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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
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  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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Looking for something to do with your expired coupons?  Send them to the troops!

Every month we have hundreds of coupons that expire.  What do you with them??

If you are new to all of this, you can go here to learn more about how to get coupons.

First, don’t worry about having expired coupons, it means you played the game right.  You didn’t run out and grab something that wasn’t on sale.  You waited and the sale didn’t come, but we’ll see those coupons again.  In the mean time it’s time to send your coupons onto a better place…

Send them to those who sacrifice for us everyday: our troops around the world.  The military and their families are able to use manufacturer coupons up to 6 months after their expiration dates at their Commissaries if they are stationed abroad. There are a lot of bases that can use these coupons.

How do you get started::
Honestly the easiest way for you to get started is to pick a base.  Then check out their mailing hints and tips.  You send these straight to the base you pick in a priority mail envelope (you don’t have to pay overseas shipping!).

Note:  This site has a great list and tips but you don’t really need to inform them that you are adopting a base or tally anything and send it in.  The more work you put on yourself the least likely you are going to stick with it.  Just shove them in an envelope and head to the post office!!

What are you waiting for::
Grab all your coupons that recently expired, then round up a few friends and send them over.  This is a great thing to do once a month.  Have coffee together, chat and package coupons!

Have you mailed coupons over or received coupons while overseas?   We would love to hear how these are helping!

    • NorthALCouponer

      I just send out a package to a group in Fort Bragg that sorts them but sending them directly overseas with a priority mail envelope would be great!

      • I learned recently that my local AMVets and Moose Clubs allow anyone to drop coupons off there, and they will not only ship to a base, but clip them as well! Might be worth checking on :)

    • Lisamarieonssi

      wow – I didn't know this, thanks !!

    • Finch_it

      If I gave them to a relative who is serving will she be able to use them also? I wasn't sure if they needed to go through one of these specific addresses.

      • guest

        Yes she can IF she is abroad. Also you/she should be aware that the Comissary's version of double coupons is to use 2 coupons on one product.

    • Householdcard

      I think this is a great idea, i have started a group on facebook for people in Greensboro NC who would like to meet up once a month to swap coupons, organize to donate food to local food bank or collect expired coupons to send to troops. I am new to couponing so other newbies are welcome just bring your Sunday paper!


    • guest

      I am too lazy to clip expired coupons but my kids enjoyed it so they clipped, I mailed

      • Pete

        I hope the military don't get too lazy to fight off the enemy when we are under attack or maybe they would just use their kids to pick up a gun and fight for us.
        How can anyone be too lazy to help the people that give their lives to protect us and are way of life and the freedom we enjoy (I understand t hat your kids did get them cut for you but that doesn't excuse the disrespectful comment about being too lazy) so please think about what you post on here before clicking on the post as button.

    • Angeline4483

      This is great to know, thank you for sharing!!!

    • Barbara Taylor

      I saw that site a few weeks ago and am saving my expired coupons and ones I know I won't use and I have a big envelope I'm getting ready to send them off next week.

    • Nembree622

      I, personally, have 'adopted' a base in Turkey through this program. It is wonderful. You can send the coupons directly to a service person, but they need to be on an actual base that has the grocery store and bx/px store. When you send them through this program the coupons go to the person on base who works for the stores and they put them out so that anyone can get the coupons. Thanks for sharing this link!

      • jennjenn5282

        So you mean when it says “Coupon Coordinator” or “Director” that is the actual service person? And also, what is an estimate of cost of mailing, both Parcel Post and Priority Mail?

    • Supersusie

      This is great! So, coupons I printed out are acceptable?
      Thanks for all you help my family save via your website.

      • Abspearman

        My understanding is that you cannot send internet coupons–only those from the paper inserts due to internet coupon fraud

        • Prsol

          Internet coupon fraud may be one of the reasons. But their website just says that they already have access to he internet and so, additional printed coupons are not really that necessary.

    • ab

      BJs Wholesale will take yours and ship them for you!

    • Debbie

      How much does it cost to mail them priority mail?

    • Essielee

      Do you have to clip these coupons or can you send inserts?

      • Prsol

        I was reading on their site that it would be more expensive for you to send the whole insert (tons of extra paper will be shipped as opposed to clipping the coupons)

        Plus, they need us to classify items as Food and Non-Food and inserts usually combine products on one page.

    • MommaOf1

      A group of us in Southern Indiana are getting ready to mail our first batch of expired coupons. We adopted a base in Japan!

    • Troubletb

      Sending a a flat rate to Japan would be around $13 Wish we could find a cheaper way. I heard somewhere you could send packages to people on base abroad for free. Does anyone know anything about this?

      • Leaz

        Is that a flat rate envelope?? Why not just use a regular priority envelope? You don't have to use the flat rate, just send it priority.

      • Valerie Parris

        Items mailed to military bases only cost domestic rates, not international rates.

    • jennjenn5282

      I am just getting started in couponing but I want to partcipate in this. I only have a small amount of coupons to mail so would it be better to me to mail them off to sombody that is going to have a mass mailing overseas?

    • Rachel

      I was just talking to my husband about wanting to give expired coupons to a base ministry, but didn't know who to contact. Thanks, Jenn, for posting about this program! We're adopting a base.

    • MBGirl

      Thanks for sharing this. I am excited to help the troops! :) I haven't cleaned out my book from the end of April so this gives me good incentive to do it!

    • Janelleblozy

      Ok, so how do they use coupons overseas?? Why can't we sent to people in America

      • Leaz

        It specifically states “overseas”. Probably AAFES allows this since those military members don't have access to US newspapers with coupons like those stationed CONUS.

      • Rhiannon353

        American soldiers stationed on overseas US miltary bases can use coupons for 6 months after they have expired at the Commissaries on the base. You can't send expired coupons to people actually in America as they can't be used here after the expiration date. I know when we were stationed overseas it was great to get these coupons as the only coupons we had regular access to were the P&G inserts the Commissary had at times.

    • Cynthiarobbins

      There is a Publix employee at the Northeast Columbia store named Bill that collects the coupons and sends them overseas.

    • Nikita

      We do this at work! I love it since we always have leftover coupons that no one uses or that expires

    • Rainbowtp

      My friend Stephanie, whose husband is in the military, graciously takes my coupons and makes sure they are sent. You should see the excited looks on the faces of my co-workers when I give them to her…they think they are current ones! LOL

    • Bparker4

      I never knew about this! Count me in. I will definitely start saving my expired coupons and will send them in!

    • Shandi_hurst


    • Liz

      One of my co-workers sends all of our expired coupons to the troops. I am so glad I am able to help the troops in a small way as them and their families sacrifice so much for us!

    • lisasmith1019

      I forgot about this! I will start saving them as I pull them when they are expired to start doing!

    • Mrsparis2311

      This is the most amazing thing I personally have heard about in a long time!!! This makes me so happy to know that someone else is going to use something I couldn't. :) Thank You!!!!

    • 4Him

      Is there anyone out there that takes the entire coupon insert and will clip them for me? Currently I am throwing them away, which is a waste. I would love to be involved, however, I am overloaded and wondered if there is someone who takes the coupons and cuts them then sends them over? Thanks for any help!

      • lfs

        I would clip and send them for you. It would be a blessing for them to receive the coupons.

        • 4Him

          Wow, thanks! What is the best way for me to get your info to send them?

          • lfs

            give me your email and I will email info.

      • Eciuraru

        Hi 4Him

        I do this cut and sort if you want to send me an email to eciuraru@comcast.net I can help you put in the subject coupons for the military

    • FrenchEmerald

      Thank You so much for posting this! I've been saving all my expired coups knowing I wanted to send them but never knew how/where to go about it! Awesome!

    • ItsJustMe

      My Brother and his family have been overseas for the past three years. We have been sending the expired coupons we collect from everyone we know and members of our church using them as packing material in their survival boxes. We heard the whole neighborhood gets excited when a box arrives. They are coming home next week and we are still sending the coupons to a friend of theirs. All it costs is postage and you are helping out the men and women that protect our Freedom.

      • Jlovett

        I collected coupons for the troops as a service project at my school this semester. We collected over 10,000 coupons, but now we just need a place to send the coupons. If you know of any other families that need coupons I would love to pitch in and send our coupons. Please just repost here. Thanks!

    • Twinmom09

      I just picked a base. Can't wait until the twins go to bed tonight so I can sit down and cut coupons to send.

    • Jenni

      My husband and I were overseas for three years. I can't tell you how much I appreciated getting these coupons! Thanks to all who continue to send them to military families!

    • I was just thinking of this the other day! That is so excellent of you to use your website to spread not only helpful knowledge to us but also to our families who are in the armed services.

    • Abspearman

      Do you have to take it to the post office to mail or can you just get a priority envelope–I thought since it was going overseas, you still had to fill out a declarations page (or somthing like that). I can never seem to get to the post office during business hours!

      • Swaltz1

        I just mail them in regular envelopes – last time I had so much so I needed to use a priority envelop but then I had to delcare the contents

    • Is there anyone that is currently sponsoring a base that I could just mail my coupons to that would send them with theirs?

      • Prsol

        I would just mail them straight to the base, Brette. :-)

        You will pay postage to mail them domestic, and then another person would have to pay postage again to send them overseas

        Instead, you could just set them aside and mail them every 2 months directly to the base. You may think you don't have many of them to mail, but each newspaper has an average of $100 worth in savings. Most of us (couponing) already get at least 2 newspapers per week. So, in a month, you could probably be donating $800 in coupons! :-)

        I just tossed a bunch of them last week, but will start saving them from now own and simply mail them every 6 weeks or so. ;-)

      • Eciuraru

        Hi Brett

        I am in the process of starting this if you would like to send them to me an email at eciuraru@comcast.net put in subject coupons to the military and I will send you my address

    • Tyler

      My mom's “coupon club” at the VA hospital does this every month and we probably have 10-15 relatives that participate. It's a great cause I encourage yall to do the same!

    • Proleary2004

      I am so excited to find out about this! I am doing it!!!!

    • Swaltz1

      I do this each week and I love it!

    • JamminCoupons

      Wow, I never knew this! I will definitely start doing this!

    • AbbyChanceKyle

      I was wondering what to do with my expired coupons..This is great..Thanks so much.

    • MariaR

      I love this!!! Posted to my facebook so others can hear about it, what a great way to support the troops! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • Teresa

      Wish I knew this last week, but very glad I do now, posting to FB is another great idea.

    • Robin

      I have an idea. Why don't some of us get together (over the net/email/facebook) and put all of our expired coupons together and send them that way? I have some but not many as I have been throwing them away. I had no idea about this program!!
      If anyone is interested, please email me at: elvenlady0@yahoo.com.

      • Robin

        I was thinking that instead of just a handful we would have more to send!

    • tish

      I LOVE this! I will start right away!

    • Wendy

      I collect expired coupons at work to send to our military overseas. We sent over 100 pounds of coupons last year! I try to rotate the bases each month and it is very easy to send from the post office.

    • Debi

      I had NO idea you could recycle coupons–Wish I would have known this last weekend. Will plan on doing this in the future. Pay it forward!

    • Lynda

      I am wondering if what we pay for postage could be consider a charity donation and took off our taxes at the end of the year?? any one know?

      • Prsol

        The site clearly states that all expenses you may incur are NOT tax
        deductible, and must be covered from your own pocket (in other words: no
        tax breaks, no reimbursements for special software you may need to help as a volunteer, etc.)

        Still, I think it's a great idea!

        • Anna

          My accountant told me we CAN claim them as a donation expense. Not the coupons themselves, of course, but the postage paid to ship them to an APO address.

    • Malorieotwell

      I am a Marine Wife, but I plan on taking part in this! This is an awesome thing, I had no idea you could do this! Semper Fi!

    • Esdcoupons

      Just adopted a Base in Japan as a mission project for our children at church. This provides the children a way to make a difference a very good way for me and other ladies in the church to get rid of our expired coupons :)

    • Prsol

      Only one comment on @Jenny:disqus 's instructions:

      “The more work you put on yourself the least likely you are going to
      stick with it. Just shove them in an envelope and head to the post

      Please, keep in
      mind that these are volunteers processing those thousands of coupons that the rest of us won't use.

      They are thankful for our donations, but they also have to process them out of their own time. If we are not going to stick to their instructions, at least let's try to classify them as FOOD and NON-FOOD before we mail them (this is one of the requests that they have, as military bases have 2 different types of stores and there are only so many volunteers sorting coupons for the families of our troops.)

      It may sound like a pain in the butt, but it will expedite the process.

    • Emma

      if there is anyone in the Myrtle Beach ARea. if you would like to do this. I am willing to help out. I buy 10 papers a week. yes sounds like I am a pig… but I am not. my mother is fighting cancer and my brother is an alci. so I clip and save for us all. then my neighbors are family and every day I get a call. would you happen to have this? well of course I do. come on in. so. if there are ppl in the Myrtle Beach area that are interested in doing this lets get together and I will mail them for you or we can split it. but I have no family no where in military. I just chunked about a months worth of coupons in trash. contact me at star118646@aol.com….would love to help out anywhere and anyway. thanks name is Emma.

    • Laurieanne125

      Being a military wife myself I send my expired coupons overseas regularly.
      has a list of all the overseas bases that can use them, addresses, and hints/directions of how to go about it including filling out customs forms. It was very informative.

    • Braveslady

      I've been doing this for a couple of years now. It's the least I can do for those that serve!!

    • Rpgchic1071

      I have about 50 pounds of coupon inserts that I have received mostly from people at church and so on(I get about 20 papers worth of coupons donated to me weekly) I don't really have time to cut or money to send them out, but if anyone wants them – they are welcomed to get them. I live in Greenville, SC and could possibly meet in the area. Email at

    • Mjwoods

      Wish I had known about this before! I have thrown away so many! Now I know and what a great idea!

    • Nancy

      What a great idea! I'm so glad that someone gets to use them. I felt like I was throwing
      money away , now the troops and families will use these. It makes a great
      feeling for all. Thanks for the tip. Nancy/SC

    • Anna

      I've shipped thousands of expired coupons to our troops overseas. I collect coupons from my friends at church and hold onto them until I have a huge pile of them. Then ship them in a flat rate post office box. Usually costs about $12. I never adopt one certain base, I like to send the package to a different base each time. I've never heard back from any of them, but I hope they are blessed by receiving them and able to use them to save some money.

    • Joy_tyson

      Our team “laboR-N-delivery team” adopted an Army base last year. We have sent over $30,000 worth of coupons since January 2011. When you adopt a base the directions tell you that you will probably not receive confirmation of receipt, but as long as the coupons aren't returned, you have faith that they arrived. Much to our surprise we received a letter from the Army thanking us for the coupons! They also included a news article featuring receiving coupons. They have volunteers that physically tape each coupon to the item so the coupons get used. Couponing just got better!

    • Bockstie

      So, am I understanding, I don't have to pay any shipping at all?

      • Cwinslow7

        @Bockstie – You do have to pay shipping, but not international rates. Use the normal postage as APOs and FPOs are considered domestic in terms of postage.

    • JKK

      I was on the receiving end of these coupons while stationed on Okinawa. It was a true blessing for our family to be able to save money by the generosity of others like you. Keep sending the coupons and keep praying for our troops.

    • kraby

      My coworkers and I collect all our expired coupons and ship them to Japan. We started out shipping about $3500.00 at a time. Our last shipment went to Okinawa and packed a box of $25,000.00 worth. It is growing to the point that we may not be able to count them before we ship. Usually we ship to Yokusuka Air Base and they have acknowledged receiving them. But due to the earthquake, we shipped the last batch to Okinawa just in case the base was shut down. Postage fees are the same as if shipping stateside. Priority Flat Rate envelopes or boxes are best.

      • Donna

        Wow, that's amazing! Way to go! :)

    • Abbielou02

      I used to live in Vicenze Italy (My husband is Army) and The MWR would have boxes and boxes of coupons for us to look through! It REALLY helped! This is a GREAT Idea!

    • WJones87

      The last time something was posted about this, I started sending my expired coupons to a Navy base in Japan. It then started to include family, and now includes a ton of people I work with who also donate! It is a wonderful (& easy) way to help out our troops and their families.

    • Couponcutter1

      I have heard of this, but never knew how or where to do it! My son is in the Marine Corp. He is state side. I LOVE that my family can be a part of this to honor him. I can't wait to tell all the girls that coupon where I work about it tomorrow. I know they will want to be a part of it too. Thanks for making this known on the website! I love it and can't wait to send all the coupons I have been saving for just this purpose!

    • Hindsgs

      Where can I get the Kraft Food & Family Booklet

    • Skludwig

      Can the coupons e printed coupons or just the manufacturers coupons found on products, in flyers, . . .

      • Aldarley

        Do they really not want printed coupons? I realize they can get them before they expire, but can't they still use the ones we send after they expire?

        • Skludwig

          This is actually what I was wondering but there is a typo in my original post. I toss many printed coupons ever month and would be glad to send them on to families that can use them.

    • Donna

      What a great site that is and a brilliant idea! My dad was in the Air Force for 23 years so I always love to do anything I can to support the military, but I had no idea they could use expired coupons at the Commisaries! YAY! I'm going to adopt a base now and starting sending them a bunch. I have a lot of coupons that I just know I won't use personally (that aren't even expired) and I don't usually bother trading or anything, so I'll send those too.

      1 – helping military families who support us every day and don't always get the support they rightly DESERVE!

      2 – being green and not throwing away or even recycling a bunch paper that can be put to good use

      3 – feeling good about helping other families save money

      A win-win for everyone!

    • darkenmind1326

      if you would like to contribute but dont have the time to cut/sort/send yourself..send me an email. I cut/sort & send. I can also provide how i do this the most frugal way for large boxes too. Just put something in the subject line about expired coupons. My email is : darkenmind1326@yahoo.com.


    • Bmg38

      I've been using this site for almost a year now, sending expired coupons to Turkey. It really is best to officially adopt a base. Don't send to a base not available. That means they receive coupons already, available bases need them. And they don't have the personnel to email you back. They are all volunteers that handle the site and that deal with the coupons on the receiving end. Pull up the site and read the info. It's really cool to do this.

    • Becky

      Jenny, Would you consider making this information a permanent link somewhere on your page so it's also easy to find? Thank you!

    • Kristin

      This is wonderful! I'll definitely be doing this now and hoping people send my way when we get stationed over in Japan! Thanks Jenny!!

    • I give my expired coupons and ones I'm not gonna use to Coups For Troops on FB. You don't have to sort anything for them which makes it super easy for me with twins!

    • lulu

      is there a way to donate to the troops in mn. and if so how do i find out? thank you

    • Sue

      do they need to be sorted in any particular way?  Would that be helpful?

    • Cynpooh

      I live on Kadena Air Force Base in Japan…I would love for this to be something you send to us…thank you!

      • Nscudder1022

        I'll send mine to Kadena!

      • Nscudder1022

        Kadena is not listed… where would you like for these to be sent? It has to be the Air Force Base address in order for us to ship them at no expense to us.


      • Marciap

        If you will send me your address, I'll send you my expired coupons.

      • Sbargainnier

        send me your address – I have TONS!!!  sbargainnier(at)ureach.com

      • Alamomof5

        Could you send me an address to send to….we are getting together next week to get some coupons  ….alamomof5@yahoo.com
        @yahoo:disqus Thanks Mary Phillips

    • I’m involved with http://www.CouponsToTroops.com and
      while the end goal is the same we take a slightly different approach. Rather
      than sending your coupons to a generic address on base, we encourage people to
      mail directly to a military family for a couple of reasons. The main ones are
      that it’s more personal so you’re much more likely to get a response letting you
      know that your envelope/package has arrived safely. And also we often hear from military wives that they've gone to the Family Support Program on base and seen stacks and stacks of boxes and envelopes of coupons in the back room as they just don't have enough manpower to get all of the coupons distributed.  And those comments even come from the bases that are still open for adoption.  One wife told me last week that when she went in and asked about coupons, she was given a large box to take home but when she opened it up and saw that all of the coupons were even older than 6 months old, she looked at the postmark date – September 2010.   Everything in the box ended up in the recycle bin.   What a waste of time effort for whoever did the clipping as well as the postage spent to get the box there.
      I personally keep a list of military families who have told me that they’d
      like to receive coupons so if anyone would like further information or be put in
      touch with a military family, I’m happy to help (hcwsbp at gmail dot com) By
      that same note, if any military family would like to be added to my list, please
      get in touch with me. Please be assured that for security and privacy reasons, I
      don’t give out your mailing or email information – I just forward the emails
      that I receive onto a military family and ask that they reply to provide their
      mailing address

    • Jennifer Chapa

      I'm in Houston, TX…I regularly get the paper every Sunday with coupons inside and don't ever use them. I would love to send them to someone who is already sending them overseas, I can always overnight the coupons, but please only respond if you are truly sending them overseas and not using them for yourself. Please contact me at jenniferchapa83@gmail.com

    • Paradicetiny

      I would love to send my expired coupons overseas….if anyone is interested please contact me @paradicetiny@yahoo.com.  Please give me the address of your base.

    • len f

      anyone pls. PM me :) willing to send me there expired coupons me and my husband are stationed in guam The military commissaries overseas accept manufacturer's cents-off coupons for up to six months past their printed expiration dates
      we are in need of coupons ill glady be happy to pay for shipping via paypal 
       reddragonaif@hotmail:disqus .com


      • Sugabear1987

        I would love to send them to you…contact me at sugabear1987@hotmail.com

      • Jlovett

        I would also love to help. If you still need coupons or you have any friends that need some, please let me know at jlovett@capefearacademy.org

      • Dizzyt

        i would love to help and send my old coupons. however i dont know how to get started. contact me at dizzyt@bellsouth.net and let me know how to start and give me your address there.

      • Shernez65

        I wold love to help also, I just don't know what to do if you could let me know and teach me how to do this, I'll send all mine to you. Contact me at SherNez65@yahoo.com  Thanks

      • Amy

        Hello Len,
        My name is Amy. Plz let me know what particular items to look out for if they expire. my email is bohicadawg23@aol.com Looking forward to hearing from you

      • JTTLC

        I am looking for a family to start sending mine too.  I never have and do not know what is involved.  If anyone is interested please contact me.  I am not sure how the postage works, etc so so assistance would be appreciated!


      • christy lewis

        Len I would love to send some to you! I actually have family from Guam! I am in Georgia, email me!    cgclewis@att.net

      • Gena Elgie

        I am more than happy to send you coupons. I just need your address. Here is my e-mail address gena.elgie@yahoo.com.    Thank you for your service!!!!

    • Myjunkemails2007

      Does anyone know if you can send coupons using the 4.95 priority mail envelope using the online postal site? Does the customs form print?
      I'm trying to limit a trip to the post office and would like to do the postage online and give it to my mail carrier to mail.

    • Alison

      I am just starting out couponing and already have quite a few expired coupons.  If anyone is interested in me sending them to you, please let me know and I would be more than happy to send them to you.  E-mail is alisonandben@gmail.com.

    • Brendastaton

      I have tons of coupons that I would not mind sending overseas.  I am familiar with overseas shipping, so just email me with your address, and I wil send these on the way to a family overseas.
      Thanks, Brenda (brendastaton@yahoo.com)

    • danawana777

      I have tons of expired coupons. I am looking for a family to send these to. My email is:
      Email me if you're interested in getting these. Thanks.