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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ll come out and confess that I am not a “Save the World”, kinda girl.  I am all about doing my part but am pretty bad at remembering to recycle,  I love my airconditioning and leave the water running when I brush my teeth.   I was asked recently though to take the Aladdin Challenge and see if I could not use any paper cups, water bottles or food containers for 30 days.

At first this was too daunting, but while I’m not always about saving the world I am always up for a good challenge!!

Really though I want you to consider taking this challenge with me because of the money it can potentially save you over 30 days:

  • Coffee at home, maybe $15  — Coffee out everyday $60-$90
  • Bring your own lunch, maybe $60 — Eat out for lunch $150
  • Carrying a Reusable Bottle for Water, free — Buying Water or Soda $40

Just changing those three things you’ve saved over $175 in one month!!!

Okay, for the folks that love the “eco” side of things here are numbers for you:

  • Seven million barrels of oil are used to produce the disposable bottles Americans go through in one year.
  • In the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second.
  • Unless we change our habits, 23 billion paper coffee cups will be thrown out in 2010.

Are you up for it?

Click to join the “Do the Reuse Challenge” or find out more about it. When you sign up you’ll get special discounts on Aladdin reusable products and FREE shipping (I’m all about a deal).  Get more tips and encouragement as you partake on your challenge from Aladdin on Facebook.

My Containers:
Aladdin sent me two of their containers – a plastic water bottle and a thermos.  The awesome part, they are both microwave and dishwasher safe!  I tipped the Thermos over in my purse, and dropped it in the car and had zero leakage.  Awesome!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you up for the Challenge?  Do you think it would help save money? Would you do it for the money or the environment?

Visit my sponsor: Aladdin

    • Emily

      We’ve been doing this for awhile now. Just this week, I decided no more wrapping up the kids lunches when we are on the run, and bought Bento 2.0 from laptoplunches.com These are washable, microwavable bento boxes that really slim down my use of wrappers.

    • Sbdugger

      I use a stainless steel reusable water bottle and I love it! I didn't realize how much I was saving until I looked at how much I use it! I refill it at least 5 times a day (and it is a 28 oz bottle). That is 140 oz which would equate to 7 twenty oz bottles of water. At @$1.50 per bottle, I'm saving $10.50 a day just by using that bottle. I really want to try some reusable thermoses and containers. Right now I use disposable containers for lunches. I may reuse them a couple of times but that's it.

      • wow that's some savings with reusable bottle!! probably need to ask for a spare one or two for a present :)

    • Lana

      We use very little disposable stuff at our huse but I do like disposable coffee cups. We buy the big pack at Sam's and the lids and take our home brewed coffee with us. We also get coffee from McD's on a fairly regular basis, we are seniors and only pay 40 cents for coffee. That would be a hard habit to break. I do not like insulated washable coffee mugs. They are a pain to wash and they pick up odd tastes and odors.

      • Littlepanchuk

        I noticed that mine were picking up odd odors too, so I tried sprinkling some baking soda in them. The next day, they smelled normal. It might be worth a try.

    • Erin

      We already use reusable products: Cloth napkins, rags, water bottles, and coffee mugs. Only because it saves $$!

      The only thing I can't give up: Disposable diapers :)

    • HA we are the same way – reuse and recycle, but our twins use disposable diapers and so many friends fuss at us for doubling diapers in the trash!!

    • I have 2 kids. I would do it for the environment. if we dont set the example who will? that said, im not the perfect tree hugger, but we try to recycle and reuse when we can. and it does save money too.

    • Jen

      My family has been doing all of this for over a year now. We also take our own shopping bags to the grocery store, and we recycle as much as possible when we do happen to buy convenience items.

    • Jeannie

      We are already doing so much of this just because we no longer have the money to afford such a simple luxury.

    • Erin

      Wow, if you're brushing your teeth properly and that would be 2 to 3 minutes, then that it is a lot of wasted water running!! Who can stand there for 2 to 3 minutes listening to that? It is quite annoying so it's an easy habit to not let the water run.

    • Connieb03

      I pack my daughter's lunch and use reusable containers, as does my husband for his. He likes strong coffee, so he makes his at home. I hate paying for water out, so we bring our own water places. We recycle what we can, but live in a small town, so they don't take everything. I'm by no means a tree hugger, but I do what I can and teach my kids to do what's right for the environment and how to save money, which is right for our family.

    • sharon60

      I do use reusable grocery bags, took lunch (before laid off), took my own bottled water etc I want to be “greener” and maybe by taking this challenge, I will make myself learn more ways to do so. Just reading Jenny's post made me realize I leave the water running EVERY time I brush my teeth ..:( …so starting tomorrow I won't and that's a little step in the right direction.

    • Srtasa

      i would do it both for the money and for the environment.

    • meme

      We are big-time recyclers. We started recycling in Florida in the 1980's. Now we have to take our own stuff to the dumpsters where we live in SC, but it is so worth it to realize that before all this was going into a landfill.

      I have to admit, though, that since I started couponing about a year ago, we have tons of plastic and cardboard. Not to mention plastic bags. I previously bought larger boxes of food to save money. So this is a real concern of ours, that we may be contributing to the problem while saving money.

      I would like to join the challenge at Aladdin, but I am not good with facebook or leaving my email address where I am not sure it won't be for all to see. Is this a safe site? How does it help us save money? I would like more information and I wasn't very good at navigating the site for the answers to these questions. Any help? Thanks

    • Kelleyharold

      I'd do it for the environment AND for saving money. With 1 kid in elementary school and 1 in preschool 2x/week, and being at the dance studio for classes for them through mealtimes, I have LOVED our Laptop Lunches bento systems, like someone else mentioned. I am packing much healthier stuff than the prepackaged foods (or fast food!). It's also great portion control for me.
      I'd love to try the Aladdin thermos. We took soup for dinner last night and even my 7-yr-old complained that the little insulated containers we got at Wal-Mart didn't hold enough! Not to mention I was terrified they would leak after realizing how difficult it was to get them closed properly.
      We recycle everything we can, and we also compost. We changed our light bulbs to CFLs and have done a lot of insulating in our home (walls, attic, water heater, outlets/switches on exterior walls, etc.). We recently installed film on a couple basement doors that get brutal evening sun, and we carry reusable shopping bags. There's still so much more we can do, though.

    • ScottK

      Woo thanks Aladdins for that!! Not only does going green SAVE you money, it can pay you money, just get a resuable bag tag when you shop at CVS! All the time I'm getting an extra buck just for shopping! In doing this 4 months, I've made about $20 extra dollars just for carrying my own bag in.

      I'm all about green green green, not just for the environment (which I love, I want to have trees forever) but I save so much myself. The water bottles is a perfect example. People are head over heels now that you can basically find a 24 pack for $3 or a national brand 24 pack for $4-5 but just buy a reusable bottle once for under $10 and you save so much. Imagine you drink ONLY ONE bottle of water per day, you're going to buy 15 of the 24 packs this year (and I doubt you just drink one) you'll spend $60 dollars! If you'd just buy a reusable bottle you'll automatically save $50!!! FIFTY DOLLARS…think of a time when you were buying something expensive, new tires, washing machine, wouldn't it be nice to have an extra $50 to cover that cost? And take it a step further, if you're buying a bottle of coke or something. Sixteen ounce = 99 cents, 24 ounce = $1.39 you drink one bottle a day (times 1.19 for the average of the two) = $543.85 cents SPENT!! You could get two liters (or in my opinion, switch to something healthier, like FREE WATER).

      There are so many little things you can do, just turning off the water while you brush your teeth, is it really that inconvenient to have to turn it back on when you're done?! Every move you make is money saved!

      And I'm not saint, this week I've started packing my lunches. I used to always do that till I started this new job where I have a much longer lunch break and so many better options for food (Zaxbys)! So the first month I spent often eating out lunch, then after work taking home some Subway to eat and relax. I was spending money on gas to go out during my lunch break, money on the meal, and a drink…Now I am bringing sandwiches and have my gatorade (buy 1 get 1 free then bogo coupon =free) and sitting on the back screened porch enjoying the beautiful weather and not spending money on gas or fast food. I've already noticed how much nicer my bank account is looking and it's only been 3 days of this!

    • Andrea

      Jenny Just wondering did the thermos really keep the food Warm? I have thought about buying one for my daughters lunch but am afraid it will not stay warm.

      • Lori V.

        I havent tried the Alladin brand yet, and was wondering the same thing. I will say, that I use the “Thermos” brand for my kids lunches, and it does indeed keep the food piping hot. My kids love it! They each have their own small metal thermos, and I can put just about anything in it. (even pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, etc!)

    • RobinB78

      Don't forget also guys- if you're not one to make coffee at home- Starbucks will give you a discount on your purchase for brining in your own mug! And YES they will even make your favorite signature espresso based beverage in your kitchen mug!

    • Lorie56743

      I have been doing this for awhile My daughter started at a charter school, no lunches. an they are a “green: school so I bought a tupperware lunch kit, a sandwich thing and a drink think in a cute bag. getting koolaid or a big thing of juice has been cheeper then juice boxes,when it's warm she like water. I haven''t had to buy sandwich bags. We have been taking our coffee since my job changed. 2 years ago.

    • NOTE: the 30% off and the FREE shipping is only on the products in the “Do the Reuse Challenge” section. It is not valid on the rest of their products. :(

    • frugalmomma

      Sometimes it's not about saving money, it's about using only what you have. When we got lunch boxes for our kids, we got freezable bags that kept food cold without taking up room with a freezer pack. We reuse powerade and gatorade bottles constantly. I even wash and reuse plastic baggies. My husband and I are still drinking delicious daily coffee I make at home with the buy2 get3free coffee deal at Harris Teeter three months ago. Enjoy the challenge, it may become just normal living. =)

      • We did the same thing with our SmartWater bottles . . . reused them over and over and over . . . . until we heard stories of how the plastic may (or may not??) release toxins as the plastic breaks down, can make you sick, can cause digestive issues, etc.. I don't know if it was true, but it seemed to line up with some digestive “issues” we were each having, so we switched to resuable, BPA free water bottles and they're great. No more digestive issues, either!! :)

    • Beth

      I think anything big business can do to reduce waste is wonderful. We don't use paper cups or paper napkins in our house, but I'll admit I'm a slave to ziploc bags!

    • Lgibson

      We haven't used paper plates, napkins, or paper towels in our house in over 3 years. At first my family thought I was crazy not buying paper towels and napkins but they are used to it now. It made me crazy to see everyone go through a roll of towels in a day or 3-4 napkins in one meal. I do use baggies though. I need to get away from those!

    • Lisa

      Except for two small cities our county of about 100,000 does not have trash pickup. We all go to the trash dump/recyling centers. About 10 years ago our county told us to recycle or our trash fee/taxes would go up. People got on board so fast the county can barely keep up. I am happy to say our fees/taxes for that have not gone up. Most of us are on well/septic systems. The more water you use the higher your electric is and your well could run dry and the cost to clean or replace a septic system keeps most of us conservative. Talk green and people listen with one ear, talk money conservation and you've got their attention. You just have to know your audience.