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One of the biggest challenges to couponing can be storage.  We need to buy enough of a sale item to last the next 6 weeks, but that seems daunting when you have a small cabinet or a little fridge/freezer.   For the next few weeks we are going to talk about the value of freezer space.  Does it save you money to have an extra freezer?

Does an extra freezer save you money  Frugal Living Freezer Cooking

Ways it can save money:

You can buy more of the sale items to last you until the next sale.  A big example is frozen vegetables in our house.  We tend to grab a bag of vegetables with almost every meal, so 6 weeks of bagged veggies is a lot.  There is no way I could fit that in our inside freezer.  When the vegetables are on sale with a coupon that might be 25-40¢ each.  I really want to be able to get close to what we need at that price rather than paying $1.50 each when we run out and have to buy them off sale.

You can stock up on fresh produce and meat when it’s in season.  We love to hit the farmers market in the summer.  I always try to buy the largest box they have of squash, corn, peas, zucchini, broccoli etc. and then spend the next few days blanching and storing it all.  Buying in season and storing fresh vegetables we can save up to 50% versus paying out of season prices.

You may not know this, but your food is will actually last longer in a deep freezer (not your freezer attached to your refrigerator).  Most stand-alone freezers get colder and keep a more regulated temperature than kitchen freezers.  For some items it lengthens the freezer life by 3-4 months!

Ways it can save time:

Use your extra space to store prepped and ready to go recipe items.  Cut up vegetables (onions, peppers etc.) ready for recipes, or mix up some homemade cookie dough starter and store it to always have a base cookie ready for a ton of combinations.

Not only prepping food, but also storing ready to freeze meals is another huge time saver!  I have many friends who cook only once a week and store all their meals for the week in the freezer.  There are other folks that do this once a month!  Not only are you saving time that night for dinner,  but you also save time by only getting the kitchen dirty once a week.  We are going to talk about freezer cooking in detail in a week or so.

Finally with all the storage capability we need to point out the obvious time saver… you have the ability to go to the store less often.  Make one trip to the store a week a freeze those extra gallons of milk needed to get you through the week.  You will quickly find that you don’t have those panic moments nearly  as often that you are out of chicken and need it 5 minutes from now.

Tune in next week for freezer guidelines: what can be frozen, best techniques, and how long things are good for.

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    • Omoneal

      How many times can we enter ?

      • Megh

        I am sure just once…

    • Christyw

      Right after I started couponing, I immediately regretted selling my deep freeze during a housing downsize.  One week later, a neighbor set their deep freeze on the street with a sign that said FREE!  They were just tired of messing with it.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE having room to stock up on frozen goods now! 

    • Threesmiths1

      woo hoo!!!!

    • Donna

      What a great giveaway!

    • Jessica

      Thanks for the opportunity to win, Jenny!  I look forward to attending your couponing class tonight!

    • Amber P

      Once again, I hate that this is ONLY on facebook…yes, I know I could just create one for contests and coupons, but I am against facebook for personal reasons and should not have to go against my own convictions to enter a contest! Please consider at least opening it up to comments as well!

      • Lisa

        Increased numbers on facebook = increased revenue for bloggers from advertisers.  It’s very common.

      • Slocklair

        Why Jenny Why???, have you excluded us non facebook users… We love you too!!!

        • Crystal3

          I don’t think you have to be a facebook member. I just entered but didn’t log into facebook. I clicked like and when the sign-in popped up, I just clicked cancel and the form popped up.

    • clipcliphooray

      I decided to keep my old fridge last year and put it in the garage against my husband’s request….WE are both so glad we kept it since I started couponing.  It only took two months to fill the freezer AND the fridge section! 

    • Meagan

      Thanks Jenny… I ? Southern Savers!

    • Lowes91

      I would love to win this Jenny..I donate over half of my items that I purchase on sale to our local mens shelter and a  christian mission in my area, having this would be a tremendous help, I could buy so much more and donate.With the holidays fast approaching many families will be in great need!..Also wanted to thank you for your hard work putting all this together, I am volunteering next week to help pack our OCC boxes..can’t wait!

    • Katie

      thanks so much for this giveaway opportunity!  I have been talking for months about wanting a deep freezer in addition to my garage fridge for freezer meals and stockpiling meat, veggies, fruit, and more. 

    • sarahinNC

      Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this freezer…it will bless whoever wins it, for sure!

    • Sara

      I was just telling my Huby that we need to upgrade to a bigger one (we bought the cheapest one we could find) because it didn’t hold enough. I need to win this!

    • luda

      yeaa… great giveaway!!!!!

    • Misty

      Just entered!  Our spare Fridge/Freezer just went out and we are in need of a new one.  Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Mommysauls

      Okay SO I normally freeze milk but thats in the gallon jugs.. What about the smartbalance lactose free milk in the containers?? my daughter has to start drinking that so i figured i would stock up witht he HT sale but not if it won’t freeze?? HELP! :) && oh and coffee creamer? thanks

      • Niddi

        I have frozen both coffee creamer and Smart Balance milk. Just shake it up good before using.

      • Spanishtulip

        I froze several cartons of smartbalance milk a few months ago, it worked great.  Lower fat milk actually freezes better than higher fat milk.  I just REALLY shook them up after I thawed them.  HTH

    • Rita

      We have been talking about getting a freezer forever but haven’t taken the plunge yet. My freezer now is filled to the brim and I have to rearrange every time I buy something. This would be wonderful to win

    • Melssy54

      This would be great!  I can finally start stocking up on the frozen food sale items!

    • coupons4kids

      OH MY Goodness!  That would be the greatest thing ever to win! It would be my Christmas gift!

    • coupons4kids

      OH MY Goodness!  That would be the greatest thing ever to win! It would be my Christmas gift!

    • I am so limited by my freezer/fridge combo! It is always stuffed, but I just don’t have the extra money for a full size freezer. I’m keeping my fimgers and toes crossed that my name gets pulled for this one!

    • I am so limited by my freezer/fridge combo! It is always stuffed, but I just don’t have the extra money for a full size freezer. I’m keeping my fimgers and toes crossed that my name gets pulled for this one!

    • Tennillehill

      Right on time!!! I SOOOO need a deep freezer and have been putting off buying one.

    • Coupongirl24

      Me and my mom were just talking about this, this morning.  We have a family of 6 and we try to keep the freezer fully stocked to provide for our family through the bad monthes when my dad can’t work (he’s in construction).  So a new freezer will be a blessing.

    • Jennifer P

      Great segment.  Can’t wait for the upcoming what you can/can’t freeze and freezer meals. 

      Last year I put on my calendar at the beginning of November to start making freezer meals for the upcoming holidays.  You get so busy shopping and decoration and everything else that comes with the holidays, that the last thing you want to do is cook and you of course want a yummy hot home cooked meal to warm you up.  And going out yet again after shopping all day would be too exhausting!

    • Threeshine

      Just entered. Our ten year old one died just this week.  We love to pick fresh blueberries in the summer and freeze them! So great on a bowl of oatmeal in the winter.

    • Christina C

      This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my parents. My sister & her family moved in with them earlier this year and they have to grocery shop every 3-4 days because they have no room in the fridge’s freezer to store any extra. With 2 families living together, that would be a blessing for them. Thank you for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone :)

    • SandraB

      I love this segment!  I can’t wait  for the next section. Thanks.

    • Oh I could totally use a new freezer! Ours broke and we now only have a small one.

    • Shayelyn

      We have a bottom freezer refrigerator in our kitchen, a top freezer refrigerator in our garage and what we affectionately call a “body freezer” next to it.  My husband works in a meat department at a store mentioned on this site.  And when frozen goes on sale like veggies or pizza, we stock up, not to mention $1.99 chicken breasts.  Sometimes the are all full, sometimes they are all half empty.  But I’d rather have the space and not need it than to not buy something at a great price because I can’t store it.  Good luck to all those who enter to win!

      • Spanishtulip

        Remember to keep frozen bottles of water in your freezer if it is half empty, it really saves on your electric bill b/c otherwise every time you open the freezer it has to come on to cool the new air that rushes in.

    • Ann S

      I hope you explain how to store fresh vegetables and fruit in this series!  I want to join a farm COOP next summer with lots of fresh fruits but don’t know how to store them.

    • LHF

      I have never had an extra freezer, but would love to have one!  I recently started doing more with coupons and would love to have a place to store items when they are on sale.  Thanks for the southern savers website-it has helped me so much!

    • LEEH

      O boy!!! We could use an extra freezer so much,

    • Alison V.

      THANK YOU JENNY!  i’ve been wanting to figure out how to spend less time in the kitchen!  i’ve been trying to talk hubby into freezer, but i think i’d have to use it as a nightstand b/c i don’t know where i’d put it!  lol

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      What a timely post!  I’ve been forming my case for a new freezer.  You gave me lots of new talking points!  On a related note…has anyone successfully frozen Philly Cooking Cream?  I got 4 free today, but I already have 4 in the fridge.  I would love to move some to the freezer.

      • Anonymous

        I have frozen them.  They look a little grainy when you defrost them but by the time you cook them you can’t tell any difference.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks! Sticking them in the freezer tonight!

      • Spanishtulip

        yep, they froze fine for me as well.

    • Anonymous

      What a timely post!  I’ve been forming my case for a new freezer.  You gave me lots of new talking points!  On a related note…has anyone successfully frozen Philly Cooking Cream?  I got 4 free today, but I already have 4 in the fridge.  I would love to move some to the freezer.

    • Beth

      I would love to have a deep freezer! I do once a month cooking and use my fridge/freezer so it makes it hard to stock up on things like bread and milk when they go on sale

    • Givemesomeqpons

      What do I need to do to be entered to win? My hubby and I have been wanting fo get a freezer since we moved to savannah in may. This would be a true blessing!

    • Babelfish81

      I had a small chest freezer until recently, and I loved it. It enabled us to buy large butcher packs of meat, which offered great prices and we were never worried about not having anything for dinner. Unfortunately, my chest freezer recently stopped working. Extra-unfortunately, there were 3 whole chickens in it and it was broken for several days before we finally noticed the smell. We only lost about $20 worth of groceries, thank goodness. But I do miss it.
      I feel it saved us money, plus there was the peace of mind that comes with having extra food in stock. I never really tried to figure out how much it cost to operate, though.

      • Babelfish81

        For those of you thinking of getting a freezer, here’s a tip for keeping costs down: if your freezer isn’t fully stocked, fill it up with containers of water, like gallon jugs. Once the water freezes, it helps to keep the food cold and actually will cut down on the amount of electric you need to operate the freezer.

        • savinsdiva

          great tip. I also that if you add at least a bag of ice that will also do the trick

    • Couponsforheather

      One way to make space inside your house (cheaper to run if inside vs garage) is to put in your laundry room. I know someone who stacked their front loading washer and dryer and put the freezer in the space that was now free.

    • Atarget

      Thanks, just entered.  Keeping my fringers crossed!!!

    • JenneyG

      I have a 30 cubic french door fridge in the kitchen but that’s not big enough. Not long after I started couponing in May this year I began to struggle with the freezer space. My husband got me a 20 cubic upright freezer from lowes and that’s awesome. If you are deciding chest versus upright, chest stays cold better because cold air stays at the bottom as you open the door however it’s hard to see what’s down there especially when it’s full. Upright is so much easier to arrange food around and lots of them have energy stars. I keep mine in the garage so frozen stuff goes straight in there without being brought into the house. And finally it comes with a key so you can lock it when it’s full of ice cream :-)

    • Anonymous

      Jenny, thanks so much!  I just put a bookcase of sorts in my utility room to help organize my stockpile, but would be MORE than willing to move it anywhere :) to make room for a freezer.  My ultimate dream!

    • Renlav2001

      Wow! you read my mind!! Thanks! Is this one that we are supposed to enter daily, or will entering once do the trick?

    • Just4yall

      Oh I, am glade the give away ends on the 25th. I have had plans to bite the bullet and buy a deep freezer on Cyber Monday and was going to cross my fingers for a good deal. Idk if it is my freezer or the way I freeze it but a lot of my things get freezer burned only after a few weeks. 

    • chrystalm

      I really would love to win this.

    • Anonymous

      I so wish I didn’t live in an apartment! It’s so hard to stockpile freezer items!!! :( :( :(

    • wow those freezers look amazing! Now I really wanna win! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Denise

      I agree they sure do look nice even better when it is full of food that you paid very little for.

    • Kcroxburycoupon

      My hubby and I have been wanting a freezer for so long but can not work it into our budget right now. I would be so blessed and speechless if I won! Thanks for giving us the chance to win one!!!

    • Ndgboys

      Having 18, 16 , 13, and 8 year old sons, plus my husbaand and me, a separate freezer for storage would sure be wonderful.  I have a side by side refrigerator  and it doesn’t hold as much as I like.  With a separate freezer, I could store meats , vegetables, etc. that I find on sale.

    • Mkennally

      I bought a small chest freezer for a start and love it.  Then we upgraded our fridge when we bought our house and put the old fridge in the garage.  Having all the extra freezer space is awesome and the fridge for the drinks.

    • Bee

      Thanks so much for this series! I desperately need to start cooking in bulk in order to feed my family well during the week. Looking forward to your freezer cooking post…

    • Kiki3957

      Great topic. Looking forward to the upcoming topics.

    • M Ragus

      Hubby and I were just talking about this today! Looking forward to the upcoming posts!

    • Klw1272

      I am moving into a house soon and would love to have this freezer there when we move in. 

    • Racheldahlen

      Craigs list is a great place to buy used freezers. I got an old (working) refridgerator for 50$.:)

    • Grkw4

      Thanks for this chance, I’m crossing my fingers 

    • qwho99

      I bought a used freezer 15 yrs ago from an ad in the paper (CraigsList didn’t exist yet!). I paid $25 for it. It didn’t look like much, but it worked fine! I finally gave it away & last I heard, it still works!

    • Alison Akard

      A freezer is the number one item on my Christmas list this year – I would love to win this one and be able to ask for some other things for Christmas instead :-)

    • jycrew

      Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    • Sunshinecakes10

      I have 1 cupcake silicone pan and I think it is the best cupcake pan I have ever used.  I could use a 2nd one so I don’t have to use a metal pan when making a batch of cupcakes.  I highly recommend silicone bakeware.  It is so much easier to clean! 

    • Middlecasongirl2

      With a family of 4, we need a freezer to stock up great deals in.

    • Nice!  I hope I win.  I need one baaaad.  Only have a very small side freezer attached to my fridge.  Hardly holds enough meat and veggies to last one week.  I’d love to have a deep freezer to store them in so I can use the little one to freeze healthy meals, as well as the good deals I miss out on every week due to lack of place to put them.  We can’t afford one yet. :/

    • Srogerson517

      Would love to win this!!

    • Clearmorning

      This is awesome!!! I was just telling my husband how badly we need a deep freezer!!! Hope I win!!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Victoria

      My husband got me a freezer this year on sale from Best Buy and it was fairly inexpensive, he also used his Best Buy Rewards Zone $10 certificate.

    • CouponRocks

      How funny?! I’ve been telling my husband we needed a deep freezer for over 3 years now! My mom just bought one off of craigslist two days ago, for a nice price. My dad is a big time deer hunter. My mom is on her fourth deep freezer!

    • Anonymous

      We definitely need one of these! I was JUST looking on CL yesterday for one. We just haven’t done it yet. I am known for stuffing our freezer to the max when there are good deals!

    • mollymama1

      We really need a freezer!! I bought a used one for $50 several months ago and it has since filled up with frost and all the food I have in there is frozen solid into one big ice cube….grrr

    • Rgil124

      I recently got into couponing, per a friend who told me about southern savers, and im hooked, Ive never had a freezer and would love to win now that I get so many great deals on food.  Thanks Jenny for all you do!

    • Susieqpons

      Thanks for the chance to win a Freezer!! My husband and I were looking to get one but have to wait until next year when our finances get better!  Hope we win!!  

    • Jen

      Freezers are wonderful!

    • Miranda C.

      This is a wonderful giveway!

    • Savingcoastal

      This is an awesome contest. I’m letting all my friends and family know about it.
      Hopefully will inspire them to coupon. thanks for the freezing info, very helpful!

    • Sosorozo

      Two chest freezers in the garage, and two sub zeros in the house…. ALL FULL!! My husband and I bought our first freezer when we graduated from college and there were only two of then. Freezers are awesome!

    • linda

      Would love a upright freezer!

    • Aprillovesopera

      My husband and our two children (teenagers) downsized to an apartment so that I could pursue my master’s degree.  We live in a modest sized place with limited space.   I did manage to squeeze my chest freezer into my kitchen and it is a real money saver.  I too eat a lot of frozen veggies so I buy a lot of them when they are on sale.  My chest freezer holds all my meats and veggies.  I couldn’t live without it!

    • karen_michelle

      I can’t wait for the freezer cooking discussion!!!

    • Mstarfish

      When we lived rurally, I had to buy our chest freezer to cut down on driving. Things I do with it: 1. instead of canning bumper crop of tomatoes, I run them through blender/chop and freeze in same portion size as canned equivalent. 2. Buy large quantitites of expensive bread ($3.50 at grocer) at Dollar Tree ($1) and freeze until needed. 3. Buy turkey or ham at holiday “lost leader” prices and prepare/portion/freeze for later use (alternative to lunch meat).

    • Barnesj84596


    • Anonymous

      We found a refrigerator/freezer a few months ago on Craig’s List for $50. It’s not the biggest, but big enough for all the extra stocking up I do.

      • Jen

        Me too! For $50 it works!

    • Hillboys3

      Great prize! Who couldn’t use this? Great idea to freeze meals for the whole week I look forward to hearing even more ideas. With baseball, school, church & well…life, this is a great idea. Thanks Jenny!

    • Dsci2003

      I would love to have a freezer so I could have space to stock up more when the prices are at their lowest.  I looking forward to hearing more about freezing b/c i have so much to learn.

    • Anonymous

      Wonderful giveaway! I would love to win. Thank you!

    • Helen

      That would be awesome to have that extra space

    • Lreynolds40

      would love to win – my freezer is old and I could really use a new one

    • Tnpeaches911

      Haven’t been able 2 save for an up-right freezer…which hampers me being able 2 use my coupons for freezer items :-(…thx for the entry, peaches

    • Lynn Kramer

      I have been wanting a freezer forever but it’s been hard to save up for it.  Had one growing up and I saw how useful it was.  Thanks so much for the chance to win one.  You rock!

    • Kerry72nc

       I would love a new freezer! The BF has been in a strict diet which means I’ve had to buy a lot more veggies and items to freeze.  *crossing my fingers* :) Thanks Jenny!

    • Anonymous

      For those who need a new freezer, check with a used appliance store or the newspapers. We have several small towns around here where good deals on used applicances can be found. Last weekend we found three upright freezers and one chest freezer all for $150 or less and one upright for $100 but it wasn’t frost free. One tip, decide whether you want a frost free or one you have to defrost. Frost free is best.

    • Reneenalley

      Oh Jenny!  The only thing I’ve asked for for Christmas is a freezer.  You could make a super happy mommy by filling my Christmas wish early.  I have such a hard time because I don’t have much space.  We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and I would love to freeze and use later.  Oh please pick me!!!

    • Ronnie

      I have been wanting a freezer forever but it’s been hard to save up for it. Had one growing up and I saw how useful it was. Thanks so much for the chance to win one.

    • Couponjunkie

      My mother’s stand only freezer died last week. She had it for more than 30 years (back when things were built to last). Now she’s having to search for a good deal and a brand that won’t break down in a few years. I would love to give her one for Christmas this year.

    • Amy Christmas

      I would absolutely love one!  Thanks for all you do to help your readers :)

    • Japkids

      A freezer would be a savings blessing in these tough times.

    • Twochairsonthebeach

      A freezer would help as a mother of young children and wife to medical student.I am just learning to prepare freezer meals to not only stretch our budget but family time.

    • Lrae17

      My biggest challenge is how to organize (and keep organized!) a chest freezer!  I’m forever forgetting what is still in there and moving things around (disturbing and destroying any attempted organized food) to find what I think I still have.  Any suggestions?

    • Futurecrook

      Ooooooooeeeeeeeeeee!  I want this baby :)  I would LOVE the upright to fit in my garage, so I can start this freezer cooking idea :)  PICK ME

    • JRC

      I want it!  My wife would love me for it ;)

    • Plipsij

      Have you picked the winner yet???   If not, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!   My husband and I have been pricing freezers recently because we’re tired of bruised toes from all my frozen meals falling out of our freezer. 

    • Cortney_windham1

      My husband and I just bought our first house and are in need of a freezer! We are the proud parents of an almost 2-year-old and we have our second son due January 18th. A freezer would help us out a GREAT deal as my life is about to get super crazy being the mother of a busy toddler and a newborn! Please PICK US!!! This will help us out TREMENDOUSLY with our budget and schedules!!! My husband works 70+ hours a week 7 days a week and I am a stay-at-home mother. Cooking ahead of time and freezing meals works great for us, only problem is..we don’t have enough space in our standard-sized top freezer! Thank you!!!

    • Mctammy322

      House of 7 desperatly needs the upright freezer. please consider. God bless all you do .thank you

    • Mctammy322

      any one know times walgreen and rite aid open on thanksgiving morning?

    • MommaC

      Who won the freezer?