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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RMN = Retail Me Not
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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CVS Official Coupon Policy

It’s been awesome working with CVS the last few months and I love how they listen when we ask for things!  We asked for a printable coupon policy, and as of today they are giving us one!

CVS now has their Official Coupon Policy in black & white (& red) for all of us to consult when there are questions or confusion at the register.

This isn’t a change from anything we’ve known, but it does bring clarity for cashiers and shoppers alike, which I know we are all in favor of!

One thing I really like about it is that it encourages following the specific language on the coupon, which we should all be doing anyway.

Because it doesn’t directly address things like using coupons on B1G1 deals, I would expect to see additional details & specifics in the coming months.  Here’s a quote that also solidifies that: “CVS/pharmacy will continue to enhance the FAQs in the coming weeks to specifically address those questions and add more details”.

For now, enjoy some clarity on issues!

    • Great! One question on B1G1, this coming week at CVS the Lifesavers are B1G1 at $2.37 each. Well, I have 2, $1 off coupons. Am I able to use both?!

      • Ty


      • Sara

        Those type of B1G1’s are my favorite deals! The B1G1 conflict around here is combining a B1G1 sale with a B1G1 coupon-making both free. Also there’s the issue of combining a B1G1 coupon with another mfg coupon. My CVS won’t accept either scenario (and I understand and support why) because in order to get one item free you still have to purchase one of them, you can’t get both free and buy nothing. In other words you could use your coupon with the sale but it wouldn’t give you any additional discount because you would still be required to purchase one. The other scenario’s problem is that the B1G1 mfg coupons are recognized by the system for BOTH items (like a $1 off 2 items, etc) and adding any additional mfg discounts breaks the ‘one mfg coupon per item’ policy.

        • Mary

          Even if you are using a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale a purchase is still being made. Its just the MFQ that is “purchasing” and the store giving it for free… My CVS won;t let you use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale and will say “its the stores discretion” So frustrating! And they use the phrase…”You can not get it for free” and are a pill about that concept… If free items are such an issue why advertise Free after ECB deals!

        • KAWilson

          You are incorrect – Jenny explains this in her classes.  You are making a purchase, it’s just that the manufacturer is paying it for you…..  You can get both items free with a B1G1 sale using a B1G1 coupon – there is nothing wrong with that.

          • EnjoyTheSavings

            it may be all in the ORDER in which you hand the coupons to the “register”, ((the cashiers, corporate or managers have no way to re-arrange how the software (that was written at accepting coupons) runs)). They can override to some extent but if done too much they get flagged and must explain why they did that at the register.
            FIRST STEP:
            A 5/$25 should be used BEFORE the TOTAL key is hit. (If Total is hit then all BOGOF or BOGO1/2 off will deduct from the total price then you end up with less that your $25 and have to add items to get back up to $25/)

            SECOND STEP:
            Then you want to use the BOGO coupons, once again BEFORE the total key is hit! Once you get those two types of coupons into the system you should hit the total key… it brings down all the BOGO store offers and then use you regular mfg coupons and then your extra care bucks to get it as low as you can.

            The register/computer can only be as detailed at accepting the coupons as the software that was designed to run inside it allows it to do.
            The computers keep up with all products scanned (including the cost of that product-sale or not) and that includes mfg coupon bar-codes and amounts that the coupon was redeemed at. When a store turns in the coupons for redemption the total for what the items cost must match what the coupons are redeemed for from the mfg.

      • Anonymous

        According to this policy, you would only be able to use a coupon for one of the lifesavers (the one you are ‘paying’ for).  The second lifesaver will be $0 and therefore you would receive overage if you used a coupon, which they say they will not do.  :(

    • Natasha Wade

      I do have a question about this policy. The other day I was going to use a coupon on a clearance item, but the store manager said they dont allow use of a coupon on clearance items. However I didnt see this in the policy. Does the clearance item act as a sale item now?

      • I was told the same thing when I bought the clearance wipes.  The cashier said that has always been store policy but then she took them anyway.  My old store in Irmo, SC took them with no problem.

        • gail o

          My CVS told me the same thing. I called the customer service  1-800 # and while I was on the phone..customer service called the store manager. 

        • Christie

          I went round and round with CVS at the store level and repeatedly corporate back me up and the store manager was told to take them…I finally put the corporate number in my phone and literally called corporate standing there and they called the store right then and told them to accept them….it still continued to happen.  I finally asked the manager to post it at the register…She scares and controls her employees and she was telling them repeatedly not to accept them…She finally gave up.  I do not understand why a manager would continually not do what corporate told them to do. 

          However, with all the abuse…that could change especially since it is not addressed in this policy….

    • Jim

      Can I ask?…  Why are stores now “adjusting” the amount of a MANUFACTURERS coupon if it is OVER the amount of the item? (Item X is on sale for 1.99 and you have a coupon for $3.00 off… So, i am assuming they will ‘adjust’ the coup to 1.99)

      Won’t the store STILL receive the whole $3?  So aren’t they kinda ripping people off? 

      ((I have asked this question of store managers, regional managers, and even tried email actual companies and no one seems to know what the TRUE answer to this is…))

      Thought?  Thanks.

      • Well, I wonder the same thing. If you remember not too long ago with the Free CVS Body Wash from the Minute Clinic page. The coupon said value up to (I think) $1.47, but it actually took off like $1.99. So it did not adjust down. This same thing just happened with me for the Skintimate Cream Shave last week. The price was $1.99. I had $1 off CVS coupon, and a $1.50 off Manu. coupon. They did not adjust down and I got overage on another product I bought! 

      • JL

        I was thinking the same thing. It does not bother me at Harris Teeter when I don’t get the overage b/c they dbl and super dbl but at Target,CVS,ect.. it does. I think they just send the q’s in batches for redemtion. I don’tknow if this is them taking advantage of the manufacture or what. I really don’t mind too much b/c it is still free to me but if the companys are getting the full amount I think that is wrong b/c the manufacture puts out q’s as advetisments to the consumer not the seller. 

        • Missy

          I am a newbie only 2 weeks old, so I am still getting my feet wet with all of these experiences, but I did go to Target last night and I had a coupon for everything in my cart except for my husbands Coffee (Brand Specific, won’t compromise on that one). I even had a store Q & mfg Q on 1 item. I told her it was my 1st time stacking it there, and it was suppose to be able to do it, but wasn’t sure if it would go thru. She was pleasant, willing and cooperative during the entire transaction, even though she had to manually write the amount on most of the Qs. A couple were B1G1 on dog food, but the others were because of overage on the Q and she adjusted them all by writing the amount on all Qs. I would think that they would have to generate some kind of report to submit with their reimbursement of the Qs. I don’t know maybe not, and I do’t know if all stores manually write price difference on the face of the Q.    

        • Missy

          I am a newbie only 2 weeks old, so I am still getting my feet wet with all of these experiences, but I did go to Target last night and I had a coupon for everything in my cart except for my husbands Coffee (Brand Specific, won’t compromise on that one). I even had a store Q & mfg Q on 1 item. I told her it was my 1st time stacking it there, and it was suppose to be able to do it, but wasn’t sure if it would go thru. She was pleasant, willing and cooperative during the entire transaction, even though she had to manually write the amount on most of the Qs. A couple were B1G1 on dog food, but the others were because of overage on the Q and she adjusted them all by writing the amount on all Qs. I would think that they would have to generate some kind of report to submit with their reimbursement of the Qs. I don’t know maybe not, and I do’t know if all stores manually write price difference on the face of the Q.    

          • Carol_R

            Target has never adjusted down any of my coupons. They put it through and as long as I’m purchasing other items to cover the overage I get the overage.

      • Anonymous

        I do think it is unethical of them to do it, but it is the way most stores do it now.  That is why I do most of my shopping at the stores that do allow the overage!  :)

    • Mlm82lmm04

      There is a difference in the policy of coupons adjusting.  Says at beginning that the coupon may not exceed the total of the transaction and at the bottom says cant exceed the price of the item.   Also if you are getting extra care bucks back, that doesnt count as over the price of the item does it?  I think if ANY store wants to limit quantities it should be in black and white either in the add or on the shelf.  I don’t want to go to the register and THEN be told no.

      • Anonymous

        I assume it is just to cover themselves, most stores say they will sdjust down coupons, but don’t
        I think the transaction comment is just so they can say “we can’t pay you”

    • Nicole

      My CVS has been taking expired CVS coupons and expired ECB only (NOT expired manufacturer).  I wonder if this has changed.  Anyone else’s CVS do this?  Do you know if this will change?  This has been especially nice when I have a $4 off $20 coupon and I don’t plan on hitting $20 during that week’s sale.

      • Anonymous

        They have taken expired coupons from me when I have a rain check for the item and didn’t get to use the coupon before it expired.  Hope this hasen’t changed.

      • Amy

        There are several CVS in Georgia that I go to, that will take expired CVS coupons up to a week past and one said they would take them if its in the same month as the coupon is dated. I haven’t ever tried to use an expired ECB.

      • Laurel

        My CVS recently started NOT accepting expired ECB. They used to do it.

    • Momnwife

      why when i click on the policy link it is just coming up as a blank page for me?

      • LSNJS

        The document requires adobe reader.

        • Momnwife

          i have it and recently did the update for it as well.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t like the “no overage on a coupon” and will adjust the coupon down.  My CVS is great but maybe will get tougher on everything now. 

    • Anonymous

      It does not address using a BOGO cpn on a BOGO sale. It does not address using a coupon on one of the items purchased during a BOGO sale.

      • Anonymous

        That is true!  Why isn’t that in there?  Have they taken that away from us now?!  :(

        • Carol_R

          I don’t know. One guess could be that they will allow it unofficially but don’t want to state that policy officially. I’m guessing that the companies who put out manufacturer coupons don’t want customers to be able to use a coupon on the free item – since that leads to a higher coupon redemption. By not officially having a policy on it, CVS may not have to deal with manufacturer complaints about it.

    • laura

      I’ve reread this a few times and am still thinking this is like Walgreen coupon policy or am I just have a moment?
      The number of third-party manufacturer coupons used in a transaction may not
      exceed the number of items in the transaction.

      • Mandy

        A big difference is that WAGS RR are considered manufacturer coupons, while CVS ECB are store coupons. 

        • laura

          Gotcha ..I really should take a nap before work. That’s the second time I’ve had a moment this morning! Thank you!

          • Elf716

            I had a negative experience this week at my cvs where the manager told me that i could only use as many coupons as the number of items I purchased. I think he was confused because i was using 2 store and 2 manufacturers coupons for 2 items! This new policy in writing will hopefully make it easier to explain that what I was doing was not something he had to override.

        • Dew_drop_fairy76

          Thanks for the clarification :-)

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t that like saying only one manufacturer coupon per item?

    • Amanda Leach

      Overage would be nice but i’m just glad I’m getting the item free in any way in the end.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!  I haven’t shopped at CVS in 2-3 months due to the way I had been treated concerning coupons.  I may try again now that I have this printed and in hand.
      Thanks Jenny!

      • Maggie

        I’m so lucky…my neighborhood CVS is very accomodating regarding coupons and overall customer service…

    • I haven’t had any problems with coupons at my local CVS but the employees are not friendly at all.  I’ve had one lady that was nice and come to find out she doesn’t work up front.  That was the one and only time I’ve seen her, too bad because it would help customer relations a lot to have more employees like her.

    • Celiacrowe

      i want to thank all employees at the cvs in vidor texas never has any store been this nice as they are trip after trip. cc

    • Traci0322

      I hate to do this, but after reading the comments on this page, I find that I am discouraged and disappointed.  A lot of the comments seem to be slamming any retailer that will not essentially “pay” us to shop with them.  Coupons are great incentives to purchase items that we might not try at full price, but they are meant as an advertising tool for companies to gain new customers, not a way for people to not pay for goods and services.  I love this site and am grateful to all of the people who help organize it, but I am tired of the greed and negativity regarding coupon acceptance policies and how stores choose to handle things like overage.  We are fortunate to have choices of brands and stores that carry 20 types of toothpaste or pasta sauce.  How about we thank them by showing a bit of loyalty and understanding that they need to make a profit in order to stay open and provide service.  CVS continues to be among the stores that have great shopping incentives.  If you don’t like their policy, then shop elsewhere.  We are fortunate enough to have that option.

      • Wvarner2000

        I don’t expect CVS to pay me to shop with them.  I only expect my local CVS to respect me as a coupon shopper and abide by their own coupon policy.  And besides, CVS gets reimbursed by the manufacturer.  They won’t go out of business by allowing coupons, they will only stay competitive.

        • Nichola2

          I agree… I definitely don’t expect them to pay me an overage.  I do, however, expect to be able to use an extra amount to go towards the rest of my purchase from a coupon that was more than the sale price of the item.  They do get money, plus 8 cents, for every coupon.  In the end though, if my purchase ends up being an overage, I have no problem having the 0 total and being on my way.  Or something better, since I’ve had this happen before, the manager at the store in Irmo, SC gave me 2 ECB to make up for the fact that the computer wouldn’t let her push through a coupon. 

      • Tray

        While I tend to agree with you, you make it sound like they aren’t making a profit when we use coupons. They are making every penny PLUS 8 cents on each manufacturer coupon we use.

      • Carol_R

        I understand them not allowing overage for store coupons but for manufacturer coupons CVS is pocketing the overage. I do not believe that is fair.

      • guest

        THANK YOU Traci! I completely agree! And as an employee of CVS I must say, I am always impressed with how much couponers save and my favorite customer happens to be a person who usually pays little to nothing and even invited me over to show me how to save myself. Personally I don’t look t the coupon unless it beeps and depending on how many I’ve already pushed thru I usually push it thru. Since corporate does track everything we do on our registers, I do sometimes refuse a coupon, I can’t afford to loose my job so that someone can get something for free…I don’t blame anyone for trying to get stuff for as little as possible, believe me.


        Is a coupon a legal document? As consumers we are asked to abide by the terms and conditions of the coupon, correct? So why doesn’t the store have to abide by the terms and conditions of the coupon and why do they (the stores) get to reap the reward of the consumer who uses the coupon? So, I don’t understand why they are in danger of losing profit, staying open or provide service to their customers they (the stores) are being reimbursed the full value of the coupon + $.08 handling fee.

    • Missy

      I am new to this, only been doing this 2 weeks. Loving CVS with out any problems until yesterday. Tried to buy 2 cans Skintimate Shave gel and a Physicians Formula Mascara. Tried to use 2 printed cvs Qs from their site (which specified CVS Coupon at the top, not MFG)  I also had 2 printed Mfg Qs.  thought I could do this Stacking? right?   I think I gave cvs Qs first.  It beeped on the 2nd CVS Q, he looked at it  and pushed it thru, then I gave him the other two  and he looked at it said it couldn’t go thru, only had 2 of that product, and it beeped and refused it. I said never mind just cancel the items. He did, and gave me my Qs back. I was bummed about that.   I wanted my Skintimate.  I did buy the mascara though, and what a deal, cost 9.99, paid with 5 ECB making it 1/2 the price, got 7 ECB back because it made the $10 needed to spend on product, plus bonus on this particular product there is a rebate offer on it for up to 9.95 which I hope that I can get, don’t know yet because I am new to this. But still don’t know why I couldn’t get my skintimate by stacking the Qs. What did I do wrong??? Can someone help me with that? I am still learning and I want to do things the right way.   

      • I did the Skintimate deal. With both CVS coupon and manu. coupon. Cashier had to push thru second CVS coupon, but no problems with manu. coupons. Sorry this happened to you!

      • Kevin

        Missy – I had the same problem ytrying to stack the Skintimate coupons last night.  The manager came over, and explained that the “CVS Coupon” is actually a MFG coupon, and not a CVS Store coupon.  Sure would be nice if they were clear about that on the coupon itself!

        • Carol_R

          I believe that the CVS coupon is a store coupon – the coupon code starts with a 4 and not a 5 or 9 which is for a manufacturer coupon. I didn’t have a problem stacking them when I did each Skintimate purchase in a separate transaction.

        • Sis2

          I think the registers are set up to only take one CVS coupon per transaction, so the second one beeps.  If you do them on separate transactions, they go through with no problems.

      • Brena

        I also had an issue with the shave cream today. I tried to buy 2 cans and it took the first set of coupons (store & mfg) but it beeped on the last one. She told me that I couldn’t have an overage and I asked her to reduce the coupon value and she said she couldn’t. I went ahead with the transaction since it was still a good deal at .50 a can but I think I will take her a copy of the policy and see what happens. I was also told that I was trying to “cheat the system” for trying to use 2 coupons on the B1G1 Wisk detergent. Since there isn’t anything in the policy about B1G1 I don’t guess I can fight her on that one. 

    • Shirley

      It says “CVS has the right to process coupons in any order.” Does that mean that they can refuse to scan a $5/$25 first and only use it after all the other coupons? That’s what it sounds like to me.

      • I don’t think that will be happening but it is still so new.  I guess it depends on whether or not CVS issues training or otherwise to their employees on this. 

      • Carol_R

        I believe that is what may happen.

      • Alana

        I had loaded a $5/$25 to my card and I think it must come off after coupons now because it did not take off and they couldn’t figure it out. In the past, it has taken off before my other coupons. So heads up, always print and take with you to get it scanned first!

        • Tharpdw1

          always have them hit total before you give them coupons then it takes the amount off

          • Melbing04

            if we hit total first and you have 5 off 25 or a similar coupon any b1g1 free or 50% off will come off and may bring your total to below the coupon requirement. when there is a purchase price requirement that should always be the first coupon you give the cashier

        • Anonymous

          Even though you send the coupon to the card, the koisk still prints a paper saying you get $5 off 25 as you scan your card. So I always have that printed out and if the computer doesn’t take it off which has never happened to me, I can show them the proof of the coupon. Hitting total is the key to get that taken off.

      • Anonymous

        When I get the 5/25 email, I choose send it to card. At the check out I scan my card and $5 is taken off automatically as long as $25 purchase requirement is met. That being said, your question doesn’t raise my concern.

    • All I have to say is it is about time!!  Now let’s hope they update it with b1g1 and clearance wording too. 

    • Debbie

      I just got back from a CVS trip and was a little disappointed b/c they would not take 3 of my MQ.  I bought 2 of the Colgate Optic White on sale for $3.49 ea w/ $1.50 ECB back on each and had 2 – $1/1 CVS Q and 2 – .50/1 MQ.  The Cashier said I had to choose to use either the CVS Q or the MQ, but could not use both. No where on the CVS Q did is say it was a manufacturer Q.  I also purchased (among several other items) the Excedrin Menstrual Express Gels 20ct for $6.29 w/ $5.00 ECB BACK and had a .75/1 on any (1) Excedrin 20 ct. product or larger and she said the register would not take it b/c it did not show I had purchased corresponding item for the MQ and she showed me the screen on her register.  I also purchased 2 – Skittles 14 oz. and used the last of my BIGI  Skittles Q from the Red Coupon Machine and (2) $1/1 and it took all the Q’s, but only deducted $2.51 for the free package.  Some people, including myself, were getting the max. Q value of $4.29 on this deal previously.  I got it once, and 2 other times they deducted $3.00 (which is the correct amount).  Most of the Cashiers at my CVS are pleasant, not very friendly, just pleasant, but they get flustered when people present Q’s.  There is only 1 Cashier that seems to know CVS’s Coupon Policy and the other Cashier’s, (Manager  included) usually call her over when the transaction is not ringing up correctly.    I am not a seasoned Couponer like many of you b/c I’ve only been doing it about 6 months now, and just in that time I’ve seen alot of changes in coupon policies across the board.  My transactions may not always go as planned, but I just chalk it up to another lesson learned and move on.  I am happy for any savings I can get using Q’s.  I don’t let my disappointment turn into resentment against the retailer or their employees b/c we are fortunate, like Traci0322 said, to have the option to shop elsewhere if we choose to do so. 

    • Bamagirl1997

      I called CVS customer service and asked about expired extrabucks. They said it is up to the store whether they will accept them or not.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes it’s just better to leave well enough alone.  I have never had a problem with CVS in regards to coupons nor ECB’s.  We’ll see what happens now with the new policy.

    • Anonymous

      Read This regarding Skitimate Qs 

      A) CVS and manuf Qs both can be stacked. They are one store and one manuf Q. without a doubt.

      B)  Usually one alike CVS store Q on the same  product is allowed per transaction. Therefore, buy only one item per transaction.

      C) The price is 1.99 and it will ring up so if you scan your card the very first in a transaction. Since the second Q price will overage by a penny, CVS register does not accept overage over the products price. Therefore, no matter what, the second Q in the row wether cvs or manuf Q. will beep and needs to be adjusted to 0.99 cents

      D) The mauf Q. from the insert had coding error. The coupon that is out there is meant for “cream shave” as written and pictured for the tube. However, manuf Q shows upc code (the first set of numbers) for the can “shave cream” variety. It looks like their own IT department were confused about “shave cream” and “cream shave”-

      They both are two different products.  So, if you buy according to the wording/picture “cream shave” tube, no matter what, the manuf Q will beep. However, if you buy the can “shave cream”, you will notice that upc code first set match in both Q and the Q will not beep. The CVS Q seems to go for the can also without a beep. 

      Thus, you may either buy the right product the cream shave tube and educate the employee if issue arises or simply buy the can and the manuf Q will not beep on it.

      E)  If you NOT scan the card first in that transaction, then both Q will go just fine for the can. Regardless, the Q will beep for the actual correct item which is the tube.

      F) Regardless, always buy separate if you will be using alike CVS Qs on multiple products of the same.

      I am typing it fast, so let me know if there is anything confusing. All above is fact for sure

      • Jennifer Hollar

        Had this issue tonight at CVS. It wouldn’t take the manf q (non-printable one), but it worked for my husband with the printable q when he did a transaction before on his card. He had no issues with both $1 coupons (CVS and manf) being accepted and had another item to buy as well. Well, I get up there, same thing, purchased some aspirin and the shave gel. But my coupons wouldn’t be accepted, first because of the coding issue, then the $0.01 overage issue. The asst. manager refused to reduce the coupon value and insisted he had no way of doing so (he was very rude and hateful the second he walked to the counter). Was very frustrating, so I contacted CVS customer service about the issue. They really should educate their own employees about their coupon policy.

        • Stacy raffo

          Maybe if you followed the policy of 1 card per household you wouldn’t be frustrated. This is why stores are punishing all of us, people who want to “bend” the rules!

          • wvarner

            I don’t know if I agree with you or not, but, at any rate, you don’t have to yell at Jennifer.


      So if you have a $3 coupon and the item is $2, they will adjust the value of the coupon to cover the price of the item, is that correct? So what happens to the $1 overage, does the store submit the coupon for the full value of the coupon to the manufacturer? Why does the store get to keep the overage? Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

      • Christie

        Typically the stores I shop in, mark on the coupon the cost..so if $1.00,,,they mark thru it and put .99 as they are supposed to only be compensated to what the customer pays and not the value on the coupon when the actually cost could be several dollars different.  I am not sure if they do it properly and ethically…the honest way…..Only the companies can answer if they are requesting reimbersement ethically is scamming the manufacture…I truely hope not!  :-)


          So I purchase my Sunday newspaper and they have coupon inserts from the manufacturer to attract me as a consumer to purchase their products and the stores have those items on sale to attract me into their store to get me those items and the store hopes I will then make an impulse buy on an item that is not on sale and overpriced.
          Why does the store get to adjust the value of the coupon, when the manufacturer specifically states the store will be reimbursed for the value of the coupon plus an $0.08 handling fee, it is not the consumer’s fault if they find a store deal that when used in conjunction with manufacturer’s coupon creates overage and the consumer should not lose something they paid for in the first place when they bought their newspaper.
          It’s not like you just bought a new car and it depreciates when you drive it off the lot, because the next week when the sale is over and you don’t use the coupon it’s still worth $3 as long as it has not reached it’s expiration date. So can I ask the store to increase the value of my $3 coupon up to the value of the item, so I can get it for FREE.

      • Maddy4241

        CVS can only not change the amount of a MFG coupon, only a ecb store coupon. they were not very clear on which ones they can change.

      • Anonymous

        The stores I shop in will adjust the ECB or the coupon down. I am guessing that CVS will get the full value.

      • Barbara

        The only coupons CVS adjust are they’re Extra Bucks coupons. They cannot and should not adjust a manufacturer’s coupon because they are reimbursed for the full dollar value of the coupon. When the Extra Bucks coupons are adjusted, the overage/leftover value is simply los (I believe on both sides). The Extra Bucks coupons are a store coupon that the store gives to customers who purchase specific products.

      • erin336

        it’s very rare that a manufacturer coupon is more then the item. This does happen with CVS coupons, but we are able to adjust those. However, if the manufacturer coupon does happen to be over the sale price, we have to write on the coupon how much was redeemed and that is all we are credited for. Hope this helps.

    • Scchery

      Thank you so much for sharing.  I however am not sure about this line

       “CVS/pharmacy will not accept percent off coupons for sale and promotional items.”

      Will you please clarify it for me.  Thank you!

      • H Smith

        Sometimes you’ll get an email or a printout from the kiosk that says “25% off your purchase!” It always says on there that it excludes sale or promotional items but I think this is just reiterating that. In other words, you have to use it on items that are regularly priced in the store. The % off coupon can still be useful, I’ve often used it for stuff that never ever goes on sale or need-it-now things. 

        • Mcreadersh

          You can still use mfg. coupons with the % off ecb coupons.  You can also buy CVS brand items which will increase your quarterly CVS ecb coupons when they print at the kiosk every few months.   

      • Maddy4241

        it means that if there is a ecb coupon for 25% off, you can not use it on a sale item. if you read at the bottom of the ecb coupons, on the percentage ones it states “con not be used with sale items” ( i work for CVS)

        • Tishness1509

          me to yeah!!!

    • Wieszczm

      And I realized today that I have $4 in ECB’s that expired yesterday :(

      • Leeming

        I have had ones that expired and they can usually get them or force them to work.  Or at worst, call the 1 800 number.  If they are within 2 weeks they will usually work at the store.  If not, I have had one that was almost a month old and the manager forced it through.

      • Fortunefairye

        I took expired ECBs (expired by one day) to CVS and they were very nice to use them anyway.  I truly had just overlooked them and explained that.  I told them if they could not use them that I understood and did not want them to do anything they were not supposed to do…..I tried to be as nice to them as possible and they in turn helped me out by making them work.  It is always worth a chance to just try.

      • Tishness1509

        take them in you can still use it up to three days!!!! 

        • Joshmichel25

          Actually you can still use then up to 30 days from expiration date!!

    • Twoawilkes

      Has anyone ever had this happen to you? ……… Had a coupon for $4.00 off eye drops and after cashier put the coupon in I was asked to pay more than what the product would have cost on sale. The manager was called and no matter how he put it in it kept coming up like this. He tried to tell me it was because  something was wrong w/ coupon (was from newspaper coupon insert) and refused  to take it. I told him there must be something wrong w/ the computer system but he said they’d had no problems all day. I returned everything I bought and went to wal-mart … guess what? the coupon worked fine 

      • Snwhitaker

        Typical of CVS

      • Dianna

        Yes, I have had this happen, but I can’t remember the particulars.  I just kept asking how using the coupon made the item cost more than if I weren’t using it at all.  I also, just said, forget it and I didn’t not purchase the item.  This has only happened once.  I actually really love CVS and get alot of benefit from shopping there.

    • Anonymous

      Whats ecb im new to the cvs terms.

      • Spoony4u09

        Ecb is Extra care buck the up reward that you recieve on your receipt after you make a purchase example St John’s asprin 1.99 1.00 ecb us a coupon for 1.00 off on your receipt you receive 1.00 ecb making it free – tax

    • AmyQ

      Did anyone else catch this phrasing? :

      “In the event that any item’s price is less than the value of the coupon,CVS/pharmacy will accept the coupon only to the price of the item.”The only thing that bothers me with this is when something is BOGO because one item actually rings up as $0.00. So, if we’re going to use two coupons for the purchase of 2 BOGO items, then technically, wouldnt the cashier have to adjust the price of the second coupon down to $0.00??
      CVS/pharmacy will accept the coupon only to the price of the item.”

      The only thing that bothers me with this is when something is BOGO because one item actually rings up as $0.00. So, if we’re going to use two coupons for the purchase of 2 BOGO items, then technically, wouldnt the cashier have to adjust the price of the second coupon down to $0.00??

      • AmyQ

        And sorry about that repeat occurance up there – not sure why it posted that way.

      • Letscouponthat

        I’d have to double check, but dont both items ring up at half price when its a BOGO

      • Jillmaek

        i was wondering that too! i’m worried…

        and to letscouponthat: no, one rings up full, one rings up free. 

    • Kristylee1966

      I just wish they would stock things they know they are going to have on sale. Went first thing sunday morning and they were out of the Airwick, wanted that deal to help pay for the next deal but because they were out there was no point didn’t buy anything. good thing walgreens had a similar deal and they had the stock.

      • Crickettjd

        Get a rain check, and get it for both products; then you can come back when you have time and get both items.

        • Christie

          Unfortunately by the time it is in stock…The coupon will be expired and in the Q&A’s…No they do not accept expired Q’s on rain checks!!!  so…i think that will be there way of limiting purchases…Remember…they are there to make money…they only want to get you in the store…once your there and the “lost leaders” are sold out..they are hoping you will buy other things…that is how they make money…Make NO mistake…..The quanities are deliberate!!!  I worked at CVS 20 years ago…same problem on sale items…They want your money…or they would have more stock..more than 6 or under on most items!!!!

          I am not trying to be negative…just a fact!  Sorry! 

          • Jcraazn

            this is not true unfortunately stock rooms do not hold much so if cvs over orders they have no where to put it in the back and it is not as easy as just sending it back it does not work that way. sometimes they may under order do to space but you can always get your product even if you have to wait and most  the time you can always get a substitute product 

    • Twiggy575

      Yesterday, I had a problem with the new CVS coupon policy.  When I gave the cashier the store and manufacturer coupon, they denied one.  The cashier stated that the new policy may not include their store or have not yet taken effect at their store.  I am thinking about calling the corporate office to see if this is true.  Grrrr, I was defiantly not a happy customer.

    • Srose_hill

      for all of you that follow this blog and live in Starkville, MS, stop abusing the system. You cannot use your CVS card, your husbands, your moms, and your sisters and go in and clean out the store. It is COMPLETELY inconsiderate of other people that are shopping the sales. If you do not stop, then CVS will change the policy and it will ruin it for everyone else.  

      • Roseviolet

        So if you have a disabled mother that can’t walk from one end of her house to the other, you can’t help her out with shopping?? CVS has now stopped me from shopping for my relatives. Each one lives in a different city (hence different househould) but I can’t help them anymore. Thanks for being so compassionate – NOT!!!

        • bek!

          I work at a CVS and we definitely don’t mind you shopping for a family member that can’t get out and shop for themselves. But there are people that come in with 8 extra care cards with sometimes even made up names! So i agree with you both but I just wanted you to know shopping for someone who needs the assistance will never be a problem with us.

    • Susan

      Can someone tell me (I’m new to couponing at CVS)….
      If I go in this evening and make a purchase and earn the ECB can I turn around and use them to make another purchase?
      My *plan* was to hit CVS, buy my items that would give me ECB back, then hit Target for my coupon/ sale items, then return to CVS to use my (just received) ECB for the additional coupon/ sale items.
      I’m just not sure if there is a “wait time” on using the ECB. THANKS!!

      • Anonymous

        There is no need to leave and come back you can use the ECBs right away example…. (transaction 1) buy ABC items use what ever Qs you have for them pay balance and get $5 ECB……. Then (transaction 2) Buy XYZ items total is say $7.00 use what ever Qs you have on those items first then use the $5.00 ECB you just got IF the balance is over $5.00 (so you don’t loose any $$) or you can just add a pack of gum or another item to bring it up so you get the full benefit of the $5 ECB  you can use them right away. I have done 4 different transactions at a time. I do try to be mindful of the line and amount of people in line so as to not hold up the line to long. But that’s just me. I hope this helps. 

      • Lynzkay

        I am always able to use “just recieved” ECB’s on other items right then and there. There is no wait time that I know of.
        I do always make sure to give the cashier a ‘head’s up’ and I’ve never had any problems!! Happy shopping :)

      • Sweetjenng

        You don’t have to leave and come back!! I split my orders in 2 with no problems ever and use my ECB from the 1st order to pay for the 2nd. The cashiers never care.

      • SMPC

        yes you can.

    • Karen

      I love CVS, I have had no trouble using coupons or Extra Bucks and everyone has alwasy been so nice.    Walgreens, on the other hand, has been rude and their register rewards suck. 

    • Mel

      Wanting to know if anyone can tell me, can you use more than one ECB per transaction. For example, I got 3 different ones today ($1 ECB, $2 ECB, and $3 ECB), Can I buy something for 3 $2 items and use all 3 on the same transaction?

      • Sweetjenng

        You can use as many as you like. There is no limit :-)

        • Mel

          Thanks. This is my first time shopping at CVS with ECB.

    • Guest

      When going to take advantage of the advertised ECB’s for the week….do they have to be on one receipt or can you visit multiple stores to get the ECB. The reason I ask is because I have visited 4 stores this week and none have had enough for me to get the ECB deal that I wanted. (Well one did but would not give me the inventory in the back because she said it would clear her inventory). So just wanting some clarification…

      • Anonymous

        You can go to multiple stores.  The deal is tracked on your EC card.  At the bottom of your receipt it should list an amount needed to earn the reward (less what you just or already purchased).

    • Linda

      Does CVS take competitor coupons?

      • Lilrach_000

        The policy satsuma no

    • what is a third party manufactures coupon.

    • Donna

      What is the CVS policy on rainchecks? Do u still get your ECB on that item?

      • Isavemoney

        You do! ;)

        • Goffs422

          That’s great to know!!! :)  Thanks so much!  I wish I would have thought to ask when I was in there today because there was tons of stuff I wanted that they were out of.

    • Lau001ren

      :( my cvs excepted walgreens coupons. I guess not any longer :(

    • amanda

      when do you get ECB? Is there like a certain amount of money you have to spend before you get them?

    • Rachalotta

      I have a question. I know the only way you get the ecb is if u reach the full amount. Ex- spend 20 on x and get 10 ecb. If i have coupons for some of the the things i am buying my subtotal will be less than the 20 needed to get the ecb, so will i still get them?

    • Kdn 1612

      what is a 3rd party coupon?