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Come Krogering With Me

on 7.27.2010 at 9:43am

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A Guide to Shopping at Kroger

Many of you ask if I will go to the store with you.  That’s not really an option unless you want my three kids to go too.  So let’s head to the store through video.  This is the first of many store specific videos I’ll be adding.

Give me a little leniency on quality it’s very hard to control the inside of a store and we kept getting interrupted by over head announcements!

    • jennifer_b3

      Great video! The only part I wouldn't be comfortable with is putting the items in bags as I'm shopping. I'm sure the stores loss prevention wouldn't be comfortable watching me do this either :) For mega events I usually make hash marks/check marks on my shopping list as I'm putting the items in my cart to keep up with the quantities.

      • Mom_4_Him

        I have seen many people do this!! Some stores even offer you a bag to load while shopping. I don't think loss prevention would have a problem unless you rolled out of the store without paying.

        • M Yarbrough

          When I shop with both of my kids cart space is at a premium and I will pack things into my reusable bags and then just load the whole bag onto the belt at the check out (always at Publix) but no one has ever said anything about me taking items from the shelf and putting them directly into a bag.

      • Guest

        well actually I used to shop at a place called Giant eagle they have self scanner where you scan the item and bag them as you shop. At the end you scan you shopper card and pay. Many stores are fine with you putting times in bags as they watch you pay before you leave.

      • Madpaulmom

        Bloom actually encourages putting the stuff in bags with their automatic check out system. You scan your Bloom card, pick up a hand held scanner, scan groceries, bag em, stop at the cash register and pay for them. Every once in a while you will get “picked” for the CS Rep to check your bags against your scanner, but in 3-4 years, I have only been “picked” once, and that was my first time using the scanner.

      • Kelley

        I place my counts of 10 in different parts of the cart (my Kroger has carts with 3 sections). I can then place items 10 in bottom, 10 in top, and 10 in 3rd section. Also use a hand basket in the cart for extra space if needed.

    • Kaylabug19

      great video…you did a wonderful job!

    • Michelle9953

      It was awesome Jenny! Thanks…

    • Netashia

      Thanks for doing this video! Very helpful!

    • Lydaelaine

      Great tutorial on Krogering. Bear with me. I'm new to all this. One question. I know I need to get a Kroger card, but then how do you load ecoupons? Thanks.

      • Lvm_hill

        You just go to the kroger.com or other digital coupon sites, register which has you enter in the Kroger bar code number and then start clicking the coupons you want to add!

      • MaryH

        Go to http://www.kroger.com and look for “digital coupons” in the middle of the page. You’ll have to get the Kroger Plus card and use it at least once before you can register it online & load coupons.

      • Ccmalloy

        Go to Kroger.com and register your Kroger Plus card, and you will find the ecoupons there.

        • Lydaelaine

          Thanks I'm sure I'll have more ?????

      • Savermac

        Go to the Kroger website. You will need to register your kroger card, then you will be able to load your cpns.

        • Lydaelaine

          Thank you!

    • Sarahbeth1210

      Awesome! Thanks. I got some great ideas and learned some new things as well!

    • NBlanco

      Fantastic tutorial video! I saved 90% yesterday at Kroger with the P & G mega event, e-coupons, and print coupons!!! 1 Febreze air effects, 2 Old Spice oder blocker body washes, a Gillette hair/body wash, 2 Old Spice “fresh” deos, 1 Herbal Essences shampoo, Crest toothpaste, Suave deo, 2 Oil of Olay bar soaps, Kroger brand wheat bread, hot dog buns, and a bag of salad–$5.16 with tax. I’m still in shock!

      A friend sent me to SS a month ago, and just in the first month month I’ve spent less than half what I normally do on groceries. (I track with mint.com.) You do a great thing, Jenny! Thank you!

    • Thank you for letting us get “inside your head” a little bit on shopping! Great point about large cuts of meat, as well. I appreciate everything you do.

    • Amy C.

      Great video! Lots of pointers, and time saving tips! Thank you Jenny!

    • ivegotcutekids

      LOVED the tip about putting the mega event items in grocery bags!! This has always been an issue with me when I go to check out (usually with my four kids) and I'm trying to count items to make sure it's the right number. Great, helpful video! Thanks!!

    • Ccmalloy

      I thought the video was very informative, Jenny, thanks! Was curious to see how much you saved, tho!

    • Tina

      Loved it-Thanks!!

    • BluStarMom

      For my Mega Event count I usually right down on my printout list how many of each item with and “*” beside it as how many of this I item I want and it counts towards the 10 items, so ahead of time I know how many I want, just as you do with the coupons….Thanks for the video!!!

    • Cksessions

      Loved the video! I would love to see how much you saved/spent. One other thing, I had a problem with my coupons not doubling and I called the store. I was told that I MUST GIVE MY CARD FIRST in order to get the manufactured coupons to double. Not sure if this is local or if all people have had this happen. Thanks

      • Guest

        Always should give your card first :)

      • Savermac

        Yes, you always need to give your card first. That is what the cashiers downin TN have said to me.

      • MaryT

        We don’t have a Kroger where I live, but Lowes Foods ads say “20 coupons doubled every day with your card” — makes me think that the card should be scanned first (may be why most cashiers ask for it first?). Also seems to me that if you don’t have/use a card, none of your coupons will double.

    • Kimboone123

      EXCELLENT video! Thanks for aLL you do!!!

    • Beth

      This is a great video! I hate the mega deals because I'm always recounting items. Thanks for the tip!

    • bichelle

      Awesome video! Thanks a bunch!

    • Rgood625

      The STORE let's you put items into a BAG before purchasing…….WOW VERY INTERESTING!

      Don't have a Kroger here in Fl. thanxs for the tips though.

      • MaryT

        I've done this with ice cream before — put it into my insulated bag to keep it cold before checking out — and never got a questioning look. As long as you're not doing self-checkout where it could be mistaken for an attempt at shoplifting, I can't see that it would be a problem. Afterall, the filled bag has to get past the cashier.

    • Roxyb62

      Thanks Jenny. I've been doing this a while, but you had some tips I hadn't thought about. Great job.

    • Lyn

      You can also use printed manufacturer's coupons on top of the e-coupons loaded onto your card for even more savings since the e-coupons are store coupons. I was able to get Yoplait yogurt cups for LESS than $.25 per cup using the manf. coupons + e-coupons.

    • Tara

      Great video! Love the bag tip, will definetly try that next time. I broke my order up to be able to use a catalina on the second order. The cashier told me that was against Kroger policy and that if I wanted to use the $$ off catalina that I received from the first order, I would have to physically leave the store and come back! I just looked at him like he was nuts and he decided to let me use the catalina on the second transaction.

      • Chrstyamyrs

        I've gotten that at Food Lion so I told them to hold on real quick, put my foot out the door and came back. I think it's stupid but I wasn't in a mood to fight that day.

        • Michelle

          They tried that at Kroger last week and with 2 kids that weren't in the mood for shopping any more, I looked at him and told him that no where on the coupon did it say I had to re-enter the store or come on a different day. And if he thought my two screaming kids weren't enough of a distraction, add a screaming mother to the mix too because I wasn't in the mood either! He accepted the catalina coupon! (And I normally don't make a fuss but really…that is super stupid!)

    • Myracash66

      Awesome Jenny! Thanks!

    • Olbupp

      Really liked your video – now if we can just get a Kroger in the Greer/Greenville, SC area! I did notice you don't have a binder, so items like the Sudafed special you weren't prepared for as I know you must have more coupons than would fit in the pouch. I always try to carry my binder for just such specials. Bi-lo often has markdowns like you mentioned, as does Ingles. Thanks so much for your tips and the bag idea is awesome! Not only keeping it organized, but doing your part for the environment! THANKS!!!

      • renamac

        yes I like to bring my binder too But I do have my list along with the quantities of each sale item and the coupons I am going to be using for the items on my list already pulled this makes my shopping trip go so much more faster and no surprises as I check out.

    • marie

      Great video, Jenny! Too bad I don't have a Krogers in Tallahassee, Florida.

    • Elle

      Love this tutorial even tho Kroger isn't my regular grocery store. Would love for you to do tutorials for other stores. Many thanks for all the info you share!!

    • al

      Very informative. Thanks Jenny!

    • Chrstyamyrs

      Thanks for posting! I don't have Kroger near me, but when I go home during hubby's deployment I will be in Kroger heaven (home for me is Ohio) so it'll definatly help me here soon!

    • Nancy

      This video is awesome! I've been a serious couponer for a couple of years and still I learned a couple of things here. Especially the idea of bagging my items instead of constantly recounting them. Thanks so much.

      • diana

        This helped me too! Plus when you get to the register you can watch them scan those items to be sure they all have this [+] next to them. Once in a while I grab a wrong item and it messes up my count (like a wrong size of cereal). If the items are all together in groups of 10 this will be much easier!

    • Molly

      Thanks Jenny! Loved the video and would like to see more tips/videos for other stores! Thanks for all the hard work you do!

    • Roberta

      Awesome, helpful video!! Thank you!

    • Gazelle1

      That was really Good!! Thank you for explaining about close-outs.

    • Amanda S.

      Love it! Thanks for doing that! I especially liked the idea about bagging the mega event items in the cart. That is always the biggest problem for me!

    • Vivianmarie244

      Great video!! Thanks so much for your help. One question. Outside of bringing your whole binder of coupons, how can you prepare for the close out deals you find? I always bring my binder for just that purpose but I would LOVE to keep from having to do that. Open to any suggestions.

      • Dmllr813

        All I have to shop is Kroger and Walmart! So, everytime I got to Kroger, I have my eyes out and will just make another trip. Like last week I went to get stuff to make lasagna (without coupons cause company was coming!) and I noticed that there were some jars of Prego speghetti sauce on closeout for $1.37 each. So the next time I went, I grabbed those prego coupons (don't remember where I got them) and got my close out jars of Prego for .87 per jar!

    • Savanarola

      Great vid! Nice advice – very useful.

    • Heather

      excellent video! Thanks so much for the tutorial! The B1G1 thing, how the item will ring up half price even if you don't buy the second item…you said that's in the “south”. Does that include Texas? I know Texas/Louisiana is kind of it's own Kroger division….

      • bunchofpants

        This is probably something to ask at your particular Kroger store … Jenny may not know. And if you do ask, it's a good thing to post here so others in your area can know too!

    • Sabevandagriff

      You're a God sent ! I'm going out of town this week and I'm planing a Kroger trip ! We go on vacation every year to the same place and they have a Kroger's, Lat year i got thier card but had no idea about the E-coupons, So Thank You for this extra savings

    • Kim

      Wow! What a great video! I LOVE, LOVE the mega deal tip, of putting your 10 items in bags so you don't have to recount. I can't believe I never thought of that.

    • Ilovecoupons26

      The Krogers in the Savannah area limit all coupons to two per like items – even newspaper coupons! I just purchase two items at their store and price match the rest. If its a coupon that won't double I just price match and purchase all the items at a comptetitor store.

    • Kpashchuk

      Thanks Jenny – I just moved to NC and have a Kroger near by. I've been shopping almost exclusively at Publix for the last 4 years (which we don't have here:( ) and when I went to Kroger for the first time last week, I was so lost! This video was very timely and super helpful for me!

    • Jenni

      Great job, Jenny! I don't have a local Kroger, but this whets my appetite for future Publix/Bi-Lo videos!

    • Julie

      Great job and great tips especially bagging your items. I think you also gave me the tip to use at CVS with your cart. ie first base, second base etc… That works well with multiple scenarios. Thanks for all you do.

    • Kb

      thanks! very informative. would they let you video the check out?

    • columbuscouponer

      Great video. I will be trying the 10 item bag tip!

      One question, is it legal to use an e-coupon and manufacturer coupon for same item. Is this what you refer to as stacking?

      • Dmllr813

        You can use a ecoupon and manf coupon at the same time. I just got 30-something count of tide stain release packs for $1.49. They are $7.49 in the store. However, there is a $3 off e coupon and a $3 off mnf coupon. Plan to do it again on my hubs card!! I like those stain release paks but refuse to pay the outrageous cost of them!

    • Hotmommy100

      Love this video! Will you please address the catalinas again and how the product is marked. I believe you said there is a red tag on the shelf? I've never noticed those before. What should I be looking for?

      • Stacey

        They are under the price tag. It is a white tag with red writing. The writing is kind of small and tells the details of the catalina deal. It may say something like “buy 2 items get $.50 off, buy 3 items get $1 off”. I have trouble spotting them unless I know the catalina deal is going on.

        • Hotmommy100

          Thanks! I think I do remember seeing these now.

    • Faith

      Thank you for taking the time to do this video, Jenny. It couldn't have come at a better time as I just moved away from my “comfort” stores and am now re-learning how to shop at new stores, including Kroger, Meijer and Giant Eagle. I don't feel quite so overwhelmed now. :-)

    • Sally

      Wonderful video!! Thanks so much!!

    • Bamadawgs

      Thank You so very much for your heart and time that you invest in others. You are truly an answer to prayer!

    • Stacey

      this is AWESOME!! I feel like I am pretty good with the coupon thing – but I had never thought about putting the 10 items in a reuseable bag!!! What a great idea!! I actually laughed out loud when you talked about having to count your items like 17 times – I soooo do that!!! One question – does Kroger take competing stores coupons??? Thanks for everything!!

      • columbuscouponer

        My Kroger in MS does not take other store's coupons.

      • Staceyw81

        I like the tip about mega event items in reuseable bags too. I may try it. I do something that's kind of silly to keep up with mine. I talk to my 18 month old about it while I'm shopping. If I have 6 mega event items in my cart, I keep saying. “Can you say 6? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.” I probably sound ridiculous, but it helps me remember and keeps him entertained!

    • Excellent; Now I may start shopping at Kroger even though it's 30 miles away.

    • Lori

      Oh how I miss Kroger and Publix! I moved to Charlotte several months ago and I miss Kroger and Publix terribly!!!

      • momof3

        Lori, You're going to LOVE Harris Teeter! (depending on which one you go to…If you're in Union Co, avoid the one on the corner of Providence and Weddington–Not a very pleasant store.) We go to the one in Wesley Chapel, and the folks there even know me by name! We're in the process of –trying to– sell our home and move to KY, with Kroger, and I'm devastated!

        By the way, know of anyone who needs a house??? :)

    • Pealops

      I love the video! Thanks, you've even taught me more! But I have to say I have a one cashier at my Kroger that loves to check me out ever since I've been using Southern Saver. He rings everything up with my total before my Kroger card and coupons. Its a game! He, my 13 year old son, the bagger and myself try to figure out what the total savings is going to be!!! Thanks for helping me reduce my grocery bill!

    • Kristy

      Thank you so much for posting this video. I have learned how to save even more!

    • jhillpot

      That was fun! I don't have a Kroger near me, but it's still interesting to see how it works. Looking forward to the other stores!

    • Great tips! And I, too, love the Mega events. Today I saved 95 PERCENT! That's my highest savings ever. I spent $2.30 on over $30 worth of items. All of it went to one of our local food co-ops that has empty shelves. The cashier and the bag boy were both cheering me on! As far as when to give the coupons to the cashier, I do it right away and they usually love me for it.

    • swehla

      Thanks for the video. Do you take your coupon binder just in case a closeout item has a corresponding coupon? Thank you so much!

      • I just bring back the receipt with the coupon and get reimbursed for the difference. I miss out on some deals, but it takes a lot of time to clip everything and it also takes a lot of time to find a coupon so I have found that this works better for me in the long run.

    • Thanks for some great tips – I did not know about the Catalina signs in the store. My biggest problem with Kroger here in the Nashville area is they have so many unadvertised specials and don't match the Kroger sales here on SS. I only clip coupons according to my shopping list to save time. I have files of coupons organized the way you reference them here and then I follow the matches. I'm frustrated with Publix, but they make it easier for me to shop efficiently.

      • momof3

        I didn't realize that Publix had spanned out of FL/GA/SC…..I envy you!

    • Nookiesix

      this video was so helpful. cause kroger is my primary store for groceries. I have 2 questions-how do you know when you will get a catalina? i live in nashville,tn they never come out of the machine, and i ask them. and what are the website for coupons to load to my kroger card.

    • Lominackkm

      This is fantastic! I'm always recounting in the store during a Mega Event. Great tip with the reusable bags. Thanks so much for all you do. Can't wait to see the Publix video!

    • Shannon

      Awesome job. I love it.

    • Jbvolley01

      Can you do Publix next? :)

    • June

      This was great-I especially like the mega event shopping bag tip! Thanks Jenny!!!

      You are awesome!

    • Doodlebugtwo

      Can you please do this for CVS?

    • Smith797341

      Thank you! This one was very helpful. Especially the tip on Mega Events.

    • Bou122

      Love it! This will really help, especially the beginner.

    • Lauren

      Super job! Loved the tip for how to keep count on the mega sale items. You have no idea how many times I counted & re-counted on my last trip just to be sure I had the correct number. Thanks so much for the video. I really enjoyed it.

    • Manager Specials… I love these at Kroger. I found out that my Kroger that I shop at does inventory on Tuesdays. So I can shop Tuesday or Wednesday to find Manger Specials on meat or bread. I freeze both of these items. Each Dept has a different time of day they do their inventory. So you may want to ask when that dept puts theirs out.

    • S Bonds

      This really was very helpful. I too am always counting my mega items. Great ideas (and I always wondered when to give the coupons)! Thanks for doing this!

    • Jenharring

      How recent is this video. Is this the deal going on now with the 10/10 items

    • Valerie

      Those are great helpful hints Jenny, Thank you!

    • Thanks a lot

    • Alison

      I have a question…on the video I understand buying 10 of the mega items…and not 8 or 9. However, if I buy 11 or 12…will those 2 extra items be rung up at regular price or will it still be at the mega sale price since I have over 10 items?

      • lyssibee

        You have to buy multiples of 10 for the mega sales (this week you have to buy in multiples of 4 to get the P&G savings.
        Example: Buy 1-9 items = no discount. 10-19 items = $5 off. 20-29 items – $10 off and so forth… Hope that helps.

        • Alison

          Ok, soooo when i did the 10 mega items last week and i bought 11 of those items the 11th item was still at the discounted price…but obviously i didn't purchase enough to get the next $5 off. Which makes sense, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't have to buy 9 more items just to get the sale price!

    • Carol

      I wish I knew how to pay YOU for all the savings you have taught us to take advantage of. Come on ladies, how can we bless Jenny? Are you as grateful for this amazing tutorial and the unbelievable amount of work she puts into this site every day as I am? How can we say a tangible “thank you” to you, Jenny?

    • Excellent tips for Krogering. I, alas, do not have a Kroger, but still a great video clip!

    • Jsamples5

      Love Love LOve this. thank you so much for the tips. But I do have a question maybe someone can answer. How do we know what the catalina deals are in our store? I don't know if I missed it or if she said it at all. I know you don't guess, there has to be a way to look at the price tag and find out.

    • Mysterious_Mentalist

      If you are uncomfortable putting items in bags before checking them out, you may use those small shopping baskets placed in your shopping cart to separate items; that is, if the baskets are small enough to fit or the cart is large enough to seat multiple baskets in it.

    • momof3

      Thanks! We're in the process of moving from NC (with Harris Teeter) to KY (no HT, but Kroger)…You've saved me a ton of time in figuring out the “rules”! I do have a question about “Mega” sales…Is it 10 of the same product, or can I get a total of 10 of different items?

      • Sherry Timms

        There are a lot of different items throughout the store. You can buy all the same or you can buy one of each. It's up to you, as long as you have the 10 items.

      • Tigress1321

        and this week you only had to buy 4 items to get $4 off

    • Lindashopswell

      Thanks for sharing all this info with us. Just when I think I can't learn another easy way to save money you show me I am wrong. Many blessing to you Jenny!!!!!!

    • Pam

      On the e-coupons and shortcuts that are loaded to your Kroger card , do these come off even when you also use paper coupons for the item?

      • Ehelms81

        yes, you can use ecoupon and an in print coupon

      • Me

        I would like to know what answer also

    • Gilliganeng

      About how often does Kroger have mega sales?

    • Ebbrennan

      AWESOME! I don't even have a Kroger but this was so interesting and helpful – can't wait till you do a video on Publix!! Thanks!

    • Channelmarkers

      This was so great. I am a newbie to coupons, (as a mother of 5 and a teacher, I can't believe it took me this long!) . Anyway, do any stores in Florida ever double coupons or have these awesome Mega Events? I love my Publix, but I'm wishing for a Kroger about now! Thanks.

    • angela

      you started to tell the four places to load ecoupons to your card but then got sidetracked by another topic. would you please tell those so i can load coupons? thanks for your help.

    • Redster16

      wow thanks for the video it was great!

    • ashley

      i am a new coupon user and your video really helped me learn some quick and new ways to get exactly what i need when I go shopping. thanks

    • Saveqs

      Thanks, got some great tips, and love the idea of separate bags for mega events, that is one thing that always drives me crazy.

    • I have always been a Kroger shopper and coupon person. I “thought” I did pretty well until I recently found you! lol Now I see that was just kids stuff! lol Jenny, you are the ultimate coupon goddess and idol! :) And learning about everything else (stacking, what CVS & ECB's were, etc.) from you, the “how can I get it free or almost free” games began! Thank you for showing me a whole new savings world! You are the best! Take care and have a great week!!

    • Ruhamah

      I am brand new at couponing and need help.Please.please help me to save.How do I start

    • Dpretlowchapman

      I have never used coupons until a friend introduced me to this site. What your doing is wonderful and have given me a new hope that I maybe able to care for my children after all. I am a divorced mother of four and get very little help from my children's father. I found it heart breaking to get to the end of the month and not have enough food for a complete meal. I am diligently watching, listening, reading, and learning.
      awaiting more tips