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Yoplait Giveaway *Over*

on 4.2.2009 at 2:28pm

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here.

Yoplait Kids recently sent me a free trial pack of their Yoplait Kids yogurt.  I am not a yogurt fan but I felt that for an honest review I needed to at least try it.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I  have never really bought kids yogurt much mostly because I felt like they put sugar in it just to market it to kids.  This yogurt however was not any more sweet than a regular adult yogurt.  My kids love it and that is what really matters.  We have managed to convince our children that yogurt and fruit are desserts and I hope we can keep it that way.

Yoplait in an effort to teach parents just how beneficial yogurt is for our kids is running a campaign to teach us…

Did you know research has shown that fewer than half of all kids ages two to 12 get the calcium they need each day? Calcium and Vitamin D are both essential nutrients for building strong bones. Though it can be challenging for growing kids to get Vitamin D, since it is found naturally in very few foods, Yoplait for Kids makes it a little easier to incorporate a delicious source of Vitamin D and Calcium in your child’s diet.

Now for the fun part.


Three readers will win a Yoplait Prize pack including:
A Beach Ball
An Insulated Tote/Lunch Bag
A Jump Rope
A bag of toys – Frisbee, Paddles for Badmitten or another outside game, and other outside toys
A Sports Bottle
A coupon for a FREE 6pk of Yo-Plait Kids Yogurt!

To Enter:

Leave a comment below with an example or idea of how to help kids stay healthy (or just leave a comment).  I’ll pick the winners tomorrow afternoon if I can find wi-fi in the GA mountains.  Check back for the winners post because their is treat for everyone that doesn’t win too.

    • Anna S.

      I’m new to your website, but I love it! I thought I’d enter the giveaway, and alert you that the Harbison Chickfila is giving away free sandwiches on Monday with a coupon you can print off their website. Thanks for doing this every week, your deal round-ups are amazing!

    • jj

      Letting the kids help with cooking is always an easy way to keep them healthy – they’re more likely to eat vegetables or new foods if they helped to cook it.

    • Tina

      I like the Yoplait kids better as it is less sweet. Love to win the kit for my grandkid.


    • Lynn

      My kids love Yoplait! Its a great and healthy snack for my kids to take to school for their snack time! I really stocked up when Publix had it B1G1.

      Thanks for all you do, Jenny!!!

    • Heather

      I keep my 3 year old son healthy but giving him an array of fresh fruits and vegetables to eat throughout the day. He loves the fruit and vegetables and doesn’t miss the junk. Once a week we go to McD’s and then have a parfait from TCBY. He loves it and it makes for a special treat.

    • shanan

      exercise: dance parties! chase outside in the yard. Make vegetables fun: ants on a log (celery). Read more books after dinner for vegetable eating. We have a small trampoline with a handle and my boys jump jump jump all day long.

    • Kristi

      We buy SO much of this. Yoplait is great for my daughter (15 months) It’s about the only healty snack she will eat.
      TIP for giving picky eaters something healthy to eat: We take babyfood (veggies or fruit) and mix it into pancake mix. My daughter loves it! What kid doesnt like pancakes?

    • Jennifer

      We love yogurt here! Our kids have it every night as a snack before bed. I also let them play outside as much as possible…play is a great form of exercise for little ones.

    • Janice Todd

      I try not to buy any unhealthy snacks! If we are not tempted at home, then when a rare treat presents itself elsewhere, no problems! We love yogurt at our house! Thanks!

    • Karen D.

      One of the best things I have found to keep kids healthy is to get them used to drinking water from a very young age. When my children drink juice, it is always diluted with water. If this is what they get used to, straight juice will taste too strong to them.

      Also, plant a garden together. Kids are always more willing to try fruits or vegetables if they come from their own garden.

    • Jackie

      Big fan – great grab!

    • Tabetha

      Matthew likes yogurt, though I’m not sure we have tried this type before. He loves to play soccer and ride his bike to stay healthy, plus we are working on a garden so we can have fresh vegetables to eat with our meals.

    • Debi

      Wow! What a great giveaway. My kids eat tons of this stuff. I love that it comes in a smaller container, because they can’t eat and “adult size” yogurt. I also love that there are $1.50 printable coupons to make it a great deal!

    • Liz

      My daughter loves this yogurt!! It’s great with those 1.50 off Qs too! It in itself is healthy compared to candy, etc.!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    • Alison

      A great way for kids to stay healthy is to get plenty of sleep! some kids go to bed WAY too late

    • nicole

      Letting the kids pick their own food from healthy choices makes them think that they’re getting to eat whatever they want. They love that!

    • Katie

      We eat yogurt almost every day at our house to make sure we are all getting enough calcium in our diets. Clean plates are the only way to get small sweets at our house! Even the 2 year old understands he has to eat all his vegetables first!

    • Sarah

      I’m eight months pregnant with my first child and I love Yoplait yogurt. Hopefully as my daughter grows up, I’ll be able to set a good example for her to follow in the foods I eat.

      Also, thank you Jenny!!! This site is a lifesaver! I’ve been able to save money to prepare for my baby and it seems like I’m able to buy more groceries now than ever!

    • Katie F.

      My daughter LOVES “dora yogurt” that Yoplait makes for children. It is her favorite food to find in her lunchbox at preschool. That is the only sweet I ever put in her lunch.

    • Michelle

      One way that I keep my kids healthy is by making my own little snack packs. My kids love to eat “junk” food just like other kids, so I buy them treats every once in a while and separated them into baggies with just a few in each. The only way they get to eat their snack pack is if they eat a piece of fruit or some veggies and dip FIRST! It is a great trick to get the kids to eat their required servings of fruit while letting them have a treat! They love it!

    • Charity

      My two year old loves fruits and yogurt. I’m always looking for deals on yogurt as we buy it weekly.

    • Holly

      I force my kids to play outside on nice days for a certain period of time before I let them watch ANY TV! Luckily they love the outdoors, but I don’t want to run the risk of them turning into couch potatoes. And they are both huge yogurt fans, too!

    • Amy

      My daughter too loves pancakes! I found a healthy recipe that consists of oatmeal, egg whites, cottage chesse, vanilla, and cinnamon. They look and taste just like the real thing! And she usually has a Yoplait yogurt “drink” along with the pancakes.

    • carole

      We LOVE yogurt in our house, so this is right up our alley! We have our kids eat from all the food groups at each meal, so that they don’t load up on carbs or milk, etc. without having had their veggies :-)
      thanks for the giveaway!!

    • Hailey

      My son eats yoplait just about once a day. He not only loves the taste but is very happy that Diego and Dora are on container :) Thanks Jenny!

    • My kids love yogurt and always ask for it when they are at the grocery store with me. I keep healthy snacks on hand for my 5 and 7 year old, and try to be creative in how I present the snacks to them. Kids love to dip, so I’ll have light ranch dressing with vegetables on a fun plate, or peanut butter or yogurt for them to dip fruit or crackers into. It makes it more fun for them, and they aren’t screaming for the candy.

    • zuzutracy

      my husband takes our four-year-old son on frequent walks . . . and we allow dessert if he eats the majority of his veggies . . . i think if you refuse sweets completely you create a closet addict . . . everything in moderation!

    • Sarah

      One way I try to keep our kids healthy is to set a good example for them. When I make choices to eat healthy foods and live an active lifestyle I’m teaching my children valuable lessons for life.

    • Christine

      This yoghurt is great frozen in Summer. You just put is in ice cube trays, cover with cling wrap and them insert the wooden sticks. My kids love it!!

    • Keeping kids healthy is easy when you puree vegetables into every day foods- I actually do this for myself, too! I have a great recipe for brownies that have cauliflower in them. They taste great and you’d never know! :)

    • Melanie

      I tell my daughter that drinkable yogurts are “baby milkshakes”. She loves them!

    • Jan

      My daughter loves the Yoplait “stick yogurts” and eat probably one a day. Sometimes we will put them in the freezer, and they end up like ice cream sticks and she loves them that way too (if she can get to them: often my husband will get to them first). We also include her in meal preparation, and she will most always wolf down any meal she cooks……one final way to encourage her is that she has to eat at least one bit to try something. This does not always work, but a few times has led to eat a newer, healthier food simply by trying one bite!

    • Gail

      Having healthy snacks available…fruits and yogurts instead of cookies and other high calorie snacks….help keep the kids healthy (and happy!!)

    • Tonya in jax

      Love the GoGurts! I keep them in the freezer and my 2 year old eats them in the tub like popsicles. During a recent round of antibiotics for an ear infection, he would eat these when he wasn’t eating anything else. He likes to push them up too. It makes him feel like a big boy:)

    • My son eats lots of fruits and veggies and we’re trying to get him to like yogurt, too! Mommy modeling that isn’t working!
      We’ve made sure to have more healthy snacks around the house than unhealthy ones. That seems to help him know the difference between treats.
      Great giveaway!

    • Kimberly

      If you don’t buy it, they won’t eat it!

    • Kimberley Ackerson

      I have turned my kids onto using yogurt in lieu of other sugary items such as syrup, sauces and even jams. They put yogurt on pancakes, waffles and with their favorite cereals make yummy parfaits. The thirteen year old even likes to throw the little yogurt cups into a small cooler to take to the pool or on hikes. We usually mix them with some granola for a tasty and healthy treat. Beats candy he says!

    • My daughter is only 18 months, but we eat lots of fruits and I try to do veggies at lunch and dinner!

    • Betty

      Hi Jennny,

      My 7 year old is in Tae Kwon Do 4 times a week and is a brown belt. One more belt to go before he earns his black belt. He hates milk, so I buy Yoplait all the time for him. It is nothing for him to eat 3 or even 4 at a time after school. Because he exercises so much, this kid can EAT ALOT and stillstay thin. Each week when I go to the the store, I buy 18 containers of Yoplait just to feed his habit. He’d rather eat yogurt than cookies anyday.

    • Anna Winn

      Miss Jenny, I have been eating that yogurt for a while now. It’s thick and creamy and doesn’t fall of the spoon, so it’s perfect for kids. In the meantime, it’s just as yummy for adults, because it tastes extremely good mixed with trail mix or granola. Yum! I actually let your girls dip their waffles in it when you were off for your birthday. Bad aunt, I am.

    • Julie

      Every afternoon after “rest time,” it’s outside you go! Making outside play a part of your regular daily routine with young children fosters good health. And, amen to the earlier dance party comment! My kids, and every other child that has ever been to our house, LOVES a good dance party — sum total equals putting on music and jumping around! This is also a good way for moms to get exercise in while also playing with the kids :). Oh, and my youngest is addicted to yogurt, so I am loving the idea of some for FREE!!!

    • Cassie

      We love Yoplait! TIP: Play 10-Toy pickup! The first child to put 10 toys back in the correct location gets to pick which toy to play with next. Let them play for 10 minutes and then do another round until the playroom is clean.

    • Lori

      Steam cauliflower then mash it like mashed potatoes add a lil cheese and they will never know it’s cauliflower! I love it too :-) Thanks for all your advise and hard work you put into your site!

    • Beth W

      in our house healthy living means lots of play and NO TV (this goes for the adults as well as the kids). They go outside everyday to play, when raining i back the cars out of the garage.

      As far as eating goes i try. I’m not perfect as they do love those chicken nuggets – lol. but i restrict sugar (they drink water/milk) and hide fruits and veggies in all sorts of food. they love meatloaf and I love it because its packed with all sorts of veggies. :)

    • Rebecca

      Fun! We try to go to the park as often as possible with our three boys and walk the paved trail as a family for family time and exercise. The kids will bring along skateboards, bikes, etc. if we have room. Of course, then we play on the playground as a fun treat after we do our lap around the park!

    • Shirley Striker

      Yogurt is a healthy food,good way for everyone to get calcium,plus it is tasty….you can add fruit,granola etc. for an extra zip….I love it,Shirley

    • Rachel

      I have found letting my daughter help with cooking has helped her appreciate and try more “exotic” foods like shrimp, and onions. :)

      thanks for the chance


    • Jenn

      My children love this stuff! As for health tips- I don’t allow junk food into my house. My dh is a big junk food junkie, and the kids were following in his steps. Now, he gets the kettle chips and diet soda.

      I have my children help with the grocery list and the get to pick a favorite to add to the list. I try to stay away from the high fructose corn syrup, and food colorings as well. My children love fruit snacks, but I will only buy the fruit leathers for them. We also try to get outside and do nature walks as long as the weather is good!!

    • Christi

      My son LOVES Yoplait Kids. I always stock up on B1G1 and use coupons. It was the first yogurt he could self-feed because it is so thick. My son thinks fruit is dessert and a special treat after meals. I also make sweet potato pancakes and he thinks that is the norm (no syrup). To exercise- we put on music and either dance or I chase him around the furniture.

    • Tracie

      I just try to keep my kid healthly by modeling good habits for them. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies – but when we have treats we do so in moderation. My hubby and I just joined a gym so we can model the physical part of health for them too.

      Thanks for offering this contest!

    • Jennifer

      My kids love to be outside. Riding bikes and climbing trees…way better than watching TV for their health!

      THanks Jenny!


    • Leeann

      The one thing I try to encourage my kids to do is drink tons of water. That is the one thing that always works!

    • Jennifer

      We encourage lots of dairy snacks (cheese, yogurt, pudding) for my son who has prior broken bones and the doc said to up his vitamin d and calcium intake.

    • Charlene

      I help keep my daughter healthy by regulary taking her to activities that requir her to run around and get exercise. We love the indoor playgrounds with bounce houses!

    • Debbie Anderson

      Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for this great site. I have been browsing for the last few days. Trying to figure out the Art of Couponing.
      I went on the South Beach Diet in January and my whole family is making healthier choices. I have 3 kids – 4, 6, and 10. We all love yoplait yogurt. My kids also like to eat fruits and vegetables. Some of our favorites include celery with laughing cow cheese or hummus, watermelon, and stawberries. They even love brocoli. My parents can’t believe the things our kids eat. We have also been spending more time outside and at parks as a family.

    • Tammy

      Green smoothies (spinach, fruit and yogurt, maybe ice and water) YUM! Decorate them with fresh fruit….almost all kids will beg for more. Also, we enjoy making homemade granola with which to top our yogurt. And, yes, yoplait kids yogurt is my favorite because it is creamy and not too sweet.

      Allow your kids to be part of the food preparation and cooking helps. Plus, get outside and move your body together, as a family. Active families are typically healthier families!

    • Keeping your children healthy can be hard to achieve sometimes. However, you need to introduce all fruits and vegetables to them as often as possible. They need plenty of fresh air and excercise, not too much tv. Hope I win the giveaway.

    • Sandi

      Lots of play and veggies works for us. Thanks!

    • Lorie

      Just recently I have begun eating yogurt – I’ve never really eaten it before – but I see how it can be a healthy food choice, which is what I am trying to do.

    • Debbie

      I was told about the website by a friend and love it. I have a large family to provide for each week and have found the saving to be great. I have 2 young grandchildren and the site has been so helpful in providing information on where to get the best deals for all their needs. Thank you so much for sharing.


    • Kara

      Have a 6mo. old and trying to figure out what to expect in terms of feeding in the next year+.

    • Amanda

      Turn off the TV! My (almost) two year old loves to help plant flowers and veggies in the garden. Sometimes he eats more than others, but we hope that growing his veggies will give him great satisfaction in eating them!

    • Amanda

      Kids can’t eat it if it’s not in the house. We just don’t buy lots of sugary treats, and we don’t have dessert every night. If they say they are hungry they hear, “grab a yogurt” or “get an apple.”

    • Rebekah

      I have two very picky eaters but they both love the kids’ yoplait yogurt!

    • Shelly

      Our boys play baseball and our little girl dances and tumbles. All 3 of the kids really love yogurt!

    • Julie Pleasant

      I LOVE YOPLAIT!! My kids come home everyday STARVING!!! I give them the option for a yogurt selection! They love it and they are getting a great after school snack. The size of the container is also great!! It holds them over til dinner!!! Just FYI I love the yoplait yogurt too (SHHH)

    • Mary Beth

      My little boy eats lots of fruits and veggies for snacks and we only drink water. We don’t watch t.v. at our house so it makes for lots of time to get outside and play games inside that cause movement instead of just sitting and watching something on television!

    • We just recently started keeping foster children, and I am forever trying to figure out what would be best for them for nutrition and activities since I have never had any children of my own. One thing we always do is offer yogurt and fruit for snacks in place of the sugary, unhealthy ones. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    • Terrica

      My daughter loves Yoplait yogurt! She thinks it is part of the ice cream category. I wouldn’t dare tell her otherwise:-) I make it a point to make sure my daughter gets alteast one full hour a day of physical activity. And if it is raining like today…we just run around in the house and make a game of it!

    • Kellie

      I love to run and take my two kids (4 year-old and 3 month-old) with me in the jogging stroller. I try to map my routes so that part way through the run my daughter can get out and play and get some exercise too. If this won’t work, I sometimes let her ride her scooter as far as she can and then put the scooter in the bottom of the stroller for the rest of the run. I love showing her that exercise is important to me, and having her participate too. She also likes to do sit-ups and push-ups with me after I run!

      The Yoplait kids yogurt is our favorite kids yogurt. I started my daughter with this kind of yogurt and she actually likes it better than any other kids yogurt out there!

    • Heather

      thanks for everything you do! We are growing a garden this year to teach my 2 year old and 1 year old about healthy foods. I also try to lead by example. I try to serve veggies and/or fruit at every meal, and eat what I want them to eat!

    • Angel

      From the very beginning I have always treated healthy food like a reward for my daughter. I had to change my own mind set of different fruits and vegtables, before I could convince my child that this is what she needed to eat. I allow her to help me pick out produce. She loves touching them, looking at the bright colors, and smelling all the different kinds of items. You can not get the same interaction from food out of the box. So that creative thinking had to kick in when my daughter stopped nursing and it was time to drink milk. Our daughter refused to drink milk, chocolate, strawberry, whole, and even organic. So we decided to introduce a new special treat. Yogurt! It smells great, the colors are fun, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, a quick snack, and even dessert. I bought her Keylime pie(which is green)for St. Patricks Day, cotton candy yogurt the week we were going to the circus, orange cream during Halloween, and even strawberry mixed with blueberry on the 4th of July. She loves to try new flavors. Who knew Yogurt could be so much fun! Now that I have helped her to create the love for yougurt she requests a cup everynight after dinner for dessert! On Spagetti night she always wants Cinnamon Bun yogurt for dessert. Who doesn’t like Cinnamon Buns with out all the calories, and sticky mess. Plus yogurt it very quick, easy, and extra convient!

    • Catherine

      To keep my 2 boys healthy, I love to take them to the park to walk on trails with me. They 3 year old does pretty well walking (and sometimes running) up all the hills. It is great exercise for him and he loves being outside. Once he’s walked a good ways, he gets in the double jogger I have (with his younger brother) and eats apple slices! (yummy!)

    • Toni

      Jenny my son doesn’t care for milk so by letting him eat yogurt he still gets his calcium.Daniel likes to play baseball.He is forever running around.My older daughter is a cheerleader so is always active.
      Did you know yogurt is good for yeast infections??Yougurt is healthy for many resons!!!
      Love this new game you have come up with!!

    • Sarah

      MY daughter loves yoplait yogart! I feel like I am the biggest inspiration on my daughter for her to stay healthy. When a child sees a parent eating right and exercising it makes more of a difference in their life than anything else!

    • Nancy

      My granddaughter is five and eats with us 10 days out of the month. She helps with dinner by her daddy and herself making part of the dinner eat time. She is learning what is healthy and also that she does not have to eat food she dislikes but has to eat something healthy. The yogurt offers her variety.

    • My 2 year old daughter can be touch and go on veggies. If she is having a hard time, I’ll give her a healthy dip to eat them with – a little bit of Marinara, light Ranch, or any savory sauce. She loves to dip food!

    • shiam

      HI jenny

      this is such a great site and you are doing a good job saving us so much money in this hard times. well i buy yoplait yogurt for my daughter and to keep her healthy i started itfrom a very young age i gave her fruits, whole milk and carrots and devoted one hour for us to play dance and just have fun this way we both have a healthy time by not watching tv and eating and i also make sure that all of us have at least one meal together this way our kids can learn to eat by watching us eat.
      i would love to win this giveaway thanks

    • Sandra


      For my finicky kids I had to “trick” them into a few things. lol Here’s one.

      Black Bean Brownies
      1 box brownie mix
      1 can (15 oz) black beans

      Open the can of black beans, rinse well. With beans back in the can, add enough water to cover beans. Put in blender or food processor and puree. Add puree to brownie mix, and then bake according to package directions.

      You DO NOT add the eggs or oil that the recipe calls for, JUST the black pureed beans.

      It’s not the healthiest but it is HEALTHIER!!!!


      Even though they aren’t considered a healthy food it is healthier.

    • My stay-healthy tip is sneaking one of the yoplait yogurts into my whole grain muffins. I can vary the yogurt flavor and the kids never even notice because the muffins are so moist and delicious!!!!

    • Kelly

      We are a yogurt-loving family! All four of us eat it almost daily. I’ve never purchased the kids yogurts before, but maybe I’ll give it a shot?!

      As far as keeping the kiddos healthy one of the main things I do is pack their lunch for school every day. Yep….a high school senior and freshman both still take their lunches (they like it that way) and I know they’re getting healthy things! I do still pack chips (baked ones) and sandwiches (made with healthy bread, 2% cheese, etc.) and something sweet (a few yogurt covered raisins or a fruit snack). I also try to make sure there’s always fresh fruit cut up in the fridge to grab for a quick snack.

    • Lisa S

      My daughter loves the Dora yogurt. It does have a lot of sugar, but at least it doesn’t have corn syrup in it

    • Beth

      I love to include my kids in the gardening and canning. I have found if they grew it and helped can it, they want to eat it! I also let them help cook it. My kids love gardening with me (even my 16 year old) and it not only helps them eat healthier, but it is a great way to spend time with them!

    • Jennifer

      The best thing I have done to keep my daughter healthy is encourage her to drink milk and water early on. Now – she’ll choose either of those over soda and even juice any day!

    • One way, too often neglected, in keeping kids healthy is lots of love and nurture. Then they have the confidence they need which helps build a strong immune system. Yoplait is always an extra bonus!

    • Abby D.

      I have found that if I buy something my son will eat it. So I make sure that I always have fruits and veggies in my kitchen. I’m lucky that he is at an age where he’ll eat anything.

    • Deanna

      My son loves Yoplait yogurt! We were in the store the other day and I put it in the cart with him and I got a big, excited, 2 year old, “THANK YOU MOMMY!”

    • Katie

      Teaching kids that exercise and eating healthy are a part of everyday living is a HUGE gift…something that will impact their lives (not to mention the lives of those around them) in a variety of ways!

    • Elizabeth

      I’m with you…yogurt is a great dessert. It’s healthy but still has lots of sugar in it!

    • Christine

      Hi. Love Yoplait! My daughter plays outside a lot and drinks lots of milk and water. She’s even passed up snacks for fruits on occasion!

    • Carrie

      My 9 year old son hates “white milk.” I learned years ago that it’s not worth fighting to get him to drink it. He will drink chocolate milk. I use just a bit of the lite (lower sugar – not the sugar free stuff) chocolate syrup. He’s really not getting much sugar at all, but he gets his milk!

      I have been blessed with a child who loves vegetables and fruit and I try to give him a wide variety. I have also made it a rule that he has to try all foods. It was a battle at first, but he’s found that there are quite a few foods that he actually likes when he tries them. Now he begs to try new foods!

    • Heather

      My 3 year old daugther loves yogurt and will choose it as a snack any time! She also loves pretzels and raisins which are a great healthy snack.

    • Andrea

      I have learned that the best way to get my daughter to eat healthy is to keep putting it on her plate and do not give up!

    • Candice

      We enroll our kiddos in a TON of sports. When soccer season is done, we got to swimming lessons, after that, basketball season… on and on. It makes for busy weeks, but they get TONS of excersize and meet lots of friends!

    • Dionne

      It’s hard to be influential in eating healthy when I don’t lead by example (can you say Hostess Twinkies for breakfast?) but as my kids are getting older I feel it is definitely necessary to show them what’s right, so I have been trying to introduce fruits and veggies to them on a more regular basis. Interestingly, we have found that they actually like brussel sprouts, artichokes and edamame. I kid you not. : ) Now if only I could find some good B1G1 offers combined with coupons…hmmmm… Actually I use the Steamfresh coupons to get the single serve mini brussel sprouts because they are SO EASY to add to any dinner!!! (and I even found some coupons for Cascade Farms edamame recently as well!!! Go me…all thanks to you!!!

    • Amy

      We get our kids outside almost everyday. If it is cold we bundle up. Fresh air does a lot for the spirit and body.

    • Kati

      Yoplait Yogurt is perfect frozen! I can stock up when it is on sale, stick it in the freezer and just pop it in the kids lunch box for school. By the time it is lunch time, the yogurt is thawed but super cold… just the way they like it! Our family eats yogurt EVERYDAY! We love it!

    • Tracey

      We eat lots of veggies and fruits – I’m hoping my little boy will continue to like them once he gets older.


    • I love your website!! You have been a blessing to our family! Thanks for all that you do.

    • Tracy B

      my little one likes yoplait yogurt. it is a great snack for him.

    • Kabba

      First let me say…LOVE THE SITE and all that you do!!!

      My kids are picky eaters so I try to hide veggies in everything from pasta salad, to lasagna! My rule is there has to be at least 1 veggie on the plate..hopefully fresh if not..then canned or frozen is great too! When it comes to the fruits I dont have a problem! I cant buy enough for my little luv bugs..When my 2 little ones were turning 1, I could not get them to drink milk so I had to find other things to give them so they could get their dairy and vitamins. Yoplait did the job, along with puddings and shredded cheese (go figure they wont eat cheese strings! LOL). My 2 girls love yogurt and it is a must have when we go shopping!

      Another thing we try to do is give them ‘cool’ cups to have ‘nice refreshing water’ Every time I give it to them, I say that line with a huge smile on my face (and now they say, here mom, have some nice refreshing water)! Too funny!


    • Chris

      My kids love gogurt in their lunch box! They go to the fridge and get one out for a snack :) I never mind!

    • Put the Yoplait in the blinder along with fresh veggies and ice and make a shake. My child will not hardly eat veggies, but he loves the monster shakes that I make.

    • Crystal

      My daughter Clara is completely obsessed with Trix yo-plait yogurt. Trix has had little codes on the lid that you can enter on their website to watch cartoons, my child downed 3!! yogurts in a row to get all three codes. Every time I turned around she was eating a different color yogurt! Lol I have no problems getting her to eat yogurt! (and mommy likes it because there has been some awesome coupons for their yogurt and got it on sale)!!!

    • Solei

      I have 2 darlings that would love it if their mommy won that prize for them, so count me in!

    • Tami

      First – I must say I enjoy your website!

      Secondly, helping kids stay healthy and learning about their health can always be tricky! I think some things to do are to have them help with cooking and make healthy eating fun! Creating different fun things to eat makes the whole experience better.

      Thirdly, excercise is key! So many kids today do not excercise. It doesn’t have to be organized sports such as baseball, soccer, etc. If you can’t afford that simply get them outside to play! Remember when we were kids? We played jumprope, at the park, biking, skateboarding, tag, throwing a ball around, etc. The key is to get their bodies moving!


    • Caroline

      Don’t forget that yogurt (with active cultures) helps a lot with the problems that come along with antibiotics. My one year old gets terrible diarrhea and diaper rash if I don’t give him yogurt every day while on antibiotics.

      Thanks for all your saving ideas!

    • Lisa

      We have just begun “Fitness Fridays” at our house. Every Friday we try to find an activty that helps us get fit. We are taking walks, visting state parks to go hiking, and planning some other fun things for the summer.

    • Kim

      Kids yogurt is the only way I can seem to get my 3 boys to eat anything in that arena of food. So I love the Trix yo-plait also! Plus, there always seem to be coupons for yogurt which is also a bonus! Even for mommy to sneak in some fun calcium too!

    • Robin

      I have 4 kids ages 7, 5, 5 and 3 who all love to eat yogurt. However, I have never tried the kids yogurt. I would love to try some for free!

      Thanks for all that you do. I love your site and visit several times a day in hopes of catch the great deals that you post.

    • Kati

      I would love to win this, my kids love yogurt and playing outside!!

    • jocelyn

      I let my daughter taste a wide range of veggies and fruits when she started eating solid food to condition her taste bud. I think that helped because now she eats them just like they’re her favorite!

    • Rebecca

      I make sure my daughter exercises every day. We make sure it is fun!

    • Lori

      My kids love this yogurt; we eat it everyday. We try to stay healthy by taking daily walks

    • Joy

      Well, my best healthy kids tip has to be WASHING THOSE HANDS! I know we can exercise and eat good and all that, but man, those dirty little germ filled hands just spread it all around. Know What I Mean?

      I would seriously love the gift basket. We love, love, love yogurt!

    • Hannah

      my little girl loves yogurt- esp. the yoplait with dora on the pkg.

    • Yogurt is a definite favorite at our house. My little one loves my plain homemade yogurt — no sugar added! (Recipe here: http://b1g1bargainsblessingsbananas.blogspot.com/2009/01/recipe-for-yogurt.html) But store bought yogurt (especially Yoplait after coupons!) is a definite treat!

    • Misti

      My whole family loves yogurt except my youngest who unfortunately has a dairy allergy-she loved it before we realized what it was doing to her! poor thing! But the other kids eat it all the time!

    • Jenny

      Love it! Thanks for giving us the opportunity! Hope I win!

    • Jacqueline

      Love Yoplait yogurt! It is difficult to keep my family stocked in yogurt because they all love it. Free is great!

    • Awesome giveaway!!

    • Jenny (also)

      My little boy has problems digesting lactose, and is not a huge fan of the Soy milk. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he is able to eat yogurt without upsetting his digestion, AND he considers it a treat! I make sure that he eats yogurt at least once a day to keep his calcium up!

    • Yay, I love a good giveaway!

    • Carol

      I am also new to this site.A family member turned me on to it,and I have to say ,I LOVE IT !!!!!I just can’t wait to get off work and get home and check your site!!I have saved so much money.Thanks!!!!Keep up the good work!!!

    • Adele

      I let Katie pick which fruit & vegetable she eats at lunch and dinner. This hopefully will help her make healthy choices later when she is in school and has to pick which selection to eat. We also love to go to the park to ride bikes and she loves to take swimming lessons every month. Yogurt is one of her favorite snacks, especially strawberry & vanilla :-)

    • Shannon

      Both of my children love yogurt. My son eats it as a snack on most days. We try to do mostly healthy snacks and this is one of our favorite! Shannon

      PS: New to your site and LOVE it!!!!! Coupons are my new addiction, so keep all this great information coming!

    • Jennifer A

      I love them. I like them better then adult yogurt.

    • Cranky old woman

      My grandson is ADHD, and mildly autistic. Getting him to eat anything other than a few trusted foods is impossible.So, consequently we worry a great deal about his health. Yogurt is one of the few healthy foods he will eat. He does not eat very much fresh fruit, but he will eat the fruit snacks, but I buy him the ones made with real fruit and juice, and I buy the frozen fruit bars. We also invested in a Wii, because it gets him UP and MOVING!! Sadly tho, he beats me at pretty much all of the games. lol.

    • Hollis

      We all love the Yoplait Go-gurts frozen! Yummy!

    • Carol L

      My son has ADHD, but I did’t want him to have other health issues. I have my son try a table spoon of vegetables evertime we sit down to eat. There is not many that he won’t eat now. I started when he was small, because I didn’t want him to be a picky eater and only eat Chicken nuggets like so many of his friends. His favorite fruit is apples.

    • Maria

      We love Yoplait yogurt – drinkables, Gogurts(frozen) and the cups. I started my kids off with plain whole milk yogurt and fruit mixed in when they were babies so that they got a true taste of yogurt. They have loved it ever since and we go through more yogurt than anything in this house! (I’ve even cheated and given them pureed veggies and told them it was “Veggie Yogurt” – They ate it!)

    • Emily

      My favorite way to help my four year old daughter stay healthy and active is working outside in our yard and garden. We get outside in the sunlight and fresh air and get our bodies moving! Trying our hand at growing our own vegetables gives her an added interest in eating them! She is so proud of what she grows and happily eats it. Also letting her help out in the kitchen preparation for our meals has helped, too.
      We also like to check out new produce in the grocery store! She likes to play “Guess that Fruit or Vegetable” by asking questions like “What’s red with a brown stem?”. She loves it.
      I would LOVE this prize because we are actively trying to get more dairy and calcium into our diets – Mommy included!

    • Sarah

      We make an effort to never have junk food in the house. Sweets are truly treats for my daughter who will be 3 in June. We reward accomplishments like staying dry all night with a choice between a chocolate chip, yogurt, or applesauce. Often times she will make the healthier choice. We have chosen not to have a TV, but instead use the computer for media so she has not been influenced by commercials very much. She actually gets confused and upset sometimes when watching TV at someone’s house because she doesn’t understand why the show stopped!

    • Karlie

      I love to give my little boy raisins in the grocery store to keep him quiet instead of smarties or suckers:)

    • Pete

      If you don’t let them have any of the bad stuff, then they dont know what they are missing. It helps to lead by example as well. Have a 9 and 11 year old who don’t drink soda.

    • Ash

      Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

      My kid-healthy advice is to turn off the TV :)

    • Mandy

      My kids love yogurt and often eat it as a snack…I also try to have fresh fruit available for most meals.

    • gini

      My kids have salad every day and play outside a lot. They have a lot of energy, and don’t watch very much TV. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • My 20-month-old LOVES Trix yogurt. I got it free plus overage a couple of weeks ago at Publix. The little guy noticed the Trix rabbit on the outside of the cup, and now he begs for “bunny yo-yo.” It’s really cute. :-)

    • My son loves Yoplait yogurt. Diego is his favorite!

    • Becca

      We feel blessed that we have children that love healthy food but to keep our kids extra healthy we teach them to eat a little slower to properly listen to there body tell them they are full!!! Portion control is such an issue these days so we think it almost as important to know when they are full as what they are putting in!!!

    • MelRae

      I feed this to my 13 month old son. He always says “mmm mmm!” And my 9 year old likes the Scooby-Do “Ro Gurt”. He eats one everyday.

    • Laura

      I let my kids pick a variety of healthy sancks or foods of their choice and then they have to find a coupon for it. When/if they do then they get to buy it! It’s a fun game and they love it!

    • runpdx

      We help our kids stay healthy by:
      1. Example, example, example: My husband and I eat healthy and stay active as age-group atheletes. Our kids just think it’s a normal lifestyle.
      2. Get outside. We live in Portland, OR and while the weather is not always ideal, we get outside as much as we can. Inside typically = sedentary.
      3. Involve them in cooking. Involvement depends on age, but I’m a firm believer that the frequency of eating out has a direct correlation on fitness/health level of your family. Teach kids the importance of using fresh and healthy ingredients early.
      4. Daily veggies — raw or cooked. My kids prefer raw veggies 90% of the time, so I don’t force them to eat the cooked varities.
      5. Have healthy snacks readily available for kids. If your kids are like mine, they eat about every 30 minutes (if that!). So we have “approved” snacks available they can easily grab themselves.
      6. Kids Choice meals. Once a week we let the kids direct the dinner menu. Usually pizza or sloppy joes, etc. — we make healthy versions so they know they can have “normal” food in a healthy way. Besides, a kid can only eat so much brown rice and tofu, right?

      Lots of great ideas here — look forward to reading more!!

    • bethany

      Living in a state that tops the obesity ranking I feel it is so important that we teach our children the importance of being healthy (not ‘skinny’) Kids just need to be active. No matter what that is – if they’re moving it’s a good thing! I work in the mental health field and kids are cruel – being overweight is just one more thing to add stress to growing up.

    • Shannon

      Hiding veggies has been my past time. I have a picky 8 year old. He will eat yogurt and fruit so I stock up often. And of course thanks to Jenny I know when to do so!

    • Kristi Z

      Our 14 month LOVES yogurt! She just recovered from four rounds of ear infections, the last one lasted 8 + weeks and four rounds of antibiotics (I guess we like the number four!) For the first two ear infections it was a battle giving her antibiotics so we started mixing it in with her yogurt (with her doctor’s permission) since it was something she never refuses to eat and it worked like a charm…eventually she learned to take the meds without it mixed in (for ones you can’t mix with dairy).

    • Marianne

      Teaching children to eat by the color wheel is the most beneficial way I’ve seen to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables. Giving them a challenge and changing their perspective on food always helps. Rather than looking at them as fruits and vegetables, kids see eating according to a color wheel as a game! This also ensures that they are getting a wide variety of nutrition.

    • A. Lee

      I have 4 kids and for the 3 younger ones if i let them choose ANY fruits or veggies in the produce isle..they have fun getting to explore new foods and feel proud of thier choices and WANT to eat what they picked out. Yogurt is thier after school treat.

    • Donna

      We’ve always used yogurt as a healthy snack – much better than cookies, candy, ice cream….

    • Terri

      Thank you for your hard work and for this chance.When my kids were younger, I would keep them from eating fatty foods. My advice to all Parents is eventually they will find it without you.Like at family events, a friend’s house, or school.So the important tip here is to let them pick a fatty snack once a week.That will keep them from being curious and it’s also a great way to form a bond with your child.Thanks and GOD Bless!

    • This is my favorite yogurt for kids. It actually has LESS sugar than “adult” yogurt. AND it is firmer so that it isn’t as messy for little ones learning to use a spoon!
      My tip for keeping kids healthy: LAY OFF the sugar!!!! Sugar KILLS your immunities, actually makes it impossible for vitamin C to enter your bloodstream for a few hours. NO WONDER “flu” season is in the time between Halloween and Christmas, huh? My kids are healthier because we just don’t eat much sugar. If we do, we balance it out with extra good for you stuff later.
      Also, we replaced all the cleaners in our house with 100% natural cleaners. Made a HUGE difference in our respiratory health and both my children were able to come off their allergy medications! AMAZING!

    • Tracy

      My daughter loves yougurt. She has it as a snack everyday.

      Every year My daughter Alexis and I plant a garden. She loves to plant the seeds herself and watch the vegetables grow. Then she can’t wait to help me cook and eat the veggies that she grew. I found this to be the best way to get her to eat healthy veggies!!

    • I keep my kids invloved in physical activities–and attempt to provide a balanced diet…as much as possible :-)
      Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Misty

      My children love any food they can dip into a sauce. I cut up different fruit and put the yogurt in a dish for them to use as dip. My children end up eating more fruit and yogurt this way, then if I serve them seperately.

    • Dahnelle

      When my kids ask for snacks I try to offer healthy choices!

    • marcey

      We go to the park to ride bikes, no cokes, and “power pills” aka gummie vitamins everyday. Hope we win b/c my son loves this yogurt. We add granola or fresh fruit to it.

    • Susan

      I’m new to your website, but I am in love with all of the great deals!
      Thank you! For all your hard work!
      I can’t wait to see what else is to come!

    • lynn

      i let my kids help plan the menue if they can choose a veggis they are more apt to eat it by the way there fav food is brocoli with cheese ps thaks a million for all you do

    • Jennifer

      My 2 1/2 year old son loves Yolait Kids yogurt. He would eat it all day, everyday if I would let him. He is a VERY picky eater so I try to sneak healty foods in wherever I can. I mix fruits and vegetables into pancakes (his favorite) and anything else I can think of. The book The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine has completely changed what my son eats. We also try to stay active by going for walks, playing outside and even running around the house like we are crazy.

    • Janet

      We EAT a lot of homemade smoothies for breakfast. I make them with yogurt that I throw in freezer the night before, cup of milk, and a can of fruit. My kids love them.

    • Lori

      I love your website. My children (I have 5) eat yogurt all the time. It is a very healthy alternative. We will make smoothies with frozen fruit and yogurt. The kids love it.

    • Gail

      Yoplait for kids…YUM!!
      When my kids were younger I used to have them help me in the garden by having them choose, plant and take care of whatever kind of plant they wanted. Be it veggie or a flowering plant they both reap rewards of their own, in addition to the exercise and Vit. D they receive being outside. Now I’m a grandma and I can’t wait to get stated with the little ones again!

    • Jamey

      I tell my son if he eats his dinner, he will get a special surprise…usually some yogurt, fruit, or pudding all of which are pretty good for him rather than dessert or candy.

    • Sarah Marturano

      We love yogurt and love to go for walks to stay fit-hope it gets warmer soon its snowing here!

    • Laura

      We try to eat at home as much as possible because eating healthy when you go out is hard. If we do find ourselves at a fast-food place, I stick to the ‘no more than 1 fried food’ rule. If they get fried ckn nuggets, they can have apples or a fruit cup with it. If they resist, I tell them to pick 1- it is their choice- fries or nuggets and then I choose the rest of the meal.

    • Amy

      I am a new reader of two weeks. I got started with the Harris Teeter triples last week, and I am hooked. My husband and I have 4 sons ages 2 – 7, and it is going to be an exciting challenge to keep them fed throughout these growing years. That’s is why I am thankful for how much I have learned from your site, and my new shopping style has meant we have had more variety of foods and more money. Yogurt is something my sons enjoy, but they have not had much of it, which is something I am trying to change. I feel I have so many more options now(i.e., not buying only house brands), and with regards to yogurt, I plan to use the coupons I’ve already collected soon. Thanks so much!

    • Dixie

      I am with you, Jenny. I try to get my daughter to have fruit or yogurt for a snack, and she is just fine with that. As long as she gets a snack, she is happy! If only I could follow the same rules for myself–I try! Thanks for the website–I love (and need) to save money, and I am starting to check this site every day! I love publix, just like you and so many others!

    • My kids love frozen grapes and are eating them this afternoon. Inexpensive, easy, yummy and healthy!

    • Yoplait is my favorite. The kids like all the different flavors. The trix bunny and the cute small cups encourages them to eat yogurt and they do not even realize they are eating healthy. The kids help me with the garden and collecting eggs. Being envolved in the harvesting process sometimes makes vegetables more enticing.

    • Kathleen

      My 13 month old loves this yogurt. Making sure my daughter gets enough calcium and other nutrients has been a concern of mine, especially after taking her off of baby food. I try to make sure she gets balanced meals by: 1. eating healthy, balanced meals with her and 2. keeping track of the veg/fruits she gets everyday!

    • David

      While fixing dinner set out a plate of fresh vegies with ranch dressing. Tell kids that the veggies are their appetizer. The kids will eat more veggies than you might imagine.

    • Sarah

      To keep kids healthy, I think you should turn the tv off and the turn radio on. It creates background noise without causing your kids to sit in front of the tv. You can get up and move to the music!


    • BEth

      My kids are regular yogurt eaters. My son does have a sweet tooth so I often have to sneak veggies into things, but my girl really enjoys them.

    • My two boys enjoy eating the vanilla yogurt and dipping grapes or mixing pineapple chunks up with the vanilla yogurt. We have our own garden of vegetables and they enjoy planting their seeds or plants and then watching them grow. When they are ready to pick they help wash and prepare them to eat. They really enjoy watermelons. My husband and I try to eat heathly and try to promote healthier options either at home or if we eat out.

    • Holly

      To keep kids healthy stay at home and make a healthy meal and eat as a family. Eating together as a family is good for the body, soul, and mind. Some of the best conversations happen over the dinner table.

    • Hi!

      I have found a great way to keep the kids and the whole family healthy is to pack a picnic with all natural foods and snacks and then try to visit a different state park once a month. Check for state parks in the area, there are more than you may realize. Most of them provide a picnic area and a hiking trail of various lengths from .5 miles to 5 mile loops. Take a bird book and have the kids point out as many different birds as they can! You will have a great time while enjoying the outdoors and the kids will learn alot about their environment while staying in shape!

    • Blair

      We had to start giving my daughter yogury (YoBaby) when she was about 9 months old. When I went back to work (am a teacher and had the summer off), she refused to go back to a bottle. My pediatrician said yogurt counted as a fluid. So since she wouldn’t drink ANYTHING while I was away at work, we started giving her yogurt to help avoid dehydration. She loves it to this day!!!

    • Sharon

      Yogurt is better than giving pudding cups or jello cups and kids love it…Grandson is 6 months and got his first taste of yo baby, just loves it
      Thanks Jenny for all your hard work

    • Lindsay

      It’s the only thing healthy my daughter will eat!
      High in calcium. Plus the good type of bacteria!
      What more could a mother ask for?
      We love it here!

    • Stephanie

      I like to talk with my kids about the different foods we eat during dinner and what the foods have in them that is good for them.

    • Angie

      I love to keep the kids yogurt on hand. It is a quick and healthy snack for my growing daughter. I like that it is good for her also.

    • Jennifer

      I am a new visitor to your site and I’m looking forward to learning about your website.

    • Heather

      My daughter loves to eat yogurt with her daddy! Strawberry is their favorite!

    • Gina

      I love to feed yogurt to my granddaughter! I can’t wait til her little brother gets big enough to enjoy it with her!!!

    • My one year old loves “smoothie” I just fix a bottle with a couple scoops of yogurt, a splash of milk and whatever fruit juice I have open then shake, shake, shake. THis is a great way to get her to drink her yogurt. Its super quick to fix too!!

    • showna

      Yoplait is a favorite for my young granddaughters, and its normally got a coupon out so it’s great for me too.

    • Tracy

      We love our Dora yogurt here!! I buy them 3 packs at a time.

    • Abby

      We’re going through a virtually yogurt-only phase here with my 16 month old! I can’t imagine life without it! I do try to keep her sugar intake to a minimum otherwise, though, because I do worry about that with the kids yogurt.

    • Anyone with ADHD kids want to stay away from kids yogurt with red dyes. Causes hyperactivity (per my childrens research pediatrician). I have found that Yo-plus does not have dyes or aspartame. And a bonus…it has fiber!!!! My kids love it.

    • Kathi

      My grand daughter loves Yoplait yogurt. I keep it in the fridge for when she visits. It tastes pretty good, I tried it.

    • Sherry

      My kids love yogurt, thank goodness. And they also think that fruit chews are candy. Hee, hee.

    • Amy


      I am a Lifetime Member with Weight Watchers and I work hard to make sure my boys eat a balanced meal three times a day, exercise every day and get good sleep (nap for my 2 yr old too) and drink water. My boys LOVE yogurt at any meal or snack and it is a great way I get them calcium outside of milk they drink at breakfast! It is important to me that they learn now to balance their eating with all of the good foods God made and all of the other foods we might snack on too! Healthy eating, exercise every day, water and plenty of rest – make for healthy kids that don’t need to go to the Dr (rarely)!

    • Yoplait is one of our favorites! I usually “dilute” it with plain, lowfat yogurt and then spoon into individual containers.

      To help our boys stay healthy, we spend a lot of time outside. Riding bikes, running up and down the street, jump roping, rollerblading, etc. I don’t do all the running around, but we encourage our kids to. :-)

    • Elon

      My kids love Yoplait yogurt.

    • Renae

      I have my son help with gardening and cooking. He loves veggies straight from the garden!

    • My son loves Yoplait! I try to keep him healthy by encouraging to play outside all the time and eat lots or fruits and veggies!

    • Sienna

      I keep a low cupboard shelf open to my 18-month old so that she can pick the snacks that she wants and I keep it stocked with healthy treats (dried fruit, rice cakes, goldfish, kashi bars, etc).

    • Cheryl

      At our house, we try to eat the colors of the rainbow. We also drink a lot of water. We play a lot as a family, sometimes just chasing the dog around the yard.

    • MiniMidgMom

      Tip: Never give too much sugar and carbs together, like juice with cookies or crackers. Try to balance their diets with protein/carb combinations. It keeps their blood sugar more stable and prevents the sugar rush that leads to trouble and the crashing that leads to the crankies and the munchies. So if my kids get a donut, they have milk and eggs with it. Juice goes with cheese, edamame, tofu or low sugar yogurt. Milk goes with cookies cake. Fiber (like in fruits, nuts and veggies & grains) also helps keep the happy balance. They can still have their treats and we can all have our sanity. Please enter me in the Yoplait Kids yogurt contest – we’d love to try it!

    • Elise

      Take the kids to the riverwalk. They (and you) get to run, walk, look at the river, keep an eye out for frogs, turtles, roly polys, and trains. They have no idea they’re exercising.

    • Alyssa

      My son is 4 and I still water down his juice. He once had a ‘real’ juice box, made a face, and handed it back! It was too sweet!

    • Kelly

      My son LOVES this yogurt! He had a cup of it today, in fact.

    • Michelle

      Sit down and eat dinner together as a family….if you display good eating habits it is bound to catch on with the little ones! :)

    • The best way to help kids eat healthy is not to bring any prepackaged sweet/salty food into the house. I make almost everything from scratch, and it certainly helps keeping things healthier.

    • We try to spend as much time outside in the summer, we will have raspberry and blackberry bushes the kids can pick straight off the bush while they play this year too–exercise and healthy foods all in one place!
      We would love the yougurt–one of my kids fav treats–as well as the toys for outside!!

    • Kara

      My kids love yogurt and are pretty big fans of healthy food. My 2 1/2 yr olds’ favorite food right now is broccoli. I also try to get my kids outside everyday.

      I love this site and I am so glad that I am able to benefit from it.

    • Tricia

      I love that we have finally found a food(yogurt) that our son can eat with dairy and doesn’t get sick(lactose intolerance to milk, ice cream,full cream/fat yogurt,etc). We love it and have convinced our little ones that the frozen yogurt tubes are popsicles.

    • We love Yoplait yogurt in our house. Hope I win!

    • Crystal Ray

      I would love to win the yogurt. I have a daughter and she loves it… (So do me and her dad…)

    • Jen

      I think it’s best for kids to be outside playing rather than siting in front of the tv playing games or watching tv. I remember being a kid and on a nice day, you weren’t “allowed” to be inside! LOL!

    • Lane

      My son is only 6 months old, but I’m trying to introduce many fruits and veggies so he has the taste for them as he grows!

    • Brandy

      There are so many ways to keep kids healthy. My favorites for our children are: lots of running around outside(and inside for that matter), early to bed, long naps, and snacking responsibly 2 or 3 times a day. My children love the Yoplait yogurt cups to be in their lunchboxes for preschool. My daughter comes home a lot and says “Did you know peanut butter and jelly is good dipped in yogurt?” or “Goldfish tastes yummy with yogurt on them.” My son likes it because Diego is his “friend.”

      Thank you for the time and effort you put into this site. It’s helpful to our family with or without contests like this.

    • Sherry M.

      My kids LOVE yogurt! Awesome givaway! Thanks for all you do.

    • Our family uses yogurt in so many fun and exciting ways. We use it as a dip and we flavor it ourselves with different things like blue raspberry jello powder which makes it taste like cotton candy. We make banana splits with yogurt. It is endless the healthy creations you can make with yogurt.

    • Lori

      I like to keep my kids involved with everyday activities, such as washing the cars, watering flowers outside, pulling weeds- anything to get them outside in the fresh air! :)

    • JulieR

      We LOVE yoplait yogurt. Thank goodness they have lots of coupons or I would go broke! Buy around 15 containers a week. The cashier at Kroger laughed last week and said I must really like yogurt. I am pregnant with my 4th and we are all yogurt eaters. I eat 2 or 3 cartons a day. My oldest is “too cool” for dora yogurt so she actually takes the Yoplus in her lunch (great way to get in extra fiber). If they eat all their dinner, they can have yogurt for desert. I love the yoplait desert flavors: keylimepie, bostoncremepie, and cinnamonbun are big favorites. My kids really think they are actual pies in there:)

    • I boot them outside as much as possible — especially when the weather is great. Plus, we just don’t drink juice/soda/etc or eat a lot of junk food. We just usually have some chips on Sunday.

    • Challis

      My daughter has tummy trouble if she eats too much sugar or simple carbs on an empty stomach. She also is a very light eater in the morning. Yogurt is the perfect breakfast for her. It has plenty of protein to keep her tummy from getting too much sugar at once and she still gets the benefits of eating fruit. It is our favorite light breakfast or afternoon snack.

    • Susan Weathers

      When my boys were young they had to eat as many bites of everything on their plate as to how old they were. This got us thru the toddler years, and they developed a taste for a large variety of foods. When they were 2, they ate at least 2 bites of everything, when they were 3, 3 bites etc. They were always healthy and usually escaped all the “bugs” that were going around. Today they are 23, 20, and 15 and will eat anything that is put in front of them, and always have and continue to live very vibrant lives.

    • Wendy

      I am a newly single mom, literally overnight I had to make massive adjustments to my budget and my mindset. Your site has helped me be able to provide healthy meals for my kids.. and yogurt is a big part of that. They love it and I feel good about giving to them. I, too, steer away from some of the kids yogurts, but I’d be excited to give Yoplait a try. Thank you, sincerely, for all your efforts. It has made more of a difference in my life than you could possibly imagine.

    • Allison Pust


      Vanilla yogurt (I use non-fat or low-fat)
      Milk (again, low fat)
      frozen fruit

      Mix and layer it in the blender, serve with a cool looking straw and my kids think they’re in heaven. They’d rather have a long-lasting smoothie than a cookie or candy that’s gone in seconds…and it’s healthy. Sometimes I even let them have one for breakfast on special occasions. =)

    • Korrine

      I also do the 3 bites, 4 bites, 5 bites depending upon the age as it seems to work so well.

      A more proactive way I get my son to eat healthy items is to allow him to pick what shape he wants the food to be served in (not every meal but the tough ones). We started out with circles, squares and triangles but we have now moved on to more creative things like elephants, monkeys, and horses. Most of the time he helps and we put the food together like legos. The other day we made an elephant out of celery and peanut butter. My son (the ham) then decided to add some raisins in the back because he had seen an elephant at the zoo and was amazed by the piles of doodoo, so he found this very funny!!! I am getting used to the 5 year old boy humor.

      I also look for as many cookie cutters in different shapes that I can fun as that cuts down on the preparation time. Then all we have to do is decorate. We have used peas, carrots, yogurt, jam, and other fun condiments to decorate so it is always a blast.

      I know this may seem like a lot of work but it has gotten us through asparagus, eggplant, and fish, and that is cutting the list VERY short!!!

    • Jane

      I replace some of the liquid in my cakes, brownies, etc. with pureed veggies. The kids never know.

    • Jeannie

      We build fruit towers and then eat them. We exercise extensively daily whether I like it or not.
      Yogurt is very popular here. My son will eat (or drink) any of it.
      Thanks for all you do.

    • Stacy

      My three year old son loves his “big boy” yogurt every moring with his breakfast. And I love that it is good for him.

    • Jennifer

      My toddler suddenly became a picky eater around 22 months. She doesn’t like many meats, BUT she loves yogurt, especially the Dora/Diego Yoplait cups! I was worried about her protein intake and consulted with our family doctor. She said to not worry as long as she was eating a cup of yogurt every day and other protiens like beans, peanut butter and cheese. I just have to make sure she gets plenty of fruit to keep her regular. LOL!
      Although I was recently laid off from work and the bills keep piling up, we get by with help from sites like this one (love, love, love) and HCW. Now that we are in the process of adopting two more children, I’m stock piling thanks to Publix’s awesome sales. I recently saved over $315 in one shopping trip, OOPE = $86. I even amazed the manager who had to key the register. I think I’ll try not to plan such a large shopping order next time. Since I have been able to add new things to our diet by way of “coupon shopping”, even I am eating healthier foods which sets a better example for my daughter and her soon-to-be sisters.

    • Tiffany Davis

      My daughter loves yogart. She could eat it for every meal. I started making homemade yogart so I could control the sugar, but on busy nights, she gets yoplait. We stay healthy by playing outside and doing yard work.

    • April Hobbs

      I try to keep my kids healthy with a good dose of love, kisses, and hugs. Mix in a great night’s sleep and a smile fo sunshine every day. Fresh water, veges, fruit, and a multi every day to fill their insides with nutrients. The best of all, is morning and evening prayer, to surround them with Jesus’ love all day long! Then poof! The recipe yields healthy kids…

    • Heather

      I try to incorporate different colors in each meal and regularly have more than one kind of veggie at dinner. I found if I put them in smaller portions, they eat it…larger ones are “scary” I guess. :0) Thank you for your incredible site!

    • ShanR

      Yoplait Kids Yogurt is the only yogurt I give my boys and they love it! I have tried the “adult” Yoplait and I think it’s just too sweet – they don’t finish it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Dora and Diego are on the packaging! Way to market! Yoplait is generous with their coupons, too – there is always a blinkie or one that can be printed or in an insert. I, too, keep a snack basket that my boys can choose from which has healthier snacks such as Rice Krispie Treats, crackers, Yogos, granola bars, 100 calorie packs, etc.

      Love your site!

    • I keep my boy healthy by letting him be outside as much as possible!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My little one loves yogurt and I have to limit him to 1 a day! We also try to stay active by playing outside! I tend to buy 100 calorie snacks for me primarily, but when he gets snacky those are good for him too!

    • Roxanne

      First of all Jenny, love the site and you are so kind to help so many of us. My kids love yogurt luckily for me. My 23 month old is so picky but loves Yoplait!! We love to play outside and have dance parties inside for exercise. I get my exercise this way too!!

      Enjoy the mountains!!

    • Stacy

      My daughter loves Yoplait Yogurt!

    • ashley

      I have 5 year old twin boys that insist that mommy make their lunch every single day. Which gets very old, but I also know that what I make them is much better than the processed food they would receive at school. I always give them an option of several items for their lunch. They change sandwiches & baked chips everyday, but they ALWAYS have the same snack Yoplait Trix yogurt! My son Ayden always eats Strawberry/kiwi and my son Trace eats Cotton candy.

      Also, my boys drink alot of water!! ALOT!!!! Which is wonderful. They drink way more water than their mommy! So SAD> LOL

    • Priscilla

      My 4 girls love yogurt. It is my way of sneaking in their Singulair granules for their allergies/asthma. The medicine is the sprinkles on the yogurt. Yum, Yum.

    • With 5 kids, We go through alot of groceries. I also homeschool, and one thing we did this year in science is learn about the body. One day there assignment was to make lunch and use all of the food groups. This got them picking healther foods to eat, that they normally would not eat. They all love yogurt and cereal, those are the Qs I use the most. Good And Healthy.

    • Alyssa

      A great summer treat – I poke popsicle sticks through the yogurt lids, then freeze. When the kids want a treat, let thaw for a minute (or soften it in your hands). Pop off the cup and VOILA! Easy and healthier than some of the other frozen goodies out there.

    • Kim

      Read the entire attached vitamin d article. I am 41 (almost 42) and was diagnosed with low vitamin D about 6 months ago. It wreaked havoc on my system. I had tons of tests done for all sorts of things trying to figure out why I hurt all the time – well, low D was the culprit. I feel much better and have been supplementing with 2000 ius since the diagnosis. As for the yoplait – EVERYONE in our house eats it. My kids love it all, the low sugar, the drinkable and the squeeze yogurt and I like the light thick and creamy! Great stuff. Thanks for the give-away contest. Very fun!
      Kim K – Greenville SC

    • Betsy

      My children, ages 3 and 18 mos, LOVE yogurt! They eat it almost every day. We mix it with granola and fruit. We also like to use it in smoothies for a fun dessert.

    • I love the yogurt for my 4-year old!

    • Thanks for the giveaway. I have six children ages 4 months to 7 years. They all love yogurt (except the 4 month old who is still only nursing!). We try to keep it as a dessert too! One thing I do to keep them healthy is to only offer them healthy foods. We try not to have junk in the house except for special occasions. I also leave carrots, celery, and apple slices out on the table so they will have healthy snacks throughout the day.

    • Denise

      I love yogurt!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Maehing O

      I usually give my 3 year old a choice between two healty snacks, that way she feels like she is still in control over what she is eating ( three year old like to be in control), but little does she know its something Mommie wants her to eat!

      I also wanted to comment that you are doing a GREAT job with the site! I have been using coupons for years, but just over the past month I have taken it to the extreme with help from Souther Savers. Thanks for helping me SAVE $$$$$$$ !:)
      Maehing O,
      Summerville, SC

    • christina

      My babies eat yogurt as dessert too. We also add it into many of the dishes that we cook instead of sour cream or cream cheese. The kids are so excited b/c they think they are getting icecream. Especially when it has been in the freezer for a while to firm up. I also hide veggies in many of the dishes that I make. Cheesy Rice is broccoli casserole, lasagna is loaded with spinach and finely chopped mushrooms, etc…

    • Elizabeth

      I take the portable kid yogurts (go-Gurts,etc) and freeze them. My kids think they’re popcicles, but they’re getting some calcium and protein. Even the 1 year old loves them! This is also great when they’re getting close to their expiration date—it buys me a couple of days to eat them.

    • Keita

      My daughter loves Yoplait Kids yogurt! She’s two and her tastes are ever evolving. She isn’t veggie crazy, so I have to sneak them in by mixing veggies with foods she does like. I also dilute her juice regularly since she loves juice so much. If I can get her to drink plain water, I would be all too happy.

    • Laura

      Yoplait makes the best yogurt!

    • betsy

      We love yogurt in our house, especially the 11 month old! This would be a great treat:)

    • Catrina

      I like to make fruit smoothies using frozen fruit and a small amount of 100% juice. I pour some of it into popsicle molds and freeze them. My kids love those popsicles. They feel like they are getting a treat and I know they are eating something good for them.

    • srtasa

      my grandkids love playing outdoors and they love yogurt. they would love this.

    • Kate

      We love the yoplait yogurt. Just printed some more coupons for $1.50 off each 6 pack!

    • Lauren

      Love the site. Kiddos love yogurt. Can’t beat a free giveaway!

    • Wendy

      I love Yogurt!!Have been buying Dannon,Yo-plue,Activia, Fiber One yogurt!!Would love to win this giveaways :)

    • Merritt

      My son loves this yogurt. He recently started swimming lessons so that keeps him fit. He also loves gymnastics which is great for fitness and also coordination. Whenever we go to the park he rides his bike there and back so we work in exercise daily! Thanks for the chance for a freebie! Have a great day!

    • Camille

      To keep kids healthy, take them outside for at least 10 minutes every single day, no matter what the weather is like.

    • Adrienne

      I always “sneak” in veggies. I never make a meal where veggies are not incorporated. I’ve always done this and now my 2 year old can recognize almost any veg. out there. He always names things as we’re going thru the store. I show them to him raw and let him watch me cook them so he puts 2 and 2 together. My husbands even eats way more veg. now and actually likes them! I always tell my son raw veggies with dip (ranch) are a snack. He loves dippin’ snacks!

    • Adrienne

      I meant “husband”, I only have one! LOL!

    • Rachel

      I love this site. My daughter and I both love yoplait yogart. She eats it all the time and it is a dessert to her.She has never been a huge milk drinker so I let her eat a lot of yogart. To encourage my daughter to be healthy I am trying to lead by example. I try to keep active and play sports or run. Today we ran the track together. This is new for her to run hard she is only 6 but this is something we will continue to do.

    • Laura

      I’d love to win–thanks for the giveaway!

    • Playing outside is one of the major ways we stay healthy.
      Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    • Eunice

      My kids love yoplait yogurt, we always have it in our fridge everyday.

    • andrea

      My son (like any other 6 year old) loves cokes and any other sugary drink. But I make him smoothies for snack, and now the kids from the naighborhood request them when they come to play. I put a can of fruit in the freezer and let it freeze. I put plain yogurt, the can of fruit, and some sugar free apple juice in the blender and blend it all together. Its healthier than cokes, he is getting a serving of fruit and dairy. Plus here is the big one, there is hardly any sugar in it!

    • Deborah

      Definitely, kids need to be active to stay healthy! I’d love to win this giveaway. :)

    • drivinglady

      think i’ll add it here…lol I have 12 grandkids and one fell out of the bed and broke his jaw and his arm and has a pretty black eye! Because of hiss broke jaw he can only eat soft foods and yogurt is one of them. Thanks to yoplait, my grands like the yogurt. AND THANK YOU!

    • debbie

      We like to take the kids to the beach to explore and walk. its a great way to exercise and learn new things

    • Kimberly

      Thankfully, my son loves dairy products and one of his favorites is Yoplait – and honestly that is the sweetest thing he eats. In fact, we have gotten him to where he doesn’t like cake, ice cream or other desserts b/c they are too sweet for him!

    • Emily

      We love yogurt here-but like you, I try to keep it as a special treat or dessert. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Shannon N.

      My daughter is only 4 months old, but once she does start eating regular food, I’ll try and do like I did with my little brother-in-law and make it a contest of who can eat the most XX, whether tomatoes, celery, etc. It’s amazing the competitiveness…lol

    • Yogurt is eaten on a daily basis in my home. My 5 children have been very healthy since they were babies and I owe this partly to eating yogurt. The good bacteria in it helps them resists “bugs”.

    • Julieann

      I like to get my kids involved in outside chores like raking leaves, helping in the barnyard, spreading gravel. They love to be outside and this is an active way to have them contribute to the household needs. Sometimes if they want a campfire I send them out to get branches and wood. This gets them exploring, working together, as well as good exercise. Afterwards, they are ready to sit and enjoy the fire!

    • Amanda

      I would love to win this great prize! A great way to get kids healthier is to have days without screen time. It makes them get up and move more than they usually would.

    • Melissa

      Well living in an apt. out door exercise is a challenge b/c my 4 yr. old can’t go out and play alone. So I involve her in helping mommy with chores around the house. It is a way for use to spend time together and she feels like a big girl helping out. Not to mention the exercise and movement she gets. We also go to the park once a week or when we pick daddy up from work at a college campus we play chase in the huge yard! This is so much fun and I usually tire before her! We also play “chase” in the house and then have fun tickle attack! Also, she gets a smiley face on her chart for each new thing she tries! This is a great motivator for her! 9 out of 10 times she likes it! We also drink water the majority of the time and lots of fruit and yogurt! We have not tried the children’s yoplait but we love the Yoplait Yoplus; this helps the whole family keep regular bowels plus the probiotics and vitamens added~!

    • Sasha

      Jenny–if it weren’t for Yoplait “Dora Yogurt”, Edward would starve.
      Thank goodness for Dora in this painful time known as the “Food Jag,”

    • Chris

      My kids love yogurt and I love that it is a snack or treat that I can feel a little less guilty about. I have found that letting them pick out the yogurt flavor and then telling them that it is a special treat only for a special time keeps that idea of yogurt as dessert going.

    • Sara

      I aim for 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day.

    • Christy

      Thank you so much you do!
      Me & the girls at work are new to your site and are loving it!

    • My boys love yogurt. We incorporate yogurt, low-fat cheese, or milk into just about every meal to make sure that they are getting enough calcium. My house would love to win this prize pack. Thanks for the giveaway and for all of your posts.

    • JessicaB

      I try to make sure that Mallory gets lots of milk for strong bones!!

    • I love your site. I try to let my girls help me with cooking and they get excited about eating it.

    • Scarlet

      We all love yogurt here! Yoplait is so good! Thanks.

    • To help keep my kids healthy, I like to keep fruit in the house. If my children want a snack, there is a healthy one waiting!

    • Angel

      My four year old granddaughter and I cook on Monday and Wednesday nights. Doesnt mean she will eat everything but she does enjoy helping Nana and telling Pops which foods “she made.” Also, we have started most o my vegies for the garden indoors together, which we also did last year, and she loves it!! She checks on her seedlings and cant wait to plant and pick them. For busy mornings, I convinced her mother to take some light yogurt and whip it up with some Carnation instant breakfast for a quick breakfast shake and she is getting her calcium and fruit intake! Thanks. (we also lllloooove to make a little picnic and just go out back and eat although Pops hates to eat outside so she comes in announcing she ate ALL OF IT and pops missed it!)

    • Dawn

      We try not to buy junk food or sweets, so that they are not in the house to tempt to us. If we want something sweet, we have to make it….so we really have to be motivated. It works well.

    • My kids love Yoplait!

      My son is a very healthy eater, but my daughter is a junk food lover. We have started a small garden this year with hopes that the kids will take pride in their harvest and eat it. We have a lot of family with gardens, and even one with a greenhouse, that give us veggies and plants, but we thought it might mean more to the kids if they start their gardens from seed.

    • Margery

      Yogurt is a staple in our house. One of my fav family desserts is sliced strawberries topped with vanilla yogurt. SOOOOO yummy, and nutritious, too!

      Love your site. You literally aid me in my mission to save hundreds of dollars each month at the grocery store. Your match-ups are a God send!

    • Lesley

      Our family never really liked yogurt that is until….
      I started using it in reciepes and calling it a dessert.
      Now I can’t keep the stuff in the house. Even my neices and nephews are getting in on the good eating and they don’t really know it’s good for them. They asked their mom to make some of the cool pudding their aunt Lesley makes. Now that’s enough to make me feel good for a month!

    • Beth

      Like you, I feel like yogurt has too much sugar (usually around 25 g per cup — that’s 25 packets of sugar!!). However, my boys love it so I mix some of the sweet yogurt with plain yogurt. Sort of like mixing water with juice!

    • I have a hard time getting away from my sweet tooth so trying to esablish healthy habits in my child I thought would be a chore. But with Yogurt you get that sweetness with the fruit and healty habits for your child and you feel healthier too. So you can do more activitys that help build healthy minds and bodys.

    • Dana

      As always, a fun giveaway! I like the idea of giving yogurt for dessert – I’ve always used fruit! I may try sticking it in the freezer for an “ice cream” like/but healthier treat! Thanks for your great site and all you do!

    • Donna

      My kids love this yougart. I like that it is healthy. They like it even more when I freeze it. I love your website. Thanks for the give away.

    • Amanda

      My kids LOVE yogurt. I’ve managed to convice myself that it’s a dessert also! Good giveaway! Thanks!

    • Diane Hrubik

      This is great for kids to teach healthy habits!!!!!!!
      and nice on a girls budget, Thanks

    • Lori

      I let my boys (5 and 8 ) make their own yogurt parfaits after school. They enjoy picking and cutting their fruits (blueberries, strawberries,blackberries, and peaches are their favs). It gives them a break and extra energy before homework and playtime. Thanks for your website!

    • My girl stays healthy by running everywhere! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for your awesome website!!

      A healthy fast breakfast in our house is smoothies! One of my faorites is frozen strawberriesm frozen bannans, fruit yogurt, OJ and cranberry juice. You can add flax seed to boost omega 3 and a drizzle of karo to sweeten. Yummy!!!

    • what a great site, looking forward to trying the yogart

    • Angela

      We mix flavored yogurt with organic whole milk plain yogurt to cut the sugar and up the fat a little bit(our girls are still little).

    • Susanne

      I love this yogurt and so does my little boy! Thanks for all you do! :)

    • Petra

      We make sure the boys drink plenty of water.. Important here in TX, when it gets hot!!

    • Gwen

      My girls love the yogurt.

    • I sneak Baby Food veggies into their dishes sometimes! This is super easy to do with Chef Boy-r-dee dishes!

    • Sarah Elyce

      The best ways to keep kids healthy are:
      plenty of sleep
      plenty of water
      plenty of playing outside


    • Teresa Eaton

      I love Yoplait. I stock up on it when taking antiobiotics.

    • Spring

      We love yogurt and love your web site. Thanks for the great deals.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks so much for doing this on a daily basis to get us all the BEST DEALS OUT THERE!!! Kids yogurt is a great way to encourage your kids with “healthy eating habits” & the YOPLAIT IS GOOD TOO.

    • Anne

      I Encourage our kids to play outside as much as they can and make up exercises for all of us.

    • Michelle Thomas

      I make fruit smoothies with yogurt. frozen bananas, and frozen blueberries or whatever else I have on hand. My kids love these and think they are dessert!

    • Tavita Kurochka

      My hubby calls any unhealthy food “chemicals,” as a joke. My kids picked that up and say it everytime they see an unhealthy food. It is so funny, seeing them wrinkle their noses and saying that. It does make them lose their unhealthy cravings though. Whatever works, huh?