, blueberry yo-baby yogurt and strawberries. I wish they ate some “junk” food but the four year old will not eat mac n’ cheese (or any pasta) and forget hamburgers!

    • Michelle

      My daughter could live off of pizza for the rest of her life. My son loves hot dogs and Goldfish.

    • michelle

      according to my 3 year old son when asked what his favorite snack is “letter cookies and yogurt cold treat” (earths best letter cookie monster cookies and squeezable yougurt frozen)

    • Tiffany

      My 7 month old munchkin loves bananas but they don’t love her so she secretly loves prunes :)

    • cwtampa

      Roasted asparagus – how awesome is that?!?

    • Ash

      My 8 month old baby girl is hooked on Sweet Potatoes, vanilla custard and teething crackers! She eats so many packages of sweet potatoes that her nose is orange for days at a time!!!

    • Kelly

      My almost 2 year old loves all fruit, especially watermelon and strawberries. I mix the YoBaby plain or vanilla yogurt with honey, cinnamon, and fruit and he says “Goooood!”:)

    • leisy miller

      my little boy is a crazy carnivore. He just turned two and LOVES steak.

    • Canita

      I think my son is going to turn into a blueberry! He also loves yogurt but insists on feeding it to himself..which is always such a treat to watch (and clean up!). We were blessed to find YoBaby when looking for whole milk yogert and am so glad we did!

    • My son loves everything! His favorites are probably bananas, pasta and carrots.

    • Christy

      Mine loves to steal frozen peas from the freezer and m & m’s from the bowl when I’m (wink) not looking!

    • Karen D.

      My oldest boy will eat carrot sticks and raw broccoli over anything else. My daughter loves anything sweet, but also yogurt, cheese, wheat thins, and chicken. My youngest boy loves dried fruit and canned pears, as well as spaghetti.

    • Jeannie

      Mine is a big yogurt fan, but LOVES cheese. He comes by it honestly.

    • beth w

      My babies love oranges. they eat 3-4 a day (more if i’d let them). cheese is like baby crack for my daughter and my boy, well he’ll eat anything :)

    • Jenny

      My 2 1/2 year old would absolutely die without cheese!! I’m pregnant with my second child, due in Feb, so this would come in handy! Thanks!

    • Elizabeth

      My son LOVES yogurt, hot dogs , grapes and graham crackers.Happily , he’s a great eater too.

    • Caroline

      We all love fruit!!!!Also, desserts are big around here!

    • Lyndsey

      My son love spider-man mac and cheese, yogurt, and chocolate (of course)! ;)

    • Melanie

      My little one loves any kind of fruit, especially “bamanas” :-).

    • Erin

      My daughter doesn’t eat a ton of things. However, yogurt, “yoyurt,” and raisins, “raisies,” are always something I know she’ll eat. I even hide her medicine in her yogurt!

    • April

      My daughter loves apples and my son loves grapes. How lucky can one mother be? :)

    • Jamie

      She’ll eat blueberries all day long if you let her!

    • Mandy

      My 21 month old twins absolutely love go-gurts unfortunately I didn’t stockpile as much last time Publix had a great B1G1 sale. During our time without go-gurts my twins would go to the refrigerator and say goooooo. Try explaining to 21 month twins that mommy didn’t buy them go’s b/c they weren’t on sale. I did supplement with the Danamials though although not their favorite. =)

    • Julie

      Yobaby yogurt!!! Fruit & cereal mix apple and mixed berry flavors!

    • Heather

      My daughter loves anything that comes with a dip.

    • Jenni

      My ten month old loves peas,carrots and yogurt!!!

    • Michelle McCrary

      My 6 year old daughter is not a big breakfast eater. One morning after begging her to eat before school I said what about a “fruit salad?..yummy yummy” I cut bananas, apples, and added strawberry yogurt as the “dressing” she loved it!

    • Krissy

      My 10 month old little boy loves to eat Turkey Tetrazinni, Green beans,and yogurt but he really LOVES his CHEESE PUFFS and CHERRIOS!

    • My little one could live on any yogurt (including plain white!), olives, and cheese!


    • Sue

      My little boy loves everything, but especially pizza and fruit!!

    • Elizabeth

      My 10-month-old daughter loves Cheerios…and sticking them up her nose! She’s also a big cheese, tomato, and chicken fan as well. Yogurt is her everyday breakfast, and thank goodness for YoBaby…its the only one that agrees with her little tummy!

      My soon-to-be born daughter also loves Yogurt…I get lots of little kicks and flips every time I eat it. I know she’s trying to say, “That was yummy, Mom!” : ) I can’t wait to start the days of introducing new foods all over again!

      Thanks for all you do, Jenny! And what an awesome giveaway! Thanks, Stonyfield!

    • Latrise

      My youngest daughter loves yogurt because, and I quote, “it keeps me regular!”

    • Lane

      My little one is just starting to eat solids, so any foods he doesn’t spit out are good ones!

    • kimberly

      favs are “gogurt”…cries for it. blueberries, raisins, cheese and chippies (yes he sometimes gets OUR chips).


    • Easy Mac, Capri Sun, and vitamins (or as we call them in my household: “special Smarties”! Great way to trick him into liking them. ;) )

    • Brittany

      My sun loves pizza, cheeseburgers, danimals, black beans, cheese, grapes and cherries. He is really a great eater and loves most food!

    • Amy

      My 4yo’s favorite at dinner is the protein. She loves fish, chicken, beef. The 2yo likes anything with noodles. They both love yogurt. We just finished the last of our 25 cent Yoplait Plus today and we are in desperate need. Stoneyfield was their first yogurt!

    • kristy

      Mine love muffins, I’m always trying to figure out ways to make them healthy.

    • Kara

      My son’s favorite foods are Stoneyfield’s french vanilla yougurt, bananas, cheerios and cheese!

    • Melissa

      My son has eaten an Eggo Waffle every morning for over a year! He says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and he thinks a waffle is the only thing that can get him through his day at school (3rd Grade is really hard!) We mix it up with toppings like peanut butter, fruit or frozen yogurt!

    • bhumi

      My son thinks anything that he can eat while tryingto drive a parkedcar is supercool. So go-gurt works for us

    • My 9 year old LOVES waffles for breakfast, my 6 year old doesn’t appear to have a favorite, and my 1 1/2 year old LOVES yogurt!!!

    • Audra

      i have a one two an three ear old. They love bananas and raisins and apples. i am a stay @ home mom and I love yo baby!

    • julie

      My daughter love graham crackers & strawberries.

    • My oldest (4 year old) is a chocoholic like her mommy. But she looooves yogurt too. Each week we get a kick out of trying the new kinds that are on sale.

    • Lauren Bayles

      My twin boys — who are always hungry — cannot get enough Yo-Baby yogurt, or cheese, chocolate milk and popsicles. Oh, and toast.

    • misty

      My daughter is 1 year old and so far her favorite food is sweet potatoes. She also loves the smoothies I make for her using the yo baby apple yogurt. I add bananas and peaches to it and once she puts the cup to her mouth, she won’t stop until it’s gone.

    • Kimberli

      My son would live off of fruit if we’d let him – he doesn’t care what kind, just fruit, fruit and more fruit!!

    • Sherry

      My son loves cottage cheese.

    • Janice

      My daughter and her family live with me and my grandson (almost 3) LOVES to eat! He likes everything except watermelon and cantaloupe. He even eats olives!! He loves yogurt and we have never tried YoBaby, so we would like to try it.

    • Mina

      The eighteen month old is the baby. His favorite foods are carrots (fresh or cooked); anything with garlic, dill, or just plain spicey; noodle dishes; and pepperjack cheese. This is one kiddo who turned up his nose to jars of baby food and went straight to the “real thing” mooshed up.

    • Teresa-QOCD

      with 15 grandchildren they think anything at grannys house is special, but yogurt is always available.

    • Elizabeth

      Cheese, lemonade, and peanut butter for my older two. My youngest loves bananas and peaches!!

    • Joy Patterson

      My grandkids love yobaby yogurt. I add a few fresh blueberries or cantalope and they can’t get enough.

    • Heather

      My baby boy loves yogurt, bananas, avacados and pasta!

    • ChristinaD

      My 7yo informed me that he doesn’t want “adult food”- just cheese quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal. My 4yo wants soft buttered bread- yesterday he had FOUR “sandwiches” at lunch (with NO meat). My 3yo is our own “Mikey” and will eat anything that stays still long enough. My 2yo just wants MEAT- don’t bother with any bread or side items- just give her the MEAT! My 6month old just prefers mommy’s milk. The four older ones like yogurt as long as it doesn’t have ANY “lumps”. You’d be amazed how many brands out there have these pesky lumps in them!

    • Alison V.

      My 21 month old boy would eat bananas, cheerios, and yobaby yogurt (all our yogurt is Stonyfield) all day long if I let him. When I get out the yogurt, he gets so excited! He even does a better job at feeding himself with a spoon if it’s yogurt!

    • My 2 year old would live on fruits only, if we gave her the chance. Not too thrilled with most meats. ChristinaD your Meat only 2yo and my fruits only 2yo would do well sharing a meal :)
      Thanks for all you do Jenny. As I can see by the fact that I am comment 221, it appears that many others live by your website as well. Keep up the great work.

    • my 21 month old loves fruit, veggies, yogurt, and cheese (not sure which he would say is his absolute favorite. my 2 month loves his breast milk!

    • Suzanne

      My almost 3-year-old seems to live on fruit, bread, and cheese. If a green bean touches his tongue, he gags like he’s dying. My 10-month-old loves cheerios and gets so excited when she sees the yellow box come out of the pantry.

    • Delores

      My kids are pretty good eaters. I have one who loves vegetables, one who loves cheese, one who loves bread, one who loves sweets. But all of them eat pretty much whatever I cook.

    • melissa

      My baby’s favorite foods are Yogurt! Avocados, Bananas,Blueberries, and Pancakes!

    • Please enter us! thank you

    • Sloan

      My little ones favorite food changes every day. One day he will want nothing but meat, the day – nothing but noodles. He really does love yogurt, and cheese, and usually cereal. Those are things i can get him to eat pretty much anytime. Lemonade is another popular one!

    • Emily

      My son loves fruit and dairy. He could live off of milk, yogurt, cheese, and fruit.

    • Dana

      I have two young daughters. They fight each other for the last of the yogurt every week! It’s hilarious. The oldest one will always try to convince the younger “why she doesn’t need any more yogurt”..in an effort to force her to choose something else. It really causes quite a laugh in our house!

    • Holly

      My two year old loves his “wogurt.” He asks for it at EVERY meal and snack. After he finishes the “wogurt”, he uses the empty cup as a hat!

    • jen

      would love to win!

    • Jessica

      My girls (2 and 3) would eat yogurt for every meal if I let them. They also love cheese, bananas and black olives (usually on their fingertips).

    • Allison

      Our kids love yogurt…we have an entire shelf devoted to yogurt in our fridge. They get terribly excited when I let them put their own granola or sprinkles on it! They could also live off of fresh fruit…they have had the opportunity to pick apples, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries…and never understand why they can’t do that during winter months!

    • Jill

      My second son had food aversions and was seriously underweight, enough that we had to put him on a feeding tube. One thing he would eat though was yogurt!! We made yogurts smoothies and yogurt pops and would add milk to make “drinking yogurt” and protein powder for extra nutrients. I don’t know what we would have done without yogurt!! With our 4th baby due in 2 weeks, we know that we’ll continue to feed our babies this healthy and yummy food!

    • Rebecca P

      My youngest son loves yogurt frozen. When he says yogurt it sounds like he is saying carrots. Our babysitter one day thought he was asking for carrots and gave him carrots and was quite confused when he spit them out. Our oldest had to tell her he wanted yogurt!

    • Kristin

      My two year old counld not function every day without her yogurt, milk and fruit. We know she will ALWAYS eat those, even though she might skip over everything else!

    • Julia

      My little guy loves Pirates booty, rice puffs, and Bananas.

    • Rebekah

      Yo baby Yogurt was the only food my baby girl would eat until she was 9 months! She still loves yobaby and eats it daily, but it is a little pricey. We always keep it on hand, but would love some free coupons! LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!

    • Cetelia

      My daughter could live off of mac-n-cheese and milk. My son could live off of pizza. We love Stoneyfield yogurt.

    • Dianna

      I have 2 kids, 1 boy 1 1/2 & 1 girl 3 1/2. When my kids were started on solids I began making their baby food (as much as I could) My litle girl loved it from the beginning. My little man on the other hand refused my mome-made stuff from the beginning.. he would gag:( Since then He has been the PICKIEST eater!! My little woman eats really well (what 3yr old do you know hat will eat salad with all the veggies in the world before mac & cheese… mine!!) My picky man has caused alot of frustration because EVERYTHING goes on the floor after a LONG inspection by him.
      His likes include..Yougrt, grapes, chicken nuggets, (some cereal) & bananas. I am so limited & frustrated. I hope he grows out of it!!!

    • Stephanie

      My 4yo is becoming more picky as he gets older. He loves to drink milk and water (thank goodness) If he had his way, he would eat pizza daily! He does love oatmeal, yogurt and applesauce

      My youngest is a huge fan of grapes, bananas and blueberries. I think he’d rather eat fruit than anything else!

    • Anita Shipley

      My four daughters like watermelon, cold cereal, and chicken nuggets.

    • Christine

      My 5yr old Molly has a sophisticated palate. I have to beg her to finish kid-friendly cereal & mac & cheese but she’ll scarf down mussels, shrimp & crab legs!

    • Tracy

      My daugher LOVES green beans. She will eat them before anything else on her plate.

    • My son is 5 months old so he’s just starting to enjoy the world of taste beyond formula :) He hasn’t turned anything away (YET) but he seems to love bananas!

    • Angela

      We love YoBaby (and YoKids) at our house! Thanks for a chance to win.

    • Kathryn

      Hi Jenny!!

      I have 2 kids. My oldest is going to be 2 August 15. He loves all sorts of bread products- crackers, toast, pretzels, goldfish. He also loves rice, yogurt, pudding- anything messy so mommy has fun cleaning it up! My daughter is 9 months old and LOVES mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and pizza crusts!

    • Tracey

      My son loves oatmeal, popsicles, and applesauce.

    • Joy

      wow holy comments batman

      My daughter LOVES cheese-any cheese, she eats a cheese sandwich almost every day for lunch.

      My son’s favorites are Pizza. Spaghetti, and tacos-all of these he will eat a ton of.

      both of them LOVE fruit

    • Dixie

      Hmmm, well that’s a tough one since my 4-year-old will eat anything we set in front of her. Her snack everyday lately has been yogurt, but she loves all fruit and most everything else as well. I hope baby to come (in eight months) will be the same! :)

    • benz1968

      My baby enjoys yogurt as a snack but he’s definelty a meat eater…lol.

    • Courtney

      My baby has loved yogurt since he was 5 months especially the particular brand. He each one everyday for a snack and sometimes one after his dinner.

    • Rachel Charlton

      My kids love your yogurt!

    • Emmyw

      How do you ever read all these….. Ok my two youngest could live off yum Yuma (ska Brest milk) and yougurt. The 9 yr old loves yogurt also lol but not the yum yum part. The bad thing about couponing is that organic deals Arent as good as the junk kind so kudos for doing the organic give.

    • Deborah

      My little one loves cheese!

    • becka

      My grandson was born 3 weeks ago and open heart surgery. He is now home and doing well. If I win this give away I will be passing it along to my grandson!

    • Elissa Shealy

      Brad loves pears and apples, cheddar cheese, and whatever I am eating. He’ll open his mouth at me and he just wants to put his mouth on my food, he usually doesn’t even take a nibble.

    • nancy

      My oldest is eleven and she love yogurt, cheese, green beans. Mexican hot dogs. My 14 month old likes anything I give her but i would pick oatmeal plain and cheeriooooooos with juice. lol

    • Kristy

      A favorite food is more about an experience than a taste, and our favorite food is watermelon. My grandfather would pick one from the garden, call us, and we would cut it open, eager to hear the watermelon crack open, and smell the sweetness of summer in it, and waiting for the excitement of the first bite. We would sit on the concrete watermelon bench and eat it down to the rinds, and then go feed them to the horses, letting the sticky juice run down our hands. Now that I’m grown up, I have watermelon most every morning for breakfast, and I love to share it with my precious little boy on the front porch on lazy summer mornings!

      Thanks for all the work you do with your website!

    • Telaina

      My three year old daughter loves yogurt. It helps her to have a great immune system but she just thinks it is dessert. She almost never gets sick. I can only recall one short lived stomach virus in her three years. Stoneyfield is my favorite!

    • Julie

      My daughter’s favourite food is FOOD. She will eat anything. Seriously. Anything edible, or borderline edible or even non-edible will go in her mouth and she will happily munch it. She is 1 year old and eats portions almost as big as mine, and is still below the 50th percentile for weight, even though she is above average in height for her age! Don’t even ask how many times a day she poops….

    • My sons love a bit of everything! My oldest loves pancakes and yogurt for breakfast. My youngest is still in baby food, and loves sweet potatoes. I am hoping to start him on yourt soon!!!

    • Emily

      Kennedy is almost 12 months; we recently started her on yobaby yogurt! I love how she kicks her legs and slams her fists down when she sees me pull one from the fridge. She does not discriminate on flavor! Her other favorites include brown rice, black beans, cut up bits of avocado, scrambled eggs with cheese (a favorite for dinner), and she absolutely loves cut up bananas in the morning! I love and feel so lucky, to have such a great eater :)

      Jaxon’s, our 2.5 year old, favorite thing to eat is peanut butter and honey sandwiches… only cut out like butterflies! He just told me! He will also eat anything with ranch dressing… we have even snuck in salmon, dipped in ranch of course! :)

    • Kristin

      If Rylie could live on fruit and dairy (yogurt, cheese, milk) she would – she loves Stoneyfield yogurt!

    • My four year old lives off soup. And rice. Odd, I know! But my one year old loves loves loves cheese, her YoBaby yogurt before morning nap, and rice too!

    • We love all yogurt around here. Fave food for my oldest is definitely cheese. The youngest is pretty easy to please but I guess I’d have to say strawberries!

    • Amber

      Our little man puts it all away and still stays skinny. How does that work? He could probably live off multi-grain cheerios and cheese though. He really loves the tuberz (yogurt in the tube) right now. Frozen you would think they are Popsicles, a great summer treat. I look for yo baby at Kroger b/c they mark in on managers specials an awful lot.

    • I don’t have any kiddos yet but my two little dogs LOVE cheese!

    • Rebecca

      My two year old is a good eater, but her absolute favorite are “crunchies”- which is anything that, well, crunches….cheerios, kix, toast, pretzels, etc…

    • My 16 month old loves whole wheat bread, anything sweet, she is starting to like cheese.

    • Sarah

      My 11 1/2 month old LOVES Yo-Baby yogurt and cheese slices. He would live on those alone if we would let him. Sometimes when we are trying to get him to eat new things we put them in an empty Yo-Baby cup and he’ll eat them. Pretty sneaky I know…but I figure we’ll use that trick as long as we can! :o)

    • allison fernandez

      My three year old will eat anything! He’s such a good eater. My 17 month old twins are opposite of each other. One will eat meat and veggies, the other likes breads and fruits. Does it count that together they get what they need? And all three of my kids are milk, cheese and yogurt fanatics. We go through 5 gallons of milk in a week for a family of five!! We LOVE their yogurt too!

    • Susan

      With a 2 year old boy, 3 year old boy, and newborn baby boy, we know we will be eaten out of house and home! At 2 and 3, the boys already clean out the fridge weekly, especially when it comes to fruit and milk!

    • heather

      Kids love yogurt smoothies with blueberries and strawberries

    • Alison

      My kids (9,7,4,2) are trying to live on an anti-Atkins diet. All-carbs would suit them fine. Too bad that mean mama has to step in and make them eat from ALL the food groups ;)

    • Alison

      My little one could live off yogurt, strawberries and cheese

    • My girls love cheese. If I am late getting dinner together, I can buy a few minutes of time by giving them a slice of cheese.=)

    • Okay, so I may not have any little kiddos of my own, but my precious little niece thinks that she could eat cottage cheese and Eggos (weirdest combination ever, but whatever!) for the rest of her life and be totally happy. :)

    • Cheese is definitely the favorite food in my house. We must have cheese with everything and on everything and for every snack (according to my four year old anyway). But we do love yogurt. My one year old does not like milk, so she drinks at least one YoBaby drinkable yogurt a day! I hope I win! That would be so much fun!

    • Elizabeth

      My 13-month old little girl, Ava, flaps her arms and squeels when we break out the Cheerios, yoBaby yogurt, and bananas. She’s a breakfast junkie!

    • Robyn

      My youngest LOVES watermelon – he pitches a fit if he sees someone else eating it and he doesn’t have any!

    • shawna

      My 5 year old’s favorite is pasta with pesto. My 2 year old loves yogurt, and my 8 month old is still a newbie to food,but can’t seem to get enough of pureed yams!

    • Michelle

      My son passes up cookies for “gurt” pretty much every night.

    • Harriett


      If you are what you eat then my little tyke is a Cheerio! She devours half a box a day and prefers to lay on her belly and face plant herself on to the pile. Though cleaning up the aftermath is the bane of my existence I’m happy ankle deep in Cheerios. :)

    • anita

      My two years old loves turkey roll-up with lots of mayo. She loves to dip food in anything (ketchup, ranch, etc.). While my nine months old is loving table food, so far anything.

    • My kids favorite food would have to be something that usually costs me almost NOTHING. I get free egg noodles at Bloom using triple coupons. I use a couple of pieces of chicken that I grill using my grill pan. Cut the chicken in strips and mix it and the noodles with a can of cream of mushroom soup. They love it. They have eaten it over and over with no complaints.

    • my ten month old LOVES this yogurt! it is his fave!

    • Andrea

      My 3 year old favorite would have to be yogurt…or as she calls it yogie…she has for years. This would be her appetizer…if you let it.

    • vana

      crazy as it sounds both kids love anything with basil or hummus!!

    • alicia

      mmm, yogurt is soo yummy and good for u

    • Katie

      We have yet to find anything that our 11 month old doesnt like! When he sees us with food he comes crawling over as fast as he can and pulls up and signs “more” over and over again until he gets a bite! He begs worse than our dog!

      His favorites are definitely cheese, yogurt, and practically any fruit!

    • My 2 1/2 year old eats very few things. Chicken Nuggets, Cereal and some fruits. When I get the Yogurt out for my 8 month old she starts saying “please, yogurt!” I think she wants it just because she knows it is for her sister. :) At least it is good for her. So I usually give each of them half of the container.

    • Sharon

      My baby’s favorite food is anything I put on a spoon and put in her mouth.

    • Christa D

      My kids live on string cheese, fruit, carrots, juice and VITAMINS! Thanks to Deceptively Delicious ideas I sneak as many veggies as I can into other foods….. they never really know how many ‘YUCKY’ veggies they are eatting and I like it that way!

    • Christine

      My kids love mac ‘n’ cheese and anything involving chocolate.

    • Lindsey

      My son could survive on cereal alone & my daughter on avacados!

    • Lindsay

      My daughter, 11 months, DOES live off of cheese, Yo Baby, and bananas! : )

    • Angel R.

      My son LOVES yogurt, cottage cheese, and fruit – especially berries. Although he does get other “special treats” occasionally, these are the things he loves best. YEA!

    • Jen

      There is not much my 9 month old will not eat. He loves his veggies, especially peas and carrots. He will not eat bananas or peaches. What baby doesn’t like bananas??? :-) My 2 year old loves cheese and mashed potatoes.

    • Angela P

      Favorite? Anything you give him he eats with glee!!! I so hope he never becomes a picky eater (I know, wishful thinking). I’ve always wanted to try Yo Baby (well, not me personally), this would be so great!

    • brandy

      My 2 year old will eat anything you put in front of her, but her all time favorite is mac and cheese. I think she would eat her weight in it if I would let her. All of the food she eats must go to her feet b/c she’s already in a size 7 shoe and she’s so tall that we have to buy 3T pants and take them up in the waist so they’ll stay up. I have no idea where she puts it all. We haven’t tried YoBaby yogurt yet, but she does love the Go-gurt yogurt too!

    • Jenna

      don’t know if it’s too late….got a teething baby and trying to get my couponing/list for the A.M. done…..so thought I’d try!

      My baby loves squash!!!! Then green beens and peas. Have to trick him to eat fruits by putting it in his oatmeal.

      Thought I’d give yogurt a try and this would help with $$$$.

    • Caren

      My two year old son loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches. He starts laughing as soon as he sees the bag of bread. My three year old daughters love smoothies. We mix a couple of carrots, a bunch of yogurt, and all the fruit we can find in the house together. We freeze some as popsicles and drink the rest as smoothies. I love their smoothie mustaches the best!!

    • Leslea

      Yogurt is one of my two year olds favorite foods…She absolutely loves the Go-gurt! A few months ago she kept going to the kitchen asking for something, but we couldn’t quite figure out what she was saying. We finally decipehered she was saying “I want rogurt, mommy.”
      So, we now no longer keep our fridge stocked with yogurt, but with “rogurt”!

    • Amanda

      My daughter’s daily craves are yogurt w/ granola, scrabled eggs w/ cheese made by daddy, and any morsel of sugar she can find.

    • My son loves basically any and all types of fruit!

    • Laura

      my girl could live off of bread alone!

    • Rebecca Pierce

      My oldest daughter (2 1/2)loves to eat anything! Wish I could look like her and eat as much as she does. My youngest (1 year) would only eat bannana baby food when she started eating foods and up until recently she would only eat Bananas and drink milk. I am so happy she is moving onto other food because the bannana diapers can get really nasty. LOL

    • Arielle

      My 10 month old son has discovered pizza and goes crazy over it. He ate a half a piece the first time!

    • Elaine

      My 9 year old eats everything – he’s got really good taste- he likes Indian, Thai, Chinese, – as a baby he could live off of pinto beans and broccoli – he used to dip his “trees” in ketchup!!! My 5 year old is different – still picky so thank God for yogurt – she lives on it and loves that she can go in the fridge and do it all herself! Love the giveaway. Stoneyfield is one of our faves.

    • Both of my kids love yogurt smoothies. My son also loves graham crackers with peanut butter.

    • Holly

      My son is a self proclaimed vegetarian… at 21 months! He will eat fruit, vegetables, pasta, and Yo Baby!

    • Suzie

      My older two (5 & 3) enjoy the getting the yobaby yoguarts “all by myself”.

      My youngest (1) thinks it is her dessert!

    • Tasha

      My 2 kids will eat most anything. And my one year old (today is her bday) LOVES YoBaby yogurt!

    • Merrilyn

      Both of my kids LOVE Stonyfield Farms yogurt!! If it were up to my oldest, she would eat nothing but YoKids yogurt, pb&J, and fresh fruit. My youngest loves YoBaby, but he’s not old enough to have too many preferences yet!

    • Sara

      My daughter’s favorite food has got to be peanut butter sandwiches!

    • Jamie

      Our son LOVES Yo Baby…but cheese, peaches and watermelon are his absolute faves at the moment! And cheese is leading the pack of favorites…he is definitely his mother’s son!!

    • Cherith

      My daughter loves yogurt, especially “monkey drinks” (drinkable yogurt), as she calls them. We love plain yogurt–no sugar or HFCS and I’m so glad she’s learned to eat even that! She’s a great eater! We would love to win some Stonyfield Farms coupons!!

    • He loves bananas.

    • We love cheese, yogurt, Cheerios, and more cheese!

    • Jennifer (palmettosweetheart)

      My oldest thinks he can live off of yogurt, cheese, chicken, and whatever fruit we have in the house.

    • Nikki

      “You should see my little guy’s face when he tries to eat yogurt out of the cup all by himself!”

    • Lisa

      My oldest could live off yogurt and chocolate milk, the youngest loves bananas and PB &J

    • Sienna

      My daughter eats yogurt every morning for breakfast, but blueberries are her absolute favorite thing!

    • The preschooler is quite the fan of Kid Cuisines…not that she eats all of them, but whatever. The toddler…loves broccoli. I have no idea why…. And the baby…he loves his fruit and oatmeal! We’ve tried Baby MumMums, but he can’t figure them out just yet!

    • Smoothies!

    • We love Yobaby!!! Would like to win this cool prize pack!

    • BT

      One loves bread of any shape or form and one loves yogurt. Thanks for the giveaway

    • Tarrah R.

      My FOUR Kids will eat just about anything; I’m not lying when I tell you my 5 year old just tasted a dog bone we just bought today! However, they eat yogurt daily and, like yours, cheer when I bring out the MANY different types of yogurt we keep at the house. Never had the Yobaby though, but would be more than happy to try it out for free! :0)

    • juliana

      Yogurt is a family favorite here. WE like to eat healthy and organic whenever we can

    • Nikki

      My son is 2 and loves all fruit, but especially pineapple, blueberries and watermelon. Yogurt is a big hit also…especially when we freeze the tubes…he also thinks it is dessert :-)

    • My son’s favorite food is Mac and Cheese. He does also enjoy this yogurt.

    • Bela

      My kids both love popcorn! I swear they’d eat it daily if I allowed them to. =)

    • Yogurt and Cheerios…great for little ones learning how to feed themselves :)

    • Lauren Thompson

      My 3 yr old son LOVES to snack on frozen peas! If I’m cooking dinner and I open the freezer to get something, that’s what he asks for. He likes to put them in a saucepan and pretend to stir and cook them while eating them one-by-one. I can’t really complain since they are a veggie. :)

    • Melody Carpenter

      My oldest girls could live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My youngest is almost 4 months so she still only loves breast milk!!

    • Mandy

      My 23 month old son has been chanting “yogurt raisins” every time we enter the kitchen. Too bad we ran out last week and we haven’t made it back to the store. :)