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When money gets tight it becomes really easy to focus on the immediate needs and put aside anything else.  In reality though with some expenses paying a little bit now even when things are tight saves you a ton of money later.  (Think of your dad at this point giving you a lecture on taking care of your things).

Your car is one of the most important, and expensive, things you own.  I don’t know if it’s because we only sit in it a little bit each day or because it can’t talk to you… but our cars are also one the biggest areas that get neglected.  It is also easy to let some of those small things go (you know, “It is only a few miles over my time for an oil change…what’s a few hundred miles?”).  But, as most car owners can tell you, small things can become big things and a missed $30 oil change can later become $1000 down the drain.  (I’m writing this while my van is flashing that it is 300 miles overdue every time I turn it on…)

Here are a few simple things can be done regularly and at a low cost to make sure that your car stays in great shape:

Oil Change – This may be a no-brainer, but it is a good reminder.  Get your oil and the oil-filter changed every 3,000-4,000 miles to keep your car in the best shape possible.  Depending on where you drive, city or long distance, you will also need to change your oil more frequently.

Tire Rotation – According to Pep Boys, you should rotate your tires every 3,000-4,000 miles if they are high-performance tires.  If you have a jack, this is something you can do yourself pretty easily.  Here is a list of ways to rotate your tires depending on the type of car you drive.

While you’re at it you can check your tire’s pressure levels.  This should be in your owner’s manual and can easily be readjusted at any gas station with an Air Pump.

Fluid Levels –It is never a bad idea to do a cursory check of your oil level, your brake fluid, radiator fluid, and your transmission fluid.  If your brake or transmission fluid is running low, you probably need to get professional help.  It might mean that there is a leak somewhere in your system.  The appropriate fluid levels should all be in your handy-dandy owner’s manual.

Just a side note, never check your radiator fluid while the engine is hot (this might be bad news for your hands/face).

Air Filters – This one is a little less important than the others, but it is important nonetheless and is also the easiest one to do yourself.  Check out your owner’s manual to find out where your air filter is and take a look at it.  Put simply, if it is looking really dirty, you should probably replace it.

Even if you do one little thing like pull out the oil stick and see that it is fine I promise you’ll instantly feel more proud of your self just for trying!

Win FREE Car Care

While we are on the topic of cars, how about money towards car care/stuff at Pepboys??  Pep Boys has given me (5) $50 gift cards to give to you!  (You can find the closest Pep Boys store here.)

To Enter
Leave a comment answering:

If your car could talk, what would it have wanted for Christmas? Be creative!

I will pick 5 different winners to each get $50 to spend at their nearest Pepboys.  Winners will be picked Friday 1/07.

    • Ttmeeko

      I would love a bath. My mommy only bathes me about twice a year. Also, would be nice to have my insides washed and swept out!!! thanksShana

    • Lisa Stamper

      If my car could talk, by the way her name is Susie. Susie is saying thank you for the new engine last year, “I may not be a really Hottie,(hot rod) she’s a Chevy Cavalier 2001; but my 4 little cylinders get us there and back pretty good at 135,500 miles. I use to get a little sluggish but as long as you keep my oil changed and keep a check on my fluids, i’ll take to wherever you want to go! Now, I’m not able to float on water so I can’t go to Kenya with you but I’ll be waiting for you when you return. Oh, i did want to thank you for my new carseat covers and the glove for my steering wheel. Do you think maybe you could replace my hubcabs? I like to look spiffy on the road, I may not be that BMW you always wanted or that Charger you are looking at but I’m a cute little thing and we’ve been through alot together! Thanks for treating really sweet ’cause when that son of yours drives me around I have to catch my breath when I return! Oh, one more thing, I use will be glad when you get that garage cleaned out so I can be out of the weather once again, until then I’m waiting and enjoy it when you pep me up by singing along with the music on our rides! Take care of me and I’ll take care of you, Susie. lkstamper@bellsouth.net – Lisa Stamper

    • Kaniaestates

      Car would have asked for some new tires of course and some air freshener to keep the stinky athletic boy smell out :) Love my boys but after one of the sporting events p-u!

    • Patleah

      My minivan would have asked for a car vacuum system to help keep the crumbs from little ones picked up.

    • sharonad

      My car would have wanted a detailing and for me to clean out the garage (we moved into a new house this year) so it could stay warm and clean this winter!

      • Adldesign

        Hi–Just noticed your comment–if anywhere near Charleston, SC, I am a prof. organizer with reasonable rates. I de-clutter and organize just about anything/place.

        • sharonad

          Thanks for the offer, but we’re in NE Florida!

    • Krumley

      My truck needs a new front drivers seat or at the miminum new seat cover, the old seat cover is bad shape but the original seat is worse.

    • Lydia R.

      A bath and an interior cleaning too.

    • Nissi

      Dear Santa, I would like a new air filter please so I could actually filter the air and breathe in the beautiful scents of Christmas…like that of driving by a fresh cut tree- lol

    • Abbys2mom


    • Eileen

      I know what my car would tell me it wanted for Christmas… It would say please wash me!!!

    • momof3

      My car would want a new driver's side armrest, and a self cleaning feature…

    • Sara S.

      New tires! I've got one with a slow leak.

    • Lindsay

      A good cleaning and new floormats! Fortunately it was cleaned in time for the new year…needed it badly!

    • PirateGirl1

      Dear Santa,
      I'm an Sunfire (orange) Suzuki Reno, I've been very good this year I don't know why I've had a tree fall me and another car back into me, it wasn't my fault Santa, I swear! All I want for Christmas is to have my AC fixed, it get's hot here in FL even though it's winter time, and that cold, cold air makes my insides feel refreshed! Santa, I'll leave you girl scout cookies and carrots for your reindeer.
      Sunni the Sunfire (orange) Suzuki Reno
      (Jeannie Crutchfield)

    • Melinda

      Hi! My name is Sara. I'm jet black, not too old but not new either. I am faithful to my owner and deliver safely her to many destinations every day. She is careful to park me in safe places, keeping me locked and secure. She keeps me fed, my fluids changed and my tires in good condition. She tries to keep me clean, but that's not always possible. My only Christmas wish would have been for the busy Christmas shopper to be more careful when pulling out of the parking spot next to me at the mall to prevent placing a couple of fairly large dents and a long scratch in my driver's door. They didn't even stop long enough to leave a note! Merry Christmas to me!

    • Ashley

      A good wash!

    • Pfph5

      It would have wanted a “younger sister” sitting next to her in the driveway so she didn't have to do all the running around (and live longer)!!!

    • rks

      Apparently, mine wanted an oil change for Christmas but couldn't wait because it shut down on the 23rd. The oil sensor light was burned out on the dashboard so I didn't know it was low. I can definitely attest to the importance of routine maintenance and will be more attentive from now on. It's an expensive lesson though! So now, my car is getting a new engine for Christmas – thank goodness my brother knows how to work on it or else it would be really outrageous. Here's a tip/warning – make sure you look at your dashboard when you start your car, because the “idiot lights” are supposed to light up as a test and if one doesn't, then the bulb may be burned out. Even my Dad and brother said they never looked at it when they started their cars, but will from now on!

    • Allyson

      UGH–For the holdiays, I would like to stay out of the fix it shop!! I keep going in due to my previous docs bad work. Maybe he has a crush on my red color, but I've now moved on to another more trusting “fellow” to take care of me–

    • Daphne

      Tires and an oil change!

    • Patti Pizzano

      My car would love a car starter. It has been so cold when I leave at 6:30 a.m.!

    • Country-mom3

      A bath :) With the cold weather and the holidays it desperately needs a good washing

    • Mealor215

      If my car could talk, for Christmas it would probably fist have asked for a bath to restore its shine. Then, for a new radio installed that could play I-pod’s so that it could be cool like the newer car models.

    • JTF

      Dear Santa, Please let me have something different to drink. Day after day, year after year, it's been the same old thing…gasoline, gasoline, gasoline. Plus, my weekly allowance can hardly cover it these days!

    • Dear Jenny, I am Syndi's Suburban. I wish I had gotten armour all, a large trash bag (for her to use on all that stuff that gets left at the holidays), and a new air freshner. Could you tell her Valentines is coming up and she knows she loves me….

    • Connieb03

      A good cleaning!!!!

    • Csassie197

      If my car could talk and it could tell me what it wanted for Christmas, it would say – “Santa – please bring me plastic car seat covers to protect me from the juice and other liquids that this toddler is constantly dripping. Also, a little free time so my awesome owner can get me an oil change would be nice. One last thing – can you also make my owner's husband stop moving the carseat to “his position” and not changing it back? mmmkay? thanks!”

    • Donna

      Our car, a.k.a. white lightning, would have wanted to be put to rest. She has been limping around town for the last couple years but has been reliable. So, she will have to keep limping a little while longer and could use the PepBoys to give her some much needed pep! Thanks.

    • Cindy3springs

      New Tires….

    • When our car got into Santa's lap she told him that she really wanted a new set of spark plugs ear rings and a air filter necklace. She was complaining that all we ever got her was the oil perfume and she wanted something she could show all her friends at the park and ride. Plus she wanted a set of fuzzy dice ( but I told her those were a little trashy)

    • Johnchristym

      My van would have loved 4 new tires. We didn't rotate them like we should have and now it's showing. My husband lost his job in Feb and we are having to put off getting tires which is very scary! Hopefully we'll be able to get some soon!

    • Creeksidereps

      All I want for Christmas is brand new shiny black HOSES. Long onse, short ones, curved ones, straight ones, all the ones to reach from here to there and yonder too, Clean flowing with no more sludgy build-up and leaky cracks. Please Santa if you bring me the HOSES to keep me running I'll ask the Easter Bunny for the BELTS to keep me from sqeaking.

    • Mindtrouble

      I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200 shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock but my owner thinks I'll shot my headlight out. Oh fudge!

    • Carrielsergio

      My car would have liked to be cleaned!!

    • Kristyb

      My car would love a good bath and an oil change. Oh, and some new tires….and shocks. Come to think of it, I think my car would ask for a total makeover. It's really getting up there!

    • EmilyG

      To get a nice cleaning and then go out for a nice long, quiet drive all by itself and pretend it's a sports car—not a “Swagger Wagon”

    • Navarrolu1

      Hi! My name is Bessie and I'm a practical yet stylish SUV living with an active family of 5 in Middle Tennessee. I was really hoping for a detailing cerificate in my stocking this year. I have been very busy with soccer practices, scout camping trips, and of course, the long trip back to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. I mean, a girls got to take some time for herself, am I right?! Not to be at all greedy but if Santa wanted to put a bow on a hand vaccuum, it would be a dream Christmas, especially if could pick up my two furry friends hair. I love that they like to hangout with me all the time but cleaning up is just not their thing! Thanks for asking!

    • Sharpevicki

      A built-in coffee maker and a maid! I work out of my car everyday and it shows!

    • mari

      If your car could talk, what would it have wanted for Christmas?

      My car would have wanted to be home for Christmas. Sadly she spent that day alone in a cold, dark repair shop. We would have come by and spent some quailty time with her but the doors were locked. She has since been reunited with us and we are spending quailty time with her going from store to store finding great deals and awesome things to buy~

    • Qpon Queen

      “Betsy” said she needs a little facelift.. new tires, oil change, and some new hoses and clamps. Once “Betsy's” facelift is complete, she will be purring like a new kitten!! She can't wait to show her true beauty but for now she's a little shy, slow on the get go- she just needs some work done and then she will SHINE!

    • lulu

      My car would wish for a little more attention from its mommy and daddy. The poor baby has a broken (not cracked) windshield, oil leak, and a rattleing rod. She has been such a good baby, but I'm afraid she is about to go to car heaven :(

    • Marciasfox

      My car would have asked for a good bath.

    • Steph

      My car wants new spark plugs, tires, and a little TLC. Hope Santa can help me.

    • Jodell443

      My pretty little red Hyundai would have asked for a gift certificate to a car wash. We recently moved to a place near the end of a dirt road. Now she is always dusty and everyone tracks in a lot of dirt.

    • Mcollins5

      an oil change and a bath

    • Boersfamily

      “Oh, to have a nice exfoliation and dermabrasion to smooth out those rough edges and uneven spots. Also, I could really use a nip and tuck because of the dings from the shopping carts in the parking lot. Ah, to feel young again! :-)

    • AbbyM

      Our car would have said, “Please wash me and vacuum me!” We granted her [very much valid] request in the week following Christmas. :)

    • Kim

      A complete makeover!

    • Buckleg

      My car needs a new fan belt.

    • Ryal2

      Hi Jenny,
      My car has soooo much to say it doesn't know where to begin…so let me just say that I am a minivan who for the last six years has carried two children and their friends all over town–and I've enjoyed EVERY minute of it–especially listening to their little conversations (hee!hee!). Well, for the last year various lights on my dashboard have been coming on. Sometimes they stay on for a week, sometimes for a month. I never know–and my owners REALLY don't know. Recently, while driving, the temperature gauge flew to the H (hot) in a split second and I made a grunting sound, then after about 2 minutes, the gauge went back down, and the noise stopped (just enough time to have mommy owner call daddy owner in a panic!) Anyway, as you can tell, I have a lot of problems that need to be fixed. I would love to stop all these lights from coming on–it really wears me out!
      Thanks for everything!

    • Monajb7

      Dear Santa,
      Although I love serving my family, it has been a while since theyhave cleaned my seats and made me look and feel good on the inside, not just the outside. A car needs to feel good about himself in order to survive and provide good service for its family. So for Christmas, please have my seats and carpet shampooed, and my inside detailed.


      Devoted Family Buick

      • Aleethasullivan

        Monajb7, can we say, one the same wavelength? We were posting very similar requests at virtually the same time. (Your's was much more creative, though!)

    • Shawna

      A spa day – detail inside and outside.

    • 05jacksmom

      My car would have asked for a vacuum to get up all those little goldfish. cheezits, etc, etc!

    • AJinnette

      If my car could talk, it would definitely want an oil change!

    • chrystalm

      I need a bath, and good cleaning inside and out!

    • Aleethasullivan

      My SUV would have asked Santa for a visit to the detail shop where someone would suck all the french fries out from between her seats!

    • rebecca

      My car would of wanted it'd tires balanced!!

    • Amy

      A tune up :))

    • Saving4hornings

      Dear Santa,

      Can I please have some fuzzy dice or something cool to hang from my rearview mirror instead of mommys earrings.

    • Jaypat31304

      A new dash board cover. Mine is showing some age and I need to be looking as good as the chick that is driving me.

    • My car has been my faithful friend; taking me from store to store to grab some amazing deals! So for Christmas I wish I had gotten her her wish; a car organizer. She's probably tired of the glove box being the place I put my coupon envelopes in (can't leave them on the seat- what if someone steals them??). She's probably tired of her back being full of reusable bags. She's probably REALLY tired of the back seat being filled with crayons and coloring books (gotta keep the kids entertained while driving to the store!). She'd probably love if I cleaned out the console of all the receipts from my retail and grocery excursions!

    • Jbamick

      My car would really liked and needed a new paint job. Being parked outside every day in the elements, it cries from the heat of the sun's rays and shivers at the icy fingers of Jack Frost. A new coat would warm my faithful friend and boost his morale and mine.

    • Carol

      My car would have asked for a really good and expensive car wash. It would want me to know that my belief that all the dirt is actualy what's holding it together is just my paranoia. it would also ask for a full tank of gas and remind me that not every car breaks down right after you full it up

    • AmyB

      On Christmas Eve 2010 our 2003 Pontiac Montana (van) was wishing to wake up to a new family..or the same one that would keep it clean inside and out. A new family (or mom) that would remember that oil changes are important and that every once in a while it's good to check the air in the tires…or if that's too much just a family that keeps to the main roads and likes to park on cement. Instead our van woke up to the same family that it has always had…a family that loves to get out and travel the back roads looking for neat new places to visit or a new fishing or hiking spot. We're the family that gets out and hikes around then jumps back in (mud and all) to go 5 miles up the road and do it all over again. I love our van – we've got the room we need to get the two children and a Great Dane every where we need to go – so I feel bad when our mud splattered, over-due for an oil change, slobbered up van finds itself sitting at a light next to the shiny clean van from down the street.

    • Kimmers_zoo

      Oh boy! My poor van is begging for some serious love and care! I haul my 6 kids around in it …… you know, lessons, church, sports and more! Poor van hasn't had an oil change in awhile. My husband just returned to work so we're still behind on bills and the van is towards the end of my looooonnnnnggggg list!!! I think my van would be satisfied w/ an oil change and a good vacuum.

    • Lori

      I can't go on like this any longer…… please replace the wipers so I can keep the rain off my windshield.Please change my oil so I can keep taking you where you want to go. I love the kids but please get some carpet cleaner and get all those sticky gummy bears off of my floor and glass cleaner to clean all those tiny little finger smudges off of my windows. I am getting real old. Please start to take care of me. LOL , if my car could talk that is what it would say. Have a great day !

    • Julie

      My car would have asked for an oil change, a new transmission and a new brake fluid reservoir. It also would have asked for a car wash as a stocking stuffer.

    • KelliS

      New floor mats!

    • My car would have wanted new air conditioning!!! It's hot in the summer in Florida!

    • Sandi

      My car asked for new floor mats this year and a set of wiper blades in his stocking. He might have to wait until his birthday in March, though. Baby #2 is due in 2 1/2 weeks, and that consumed most of our resources this Christmas.

    • Jc_doc

      A pair of Breaks

    • Sc-dragonfly

      If my car could talk it would have wanted some air freshner and new floor mats for Christmas. My Son leaves his stinky football clothes in the back of the car along with his nasty stinky Cleats. Therefore my car stinks a mile away!!! It smells like a locker room! The floormats are an ugly Orange color from all the muck and mud from the cleats. A good cleaning and some air freshner and new mats would satisfy “rougie” very well.

    • Jaggreer

      If my car could talk it would say : Fill my trunk will great grocery deals and make my owner happy!!!!
      For me ,just a good cleaning would be nice.

    • Andie

      I am a pickup. I drink gas on a regular basis. . .lots and lots of gas leaving oil changes, windshield wipers, tire rotations and the like to be a passing thought. I do get my oil changed fairly regularly, but it is often a financial burden. A gift card for car care would be such a blessing to my owners!

    • Rebekah

      Please, I am sick, I am getting a bad mix of oxygen and gasoline…Please have me looked at!

    • Emily

      The two scooby doo front seat covers that I got at Salvation Army for a dollar have fallen apart and only one remains, my car is afraid that the seats are going to get worn out and would like a new set that is more dignified and an oil change after doing too much Christmas driving.

    • Mary C

      My car would have wanted to be WASHED for Christmas (I never wash it….can't bring myself to spend money on it, especially in the winter!).

    • Amy

      Ohhh..the Mom Mobile could definitely benefit from this giveaway!

    • chrystal

      My van would have begged to have less messy riders! It would have asked for a nice wash too if he'd been good enough. :)

    • Jennmarie97

      My car is begging for a full body detail and a set of new speakers! :)

    • Sandra

      A good washing,

    • Allison

      My car would have wanted a bath! It's so dirty on the outside.

    • trudi

      My Jeep would say Please give me a tune up so I can stop costing my owner so much in gas every week!

    • sampson47

      This month seems to be the time for us to get our cars repaired also. this would definetly come in handy!

    • Karenrayjones

      A car seat in the backseat all the time!!! That would mean my grandchildren would be in town!!! Miss them now that they are back in Texas. My car's radiator wants to be checked out as we are probably having snow and ice again this weekend. Thanks Pep Boys and Southern Savers.

    • Bryarsmom

      My Honda CRV would have told me to take her to my mechanic for a nice tune-up, oil change and then a good washing near our home.She might ask me to drive a little slower…..

    • Jl11251

      Whoo Hooo! This would be awesome!

    • Randy Elster

      My car would ask for a bath purty please and a wax job so it could have shone as bright as the Christmas lights.

    • Hroof

      My car would be begging me to give her a shampoo in side and out. she would be so thankful for it.

    • Sherry Wilkins

      My car would have said “Wash me!” LOL

    • Allyg24

      the reindeer costume that all the cool cars are wearing!

    • jas422

      My car would have told me that she was really, really good to me this year – not leaving me sitting once! She would have asked for the new spark plugs her manual says she should have gotten SEVERAL thousand miles ago.

    • Nicolehasley

      My Sienna would ask for an automatic start so the kids could get in a warm van to go to school.

    • Kristin

      “Please dig out the old raisins and goldfish crackers from the crevices of my seats! They are getting rather old and smelly!”

    • Jenznews

      If my car good talk it would surely have asked for a good wash down and a total interior cleaning and detail! With 4 kids she surely takes a beating!!

    • Bobbie

      Help Santa! All I want for Christmas is a screen to hold the lid of my vanity mirror up so my owner can check how she looks when getting out of the car and oh, a new latch for my license plate light so Mr. Policeman will stop pulling over my mommy when were out riding in the dark. Sincerely Sammy Saturn

      • Bobbie

        Sorry Santa I meant a screw to hold the lid on my vanity mirror

    • Carolina Girl

      A new leather coat! ( It's leather seats have seen their better days and are cracking!)

    • amachristie

      My car would have asked for the following – Some appreciation and TLC for always getting my owners where they are going. Also, some new tires would be nice.

    • Sunny

      Well, “Beulah” needs to visit a car spa and get the full treatment. With all the snow and ice lately, old man winter has not been nice to hert. Too much salt, sand, and road grime outside and inside the car!. Help!

    • Sherryf2

      Since I have four children, my truck would want to be washed, polished, and vaccumed.

    • Babrunson

      My 2006 Pacifica would definitely want a day at the spa! A little water massage then a nice towel rub down and a wax to make her sparkle again.

    • Kwahl1

      My car would ask for several things but the most important would be replacement of the front panel above the passenger side tire. (apparently its driver is unable to drive without hitting things) :) and a nice wash and wax to make it all shiny!!

    • Donna Sanfilippo

      My car would have wanted to be detailed some leather cleaning and a good waxing.

    • Brandy

      My car (a Chevy Trailblazer) is telling me that she would have loved to have the back tires replaced too so that she didn't have to hear the brand new front tires teasing the back ones and carrying on about how much more awesome they are.

    • Andrea Hoover

      my car would like nice soft leather seats free from mushed up cheerios and dog hair (:

    • Jennyinbham

      My car got exactly what it wanted for Christmas- to be crammed full of teenagers and duffel bags and food and presents and get driven over 1000 miles to visit family! As a result it's now due for an oil change!!!

    • Alan

      My car would want a replacement. At 35k-50k per year, I don't even know what you're talking about “we only sit in it a little bit each day”. Sometimes I feel like I need to be surgically removed from it . . . or vice versa ; )

    • Haley Morris

      My car would definitely ask for an Extreme makeover!! She needs a good washing, oil change, and some touch ups!!! :)

    • Diane

      OOOOH, no one ever asks me! I'd love a great cleaning (my mom can't bear to spend the money even for a little wash) and I'd love to have all my boo-boos made better. The I'd be as pretty as all the other girls and boys at Rite-Aid (which seems like the only place my mom wanted to go last year!)

    • Shintalmo

      My truck would have asked for a bath and new floor mats. It probably would have asked for the back right blinker to be fixed as well!

    • Mcleodsc

      My Jeep wants a nice warm bath. Jeepie wants her floors vaccuumed and some nice scented stuff sprayed so she will smell good.

    • crazing4couponing

      A new Body ;)

    • Sandra

      My extremely faithful and dependable HONDA CRV would probably ask for a vacation day just to sit under the garage and not be driven! Love my HONDA!!

    • Stacy

      My car would want a detailed cleaning- inside and out!

    • Megan

      My car would like new brakes and a someone to turn off the check engine light. She's a good car though and will have to wait until the next financial aid check comes in.

    • Zanababy

      For peace and quiet from the kids' music and little ones fighting/crying. Nothing like the sound of just the engine humming.

    • Mmmdraco

      Well, my Toyota Corolla would want me to fix that hole in her front bumper from where someone backed into me, or maybe just clean her top to bottom… and new tires. My Jeep Wrangler *got* an oil change, a new headlight, and fresh -20° washer fluid… but I'm sure she'd like to get her U-joints redone.

    • Quilty lady

      My car would love some new shoes (tires) for Christmas. Then she would be ready for those trips to the doctor. Really could use some good news on Friday.

    • Crece62

      My 68 Ford would say, “If I had a set of new tires and the engine rebuilt, boy could I show of my body in style”. Money is tight, as it is everywhere but, my owner is still hanging onto faith that only comes from the Lord, that hopefully when Spring blossoms, I will get fixed!


      I would like a good wash and wax. Next i want a new air freshener,and dont forget to vaccum the floors.

    • Threnners

      Dora the Explorer would have liked for me to get the dent in the liftgate fixed, where I kicked it when I accidentally shut the liftgate with a blanket in the latch. She'd also like an oil change, and right now screams at me every time I start her to do so.

    • Charlotte wisniewski

      If my car could talk it would say please give me some tender loving care, oh please pick my much needed deserving car. Hopefully it will be a good Friday.

    • Cristi

      If my 1995 Acura (with 187K miles on it )could talk, it would have said, “Santa, I'm low on fuel! How about a massage for my TIREd feet, my bruised rear end and my overheated head gasket?”

    • Cindy Perryman

      My Buick would say: All I want for Christmas is Someone to appreciate me for the 200+ miles that I have given, for the times that I have been trustworthy starting in the cold weather. I have provided service since 1996 and sometimes I need a little pampering. Regular oil changes would be great and a bath and seat grooming also, the crumbs start to get old after a while. Though I groan in cold weather, I am a good& dependable old girl!.

    • Michelle

      My husband has been unemployed since end of October. We have 3 kids, one that drives. Her car needs some TLC. We have a Subaru that is in desperate need of an Oil change as well as my husbands Ford F150 that my nephew ran my Expedition into the back tailgate. 2011 has to be a better year!

    • Rands91

      My '95 suburban with 320K miles would probably just break down and cry.

    • Nick H.

      My wife and I are sharing a car, so maintaining it is very important to us. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Honeysmith

      Mine would say, “I need a new transmission…”

    • Oscar11

      I would use it to get my mini van a turn up. It hit 84000 miles last night. Thanks for all you do.

    • Nessastorm

      mt car would have told me that it doesn't like the EXTRAS it has to carry around or hold while we are off having fun. It would tell me and my family to clean it out every time we leave it and it wouldn't hurt to vacuum it out. So what it boils down too is that it would tell me to get it detailed.

    • Lori

      If my car could talk it would say, all I want for Christmas is my power steering repaired, the leak in my engine coolant reservoir patched, new brakes, and an oil change…and I think Santa would have given to her because come rain, shine or snow she has never let me down!

    • Alissa

      My Dodge Grand Caravan would want some serious TLC! She needs a good detailing due to the chaos that she tote around all day!!

    • Staci D.

      It would say “I know it's cold out but could you please clean me out once in awhile. I'm feeling a little stinky”

    • chris w

      I want a tank full of the “good stuff”

    • Colleen

      My Honda Odyssey, Marge, would say “I would love a little buff here, a little ding removed here, a little shine there, my carpets cleaned, my wheels shined up so I can hit the roads and save some more money with all the coupons Im carryin!”

    • Ssbrassart

      Carrie the Caravan wanted a tune up for Christmas and for the noise in the front end to go away!

    • Jennifer

      My car would have asked for new tires, because she's going to be struggling this winter in bad weather without them!

    • Tammy

      My car would say please wash me and remove all that sap off my roof… and a nice vacum would'nt hurt.

    • Amy

      My van, which is one the go and like a mobile second home for us, :) would have asked for a tune-up, oil change and maybe some new fuses for some little tweeks that it is in need of. :) This is a great giveaway…THANKS

    • smorris2005

      On the car subject, its also a good idea to check your brake lights occasionally to make sure they are working. If you have a newer car, it will tell you when they are out, but if you don't have this handy dandy feature, you won't know it. Turn signals are good to check to, but they normally blink really fast if one is out.

    • Amber7403

      My van would have asked for some “work” to be done. She is getting a little old and doesn't feel as pretty as she used to. Plastic surgery is what she really needs because inside (her hood) she's still running like a well-oiled machine!

    • Anniestheeamigos

      An oil change and a trip to someplace with lots of snow, so I could blast through some of that white powder like some of those cars I see on TV through the front window! The day to day errand running grind is a so blase'. Or, if not that – for my owners to clean out the garage so I can fit inside!

    • Veronica112698

      My car would beg me to vaccum UNDER the car seat! Maybe some new windshield wippers too!

    • Fgschofield

      It would have asked for an oil change and a good cleaning!

    • Shopgirl8273

      My car would say, “All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth (grill).”

    • Donna

      If my car could talk it would have ask to come in out of the snow, wrap up in a snuggie while sipping a couple of quarts of warm oil and playing the new racing game on Wii for christmas !!! :)

    • Miss Hope

      The trusty Tahoe that safely carts my family all over the place would beg for a day at the spa. You know, where she would get the full body treatment of a wash and wax job (girls just love a good wax job!). The the next appointment would be for a deep cleansing and massage on her leather seats because they tolerate so much with three kids. Lastly, she would get her rear windshield wiper fixed where the six year old boy dressed like a Power Ranger for Halloween used said windshield wiper as a foothold to try and climb onto top of Tahoe (I suppose to jump off and show his superpowers?). She sacrificed her wiper and let it break to let the boy fall safely and draw my attention to his adventures. Aye, she needs some tender love and care, she does.

    • Heather G

      my car would ask to get to sleep in more than 1 day a week – HA! tahnks for all you do

    • Chelle2377

      (Ironhide) The name of our car would say a wax job pleaseeeeeee.

    • Lisa Gray

      To have a good detail job done to it.

    • Carolinagirl1988

      Pep Boys are the best, I take my car there and they are so nice. My car would like new mats on the floor, they are getting a little dirty and new rubber mats would be great.

    • Stacy

      If my car could talk it would beg for new tires!

    • Ms Rrankin

      a nice bubblebath and maybe a foot (tire rotation) massage

    • DeniseinSC

      To get a car wash! The muck from our trip to Maine (back in Sept.!!) is still on our good girl!

    • Crystal

      My car got new tires for Christmas, (thanks to my awesome fiance) but I'm pretty sure it would also like to have gotten new brake pads and a clean up. It's incredibly dirty :( An oil change is another thing it is definitely due for. And I'm pretty sure it's in need of an air filter. Yep, my car is neglected big time right now.

    • Meredith

      My car would have probably asked for a vacation from traveling! We are constantly on the go, so my poor car is probably in need of a few weeks of “rest!” Oh, and a timing belt!

    • Stacielovescoupons

      My car would ask for a REALLY good detail job!! :) And during Christmas (with all that traffic) it would ask for wings and private parking!! lol!

    • Rv5050

      For me to stop passing gas in it!

    • Missprincess61

      My car would want a deep cleaning! I have a 6 year old and my car smells like stale french fries from the ones lost in between the seats, It would also want cleaning of my cloth seats from so many stains from sweet and sour sauce to melted lollipops

    • Reneelewis114

      If my car could talk I am sure she would ask for a nice spa treatment at a local carwash!!!!! Car full of kids = YUCK!

    • Beth Poplin

      My car would ask for a new rear light and a serious wash!

    • Linda

      Apparently a new battery; it just got one last night!! :)

    • Tracy

      My car would ask for a cleaning. We take our dog everywhere with us when we travel. He is 110lbs and drools like crazy. He takes up the entire back and I sometimes don't have time to clean up between trips so the floor mats and windows stay pretty dirty.

    • Mhattri

      it would ask for an oil change and a good cleaning!

    • Cherrycookin

      My truck would ask for a spray-in bedliner and a detail cleaning :) !!!

    • breese

      My car needs a new light cover since my hubby backed into someones mail box when we were leaving a Christmas party.

    • Cottonx4

      rubber mats to keep its floor clean!!!!

    • Dina

      It would love a detailed cleaning!

    • My car would have asked for a spa day – a good cleanse for the interior, an assessment of its health and a great (dirt-removing) massage! :)

    • A roof rack so we wouldn't have been so bogged down on our 1,000 mile each way trip to Maryland over Christmas!

    • Pandehughes

      My car's top ten list:
      10- Trip to carwash
      9- Windshield wiper fluid
      8- Kids quit kicking my seats
      7- permanent vacuum installed for dropped nuggets/fries
      6- a cd player that starts without someone hitting my dash
      5- the owner to actually put gas in before the light comes on
      4- an oil change done by a professional
      3- rear brakes (oh how nice to not make noises)
      2- a new paint job
      and last but not least
      1- a windshield that is not cracked!!!!

    • Bruubaby1

      My minivan would have had a long list for Santa…a bath, a clean-up to get rid of all the dropped snacks on the floor and lastly a garage that is not full of stuff so I could park it inside.

    • Caroline

      A new gas tank. Apparently there's a *tiny* hole in mine; not enough to affect the day-to-day or need replacing, but enough to affect the gas mileage the car gets.

    • Hey_lisa315

      If your car could talk, what would it have wanted for Christmas:
      A trip to the car wash on a regular basis.
      A nice oil change …….please

    • Melissam0202

      It wanted something to do with a differential…or so said the guys at the oil change place…I don't know what that is yet, exactly, so it hasn't gotten whatever it is it needs or wants…so that is what I would say it wanted for Christmas :)

    • Katkerz

      “I don't mind the stale cheerios, but could you please clean the sand out from your trip to the beach last year?!”

    • Sara Stephens

      an oil change and i live-in maid!

    • Kristin

      New brake pads!

    • Kay Brooks

      Here is what my Car would say. “Hey Mom… you are about to kill me with all this couponing. My trunk is full of coupons, my tires are tired, my oil lubricant is rusty and if you would only add some windshield fluid I could at least see. Gosh, I would do anything in the world for you, just to see. And that hair the dogs leave. I would gladly take you to vacume me out if “I could just see”. I love you mom, please please, pretty please!”

    • Beth Lopez

      My little Maddy Matrix (my car's name) would ask for a new paint job. It was in an accident about 4 years ago and the mechanic who repaired it was quite lazy and used a bad paint and now the poor hood is splotchy with missing paint. ;( It also would ask for hubcaps. I tend to hit curbs and lose them. If they were returned I promised Maddy I would be more careful. I do feel she would ask for a cleaning as well due to the two small children who occupy its back seat and make quite the mess at times. The windows are constantly polka dotted with small fingerprints and toys left in cracks and crevices. My dear little Maddy Matrix definitely needs a pick me up after the holiday season! Please help her out!

    • Couponbhumi

      If my car could talk it would ask for ear muffs for christmas, so that it didnt have to hear all the time my soon was yelling in the car, or all the time i accidently blurted out indecent words

    • Mark267

      My car would say… ” Please Ms. Livia get the leak in my winshield washer fluid fixed … MY EYES ARE DRY AN DIRTY !!!”

    • Ann in Atlanta

      “Phoebe” asked for new mats this Christmas, but like many of us ladies, gifts for children and family came first. Kind of like me, Phoebe's gray is showing and she could use a touch up!

    • Sarah

      Our car would ask for “A BREAK!!! Please give me a break, only for a little bit!! We run, here, there, and everywhere, I don't ask for much!!” Just like mommys, our cars run out of steam, so a little break, or a nap could do it a lot of good!!


    • April Wall

      If my car could have talked, it would have wanted a brake job for Christmas!

    • katherine j

      my car is 16 years young its paid for and it would love just a little tlc new wipers,radio cause it dont work,washer fluid holder replaced,a little work on my cigerrate thing can't plug in new radar det. cause its broke and really would her oil changed

    • Linahartley

      It would have begged to get the back window fixed!!! “It's cold outside and I need the window to roll up all the way”

    • Stickrn3

      a wash and wax. being a white car the snow and rain lately turns me black!

    • Heather

      A monthly trip to be washed and detailed!!

    • Natasha

      My car would want an oil change

    • cseager

      Both my car and my hubby's would have wanted new brakes. The squeaking when we stop has become embarrassing. We have lots of precious cargo (kids!) and it just want to do its job well.

    • Rachel Raber

      “You know that LOVE, TIME and ATTENTION that you say you want?… well, just cause im a van doesnt mean I dont want some too…I take you and your precious children all over the place and all I ask is… Please, PLEASE, I beg of you… give me some too!!!”

    • Kb

      mine would have wanted a spoon to eat all the FREE cereal my kids have dropped on it's floor. And possibly new milk; not the curdled stuff found in a sippy cup under one of the back seats.

    • Gingerbassett

      It told me it wanted to go to Florida and bask in the sunshine. It just loves road trips.

    • Christina

      If my car could talk it would have asked for some good food. My car like to eat oil and gasoline!

    • Bgh5rlk

      Transmission service

    • Jennifer

      My car would say, Dear Santa, I used to be so loved. My owner used to wash me regularly, I had a clean crumb free interior and windows that did not have constant handprints. While I love the children, I wish someone would have given me a makeover or even a simple bath. My tires need replacing and my hinges need some oil. Dear Santa, please remember me.

    • Kjhealey

      it would have wanted some tlc, cleaned out, and new fluids everywhere oil, transmission, anitfreeze

    • Susan

      to feel young again.

    • M Carter

      My car informs me that all males like to burn rubber, but how can he do that when the tires are worn and his owner has been told they are legally worn out…no tread left? He also said that when following another “pretty” car, he sometimes may get too close and needs to stop abruptly; however, he has to keep his distance now,because his owner cannot afford to replace the brakes right now and that scares him. :-)

    • Michelle M

      A good long bath!!!! All of the snow here in the South has wreaked havoc on my Tahoe. I am also very very close to needing an oil change and tire rotation. I think it needs just a “good day at the spa”!

    • Barker Tina

      Our car has a list as long as my kids! He asked for a new front airbag, a new seat belt (for my safety, of course!), a new side window (so the kids don't freeze when they sit back there), a nice massage (car wash), a facial (interior) and he really wants a garage. :)

    • Gbaker

      My car would say, I'm old and tired! I need new spark plugs, wires to make me run better. I need an oil change to help clean my motor. Most of all I need tires to keep my owner and family safe.

      Gina Baker

    • Bekboland4

      My suburban just told me she would like a lighter load, Maybe santa's sleigh could help? With 4 children of my own and my 2 nephews i keep while my sister works my “BURB” as we call it never gets a rest! 6 kiddos ages 2 to 11 create lots of sports eqipment, bookbags, etc!

    • It needs a repaired windshield and a BATH. It is filthy!

    • Emily

      My husband's car needs new tires, but we have been putting it off due to the money.

    • Jodi

      My truck has been asking for a tune up for about a year now. She needs new spark plugs and new fluids. We just replaced her window wipers yesterday, put new tires on before Christmas (two flats is not a good thing!) so we are hoping this is all she needs.

    • Carrie

      a good detail wash and some new tires :)

    • Taraspears

      I am so in need of a bath.

    • Mary M

      Both of ours would have asked to be detailed inside or for us to stop letting our 2 year old eat in them.

    • Shannon41

      My 2001 GMC Yukon XL wanted a new transmission because when my husband and daughter went to get our Christmas tree, they heard a funny noise and the next day when we tried to take it to the shop, leaving the subdivision, there was a thud and the transmission “just dropped out”. I need this vehicle to run carpool since my daughter's school does not have bus service. Santa had a hard time putting a transmission in my stocking.

    • Michelle

      My car would have wanted to be pampered. Vacuum, car wash, maybe a new steering wheel cover.

    • Stefanielee

      My car would say all it wanted for Christmas, was to be washed and vacuumed. To remove all the goldfish crackers, and french fries from the seat cracks.My car helps me deliver wedding cakes and has gotten each and everyone there safely!!

    • tiffany

      a clone so she could take a rest…

    • Nikki

      My SUV would have wanted me to retire him, because he has over 102,000 miles on it.

    • Lisa

      Our car would ask for new tires and a tune-up! With one car and a large family it certainly gets the wear and tear and there's not much left to spend on the car after taking care of the other things on one income!!

    • Weebles200

      A make-over! I have goldfish crumbs in all my cracks and trash hidden by chubby little toddler hands. My owners regularly bump into me with the golf cart so I could use a little buffing. And please, stop putting your feet on the dashboard, I need someone to clean my windows, they're covered in toe prints! (Oh, and it would be nice to have someone clean my throttle, the gunk is getting out of control and I failed my emissions test! I was so embarrassed!)

    • Cheryl

      My car would love to have it's front bumper reattached. It's driver (me) was backing out of the garage at an odd angle (trying to go around the teen's car which was parked smack in the middle of the driveway) and caught the poor little car's bumper on the wheel of the lawn mower that was parked haphazardly in the garage. Driver (me) didn't know all this was going on and continued to back out of the garage and, voila, the bumper pulled right off!

      Oh, it would also like a car wash. Hasn't rained much in Florida lately.

    • Chrisamyandcompany

      Depends what car is talking. One might say they want new windshield wipers and then the other one calls out for oil. Maybe one of them or both will be happy one of these days.

    • Heather

      Baby needs a new pair or shoes!!! or tires that is…;)

    • Tha503

      Put me out of my misery!!!

    • Huggid

      A personal vacuum cleaner – so I could keep “myself” clean

    • Carolyn

      Definitely a trip to the spa for some pampering and R & R! We are always running somewhere in it there never seems to be time for a good cleaning- inside and out!

    • T.Cannon

      “OMG… I know I've been harping on your weight for awhile since the holiday season, but Man O Man, now the road is really telling me about myself. They tell me my front feet (tires) are ridiculous and need to be changed and that I have the most UNSIGHTLY leaks that just burns them up. I figured since every one else is getting in GREAT SHAPE for the new year, so should I! Oh how, I need some Pep Boys therapy ASAP:-)”

    • Wondertwinsmom

      Dear Santa,

      I have been good this year. I have transported my family and numerous children to and from play areas. I have kept them warm and safe. I even protected them in that bad accident by putting airbags out to keep them from getting hurt.

      I will only ask for two things.

      First, since I work so hard to keep my family warm… I would love to be warm too. The nights are dark, cold, and long. I would love a garage to stay snuggly in during the winter nights.

      In addition, could you please have your elves give me a good cleaning? I know the mom of the family tries to do a cleaning job every once in awhile. But the 4 toddlers and infant make it next to impossible. Just one good detailing should keep me happy for the year. I just feel a bit frumpy… now that I am getting older. I just want to get a little dressed up so I feel good about myself again.

      Thanks ahead of time!


    • jsrvn

      I want someone to clean me!

    • Stampinblue

      My car would have wished to be put out of it's misery!!!

    • Beck62802

      My car would ask for new back tires and NO MORE fix a flat :). **Temporary fix until we have the money for new ones.**

    • Nicole H

      The front door fixed so the back sliding door would close properly.

    • Ana Maria S.

      My van would have asked for a day at the “spa”! A serious washing, refill of fluids, & some vacuuming after all the abuse of the winter snowstorms, my 6, 5, & 2 yr old children, & mommy & daddy neglecting to keep it decluttered and clean.

    • FreedomSpradley1

      If my car could talk it would probably ask for a bath. My husband calls the front passenger floor board the “trash can.”

    • Lcobb

      If my car could talk, it would say that it really wants a new timing belt….or else!

    • ak

      If my 2003 dodge caravan with 105000+ miles could talk for christmas I think it would ask for 3 wishes. The first being updated to a 2011 model. Second make sure my 3 boys and boxer respected it. Finally the third wish would be to get a garage organizer so it can get out of the cold.
      thanks for the tips

    • Nichols_again

      My car would have asked for an oil change. It would have said “umm are you serious..I'm 10 thousand miles over and I'm thirsty lady” I'm a full time student with two children, that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    • Brian Turner

      Dear Santa,
      While I know you typically travel by reindeer, I don’t have that option here in South Carolina (primarily because I’m not allowed to park on the roof). However, I do use an ancient animal to get around. I travel to and fro using a 1994 Mustang, who has about as many miles as Blixen. You’ll be pleased to know that on occasion I’ve even used her to deliver gifts on your behalf. During our travels her coat has gotten dull, and her hooves are a little thin. If you could bring her a little fresh paint, maybe a tire or two, and something to drink (oil change) she would be very grateful. If any of the above items are too big to fit in the sleigh, she is an expert at using coupons, and would gladly take a B1G1 for any of the above.
      Missing Christmas Already,
      B. Turner

    • Versweet

      My car can talk, you just have to understand the language! Right now it is telling me that it is too early in the morning and doesn't want to wake up to take my youngest to school. For Christmas it asked me to please wrap it in a big blanket so it could stay warm despite the snow. It suggested I find it a snuggie of it's own. Still searching the internet for a leopard print on in my car's size…

    • Susanne

      My car would wish for in integrated vacuum system and a laundry chute!!

    • Elle Tyler

      My poor car would have wanted new wiper blades and for me to fix that dent in the back. It's unsightly, and visible enough that my kids use it to identify our car from the others in the parking lot. Of course, it was a casualty of the incredibly nutty grocery store parking lot by our house. . . it sucks when somebody backs into you with one of those new, rigid bike racks, let me tell you!

      But it is hard to consider cosmetic issues on a 2003 Chevy minivan. I mean, you're driving a 2003 Chevy minivan – what's a dent going to hurt your style?

    • angela

      it would ask for a good thorough vacuuming. i know there are pieces of snacks hiding way in the depths from my kiddos, and i'm sure my car would breathe a breath of fresh air to be rid of them!

    • Lori

      Probably a new engine because it's leaking oil and has 196,000 miles on it. We are adopting a child though and can't afford a new car.

    • Raniah

      If my car could talk it probably would have told me to take better care of it…since having kids i've neglected the outer and inner apperance (i.e. keeping it clean)

    • Andie Mcdougal

      My van, Ms Dimples, would love to get her 2 dents out of her back fenders, and she'd love a good rub down too (wax job) She's getting older and her body just doesn't shine like it used to. :) Thankfully, she's still with me though!

    • If my car could talk, it probably would've written a letter to Santa that would've gone something like this…

      Dear Santa,

      Being a 2007, I know I'm relatively new and all, but I have needs, too! I've been such a good car for Callie. I've taken her everywhere she needs to go and been trusty and reliable (not to mention pretty hot to look at, if I do say so myself). I know you use reindeer so you might not understand the need for me, but trust me, I'm a great form of transportation, too- no pooper-scooper needed. Unfortunately, Callie can't get me those new shocks I need because she's strapped for cash. So Santa, please… I just need some new shocks for Christmas. If you could just hook me up with a discount, that'd be awesome.

      I'd also like a red lollipop.


      Lola, the Scion tC

    • Karanburgdorf

      My car would have asked for a neater driver. Her owner spends most of the day in her and frequently uses the pouches behind the seat as filing systems and the floorboard for trash – also the glove box for unused coupons and receipts and register coupons – which tend to get forgotten until they are expired!

    • ZJ

      It wanted a paint job, but if it's good it may get one next year. :)

    • Mandy B.

      My car can talk – It “talks” to me everytime I go through a drive thru with an incredibly embarassing rattle. I think it is telling me to have that seen about!

    • Megan D

      My car would ask for a bath.

    • Lori

      mine would ask for a maid and a vacuum, we nearly live in our van with 3 little ones on the road all the time!

    • Joysews

      My car would have asked for a new windshield. The one it has is cracked starting in the bottom left corner, traveling up about 8 inches and then going half way across the middle.

      • Nikki

        i would look into that, because in some states it is free to have it replaced. we had to do it for ours.

    • Denise McClain

      My car would say: “Dear Santa
      “I have been good this year, I have taken my owner everywhere she wanted to go without any breakdowns. For Christmas this year I would like:
      5 quarts of oil
      oil filter
      air filter
      fuel filter
      Wiper blades and some Rainex
      Turtle wax car wash solution
      And some Anti-freeze
      Santa, I will try to continue to be good and look out for others on the road

    • Dawn

      Definitely a set of antlers and a red nose :)

    • Thank you for the chance to win a gift card from Pepboys!! My Check Engine light is on in my Trailblazer, and living on Social Security that sure would help!! Thanks again for saving me TONS of money on my groceries!! It sure helps!! :-)


    • cmroberts

      My car would want as much plastic surgery as could get; a face lift, a few implants to make it bigger, maybe even a colon cleanse to clean it of unwanted toxins. My car is a 1998 Toyota Corolla with 223k miles. It has been with me since HS and been with me through a marriage and the birth of my two children. It is more then just a little cramped but we can not afford to get another car. It is a trooper and keeps running like a champ !!

    • Nicole

      New tires and brakes!

    • Televitt

      If your car could talk, what would it have wanted for Christmas?
      My car would ask for a bubble bath with a buff and polish and a manicure. Then it would ask for some wheels becasue its lost it hub caps.

    • Flcracker36

      My truck would write a letter to Santa requesting 2 new windshield wiper blades, synthetic oil change and and a good cleaning, it would close with saying “and please keep all my passengers safe and blessed for the new year.

    • Patty

      My awesome Minivan would have said it wanted new brakes because every time we stop it reminds me of them!…lol

    • crystalt

      If my car could talk it would have asked for a break for Christmas. A break from being on the road so much. I clean houses 5 days a week, my son plays competitive baseball year round, and he just started college showcases. We have put the miles on it this past year!

    • Amy

      Since I use my minivan to deliver mail out of it, (I am a rural carrier with the USPS), my van would ask for a new coat of paint due to all the scratches.

    • asage

      A day at the spa! First a good body wax. Then tire-acure to make them sparkle and shine. Last would be a good “detox” because we all know what's on the inside is just as important as the outside!

    • Stephenhearn

      My car would say, “daddy I need a new windshield”

    • beth

      My car is so humble, she queitly goes about her day and does not complain that the other car gets to park in the warm garage at night. I would want to reward her patience and loyalty with a day at the car spa. She would enjoy it and feel so pretty!

    • Elizabeth

      My car would have asked for new tires and a break from lugging kids all over town.

    • Nicole

      A bath I am sure, and it needs new back brakes and and some sort of leak fixed too.

    • Nikki

      it would have asked for a bath, and for the ceiling to be reupholstered. (so i guess a new hair do?)

    • cher

      If my car could talk, and it would have wanted some new tires for Christmas. 70 miles each day is lot of driving

    • Melanieplynch

      My Nissan Murano would want a drain installed in the floor so that we could simply hose it down inside when it gets dirty! Oh, and it would also ask for a couple of stocking stuffers: brake pads, a timing belt, and some touch up paint (three things I KNOW I need, but have been putting off getting).

    • Rita

      My van would ask for a promise of great care and some TLC when our youngest daughter, soon to be 15, starts driving lessons in a few months – PLEASE take extra good care of me!!

    • Bowtifan

      My car would have said: “I'm already 15 years old and I have so many age spots that I'm embarrassed to go out anymore. I wish Santa would give me new skin so I can look young again!”

    • Bonnijean Marley

      My car would have asked for a few days off. It got that. We rented a car to go on vacation.

      She also would have asked for a detailing: wash, wax, carpets vacuumed, and leather cleaned.

    • Pecpep1

      My car would ask for a good cleansing and would love, just one day, without my 2 year throwing food and toys all over it. Just one day to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, Just one day…..Hey I think mommy may need a day like that too! :)

    • Crystal_f77

      My minivan would beg for a good cleaning inside and out. All the salt and stones from the snowy road makes a big mess. And for all the little people to watch their dirty feet and not be so messy when eating.

    • X15er

      My car would have screamed for some new tires because was have not replaced them since we got the car in 2006! Ahhh!

    • SDL

      AGH! clean me please! A good detailing!!

    • Susan

      My almost 9-year-old SUV would ask for new windshield wipers and a good wash, inside and out. And maybe a new sign to remind those in the 3rd row seat to be kind and not kick the child in front of them!!

    • Bethany

      My car would be begging for a shower. It's just not something I do in the winter because I refuse to pay for that and it's too cold to do it by hand.

    • Reedandshannon

      My car would say….All I want for Christmas is 4 new tires, 4 new tires, 4 new tires….All I want for Christmas is 4 New Tires and Brakes, Oxygen Sensor replaced, and love….To be sung to the tune of “All I Want for Christmas” : ) Its a 1999 Buick so It has its issues but we love it : )

    • Jlham

      If my swaggerwagon could talk it would have wanted to be vacuumed and washed for Christmas. Which we finally did the week after!

    • Cmmack

      A bath and some rain-x

    • Copsgirl1469

      Probably a new loving home..I'm not such a good car mommy!

    • Courtney

      My car would have wanted to get the autostart from the keys so it would be nice and warm and ready to go when i leave for work in the mornings!

    • Robin

      My car would have liked it'ssqueaky door replaced with a new door hinge! Maybe,my husband will get it this week.

    • Pat

      My van would say it's Christmas wish would be to not be dressed up like an idiot with lights, greenery, & red & white striped bows. But it made my kids smile, so the poor van had to suffer the indignity.

    • BMo44

      My van would have asked for a giant sweater so it would heat right up when I put the little ones in. It has been so cool recently!!

    • Stevennleah

      My car would have asked for an oil change and a tire rotation for Christmas…however, my husband's car would have asked for a new paint job (the snow made his paint peel off) and new brakes for the mountain he lives on….and a cleaning! Wow, I think both cars would have asked for a cleaning! Too bad that is at the end of my cleaning list!

    • Beth

      My husband's 89 model S Banger as he calls it would ask to be put to sleep..LOL Got him new speakers for christmas, before he got them both in the clutch went out, as soon as he got the clutch fixed the battery died. And on his way home from getting that new battery the exhaust completely fell off…. He really needs a lot to fix it up…. He will not get rid of it…

    • Susan

      A bath!!

    • Dave

      My truck would have wanted a real nice warm bath for Christmas…its alittle dirty.

    • Shelley_ogburn

      my car would ask for a good washing and spare tire!

    • Stephanie

      My car would ask for new wiper blades so that I stop yelling at it each time it rains.

    • Katherinecguti

      My car would have asked for a bath for Christmas – it desperately needs one!

    • KSE

      My car would have screamed for a spa day to wash off my daughter's name off of all 4 doors. She also drew a picture of my son on the back door. I'm sure my car just loves that one.

    • Joe

      My right headlight looks like a lazy eye! I could see straight at night if the whole mechanism were fixed correctly. That and my two front teeth are all I really wanted for Christmas!

    • Denise

      Dear Santa,

      For Christmas this year I would enjoy a break from the carpooling, grocery runs and trash hauling that I do on a daily basis. I would so enjoy a spa day at Pep Boys! It doesn't have to be anything ultra fancy… a little mani/pedi (aka washdown and tire rotation), maybe a facial or waxing (aka oil change and, well, waxing). It's the same thing the lady of the house asked for and I thought it sounded pretty good to me too. We both work so hard and it's nice to treat yourself occasionally :0) Thanks so much for listening, Santa! You're THE MAN!!

    • Andre

      My 2001 Subaru would ask for new headlights. Hers are clouded over and are beginning to remind her owner of cataracts.

    • Snowski824

      My car would have asked for a bath for Christmas!

    • garrettslife

      “All I want for christams is my 2 front brakes, my 2 front brakes….all I want for christmas is my 2 front brakes” and probably to get the cheerios out of where the sun don't shine

    • Amanda Ansel

      My little Saab's Christmas wish list: Santa, I would love a good bath, waxing and detailing! Also, my left headlamp has been out for a month; a new one would help me see better! Also, a reminder to my owner that my next oil change is due next week!

    • Bradyfigueroa

      My car definitely would have wanted a spa package for Christmas. Betty is her name. Betty could use:

      1. Mani/Pedi – Her front and back tires need a rotation for sure!
      2. Colon Cleanse – Yep, she defnitely needs her oil changed.
      3. Facial – Yes, she needs to be deep cleaned.
      4. Brazilian Wax – she could definitely uses a waxing….oh wait, we were talking about cars!!

    • Crystal

      A break from all the running around we had to do!

    • Susan

      M y mommobile (2004 Toyota Sienna, which has been rode hard and put up wet) wanted a new “eyeball.” Her left eyeball was lost in an almost-accident in which her mom hit a box-spring mattress that had been left in the middle of I-26 in Charleston, SC. Luckily there were no other injuries to report! She would have also liked a magic screen like in a limo to separate the kiddos in the back from the driver in the front — hey, dreaming here!

    • Daisy25

      O that's easy!

      New “sneakers”.

      (The old ones are getting ratty…and the soles are almost worn through!)

    • Susan L

      My car would have asked for a complete detail job…outside, inside and to please, for the love of all that is good, to have the trunk cleaned out.

    • Linda

      My car would like some very large depends.It has been leaking on the garage floor!

    • meghanld

      My car would have asked for a full detail inside and out. It's way to cold these days to get outside and clean the car. Brrrrr

    • Nonamckenzie

      My car would have asked for a doctor, including a plastic surgeon! I have been driving around with a crack in my windshield that keeps growing for over 2 years! Poor girl also needs a good oil change and a “check-up”. A good detail inside and out would probably make her happy, too!

    • Nishaine

      My 97 Buick regal would have asked santa for an extreme car makeover into a shiny new honda accord or at the very least cosmetic surgery to remove the huge side dent caused by the perils of driving unmaintained city streets!!!

    • Karensweeney2002

      My little '99 Sunfire would have loved a spa day with exfoliation and an internal cleansing… and an extreme auto makeover with some pinstriping but the perfect present would have been a remote starter so she could leave the yard warmed up and ready to take me to work instead of cold and icy!!!!

    • Mikey

      vroom vroom, All I want for Christmas is some new shoes, my Dad's sixteen year old drives me all the time and he loves to stop on a dime. They call me “Vicky”, I am a Volvo and I will protect that little son of a gun but he is wearing out my Manolo's!

    • Amber Renee

      my car would've asked for a new engine! i'm rocking a '95 so she's getting kinda old!

    • Julie G

      a bath. I didn't realize how dirty a black car gets until I finally got one.

    • Leacisse22

      My car would ask for an internal cleanse: ) and facial. it needs a good cleaning and a little work done!. :)

    • April

      My car would have begged for a shower and for someone to please remove the stamp marks that my children put on the inside of the windows and doors!

    • Tricia

      My Van would like a force feild to protect it from the other dangers of the road.

    • Darcy

      If it could talk, my car would ask for a good cleaning and a new rear view mirror! (and maybe new hubcaps, considering we only have 3) I love Pep Boys! if you buy windshield wipers, they'll install them for you for free. I had no idea how complicated those things can be!

    • Racheloburns

      an oil change:)

    • Dawn

      My car would have liked a DVD player so it wouldn't have to listen to my kids, “are we there yet?”

    • Vicky

      My Honda would probably ask for another ride through the snow.

    • Hanovertomato

      My car would've wanted new tires!

    • Teholder

      my truck would have wanted a lift kit and a thorough cleaning

    • Kimberly O.

      My Mazda is a bit of a fashionista so she would be asking Santa for a new white interior (instead of black) to match all of the white dog hair that stays in the car from my two big dogs.

    • Angela Lawson

      My car would tell me that it needs the works..It would say 'I am getting up there in age and I need a full workup…transmission fluid, new brakes, rotors, oil change, and new wipers!” ” A bath would be great but no sense in shining me up if I break down from not getting the right maintenance.” I really am glad she doesn't talk because she would complain as much as I do to my husband! :-)

    • jacandwil

      My car is a 2000 Chevy Venture van and it would say in a girl voice (since I am the one always driving around in it) ” Please stop using the brakes I need new ones, the squeaking sound I'm making is the indication you need to take me to a car doctor aka Pep Boys”.

    • Toifrogs

      My car wants the dent on its side fixed.

    • Kindra

      MY SUV would thank us for the oil change, air filter change, etc etc. Also the new windshield wipers! These are always a good investment when you are about to drive several hundred miles….as we learned last year on our way to Chicago in October. A light drizzle set us back a couple hours just because of bad wipers!

    • Beachrose1

      A wash and wax!

    • Shortstuff2c

      New brakes!

    • Threeboyzofmine

      A paint job!!!!!!

    • allison

      My Car would say “my oil is dirty from being 1,000 miles overdue and while you are at it could you please fix my right blinker that has a short in it. People keep honking at me when I am turning. My back windows need to be fixed because the kids sitting in the back get cold in the morning when my windows fall down 1/2 way. That is all I want Santa for Christmas.

    • Bradandmb

      My car would want a good cleansing!

    • Astrokaren

      All my car wants for Christmas was her two front tires…her two front tires…her two front tires…bald as they could be she needs some new front tires….and a good car wash to seal the deal :)

    • Cyndib60

      My car would've asked for a nice, relaxing bath with a pampering detail job for it's “insides”. A new “hairdo” for the top (it's a convertible) would make my car feel like a new woman/man!

    • 3monkeysmom

      My car would've wanted a long overdue and much needed bath and to have her (yes, my car is a she!) dents removed (caused by my husband standing on her to change the church sign!).

    • Dogridges

      Taking care of my Prius is so important. I believe in following the manual in care of the engine. It is like eating and not doing all the other things necessary to take care of our bodies. Thanks for the chance at the coupons. Go Pep Boys.

    • Michelle

      My car would have wanted a Radio that works. It is usually filled with fussy babies.

    • Kiki

      My car would have wanted to be running… it died on me when I picked my son up from school early in December- no lights, no sound, nothing. Had it towed to the house and the husband worked on it to no avail. Paid a mechanic to come to the house who told us it was the exact thing my husband tried. The car has been sitting cold and lonely in my drive… it was going to have an oil change the weekend it died. My friend's husband looked at it the other day with my husband, they tinkered around in the cold and found some corrosion where a bunch of things plug in and it started! So my car definitely had a wish for revival!

    • Ljwillis

      If my car could talk it would say…. I need an oil change and wash. I drove all the way from Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Dayton, OH, and Chicago, Il for you over Christmas… I need some me time :) LOL

    • Fields9709

      If my car could talk it would of wanted a deep cleaning for Christmas.. I bought a van in May of 2010 because I was expecting our third child. the van was clean and immacualte. Well 3 kids and 7 months later.. it needs some TLC!

    • Patsy317

      If my car could talk, it would definitely have asked for a nice bubble bath and massage for Christmas!

    • Jan

      My 96 Ford Taurus with over 260,000 miles on it, with a leaking oil pan gasket and leaking power steering pump would have asked for a beautiful pasture where it could be laid to rest. She has served us well and is ready to “drive” off into the sunset…. Sorry Girl! We need ya just a bit longer!

    • Barbie1032

      My Buick would ask for a spa treatment. A good cleaning inside and out.

    • debbie

      new brakes, or detailing

    • Dtpitts

      Christmas? Since when did I get something for Christmas? The only reason I know it is Christmas is because I take the tree to the dump every year. Not that I am complaining because I saw what they did to my brother in the driveway… just sayin'… I am not the type to wear those reindeer antlers and bright red nose. No offense Santa and his reindeer. :0 At that point I knew it was Christmas and I was laying low! At my young age of 23 I know I could pull them off, but I was pleased my owners could only afford one set.

      If I could have one wish… you know the next time we go to the dump? Treat yourself and do not even unload the stuff out of the back of me, just roll me right over the edge. NO worries, it's all good… I will be in a better place. I will be with all the other “baby” trucks. Its okay, really, I know you have always yearned for a “big boy” truck. I have overheard you speak of that many times with your friends in the driveway. I'm not offended, I have served you well to the best of my ablility. Take care and I wish for you to have a big boy truck one day..
      Sometimes you just gotta know when it is your time to roll…..
      Love, “Little Brown Truck”

    • askelton


      “For the love of all things automotive, please save me from this horrific squealing noise when I turn!! My poor owner can't take it much longer!”

      Life is a highway,
      Depressed Elantra

    • Bob

      My car would want a cute convertable to keep it company on the cold nights that it is parked in the drive way.

    • Krazy2000_29307

      My husbands car is in desperate need of a new set of shoes (getting flats all the time stinks), it could also use some new brakes and a transmission service we are 40 thousand miles over due……

    • Susupurple

      On the road again. Oh how I hate to get on the road again. First Greenville/Simpsonville, then Charleston, next Rock Hill and on to Columbia/Chapin. Oh how I hate to get on the road again.

    • Wendy

      My 8 year old car would have asked for a front-end alighment and a car wash for Christmas.

    • Smoochy_one

      My Jeep would tell me to stop letting my husband drive it! She would then ask for her headliner to be fixed since a girl has to have great hair!

    • Aecarnes

      My car would have asked to go to the dry cleaners…er, get vacuumed out, and for a nice shampoo job!! It's been raining (we have needed it!), so I guess that's sort of a shampoo job:) My husband will probably disagree!

    • Claudine

      My car asked for new sunglasses to deflect the bright lights of those cars with LED headlights!

    • Cdestridge

      My beautiful camry does talk, it asks for new breaks and shocks and windshield wipers, it is actaully very vocal when it needs something new! I love my can and it knows it can ask for anything it wants!

    • Jennifer

      My car would say….. “Wash Me!! Wash Me!! Have you forgotten about me? I take you everywhere and this is how you treat me. What is wrong with these people!!!”

    • Steve

      It would probably beg for tires. Sorry car :(

    • I want a bath for xmas!

    • heidi

      A good new Year's resolution…to take better care of my car!

    • Amy Hankinson

      My car would have asked for a horn :)

    • dee

      My truck would have asked for a big warm blanket, as it was cold that night and snowed.

    • Carrie C

      My poor car would ask for a facial….I can't remember the last time it was washed and it would also like to have a pedicure (new tires)

    • Cayman Richardson

      I need to be dry cleaned…I live on a dirt road, and just plain ugly and nasty sometimes (inside and out). Also new tires to trek down the dirt road wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    • C_parmer

      I am great to my owner, even though she has good intentions, she doesn't always treat me fairly. I get her to where she needs to go on time and I always start when asked and the list goes on. However, with her busy life style she doesn't clean me or take me in when she needs to do so. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!

    • 4andahalfofus

      My SUV would kindly ask for a transmission flush and cabin air filter.

    • Courtney

      I believe my little Civic would have asked for a big brother/sister, like a Toyota Highlander!

    • momofsix

      My car would have wanted a bowl for all the cheerios in the back seat!

    • Webwizard021

      A day at the spa! (a wash,tune up and oil change)

    • Patsouth

      a bath, (inside and out)

    • Bonnie

      All I want for Christmas is my 2 chrome tail pipes ;)

    • Natasha

      My van has almost 100,000 miles on it. It would just have asked for the energy and the power to make it another mile. It is loved so much by its owner that it will not be replaced until it dies on its own.

    • Aimee Gobeli

      I could use the works – I am a suburban that hauls 6 people and usually a very large load of their “stuff” all over the country. A lot of miles and the road is not always kind – huge potholes this trip. Not on the list of giveaways is a car clean – please at lest once a week – four of my passengers are seven and under – the items found under my seats are beyond comprehension! I am feeling my years!

    • Bholbrook123

      My car would ask for me to join curves and stop eating all of those Christmas treats. Come on give a car a break…lighten up.

    • Rebytm

      My quest would say “And when are these kids going to college again” . We use our minivan for everything and it really works hard, our 3 boys can be pretty rough on it.

    • Vanessa

      My car would have definetely wanted a day at the CAR SPA. Starting off with a hot sudsy bath, followed up by a waxing massage, new wiper blades and polished off with 5quarts of oil and to breathe better, a new oil and air filter… Ahhh… how relaxing.

    • Nicolelgarrett

      My 1994 Toyota Corolla would ask for a “Face-lift” meaning new door handle, so we don't have to jiggle and pull just right to get in and out of the car. Also for 4 hubcaps and a new seatbelt. Love to lay her to rest, but can't afford to right now.

    • Christi Reaves

      Wanted to be driven less and more carefull!! Stop taking those curbs out she says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Twendy

      my car would ask for new “shoes” (tires) and possibly a little sister since we only have the one car.

    • Jewelsof1985

      Reconstructive Surgery! My husband was in a bad accident two days before Christmas and totaled my 93' Jeep Wrangler. She was my baby… may she rest in peace…. but, since she does have to be replaced, I will need all the things to keep my new one sparkling! (and he was okay… the husband, that is…. alot of bumps and bruises, but no broken bones! Very Thankful!!!)

    • Jenjac0107

      A boob lift! The front bumper has a dent in it from a previous wreck and I just haven't had it fixed yet. She really needs perky lift! I guess I could always get a “push-up” bra!


    • Erin Clary

      My car would ask for the back-up parking sensor to get fixed…too many close calls!

    • G8rlisa

      It would have probably asked for a new owner! It hardly gets driven and is lonely in the garage. It never gets a full tank of gas anymore and has been in many scary situations! :-)

    • Crystalyoung1022

      I need a Spa Treatment and deep cleaning,Do I really still need these french fries from 1 year ago?

    • Ahpeal

      Old Betsy has been taking good care of us for about 9 years. She loves to keep me & my family on the go and safe. But, I'm sure that if she could have asked for a gift under the tree, she just would have asked for proper maintenance – oil change, tune-up, new spark plugs and belts. Old Betsy understands we don't have a lot of money, but she would appreciate some special tender love and care, if possible. Thank you!

    • Senora Villalta

      My car would probably ask for kids to fill him with so all those extra seats would be more fun!

    • Tonya Mason

      All I want for Christmas is a nice refreshing bath, a nice refreshing bath. All I want for Christmas is a nice refreshing bath so I could shine in the moonlight at night.
      And while you are at it — can you get this coupon crazied women to stop zooming around for bargan's long enough to check my fluids — I am feeling a bit thirsty.

    • angel

      It would have asked for a complete detailing, a new back fender, and a long overdue oil changed!!

    • Cbranne2

      A day at the Car spa. My car needs a serious washing, waxing, and vacuuming.

    • Courtneyjoella

      My car wanted a full detail. Instead, the “details” are in the carpets…seat pockets…cup-holders…yeah, it was Christmas on the road and we have the ketchup packets to prove it…

    • Joy

      On the 1st day of xmas my car said to me, “please wash me!” On the 2nd day of xmas my car said to me, “please get the trash out!” On the 3rd day of xmas my car said to me, “please clean my eyes so you can see.” On the 4th day of xmas my car said to me, “please get the toys out.” On the 5th day of xmas my car said to me, “please keep the kids out!!!”

    • Krystal P

      My car would beg for a new battery. It would say, do you hear the way I sound every morning when you start me up? Get me a battery and STAT!

    • Heather

      My Honda Pilot has been good all year. He really deserved lots of good treats. He would ask for a bath, for the kids to stop spilling stuff all over him, for the crumbs to be vacuumed up, and for a little more love. He is due for an oil change and tire rotation but he gets that pretty regularly. Maybe this time I can treat him to a massage!

    • LL

      It totally would have wanted me to clean it! LOL

    • cammy

      Please help…..I need a deep spa treatment, those kids are just taking everythinh out of me :)) Thank you, thank you!!

    • Mrs Embee

      To be detailed. It hasn't been washed since we bought it 6 months ago and we just drove 20 hours roundtrip to FL and back with our 8 month old for Christmas!

    • Kristan

      It's funny we're talking about cars. We got in our van yesterday and it wouldn't crank. My poor hubby and his cousin tried everything, even getting a new battery. This morning…still nothing. This is our only vehicle, so it has top priority. We have always taken care of it. But if my old reliable van could talk it would say, “Guys, I love you. There's 7 of you and I take you everywhere and anywhere you need to go. But I'm tired of taking my beautiful family looking like I do. I desperately need you to repaint my hood. It's the first thing people see. People are going to start calling me 'Chip'”

    • Nursebower09

      Van-nessa as we call her (or the swagger wagon) would say she needs interior rejuvination surgery… spilled bleach while moving and 5 kids = dirty dirty dirty… she's a dirty girl.

    • Nlee

      If my car could talk, it would beg for warmth from a new heating system.

    • carol

      My van would like its chipping paint repaired!

    • Kevin

      All my truck would want for Christmas is its two front brakes!

    • Smenzmer

      My van would BEG to be released from being the vehicle that teaches our teenager how to drive! It would say that it was bad enough when my husband closed the garage door on it's end, and worse when I gave it a fender bender backing into another car, but PLEASE don't put a teenager in the driver's seat!

    • Stacy Mindrup

      our van would have asked for a buddy. Someone to share the driveway with. To share the responsibility of driving around this family of 5. =)

    • Aimeemohler

      If my car could talk it would ask for a regular bath and regular tune up!

    • Katy P

      Mine would say, “You OWN ME! Thank you for paying me off as a Christmas present to yourself! Now let's use some of that extra cash every month to pretty me up a bit and get me running smooth like buttah! You don't want to replace me for many, many years. We are going to have such a nice life together!” (My Infiniti is a nerd!)

    • Couponcrazy85

      My car would beg for heat that works right! Our blower is shot and we just haven't spared money to fix it yet :)

    • Missie peacock

      My car for Christmas is asking for a Spa Bath and all the luxury bath treatment, with all the pearl and cream waxing. It needs a drink of high octane fuel, topped with a shot of injection cleaner. Along with an oil change, running through a clean filter topped off with a cold weather additive. While my engine is enjoying the fresh lub of oil, it breathing through the fresh air filter. While getting my body massage, and new set of tires gets a new pair of brake shoes, and looking through a clean windshield with my new wiper blades, my car is happy cruzing down the road. Santa I have been good to my owner and I am on the Nice List.

    • Graysscience

      All I want for Christmas is a good cleaning … the toys and food have to go!

    • Davidandamy09

      My car would have asked for a new resistor so that the heat and air could be fixed. Living in NC without heat in the winter is pretty chilly. It also would have liked some new windshield wipers. We call her granny because she is a 15 year old Buick LeSabre and she is my first car!

    • maconchip

      My car would have loved to be detailed for Christmas, poor thing!

    • Erica

      My car would want doors that close properly and an engine that runs all of the time.

    • Mickey

      My truck would ask for repairs on its gauges because then the owner when know to fill the tank or even know how fast they were going. Kind of scarey isn't it.

    • goingsteam

      My car would have wanted new shocks. It has 230,000 miles and the shocks are gone. It's stuff getting old.

    • Charlotte

      My Taurus is in need of a replacement on its cam sensor & shaft. It would be nice to get a coupon for repairs.

    • Brownsarahc

      a day off! and a good scrub down.

    • Rsmvickers

      My car would have wanted a bath!

    • Shoemate4ever

      For Christmas Mr. suburban wrote Santa for door handles. My drive side door handle keeps trapping my owner in the car and everytime she tries to load groceris in the cargo area the hanle pops off in her hand and the handle want open the door to completely open my cargo area. It would make me Sooo Happy to have door handles :)

    • Sharon

      A new A/C, my car thinks it is awful hot ( and I agree).

    • Jody

      It would say, “I would really love a new door & I would love for all the hail damage to be fixed… I would be such a beauty if these were fixed!!” =)

    • Diannelee

      My car wanted new wheel covers for Christmas. A deer ran into the side of it and damaged the left side of the car. I am putting it into the body shop on Monday, 1/10/11 to get it fixed. I sure it will look good when they finish with it but it knows it would look even better if it had new wheel covers. The coating is peeling off of the current ones.

    • Dualbabies

      My car would like all the hidden french fires removed. For a good laugh, google “Mom My Ride” on You Tube.

    • Stouders3

      Dear Santa, Thank you for the White Christmas, now I just need a good bath to get rid of the salt from the roads, and maybe a glove compartment organizer for all the coupons stuffed into it. Oh, and maybe a vacuum of all the cheerios and raisins dropped by that 3-year-old. Love, HondaPilot

    • Nikidoo~

      The Silver Lady needs/wants a bubble bath and a new pair of shoes!

    • Vanessa

      my car would have asked for an interior deep clean and stain removal!!

    • Jkbarton7

      My van would say please fix the dent in the back and please try not to back into any more mailboxes!!!!

    • Rachel

      Some deodorant. He smells like burnt oil and we don't know why :(

    • Wow!! My car would have asked for a bath, vacuum, and the cracked back light cover to be fixed. And it's owner would have asked for a tune up ;)

    • Kevingoodlett

      My “New to Me” 2007 Toyota Camry that I just bought back in October of this year, would want a new paint job, or the paint that is on it fixed, the dealership I bought it from said they would fix the couple of places that needed to be repaired, but everytime I call about it, they are never available to make the repair. My car asked for tinted windows, and it got them via my mother, it got an alarm system installed, via my paycheck, and it really wants new Mud Flaps, but hasn't gotten that yet. My new car would love to have a Gift Card with Pep Boys, I used to have previous vehicles worked on there years ago, they always did a great job too.

      • Threnners

        A call to your local news media will solve that issue.

    • Onefrugalgirl

      That's an easy one. A built in GPS cause the one I have is constantly falling off the window and smacking into the dashboard.

    • Ashleecave

      My car would have asked for a new wash, in and out, and also some of those Reindeer antlers and nose to be decorated at Christmas time!! :)

    • Stephanie

      An oil change, most definitely! I'm overdue as well.

    • Diane

      May I have a new Transmission for Christmas?

    • Aggieche

      A much needed paint job and car wash.

    • Emily

      An oil change for sure!

    • jennifer

      My truck would have asked to never let the kids eat or drink inside again… and for a good deep cleaning to clean up the messes they have made. And a tune up would be nice too if it wasn't too much to ask. LOL

    • Emily

      A new windshield! Rocks on the interstate seem to love to bully my poor Volvo!

    • Deannburris

      My car would ask for a tune-up! He has been coughing a bit lately and could use a check-up!

    • tara

      My odyssey would have wanted new floor mats……with 4 kiddos riding in it everyday to school, soccer practice, church….they are dirty, dirty, dirty…even after a carpet cleaning!!

    • Bcogmom

      If my car could talk, it would like for my husband to replace whatever part fell off onto the driveway 3 weeks ago. It would also request to be parked in the garage along side the other, but since it smells like gasoline all the time, I refuse to allow it.

    • coupons0202

      Heidi the Highlander would like a detailing by her owner!

    • Asmith

      my car would ask for some rest

    • Blackmambaprof

      If our Pacifica could talk, it would want a full detail and interior shampoo (especially since it's my wife's car)!

    • Gina

      The poor thing was over heating sitting in all the christmas traffic…with SNOW on the ground!!!!! I am not a “doctor” but thinks it would really like a new fan. Right now she would be happy with an oil change too!!!

    • B_zicha

      My car would say….. dear Belinda, I have been faithful to you for a solid 14 years. I keep my exterior appearances up so that you will not be ashamed to be seen with me, but you seem to not appreciate that. Why is dashboard so dusty? Why have you not given me the essential oils and polish for my interior to match the exterior? Do you only care about the skin deep beauty? Also, a good set of spark plugs and wires would come in handy just about now!
      Thanks Your trustworthy friend!

    • Linda Flanner

      My car would ask for new seat covers — my car is so old the seats are getting threadbare :(

    • Denicsmith

      to make the funny noise go away

    • Brittany Vause

      I think my car would like a funny bumper sticker on its bumper.

    • kristin

      If my car could talk it would moan and groan like an 80 year old getting out of bed in the morning!

    • Hannahlee10

      My car would have probably said please can I have power windows and locks? Or maybe a cup holder? It has none of those.

    • Josh

      My car would like a QUIET ride in the mountains.

    • Carrie in SC

      The Silver Bullet would ask that I PLEASE ask the kids to stop blaring their awful music when they are in the car. LOL It is affecting its ability to perform as requested because it's so busy trying to block out the terrible sound that it can't hear what the driver is asking it to do!

    • Stinemetz C Coupon

      If my car could talk it would of asked for an extensive check-up from the santa Dr. Honda has been exhibiting some poor symptoms, she has driven across the US too many times :(

    • tcrawley2

      a nice looong bath….inside and out!

    • Lane

      Apart from an unlimited supply of gasoline, so that he wouldn't have to go so close to starving before another meal, my trusty 2000 Maxima would love some TLC for its paws – new shoes would be nice, but just a rotation and balance would be a treat!

    • guest

      Yolanda the Yukon would have asked that her accessories would be put back on. I have a glove box full of plastic parts that have fallen off.

    • Marcella Bess

      Probably retirement!! But a tune up and oil change would help in the interim! : )

    • Jaclyncastiello

      My Trusty Trailblazer would ask for a thermostat so her engine light will go off!!

    • Heather Lee

      All my car wanted for Christmas was a new home…and that is what it got!! I got a new (well, new to me) car for Christmas, and now I am planning to take EXTREMELY good care of it!!

    • Katrina N.

      A Bath, some cosmetics and a colon cleanse to clear out all that junk in its system!

    • Jen M

      My Mazda actually sang a little jingle this year.. ” All I want for Christmas are my two front brakes, my two front brakes, my two front brakes! Oh and My Emergency brake tightened so that I don't roll into a lake!”

    • Tiffany

      If my car could talk, it would ask my child to stop leaving his smelly cleats in it. They are awful!

    • Amy

      New shocks! Current ones squeak like an old couch. :)

    • jjtwyatt

      My car(s) would of said, I need a deep cleasning bath, with all the extras, oils, lubricants and a spritz of fragerence would be nice. I enjoy sleeping in the nice warm garage during these cold winter nights, though could you tell the clutter around me to give me a little elbow room. Though this cold winter is making giving me some aches and pains and a good tune up, spark plugs and all, would help all my moving parts greatly. Thank you for faithful transporter (AKA Jessiebell)

    • Dodgethisk

      My poor 02 Trailblazer has really been a great car for me & my 3 kids. But being a single mom and working full time doesn't leave me with alot of extra cash to fix this big $$ frontend work. My right front tierods are at it's limit. This gift would be most helpful. Kathy, Summerville, SC

    • darkenmind1326

      bless the heart of my red 2001 ford windstar! she has been good to me…but i think she would ask for a rear windshield wiper because i have been without one for about 4 years lol…and probably for me to check fluids levels more often. but i love her (if that is possible) she has been reliable for the most part and my 2nd vehicle ever:). Thank you for offering the chance to win. (PS…Thanks for the Extreme Couponing at Ariel's Special Events last night (1/5/11) Cassie & I really enjoyed it:)!)

    • kathy

      My car would probably ask for new tires!

    • Whitts3

      My van would have wanted a wax job for Christmas so it could shine like the season! I could buy lots of wax at Pep Boys with a $50 gift card and let my van shine in the New Year!

    • Kelly

      Dearest Santa-

      Why am I always left off of your list? I'm the one this family of 8 relies on! I'm the bus to school, the errand transportation, the moving van back and forth to college, and the vacation luxury train!!! All I'm asking for is a proper bath and wax. To be honest, I probably need a long, overdue tire rotation also. Thank you for your time in this matter.

      Goldie (the family Suburban)

    • Denise

      My Camry would ask for it's driver side door handle to be repaired, it's electrical fans (I'm sure my Camry would know the correct name) to be repaired, the Cheerios to be cleaned out of the backseat, the dog hair and dirt to be cleaned off the front passenger seat, new back tires perhaps, it's drooping ceiling to be fixed, a thorough cleaning, a wax, a shine, among other things. Oh, needy, needy Camry, thank your reliable service!

    • Thw703

      My Jeep Cherokee would have asked me for a steering wheel cover and some anti-freeze so it can stay warm on these cold mornings and a new stero so it can listen to soothing music while fighting the madness of Interstae 385 each morning … Thanks Car Santa

    • Jhflora654

      My van would have asked for a little time off after driving everywhere for Christmas. It also would have asked for a good cleaning inside…it's probably tired of Cheerios everywhere.

    • Lillee3311

      My ole blue……he has been around a few years…I baby him….he has started to fade from the sun but he is in need of a set of tires ,oil change…oh and hug…

    • Derevejc

      If my car could talk, it would have wanted shiny new “a-tire” for Christmas :-)

    • Dspeech

      Our ever faithful Siverado would ask for new tires. Ol Bessy is sitting in the driveway with a flat tire as we speak!!

    • Ellen C.

      Well, first my car would want to be washed and vacuumed but then it would ask me to take of my Georgia Bulldogs plate on the front of the car because of the embarrassing football season!

    • Robin

      Great article!!! Its so easy to forget to care for our cars especially when its cold outside and thats probably when they need the most care. My car would have asked for an oil change.

    • Sheila Hoff

      My car would ask for a new taillight cover since it is broke. It currently gives the impression of “winking” at everyone that comes up behind me… oh my

    • noel

      My car wanted tires for Christmas. It got them last week…from Pep Boys!!

    • Deannemk

      It would of asked for its' carpet to be throughly cleaned!

    • tnashis11

      I'm sure there are more practical things, but since my van is female and we're talking Christmas gifts, I bet she'd have asked for a new paint job!

    • Crystal

      My little blue Corolla would ask for a nice warm garage to sleep in and a softer ice scraper for the windshieds. :)

    • Aholcombe

      If my car could talk, it would probably have wanted a wife for Christmas. I was sure hoping Santa would bring me a new car. :) On a serious note…. It probably would wanted to be treated to a romantic date. A day at the spa, getting a car wash and oil change. I night on the town with high performance gasoline. And a queit night, locked in the dark garage not having to listen to anything or go anywhere. :)

    • Thethackfamily

      My car asked for a white Christmas. Nothing looks better than a car dusted with a bit of snow.

    • Autumn

      My car would definitely ask for a deep cleaning. Between the nasty weather dirtying up the outside and my 2 yr old destroying the inside, my Escape definitely needs an escape

    • emlola

      Although my Explorer is a 98 with almost 200K miles on it, it still runs like a dream! :) Right now, she would just ask for the left blinker to be fixed, as it can be quite tempermental!! LOL :)

    • rosewood4

      My car's name is Mitch the Mitsubishi and if he could as for something for christmas he would say mom, Please fix the ticking noise in my head and the rattling noise in my hips. So I assume he wants the belts replaced under the hood and the speakers secured in the back.

    • Xrayjennym

      Well my trusty old Honda has be SQUEALING at me over the Holidays to please get that loose belt fixed and some new oil and a filter.

    • Cathy Oliver

      My Nissan would have wanted a car cover from Pep Boys for these VERY cold nights in Charleston, SC that it is NOT accustomed to enduring. And seeing an ice scraper sticking out of the stocking would have been a delightful sight!

    • Ruby

      My car would say……..”please, please clean me! And stop letting those boys destroy me! They leave chicken nuggets in me. They leave mushed up crackers on the floor. They get red dirt from the baseball field on my seats and in my carpet. Ahhhhhhhh! And go get an oil change!”

    • Sandra

      My silver lady would have asked my a complete makeover inside, she is dirty & needs to be vacuumed & polished, she would be ashamed of the way I have let her go.

    • Madbeachin1

      If my 1998 Suburban could talk……..”Please give me some love; I'll take anything. I would really love to sparkle and shine for you if only you would give me a good detail. I would also ride so much better if you would put some new tires on me. I was hoping that with this awful shimmy you would think fast and change my tires; but NO. And last but not least, I really need a new cabin filter. Thats why it stinks so bad in here!”

    • Cherish Taylor

      My car would want a bath and massage (wax) to make it sparkle.

    • Superjen

      My car is the only one for our household – it would have asked for a brother or sister :)

    • Ashley L

      All I want for Christmas is my two back tail lights! She actually only needs one(mail box incident). :(

    • Rielcoupons

      My car really wanted new speakers. He was so surprised when he got them!

    • Merg49

      Pretty sure Mergs Jeep wants to be shiny clean alot more! I hear whispers of “Clean me”.

    • Mikiesmomma

      My car would have asked Santa new intake gasket because she is tired of leaking coolant (which will lead to other problems). Also, she would have asked for her A/C to be fixed for the summer and maybe tinted windows, since she resides in FL. My car deserves a $50 gift card, as she has been VERY good this year! LOL

    • Nikki

      If my car could talk, all it probably would have wanted for Christmas was for my chatty 7-year old to have been quiet for 10 minutes of our 3 hour drive to family over the holidays and perhaps a vaccuum to remove all the Cheerios from under the seats.

    • Bnleger

      My lovely and faithful Honda Accord would love to have her passenger power window repaired. The motor needs to be replaced, and I am constantly hoping that it does not get stuck down. :-)

    • Banks Ad

      The Vue would want some new belts and an oil change.

    • Amber

      If my car could talk, it would have wanted an oil change, a complete wash (inside and out, especially windows!), a new visor, and a child-free vacation!

    • Akelli30

      My sweet reliable, yet dirty Envoy would have asked to please be vacuumed! Poor thing still has leftover dirt from beach trips this past summer! Oh and please wash me! Getting the kids to spray me down with their water guns, doesn't count!

    • Brittany

      First of all, my car doesn't talk, she whispers because she is VERY patient and understanding. However, this Christmas, she was talking and loudly! She said, my amazing mama driver, P-LEASE take me to get my tires balanced and rotated so I don't have to keep clumbsily pacing down the road….I want TO GLIDE AND STRUT down the road!!! Please help me get my groove back :)

    • Well, Lady Goldfinger (my husband's 10 year old ford focus) would have wanted a full service, age defying spa package, including a good, deep cleaning, waxing, vaccuming & maybe even a little refresher of all her liquids:) And my new-to-me 'Mommin' It Up' van would have definitely wanted a little lipo-she's asking for a little less junk in her trunk!!

    • griffins00

      My car would have wanted a new brake job!

    • I think my car would like to have a talk with me about the cleaning habits of my husband, or rather the lack of them. I think it would want me to think about a better way to try and talk my husband into cleaning out the car, since he's the one who has made it this dirty, and a $50 gift card would be a gigantic help in the conversation. ;)

    • Dawn

      I asked Big Red what he would like for Christmas. He kindly told me that he has been so good this year that all he would like a day free from chocolate milk spills and goldfish crumbs. I told him he was so very good to us this year, that I would try and give him what he wanted. He then replied back that he could also use a check up in is engine, he hasn't been feeling so good in there lately. This giveaway can make Big Reds dreams come true!

    • Stephanie

      My car would say:
      Dear Mommy,
      It has come to the point to where I am embarrased to go out in public. :( I am dirty and make all kinds of noises when I make turns. I could really use some new tires, at least in the front b/c there is a huge knot in one of them. New hoses under the hood b/c they are all crumbling and have duct tape on them. And an oil change to keep me running on those 160K+ miles you've put on the motor. These are just some of the basics, i'm sure I need plenty more…or maybe even retirement. You have put me through a lot and I still keep going.
      Love, your faithful Mazda 6. ?

    • EaEddy

      If my van could talk….Oh, my trusty van :) She would be asking for the drivers window to go up and down correctly, the gas gage to be fixed, the driver lock/unlock button to work, the windshield washer fluid to spray… her honey-do list is endless.

    • Cathy

      My car would have wanted a big 'honk'n' trash bag/container for Christmas! It always looks like a small family lives in there. I really am gonna try to love her more this yr and maybe clean her out more often :)

    • Hope

      If my car could talk she would ask for some rest. She has almost 300,000 miles on her and has toted 4 children and a dog around for 12+ years now. Such a reliable, great suv.

    • My car would have asked for clean mats, oil change and car seat removal.

    • Silverstarly

      Tommy Tundra was begging for a detailing service, a set of running boards and a bed liner. All he got was a long drive and an oil change!

    • Bjvalora

      It is funny that this would come up because our dear Subaru, Ru for short, would have asked us for four quarts of transmission fluid in her stocking, a new transmission under the Christmas tree and some TLC to fix an insignificant hole that eventually became a BIG problem. Too bad she couldn't talk she would have mentioned her leaking issue, or maybe not! :)

    • 2001 Nissan X-terra

      Dear Santa ,
      I need my engine checked since my check engine soon light is on , and my oil is dirty and needs changing, my breaks are squeeking (kind of like my owners joints) and baby it is cold outside so I could use some anti-freeze, I am dirty from all the rain and sleet so i could use some Rain X wipers, and a good wash and wax kit, and Santa I have been SOOOOO good and loyal for 10 years now. So come into my garage with bundles of toys.
      2001 Nissan X-terra

    • Leyly

      If my car could talk it would ask for brake changes.

    • Kristin

      My car would have asked for a day at the spa.. and oh, just like me, a mom with a newborn and a 5 year old, my car so needs and deserves one! It has been through so much– long car rides with plenty of juice and snack spills, storage container for anything and everything you can imagine, and has just kept quiet and done its job the entire time. I could not ask for more, but I definitely need to treat my car to some “it” time and spoil it a bit with a bath, a carpet shampoo, and a nice waxing!

    • Shpica

      Dear owner, I love all your children, but I don't like it when they spill tea on the carpet or wipe their dirty/ poop covered shoes on my seats. I can tolerate the impressions I have from 5 car seats, the finger prints on the windows, but I don't like finding crumbs and mystery stickies on my seats. I've been good to you, I'd like a good scubbing inside and out. I want a cd player that works, I want my power door to work, and honey these tires aren't going to make it much longer. I've heard laughter, cries, screaming, threats, life lessons and scripture memorization. You owe me! Love, your van.

    • balta1701

      It needed an oil change and a tire balancing. Both of which it got as new years presents.

    • Hannah

      My explorer would have asked for a spa treatment and a shopping spree! It would have loved to have lain on a mechanic's lift (instead of a masseuse table!) having it's “batteries recharged” with fresh oil and other fluids to help it run smoothly and feel new again. Afterwards, it would have liked to go on a shopping spree for new tires and new belts! When the day was done, a nice bath to wash away it's troubles and look sparkly new!

    • Hsnatharvest

      If my poor car could talk, he would beg me to clean my crap out of the garage so he could have his old bed back and stop freezing in the driveway! After all, in car years he is practically elderly! :) (Oh, and he would probably mention that I should stop letting my toddlers mash cereal bars in the back seat…bad idea.)

    • MuffinsMommy

      My car would have asked for a nice bath! New brakes too, mine are squeaky!

    • Lainibug

      My car would have asked NOT to be in a wreck! It was hit the 17th and is totaled:( We should be getting a used replacement soon.

    • Andrea

      My Toyota Sienna would have asked for new tires… she's as practical as me (sigh). The run-flat tires are EXPENSIVE, and her tread's getting a little thin. Though Daddy makes sure they get rotated with every oil change.

    • Meg

      My car would want to always have the new car smell…and it would ask me to stop going through fast food restaurants and leaving cups in the cup holder :(!!

    • Jan

      My van would ask for a shower! We have had so much ice & snow that the salt & sand are making it SO dirty! It'd would probably ask for a tire rotation too since mine is overdue according to your blog!

    • My car would have asked for a total DEEP CLEAN! The poor thing has been bombarded with spilled bottles, crusty snacks, spit up, and who knows what else with our toddler. I keep vowing to do a shampoo and total detail on it before baby #2 arrives…but you know how that goes!

    • Nene

      Jenny, I will have to say it will tell me to give it a chiropractor’s adjustment gift certificate. I go thru way to many bumps every day that if I were my car-mind you if the car had a brain and could talk- the car will throw away the keys and quit working. Thank God that’s not the scenario. Not to mention the gift car to starbucks that it could probably use. I have so many miles in my car that if I were it, I will definitely have to run on coffee, not oil, coffee for that extra punch of energy.

    • Kwhyde

      My car asked Santa for child passengers who do not drop McDonald's French Fries, Gatorade, and thier Favorite Chocolate Candy into the beutiful upolstery. Also child passengers who do not kick the studyadult seats in front of them or smear their slobbery hands on the pristine windows beside them. Finally, my car asked Santa for an owner who would gather enough money to REALLY care for her overworked and underappreciated car. That is what her owner is trying to do since she can't control her rotton child passengers! :)

    • Theresaspears

      My suv would like to have bells and whistles, literally, to remind it's owner to drive it to the gas station on a regular basis. The little light that comes on when it's low on gas is not enough of a reminder to make me drive to the gas station. I treat it as more of a suggestion.

    • Kisselhattie

      All my mini-van would want for Christmas is no more Capri Sun straws sticking it. They are everywhere (2 yr old twins and 11 mo. baby) and hurt the poor upholstery.

    • Kcgardner

      My car would be asking for an expensive surgery I'm afraid…..a transmission replacement:(

    • Wilsonmj6126

      My truck would ask for a new windshield. I had gotten it replaced last year, and it seems the gravel truck just cant resist making us go thru it again!!

    • Rdlanier98

      My car would have asked for a bath!!! With all the snow and ice that we had it was in desperate need!

    • Mbuchner

      My car just turned over 100,000 miles several months ago. It would say help me anyway you can. But especially by finding out why my check engine light is on.

    • guest

      Would LOVE a $50 gift certificate for Pep Boys since our son just had the motor for his windshield wipers replaced there so I know they do good work!

    • All4yeshua2

      My daughters car (I would give her the gift card if I won) wanted a new thermastat (so the babies could have heat in the car instead of blanked this winter) and windshield wipers so they can drive in the rain again.

    • Cate

      My car, Daisy, wouldn't ask for new brakes, or an oil change, or even a car wash (though she probably should). My car, being as high maintanence as her Mommy, would ask for new floor mats… ones without holes under the gas pedal from her Mom's stilettos or spaghettio stains from the kids' snacks. She would also ask the hole in the ceiling to be mended (an unfortunate fishing trip accident). Afterall, a girl has to look her best from top to bottom… even if she is over 10 years old!

    • lalapinski

      Dear Santa,
      I've been a really really good truck this year! I take the mom to work and the little one to school and get them there safely on time everyday.
      Please bring me four new tires and whatever part it is I need to fix my heater so that I can keep the mom and the little guy toasty warm all winter long.
      I will leave you all the extra cookie crumbs down in between my seats and a tall glass of left over sticky juice!
      The Expedition

    • Glo512

      If my car could talk it would have begged for an oil change and new filters. It is choking for an oil change.

    • Fishrriend03

      My honada accord would ask for some new tires. The old ones are crying every morning that I drive out of the driveway to drive up the mountain to work. The car also is so sad that it keeps geting salt and sand on it with no bath. It is longing to have a bath.

    • momof4

      hey yall i just talked to my wonderful nissan quest and she said that she would love to have a day of rest you no one of those days where someone takes care of her(for once) love to have a bath and her insides cleaned out just to fill like her old self again please make her christmas dream come true!

    • Amanda_Boone

      I'm Etsy, the Honda Element. I overheard my boss talking this morning about your contest! I took the opportunity to leave a message myself, as Amanda isn't quite sure what I need! I appreciate her adopting me from a friend and taking care of me! She has cleaned me better than ever, but I have some other needs too! To start, I'm way overdue for an oil change. I'd love some new washer fluid, I hate when she pushes the button and I can't provide! Washer blades would help too…soon I may be scratching the glass ;( My last request would be some sort of smell good inside. I love her son Robert and her dogs (all 3 of them), but the smell of my insides are awful! Thanks for considering me!


    • Kim

      If my car could talk it would say I'm dry I need more oil . I am also a little wobbly please adjust my tires .

    • Tammy

      MY car would ask for a new bumper – oh wait – so would My husband's truck! My car was driven by my husband's grandmother who should NOT have been driving and she backed into so many things that 1/2 the bumper is missing. My hubby's truck had my son back another truck into it… and I would have to say that my son's car (my old car) – would just want it's other driver back (ME!)

      While that sounds like a lot of cars, all of them are paid off and one was a gift so that my teenage son (who is in high school but goes to college for his classes) would have transportation to get to said college…

    • Miss_afb

      if my car could talk she would ask for a nice message(vacuum cleaning) and a nice bubbly bath inside and out. i don't think she likes my 3 year old leaving sticky candy in the back seat. oh and she would ask why daddy can't make her run like new like he keeps promising, she does not like running out of energy at the stop signs.

    • Bafromva

      My car would ask for a new radiator because the one that is in it currently is corroded with acid and is on its last leg of life.

    • Malinda

      The Honda Odyssey would say “Please change my oil and get the check engine light looked at.”

    • Onecrazyclipper

      My car would ask for a general tune up as it has over 180k miles, the back passenger door wont lock, the gas gauge isn't accurate, the suspension needs work because the tires rub every time I go over a bump and they squeak while I'm driving, the heat works when it wants to and new brakes would be soooo wonderful.

      • SWolfertz

        Do you have a Trailblazer? Because that sounds like mine.

    • Carolinelewis123

      my car would have wanted the dent in the side of it removed!

    • Sarajane Case

      If my car could talk it would say, “Sarajane, I love my new apple air freshener you got me while they were 75% off at Bath and Body Works. You are a dream owner. I also like my new GPS because I'm tired of turning around so much. I don't mean to be greedy, but, if you get some time, next christmas I'm aching for you to fix the lining on my roof. Also, with this whole road trip thing you are on, please, take it easy on me, I'm getting old.” Love, Lola the Escort.

    • Sarah

      My car would love to have a good vacuum. I keep saying I'm not going to let my boys eat in the car but than they start screaming and fighting and I give in and give them food and then my car is a mess again!

    • Leona

      A new bra!

    • S James2323

      my car would of ask for ” new shoes”. my tires need to be replaced.

    • Val

      I have two kids under two. I think my car would want 5 minutes of silence :)

    • Js3442

      My car already talks, in the form of squealing, “I need new brakes!!!”

    • Rebecca P

      I would like to speak for my mom's car.. Ole bessie is a 04 chevy cavalier. It is very much trusted to deliver the very papers that we all love on Sunday mornings to get those wonderful coupons. She delivers down bumpy dirt roads and many many miles a night. Of course she is needing new tires very often and new parts from one side of the hood to the other very often as well. One recent cold morning the driver side door would not even close. I know she would love to have any kind of attention!!

    • sunset

      New tires!!!!

    • Jsimmons786

      My jeep would ask for new dash lights so that I don't run it in a ditch while trying to control the heat in the dark :)

    • Wayne

      Would you do something about my check engine light,please…………..

    • Michelle

      If my car would talk, it would want a nice massage (via a hand wax.) There is nothing better than a hand massage and it would keep her looking new and young!

    • Jennifer

      My car would have wanted some new perfume (air freshners)!!

    • Amanda

      my car would ask for sunny, warm weather all year round. Not only would that take away the damaging effects from snow, salt, and rain, but it would put me in a better mood, and therefore make my driving less aggressive!

    • Tbaxter630

      My car wanted a new windshield…and it got one. :)

    • SWolfertz

      It would want the speedometer to work….

    • mamacd

      maid service

    • Joysdachshunds

      Dear Santa, I wanted to tell you what a great van I have, it might not be the prettiest van but it's paid for and trust worthy. I am sure if my van could talk WAIT a minute it can, its been asking for us to fix the squeaky ball bearing on the driver side wheel. It 's evened ask for a oil change since we did a little over 1700 miles in 3 1/2 days for a funeral and that was the second trip on the same oil change. It even asked for a paint job, but knows thats not going to happen. So dear santa the van has asked and I haven't delivered, maybe this Christmas you can help the van out with what it needs! Thanks!Joy

    • cgunter

      My car would deffinately have asked Santa for new windsheild wipers and a nice vaccuming out and shampoo. With four kids it really needs it!!

    • Nancy Sellman

      If my car could talk it would sing, “All I want for Christmas is to be cleaned inside and out.” Oh, and it would also say please fix my headlight:)

    • Alex

      If my car could talk, it would ask for…

      “You have had me for so long….making me drive here and there. I've taken you there! How about taking me to the salon to get a nice wax, restaurant to get my favorite (oil), and spa to make me relax after sooo many years after driving? If you do that, I trust that I'll make sure to be yours for another 100,000 miles. Pinky promise?”

    • Car: What, I'm not getting retirement for Christmas
      Me: get back to work, you only have 280,000+ miles

    • Lynda F

      My car would have liked a bath for Christmas.

    • Emily

      After a 2,000 mile trip to Texas and back for Christmas, my car asked Santa if he could bring two things: new windshield wipers because she is worried her blurry vision in the rain might injure her, and for her driver to please stop putting on her mineral makeup in the car, because the powder gets absolutely everywhere!

    • Hepmepez

      Very informative! Now if those places, like Pep-boys, would RESET that Oil Change Needed light when they change your oil, that would be wonderful!!!

    • 10 years old, and what my car really wants for Christmas is to come home. She has been in the shop since mid-December.

    • AmyLauren

      Mine probably wanted a nice wash :).

      Amy Lauren

    • Wilmarth8

      My 1990 Chevy Suburban would just like to be left alone. It thinks 250,000 miles is enough for anybody! Poor 'Ol Burbie…

    • Mkasper77

      My van would say Please…change my tires, vaccum me,get the kids to throw their trash away, change my oil, Will you please get some washer fluid for the back window????? Ive been good to you for 5 years now & have taken you alot of places…been very dependable..please Help me Help you!!!

    • Toneydtt

      Oh how I need an oil change as I sputter along hauling children from place to place and a good inside cleaning would be nice since you leave all your
      trash in the door handles holes. Your child gets in without checking his feet.You know last week, I felt him step on the seat with his WET COLD feet! Oh rude!

    • patricia

      hmmmm, I think my car would like a day at the spa, Wash, Wax, and shampoo. :)

    • Staceyb

      I am very sorry I left you without transportation this morning as I just sat there unresponsive as you repeatedly tried to crank me in the carport. I realize this put a damper on your ability to get your daughter to school on time. I know that you are quite afraid to find out what is wrong with me as it may cost you a lot of money that you do not have. If only you had gotten me an oil change and a tire rotation for Christmas…MAYBE things would have gone differently for you this morning.

      Your '95 Mercedes Wagon

    • Dwaynejenn46

      It would want the automatic back door locks fixed.

    • Michelle

      I am sure my car would love a good bath! and a 4 year old not leaving toys, snack and juice all over the leather seats!

    • jo

      Mine would ask me to pretty please take the piece of paper I have stuck over the anoying SBS light and get it fixed…

    • mommydub2006

      My car surely would have wanted a bath and an oil change! The oil change was taken care of New Year's Eve, but it was 1000 miles over due! Oops!

    • LadySiren

      Dear Santa: I've been a very good Ford Explorer this year. I've hauled the girls back and forth to soccer, and haven't complained once about them putting their muddy cleats on my seatbacks. I also didn't say a word about the girls when they left their stinky chlorine-soaked towels in the back after the swim championships.

      I took the whole family alllllll the way down to Orlando and back, but did they even get me a pair of mouse ears for my roof rack, or a Mickey antenna ball?! NOOOOO. I try to be good, honest I do – it's not my fault that my tires are getting a little bald…if you went back and forth across town the way Mom is doing that couponing thing, your tires would go bald too. And lets not mention the dog's habit of mistaking my tires for a fire hydrant, eh?

      I know I sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not really. Those empty juice bottles, the cookie crumbs, the stale french fry under my seat…it tells me that I'm loved and that my family can't do without me. They don't change my oil or look under my hood as often as they probably should, but that's okay – they're so very busy. And I love listening to the kids laugh when Dad gets out the buckets and hose to give me a bath. I wouldn't trade my crazy, messy family for another.

      As to what I'd like for Christmas? Some new wiper blades (sometimes, my glass gets kinda smeary with all the dirt and snow and stuff), an oil change because my oil now is sort of grimy, and a tune-up (my belts are itchy and need to be looked after). Thank you Santa, for giving me a good family to love and care for.


      FinsUp, the gold Ford Explorer

    • JR

      If my car could talk this is what it would have said.
      All this Pilot wants for Christmas is 12 new hoses, 12 new hoses, 12 new hoses!

    • Nmckeown

      our car would have liked to NOT drive 21 hours with a toddler and yellow lab in the back seat

    • rkmommy

      Dear Santa,

      My Christmas wish is to have my way overdue 60K service. I finally had a very late oil change, but now all my filters are dirty, my fluids are low & I am having trouble breathing! Also, the snow we had on Christmas day cracked my windshield…from one end to another! I need a bath, too, after driving on salt & ice covered roads. My mom's twins have filled my backseat with crumbs. I am just a mess. My mom doesn't have any extra money to give me my wish. Sigh. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated! Your friend, Saturn

    • Felicia

      LOL At Christmas time if my vehicle could have talked, it would have told me about the needed oil changed, tune up, inspection time was upon us, and wait don't forget, it would have wanted to carry around a lighter load from all the traveling, people, food, and gifts that we hauled around. :)

    • ronamy3k

      My car would have asked for a day at the spa. Where it could be shampoo'd, waxed and pampered to make it look and feel young again. I was able to give my car it's Christmas wish by purchasing a Groupon to Cartique Car Wash. I saved 50%….was able to get $100 worth of detailing (spa treatments!) for $50. I didn't even know Groupon existed until I read about it on your site. Thanks for helping me give my car (her name is Vivian by the way) her Christmas wish!

    • Mim

      My car would have asked for a thorough cleaning, inside and out, including waxing!

    • Kim

      My vehicle is in desperate need of new tires and a tune up.

    • Khyanko

      My car would ask to be vacummed! LOL! But it's second request would be to have the cracked water pump replaced.

    • Tappitytaptap

      Dear Wings,
      I love being your car. It's so much more fun to go to school, team practices, even your part-time job, than to go to the office parking lot & home every day– booo-rrring! My new hubcaps are cool, & that neon lighting? Awesome! The hula dancer chick on the dash? Your mom may not like her, but she's really more than a babe in a grass skirt; she hears all your conversations with your brother & dates… yeah, better watch out for her.
      So it makes me sad that I'm sitting in the mechanic's lot right now. Yeah, I do need a new transmission… and I have faith in you Wings! I know you're earning money & looking for a good used one for me. But… every little bit helps, so a card from PepBoys would be awesome– I'd get home to you that much faster!!

      Though, HulaBabe & I have been having some deep philosophical conversations here….

    • Patfandango

      Mine (all 3 of them) would have liked to come home for Christmas. All 3 of my vehicles were away at FBU. That's Fender Bender University. In the month of December 2 of my cars were hit by other people and one got totalled in a “black ice” wreck.

    • Amanda8124u

      Dear Amanda,
      When we first met, it was love at first site, but as soon as the newness of our relationship wore off, so did your attention for me. Now im screaming please wash me ! Im beautiful under this dirt and filth! Why oh why do u wait to 10,000 miles to change my oil? Im so thirsty!!!! If i could have anything for christmas , it would be your attention and TLC!!!!!!!

    • Mtg2004

      My truck would have wanted the third window motor to be fixed! It's ten years old, and we've only owed it since October, and it needs a new motor for a third window! Ugh!

    • mis

      My car would ask for a deep clean. I keep the inside clean but the outside needs a good washing.

    • wsk

      I think mine would say it needs a bubble bath on the inside and out. It would also ask for a day off from all the running we seem to be doing. We all need that day of rest…..

    • Loueffie

      I need new brakes! That squealing noise is not from excitement. :)

    • Slatonclan

      I am a CRV and I would have definitely asked for a roof rack. I have the potential to be even more multi functional than I already am. I could have hauled a bed, a couch and anything else that made my owners spend extra money renting a truck to move it.

    • Cattyjenny

      My van is screaming for a wash and vacuum! We have 4 kids, 'nuff said! :o)

    • Alan

      OOOOOOO! Great give-away.

      • Alan

        My car would have asked to have its alarm system removed.

    • Jujuscottage

      New tires! My poor truck is well over due, and the finances just won't allow for anything “extra” right now. That gift card sure would help us out this month.

    • Sbrown0603

      My car would love to have some time in the sauna and a deep cleansing scrub, also known as a steam clean!! She would also love a little botox on her doors, but you may know it as paint!! Two little girls have abused and scratched her to death. But, obviously she's a Mom because she doesn't complaign and does her duties with a smile on her grill!!

    • Gamecock9701

      Mine needs new shoes and a doctor's visit for a checkup

    • Mary

      A full tank of GAS! In fact my van started coughing when I pulled into the gas station the other day ; 0 , also and oil change would have been nice too.

    • Sangurkie

      A nice shower with lots of soap and maybe some rim cleaner.

    • Angie Black

      My car would want a new shiney white coat and total interior makeover including shampoo, polish, and oiled leather massage for Christmas.

    • Islandgirl

      Continue to keep those I love safe in their travels, the rush when a good song comes on the radio, and the smell of fresh cut grass pouring in as we drive through the countryside where we live.

    • Haleybyrd7

      My Kia minivan would love automatic doors, so they could slide open with a touch of a button when the kids needed to unload for school, instead of mommy having to get out and run around the car to open doors with her third-trimester belly in time to get back in the car so as not to hold up carline. Who am I kidding? I want this more than my car.

    • elaine

      my car would have wanted a bath! inside and out. and also, i'm sure she would have liked me to actually change the air filter–i bought a new one, but it's riding around in my trunk! yikes! maybe i can do that tonight…

    • Kimberly Walker

      Oh you sing praises to me about how wonderful I am and that I'm one of the best investments you ever made. I save you soooo much money every month and well, I'm quite smooth and even quiet when everyone else isn't. I never back talk you. I thought you would have remembered me at Christmas when all the gift were passed out. Not a chance. I was even good to you in the unexpected snow. I stopped and didn't even slide when I should have. Please oh please, I haven't let you down, please don't let me down. I really need new tires and I am not the only one that has told you so. Many of your family members, including your children have made you aware of this. Now I'm shouting it out. I NEED NEW TIRES. There, I love you Old Boy, but you need to show me some love now!

    • Kristen

      She keeps telling me its time to get a new timing belt!! Her birthday is in May so i told her we will take care of it by then!! It would be a nice b-day present to win the gift card as well!!

    • Coovertribe

      Since I have 4 kids, my car is asking for some TLC! and a little time, love, and tenderness. She is a 2002 ford windstar and needs of course, an oil change, tire rotation, and a new power steering pump. We just replaced it, but its still not working.
      So she's whining all the time. Help!

    • April

      A break!! We drove wayyyyy too much!

    • Hooks party of 6

      well my poor vehicle though it is tough would have politely asked Santa to figure out what is causing that scary mourning, howling noise that comes from my steering wheel as it takes any turn and for the love of everything sane figure out where the leave tapping sound is coming from when I turn on the air. Over all I believe my old faithful as we call my family vehicle that carts around all 6 plus a dog would just love to have an head to toe tune up or as most humans call it deep massage. Just my thoughts on what might be on the vehicles wish list!

    • Bwhitworth84

      My car would have wanted washed inside, vacuumed and a maintenance checkup!!

    • Sharon

      If my car could talk it would've wanted serious help for Christmas, a complete auto overhaul.

    • Arvinamy

      My car would ask for a shampoo! Coffee, crackers, dirt – it needs it!

    • Jenn

      If my car could talk, it would ask that the back glass be re-sealed so it doesn't leak on the kids when it rains.

    • Dubious

      My car would say that you should check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendations on how often you should change your oil (unlikely every 3 mo/3000 miles), rotate your tires (ditto), and change your air filter. You should also take your own driving habits into consideration, since certain types of driving require more regular maintenance.

      To do otherwise (or to recommend that people do otherwise) wastes money, wastes your time, and is unnecessarily harmful to the environment.

      For the record, I LOVE this website, but some of your “advertisements” are questionable.

    • Csmithangela

      My truck would have asked for a good wash job inside & out. This is the primary vehicle for my couponing, I never leave home without them.

    • guest

      My car would have said Please wash me :)

    • Antoinette flournoy

      My car would have said “All I want for Christmas is new set of tires and while you're at it, dress me up with some chrome rims, so I can look as classy as you.

    • Laceydog1

      My car would asked to be a newer model!!

    • Sandy565

      If my car could talk it would have asked for leather seats…no really, that would have been me! :) My car would have really asked for gas because it loves to drink it up!!!

    • DoraTheExplorer

      My car would love to get a new wax job for Christmas. It is seriously due.

    • Sixcatstwodogs

      My car really wanted a Rudolph nose and antlers for Christmas. Too bad they weren't on sale!

    • Jessica Bullock

      My car would want to be clean. It really needs it.

    • Amy in Knoxville

      For Christmas…my car would have asked for two new back tires!!! They are bald eagles and need to fly to the recycle bin!!

    • Sam

      My car would love to have a new paint job for Christmas.

    • Rebekah J

      It needed a new oil pan

    • Amy

      My van always needs attention….6 kids=1 huge mess!

    • Quality8378

      My car needs two new tires!

    • Jan

      brakes that dont squeek and tires that dont roar down the road like a monster truck. in looking for a deal my husband got some tires at a yard sale…..they were mud and snow tires. cant wait untill they wear out!

    • K8

      My car would want to get winterized to stay healthy during the fridged winter months. She would also want some extra love and have a nice spa day to get nice and clean! ;)

    • CV

      One of two things:
      1) A cleaning from all the salt that has accumulated on it due to snow
      2) A Florida State decal showing the world that the Seminoles are amazing

    • Our car would have asked for space in the garage – it was record breaking COLD here in FL!!

    • Jerry Willis9

      My car so badly wanted to take our Granddaughters to Disney World to experience the Christmas atmosphere. I know that's what my car wanted because she told me so.

    • debmtn

      Dear Santa, I've tried to be VERY good this year!!! I've taken my owner over 12 k miles to work & stuff and never left him stranded!! I only chatter a little when I'm cold. I don't complain when he makes me listen to classic rock :) All I want is $50 for my owner to buy me a few goodies at Pep Boys! Thanks~ '03 silverado

    • Kim Thmsn

      My car wants its little Mickey Mouse ear wearing family back on the rear windshield….they had to be sacrificed because the window was smashed and had to be replaced….we miss their cute little Mickey ears :)

    • Jennifer Pearson

      My Car would say that it wanted to NOT get rear ended on Christmas Eve on the way to the Christmas Eve Service! :) But it took it like a champ, and once it gets out off the shop Friday, it will get a nice bath and scrub down! :)

    • Shawnfullcircle

      It would tell me to clean me.

    • Beth

      My car needs alot of work done to it. A gift card would really help with that. Thank you!

    • Lisagard

      My car would have asked for a new headliner! She feels naked ever since i tore it out! The kids only started pulling on it because it was hanging down tempting them!

    • Beck7472

      My car would like the upholstery cleaned…it is almost embarrassing in there.

    • 5alexanders

      my car would have asked for a good cleaning. from carpets and windows to a good washing.

    • Sullifam5

      My car would have loved to have been seep cleaned on the inside and out but mostly the inside as I know it is worn slap out from all the kids jumping in and out with their dirty shoes and spilling things….ugggh, now that I think of it, my poor car really does deserved to be pampered! Maybe I'll treat it to a quart of oil today! LOL!

    • Kariwhite

      If my car could talk, it would want to be detailed, cleaned, and waxed! : )

    • Jdismukes82

      My car would have love to have been Cheerio-FREE for even 1 whole day!

      Sorry car, not gonna happen with my child!

    • allison

      Wow, loaded question for our family. Our main car was totalled when we were hit by an 18 wheeler the day after Thansgiving so all we wanted for Christmas was an insurance settlement. Thankfully it came thru and we are the proud owners of new-to-us van that needs its oil changed!

    • Coltraneandcoffee

      My poor SUV wanted a facial so badly- after driving from Nashville to NY for Christmas, she accumulated quite a bit of salt all over her. Unfortunately, gas prices were too high and it was either food or a facial :( Such is life

    • Carole

      My poor car would want an oil change and to park in the garage. CA

    • Audra

      My car would love an oil change….she is overdue as well!

    • Lindseywarner

      My jeep would ask for two things… a bath (really needs this) and a break from my husband! My husband loves Jeeps and has a a hobby of rock crawling (this envolves big tires rocks dirt and major changes to his older jeeps) My jeep grand cherokee is stock stock stock and thats how I like it. My husband has big ideas for my jeep and I have promised her I will keep him from hurting her lol! I take good care of her regular oil changes ect and it would be nice to give me break of the cost lol!

    • Joy

      My car could talk it would tell me to find some of those coupons I use and get it a oil change, new wiper blades and a wash and wax.It would also tell me a new GPS would be really cool!

    • Josh

      My car would like a tune-up… and is definitely overdue for one. 160k miles & still going!!!

    • Lindsay M

      My car would beg me to get a minivan for Christmas so it didn't have to be overloaded and filled with child junk all the time!

    • Nicole Shaw

      Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to be vacuumed and free of Littlest Pet Shop Toys and Barbie cloths and shoes, they really irritate my skin and make me look dirty!

    • Brandi_dunlap

      My car would've asked for a week off from taking me to get all the GREAT deals, and a back and foot rub too! :)

    • Lindsay

      my car would have asked for me to get the dragging piece of plastic re-attached to her underside! And probably a nice wash, too.

    • Lionfan94

      My car would've asked for new windshield wipers so it didn't have to cringe over the “squeaky squeaky” noise every time I turn them on!!

    • nancycrom

      I'm guilty as charged! I was told in December 2009 I needed new shocks on my minivan, but couldn't spend that much money right then. I actually forgot about it for the next few months, but I guess now I honestly have just been procrastinating. Help! Winning this would force me to go get them done.

    • Lcraddock

      ours loudly asked for an engine flush…pretty sure it's asking for new brakes now!

    • Danarutkowski

      I'm sending this for my husband's Ford Expedition that has over 250,000 miles. It needs all the tender loving car it can get especially after someone smashed out one of the windows and stole all of his tools! :( The window is fixed but his car is worried that he will try to do repairs without his tools

    • Lrh

      my car would ask for some bumper pads like bumper cars at an amusement park or better yet, dent removal! With 5 drivers in the family my poor old Highlander gets backed into regularly!

    • marylee

      Ole Bessie has been begging for a manicure and pedicure inside and out ….. i'm thinking she is going to have to settle for an oil change though :).

    • Sjhn0532

      My car would ask for a radiator and a tire has holds air.

    • Samantha

      My car would have wanted a new valve cover gasket and fixed transmission lines…oh wait, it just got them yesterday (bye bye $800)…

    • Lizel

      A tune up!

    • Peacelotus00

      Dear owner,
      Why do you loathe me so? Have I not been your faithful servant, carefully transporting you here and there at your beck and call?? When your children kick me in the backside, I do not complain. When my protective coverings chipped and peeled, I was silent. Alas, I remain silent no more, as my life's blood is now at stake. Please, please, dear owner, heed the call of the odometer and the sticker in the upper left corner of my windsheild and allow me to drive to PEP BOYS for an oil change. I beg this of you now as I'd secretly hoped that I would have received this for Christmas.

    • Jtruckenbrod

      My car would like to be in top shape for the new year. Instead of asking for a gym membership, it is asking to be tuned up and to be serviced well throughout the year!

    • Grahamsw29170

      Sally. my car, would liked to have had a nice warm car cover or a nice cleaned out garge to be parked in. She says the fur coats from the cats sleeping on top are just not keeping her warm and are leaving a hairy mess on her cloth top.

    • Phyllis

      Well, i just told my kids over the holidays that my Venza was my couponing car! Where ever it goes, my coupons go! So, if my car could talk it would probably say ” Please get your coupons organized and give me a bath! Seems since the holidays i have shopped alot and not cut the coupons like i normally would do and organize them. Every time my kids get in the car, i have to move the coupons! Well, i just decided that it was time to pull the expired and put in the new!

    • Pams_pantry

      Mine would have asked for quieter children in the back seat. Or, perhaps a trip off-road since it's a jeep. ;)

    • joanna00

      My car would have loved a good scrubdown and vacuuming!

    • Cat M.

      My car would have loved the oil leak repaired and a nice little wash to get all the grime off its collected! Poor baby!!

    • Pam

      My girl Resfusia (my minivan) wants a little attention on her rear end! Her bumper, not matter what we do will not stay black. The road dirt sticks to her bumpy and looks dirty all the time. She also wants a little attention to her front end….her headlights….they are so fogged over and what girls wants foggy headlights! Ressy is such a trustworthy girl and would enjoy some pampering!

    • Bjadamson

      To santa and elves: I mush like your sleigh carry precious cargo. Although I beeive my little “elves” aren't as thoughtful as yours. They make a mess, climb on my seats and drop goldfish snacks everywhere. The big elf looks very busy but still I really would like a bit more attention. That funny noise when I turn is really starting to hurt. Please tell your elves that I too need to be winterized much like your sleigh.

    • Crazy Army Wife

      A handheld steam cleaner! With 3 kids and a dog my poor mini vans carpet can't stay clean and the little spots and stains really drive me crazy!! : )

    • Laurie PM

      My poor Honda would want a colonoscopy – it’s way of saying it’s dirty and full of crap :)! Really she just needs a good detailing, but, like my teenager, she can get pretty dramatic!!!!!!!!! I’d love to have the gift card to get her some “spa” products and a cute air freshener!

    • Kristy

      My car would have loved a nice detail after having my three year old ride around in it with toys and food plus occasionally our dog (who sheds and slobbers) in the back. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Carolinagirl9912

      Dear Santa,
      I've been very, very good this year getting my driver and her family (including all of her children's playmates and all of their junk) everywhere they need to go. We've been over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house, and we have been back and forth to the elementary school and pre-school about a zillion times. And Publix? I can't even begin to tell you how many times we go there!

      I kept Lauren and her family warm and dry while oldest practiced football in the rain (and cold, and sleet, and dark….) and never once complained! Even when he left his really stinky pads inside, I never made a peep (even though I had to hold my breath for a week I smelled so bad). And when one of the little kids rammed a wagon into my side door, I was a trooper!

      But Santa, here's the real reason for my letter. If I could ask for just one thing for Christmas it would be a goat, as I've heard they will eat anything . I would take care of the goat and love him very much. And he would have lots to eat, since my floorboards always have some trash laying around. There's an empty Gatorade bottle over there, and a McDonald's fry wrapper shoved under the seat. If you look closely under the car seats, you will find plenty of Cheerios and Goldfish left behind by those sweet kiddos. Let me not forget to mention the expired coupons that slip in between my seats sometimes. And Santa, if he got really hungry, there's usually a random french fry or Diet Coke can hidden somewhere!

      But really Santa, if a goat is too much to ask for (logistics with the sleigh and all) then a gift card to Pep Boys would be really awesome. Then my driver would have no excuse to give me some of the love and attention that I need and deserve (like some air fresheners, air filters, new windshield wipers, etc….).

      Thanks, and Merry Christmas (even if it's a little late)

      The Car

    • Stampaddict

      All my car wanted for Christmas was…. a detailing, windshield wiper blades, an air filter and a month vacation! (Can you tell it's time for some maintenance?) And, yes, my ex was an Auto tech so I know the oil changes every 3,000 is VERY important. (Especially since I work two jobs to keep my 4 kids and I afloat.) A LOT of mileage going on this car each month. One job covers 13 counties. The other is 90 miles away. (I only do it on the weekends.)

    • Swall

      A car wash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Savannah A

      Mine would ask for a total makeover. It was made in '91 and has definitely seen better days. It's also our only car so $50 would be a big help with making sure that it keeps working for us. It needs new brakes for sure and an oil change.
      there is also a small leak somewhere that makes it to where we just can't keep anti-freeze in the thing.

    • Devonsimmons

      Our minivan would have wanted (2) door handles for the passenger doors, interior lights that don't work and we can't see anything at night inside the van, a CD player that works so we can jam to our favorite VeggieTales and Laurie Berkner CD's like the good ol' days and an oil change. Our poor van is struggling!

    • BW

      My car would have asked for a seat warmer to be added to keep me warmer this winter since it has been so good to me so far, I know it wants to always make me happy. :)

    • Jenny Dickey

      For Christmas my little Foxy Brown Sugar, would have asked Santa to bring her some smell pretties in the form of vent sticks, because a lady never wants to be obvious; good wax, cause lets face it, you never forget if you get bad wax; new black pumps in size 205 75 R14; some general cosmetics like armorall window wipes, for her glasses and a lint roller dust brush, to keep her cloth spotless; and let us not leave out her favorite holiday cocktail, High Octane without the sugar rim, please.

    • Melissaehodgen

      Mine wants to be upgraded to a van to stop luggin' around my kids.

    • Coreen

      If my car could talk it would have wanted a 'bra' for Christmas because it was a bit nipple outside!

    • Cloughpainter

      All 3 of my cars would definatly want there oil changed for Christmas.

    • Carree1973

      Gosh, my get up and go getter would have loved some built in shelving to put all the groceries on I have been able to buy this past year….It would have also loved a new room addition (sound proofed) and a small modest hot tub added to the roof so that I could get some peace and quiet why driving. Safety belts of course a must for all the hot tubbers. ….and a slide why not…

    • Dcmclip

      My car would have wanted new brakes so it wouldn't go squeak squeak.

    • Brandi M

      If my car could talk, it would have wanted a trunk organizer for Christmas!

    • Stephanie

      My car would have asked for new tires! Her poor feet are sore and are in need of a new set of black, leather shoes!

    • jjspring

      I would like some vitamins (oil, fresh battery) and supplements (glucosamine/chondrotin= new shocks/struts) to soothe my aching joints.

    • Camaro

      My car would have wanted a super charger, but that of course is what it wants, not what it needs ;)

    • Shantel

      Oh man, my car would have a long list. If it could only ask for one gift from Santa, it would be for someone to take it out for a drive! I have fallen in to the routine of driving my husband vehicle and my car has been neglected as a result. . . I suppose I should take her out for a spin one of these days!

    • Leslie O

      My mini van would ask for a physical! A complete check-up to keep our family of four on the rural roads driving to Publix. I have an equiped van with hand controls as I am in a wheelchair and must admit tht I'm rough on driving. My paint job is proof of the abuse I give my van. However, my mini van keeps me independent and a savy coupon diva!

    • Mikamoris

      My minivan loves to sing, so this would be it's tune:
      “All I want for Christmas is a new brake job, a new brake job, a new brake job. All I want for Christmas is a new brake job. So I can ensure your family's safeness!”

    • Tiff5683

      My car would definitely want a really cute pair of reindeer antlers and a red nose that glows!!

    • Yolli

      If my car could talk it would ask for two things…a new front light (its been out for a while) and a car wash. Every time, I make the decision to go wash the car; it rains that day. My daughter tried to wash it for me and made a worse mess. Thanks to a 10 year old!!!

    • Laurakc181

      My van would want (and I know this because it told me to tell Santa this…no lie it really did!) some pretty colors on it other than the drab black it always wears. You see…my van is always wearing black and What Not to Wear came to our house one day and told it that it needs to spruce up it's wardrobe so it is decided that it wants some red or maybe even some green…however, I told my van that you can't just up and change your color every time you want, but it just doesn't listen to me…I guess that just goes to prove that even vehicles can be fickle….

    • Kelly

      My very fluffy van (we would never say large when describing Vanessa) (our van's name) would want something that would clean the ketchup stains that mysterious appeared after a trip to Chick Fil A.

    • Outtolunchmom

      I went to grandma's for Christmas. Grandma makes me park outside. I was so cold and I had 11 inches of snow on me. Who gets snow at grandma's house in the south? I need a bath to get rid of the icky salt.

    • michelle

      A good cleaning on the inside….lol

    • Peaches51777

      My little VW would have loved a bath! I hate driving a dirty car but with the crazy cold,then warm, wet weather, it has been impossible to bathe her.

    • Barbara

      raindeer antlers and a blinking nose like Rudolphs. PS. my car will have those items next year. just hope she still wants them. got a great after christmas deal on them using RR's :)

    • Jmeek0330

      My 4-Runner would have asked for a new loaded mini-van companion to park next to it in the garage:) He doesn't think the riding lawn mower is cutting it anymore and wants to upgrade his relationship!

    • ZhouCali

      If my car could talk it would have requested to be cleaned, inside and out! But maybe it would have requested me to never give food to my nieces while they are riding in the back seat. Or to giver her a break, b/c she's always going somewhere. Only one year old and already has almost 50,000 miles on her. (poor poor Nachita)<- that's her name ^_^

    • Chrism579

      If my car could talk it would have said ” I wish Santa brings me a tire rotate and balance and an oil chnage”

    • Tamiluge

      Dear Santa,
      All I really want for Christmas is some new CV joints. I have tried for some now to tell the person who drives me by clicking at every turn, but all my pleas seem to fall on deaf ears. I have been a good little car and carried the crew wherever they needed to go.
      Honda Civic

    • Kristy

      Our car would have liked a vacation! Since we only have once car, it never gets a break.

    • Fcjones06

      My car would have wanted new shocks…a recent gift of new tires has it redquesting some.

    • CVS Lady

      Mine would have asked for a good interior scrubbing and a tune-up.

    • Donella

      If my Ford Taurus could talk, it would have said, “thanks for the $1,000+ dollars you've put into me the last couple of months, but for Christmas I want another stay at auto shop to get my heater fixed. It's only going to cost another $600 more!”

    • Samplequeen9

      My car would have wanted to be painted pink!

    • cab

      My minivan asked for new brakes, new tires & new battery all in the same month. Wow what a tough christmas it was for our wallet but all was needed to make the 12 hour drive home. The other things now needed are a new sunvisor that is hanging down, and we have a funny new sound,,,not sure what that is?? And it could also use a detailing:-)

    • Kristina W.

      My car would most definitely have wanted a good bath and vacuuming. She gets ignored a lot because of the 4 kids!

    • Msbren81

      My Monterro would like to be leak-free. It has been leaking oil now for about a year. I feed her regularly but she keeps leaking it out. I think she is really embarrassed because she leaves little spots everywhere she goes!

    • grntmom22

      My car would say please give me a detailing……. It needs it so desperately. Its the last thing on my mind – housework etc always first.

    • karen

      Dear Santa,
      I've been used and abused, hit and scratched, but I keep truckin on, faithful and devoted to the end ( which I am 190,000 now) I probably don't have much time left here on earth so if you could just grant this one wish**** A COMPLETE tune-up**** I promise to be good and try to” spit and sputter” another year.
      P.S. I left you oil and dirt in the driveway, Merry Christmas Santa

    • Joannashipp

      My car would have asked for a wash. And maybe the possibility of a new family. While I love my VW Beetle it isn't the best car for an infant and I'm sure it knows that.

    • She would want to take a shower more times than just once a month

    • Pdar4

      My car would love to have a complete overhaul. A new starter, new tires, a owner that did not have a lead foot in rush hour traffic and less food droppings in the seat from the kids:)

    • Jglas2003

      I think my car would have asked to have some of the cherrios, rasins, goldfish crackers, gum wrappers, napkins, tic-tacs….ect to be removed from between the seats!

    • Stephanie Kirk

      Dear Santa, i have been very good this year. I have always gotten everyone where they wnated to go and safely. i am always there, comfy, cozy and friendly. i always play the best music and can even be found dancing to my favorite tunes. this year all i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth and maybe a new bottle perfume.

    • alice

      freon! :)

    • Angela

      Mine would ask for a valve check and the sweet tea removed from the ceilling and carpeting. Every morning on the way to school the valves clack until it warms up. Who knows what was up with the tea incident. A hand cleaning didn't do the trick though.

    • Donna1105

      My car would ask for new tires. She has been asking for awhile, but other things always trump her need.

    • Lisa

      Everybody pauses and stares at me
      I run loudly as you can hear
      I don't know just who to blame for this catastrophe!
      But my one wish on Christmas Eve is as plain as it can be!

      All I want for Christmas is some TLC!

      Lisa's Car

    • becca

      A spot on Pimp My Ride (if it were still on TV darn'it)

    • Doris

      My car would have wanted to be detailed. We've had the car since just before my twins were born and the backseats are scary, LOL!

    • Natalie559

      a fuel flush

    • Kastearman

      My car was keyed down to the metal…I'm sure she would like to have that fixed if she could talk.

    • Sunshine

      For Christmas my car would like a new back wind sheild wiper because the old one is very tired. The tires would probably like to stop getting nails in them since the driver (myself) keeps running over them. It would probably enjoy a good scrub down since the dirt road we live on is well dirty hehehe and probably a day off at the shop to sit back and enjoy a good cup of oil. It worked hard for us this year and deserves a break. It got included into the reindeer games this year.

    • Heatherkenney

      Our mini-van and my husband and I got new tires for Christmas but what it really wanted was a thorough interior cleaning, with 4 sons under 8, you wouldn't believe the stuff I find in there!

    • Shemaschool

      My car would want a “vacation” – hahahaaha :)

    • If my car could talk, it would have told me that it was unfair that she (out car is a girl named Affordability) didn't get a skin and spa treatment for Christmas. She could use a deep cleaning facial to steam and extract all the salt and mud, a body wrap to condition and nourish her skin, and a wax to bring out her shine!

    • CouponCollins

      My car would have liked a nice cleaning (in & out) and a good wax job. I do wash it occasionally, but I never seem to have time to get around to the waxing.

    • Heather

      My worn out van is just asking for a break. Aren't we all? Not literally though, that could be bad! :)

      She drives zig zags through our small town shuttling kids back and forth several times a day and I think we are starting to leave grooves in the road!

      If the sky was her limit, I know she would ask for a new timing belt. Not very fashionable, but she is more of a practical girl.

    • Michelleyoung117

      My van would have asked for me to please get it a new serpentine chain so that it will not completely quit living in the middle of the highway one day, and it would also like plugs for the leaks in the oil pan and transmission system. But if plugs were sold out it would have settled for two cases of oil and one case of transmission fluid!

    • Sralbk725

      It would have wanted a new lock system…one side of the car has to be unlocked manually!

    • Emily

      My faithful Honda Odyssey is so good to me….she just keeps going and going…141K miles right now. She would LOVE to have a regular bath….a little scrub around the tires and a little shine on the windows. Carpool can be brutal and she deserves it!

    • Elaine

      My car would probably love to have a nice shower since my 2 year old decorates it daily with food. It would also probably like a new fan since it currently can't be run because it emits a burning smell. And since it has 270k miles on it, it would probably like a nice vacation and massage!

    • Nwoleslagle

      .new tires

    • ECM

      My car would ask for a vacation! I drive about 100 miles/day and we all need a break every now & then! She's getting a make-over this weekend — new shoes (tires)!

    • Lin109

      My can (Ford Windstar) would speak to me about how old it is and how as everything in life it needs very little in life to keep her happy. Fresh oil keeps her running and me off my feet. Air in the tires makes it so much easier to make the trip to work daily and every once in awhile a nice bath would feel so good. Cleaning out the inside sure makes her smell much better and not very strong air freshner. Don't want to smell like a OLD LADY. She said she needs some inspection on the breaks because she is worried she will be able to stop as fast as she needs to when those other cars on the road drive so crazy. She would like to be a part of the family for as long as she can, even with the bumps and scrapes she still keeps me going and on time to work. $50.00 gift would make her feel like a million again. So we would love to get one.

    • Sonia

      My Honey (so named because she was such a sweet ride when we road-tested her) would have wanted a day at the “spa” where the technicians could spoil her rotten.

    • Robin

      A new CD player –the same CD has been stuck in it for over a year!!

    • Lori

      It would have wanted a bath and a good detailed cleaning on the inside! :)

    • Gentrys

      I have a Honda Element and we get laughed at alot because she looks like a bread truck! But I love it and can haul all my great deals! She would enjoy a long wash and wax and a new nice smelly thing in the air vents to make her feel pretty and her bright Orange color to shine!

    • debra

      a touchup on paint where I ran into my steps in my garage after learing how to park in a garage – I had never had a garage before.

    • Smithsmj1

      a wash and wax job

    • Brencoup

      Dear Santa,
      I am a 1992 Celica . Tho I belong on the Island of misfit toys.. broken windshield and broken hinge on trunk i am dearly loved. Perhaps my owner could fix one of these things with the Pepboys giftcard you are giving away. P.S. I've been a real good car this year. signed , Toy Ota

    • Debbie

      If my car could talk, it would have wanted a new heart, a new brain and courage! It is rather old and limping some days so it needs as much as it can get! Seriously God has been good, keeping it running for us and it is PAID for which is a HUGE blessing!

    • Crewsn3

      Dear Santa & 6lb 8oz Baby Jesus,
      I am a 5 year old Kia and my owner, bless her heart, has put over 165K on me in my short life. No she is not a professional cab driver but a Mom of 3 teenage girls, one of whom plays softball for 3 different teams 12 months out of the year. She works full time and also takes them to and from school since she worries that the bus drivers are not as careful as she is. All I want for Christmas is to last one more year until I am paid for. Could you please send me an oil change and something to make me get better gas mileage? Some new tires would be awesome since I usually have to have a new set every other year. Also please give her grace as every day she solves countless teen girl problems and a softball and track schedule that makes her day planner look like she runs a multi-million dollar corporation….all from my drivers seat. Please also help me as her oldest teen daughter has her license now and wants to drive me too!
      Little Miss Kia

    • Penny H

      My car would want new floor mats (son is extremely hard on them with his soccer cleats).

    • Jennifer

      It would have wanted…… a new owner! Christmas Eve I drove into a ditch and broke a “control” arm underneath my car. My car probably thinks I was the one out of “control”!

    • Mary

      If our car could talk, it probably would have asked for a garage. We don't have a garage or a covered car port so the poor thing has to brave the winter cold.

    • Melissa

      a new conueter valve to improve fuel mileage

    • Noel

      This would be awesome since our car broke down last night…in the rain, lol. I think my car would've wanted a nice long bath and a wax for Christmas. Everyone enjoys the luxuries of life, even cars I'm sure :)

    • P Hendricks54

      My car would have wanted a cover with tobagon and gloves to match. My carport is open and the day after Christmas we had about a foot of snow and it was very cold.

    • My husband and I got married in May and have just moved to GA for him to start Chiropractic school! So, since process of becoming GA residents, my car would want an emissions check and a repair for a faulty tail light that is giving us trouble!

    • Allisonbarry

      Please, please, please clean me! Those gum wrappers from your sweet child and all of the cute artwork from school need to leave my floorboard. Plus, it's time for some new oil – yum!

    • 2Cor12_9

      Mine would want a bath!!

    • Cindie Clement

      Definitely Botox! It's got more wrinkles than Joan Rivers would have without hers. Shopping carts, doors opening on it, cars swiping it while parking, all have left my poor little Daewoo looking a mysterious planet full of strange craters. Love ya baby!

    • Kristy

      If my owner's New Year's resolution doesn't pan out…I would love new tires!!!!!

    • Kat C

      Well, mechanically I am in pretty decent working order. I just have this embarrassing little problem where I make a strange noise every time I get to 40 mph. I know it's silly but it makes me feel a little sheepish when I get around the other cars. Will someone hear me? Should I blame it on the car next to me or just pretend I didn't hear it? It's getting to where I don't like to be around other cars on the road or have other kids and their parents in the car. It's okay around the family- they love me no matter what- but it's starting to affect our social life. Is there something I can do about this embarrassing little problem? Thanks so much and hope you have a Happy New Year!

    • alikroulek


    • Lanavdixon

      I think both of them would have pleaded for a wash! Hubby does a good job of keeping up with the small stuff on our old and paid for cars.

    • Amanda

      If my mini van could talk, she would have asked for the work that she so desperately needs to have done. She would have asked for 4 new tires, tie rods, and an alignment to keep her riding smooth and to keep from getting flat tires. The coupon and sale Pep Boys have right now combined with a $50 gift card would make both of us happy!

    • Carrieknewell

      Dear Santa,
      My name is Daisy. I'm a 2005 Honda Civic. Tho I have been very good girl every year I never see you! This year I was hoping for a delightful wash and wax, or some new windshield wiper blades….sadly, I never received them. I will continue being good, and hopefully my good deeds won't go unnoticed.

    • Wglewis

      To retire, to be driven 5 miles a day instead of 70.

    • Princessanna3

      Our truck would've wanted new tires! The tires on it have lasted us for nearly 5 long years-by far the longest tire life of anyone we've asked! We had the oil changed last week and they wouldn't even rotate the tires because they said it wouldn't make a difference-they are down to the wear bar. . .

    • Work4mals

      My SUV would have asked for an oil change and some new tires.

    • PJ

      A bath!!

    • Angela

      My car would have wanted new struts so it didn't have to sound like a squeaky shopping cart every time I drove over a bump. My husband's car wanted (and got) new tires! Our other car is a model A and it's going to a car show in a couple of weeks and it has to be trailored since it doesn't run smoothly yet. So the old guy, our Model A, would have asked for new EVERYTHING.

    • Brencoup

      Wow this is so cool just follow the link for Pepboys store locator above and you can find valuable Pepboys coupons awesome !!!!

    • Shon

      a good bath, inside and out

    • Arw09d

      If my Scion TC could take, he would ask for more ROADTRIPS!! He seems to be a little lonely, and a drive to Orlando to park in King Kong parking spaces would really make him feel special and like a star!

    • Quantum_gal

      I would like to not have children leave crumbs all over it, to be driven less and to not have to listen to the incessant chatter of 5 kids. I know I am minivan but I would love to owned by a middle aged couple with no children.


    • Ttlee4

      My van would ask for a few things: a new door handle (my husband broke it) and definately an oil change. Also, a lovely protective coat of wax!

    • Jax

      My Buick Rainier would say: “Please wash me!” and “An oil change on time for once would be nice!”

    • MissC

      If my car could talk it would have wanted and oil change and an overcoat for Christmas. It has been so cold and we have no garage, she needs an overcoat to keep warm and an oil change to run smoothly.

    • Monkzardo

      To be cleaned! And my car got what it wanted this year.

    • Cfhullsharp

      Dear Owner,
      We once had such a mutual loving and caring relationship; I performed for you and in return you took care of me, I was clean, feed well and never left without clean oil. I did not change for a long time, as I was waiting for you to return to your former loving and caring self; however, I have has too much and I, as you have seen, have started shutting down. The ball is now in your court, will you continue to neglect me and me, you in return???? I miss the old us. I hope you do as well.
      Your Nissan

    • Missy16199

      A good Bath and more loving :-)

    • Brendak27

      my great kia woud love for her owner to stop driving her so much so her owners spouse could do the things that she so despretly needs like new windshield washers. a detailed cleaning and a oil change. if you could just lock her up at home for a couple of days he would love to take care of that for

    • Ginger

      My car would want someone to look at it and diagnose its illness ( it makes a loud noise when the wheels are turned) After a proper diagnosis a remedy!

    • Rita

      It would've wanted new tires & a good cleaning!

    • Kleedandridge

      My new car, an old 1991 Mazda, would have loved to have the transmission leak fixed! For some reason the fluid just keeps leaking out and I have to keep adding more and more fluid :) The car runs sooo much better when it has the fluids it needs :)

    • Palila

      My car would have asked for all the tiny dings to be fixed (from driving on I-285 to work every day.) And the giant mark from getting keyed to be fixed. And the marks/dings from the parking lot at my old job fixed. And an oil change.

    • Theresamoss80

      My car needs a great big bib to catch my four kids' crumbs. I have 4 children under the age of 6 and now we just found out we are having another one in july. So as you can imagine they make quite a mess. I am sure my van would love a good bath inside and out.

    • wendyc33

      Well since my car is new it is telling me to dress it up a bit with a new Auburn Tag in the front… War Eagle!!!!!!

    • Coupenslady

      My car would asked to be cleaned.

    • Leah Smith


      I would love an actual garage, instead of this stone driveway. The pine tree pitch really is messing up my paint. However I think that for Christmas I would have wanted to get new tires for my sister vehicle. I'm a Previa and she is a Pontiac Vibe. She has been struggling lately to make it from A to B with the balding tires she now posesses. So I guess I would have wanted new tires for her for Christmas. I am growing used to not having a garage anyway.

      Previa Smith

    • Amanda

      My car needs a doctor!! Its having trouble breathing and apparently its some kind of filter problem, I told him its ok she is only 7 and really shouldn't be complaining about old age, maybe she is losing her mind a little… Or maybe its just me since my car talks to me.

    • Shauna

      A good bath!

    • Misty

      My car would love to have a nice little shampoo to get out all of the dirt from all the little kiddies that get in and out of it daily.

    • Mayra

      I have a truck so I say it's a she, so she would definitely would ask to have her make-up done (paint) and while in the shopping mood how about some lovely shinny shoes to go with the whole outfit!!

    • Nikkiinknox

      this is what my car says to me, “OK bald is out of style and my 4 extremities are getting a little bald! Also my joints could use a little lubricant, they need some fresh oil!”

    • Alchristopher9226

      Prior to Christmas it would've said an oil change…now I'm not really sure. :) As much as I drive it might be time for another one!

    • Smom5664

      A trip to the nearest car wash and a good vacuum job! Also, a new electric seat adjuster for the drivers seat….:)

    • Ashley M.

      My van would like a good cleaning, and some new wiring!!

    • Abolton

      My car is actually my husbands 26 year old truck. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and has been repainted twice. It is well loved and it got 1 Christmas wish, having been without a radio for more than 10 years it got a cd and radio as a present, it's only other wish would be for new tires. So it can keep going.

    • Rita

      My truck wanted a new water pump for Christmas

    • Lltrotter

      a VACATION from all the going, or some new tires. all the running around is making them bald ;)

    • Ktkchester

      If my car could talk….it would say “could you please call a podiatrist? I think I have seed warts!” Actually, it's just in bad need of new tires.

    • Bianca

      My little Dodge would like a friend! My husband takes the car to work and baby and I are stuck at home all day.

    • Heather

      Betsy, soooo wants a 90,000 miles service. She is tired, run down and sluggish. New fluids, spark plugs and belts and hoses would make her feel like a 35, 000 mile car again!!!!

    • Ellen

      If my car could talk, it would have asked me to clean its kid stained upholstry. :o)

    • Amy F

      If my car could talk…it would say PLEASE give me a good deep detailing and also please please take me in for maintenance!!! Especially tire rotation. I can not get my husband to do it.
      Thank you for all you do!

    • sue

      new tires

    • Nipper615

      Desperately need some work done on my vehicle. Would love to try them out and $50 would help! :)

    • karl

      A new set of shoes!

    • Smason002

      If my 1997 Honda Accord could talk it would say mommy why do you let daddy treat me like a stepchild. I have almost 200,000 miles and I have taken very good care of you, so why did you have to choose daddy's truck to drive to your new job. I would tell my Honday that mommy still loves you and the only reason why I drive daddy's truck is so that I can preserve you for a little bit longer. Oh and daddy's a buttwipe (lol), so don't pay him any attention.

    • Odnbdn

      If my car could talk it would really want a nice bath and a very nice interior cleaning!!! :)

    • Allisonking77

      A vacation! It never gets a break!

    • Amanda R.

      Tinted windows :)

    • Tfrost99

      My car would have asked for a christmas card, a telephone call, an email…aheam….something from the family telling her how much we love and missed her over the holidays since we took Dad's truck on christmas vacation instead of her!

    • Elizabeth

      Our van (230,000+ miles) would love to have a good detailing, inside and out!

    • Allyson

      My car would love to have the dings repaired on the hood where the soccer goal in the garage fell on her. It is so embarrassing to her like zits on her face!!

    • Jamieandkatie

      I think my car would have wanted an oil change, new tires, a clean-up, a tune-up, an alignment, gas, new windshield wipers, and a partridge in a pear tree!

    • Kim

      If my car could talk it would say help me, i'm drowning in yucky oil that hasn't been changed in 6000 miles…yup I have neglected my Kia…it's on the to do list.

    • Kim

      A detailed cleaning inside and out – new year, new car-like clean!! LOL. My son and I travel almost an hour away every week to get his allergy shots, and we LIVE in our car, between that and school. My car needs a really good cleaning – BATH – inside and out!

    • Aaron

      My car would have liked a new hood because the current one is rusted and paint has chipped off the front and top.

    • Alicia

      New floor mats so it's poor floor quits getting so dirty from the wild little boys that trample all over the it.

    • Maria

      If my Tahoe could talk, she would have three hings on her wish list. She would definitely ask for a good, thorough cleaning inside and out. Secondly, she would ask that we fill in all of the holes on our dirt road so that it wouldn't be such a bumpy ride. And thirdly she would ask to be taken in and checked since her ABS light keeps coming on every now and then in te dash.

    • Mandi Presley

      If my car could talk, I'm sure that it would ask first for a bath – inside and out. Then, it would like some new air filters and struts. I don't actually know what struts are, but my car and my husband do, so I'll leave that part to them.

    • Emily

      My car would love an oil change! Or some new tires.

    • Xawilsons

      My poor mini-van would certainly have asked for a day at the car-spa! She takes a lot of abuse from me and the kids and she deserves a little pampering every once in a while!

    • jennifer_h

      my car would love a good cleaning, inside and out! i think he's a little tired of the cheerio dust and cracker crumbs in the seats.

    • Lisa

      My car would like for a mechanic to figure out why it's only getting 14.7 mpg when it is a crossover SUV. I'm thinking new filters, gas treatment, spark plugs, etc…

    • Liz

      A Bath!

    • Elaine

      My minivan would ask for a good cleaning…esp. inside. It is so tired of smelling like old french fries and dirty soccer socks. Oh, to be cleaned well would make it (and me!) sooooo happy!

    • Amy J.

      What my car would have wanted for Christmas:
      “Hey, Santa, please don't forget about me….I've been so good all year. I've gotten my owner and her family from place to place this year without much difficulty. I'm not perfect, but I get the job done. This year, I would like my windows fixed on the driver's side, to make my driver happy. Also, I would like a new headliner, this way my owner and companions do not have to worry about getting stuff in their hair if anyone accidentally hit the roof as they enter or exit. I could also use an oil change, so I can be around for a few years longer for my owner. Oh, and one last thing, I could use a good “detail” of the interior….my owner's hubby spills coffee on occasion and the 5 year old has had juice mishaps as well…..and my owner is so busy, she rarely has time to clean me properly. Thanks Santa! sincerely, 1999 Saturn”

    • Heather A

      My car would ask for an Oil change that's 5 months overdue. A new H2 sensor that has been bad for about 4 months and NEW BRAKES because she is tired of squealing and embarassing herself.

    • Xiggie2

      I Need an oil change please!

    • Monica

      A bath!
      Oh…and better gas mileage!

    • Pandabear

      My poor car is up there in age. Her legs (tires) are worn far more than they should be, her body needs a makeover from all of the years of abuse. She has a terrible hiccuping cough that the doctors have told us is her transmission but billing issues keep us from fixing it properly. But despite all her issues, I think most of all what she would have wanted for christmas is a nice day at the car spa where she gets cleaned inside and out.

    • Jane Eggebeen

      VRMM! VRMM! VRMM! : That's car language translated to HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas! Let's keep this silver mini-van ready to fly over the river and through the woods to the Grandchildren's house today.

      Just hear that rear suspension jingling, ring ting tingling too. Come on, it's lovely weather for a ride right over to the Pep Boys garage with you!

      There's a birthday party for Annabeth today,
      Let's make it there without a single stop,
      Oh no, POP, POP, POP! My tires!!

      There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy,
      When my oil is changed and my tires too, And I'm washed and dried.

      Come on, it's lovely weather for a car ride together with you!

    • Ledlab

      My jeep would have asked for some new wiper blades, new floor mats and a bath!

    • sheila

      For Christmas my car wanted to feel loved b/c it had the flu just everyone eles at our house. He too had a hard time breathing and needed major work to pass the emissions (breathing) test here in GA. Now he still needs tires….

    • Raulersonsd

      It would want an intake gasket that didn't leak, shocks struts and springs and 125,000 less miles. Since this is my only car to get to work, it talks to me on a daily basis.. It mainly tells me “please help!”

    • Joyce

      I am sure that my car would want a trip to the beach!

    • Ablack420

      I got my car for christmas! It probably was screaming, can I get a new owner?!?!?

    • 2happykids

      “Dear Santa, I desperately need a new battery, alternator and a ride to Firestone…then I'll be able to faithfully chug away for another 155,000 miles…until then, I'm a lawn ornament!” Love, Car

    • Lindsay

      My car would ask for a SNUGGIE. We do not have a garage and it is really cold right now

    • Stony

      Likely scenario is my poor '93 Park Avenue would have ASKED for the directions out back to the woodshed.

    • Tenekahughey

      All my car wanted for Christmas was some new clothes (seat covers). The old ones are all stained up from the kids and have just been worn out. Hopefully we can win the giftcard,find a sale, and pick out something in her size!

    • Renep22

      I had to get a new car for Christmas because a kid totaled mine on my way to work the week before Christmas. I would say my new(to me) Jeep Commander would love new windshield wipers.

    • FleePie09

      Mine wanted a new glass eye……it has been suffering as a popeye for a year now……only has one headlight!!!!!!!

    • Jasgirl30

      My van would have loved any kind of attention, a bath, inside and out, tires rotated, any of the above you mentioned. Although my hubby did change the oil last week- Yay!

    • Jeanneb1

      My car's name should be ” May”flower since I have been stuffing it daily to move into a new house. May would surely just loooooove a dejunking and cleaning inside and out as a reward for never complaining even when she was way overloaded.

    • Alice

      A “stay-cation” from all the road travel

    • Becka

      I think my van would say please get that EGR valve replaced so my check engine light will go off. And while your at it clean me up real good. And have you seen those tires on my back end? Um, I think I could use some of them too.

    • Joy

      If my car could talk, it would ask for an “extreme makeover” for Christmas!! It is our miracle car that was practically given to us by one of my husband's clients when we only had one car. The car is 15 years old, the power window contraption is falling off the door, the ash trash drawer falls off each time we pull it out to plug our phone into the cigarette lighter, the cover has come off the horn on the steering wheel, etc. But I do praise the Lord for its ability to get us from one location to another. It serves as a reminder each day that our value as a person is not defined by our worldly possessions.

    • Tgs_1960

      My car would have asked for some TLC, in the winter I tend to not clean and shine it up like normal. It would have asked to be fed more often too.

    • Noel

      To be waxed

    • Nd

      A new paint job

    • Christie_taylor

      What every girl wants, a new pair of shoes! (or tires ;) And some cosmetics like scratch and dent repair.

    • Camiele

      My car would definitely tell me that I drive it too rough! And that it needs a wash and wax!

    • Melissa

      My car would tell me that it needs to go on a diet! I always leave junk in the back seat (my husband and I don't have children so it's an easy “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” place to move the trash and it gets forgotten. Poor thing.

    • Rebusby

      For a wash and wax

    • Brittney

      My car would first ask for some air freshner. I change shoes when I get to work when the weather is bad, and one pair of dress shoes that sit in my car STINK no matter what I do…they do some damage to the air quality. She would then ask for some cosmetology work– there is rust appearing around the winow, and I think that's the human equivelant of wrinkles!!

    • E16gardner

      My car would want a detail job-the floors are getting pretty gross lately and I never find the time to carpet clean them, especially in the winter!!!

    • Laidbackladyoftwo

      If my car had asked for something for christmas it would have wanted to have a complete overhaul. It is a 93 civic honda in need of a complete makeover inside and out. So im sure it would say anything would be nice.

    • Greeneggsandkam

      My car would love some TLC! Mercy!

    • amy

      It would need a day at the spa ( wash and wax)

    • mel

      I'm Melanie's Toyota and I need an oil change and my tire's rotated

    • Melanie

      A seat belt for the middle seat in the back row of our mini-van. We bought it used several years ago, but just this past year realized that seat belt was missing!

    • My car would want a full check up and everything wrong to be fixed! It's been awhile since its been completely fixed!

    • Nicole Whitehead

      My car would want to be CLEAN!!! I hear my car weep every time my son gets in the car with a bag of any kind… it is pretty much guaranteed that 50% of the contents will be left behind.

      My car wouldn't mind new brakes right now either…

    • Barbara

      My car wants a good clean up, a good wash, a paint job and couple more things. we neglect it pretty badly:(

    • Mayoda

      My SUV would want a big brawny vehicle to tow her around for a change. Jeez, always having to tow everything from kids, to trailers, to boats….it would be nice to be able to sit back and relax and let someone tow her around somewhere for a change. Does a girl ever get a break?

    • Annwwins

      It would ask to be adopted to another family lol! All of our cars are so neglected. They are filthy on the inside and out.

    • Jkhsavings

      Our cars would both ask for a good bath and cleaning! And maybe a scarf… it's cold out there! :)

    • Sweetiepooh765

      Since my car is my husband car and I drive it to work since it the only car we have right now, He said He think the car would like to have a Bikini Car Wash & Wax.

    • Oli

      My car would want to go through a nice warm car wash – suds and warm water : ) and a little vacuuming would be nice as well. Thanks

    • Mettskk

      My car would most certainly have asked for a new speedometer!! It quick working properly several months ago. With other pressing financial issues, we have not had the funds to replace it. Going with the flow seems to work right now, but I know it will be a matter of time before the po-po gets me!!

    • Rebecca D.

      My car needs a new bumper but would settle for a big strong vacuum & armor-all job. It just seems wrong to rear end someone going 5 miles per hour while you're rubbernecking at Christmas lights, and do actual damage to your car, doesn't it?…

    • Emily

      If my van could talk, who we have named Neal, he would tell us that all he wanted for Christmas was to sit at home in his nice warm driveway in Georgia instead of driving to cold as heck Maine during a blizzard. But that's not all. He would have said what were you thinking putting 4 kids in him for 22 hours. That was cruel and unusual punishment for Neal. He got snowed and salted on the outside and thrown up and juice spilled on the inside. Neal would love to get a nice oil change and a detailing. I think he deserves it as he did a great job keeping us warm and safe during our Christmas travels.

    • My car would like a nice warm bath and some shoes to go in all this snow we have been getting!

    • mike

      i think my car would have wished for a set of those air shocks for the trunk lid!!! i guess because everytime i hit my head i curse at it!! i want to apolgize mr impala , i know it is not your fault!!

    • First is would ask Santa to provide him with a new family that could give her a new name. My car's name – though I think its a girl – is James Christopher Stuart Starling. It came by this name as we couldn't provide a male to carry on the name for my father and he always wanted to name his son that. Second, she would hope that it got a family that didn't neglect her so bad and have friends that would wash her instead of taking bets on the next time her owner would (13 months and counting baby!). Thirdly, since said owner isn't washing poor poor James, she would wish for a new Clemson decal to cover the large white tiger paw imprint on the side of her rear that has been tattooed there in grim.

    • CMBrandt

      My car would like peace and love for the entire world!!!!

    • Lwatts17

      A bath!!!

    • SarahB


    • brittni

      My car would like a weekend at a car spa. Driving in New Orleans is pretty bumpy, so i nice soak in a hot tub to be abl to relax all those axles, ball joints and screws. The tires would enjoy a dry cool spot elevated so that they can look down on things for a change. The back seat needs to see a chiropractor. Constanty having a 2 year old and one year old sitting, jumping, throwing things on them something must be out of line. Then the back seat would need a facial with a deep cleansing. Finally i wont smell like spilt milk or have chicken nuggest smushed into it. The engine needs to see a surgeon. Being seminary students the owners have neglected to have good upkeep on the car. Who knows what the doctor will diagnose. BUT since he was given a car spa for Christmas doctor will be able to cure him and the Car will be good as new at the end of the weekend!!!
      (if only cars could speak!! :)

    • diana

      My Car wanted a new timing belt and water pump. It is very sad because it is on the verge of being parked until we find the money to have this done. Without this important surgery, my dear car is very likely to meet an unTIMEly death! :)

    • Shayelyn

      My van would have asked for some TLC. The headliner is falling, the radiator might need a new one, the driver's side door does not lock and my check engine light has been on for 2 years although I was told by the dealer that this is just due to a loose wire. She would love a top to bottom detailing. She did recently get new tires and an oil change, though.

    • andreab

      new brakes – and a wash!

    • Olivia

      My car would tell me it needs a nice bath and interior cleaning at the local car wash :)

    • Baileyclan4

      a vacation

    • SarahWr

      My car would have wanted auto TVs for Christmas. I'm sure that it gets tired of the constant whining and fighting of unentertained children. Thank goodness Santa brought them, so now the kids, and car are happy.

    • A detailed cleaning, inside and out!

    • Rossi1025

      My car was quite jealous of the reindeer antlers and rudolph noses driving around town… with a few misfiring pistons, it even tried to gallop and take off flying one afternoon… perhaps we will get the piston thing fixed and hook her up with a cupid outfit?

    • Jenredhead38

      If my car could talk it would have wanted my husband to stop being so mean and for a little respect for Christmas. Poor old thing. She is old and in need of a lot of repairs. She never gets a shampoo inside or out. My 2 yr-old has abused the inside-crumbs and juice everywhere. .I think she would also demand a break and some love and a little less abuse. Maybe thats why our cars break down, they go on strike?! “Take that mean owner”.

    • New Mom

      Hi, I'm a 2006 ford explorere and I would have liked the following for christmas….Tires, Oil change, a Bath, New Floor Matts, an Updated Map for my GPS and new spark plugs….:)

    • Lillie Brantley

      A arms and legs to get around. (New Tires)

    • Zach5242001

      Letter to owner from the minivan:

      Dear Family,
      I know I have several great storage places but please remember they are not for chili-cheese hotdogs! Also after time, 3 boys gym socks really need to be removed from the back seat… as they are a little smelly. Remember, I am getting old and showing my age. Therefore it is more that imparative that you get my oil changed before the dashboard say -999 over and can't count any higher. My bumbers are also a little scuffed …hum hum.. I wonder how that got there mom… a new look would be appreciated!
      Thanks a bunch!!
      Your Odyssey

    • Pam Mogle King

      My car is a little yellow/green VW bug (cute as a button, if she was a person she'd have dimples) and when my fiance and I recently got married she now has a big brawny live in hemi truck at her house! I'm sure she'd ask for a facial and massage and a LBD from White House / Black Market so she could feel and look great over their candlelit dinners :).

    • Melissa

      My car would ask for some TLC. It would say, “Will you please give me some attention??”. It needs lots of things right now, but
      unfortunately, it is often the most ignored thing in our family! She would ask for a bath as well as some other routine maintenance that she desperately needs!!

    • Savyredhead

      She would really like new CV joints so that she could drive around with her head held high not having to pop and crack with every turn. If not that then a nice bed somewhere to lay her head since she is working on over 200k. BALESS.

    • Meamea414

      If I asked my van…..which I scared to do…”she” would tell me that an oil change is needed along with a bubble bath and a good cleaning, in which she deserves for all the hard work that she does for me and the 4 kids that she totes along without complaints

    • Sarah

      My car would have a enjoyed a nice Christmas at her own home. Instead, she was driving us safely through the show and cold of Ohio. She definitely needs some pampering (and salt removal) after that trip! :)

    • Goober1

      My horse would have wished for an oil and filter change, a new air filter, a tire rotation and a full tank of gas and take a trip!

    • ElizabethS

      My car would tell me that it needs new tires, a good wash, and that she's thankful for the new brakes. Both cars are OVER 100,000 miles it seems that they are constantly needing something!

    • Teresa

      Pep Boys is where we take our cars that gift card would really come in handy all 5 of them!!!!!!

    • Barfield4281

      “Charlene” would definatley want a day at the spa…with a deep massage and scrub down and a pedicure for all those nooks and cranies! She would drive away with a big toot toot, some fresh cinnamon or pumpkin aroma, shining with a caramel macciato in hand. Mmm hmm!

    • S_b_weston

      My car wants new tires!!! But would love an oil change too!!!

    • Liz Jutton

      My car would probably ask for new windshield wiper blades and for me to replace the burnt out rear turn signal…..she's sick of looking streaky and dull!

    • Kamnsc

      My car needs a new timing belt! I have been putting off this $600 service for a while! I wonder if Pep Boys does timing belts??

    • Mary Alice

      My 2003 Toyota Corolla: “Oh, Jenny! Girl, let me tell you what my owner has put me through. First of all, I have 150,000 miles on me!!! Phew, I am exhausted! My owner drove me 100 miles (roundtrip) to work everyday. Thank goodness she is a stay-at-home mom now. Now, her trips are shorter, but I am badly in need of some new tires. My old ones are almost bald. That's not good for a gal my age. Please help me (and my owner) out!!!

    • Fadoua collins

      I need the door handles fixed . my kids manage to break three so far soon we won't be able to get in the car LOL.

    • Dodd Courtney

      My Acura MDX wanted a garage for Christmas b/c she's tired of always being out in the snow and rain and she also said it wouldn't hurt to have a new little sister which would be the newest model of her!

    • Ashlee

      My car would have wanted a good cleaning. I can't remember the last time I scrubbed it…inside or out. Poor car!!! lol.

    • Kpballew

      My car would love to have a deep tissue massage and bubble bath as well as a thorough internal cleansing! And of course, the every 3000 mile oil change that is long overdue!

    • LindaAnne

      Our truck would like a garage after so many years of faithful service!

    • kkscarlett

      My car wants to retire. It's a '94 with over 250,000 miles. We recently splurged and installed new (used) seats we found in a junkyard. But other than retirement, it would probably ask for new rear shocks.

    • Ben

      My car would love it if my wife let me turn the music up louder. It feels so unloved when the back end isn't bouncing with the beat!

    • Chrystal678

      My car would ask for a new tire. It's probably tired of daily limping around on the interstate with it's donut on! :)

    • jess

      My suv would have asked for a good bath, wax, and not to mention a good vaccumming after 3 small children in it! Maybe even a shampooing! Maybe even have a candle burned inside to help smell fresh!

    • Kschmitz77

      My Suburban would like a spa day! Every time I close the door to the house from the garage I can almost hear her sigh, ” I might be a big SUV but would love some TLC…” “Please give me a shampoo on the inside and a wax job on the outside. Please get the dirt from under my floor boards and the bugs from my grill!” While I'm being pampered throw in a nice quart of room temperature oil for me to sip on, that would hit the spot and refresh me for sure! A girl can dream………

    • amanda

      Our car 'Ponce De Explorer' would have asked for a vacation. His old body needs a lot of maintenance.

    • Sspragis

      My car would have wanted to be cleaned! I live out of my car with a three year old who I let eat and drink in the car and a fifteen year old who i cart around to athletic events all the time. We also live on a dirt road and my car is black so I really don't waste my time or money on cleaning it frequently.

    • matt

      My car would have wanted the full spa treatment of being detailed. Needed so badly!!!

    • Candice W

      My 2003 protege and I aren't on speaking terms… We barely even make eye contact anymore. Ever since I stopped paying him attention with the cleaning and the detailing, he's done so many things to sabotage me. He's cracked his windshield, blown two tires (which I think he put the nail in those tires on purpose), and he's managed to steal a handful of my belongings. I'm missing one brown suede steve madden pump, size 7, a pink dog collar, and a few french fries from various fast food establishments. I didn't ask him what he wanted for Christmas because I am still mad at him. But I don't want a divorce. I'm in this for the long haul until one of us burns out. If I had to guess, I think he'd just ask for attention for Christmas.

    • A bath!

    • Bamagrits84

      If my car could talk it would say “Santa, I'm always a good girl getting Kelly where she needs to go. Plus I worked really hard taking her out in all the traffic to get Christmas gifts for everyone. Will you please bring me some news shoes (aka tires)? The other cars make fun of me because my tread is gone and I worry about driving the kids around. I know Kelly would get me news shoes if she could but she hasn't found a good enough coupon for them yet so can you just give me some? I promise to keep being a good girl and won't even follow too close next year! ~Love, Kelly's Buick”

    • Denise

      If my car could talk, it would say what we see written on so many car windows these days “wash me”. I will admit, I abuse my car, as long as it starts and takes me where I need to go, I don't think twice about it. I guess I need to start treating it better.

    • Rosy32119

      Jenny, my baby would love a new thermostat, she is tired of all the hot flashes. Some plastic surgery is also needed, talking about sagging, the sun visors are holding her top up. lol She also needs a hot bubble bath, deep cleaing, and a wax job.

    • Ywx17

      a nice car wash

    • Beejay2908

      I am Vera (2005 CRV) and I would love a day at the spa, the works inside and out and a LIfe is Good tire cover.

    • justme

      To make the check engine light go off. ;)

    • Kelly Shugart

      I new fuel filter. My car kept cutting off this weekend , apparently fuel filter is clogged and needs to be replaced..

    • BusyMommy

      My SUV would want the works. Being a working mom, my car (which used to be cleaned out, washed and vaccuumed on a regular occasion) has become a mom-mobile filled with cheerios, two strollers and carseats, empty coffee cups, two COUPON holders among other things. (Besides the fact that I really need an oil change – communting 45 minutes to work each day – I rack up quite a few oil changes a year!)

    • Mayor

      Well, apparently my car didn't get what she wanted for Christmas and decided to get a little bossy and “demand” new tires a couple days after when I had a massive blowout on the interstate! So, maybe I could put that toward getting her another new tire before she gets another attitude! Thanks!!

    • Rachel Monts

      My 2003 pontiac montana would ask for just one day off and for goodness sakes can I get my oil changed PLEASE! This poor van has been so good to us but money has been so short we can not return the love :(

    • MomofJedi

      For Christmas, please clean off my undercarriage because even though no one can see it, that pesky oil leak has made me feel rather untidy!

    • Itsmytimetogrow

      Our 1964 Ford Galaxie 500xl would love a fresh coat of paint, a nice throaty new muffler to let everyone know she's coming down the road and she's very grateful for the nice engine detail, push-rods and all around tune-up she just got. I love old cars.

    • 5kpatt826

      My car would have wanted a trailer to haul the kids around. I think I actually heard “her” say, “You are all on my last spark plug.”

    • Stephaniekenner

      I have a 2000 Mercury Sable. It would have asked for a new AC Compressor, serpentine belt, & power steering pump. Then it would ask why I drive it so much everyday & can it please have a day at the car spa once in a while?

    • Yphurtado

      If my car could of asked for anything for christmas it would be a few things first could please change my oil and give me a tune up Everytime you need me I'm here when you want to go load my trunk on coupon day I'm quick to take you,So please tune me up so I have the energy to do that and please give me a bath,and dont let that 2 year old stick toys in my vents,and last but not least please pull of all those kroger stickers off my window I cant stand them..The last thing I think she would ask for would be coupons she would say we are good on cereal,pasta,pickles and other goodies now can we get some coupons for oil,an oil filter,ice scraper and maybe just maybe some new wiper blades….I need to be running my best we have tons of bargains to find in the new year,Thanks,Azera your car

    • tiffany p

      my van would have simply asked for a day off for the holiday season :-), everyone else gets one. ….oh and a new transmition would have been great

    • Wanda H

      My name is Freda and I am a HHR. I haul my mother everywhere. I hauled her from OK to NC for the Christmas holidays. For Christmas, I would have loved to have spent my time sitting in the driveway, not hauling my mom to NC. Cause guess what, it snowed 10 inches while we were there and my was I cold.

    • Bekahlail

      If my car could talk it would have asked for a BATH for Christmas! Having a white Christmas means salt on the roads and a filthy car :)

    • Crystal C

      That's easy my car would want new tires! I know we need to get them I'm just flinching at the price :(

    • Daniella

      <<cough>> <<cough>> “If my owners had been able to give me a Christmas gift…<<cough>> <<cough>>…..forgive me, I'm 14 years old…. If I'd gotten a Christmas gift I think they would have loved to give me (aside from an oil and filter change) a new paint job. Why, I feel naked the way all of my black paint is chipping off so. A car can't help but feel insecure on the roads when he sees all the other cars in their fancy, bright colored 'clothes'. That's what I would have wanted, and I think that's what my owners wish they could give me too. They love me so.” <<cough>> <<cough>></cough></cough></cough></cough></cough></cough>

    • Supersavermonte

      If my car could talk, it would say it needs a good deep clean… and a mute button for all the noise that takes place!! I have 3 children( 2, 4, and 6) and I babysit a 3 yr old during the week. We also have a lab that LOVES to go for car rides. We love our van but it is usually the last thing to be taken care of!!!

    • Ouvrytj

      If my car could talk it would have asked for a day trip to a salon complete with a new doo and shiny goo!

    • Marcia

      A bath!

    • Rhonda

      I would have loved a clean garage to spend my Christmas in!!! I was all alone on Christmas day while my family was away and a messy garage was all I had to keep my blues at bay…

      The Lonely Civic

    • Chica_pete

      My truck, who is affectionately named Lou Rawls (LONG story…..), would have probably asked for a garage since he was stuck out in the snow when the wintry weather hit!

    • Amber9600

      If my car could talkl it would say “please change that belt that keeps squeaking, I haven't had a date in months!” lol

    • Patty B.

      well, since my husband says my van is possessed by a woman and is very moody, I think she would have wanted a day at the spa! Since the blinkers only work when they want too, I'm sure a good “massage” would fix that. She does get mad from time to time and decide to make the windows not roll down too so I'm sure a “spa” day would lighten her mood. We did manage to get her 2 new tires right before Christmas but what woman wants to wear anything mismatched so she is impatiently waiting on the other 2 tires to complete her wardrobe. Yes, I'm sure that the day at the “spa” would have been exactly what she would have wanted (oh and a good bath too, but my husband says the dirt is what is holding her together so that might be stretching it a bit, don't want her to fall apart!)!

    • Sarah

      probably owners who didn't allow their kids to eat in the car:-)

    • Alyson

      “You remember when your darling toddler squeezed the fruit snacks too long and they melted in his hands and he proceeded to rub them all over my leather seats? Remember that? Well that doesn't constitute a massage! So how about get me a masssage .. or as you may call it … detailed! I could really use it from the french fry crumbs deep in my cracks to the sippy cup drips along my leather skin to the handprints smeared on my beautiful glass! I do so much for you, shuffling you around to every store where you can get a free toothbrush or the best price on chicken, without ever a complaint or a single break down. So please can I just have a few moments dedicated to me? I can almost feel the creamy conditioner polish soaking into my parched leather and the gentle circular rubs of the waxy polish to make me glisten as I did when I was fresh off the assembly line. I promise if you do, I will get you to ever Harris Teeter Triples Event you could ever dream, just please, grant me this one wish. Thank you!” Love, Your Endearing SUV

    • Ashlee

      Dear Jenny,
      I am 11 years old and have asked my mom multiple times for a new windshield. It started when I got a tiny crack in the corner. She tried to have it fixed, but believe it or not… the idiots made the crack bigger! Then she moved from a warm Texas climate, to a chilly Atlanta winter. I tried to prove my point again with another small crack at the bottom of my windshield on a cold day. When she still wouldn't listen, I decided to turn that crack into rainbow of a crack all the way across the front of the car! I'll admit though, I felt pretty bad when she lost her job a few weeks later. I would love to get that gift certificate for her to put towards a new windshield for me before the cold weather makes me crack even more!
      Ashlee's 1999 RX300

    • Jennifer

      My car would love a little pampering… we'd start with an oil change and tire rotation.

    • Nichole

      A new body and paint job!!

    • BMWbabe

      I'm a 24 yr.old (that's about 75 in human years) convertible who doesn't go topless anymore because well, I sag! I'm tired of all the droopiness and the endless Gorilla Glue Duct Tape holding me together. Seriously, I can use so much to get me running, I wouldn't know where to begin. New ragtop, muffler, A/C, gaskets…LOL it's alot, but I am a 1988 Golden Girl with a lot more “PEP” left in me.

    • brook0405

      New sneakers! (Tires)

    • Well let me tell it like it is sister…you really need to wash me more and keep your stinkin kids from spilling, climbing and just plain tourtureing me on certain days. I do not like being treated like this! Please keep me up a little better, and i will see what i can do to keep from blowing up.
      Yours truely,
      Milicent the Minivan

    • Mel

      ” can you please wash me, you need to keep up with me, if you want to ride”

    • Melissastewart2227

      Mine would have asked for a nice shampooing of it's interior and some seat covers and new floor mats to keep it clean going forward.

    • Ashley W

      My car would definitely like to have me keep the cats off of it for Christmas. Our cat likes to get up there and survey his domain while leaving little paw prints everywhere. Since I dont wash it very often, we have to pray for rain to clean the prints off.

    • Emily

      My car would have wanted a headliner repair! Instead it did get a new tire! (I will never ever buy another car that requires high performance tires!)

    • Brendaziz

      It would've said “You cleaned the house for company- you couldn't have cleaned me too?” :)

    • we4walls

      My car desparately wants new tires!

    • Adahn

      A little pampering now and then would be super nice!

    • Gayle

      My car just sits like a couch potato, it's old with a cracked windshield and dented hood. Kinda like me, it needs a new year's makeover! Poor car, born in 2000, and on its way out..it would like to be out and about more but needs an uplift, something to make it feel and look like new…

    • My car would have asked for a break job that I didn't know I needed until I got it inspected on Monday. :-( $500 in unexpected car maintenance isn't how I wanted to start the year, but $50 at Pep Boys would help soften the blow!

    • Traci

      If my car could talk it would ask for some pretty new shiny wheels!

    • Emarsh6711

      it would have said for the love of pete woman it looks like a big box of snacks exploded in me. please clean me.

    • Barbeeba

      My car would have probably asked for a few thing (I think it is on its last legs). My PC Cruiser would have said, “I would like a new starter since most days I am pretty picky about when and if I will start for you. I would also like new brake pads and my rotars shaved, and possibly a new fuel pump. One more thing…an oil change…or just trade me in for a newer model.”

    • Julie

      My 93 Honda Accord would say give me a tune-up! You drive me to college 45 minutes each way in the rain and snow. You put a lot of wear and tear on my parts and fluids. Tune me up so I can give you the best performance in 2011 and in many years ahead! I may be old but I'm not dead!

    • Molly_mc

      My Suburban would have requested “Please, please change my oil and bring me some new floor mats to help contain the graveyard of Cheerios that your 'sweet' little 2 year old twins continue to build on both my floor and in and around their car seats. Thank you. That is all.”

    • Kelly

      If my Corolla would talk it would BEG for a car wash. The snow and salt from Virginia still hasn't been washed clean.

    • Gmommy

      If my car could talk…. for Christmas it would have wanted me to buy it a girlfriend. A beautiful candy apple red Ford Mustang to hang around with and chat with in the driveway. It would also thank me for loving it so much.

    • Stephanie

      My SUV would have asked for a new pair of shoes for Christmas! Every girl loves a new pair of shoes but this girl NEEDS a new pair of shoes-actually 2 new pairs :( Her front 2 tires were basically bald so I had them rotated for her and I put the “good” tires in the front. Then, we were given bad news: the “good” tires aren't so good either-they have a little more tread than the bald ones but each “good” tire had 2 nails in them a piece in spots that can't be plugged! Therefore, this girl needs 4 new tires or she might collapse on the highway :(

    • Meg Wyrick

      My car would have asked for a car wash!

    • Kendra Brown

      My van would ask a Dr. to perform vanoplasty on it. My van would like to feel good about itself on the interior so that it could be a better van on the outside. (New carpet and seat covers!)

    • Shelleyschu

      Since my husband does all of the car maintenance, we can really use this. We have an 11-yr-old Tercell and just acquired a new-used car due to a car crash that needs big 60,000-mile maintenance. Being a creative type, here's my list. (I starred the ones that we really need.)

      On the first day of Christmas
      My true love sent to me:
      12 Gallons o Filling
      11 Thou(sand) towards a New Car
      10 Brakes a Rotating
      9 Belts a Replacing**
      8 Tires a Balancing
      7 Wheels A-Lining
      6 Cans o Armor All
      5 Golden Tires (or Not Worn Tires)**
      4 Cleaner Car Seats**
      3 Brake Lights **
      2 Spark Plugs **
      And An Oil Change for my car

      Love ya Jenny!!! Pick us!!!

    • Grubbstuff

      My car would like a clean windshield and an oil change! It needs both badly. It gave me a very practical Christmas wish list this year! :)

    • Lgarcia02

      My car would ask for clothes…new car seats (some tears in the seats) and a new cooling system. The ac compressor is out.

    • Lgibson2370

      my car would have wanted an alignment and two new tires. poor thing is going to give out soon LOL!

    • Ksnyder89

      My car would have told me she wanted less junk in her trunk, a deep cleansing and age spot remover, bigger headlights, and a wax job! ;p

    • Emmabee35

      My husband's truck would ask for doors that open correctly and power windows that work!!

    • Charlotte

      My car would ask for an oil change and new brakes!

    • Miatd

      new driver side mirror please and some tune ups to go w/ it…lol

    • DeeDee

      My car would tell me to take better care of it. It badly needs an oil change and has a list of about 10 other things that need fixin, just can't find the extra cash to do it. Times are tough for everyone. Could really use this gift card.

    • Saraarwen

      My car would have begged for a bath…it hasn't been washed in quite a while!

    • Nicole

      If my car could talk it would want a new “owner” LOL I don't take as good of care of it as I should. I agree that we neglect our cars, whether it be due to time or cost. I could really use one fo the cards, to profess my love to my car :)

    • michelle

      My car would have asked for a new paint job!

    • Patriciashonk

      My car would ask to have all the dirt and flower petals cleaned out so it would look like a car not a flower.

    • Smaples23173

      I am writing this for my aunt! Her car would ask for a nice long nap! She has been driving my mom from Mobile, AL to Nashville TN weekly for cancer treatments! Without her, my sister and I would have to leave our children to take my mom! She is truly a lifesaver and her car definetly needs some TLC!!!

    • Cellison

      My car told me it is better to give than to receive. She would like me to give away the trunk full of things that always seem to be there (stadium seat, blackets for outside games, the presents that were carted around forever-especially the ones there now that are on the take back list.) She is sure someone else must be hungrier than my children as they seem to get more crumbs on her than in their mouths. There are other children that need toys more than mine as there are random little toys unders the seats that seem to be forgotten. There are old Sunday School Lessons that have been forgotten about that surely someone could use. If we gave all of these things away, she feels she could spend more quality time with the family: right after the family spends some time filling up her acts of service love tank by cleaning her. My sweet husband works meticulously to keep her running properly. She would like to be able to provide whatever he needs to keep her running.

    • Mollyrogers0

      My car would have wanted a good deep cleaning inside and out!

    • katherine

      My car, a white Honda van I affectionately call Blanche, wanted to have her carpets steam cleaned. She has graciously kept her appearance up despite the metled candies, vomit, sippy cups and crayola fun our young family has thrown at her.

    • babs

      My husbands truck would have probably asked for some racy mud flaps with some curvy ladies on them!

    • Jen

      My car would have said, Please get me a nice garage since there is a foot of snow on my head. I actually felt bad for the car.

    • Bonedigger4u

      my truck would ask for an extreme makeover!!,oil change,tires,a new door(my girlfriend crushed it the day afterxmas)drivers side mirror, and of course a day @ the spa complete w/ wash, wax & detail.

    • Tanyalulu

      Mine would say, “please spare from the constant barrage of cheerios, goldfish and smelly milk.”

    • Cjjmesser

      My car would want a wash and wax because I am a slacker! LOL!

    • Shannon

      New tires!!!

    • Andrea

      My car would love to have its wheels pampered with new breaks and new tires.

    • Misty M.

      I just traded my 2004 Kia Spectra in for a brand new 2011 Kia Soul on December 1st so for Christmas, my new Soul would have said to me: “Thanks for the new vessel! All I want is for you to take care of this Soul, keep this Soul clean, and careful who and what you let ride around in this Soul!”.

    • Nicolecaroline1023

      My car would have wanted earplugs for all the clanking around going on underneath the hood. It also would have wanted an ice cream maker to keep it cool in the Florida summer months since the AC went out over a year ago. :)

    • Ccnapper

      My car would have wanted an oil change for it's belly, new windshield wipers for it's eyes, and new floormats for it's feet.

    • Amygregg96

      A complete tune up!

    • Zjqtcj

      My car would like a clean Christmas. I always feel sorry to him since being a busy mom of two with a full time job, it seems that I never have chance to clean inside for him. My 4-yr old daughter eats breakfaster in the car while I am driving to the daycare on my way to work and eats snacks or later lunch when I pick her up after a whole day of work. I also driving them to various lessons (dance, swimming, etc.) which also causes mess inside my car. I clean him both inside and outside only once for a while. It seems harder to keep inside clean than outside since I can always get a car wash for just outside! You would have to take care of inside by yourself. Once my little goes to school next year, there is less chance to be messy and I will also try my best to keep my car clean not just for Christmas, but everyday!

    • Susan

      My car would say I love this family I get to haul around, I just wish they would stop throwing trash on my floor.

    • Danabehne

      An oil change and a bath….

    • Germaine Jenkins

      With all the carpooling; couponing excursions (and subsequent road trips to share the spoils); shoving in bales of hay, old wreaths, and used Christmas trees off the side of the road and then pulling out seeds, homemade planters and compost for garden lessons at a local school, Orange Juice – our little 2001 Pontiac Grand Am with all the determination and suaveness of an Escalade – would either want a day named in her honor or a messy divorce.

    • Michelle

      My car would say CLEAN ME and FIX MY TIRE! I have 2 babies under 2, so there are tons of puffs, cheerios, wipes and diapers scattered all over my car. My front passenger tire has a slow leak and needs to be fixed…..just waiting on $$ :) PICK ME

    • Cristinawadams

      a new timing belt. my car is also flashing a light at me :)

    • Terrijenkins_06

      My car would want a bath! On the inside and out! A nice oil change would help it on the inside and a wash with actual car cleaning detergent would help on the outside.

    • jbnc143

      My car would have asked for more donations for Angel Tree. So she could drive them to all the children in need of a little love. She drove me to numerous children s homes to give love this year. I love my little car :)

    • Jaxnative40

      The dings and scratches fixed on the outside and to be kept cleaner on the inside!! If I won though, I would give the gift card to my mom who is widowed and on a very tight budget so she can do something for her car.

    • Del

      Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men. And an oil change, oil filter, wiper blades, wash and wax, new tranny fluid and a better owner.

    • Jhartsell

      My car would request a bath inside and out!

    • nc_sunshine

      My 13-yr old Camry would say, “Oh, thank you so much for the new tires, and even more so for the re-alignment! But… if I could have just one more wish, I'd ask for… a hybrid engine?” ;-P

    • Libby

      My car “also known as Jesus' car”, my son named it, would love a new strip on the side door. Also, an oil change and a bath.

    • Meguardo


    • to the tune of “i want a hippopotamus”

      I want a pepboys doctor for Christmas
      Only a pepboys doctor will do
      Don't want a leak, no broken radio
      I want a pepboys doctor to fix me and make me glow

      I want a pepboys doctor for Christmas
      I don't think jenny will mind, do you?
      She won't have to use our dirty chimney flue
      Just send me to pepboys,
      that's the easy thing to do

      I can see me now on someday morning,
      opening up my web browser
      Oh what joy and what surprise
      when I open up my eyes
      to see a pepboys hero standing there

      I want a pepboys doctor for Christmas
      Only a pepboys doctor will do
      No more rattles and squeaks, no more broken seats
      I only like pepboys doctors
      And the pepboys doctors like me too

    • Struckdeals

      My car would have liked a spa day for Christmas, both external and internal. This snow and salt makes it look pretty bad. This messy family makes it look even worse.

    • Laura

      My car would ask for new tires- sorry it's not creative but necessary!

    • Jpittma8

      My poor little car would have just simply asked for a break. It runs a little over 50 miles a day!

    • Kimgarner

      My van wouldn't have asked for anything for Christmas. It has been the most loyal and giving companion for over 13 years and 190,000 miles. But, I would LOVE to reward it with a tune-up and some TLC!

    • Pan_102

      A Pep Boys gift card, of course.

    • Allison Greene

      My car would definitely want a wash and oil change. I've definitely been slacking getting around to doing it

      kitraz13 at hotmail dot com

    • amanda kesler

      My car would like it's duct tape taken off and replaced with what should actually be there instead of the duct tape.

    • Jennifer Crane

      My minivan would have asked for a new battery. It keeps dying, has been serviced and is starting to get crusty on top again.

    • Audry

      my car would have asked for a new set of tires & to be detailed. it also probably would've asked for my kids to no longer ride in it. lol.

    • Mday3

      My car would have a list as long as my daughter's! My car would ask for a tune-up, an oil change and a new sensor for the lights. It would like a weekend off prefer's a day spa to get a little TLC. But…… if all else fails just a nice sponge some soapy water and a good wash!!

    • Pam

      If my car could talk it would say can you put a transmission in me? I know I have been sitting here sense April but I would really would like a transmission. I am in very clean sense you clean me all the time but don't run me.

    • Berea Mom

      My minivan would've wanted a nice garage to sit in during Christmas. We were up North where there was snow and ice and it had no place inside to stay clean and relatively warm.

    • Steward1139

      Some brand new shoes that aren't “scuffed” (Ha, Ha! This would be new tires. I'm notorious for scrubbing them on the curbs at drive-thrus! It is a bone of contention with my husband…. Pick ME! This would make him HAPPY!

    • Kaseyelisabeth

      My car would have asked for a nice hand wash and wax for Christmas! Unfortunately, winter is here, and it is just too cold to go out and wash it myself! :)

    • Lbauer1979

      Just discovered my dear Impala is a poet. She wrote this for me!

      For My Owner…..

      I try to do my best for you,
      Despite my age and mileage.
      You know I’ve been around the block
      And hauled a bit of poundage.

      My tachometer stopped working
      And my lighter never lit.
      But it doesn’t seem to matter much,
      Never bothered you a bit.

      Scratched and dented I may be;
      My carpet needs a cleaning.
      A smoker left burns on my seat
      And upholstery needs a steaming!

      I don’t have good reception and
      know you miss your favorite station.
      For you a special gift I’d like
      To see you show elation.

      So if I could ask for just one thing,
      A new antenna I’d request.
      Practical it’s prob’ly not,
      But useful I have guessed!

    • Mccrary44

      A day at a car spa, to be washed and polished, tires rotated and oil changed.

    • Kyleandbridget

      i think my could would ask for new wiper blades. She really needs them!

    • Dmthomas98

      First let me say thank you so much for your dedication to helping all of us mom save money! We appreciate your time and energies–you are a blessing! Now, on to what my car wanted for Christmas——not 2 front teeth but maybe a super shiny coat, less noises under the hood, earplugs to quieten the squeaky brakes and some attention to the inside. Thanks so much!

    • dealfinder86

      If my car could have requested a Christmas present it would have definitely said “Mama needs a new pair of shoes(tires)! I have had the same ones since you bought me 6 years ago- and they are getting warn down.” :) Along with the Pepboys gift card and the coupon they have out…I could get my car the present it wants! :)

    • Eriley514

      imagine my Saturn Vue singing this…

      deck me please with wheels and tires
      fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
      soon I'll need new belts and wires
      fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
      all i want is nice smooth sailing
      fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
      next year i'll ask for detailing.
      fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

    • Kel2001b

      Dear Santa,
      I know things have been tight lately, but I would really like new fluids, and to be cleaned would be nice as well.
      Thank you!
      Miss Tahoe

    • Nadkins

      My car would love to be clean for a little while, at least.

    • Paula H.

      My car would have wanted a bath–inside and out!

    • haliwa

      New Tires and a Wash

    • Jackie U.

      My car would say: “excuse me, i need the following: an oil change, tire rotatin, alignment, new tires, and while you're at it, how about a car wash at least every 3 months? please.”

    • Pjlisborg

      If my car could talk it would say, can the kids please not cry in their car seats! It would say, please clean me. It would say thank you for going to Pepboys and taking care of all of my needs!

    • Jerry

      My car is a 1987 Chevy Caprice with 308,000 miles. Since the car is 23 years old, it would have wanted a new stereo and some gasohol (gasoline that contains 10% alcohol), just like any other 23 year old.

    • Clairebeautiful

      “Enough with the bandaids, can we just FIX those scratches?”

    • Miriam

      My car would ask for a day at the Pepboys spa : a facial with new lashes (wash and windshield wipers), a full body massage (wash and wax), a pedicure (new tires) and an energy drink (new fluids – oil, windshield wiper fluid, ect.)! I hope I can give my poor car a day at the Pep – spa soon!

    • Angel_in_Charleston

      My car would say, “Excuse me, please, but do you have any idea how long it's been since I had a good bath?”

    • Laura

      My car got $800 worth of work the day after Christmas, so I think all its Christmas wishes came true. At least I hope my cars not a spoiled brat…

    • Ymendez101

      wash me,…….PLEASE!!!

    • Kelly

      my truck would say: 4 new tires.
      3 wiper blades
      2 fluid checks
      and a new
      Transmission PLEASE!!!

    • Lmarthur124

      My car got a present for Christmas – a new tag holder, polished chrome, declaring its allegiance to the University of Georgia! If it could talk, it probably would asked for all the french fries and goldfish to be cleaned from all the crevices and under the seats though :)

    • AshleyandBrad

      My car would want a date with that cute pothole on the Geico commercial… ;-) hehehe

    • Laurin Friend

      My car would have for sure wanted a day off! =)

    • D6140peterson

      my car would have asked for a spa day. It could really use a good cleaning inside and out! Some pampering…etc!

    • Sarah

      “Can I PLEASE have an unlock button that works so that people stop climbing over my seats to unlock the doors?”

      Seriously, we got a new-to-us 12 passenger van for our growing family this year and I love it, but I really wish the automatic door lock buttons worked! It's already had about 150,000 miles on it, but it's otherwise in very good shape.

    • Jet

      If my car could talk and would have wanted anything for Christmas:

      I want you to “PEP” this ride!!!

    • Bsandcs

      For Christmas, my car would have probably wanted a nice quiet vacation. Somewhere away from all of the noisy children it totes around all the time!

    • Nursedeborah

      For Christmas my car would have wanted a nap. We were constantly going.

    • keri

      This year for Christmas my car would have asked for a pair of snow tires!! We went NORTH for Christmas and had snow (which my poor southern car just isn't used to) and it sure had a hard time gripping those snowy/icy roads!

    • atalie

      a new owner!

    • Dawn

      My van would probably ask me to be more careful when I put my son in. He is in a wheelchair and of course it is a wheelchair accessible van. Sometimes I accidentally get the footplates a little too close to the backs of the front seats and there are scratches, so it probably would say for all its bumps and bruises from the wheelchair it needs a little TLC from the PepBoys!

    • Jeremy

      My car would have wanted a touch-up on the paint.

    • Sean B.

      Dear Santa,

      The only thing I want for Christmas is to be loved again! I remember when I was new, and they used to be careful of my interior, clean me at least once a month, shine my tires and bumpers, even inside the doors. Now I go months with dirt so terrible, passers by actually write on me! I know I'm much older now, and some of my parts don't work quite as well. Would you please bring me the gift of TLC? I'd love a warm bath, to be scrubbed with a soft sponge, clean top to bottom. If it's not too much trouble, that special stuff that makes my tires shine? Also, the smelly stuff for my carpet and whatever it is that might make my seats feel smooth. I'd feel so much better in the cold! Love Always, Sienna Bockstie.

    • Naenae248

      It would have wanted a new water pump which is just what it got when it died 4 days after Christmas!!!!

    • Sheri

      My car would have liked tinted windows to keep my daughter from fussing when the sun gets in her eyes.

    • Laura

      New Tires!

    • Candice

      My car would ask for a scentsy air freshener so that it could smell as could as its owner :)

    • Itchin2bstitchin

      If my poor Durango could ask for a Christmas present I think it would be to be a different vehicle. The poor thing needs new tires, has no working AC, I'm thankful the heat works though, needs an oil change and she just got her eye fixed so she can at least see well now. (the headlight was out, for a few weeks.) She's old and has a dent in the passanger door but she gets me from point A to point B so she's a keeper, that's for sure. Plus she was a blessing from a friend, given to us when we had totalled our other vehicle, so I'm thankful for her, Missy is her name and I think she misses good old days when she was brand spankin new, but she's still got plenty of life left in her.

    • Lsbailey2

      I have always named my cars Lucille, so Lucy would want a boyfriend maybe a brand new black shiney Acura MDX ( we've always wanted one)

    • MommaMaz

      My car would have sang a little song, “I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me, I'll be home for Christmas, but only in my dreams,” and wished that it could finally come home from the shop, after two long months of tests and trials, so that we could once again rely on it.

    • Anne

      It would have asked to have it's brakes fixed, and for something to help with the organzation inside.

    • Laura

      My car would have asked for a good bath and a good coat of wax

    • hwind2

      It would have asked to have the oil leak fixed sooner than January 5th! I'm sure it is much happier now!

    • Amy

      It would have wanted 2 new tires (to add to the other 2 new tires it just got).

    • Laceyscoupons

      My car would have wanted me to fix the leaking coolant! It overheated 3 days after Christmas and has been in the shop since…looking forward to getting it back and dreading the expensive bill it will be coming with :(

    • P.L.

      “An extreme makeover” (it's going through a mid-life crisis)!

    • April

      My car would have wanted me! We had a car accident in Nov. and we are still battling it out with the insurance! We have a cheap-o car we are trying to use to get us around until the insurance settles. It could use a good $50 worth of care.

    • Dstone41571

      If my van could talk, it would ask for a new batch of children's CDs. We have worn out the Best of Laurie Berkner, and we need to get some new tunes!

    • Shopperrebecca

      The Green Mom Bus would love a day at the car spa – with a super deluxe car wash, dry, interior vacuum (for all the pretzels, Cheerios and Cheez-its), detailing, and a wax job. She has 170,000 miles on her and has lived in 4 states, but she is our youngest car.

    • Messign14

      My car would have told me to watch out for that deer that I hit just before Christmas! Thank goodness it wasn't Rudolph.

    • JPatchin

      She would have asked for a vacation! She is a 1999 with 215,000 miles and we drive everyday, all day hauling around 4 kids (most of the time)! She is tierd and needs a break!

    • Lornasgems

      Henry, my Honda CRV, told me that all he wanted for Christmas was a trip to the spa…you know, the kind where they soak you and steam you and then rub you all over till your shine is so sleek a banana peel would shoot off ya like a rocket. He's still waiting…we got snow for Christmas!

    • stacey

      My car would have asked for a spray tan in high Gloss.
      ( My clear coat is flaking off in chunks everytime it rains).

    • Misti

      if my car could talk, she'd really want me to help her with better hygiene. that girl's always a mess, kind of looking like pigpen from the charlie brown cartoon, with a cloud of dust following her everywhere she goes. when we open the doors trash falls out. lol

    • 2by2noah

      My van would have wanted to be washed and clean for Christmas.

    • Amcculloch26

      My car would have asked for a new headlight.

    • sjo256@hotmail.com

      A wash & wax!

    • Tammyla

      It would have asked to have the service engine light researched and repaired.

    • Emilysmom32

      A new battery!

    • Anne

      Some sort of repair to keep the interior lights from coming on and going off at random times as we're driving down the highway. It's embarrassing to look like a disco on wheels!

    • Babyspinks


    • Walters13

      It would have wanted a sexy green smart car under the carport with him(Sage)and 2 warm blankets to cover up and tire muff(I know they don't make them) and new head lights so he(Sage) could see what was going on .

    • I think my car would ask for tinting (every classy gal gets shades!) and an oil change and a car wash :)

    • Cliffordc03

      We live in Florida and the love bugs are awful here during certain months of the year. My car would need a new bra to keep the love bugs off!

    • Sweetk3346

      My poor old VW would want to take a course in the Total Money Makeover. That way she may learn something about all this money I'm having to shell out to keep her running. I would then treat her to a day at the spa and get her a deep tissue massage to pull the dents out!

    • WTPBEAR20

      My car would like a day at the spa..it's always filled with cheerios and spilled coffee from the kids and life's daily grind.

    • Sherylwalters1

      Nellie would love to have all new parts. She was born in 1995 and has 150,00miles(she gets around) She has dents and dings but she holds her head high when a new flashy one goes by. She just blinks her lights to say I am paid for and you are in debt for years to come and I get good gas mileage and you are a gas hog.

    • Autumnite1489

      my car has been crying for a bath, brakes and glasses(windshield wipers)

    • Heatherscoupons7

      If my car could talk it would probably have asked for lots of things for christmas! Maybe a new windshield (got a crack on a recent publix trip:), or an oil change…maybe even just a good vaccuming!

    • Whendale

      My car is screaming for a spa day inside and out and some new shoes:)

    • Leandrea246

      My car wants to be detailed. She just got new tires, so a detailing of the inside to get rid of all the cookie crumbs would make her very happy. A new air freshener would be nice too!

    • Kathryn

      Hilda would have loved a road trip to visit my father. Which would also have warranted a wash.

    • April

      My van would have wanted 4 shiny new tires for Christmas.

    • Bee

      My 18 year old car Rustie would say – please help me live a few more years and bring you more memories…..

    • Barb P

      My car would have wanted a little TCL … wash, wax and vacuuming!

    • tar

      Our car would have asked for tires… I was so excited to see your post yesterday in hopes of a great deal…

    • elizabeth

      A new air freshener :)

    • Cindydawson1969

      My car would have asked Santa for a full spa treatment! First a long hot soak, followed by a manicure/pedicure to get the mud out of it's tired treads. Then a facial to rub out the “wrinkles” grime, and scratches. After that a full body massage with some wax would be great. Finally a body cleanse to get rid of all of the toxins under the hood! Hopefully Santa could help takes some “miles” off it's life. After all it has almost 250,000!

    • Mandy

      My car would have wanted some new windshield wipers!

    • dbsnan

      My car wanted some of those spiffy reindeer antlers that you put on by the windows. Not happening!

    • Sebastian's Mommy

      My car really wanted me to give it a major tune-up being it is well passed the 100,000 mile mark…but of course my son's christmas wishes always win over my car.

    • Sherry

      My car would say, I could use a nice bath with lots of suds, a good waxing to restore my luster,a massage of my interior and a pedicure on my floor mats. Under my hood a little TLC is needed.

    • Cdcpayne

      A BREAK, NOT BRAKE! It drives 4 boys around to all their schools, events, practices and is tired.

    • JulieP

      A car wash!

    • Sandy

      My car would want a little appreciation. He feels used and abused and rightly so. Family members jump in and out rapidly each day. The poor thing must rise early even before the sun just to drop off someone at work. Then it is left alone for hours and hours. Finally just when it looks like someone is going to come and appreciate him, he then must run back and forth all over the place. Children jump in, briefly, slam doors as they appear to run to something fun. Trash is left behind, socks, shoes, sometimes even wet umbrellas are tossed with no care into the back of this poor SUV. Usually he is starving (red lights flashing and all) before he is “fed” something. Baths? What's a bath? That hasn't occurred in a long time. Let alone a good internal cleansing. This year for Christmas our hardworking, underappreciated car would probably have wished for any gesture of thanks. But alas, still nothing. Maybe he is yet to earn a belated Christmas gift, thanks to Jenny:)

    • Melanie

      My car wanted a paint job!

    • ashley

      Ummm…better wiring in the dash? So that the windshield wipers don't randomly come on when you turn sometimes. When it's not raining. And you haven't touched the wipers switch.

    • JaxCinderella

      My truck needs some body work, a new drivers side window motor, a tune up and new tires! Need I say more? LOL.

    • Jacs4

      My car would say: “Please give me some new windshield wipers and new car seat covers. I will coninue to run good for you “

    • Melissa

      My car would love nothing more than a nice, warm bubble bath, both inside & out! And, it would also like to remain clean for more than 30 minutes! No more mashed bananas under the carseats, pulverized cereal on the floor, decomposed oranges in the far recesses of the black hole (also known as the back seat), kids' scribbles, I mean, artwork on the ceiling, melted crayons and other unidentifiable food materials in the cupholders…you know- a total makeover! It once was a beaut, but now is like it's owner- well loved and a little worse for the wear! Gotta love those kiddos!

    • Fullofjoy725

      If my durango could talk, it would surely tell you it's LONG Christmas list! For starters, a day at the spa for a nice bubble bath and a wax job, some new shoes (tires), new perfume (air freshener), a beautiful bow to show me off, and a trip to the mountains for sure!!! :)

    • angel

      My car would ask for new wheels.

    • Tracycontest

      A hot spa treatment, nice rub down, and beach vacation is what my minivan always wants for Christmas.

    • Katie

      If Gretta the Jetta could talk, she would say she wanted her own journal to talk about all the road trips we take. Bless her heart, I have taken her on entirely too many trips to see friends. Help me, Pep Boys!

    • Extremecoupongal

      The Green Machine says it would have liked a new windshield, and some interior work done. The Green Machine is a 1996 Honda Civic with over 250,000. she still gets good gas milage and helps our family save money! She takes us to and fro' and she doesn't fuss too much!

    • Jill

      my car would have asked for new HAIR DYE.. because the paint on the roof is fading. My Honda has been a great car to me! Thanks Jenny!

    • Jessica Hill

      My car would want less cheerios and milk on the seat and more tender care like a bath but it's always second since the kids are 1st!!

    • Jnaundorff

      it would say please can i have a car wash and new wipers thanks

    • Jenwiggins2

      My car would like to be friends w/ some of these other cars and their owners. They seem pretty fun and creative!

    • Chree

      A new owner.

    • A little birdie toilet installed next to it which included a sign that read “Gotta use the head? Poop here instead!”

      Her owner, however, would have requested that her HEAT work. Brrrr.

    • grateful2011

      My only means of transportation (an 18 year old truck) would want heat in it. She didn't get it for Christmas because she sacrificed for her 11 year old occupant to have heat instead (gloves and toboggan). She is happy to have done that and purrs still. She is not looking forward to another hot summer with no a/c but she is just like a mother and happily gives up for other's needs to be met. :)

    • Cynthia

      My car would have asked for a new windshield and the Armour All Tire stuff that was free after rebate and that her owner procrastinated buying all year!

    • Mrs_Hawkins

      She would ask for a new pair of kicks (tires) cause hers are totally worn out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heather M

      My minivan wouldn't be too picky…she'd probably just asked for a Bath (inside & out), and a new interior headliner (hers is falling out)…guess its because my kids are driving her CRAZY! Maybe even some seat covers.

    • Skyblueking

      If my minivan could talk it would have wanted new shoes for Christmas. It's shoes are really worn out and have small holes in them. We keep patching the holes but she will need new shoes soon.

    • Amiecher337

      a bath! My car was pretty filthy from all the traveling.

    • Katherine

      My Car would enjoy a hot steam bath!, a tiracure, and a full body detox! it also needs a little flossing in the grill!

    • CHER


    • Sillysnicks

      My car would ask for a sugar scrub to get all the salt and sand off her body from the road prep for winter weather…yuck!

    • Ps59

      My little traveler wanted a new hair do, a full body bath in and out and a full wax job. She deserved it, she worked so hard last year taking me around to the Southern Savings!

    • megsc

      My car would love a new windshield, it has a large crack in it. And possibly a bath and detailing job!

    • memaw4

      My truck would of wanted some new windshield wipers- because every time it rains the windshield fusses at me about the wipers giving it a rash because they are worn out, an oil change because the dash has been binging at me lately because I am overdue for an oil change, my tires are screeching to be rotated, and the dash board is screaming that its skin is dry and it needs a good coat of armor-all lotion.

    • A01ftc

      My car would ask for a telfon dirt repellant for children ages 3 and under for the backseat and possibly a NO MCDONALDs LAW for the backseat passengers.

    • momto3insc

      If my car could have written Santa Claus a letter this year he would most defintley have asked for a shiny brand new clutch, seeing as how his owner just learned to drive a stick shift… And second on the list would probably have been a new headlight…

    • Jeff29414

      Dear Santa,
      I've been a good girl this year. I didn't complain when my owner put regular in my 'premium only' tank or when she left my wiper blades too long and they scratched my windshield. It's not my fault my wires are loose and the high beams come on and go off with bumps in the road. Even though I'm old and tired and my body is worn out, I'm still young at heart and like to race ahead of the other cars and leave them in my dust.
      It would be nice to get some new tie-rod ends so I could get an alignment and wear my tires a little longer – I really like them and they are comfortable. A new K & N Air filter would really help my breathing and enable me to play more with my owner and stop sucking down the gas as much.
      96 Infinity J30.
      PS – thanks for the new blower assembly – it was getting cold inside. I hope you like the Castrol High Mileage 20w50 and the new spark plugs.

    • Jackie

      It would probably tell me to finally get auto start!

    • funk in the trunk

      If my car could talk, it would have wanted some cough syrup for being left out in the cold, some pepto for that awful feeling of cheap gas in the tank, and some prep H for those nasty back fires.

    • Nana52

      Man, I've been the man truck of the family for 10 years now, but am getting old. I'm so cold inside that my owner gets frost bite of his toes and fingers during the winter. During the summer I don't have the strength or what it takes to keep him cool on those hot days. Why, the Mrs. won't even ride in me anymore. All I want is to be able to keep my master warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Then, maybe the Mrs. would also visit me sometime.

    • T Willis

      To Whom It May Concern:
      I am requesting a therapist for an unforseeable future. My family expects me to always be there when they need me, dependable for sure. I am the one that has to carry all kinds of their junk (not saying some of it is definitely needful). One of the worst things is all the noise I have to put up with. The two babies really get on my nerves with all of their whining. Plus, my family gets upset when I get sick or need a check-up. There is never enough money for me to get a decent bath much less a much needed polishing massage. What's more, they constantly forget to feed me my necessary fluids which makes me need a check-up even worse. Let's just say I have an endless list of things I need to discuss with a therapist.
      Toyo Sienna, 98

    • Kkdavisma

      If my “Bessie” could talk she have wanted something so simple as new windshield wiper blades to combat the snow as it falls this winter.

    • Angrcooking

      WOW….I have tried the better part of the day to post….YOU really have us talkin'.
      If my vehicle could talk it would tell you of the many great times we have had in the “Happy Wagon” (97 Grand Caravan) When we purchased it almost new, I was so thankful to God for such a Blessing, and today he is still using it to bless my family, we have not had to have 2 vehicle payments at one time due to the great service. Even with Service though, it rarely ever gets a wax, it really could use one!

    • jen r

      I want a tune up!!! (says Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

    • Lisahart88

      I would have asked for new tires, my feet are sore. That's not asking for much considering I spend hours on the road everyday and I have had the same shoes for over a year. I would love some soap too, I don't get bathed too often. And some wax too, my skin get dry in the winter.

    • New headlight covers – she can't see very well at night.

    • Amber

      My car would ask for a heater and probably for the last semester's worth of books and returned essays from its owners grad school work to be removed from the backseat before school starts again on Monday!

    • Ecolins

      My car would've asked for a real name for Christmas. I call her Little Car and sometimes I feel like she needs a better name than that.

    • Jessica

      My car, “Jeep Jeep,” would have asked for new shoes (aka tires). Bless her heart she runs the road night and day helping me save lives with my job at the American Cancer Society.

    • Motherdawn

      My car would've asked me to FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME and change the time on the radio. Right now, I have to subtract an hour and five minutes (I do this so I am always 5 minutes ahead to everything!) in order to get an accurate time!

    • Kathyneff

      My car wants the brakes to stop squeaking!!

    • Shannon

      Please let me win! My car wanted a clean up for Christmas!

    • Slbkendrick

      My minivan would ask me to please look more carefully when I'm backing down the driveway because that fence really hurts! And probably a good bath, inside and out to make her feel loved. We used to call her the Silver Bullet but at 175,000 miles she became Bertha. BUT an old paid-for minivan beats a spiffy new car with a monthly payment every time!

    • Mspat9

      If my car could talk it would say please consider changing my oil the next time you get a few extra bucks,so that we can continue to ease on down the road.

    • Tigcin4u

      If my car could talk it would ask me to please take it in for a tune up so it does not backfire and embarass my son every time we go to the bus stop. It is 22 years old and runs great but does need new plugs and wires. Trying to hold out until income tax time.

    • LChristian

      Pick me :) my car would like you to check her humming noise…she's not quite sure why she has started this and would like to talk to a professional.

    • Allison

      THIS IS THE STORY OF UG THE WOULD BE BUMPER BEAUTY…some people may think that i house a small family of birds under my hood….oh the things my 01 Blazer would want for Christmas! (some people name their cars my husband calls mine “UG” i.e. ugly because some bashed my bumper in & drove off…) Ug would have really wanted a pretty new bumper for christmas…shes a fit old girl who can park at an angle to avoid stares from other drivers…but one thing she can not hide as she approaches is the chirps that escape from her hood while she putters along…she would have asked santa to fix her wayward belts and as long as she can get from A to B she can wait to become a bumper beauty! :)

    • If my Xterra could talk, it would probably say, “Hey Dummy!, Don't you hear that squeaking/grinding sound every time you apply your brakes? I've been trying to tell you something for months now! It's time to get those brakes changed before we need new rotors too! Oh, and by the way, remember when you slid down the hill that day it was icy, well, it might be time for new tires too.”

    • Jamie

      My husband wants a cold air intake for our new Grand Cherokee.. whatever that is!

    • it would want a k&n performance air filter system

    • Mari

      My car would have sang, “All I want for Christmas is my two front tires, my two front tires, my two front tires…” lol

    • Rebecca ann

      a sunny day! (it's a convertible, and the top has been up for quite some time now!) :)

    • PK

      Please please please get me some new shoes! :)

    • Tcderrick

      Please fix me so I can take that fourteen year old girl out to lunch with her boyfriend after church and the heat belt doesn't squeak when you turn it on…please for the teenagers sake ;)
      From the mom of the teenager girl

    • Laura

      A new engine! It was like looking at Christmas lights when my “check engine soon” light kept flickering on and off. Still don't know what's going on…can't afford to check it right now!

    • Aawest0

      My car would have wanted some rest and a good washing! I'm on the go so much, and it is probably tired of taking me all over the place and never being able to sit still, plus it has to go all over town looking dirty.

    • My car would have asked to join me in Jamaica, sitting under a palm tree, drinking 15w 40 with an umbrella in the cup.

    • Ewe2us

      A trip to the auto-spa, (bath and interior makeover), an organic buffet of environmentally friendly fluids, and new tires! Poor thing is an overworked, unappreciated, reliable van that faithfully carts our family of 5 everywhere we desire. The view is strictly pastoral with only cows, horses, and the occasional tractor for company. (Very rural community!)

    • Clark7371

      Well, since I totaled my car the day before Christmas, it would want to still be living on Christmas!

    • steph m

      an oil change! {heck it really just wanted to be driven.. I just went back to work after 15 weeks off with my NEW little girl!}

    • Peggy

      My car would have wanted a tire rotation. Sorry, Pearl (that's what I call her!) I'm a little overdue!

    • Elena

      My car would be asking me for the new carpet it has been wanting!!!

    • Jsherard12

      My car would ask for a massage (wash and wax), a pedicure (new tires), a facial (detailing), and a good meal (oil change and a tank of gas)!!

    • Iamjamesdean

      Dear Santa, I'm a 73' Lincoln Continental. I was very good to my owners in 2010….
      I know That it was just an oversight. Because of my age and experience I know (1) to stop at the red light…. (2) that this –> means turn right… and (3) Pep Boys sells additives that keep my seals tight.
      So Santa please

    • julesscbeach

      It would say “Please give me some new brakes so the whole neighborhood doesn't hear me drive up every day and some new tires so momma is safe driving two hours to work and back each day!”

    • Dluchsinger1

      My van would ask for a face lift (there are a few dents and scratches) and a really good bubble bath. With 3 kids, it needs some TLC.

    • BenB

      Dear Santa,
      I was very good this year which is alot more than I can say for my human. He has neglected me long enough. This year I want some new shoes, the front two atleast. They're wore wore slap out. I'm sure you remember my size but, in case you forgot they are 31×10.50×15. My energy level could use boosting. Sometimes I feel like my battery is dead. Well, all the time actaully. Finally, there's the fact that I'm always hungry. I tell my human constantly but, he just ignores me. I feel like I'm always empty even when I'm full so a fuel pump would be nice. Please help me!

      Your Friend,
      1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo XJ

      P.S. If it's not too much trouble, a new, more understanding human would be nice as well.

    • Mark

      a 60,000 mile service performed by me. (spark plugs, coolant, transmission fluid, and oil change) and a fresh coat of wax.

    • Lgarrett1

      My car would want new belts to keep everything running nice and tight, and it would say that the owner could use some new belts herself since her's are getting too tight!

    • Shellie

      It would've asked for a sweater. A very BIG sweater. I live in Florida – and it was cold here!

    • Sonice50

      My car would ask for a new set of tires. my car tires need to be changed really really bad…

    • Joan

      My car would say “please retire me, I gave you 180,000 good miles.

    • Aemama

      “I'm so glad you bought me, but I need taking care of too.”

    • Amathmom

      This Christmas I really was hoping for a NEW CD PLAYER. But I couldn't tell my owner because my horn was broken.

    • Spiderman7

      Santa baby, Santa baby,
      You know me! I'm all worn out. My enguine is tired, I really need new plugs and wires my daddy would've done it 8 months ago if it werent for having to take the gas lines off but thats just to risky. Round home though things just aint goin so good. My daddy he works hard, Lord bless him, but everything else in the house seams to be going bad too. (need new house a/c, almost needed a new dryer but they were able to get by with a new belt thank goodness, 3 weeks before Christmas we found out my sibling '99 Dodge Dakota won't even start and it's baffiling us all, anything eles- well the house needs several other repairs too but i'm running out of room and you're probably ready to hit the sleigh so i'll let you go)

      Please Santa keep me in mind in you're wonderful flight,

      Sincerly, tired '99 Ford Expidition

    • Martin k.

      I'm sorry my alternator went, thanks for sending me to Manny! When my water pump went…Thanks for trusting Moe! And now that it's cold and snowy my heat has given out, so I'm hopeful you'll send me to Jack, so I can keep the frost off your back!

      Please Pep Boys help me keep my driver warm this winter; he has taken care of me with your help.

    • laura

      Dear owner that abuses me with all the many children that come in and out and in and out of my daily. Please change my oil more often since you are always running here and there for hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, cheer, dance, volleyball, church functions and other kids activities. Please give me some time and refreshment that is well needed :) LOVE YOUR CHEVY 12 PASSENGER EXPRESS VAN

    • Wickywitch79

      To be fixed after my husband's accident!

    • Yellowboy_79

      If my car could talk, it will tell me to by him a new radiator because it hates going to the restroom everyday in public.

    • Nicole P

      Dear Santa,
      My letter to you this year must have gotten lost in the mail. Next year, can you please bring me the biggest, most powerful set of earplugs that your elves can possibly make? The family that owns me has these really cute kids, but you can't imagine how loud they are the minute the get inside! They sing and talk at the top of their lungs for the whole ride. Actually, I think the grown-ups would love it if you leave a pair of ear plugs for them too! Thanks!

    • Lrae17

      Please give me a new windshield so I'm no longer embarrassed by the giant crack in it.

    • kidsallgone

      If my car could talk, it would have asked for new brake pads. It is a 1997 Ford Windstar and has been through years of carpooling to soccer, band, ballet,
      Sunday School, school, as well as the usual grocery stores, friends' houses, and many trips out of town.
      It has taken care of my family for over 10 years and now it's time for me to take care of my car. Thanks :)

    • Johnbsamela


    • Rebekah

      I am just an old car but there are some things that I need,Like some pretty new paint on my doors where I once got keyed!I could use some new tires, these ones just don’t do the trick,They are really bad now that the roads are getting slick!I really need a good cleaning; you should see the stuff inside,With stale cheerios and cheeses, new snacks every time they ride.The kiddos really beat me up, dirt and grime on my seats,But I watched them grow up so let’s keep those little feet!My engine has seen better days I think it about to blow,There are some days when I really lack that Get-up-and-Go!I guess as I think back life has really been pretty good,But I could sure use that $50 to buy something for under my hood!Rebekah

    • Portertown Saver

      My car would have asked for a good cleaning and wax job. The owner has been too busy going all over town after all the good deals found on Southern Savers.

    • Queenlucy114

      For Christmas my car would've asked for the big dent on the back door to have been popped out so the window could actually open! And maybe even for some nicer toddler car seats. My car is self conscious about the messy car seats.

    • Heather W

      For Christmas my poor old car would've loved a little pampering. She would like a wash and nice coat of wax. Her tires are a bit “iffy” so she'd really appreciate a new pair of shoes on the back end. And an oil change would help her feel oh so much better, too.

    • Heidelbergw

      stop letting me grind so hard when you press on those stupid brakes that hurt soooo bad! willie H.

    • Delaina Hooks

      My car would like a new EYE!

      Meaning I only have one head-light!

      The whole unit fell out and it has been half-blind for almost a year

    • JulieT

      My car would of wanted a a set of new tires, a major cleaning inside from the kids crumbs and other trash and a car wash and waxing.

    • Jcollins25

      My cars list would have been long, but the top of its list definately would have been an oil change. This year santa had to put this member of the family at the bottom of the list.

    • Is it too late to enter?? Our truck needs an oil change after the long trip to NJ! And back!!

    • Monica

      If my husband's car could talk, it would definitely ask for a side view mirror! Also, not as much of a necessity, but some hubcaps. My husband's car is missing all four hubcaps and a driver's side mirror! His neck is giving him serious problems from having to turn to see what's coming and what's on the side of him. This would truly be a blessing!

    • Jeanie

      My car would ask us to us to fix the dent in the bumper. It's been there for 4 1/2 years!

    • kelly

      After 250,324 miles- my says… give me a rest….a little TLC….

    • Burroughs85

      We traded my car for a SUV when my oldest daughter was born. She was our first, so we didn't realize how messy children would be in a car. NOW I know not to buy black cloth interior! Although I have cleaned it and scrubbed, it really needs to be detailed. So in my car's perspective…..it probably would have asked for a day at the “car spa”….to be detailed and cleaned and feel “new” again!

    • A 18wilson

      What would my car want to be for Christmas? I think it would have wanted to be a good reliable car and not have to go to the dealership which seems like the car is more there then it is here it might be tired of having parts taken off and new ones on all the time, it would want to be left alone.

    • Eric

      My truck would have liked a new paint job with a couple of racing stripes to make it feel young again. It's been a good work horse over the years but acts tired in it's old age and needs some zip.

    • Alicia

      If my car could talk, What would it have wanted for Christmas? I, would have to say a oil chang & new hubcaps. It is way over due for an oil change especially that I put over 100 miles a day round trip to work and home. Oh, the hubcaps I have a chevrolet and why does it seems that all chevrolets hubcaps after so long sounds as if they are going to just fall off the wheel and rattle so bad “Needing New Hubcaps ASAP”

    • JessicaLivingston

      My little Honda would have asked for a more heightened ability to stop – i.e. a break pad tune up! We drove over 4000 miles between November and December alone. We had to see family and driving was more economical. It was really fun, though!

    • Cevans0225

      All my poor car would have asked for Christmas is some air!! An Oxygen Sensor, that is. Every now and then I get a little Jerk from her saying, I can't breathe. The fine folks at Pep Boys told me what the problem might be, just bad timing for Christmas to but it. I guess she needs a little present too!

    • Mandy

      My car would probably ask for a new “wig.” The liner is falling and currently held in place with push-pins.

    • Melissaving

      If my car could talk, it would have asked for a BMW BFF to join him in the driveway =]

    • Brandi

      mine would have wanted the reindeer antlers and nose to be removed from it so that it wouldn't be made fun of each time we went out in public

    • Avscoupons

      Our car would have wanted new tires–ours are bald!

    • Chapman525

      Our car would say help! I need new wiper blades so I can see to get my family safe where they would like me to take them!

    • Kristi

      New brakes

    • Csoble1214

      It would of said I want a new sister, a smaller one and no twin, lol.

    • Shannonboat

      My car would ask for some “plastic surgery.” A new “backend” and a new side panel. I'm not the best at backing up and tend to catch her on a few things!!

    • If my car could talk, it would have wanted to be given a new home for Christmas. I am trying to sell my 2008 Toyota 4 Runner so that I can live a debt-free lifestyle. I got a new job in August which has given me a company car and I don't want to have to pay on a car I'm not using. It is in ABSOLUTELY perfect condition, just like new, with 28k miles on it. I'm asking $24k OBO if you know of anyone interested. It's a beauty…sunroof, roof rack, and running boards.

    • Rachel

      If my car could talk, it would ask for a makeover! she's so covered in pollen the light green apparently looks 'gold' (or so says my last parking ticket). The poor girls 'clothes' (upholstery) is coming apart from reg. wear and tear. :( My poor baby still needs an oil change and fluids refilled. This article reminded me of that…..

    • Benjenpip

      My van would of wanted a front end alignment, because I have two new teen drivers who have been using the curb to stay on the road…Pray for me.

    • Kdodds

      My car would ask for a diagnostic evaluation, a much needed tune-up, and a back shock so it can stop squeaking.

    • Kelly

      Willy Jr. (my 2003 Gran Am) would state that it has been a long time since it has had a tune-up and tire rotation. It would feel like a day at the car spa.

    • Rosie

      My car would just say Help!!! I am falling apart and could use some serious help.

    • Gail

      My car wants new tires so she can keep rolling!

    • Amynycol

      My moms car tore up Thursday night and she doesn't have the money to fix it. This would really help her out.

    • Ben

      I am a full time student with a full time job. My car is my life line.
      My car would say “There are several fuel saving devices that will save you money and boost your horsepower and with gas prices on the rise, I could use some help.”

    • PD

      I have a wife and three children all of which are driving. All the cars are screaming HELP but a man can only work so fast. Pep Boys HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

    • KitKat

      My Car would say ” Help me Jenny, Help help me Jenny. I have travel many miles and been used and abused. All I am asking is for some much needed Little R and R in the Pep Boys Shop. Any and all pampering their is appreciated.”

    • Corie

      Seems like everything is needed on my car at once, would love help getting it done :)

    • Stephenie Langford

      Our car is a 1995 Dodge Neon and if it could talk…the Neon would of asked for the heater to be fixed! Truly, it is a great car considering how old it is!

    • T Henrikson

      My SUV wanted a playmate for Christmas.

    • Griffingirl69

      my care would say it needed new motor mounts:(

    • Anorthcutt

      To quit “passing gas” out of both ends. It's been “passing” smoke out the front AND the back!!

    • Ksnyder89

      were the winners announced? I must have missed it….

      • Molly_mc

        I don't know but I never saw anything – she should post them on here just in case people missed it (along with their answers)

    • CajunDutch

      If my car could talk, it would definitely say: “I don't care what you give me, as long as they're not a pair of those Bull Balls!”

    • Scrappindesign

      I didn't see it posted either!?!