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We are kicking off a week of fun baby related giveaways! Think of it as a backwards baby shower… I had the baby, but you get the gifts!

Orajel is coming in to help mama’s and babies deal with teething.

Orajel is a brand a lot of us know and trust, and I’m really excited about their new line.  They’re introducing the first homeopathic line of teething pain relief, recommended by pediatricians and pharmacists, and trusted by parents.

Last month I received some samples of the Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets and we’ve tucked them away until Sarah gets old enough to need it.  These new products are using the soothing power of Chamomile to relieve baby’s teething pain and doesn’t contain benzocaine, belladonna, dyes or parabens.  I know parents dread teething because their kids are uncomfortable, and in the heat of the moment you are about ready to do anything to soothe a fussy baby… but really you want to only give them things that will help and are healthy for them.

The Giveaway:

Orajel is giving 3 Southern Savers Readers 5 boxes of Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets for their own little ones.

To Enter:

Leave a comment below with something you’ve used to help soothe fussy teething babies.

This giveaway was sponsored by Baby Orajel, but all opinions are 100% my own.  

    • Wendy

      I used a semi frozen wet washcloth with my first it seemed to help sooth her poor gumes.

    • Couponing in Clovis

      I use Tylenol when my baby’s are teething, but only when I know that it is hurting them really badly (maybe 2 or 3 times a week when they are teething). I also have used Orajel and love it!

    • Jennifer Norwood

      Frozen washcloths

    • My daughter has been using a frozen teething ring…it helps so much!

    • mossy30553

      I used Tylenol for my 10 yr old and it worked pretty good. We have a 9 week old now so I would love to try something new!

    • I have used orajel in the past and a teether and some tylenol but sure would like to try this new orajel product for my new fraternal grandtwins that were born last Wednesday!!! :) A boy and a girl!

    • Jana

      My 13 month old is cutting molars and I’m using tylenol and freezing teethers right now, I would love to use more orajel, but i find it expensive most of the time.

    • Kajal Patel

      Orajel worked the best but it was kind of on the expensive side when I had my young ones so I used “Gripe Water” which came from my hometown, South Africa! When family members came from SA, I used to always ask for Gripe Water which helped with upset stomachs too!

    • Ninyadelrey

      I give my 16-mo-old son cold or frozen fruit (i.e. cold apples slices or pear chunks, or frozen halved grapes). When it’s really bad, I resort to infant ibuprofen :( I would LOVE to try these!

    • Amy_Potts

      We rotate through frozen teething rings! It works wonders!!

    • Melissa

      We have used Hyland’s teething tablets with my oldest. My youngest doesn’t have teeth yet!

    • sdpauvet

      My son is 4 months old and just starting cutting his incisors. I use frozen/cold washcloths and really cold juices with him.

    • A Natural bead necklace that is suppose to help with teething!

    • Kristen

      My daughter hasn’t wanted anything to do with the teething rings so we’ve just used Tylenol and she loves chewing on her soothie pacifier (we got the thicker ones for up to 18 months when she started getting teeth).

    • Ashley

      We are 6.5 months and just getting into the teething phase — I would LOVE to have these on hand

    • Stephanie

      My baby boy has just started teething and I have been giving him teething toys. He seems to really like them so far.

    • Couponinglink

      I have used teething rings, orajel, my finger, wet washclothes, but what I have found to work the best is the fresh food feeder. I put a frozen strawberry in there and it tastes good while easing the pain. Works like a charm! Orajel is definitely a blessing in the middle of the night though!

    • Bobbi

      I used washcloths dipped in water and then frozen. Also tylenol to help with pain.

    • Erica

      We use frozen washcloths and it really seems to help!

    • Anita

      My son loves anything cold on his teeth!

    • Aly

      My four month old loves to put everything in her tender mouth…so I make sure to always have a “chewable” toy on hand to keep her teething-happy and occupied!

    • Noelia

      my five-month old loves to chew on my hand to clam her achy gums.

    • Keri

      My lil one liked to chew on my finger best… only clean of course! My next is due in Feb we’ll see what he likes!?

    • firstbrownie

      My four-month-old is just getting into this stage of life. So far, we’ve used the wet washcloth in freezer idea, some teething toys, and his favorite is my finger!! I really enjoyed reading the other ideas, too!

    • Katie Green

      I’ve done the very cold wet washcloth… and let the baby teeth on it. Or, a frozen bagel.

    • A.Floyd

      We put pacifier in freezer to make it cold and this helped their gums.

    • Jenn Smith

      My son uses a cold cloth. The doctor recommended it and it helps. Would love to try these tablets though, hes just at the beginning stages of teething so I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

    • We loved the Hylands teething pellets.

    • Donna Peters

      With my first baby we tried frozen washcloths, frozen fruits in a mesh teether (once she was older) and the Hylands tabs. Maybe with #2 we’ll try the baby orajel! :)

    • I’ve used a cold teething toy.

    • I use ice in a washrag. =) Or sometimes in one of those net thingies. =)

    • Cold teeth toys!

    • I’ve got no suggestions! I’m having my first baby in Spring and I’m sure those days will come before I know it. Best to be prepared!

    • Tampa Dad

      I will use whatever it takes (within reason) to help our boy through this stage! We tried a frozen wet cloth and a cool teething ring for him to chew on with mixed results

    • we’ve tried cold teething toys but they are always too cold for him to hold

      dmdeals1987 at gmail.com

    • tiffany

      eggo waffles frozen and helps catch drool in the little squares and cold and soft babies love them

    • We put passy in the frig!!!

    • Mitzi Kemp

      Teething rings:)

    • Hylands Teething Tablets, frozen pretzels, apples

    • Kelli

      Teething toys, but this would be so much better for her! She needs it :(

    • Annette

      I would out a washcloth in the freezer then when the baby was fussy I would let them suck on it

    • Pattie’s passion {PattiM}

      I’ve use cold teething rings,frozen wash clothes and teething tabs but that was a long time ago. Our dgd will be needing something in a few months..


      {Pattie’s passion}

      I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

    • Kirstin

      I usually let my sweet girl gum a piece of ice while I hold it. It only works for a little while! Also fingers (Mine or hers)

    • Kristina

      The cold washcloth seems to work the best. Hylands was also a lifesaver:-)

    • We used frozen washclothes that have thawed a little til they are flexible and also frozen freezer pops in the plastic wrapping.

    • cold ring

    • My 6 month old loves to chew on his fingers to ease the teething pain!

    • Charlene

      Oracle works great! It has been a great help to me.

    • Hannah B

      A cold teether.

    • Kelley Miller

      Frozen teething toys!

    • Crystal Waggoner

      My little one loved a Giraffe teether the nubs on the ears really must of felt good on her sore gums.

    • I am using frozen fruit and veggies in the mesh teether.
      Using Orajel teething tablets at night to help sooth her teeth. she working on her 3rd one(top) :(

    • Cold teething rings…but not frozen…

    • Laura

      Frozen chewing ring.

    • My 6-toothed toddler absolutely loves frozen a Popsicle to ease the pain. He begs for it by name, “popsy” :)

    • Sara Kent

      We use Hylands teething tablets. We also bought an ice-pop maker from the dollar section of Kroger, and we freeze fruit and water or Bolthouse drinks in them. The ice pops numb their mouths and calms them down instantly and doubles as a snack.

    • brewerbaby06

      I have a set of Boy/Girl twins and my girl sticks her entire fist in her mouth!! Sometime they will chew on teething toys but their fists seems to be their favorite

    • lissaecu

      Teething toys so far but we havent had any bad teething moments “yet”…

    • Rachel Mae Campbell

      My baby boy is 3 months, so he has not started teething yet, but I know it is right around the corner! I would love to be able to use this product to soothe his little gums.

    • Courtney

      Pretzel sticks…my daughter loves em!

    • Michelle

      A friend of mine said they used frozen Eggplant waffles. I’ll be trying that with my new twin girls to chew on

    • padawanlearner

      My little one used orajel a lot, plus a vibrating teething toy.

    • Sherri

      Frozen washcloths work great.

    • suzy

      i used a cold wash cloth and let them gum on that for awhile

    • Margo

      Let them chew on an empty infant tylenol bottle top. The lid works better than the medicine! :)

    • amber

      cold peeled carrots, my little guy loves to gnaw on them

    • Jessica

      I’ve used the frozen teething rings and I’ve also used little teethers gel.

    • My girl loves to teeth on cold carrots and teething rings and for night time we use Tylenol and Orajel.

    • I have rubbed vanilla extract on my babies gums…a very tiny amount. They seem to love it and it helps :)

    • ncsaver46

      Like everyone else, the best thing I have found is a small frozen wash cloth that my baby could gum on.

    • Frozen wash cloths

    • christina

      Frozen washcloths

    • ashmarie

      These tablets are my go too when LO is teething. I discovered them at target on sale and I have recommended them to friends because they work quick and you can use up to 4 an hour.

    • Rachel Liekhus

      I only use the regular baby Orajel gel.

    • val0512

      We used teething rings (sometimes cold) and regular baby Orajel.

    • tyler

      I have used the teething tablets and the rasberry shaped teether.

    • samantha

      I use teething tablets, teething ring that vibrated and frozen teething rings. He loved the teething tablets the best. Love this giveaway. Thanks

    • Ashley Carter

      I have tried giving popsicles, frozen yogurt, cold fruit and rubbing her teeth with a baby toothbrush

    • rachaelhaden

      teething rings that have been in the fridge

    • Amy

      With my son, I used Hyland’s tablets.

    • We used a dab of liquid Benadryl on both my daughters gums when they were teething. I never thought it would work, after pediatrician recommended it. But it worked great.

    • kara

      I use teething rings.

    • Tracy Christ-Clement

      A wet frozen wash cloth lets them dig those teeth in and get some cold relief.

    • Jill C.

      I’ve used the Hyland’s tablets, but it’s hard to tell if they really work or not. I’d love to try out the Orajel ones!

    • Jo

      I don’t have any children, but I’d love to win these for a friend who is expecting!

    • AmyLynn

      I’ve used Orajel for three children and look forward to trying this new product with my fourth!

    • mary elizabeth

      I used to use my finger with a towel over it. This sounds better!

    • Michelle

      I always put and ice cube in one of those mesh popsicle holders. She loves it!

    • Jessica

      Teething rings

    • karibeth8

      I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. Although I have never had a child of my own to go through the teething stage, I have seen my nieces and nephew go through it. They always had teething rings that had been in the freezer for a while. It always seemed to work.

    • anna2668

      I used the Hyland’s teething tablets with my first two kids. They were great! Would love to try some of this stuff from orjel with baby #3 that will be here Wednesday:)

    • i have my 1st born who is still 4mths and didn’t know what to do. Good to know there is something good from Orajel

    • Keri

      I’m due in December with my first =) but with my nephews, I would try giving them a teething ring that cold to help with the teething! This would be an awesome prize to win! Thanks!

    • I rub infant liquid Tylenol on the gums

    • erin

      Ofcourse Orajel and Hylands teething tablets, but sometimes when I was in a bind, I’d rub vaniila extract on their gums, stopped the fussing and they had super sweet breath

    • Cheryl Wade

      We are using frozen teething rings and teething tablets.

    • DianaY19

      I have always used Hylands teething tablets but would love to try orajel brand of them. We also tried the frozen washcloth

    • palmettopiano

      Hylands teething tablets are great and I’ve always wanted to try the pastel tablets

    • Jennie

      Ibuprofen/acetaminophen help better than anything else.

    • tori

      teething rings, as well as a cool wash cloth – both seem to help. afraid of regular oragel b/c of all the bad articles a/b it.

    • kathy neff

      have used Orajel and frozen wet washcloths!

    • My daughter really liked the frozen teething rings.

    • pollard1184

      We let my son suck on a cold, wet washcloth.

    • Brparker

      We have sworn by Hylands and ice rags

    • Jenny

      Paci and orajel and on the really fussy occasions tylenol. I’ve gone through one teething and my second just started cutting and both bottoms and tops are coming at the same time! :/

    • I’ve heard frozen fruit in a mesh safety feeder works well. My daughter didn’t want anything to do with that or teethers so we used teething gel on her gums.

    • Shana Sparks

      My mom allowed me to chew on my grandfathers leather belt…it was not cool, but it did the trick! :)

    • alsekela89@gmail.com

      hylands teething tablets are great! they soothe right away and calm fussy babies. and they are really easy to use.

    • Hyland teething tablets and frozen washcloths! My grandson just started teething and my freezer just started looking like I put the folded washcloths away while I was asleep! LOL!

    • So I have my first little one just beginning the teething process… (she is 4 months now). Right now her fist is the best thing that soothes her! : ) Thinking about buying one of those freezer things.

    • Sonya Shell

      hylands teething tabs! and cold teething rings from the fridge!

    • Jenna

      frozen wash cloth with a little bit of applesauce

    • any soft rubbery toys for them to chew on

    • Sara

      hylands teething tablets and cold RazBaby pacifiers!

    • adele

      I have used a natural oil that is called gumomile and it has clove in it. Instantly numbs the gums.

    • something for them to chew on

    • theaikenparrs

      Hyland’s teething tablets were me GO TO for my now 7 year old…..worked like a charm!

    • walkbyfaith11.1

      My baby’s on the way so I haven’t tried this yet, but I’d try one of those teething toys that have a cloth bag you can fill with ice.

    • R

      Dr. Starr’s is a local pediatrician’s formula.

    • Jenn

      We loved Hyland’s teething tablets! I’ll bet these work just as well!

    • krjr20

      My babies have enjoyed teething on cold carrots (peeled, washed, and stored in fridge)!! The cold is soothing to their gums!

    • rita

      Well, in the old days, a cold wash cloth or refrigerated teething toy helped. All 5 of my girls were easy teethers .It was pretty much – Oh, you have a new tooth!! But, I’d like to give these to my daughter for her 3-month-old to try.

    • emily

      We Love orajel…and when all else fails we let my son gnaw on my finger :(…

    • taeila

      The teething rings that you put in the fridge were a lifesaver for my 4 year old. Until she started to get more teeth in and almost chomped through one of them.

    • Traci

      My first is just 3 weeks old, but I knew of the frozen washcloth remedy!

    • heathers

      A frozen chewy toy

    • shama

      can someone invent something safe and effective soon :)

    • carolmkirby

      We’ve used Lifefactory’s teething rings that are made in the USA!

    • Lauren

      Haven’t had a chance to try anything yet..we are expecting our first on October 22!

    • Deanna Bouldin

      Orajel of course! Alot of the night time solution! My poor little Mason has four teeth coming in at one time! My first was very different! Would come in Handy!!

    • wooabm26

      I have never used anything but registered for the fruit shaped packet that you freeze for my baby due in January

    • Tara

      we used teething rings you put in the freezer.

    • i love using the all natural baby orajel!

    • Melissa M

      In the past I used cold cloths from the frig or Hyland teething tablets.

    • Becky

      We are not there just yet but Addie is 4 1/2 months so that time is fast approching!

    • Kim

      I know it sounds crazy but I used a new leather shoe string. My daughter went thru horrible teething and someone told me about this old wives tail. I would never try untill nothing worked, and we tried everything. I bought it new and cut it in half and tird several knots in it. It worked!

    • Jennifer

      Orajel if the pain is real bad! Also use teething pacies and the teethers you stick in the fridge. I also let her chew on my finger. :)

    • Kristin

      Teething rings and orajel have always been my methods. I’ve got a bun in the oven right now and not looking forward to starting teething over again!

    • my3sons

      I have always used tylenol but would love to try the teething tablets, I have heard great things about them

    • itsrebecca

      I haven’t used anything yet… our first is due in January :)

    • Misty

      Frozen wet wash cloth or frozen fruit in a mesh bag!

    • Rebekah

      I like using teething tablets, and infants’ Advil if necessary.

    • Mia

      Teething rings

    • andrea

      i’ve heard a frozen bagel to gnaw on helps.

    • Orajel nighttime, frozen washcloth for him to chew on, teething toys, and a different brand of teething tablets,

    • Mrs. N

      Wrapped an ice cube with a wet baby washcloth – worked every time!

    • I’ve given my son one of those mesh things with sliced apples inside for him to chew on. He didn’t like it that much though. I’ve also used a frozen wash cloth, the razzbaby (looks like a pacifier, but its for teething), teething rings, teething tablets, and baby orajel.

    • Bim

      Our lil daughter is approahing the teething stage so friends & church buddies suggested Orajel or Hyland’s teething tablets!

    • wendyn

      we’ve used a mesh pacifier with frozen fruit, ice chips, frozen cloth, hylands teething tablets, etc. even rubbed gums w/ infant tylenol if it was a last resort (of course the recommended dose)

    • ShaunaZ

      I love teething tablets! They calm my children and help them relax enough so they can rest.

    • baltic amber necklace…wish I had known about it sooner

    • Mendy

      We love teething tablets!

    • jordanmckelvy

      During meal time very cold or frozen food items seem to help greatly. Whether that’s cold sliced up hot dogs or steamed cold carrot sticks, it’s helped us!

    • Erin

      The orajel swabs worked wonders for my kids. For my nephews we use teething tablets.

    • Estela

      I found that even the best mesh baggies can grow a funny smell even when you keep them really clean, so massaging the gums is great before they get teeth, but when some of those teeth come in, I have a raspberry shaped teether. It works miracle.

    • Msr22

      Frozen wash cloths work great as well as the berry flavored orajel. My son fights me when I use the regular flavor so the berry is awesome :)

    • Stephanie

      Haven’t had my fussy baby yet! Still cooking til March. But I’m sure I’ll be trying all sorts of things.

    • Michele

      baby food frozen in treat pop containers.

    • apuckett524

      Frozen washcloths and teething tablets.

    • Jeannie Campbell

      Frozen washcloths always worked well for me!

    • Jennifer H

      cold pacifiers work well

    • frozen washclothes, razberry teether, and teething tablets…perfect combination!

    • katie

      a cold pacifier is what my friends have been using for their little one, but these sound so much better!

    • Guest

      I use to freeze the carrots and then let him chew on it.. alsoI gave them frozen teething ring. It helped alot!

    • Katherine

      A cold teething ring worked best for my son.

    • I use to freeze the carrots and then let him chew on it.. also I gave him frozen teething ring. It helped alot! I have a 7 months old now Would love to try these tablets :)

    • tom

      frozen theething rings and orajel

    • l.c.

      always use orajel

    • BB

      Frozen solid waffles, got to make sure they are good and frozen also helps with the drool

    • sandra

      Mylicon and a paci. You can’t over do it and they love the taste.

    • ashley

      hylands teething tablets and nursing always help

    • Amelia

      Frozen washcloth and teething tablets. Our pedi recommends benadryl being rubbed on the gums.

    • Sheila

      hylands tablets, orajel, and pickles

    • lz

      im a orajel loyal costumer!! like it

    • Aleisha

      teething tablets and frozen waffles always do the trick with my little ones!

    • We have used homeopathic teething tablets, frozen teething rings, frozen washcloths, and good old fashioned gum rubbing. Ah the things we do for our babies! Congratulations on the new addition by the way!

    • Erin

      They love to gum a pacifier!

    • Rose

      Frozen teething rings, orajel.

    • Michelle

      Frozen washcloth and frozen bananas work well for my little one. Teething tablets are a lifesaver! 12 teeth in 14 months is a lot of teething for my little guy!

    • S.R.G

      Frozen fruit in a mesh holder

    • mlw

      frozen teething rings.

    • Megan D

      Unopened ice pops

    • Steph

      Orajel and a little Tylenol rubbed on the gums.

    • Emily

      We randomly stumbled on a plastic grapes teething thing that vibrated when bitten. It was amazing!!!!!

    • Holly

      Frozen teething rings and orajel.

    • stacey

      always orajel !!

    • Tylenol and his favorite teething ring.

    • erin

      I would fill my sons pacifier with water and then freeze them.

    • heather

      I use a frozen waffle. Feels really good on his teeth and it also dissolves easily!

    • Heidi

      Oh … surprisingly, the thing that helped my oldest daughter during teething was distractions in her crib! We played a musical fish projector toy on the ceiling and she stared at it until she fell asleep. No joke… we call that toy a true miracle. ;)

    • Becky

      I used to use the Hyland’s teething tablets before they were recalled. These sound like the same idea but potentially safer. Our baby has six teeth but the painful molars and incisors are still ahead so would love to have these on hand!

    • melissa s

      Have tried the Hylands teething tablets, so I would be interested in trying these. I have an 8 mth old, so these would come in handy!

    • Meegan

      No idea…. we’re just about to enter this phase!

    • Tyra A

      Tylenol only thing that helped

    • carrie

      I have tried the teething tablets and loved them for my babys

    • Tylenol and an ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth

    • pfranklin

      I’ve used Orajel and also a gel type teething ring that I put in the freezer for a little bit or dipped it in ice water.

    • Diane

      teething rings from the freezer

    • Christy

      I use teething rings that have been in the freezer for 10-15 mins.

    • Sabrina

      We put the teething rings in the freezer until I saw that it’s not good for the ring OR the baby’s gum because they can’t handle it being that cold. I have some orajel but she’s not old enough to use it yet. she just uses the teething ring out of the fridge, my finger or if she’s quick sometimes she gets a hold of my mom’s chin! haha!

    • Jennifer

      teething tablets :)

    • Shayna

      A cold, wet washcloth seems to help my little one.

    • Heather


    • asali

      Nursing…cool teethers…lots of mama love! I ordered an amber necklace and am waiting for it to arrive!!

    • sam

      Teething tablets and cold water in a sippy cup

    • stickrn

      hurricaine gel!

    • Mary Paige

      My six month old is in the middle of teething now! Teething tablets and tylenol seem to help!

    • Tara H

      Nursing. When they were a little older I’d use frozen fruit in the mesh holder.

    • Maggie

      Mylicon drops always worked for my girls.

    • Julie S

      I would stick the teething toys in the refrigerator so they were nice and cold to chew on

    • Elizabeth P.

      Lots of cuddling, nursing, and sometimes a frozen washcloth!

    • Nursing and some cold teething toys….plus lots of LOVE!!!

    • Jamie

      Teething tablets and orajel!

    • katie

      I use teething rings and teething tablets. Also, lots of cuddling.

    • hannahs3

      My 5 mo. baby boy is teething right now and his favorite thing to chew on is my fingers.

    • latanya

      teething rings and regular orajel

    • koalakid517

      What worked today for my 6 month old was what I call a “milk pop” Which is my frozen breast milk with a popsicle stick in an ice cube tray and then frozen. :-)

    • blessedwith2

      I put a wet washcloth in the freezer and it feels great on their gums.

    • Teethers, cold washcloths, teething gel/tablets, baby popsicles, and anything else I can get my hands on!

    • wendyof

      Cold teething rings.


      I used a teething toy and stuck it in the freezer. My kids loved this.

    • Katie

      Could not have made it without the Orajel!!! I would have to say other than that the cold teethers were always a good help!!

    • I have used frozen teethers, frozen wash cloths and teeting tablets and ice pops

    • J’s Mom

      Teething rings from the freezer!

    • SandyB

      Frozen wash cloth to let them chew on helps. Always did this for my kids.

    • bbookie1953

      teething ring

    • Tracey

      Frozen teethers!

    • Becky


    • stardreamer6

      I have used teethers, teething drops, chew beads and tylenol. I am about to have my third child and I will try just about anything to help with the terrible teeth!

    • Mlkdivine3

      I have used chilled washclothes ( wet a kid sized washcloth and put it in the freezer for a few minutes). It works wonders because the child gets that cool sensation and they get to grip and suck on the cloth.

    • Amy

      I wet one end of a Clean folded up washcloth, and freeze it. My little neice can hold the dry end, and suck and chew on the frozen end. Have a couple of teething rings too.

    • Lorna

      Tylenol, frozen cloths, Orajel, teething tablets…we have done it all :)

    • cchill

      Anything in the freezer that’s safe has always been an easy fix :)

    • Vanessa

      My son likes sucking on a cold washcloth

    • Angela

      My son likes anyone’s hand including his own or a frozen teether.

    • Summer T.

      Go for walks outside and cold fruit.

    • CrazyMomOf11

      Something cold. :)

    • foxam

      frozen applesauce

    • Frozen peas help!

    • Cait

      Face cloth soaked in apple juice then frozen.

    • frozen teething ring

    • Audrey Ripley

      teething rings

    • Allison

      I froze a washcloth, and my son loved sucking on it.

    • Amanda Fretz Sterling

      teething rings

    • Rachel Hankinson

      I have used Tylenol to help the little guy sleep!

    • Elizabeth

      I have tried Hyland’s teething gel but I’m looking for something better – it just didn’t help much and I prefer a natural remedy over tylenol (my last resort!) I would love to get to try the new Orajel Naturals!

    • GA-Jen

      wet washcloth, teething tablets, ibuprophen

    • Kathryn

      frozen teething rings or washclothes

    • Monica D

      teething rings

    • cecilia h

      Hylansds teething tablets and crushed ice in those mesh feeders

    • Sarah

      My daughter likes to chew on frozen bagels when she’s teething – that’s how she likes her bagels now!

    • Chris Staggs

      My little guy likes teething biscuits that I put in the frige to cool. He gets the flavor and the cooling effect. We use orajel when cold biscuits aren’t cutting it. I’ve used his baby orajel on occasion myself.

    • I love this web site for tips n tricks to couponing. I have a newborn and have had other kids so I know need for a more natural orajel is a great idea… I would love to recieve a box of baby orajel natural.

    • Anna

      I have used the baby medicated sticks that snap and the gel and all seem to work for a little bit … Not long lasting.. I have used the Hyland’s tablets and liked how simple and non messy they are. I would love to try the baby orajel brand for sure!! I am expecting a baby boy around Thanksgiving so teething days will be coming before I know it!!

    • Nancy

      All I have tried so far are cold washcloths & pacifiers with some frozen water inside works for about 5 minutes. I definitely need to try Orajel!

    • kimberly

      I have used cold teething rings and some tylenol in the past. I would love to try the new orajel.

    • Tammy

      We use another brand’s natural tablets, but would like to try these.

    • Samantha Shifflett

      I just used the baby orajel and it actually does sooth the baby’s teeth. I would like to have another one

    • buddybabs

      Baby orajel day/night does the trick with my little guy. He also enjoys munching on teething toys.

    • LJ

      My first had no teething problems, but I would love to have these to be prepared for our baby due in just a few days!

    • Monica H

      A cold teether, chewy tubes, and baby orajel!

    • JCB

      This is my first baby and he is just beginning to teethe. So far he has loved just chewing on my finger, his fingers, a wet rag, and his Sophie the Giraffe teether.

    • Margaret Freeman

      frozen teether!

    • We’ve used another brand of teething tablets and are anxious to try Oragel’s!

    • Jennifer Elrod

      I’ve bought a brand of teething tablets at CVS before that worked great! I’m pregnant with my 3rd and would like to win these to try!

    • Frozen teething ring…

    • mom2braeden

      I used another brand of teething tablets and a frozen washcloth.

    • MichelleA

      I use frozen or refrigerated teething rings, and LOTS of cuddling. :)

    • Rebecca Cooper

      Cold teething rings & teething bicuit cookies!

    • misslc81

      teething rings

    • claire

      Frozen waffles!

    • Michelle

      I would love to try these, teething is such a terrible time for my baby. I love that these are all natural!!

    • Ashley


    • lora

      I have used frozen teething rings and orajel.

    • R. Bryan

      Heh, nothing yet. These will be for our first!

    • sarah

      I have frozen applesauce in icecube trays and let her teeth on them in her highchair.

    • I’ve used Tylenol and Hylands or Orajels teething tablets.

    • MsJava

      A cold teething ring and/or baby orajel gel

    • Debbie

      Anything cold, like fruit right out of the refrigerator.

    • Quaytydom

      I used to rub my babies gums with my fingers while singing to them. I also used frozen veggies from the frige, and when nothing else helped I would use Orajel.

    • Lindsay

      I’m pregnant with my first baby. We plan to purchase some of the teething rings you can put in the freezer.

    • KaraFos

      I used something similar..hylands teething tablets. They were recalled though at one point so I’m excited to try something similar from a different brand!

    • Heather

      Baby aspirin and gumming a frozen bag of peas.

    • Katrina

      Teething rings, orajel, or anything cold. My mom used to give me a pickle to suck on!

    • KAR622

      Lots of cuddles and a clean finger! We would offer the cold teething rings, but our first never used them much. He was actually a pretty easy teether, so I’m sure this next one won’t be!

    • clenington

      I used baby Oraljel for my first! I’m very interested in trying out the homeopathic version on my second son, who is due soon!

    • thriftyjules

      My daughter just finished cutting molars. Boy, was that fun! I’ve always gone to Hylands teething tablets because I didn’t know Oragel made the tablets and I was concerned about using the Oragel teething gel. With #2 due in April, I know as soon as teething stops with my toddler, it’s going to be immediately starting with the new baby (OMG, what have we done?! lol)!

    • tammyla

      this would be great for my 1 year old, who is cutting teeth

    • Joy

      Teething rings!

    • Anuja

      My nine month old loves to suck on a cold wash cloth and naw on apples!

    • Tracey

      I’ve used Hyland’s tablets and gel.

    • Stephanie

      Cold bananas!

    • drwaters

      My 11 month old is just now getting her top two teeth! We prefer to use homeopathic remidies when we can

    • kionna

      our ten month old b/g twins just cut their first two teeth. we’ve used teething rings and pedia care so far.

    • Terri

      Orajel and frozen washclothes

    • Vivian

      We tried frozen teething rings with baby #1 .. Not sure what really works.. Maybe just lots of cuddles!!

    • We have used a real copper penny on a necklace around their neck.

    • Jaimie

      I have used frozen celery…least messy trick I’ve found :)

    • shannon oelrich

      I used orajel

    • g_lmom

      anything that works at the moment, my little man has a rough time with teeth, we have used, oragel, teething tabs, a clothspin( yes, that was my husband, not sure how I felt about that one!) ice chips.

    • Courtney

      We wrap a washcloth around pieces of ice and let her suck on those. We rotate between ice, pacifiers, tylenol.

    • Bethany Clifton

      I have heard to use frozen Ego waffles…. they soothe and catch the drool

    • Amy

      A first time mom so I have never had any experience with teething solutions, but happy to read the below suggestions — and would be even happier to win these tablets!

    • missy

      Frozen waffles and or pancakes!! work like a charm!!

    • jensave

      A frozen washcloth

    • I’ve used a frozen washcloth.

    • mom2miles

      I love teething tablets for my baby, they work like magic!

    • Melissa

      Anything frozen helps! I like using the teething rings too.

    • Tracie

      I make homeade baby food in the ice tray cubes. Then instead of thawing, I cut up the frozen cubes and put them in the self feeder. Our little one will go to town! I have also heard breastmilk pops work as well! It is also good to get dinner started while she enjoys her safe popsicle!

    • Sadie

      Ice Cold washcloths…they’re nice and soft :)

    • jesss

      Wet washcloths have worked for us!

    • My little one loves her gel filled teether after it has been chilled in the fridge.

    • Susan

      Popsicles. My daughter just loves popsicles.

    • Sheena Davis


    • tuemai

      wet washcloths and teething toys.

    • Brittany Pugh

      Gel filled tethers that can be stored in freezer & given once they have thawed!

    • Kim

      A teether!

    • JenO

      A cold teether and orgael on his pacifier. I’ll have to try the frozen wash cloth, though.

    • Kayla

      We have tried everything from the frozen wash cloths to a piece of ice cold celery and nothing works better than the teething tablets that we came across not too long ago. They work wonders and help my youngest from not hurting so much.

    • Brooke

      My daugther is almost 8 months with no teeth, so they have to be coming through anytime. I think we are going to try to avoid medications and go with chilled teethers to help numb the gums a bit.

    • Beth

      She is just starting to teeth. We have been using a wet washcloth that was put in the freezer. Supposively, it feels really good to chew on.

    • Felicita

      My little one is definitely in the teething stage (almost 6 months! time passes so quickly!). I give her the cold teething toys to soothe her gums.

    • lil A’s mom

      we use hyland’s teething tables and she wears an amber teething necklace

    • I’ve only used teething toys but I love reading what others have used!

    • Cortney


    • amym8188

      clove oil

    • pocohontaswhite


    • Teething tablets really work well!

    • Alicia

      frozen teethers or frozen washcloths for them to chew on

    • Nicole-Lynn

      I use a sophie teether!

    • Nicole-Lynn

      I use a sophie teether!

    • Lacey Soriano

      frozen washcloth

    • tamicko

      Italian ice, orajel and cold nuby five fingers