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I have a small confession… I didn’t start brushing my kids teeth until they were old enough to not bite me.  It’s probably wrong, but I thought it was a perfectly logical idea.

According to Aquafresh and my girls’ dentist though you should start good oral care habits as early as 3 months old.  To help you get started on the right track, Aquafresh has made a website full of short and informative videos so you can learn ways for you and your little one to keep their teeth healthy!  These videos teach you how to take care of their teeth in a fun and engaging way, so your little one can even sit down and watch them with you!

So, check out these videos if you need answers to questions like:

– How often should you get a new toothbrush?
– Where do teeth come from?
– What is the proper way to brush your teeth in the morning?

You can even get started now and use some of the coupons on Walmart’s website.  They have coupons and savings for children’s products and even a few for the grown-ups!

The Giveaway:

The folks at Aquafresh are giving away a $100 Walmart gift card to one Southern Savers reader!

To Enter:

Leave a comment below telling me your biggest struggle with getting your little one to take brushing seriously.

Winners will be chosen Friday, 3/2.

    • Davidrachel Caero

      I always enter these things maybe this time I can win something! Boy do we need it with the way these kids brush their teeth lol We have to have them sing everytime they brush to get them to do it. Its a big time struggle.

    • Always_3xa_lady

      trying to make them understand they have an ENTIRE mouth full of teeth and not just 2 in the front

    • Tara H

      My biggest problem is remembering to remind our 5 boys to brush their teeth before bed. It always seems that I remember when they are all FINALLY lying down, then, of course, I really don’t want to get everyone up! :)

    • Barb

      Evening brushing seems to be part of the routine of going to bed, but making sure that everyone has brushed in the morning is way more difficult.

    • Bkittie

      Getting my kids to brush was never a big problem, but flossing was a another story! 

    • Dixiez718

      Our biggest struggle is trying to get our 2 year old to understand that you keep your mouth open to brush your teeth!

    • Garnerlenna

      My 3 year old says she is afraid that she will swallow the toothbrush….so it’s difficult to get her to brush without a struggle.

    • Happymomma

      My biggest complication is getting my daughter to spit. My son is 2 yrs younger and is a “natural spitter.” My daughter just struggles with it, somehow it’s harder for her.

    • Lsylte

      Keeping the toothpaste on the toothbrush (17 month old) and actually getting him to open up his mouth! :) 

    • katkoupon

      It’s hard getting my 2 year old to spit out the toothpaste.

    • Dwilson19

      my kis ages 2 and 3 love to brush their teeth the problem is getting them not to swallow the so much toothpaste :-/

    • Erindmeade

      Getting my 3 yr old to sit still is half the battle when trying to brush his teeth! We sing a Barney song about cleaning your teeth to try & help.

    • Chrystal bachmann

      They are always complaining about being too tired!

    • Lucianna Farmer

      My 14 month old keeps eating the toothpaste!

    • Sunshine4807

      My biggest challenge has been the move from toddler toothpaste to real toothpaste. Trying to explain why they can’t eat it and why it has to be done this way is a struggle every morning.

    • Tan121503

      My youngest child can not stand to brush his teeth, he will cry and tell me how bad it taste. It’s a battle every time! Still have not got it master with him. 

    • June Barnes56

      Using a kids toothpaste helps!

    • Maddin

      It’s not so much brushing the teeth but not eating the toothpaste. The other problem is that they think they are done after 10 seconds brushing (usually when the toothpaste is swallowed).

    • b j

      sometimes little kids do not like the taste of certain toothpastes—maybe I’ll try a just “for kids” brand!  Thanks.

    • Heather

      I don’t actually have kids, but I have to brush my siblings teeth all the time. The biggest struggle would be to get them to keep their mouth open and their tongue out of the way! 

    • Amberlee30

      They think its tickles so they don’t open their mouth wide enough for me to brush…ugh.

    • Hewella1

      I don’t have kids but I remember I hated the taste of some of the toothpastes as a kid.

    • Sarah

      Struggle!?!? haha, I can’t keep my girls (4 and almost 2) from brushing! Was bubble gum toothpaste a good invention?! :)

    • Christied79

      My biggest struggle is getting them to brush for more than 30 seconds.  They want to rush thru it.

    • dwc

      We have trouble with our 8 yr old, we have to send him back to redo sometimes! He has a timer that he uses…

    • Theaikenparrs

      Definitely getting our 6 year old to brush for the full 2 minutes–so, of course–we still “check”.  

    • Jenn H

      My biggest problem is making sure she brushes her teeth before she goes to school. I’ve been getting better though. I make sure she goes to the bathroom before we head out the door so when she’s washing her hands I look right at the toothbrush.

    • Mari

      My 3 year old wants to do it herself….and she can’t figure out how to spit. lol

    • Chuchubi

      well water so no flouride….dentist gave us tablets for my daughter to “swish”  right……..

    • Itsmytimetogrow

      Well, my “little ones” are 8 1/2 and 15  and believe me, you still have to remind them daily and get on to them even at these ages.  I’d say the hardest parts about oral care for toddlers is that their mouths are so small it is hard to get to the back teeth and flossing is next to impossible.  (Thank God for the individual flossers.  I can now help with the flossing.)

    • Alyson

      Just like most everybody else … getting them to brush long enough

    • Jessica F

      It’s hard to get them to not eat the toothpaste!

    • Katie Cecil

      getting them to brush at all!

    • Lauryann

      Our little one loves to brush his teeth, the problem is he will swipe, swipe, swipe and he’s done.

    • Pocohontaswhite

      taking time to do it…

    • Tanya

      My four year old is just now getting the spitting down.  He still does not want to sit very long for me to finish.   He does not enjoy having his teeth brushed! 

    • Meghan

      The kid toothpaste is so sweet and tasty, I have a hard time getting my daughter to stop swallowing it! 

    • Bblynbolton

      My struggle was getting them to be consist with brushing.

    • Erica47

      Our biggest struggle is that our 3yr old is very independent. She wants to do all the brushing herself, which is great, except she’s not old enough to do a thorough job.  After she’s done brushing & we then try to brush her teeth it ends in a meltdown! 

    • Jen

      My two year old just likes to suck off the sweet tasting paste and not actually get any brushing done. She also enjoys getting a hold of the floss!

    • Psugar08

      Getting my kids to spit out & then rinse after brushing.

    • Yoja2006

      We brushed my son’s teeth until about the age of 7 years old.  That seems a bit much but he was just not brushing the way he needed to.  He would put a very small dab of toothpaste on his brush and just brush one spot in his mouth.  He had about 5 toothbrushes at one time to pick from.  He is now 9 years old and having a timer in the bathroom is helping now; and only one toothbrush!

    • weezie

      My grandson didn’t really like brushing his teeth but after putting a mirror at his height, he could see what he was doing.

    • Cindy

      Getting my daughters to actually brush their teeth.  They just liked tasting the toothpaste instead.

    • Liz

      Getting them to understand toothpaste is not for eating!

    • Rita

      Biggest challenge is getting them to brush 2 minutes every time they brush

    • khargis

      Can’t seem to get her to brush long enough..but she loves to use the individual flossers!

    • Tracy

      I always struggle with my kids hating the toothpaste or liking it too much making my 4 year old inclined to eating it !  

    • Shiptoheaven

      Cannot get the kids (4) to brush on a regular basis!!

    • Wmack

      My biggest challenge was getting my kids to brush their back teeth, so I purchased a battery operated toothbrush and now they’re doing a great job per the dentist.

    • Stephanie

      My 18 month old and 32 month old just want to do it themselves. It’s very frustrating knowing there not getting everywhere!

    • Rebekah Finn

      It’s hard to get him to brush long enough.

    • Niptuckjenny

      Getting her not to press so hard. 

    • amyr

      My kids don’t brush long enough.  I usually let them brush on their own in the morning, then I do it at night.

    • Evanslind

      It is a 2 person job to get my 1 year old’s teeth brushed.  My husband has to hold his arms down while I fight to scrub away!  Gorilla warfare works every time.  lol. 

    • Nora97joy

      My daughter is 2 and likes the taste of the training toothpaste so constantly swallows while I’m trying to brush.  She also likes to try and bite down on the toothbrush while it’s in her mouth.

    • Lexism81

      eating the toothpaste… 

    • Threeshine

      We actually just went to the dentist today – we love our dentist here in Columbia- he’s great with special needs children  Which is actually my biggest challenge in dealing with teaching this important life skill. It takes longer, but I’m sure our little guy will learn to do a good job of brushing all by himself  by God’s grace!

    • Sarah moske

      My little one is only 3 weeks old right now, but this is super helpful. Now I know I need to start in a few months with keeping he outs clean. Awesome giveaway!

    • Kittie

      My daughter use to like brushing, but has recently decided it is torture! 

    • Sally

      I think my biggest struggle is REMEMBERING to brush my daughter’s teeth when I brush my own! :) That, and getting her to spit out the toothpaste instead of swallowing it.

    • alison

      My twins just hate the taste of it.  No matter what I do or try, they can’t stand the flavors offered.

    • Crystal

      My 21 month old runs around the house spitting.  So we started a new chant that he loves and lets me brush his teeth too.  Up like the sun , down like the rain, in and out like a choo choo train.  It makes him giggle as I brush and of course he loves trains! 

    • nannygranny

      My grandaughter is 3 years old.  She will brush her teeth fairly well if she likes the taste of the toothpaste.  She does much better if I leave the water running so she can rinse.

    • Cohen Black

      i dont have a kid, but i did have trouble with my teeth when i was in 6th grade. i stopped brushing altogether, and now i regret it.

    • Valenciafl

      I was blessed with great teeth and even though I forget to brush often, I never have problems.  But my son inherited my husband’s poor teeth….needless to say, I have had to start taking oral care seriously.  It’s been a struggle to remind him to brush.

    • Danielle T

      no kids, but my grown boyfriend needs constant reminders “did you brush your teeth?????” almost every night, he’s lucky he’s so cute!

    • Gigimebe2

      The biggest struggle is getting my grandsons to brush long enough.

    • Nicolle S

       I have a little cousin that just doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste in his mouth, so we have to get yummy flavored toothpaste in order for him to brush his teeth.

    • Bloom24_2001

      my children have a problem with the taste and the burning of the toothpaste. My autistic son gets oral therapy so when he uses his spin brush in therapy we sneak in a little bit of toothpaste. 

    • Kat175

      Oh getting my three kids to brush their teeth is a HUGE struggle. We always get distracted and the toothbrushes with toothpaste are left on the counter!

    • Saresawyer

      My three year old son now seems to like getting his teeth brushed…  We talk about why brushing is important, but what has really helped is that we have him choose an animal and pretend that we are brushing that animal’s teeth.  We say things like, “Oooh, look at that lion’s sharp teeth!  Let’s make them sparkly clean!”  We also let him have a turn brusing all by himself (after we have had our turn) and tell him what a great job he is doing and what a big boy he is.

      • Saresawyer

        Our biggest struggle was that he wanted to do the brusing all by himself and wanted to swallow all of the toothpaste instead of spitting it out.

    • Joann

      As a teacher, it seems that I have experienced that children must like the flavor of the the toothpaste and make sure they are not using too much toothpaste!

    • calmr3345

      My daughter goes to bed and forgets to brush her teeth and then says she’s too tired to get back up and brush them

    • Melissa P

      I run a small (5 children) daycare out of my home. The hardest part of teeth brushing for me is getting on the same page with the parents. Most don’t feel a need for their children to brush during the day.  I like to make it part of our daily routine so that hopefully it will stay part of their daily routine as the grow. 

    • enf1971

      most of the time my kids are pretty good about brushing their teeth

    • Rebecca

      Just getting him to stand still and keep his mouth in the right position is the biggest struggle with my son!

    • VP22

      Thankfully I’m way past that stage but the biggest issue was getting my son to brush his teeth regularly.

    • purple flower

      Dont bite the tooth brush!

    • Kristen

      I struggle with my little one always swallowing the toothpaste and not wanting to rinse.  She loves the taste of mint which is good because I can initially get the toothbrush in her mouth… but she loves to eat anything with a strong mint flavor (even altoids).

    • LG

      My son is 1 1/2 and sucks the toothpaste off the brush before I can get back to his teeth

    • Blessedsmith

      Understanding longterm importance

    • Wlshipley

      I have no children at home. I brush regularly and am the only one with healthy teeth in my family.

    • Nwoleslagle

      I have a hard time keeping them from using everyone’s toothbrush.

    • CatBlue

      My biggest struggle in brushing my cats’ teeth is that there is no tuna-flavored toothpaste!!

    • CTaylor

      Seems getting them into the habit would be hard. :)

    • Mel

      The hardest part is getting son to brush ALL of his teeth, not just the ones in the front…..

    • Jberrec

      It’s hard to get my little guy not to bite the toothbrush when I’m trying to brush his teeth. My older son tries, but just doesn’t an’t get the back very well.

    • Tanyalulu

      My daughter doesn’t brush long enough!

    • Lucy

      They always forget!

    • Scflores

      my kids sont brush their teeth long enough….when my oldest brushes on his own, i know he isnt doing as good of a job as he should….guess thats why we practice 2x a day..lol!!

    • My son says the toothbrush tickles

    • my 6 year old says she doesn’t have time :-)

    • Renee Merrifield

      getting them to brush morning AND night:)

    • M

      The toothpaste doesn’t taste good!

    • Mine likes to fake it and just put water on his tooth brush and tell me he brushes, but I know he didn’t because he always makes a big toothpaste mess in the sink

    • Mipursell

      Getting them to stand still long enough to get eeverywhere.

    • Cheryl Barnett Saves

      My little one is 13 and it is like pulling teeth. He does a few strokes and thinks they are brushed. Now I have blue teeth cleaner that he has to brush until the blue is gone.

    • Alanaddie25

      It is always a struggle after they got older. Before they stated school they loved to brush their teeth but now its a struggle to get them to do it. They always running around and telling me they did and everything will still be sitting on the counter. It’s crazy.

    • Nikmbarker

      My kids always wanted to do the brushing themselves because they were “big”!!  Usually that meant just eating the toothpaste and not brushing at all!

    • Bder

      my kids don’t like the taste of toothpaste, but recently I found the aquafresh kids and that is good- now it is getting them not to swallow :)

    • Tooeyhx

      my daughter likes the taste of anything I put on her toothbrush and she just likes to suck it off every time.

    • Tomara

      My Grandbaby would bite down on the toothbrush so that the toothbrush wouldnt move and it was so discouraging. Finally, I told her the toothpaste would wash all the food bugs off her teeth and she opened her mouth and started brushing. I would start out with 5 bugs in her mouth and then count down to the last one until I got her to brush long enough.  ;)

    • bg3264

      He does not like the taste of toothpaste.

    • Lcaker6981

      Its hard to teach discipline to others when I have so little of it myself.  I want to set a good example but its hit or miss 

    • Susan H.

      My kids are all grown. I’m a teeth brushing fanatic though. Got to brush after every meal as I can’t sand my teeth to feel dirty.

    • 2cute4sure

      My son likes to bite on the bristles and just move the brush around in his mouth without actually brushing his teeth.  My husband showed him pictures of kids with rotten teeth.  He became literally paranoid he was not doing a good enough job and wanted us to do it for him!  We told him we would check behind him when he was finished, and he is doing a much better job!

    • Inthemountains

      “Did you brush your teeth?” “YES!”  That’s always the answer but sometimes they don’t brush and sometimes they didn’t do such a good job.  I have to check and sometimes brush them myself.  Buy kids safety flossing pics.  The kids love them and will floss for a long time, “it’s fun!”

    • Kim

      Kids learn by example. It’s hard to teach our kids the proper teeth brushing techniques because their father doesn’t always brush his teeth. They look up to him and want to be just like him!

    • funwbrushing

      I’m a hygienist so I would lay them back in my lap and brush them like they were a patient. They loved it.

    • Neverrestranch

      getting her to spit in the sink instead of around the sink on faucet etc… because she is watching herself in the mirror

    • Texasheffner

      My 4yr old was a real bear to get to brush his teeth…..the cure, his first cavity appeared and he had to get it filled.  Great brusher ever since then!

    • JessieC

      My biggest challenge is to get them concentrate and brush for at least 2 minutes.

    • Jpetty

      Well…I don’t have any human little ones…just a miniature dachshund.  The obedience trainer said that we should brush his teeth at home, but I don’t think he’ll ever be old enough to know not to bite anyone who tries to brush his teeth.

    • S Cuevas

      always have trouble keeping them still long enough to do a good job until i put the timmer on it works

    • Sandi Leigh

      My biggest struggle is trying to teach my disabled 5 year old how to properly scrub and trying to teach her how to spit, that is a bit of a challenge for her.

    • Rebecca

      Mine just does not like to brush. I have to remind him all the time.

    • CortBrown

      The idea that you are not supposed to swallow it! As a head start teacher, we brush teeth twice daily with 20 children. I don’t know how many times the entire foamy mess has just been swallowed!

    • Jennifer Van Dahm

      Doingit more than a few seconds, and getting enough toothpaste on the brush.

    • Tracey

      My 20 month old does not like having his teeth brushed and my husband has to hold him while I brush his teeth.

    • We started brushing my son’s little teeth well before he was even one. We use the “Aaaaahhhh and Eeeeeeee method”. Open and say “Ahhh” for the inside and “Eeeee” for the front of the teeth. We finish with “let’s see how big your tongue has grown” and brush the his tongue. He thinks it is so funny and still brushes today without any trouble. He is such a good boy with a good smile.

    • Amy

      My son is almost 6 months old and I have (ocassionally) brushed his gums.  Since he is not even sure what I am doing he has no complaints about brushing.  He just likes to chomp down on anything that goes into his mouth, but it’s ok….he doesn’t have teeth.  He is actually working with me and not aginst me…yet! :)

    • Rgillilan2

      My son didnt get his first tooth until 14 months so that is when I started brushing his teeth. He fought every night about taking a bath and brushing his teeth. Finally for some reason around 2nd or 3rd grade he suddenly quit fighting and went to the opposite extreme where he is nearly obsessive about his teeth.

    • Becky

      The bubblegum flavor is tempting to swallow for my little one.  Hopefully, he can brush and get more on his teeth rather than his tummy. 

    • Sd5

      Mine likes to clench his teeth shut!

    • Slnero2664

      My problem was that the little ones always wanted to eat the children’s flavored tooth paste. It got to the point where I wouldn’t leave it in their bathroom because if I did they would use a tube of toothpaste each time they brushed.

    • Dana

      my daughters suck on their toothbrushes and get incredible joy from projectile spitting toothpaste onto the bathroom mirror. Its like they use toothpaste as paint more than an oral hygiene product.

    • K. Smith

      My biggest struggle is having my daughter brush for the recommended length of time and also having her brush around her back teeth. She hates it when I take over but I feel better knowing that it is being done right.

    • Nebraskabuckeye

      Trying get my 18 mo old to keep her mouth open! She clinches her jaw tight like her life depends on it! Ha! My 3yo loves brushing her teeth so I guess 1 out of 2 isn’t bad. :)

    • Britbeltre

      I have been brushing my daughters teeth and gums since she was born… she’s two and a half now and does not give us a problem :) She has a mouth full of pearly whites!

    • O Man! My biggest struggle with my almost 2 yr old is that he constantly bites down on the toothbrush.  It’s hard to get any real brushing done when you can hardly get a toothbrush in his mouth.

    • Audrey Vail

      My toddlers have always preferred chewing the brushes as opposed to letting me brush.  Then they laugh.

    • shannon g

      no kids s no problems!

    • LshnAlbert@ aol.com

      The taught of BRushing my Babie Boy teeth…, Let alone the taste of toothpaste is a horrible struggle for me to grasper, not to mention the taught of having him to rise afterwards it’s a constant effort of moving further with the aspect of brushing his teeth with him biting the toothbrush

    • Nowlinmb

      Getting the kids I babysit for to actually brush their teeth, instead of singing into their toothbrushes like awkwardly placed, minty microphones.

    • Amberpesce

      They always want to play in the sink water instead of brushing!

    • My biggest struggle to get our new baby girl to brush is she is 7 and a half months old already and still doesn’t have any teeth! Hopefully they are coming soon…

    • Kristina

      Our big struggle has been getting a toothpaste that they like the flavor.  At one point, we had a different toothpaste for each of my 4 kids.

    • Keeping my son’s mouth open so I can see what I’m doing!!

    • Bsccowgirl

      I bought my daughter some Dora toothpaste thinking she would like it.  Wrong! She hates the flavor and doesn’t want to brush her teeth at all.  Being frugal, we are not waiting a whole tube of toothpaste so I have to force her to brush every day.

    • Apuckett524

      My biggest struggle is getting my 21 month old to let me help him.  He still doesn’t have the technique mastered, but he’s so darn indepenedent.

    • Beauwolter

      My little one only likes to chew on the brush and eat the training tooth paste :)

    • Julierichbourg

      I am trying to get my kids to understand that when they brush their teeth before bed, they can not drink any sugar drinks after that. Or else they have to brush again.

    • Mama J

      My little one tends to chew on the brush and use his brush to brush my teeth instead of his -__-||

    • Audrey Crozier

      I have a hard time finding toothpaste they like.

    • Sherry

      They brush the same spot over and over.

    • Brenda

      If it is difficult for you to get your little one to brush properly, I can offer little hope. Today is my son’s 14th birthday and it is still hard to get him to spend enough time brushing. Fortunately he has one younger sister who takes excellent care of her teeth. 

    • Guest

      It’s difficult to get them to spit it out and not swallow the toothpaste.

    • Nicole

      my kids love brushing their teeth, they like doing what they see my husband and I do. =0)

    • Jesstopher

      My daughter thinks it’s funny to bite down on the toothbrush while I am brushing her back teeth. It’s not funny. That’s our struggle. :)

    • Carolyn

      Getting in those tiny little mouths without the brush slipping and hurting them!

    • Aprilmh1628

      Not swallowing the toothpaste!

    • Lynneweeks

      getting them to brush all of their teeth, not just a few

    • Linzakk

      We taught our son the brush your teeth song and now it’s hard to get him to not sing it so we can brush his teeth! ;) brush brush brush your teeth each and every day up and down and all around brush decay away

    • Nicole

      My oldest kid thinks it just takes too much time to stop and do it lol and my toddler just wants to play while brushing his teeth.

    • crazy4cvs

      To brush their teeth period. They think it is more of a chore. I need a way to make it fun.

    • frances

      Braces.  so hard to get teeth as clean and practically forget about flossing…

    • Pinkarmygal05

      My biggest struggle is for my 4 year old to realize its not the end of the world if mommy has to  put the toothpaste on the brush because his little hands can’t squeeze the bottle enough

    • kt

      I have a hard time getting my grandson to brush, he just want to suck the toothpaste off the bristles.  I put very little paste on the brush, but it doesn’t help.  Ugh. 

    • Cheryl

      I have a grandchild… I show him how to brush his teeth. He watches me brush mine. Recently, I had to have a tooth pulled because of TMJ, just I clenched so hard it broke a tooth and it was not “fixable”. I cried when I found out I was losing this tooth (thank goodness it was in the back and not in the front..)… but this was upsetting to me. As well, it was upsetting to my grandson…. as he saw how important my teeth are to me, he now knows how important his teeth are to him. He has seen how good I take care of my teeth. I have also told him how bad it is for our bones to now have teeth. I’ve also taught him that not taking care of our teeth affects our overall health. If we don’t take care of our teeth, we will have health problems all over our bodies. HTH all kids take care of their teeth and brush 3 times a day. And flossing… keep floss beside every remond control!! Works for the entire family!! :-) 

      • Cheryl

        Spelling error,,, keep floss beside every remote control.. any better place to keep it… flossing is a great thing to do when you’re watching tv… :-)

    • Singer

      Not swallowing the toothpaste!!! arg!!

    • She wants to do it by herself!!! What I do is let her brush her teeth first, then I go in and brush them myself. This way we both get what we want!

    • Kgibson7600

      I don’t have a little one, but I would love to win this for my little cousin. She is perfect and her teeth need to be also.

    • Lscarter79

      Well, I finally got my little man to start brushing, but he honestly spends more time trying to suck all of the toothpaste out of the brush rather than brushing! :)

    • Emmoly

      Our biggest struggle was over how much toothpaste. We had to ration it out so they wouldn’t use the entire tube in one brushing.

    • FranL

      Getting him away from the TV.

    • Pollard1184

      We are always in a rush in the morning. He is always getting dressed and eating breakfast while I am getting ready (brushing my teeth) so if I don’t remember to go get him to brush his teeth, it doesn’t happen. It just needs to be part of the routine.

    • Misty6055

      Our biggest struggle with my son was getting him to open his mouth after inserting the toothbrush.  He always likes to suck the water/toothpaste off of the toothbrush, so we would tickle him until he would open his mouth.  My middle child did awesome brushing her teeth because she just wanted to be just like her sister brushing her teeth.  We used to have to hold my oldest daughter upside down to brush her teeth just so that she would open her mouth.  We didn’t start them with  brushing their teeth until they had teeth (between 4 months and 8 months old).

    • Amy Bidleman

      To brush her teeth good – instead of quick and missing lots of areas. 

    • Nancy

      My little ones didn’t want to open up so I could brush their teeth.

    • LBelle263

      Getting my oldest to brush long enough (she’s 7)…more than 30 seconds and  half of that time she dances with both hands in the air! And getting my youngest (almost 3) to spit out the toothpaste and not swallow it all! She swallows it and then pretends to spit it out…

    • Jill24295

      When I was working in a dental office we saw tons of young parents with young children who had lots of cavities way too early in life. What we found is that most parents didn’t practice good brushing habits, so there was no way they could teach it properly to their kids.

    • Kcroxburycoupon

      Getting my 2.5 year old daughter to brush her teeth and not chew on her tooth brush! It is also hard to get her to brush for the correct amount of time & to get the back bottom teeth.

    • JTTLC

      I find it hard to get my daughter (3) to keep from sucking the toothpaste and water off of the brush and to be patient enough to actually brush properly.  I did get a powered toothbrush which has gotten her a little more interested, but not by much. 

    • Nicole

      My 3 year old always want to drink milk AFTER his teeth are already brushed before bed!  He also does the chewing on the brush thing that many others have mentioned!

    • Darleen66

      Getting my daughter to brush her teeth long enough!

    • Kingmost

      Our biggest struggle is getting our daughter to stand still and not dance in front of the mirror and stay focused on brushing her teeth!! lol  

    • fink6pack

      Brush regularly!

    • My little man would grab his own tooth brush, grab the paste and put it on all by himself (2) and TRY to brush on his own..basiclly just moving the brush around in his mouth WAY TO CUTE!

    • Jowillnc

      I have to remind my kids to use a light touch while brushing, rather than holding the brush like a heavy duty scrub brush.

    • shadana

      Biting, always biting the brush….

    • gina

      Mine “forget” to put any toothpaste on the brush.

    • Gail R

      My toddler loves to bite the brush and suck all of the toothpaste off.  

    • Rachel

      to brush all their teeth instead of just a few

    • All the kids I have ever known are more interested in eating the toothpaste before it can even be used to clean their teeth!

    • Ellen

      My biggest struggle was getting my daughters to brush thoroughly. I told them I would give them $5 evry time time they had no cavities at the dentist. They are now 14 and 11 and neither one has ever had a cavity. I consider it money well spent! 

    • ivory

      Brushing their teeth for 2 minutes!

    • Bpinzer

      my daughter has this cute hello kitty brush with a suction cup on the bottom. My son thinks it’s hilarious to stick that toothbrush all over our walls, up high, where she can’t reach it. So brushing her teeth is really all about the game, not really brushing! Grr! Silly 3 and 5 year olds! Haha!

    • Amyh

      Brushing when he has loose teeth.

    • susan

      Not eating the toothpaste

    • Renee’

      Having twins the biggest struggle was getting them to brush their teeth and not just eat the toothpaste.  We made it fun and while they brush their teeth I sang Happy Birthday.  They make up the person’s name in the song too.  When I am done singing, then they are done brushing.

    • Rmckelve

      My biggest struggle is ettig my son to actually brush his teeth.  He will go into the bathroom and play around for 5 minutes before he will actually brush his teeth.  He had his first dentist appointment this summer and had 4 cavities.  Still is a struggle to get him to brush his teeth. 

    • Madsmom2007

      to get them to brush their teeth for more than 2 seconds!

    • We have a two and three year old and our biggest struggle is picky toothpaste tastes. We have to buy a certain kind to get them to brush their teeth nothing else will do!!

    • Tina M

      Not eating the toothpaste

    • brooke0605

      not swallowing the toothpaste!

    • Mlw1ofakind

      My kids always wanted to smear the toothpaste around and call it good brushing.  We made up a song we sing and switch each spot we’re brushing at the end of each sentence.  We sing it until we have covered every surface. The song goes like this-  I’m gonna brush my pretty, that God made, make ’em clean, (switch) I’m gonna brush my pretty teeth and make ’em super clean (switch, start song over.) 

    • kjasus

      being consistent.  we don’t do it everyday, but he’s 4. they’re going to fall out anyway soon, right?   ;)

    • patti

      My kids always eat the toothpaste!

    • Kefeit

      He always wants to brush them himself…

    • shamn75

      Picking the right toothpaste!  My 2 kids are so fussy with about the taste of the toothpaste.  And my daughter, who is 10, enjoys making faces at herself in the mirror more than actually brushing her teeth ;)

    • Dstpunky

      My biggest issue is that my kids do not like the taste of the toothpaste, so they try to brush as quick as possible.

    • Dancingfire04

      my son is 20 months old and loves to brush his teeth, he even lets me floss them. Some times he even insist on two toothbrushes. id say my biggest problem is finishing some days he could brush his teeth for over 5 or 6 minutes and still not want to give up the toothbrush. But considering it is a problem i am happy to have and hope he continues to love taking care of his teeth.

    • Nat

      My biggest issue is always having to remind him to brush after meals!

    • Cevans0225

      My biggest issue is he just wants to suck the toothpaste from the toothbrush.  It’s kind of funny to watch, but not very effective!

    • Linda

      My kids just wanted to suck the toothpaste off the toothbrush!

    • Toni Morton

      Dental care has never been an issue for our almost-three-year-old son. I started brushing his gums around 1 month, and he LOVES to brush his own teeth as he and mommy take turns! :D

    • Imcjsmilf

      My biggest issue is my youngest son thinking he’s big enough to brush on his own but all he wants to do is eat the toothpaste. :-)

    • Deidraauclair

      I taught my boys ahhh and eeee to make sure I got all the back teeth since they were babies.

    • Ecagle7

      my kids like to brush their teeth, but don’t brush long enough

    • Kimmele1961

      To not use half a tube of toothpaste at one brushing!!!!!!!!!

    • Emertice

      Getting them to brush after snacks!

    • Mdmickey

      My dd is 3 and I have to still brush her teeth or she will suck all the toothpaste off the brush:)

    • Yuliyaporter

      I am so  tired at the  end  of the  day that brushing my 15-month old twins teeth  is  the  last  thing  on my agenda!  Just forget every time! Bad  mama  I am…


      I struggle with my kids in the mornings on school day. They do not ever remember and honestly neither do I somedays. I tired getting up earlier, writing notes, and giving them stickers for brushing.
      As a dental assistant I understand the importance of brushing in the mornings, so I had to fix this problem. After so many attempts I finally found a trick that works. I started laying the toothbrush out with toothpaste on it as soon as I got up. So when they kids woke up and went to the sink they would see it and remeber. Alos, I can tell if they did’nt brush(toothpaste still on the toothbrush). It may not work for everyone, and days here and there we still have slip ups. We will keep working on it day by day.

    • robin

      being consistent

    • breich

      getting them to actually brush and not just chew on the toothbrush

    • whitneyk

      Getting my daughter not to brush MY teeth and brush hers!

    • Lorrie

      I have teenagers, and still every night I have to remind them to brush their teeth! My kids think the battery operated toothbrushes are the coolest.

    • LOC2010

      What motivated my son to brush his teeth was the Aquafresh tootbrushing commerical on Sprout. I brush my teeth while he is brushing his teeth. It has taken 2 months, but since we do it everday and night, it has been great.

    • Muscproducer

      I have the worst time getting my son to hit his gumline. Drives me crazy. 

    • Candace

      she fights with me so I can help her brush her teeth…did I mention she is only 21 months!? haha

    • angie

      My problem is my little boy tries to brush as quickly as possible!

    • Ashley

      Flossing with the kids is the worst!

    • Deacon115

      When my kids were younger it was a struggle to get them to brush their teeth for more than just 10 seconds. They thought if they had put the toothbrush with toothpaste on it in their mouth and went around one time that was enough..

    • ablak086

      Getting him to brush, rather than sucking on the toothbrush to eat the toothpaste.

    • Raya

      My kids try to brush their teeth to quickly and then we never remember to brush them in the morning :(

    • Lksoni23

      Getting her to actually brush her teeth instead of sucking the toothbrush.

    • Mabelzy

      He wants to brush by himself, but he can’t quite there yet, so we are doing right now is that I brush first, and then it is HIS turn to do it, it take a quite a while to do this chore :)

    • She just chews the toothbrush

    • nancycrom

      Tbe tooth brushing challenge doesn’t end when they’re little. I still had to remind my son up to the age of 13 to brush his teeth! (BOYS!)

    • Mcollins5

      sucking and chewing the brush

    • jen r

      getting our kids to get every area of their mouth..i know they get the front and sides well but concerned about the insides, etc!!!  always a challenge!
      thanks for the giveaway!

    • ahill777

      My 2 yr. old doesn’t want to give the brush back.  I guess that’s a good thing?

    • Jess

      They just want to eat the toothpaste off the brush!

    • Joy McSwain

      We are at the braces stage, where the teeth can get really yucky. This has been the hardest time managing oral hygiene.

    • Ashley

      My 10 year old will brush her teeth for literally 20 seconds every single time she likes to do it while I’m busy so I cant watch her.  So when she comes out we go back in there and she will cry and say she knows what she’s doing and she did it right and then it turns into a big thing.

    • Terry

      The best solution I found is finding the right flavor of toothpaste and the coolest toothbrush and hope they don’t just eat the toothpaste!

    • Ranchycy

      I want her to brush her teeth but she just wants to sucking on the toothbrush and eat the toothpaste 

    • SLPLaurie

      7  year old boys would much rather be playing something than doing something “boring” like brushing your teeth….just getting him to stand still and concentrate for 60 seconds is my challenge!

    • Mar

      The hardest thing is getting them to not suck on the toothpaste as I try to brush their teeth.. can be very time consuming.

    • Doug

      The biggest problem we have with our 6 and 2 year old is with the taste of the toothpaste.  Too good they will eat it like candy and too minty (or HOT!!!! according to my 6 yo) they refuse to brush.

    • Robyn T

      Brushing for at least a minute is the hardest thing this far!

    • Robinshook

      My three year old son is horrible when brushing his teeth. Aqua fresh training helps because he really does not like regular paste. We are getting better . I tell him we have to brush the bugs off and this helps also.

    • Flor

      the toothpaste have to taste verry good ( fuit)

    • Candace

      my little one loves the aquafresh kids toothpaste, i never have had any problems with this particular toothpaste and her dora toothbrush lol

    • Jessica

      He doesn’t like toothpaste on the brush!

    • Meg

      My only “little one” is a four-legged labrador! BUT I can certainly foresee the struggles of getting my future babies to brush their teeth.  I think I will teach them a song or something to sing while they brush to try and make it fun.

    • Usandmooti

      mine r now 12 and 14, and I still remind them every morning and night to brush their teeth

    • Desiree2205

      My son is three and hadhis first visit with the dentist last month. Ever since then he closes his mouth and shuts down when it is time to brush his teeth. He doesn’t like any hint of mint in his toothpaste. He says it burns….

    • Josh

      Okay, so I’d like to enter the drawing, but not sure if I qualify.  My first is days away from being born.  Seriously… like days away.  Maybe hours… :)

    • Peggy

      Parker will brush as long as he can taste the toothpaste real well, and then the battle is on!

    • Dtucker72710

      beause she says she wants teeth like grandmas to take out

    • LisaG85

      Our kids are finally at the stage where they like the “grown-up” mint taste of toothpaste.  We still have to remind one to brush.

    • Patmorgan2

      My grandchildren are toddlers – thank goodness for toddler toothpaste – they just love sucking the paste off of the toothbrush!

    • Critt5

      I work at a dentist office, it is very important to brush your teeth twice a day . Even with 3 boys I have to make them brush every day.We have fun seeing who can brush longer. Thank aquafresh

    • Babylynn25

      I have been pretty blessed with my two kids…they like to brush! Biggest issue was getting my  4 year old to spit so she could start using fluoride toothpaste!

    • Debbie jackson

      brushing thorougly and getting all the teeth

    • myj

      Having my 2 year old daughter keep her mouth open long enough for me to brush her teeth. Sometimes she cooperates and other times not.

    • Tara

      My daughter is pretty good about doing the actual brushing, but my concern is getting her to brush them WELL!

    • Nicole

      brushing period.  Usually she just sucks the tooth paste off the brush.

    • Eac

      Trying all of the different toothpastes and toothbrushes until we found an acceptable combination.

    • Jakesmom410

      My 3 year old son loves to brush his teeth BUT it’s because he likes to eat the toothpaste!

    • Templetonjessica

      The tongue!

    • leigh

      my kids are gonna look like hillbillies when they grow up!  I cant get them to brush their teeth unless I threaten life and limb :D

    • keilah

      My little one is just 2 and is surprisingly good at teeth brushing.  The biggest struggle is getting him to keep his mouth open and not bite the toothbrush!

    • Reneepollock

      I constantly have to remind my boys to brush and floss at night. Finally, I found a picture online of a really gross infection in someone’s mouth & it had worms in it!!! I told them that would happen to them if they don’t brush!

    • Firepeople

      My children love brushing their teeth! I started when they where just babies and now that they are toddlers they just thinks it’s all part of our bedtime routine.

    • Amorocks320

      I have twin boys…They love to chew on the toothbrush but the taste of any toothpaste and they suddenly develop a serious case of lockjaw! 

    • lil A’s mom

      my baby girl is 9 months.  We have been brushing now for about 3 months (when her first two teeth popped through).  I am using the finger brusher and she just swallows the toothpaste…that concerns me!  but how do I teach her to “spit”?  I guess it’s made for that…

    • dawn

      My son hates to brush his teeth and it is a  fight every morning and night to get him to do it and when he does he never wants to do it long enough!

    • misse

      We’ve never had any struggles with our lil one(4yrs old), but it did help when he started seeing the dentist for cleaning that we had used a battery operated toothbrush because it made the same sounds as the one they were using, so he wasn’t scared for them to clean his teeth.

    • Christine

      brushing long enough & standing still while flossing

    • Skhenry29

      Each of my 3 children loved to suck on the toothbrush – I guess the toothpaste was too tastey!!!!!

    • Beth

      Trying to get them to brush instead of eating the toothpaste!

    • Ashley

      Our biggest battles over brushing teeth are not brushing long enough to be effective (for the 4 and 6 yr old) and not keeping mouth open long enough (for the 1 & 3 yr old).

    • Thepierces

      Finding a toothpaste with a yummy flavor

    • Donna

      I finally had to resort to telling him his teeth would all fall out and he would have to have false teeth like his grandfather.  It worked!

    • laxmom

      I try to “help” my daughter, but her tongue is so tickly, she laughs and toothpaste ends up all over the bathroom!

    • Mossy30553

      I can get mine to brush, she just doesn’t do that great of a job! I have to go back and help her!

    • Abby0102

      Think little ones are hard.  Husbands are worse. ;)

    • Crozetcouponlady

      Brushing long enough is tough for our toddlers!  

    • A toothpaste with an appealing flavor. Even the bubble gum ones she doesn’t like.

    • Rachel

      My 1 yr old just chews the tooth brush! But, my biggest struggle with my 4 yr old is actually letting me brush her teeth. She loves it and wants to do it all herself, but really doesnt do a good enough job. So, she puts the tooth paste on, brushes, and spits – then I do another brush followed by a final spit… thats our compromise… and still a great way for her to learn!

    • Ant0288

      not biting mama

    • Fallaya

      Brushing long enough to really clean her teeth!

    • Jea

      A relative told our young one that everyone loses their teeth by the time the 60.  So now brushing is considered stupid and a waste of time.

    • BlessedSmith

      understanding the importance of brushing

    • My biggest problem is my son doesn’t like to take the time to brush his teeth. 

    • letisof2006

      My daughter loved to eat the toothpaste and chew the toothbrush at the early stage of getting her use to brush her teeth, even now I struggle with the “no eating the toothpaste”.

    • Shelley Hunt

      brushing long enough. 

    • holly

      She wants to use everyone’s toothbrush but her own.

    • Larnhall

      my son is only 18 months but we started brushing as soon as teeth popped up…so he is mostly used to it. it is difficult right now to brush his because he has a molar coming in and I know brushing probably hurts..he likes to bite the brush mostly!

    • Cattleyaorchid

      My three year old holds his mouth shut and won’t open for me to brush. 

    • Caroline

      Getting them to understand that they need to do more than one swipe across the teeth.  Or for my youngest that the toothpaste isn’t just for eating!

    • Jenn D

      I dont have a little one…but hopefully I will soon! :)

    • Hokiegrad93

      My biggest struggle is just remembering to get it done, honestly!  I brush mine regularly, but with 2 toddlers running around all day it seems to be the last think I think about with them. I finally printed brushing charts to check off each day…now I just need to use them!

    • Mami2jcn

      It’s hard for them to actually be thorough and get them to brush enough to get the tartar off their teeth.

      mami2jcn at gmail dot com

    • Kellamoon

      I don’t have a little one, but I brush my dog-son’s teeth every once in awhile by having my boyfrield hold a treat above his head until I’m done brushing his pearly whites. Fun for all! :)

    • Missriza

      I have a hard time getting my son to not swallow the toothpaste.

    • Jamiejrapp

      Getting them to brush long enough to get the job done. And doing a good job.

    • Susie Smith

      Getting them to brush long enough to get the job done

    • Megan D

      Two minutes of brushing does not happen….we “fight” for 45 seconds of brushing but we’re working on it.

    • Grkedwards

      still struggling with how long my son brushes!

    • Rudy6

      My daughter won’t open her mouth wide enough. She bites her toothbrush also.

    • Gumridgemill

      Getting them to figure out that after they brush and floss – they actually need to rinse the “loosened bits” out of their mouth and not leave them there to collect more “friends.”

    • Lyndsey

      Getting them to brush long enough.. not just brushing across and be done.

    • Troop949

      It took me awhile to transition my 3 year old from “training” toothpaste (safe to swallow) to “big kid” toothpaste (with fluoride).  I had to convince him that swallowing the big kid toothpaste would make him sick!  He finally got the hint, though, and he enjoys brushing – with my help, of course.  

      Now if I could just get my 18-month-old to let me brush without a fight….LOL

    • karen

      getting them to brush long enough! I sing a short children’s song and they have to brush the whole time (well, they’re allowed to spit when needed) hopefully a day will come when I won’t have to sing, they’ll just know how long it takes!

    • Diane

       So far he is liking brushing his teeth and wants to stay and play with the water too much.

    • MichelleOU

      All my 2 year old wants to do is such the yummy Aquafresh apple banana flavored toothpaste off the brush!  Hopefully, once she’s older, we can get her to actually do some brushing.

    • Patty

      My grandkids have their own battery toothbrushes at my house so they actually like to brush, if your kids don’t you should try these.

    • Nikki

      My son is almost 14 & already had braces. His biggest struggle is not flossing properly & brushing long enough.

    • Asgcoach

      Apparently little taste buds like the taste of toothpaste!

    • LThompson

      The biggest struggle with both of my boys with brushing their teeth is that they thought they could do it themselves and refused to let me brush them for them.

    • Stoddard_jessica

      They seem to be picky with tooth paste flavors, but variety is helping with that.

    • Vanessajeanne

      Biting the toothbrush!

    • Kim

      That biting/chewing the toothbrush does not count as brushing.

    • steph

      being tired = not wanting to brush at all at night!

    • cc2011

      We don’t really have issues with brushing. I let them brush first, then I go back over their teeth. I have done this with all 3 of them and it seems to work for us. Everyone gets their way & everyone is happy. 

    • Sheiladgates

      As a child I did not have floridated water.  My mom worked and simply wasn’t there to see if I really brushed.  Since then I have learned preventive dental care and taught this to my children.  Aquafresh has always been our family favorite!  So that much was easy.  I can say that my children are now 32 and 40!  And neither of them has ever had a cavity!!!  Compared to all my fillings and crowns I am an ecstatic mom and now, grandma, who loves Aquafresh and believes it protects our teeth throughout the years! :)

    • Elizabeth

      All three of mine try to see who can brush the fastest!

    • Srholland

      When my 11-year-old daughter got braces last year, it became even more important for her to brush thoroughly, but also more difficult to do. Lesson learned. When my second daughter has to get braces (a foregone conclusion!) we will wait until age 13 or so when she is mature enough to want to do it without my constant nagging. Aquafresh is our toothpaste of choice — thanks for the chance to win.

    • Alice

      Electric toothbrushes are a great help!

    • KBlum2102

      My son claims that if he brushes his teeth the little bubbles on his tongue go to sleep. He says that they feel funny and he doesn’t like the funny feeling. He’s only three!

    • Sandy565

      Taking time off the video games to brush their teeth!!

    • Nnikkib1

      My son wants to open his mouth wide enough to get the toothbrush in.

    • sandy

      My kids are just to busy to want to brush their teeth.

    • Stickrn3

      my son wants to brush real fast and misses alot of teeth.

    • Cbailey2911

      The biggest struggle right now, for our 20 month toddler, is for him to tolerate brushing consistentnly as he just wants to chew on his toothbrush. 

    • Mzwix

      My kids are grown but now I am trying to get my grandson to brush!  He is more stubborn than his father!  He just flatly does not believe me that it is necessary and he does not like the way it feels so I guess you can say just getting him to touch the brush to his front teeth is a challenge.

    • Mzwix

      My kids are grown but now I am trying to get my grandson to brush!  He is more stubborn than his father!  He just flatly does not believe me that it is necessary and he does not like the way it feels so I guess you can say just getting him to touch the brush to his front teeth is a challenge.

    • Cheryl

      Mine just bites the toothbrush.

    • Beth

      My son is only 1 and a half so everything is playtime for him, but getting him to not chew on the toothbrush has been a bit of a challenge!

    • NikkiB

      My daughter likes to eat the toothpaste off the brush rather than actually brush her teeth.

    • Biting her toothbrush!

    • Lenad

      Actually haven’t had trouble with my youngest two (5yrs & 2yrs) I got them toothbrushes around a year old and let them “brush their own teeth” for awhile and didn’t even bother with really brushing them. After that they weren’t afraid and will even let the dentist’s office do their check ups. I didn’t do that with my oldest, he was terrified and no matter what we tried (different brushes/ toothpaste; reward charts) he wouldn’t let us we had to hold him down which was awful for all. He’s 16 and still hates going to the dentist.

    • Themimb

      my 6 year old will chew the toothbrush still and not brush the back teeth.

    • Lindsey L

      He digs the floss into his gums!!!! And then complains about the blood! So MOMMY flosses him now!!!

    • Cherrycookin

      For mine to actually brush his teeth with the toothpaste and not just lick it off! :)

    • Sassymomma22boys

      Flossing but I don’t do it either. Oops.

    • melody

      They don’t like the taste of the toothpaste.

    • mike

      4 year old does not like regular tooth paste because she says its “hot”. Meaning too minty so we have to use stuff like bubble gum flavor.

    • Amm6300

      Actually, my oldest (adopted at 9 months) is 5 and brushes very well, but we have just adopted a 2 month old and the videos will be very helpful to start her oral care right.

    • Lindsey_m_lowrey

      My 2 year old can not figure out how to spit! 

    • Erin I.

      My 18 month old daughter would rather lick the toothpaste off the brush!

    • Amanda

      My daughter will NOT let me brush her teeth! I have to hold her arms under my legs just to be able to get her to let me do it- this was recommended by the pediatrician. :-(

    • Laduga

      My little girl likes to suck on the toothbrush.  Trying to let her “brush” her teeth and then let me really brush them

    • Brandi

      our biggest problem is flossing.  and getting them to clean their blue toothpaste blobs out of their sink.

    • My son used to act like I was killing him when I would brush his teeth. Which made it not fun at all. Now he is better though if I didn’t tell him to brush them he wouldn’t.

    • Kara G.

      Trying to make we brush 2-3 times a day and getting her teeth really clean without the complaining!

    • Sweeterpear

      our biggest problem is getting her to keep her mouth open so we can brush effectively. she just swallows the toothpaste and sucks all the water out of the toothbrush at this point.

    • Toolbelt78

      My kids end up with more toothpaste on the sink than in their mouth.  :D

    • Margie

      My boys think brushing teeth is a race to see who can get done the quickest. This is not how we get clean teeth, however, :)

    • Couponcrazy85

      My kids TOTALLY LOVE brushing their teeth.I have to say “no” to brushing sometimes ;)

    • MNRJ

      I don’t have a little one but I work with pre-k children all day and we were just learning about dental hygiene last week!  I think our biggest problems was trying to teach them about why it was so important to brush their teeth.

    • Cookie

      That they need to brush for longer than 30 seconds

    • Sabrina

      Brushing long enough is our biggest struggle. They think 5 seconds is too long.

    • M_cerda

      I can’t get my son to STOP brushing his teeth! He LOVES the taste of his toothpaste and sneaks in to the bathroom every chance he gets!

    • Kirbyscoupons

      My son likes to bite the toothbrush!

    • Brit Hoffman

      It’s just keeping the routine, because if we skip a few nights then bam–we are starting ALL over again!

    • M26487c

      My daughter doesnt like the taste of most toothpastes and seems to think that brushing just the front ones somehow cleans the back ones.. I can just forget about flossing :(

    • mjrecu2002

      My little girl loves to suck all of the toothpaste off of the brush then bite down to keep me from brushing her teeth.  Lots of fun!

    • Lgm727

      Taking enough time to brush. We now have a little timer in the bathroom, so my sweet boy has something to go by.

    • I walk in and the twins are brushing their cheeks, arm pits, for heads, etc. Funny, but I always have to brush again behind them!

    • Afretz1

      He likes to rinse, but the spitting part is his favorite! What a mess…

    • Jess

      Until recently, brushing my son’s teeth was a struggle until the “Tooth Fairy” came to his preschool and gave him stickers to put on his toothbrush each time he brushed.  Now he takes it seriously.

    • Janet Johnson

      I just kept telling my children and now my grandchildren that their teeth should always be as white as their eyes and its so funny to hear them whisper to each other while they are brushing “are they the same color yet”.

    • John F.

      Brushing behind the top teeth. They say it’s ‘too ticklish’.

    • Arupert

      I have been brushing my son’s teeth since he was three months old.  Now at 14 months the only problem I have is that he wants to do it himself!  He does a good job though for such a little guy!

    • Mmbrush08

      No struggles here! My 2 year old loves to brush his teeth! And, floss! Got lucky with this one….my oldest , I literally had to chase her through the house to brush hers :)

    • Terese

      Our biggest struggle is getting our boys to brush thoroughly and long enough.

    • savingformyfamily

      The trouble is taking the time to do it. Our home is so full of joy and other children, it’s hard for my 2 year old to concentrate and take the time to brush.

    • Carrell Shivers

      not being allowed to brush long enough is my common problem. 

    • Brenda

      had to get them to brush long enough.

    • Victoria

      I hope I can enter even though I don’t have kids.  My little one is of the feline variety and I tried brushing her teeth, but she would have none of it. She made that clear with her claws.

    • Rwhite3

      Our problem is getting her to learn how to spit the toothpaste out. She wants to suck on the toothbrush instead of allowing me to help her brush.

    • Mommyking

      Once the reality of what a cavity was set in and the oldest had to have multiple ones taken care of there was no more issue with brushing!

    • Thomas

      Getting her to brush long enough.

    • txhmgbrd

      when my girls were little it took “pretty” toothbrushes to make  them brush longer and they even carried them around, i had trouble finding the brushes sometimes.

    • Sara

      brushing long enough correctly and not swallowing the toothpaste.

    • Quietbright232

      My son is a teenager now, but when he was little he would bite the toothbrush and hold on for dear life.  It didn’t help matters when I would just get tickled!

    • Patricia Solberg

      We brushed their teeth until they were about six….and we had the help of a very kid friendly office….

    • We live in the woods and have well water so there is no fluoride but the kids really need it and we struggle to get them to use fluoride rinse!

    • Jwwalsh

      My kids are 13, 10 and 6 and we still have brushing struggles!  The 6 year old will lie to my face about brushing his teeth and the 13 and 10 year old race to see who can brush the fastest!  BOYS!!!

    • Jessicacook

       I’m still brushing all three of my kids’ teeth since they are age 5 and under.  They are all very good about it, but I think getting them to spend enough time brushing will be the challenge as they get older and do more on their own.

    • Shelly_girl1971

      i am just starting the brushing seriously with my little one. She perfers to just suck the sweet training toothpaste and chew the toothbrush. I started with using the rubber toothbrush fit on the finger. SO NOT THE THING TO DO WITH A TEETHING TODDLER!!!! i switched real quick to a “real” toothbrush. it has my little pony on it.

    • Adele

      My son hates the taste of the children’s toothpaste. I have tried all types and he still doesn’t like them.  

    • Lavery Colleen

      When my boys were little, I had the toughest time teaching them to brush all of their teeth. I even had to set a egg timer for 2 minutes so that they would brush long enough. I also had to keep them from eating the toothpaste and teach them how to rinse and spit. It helped us to use those tablets that would show up red in the areas they did not brush well. This also made it more a game so that it would keep their interest. They would wanted to brush their teeth and try not to get any red showing on their teeth.

    • Lauren

      Brushing long enough. They brush first… then “inspect”

    • Couponeagle11

      Mine says that it hurts and I tell him to brush softer he tells me no mommy i have to get the nasty out

    • Keywestbiscuit

      We time 20 minutes from the first bite then all food is put away and we brush or rinse because that is when the cavity creeps start. I wish they made a travel size fluoride rinse for kids.

    • Allisonking77

      Brush your teeth, all of your teeth and don’t just suck the toothpaste off the brush.

    • My biggest challenge is finding a flavor that doesn’t make them wrinkle their noses and fight every step of the process. Luckily, I found one – and Aquafresh makes it! The kids love their apple-banana flavor training toothpaste…in fact, it’s the *only* one. :)

    • Alphillips

      When my nephew comes the only way I can get him to brush his teeth is to let him brush mine first to prove it won’t hurt. When I’m done. I have toothpaste all over my face and up my nose. I have even got mint flavor in the eye. From now on I stick to bubblegum and yummy flavors (they doesn’t sting as bad).

    • Jennifer T

      Transformers spin brush did the trick…they LOVE to brush their teeth.

    • Carrie

      MINE says it makes his milk taste funny.

    • Payton_jennifer

      getting her to flush long enough

    • Terisa Fugate

      Getting my 10yr old to brush ALL his teeth, brush them long enough (instead of with a lick and a prayer) and to get through it when he gets ALL his teeth WITHOUT gagging!!!

    • CJ

      We struggle to get our 2 year olds teeth brushed. She usually clamps her mouth shut. We tried different things but we could definitely use some new techniques! 

    • The biggest challenge I have my little guys, 4, 3 and almost 2 is getting them to brush and not eat the toothpaste. My kids LOVE brushing their teeth! Even the littlest one will say, “teeeeeeefh” and point to the toothbrushes everytime he is in the bathroom. But the reason is not because they intrinsically like brushing their teeth. Its because they LOVE the taste of the toothpaste–and they love it so much they suck the flavor out of their brushes. I have even caught them, many times, sucking the toothpaste right out of the dang toothpaste tube. Oh Well–at least I dont have any problem getting them into the bathroom to brush their teeth. I just have to tell them, Dont swallow the toothpaste!’ and “brush, brush, brush!”

    • Nick

      Biggest struggle: Using the toothbrush with toothpaste instead of a finger with toothpaste or a toothbrush with only water

    • Ms Caseylynn

      I am lucky. The biggest struggle that I have with my little boy is that he wants to brush his teeth himself and does not want me to brush his teeth after he does!

    • Luns777

      The biggest challenge I have with my girls (3 and 2) is to not eat the toothpaste.   They suck it all off the toothbrush, brush for a minute, then say they are done. We have started a new routine (just this past week) of me brushing their teeth in the mornings after breakfast where they get to sit on the counter and we do it one at a time and for some reason they are letting me brush for them.  Hoping this lasts!

    • April

      My children are scared their teeth have “wow’s wow’s” and need bandaids because when they floss their teeth bleed!

    • lauren

      My one year old thinks the toothbrush..hers and all of ours…is a chew toy. I’m always finding her chewing on them..so brushing is a joke right now but maybe she’s getting some teeth brushed while chewing!

    • Brenda

      Brushing long enough to get their teeth clean.

    • Julia

      My biggest struggle with my children, 5 and 3, when they brush their teeth is that they always want to eat the toothpaste.  I have to carefully monitor the amount that goes on their toothbrushes.  I once caught my daughter (the 5-year-old) with her mouth on the tube squirting the toothpaste into her mouth!

    • Anne

      The biggest struggle is to make them keep their mouth open and not to bite the brush. We usually try to make them laugh to open their mouths LOL

    • Nc23amy

      Just getting them to hold still long enough is a big struggle.

    • Msquire80

      I fought non stop with my 8yr old daughter and 3yr old son to get them to brush their teeth. I have finally found something that works, I don’t let them watch tv till they brush their teeth that day. It took a couple days but now they brush everyday.

    • Juliasam2001

      My biggest struggle with my two kids (8 and 11) is for them to remember to do it on there own. I feel like I am always asking them if they have brushed there teeth.

    • Repedek

      My daughter is only 16mo so we haven’t has struggles yet. I worked in a dentist office and we had several issues with kids not wanting to brush. For the girls we found that telling them we were painting their teeth with sparkles (like nail polish) seemed to make it easier for them to accept!

    • Jsings115

      I have a hard time remembering to brush their teeth!!

    • melissacholliday

      I don’t have any children, but my 14 month old neice loves to brush her teeth. Only problem is she wants to do it herself.

    • Joy

      My biggest struggle with my 2 year old is he always wants to do it himself.  It’s tough to get him to let me do it first sometimes.

    • Chica00735

       My 3 year old loves to brush her teeth but she wants to squeeze out all the toothpaste on her toothbrush.

    • Tracietrump

      They disklike the taste and texture of toothpaste, tracietrump@yahoo.com

    • Debradaker

      My biggest struggle is with my 13 yr old daughter who still forgets to brush her teeth in the morning sometimes! So I bug her every morning about it and will continue until she shows me she’s going to do it on her own. 

    • S_CarolinaGirl

      I didn’t have any major struggle with my daughter when she first starting brushing, but now that she’s almost 13 it’s a struggle to get her to brush before bed.  I keep having to remind her.  I thought it was supposed to get easier as they got older!  LOL!!!  =)

    • lindsaybphotos

      My biggest struggle ith my 4 year old is brushing her teeth long enough. She wants to only brush them for a few seconds and then spit and rinse. So I have to stand over her for a few minutes to make sure she brushes them long enough.

    • del4fun00

      I have to admit there is no struggle. We started brushing at a very early age. We actually started with Aquafresh baby toothpaste. All 3 of our kids love them. We got the kind with the teddy bear on it and they loved it. We learned earlier on that how you treat your baby tooth greatly affects your permanent tooth. Our kids will NOT go to sleep unless we brush their teeth – even the 3 year old. My 6 year old still expects a 2nd brushing after he brushes himself. Yes, they also love eating toothpaste.

    • Yes, my three year old is very independent and wants to brush his teeth by himself, but he doesn’t do that great of a job.  

    • Hrifkin

      My biggest struggle is getting my five year old to brush long enough, but we try

    • Embriehl

      My biggest struggle is teaching my 2 year old how to spit out toothpaste.

    • Both of my kids think that they can just brush by themselves, but they’re not ready!  Sometimes it’s a struggle to get them to let me help.

    • AmberHollister

      My biggest struggle is that my 5 yr old tends to brush the same 1/4 of her mouth for the whole time. Just upper left, that’s all. So I have to keep an eye on her and remind her to brush the other teeth too!

    • Shannon

      I have the hardest time holding my 2 year old down to brush his teeth & I always worry if they are clean or not when he brushes them himself.

    • Jonita Taylor

      I had trouble getting my son to brush all of his teeth.

    • Tammyla

      At first my son just wanted to eat the toothpaste. Now he doesn’t want to keep his mouth open long enough to brush all his teeth

    • Suzy

      my son is one, and the biggest issue is to not eat the toothpaste and open long enough to actually brush teeth and not just brush lips!!

    • Jeriboss9

      my kids are older but they still brush their teeth 2 times a day

    • Janice

      My biggest struggle is getting my 19 month old daughter to actually BRUSH her teeth instead of just eating the toothpaste! She just sucks all the toothpaster off of the brush and says “more please”. How do you get them to actually BRUSH, or at least try to?? I think she thinks it is candy:)

    • bjc23

      Trying to get my son to not talk while brushing.

    • Lwintrode

      My daughter wanted to eat the toothpaste!  She said mmmmm tastes like bubblegum!

    • Teri

      My biggest struggle is my kids getting too much toothpaste and having it end up all over the bathroom!

    • Jcjel

      After 3 kids, I give up.  We stopped brushing after the older two after the oldest, 14, got his braces off last year (neither one has ever had cavities).  If I have to brush after the youngest, 4, until she goes to college, so be it.

    • The biggest struggle I have is trying to get them to keep their mouths open and to stop biting the toothbrush!!!!!!! :-)

    • Jess

      My struggle is to get them to not eat the yummy kids toothpaste.

    • Kristen

      My boys love to chew on their brushes…makes it tough!

    • Cristy

      If I win I will be using the gift card to buy supplies for Operation Christmas Child. I am couponing for supplies for 30 boxes! =) They could use some toothpaste and toothbrushes! When I was young I used to forget to brush my teeth.

    • Peggy

      My 3 year old grandson whos spends thursday night with us is great about brushing his teeth its just that he does not do it long enough or getsto all his teeth.

    • Brandi

      My biggest challenge is constantly having to remind them to do it.  Did anyone watch “The Middle” last week?  I have become a nagging mother.  My 7 year old son also wants to brush too quickly.  My 5 year old daughter does better but decorated the bathroom with the toothpaste.

    • MsBsCandles

      It’s plain hard.  I have 4 kids that I have to remind daily to brush their teeth.  Even the oldest – 12. 

    • kdmomma

      Biggest struggle is her father- he thinks why brush when these aren’t her permanent teeth!

    • LauraP

      I am constantly disagreeing with my 8 year old daughter on who should brush her teeth…my daughter or me!  I feel like she is not brushing hard enough (she barely grazes her teeth) & I apparently brush to hard (there’s no blood).  I try to explain that I want her to have teeth when she old!!!

    • Karen

      My daughter is almost 14 yrs old & Istill need to remind her to brush. She must be doing something right, She has only had a couple of cavities so far.

    • Coupongal84

      The biggest thing for me is getting my daughter to brush and not play in the water with the rinse cup :-) and when she does brush them she loves chewing on the brush!!!

    • Mincey Dew

      He wants to eat the toothpaste instead of brushing like he should!

    • Sarah Gibbens

      My 22 month old loves to suck the paste off, and is not interested in the brushing portion of the program!  It is a struggle, but I want her to have nice teeth.

    • Hch21

      Just like any young kid, they see only in the here and now and not in the what will be one day.  Good oral care now prevents a lot of damage later. 

    • Abrileysaving

      One of my boys just cannot spit – he drools the toothpaste out.  the other one spits so far the faucet gets hit.  if only we could average them together!

    • sandra

      My biggest struggle is to get the kids to realize that teeth have more than one side to brush.

    • Olivefamily3

      He wants to do it himself and his idea is chewing on the brush!

    • Jared_stephb

      My 3 year old is really into brushing his teeth. On the other hand I have a 1 1/2 year old that lets me brush for a few seconds at a time.

    • Brandi S

      Brushing is something we do at least once a day….ok, maybe we skip once in a while. ;) We let them have a shot, then we brush behind them.

    • Tracy

      Getting my daughter to brush all the way in the back in my struggle! I have to remind her that the sugar bugs like to hide on the back teeth,

    • Teach_ashlee

      My 4-yr-old is doing great at brushing, but my 2 yr-old just thinks it’s hilarious!  He laughs when we brush his teeth…which we admittedly forget to do fairly often.  Not sure how to convince him that brushing teeth is not a funny habit.

    • Homeschool3kids

      My son thinks it is a waste of time because all of his little teeth will fall out anyway. :)

    • Sonya Caldwell

      My Granddaughter is 18 mo. old and loves to brush her teeth. She reminds me and her mama to get it done!

    • k watts

      My 2 year old son thinks it i candy, so he doesnt want to spit out his candy when he is done.

    • Maloneathens

      My biggest struggle is getting them to brush!  I remember when I was young and didn’t want to brush either!  I just show them the teeth that I am missing and tell them that to keep that from happening, they need to brush every day!

    • Amy40

      My kids have 4 legs so at four and two I have to brush their teeth myself.  The most difficult is getting to my Pit Bull Trixee’s back teeth :)  I was not blessed with actual children so do I not qualify to enter?

    • Eydie

      My grandson always want to brush his teeth himself and not let us help.  it is great that he wants to but I know he doesn’t do as good a job without help.

    • Ashley karabees

      Its crazy how different children can be! I have a daughter who is 4 and has always loved to brush her teeth, she would brush them all day if u let her. In fact i have caught her in the bathroom brushing her teeth many times during the day. My son that is 1 1/2 on the other hand i have to hold down and fight him every night to brush his teett! He has even tried to throw his tooth brush away and tried to fush it down the toilet once!

    • Jordynsmommy

      My 17 month old wants to chew the toothbrush because the childrens toothpaste tastes so good!!!

    • Lindseynail

      My daughter always sucks the toothpaste off as soon as it goes in her mouth…and then clamps her jaw shut so I can’t brush…whew…

    • Abroohaha

      My biggest challenge is getting the back teeth and making sure that they don’t eat all the toothpaste out of the container!

    • Jenkinsab

      my 3 yr old thinks he can do it better than me and only brushes his front teeth!

    • pd97

       “Daddy does not brush so why do I have to?!?!”

    • Brittneybodine

      Our 2 year old won’t open his mouth or cooperate in the least. We basically have to wrestle him to the ground, with one adult holding down his head and the other trying to brush the outside of his teeth. If we DO pry open his mouth, he will bite us. He’s getting better…but it is not my fault if his teeth fall out someday.

    • 1Mom2two

      My 8 yr old lies and says he brushed when he didn’t. I have to brush them for him to make sure they get done.

    • Melody

      My child was always convinced that he would get sick if he brushed his teeth.  This was twice every day! The mornings were killers.  Once we tried Aqua Fresh, things changed.  He stopped the drama and won’t use anything else. Thanks Aqua Fresh!!

    • Carrie

      My 6 year old daughter is soooo independent. Thinks she can brush her teeth better than me or her daddy. We let her brush and then we brush. Just can’t stand the thought of a cavity.

    • Elizabeth

      Just trying to get them to get into the habit of brushing every single day!

    • Colefamilyof4

      Its hard getting them to brush for long enough, two brushes and they think their whole mouth is clean :)

    • Claire Belles

      We have been through ALL KINDS of toothpaste and our daughter (the 4th child) still hates each one! I have to go though all the food she ate that day to hold her attention long enough to brush!! Often times I will make up crazy things like telling her I see Rainbows or Unicorns to keep her attention ; )

    • Wendyusa

      My 4 year old is a jokester.  He thinks he can brush his teeth with food and that is good enough.  The other night, “”” Mommy, I brushed my teeth.  You did?  Yes, with my french fry and added a little ketchup for paste.””  At least he has the brushing down!

    • Iveysg

      It wasnt so much a struggle once I told my son that there was a monster without teeth that would come take his if he didnt take care of them…was that wrong? lol  Has been a breeze ever since

    • K Anne

      My biggest struggle is getting my children to brush their teeth properly and long enough.  My oldest (7) is pretty good with brushing his teeth and doing for longer than a second.  My youngest (6) brushes one tooth and he says “I’m done.” 

    • Lmoore77

      My middle child who likes to complain about anything, finds something wrong with any toothbrush/toothpaste.  One day likes it, next day doesn’t.  My 2 year old boy LOVES to brush his teeth and wants to any time we walk into the bathroom.

    • Rbnjamison

      my biggest struggle is she wants to do it herself and doesn’t get all of her teeth!!  oh she’s two by the way!

    • lilymae3

      Showing my daughter examples of nasty cavities still doesn’t seem to get her to take brushing seriously

    • Woohoo8369

      getting them NOT to swallow the toothpaste.

    • Mary

      My two yr old LOVES his teeth brushed…mostly he jus like th toothpaste..;)

    • Bolinma

      …my 7 year old is somehow shocked every morning and night when he has to brush his teeth….

    • Angelajessop

      With my twins the hardest thing was to get them to stop playing with the tooth brushes and brushing dolls teeth instead of their own

    • Rhonda

       Getting them to brush long enough and knowing that they brushed all areas on their teeth. 

    • curry38

      I have a two year old that wanted to brush his teeth when he was one. He would say he wanted the brushteeth. Eventually the reality of what brushing was all about set in around 18 months when he realized that you have to do this twice a day sometimes and every morning when you start getting your back teeth. It didn’t make it any better that his mother was a freak about brushing because my teeth were bad when I was young. We saw a commercial on nick jr about the nurdles from aqua fresh. I rushed out bought the toothpaste and started singing the song. We did it while we brushed and it helped for awhile. Then it became a struggle again, so now I resort to telling him that the mommy monster will get him if does not brush. Now he brushes and yells  mommy monster I brushed my teeth!

    • curry38

      I have a two year old that wanted to brush his teeth when he was one. He would say he wanted the brushteeth. Eventually the reality of what brushing was all about set in around 18 months when he realized that you have to do this twice a day sometimes and every morning when you start getting your back teeth. It didn’t make it any better that his mother was a freak about brushing because my teeth were bad when I was young. We saw a commercial on nick jr about the nurdles from aqua fresh. I rushed out bought the toothpaste and started singing the song. We did it while we brushed and it helped for awhile. Then it became a struggle again, so now I resort to telling him that the mommy monster will get him if does not brush. Now he brushes and yells  mommy monster I brushed my teeth!

    • Pat

      My DJ is thirteen and still doesn’t like to brush his teeth:((( OMG…..

    • Pat

      My DJ is thirteen and still doesn’t like to brush his teeth:((( OMG…..

    • C Shay

      My 3 year old always wants to do it himself, which means it isn’t done as well as I’d like. It is a fight to get him to let me get the areas I know he missed.

    • Heater1212

      My two boys, ages 4 & 2, struggle with allowing my husband or me to brush their teeth. Plus, they are constantly wanting to spit the toothpaste out.

    • Janice9

      The hardest thing for me when my children were growing up was to keep them still long enough to floss their teeth!

    • Elise Weaver

      My three year old thinks he is grown and can do it all by himself, so I let him then I “check” them to see if he did a good job and brush any places he missed!

    • Guest NC

        My “little ones” are now 22 and 19, and brush twice a day without fail, but getting them to floss daily is not a habit they are in to yet.  They each just had cavities – not good!  We have started texting reminders to them every night! . 

    • Tarashanko

      My three year old brushes her teeth with no problem. It’s the 11&12 year old who have to be reminded EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    • Erikashines

      My three year old gives me no trouble with brushing. Her turn for two minutes, then I help. My thirteen year old is the one I have to set the two minute tooth brushing timer for!

    • Papes330

      Confession…I don’t brush my 10 month old teeth and my 2 year old HATES every second of it!  It is a dreaded time twice a day, everyday at our house!!!

    • Limayriz

      As a Dental Assistant I see what not brushing can do, and it’s bad. As a new mother is just a challenge  trying to brush my 21 moth old lower anterior teeth. It’s a work out. But it’s better then having to remove a cavity.

    • Bbdisalvo

      we are past the struggling, my 3 year old loves to brush!

    • mathdrmom

      I have a lot of trouble getting my kid to slow down enough to do a good job.

    • KristenG

      My biggest struggle with my 2 1/2 yr old is she wants to brush her teeth all by herself and not let mommy have a turn. And I know she’s not brushing them as well or as long as she needs too!

    • Xiocastro

      My kids are older now and it is still a struggle. I have to remind them every day, morning and night to brush their teeth.  So I am sorry to say…it does not end. The fight is long!

    • Rebecca Criddle

      Getting them to brush for any amount of significant time is tough.

    • Kgross333

      Idk what happened it kicked me off the website when I went to post it so hopefully it doesn’t post 2xs. Anyways, my problem with my 2 1/2 yr old daughter is that she wants to brush her teeth all by herself and I know she’s not getting them clean enough or brushing long enough to do anything!

    • newbiemom

      My biggest struggle is getting my son to open his mouth! :)  He’s only 15 months and is convinced he’s in charge!  I must admit he probably is…

    • Brooke

      I don’t have a little one but my dog BITES ME! 

    • SmoochTheCook

      My son has always been great about going in to brush his teeth, but taking the time to brush them thoroughly is a big hassle.  So, we make sure that one of the 3 adults brush with him to keep him on track.  His dentist said at the last visit that he’s doing much better, but that he needs to make sure to lightly brush his gums clean as well.  Speaking of dentist…ahhh…we’re back there tomorrow for a toothache.

    • April_mullens

      Well, my little one isn’t so little and I find that my biggest struggles are coming later in life at the age of nine!!! I literally had to beg him and remind him every night. What works you say??? For a nine year old boy tell him that little girls don’t like stinky breath and they like beautiful white teeth. Worked like a charm, that coupled with the fact that I finally convinced him that the tooth fairy doesn’t pay extra for silver teeth haha! : )

    • Shavercc

      My biggest struggle is she always wants to look in the mirror while I’m brushing her teeth rather than at me…. doesn’t help me a lot when I’m brushing looking at the side of her face!

    • Danyeln

      The only little one here has paws and fur.  She loves to have her teeth brushed because she loves the taste of mint.  I guess the only strugle is to get her to stop licking the toothbrush long enough to actually brush.

    • RebeccaFer

      I’m thankful that my 7 year old is happy to brush. I have a photo of my finger brushing her gums when she was about 4 months old and she is so happy, lol. :)

    • Audry

      my struggle is having 5, 3 & 2 yr old boys. let’s see-they love climbing on everything, making messes & eating all kinds of goodies, but hate brushing. in the end, it gets done, mostly cause i tell them baby spiders like the food that’s left behind in their teeth.  they scrub like crazy.  so far-no cavities. lol.  

    • Joyce Mlinek

      All my kids are grown now but the grandkids’ biggest challenge is finding a toothpaste they like and taking the time to brush their teeth properly.

    • Srpatton73

      Trying to let them do it on their own, but them not doing a good enough job. 

    • Denise

      my kids are grown now but my youngest daughter hated brushing her teeth but I didn’t know it was because she hated mint, lol

    • Rosanna

      My kids are big now but OMG what a struggle to brush their teeth..bitting the toothbrush,swallowing the toothpaste,crying,screeming and spiting on the mirrow wuff I seen it all thanks to God those days are over and now they love its a habbit.

    • C83lopez

      My four year old always brush in the mornings, never a problem, they do it like clockwork….but its too funny that my four year old reminds my eleven year old to brush before bed.

    • heaya

      I think the hardest concept for my daughter is actual spitting. We still use the training/swallow toothpaste and she’s 3.5 years old. She is sort of getting the idea of it now, but I don’t see us using the fluoride toothpaste for a few more months. I sometimes do it like once a month since they use it at the dentist as her “fluoride treatment.”  Now that is another story, her and the dentist! Bloody murder was screamed!

    • Debra

      It can often be getting the little guy to sit still long enough to do so. One doesn’t wish to miss a single moment of playtime!: )

    • Rebecca

      My son thinks brushing his teeth means eating the toothpaste.  It is hard to get him to actually brush his teeth before he has already consumed the toothpaste.

    • I’m feel so lucky that my little one brushes his teeth happily daily

    • Mayebarrie

      For my daughter, if the tooth brush didn’t sing or wasn’t some kind of animal, teethbrushing was off!  I kept an extra supply cause she would use the tooth brushes that sang as a microphone.  As she got older, she sang what it played.  As a toddler or younger, she kind of sung to the tune of her own drum.  Usually something that had happened that day or was gonna happen in the near future.  Sometimes just a song of various noises.  We called it the “nNa Na” song.  lol

    • AmyQ

      I can’t stop getting bit, just like you said!! I never did wipe her gums down like I was told… Maybe that started her off with bad oral hygiene habits? I did read online somewhere that moms told their kids that there were bugs in their teeth and they needed to brush them out… AND IT WORKED!! So I think I’m going to try that method once she gets a little older.

    • Rosemary

       Theeth brushing in my house also know as mommy and daddy combat! we have to take turns “going in” With a 1,3,and an 8 year most of the time they love to brush! when they wants too! and when they doesn’t oh my its a fit thowing feast. Most of the time mommy can defeat and conquer the teeth brushing monsters!

    • Tlwoodbury

      I let my husband be the one to brush our toddler daughter’s teeth because he was better at it than I was.  I think I must have scowled when doing it,  without realizing it,  because I was so worried about cavities,  and brushing inside such a small mouth was difficult for me,  especially with the pain I have in my wrists and hands due to fibromyalgia.  But my husband was cheerful and light-spirited when he did it.  So I think it is important to keep the attitude positive.  My husband would let our daughter brush her teeth herself,  and then he would brush them again himself.  That way she could develop the skill through practice as early as possible,  but still have clean teeth. 
      Once she was a little older,  we bought her an electric round-brushhead toothbrush (the brush heads were soft and were made for children’s mouths) to use in addition to the manual brush.  It would beep every thirty seconds so that our daughter would spend 30 seconds on each quadrant of her mouth.  We called it her “noisy toothbrush.” 

    • Rachel

      Teeth brushing = wrestling!  We actually like the aquafresh for kids  – it doesn’t have fluoride, which is great for my little ones who like to swallow it.

    • I don’t have small children, however; my stepdaughter is Mom of 5.  Getting through toothbrushing was and is a nightmare for her and husband. One of the greatest perks of couponing is getting great deals on items loved ones need; I have done my best to get lots of fun toothbrushes and pastes to appeal to the little ones.  This has helped their bedtime go a lot more smoothly!

    • Jennifersanchezobama

      Biggest challenge is getting my 2 year old to sit still long enough to get a good brushing! Have to get a cool toothbrush for him to make brushing fun.

    • Tpf1435

      getting them to spit and not swallow the toothpaste!!!!

    • akamommy

      For us it was always making sure that the process wasn’t rushed… which is hard to do on weekday mornings!

    • JP

       Our biggest struggle is getting our daughter to keep the toothpaste on her toothbrush.  It ends up on the counter, her shirt, the sink, etc. 

    • my 3 yr old is pretty good at brushing, but she i0sometimes refuses to let us do a once over to get the spots she might have missed. My 2 yr old likes to suck the toothpaste off more than brush. She even asks for more toothpaste. She too doesn’t always let us help. We’ll see about the 5 week old when he get teeth.

    • Amanda H

      for us it is a game… we have a hard time getting our 4 year old to spit and not swallow the tooth paste! If we brush her teeth, then we say spit. BUT… if she does it, she forgets.

    • Umustnotnoaboutme

      My daughter loved to look at herself in the mirror, so this helped with brushing her teeth.

    • kym

      My little one is 5.  Our problem is when it comes to brushing his tongue, he believes that the toothbrush is going to get stuck in his throat.

    • Ajawee83

      Mine do pretty well. Biggest issue is getting them to not swallow the toothpaste.

    • Jblankenship1122

      My son is 9 years old and getting him into the routine of brushing his teeth was a struggle..And I myself did not start him brushing early enough..if I had maybe I wouldnt have had so much trouble out of him..When his first tooth popped up is when I felt it was time to start brushing..he had other plans..Our first time was thee best though..I put his toothpaste on his toothbrush and explain to him what he needs to do and I try to assist him..instead he wants to brush my teeth..Finally I got him to understand that this was his toothbrush and only used for his teeth..he then gives me this lil grin and tells me “i not put it in you mouth mommy i brush you hair” and yep my hair got brushed with toothpaste :) I think starting them earlier is a wonderful idea..I have a 2month old now and im ready to get him started tomorrow!!

      • Jblankenship1122

        Our struggle now is getting him to do it 3x’s a day..he thinks he is so busy at 9yrs old that he dont have time to brush 3x’s a day and floss twice..Sometimes he will just run the toothbrush through the water and yell im done..helloooo you been in the bathroom 2 seconds..your not done..brush again lol he loves hearing that :)

    • heather

      Our 3yr. Old is very dramatic & loud so she loves too look at herself in the mirror when she brushes & then gets upset when we want to help or take a look. Our 18mth old just sucks all the paste off & screams when we brush her teeth.

    • Ashley

      Mine does pretty good I just have to keep him from immediately sucking the toothpaste off.

    • Chattytn2

      She likes the toothpaste and getting a drink of water out of a “non sippy cup” more than the brushing.

    • Kate_mcc

      My 2 yo likes to suck the toothpaste not so much the brushing

    • Carla

      I took my daughter to her first dentist appt at age 4.  It makes all the difference in the world to have a great dentist. He was a pediatric dentist and his wife worked in there and later his daughter.  My daughter loved them so they were here dentist until she was well over 18! 

    • danielle

      I always stress the importance of healthy tooth care but my 3 kids don’t seem to take it seriously. The excuse seems to be “we ran out of time” so I schedule tooth brushing time every morning and evening. It works for us.

    • Juliewsmith

      My kids ask to go to the dentist instead of school. What does that say about school?? My biggest pet peeve is the HUGE mess left behind in my boys sinks after they “brush” their teeth!

    • Savanna

      I guess I’m lucky.  Both my children brush twice per day and floss once without having to be prompted.  The only complaint I have is the mess left behind in the sink.

    • BeccaC7

      My probllem is getting my 15 year old to brush his teeth!  I didn’t have any problem getting him to do it when he was young!

    • Srhine85

      My daughter loves to brush her teeth. I am the lazy one and just forgets.

    • Lisa

      It took awhile for my oldest to learn how to spit. She didn’t like it.

    • Perriaustin

      My biggest issue with my boys is getting them to take their time brushing their teeth.  They like to race each other. :(

    • Nice27

      my biggest struggle is that my little guy likes to “suck” the toothpaste off the brush and doesn’t really brush.  I have to get in there and brush them for him because he never gets those back teeth.

    • Jennaucoin

      My 17 month old loves to brush his teeth. He just likes to chew on the brush as I’m trying to brush his teeth which makes it really diffficult.

    • Andrea Hoover

      My biggest struggle is getting them to move the toothbrush around in their mouth instead of just trying to eat it.

    • aegaggbw

      My children love brushing at bedtime; it keeps them up longer. I just have trouble getting them to brush in the morning. They’d rather be doing more fun things.

    • Mommatollettof3

      My older kids i dont have trouble with them but my 18 month old just wants the tooth brush to play with. She will not stay still at all for me to brush them but i still try after her bath every night!

    • Jcannino

      The hardest thing when my kids were little was getting them to like the taste of toothpaste. Once we got over that hurdle they loved to brush their teeth. My kids are now 13 and 14 and I still have to make sure they brush everyday. Without my sweet reminder they would forget! Oh, and flossing is whole other battle!!!

    • Denise

      my 2 boys are also biters, but honestly my biggest struggle is keeping enough in the house!!  They will both go into their bathroom and suck down a tube of the training toothpaste like it’s candy!!  or maybe it’s getting my husband to remember to put their toothpaste away :)

    • Lisaree2

      I have a little one on the way, but for now my dog loves it.  Doggy toothpaste tastes like beef.

    • Couponma

      My 5 year old would rather make silly faces in the mirror than put the toothbrush in her mouth and my 1 year old likes to just suck the toothpaste of the brush. It’s worth the struggle. 5 years and not a cavity!

    • Lyddiejay

      My little boy just wants to suck the toothpaste off the brush.  My older daugther just needs reminders but takes awesome care of her teeth.

    • Srhtabor

      My biggest struggle is not letting him eat the toothpaste.

    • dhoughton

      Getting him to take the time to brush 3 times a day

    • Jjeanlynn

      Getting them to brush all the way to the back teeth and getting them to brush more than 15 seconds!

    • JoR

      My youngest is 2 1/2 and the biggest challenge is getting him to open up!

    • Steph

      Mine always wanted to suck the brush and leave the teeth alone…

    • Lauramarie11

      My sons biggest challenge is flossing!

    • Nicolesweetnsassy

      My son thinks he is done in 10 seconds.

    • Angiehartley

      MY 11 year old does a good job but only after she has had several fillings and the realization that if she doesnt she will end up like her grandparents who have NO teeth!!!

    • :D

      We taught our 1 year old to brush her teeth at an early age. We all brush our teeth a lot so we juts brushed with her and she liked it. As soon as she got teeth we got her a”big girl brush” and she would brush her 2 teeth. Now she has a whole bunch and she brushes for 3+ minutes. I hope she keeps that habit as she grows….:D 

    • Glredeker

      getting them to remember to brush their teeth.

    • Rachel

      The biggest struggle I have is getting my daughter to open her mouth WITHOUT biting me! Lol

    • Rachelreed73

      My son actually likes to brush his teeth.  We keep him interested with fun toothbrushes and toothpaste that he likes.

    • Becky

      I have a 5 year old that will not use “real” toothpaste.  I have a 2 year old also so… I guess until she does he won’t!

    • t r

      The biggest struggle I had with one of my girls, was her gagging when she brushed her teeth, now that they have all of these smaller toothbrushes, I think even a wisp, would have helped that.

    • Camiele

      Mine are pretty good about brushing their teeth, and do a good job!  Well, most of the time anyways.

    • Bowb4me2

      My kids don’t brush long enough and they think twice a day is criminal!

    • Rgil124

      Telling me he had brushed, knowing he hadnt, and making him brush again… It worked…well at least for awhile :)

    • Jjburt1974

      I have five daughters and my youngest is now 9. I have to remind her constantly to brush both morning and night. That is one of the struggles with her. We have tried just about everything too!

    • Joy

      Saying they brushed when they really didn’t!

    • Angela

      My daughter gags when I brush your teeth, so she never wants to do it!

    • Melcrutch

      We adopted 2 special needs children and they are terrible at brushing their teeth.  I let them play with the toothbrushes that they get from the dentist.  They sit and brush their teeth while watching TV, of course with no toothpaste on it.  We also use a egg timer when it’s time to brush.

    • Melsmayhem

      Convincing them that brushing their teeth means more than splashing water for two seconds and requires toothpaste. Now, the dentist and orthodontist help nag but even in double-digits, it takes constant reminders. 

    • Southerngal608

      My little boy is one and has a mouth full of teeth…. he loves playing with his toothbrush. so i just put the toothpaste on his brush and let him go to town.

    • Mandy

      My biggest struggle is that he wants to be completely independent with brusing teeth (and I want him to be), but  he doesn’t do the best job on his own yet.

    • Odessa

      I struggle with them being honest about whether or not they brushed their teeth. I usually have to do the breathe smell test to see if they actually did. Also, they seem to think that it’s fun to race to see who finishes first, which of course means that they didn’t brush the proper length of time.

    • Kate Mcg.

      my biggest struggle is getting the kids to brush long enough.  We have the routine down pat but timing is an issue.

    • My son actually likes to brush his teeth but that’s the problem.  He’s only 5 and he thinks he can do it himself so I have learned to let him have a turn and then let me finish up so I can get the job done thoroughly. 

    • Mrs_s_andrews

      The hardest part I find is getting them to brush more than just the few front teeth.  They always want to gag on the tooth brush as soon as they try to brush any of the back teeth.  I have to play dentist with them and brush their teeth for them.  The baby actually loves his teeth being brushed, so at least 1 out of the 4 kids behave during teeth time :)

    • Michelle

      My biggest struggle with my younger children is getting them not to eat the toothpaste and actually brush their teeth

    • Teshiaflynn

      My little girl is almost 4 so she does it all by her self ( so independent). I have a pair of hillbilly teeth they are really funny and gross looking and I tell her if she doesn’t do a good job hers will look like that and her Papa has false teeth and I will tell her he has them because he didn’t brush his teeth good..

    • Cpike

      My 18 month old just wants to suck off the toothpaste and then he ask for more. The biggest problem I have with my five year old is he likes to “fake it” if you turn your head for a second he stops the actual brushing motion and just holds it in his month.

    • Suz_glo

      Our biggest problem is getting them to brush long enough. The dentist gave us a little hourglass timer but it didn’t really motivate anyone. My kids are now old enough to know better but they still try to get away with a 30 second brushing!

    • Campbellglenda52

      My biggest struggle was always getting her to brush her back teeth. She would always brush the front but not the back.

    • JBowen

      My biggest struggle with my kids is finding a toothpaste that they like. Most of the kid toothpastes have flavors that leave a bad after taste in there mouths-or so they say! I switched to regular, plain, adult toothpaste. No whiteners, no peroxide, no baking soda, just regular toothpaste. They haven’t complained about the taste.

    • Mel327

      Brushing long enough was our problem.

    • Ljw7768

      “But Mom I just did it yesterday!!!!”  is the response I get from my boys about all things concerning hygiene.  Gheesh boys !!

    • buddybabs

      My little guy wants to just suck on the toothbrush and then screams when I take it away.  He is 22 months.

    • Katie N

      My biggest struggle is getting motivated to clean the fine layer of toothpaste that coats the entire sink – both unused from when they can’t get it on the toothbrush and used from when they slobber and spit everywhere.  I’m trying to let them be independent and learn the skills but yikes, it’s messy!

    • Aem974

      Keeping them from chewing and biting the toothbrush!

    • 5higgins

      I recently discovered that my youngest uses a minute amount of toothpaste, I had to tell him to put more on it or I will brush his teeth for him.  He hates that!

    • Jen

      My little one still “pretend spits”, so we can’t use real toothpaste:(

    • Lisa

      She thinks it only takes 10 secs to brush all of her teeth. We now brush our teeth at the same time so she brushes the length of time that I do.

    • Beckybcarroll

      Our biggest struggle is after coming home from the dentist with a clean check up. She thinks that because she had no cavities that she is wasting her time brushing. Guess that is the mind of a 7 year old.

    • Liz

      My son likes to talk, sing and laugh when he is brushing his teeth. I keep telling him that if he wants to keep his teeth he needs to take this seriously. When my brother was 9 he didn’t brush his teeth for over two months and he still has all of his at age 41.

    • Twinz074me

      The struggle is getting them to brush twice a day! So the second time is always rushed.

    • Randi

      we haven’t got our first tooth yet but she fights tooth and nail when I try to wipe her gums down with the finger brush

    • Bjessa

      wanting to do it at all

    • Chadanddiah

      My 18 month old will NOT open her mouth. I have to pry it open with my fingers and then I barely get a couple of brush swipes in before she’s trying to bite me. My 5 year old, however, LOVES to brush her teeth.

    • Coopthefrog

      Convincing them that 2 seconds is not long enough…

    • Bigblackbug

      I don’t have kids but let me tell you, its a struggle to get my own teeth flossed every day. I will brush my teeth for an hour but flossing….I Just hate to do it.

    • LBarnes

      My 16 month old wants to do it all himself and he has to hold a toothbrush while I attempt to brush his teeth and then he wants to brush.  We go  back and forth with this routine every morning and evening!

    • Mel

      My kids just want to suck the toothpaste off their toothbrushes and walk around chewing on it rather than standing in one spot and actually brushing.

    • SmileySweets

      She just wants to lick the toothpaste.

    • born2worship

      My biggest problem isn’t getting them to do it, it’s doing it properly.  When your kids rolls his toothbrush around in his mouth and pulls it out with the toothpaste perfectly untouched, I’m thinking….really?  Let’s try this again!

    • Couponqueengrace

      My son, Colton, thinks that he is “brushing” his teeth when I hand him his little Thomas the Train toothbrush and his training toothpaste and he proceeds to suck the toothpaste off!  Haha!  I am not sure that he has gotten it yet that we are supposed to brush each and every tooth not just suck on his toothbrush like a lolipop! When I try to correct this, he just clamps down on his brush so you can’t move it! HELP!!   :)

    • Klburrell1981

      Getting them to brush instead of chewing on their toothbrush

    • Jen

      He wants to eat the toothpaste then wash his mouth out every 2 seconds.  

    • jan

      I have a 10 yr old that doesn’t want to see blood so she is lightly flossing.

    • angie

      My biggest problem is getting them to floss.  They have tiny little mouths and it is almost impossible to get my hands and the floss inside their mouths.

    • cammy

      my kids try their best to brush but if I DON’T GIVE THEM A “tasty ” toothpaste they just pretend to use it but if I don’t watch them they wash it of and then just brush without any paste!

    • Brooke

       Flossing is the hardest thing for me to do myself… so its really hard to get my kids to do it.  :-/

    • Leap Day Celebrate!

      Since I only have dogs, trying to brush their teeth is always a pain.  They wiggle around and bit the brush.  But they do get a treat after!

    • Silvana

      The taste of the toothpaste was a big deal when they were little.(still is)

    • All4yeshua2

      My granddaughter hated the taste of toothpaste, and my grandson just wants to chew on the toothbrush.

    • Annodal24

      getting my son not to spit out the big gob of toothpaste before it gets all foamy!

    • Beth

      My kids always hate brushing their teeth because it interrupts the activity they are doing at the time, i.e. reading, playing. And getting them to floss – it’s like pulling teeth (lol).

    • Jane

      I’m with the dog owner below – always a challenge!

    • Ivyhudson11

      I think the biggest struggle for me is getting them to actually move the toothbrush around and to get each tooth. That and taking the time to brush.

    • Maria

      My kids are teenagers and it is still a struggle to get them to brush their teeth.  I am happy if they brush at least 1x per day. 

    • Worden Tracy

      I have to get my grandson up out of bed to go back and brush, he just doesn’t want to take the time.

    • Jaymee024

      I have custody of my niece and she was never made to brush her teeth on a regular basis before she came to live with us so it was very hard to get her in the routine at age 5!

    • Cputman200

      We ate having a hard time getting my son to open his mouth to get all the teeth.

    • A Floyd

       The biggest problem is the taste.  Children don’t like the taste of tooth paste. The next is you just have to remind them to brush every morning and evening.

    • Ginger

      My granddaughter wants to chew the toothbrush so it’s hard to get it to go in the up and down motions lol

    • Jmholley

      i worked in the field so my girls brush pretty good, howeverhave pushed so hard to brush their molars they sometimes forget to brush their front 4 teeth real good , so sometimes we go back and do it again!

    • Sarah

      My toddler just does not have time to brush, so I usually just have to try and brush them while he is on the move. Sometimes if I brush mine in front of him it will make him interested and want to brush his, but not usually : )

    • Trice

      Brushing is important but much more fun for all ages when the tooth
      paste is colorful and tasty!

    • ClaraL

      my girls were very independent so they did not want any help…. They wanted to ” Do it themselves” although their idea was sucking the toothpaste off and chewing on the brush! Lol So it was hard forcing them to open their mouth and brush anything!!! not to mention you needed a new brush every month or sooner!!

    • Kfm

      It is a struggle to get them to brush in the morning before school.

    • Luvjeffbates

      We are always in a hurry!

    • lfarley

      Biggest problem for me is to keep him out of the bathroom and away from the toothbrushes. He loves doing it so much, every time he sees a toothbrush, he wants to brush. It doesn’t matter if the toothbrush belongs to him or not! Hopefully, he keeps up his enthusiasm, he’s only 2!

    • Annem2

      My kids don’t like the taste of toothpaste! They are getting better though as they are getting older. Also, mornings are so rushed as it is, sometimes we forget to brush then.

    • Sue

      My biggest struggle is to remind my step-kids to brush their teeth. They were never really taught how to take care of their teeth. I try to buy the neatest toothbrushes and make it part of their daily routine.

    • Cheryl weaver

      My biggest struggle is my child is miss independent 3 yr wanting to brush her own teeth and when I try to show her the correct way she is not interested

    • Baje8482

      Getting them to keep their mouth open long enough to brush all their teeth. Also my little one likes to chew on the brush.

    • Mslonas

      Our struggle is not from actually brushing, but more like afterward, as soon as they brush, they want to eat something!!  lol

    • Jamesbntn

      but i have no teeth mommy,getting them to shut up long enough to get a toothbrush in their mouth

    • Karen

      My girls are older now but it was a struggle.  First if was not putting the entire tube of toothpaste on the toothbrush, then it was not finger painting the stuff that fell off the toothbrush and into the sink.  I had to make it a game who could brush the entire song that I played on the cd player, I guess it worked as they only have a few cavaties

    • Tjsmith4806

      My problem is getting my child to brush her teeth by herself everytime. Sometimes she wants to, sometimes not so much.

    • Jessica V.

      I have 2 biggest troubles. My 2 1/2 yr old has poor muscle tone around his mouth (leading to speech delays) which has led to him not being able to spit yet (its actually very difficult to learn) so I am still having to use fluoride free toothpaste. My other is my 16 month old who just plain hates the process. I’ve tried letting him stand at the sink like his big brothers, tried keeping him in his highchair, he just screams and flails and pitches such a big fit!
      My 4 year old does great though and is getting to were he can do it on his own!

    • tasha

      I have 2 kids ages 7 and 5. They both love to brush their teeth, but they aren’t the best at it yet. Especially my 5 year old. I let them brush on their own every morning, but I still floss and brush them every night. My 7 year old thinks he’s way to old to still have his mommy brushing for him and would be super embarrassed if any of his friends found out.

    • Nurseerikam

      My little one has over growth of the gums so it hurts, it is a challenge because she won’t keep her head still or mouth open and she can’t do it herself because she hasn’t figured it out.

    • Tracy

      Kids are all about play time.  What do you do when they rush through brushing and hardly do a thorough brushing?  Well, I thought I had the answer, put an hourglass timer in the bathroom and have them flip it.  Well it works but now the new problem, they don’t necessarily get every tooth.  They brush and brush the same teeth and when you try to assist, you are told that I am a big girl and I can do it.

    • Leah

      I have to remind my youngest two kids to brush their teeth before bedtime and before going to school. My 9 year old often says I will brush later. I don’t give up though and as a result she has beautiful teeth.

    • Alex Porges

      They just don’t want to sit still while I brush their toofers! ;-) 

    • Doris

      My kids think the evening routine is play time.  We have a Sonicare for Kids so it should take 2 minutes for them to brush, but they always end up taking about 20!

    • CMR0304

      I guess I am a lucky one. Both my kids love brushing their teeth.  I think they just like to eat the toothpaste.  I would say my biggest struggle now is to keep my son from biting on the brush so much so that it looks like it got run over by a track hoe !!  In the future it will be trying to keep them from swallowing the toothpaste and getting use to spitting it out.

    • cvslady

      My 4 year old twins are pretty good about brushing.  Their cousin has two cavities, so I scared them by telling them their cousin had to get painful shots in his mouth for each cavity and if they don’t brush, they too will have to get shots.

    • Jordan_parker78

      Keeping her mouth open and getting her to stay still! She’s a wiggle worm!

    • dee

      my youngest one hate the flavor of all the toothpaste that i tried!!!!

    • Cmccurry

      My biggest struggle was finding a toothpaste they liked.

    • Scgrits

      I have a harder time getting my husband to see the importance of brushing his teeth. He stays home with him and, I know it’s hard to get him dressed, etc. but dental hygiene is not optional!

    • Ebtaylor1127

      My 16 month old daughter gags when I try to brush her teeth and tongue. But she LOVES me to help her put the toothpaste on the brush so she can suck it all off =)

    • Amy

      Brushing long enough and finding a good flavor!

    • my problem is getting my little one to brush longer than 30 seconds.

    • Dana

      My soon to be 3 yr. old son keeps biting down on the toothbrush to suck all the toothpaste off…it’s a struggle to get him to keep his mouth open.

    • diane

      My kids are always in a big hurry to get it over with, so our biggest challenge is getting them to brush their teeth for long enough to do a good job.

    • liz23407

      Trying to get them to stop eating the toothpaste!

    • Mickey

      My youngest did not like the mint flavor so that made it hard to find the right toothpaste for her.  She is 25 now and she still will not eat anything that has a mint flavor.

    • Tippv2j

      My son loves to just chew on the toothbrush and would not move it around his mouth. 

    • Chris Oakes

      It’s been a little hard for us to convince them that UP & DOWN is the best way to brush.

      Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Denise

      Don’t swallow!

    • amanda

      My two year old says it tickles so he laughs the whole time. Toothpaste ends up everywhere.

    • Tricia

      Getting my 12 year old step daughter to remember to take her toothbrush when she spends the night out!

    • KaraFos

      Taking time to throughly brush!  My daughter thinks she is done 10 sec. later after she sucked off the toothpaste.

    • Abbe Brown

      My biggest struggle is teaching the importance of proper dental hygiene.

    • becjo512

      My two year old son will either bite down on the toothbrush, or stick his tongue out to brush it! We have a good routine of bottom row, top row, inside/outside, and then tongue. So once his sucked all the toothpaste off, he’s ready for the tongue and done!

    • Samantha

      My 3 year old still doesn’t want to open his mouth for me to brush his teeth until I make it into a game to see what he ate that day and say what all I see in there.

    • Erica

      My daughter is just about to turn 2. While she loves “brushing” her teeth, she doesn’t actually brush them or let us brush them. She likes to just chew on the brush. Sometimes we can give her a few minutes then she will let us brush, but other times not so much.

    • Samstwink

      To remeber to brush in the morning and before bed time

    • Randy

      I finally got Cody to brush his teethe when I warned that he would not have
      a girlfriend with rotten teeth.

    • Jessica

      keeping his mouth open for more than 10 seconds!

    • Melissa

      It takes longer than 5 seconds to clean ALL of your teeth and tongue!

    • wendyc33

      I say its a struggle to make sure he brushes long enough than 30 seconds at a time. Its always a rush with him. Thanks for the giveaway…

    • Nan

      He’s done in three seconds.

    • Johnsonpamela_3

      My little one is two years old. Its hard getting her to keep her mouth open during brushing to get the tops and bottoms of those teeth. We also use Aquafresh Infant/Toddler toothpaste and its so yummy to her, she immediately swallows it. We’re working on this so we can transition to fluoride toothpaste. 

    • My teenage son! He takes a shower every day, but brushing his teeth? Well, I would rather not talk about it. Lol

    • Sara

      It’s tough making brushing part of the daily routine.

    • HLT

      I use the natural fruit flavored toothpaste on my almost 21 month old son and he prefers sucking the toothpaste off and then chewing on the toothbrush.  It’s a struggle to get him to just leave his mouth open and let me brush.  He’s also becoming very independent so he’d prefer to “brush” his teeth himself.

    • AudraB

      My 2-yr-old son loves his toothbrush, but he doesn’t have very good technique. ;)

    • Michelle

      I still brush my 3-year-old’s teeth every day. I guess my struggle is letting him do it himself because it’s faster and more thorough if I do it for him.

    • Kimberly

      My 2 year old daughter wants to do everything herself including brushing her teeth.  She has to be so independant.  She likes to brush her teeth but of course doesnt do such a great job and when I finally talk her into letting me brush them she does not want to keep her mouth open so it is difficult getting all those tiny teeth cleaned.

    • jayfer468

      I have a very hard time making my son understand that brushing his teeth are  very important.  Especially now since he has mostly perm teeth.  Adding the $1500 spacer in his mouth did help alittle.  lol

    • lmf

      When my kids were small I had a tough time getting them to brush for long enough.  They often put the toothbrush in for a few seconds and said “I’m done!”

    • Guyatrin21

      I have a 2 year old son and thinks its a game when we brush… he sticks his tongue out the entire time and he loves to rinse.

    • Tonya

      My almost three year old daughter wants to brush her teeth herself, but I know she isn’t getting all of them clean.  

    • Adriane

      My only problem so far is that she is 10 months old, and I still haven’t seen a single tooth!

    • Aimee

      My 23 month old goes through phases. Sometimes she’s very willing to let me brush. Other times she wants to be the one to do it (mainly sucking off the toothpaste). And at other times, you’d think I was trying to make her eat brussels sprouts from the screams. That’s when I enlist Daddy’s help.  :o)

    • Vivirick

      brushing long enough and using the dental floss

    • Chefd9496

      I always had trouble getting mine to brush at bedtime.  Now, we make it a fun part of bathtime.  They get to brush their teeth in the bathtub!  They are little boys, and love the fact they get to spit somewhere other than the sink without getting in trouble.  Gross I know, but it works!!

    • Mary Johnson

      my little girl has a loose tooth and she is afraid to brush.

    • M_louise_d

      I have struggled with my 6yr old up until now.  In her Kindergarten class they just learned about what happens when they don’t brush, by showing some pictures.  I think they must have scared her, because now morning & night she brushes without even being reminded.  Why didn’t they do this the beginning for the year instead of last week>

    • Christine S.

      I don’t have any little ones yet, but I struggle with remembering to floss on a regular basis – I just don’t think of it.  I also sometimes forget to brush before bed; need to start remembering before I hit that brick wall of fatigue!

    • Vdubchick79

      We’ve had the hardest time with our 2nd child. (20 mths)  We just thought that we struggled with our first. The dentist recommended wrapping our 20 mth old like a burrito. So now we try to make it a fun time and sing a silly song. Sometimes it’s still a struggle. Our 3 yr old now says she wants to be a burrito when we brush her teeth.

    • Lizzi Grimes

      My little one doesn’t like to spend a lot of time brushing her teeth. I even got a timer, but she still won’t brush her teeth for as long as she should!

    • Lap

      When my son was little it was a battle not to have him just eat the toothpaste off the toothbrush

    • Emily

      Telling a child that the tooth paste is not candy!!

    • J App

      It gets harder as they get older. When my daughter had braces, she didn’t brush well enough so that now, her teeth are permanently scarred. It is really sad. Take my advice and make sure you see them brush around those braces!

    • Amada

      My biggest struggle with my 6 and 5 year old is getting them to brush good enough. They like to rush and hardly even touch the tooth brush over there teeth. I tell them if they would slow down and brush we wouldn’t have to do it twice!

    • Happy Couponer

      We always leave tooth brushing until the last minute (right before bed or right before we leave the house)….which means that my kids often rush their tooth brushing routine.  :(

    • I think that the hardest thing is getting them to floss well and as often as necessary.

    • Kristina cowart

      My son is not quite 2 yet so he just chews on the toothbrush and doesnt want me to help…and not to mention he just wants to eat the toothpaste haha

    • Tchnkds

      The hardest thing is getting her to let me have a turn brushing.  She’s very independent and wants to do it herself.  

    • AB866

      my 18 mo old daughter is incredibly independent and wants to brush her teeth with out my help

    • rissa24

      I do not have a kid so can my comment be for my biggest struggle brushing my dog’s teeth?  ;)  My dog wants to lick the toothpaste so it is hard to get a lather going when he is licking it off as I am brushing it on.  :-D

      • rissa24

        Just in case someone reads this and thinks that I use human toothpaste on my dog…I do know that human toothpaste is NOT good for dogs and I do use the special dog toothpaste.  I just wanted a chance at the $100 gift card.  ;)

    • Shawnfullcircle

      My kids actually love to brush there teeth

    • Rowell123

      The hardest part is the supervision – they are so sure in their efforts of brushing on the big girl school – they make me want to believe them.  Growing up isn’t hard in their eyes!

    • My biggest struggling is getting my daughter to be still and not sing while I try to brush her teeth :) 

    • aj

      My SD chews on her toothbrush instead of brushing properly.

    • Akumphrey

      It is a struggle everyday!  He never wants to brush his teeth.  It is like “pulling teeth!”

    • April

      I have three boys, they are 9, 7 and 4 and the two oldest boys HATE brushing their teeth.  They will go in the bathroom and run water and make me think they are brushing but I always catch them. I’m just waiting for the day they get a cavity so that I can say “I told you so!”.  Thankfully my 4 year old loves brushing his teeth.  I often find him standing at the sink in the middle of the day surrounded by dollops of tooth paste brushing away!  If only his two older brothers would follow in his footsteps :)

    • Lwatts17

      We struggled with getting my son to brush long enough.

    • Kristen E.

      My biggest struggle right now is getting my toddler to cooperate when she’s feeling defiant =/

    • MommyJess

      I have 3 children under the age of 4 and my biggest struggle is simply having time and remembering to brush each of their teeth. The older 2 both like to brush their own teeth but I always have to go behind them to make sure they got them good.

    • Susan

      My daughters struggle getting to all of their teeth and brushing near the gumline.

    • Kayla

      Flossing is one of the hardest parts of teeth brushing time!

    • natalie

      I have to confess I have no kids BUT it’s a struggle to remind myself to brush often and and throughout the whole “song” you are supposed to sing =)

    • LaKeisha

      Flossing is my biggest struggle.

    • Rachelhankinson

      I have a hard time getting them to brush long enough to make a difference and to get the gum line and not just the molars.

    • Jennie

      DS is almost 14 months old, so we’re still using a wet washcloth to wipe out his mouth at night, but he HATES it!  There’s lots of biting, clamping the mouth shut, squirming, whining, etc involved… :(

    • Sunny

      My biggest struggle is for my son not to cry every time I tell him to go brush his teeth in the morning and at night.

    • Hazelbcrowder

      my biggest struggle my  8month tries to jerk the toothbrush out of my hand

    • georgiadad

      My 18 month old loves to brush her teeth! 

    • W Meininger

      I have had trouble teaching both my kids to floss.  Even the dentist doesn’t have advice.  We use those floss sticks instead.

    • Meleabro

      My youngest always fights to do it himself. Never wants me or Daddy to help (and he sure could use our help!!!) lol

    • Taralynnpfrommer

      My biggest struggle is getting my two boys to do (11 and 7). They think because their baby teeth are going to fall out anyway it is no big deal.. I have to take video game privileges and TV privileges away to get them to do it. It is so crazy and very difficult to get them to understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. 

    • May10lankford

      We have a three year old & a two year old. They both like brushing their teeth, but aren’t too crazy about letting my husband & I do it for them. We have worked out a compromise …. we get a turn first, then they can brush all they want! Works for our family … for now at least (:

    • Candace Jarrett

      To tell you the truth…. I am just like Jenny…. I didn’t really begin oral care on my 2 boys until they had a few teeth. Now my 2 1/2 year old wants to brush his teeth all the time. My biggest struggle though is that he wants to carry the toothbrush around with him all the time and drop it on the floor put it nears the dogs mouth (gross) and then take it back to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I can’t even begin to tell you how many toothbrushes we have bought because they end up everywhere besides the bathroom toothbrush holder!!!!!

    • Shannon729

      I have a 10 month old, and I use a toothbrush as a teething toy.  Then I sing brush-a-brush-a-brush as I brush it across her teeth.  She loves it!

    • Vondaeverhart

      WOW isn’t this a struggle or is it just me???  Sometimes I am holding them down and brushing their teeth while they are screaming, however we get it done somehow.  I wished they would just love brushing their teeth everyday! :)

    • Cara

      Trying to keep my 4 year old son still long enough to brush good is my biggest struggle!  I’ve never had any probs with my daughter brushing!

    • Cneraw

      my little 16 month old presses her lips together and will barely let me in with a toothbrush, we watch the wiggles on tv and she gets distracted it eventually gets done, and then I let her do it herself.

    • oneshannon

      my four year old complains that mint toothpaste is too “spicy”.

    • Leslies2811

      My seven year old son does not want to take time out of his activities to brush his teeth. He understands the importance but his priorities are playing not hygiene :)

    • Angella

      It is very interesting sometimes. My husband and I brush her teeth (3 yrs old), then we let her “brush” her teeth on her own. Some days she wants to do it all herself and we just have to let her know that she can’t, we have to brush first and then she can. It can be very difficult with her sometimes and it is a chore lol.

    • Stadtermanj

      My youngest son “lost” so many toothbrushes, we finally told him he was going to have to start replacing them out of his allowance. He stopped losing them, but I still haven’t figured out where they were lost.  He did the same thing with pencils when it was time to do his school work, they were being dropped down a vent into the basement. :-)

    • Melissa

      My eight year old claims they are going to fall out anyway you don’t need to take care of them. It’s a daily battle!

    • Jnvsibley

      My kids tell me it takes too long and they are too tired.

    • TSmith

      I have been brusing my 3 yr.’s teeth since her first tooth came in, so she is use to it now with one small thing. sometimes when I am brushing her teeth she slowly closes her mouth which makes it really hard to get her back teeth. I am always worried about those back teeth!

    • Aggiebelle11

      I have 3 children. I actually have an easier time getting my 14 month old to brush her teeth than I do with my 7 and 8 year old. my 14 month old will bring her toothbrush and toothpaste to me wanting to brush her teeth probably because I started when she was very young cleansing her gums. My 7 and 8 year old boys on the other hand, fight me when it comes to taking care of their teeth.

    • Laurake11

      I have a 4 year old. It was hard to get him to brush his teeth, but even harder to get him to floss. He does not like either one, but I believe being consistent is key.

    • Diaz Jannina

      My 1 year old just wants to suck on the toothbrush and swallow the paste any time I get near him with it! I always doubt that Im doing any actual cleaning because his teet are so tiny.

    • Murphy0210

      My son just wants to bite the toothbrush. It has turned into a game to him.

    • Janessa McCommon

      My daughter complains about the “yucky taste” of the toothpaste. She also doesn’t like taking time out to brush. She would rather lay back down and sleep another 5 minutes in the morning or fall asleep reading a book instead of brushing at night. 

    • Addasdramamama

      My two sons, ages 4 and 8, are too busy making faces at themselves in the mirror to brush their teeth. (sigh) But also my 8-year old always wants to bite on the brush instead of actually brushing.

    • jenb

      My biggest struggle with brushing my 3 yr old’s teeth is the new character toothpaste we recently bought that foams up so much she has to spit every few seconds.

    • Doliver184

      Mine love to hide their toothbrushes.. good thing I’m stocked up!

    • Theresachestnut

      My little one is not into brushing, because he says the tooth paste burns his mouth.

    • SharonC

      Our little ones do not take brushing seriously because the last several brushes we’ve bought them have not worked properly. (i.e. battery problems, brush bristle problems, etc.)

    • Heidi

      My kids don’t like me to help them brush their teeth. They are four and two and want to do it on their own. I want them to be independent, but I also want their teeth brushed right.

    • Kristen

      My little one’s biggest problem is when he tries to bite his toothbrush.  This is a common occurrence!  

    • Connieb03

      Getting them to brush in the back of their mouths.

    • Actually, now that both of my girls have had to have dental work done, I really don’t have to make them take it seriously! ;)

    • Chandra

      The amount of time they spend brushing.

    • Bbmake4

      My two, 5 and 6 year olds, like to only brush a few times and call it quits.

    • Atbryant70

      Brushing the inside of his top teeth tickles the roof of his mouth!  HAHA He can’t stand it.

    • Jennmark0107

      They don’t want to brush – just suck the tiny dab of toothpaste from the toothbrush! 

    • Charlene

      With 2 little boys, teeth brushing is a hassle. They kinda brush over them once and say, “I’m done.” I always have to go back and do it for them.

    • Susan Cintron

      When  it come time to brush, it is a battle sometimes. Mainly she doesn’t like the toothpaste taste!

    • Clairehoffman85

      My daughter (15 months) has a mouthful of teeth, but I can’t get her to keep her mouth open for me to brush them! She clamps down on anything we put near her teeth.

    • Susancoupon78

      My son is 3. I am the problem! I keep forgeting! and he gags when I brush his back teeth. I tell him to show me his alligator teeth! I do love aqua fresh toothpaste!

    • Cristy

      My struggle wasn’t so much as them brushing their teeth, but doing it properly.  We are a family that likes DIY shows, so I went with that……I told my kids that their teeth were like “are beautiful white fence that the weather, kids with dirty hands, bikes leaning on it, etc have gotten the pretty fence awful dirty.  And it’s a big responsibility for you to paint that fence white again.  But you have to be careful because if you don’t cover every bit of it with white paid, you’ll still be able to see the stains.”  Well, this worked WONDERFUL.  And we have alwaays received great reviews from the dentist. 

    • Natalie559

      Struggle between her wanting to do it and her wanting me to do it- every day that changes

    • Pinkhonda1

      My daughter will be 2 in April and she thinks that the toothbrush is a lollipop most of the time! She even bites down on it lol. Her teeth get brushed properly when mommy does it:/ 

    • Melissa

      My 5 year old doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste. It doesn’t matter what flavor I buy, he dislikes them all. Recently my dad was over and he was playing around with my son by spitting out his dentures. It really freaked my son out. Now i tell my son that if he doesn’t brush his teeth he will have dentures just like papa. He doesn’t seem to mind brushing now.

    • Laura C

      I have an 18 month old and she loves brushing her teeth. However, sometimes she wants to brush them by herself. Our routine is that I brush them first then she can brush them.

    • sue

      My son’s dentist told him that he doesn’t have to brush his teeth when he wakes up but rather after his breakfast. Worst thing a dentist can do!. Since then, he doesn’t brush his teeth when he wakes up and after breakfast, most of the time he forgets. More work for me now to keep after him about brushing his teeth. Thanks a lot!!!

    • Fly Girl 84

      I have a 21 mo old and he loves to brush daily either once or twice daily. We sing for about a minute so he is entertained while we brush. The most difficult thing is actually getting him to come to the bathroom.

    • Melinda

      My kids seem to run out of time in the mornings and then don’t get their teeth brushed before getting out the door.

    • Christi

      At my house everyone brushes teeth together and we try to make silly faces while we brush. Becomes like a game. The only prblem we get is they are picky about what toothpaste they use!

    • Del

      My little one dropped the brush in the toilet everyday so I stopped trying. I’m a bad parent. lol.

    • Monkzardo

      I have a really hard time getting my 2.5 year old to let me brush her teeth.  She prefers to do it herself and often refuses to submit to my “inspection.”

    • Whitts3

      My son didn’t take brushing seriously until he had to have his first small cavity filled.  That was no fun, so now he doesn’t have to be reminded to brush!

    • joetta

      I sing and make silly sounds while I brush my 8 month’s old teeth in order to avoid getting bitten.  Most of the time, if I can keep her smiling she wont bite.

    • michelle

      I buy fun tooth brushes and make it a game to see who can have the shiniest teeth.

    • Lennette Daniels

      My biggest challenge when my daughter was small was when people would tell her that they were just baby teeth and they would fall out anyway.  Her father told her this all the time.  

    • A.S. Holly

      My daughter loves to brush her teeth! She is 2 and half so I still need to do it for her. We did have a problem once where she wanted to do it by herself. I told her she could after I brushed them first. So, I’ll brush her teeth while singing the ABCs twice then she can brush her own while I brush mine.

    • Meganmarlowe

      My three year old still bites the toothbrush sometimes, thinking it’s a game. I try to tell him to open wide so I can see the back ones, but he would rather try to foil my attempts.

    • Supra025

      My 4 year old daughter likes to spit every 10 seconds. It’s her favorite part, but at least I get the job done!

    • Brewerbaby06

      My 5 yr old is not a morning person lol so it is a struggle to get her to brush in the morning before daycare.

    • nikki

      My biggest problem is getting them to keep their mouths open long enough to do a good job. 

    • Amanda

      My little guy likes to bite the toothbrush!

    • clipstone2000

      My 2 1/2 year old thinks that it tickles her teeth or that toothpaste is simply for tasting – I keep telling her that brushing now will keep cavities away but she still giggles at me.  Needless to say, I brush her teeth before I let her have the toothbrush for her turn.  It is quite the sight !

    • Angular20

      We started early w/ my now 3 and 1/2 year old and she loves to brush her teeth and knows why it is important. Our biggest struggle is her wanting to use way too much toothpaste and she doesn’t understand why she can’t use half the tube at one time.

    • Lizard Pak

      When the toothpaste taste like candy (i.e. bubble gum and grape flavored) they just want to suck on their toothbrush like a lollipop. I literally have to sing a Yo Gabba Gabba style song just to get them to brush properly.

    • D6140peterson

      My little one just doesn’t want to brush long enough.  I go over her teeth once or twice and she is ready to be done.  But don’t give up…no matter the struggle.  It is very important to keep their teeth clean and help them develop good brushing habits young!

    • Kate1916

      My 2 year old LOVES to brush his teeth… but the trouble is getting him to stay at the sink and giving me back the tooth brush.. if it were up to him he would brush his teeth all day just so he could eat thr toothpaste and chew on the toothbrush, haha my one year old copies her big brother so its double trouble.. then every night they go try to brush my 2 month olds teeth (that she doesnt have) needless to say night time is hectic at my house :)

    • abigail

      i have to wake my children up out of their sleep and carry them straight to the bathroom and start brushing their teeth while their eyes are still closed. if i wait on them to do it on their own….it won’t happen

    • Mrswdosr

      My boys “just don’t see the point of it….”   Argggh.  

    • kristieb

      My son always said “I brushed them before I went to bed” therefore he thought brushing them again after breakfast was a waste of his time. And they get real mad when you send them back in there after they brush for 10 whole seconds adn then they think they’re done.

    • Renda Phillips

      Initially, they thought it was fun because it was something new. However, my son, later, just didn’t see the point…until he got cavities. We had saved up money to buy him a dirt bike one year for Christmas; well…he didn’t get it because he had FOUR cavities at his check-up! Guess where the dirt bike money went? Into his mouth. However, because of that, my daughter brushes faithfully and has never had a cavity!

    • Christy Redd

      My toddlers love to brush their teeth, but my 2 year old daughter just wants to lick the toothbrush and swallow the paste! I focus on the gums more than the teeth and she really doesn’t like that My 3 year old son is just now learning how to “spit out” as he says, so this has been very interesting, but I’m loving it all the way!! 

    • Gravityofmotion

      My biggest struggle is just getting the kids to brush for a decent amount of time. I have timers and they hate using them. My kids are 10, 8, 6, and 4.

    • Lhartley0616

      My daughter just likes to eat the toothpaste so she sucks it off the brush and says she brushed her teeth :) 

    • amckenz

      My hardest time is getting the little one to spit!

    • Anita

      Brush goes well but I need to do better at flossing my kids.  They gotten several cavities between there teeth.

    • Dnbrooks2006

      Getting them to actually brush and stop spitting!

    • Megortiz63

      getting them to squeeze just a little toothpaste, not the whole tube!!

    • Romypau77

      getting them to actually brush and not only leave mommy as she took a dressed shower.thanks

    • Savn2gether

      My biggest struggle has been making it into a routine! We were out of town most of December & have been moving since then! I know it’s time for my 1-year-old to brush on a regular basis, but it’s been a challenge to make it into a part of our schedule. Thanks!

    • Jennifer

      Getting my baby to brush for a decent amount of time….not just a few seconds!

    • My problem is a child with autism and sensory issues who doesn’t like have anything other than food or drink in his mouth.I feel lucky if I get him to brush at least 5 out of 7 days.

    • TamK

      My nephew wants to play with the toothbrush instead of putting toothpaste on it and brushing his teeth!:)

    • Cbuttersmith

      Mine will brush their teeth but they don’t like tootpaste! Its hard getting them to understand that it is needed to help make their teet healthy! They both (age 3 and 12) still want to spit out all the toothpaste after 2 seconds of brushing!

    • Leeandlorip

      My 2 year old wants to suck the toothpaste off the brush instead using it to actually scrub her teeth!

    • Shannon

      My littlest likes to brush for 20 seconds and then spit all the toothpaste out…Yikes…but you got to love them

    • Kathyneff

      I remember trying to brush their teeth and they only wanted to chew on the toothbrush and eat the toothpaste!

    • Lisa Roberts

      My 5 year old hates brushing his teeth, thinks all toothpaste tastes terrible and is terrified of the dentist. Really makes it hard to keep his teeth clean.

    • Stephgmccann

      I have a hard time getting my 3 year old son to keep his mouth open, so I can brush his molars in the back.

    • Frisky1000

      mine thinks if the tooth brush has hit his all of his teeth he is good.  We have to remind him that he needs to brush, brush, brush all of his teeth to make sure they are all clean on all sides.

    • Leah

      My son likes to chew the toothbrush and suck the brush, so we haven’t started fluoride toothpaste yet, but we’re trying to teach him how to rinse and spit now, so hopefully we can get him to learn by the time he’s 2!

    • Chevygurrl2004

      Mine thinks only the front teeth matter.  “As long as they are clean, who cares about the ones you can’t see?”  That is… if I can get him to go brush his teeth in the first place. GRRRRR lol

    • Pinkchick82686

      My son says he likes it when his breath stinks. 

    • M+10

      My boys don’t want to take the time to brush and think all toothpaste tastes bad.  

    • Stephc208

      My biggest problem is getting my 9 year old to actually move the toothbrush. 

    • Slwing

      Both my children love to brush. They are 5 and 18 months. Our problem is consistency . Also the 5 yr. old wants to eat the toothpaste. We only use the fluoride free TP.

    • Nadineyathali

      My son fights us every night about having to brush his teeth, its part of his bedtime routine, and he never wants to go to bed and sleep, before you know it 8pm is 10pm.

    • Csassie197

      My 30 month old just takes the toothbrush and sucks on it. Now she actually walks around the house with a little cup of water and her toothbrush and dips and sucks the water all day. Brushing does not even happen. Ugh.

    • Caitwagner

      My child always wants to do everything herself and that is my biggest struggle! :)

    • Marcia Goss

      My granddaughter is always in a hurry and doesn’t brush long enough.

    • Laura

      My daughter is 3 and we have been very diligent about brushing, flossing and taking her to the dentist since she got her first tooth.  She loves new toothpaste, toothbrushes & even floss!!  I guess our biggest issue if it even is an issue at this point is trying to teach her to spit out the toothpaste.

    • Dawn

      They just want to lick the toothpaste off the brush!

    • Reddy

      My son is 2 and we have been trying to make him brush, he loves brushing but he never spits out the paste and gulps it. 

    • Terry

      It’s always a struggle to remind them to brush their teeth at night.  However, they are old enough to remember this on their own!!

    • Lora

      I remind them at night and in the morning, and yes, they are almost teenagers and should know by now to brush their teeth.  My youngest has had a couple of cavities and hates the affects, but still can’t get them to take the initiative to brush those teeth.  Crazy I tell ya.

    • Angela

      My little one eats the toothpaste before I can get the brushing done. :)

    • Jessicalmcgraw

      Audrey just wants to suck off the toothpaste. I did introduce her to brushing her tongue, which she thinks is funny…doesn’t help the brushing of the actual teeth!

    • My kids take brushing seriously, but I remind them to get their back teeth a lot so they won’t get any cavities.

    • Tc Talk

      It’s hard to get my daughter to brush her teeth and then only drink water afterwards.  She wants to snack on something right before bed and not brush her teeth again.

    • Sandy

      My kids swallow the toothpaste!

    • Katherine M

      Getting my daughter to only do it twice a day. She thinks its more of a game.

    • Nursewoody81

      Mine loves her electric toothbrush… too much, she’ll run off with it, and then lose it.

    • Vanessajhooks

      My biggest struggle to get my 3 year old to brush her teeth is the “I do it by myself” independence fight. She wants to brush her teeth herself (which usually means sucking on the brush and swallowing the bubble gum tasting toothpaste). When she is done, she is done. I try to go after her to really scrub, but her work is done and it is time to move on to the next thing. Not worth the early morning fight!

    • Luv2bemommy

      It is a struggle to get them(all six of them) to brush their teeth twice a day.   But a helpful reminder to do it in the morning is,”Your friends will thank you.”  They are old enough to know bad breath is offensive:)

    • Sgad

      Funny that I did not have trouble getting my little ones to brush their teeth when they were under 6 years old, I have more trouble now that they are teenagers!  My trick when they were young?  I told them the “sugar bugs” would rot their teeth if they did not brush them out”  may seem a little extreme but it worked then.  Now I need advise on the older ones.

    • Felicia

      My biggest struggle is getting my daughters to remember to brush them.  They don’t mind doing it but they always seem to forget unless I tell them each morning and right before bed.

    • T-Bird

      My child thinks a few strokes of the toothbrush over the teeth qualifies and being cleaned.  I have to send my child back to rebrush again

    • Mari

      He will only brush with his Cars toothbrush!

      runningmatey at hotmail dot com

    • Erica

      My biggest struggle is getting my little one to open his mouth. Brushing is a struggle every time.

    • Angelabowen

      we say our ABC’s twice to get through brushing long enough

    • Lisabluedevil

      My oldest son loved having us brush his teeth.  His twin brothers want to do it themselves and rarely let me help – I guess a little brushing is better than no brushing.

    • anna pry

      it’s hard getting her to floss properly and to brush long enough

    • Jenniehenn

      Getting my daughter to brush multiple times a day is a struggle! She does a breathing treatment every afternoon and the chemicals need to be brushed off of the teeth afterward. 

    • tresa

      It’s a constant struggle to get my son to brush his teeth right! It’s HIT & MISS most of the time!! :(

    • Butrfld

      My 17 month old likes to “brush” it’s just not usually her teeth!

    • Irishbookworm21

      My son always says the brushing tickles his gums, so he spends most of the time giggling…not exactly the best way for getting teeth brushed quickly but at least it is fun!

    • Mitzimckay

      My little one usually bites the toothbrush and suck all the water off of it before I can actually brush her teeth;)

    • Sharon

      He’ll brush his teeth, but he’ll also eat toothpaste

    • Sarah

      My son loves sleeping in on school days so it can be challenging to fit in the time to brush his teeth each morning.  We’re working on it, though!

    • Sabrina

      My son is a little over a year and he thinks it is a game and trys to suck on the brush instead of allow me to brush his teeth!

    • LeeAnn

      Well I don’t have any children but I do brush my dog’s teeth.  My husband has to hold her and we have to force her mouth open and brush quick.  I find that a good flavored toothpaste helps :) 

    • Steph4575

      My biggest struggle is getting them to brush long enough!  Sometimes they think you just put the toothbrush in your mouth leave it there for a few seconds and then you are done.

    • Christi

      My biggest struggle is just getting my child to even want to brush her teeth every night before she falls asleep and then once we finally get her brushing she does it very quickly knowing her teeth are not getting good and clean. I stress to her that brushing is very important to keep cavities away and her gums healthy.

    • My kids really love to brush their teeth. I still sit with them when they do it buy they like to brush their teeth. 

    • Bryan

      My biggest struggle is just trying to even get my child to brush her teeth at night.She tends to fall asleep before you can get her brushing and flossing. 

    • Dee S

      Brushing at night!

    • Amy m

      just trying to get them to do it more than a couple of seconds

    • Cwwteachermom

      brushing long enough

    • Ashley Carter

      My biggest struggle has been finding a good toothpaste that she won’t eat! lol (she’s 3 years old and liked the bubble gum flavor.) 

    • LeahP

      They do the front teeth fine, but it’s hard to get them to brush the molars.

    • Nancy

      My little one chews on the toothbrush instead of brushing with it

    • Happymomc

      She hates morning brushing and I have to tell her a story about  how we kill germs when we brush to get her to brush

    • Getting them to not think of toothpaste as dessert. Some of those kids tootherpastes taste pretty good. :)

    • Lynda Del

      Even having them brushing at all is a nightly struggle.

    • Michaelandkrististewart

      I think my biggest challenge is not letting them suck all the toothpaste off before I can even get to the brushing part of it. They love the taste of the bubble gum toothpaste they just want to eat it not use it to clean their teeth :)

    • busy mom

      My biggest challenge is to get him to put the brush in his mouth instead of licking off the toothpaste and then “brushing the sink” with the brush.

    • 3barrels

      I inspect my kids’ teeth everyday to see how well they are brushing.  They never seem to get them as clean as I like so I started watching them brush when I realized the problem was most of the toothpaste ends up in the sink instead of on their teeth. They don’t like the feeling of a lot of toothpaste.

    • Robyn

      My 3 girls love to brush, but my son hates it. I have to hold him down and do it with him fighting the whole time :(

    • Garrett

      The hardest part is me remembering for the kids.  They don’t mind brushing, but we do push it too much to the backburner.  My wife is better at remembering.

    • Altie

      Mine doesn’t mind brushing at this age.  The challenge however is getting her to rinse all the leftover toothpaste gunk down the sink, yuck!!

    • Mina

      Getting him to sit still long enough to get a really good brushing.

    • jjht01

      getting him to open his mouth wide enough to get to his back teeth.

    • Onenonly29172

      Getting them to brush is the easy part but having them not swallow it is the hard part.  Some toothpaste arent good to have them swallowing….so I put more into trying to teach them not to swallow any of it…as a safe measure.

    • Cindy

      My little one thinks that it is fun to chew the toothbrush and eat the toothpaste off.  I have to really watch her to make sure she brushes.  Apparently, chewing is more fun.  That,  however, leads to me buying more toothbrushes.

    • tori729

      My daughter hates letting me brush her teeth so the biggest battle is me being able to do it without a big fit! My son has a battery toothbrush and I rarely help him because he does so well!

    • Southerngal608

      my son loves playing with a tooth brush so I put tooth paste on his brush and let him go!

    • Erin

      I always hear that it’s boring to brush your teeth so I turn it into a game. There are tablets that turn your teeth colors and I use one and they use one and we have a contest to see whose teeth have the least amount of color left on them after brushing.

    • steph

      My children don’t like to brush, what child does!  So I let them pick out their own toothbrushes and toothpaste every few months.  It helps them to remember to wear theirs out, so they can get new ones and since I always have coupons and deals, I rarely pay for the new ones!

    • Sdbrazier

      I got my 4 Year old son to love brushing with one of those toothbrushes that sings the ABCs song.

    • She often thinks it tickles? I don’t now how to stop that though. haha
      soluckyducky at gmail dot com

    • beme2004

      She just wants to “suck” the toothpaste off the brush. And she loves “brushing” the sink instead of her teeth!

    • Eileen

      I said I would sing a song to get her to brush the approximate time -2 min. And then it turned into singing and dancing. But it worked verses yelling!!

    • Tabitha Evans

      I find it hard to get to brush for the full 2 mins.

    • Tami

      My little one bites down as hard as she can to keep us from brushing. She HATES having her teeth brushed. It is a struggle every night.

    • Ferida

      I have 2 year triplets and everyone has a different way to rebel about this. I have started them about a year ago with that plastic thingy brush that goes on your finger and it was never a problem probably because their teeth were growing and brushing felt good. About 2 months ago I have tried a real brush and toothpaste and none of them likes it. My doughter throws a fit every time she sees a brush so I just use a toothpaste on that old “plastic thingy brush that goes on the finger” One of her brothers loves brush, but do not care for toothpaste. I try every night, but I still brush his teeth with wother only. And the other brother likes both, but not in his mouth, He is in awe of the smell end texture of toothpaste, and toothbrush with toothpaste on it can be actualy used as a creyon on our big glass closet door. So, I’m still pritty much unsucceseful with brushing. I’ll check out this Aquafresh site and maybe find some useful tips.  

    • Sarah

      My kids do a great job!  its me that needs to get serious and remember to help them brush!

    • Mdlady113

      The amount of time spent on brushing is the issue here. Haha

    • Pan_102

      It’s hard to convince them to brush daily when skipping brushing for a short time doesn’t result in the pain you said they’d experience if they didn’t brush.

    • Sheenabsb

      Its not just little ones its teenagers also!!!

    • Bella

      My little ones actually do a great job. The hardest part is convincing them to spit out the toothpaste=) Thank goodness for training toothpaste! 

    • Tsdixon

      My little girl just doesn’t like  the taste of toothpaste. I use Crest because you hear it’s what most dentist recommend, but she hates the taste. Surprisingly, she does like the kids Aqua Fresh!! Thank goodness!

    • Jfmosley

      Trying to get my niece to brush her teeth is a daily battle! However, if we turn on some music and dance, that seems to encourage her to want to brush. Weird routine for every morning, but if it works!

    • Elisabeth

      It’s so hard for them to understand the importance of brushing and flossing!

    • Cynthia

      I sometimes have to remind or check to make sure my daughter brushes…